Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 25, 1848, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 25, 1848 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESSJFRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 25, 1848. From the New Jersey Mirror. The ONI llnehtlor. Returning home nt clor of day, Wlm newly iliidcs my long delay, And by my sidcilfliglitis to stay I Nobody. Vhn fixer fur me tlic eny chair, Sets out the room willi ilea lift cure, And lays my slippers ready there 1 Nobody. Who regulates the cheerful fire, And pile the binJug fuel higher. And bids me draw my chair Hill nlcher I Nobody. When plunged in dire niulderpilitrcs9, And nuxious cures my heart oppress, Who whimpers hopes ul happiness t N ubody. When anxloix thoughts within me rise, In orn di'in.iy my .pirit dies j Who soothes rue by her kind replies 1 N obody. When fickiH. racks my feeble frnme, And uriel ilMraels my letrred brain, Who sympathizes wilh my pain I Nobody. Then I'll resnUc,n help me fate, To change nt mice this single state, And will to Hymen's ultur take SuMLnotlY. Inirortnnt Dermic in Consrc's. Tim i5iii:.T or Tin: session. KKIIT. IM TltK TF.S I'.KOIMKM- HIM.. Reported e.cluicly for the John Donkey. In lliu Seiiuto Tuesday, the rrpnliitioti lor iie len new rcL'iineni" for our army in Mexico, he inj nnil'r iini.ler.itimt, .Sir. 1'uote said hp lunl heen very mncli sur prised at the hichfiliilini; hypeilinro.itions of llie pnitleinin Iroin Tar lliver, (Mr. Il.nli.vr) mul be thought it very evident that it great doiil could lie een in liis speech which was not apparent. did the jicntlcmin mean bv the " llicker-iiio- lioht of gliiryV cntuile ?'' Win tint this n tnisked Inttcry opened upon llio I'resiilent and liis fricuJs ! as the immortal Cicero says, in the t1 irl cautn of !,"ilicu " Q'nm llickeruiii candehbns, whigtvatn dementis, Ad ratitibus cngnutit, tiiri'iiluiu ocrnckccl"! Sir, what saj.-tieneral Taylor this war? Sir, I will tell jini what he sliy, Iiere under hi own s-iyti in the ilop'ntcli which I liold in tny liand (Hubert, lri iir tne my spectacles.) he says : ' I would not see a cabbage in Mexico withered." No, ir hut so it happens, fir, that tlmy have no catih ijrt's in Mexico, and therelore General Taylor's opinion cntnes to nought is coinji fur iinthinn; hut cold-law ! As the sublime Slaukpnhorj'iiis says in Ids " Steinmarko and S.tnr Kruutcii :'' to listctfr t Mclitrnbrlmtrtcr ftt-'BrrVrfrs, Snlittr.mtist.itlinmi ID. ttirumrns'alt, tKrjit sritfM itmiurrtivtiatrcsDnnttictiUI) (Scntlillc)l.tnlrttl)ntii!iti; Now, sir, the President i Mameil for tlic small force "iven to ( T.ijlnr. Why, sir, the very ihicunients show that"(!enera! Taylor liad antliority to make Ids army as strong as hp chose, and to get whatever lie saw lit or deemed neces sary to prn-ecuto the w ar. And the old (lener- m ami-eil the tiovernmont, sir, what it should do; and ho talked strong, and lie talked well lie talked, sir, as well as he fought. In the gu ige of Power's Greek slave to ('a?nr : ihere, sir, what do yon think of that! And if that is not enough if mv words, added to thee, are mcflicient. J)r. Ilovntnn. the ineMner ist, is here, and can put you iill to sleep to yonr heart' content. There,"! say it is faKe faic FALSC that the President authorized a run npon the liink of the llio Grande, or upon any other liink. No, sir in llio language of the poet of all time " I'.niicum tiuicum clink, IIe.ii-o's not the chink, The clock struck one, The nmue ran down, Hickory dickory " Mr. President, Ihe last line, I see, is not going to thyme, and so I leave the quotation unfinish ed, to burn into and sere the conciencpj of our opponents, who wMi to plunge the land of Jack B hi and Jefferson into the arterial exasperation of dissolution as Confucius confus edly oh-ervps: C -i;;n rpiq -i:-;; c-:j What if it was the object of the President to conquer .Mexico, was not America conquered .' Did we not hold our farms and dwellings by ronquc-t nay, were not even our wives anil children the trophies of our prowess in arms ? And who should object, if our army, after being disbanded, choo to take unto themselves Mexi can S.ihinas, after the manner of the children of the. Pope, as so beautifully descrilied in tlic Cher okee version of the Uupo of the lick: " Huncko buncko hominy squaw, "Vinkuiu hliukuiu chotiscm outofcm, (Ja-ge-get-u-wa ugh!" I think, sir, I see our bravo and gallant sol diers, enjoying this new Paradise, each with his Kvc an J little Cains and Abels gambling about him Mr. Clayton wished to know if the gentleman meant playing at mnnte 1 Mr. roote I am not to ho interrupted by the gentleman from Delaware, who come here to Jiiital the deadly sirocco of the Wilmot proviso upon the altar of our uprooted temple of freedom, whoso bitter waves forever crumble beneath tlic pangs of a Promethean de-olation. I would rav to that gentleman, in the language of Potiphar W r. o ....V " Tinieo damme, dont fliout handehbus." I will tell that Senator, sir, that 1 scorn to milennial annihilation, Ins charge against the hone-ty of the Democracy. Sir, they are as honest as the Whigi as honest as the .Senator himself Mr. Clayton begged to explain Mr. Foot I am aatilied, sir, and lipg Ihe gen tleman's paiilou lor wh it I have said I beg all your pardons, gentlemen I beg yours, Mr. Pres ident I beg mv own pardon I beg every hodv's pardon. I meant to h-ivn ratawamomis. ly chawed up Mr. Calhoun at the close of mv tpeerli, and to h ive recited to tho Senate tb'u greater pirt of Childo Harold and Jefferson's Notes on Virginia. Hut I intended no harm 1 none no henator has understood me .Seienii mice :-:,r one or us. Mr. i olel am sati-fied-human nature is man a .iiiiiispc.irc says t " Ah, this ; rebellion, mountnin of ,y thirst, l'ulsa es, like Una, for the at Ja, Aud laps tune ill l:ijkiui,i." b ' The Jinn Hint Spoie .HeicHn. Clcn. Wool, the brave and heroic soldier of Jlueni ista.M a s net and rigid disciplinarian ns well as a gallant anJ aCC plislcJ ,n-.' ' The following od wl.ic'l. J ffi tells as in camp, mu,t ,aVe excited the. fiery little Genera to a degree. Whito In ting in hi marque, u Mexican wa, ushered into his presence, whoso demeanor denoted tho , portance of some weighty communication which he wished to deliver. Tho General could not speak .Spanish, and ,. interpreter waa Eoti'lit in vain. A Im... men of a sucker, who, from tho oiirc ty7e of hii dress, tho General took, perhaps, for a ruii"er happened at that moment to ttragglo past. " ' " Coma here, my man," called out llio Gen eral. With an air of perfect nonchalance, tlm suet. er dofTed his battered castor and entered the tent, " Do you speak Mexican ?' enquired the Gen eral. " Why, general, I rather guess not." " Weil, can you tell mo of Eome ono who UOCS I 11 If T . . . en, sir-ce i list, can," answered t in ma., "Quick, then, let mo know iul,or l, : , m!iiidnil tin Ir.isetlito n....nn...l ..Vlosliere druwled thc.i,n,,erli;rh,hloe,,ck. er, laying Ins ,:,n, on the .Mexinin with whom It was desired to coimiiuiiicale, " he can't freak nnthinj! ilsr," C,K. Tohit, left ll,cu..V. a. Del!,. IT' HI'. Hon. DisrmiT or CiiirUM't-N, ) ',"" oaie uouri ior me i'ihih i ... . - .n f sons concerned In the estate ol .soloiimi i Strong late ol Ilincsl.iirgh In said Dittict, . Iccenc,l, (.rating as Marvin Leonard, Administrator on me i;tale id said deceased, proposes to rentier an account ol his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at n session of the Court of I'robate, to be liolden at the Probate olliee in llurlingtun oil the first Wednesday of March Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear be fore said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any ou have, why the account afore s.iid should not be allowed. tiiveu under my hand at llurlingtun this fourth day of Pebruary A. 1). 