Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 25, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 25, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 25, 1848. JTXXth coN-iiii:ss. AVAstns-a-rov, Fen. 1 1, Senate Huh. II. V. Johnson, new Senator from Oeorgia, was svvcrn in. Mr Vulee proceeded in his reinaihs, strongly op. iMsing the Wiliuot Proviso, and without concluding, ?nt way to the special order of the day the Ten legimeiit bill. , , .... Mr. Ilrces.' supported the war and the Administra tion in stroni! laneuage, nud ot the rniicliiinti of hn speech the session was adjourned. Mt. Uphaiit lias ine lloor to-inorrow. House. Select cominittee appointed on the subject v( granting pensions to luinihcs nl those who have died ' Mr.'Strolitu of l'a. Introduced a resolution for the withdrawal ol o.irtroops I. on. Mexico. ltcsoiutiotis ol nupiny on iru nine. ui" can he increased so ns to augment the revenues, nml whether the duties on l'rencii wines, brandies, silks, jewels, .Ve. nnynotlic reduced, wele introduced. .Mr. Thompson ol l'.t nliiod a lesolution that the word ol the ie.)lution of the 3J of January lost, that the war was unconstitutionally commenced by the President, is untrue in fact, and ealcu'utcd to prevent jreace with Mexico, and should therefore he expunged Ironi th journals ol the House. Mr. Ahimm ol Mass, moved that it he laid upon the tilde, The vote was taken on the motion Ayes 115 ; Xoes ill, So the House reluses to back out Iran us assertion that the war was commenced unconstitutional!!- A resolution vv'a introduced by Mr. Murphy of N Y. to impure into the expediency ol calling upon the states to return their respective proportions ol the U. i3. surplus money. The lull outl.orV.nt; n loan to the Oenoral Govern ment of SH.Hl.tWU was then debated. l'ebru-iry 15. Senate. The mnrnins hour was occupied wilh routine business nml by Mr. Vulee, m continuation ol Ins speech on his resolutions re-pectins Slavery nod Termor, lie took i-Mruuc ground in suppoit ol slavcholdmg pretensions, contending lint no power under Heaven could picvent th" slaveholder lioui l.lkliii; hn slave, 'ii wire. Ol iliiltl, ii..suv territory belonging to the United Slates, ami holding them therein The Ten Ilegimcnt, Hill wns then taken up, and Mr. Uphmi.ol Vermont, adjresaed the Senate in op position to it llm.e. The House resolved to cloe the debate on the Loan Hill to-morrow altcinoon, at i o"elock. WtSHINaTllV, Tib. 11. Senile Anions the petitions presented wns one by Mr. D.v Irom inerclnuts ol Sew Vork, priving to be released Irom duly on goods destroyed by Ihe in ISIS. uoojs were de-noved on which suuo.nj.i uuiics uau been p-iid ; tlirce-louillis of which had not been opened. The resolutions thankin (!en lnvlor and men, svere then taken up, when Mr. Hale moved t" strike out the lailerpiit of the resoluiiou. lie would not thank officers lor nny agency which they might liae In prosecutmgu war winch be lo-ithed. .ifr I'ooie. spoke in very slrong terms d'liunciotoiy of Mr. Ilile and the Liberty parly, and read extracts from nuimhlets circulated "ill New Ihlirlllld bv Mr. vv rigiit, wine n were agouti me war, nun wnicn nc lledl.e.l were circulated under sanction ol the Whigs., He charged the opposition with prolractin the war anil aiding .Mexico. Mr. Crittenden vindicated the Whigs and defended freedom ol dismission. He contended lint nller a law was made by the majority, it the duly ol all lo unite in its execution. The resolution was then pase-J, Mr. Hale alone voting in the negative The .Senate tin u went into executive session. House Went into debate on the H,ruii.oi.i loan hill, whiih was continued nil ihelnuc lived lor ter minating the debile arrived, when the fpietiiun being first put upon .Mr Vinton's aineiiilineni, unking the loan lfi.njii.njt), instead of 1S,"UII,00J was detnled m the allirmatite. Adj. Washington, led. 17. Senate. Mr. Niles ofiered a lesolution inrpiiring Into the expediency of a law to prevent Ir.iud or im position in the sale of tea and collee, which was adopted. Air. Vulee concluded his retnniks on slatery. Air. Koote spoke a 'cw woids. He would like to enliuhten opinion on the Smith, He would nut sanc tion one won! which had been uucrcJ by the honor able gentk'uinii. The ten regiment bill coming up, Mr. l!u-k took the floor. He advocated the nio-t energetic prosecution ot the war. He was lor no tieaty short ot the Sierra Mndrc and holh the Cahloruias. Mr. (Jreen thru obtained the lloor for to-inorrow, anil the Senate abjourned. y'iufe The sixteen million amendment to the loin bill was nought up. Mr .McKay, Irom llie inaiority of the Committee on Ways aud .Means, reported a billns a substitute, em powering the J'lisideut tu,. Treasury notes of xifty dollars each to the amount of sixteen millions, and as n aiu'iiJinent to the substitute, tint the T.inU' act of 1SI0, repealing acts previously in loree, lie revoked. Several votes were taken on Mr. Mck'ay"s substi tule, the last one lieing ayes Itll, najs lllj ; so that the substitute, wim lust lv n majority ot one. The House, ihui t.cuimto Cotmiiiliee of the whole for the Union, and some sections ot the loan bill were read, and several amendments were ollcrcd, all ot which were lost. Mr. Clriiinell, ol Masnchnclts, then offered ns nn amendment, that all words relating to agency be struck out, and that the expenses ol negotiating the loan be confined to GuiH). This was carried without a division. The bill was t,en finally carried by a vo tc of nycs l'Ji, noes 1 1, una tlie Hou? : adjourned. I KlI'lV, l CO. IP. Xennte Mr. Ilildwin submitted rCMilutiolis de -lnrinir that ihe lev enues nnsiinr Irom the contribu tions collected in Mexico, should lie appropriated to ihe payment or the .Mexican claimants ; mat tlie Pre sident hostessed no coiisliiutiniial power to appropriate nny money in support of the army without the author ity of Congress, and that the 1'icsident be required to rommunicuto ti particular account or all monies col lected in Mexico. The icsolulions were ordered lo be printed. A short debate occurred on the bill for the relief of the widow of ihe late Col. .Mcl'nc Mr. Niles oppo-ed the principle ns dangerous, ns the officer was not killed in the service, and the ex tension ol relict bejoinl the regular nnny would lead to serious inroads upon lire treasury. Mr. Itenion defended the lull and gave n history of Col McUae's serticis, and alter other remarks, the bill a passed. Tue ten reginiiu bill xvas then taken up, nnd Mr. Green of II. Nland.spokc m opposition to the character nnd objects ol the war. lie quoted Irom the speeches of Messis, Houston, Dickinson, Vulee, liagby nnd others, showing that the annexation tr the whole ol Mexico was designed. Mr. llagb,in a letter lo his coustitu-nts, mowed n boldly It would lie the It inocratic issue at llie next I'rrndeutial