Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 3, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 3, 1848 Page 1
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Vol. XXI. Whole No. 107. UltMiXTr, Pit I DAY MOltNIiVW, MAUCH tt, 1 S-3 H. IVcw Scries, Vol. 8 IVo. G. Ouvlinglcm Jrcc fprcsa. INiMlslictl at Ilitrllnittnn, Vt,, It y II . M' . C. (' I. V it ic i: , Editor and Prnjn iclur, Tcrmn To Villncc subscribers who receive llic paper liy the carrier, If paid in advance "2,(10 Mail suhscribers nnd those who take it at the Olliee 2,no II paid in ailviinee, . 1,50 Advertisements inertcil oiilhe customary terms. m'ni.ixarox a an wvi.tciia i, Warehouse anil Seed Store, jiv .?. s. piiiifci:, (ntlslalltlv nil hmtil n l:irire nssoll- X. ' inent of riirininr I'lcnsUs. tlarden lumlcmcuts. lVI.I. (inrdcu and Flower Seeds. also, i)i:.u.r.i: ix stovks, STOVE HIT., Uin.MIM.K AMI 1101 LOW-WAKE. lOI.t.lUE PTRELT. II AG All & AKTHUJt, x(aM Jh'dh r.t in Hurdwarr, Prim. Pnint, Oil, I)yc-Stnll, .vr. vc. eoiiNr.Ti of cnvncii akh coi.T.ror STntrrs. J. M. ill. I. Jlu'iu.iNciTON, Vt. CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, cax it i: cim i:i. octvii. M. G. RATH BUN Si. CO. Mi: II r II A X T T I I. O II No. a Peek's Mock. M ( nn extensive inscription ol (.'Inlhing ; nudnic prepaicdnt rill tniif? All's lor the liest. Ail's fnr tlie best i lie Kitigiiinc niul cheerful ; Trouhle nut! Sorrow nvi friends in disguise j IS'nthinir hut Kelly goes laiihless niul lenilul ; Cnrnc.c (orevcV is happy and wic: All's fnr the best if n man would imt know it ; Providence wishes usnll to lie blest ; This is no ilieain of the pundit or port ; ilenven is gracious, a nilAil's lor the liest! All's for the liest 1 set lliis on your Hainl.ud, Soldier of s'ltltiess, or pitiiiiii! ot lne, Who to ihe shores ot Despair may Inve wnnder'd, A wny-wrnricd swallow, or henrl-Mrii ken duvet All's lor ihe liest ! he n man hut cnnliihnil, Providence lenilerly querns lliu rest, Aiul the frail hark of'Ilis erealnre is guiding, Wisely niul wanly till lor the he-t. All's for the hest 1 then llinr away terrors ; Meet nil nnr fenrs a nil v our lues in ihe. van, Anil in the inhl-t ol your d.uuseis or enors, Tni-l like a i hilil, while you strive like n man : All's for llie hest ' llilm,ed, unhoiiiidt'd, Piovidettco rciiins from (he l'.at to the West; And hy lioth wisdom mid meiev nirroiuulcd, Hope and he happy that nil's lor the host. Mm tin I'lirquhur Tinker. SI'JMiciI of mi MARSH, On tlie.McxIcnn Wnr. 1 THE ItllfsE or unntE-KNTATIVI-.s, yT.l. 10,'IS. The House heini; inConnnitteeof I lie Whole on ihe Stale ol III" L'liion, ami haunt; under consociation Ihe hill inilhori.iuj,' a loan not exceeding slSjH0,0lKI, .Mr. .Maksii, of Vermont, said .Mr. Chairman : 1 propose to avail myself nf this oci nsiuii. to do what I have not yet ilono in this nlare to express, namely, in the fewest ... . i i siie worns, my own opiinun, turn, iv i ol Christianity, to call upon ottr cotmtrynicn lo turn the p!oitn;lisliaro Inlo the swnnl. Wo nro snitcil to (row by ilcveloptncnt anil as sintilation, rather llian hy smlilen accretion ; by frrailunl ex tension, than by rapid acquisition ; by honora ble and well-earned gain, than by rapacious, ap propriation. Tho very pithlicily inseparable from all the operations of onr government is la lal lo tlio successive conduct of njjtircsslvo war, which, like most other crimes, must bo planned, if tint perpetrated, in darkness, lint it is not, perhaps, snrprisini; that the party which aims to break down the industrial establishments of tlio country, and smolher thoo peaceful arts which have liithcrto so largely contributed to its moral and physical prosperity, should seek to withdraw attention I rum the pernicious tenden cies of itH general policy, lo gild demor alization and financial quackery with tlio splen dor of foreign conque-t, and lo furnish new, though guilty, occupation to hands which arc destined no longer to find employment in the quiet pursuits ol civil life. A great effort is made to hide from lis tho enormity of this war, and lo reconcile our con sciences to its turpitude, by exaggerated pic tures of the wrongs wo have sustained at the hands of .Mexico; of the glory which the prow ess of our troops will reflect on our national character; of the advantages which wo are to reap from a few snccos-lul campaigns. Tho South is told that, by the acquisition of new tcr Ihropic humbug in regard to lholnlluencoorau-proacliiiig in N'cw Hampshire, and Connecticut, Pennsylvania liavo cast their suflragesin .Mcx-I0f thPS0 shallow device: to tax ow poltion of nexation in laslening tho final extinction of there were vacancies in tho Congressional do- ico. Tho ballot-box ban become a part of tho ' Confederacy for tlio hcneli't of another will slavery ; but I pass those over, because, although legation from Mai no to bo filled, and it was i ruriiituroof the camp, and tlio commander, whom mir,ccc, . nm thoo who dcilro to protract the they might linposo on those weak brethren, who. thought not sum to shock llm people or lhoo military law invests with Ilia power of life and war must in tho end bo rontent ti bear their were simple enough to he deluded by the Kane j t-tiies by Ini sudden a deielic'ion fromaprin- death, issues hU ordci.s for tho " Irco'' election share at least of its' burdens, it has been nf lelfcr into the belief that Mr. I 'oik wa friendlv cinln which hml hut been nioclainiod with such ofthn civil mnrrUlrnrv ofn whosn iuris. c!. 'i .i... .... i:..." . .!.'.. i-i to tho tho protective pulicy and the tarill' of 18pj,ia f'.inl'arotinade of Pomocratic llif trumpets. The diction neither ho nor his troops tiro longer necessary. 1 am not of 'that' opinion. Wo yet it is quite notorious that nnno of them liillu-1 Administration preferred tlio risk ol tho moral .amenable. sliall iiot know' Ihe cost or llio war so Ion" as ti. llm A innpiKnn t ' Mil.-Lif .....I I.l.1lli.. .......... 1.. ll. 1 W'l ..!..! l... ....!.. . . " ." 