1818. 3.13 11. MXFOHD, Hcgittcr. ... .. . .- - i. .. c . pit to a ii ner ST ATI! Ol' VKUMONT.i 'IMin Hon. the l)isTi!i(Tot CniTTI..NIir.N-,ss. 4 J. ProbateCourt lor the District or Chittenden, to all persons to whom they 1 resents i-luill come,- .ntt-rivi! Wiii:reas Sarah Conner.lnnrdiaii of three or her minor child.en, to wit '.Sarah 1'. Conner, Sheldon 11. miner mill Henry N. Conner, having picsciilcil her , petition to the said Probate I ourt.stalingtlint her said i warns are scicu nt tnree uniiitiuetieigiii parts tu noout ciulily ncrcs ol land in ClinrloltPi tiring nil the laml t-t wliirh tlicir fatlit-r lttiwll Cornier died poretl, c.t tvpt what has lurn Fold or niniud to tli widow d.twi'r. ft ml it will ho lii'iuliiinl to said wardMo "ell said real t-Matt and to imrt tho piocccds t!icriof in iroiiit(-iii eiof'ks or put tiinn ni innTf?i, nna pray. iiu 1 1 1 :i i nicy tuny he iitrneru in mmi miiip j 'l'in.Kr.i one. il isordere.l b said Probate Court, that ' son e : uic nrji uhv oi .ii art u next uc niUiH'ii mr urn m'anoi; ir tin lii'.irilitr of said petition mid di-tiding t hti-oii, ml that notice i I U.. , I,. nUi..iint..r?.lrd.l.Vlnl.liJihi.r ll.Unr. icr m tin.1 iftiriinrtoii i roe rrrs, n nowspaiwr priiiteu i i I'uiiiniiloii, tlnee weeks. f;ticros.viely( nil w tilt Ii pub- li''alioiH to in- proMous to tn' f-am liii day ol .Marcii (!ien under tn hnint nt Ihithiitun hi said Dblriet iIih Ktli day vl Tcbiuary, 1HH. ii. UIXrOKD, Krister. . ,, , 5 J1'? UnnA tl,e S Irohate Court riTATi: OF Vr.KMONT Diti;ict or Cmrii.xit.v. 5s. for the District ot Cliilteinlen, to nil persona to whom lhe- present shall roino, (iRlktimi : as OU-diah Van Yliel, (iuardian of Anwl 1! Cramer mnl Lydia J.ine Crniner ot Charlotte, two of the minor c hildren ot Kum11 Cramer late ol Char lotto, doceased, havini; presented his petition to the Court aforesaid, lor licence to sell Ihe real estate of his 1 TATK OF VnRMONT, uurd, to wit ; one uiiihiuled lourth part ot eiehiy is now inakiu! two siesol t:) and 1 inches in diatn aeies of laud in Charlotte, lieiiuj all tlie land of hieli tter, and will turni'li them with or without Aides, to-Itus-ell Cramer died seied, except what has been sold ' uether with the lloxes.l'ulleisaud other fixtures ncccs or a-Huncd to the widow as dower, and statiujj that sary for iluiupiim Cars, lilted and finished lor use, on ii w hi oe oeueueiai 10 in snu warn, uiai uie same ou sold ami the proceeds he invested in productiu' slocks or pin in imeresi 'i'lll llLlont. the said Probate Court doth berebv an- lioiiu the lirst day ol .March next for the hearing and ilecidiiii! Ihereou, ami it is ordep'd that notice be i;iien to all persons by iuhb'.iini;this order three weekssuc ci ssindy in the lliulitiHIon I'rce Press, a newspaper printed in llurlin;toii,al( which publications to be pre mous the said lirst day of .March. lliien under my hand at DiirliiiRton in said District this Uih day ol IVbruary, 18 IS. :: lilt ADlDKD UIXroRD, .Vifr. Knrciis .Hurray's l.'stnte. Wl1. the SubscrilMTs, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court lor the District ol Chittenden, couuiiisioners to receive, examine and atljii-t the claims and demands of all persons, against the estate of Direus .Murray, late ol W'illiMou in said iiisinci, iietvnvu, representeu nisoiient, and aiM all elaiiiisaiid demands exhibited in olf-ct thereto ; and h monilis Irom the day ol the date liereol, beiu al IohiiI by saiil Court fir that purpose, we do then fore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business ul our appointment, at tlie dwclliugot Cliaucev lirow-nelli:-i, in Willi-ton, in said District, ou'thetir-t .Mond,i) of April mid June next, at 10 o'clock, P. 31., on each ofaul days. Dated, this tlth, dav of IVbruary, A. D. 1819. ltOSVi:i,l, II. FAY, I . , 33w3 JOHN llltOWN.Jr. j Ctmmm'i. statu of vi:n m ont , A Ta Probate District of CuniExnr.x. ss. I V Court bold S X Co en at llnrliiigtun.witliiii and for the District aforesaid on the Uili day ol February A. 1). lii-iruuient purporting tu be the Inst Will and Testament of Samuel ice late ol Westlord ill slid District deceas ed, was presented to the Court here lor Probate, by .Maitm p. Kkc, Ihe Uxcctor therein named ; Tur.r.r.ror.i: ordered by said Court, that public notice begiieuto all persons concerned thereinto appear ueiore sani Loiiit, at a-etsion thereol to be tioldeiiat liurlington on the 1st day of .Marth, A.D. Illld contest the ornhnti nf h.iiit Will nn.l it i turtlier ordeied tint this onler bo publMiod three weeks snccos-iudy in the lJurhnyton 1'iee Tress a nows papiT- prnitoil nt Uurlinsum, in tliH Htnte, the last ot which publicntioin shull Ite pre ious to the day n--igneil,nsntoresiid lor henrim;, OiYen iiiulcr my hand nt the Keller's Oflice, this 'Jihilfiyot IVbruary A. ii. WK Ww3 il. UIXKOIU), Xfsittrr. .onimii M'.', Itiitr. ON- the (tetition nf A. II. Coooor, Admini'-trator on lh ltate of Norimn V. lljowMti. shovvimr ih-ii the por-niml slate of sihl deeen.'d i- not siif!ici-nt to nav hi- m debt". and that it will bo tit--oiri- m imiLn sile ol tho roal eMail' ot th'-s.iitl d'coaod, and nia- in-: that h" may 110 hc-n-d to sell tho nur. It it oiiWoil by llio riobnto Court, tor tlie District II. KlXl Oltl), AVffV. IVbruary 10, 1818. at HEALTH! HEALTH! lr. WOOD'SSAKSAI'Altll.l.A mul WIM1 cin:ititv iirrn:its. The lollowing voliniiary testimonial was given to to the Agent, .Mr. .M. H' Canihridae, Vt., and sieaks volumes in lavoroi this luedicine. . .... . Ciiintr.E Vt., Sept. 1st., 1817. Mr. 51. Vir.i.s,DearHir: Having been a gnat mllerer from that tor ture of the human race, y,;"7'i.nn.l having ul lat lound relief, 1 leel desirous that others Milleriug.tand there are thousands) should know ihenieaiis hywhicli 1 was cured. Until alsnit a n-ar smn. I Im.) u.Hi:.r...i much lloiu Heartburn, llradnthr. and l)izzii,ri k liiiuh mi that I wasdiiiliiu d tu my house ihemiMof. the lime. IheliHitl wliuh 1 atr distressed me. and in tact, lite Is-caiue ahno'-ta burden. 