cleclion, and the MlhtecL Stood ill Iireciselv Ibe tame relation lo US now iliat the Texas question did anterior to the elec- tiou in It'll. . Mr. (ireene argued that the annexation or Mexico would be. nroJuclue of gieat hnnu The slaxcryijuej- tion was dependent upon this issieaul it was regiid- Cll as ail u i.i nil oij; tuir in iii.iny rehpeeis, tiou us ooi 1 ing reason enough lo his own mind why territory ehoiild not be annexed. limit. Mr. Hurt, of South Carolina, offered a incurred by the Texas volunteer regiment, under the command ol Col. Cuilis, and an indemnity tor the I in Mnv. Id 17. be naid out ol the Treasure T. 11. King, nftjcorgiu, submitted a report from tlie committee on Nuvnl All ins, on the subject ol' appro priating certain lands in Alabama, (ieorgia nnd Flo rida, lor the purpose of a railroad to i'eiisacola. The ubject was referred to llie committee on public lands. I't'ticc Light Urea I. ing ! A telegraphic despatch of the X. Y. Tribune I J WASHINGTON. Feb. I7lh. (eve) 1813. vu A Senator hns received n letter Irom New' Orleans, 1 I announcing tlie arrival in mm cny irom .uuicum .Maj. Van liurcn with a Tni'.ATY or Pexck. Taken in connection with our telegraphic dis patch of yesterday, there appears to bo good ground for believing that Peaco may be near at hand. .May it provo so! ' ITTlio body of the gallant and lamented Kansoxi was committed to tlio earth, at Xorwich, with imprcssivo ceremonies, on Tuesday last. An eulogy was pronounced by Adj. Gen. Ilor Kiss, orKutlaud. ITOur readers will find on llio first page tlio Speech of Judge Collamfii onlho War. TiieP M. Gexeral Anr.AioxrD. The U. p Fen- tors have been uellled suiuewhot by an attempt on tl e imrtoflhe Positua.ter t.eneral lo abridge their franking privilege. Mr Johnson, it ap-ars has as sumedllie responsibility olctasnig the Iranks upon letlers which were not directed in the hand-wr.ting of he member by whon. it w as franked. Hie sub. iect has been brought U m the .Senate, where there wos a general expression of indigtialion at the con , " . , .i... i M lieneia . Mr. Niles, Mr. Calhoun, Mr Cass, and others, sioke ol ihe case as one ol grosi iiterlere. ee with the Senators; and a .tso J, looted niilhoiismg the Post Olhce ( oui- 1 ost Ollice ( oui- such iiilerlerence mittee to bring in n bill to prevent aTpuuislii. i i rrn... .liseisril notalocs has leen found Siarch made from diseas. to injure silk g"ds ei ' Un examined If r.lmS n,r,.,u.h a micioseois-, present me same iufc..s is found m the diseased potato rorclgn Jfcws. We are irulcbtcJ, n.3 usual, trt ntir Mend WimcoMii nf tlio Trcmonl Hnu'o, lloston, for an early copy of Willmnr and .Smith's Hiirnpcnn Times, from which wo tnalto tlio following short abstr.tct or foreign Intelligence : rovers, lulluctiza, Sic, nro tin usually prevalent, not only in England but In almost every part or the ponlinent of Kuropo. Not less than six of llio crowned heads are "laid up," the llmperor of Httssia ami the King of ftvvcuen, Willi fevers, nml others wilh various complaints. The King of DonmarU died of inllit cilia, lie was born in l"80,crmvneil, 1830. tireat political complications were expected loboocca sioncd by his death. In the city of London, for the weel: ending Jan. 'JJ, 1 157 deaths were re ported ; being 350 tnoro tliati llie average. In Ldinburgli, the deaths In Dec. 1817, were 1030; in Dec. 1810, 670; in Dec. 1815, 401. The official reports respecting the state of the Cliole ra, in Ilussia, represent llie disease as less ma lignant than in 1831-2. The mortality in tlio city of llrussels Irom llie Ut to the 1-ltli Jan. amounted to 'J33. In Spain, llie influenza has r.tged with great fury ; 00,000 wore infected with it at one lime in Madrid, lireat distress prevails in London and other large towns among the poor classes. ferixiE The European Times says about S.f.SOO.OOO have been importod from the United States, and that considerable auxielv is felt ill Knglind, for the derangement in our affairs, which it is supposed so large importations must occasion. As much as lo say, John Bull is alarmed to sec the money ho paid us fur pro visions coining bad: so quick, and is afraid wo shall not have enough left to pay for the immense exports which our low tariff enables dim to make to Ibis country. The Times furnish es a table showing the comparative exports of iron from Liverpool for three years; from which it appears that almost four times as much was sent to the United .Slates in 1817, as in IS 10! If our imports of oilier articles ofllri- tisl. manufacture increase, under the present lo r . ., .,,,! t -, . , , cofoco tartll, in Ihe same ratio, is it not lilgli lime that llie Organ of President Polk should be denouncing tlie Whigs as panic makers, so that when the crash comes, which bis war and Ins t.trill make inevitable, the poor whigs may take the curses, which belong to the fivorile meas ures or the administration. LtiiJP.ATiov In IS 10, 129,851 persons em igrated from the United Kingdom ; in 1817, the emigration reached the astonishing number of 2I0.73J pcrsoi s.mostly Irish emigrants to North America. In Armagh and other Counties of Ireland, preparations on a larger extent than heretofore, are making for emigration, and by a superior class ur people. Itai.v. In consequence ol recent disturban ces, a circular has been is-med in Koine by Car dinal 1'eretti, making the censorship of the press more stringent than usual. "Inflligencu has reached or a fresh insurrection in XanUs. Palermo is in a state of rebellion die streets have been barricaded, and sixty of the cavalry killed. l lie women, it is saul, poured Hot oil on the heads ol the soldiers us they passed. At Syracuse, the people had seized the lortress, nllow ing ihe governor with the prineip il ollicers to leave it. 1 he greatest exasperation still remained in Milan. Unwnrds ol til) Iicrnins. it lias heetl rnlenlnte.l. Im.l been killed by the soldiery in the all'ray of the Urd iust.; among the rest Councillor Mu.anim. Tlie devo tions nre not confined to Milan. At llrczcin, tlie commandant of the place was killed with a poniard, lor milking some remarks nt on? 0 pnhV cales. i.iu .