Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 3, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 3, 1848 Page 2
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this can In- accomplished within the Icrm ol another luclicniniiih. Why, thru, ordain.' new i fjitnentii while t lie ei'istiug ones lire, and ate destined to remain mere skeletons 1 The purpose isplain. The reu,i nifiit me tn lie raised, or Hither ulliccred,for nn other cuil or niiii.lmt to increase Ihe palionagc ol tlie Ince ntive, to ciiahle it to reward hunijiy partisans, or pur I'hasc'nevv ones, by n ptntlial ih?ti ibiitioii of rank"'d emolument. I low will these rciniucnt" he olheered I Will the higher commands be tcndcicd I" (!''" k-l."Sl ol military education nml experience I Will lull"" set vice in Floiida.or in Ibis Mexican wnr, he lewnrun hy lair promotion 1 He that would know '"""." i claw these nlliccrswill he taken needs hut consult he records rfth? War (llire for Hie last ''"V"?'.', look nt the hordes ol coiiuorants lint Hock hit lu r iron the. four .planers of the Union, at every rumor c. aiiR mentation ol the arniy. an, I ration-.. 1 know there me anioim the uppl c mi sbr. , hoiioialile, iiilcllis'otit nu n, men w hu would do indit to V Fer Jhil what arc the ina.s im- no vocation for lahor, ami hav iim expel nu'mlally proved their incapacity to .In iiiitiht better, conceive bcniselvcs to he il with " military (emus, anil .1 it. .. ,mw.i.iii lii . cslinv ami uv- waste what creative natiiieaml huin.m imluMrj have proilueeil ', political ack-puil.lliil,'s, w e success hi su...... J;eni hns'ni-pued them Willi lolly notions ol their own anilities in military maiccy , minimi .si,,.,,,, u e cunitis,iiiicrnseopicinariiali-ls, truculent 1 om 1 liuiulu, verdant overr. i ft n juvenilis, hurly thrasniiie Auakim, with an air that reminds one ol the giant's chain in the table Tee, five, funi ! I smell the blond of a .Mexican! Dead or live, I will hire pome! Truly, Mr. Chairman, 1 can tay, Willi the poor yoitue, prince My cyesaic out, liven Willi the hercc looks of those Moody men. Of mch cheap .-lull' as this are chielly made the self- pulled "Cltl.en-sol.lier, prtiiilolieloos; ol tills .llexicuu war. whom hlintli'd mitv veal neimils to uurn rank mid honor" denied to the wiser and hetlcr men, vvhnse ourai'e and i-kill, and heroic rll-,k'votion, have cna- hied Hie iidveniurerswhi, ivneniipl.iiiled them to leap ' H irauielll u.irMMOi ui1'), in.,, n-. in iRnnirii. the wearers as hoirowed phuues ihe Unite courage, indeed, these douehly pahnhns nia) hayej 1 we no leavin whvlhey should not. Ki-King Iheni-1 selesthey risk h'llle, and i.iluing lluir own lives nt : noiliing, they estimate them at just what they aic ' 1 have touched upon a noiui to wbii h the aitention of the American puhlie h,i l en hy nn means as Mroiiiii v in nw il us us iiiifiuitiiui . UII1I.HIU., ... .i... i.. .: i. .. i... i, 1 1,.. ,,n', .,i ,i. r,.niMr nr. inv haie heen treaie,!. iN'oi oulv hive tliey heen de- , eriec lnd entillid them, bill il ha been th-studied cll'ort ol ihe Ailuuni-iiuiioii ami ihe party that mis- tains ileprive Ih 'in ol Ihe credil whichjii-lly he- longs In them lor ihe hrilhanl successes that have crowned our military oi.eiatioiis m .Momch, hy iienli- nig (o the mere annual courage ol the volunteers and new raided rcginieius, which wire in a l irgreaier de- give due lo the skill and intelligence of ihe e'lacaied geiuleinan ol the regular army, hy whom the most nil- portaut movements verc ilneeted or advi-ed. 1 am tuils.'" T.' Amcifr ttni! cieutly e.xliihiteil tliese qualities on other and less ciiuivoeal fields, iiiul 1 hae no iluiiht Ihej will again be displayed in still mule heioie forms, whenever a luglicr iuutio and a woriliiiriau-e shall demand ih.