1 was totally una-! hie to attend to the slightest duties reiiuired of great was my iieniiiiy. iiaving tried all rein. I euies reeouiuicinieii ami amrrtiseil lor tl... ..i ..... complaint, i-ited ihe springs whuli are hiiihlu nr. ummemlrit, and taken the advice of riiysicinns wilh- out gelling relief, I g.ue upall hop..sol eu-r elooMii.' .......I ti..t.lll. n....... in I. 1,1.. ; J t ;" :,,,'"f 1 iisie.:ius iruiiKiy tol.l me thanlicy could do nothing for uie. At this lime my sulleriiigs were very gn at: all boms ol nn being made coniioiiahle had tied, ami I gave myself ... run, ,. .......... .miiy, ,, OOhllgOVer U HCWspa- rl iioiiiidauailverlisiiii.niol l)r. II WtMiwin. Hri7 drill II Hit Clirrrn lillrm, and on reading it, I thought that 1 might probably uluaiii some relief, not thinking a cure ot my case was possible j and as a last h ipe I procured a botilelrniu our store and commenc ed taking il, and lo my great joy, 1 ot once lound re. hel. Ileing encouraged by its wonderful ctlects, 1 w as induced lo continue its use, Alter taking one Untie I was able to lie out and attend to the duties reiiuired o me, mid Irehng much Utter than I had for month", or evenveiirs.I was now suiislied iliat I hud at Inst lound a remedy funny dUetue, and lelt usstired, that by con tinuing us use 1 should lie cured. And such hasorov ...l ... iu. ,l... ....... i i.. i i ',t . I. ... m ... in.n' uini-ii iioiy iww oi- lles.and can say to ilmse suileriiig from this disease ; that I am entirely cured. I keep a bottle in mv house. unu mini I irr, uie eiisi Ulipieas.illl syilipiOIII , a llose ol this eAcellent .Medicine entirely rcmuves il. lino .. 1 I I....I .l. I I T . of opinion every case of Dyqiriiiui and us attendants can ie cureu uy uie use ot VI. vou Buiwiouri a uud Wild Cherrv llniers. I o those trouMed with habitual Costivene ss, loss of AO S' lie. sour r-lolnaell or lleudai ie.1 woil il earliest. Iv recommenil them lo Irv it. Its astonishum etleets ill my case should induce every one sullering from this uwu-k.- , K,,r ii ii iriui ; I leeisaiisoeu illey win nev er regret it. You are at htierti'torfferanvoneto me. and it will give me greot pleosure tu personally recoin- menu uie use oi mat excellent reuieiiy unu state Uie paniculars ul my case. , rsigneii, .Mll.l.rt m.rii.M. J 1. We are acquainted wilh llie above named Miles llemiett, and the statement ot the cure descriU'd in his certilicate can be depended npou as Uing correct. Martin Wiiii-s, , ., llL.riV.Srowi.M.,.H'uf fair. Cambridge, Vt. Fept, 1st., 1MI7. Ow ing to the gicut success of this medicine, there are many iniilaiioiH ; lie particular and gel Dr. Wood's as tiii h the urigimil m out) gtuuint preiiaration. nnW fi'V,"'!11 ''' Till-' A, ITCK. anJ A.O.hl'nAlt. Aiw.i .,.n, i.. ,..,.i ui...i-.,i.. n I 1i,Vi?Jt ",!?""' 'I'UTtLC, lissexj win. ii. Hatch U'iiuui.l .mi. ,.i...e. 1 una, .,U STATUARY MAHBLB QUAKIULS, rot,,. , """Mull, Vrrmmil. I ., J,;,. J ","r.?.,'''nr.ri'-'-,''lll"wn fi.r fur- I I, isiingn sup..rior, Jaii.y rfne id. taking a ligl. ijj, orc ",m A" . icing a ijuahty of marble, said i.ZitSTln am duciiig 1 America. ,, ! n""ries, m.y be oddfrKs,.d to Know lei T-l ! C V",tot'tt 'I 'fonderoga, or city of New York 'or to i Stephen L fioodell, Suwriuiendent of ihe nuarrirsal I "'"embJ, 1. 13(7. K-V0W,'KS TAYLOR. ofChilleudeii.tlat Wedn, sday the Hih dav ol March T.!",,"1! "i !-"""' VTi" i''i " . r". '"' "tlv next be assigned lor the hearing and ileci-mn ol "-n "V ,' r" 1 I'""" N '""'i:" fr the cure nr.i.l....tioii il... i Hon.... C ... .11 " riles, haie dee ned t mv duty to oliMitier a re. Z l ,v d ,t A Z . M r oninieiidaii,.,, in behall ol iliat i.ualuable medicine. . ' T L:i" 1 "rJir lUrve M'-l-k" tae' I been allhcted lor many vears will, l'des. and iironrii in viiu j hv. i ilea. I EXPRESSES. AltnANOEMENT. VIRGIL & RICE. Northern nmt Southern Hprei. I EAVES Fon Nkw Yoiik eveiiy Wkdxes i day morning, and for Montreal every lrlday illumine. Arrives from New York, ThursJay evening, and (roni Montreal Tuesday. Ollice, New York, No. 10 Wall street i Albany, No. 11 ami 12 Ktchnnge ; Trov, No. ITS Itivcr tel.; Montreal, No. 1S3 St, Funis St.; Burlington, et side Square. CIIEENY & CO. HoMon mnl .llnntmil l.tire. EAVES I'OR HoSTOK AM) MtlXTItEAL J j r j.-, ,,; , r,ivcs Irnm Huston Wednesday culling J front .Montreul Tuesday eve- ; ' O,hoc jni mA r.xchanse, IloMon ; 1S3 St I'aul c, . ,M,.nlrrni . , .,-,i,. K.marc. llurliuirton. liurlington Jan 1 IMS. a'Jlf llurlington, Jan. 1, IS 18. Chcttliirc ISnilrond. and alter October 13th, Trains will run over this IV. ttim.l tia r.iltou u : ... . . tt!..-i.. linger 1 rains win ' " " ' ' " " 1,1,111 nmi im, i i'-",,u" f-. " .vm.v .i , : " V " . . i t i 1 r i ' 1 , i n,t i tn V xt ItOIII IMC l.'lldoll 111 J U A.M. 0 id 3 10 1 . M., connectinir with the Fecund and the hial FitchburH train to JloMon, I .Stages from Western and Northern New llnnip 1 shire, nnd the State of Vermont, will delier mid re I eoie pn"M'ii!or? nt WinchelKloti in connection with I nil tho nboe Trains. A I- remlit 1 rain will ho pin daily each way in con- ncclioii with the usual I'ltrhhnrtr I reiirht Trnins. T. M. KDWAItDS, rroidcnt. October 25, 1817. Wtf TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. Till! Subscriber is prepared to furnili Coiuractors with SOLID CAST IKON AVIIi;i:i,S. lor I'm Cars, made Irom the iuot approved patterns and ol the Itt-it material. lie the most reasonable terms. C. V. CONANT. lilf llrandon.Oct. 1, 1817. EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Near the Stcamhoul Landing,) HIJKMXGTON, VT., BY JIOSHS L. 11 ART. TIIF. sulwcrilier would notify his old friends and the public generally, that be has irtukrit the well known mi J commodious houe at the head of the .Steamboat Landing', in llurliiii'ton, known as the i:ciiAMii: hotix. Intending to make his location in llurlington n per manent one, he has refitted and newly turiiMicd the houe, and pledges hiinell to keep a lirst class boiiH'. I'lattering iiuii'-eu, irom long experience m ine im. tial . Kws what tiie tra uug puiilic reiimre. he will be enabled to make his guests leel themselves at home, and in-mrcs them that no exertions shall be spared to make the wants and comforts of his patrons complete. Carriages always in readiness on the arrival and departure of the MeanilKiat, in convey paengcrs to and Irom his house or any part of the town. The dillerenl lines ol Stages call at this houe, ma king it the most convenient lor the business commu nity. MOSUS L. HAKT. IlurliiiRton, Nov. 1 , 18 17. aitf BELLOWS FALLS STAGE HOUSE, lly Itussell )ilc. EXTKNSIVK alterations and improvements have recently been made in this Hotel, corresponding with the Railroad tendencies of the day, and it is now in admirable order to a commodate ond make com fortable its numerous iatroiis and tlie traveling public. lJellows Falls, Aui., 1817. Btf liiiliirc flic Piles ISo liOiiser. if snrcr.r.r.s from the rit.r.s will to vse DR. UPHAMS v i; c: i: r a nisi: i: i i : c t u a it y , THE FAULT IS THEIR OWN. TKY IT. nil yon tliathavo tho 1M(S( Inflammntinn of the Iier, ph-en, lhmr, Kidnejs mul Iliad der, lAwt Complaint, l-p'-p-ia, t'oii-li'imtinn, Siek Headache, or any i)ien.o ot ulneh I'lIJIS, oiilior Jlleedini; or IHiml, KMenial, or Internal is thedetor minatioii of, nnd tho thanks ot uddiiioiial thousandst will be expresod. head rwsi:vmi:xci: nnni: ofcuues. Though it cannot ruo the saeil one wealth Il yives u tiriiHinrJtir nutrr xltnioit, Hi .w.tii, L'.Mn.n STAri .MAnviui.s Oi i nr., New Yoik. lVcember (1. IH 17. Mes-r. II 'gat I H Krtcntm ; (Irntlenn n lTnder- have tried various reniedies, but with no benelicial ellecis. Indeed, 1 began to cou-nler my case iinerly hoM'less. llut about the first of Scptcinlicr last, I was prevailed upon by a Iriend tiimake a trial ot the above named medicine. 