1 " "V .''"'LU-I.U1 II. W.UfUi"o UltL.,, UIIU FH; II, IIIU .tini;! u-s. X lie twenty-eighth Congress was called upon to de cide tlio naked, undisguised problem, whether annexation should ho consummated as "a South ern question, a question of slavery," whether the Cencral (ioverinnenl, whoso authority to restrict slavery is denied, should he invoked to put forth lis power lo maintain and defend it. Up to this lime it had been strenuously in-ist-cd by tho ndvoeales of .Southern rights that the I cderal (iiivcrnmpnt hail absolutely no juri-dic v v.,, ,v,.iL-, ,mu u r,.,v,,v. 11 irom mo peonlo; mil wo Know eiiouaii 01 1110 it mo genial, to supply its population with Ihe cardinal ho cerlaln that it cannot bo carried on without once, , necessaries of human fi fr, and reasonable means , all expenditure vastly greater than any previous (ifexchani'o with Hiroii'ii hinds when Ms ulivs- nr,i,Mi,.i I, ... ,..,!...F M...! i,r;,.n ihn the soldier, yet not divided in opinion respect ing the justice ol their cause, nor liaii parat yzoil hy superstitious doubts upon the lavvrulncsa ol mo lonelhon, but muled as olio man in uc- ritory, wo shall obtain room lor that extension of risdiction of tho several States, lint my col slavery, which is alleged lo ho essential to tho league, (Mr. Collamor,) has lately so fullv am .' ., v.... .i. .: I .. i ...V.i .. i.. i .1 . .1 "m ,.. puruiiiueucu 01 llie sysieio, vol: ..uiiiiiiiit-i, iw,ii.i cal ascendency of the .Smith, and tho futiiro se enrity of tho slaveholder, and shall thereby ili annoint the delusive hope with which Mr. Walk cr's famous letter cozened the Democracy or the died In strengthening the abo rtion canrulothe hen tho soil of an independent country is this Administration has it in its power to conceal ..-..twil.t.. I ..r tl. ...... llifrtn SMIns olid tliori. t.oni;nMl1 ..-l.t !,a i:,.,t., .. .. ... , p ,. . . ll miaul vl oini Ul lll.l-U iiiiv. .-v..-.-, ...v... lore issued a ilispcn'ahon to mo 1 iiintui 1 North, graciously permitting them, fortius lo adhere to tho abhorred Proviso. I shall not characterize ibis relaxation of leal power is adequate to its defence against popul ition of lliis Confederacy at the outbreak party di-ciplino us a crime ; but, considering invasion and aggression, and when its rights to , uf t10 Ameiican ltevolution a population, tlio' llm nn.l .tnein.i.l In tin niroplnil. it Was W'Int the an Pllllnl iti n.ii..n,p p'i'tvoi Cfitti in ti tt'l ins I !..r.' ... .1 . r .1 .. . I - !. .1 I!.; ..I' ..... vinmnM.u ... ....v.... , - ( ...... .1111 . .......... v . luienor lo lout Ol lliu colonies III llie ipiaiiiiea 01 great crcncii inirigiicr s.uu was wmsu n n.nuu ieuuyinseu, it jinssosses 1111 inu neuessary a blunder. The people or the North, even the , elements oHmo prosperity, and nothing is gain Democracy, have liken their leaders at their led hy further Increase of newer or extension of lion ol iiuvmiltcrt crlai u i nirio tlieinstitiition ol i word, n hi Hed I lemselves irrovocaiilvr to llie territory. 'ins traint wo reached loiiL'sincc. slavery, except tho right or recaption or fugitive! great characteristic feature ol the ordinance ol Indeed, our original limits rulhllcd nil llie noccs- rending their soil iigain't the incursion of a too slaves in the Iree Males, in opposition lo me i,t7, and though deserted hv their i.uiniess sary coiuiitions ot national prosperity, ami I , alien in blood, and -tr.ui'rer.s In latfiiago and ro- yiiiuos, w in uriiiiy inuiiiiuiii uiu iiuw )usiii'jiiiini;nuiuiib w iiuuirr w e suuiiiu hoi ul lois inn- jirrion, ureal Jiritajn, after eight years 01 they have assumed. meut have occupied a higher pi ico among tlio warfare, llie expenditure ol hundreds of millions Mr. Chairmin, I do not know Hie present nations of tlio oirtli than wo now enjovv. i f wo of money, nnd the ln-s nf many thousands of stale or public opinion at tho Soulh on this mat-1 li id been content Willi the inheritance onr wi-er ivt., was vvilliii" to vv tthdravv from Ihu "trngglo ter of Texan annexalion ; but, now that Texas fathers devised to ns.' We had a territory, such njt, her fonnercoloiiies, at the sacrifice or eve lias proved to bo nut quite tlio III Dorado it was i in po-ition and cnufiiruralion, that it was wholly , rv p0it fnr which she contended, at what co-t fibled, that it lias been the mentis of involving invulnerable from without, and at tlio same time ()'f money, with what loss or lire, and allcr how us in an iiuju't predatory war, exciting a lu.-t , so situated as to give us tho most enviable ftcil-, nnjr a war, nny wo hope to extort from Mexico for territorial nimrandizemcnt which threatens ' itios for universal commerce, as well as for ' n nonce w hich s'lnll viold in i, nil that wn c.hooso hitherto alleged to lio exclusively within the ju-J to become the spring or every crimo nnd maritime power; wo enjoyed a bonnille.-s va-1 10 ask, and all she livs to give 7 i-oi- every curse iirii navo iiigr.iceu uiu iuosl raji-i-1 hulv ui son, uuni ill-, ami uaiur.ii prouuciiou , I nave Ltiven my reasons for thinking mat no Itllll views or llio abnlitioni-ts, who contended that tho influence of Ihe? Ciovernineut ought to he ex erted to bring nboiil the ultimate abrogation of tho sysleiu. Hut here, in their overheated zeal, the paitizans of annexation conceded the princi ple to their opponents ; and the abolitionists have now tho example and tho authority of their ablest antagonists for appealing to tho General (lovernment for legislative action upon a matter emus Slates of the old world, of kindling anew Ian extent of surlace adequate to the sustenance increase of our present territory is desirable, and won s. inv own o il no. ill u. us I siin- It vTiuirx .t Co. keep convrniitly on hind ' , r ;,n,L. maioritv tf my con-titu- ol C ..ihiiitr niVl nti- iTi-imiV-il tit rill niii'-i- cuts, respecting the cau-es, character, objects, ry; tho north is encouraged to hope that, by , and my opinion 5 are still unc.hinged, in spite or In supply every aiiicle in the line or (iemleiueii's l'ur- and tcndi'iicio-. ot the war in which we are ell- force ol llio Wilmot proviso, cngralleil on some too iiieolngical argument, the prnol Irom Holy iiivhnui'tioods. I traoed, and to ii'-ign the reasons which vv ill , war bill, or treaty or peace, the lurthcr spread or, Wiit, vv Inch I have licaul advanced on this Hour, m u. IIATIIHUX. C I'. VVAR1I. Yv.a xx, nrvt.i as i Kulish, l'rencli, (.'eriniin unit Ainericmi DRY GOODS, West Tut in (Joints niul Croci'lii's i Cornrr uf Cfiutrh mid CullfSf '-N. ItURLIXfJTOX MARKIX DT W. C. II A RBIIJGTON. MKATN, l'ISII, AM) TA!i:TMIIj:s: ol'every variety, I.Aitn, 'J'ali.iivv, I 'amii.cs. iVc. At thr Conirr nf Chill rli and Cidlrze Stl relt. JOHN BRADLEY &, CO., III.AI.I.RS i'oia:i A n ui:iuca ntox, Steel, Cut ami Winuu-lit .iiiK, Spikes, sJli.-ct Iron, Tin, Sheet Zinc, Shot, Lead, JDrn (fSrarrrfrv, fi lour, sntt, Fith, Vlitxtrr. l'lttnlit, ttils, Dir-iraudfi, 7fr, Vitcht Jlvsin. Windtiir GhtiM, I'i'Z linn, Ctnil, lluir Mill Stunts, Ihillinu flatlet, ir. Sc, sorrn vvii.vni'. LIVERY STABLE.JWS: TK- AMI VSj' JII.A.CKS.1HTII SHOP, By S. S. 