-ir ''Tit'TVoar the nohle sentiment nf patiiotisin has been two ninth nllojed hy other linpiil-es U'sulesa sense, of duly In our omliltiy. What was tiieie, in tact, to call Inrih any sp-cial eiiihusiasm ofpauiotic leebiig ! llnw had our (.onntr)'s In r been urne-h- cd, sive hy ihe act ol her own inlets I What Ameri- can health hid been threatened will, de-olanon, what tields menaced with .Mcmc.hi nuasion 1 Ni asilie resuue nt our gallant army hoiu the critical po-itioii in which it had heen placed, not, as 1 heiieve, hy any er ror nf judgment in the hraie aiul wie man w ho led it. hut by the e.xpiess, though uiicon-litutioiial cider nt the Cabinet; so tar as tin- protection ol the country ngauisl ihe seritius eviswhieh,hoih as immediate and indirect eonseiiueiicts, would have resulted lrom ihe sicriliee ol army; so liras the conduct of the y,.' nitcers hajeen irompied hy such eou-ideiatiiiiis, it has been eniiiii'iitly juaiM-woiihy, llui bejond this I lear there is linle lhat a Chnsii.m or a moiale t can ni.piove, hiile that a wise siatesinan would desiie to cheri-h. Iliou subtract lrom ihe inipul-cs ol those who have hi eagerly iiMied to the lii ld the bnie nf military fame, and "perhaps of political ndiancenieiit as itseoiisefii(.iee, the passion tor the rouiaiiieol dan- ger, Ihe hue ni d.lliug enlelpilse, and the e.vpect.llinll of Willi ndtclltuic. ill those strain,', and ihlaot chines. l,i,., l,!o..ri,, ImI.t, .l..,l-..,1..;i have made classic gtuuiiil, )nu will, in loo niaiiy insiaii ces, liae btllo left hut that s.iage thilst oV hlnoil. t-iiiii-,,i uvmuuvnui nioii.iu i,-,itiinifi not yet heen ahle lucradicale hmn ihe liumaii hrui-t. Hut cre.huhlc us are nur recent victories to ihe brav cry ol our Hoops, they are far moie iiiiiioiiaut to nar naiionaUaletj nnd renown, as luini-liing to the woild evidence that the higle-t order ol stiaiegnal talent cfiss among us, and ihai our svsiem ol uuhiary eilu- canon is able to produce as .n'roinph-hed a toipsof k"!ooN "3 "'U r,'t!"1"u',l ,;uri'i"-a prol'esMonal The disposition to v ithhold fioir, the regular officers .milled u nut v xsiT, a o,"": Nilial fccliue: with the meluhelsnt tlie lin-s,.it t'riltmel. bat it is one among the many evidences nl a design, whali has been Inng enn-riauitil hi u certain puny, In ilrmimti:c the army, break down its r.y, it tie rmiis, abolish the uuhiary iiLitdeiuy, and convert ihe milita ry estahhshmeut into an engine nl pnhtical corruption. The army, as loiiuerly orgaiuetl, is loo nmseiwitive ,s ;Mi';' I '' ,JhUil ,'' u.c i ileslruclivo school, l.dileatiou, suhnnliuatinii, disci- piine, periuaneni tenure nf olhce, are fniinnl'ible oh- , sen, the I outlaid ol ill" Anlion nro mute lor a btacles to the " progress," nf modern D-iuociaey ; and KP.-n,. . ., ,i;,, ,.t '.lr ,i l..lri!,, ctr'.f,, oiuong other "n forms," which will smuilize the tri- "Cason , tho iliu ol NX .ir, and Ihep artisan strile umph of radicalism, will he ihe supptes-iou of the of men in lint debate, are forgotten ; tbemessen school at West Point, rotation in olliee in tlie uiihliuy r n,,.,-., t. c, ,;, ,,i i . . , -i n H.-rviee.un.l the e-iabi,shn,eiol,ple lhat po- 1 or 1 eJC0 ls ,,)r U",e b'-,'-'ded ; while all liiical subserviency is ihe only louie to unlit iry pieier- - hearts and tongues unite to pay a tribute of pro luent. The introduclion ol imiovuliuiis into r,,.,,,,l ,,,l .,ii'., . , . r .i i i the nnvy is somewhat moie d.lhciilt, bin ii is not mi- 1111111,1 "ul 'Ih'Clinn.ite respect for the honored praclicable even there ; and in can- a Ihuopean war and illustrious dead, with Ibf et ill chccrill" should require mi increase nt our marine, Hie oldest cominoiioie niay ery pm!,.ilily luul hunsell supersedetl by n New Yolk pilot, or an amateur captain nt a pri vate yacht. I know as little of ihe grounds on whhh the Ad ministration Ins thought propel to lake away nui'-half the efleciive strengili nl ihe arniy in Mexico, by re calling its accompmhed command t, as 1 do nt ihnse ui which the i;.ecutie those m give double strength mid