-i.tiik . I'liitiiciiii-u ix-.iuii!i mis epreau I to the Venetian province, liners Irom Turin de scrdie a serious movement at I'avia. Atler a conflict between tlieBtudeuts ot the uuierBitv nnd the troops on the Hdi, the struggle wns renewed on the ilih. It is reported thnt ten were killed and forty wounded, the principal of which were soldiers. The university was closed, and tunny of the students had taken refuge in the Swiss and l'icdmonlcse territory. A number ol persons compromised in the iccent dis turbances haw been arrested, nnd important papers and considerable sums ol money were lound in their possession, The papers nre said to prove that n lor eigu government excited llie rioters in f.ior ol the Insl branch of n dethroned dynasty. It is added that the Prince of Cauiuo is seriously compromised in ibis mailer. A leeal investigation ol the ulliur hns com menced and is prosecuted with nclhity, AtPIorcnce, also, scleral arrests liad taken place. A great movement ol'iroopsis in progress towards the Irontiers ol Lombard)'. .The. Austrian nrmy lor luilv. owint to successive now pre pared for nil events. It includes "i.lHxi men, whereas, in ordinary tunes, the number is only j.),ikK). PruM E The rumor of an intention to abdicate on the part of the King has been revived. It is nsser'.cd ihai his tihvsiciaus hae recommended a greater de- i.ri'e of reoose llian is no-siulc with the DrehClIt Posi tion nt I.ouis l'liiliotie : but it is believed also that there nre political motives ol high gravity lor such an net. 11 WOUIU, 11 ISillueo, oiiiIq III issutj now Jlllllli- diate action wilh oil the moral power of the crown ; for the King, allbough no longer the nominal sover eign, would inspire the Government with lorce, and I... u-ont.l he reiMrdeil ns the natural L'uardian of the voung king. It would also nflbrd an occasion lor sal- iilarv concession, x Inch the (lovcriimenl now refuses to make, nn account ol there being n breaking up of their system, It would be nn expel iuieiil of a new i Coveniuicnt with nil the moral force ol the old, and all ,, ,,l.,r,i.. I.wli n leie iildicions refnnos would i jn,mrt. ,tw actors would be on the slage, but the old prompter would be at hand. At the (tenth of j jlUUH Philippe, under such circumstances, ihe new , eminent would benheady inaction ; it would haxe a1Pl round it nil the parti-aus of the il), nml tlie guarantees of power would be already in lull play. Such me the tirgunicirs brought forward in Paris lor the abdication ol L.ouis I miiye. Itcxis. It is estimnted by the London Times that from IMS to 183'J, lingkind loaned tol'oieigu Couu tries, '.11, 73 1, 571. Flita Marston has been sent to lied ford Jail (John Iluit) an's dcu) for a inonlh, lor snaring a bale. The weather has been extremely cold in Paris. Slavery on the Swedish island of Hartholomew, W. I. has been by ro)al proclamation ' forever abolished.' Catital. Andrew Stewart in his late speech in the House ol Kepresentatives drew the most pcrteri picture of Polkisui that we have exer seen. He said: " Hut. this admiuUtratio.i iroes riv the ralo of con trary ; their theories and their tnensures ore always at war. When they preach eco lomy 1 look out lor ex travagance ; when they (latter the people as the true sovereigns of tlie land, then comesn veto : win it they cry peace, liien loou out lorwarj wneu inny say ue. mocrucv. look out for nnstocracv : when ihev dc nounce inner money, look out for treasury notes ; when they say 51 10 or Jisht, look lor"iH7t uut" ami VJ ; when they bay hj cunqucst look out for nil of Mexico. B3" An articlo das appeared in somo of the Abolition papers, purporting to bo from Lewis, or ns ho calls himself, I is llaydon, a fugi tivo slave, stating that Mr. Clay had sold his (lwia') wife and children, and describing llio agony which he felt when tdey were torn from dim. Wo davo enquired into tlie truth of litis tale, and can nsnro the public that it is a base falsehood. Mr. Clay never owned Lewis' wife nor any child or his, nor any person in any way related lo him. Will tlio papers which have circulated tlio falsehood givo publicity to this contradiction of it ? lrtxwglon Obserxer, A family residing in Little dale, near Lancaster, Fn- nlnii.l.isuiiil lo buie owned and occupied the same t. i.. il, I ,.si fitKi venrs: and its head is report ed lately lu have sold lor old iron, tlie armour in which Ins toret.illier lougnt ni ine ouiuc m ii.. f ii t-fr,, -imn iv Vor.iNn .The Sncner Ga ,,,.,:, ,c following account of the maimer in I. , iri..l i Poland : "T he evy 1. l .....t n...l I.. ..r.l.r ,rtr.. snr.'tv tn take all persons that n'e destined to recruit the arinies ofltussia, the houses are surroundcd.anJ married ond to serve for tweiuy Ks. Those wishing to escape can only do so by e.ui- gralion.for il he remain, in the counlry he mcurs.he I greatest danger.' Tclcsnii1ilc Despntchcs. Tr.ov, Thursday, Feb. 21. 9 o'clock A. t. Alarming illness of John Qumnj Adams ! Wasiiinhtov, Ted. 22. Senate The President announced that J. Q. Adams was rapidly sinking, when on motion of Mr. Hcntou the Senate adjourned. It seems that Mr. Adams was suddenly taken ill in tlie House, as tlio Telegraph says he was lying in one of tlie rooms or tlie Capitol I The propositions oTtlic Mexican government, accompanied by a Message from the President nrthe United Stales, were sent lo the Senate scon after the adjournment nf that body In conse quence of tlie supposed mortal illness of Mr. Adams. I'cb. 23. House Tlio Sneaker nnnounccd certain proceedings of the Senate in relation to the illness of Mr, Adams, and the bouse adj. Mr. Adams is still alive, but nn better. His powers of endurance are really extraordinary. The Secretary of the Treasury has received, wilhin the week, bids at par, for nearly the whole of the old Treasury notes re-issuable, amounting to between six and seven millions. Hankers at Washington proposed to tako two million, at par, and they were followed by other great bankers, to tlie amount of live or six mill ions. Tlio Secretary has rrjected these offers, and invites, by public advertisements, bids for the whole amount uf ttcisury notes re-issuable. Tlie funeral of Maj. Twiggs is to take place at Philadelphia, Friday (to day). The Telegraph tries to get off something about Postage arrangements having been made be tween the United States and lireat Hritain, but stutters so dreadfully that it is difficult to deter mine exactly what it would say. The dots ap pear to bo somewhat confused. lintcr. Tnvr.sDtv, Slih, 1 befoic 3 r. ,m. By Telegraph Despatch, received just as we are going to press, we get the painful intelli gence that Jons Quincv Aiiams is dead! Ho ex pired on Wednesday tlie 23d inst. Our Despatch is as follows : Tr.ov, February 31, 13 13. As a nation we are again called on to mourn the loss of one of our greatest and best men. John Qui.ncv Adams died, last night at about 9 o'clock. L. C. D. To 1). W. C. Cr,.r.Kr, Burlington Free Press. ittnrkcts. Ilriglitnn .Market Thill sdny, I'd,. 17, 1818. t run Tiin daily ADVhr.Tisxn. At Market 3sj Hcef Cattle, 25 Stores, 10 pairs Working Oxen, 1'.! Cows and Calves, KU5 Sheep and 170 Swine. All Ihe Stores and SOU Swine were re ported last week. 1' UeeJ Cattle P.xtra C .'