1 took his advice, and rejoice to say ihal I am not only reli veil, but, as 1 Isdieve, per lecily cured. I most earnestly recommend it to all who may have Ihe misfortune tube allhcted with that annoying and dangerous disas,.. Very le-inctlully, vour oliedient servant, i:i,y .MonitB. KiiMAUKAW.i: com: m nixasi TltlltTV M ARS STAMIIMJ ! I Moi'.vr WAsin.Miiox, III itiuiRi: Co., Mass ,( NoveinUrW, 1811. .Vrr. H'jrt J Kttckam . (ients l'or thirty years 1 have Ih-cii nlllictetl wuhl'iles, general Debiliiy, and Itillauiatioii, causing minors and prolaiK-is ol the bowels, and which hail rasisietl all the medical treat- cut Dr. Chaoinail and olhers could L-ivr Hie las! three vears.ot that time my sulleriiigs defy deseriu lion. I wascoulined to my Isd, uniihle tolulp ui)self, and at last given iii by my physicians ami Iriemls in despair ol ever gaming my health ; in lait, lur llnee dajs tx lore I comnieiiceii u-ing nr. upliam's i;ieciu- ary, l was cuiirtiy sih-cciihs, ioiu my uiiriai ciouiei were made. Hut uuilerthe U'lielieent mercies ol I'ro videnee,aud iheusi ol Dr. Uphutn's 1'lcctuary, though and oi.n max, I havelhe pleasure tif stating the fact lo the public that my health is now good, and hojie to live many years, if it is God's will, lo make known the virtues of Doctor I'phain' Llecluary, unil lo re commend it to my allhcted fellow creatures. It help, ed me be) uud the expcctolinus of all that knew my cast, and 1 can only say to others that it is in my opinion the best medicine in tlie world for Piles, or any other disease of the bowels ; and if they will us? it uccording to (he directions, will myself wariauta cure in every case, Yours, with the utmost expression of thankfulness, COUNKLIUS Sl'Ult. Foremost, Herk Co., Mass., Nov. !, 1817. The above ccruticote tells a simple and ttulhful story ufsullering'aud relief, ol which as physician and witness in the case I cheerlully endorse. DU. CHAPMAN. New York, Nov. "J, 1817. Mrstrt. Wyatt tf Kftrliam ; Gents: 1 am con strained to give you a statement of the benefit 1 have derived from using Dr. Uphum's Klecluary, in u cose ol niles. U'lieviuu bv so diunir. I shall mider a U'lutit Iti those who are sullering from ihut troublesome disease. I was reduced fur several jertls by the Piles, su iiiucu mat it was Willi great iiitiicuity lor me to walk oraiteudto my business. 1 also sullered Irom oilier diseases w hit h were extremely troubles, uue, and which 1 am pleased lo say, two Uixes of the Llectuaty entirely removed and that mv health is heller now than il has U-en for many years. It has done me and mv fuuil y since more L'ood.and Willi less exnense ihuu all the physicians to whom 1 have applied, or llieuicme mat i nave useii, 1 remain still in perfect health, Your otN'd:eiit servant, NI'.LSO.N NEWTON, 231) Spring st., cur. Iteiiwick, New Yoik, Nuv. 15, Hl7. Metnr: Wyatt -V Ktteham : Geiulemeii 1 con sider it a doty which 1 not only owe lo you, but tu my fellow-lieings, to fsak it; praise of Dr. I'pliain'e Cleettiarv. u medicine which 1 lllink has suved mv hie, ami restored uie lo lull In ulllt. l'or s veralyeuis, 1 was alllicleii wiui rues, logeiner wuu ii)spepsia uud a central dlsarrolu'euieul of the svstem. 1 em- ployed dillereiit ph)sicians, w lib no good result, ami (hey nt Inst told uie they could do no more lor me, ami said iliat 1 i nasi the. I thus had given tin all boni s of ever having my heallh n-slorcd, until I called to muni llie Ism ins Iliat n lit pnew oi mine 111 ruiiaucipiua (llenjainiii I'ercival) had devivediiia seven- case o eliroiite .t,MlllerV. llV VOIIT lllftl If. IIIC. iliat 1 lllUchnscd a box, winch, lo my surprise, nftenukeii a lew tloses, I receivetl great leuei, uuu inane. 1100, ny eiiiiiiuuiu its use. that 1 uni nuvv tesioretl lo is'ilet t In iillli. ' MKS.SAItAIIT.A.MLS, Hi .Mctcerbtrcel, Notice. The genuine Itphoni's Kleiluory has his written signature, ihusltVA. Uiliam,.M. . I).) The hand is also done with a h ii. Price, $1 a Uix. Sold, wholesale and reiuil by Wvatt Sl Ketciiam, 1S1 Fuliou sinei.N. . A.C Siiar, Agent lor llurhngtuii, and by Druggists generally tnruuglioul the V S. and Canada. I)uilnilon,Dcc. 3", 1817, 3?y E. & E. LYMAN w QULD llESl'ECTFUI.LY INFOIIM THKIIl flleltlls. nn.l tlm l.i.l.n nnrn1U'. llmt tllCV llQVn taken the stand, formerly occupied by the Senior l'ort iVrl?."nwr Climcli and College streets, Wlckware Hinlding, and have on hand, and are constantly re ceiving direct Irom lloton ond New York, a large, rich, and lashionable stock of buy ftoons, corosTi.vo i.v rAUT or A oreat varii;tt or cmiak aivi imnss :oons, Vix. super. Thiliet, Merinoand Lyonese Cloths, fancy 1 hods, tlilferrnt colors and prices ; alo n large osort metit ol lllack, Mine Illark, Halm, Stripe, Drab, l'lain and l igured A 1,1' A CAS) aim, Oregon, Victoria, Cashmere, Mous. De l.aine l)rrs (innils, and a va riety of other kinds, not here enumerated. Hrondcloths, Cussiinercs mill VrtliiRs. A large assortment of lllack, IHue lllack, llrown, tireen and Drab, German, llngh-h and American: also, Hlaik, llluc lllack, and l'ancy Cns-imercs and Doeskins, n variety of ltich and Taney Vestings, con sisting ol plain and lauey Satins, Marseilles, Valencia, and various other kinds, too numerous tu mention. SHAWLS. A large assortment ol rich and fashionable Shawls, including All-wool, Cashmere, black and fancy Silk, llrocha Worsted Damask, Highland Plaid, and other styles of heavy wool and net Shawls for whiter wear, l'rltits nnd Gliiglinins, 300 nieces Vriots ami furniture Patches, all steles and ipialities, at very low prices ; riKi, a variety of i.kuivni l...ii?ii mm 4iioeii.-iu iiiiiu.iiiia. Ilonic-sllc GfioiK Heavv and fine brown and bleaihed Slieeliiurq. Shirtings, Drilling-, Tickings, and slriped Shirliugs. lileached and uubleackedColtoii l'lanues,while, black and colored Cambrieks, line Kuglish, American ami Salisbury Klanuels, plain and Iw died red and yellow do. Hocking, Ilairc, cotton and wool Yarn, Curoet , vi':i.: it'.l.l I,....: t. 1 ,tuii, ,, , uui iingi i lining, WL K I.lncn Gondii, Ac. Pillow case ond linen Slieetimr. linen T.awn. while and brown Linen, Scotch and Hussia Diasr, hucka- oac, erasu,cainonc, siik aim nneii iiiikis,oik Italian Cravats, fancy do, book and Swiss Muslins, Lawns, &.C. Sec. Hosiery nnd filnrrs. lllack cashmere, worsted and aloaea. black, brown ond white cotton Hose, misses ond children's worsted ami cotton Hosiery; Inn k, heaver, kid, Berlin lined, cashmere, silk, linen and cotton Gloves in great va riety; bonnet aiiitcapKiiiiions,tiressauilf loak 1 run mings, including Buttons, Gimp, Fringe, Cord, &c. Shoos. A variety of Ladies' Slips, walking Shoes. Iluakins, &c..a!n ladies ItllblsT Itliskilis. ItuhUr Shoes, olain ami lig'd ladies' and gentlemen's patent Rubber Over shoes, &.c. Al-o, a general assortment of M'. I. Goods mill Groceries, including Java, Laguira,ltioand St. Domingo Coffee; old hyson, young hvsnii, hyson skin ond block Teas; Spices ol all kinds; crashed, pulverized and brown Sugars, Molasses, whale and sjierni OiI,(c. ixc. The attention ol Cash purchasers, of those who pay for their Good, and like to have them Clienp, is in. vited lo the above Stuck, confidently believing the Goods and prices will meet their entire approbation. iiuniugion, Jan. ini'. -a Hook Itimliiii fTT The subscriber has receded n choice l.,t .,1 I-iii. v . ii. iiii, Sli,L nn.l ..