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Chill rli Stl ret. coiunel me to vole ajraiu-t all measures de-ign ed fi.r the prosecution ol horlihlies professedly comnienccd for defence, hut which have beeti, and an-, waged for purposes of aggression, in I vasiun and conquest. ! It is said that it is loo late to investigate the i cause or the war, and that the only remaining que-tion proper Tor the con-ideralion or Con i gross is, what iiica-ures will lend lo bring it to the mo't speedy termination, and enable us to conclude a neace upon termk mo-tiidvanta"eous to oiir-clvi's. This would, indeed, bo so, iTit 1 were true that a state of war, however coinmen 1 cf d, ah-olveil us from all duties towards those of our fellow men who have become our enemies, lint there are those, and I profes., myself of tho , uiimlur, vvlio can discern no sound distinction I between the principles of public and private morality, and who believe that war, like private 1 violence, can lawfully bo re-oitrd lo only as a nccc.ary means of securing already existing nights, not of creating new and independent 1 claims. It becomes, theiefore, material lo as certain the origin, causes, and purpo-es or every war, hefoie it is possible lo determine when its lawful ends have been accomplished, and what measure of reparation llie victorious party is entitled to exact. ' In inquiring into the origin of the present war, it is essential to distinguish between its primary ciuscsand its pru.xim.ilo occasions. Dial Us I lir-t cv".wh tho annexation of Texas, no man dispult!?fTtnd tlicre'is n little deubtilmt its im mediate occa-ion was tho occupation of thelclt bank of tho llio (iramlo by tho army ol me uia ted States, in obedience to the order of the Pres ident. The war is mo natural uno legiuuiuiu of annexation but. Ihoutfli a nut. n nil and lei'itiinalc. it docs not rollow that it was a nece-siiry, re-ult of that measure, and there fore Ibis Administration may bo chargeable with its omit, although the original ollencu was com mined before tho nreseiit Incentive camo int. power. If tho Adinini-tration knowingly omit clearly elucidated this point, Hint it would be tho ll.imes of civil di-cord, and ulienaling from ofu larger population than any kingdom or l.u- believe it is now pos,il,le, hy a union or llio quite idle Tor me to enlarge upon the subject. each other tho members of this fair confederacy, 1 rope, and iuidiug Ihe uio-t abundant materials , onm! men of all nirties. toarroM llm evils which 1 have neither time nor desire to enter, at pre-1 1 am much mistaken if, after all this, some or Tor industrial elaboration, tho mo-t p'cntiful I mut en-oie from auv further successful attempts sent, into any discussion or the moral character , the clear-headed and patriotic sons of the South , means of coinmercial exchange. What morn i at sectional aggrandisement. Us unite ill a nf slavery itsclr. as a cliri-tian or an donotbeijin to entertain doubts or tho wisdom, ' than this has earth to oiler to social man? 1 snh.nm Inrrlslliilin ilnclnraiinn this war shall N'ortli into the support ol' annexation, as a incas-1 institution, 1 have already, on other occasions,1 (do exnediencv. lliu iu-ticu of that measure, if shall not dispute tho vvi-dom nftho arnni!tlon not ho unwornied iviih n view to Ihe ilismom- lire favorable lo tho ultimatecxtinction of slave- e.presei myself explicillv"enoii"h on that topic. 1 there are not even some who would be content of Florida and eastern houi-iana. The latter herment of Mexico. Let us refuse all supplied to spare the baleful ellulgcnce ot "lone scm necessary, asn moans ot providing an out- to armies equipped for conquest, nnd proclaim star, ' if we could thereby secure quiet within let for the product nf the teeming We-t, epe- to our sister ltepnblic that wo are unvV feady til our own borders, and an hunorablo peace with 'cially in tho day when cau ilsaiul railroads had accent preci-ely the terms wo oimhtto liavo of- not yet furnished a belter means ol transport lo fcrcd before wo commenced this unhappy war. laverv will be prevented, and llius the vaunted and witli which, as certain indications lead mo i the renuhlic of Mexico. extension of the area of freedom will at length to conclude, wo are again to be favored. Tho only remaining lawful motive for the fur- come to be no lougeran impiulent niockery; and 1 Hut whatever may lie the character of that thor prosecution of lliis war is to obtain a just they who have clothed two nations in scarlet and , system, whatever its inlhience for goot or evil, and honorable peace ; for revenge, if so bao a in sackcloth, and kindled the tires of hell in ten it is of great moment to tho cause of ) pissiou could bo an adequate inducement lor a thousand hearts, would blind us to all this mise-1 truth that it should never bo fnrcnlten that the "rent nation to eniratto in war with a puny and ry. all this iriiilt. with tho dazzling lustre of the true motive which dictated tho action of all, 1 imbecile people, has long since been satisfied the ocean than that lamous river, which is " fro- l think mv-elf entirely safe in saving, that if tlio zen i for three months in the year, and dry the ro- honest convictions of a majority "of both Housed maiiiing nine ;'' or even than that " inland -ca." do not compel them to sanction, by their votes, vvho-o snags and sawyers arc more formidible j propositions like these, tile World will be justi to navigators than the Libyan Syrte, or the tied in believing that, with American legisla' rock and whirlpool of old Scylla anil Charyhdis ; ( trs, the voice of patriotism is less heeded than uui i am noi .ime m see wncrein mo lot oi anv the nictates o narlv. American has been, or is likely lo be, improved by further cxpan-imi. I cannot conceive that There is another consideration, winch ought to have weight with houe-t men of all par ties, with the people or every section or tho A- inericau Union : it is tho certainty that any ex- dazzling lustre ol' the true motive which dictated tho action of all, 1 imbecile people, has long since been satisfied brii'litcst jewel of the diadem of commerce," repeat it, of r official person, who ailed in tho Hut what tcrmsof neaco would bo honorable nnd the Irado of Ihe east, which the balmy galesof, annexation of Texas, was to extend, strengthen, ..just? No peace can bo honorable to us, which tlio Pacific nrc to waft to our future commercial nnd perpetuate the tottering institution of do- is not at tho samo time honorable to Mexico. marls in the .secure havens of California, in gal- me'tic slavery. It can never bo hunorablo lo tlio stronger to ex- tho value of plantations in the old Southern Icons more richly freighted than the half-forgot- Hut wrong" as I hold tho motive to liavo been, tort by force that which it is di-lionorablu lo the , States will be increased, by throwing into mar ten nrizes of Dniki! nnd Anson. I rear that, ir tho whole truth were revealed, wo weaker to yield. What, then, are tlio obliga-1 ket the cotton and sugar lands or Texas ; that tention or our territory in a pouthwcstwardly I am not an apologist for .Mexico; still less should find more or crime in the means and ap- turns or Mexico tons? Docs she owe lis any the prirn nf (ienc-sco llnur will bo rai-cd by direction involves the renewed agitation, and in an admirer of her polity or her institution. in pliances through which that act was accoin- thing for exciting an insurrection in her ino-t competition with tho vast grain-growing region a fir more fearful shape, or tho Missouri con man can be better persuaded that she has done ili-hed, than in llie end itselT. Ho vho would j important colony, niul giving " aid and comlurt-' , between tho Mississippi and tho Rocky moiin- trovcr.