-n a 07S ; firt qual ity 50 P 0 23 ; second S3 50 V 5 75 ; ihiid 81 15 V o 2j. U'urling Oxen Sales at $75 and 9'.'2. Cairn anil Calves Sales ot SSI, 92S, and $25. kheri Sales at 3 511, I 23, $3 and fi 51). Siriue One entire lot le, and one I 3-S : a lot to peddle I! nnd 4)c, At retail 5 fi fije. We noticed a beaiititul large Cow from Otsego Co., N. V. came in at the close ol the market, weighing about ':ira. WOO!,. Dull 30 frcerif. The market remains without any change since our last report. The sales during the past stctk has been light. Prime Saxony Fleeces, washed - - - - American lull blood do. do 3-1 do, do 1-2 do. - do l-l&comdo. - .... 45 sn .... Ill (I 45 .... 35 V M ... 31 ifi 33 , - . . !M Ct 31 .... 15 it 20 .... H 13 .... 7 it 9 . . . . 0 4 II .... 3S i II) .... 35 il 30 .... 30 ii? 3i .... i0 S2 .... II (t 15 Sniyi.a, washed, - -Sinytlin, unwastied, - - llcugfipi unwashed, no llucuos Ayres, unpicked, -Kxtra Nortli'u pulled lamb. Sup. North'u pulled lamb. o. i no no no 2 do ado do 3 do do do - Ixn.AMMATlox or Tnr. Iln.tiN is known bv a flushed countenance, redness ol the cyis, intolerance ol light, uisiutied steep, watcliluluess, headache, dcltrimu, and oilier distressing complaints. Wright's Indian Yegetallr Pills nrcalwavs cer tain to remove this melancholy disease ; because they expel or drive out those moibid humors which, it lodged in the biain, are the couse ol the above dread ful malady. Four or live of said Indian Vegetable l'd's, taken every night on going to bed, xx ill in a short lime remove every symptom of inllammatioii of tile uram; mine sameiiine llie negesiion win tie un proved, and the blood so completely p irilied, that all disorders, both of body and luiitd, xwll be literally diiven from the body, HcwAnc or CoexTtr.rriT Tnr. only orioisai. AMI GCM'INC 1.NU1AN VuitTAMX l'll.I.S 1IAVI. THE SIO- .NATtitr. or William Wriuiit xvnm rx xvith a it;. eii the Tor t.Aitti. or r.Acn box, A'oic other is gen uine, anil to counterfeit thin is tnr.GLRX. The genuine lor sale by W II I'I'llTIS, Water Kttcct.aud THCOIKmi: A. 1T.CK, College Strett. sole agents lor nurlingtou. Reuben Fergu-ott, llssex ; J. ii. ke, iiunungioii ; xv . I. nones, ,ir liichinoud 1.. H. ttietn. Hichiuutid ; J. II. .t T W. Tower, Underbill j llurihut sv. Hodges, illuton ; II. San. derson. and (i Avers, xvest XX ilhstou ; J. I,v man Jericho: W. H. Velie. Hinesburali : W. .S. !k. II I1 xx ood. xx estioru ; Maples sv i.yon, Liiarlottc ; John Siinouds, Slielburne : u. Hicbiuond Hnruurd :and nt the New Fnglaud Ihanili Ollice and General Depot, 1V3 ticiuoiii cireei, uosion. ICTTThcre is not a day passes but we hear or some onejhat has used the Sarsaparilla and Tomato jtuters fellcccsMiiiiy ill Mioii- loin; BlUlllllll i ot w OOIC secret ol the medicine is. that it is a very nowerlul al terative to the debilitated s)stcm, altering the stale of the Mood.wncrc it is impure, mucii (pinker man any other ineinciiie ; taken in sufficient quantities it oper ates mildly on the bowels, without debilitating the patient; it strengthens and invigorates a debilitated system, and ossists digestion. In tact in gives jieilect buiisiictiou to every one niai nus useu u. Il can be. had wholesale and retail ol F.Brown, OS Washington street. For sale by Turn. A. I'm:, and A. C. SrrArt, Apo thecaries and w holesale Druggists, and by dealers gen erally throughout the Slate. Cactiow III setting forth the virtues off)r. Wis tar's Halsam, we have no desire to deceive those who are laboring under ntlhciiou nor do w-e wish to eulo- f;ie it more than it justly deserves. Yet when we ook around and sec the vast amount or suffering and di-Mress occasioned by many til the diseases in which this medicine has proved so highly successful, we he! that we cannot mge its claims too strongly, or say too much in its tavor. Let the public be on their guard. Oilier " Balsams" and mixtures are sometimes imposed on the unsus pecting for the genuine l)r Wisiar's Halsam or Wild Cherry. Some, for the purpose of sueieediug better in their schemes, have used a p.nt of the name of the genuine, as" Phoenix Halsam of Wild Cherry," "Hal sain of Wild Cherry, Conil'rey, &.C." "Syrup of Wild (.oeri), ec. None genuine without the written signature ol I, Butts. He careful and get the Pennine nil. WISTAU'S HALSAM OF WILD CIIFItltV. None genuine unless signed by I. lll'TTS. Address all orders to SFT1I W. FOWl.n.Hoston. Mass. rr sale whole. sale and retail hy iheo. A. 1'lck, Burlington, and by Dealers in Medicines generally in Vermont. iHavvkb, In this villace. on the 13th lost . I.e n. n'r.I. ghan, Mr. Lewis Ciravav, and Claiusa Hacpet, both of llmeshureli. In .Moniiielier.iiii ihe loih, Mr. Ciias. Daxa, Jr., of XV OOUSIOCK, aim .viiss uiiakitie S. Ujomis, ol il. In this town, on the Sid hist., Doet. Roueiit Mat. hill, aged l-K )eois. IUS1 lUAbl Vhl) AND POli S1I.E AT THE ti wgricuiiiirai i are House by J. n, IT.IKLT. Ii, Hank of Ilurliiislon. IJMtO.M the 1st day of April, the llatik or linr luigton, will be open, on days ol business, Irom i) o'clock, A, M, to a o'clock,!'. M. until further notice. tie order of the Dtrct tors. ' ll ,1 ,.,t is Feb. S3, 1813. is. j, i.aftirr. 3jui3i. HARLOW &. BENNETT, VOU .V N V. I, I, O H .V A T LAW, HOSTOJf, MASS. T. inRr.ov. 33in3 e. ti. nns.vr.TT. I'ltn.iiiTfji sii.k rocKirr iiuki'sT MANUFACTUKKI) IN HURLlXCiTON, Vermont. Forsilcby J. S. l'lilllCC. llurlinglon,Fcb.i!3, 1811 33 CHLOROFORM. A Strrrr.Y tn- this xi:v nnd celebrated preparation, manufactured by W. U. Little ol Boston, just received and lor snle bv 35 A. C. Sl'i;'AIl. fUOVER SCKl). 2000 LNroinren" J Clover Seed ol a superior uualitv for snle bv 25 I. D. 1SIXBY & CO. IIKIKI) AITLKS. A LOT OK SUl'KIliOU It dried apples, Ircsh and in good order, just re ceivedby A. S. DBWIJV. i curuary aa, is is. 35 Mllhntt l.iithrop's IMntc. STATU OF VF.KMONT,? MM1F, Hon. the Dtsrr.icT or CinrnsiiLN, St. $ 1 Probate Court for the District ol Chitundcn : to all persons concern ed in the Fstale or Nathan Lalhrop, late ol Fssex in said District, ileccared, (Irtcttn : WmT.EAs, I). 11. Butler and Alvnn I. Wodkins, executors ol the last will and testement ol said de ceased, propose to render nn ortount ol their admin istration, nml present their f.ecounl against said estate lor examination nnd allowance nt a session ol ihe Court ol Probate, to be holdcn at Burlington oil the 1 lilt day of .March nexl, TiiLrarortc, You are hcrcb) notified to appear be fore said court at the time um) place atiiresaid, nnd shew cause, if any you have, why the account afore said should not be allowed, (liven under my hand at Hurlinglon lids 18ih day of February, A. D. 13 H. 35w3 B. IUXFORI), Jlegisttr, STATiT OF VP, K.MONT,". The Hon. the DivrnieT or Ciiittlxpex, ss. 5 Probate Court for tlhe District of Chittenden to all persons to whom these presents s,a come. Wbeteas, Fhner Heccher guardian of George I!. Hoy a minor sou or Cnlvin Hay, lale of llineshurgh, in said District deceased, has presented tn said Coutt jiis petition in writing, setting forth that his said ward isseiedol seventy live aiuf one half ncres of Inud lying in said llineshurgh, and that it would be for the best