-111 B iiV serve ln customers and the inibhc.wiil pleaMirc, on short noliee. iSOV. Ifll. ?AJLl. 1.1. I .vr uv. nviii.Lsc roy a uuwvi.tvuai. Warehouse and Seed Store. THE SUBSCRHIER havixo itEcoMETiu: pole proprietor of the aboe estahli-linient, will rontimi' the luisiness, at the ppnclou store, known ns the Thomas IlmkliiiL', College St., llurlington, Vt., ami now otters the int a-sortinent ot rAiuu; ax!) ; vuihim.m; tools to Ik had in the country, consisting in part of the fol lowing nniclcfi, 'u : I'routy fe .Mt-nrs' Centre Prnft Ilows,nlI sizes from one hor?e to eight ; Sulwoil nnd Sitle-hill do. ; 1 Inr rof, ix sit-8 ; (irind-toncn, Imnu complete h-r u ; Ility mitt Srnw Cullers j Com Shelters ariou-i kinds; l'ioiiinif Mill'. Crnill'-e. Si-mImm. (iliinittir-. Stid nnd Corn riniiter-, Knke, ShoeN, Spades lines Picks I'orks i'hains Yokes Hows U beellmrrown, 1 oik, miowi anil line naudiesMckels aunne I H. len. Apple IVnrers. HntcbetH. I-nd Chnitw. I'i.t Spnons Alanure Pulley. Uhv Kniws Itutter .MonltU and Stamps Wrenches Iintenis Well Pulle)s IUW iiuuks, iu-n i inters wc. nan ncvi. run. i tools. Fruit Gatherers I'nining Saw sand Chi'U.Prnninc ul lmm..... .1.. i i'i ... " .3ii'-iH.-, .inuiiy nil,, inning niiNii, i niwcr unini1 rcr. (Milium Knives. Tree Sciiiiier. Grn.s llimki I'milillL' Knives ToV Toots Aborted Sniilk-h. Crn or i.awn hhenrs, uariien i(ri nnd Ijines Weeding I'orks, Transplanting Trowels, ( inrdeii S nnges. Vine Seinmirs fcc. I hae the agency aln lor the wile of JUorr ill's Palont Union Srnli, nlN'nutiful article, in all reppects rqual, and in 'some piiiwrior to l'airhanki' Scales, nnd much cheaper. 1 tie improvement comi-is clnetly in coiutunmg the plallorm and counter wale. They weigh with perfect accuracy from 1 o. toKi ll-s.nnd occupy no more room than the counter Fcale. I hae recently iited the principal Nurseries of uie vicmiiy i uoMoii, .iiouny, c(e., ami nin prepnrcii tofuriii'h to order, nt the home prices, Print Trees, llrnpe Vines, ShruhlM-ry, IIouh Pluuts A.C., on the hhoitest notice. 1 hae aWi made nrrancenient with the manufac turers of Horse Powers, Threshing .Mnchiues, CIomt Mills. Siinnr .Mills Corn and Cob Crackers iVc.and Khali he able to urui-li them on short notice, nt inuiiu faeti rrV prices wilh Ihe addition of freight only. runners, this U your Slore. Will you eu-tain it ! I know it will be lor your interest to do so, nnd I know it will not take a Ion a argument to convince you tint it ii tor your interest to have one place in the County where ou can find every tootor machine you ninv i nay need. JU1KN . PKIKCIO. Kurlmgton, July S3, 1317 CLAM. PISK & CO. 22H rUI.TOJi STIlKKTNinV VOKK. HAVH on baud, aad oiler lor nale. n ihoiee scire tion ol l''rrli Tcaa Irom ihe late arrivals, com- pri.-inr r.t, cuesis aim nan ciicsts liypon .--kin 4i"J UK) 473 75 37 i!S 175 M 57 do do Ytiunif voti. do tin ,lo do do do do do do do do do do do do Old lltMin, Tvtaukuy, tiiuiioiter, Imperial, Flowery Tecco, rouchtiii NillOllir, Ontnie I'ccco, do do 3.Vi do SMillCtlOllir, 431 caddies nl vnrinu. nuaiilieit. Also. 20.000 packages Tobacco, coinprii-iui; artous brautlit and .uiiiiiirn i i"-i nun ;vj;iiib; ,i net oiwiy nmt r'eiui ii hnull': N ew Orleans. I'tiriii liieo. Si. t mix andlla- ana Collee, crushed ; Loaf and I'outleretl riuirars; New Orjeau, l'lirto Ilico, Niirivelaa, Si. Croix, Trin idad uud Cuba .Molars ; Hull liciAis, Box ami Kf Itaisiusi St. DouiiiiL'o. Cuba. Itio. Lacuiru. Sumalru and Jam Colli e j I'liuenio, 1'epper, timber, NutuieK, en, .ino.iarii,i.uia, 1 aucy unu liar .?iiap,.--jK'riii and .Mould Canillir M'tuti-r and Summer Oils. .Mack erel, Salmon, Shatl, lierrini!, I'ukled and Dry Cod, iino it mu ami trfiii'rul aMUtuiciit oi crtHrries, uiiicu we oiler for Kile at tin- trry lowcr-i market prices, ami ... n inil nt: 111, lit me ailt'Illloil tu lie 4i"iiniy lut-i. chant. CI.AKK. 1'ISIv .t CO. S. II. l.ilieral adtancca made ujioii coiiumeut. Iiimicnl IVufk'c. TTK. WIII'II'OMII havini; taken up his winter i'x quarters at .Muldlehury, takes tins me iiuuioi Miy. iln; to his Iriemls. nn.l iIih .tatteini comniunilv eetier. ally, that he ii prepared to furim-h gotnl music lor Balls rurties, iVc on reasonable terms. Any number of pieces liirniili. il Irom iuo to Ihe, as the occasion lliav reutlire. lint It.m.l ,.,nwit. ol a Clarionet. Pott. Horn, Irt audtid Violins, and Onhcclyile. I-llers addressed lo K, II. W iimojiu, Middltbiiry, t., will receue prompt atlcntion. 1'Jif PAINTS AM) OILS. WIUTi: LIIAO.dryandin oil; 1'rench Yellow Km:. Ven li.-.l lt-.l Ij.nd.Verdiirris. Whllili!! Ac, c. AImi, I.iuseetl Oil. by llie barrel or less quantity. iTJ!0.V, VOOUTTl.r. LV. JA'C. I , toli. VALUAHLK RKAL FOR SALK. 'Ill II Sulwcrilier oirers for Kile his place, siiuateil I'll the Comer of Culleee and Willvd Slrecis lie will sell itcutire.or inl,ots,as purthaoers muj desire. Tlie location, as Is well known, is among ihe uiom eliirihle lor resitjeiuvs, in Burlington. The place run. tains Fruit Trees ol arious kinds, and suipa&scd in nuahly by none, jianikij simi'so.v. Dec. J, 1817 MjS., FUHNITUR11 illnimfiiclory fc WnrcliniiNc. rpllll subscriber oll'ers for sale, at his Warehouse in I St. Paul street, near the corner of Pearl, o lew doors North from the Catholic Church, a large and general assortment of FURNITURE, suited to the people and tlie times consisting o( Ma hogany, Cane and Wood-sealed Chairs, liCRrjU's, Diii.ssi.mi Taihxs of all kinds and prices, llreuklut, Duung.Centre and other TAti!.lt,SrAus,lii.DTtAts, trench ond other descriptions, ifc.c. iVc. A lot ol superb Sot As, New Y'ork lasliions and N. X ork nrices. All Kinds of Fi'RXITf nr. motle to order and on short notice, of the best materials, ami for reasonable prices. Also, on hand, ond for rale, ten UARRLLsol the best furniture ond coach Varnish. Mahoua.ny'k, Hoariis, and Venders, also kept constantly on hand and lor sale. Wasti.ii atl,IMM feet of Haswood Pi.ank, nnd 5,001) feet of iiaro woon!. VIHIll.ES I.. xrt.snx. liurlington, Dec. 21, 1817. "fitf W.nlchcH, Jewelry & Clocks. J. V. It AN DA I, I, hasjut relumed from New l nrk wilh a large assortment of WATCIIi:s, JKWi:i,IlY AND VIMVKH, F.1XCY AHTICM'.S AND TOYS, consisting in part of the following artiilcs Fine Gobi Levers ami lupines, Silver levers, full Jewelled and Verge WATCIIKS ; Gold Fob and Guard Chains; gold Spixks and Thiiubles ; o large ass-iutmciit ol Stone anil Cameo Puts, of the latest styles ; Stone and Cameo Bracelets ; Diamond liiugs; ..I. a. ...I ...l t n .1 .. .1 1 I'miii, pi i, 1 1.