-y. Whenever a treaty shall bo preseni lis great wrongs wrongs for which wo might write tho blackest page In American history to her revolted subjects ? Anything for appro- tain desert ! or that tho commerce of New York, ed to tho Senate, embracing tlio cc-ion of Mox lawfully have exacted atonement, hail they not must ferret out tho secret and long continued ' printing looursclvcs a territory once indisputably , and Philadelphia, and ll.iltimore, and Char-, ican territory, the question will bo directly pre been provoked by our injurious treatment ol hcr ; intrigues, hy which the Texan lievolulion was , hers, and to which she had never sold or siirrcn-1 leston, will profit by the tran-fer of the China sented. Southern gentlemen affirm that no trea no man can hope le.-s Irom the future prospects, fomented ; "uncover Ihe hollow duplicity with dered her claim ? Anything for invading and trade to the li.iy of S in l'ranci-co, or the mouth ty, attended, directly, or indirectly, with a prohi or tho future disposition of a country cursed which our neutral relations with Mexico were ravaging with liro and sword, up in a baseless of the Columbia. There is at least no present bition of slavery south of 3o 3U', can bo rati with the two worst possible forms of misrule violated ; disclose the .Machiavellian diplomacy pretence of title, a di-puted region, or which she necessity ol'oiitension for the accommodation of , lied. Wo or tfin North demand that none shall the tvranny of the soldier and the tyranny of Ihe by which opposite and inconsistent arguments was, and from the lirst hour of her iiition il ex- our growing population, or lor nny purpo-o cd i be, and are firmly persuaded that none can be, priest. Tho people or Mexico arc,' technically, vv ere made to influence different sections of lliis istenco had been, in quiet and undisturbed pos- national trade or national defence ; and it woiild, ratified without. Why, then, Conquer or buy the enemies ol mv country. 1 wish them no Iri- country, and the arts whereby annexation was ! ses-ion ? Any thing for the slaughter of thou-, therelore, ho worse than idle to wage a. u-eloss provinces winch will bo but an npple. of discord, iimphs over our diplomacy, no trophies over our made "the policy of the DomncraCc paity, in ' sands of her people, the storming of Monterey, i and a guilty war, to conquer Tor posterity a tcr- to boquarrelled over, but not enjoyed ? amis; but I have no sympathy with that mistak- spito of tlio delibeiato and solemnly expressed tho inglorious rout of lluena i,la, ho reduc-, ntory which It will bo quite able to secure for i a,mir, t ,,c fi.,,,,, i,icIl s?me Southern con en spirit of revenge, xvhicl. glories in visiting the com iclions or the entire North ; defict how the lion of her strongest fortress, the military occn-, , seir by honct meant, whenever it may require t einen. o parjic.. . ,-p ayed Am in-1 1- errors f rulers oT, their ignorant and unoflend- hopesofTexnn stock-jobbers fell ami rose as this pa.ion of tor (aires J'IS, honI I 'S n, In ., , . h tt'nlSZV lug subjects ; none witli that internal passion or mat northern Democratic member cxniuucu nor irouu i.ipi..u, ...s. . .... vr.. . .,..v ...... coumr.. rom a .,,., the tolly of iiv Ailininistra- T. i ........... .i ..r .i . . i... ..'.i.. i ...i r ...i n;.. i.i.. i.!.. .ii. .......1.1., s nf her ancient civi uzition, I the " owiiil' i escrm ions wn havo heard and ' .. -i ... i : i i ,.;..,i.i., n.,,...ll. 'on n. il,., ui'iil..,,,..,!! ..f n . Iiiiiou i noil oiii-ncmlm: enn- hat Iroversv upon terms oi' i iiuitabie adjustment, which " Kye thnt scorthclh nil it (lores upon j" which scorns the victories of peace, nnd vouch safes tho chaplet to none but the minister of mis ery and death. I have no desiro that a singlo Mexican wife should bo made a widow, a single Mexican child an orphan; and I would rather that mv country should sit down in honest l1".1" I shame, 'than purchase, ut the price of rapine and I , ' 1 I, ; tears and blood, llio " unjust glory" of waving " llllt- I , . .. ,, ii ,i !.!.. :....; cnul iier nag over nil uiu vmuu ..muuii-iiv iuui.riiv.ivi. halls were prodiiceil ; explain how that con-' bilitloH t ,,,iv,.. A,,uricuu litizens ; nnd who temptililo faction, that so long swung hero like doubts that sue is now re.iuy nK,,i ,., r1-.-.,K,.io a pendulum, between tlio law of conscience nnd them, and to pay them whenever she has the the dictate or party, alternately betraying each, means? Hut, on tho other hand, has it not was at lcii-th fixed ; and, in fine, tell what votes boen over and over again admitted by tins (.ov were extorted by craven rear, and vvlut purcha- eminent that Mexico ought to receive an indem sed bv damnablo corruption. , nlty lor tho lo,s of Texas ? 1 lave "ot dn- inct I tliink mvsell bound in ennuorto aumu nni, iiiuni muiii injun .......... . - -- ii,.i. , ,,. nniint, r tin imn i m 1 1." 1 1 onr a reaso .1 no ji.i.oiu..i , ,'vi , si iiisii in iv it iiv'u in.; iiniiv., ... .... ......... ......v. uth in the matter ot nnnexmon, tno and no doubt will, ono dny form a ficparale confedc- ...A . n 11: :.i. ...: .... v. - i.l-v t,,u .jit, ty iiiiiiili oj null iniL'ii- can emigrants, and they will soon ho stromr enough to maintain themselves ns an indepen- the Rood sense of the nation lias fully approved. Il rt-ninins for llieni lo prove, what 1 lure hitherto be lieved, ami f ill tnil, that Ihelr ron.Iiict on that occa sion wns dictated by no jenlou.y of Northern nccrnn dnwiio-lil, to ruerci- now- the ningnanimlly they ineo proffs.s,.Itnnil to refine lliecharite llint llii-v ImTccoil- dent neonle. Thev will svinnathio witli our "T".1 ' Ailinini-lratiou loon.nipoientliniain.nim I - .