vigor lo the. .Mexican loices hy lestoruig lo ilietu their ablest geneial ; and thereloie, howeverstiouguiy impit-ssious, 1 will not now pronounce judiiieui helore hand on the propriety of that art. Tins much, how cier, 1 liny safely say, ilm a Cabinet, which Ins not hjd ihe gener,siiy to bestow upon (icneral Scott a single personal comphuieiit for ihe gieatest uuhiary nchievement ol this generation, a single word ot praise nil the unrivalled g.'iiius ihp!a)eil in the great coui binaiinti.s which nlmie tendered Ihe prowess ot our troops nailabe, and x In, h have commanded die un- tinimileil ailuuraliou ol Hie ultlest living captains, hihitsn .piritnlillibcialit) towards a iiioMeniiiicntainl deserving fellow-cituen, which well accords with ihe Hijn-lice ol its policy low urds .Mexico. I.ETTKii ntmi Mit. Ct.xx-. n.stract from a letter of the lion. IIkmiv Ci.av, of the (llli Feb ruary, to a friend in Virginia, which bo pre sumes to publish, uii iiithorijjoil though it bo by tbo distinguished author Mexumlri,! (,'ttzelte. " I have this moment perused an able pam phlet from tho pen of ilr. (.'ai.i.atin, in which, without any concert between us, I find that ho takes eimil ir positions lo tho-e wliich I pre viously occupied. He fortifies them bv a stii king array of facts and powerful arguments. " I am not surprised at tbo Imputation of un worthy motives to me for the delivery of tlie speecii. 1 hat lias Heen so lng ,ny fonnno that 1 should bavo bcoti stirnrised if it bad mil henn made. Will Ibey charge Mr. Calhilin, in tho 1 lleVvll!'1"0lll nctnalnl v ... vr.,w ... u.k., .no i iesiiiencv ; is a much ground in the, onu case as other." l here 111 LIlQ . A Itvsi'i.Tor a Di.MoxsrRATios At the appointed mini niigiii oe giiug on, us nii-y tumid iheius,v,.8 composing nejily ihe enure lnrce,orgiinis,., hy appoin ting D.uid II. Ilarues, Cs, l'r s.i,Jviii,I:,Im unJil Tay. lor. Vice iViihnt,nnd I). II. Jaycis ks and Willia'n Schrain.secrclaries, und iioniiuated IIi.miv ('i.av tor the Presidency. Alter they had finished i,f Tojlnr itcs got under way and at the close ol iheir nieeting (he deinmistraliuns for Mr. Clay were ilnngtr than t rer. I'uugldccjmc V.agU. In reference to the destruction hy fire nf ihe woolen liclory nt Northfield, Vermont, the Iloston Attn, snvs: Thetr is insurance to the nmoiint of JTnKKi. of xvhitli bJii,ui i nt me .iinniiiacturers, nml sihi.ooii cncli et the )-rnnklin ami I'ircmnii s olhccs in tins city. 'I'he remaining $.U.0u0 is at ollices in Providence. 'J'hc insurance falls considerably short of the loss, Mr. Clay nirrnrn at a I,ocn Vim Mfctivo! Welearn lrom Ihe New Haven Journal and Courier lhat nine thee wer given for Mr. Clay nt a late Loco 1'oco .Mass Convention in that city, and three more at the close of Ihe meeting I The Tieuty Quick ll'uik.. Mr. Frtancr brought ihe despnuhci through in seventeen days lrom the Cny ol Mexico to Washington. mmr,ix(iTo, vi. FRIDAY MOltNINC MAKCtI :t, IBIS. " I.N Tilt: DARK AND TROUIIM'.II MdltT THAT IS upon ti, Titr.nn isxuSrAtt Anovr. Titn hokizon Tonivr. its a ni.r.Axt of t.tmiT, r.xcr.PTiNO the IKTULMOKNT, 1'ATIIIOTIO Willi! fAUTV OF THE United States," l),tnitl Webster. Tor l'rcsideiit, HENRY CLAY. For Vice President, MILL AIM) FIL LMOKIi, or M.wioitK. Subject to the decision of the Whig National Con vention, John (Jiiincy Admits, Wo gave, in our Telegraphic Despatch of last week, nml in nnr Uxlra, (n limited number of wlncli we published on Saluiday evening,) the s.ul intelligence of llio ilealli of Jun.v (Iuimcv Adams. TIio instant pause in (lie ordinary inrsnils and avocations of life in the Halls of l.egii lion, in the, .Marls of Business, and in t lie idle round of Measure, Inch the announcement of (s jrixnt event lias occasioned, is no less no- . , , . . . Hcable than it is solemn and impressive. It is the manifestation of the universal convictior . ....... , , . ,, ,, - , ""it Ihe