- .inn etuic iiiiius, in every iii'm-i tfi- lion; gold Slidesonil Keys; gold Lockets of thlH'rent patterns ; o large assortment of liar Drops and Kings gold ami pearl Studs, plain ami stone setting; gold Snaps of all size" ; silver Dart", Pins ond Birds; pearl ond shell Card Cases; ivory Tablets; bend and silk Purses j silver Pencils ; sleel olid silver Specks ; Scis sors, Knives and Razors; tooth, hair and clothe, Brushes. And he will keep constantly on hand a good assortment of such goods as come ill his line, and sell as low as can be bought elsewhere. .. J. V. UANDLAL. liurlington, Oct. 12, 1817. 10 flOLD PEXS from two to four Dollars. JT IjCV'i BrilWH'8 Prelum... IVln.nnn.l Pointc! All..... .!' ', K'fX,"' Benedict and llerarey's Henry's New l.tigland, 1 he Magnum Domini, Tlie Peoples' Pen, I he ictoria Pen and Congress Pens, nt Oct. 30. J. V. ItAXDAU.". M. OSTHEIM, no MiiintTv sTinnrr, ,i:iv voitic, Wlioli-iili; Crocer nnd Dc.ilcr in Imported ii mt s nun emir, i nrrisii J'lifni-s mul (iiTiniui Kiin. KL'r .Mineral Witter. roif Iron, IVailx, !., Arc. X T0XS SllOB-SII.M'K, V.MtlOUS S17.KS ; 5(ln. -f Scroll Iron : 111 do. Hand do ; .'ill tin. Itound ami Sijuare, Ci-If ami upwards ; 5 do ().S, tin ; 3 do'.! and 3 inch " Banks" hrstilo: 10 tlo American Tirei do 2 tlo llaminiind'H do tlo ; 'i do lltMiptlo.all ies a tlo l!itHn .Nail Itods 1 do Norway do; 1 do Crow I!arj J uo ffpninj steel, various sizes : 1 tlo Koitiul Cast tlo tlo do ; 'J Caws ot Axes tlo ; 5 do assorted tlo ; J tlo. Atuils ; a do Vices, 1 do Mill Cranks; Inn do 'A s' Shoels: 23 tlo " I iMrr's" tlo : 75 do " l'airbanks" lines ; loo tlo " BliiuchardV Ca-t ami (teruiau Steel Scythes: 15 uo do Cradles, rorsaletiy J. BKAUI.IIY ,t CO. liurlington, Nov 19. Xnitli l'l,nrf. U Uli L IXG TON FO UXDU Y. Tlim: W0UKS ARK now in fi'.x op eratlou. Iinoroemeuts and atblitionsha inrr Iktii made to the nboe premie's ilurinit tlie past iiiiuutT, the j'roprietcr is now prepared to lullill all orders for casinrs( on the Khortet notice and most reasonable terms, willi a larger and more Reneral assoriiuent ol r.itterns lor machinery i&c. than can be lound cUe where in tliis country. noi.i.iN whi:ei.i:ii. Ollice ill .Mill Store, Water St. Burlini;ton Dec. St, IS 17. Oil. QOAA CialloiiN winfer anil lUUu spring bleached Sierin, 1KKI " " Whale, 25 Bbls. " " Lartl 10 American I.inseed, by J. H J. If. ri:vh'& Co Family 'roM,ry &. l'ruvision More, On Ciilltxc Nt. one ioor l'.tist of 7'. J.ijn!)in,t Slnrr, ami o;i;oiVc lttirringtmi's Drug Store. up. siiiKrinni'ii Mould rciiectfiillv in Jtrin the nuhhe. that he Ins nurcha'-ed the f-tock in trade of the late lirm i( Puller llrimrs ami will ton tinne Im-ane.- at iheir old stand, ainl that wilh the Moik im hand and llie new Mipply of Pamily tirm-er ie- and Pioiiun; he is now receninj, he i confident ot witi-tiiii4 all who may piirchaeot him, as to quali ty and price. Call aiitl He. Uurhnj;touNo-, 'Jt 1SI7. H. H. .MiTcunrx. DOMESTIC GOODS, ONLY M'.ll, A- (illllST, ISO J'earl Stiret, Xete York. THII Domestic Vnrehoii-e,co long rstaMi-lied in Cedar Street, H now remoeil to the larije ttore No I2'J IVnrl rtreet iiml Si lleaer ft., where may ie found eery desrription of H(.eachii nnd HnoWN Snn.Tivis and Siiirti.;, CtrrniN CKvaiilkus. Nor riu R and olti!Ihs Yarv, Uatis, Wicks, Twisk and WADiUMiN.nt the very foirtst cash ;riVf, The n.-surtiiient exhibited lor wile isa very Inreone nnd comprises 'very known dtirable stle of llie alHive iiooik. Country .Merchants are reffH-ellully in vited to call and examine the nrices, etc, w liether they purchase lor cash or not, and learn the low market prices lor IomeMic Cood. 13 (jetitlemen i?itinj lla-ton and in want of first rate FALL & WINTER CLOTHING, nre mrtieiilarly imitetl to call nt intotv.v, i..vtviti:ci: & Ticicxnvs, A"i. (i, 7, '.I, 11 . Vi Old Slate llnuse, FRONTING STATE 8T. BOSTON, Where they will find the larttes-t Mtiek nf l'a.iiuiiiililu Itt'iiily .Untie C'lutliinst in therity, ctnisitiiii; ti'eery nriety of renily'inade arineiiiri, niaiiulactiireil in llie Ik-m iiianiier mid nmt iahiunalile t)lf whitli c are gelling at jirices that will itiMire wit i.-I.k'I iun. GAUMEXTS MADE TO ORDER. We nlso imite you In examine (lieforemreliasiin) our e.tente i-ioek ol uncut good, coiiiirtins a Krcnt variety ot btiatled of RVCLISII, l'ltKNCII AD GkIIM.W CLOTHS, wilh, Krench, tleriuaii and American i) o r. s k i y s .j- c a s s i m r. n v s , ALSO, SILK, SATIX, Vl t. ET AND CAS1IMCKE VESTINGS, winch we will make to order, in the neatest and mot Mofktiianhke st)!e, and warrauteil to fit, t "1'ruts os low as at any cloifuuu; eftabli&limcnt li ine union. H K M K M B K It ! Oli S TATK llOUSfl:, i)iwtlng Vue Street, Jlostoti. .S'.t M'.S'. Mil. I, and X Sans, Ilue'ii C, S. nnd I'liiln, Plates, l.'ircuhr do tlo Huud, panel and ripiiini! Saws, llutk do nn.l llillet Wttx. Dec, 1,'17. STllOXa, JHHtf.lTTI.r. Jj CO lFATUHliS, JlCWKLLEUY, CLOCKS II denned nnd repaired i order, and m as noud Biyie us cun or uoi.c tiscminr. July '. II J. V. UAXDAM, PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. &. j. u. rr.cK!c Co. Agent. liurlington Mny 1817, fRgggg IIAtJAH&AllTHUR iinplie,,f S.))I,KltV, Coach nnd Shelf II ARD- Alti:. in nil its .nneiiea. Also, Druijs and Medi. cines, Paints, Oils, amishes, etc. vUllllUIOIl, IOIU. mOIIACCO. Defn n nnnwv's ttti.. 1 line rot. CATl.tS SPKJS. rf 1 WHITING & K SHOE, I (Successors to Carnt y .( Sleeper,) DEALERS I.V KVEIIY DESCRIPTION OF nr. ad y ma m: in nil its VARIOUS STYLF.S AND QUALITIES odapted to the NE. ENGLAND & SOUTHERN MARKTS, AT THKIIl WIIOLKSALK ROOMS, GRANITE BUILDING, fto. IO ami 'IS ANN STREET, Directly Opposite Merchant's How, Boston. WIIITINO Sc Ki:!?on!mcnmvrnilinm!aniIolTtT for wile nt thir cxlcn-ivr waki: r.'KiMv, tin lnrKt nntl innvt coniil'te iinriinrnt of IM1ADY MADU CLOTHING, icr olI-Tt-il in ihi? country. Our busi ness Winn conlincil eAclusiely to the WIK)U:SAI,K TRADE, ttifurontrj-t cnrci tnken in tlicw-lrction ot piuh Goo.! nnl the ninnufactnrinj; o such Styles ni will hff-t suit the Country Trnilc.nml ns fiiiiiori our own GomN, hcfitnlion in wij jni; we rniinot he UN DIllllSULO. The utmost enre token in the ma nufacture, antl piirchn-eH may Im- nsiircil that our stock will compare favorably with the lt custom- made clothing. I)i-nlcri in tli" City ami frc Country who nrehuvini; will do well to look stock btfore niakintf tlifir lurchatea. J. J. WlIITI.Nfl, M. Krnoi , Jr. C. W. (!auulte. from the at our 7yl .Save ynur Vuvl ! CALL and examine But k's air-tight Cooking Piove, superior to any oilier Stove made, Willi Trim mings. AUo, large Box fcstoves, for luatiug Public Biiiblings, l'ncturies, &c. Also, the Parlor Air-tight Box Stove, at UUIU.IKGTVS IVU.WK 1 . Dec. SI, 1817. THE UNDEHSIGXFJ) mould rospect Ic'ly inlorin the public, that he has fitted up the store two doors south of the Bank of llurlingtun on Church street, and recommenced the DRUG BUSINESS, where he will be supplied at all times with a carefully (elected stock of Diaas Axn Mt:mcii:.s. comprising every article required in the I'hysician's luacuce, noil tli'llliuiisni ine tratie. awi, Sllririclll mill llontiil ItittrummiU Mineral Trtth, luilt, j.eerltrs, jliunlir. Sap l crjtimmr. tuneim Unlrr, (nmfliene, InU, Marlins. ly Stiifft, i(c. rarticnlar attention will be paid in the iireparation of I'hjsician's prescriptions and faiinlv recipes ,. . A.MOri 0. hlT.AU. liurlington, Nov.10, 1917. Cw3 Tin:onoui: a. i'kuk, late peck SPEAll, APOTHECARY A.MJ JVt olesa f v, JDrtisxgist, IIL'HI.INGTO.N', VT.,'" Is COXsTAMLV Kt:cr.lVI.G AMCKICAN, EXGLIIt, ntl'.MM. AMI 1MIIA nitres : Nt'W ClifinicnN: Lffilii's: Snrnicnl Intntmpnts : Mmrral Tfrtliiiinl l)''iitalnrticlf; Snlinp or .tj 1 vintrrs ; ( . t-rm in.