- . ilUI ILI" UUl till UIU t lUt; v.mim.iiv iiiu.L-iivivii ted any proper means to avert, or voluntar I) es Klcm lho stormy Atlantic and the shores adopted any measure i calcu ated o preepda le, lf l0 r M Se,u so duo a calamity, if it refuses to accept the 1 terms which are "believed to bo now oll'ered by " One murder makes a villain, thousands a hero, prostrate and suppliant Mexico, it is responsible, jjt the cold-blooded politician, who, safe in his before (iod and man, for all the consequences of cabinet, provokes hostilities for tho sake of the its arts or its neglects, I shall not venture to pitronago that war may give him the ambitions illirm that, lifter the mortal wound which we statesman, vv ho wages a war nf conquest for Ihu iiPiilutions, and adopt our for,;, of government, I "'re'' 0,1 no Pa,.Sar anxie.yat but they can never liav o a common interest with 1 the North to extend our hound iries in a northwardly us, and the mutual i'ood of all parlies will de- direction, hut such n frelinir will inevitably IV excited in uui that all political bonds between them and !'y '"''her acquisitions in the oppn-itc quarter, and it . . ' i 'I.!-!. i. J,i,l,l . ,1 i.i I... .,;,.,.l xvi... ,, r.,.nr., ! '-.wen in uniier-iau.i inn a coiueiiHracy oi .-M.-ues, eondiicl anco 111 any arrangumeui n n mwi. -..v r,u ,,tlJ ,,., pl.v,v,. , (,'overninent indeiii-ndent ol llieat llniain, and even of the mn.t nii-crnnu oils Southern advocalo.s cede to us Iter rignis lu inriuwuoi (.,u"vv . , nniui.i,i.u "'ss"-n" .....,.. l. nune.xaiiou to uie i nueii .-nies, n ive nu come io nu "tii, r llnivr. hvd inflicted upon tlio honor and the interests of extension of his country's territory, or the glory .,, e ,(..:, .vicxico, uy our rapacious nusuipiuui ui n-iii- oi lus own iVimuni-irauoii mo iioi-neaueu ru- (WllSsCX.Iir !-'. . '.. I...,:. I.I.. , ..LIM, sl. I I.l...l ,...,,1.1.1 riowins nine, t.isht lue nn.nVI. to liriinili! ' J "" "i ' 7 " . V V. " IT ' r , '. " , ' "V ' :" . " .T " .:. of that untoward measure is infinitoly mnro ex- Who s.'iall e.-tun ite no ainouui 01 ,1.1, co,,,,...-,,-cnsablo th in that of their Northern allies, w ho, sition ? Are wo to bo judges ill our own cause, by the stand they have taken on the Wilmot and to determine that, upon tho whole, tho ki Proviso, hive pronounced upon them-'elves juJg- lanco is upon our side ? (.entleuien who repu ment ol' irrevocable condemn. tion. Tho whole diato acquisition or tcrrilory bv conquest, and Southern people entertained a fixed opinion, who havo bcretororo admitted tint v.c owed mistaken 1 think, but unquestionably sincere, 'Mexico a compensation for the re 'oq"i-h en that the best interests of the South imperiously of her rights to 1 exas still insist that 0 must ,;,...,., annexation; nnd IhnsB brave, good cocrco llio cesiou .11 o.u. 10,1,1a i' 1 OooliKli- tV i'o. Strong, iicvi i.r.s in iicvvv vxnsnr.t.r - Cnilcrv, r-addlery, Me- ftiARD WA R 6J ihaine's Tools, House I'm O-ci i-huiijs, N'ail,(il.iss, Win tlnw Sash. Iron, ntr I'MSTS, till. i. ,...,.1 1 uiu owi-iiv-ioivit 1 1 . . '.. . .11 men Irom the slaveliolding .states, vvnostoou u .ro ..1..:... 1I....J ....j. , n in mv, , 11; r. . .. 1 ...i. ..r.i;i n(nni, 11.. their n-'inf countrv ill till , ar i lour, u,n n-nij Sl, II .11 U I Oil IO, I v , l.-J "'v. .v ............... , I.IIIUICII 111-1111) Ol tl UILv.1, W, IUIIIIV ..I'.IV , ,. , . , . . e 1 but as no effort was ever made in good faith to t,cse are wholesale niaiislayers, whom no car- believe that, 111 obeying the voico ot conscience, ! propitiate that republic a point mo-t conclu- XYia c., elevate to heroism. Napoleon, that they were making a heroic sacrifice ot a loci sively established by tho gentleman from Con- man of iron and blood, repented, trembled, wept, interest to the stronger claims ol tho genera ncrticut Mr. '0- "t , ! re-neinhered that hohad needless.y nu- . ' ' ' ; " " ,, ficl. j nilv for the loss of Texas, would any . nan esti to honoiable proposal is .Mi.xico 11,111 commuicu viuces hy way of indemnity lor the claims nf our citizens, and this upon tho avowed ground thai a bilanco may bo due us which Mexico can pay in no other way. The claims of our citizens are disposed to'amnunt to from thrco to seven millions. If Mexico was entitled to an indem- llcirwlpd tho ottiiek of an outno-t. noil s of ieace ; and inasmuch shortened by a day the lives of a few soldiers, to time will not expunge, that "' milted 110 ho-ti!o act, the or.itifv thu enriu-'itv ofu vvoiuan with the snec- trayed the lights and interests ot I n:.. 111... . 01 VV',,,. , . 1 I.I I.... I...: ...... P , J r , ... f, ....,.. . .! I Ili,,,,, Lilliov PI,o V inol Provl -urn. 1 10 1 1'iit , ,-iiii-, ii,,,,, ctsiis mill caunoL ,10 1 oushic-iuh ii- ii.iiinu wv.- i.icie 01 a name. Jiui w icil coiupunuuous u.m 1-l.til n.SAI.r, 1 I.ASU.1., cura,j llltjl ,1U ia,,i,ei,t liircihly occupied a I lisited our rulers, for tho blood of I hose who fell ed after itspulitivo . . ' 7 1..... iii.I iiii h r iiiiviM 111 If fill let 1 f 2CgTlSi5 DHY COOnS, Crucheiy, I'lwir, Suit, 1'Itixln; Windmr Sanh.Glnsi, Kkahy Madr Cliiiiiixo, Togclhtr with n lart-e variely nf other nnicles. unsT uisia xor.iu 01 Tin: lovnr noes,.. It. It A IM" II i: I.I) i: It's New York, llo-lnu, n. l'nrwill's III, ,11 ,11, 111.., j .v. ."v . . had f il-ely b 1 mate tho value of her claim at Ic.vs than seven ,,,.,, 1,1 seni in w An, hail sno no sucu cianu, cm ,l ul- v, .... ..... , ..11 i... .... nrr: tacle of a battle. Hut what compunctions have then. hither. I 10 ilmol 1 rovs , - I n,uvinc0 .ull Tex l ( woith ,. uuer, o, m- ...."-v - --- . . 1 mm. ...... ..ii 1... ....... nor nun' 1 re 111 11 iiinin'ig tiuii i,.. , nun w -,wv, v' J . J, ' . , r. ,,, J llotOU to, IIV.'V,- ol coercing an 111- lliu acquisition of sorv treaty, liv winch wliiclt she does not bo still part and p.ucei 01 1110 .viexican iioinaiu. r who have l.illen victims to lliu luiuriaieu pis- ( 001 .,''., '1 Inmnfnl to us l'lio war, therefore, was not only provoked, hut sion- of an undisciplined, marauding, soldiery ; now 111 u u lias a an in "-"' " j u. vlYectu lint such u peace ns the Administration hopes t.rniii iMoin ,..i) ,.1111, in . , i,.,Pr:,,.r,. i K. claimed, but uuietlv no-sessod !., rl. I il. inlh.i- ..fibn llio Cr.ind,. at I'rnviso, ns tierh.ips It sin t;"l..W"a ".-'"-"' -''rcuan,s, s. . - 1 ,'o " " "l" V i.i, t leave those gentlemen to settle the question o .s, tnen, . o jus , .ro u . . , I. T iu.nru.i j s.,1.,1-,,,,,, l,., ,. ,,.,, "J - - ' . , . . "n r T .'. .. X ,iff lis ,1 Illll c, ,11,11' 11, S War as .1 OIL.Ills w. i.. srisoxii, , ' . from Indiana (Mr. J hump-on; has, in Ins aduil- Cerro (ioulo, and ill llio-o sanguinary coulhcts p.ueruuy ueivvee, i iiciuhio -,i ?, , r ..Hi-,.,,-, or of . 1 l. .....I l ,ll..-Bl, . . . . , .....I ,.: il ......... . .. .. , . . .. . , . . ' . ,! .. I: I ,, I.,,,,! ,il K i, , I , i . , ., I , s II- KIMI IV IOIL.