interest of Ins said ward that the said laud should be sold and the proceeds invested in productive slocks or put at interest, and prnviugthat lie might be licens ed by said Probate Court tosell the said leal estate ; Therefore, it is ordered by said Probate Court, that the 2'd day of March next be assigned for the hearing and deciding on the said petition, and it isordcrrd that notice be given to all person interested, by publishing this order three weeks successively in the Huiliugloii 1 ree Press, rt newspaper printed in Burlington, oil which publications to lie previous to the said S'Jd day ol Match. (liven under my hand at Darlington, in Slid Distiict this 1'Jih day of February ISIS. 35vv3 UIIADFOHI) HIXFOKI), Keqistcr. TT IS Till: (.l.ORY OF .11 AIDS, WIDOWS, 1 and the crowning ornament ol man. l.y It is lo the scalp as guano is to the earlh, in making ii Ii until I. tryit is as certain in itscflectas death to-morrow or next year. Now, reader, these respectable rili7cn3 certify that Jones's Coral Hair Itesturatiic will have the follow ing effect without fail. It will force the human hair to grow, on the head, face or body it will stop its lalling, cure Scurf or Dan drull, and make lted, Gray and Light hair grow Dirk. Mr. W. Tompins.OJ King t,, New York. Mrs. Matilda Beeves, Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Mr. James Power, grocer, Fulton St., Brookl)ii. .Mr. Thomas Jackson, S'J Liberty St., Pittsburgh. Henry L. Cullen, (late) bather on boord the South America. JiHut the beautiful, the glorious effect it has in dressing and beautifying the hair making it soft, dark, silky, and keeping it so thrice as long as any other article made, 1TISSO ECONOMICAL ASP ClIEAr ! It costs but 3 shillings tor a trial bottle, nnd the public are conscientiously nnd honestly nssurid that the above are its real and true qunlities. Ile cnreful nml get the genuine. A'k for Josrs's Coral I lair Ilcstorative, nnd take no olhcr. It is sold in Harhng'.on at " Asnheciiries' Hall" Corner Church and College His., by Geo. F. II. n- 81NUTON, win, M s.u aflpt.l lur llw male ot X ermont. lluliuglon, f ell. IBtS. 35 Thn Wonderful, tho trry Illcsscrl, Till: MIRACULOUS AS1) ALMOST HOLY ETtECT AND TRAXSrOCMATION, THAT this singular article has on the diseased or disii:urcd human cuticle (or skin) is astounilim? even to modem science its wotiderlul properiies caused such nn immense sate that a leuion ol coun ter ells started all over t be country But reader, it you are allbcted a yellow, dark or chapped il jou nave Pimples, Blotches, Salt Bheuin, Scurvy, Frjsi- peiri, r-ore iieaos, iim r-orcs, Heard and tinruers Itch, Chnpped and tender Mesh, Freckles, Tan, Sun burnt, Daik or yellow skin to a pure clear white, Smooth nud soft ns an lntaut's this vv ill change it. I iBBul mind, render to cure the above,) on must asi, and be sure you get the tine and genuine Joncti's Italian Chemical Snap. J "And it )on are not carclul )ou will get some woitiilesacountcifeit cheap, but quite useless These persons omong others have used it, and find it to be more even than we state . J. W. lleudeison, Fsq. Councillor at Law. Mrs. II. Williams, Jeisey City. .Mr. Jns. Fliham, do do Dr. Francis Williams, New Y'ork. And we might give )ou a thousand others but the above must satisfy any reasonable person. If'Hut once more, reader, be carclul of cheap counterfoils and imiiaiioii3. See that the name ol '1 . JONFS, is on the wrapper ami buy it nowhere cite in Burlington, but of Glo. F. Huiiuvgto.v," Apothe catics' Hall" Corner Church and College Sts , who is the only iiMminteil agent in the Stale of Vermont. Price 50 Cents a enke. Ilurhngion, Fcb.'JJ, 1SI3. 35 WM. NEWELL &, CO. SIANTl ACTl'BI.RS CAXD JOI1I1EUS Or i'ohi.'ic.v io.mi:stic STRAW BONNETS, 1'i.owr.its, ii a t s , cap s a A' J) rr n s , sn. 03 Kir.nv si'ii i:i:t. ILEUM Nl.Wlt.L, James W. Fee. 33ml I'HOTHCTION I'lItK insuiiaxoi: COMPANY, Ilnrtluril. Connecticut. CAPITAL BOO.OOo'. I). W. CLAHK, 1'iesidcnt. WM.CONNLH, Secretary. GUO. II SHAW, Agent, Burlington, Vermont. Feb. 18, 1813. 3ltf. nni: insiihanti: company, Ilurtford, Connecticut. CAPITAL $860,000. THOMAS K. HKACi:, 1'iesidenl. S. L. LOOM1S, Secietaty. GLO. H. SHAW, Agent, Burlington, Vermont Teh. 18, 1819. 3llf l'ElltCn & KELLOGG, IMl'OHTFKS OK CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE, Looking li laws, it'll i r..)s, (ilrnnilolcs, Lumps, Castor., Vc. s!35n: sTiir.r.r, Atrnin it. rrtnrp.J 3ny, TUOV.Jf.y. IVo. .1 . In Conn'iiiiciicp of t i: i, i: v. n a i' ii i i i: s i tc ir , f1()t)l)S CAN UK SOLI) AT .near New VorU 1'ricea hy the People's Agent. l'cb.uary 3d, 1813. HOWARD. I.Mli:Sll LKMOXS & Ilox IUisi.ns, ol Just received by A. S. DIJt Wl!Y. I llurlingluii, Ibtn I el . 1S19. 31 . i itr.sii auorxi) plastim, AT Till! Xl'.W SUM, AT Till! CALLS. itv ainve vmri Cf'rv'i'i t in lomt,,. now grinding. For sale bv ' now grinding. W. CA'l'MN. Ob. 8th, 1319, Qi;Pi:itIOH Broad-Cloths nnd Ca.inere, for V J coals and panls, of n creat vniiety ol colors and texture, by ,M. G, KATHDUN &. CO, Fib. II), 1313. S3 Wlliri:MAHsr:II,Li:s,nullCassimercSaJ Satin Vcstinj;s. J'eb. ID. 33 M. G. IIATHI1UN& CO. BItO WN, Blue, Black and other vnrieties ol Cloths for Over Coals. Fib. 10. 33 M. G. IIATIIHUN & CO. rtllNTI.lIJIIlS'.S I ine Sluits, Snk and Woolen v. Knit Undershirts nud Diatom. cb. II). 33 M G. IJA'l IIIU'N ,t CO. r iixtk' wimi: ifin i; LOV1 S, CH A. VJ vats, Itdkfs, o.c. for sale nt M G. ItATIICL'N X. f.Tl'S libiuary 10, ISIS. :;3 llutlnnil mill Hiirllngtnii Knihoniir gritim tg&x lsS3 Vvlj'ill T OTK'i: 'I'O CON'i'ltAC rolls'. Pnoi-f). 1 1 sals will be received nt the cilice of the undersign ed at Biirlingloii, or ut tlie ollice ol I orge T lloji'es l!si..ot Kutlaiid Vt. until the 15lhd.iv of Mareh. lull lor Grading and Maoniyon tho toilowiiigssctjnl.()r tne if ut'niiii it. vision oi in" i.uiniui and llurl.ngton Huilroad, to wit sections 1, 'J, 3, 1, 15, 111, so, at nnd S3. Satislnctory security w ill b- required Oont Con troetors to vvhom the work may be awarded. The estimate of work on the sections alnve named Is nslollows,3l3,8-.,0t'itbii' jardsol Faith Fxcnvnlion 3,5MI Cubic yards ol Solid Hoi k Fxctivatiou. 1 'J00 Cubic ynrds ol Loos' Hock Fxcavntion. I."il0 Cubic )aidsofCultcrt Masonry. 2375 Cu'jic)ardsol BnJgc .Ma-oliry. 4 PI ins, profiles, nml specifications niay be scn at the Fngui 'er's Olli"c in Rutland, where all hoc ssary ex planations will be given. 33wl T. FOLiI'T, I'lrsnlent. ICT"l'i.e Vergeimes Vcrmniiter, Mlddlehnry Gal axy, Brandon Voice ol i'.eedoin, Bellows Fails Ga .lie, and N II Seiilui.l will please inj.'rt the above till Maich 15 KtfklVridcS TsillciVb.iM's ASAi I;, Spcctij-nnd Prrtiiiuirnt rmv lor I Ic me. l!roUrn-iinl. (lrniiic.CniiiTl. f 'nliU nml nit ilisenstswliich iltneml uuow iiillimation ot tht inu. roii' mcnibrnnc of t)ii hmptt lliroat nnd hem) ot the noree, or niirct the muntiitctutoj the Auimals tcttuf. 