Nation has lot a l,uuiicllor and r l-'i iciul. Tor three days, duriiiT which his tin conscious form lay smitten by Ihe hand of Death, i the ('apitol of tho Itepublic, under the very . . . . .... riinf uIiito t he nast sixteen vears of his natriotic nr.. i,. I,,,,.,, ,,.., if ,. il,l. i.t !,1 1 1 1 I'll l E NTAT I V E or THE I'eiiim.e watched, with anxius folicitiulo and silent sorrow, by the . . . , great Legislative llody of the Nation. And m0t liltiu'r it was that his last hours should " thus muo passed away. Ills whole life hail been devoted, with unwearied fidelity and unre- . , 1 luitting zeal, to the cau-c of h!s Cotinlrv and of '"' " lrl1ly fiUlug .bat its clos- iug scenes should he among the witnesses of i , . ,f r . ., r ,,, l,H ecne"'' self-forgetting tolls for the l'ublic good, and surroundeil bv the tindviug memorials of his mafchless .statesmanship and patrioti-m. Well might it be said of bint, as ho , , , , ... ... . . 'i) 1,1 sU,l 111 'll0 migniliceiil edifice that con- tains tho initial annuls of bis beloved coillitrv, I ., , , ., . ,. . "l0 records and the instruments of her prosperity and reiioivn, upon which bis own reat name , r. , , ,, . ., , is so often and so honorablv inscribed " Si mt.itume nlum iuini$t nr. rvsrici,!'' He died amid the splendid trophies of bis wisdom and ability, on the very field of his labors and icwards, "with his harness on," and before "the lino gold" of bis wonderful powers bad "become dim." A glorious life, and a life use- fnl to mankind as it was glorious, had thus an ., , , appmpnato cud on earth. j The ilealli or.lon (U'lNCV Adams, under such , J ciicumstanccs, mvakens in tlie public mind a ' r.,t!ti,p rnilmp ..r .1....,..., ........lnH n...l l.n..l . ..!... V' "- """""B" log than of grief or sorrow. 1 he good bo has douo lives, and will live, after him. A kind ,. . . , , I'luwouiiru sceuieu iu approvu aim sancuiy bis life, by the ordering of his death; and wc , ; , , , ,. , w'to "irvno arc permuted lolook upon his clear example, and to btudy his e.alled character, as ,' , , , ,. , we look upon and study tho star, which, wc fL,e as,urcj j3 j n, appropriate place in tbo heavens. ' r u.o poP..iar scn-ibility, public and private, that the Midden termination of tbo life of this great and good man lias awakened. Hevcrence and honor, extraoiilinary in character and degree) are every where paid to bis name and memory ; l'ublic I business is tuspended l'ublic offices are clo- ; ' ' t " every great or gnml man's death is a step I inn set low .mis tln-ir end the end ol being ; Which is the gooi of all and loe ol (!od." " Vernionl Ilaiil,s, About four months ago, a newspaper was started in New York with the inquiring titlo of ' If Mi rcitultte Timer, tlciotcil rntirilij In Ihe mlt i't't.i i'i Vimtmert e nml Triule." Tlie chief ' mis-ion" of tbo allair appears to bo to create commercial and monetary panics, (or which purpose it vu doubtless supposed that the small est amount of commercial and financial knoirl- ej .vud be quite Millicient. It is a locofoco , ' concern altogether, crying up ! rco Trade and Direct Taxation, and opposing the I'rotcrtivc Policy thus resorting to the most luminous method of displaying its profound ignorance of the true lelatious ol Trade nnd Finance. One of the latest exhibitions of stupidity and malico with which this ('mnmereuil (,') paper is in tho weekly habit of edifying its readers, is found in an article in its columns of tho 12th Feb. under thn beading of " Vermont Hanks," wherein an attempt is made to discredit tho hills nfall II inks in this State, but more especially of tbo following eleven : .Montpelicr, .Middlebury, Caledonia, I'oullney, Newbury, Manchester Orango Co., Farmers and Mechanics, Wood. slock, Fanners and Jll.ick Itiver.