- ,i,.t ,,v,,i, " ' - -. i,u. ..s , r. rable sptecu, iiiiu-puiaoiy proiiu, i on, under the walls cu .viexico; nir 1110 uiioueuiuug ....... I .7 r,,rortheir torritorv nnd any rompul'i ' ;i:()ltCt: Pin-mtSOX, ,tlw shidowof title-alorr.tory which the Senate ,mJ unresisting women and children, who were adion lurnishes most conclu'i 0 vu;ei ,',,,, )i(.jd s t'hat and now to huv, will bu uttoml not lon bo oiir.s to enjoy ? ilcUttfaMc queMioin in CnnnJa it-lf. I do not refer Hut u li it evi'Ifnp is Micro tint the noPMon unny cmcinjunieu in-iirrt;ciion orioieiurpoimioni ofow Ipmo or L ililorniii, nowrvcr ponnn hut it 1 CLTtain tlint nn entire tlumah ncaccful rlnni in tii mlinini-trnli'Mi of tho-e coldiiu-s, by which thfir iruM'rnnu'iu slnll Ihtoiiu, iii n ureat measure, n-iniN l'itel to nnr own, nn.l at no distant day nllicd with, if not tnerirtnl in it, i- lioth dcired nnd e.pected by a larti inijwrtion ut tho?c 1 trit ili uljiTt3 in the provin ci'", sho, a very kw yiar sinei( dett;fled nothing more tlioroithly tlnn American hiMitutions. Tliii vote vi th wipply hill of .May, 18 Mi, ly which the i'iUnce of tlu war with Mexico was recognised, has lhfii miirh ini-tcd un na coinniittal ol tho-1 who I voted for the bill to ihe support ot nil the measures took- tion.adipted only to the lowest form or "-emi-1 jirK,m.nt veiy ingenious one, on the part of thoe civili'.i'd life tho pastoral 6tate. And, above I who mlianc,. n. )t is luminous that .he hill, ns orig all, thev are inhabited bv a mixed population, nf uinlly n-ported, coniaincil no ili-cbratiou ol wnr, or habits, 'opinion', and characters incapiblo of rivojniinnu ol the war ,,s existing ; tint the l,il : mi.l " ' '., I .' ., ,. .,, ' , otleiisive lircauih'.e emliraciin; tint ilcclaration wus ol sympathy or assimilation with onr own ; a race, , (c,w a ' m ntlj'r limi. (ur iM,Mv h!1 j whom tho cxpcrimcc of nu entue generation ' t,,.,-!, limiied to two hmus, ihiriiu which nu Whii; was has proved to ho unlilled for seir-governineiit.and nllowcd lo ohiain il," lloor; that .he. inucniluient was unprepared to appreciate, sustain, or enjov, free ' "Pposc,l by almost every Jii niciiiWr oftlij- House ; . 11 1 tlial several nmi'iidiuriii, s.uiplv proxiding the uvces- Hlstlllllions. ... .. . s.ire siiMtitics. ii.'r.. reii.-,H.I. tiot lien, ntler the nilotl llllt how is tlu war to bo carried on 1 l.vcry tlM, ( , i,- nreamhle. the hill was iunneiliaiely pa-SL-d ncnt can bo attended with any solid advantages to the people of this country They are sepa rated from ns by sl"ri!c and arid deserts, or chains of lofty and almost impassible mountains. They yield noniturai prniucis m commercial uluo winch our own soil iloos not nmui.i limy supply, 'l'liey are described hy the he.-l inform ed explorers as being, in the main, unsuitcd to a"riculturc, unable to sustain u dense popul i- tliat Ihe Administration wantonly plunged into 0n) ,,s fi011,v swept into the grave ; for the j neilher of the two oluecU it was uos j ' , , of nrolit usoriu-nor. it, will, a full nppreben.-ion ol it- urduous char- tlirrovv and desolation or bereavement, who-e coinph-h, have no hesiUit n ... pre !-. ' Jfl i,,1,,,. rllrlh,. c.xteusi icti.i- iij rwiiint m iri':i. ri! aim i otiu. t,.i....j om w mii ifiiniis nvoii in i no nnrnvviiV!' "( unnu w.w. ... - - , - . ....j.. et 1 h.vo no hoiUtiun in protes-in tny iicun- ,.r d.i tiiotwifiiu it HOOT A 0 SIOH STOUJl, vmlo conviction thiit tlm I'.rculiu imicrcd lliu JJut ubile ilihni-inj,' tbc moral conidoriitions fEJ ritiirrli-lrcct. army to advance upon tho Uio (irando under, not connected with this (imMitm, il i- lit that wo fsew l in , iwi'-'i, " ii i hit I'uiiL'l (.Mliy , out uiu in'pc, ut-n mn m-"iv snoillu I Mjlll re IIil" lilt: rn wanvi " mv 'mimi Ititlie" hihI :piHImihmi'. HtxiN iimt Shncs, W()ulJ j tiS-wo to MMll0 ()-.tio demontr.i-' CUU!;a caitvtrum of tli? war, aiul all its attendant 0, ryfV whU.h lnl;;hl r,irnMl :i plausible reason for crimes and mi-eries the mea-ureof uliicb tlu-y Sie P Keryurar'lhiraiiN ' Stu,ct Clinch M preat increase ul uur military Ci-tablUhment, aro, as I have alnudy nai-1, bUim.iteif not tie- ( nn-1, i;iniM.-iiix;miyl tu i j-ui:uuvu p.iiiuii'ijti:, umi, co.try conetincnce.'sium ui iou m vans mv.,. ( u.1 un: auiu tnuL", riiauiu uiu Kiminisu;un-iit ;u jreal wrun was cuccico 1M3 CALVIN is. nnvAims, jiooi:si:i.u:i: if yrATioxnn, fonsiioiilv lor sale a general assortment ol SCHOOL, CLASSICAL, AM) .MISCIM. financial scheme lutherto jiroposcl is hlseil on the a-sumption. tliat the Xorth will bo generous enough, or stupiil enough, to Injur llio sole pecu niary burden of n war, commenced and pro-e-cute'd with a tingle eyo to tho interocl of, I will not cay the people, hut ol certain political aspirants of the South. Tho annexation of 'l'e.- as. a smelly nomiiern mea-'iire, aim tno iniuain. What ban r,. -ton towards this war, by irivinir the anti- ion ofterri- tarili'iurty a in iiority in tho Senate, enal led wider the previous ,p,c.-i,oii, At that time iiotliuip: was known of Tnvlor's victoues. The nuny wa tlumlii, hy nnhlary men in Wnshiu'ton, to he in ail ciiiiueiilly crilical po-iuon ; nud it was liTieved, that ihoiu;h ii niihi sii-tam n-cll lorn few weeks yet, miles- ichevcd, it luii-t iiicviiuhly miou In- cut nil by the .Mexican forces. The c ns..,.i"nees ol a ileleat wonM Invc h-en, in a huh ileurcc ilr-astrous. Wc should hue loi our inn-t reli.ililc troons. A victory hy the .Mecicans wouhl have siiiuulnteJ them to ifespcrnto i II iris to follow up the ailv amazes they hnd u'aineil. ror.'i.oi i.L'ii,tiiflni.v. uoiilit Iinve been cnli-teil In their 1 - .. I C ' , .. . , . I I I I I iUUU.strV Ol the liHiriiiiiiiiun'isiiiiiiinimin.uj w-.iuiiu wiiu,imiu lllie ItorKeii io inrir M.oiUviio. . iilpv i on, il was hike upon myself to maintain that , then- uini of annexation, con-idercd aiiart am l.tal ,;s hooks. the cheap coel of "a war," lo extoit Irom l t1;ll not liuiubleil .Mexico the cession of her fail est pro- tho Inrn act ivinces, mid thus pluce .Mr. l'olk by tho bido of i from its motives nnd its menus, w.n clearly a his predecessor, on that bad eminence which just nnd mitlicient ground for u declaration of I Juno i ,u, now occupies, solitary nun a. one, as vvar i'ain.-t us l,y .Mexico. I no netcriniuaiiui, in on on w, llio I ,e ir-l io ii-ieo lu ii..,. .......... i . . . .. .. ... ... ' - I... . ,, .... froinhiol. places, and to ah uidon the principle it tho aggregate inUivuluai prosperity o us port . ol llm p oteci o , m vv men n w as ,,,,,,, , , ,,, ,,, ,,c averl,,j,y s,,lJin, i,,1,1,,.lialC5uccor .,,i,. H. sr i.mhnce not all ill this sweep-1 7.en, and is not measured hy tho nuinlur uf its entitled, and which it hail enjoyed, from tho or- ,', lU.m, ,,., w!un ,(.,nL.rilv t ,. A,l einuoiues. nir, i tmor.n-i n n i ,.. ... r i i,,,.ii,:., . ru, i:...nmniii in mil hour ,T i, ...i ...,.... I ,,.