1 llH rrillfilV Uttic l lirm hern wilh siu h rpmnrh. ablesiiccp in Ilnubml, imw ofl'-rcil to lloro o-.mi-crs in the Unitftl linti-s ns n ioiiie sjecide lor tlicse ohstinnte nnd ilu-trcsiii"; coniiInint'. i'rum the com lunation of powerful wjjrt-.lik inredifiif- in it1, coin-pj-itiun it H enahleil to compete mic(tsuIIj with dis ease in the hardy constitution of the IIoih, and nt the "ainc nine, is warrnnu-u to uc tieru-c t vsaie rum iciin I. is paten creedily hy I lories nud ctth'T calite, nud does not nt nit iucomenieuru the nninml or deter him fiom UMial labor, 'llie tollowini; is one nnionat tiiauy irools w hae of its ttlicienev. It isfroin one ol the test h'arrieis in New Vork. nnd a ceniloinau whof-e knul'nl''e in llie medical ireattm-ntol Hordes i erv extensue. New York. Nov. I. 1917. Me?sr. A. H. nnugli & Co , (tentlemeii.-You will reeollfct that I houirht annck- nji of your lleau Powders nine5 time n-rnto ndnniiis- lerto a aiuabie iiorn'nt h cry in my tables, aim that I was finite dubious oi' tlie widom of atteumtuiii to cure ?ucli a bad cac ns luV was and did not, in 1'iet, iieiievc tliere wein any ineiiieines liriter lor his com plaint than those I had' been iu the habit of u-iiu; dur itigmy r.tciiie practice with horf. Htitjii'-tiec to you nud )our valuable icmcihj, tccjimt- inc to say, lliat that single fitckasc ruicd t he animal of as nmva ted a case ot Heaves as I cut fe iw, and his wind is now perlectly good. I bHie.e thy cut i a permanent one. Kefpcrtlully, I.loyu. Cirrttt Comlition IXr.Iit'tno. Ilepid'-s iht. ir Hiecifis nclion urn di'-easos of tlie I.unirs. Th' lleae Powders are the hei-l Condi tion .Medicine that can be u-ed to imnrove theiinnetite. f-hekeu the coat, expel Hulls and Uninis and coriect an dica" mat an?e noui .ieran;eiueiu oi inc tuges tive lunctions m the Hoim. Numerouscertihcales. conclusive ns the above can he si i own. .Mr. (ico. W. Davis, .Munrne, N. .1., InJ n horse cured of most ohBtinntc lleiiMt by one pack age. .Mr I). A- Hanks, South Amhoy, N J., rmed tiro horses by a xhtglr package, lint trial of One Dol lars worth, will convince nioie titan nny tlnnjj we can publu-h. Itewaie of imitations the genuine isignril A, ll (oiii:n it -o. rnce t?l per pnekige, i (or Su dbvA (JoudiiVCo.. llVI'iiltnu -..New Vork.ri. V, I'owle. llusiun. A. C. til'DAR. Aircnt tor Uurlingtun. 'Si Sand Star ISrid; e. HrMTTl.N' 1'1.01'OSALS will m:nraniv- If cil, by the D.rcetoiiol theS.utd Ihr HiideCom- inny, lm llie con"trurtKMi ot a bnd or on( troiu T. r 1 h!' In .Milt-m to South Uto, or for section- the Tavern ni Victor Adams m .Mil tun on the .Second Wtiliif-utav oi" Mcrdi ner. Tim t port Inn of ihe britlgi. in t be 1 .n kr, (3 10 rod,) is to he l.tnli l,y hiiing iirnlM-rscule by t-ule, hum one to two teet hi-'h, n ihe contracioia inny dc-ire, nt the bottom ol the I.nKe. cxteiiilnm inim il... I.e., i... n wMth of -ZCt leet wpII InMenrd hy cro-s uon, upon hii ii iimui-i-s .in- hi ue piaceu iwo ;oo i parallel intone walls 0 tet thick at bottom thre.- Uvt nt Ion liM)in; C, Indies in-ide, and i!J IcetoiiHido. and to he nine Iect iivs in-iiiv. iuiu 3 leei oiiisiu,.. n in io oe 11 oe 1 in Ii upon an av crane, aiiove llie Imttoui of the niu I made ol Miilahl.- Hone?, and the spaces 1 eiwien 1 the walls to be tilled wiih eaith nnd stone;, and covered one loot Ue, p wiih grave!, mid the whole to be bur mounted with a "d railing on each side. .Such Iiroiiof-nls will ilNo hi rrrrhrA In ImiM bridge with outride wholly of limber couneoti d with t cro-j tics liiled with btoiied nnd coveied nud railed n I aiiove Mated. 1 or l he construction of that nnrt nf tb rnnd iinit in iiiars-lifs nnd on low land, plans nnd proposals will i be received ntthe tauie time nud place. i It 13 U'dieved t int till the tnnt.-n.1l4 mnv !. k,! m , rcnbonublo lutts nnd coincmcut dNtnnct-s. Hy order cl tin Durrtor' o tu wiu;i;u;i;f Sec'v. Somli Ilcio.l eb. 1C, HH. 31 lOU Bollars ISctvard. rFIII. will I'.w tiii: .Minvn 1 premium to any one. who will nrr-eiu a pet ot .... corruplihle niiiieral letth, of ten or nit-re, set on f.ue irold, superior to those that cm he sect, at Milton i nils, w I. icl. the unilersieneil has this Jay completed, on the lollowi.. conditions, ,. Those who are so disposed to conmcte for the rri7e. shall give the said Iluhtiardlit ieal s. d.ivs l., nml nn tliesivtii nay trom ll.e time he shall receive s-iid notice, he will meet him, or the. n, at the Ameri can Hotel in lturhmtion.auJ choose three judtjert, one to he chosen hy each party, and those two po chosen am! agreed upon, shall choose a third, who shall at some time and as soon as conve. . lent, ex amine tlie two sets of teeth, and decide which set is lien, lakinj; into consideration, their lieauty, natural appearance, stren.h, olulnci-h and pcriici lit, to llie mouth lor which they were mode. l.s. ..i l . .. .1 ;.. .1 .' . i .i' i i ha e bee ma k- w ll.ui this state a,,d the wolk shall have U-cii ilone by a native of ermont, previous to ine sun leeiu piouiieeii oy tlie competitor, shall litor. s ml the l.rst ol January HIS , when ah the above con. lltious arc complied Willi, the names sha.l then pro ceed to one of the Hanks in lturhni;tou, and deiMisit one huiidreil ilotlars eat h, subject to an order, ol the three judges appointed and agreed on as alotesaid, who shall order the vv hole amount paid over to the one to whom they shall it.according to the above iierecmeni, said order having the signature of all the atoresaid nulires. LAWIill.NCf: IIL'I11!AKD, Surgeon Dentist. .Milton December 31st, 1SI7. N. H. Having l-en in the saecewfid practice of Dentistry, lor more than lilieen vears, traveled through the United Stales, nsldedin the City of Mexico tor llnec veals, and about lour on ihe Island nl Cuba, and v. sited in any ol the oilier West ludi.t l-'.nlhla, and paid particular attention to the various improvements in the art, both in llurope nnd America, 1 have at length succeeded in discovering a valuable improve ment, of lilting mineral iceih moie ticificlly than has been heretofore taught hy any of the protessiou therefore, if any gentle men of the proless.on are dis. Mjseil to avail themselves of tin- ...foru.alion, it can be ob.auu-d by tailing at the fust door east id Messm, Ajers, sV Claik' innin Ftreet, at .Mtllon Tails. Vt. 31w3 1,. IIUllllAKD,.Vuu-ro..;c.i(i!f. DISSOLUTION. rillli; COI VHT.VIlltSl 1 1 1, heretofore existing l-tvv een the HiihscnberH utuier the lirmnt Itost w iek V llliu, is ilns day by mutual consent dissolved, Tlie notes and accounts will he found at the old stand, win tJ all indebted aic rei.uesied to call ami settle. II II HOST WICK, UOY 1II.1N. Hu liiiEton, l'ch 7, lSls. To Iiiimiprraii.s. TTIIIMHIV .V C'('S Pussige Certificates will 1 1. he furnished lo Did Coumiyinen who wish to bung out their ll lends Irom Inland, at the Kxrarss Ol l ii c. west iide Sipine. Iturliiigton, IVb. 17, 131.3. 