-lbough llio remaining seven arc left, by Ibis financial wise- I J 4-1 arre, in about the saino category j Now it is hardly necessary for us to say that tho credit of the II inks of Vermont is not quite at the mercy of the cyphering of panic makers aim uui-specuiaiors. jnero is no ntaleintlie Union whoso banking institutions are under better management, both legislative and directo rial, or whoso State currency is in a sounder and healthier condition. Thero is no Statu in the Union where tho ;c;)c aro more scnsitiio res peeling the solvency and stability of their Hanks, or where superior intelligence and integrity are rcquireit.iiy tho forco of public opinion, in their superintendence and control. And. notwitb. standing tho specious showing of Ibis New Votk commercial humbug, there are no other eighteen Hanks in Ihe Union against whoso liabilities the public are moro securely protected. Tho following is a samplo of llm species of financial wisdom, or knavery, which tho "Mer cantile Times" takes pains to exhibit: "The condition of tlie Hank of Monqiclirr, shows $31.111 in siccie lo S'.'(1.'I,'."J1 of immediate, liahihtus rir l-ll"iih rceut. Cotcriicd by prudence, it should huvc been 830i3(l, A common innling his Turlington free press, Friday morning, march :s, 1848. ponds through the country, lnij;ht soon rccclvccnoiigh of their notes to break the hank at pleasure. And what renders the case luoic censurable, is inc. taci inui the directors and principal stockholders of tins Innk nrcincn of unu-nal intelligence and character among their lcllow-citi7ens.M Now this " .Samson Agonislcs" of banking may live long enough to learn that " mcuoTiiiw- tuul intelligence and character among their lei- low citizens" in Vermont, are not pt to tnako a showing of S2I53,'J!)1 of " iunneiliatc liabilities" and y;i,8:!il of nssels to meet them I Violent contrasts of this description arc commoner in the latitude of Wult-Strect, than in the cooler at mosphere of the Country. The following t.thlo front the llcpnrt nf the lion. .Mr. Coni.tiitii:, our able and accomplished 11 ink Commissioner, (from whose Heport, hy tlio way, tho Tiwcf, also, draws its awful pie turo o( Insolvency and ruin), shows tho po-ition of the of Jlonlpelicr, as respects itsliabili lies ami resources, in AnguM.' kvt l.lAUII.niES. Hills in circulation, $1RS,7S. 0(1 Dctiositcs, &c. 7l,flU0 ail Total liabilities. Notes and bills discounted1 Specie, bills of oilier Il.tnks, U. S. !i per cent. Stock and Dcposites in Cities. Heal estate, 8203,21)1 30 272,853 20 93,120 62 2,000 00 Total resources, $371,002 81 Showing a surjihif of resources over llabili tics, to the amount of jiuiie thas ose hi'.sui:ed thol'sa.mi lioi.i.Alts, which wc conunend to the notice of the " Mercantile Times, n paper devoted cntirelylo tho interests of Commerce and Trailo '. An examination of tho same Report descloses an equally bolvent condition of alKiirs with the remainder of Hanks of this State, against wliic Ibis commercial paper has undertaken a rru sade. l'or example : ehiinics, exhibits : Tho Farmers and .Me Kesnurccs, Liabilities, 63D7.717 202,139 05 Surplus. The Dank of Burlington : Resources, Liabilities, 105,008 13 $388,770 01 217,772 00 Surplus, 171,003 01 And so on. When the " Mercantile Times Set. etc." Fiiccceds in growing rich hy buying up Vermont bills tit discount we hopeit will ride ill a carriage mid six. Wo have just received the following commit nicatiou from Haiiiiv llr.Aiii.r.y, lis ), and avail ourselves, with pleasure, ol tiie discretion given us at tbo close of it, to publish it entirely. Mr. Ci.jir.Kr. Dear Wr, I notice in the Mcrcuntil Tunes n paper published in the City of New-Yoik February 12, ISIS, an article upon the dangerous po sition ol the Vermont Hanks. The author of the urtl cle in iiucsiinn must he a knave or fool ; he figures show that the immediate liabilities of all the Hanks this Stale amount In Sc!,?t'is),710, and lhat they bine specie lo the amount nf only f)lU5,C'.i0; or a litlle over 3J per cent. Now, Sir, what arc the