(,,,,,,,..,, ,,T,-,.,r. I i 1,,ii,, Sun, o there vvero who wire , armies ur ,i imni m,. v.un., -i .... .s. .r,,,,,,,,,,.!. uiuainted with sin of uniie.xation,; jurisdiction, on the splendor ol its government, so no vvl,o-o moral courage hid not been stem We aro apt to lorget thata splendu governu.en enomd. to rei-l Ihe uien.ices ofp.rty nnl tho is not ono ol lie onjects oi our iu.ii i ,,, : : . .- . .: t. ..I r,. lim ii.iu, ir of rn or.s with the. bl.tnilis imii iso pe l ,, I .. '. 'j ... f .. ,iocts ; but who doubts that the , ,,r tho Treasury recommends a duty on tea and was, .mlee,!, umiu.-tionr.bK uml the defence ol ion,,, uiu Lin - . ' . -.i n.,, i.i. ...i- o . m .,;,,.,. I : i... ..;... i.,.,., , n ...,,,-r-.i.. ,.,, ,li,sci cninilrv uml lis trooiis was elenrly a iluty. Mio.,i we unavailing legret l.,r mat oepiorai le , ciuj-ens o. o l ,i.-,...oi. ... . . .. couee; r-'" ' - '' ,. .ne,! I ihe pcrlormnuce of tins duly becnuw inss ol thoso mm in tno iliicny oi ,,-c ij , .in.- a- nappv - inn unpos,i,u io .ui.- .o. .... .. ., ,IK,,n,y ,,i ,, House chow ioU?-eri,in -pin- or when tho turrit, of 18 Hi was adopted ; and Ilieso those 01,,o-,i mine war were npinrci ,v ieu iociioom; ' ...!-.,! nod ll.oir f,dlm"i-ro now cro- 1 'twi'il lie faciui.'c oi uireu luousauu nniif men ami sime aspirant-, and their loll.ii.irs, now r H,.,Hlrtol a iM j,m.dc,l to sive them, ihousrli , auu j,,,.e lu tax" our p u n ,s, io pay o r in ,v i"..- n , m i bv,it, 113 ,.,c il3 (,e prov,x-allou ol tiros- ,. i, .-...f. ,vi of licit disastrous net. l lO Secretary ,,. ..... .'n. nnm.lili d,l. Tin. I'lr, thru ci-!..! mid the defence ol our Tim Cheat I-um.ications, IIi.ank Hooks, SrA TIO.NEItv, .uioiLAi. Jfo 1, I'liks' lluililin I.'olleao-t . J. S. Ailli- HOOK IIIXDI'.H, I'Al'lUi itri.r.u, ASH JILANK WMK JIAhKIt, In thr Free Vest llnildina. College Stieet, C. W. DIIIIIV, Chair and Cahinet Manlm AiTtRKn, Two Doors South County Ifousu, he great enlargcr ol' the '-area of freedom." There was, moreover a'spccial motive furtakiiie j steps to fecuru the ucpi'itioiiofa part, at least, or California, Tlio hurrender nf our claims to ' norlherii Oregon h id been predetermined. It ...... r,,,.,. il,.,, il.'.j :i:' .. . r '., i... ....a iuil-ilii urn. lint C.1L.I illCLI Ol 11 LClLl II .0- terefts, this mort'.lication of U'estcrn pride. would excite u feeling of indignation which uuii-l bo appeased, and nothing seemed more likely tu accomplish this cud thai, a war with .Mexico, which would furnish congenial occupation to tho restless and adventurous stunts ot tho .Mis sis.-inni valley, divert public attention from the , . l.l... 1. ,...!..! .... I I .. unpopular poucy oi inu vuuuuisiiaiio,, ,,, respcia lllf,,.., --v ; -- . UH.lO Illliir OUIIv.1 v., IIIUOUIII ILII" IIH.H All kinds or work In llie nhovc hue. made to order on Ul!0,r(Jll 'and'atuo Tor the loss of tho noithern . l!'e bUnn"t "ot"''" - - .;- 1 porlio,r.,f that territory by now uc,iiisilio..s on TTSIIKRWOOI) & CO.'S u mttem larder. A IJCT10X AND COMMISSIllX UTOJlli, I Kntortaining lluo views upon llio origin nnd ' Wtst Sun: SUAitc. 1 ,irj,us f tlie vvar, I can consider it in no other Constantly on hand Cahiiul Furniture, Chairs, Look-, j; ,lt ,ml usa national crimo; but, independent ins (JIussls, &c. Iv of this, it is nn ollico noainst tho moral spirit amOS C. SPEAR, or our time, u retrogado Hep Hi tho movement or .w.lT.i.i'ai'V aiul Irilf?;iNl, humanity, a violent wresting ot oitrnuionai en .. 'i.,o,,Liivi.v nnriosiind national resources lo unnatural, in hr, i'.,.,,.slCh'n'i',is,H Denial hi- nppropriule, and inlschlevou, uses. Tho crca. it .MethciiiM, U en nuns, . tu , .p.,,.., ' , 0i peace, tho urls or production, mulli Trnl Vnters l)ruaeii' l'" "HVr1'1;" plication, and conversion, are now iiniversully lr.,,l,lllS. ft,:ViSSS. V I Slull' Cmnphenc, Inks, lllack- inirs. -to. etc. ., ,. , Church street, liuhnglon, t. or thU question would involve nn inquiry into the relatiuus hctween that republic and her re volted province, wlncli is noi pracncauie, iiniii tho secret history or (bo Texan revolution shall bo better underwood than it is likely to bo by this generation. Texas may bo said tu have estab lished un actual iudcpcmlcncc, mid il is possible, though never yet proved, that her revolt was justilied by tho niisjrover.nncut of Mexico, or the inability or tliat unhappy State to allbrd a protective, government at all. llul whatever may havo been tho right nl tho question between tlio metropolis and her colony, it is plain that our conduct must bo judged by the motives which guided us, and thu instrumentalities to which wo resorted. Tho nvovved motives of tho annexation or 'lexas vv ere to prevent tho abolition of slavery in thnt country, nnd to secure additional territo ry for tho expansion nnd growth of tho syttcin. It was nritucd that tho accomplishment of these objects was indispensable tu the permanence and stability of tho institution of tdnvcry ; that they wcro necessary for the maintenance of a local rigid, recognised and guaranteed by tho Consti tution, niul that therefore tho (leneral (invent- inent was in good l.utli hound to nid in cllectlng these, two consideration- were operative. Home hoped to propitiate a local feeling at homo ; with .,''.l ,i- is hut nn il .concealed chiefly consumed at the and others, ngain, stern republican ha :iior,tv ol tin- iiou-e clioi-e ios-eri. in Mule olour proie-t.iiious to ihe contiary, that Ihe ar had lieen Iieuuu hy the " net of .Mexico I" Wc thought not. . It wns plain llint n snare wnsluid lor us. '1 he tnuhore I L'lU'i. ,..,... ...v. ... - . ..I ... .1 . .. 1.1 .. ,. . both promoted annexation and simumcu mo prusporous as ,, uu .imi. . . ... - ring ,uu,i .......v Wilmot i-roviso, i "u'm ' r "".'V. " "- ' . ,..... ..: '..i. . tV i, .... '.. .,.. , . ,i.p,i ho-., th ,,,.,1 lv fo;g,!..e,..hat Norw-ay '.hough onW the fee.' nnnJ supo'rllni.y. J?? ' blest powers, is yet tho freest state ol continental 1,,1; stocl;, nnd nil nrticles of gold nud ,lM ultwd , 'lu.,.,.lrv ,u M4C ,,t. aj lr,i Hiirupe? ! silver. Disgui-o it as you will, it is plain licit rucm,,,, v took whit Mcnied tu lw the only 'J'iio increase ol tho power of a government 1 those schemes are imlh calcnlited and de- nieau-of loilin this unworiliy sirntagem. WV voieil by territorial aggrandisement is not attended hio,.