3Itf sii.iv siiiicrs .V mt A.vmtiiTii rn.i.s, 0 Sll n preventive and the other a cure of Illieuina. Usui, for Rile at HOWAUD'ri. 1'eli. 15, 1313. 31 i.i 115 or wixrini.H scott. riMin iLLrsTHATUD Lin: or ;i:x. I Wh. field Scott, en.lielltslied with inwneroii-i Hn. gravinus, brought down to the present,.. Pm,. I Twenty jivecenlJ. ' received by l!picssand j lor sale, vv noiesaie noil leiuii oy I V (iOODUICH i Uu.liu;t3ii,reb. 17th, HH, 3lwi A T.Oi;i VAIiL! Tares nml a ictnrn nf the Public Mmey, Or a thntinmrnt L'lnn. ji tin: (!o.(ini.ssio.vAi, ( it is ki:i:.v If that the Adi..h.htialiotiiiiistliatc, lnaoiurucl. way.ruiids to buy a peace. or holh money Milieu (o carry Ml the ar. Now, tlie Teojilc's Auent, lieitig wholly i)'d to war, w III cell any good., if viih'd, at War piicesiind invest theeasli in Piece piiichases, liopiiis lliat in tup tiniefliewartiieciilation will ind and peace lie made, so that the pt opl, instead ofHriv iu for mu ney tup iv- lanes and scuJinir back the public money luowusei for school purposes.! or Roiu lo .Mexico lo mlit, will remain quiet in their several avocaiiuim ut home.aiid continue to do us they loiii; hau- done, buy ii.!.' L'oods cheap oflheir, IlOWAIll) lli.rlii.gton,.la.i. Ill, lain. SO 'run co.ininmous mufic dwell- inir house of the siihseriher. no l'..n.t u. olieieil lorsaletoj-eiln-rwiih out-hiuhliiis, a well of I ,iu... ..ii-itoi,i nooui one acre o. lati'l Aiso the sunll wioie irinje bouse ncitdoor Last. l'osses. ion tjivciilnimediulely. n i- . , , ,-.o C" A- Si.V.MOI'lt. Huiltnsrloti, Jan. 5, ISIS, f For Waa J7 Till: suliseiiher. three prod tlnijine Lathes: Also two hand Lathes, which will be sold low for oisb or rooJ paper. ... . V- Id CK0S.SMAN. IliitlinsWn Dec. 7,151'. oma 1DOTAFII rnd Caldron Kettles, of all descriptions, 1 constantly on h.ind and made to order. Also, a complete assortment 'I Imllnvv Ware. at ivc.t!i. ihwlisgjvx ivv:;: vr. Csri-ijiiiii .Silver or ftic'fiie. 5JLATED with rL'Ri:sir,vnt. Tnosr: -,rno & may vvM.n good spio.i and whodo not wis, io to the ol pure .Xilverean fi.xl at ourstore 'I'u Me and '1 ea opoon, Cream, Mustard and Silt Spoons. Supar Klioicls and Snear 'I'oin;', llutter Knives JLc, made ol (lerman Silver and thickly plated with pure silver and made so near like solid silver spoons lint our liiends iu the Country aiound ami in us0, ore daily buy...!; them ol l'edl.irs for pure Silver and nevir discover tl.-.r m.siakc until they come in gel tin '111 ma iked. W e sell the best w are th-'le is made, nt the lollowintr p:ice, with ti hhertil discount lo those who hoy a lame ijuvitity, vi : 'l'ah'e Spoons 2,5llper setol 0, lea. 1,'ijpers-t. Cream Spoon."iilcts each. Mustard nnd Salt Spoons an cts each. Smar Tones ..Octs. SiiL'arShoveK.-niets. ISutter Knives .) els. caeL. I orks 1,M per do. We have also at all times a fine assortment ot well made, pure as com, Silver .-poous and 1 orks at ns low prices as can he purchased at any place in ( ity, low nor Country and we luaik our Sil ver Spoons lice of nny chariie. ,. , lllUNriMAlDsVs.lli:OTIir.l(S. IlurlitiRton, Jan. liH. Silrcuinitlit. LAW BOOKS. Ptorvon Afffiicv. Stnry on lhilmenU. tnrvontlH Con., Abr. (iunld's Plending. London H.i's. Ilijuity l)i2ct. Digest New York Kcnorts, Civil Cod of Louisiana. .liir)Hiah' (iuide. Veriuoiit Stniutt's. Jieck's .Medical Jurispru dence. Stnry on l'nrtii'-r-hip. Story's Kifuity Junspru- (Icuc, J VliU. Hif.fn Iiepr)rt, iifvv Kd. (Jlntty on Criminal Law, Whenton's Selwvu. Kiime'h J,nw Coinpcn- diuin, 1 oK do Kent. do IMnckMniir', Vermont K.-port. Vol. 16, 17, nnd IB. 1 or sale by Hurlinglon, Jan. 11, 1317, c. a mnvAKDs. IIa(;azim:s von 18 IS LTNION Magazine (Mrs. Kirkland'f.j for January. ) (JiuhaniV, " Columbian, ' (jtnby'p, " LadicH National, " All of the above Mnin7iiv, arc regularly received on or heturi the first dav ot niontlis of publication, and delivered lu subscribers without clinr-je (or pont age. c. 11. 1:1m Aims. DVK STUFFS &c. 1 50 AMI'i:vcIIV 0fi Wood i! round. do 1 ti-itr, do ItedwiKid, do N if wood, do Ciniwiod, do Ahun, Tor sale by jn'MbMIhie Vitriol, J HO 11C UVP, U Cnf-et. Indigo, 15 Kegs ('nam Tartar, K TiertTf (opeias, J. llUADLUV.Co, 51) II) F E M A h E S E M I NA R Y. rIIEiMOT QlViRTUIt OFTMK LvstitT- a tion wiilcotnuietw-coii llie first d-iy of March, and eonlimis- eleven weeks. Tunis, ,n p-iyable in ad V.-Ulee. ' llnTjist. 1,101.1 hen add l.illill. per ipiarter, ft.".,lHI; rrench Linciiase, t Dravviti". JI.IH); .Music, s.,1.11. lioaid, iiicluilinc 1'oel, Mjlits. Washing, fee. $J3 l-ei .punier. in me yearn smaii iietli.ctloil is mnile. - ,,.,.." ,w . u,.,,, .mil- ,,iiii Mine are nunnitcii,niinaii;y,ior le- "' 'Ju-irti-rs, and no deduction, are nnde for ah- -''"ce e.vcept m case protracted mi ktiefs. , Annlica- tions tor place- in I lie Seminatu should he made soon lchniary 3J, ISH. yj ( WIfiLISTOX UKill SCHOOL, si XI) I. A I) TES' S EM ISA ll Y. rstm: siimc ti:h.ii nf tin. institution win .1- conunenee on Mo..d..y, rebumry I Ith, and con tinue eleven wet l.s ii,, m.-iructiuu n m the clnrue ol I' II SA.M'DRD, A M., who... the Tru.tees h.ive louud io he Miicoininonly suecessiul aa Teiicher, and who mvi-s universal saiistactiou to his pairous, so I ir os we know, Cuaigib the same as iu olhcr sum ii.sntiii.ons. i 'I'll- I.iherty Oazctte and Vermont Chronicle will pi- accopy and cha.-j-e r II 4 M) A n.i: CHANCi: to acqi'iiu: it, iSi will he given to all those whoalteud Mr. W:t. II. 1,. Staiiks' Seh cl School, lur Younu llemlemen and 1 ies. ll l ie Ve.trvo Ihe M. f huiih rl he See. . oud Quarter of Insisehoul vv ill eminence on the 1 1th l'ebru.iry, when Cl:ises will be formed in Common Ilin-hsli, Algebra, Ceoinetry, Purveyini;, Ilot.-iny, Astronoiuy, .Meiiauratiuii, (Tuilionj $of0 Also in the I.-aiieuucs, do l.W Mvvl Till-. 111'KI.lXs.iTOX SAVINGS BANK. frMIIN Institution wns incorporated nl the last se I s-ioti id' ihe LogM-itiue for ihe purpo-f ol rccei- i . ... i n " . . '., .' i . , . Vl llioii ovpo-u nn sinus oi money oi ercu, inn ll'an- - j ,,,, llc,ame tu the Iwst advnnta , - ,," .., ,,'. ....,,..1-., , ..... ,tJ.,.J 'n... .i?t I ,,. ,,r ,iro-.., , i.,,,..,., ,.,.r .t,.,.,,,.,,,,,, i necessary expenses, ait- to be divided among tlie de-1 positors. The Corporators held 'their first meetings on the 13th, and 15tlt iiist.,anil h-ive t.rgauised die msiiiunou by adopting a set of lly-l,aws, for its regulation on'l electing the following olliccis for the ensuing ear, UZ" JOIINN POMHIIOY. Pirsidenl. Wvu.vs I,v.M v, l'n-e 1'ie'ident, V. A. SrvNiii'itv, Secietaiu. Hoard of Ti ustces. Dvn I. ton, Chairman. John 11 I'ctk, Henry 1'. IlickoU, James Cook, Win 11. Wdkuis Jr., lleo. l'etcrsn, Charles D. Kassou, JvmesW llincnic. Treasurer, The li-ink will be open for the reception of deposits at the Treasurer's olhVe on the 1st Weducsduy ol .Iniiiinre. 