- t'aiciu nnd I inm iiinn Aifili. citirs ; l'ure I.iinmr. mnl Winr ; Stula l-'fiiininiiixniiil SyniMi Ilrii-lif.t,lVrliiini', o.ih, Ink", Illackiu, 1'anry and D.mii'iic nrlnlf.; r'nroimi it DumrMic Cilia!. (Iriiiuitl Siiit-f, i;inv.-Varf ; Dyp-Stiill', Crititili('iii, llirtl, 1 it'ltl, l'ltiwiT ami Harden Heetl., &c. In lini every article dlreitly or indirectly cull- the niUnntaw t.'f reeeivinir Mineral waters J .iiuijiiirni , u'-i-i iu--, hvi-.fpciiuujuuiiy, purtii:icrs can rely upon thrirfrf"IinM. Iiidiiilua!s wNIiiny; 'rnie, Lorclico, Szc, will al wav find a ppfw.ii in atteiulnncc tapply tht-m, J! rd iri ties lii-speti-fd at all Imurs of niulit. Ixf 'J'lif attention vt Drni,'i-ts, rjiyician, Mer clianis, nnd .Manufacturers h soJieited, with llie ns suranee, tliat llicy can be supplied Irom tlm establi-h-nieiit as advantaeoiilj as at the city markets. C DR. RICHARDS, Tin: vi:i.F.r.n.Ti:n ixdiax doctoh, K'r' I . 'l K'Vfsiit. llie. that hi-lias tn- kt-ii up In. rt-itltnce in llurlinaton. ltourns nt tlic I THVKUS- 1I.ITEI.. . lli Im. with linn the Lrtrbratrd Indian 1 apor Until, I iT Irt"! tllul illilf.uli llt til Mi-am. afi 1 All tin- paiit nt will inlinlr i llie iiinliriiial lirluti nt rooia ami hertw, nitt'd to any di.H'a-c with which the pa l It'll i inny i h iiiiiK-irti. Dr. Iii iuros i well knottn in many of the cities, town and villane.- throughout tla riiited Stnte. .Many IiundreiN ol patients Inteln t'ti relieved by hi !iiii, in.-uui p-K-.iiv iiiiiu-fi.iiiuiiiiy in uie rreiK'n I I.l11itltntr,i Iun liinirii..u ill riJ u.ll na i.. 1... li.h" " Call and srr him .' liurliniitmi, IKc. a, 1317. S.ltf. To IleiiftNts Sloclton f- f'ti's l)c)mt fur the taleif Mincra I rem, intrnngltm, ennimt. rnnotiiiilly nveiiii:' niiijilies of l)icnpid Oiini. Molar, Pilot mid Plate Teelll. AImi 1'oreelw, Klleo, MlfctL ,,n"- TIIIXIDOKKA, PKCIC TVOI only, CHi;n,liutniiy Difficulty uf Rrrtithiug 11 nnd iilpilalinn ol llie Heart, wilh 7'iih in the Ilrent or Side, (nil In.lirntini; wnir olitriiciioii in tlie I.iinp.) are s-oon relieed by llie ue ol this highly a liiiilile oilier reniedy lnneerlieen unfill ed, that h cniable ol eerci-iui! siuh a healilil'ul and rcstomme iulluence ucr all the. orsaus concerned in respiration. t'uluirnand nil lhonchial aftttionn and llaarne- nrM and H'rulnr til lhet in ti.ilil.i- .,w..,L..ri nre perinaneiiily ctiretl i.yn modenitc and persece ring iw ol tlii" mild and pleasant Medicine. Spaiu.idie Allectioii, Mith us Hiring of the Lung nn.l Asthma, are completely under us control when fieely u-ed ; nnd ihnt must nlariiiiiij; and truly dan. t-erims th-eave, the OtiH(i or llatlle. is more pronnily nn.l certainly cured by it, (-shen the directions are carefully followed. ns ihey nreBid-u in the Pninphlet, which may he had uratuitoiisly where the medicine is sold. i than liynll other .Metlieiues put louether ! V lumping-Cough is nnother i-pa-inodic dleaK- ol the I.iiiiqs, ihal is really iniliutcil in its tcmity by I ue ol this reinetly. ' ' l'or the la.-t iiaiue.l complaints, it should be taken in free doses. I here is no danger in takini. any tiuan. my that the stomach will War for should more than is necessary lie taken, n will lie thrown oil by n uentle i oniitiiiL'. which in Uiildreii is often just lliu thin.' that is needed. Ccrlltiiiitc. I was sorely afflicted with a troublesome couali, hoarseness and soreness in ihe bm.r unn ..r..... .1.. wilh a stricture across the brcasi, winch had troublei! ine for souie lime last, in my frciment itttenipis nt public s.akuiL'. I had tried seu-ral prescriptions ol my physicians, but w iihout nny sensible effect, 1 pro. cured of .Mr. J. C Wells, ilrus;i. nf ihis city.a IkmiIc ot Dr. Koord's Pectotal Syrup, w Inch 1 Miete has t n. tirely relieied ine, nnd which 1 consider a most nlu abte medicine fur that class ol diseases. . .My iiarlner, Aid. .Meeker, who had a se ere cold nt the tune 1 wns taking this medicine, wns cured by n few doses from the bottle which 1 had. , . t. , ,U1, U.I1USII.VULL. Ultca, Feb., ISIS. i:aiu Mill, tJrtr. Co.,) Ana. S3, 1815. Dr. Foomi, Dear Sir :I send )ou the following which ou nre nt liln-riy to use as you see best, to promiilnte your e.eellent inedicine. Some time last tall 1 had a bottle of your I'ectoral Syiup lelt by jour Auent Mr. Palmer, Not lout; alter that time, I had a dnuitliter seierely nllhcted with the Aslhuin. Sheliad pre iou-ly taken, w hen nttacked w it It the same disease nrious kinds of medicine to noellect ; nnd to our sur prise, when she beyan to lake your Pectoral Sjnm she found immediate rebel, and remained well until the sprint; lollowing, when, by imprudence in siifui" and Koini; from a wiirni room into the cold uir she hod another seme attack, ut which lime I tried lo obtain nnoiher bottle, but did not find ii. 1 111H. wil keep a constant supply somewhere in this ciuitv and would cheerlully rcconuuend it to nil wlioiii iV be ollhcled Willi that disease, uMin.. that all in i '. beiulited by it ns well ns iu)sclf. " 1 011 ",a K ItcUKCllully, yours, ! v r . ... For sale by Tutp A. PICK, Amihecaryun'd Whole. SLlte?'.?.1. J!'n'y !" medtcn.c ene .Ik- iiiiiwiuui uir riaic. D..V, 1817. im . Hill 1 jPONffilllEy -s3 roMPdL'NO P.XTKACT iiV S A R S A PA R I L L A . Thii f'ttratt if put vp in Quart HnUUi it if fir timti rhtaptr pttueantrr, and trttrrnnttit tnptrtor to any tutd, Jt curtt tltPtnrr withnnt ramitiif, pvr(!irgt tirltnlnS or ilfbititatirifr the Pntitnt, Tli crrnt ticnuty nnd MipTiiintv of t!il Snr riiiri!N ocf n ittliiT inriln hir U. tint' it rr-fiifntt llif itie-ir it nm.'tntf) tin Im ty. It Ii mif of tlm iry 't Sprins tin. I iniiin r intiln m rcr ttimttii; il mt imtj piinfir tin' n liolf ryticvt mid Mri n.tli-in l!n pi rum, lint it retttf ihh, pure ii'id ri'-li Mmul j i-ow r cil lie im otlii-r fin'iln im-. . nt fa llii I o tltf irrnid niri-ttif it won ti rful himpm, It Ii i prrfornifd witltm Hi two w-nr4( more tli in .VMitfl i uro- t.f m wrr i ti of diTii . it I- it Hun) mrv t (iiijcrrtl liifiifilili-. It ci unci t!io ne of inr tinn .UNHI i liilttrrn tin p it r-niti iii I'm- Citj of .c ork tiluiit), .Moro tli tn CMI r-inc of CJirn or Il!icuiii:itim t l'lM(l.,-,f Di-JI-J.