(l to shift the whole pecuniary burden of agini-i tl.e " I " 7 " 'j Vll l'VlV X X "4 will, a correspmuhng increa-e of the power of ,he war upon Northern !,.., k-rs low w "'K.rr'iu?1..!.! nn error. IV.Imps tho people to resi-t lis encroaclnuents upon the tea and collco are consumed li llio thrio or tour j ,u ,:nek-iterkuownihe v,uorol ourtroi,,,und .. (. I .... ... ll.'.l. !.. r .ii. p. i ...... rl.i ij 1 11 Ml tlSlllOVai- . I... .I.U..I l ...t. on., i in from I ho neres-ly oi iiik ug e iner , ,e I es o i u rumen, tun. . .n-,..... mniiou. m - , , livid hi in mm uiu hi iMU, f standini. arniies. of fih iewc rv tint deck their persons, and ih-s.- n more Civorahl. Iiiirnnlllinililfilillli:i. iidV iuciliii fimvuinn ii;miuju iiiniv - n nftho iowelry tint dock their nersnnf, ana ih-v n imro UturnMo rewiU than v cmild ilnn-M u l.ii'li U innm r..i ,,it sjnn.nn. un 'jnlileU nt plaio UM i'hti mni im- ju-iitv ot ournui-o Hut H tin- wen t ... i :..! iti.i Pp.hIw.s, Imt ini Mii-i.w tin,) jitiiM'i:ilU ; il,, i f n s honld chance tu bo Selected! d iu io liberty lb m either, of Kxeen.ive , ;iliorn their tuWe Maw nuny n them cm. as the Democratic catulidate for tbc lixecutivo patronage. AH tbeo nutrnmenU ui j-mver are pu BIll nlwr r " " V . 1 Know iiltlo ot the conceiJtratcil ; ine mcAiui iL-att.iiitu-wvv.Lw, ruire-uiii--iit, . ...... - . . IVI1.1T. Ill stll.lll riMlllIJlll 1-1 lliu (ifrlllf llillljitl til im-iiii ;-in..... - - -v inmvnf them consiill ho, 1! wc errt'tl m voting supphrs which ihcnnceinel . .. . t tllillHlvllS.lhle lur t If KiUitlltHi til nnr nrim-. nn.l Mtitrh were nkcd no other nuriKvn. weshouU he ytill inort' inM'uohle lor oini; ndditionnl inpnii now. wiH'ii nu Mien urcfAaiiy citfi:, nnti wnm me mnimt- How r)i:iir I will rniin.-, that 1 i, ir i,: i,iii:irst nillifrpnls nni not :itnl ilir.nor .,coL.,..,y, v. "'"".v.:.:. ,. ox ,,i ., : f ; .a- hoir i,i n.csti,o .n-t.-ii louuua uonir u very ,ri,dietiu.u and , I . ,.f H, United Stales are him 1 ho l'rov 10, iv nin ue iljiiil'iuol'i- powei uiiuou o,..i. ..-" j .... - .,c....- entrap nun. mo 1 1 ' r ,, ', . i r,.atcreunimonvvoi lbs r.,r, nc iioce..s.irv lax in time or vvar, od, was adopted III u.o 0 . w, l..- uep,,,, c .s . ... ,.,,.. iu.' .V"..-y, X ,. A,theril Democratic final.- , . ,,. ml o .,11 o ri rKtin, X i l lives, as nil amendu.ent 10 no 1 ureu 11,1111011 1 an engine or ,, ... ......... ' b, , , utriotir. " enough to move hick words in prrM my nhhomVe id the henr. it hill," on tho 15th ol I'Ybr nary, 18 17, by u nn-1 creased and widely HI u-cd "dmt-a 1 " 1 " " ' "f" , , embiai-in" a 'larmg in-olciuv with w t'ich nuiims, that thirf nnj joritv of nine. On the 3d of March, IS 17. the ihu Kxecntivo lo control tho,e juriMhctio. s. U i.v lor the supper ol II is var. e mir.u in a , r ,w,,,,e updated m Ad ni, 1st ion defeated the amendment hy a Tho .Slates have neilher Heels nor an lies, and 1 dcriptiou ol propeity, only h) tho hlll,,i;l, Aln,.ri,all ,,',. na ,w ruli-- l.j bic& stribution nf ,l,',f,o,i of a Southern "enlleman, that the n purK.-.- ol , is,ueinlH.riuenl, plunder, and conquest . . .... . . i. or. ten, 1, 0 e,i. 11 01, n s , tin,.,,.-- in .-ii'v ,11 lOO pilllUliC 10 ' ". - ' , , HO' I 1,11 'W.'ll 1 l01l,rll O. ,..11, tlLUIlvll! ,1,111 illliiii', ol winch the rivihed woild has seen no example unca recoi'i.i.ed as tho objects on which the physical 1 them. There were also some timid suggestion-. J. MITCHELL, Mini c 11 si v r WA ii, on, Church .Strict, liurlnilon, l nnwers of 111 in should bo mainly exerted; they lire arts eminently Miitcd to tho character and wants of our people, and llio genius of our in stitutions, audit is a roiupk-lu inversion of the principles of true tlalCMiiaii.-hip in Ihu nine teenth iTJitury, as well us u violation of the rules concerniiiL' tho value of Texas as a future mar ket for northern produce and manufactures; homo nucrile apprehensions or Ihc establishment of llritish domination in that republic ; some idle inninrilvol five K r, they count iiiei as easily lliougll uiu oruni.ii 10 ,,,0.110 rs. .. , , ', ,1 , -. i'""f r') , ," ., i.i-- ki- hi,, ,,, il ,t maioritv lifly. S01110 solitary' them mi"ht set at tho whole military r involuntary servitude i And when Ihat )vr- mtw,. Human lnnnivise has jet 1,0 name for that havo mido that inajorny imj. i ,0 ,,,t, oiv J"-' i,:,.rt-ir hcen our no cv toV..,.,,,,..! ohil inthro.iisl. who has "nc h eved trreat- new crime, whenhv a miLthiy and hiithly culuateil Deinocralio AUliel, indeed, in ght have been Torce winch it has ,t,J1 , X 71,.,. Vlio iiicrt; i-oil ' set'11', , ' ' t,-. 11 1111 j witli tlit rir-riiiit-il ivot.le is to put it-fl w 'ihe ,!- ,, ri,.luUon, found faithful enough, " will. Ilauio of zeal so-. iuiinlalu,)rt It does no follow that tho 1 w'lmM e." hy coup hug his n.iino vv til t u l,1,1lU.d,lrc,.svr,. rmmy , I1w,,,iri1,.1,ad bu- louui i 1 iiiiiiui iij'b . ,;,,,..; ,v heh our contemplated ex- ,,,. -o. moved a t ix, apportioned according to ,,. i,w,r.. r..,v,r.l.ooi,in,i.;..,iK.,ci, n h... rnrn." in inn Haul 1 .it ...iv,.-. .... to maintain " A"ni-t revolted multitudes the cause Ol Truth.' Hut I am speakl.i; iJStli Uongress 7.. . ,. t r.,l iii.v mi, . .. .. .... (I... v.,.,,.. I. i.i- ns coiiiiross. .. . ........ I , C I I 11.1II-IOII Will OUOu m," . ll,u i oo-i.ini.s. v.. . ,,,,,.,.,.... ...-.p.., uiui. t .. ......:.! Il..,ki.l..iil In a ,11,- 1 1 ...,n, it ,111 mt 1 Ir.ltisnorts ol 111- reicre, ices niul l.lll) lias litlH'lainied. nainst liinu.hin'; war. there nr.' other couinlv w i.h ilw de. Iti.llllll Inti-s. 'I'lit. re... ,xor uer 1 1 1 , ,0 b " ' ' V m . ' . , ,ic,,, Uir w ho shall Mipersedo ) onr Loll- ., -- ,Vil ,' ,he sort so energetically anathema- uhir tcmiucnis ahra. v orraiucd nr.- very far horn lull to abandon tho l', ai onco ana .i.iogii.ii.r, . ., . r i,.i.,, in tank and hie. Th-e ihe 'r.-Mdcui Ims iwer 10 iLabbleaUiutthe iu.mrtance ,, that territory to as soon as it w "c'';"' be nod. The lcjiom ol I Mr. Chaitinan, I warn gcnllcmcn thai none Wluph) enl.s,.e.,., ria'abdur thai the military defence of the Union; bonie phiUn-1 defeated in tho oeiuto. uui iiituoua vvcrenp- . c 11 what every moinber of knows, when 1 say that Northern "lleinodrats generally were prepared 1 ml I UIU II II llltllUlltMO I IU'luwin - - -- J II I' IIL.VilH""'"! " j 1 ;.. ! ... I ... .. 1 ...... M I! I .1. . L. .1 I. -ill ICfhli i4 lit'! lU'llfnil TcnMU tho litary.le.iiot"."' 5 a""' i,s. " .L"t l"Unl" pair 01.-11 ; no w. " . . - , .,B. H, sold erv rained tu pioteci llie iiom ir inij upe.. , ,ggeslion ; fir, 1110 ..ovi ru , c, . ...k.... . ,.ri,,4 r retiismc to ..Lietiirill COl euei.. auu 111, ouaLi own 1 ,.ri' it .11,1 V 1 11 U.aieu 1,1 111,, I, uui ii'-s isitt it,t- ,1, iit.l .tl 1 1 ... 1 iChi.lenl 1. ,r 111I1I

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