1313. ironist till J o'clock. P. M. And on each Wednesday thercaltcr, during the Kline hours, uniil liirther notice llurlington, Dee. IS. 1317. 25tf 4YI'!t'S CitEiiii' l'licnoitAi. Von tiii: t eore of couehs. colds, consumption, and all aliee. ttons of the l.uugs and Throat. This compound is entirely above the suspicion ol ipi-lckerjf.ainl isrccom mended l,v nhv sicians ol the highest nspectabdiy. lis ror.unlais lolly laid open to the inspection ol tlie medical pioles-lon,aild It is conlidclltl) believed that i 1 ' I .. I. ...1. I...l,..i.n.l tl.-l Its foliilillia.iou is sueii us o, hi.k w. uiii.s, , m freinedicalellect wiiiitne inosiiK-iieci s.-..e.y. "(.nl l'or sale by ilTlAU. IJItr.Si:ilVI) (TI'HOX, Cummts awl r,t- I lent sperui fondles fur sale hy 27,3 c 1'1'AH. To Hlai.ii it mil) Conci in. UMir.UI.AS mv win:, IMaktio 31. S. Calkee, Ins left my bed and board without just provocation This i to'foihid all persons haiboimg or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no debts ol her conducting l.l'.VI L AI.lvTll! Ilochesler, .N 11., Jan. S'J, ISIH. SJw3 A Cfll.l) Large ossortineut at PILNTII.. J. V I!apu.i.- LHAl) l'll'K, X CASIvS 1 1 K:V,'":. Vv' 15 fi-r sale by 21. W.r.lfill SIIOKS,, M'acov llosrs, .Vo for file at llmuiev TpiMd-v It. ill. f. r.RCtlll'CS. 'r. h. itli'iRSII, Wednesday crc, nc. Le't'oe .l,"l,"Y'in5'-'!''rse oTTectures vill bo dclivere I lav- rV..?i.. .' ("""".''-'lilute, comineticitig on 1 , H-raiSl. 11,0 "l Ja"uar'-nl CJ udock ' il !,""('d timvi 'Vm' " M- M- nucn, U.S A lui'i.ictioti tu Lubor tl0clse. ltcv, 11. jjrur.K " Work.'--t-ix Leetuas,) LtoKr.riMir.ii,.M II ... , Z7T , c ' Asv, Let jsinsle I icket,iid..iiltinga(:enlcmaiiaiid l.ady Vt i icketlor Ihecouise, do JM ' i f.i 1 nimly Ticket for the rourv, j , , Tickets tit lidwanls bookjtorc.ond at Messrs. Hulls ma mm . T...' funds to bo oppropriated to the increase ofihe '1!,L'- Jan. la, JJvlllllJll'f. XyyXJU LUMIIKU.for sale ejpress.y ' ' , by T- V. I.UVIJI.L i: ( (.). Iliuiiiiiiton, Dec II, lb IT. 2.-,if pL.ULS Tins day iu:ci:vkd at tiii: Ac- H lieultotal Wanhon-e. J, S l'lllHCl! ntirl.i-!iiiii, D.t. 1st". QAI.T.AI) nil,, Pepper Sauce, Tomato Cat-up, t J l.Cindon Mtislat-.l. hL..,'. t.. 1 r- . Choeolnli -1. S. DLWLY. D.-e. DRIISS GOODS, fy nlmoM tver Miown stvle for Ladicr v.rnr, nr" flin m qiiautitie'!, nml nt pric not surpajil by nny olhcr hou-r. o. F. TASirom Co. tlTTntv Is.:,i,o lrl ij Suc'ir Hluicls, wariankd nood ns the coin, at J' V- I!'l-'1"I-'-'s- T AT11I.V nilTHIlNKl) TO TlltS f'OL'.VTUV FllOM I A th-- American .Mission in Cevlou on account 'f ll.e impaired state of Mr. Ward's'health and forth benefit ol I.-s children, rf.ers his -ervicea lo llie peoplo ol Hurl iutou ii. the practice of medicine and siirnery. lie will he happy lo leceive calls ot the residence of hisbrother. I). (Sen. W. Ward, near the Methodist chapel. January In, liK Nunri,ii:ii isn.icTitx IJ'IiASTIC Shoulder Draccs or chest expanders, tt J remedy hahiiiial stoopuu, or round shoulders. "Tin" IW s1cliy A C. Sl'UAU, AOIInAT variety of Trusses, romnri'ins atmest evi .y kind in use for Males and 1 cniales ; alsc Ahilomuiiil Suptioiteis of tin- most approved styles, constant!)- on baud nnd foi sjle by Jl"f' A.C. 8rtiii P XC1I A XV. 11 on LONDON. MVniirooi,, lJ IJL'ULIN and LUIN1JUUGII, in sums tosutt purchasers. 13;h May, H 17, J , . . PT.CK H Co. JSrrinls. Tins da r ; r r.XPt.Ess. f I), ill. V 15V. k CO., nun iirxi.-ivra i It splend.dl itof 1'iints, wl.iehnie new and choice stjles. Also Kmhroid -ry llnrlMiL'lon,.lau l'.t, Hit 3otf Itf LOU!!. :UM Iim.s. Sn.EnnsnFi,oun, X Jor saleby 1. p. J1IX1J Y i CO. cAsir roit pi:i,ts. J 1). 151AIJ1 iX Id. WILL PAY l.'sll T0U S fl few- thousand pood Pelts. Dec. 3 1, Is 17. nr,i i: own coats. I n. uixnv k CO. E nice lot of coat' now is the time to set a tit. December -1. i'louSis, TP'sMr.flS would do well to call and examine thn tcr l'aj;le IMnuM.,' Inanulnetured at Dee. 21, '17. lll'HLI.XGTOX rOLWDK Y .SALT, I'l.ASTEtl, iJ-C. '"v i-eiciis .,.va ssCoua nasier, is 10 Tons asso. ted ilo (Irindstones, IU") Sacks cronn.l rock and Western Salt, D.ii) Ithls. supe.ii.i.- e-id extra l'lour, Coarse VNesternar I lil, cce. I-c 10,1317. SI 11. VJ, VOOLITTLC ! CO. 3.ai5N aT'I'iiIis. XfiA D0Z- WLS. 200 Clinic .xn ,W Wash Tubs oi all sies. SUDSan Ilncken I ors-ile hv ui;u. ri;Tt;iiso.. w 6 llurlington, Teh. 1 1313. lVimloiv cSash. I LAHRC SUIM'LV or Wi.vdow Sash or iS all sues constantly on haitd and fors.ilchv Ilurlinstoiii I ib. 1, 1313, 3j,vfj Door.-,. 5f) rOUIl Pax.vei, Doons for alP w n i i ,-. , ,s,, Ui:0. l'UTKKBO.V. Ilurl.nsloni I eh. 1, 113. J LAUGH sriTi-v or swra lth kept ift constantly on hand and for sale bv gko. rirruRsoN. llurlington, IVh. 1, 1313. ajw(t nissoLimijN! mm: CO I VICT.MMtSIIlP heretofore eMm uei.,-.-.i on: .Tuiist-m-crs, 01 me rasu liusiuesis ni moo;ki lalls, u this day by mutual consent Jui ioncu K. w. ciiasi:, The flusiners will hereafter be continued by 11. W, Chase, at the old slaud. Dec. 1.1, 1317. 3i3 rj.MOh'Ll) 1IAJIS, CLCAIl AND 'MESS 3 ro'k.torsaleby A. S. DUWKV. Jau So, lsl3. BUlf cjalt, mio i!i.s. ' wi:sTi:nx," I 3 Corsaleby .1. lilt ADM! V, st CO. SJjlFJsi. JAA I'oxi'M llurlington Extra, .OUU llurliiiaton, Vermont, Iissox, and I. ike, E.'O " Kedl'ord Crown, J. H J. II. PLCKSiCo. 60 1)07. railhauks' Hoes. 40doz. do and Van Omam's Hov Forlia. 41) " SVytl'.e Siinihes 75 " He'd lingion's Scvthcj. .M) " Farewell's tO ' IIIkU' Uy . !( J. II. 1T.CK CO. ISarclw'arr. riMin undersigned ntlcr to tmrchasers a stock of I heavy and shlf II AliDWAKK, compri-uig a variety of goods iK-rtaiuing to the various branches of the trade, which have been selected with great care, lioih in fcp.ird to crfcciioii m sl)le and linish, and reasonableness in price. Purchasers ore respectfully solicited to rail S I'liONli, DOOMTTU! .CU. .Nov- W, W17 ACCOUNT BOOKS. w riIIT. suWr.ber would invite the attention of Mtf M. chants and ol'i-.ers using lllank Hooks in his as. sorttneiit. . I have the Ik-sI assortnicnt i n " been enabled to oiler to my ,l;f,Y-rvrV;ri V ....I tx,t,.a and once. .S-. ft.YJ.WilM, .Nov. inn. 19 J. A. KAVJIOM), IMIYSiriAX AND SUKGEOX. . OlTTCll ot the resilience of the late Hynnri Lane, coiner "fi" Pauls and Hank Street, lturl,ng..m December 31, 1M7 '" OR SALE, fi-lll' TAYKKN STAND AT C0LC11I.S- I er l'nlls. near the raetory.iollere.l for sole and 1 -i .onto Iveniv-cn the hist doy ot May next. It PTu scc . Itof .y sw"'! in the Stale, as villag.v . i km ' intocoiisiJciniion the cost of it. Tavern, uhim. w lsSAAO WAIINHU. llurlincto". :1- 1Sl3' ao" . , AT TKXTIOX 1 BATl'A LIOX ! I A 1,1, those having unsettled accounts with T. W. l'ovell. w.ll save costs by railing n.l , til na ,h.m i,med....ely. 1 . 1-0 Uh. Uviil.niton.lVc. ll.lsl'- iw"

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