-j , : 4 IKH1 nr riifiM'i it ltit,itiy nnd nntit of Knr?T II 111 r I-. n Ihf th-P-mit 1'i iti.ito tuiiiiilaiiiti J 'Jll it) i ni of Srml'iil i ; 1 .V) rnr of tli- I.ili-r (iiijl,iilit j y.Vm (hm h of liif.'itffl if tin- Kkln ami Ilropvi iliHHlia.i'.ol'ili. tiriwl- I IMHI i .f t'.u I rw of t'n llro.nj ; 5 0-hl of I 'oiimi nption. nd tlioiK uiil of r i-i " nf ili-raf of tli Mood, r ! I'lrer f.rr nni,i. Sill ILIirmn, I'mipli i on tit 1'arf, Snilil Itrnd. Tfttt rr .Si'iinili t, A r , Xr tn.'rllir wit't linim rmM nieii of Sirk III ml ar'iP, P.ii'i in tl l ie utnl VUrt. Siin it AlfntioiK Ar Ar TliU it tlic int nieefnl hmmIh iiic kimwn ill Ili'iir if tin KiiIihm unit llrop, nn I H Air.rin.m of tin I'nnirj tlrifan. Seterul liim Iceii reported h ttirnl liea nil otlior n t't"iln- li oi fulfil. HiM.1r.iN of rii-enof tu nnd Nnou ni"tes ori-Mmtin? id I. Inhtv. tic-'it enliri t riirnl, mid tlioti-.iti'N nf r.l"! ,Jf I'J ! tcr, Ihirrli'in nnd Summer 1'imipliint. I'rotnlilj ihrre ursfit utn u ri'HH'itt t!i it Ii n tie-n fn mor(n in (l'"prlil rari i.f ('.ii'iiittiti.iti, ii tin. It ri'itiiM nmt t-trrnnliens thr Meinl in 1 ir tu lietd tlie iil ers on tlin Iuiil.', nii'l ptiticnt gr-iJujlly ri'0'diii tlifir ti'Utl lienltli nmt ttrftiztli. Curious case of Consumption. There i iicircrly a il ty pi tint tlierc are a inuntier of firf nf Co'i'jiiiptioii n ported im curnl tiy tlic ne of lr, TowiitaJ- S irnp trill t. The following wn rerenlly reieitt d. Da. T(irfrN t Sir ! Pur tlie tliren eir I Intel.ert .'llnteil uitli lictHTiil lleliility and .Wnom 'oniiiuttioii of ttit lutHt.'r. nud ilnl not t'Xpf'tt to ri'lMin m lieiltli nt nil. Alter Ctunj t'irotlili n rtmr of iiiPiliriiit nnit-r tli" rare of otti of tW tito't ilctiii.'tn-l.e.l regular 1i l t tn nnd of (In li'ur.t of lli-ilt'i in .New ork nn I i telier mi I fpi'inlm llie Miot ol mv' in ntO'mpllil,' tn re.'nin nit lie ilth. nnd hIIt rr.l hn? v r oi t our nriip irilU, I rroini to trj it. liter nin kit li.ittl.-. I fiMiiid it ittnif mo t'rent cihhI, mul I rail.1. 1 to ton Juti 6 1 ro-ir oirirt'. Wit1! yonr mltiee. I k pt on, mul do mm liV.trhlj tli ink. ton fur jtntr n it n-f. I peretTi' in t tlvinj tlir S.irfiinrit!i, nn.l hate lieen nMe to nttetnl tu tut f.r the I ut f"ir iiiDinh in I I liope, lij tlie l.les-in.' of ( miiI nnd ottr S irn.ipnriH i, tu cotitume my Ii'-n1t!i. It lirlptd nit; In mnl the rtpn tjti.'tt i Till llut knew iii tnvr. CIIAIU.KS (tL'IMP.V. Oravgf, Un CoXJ Aug. Q, IIT. "titeof.NVw J'ry, i;FMt Cii., m. 1'i'tRLF. Mcimhv, tifiii ilnlt morn nernrdin? tn hw, nn Mi nttli ut!i. tlut tlm fiirejoin t-tatcinent i trm-, m mriJuij to tlm 1 be ft of Ins kiii.tlfil4' niullnhcf. I ll KI.r. (it IMP.V forn uJ m'jicrilied tu licfure mr, nt O-tti.'e tlie i I of nu-t, 1st. 'm:i i:t iiuiy Juti. f of t'.ic Vi ce. Spitting" Blcod ! Hen.l tlic fullow hi.:, mnl nt that Coiiumption if inrur.iMe, Jt JOIl C.III. AVu- Yorl, Jpnl tn. 1-tT ie t r tli it 1 1 nt r f i i in II i li t Ih n tlie me in-, tliruiiili Prut idi 'ner, of i m.' mt lilV I e fur teteral inr li.ul a In.) t'un.'li. It ttfcniiif orf ninl v,urrr. U I ralr, I ir.'Pfriantilietiof I, t.l m.-'it if itn nn.l t a rreutlt .If Lilll tte nil.) re Im e t. mnl ih.I nt ipect to Ine. I li m- onlt iim . yt-nr Sjr.iMrill.i Imt a liort lime, an 1 ilierc Ii t n uon-ln fnU;o lie.Mi wroiudt in me. lumm.w ntile tu alk till oter tli rttt 1 .V'.'.".":.' '!' :,"u-,!,'".''-n "" ou c.iii hi II n.)j,'iiie lour ulifduul ert.tnl. VH. UPSSP.I.U CC Carminc-t. fjt her Spcpch. Tlie nnnexeil Crrtilii ntr ti 1U a kimpte nn.l truthful itnry miTfr in? mnl relief. Theri nrr thouanIof imil tr rne in tlm fity uiut llruoklyn. nnd jet there art tlinnnnuls of jutreiit. let thuir Uiu, fur fear of being liui.ibti.',cil, or lunu a ft ld lititfi, IR. Tnwsrvr I tike ilenuro In M.i!tn', lur t'tf l.eoet of tliu-e Mhom it mat emitrni, that nit ilviifliti rr Wo t .ui an,! kit in. ntlli oil, :. Ullift.d with tniier'il Ihlnlitt m.l l-it, uf tur-frK r,rlluld). , : .,,;,, a' ,,,. ,, ;';',, T",i,,l r-ion- !,.,, ,t . i,.u,. ., , ". ', "'.Vct ? . 'v !',' oi...M...ll..i,lknl.m. to llio , ,.f ,,n ,',.ri. n. 1.k '! "Hit iliffircinii.i tmr,. lt. i. n,,i, .pm, n, llti , niiU tlr. ' IwjWi Huh .lie lui Uili fur t ir-tn,.pn in..ia'i pin JtMTII ril I Ht. nejic"en up n put rrrntf r. by our f.iniily I'ntkiiutii hut IS li,rk'.t, HriKiKljn. TWO CHILDREN SAVED ! ! funiti iii.l I in IVl ue Inn- 11..1 .,r, ,.f tiit u.p.1 llr. I..n.. ii,l'. Mr.npiinll., in inn,., .! , c,il r. u Hi. n-l umi.i.-r, v. lit l,.,i ,, iii, rki U...I nn.l Tin tirtilimli- wt, )uil,:i,li l.i tou t. rom In. he ,.,,,., f Hs ,ltr nn.l I,, ;ni,.ilii.r in. laiue i.fitj .a,t,y il. i,,, ofchil.Jr, n ' lliu Mr: I l,.,, i r,ri. ( ',, ir.ii.irilli i.rilii. Mimiinr ri.tnpj lint m,,) .1, ,.it,.r , i.n.. u; J tifll iniintlit ol.l. nn.l Ihe i.tlur 3 j,..,r.. Tliei ',., . t.iitr., re.lnrt .l, , w r. ,.,..., l,:.l t.y , ,, ,.. ril,. . I,y li, re.i,n, plij ,n i.. 1 tl. ,r ,r,.., ,,. ,.,, "'' 1 lli'Mii. e n-m.Iii.,1 In Ir .., S..r..ii,rilU . hn.1 tl.-inl ... ,.. I.i.l l,,. l.nt tittl tll rt. ,. , , I. ...ul,!,.... ,, r r,,Ull tinit we ili.l, Icr it nii.tiniliti'ith .iti'it flip In... ..t i..i!. iu...u.i.,. i't"tlnr uuj l imlm-t-.t i n ,t. "nr.,rr '' - "- i -T. rerperldilte. Jtill. 1I.M1.Y Jr. Lunatic Asylum. June, rnniiiiin.-, , onn of ll. n,.,.!.,,,,, jQ ,!, .,,i, 11 ItU kwtll'. l.liii.t,!. ttio t'eiilliinui .i,k,.i i.l iu rl ..lcri ISIIKOIATBSJI. I In- I. onl.v one r llio. lour th. mi. I r.i-i., ol lllirnmv 1 t.,1 llr I .. ii.. t,,-. s .r..ip.,rill., lu. . uri j. Tlie .,,.l rxm urc ctWI .ruJualid I. iu Cllru.,r.lruarj fir- ... lU'etreir ,. Srrl It 117. flu. Tow-NirNO Ilenr Sirs I l,.t ir,, torrtl.l, r,.r ... Ji nr. Willi llie Ith. Ilim.ll. lit;,. ., the unu. 1 .out I mil cut. .l.-i-p or otilk. 1 Im.l (he mo.l ,uiiir pivu.., ond nit ll.nli. ttere Irrrilill twoll.-ll. I,. t,. Is.lll.'. of ti.ur .ir..lurtllt. .ui.1 II.. lint,- ,li.n,. ,,ir rp Uliiioiip l!i..u..ot.l .t.JInri wi.rlli i.rf..l I 1.1.1 ..i mnrli In tl.T i.,.,-.-.t, nm ptitirrlt trU. .. r.l ton nre nt lili. rl) to u.e Una fur lite in tielil or llio ulll.itid., rcl'iittullt, )yir.x ci MMiNus. To the Ladies. Dr. Towmriid Si.rMip.mlU i f.m.nt.' of tlir .n.lic ll r lij' r tlinii oT n iTiMt uniniiiit uf ull. rin.- mi. tif r ll.. in fiiw rm i pliM mid l.ti.nam puiu. .Mr. Puikir lia kmJh m ut u ilia UUnlli , Hrooklyn, .4g 17, IU. 1 nwNKM Sin It eir u- j.l,-.Mr.- tu uuf ! lh l.i-iii ht citiTt I li.itiTpirifiirr.l from tlic umm.i w.ur r--rillii. Ms liiiiMittfn iiimh mlnriil l nrriuiiV uud ml tMulm. nn.l wit'i a nri.t ut f. mntc i onifl mil.. Irrjdiir U'lviTti-iiii-iii, mul wut itidmrd tnlrt (W tl'iMir rrmrtly It rii-tiri'd me .t a ln-ller t.ili nf lit-il id tlmu I li.i.l niju.i-J lur mit1 i"ir prriim tn t.ikmj it, hii.1 I tin in(t therrYull, r-rotntiK-uil it a a ttilu tide nuv In tin to ull w liuaro wltlKti'd a Itiato Ih-ciu MKS. '.ltKi;it, I'altict ioutti ltrotLIu. LADY SAVED! Tlir folio it. is frum a rry rrirct.iMe j drmor rrili'.ln m" ' llriiiltetcH,! : IU, Tow Sir My wif Im ttern niTeriivi m. ertly frtim tlic UpcpMi and yt'iu-rul ili-rtiii.'rniciil of tin' jrlrm, tliut u e suiii-t 1i lutlt dir. 'I' tie rtxild not rrtut llio ilii'UM mid lic Htuild ilit'.I lirjmid dtuitit, if r Im,! rt flini hT)imr S irmnanlU. It ltd. ur.l lur hlV t rrt.tllil) Mi4 uliii-t i'iitiril rili-'U'il. nnd it gaiainj; lrrnt!i uud health. lle till tuiaiitUt tlic ue uf IU Vur, rfpcctfu!lv( DYSPEPSIA. Nn Unit rr nifiliriue hn t-ter liefa 1I1.1 nte red w hlfh tn nfartf re.rlt.t.leh Ihe f''..lnc jnne or ftstitM, III tleti.llllHuIn; fissl. ..4 Ire inrtii, 11111 llie nririuu irit..'.',li.i, m tin. prfii.iriili.iii i.f :ar, pnnll. llKuiuirl turi-.m-ry clue nf Ht.pfp.ij, Imnnrr ictera ur t Umii.c. J'.k HrritTirvT, .rn, to. leti. lis. Tnti-Mrtn Mr I li.i.c Wi-ii nrtl.clf.l fur .cterj Iran t.111 llj..i p.a 111 11. .,r,l r., alleu.l.,l Kill: ...uriir.. e. 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