fads in the ease ? I,etany man refer to the report of the Hank Cnnuuis sioner ami lie will sec that while their immediate lia hiliticH are, as slated, 82,70,710, they hae immediate menus tn Ihe amount of, St,t.VJ,i:t5,22 Aliu Holes discounted, y,Vl,.i.Jl,0 Total, Deduct iuimrdiatc liabilities, ei.0S0,T-i'.i,S'J a,7fi," IU,U() The nuiount.Eiirplus, . (1I1S)IVV together with Ihe Uenl l.stntc, nnd other items, tu I relumed to the .SiockhoMer at the expiration of the several charters. Of the Notes nnd Hills discounted probably not less tlian.Sl.DiKIKin j, in Domestic HdU for Droits, and tailing due daily in llosiou, New -York Troy nnd Albany, and Immediately placed In ihu cred it of tlie several 11 inks here. 1 am nut a Stockholder 10 me uiiioum oi a uoinr m any iwtik now in opera' lion ; hut noticing the article, and the gross injustice is calculated to do the Hanks in this State, I call jour intention to it. You can ninkcsuch use of this ns jou HiiiiK proper. ll.xl.UY lll.ADLUY Hurliuglon, February 27, 1913. Jlr. Cluy in I'liilndelphiii. No man ever lived who possessed so stron" a hold upon tho hearts of the people as IIemiy Clax-. The popiilarenthusiasin wherever awak ened by bis magic presence is absolutely iiubnun ,,.,ccrlainly never so great, spontaneous and irrepressible as at this moment. Let any man read the account, beloiv, of his progress to, ai.d reception at, Philadelphia, and llieiMcll us what country on earth, or what Conqueror or King on earth, ever witnessed such a scene as is there inadequately portravid It was the homage of warm-hearted, intelligent freemen to one whose lil'u has been spent in their service, and whose unsullied character commands their profound ct respect and deepest all'eclion. The Itccoptinn off Henry t'lnj. From the North American nnd Piulad. Onz. 25,ult 1 There were douhis esterday uinriiiug ns to ihe pmlubihty that our city would he allorJed an oppor liiuiiy nl weleoniiiig wuh ihe lull gUs, ol ciiihuJilw,, that swelled to meet him, ihe chauipion and exeumhir nl U lug priuciiiles llenry Clay. o,her and melaii choly line igeme had reached us, i relation lo ihe death of l.v-Prcsideni Adams; nM, while it was known that Air. Clay was con-irained by pror.ssional ellgageiiu ills nnd iluties lo come to the was f,arui that he would he unable to Icau' Washington The coiisiraint ot an imperative dmv broughriiiui hither; and though many were absent, Udievuig lhat he w ould not tome, there were present to receive him such n multitude as tin conqueror iruni his tri umphs could summon. There has been, since the lime of Washington, noihing like il in Philadelphi i. The very bean ol ihe city buist lorih In welcome liiiu ; nil parties, all class, s, united ; and our meets were crowded, lrom an eaily hour to the close ol the reception, ns we have newr bclore seen. The whole K'cnewasone ol enthusiasm nnd leeliug be)ondde scriiilioii. '1 he day was not as propitious, ns was anticipated or could haej en denied j ucvellheless.the weallier wus hy nn means ihsigieeahle, ll was cloudy wnh occasional ghuqises of the sun, ami though somewhat raw, was not unpleasantly so. The sK'cial car provided liir'llie Committee of I'.s cort tu uiei t Mr. Clav at lllktoit, in company wuh a similar Culmiuttee nl Young Whigs, loll llio D'pot comer nf lllevciith and .Maikcl streets, nt hall past eight o'l lock, A. M. and slatted lrom (lra's Perry, with n licet locomotive, at seven minutes past nine. Previous lo leaving I ray's Ferry, a Idler was read by C. W llender, F.sq ,n Incniberolihc committee, Iroiu William S, Smith, Dsq. Chairman ol the (.'oiiiuuttee, stating his inability to accompany ihe Committee on us pleasant errand, in coiiseipteuce ol a domestical. Jhclioii. It lieiug then-lore necessary lo supply Mr Smith's place, it was determined thai Col. John Svvilt Alii) or ol llie. city, as ex-uShcin Chairman ol ihe Com niiiiee, should net in Mr, Smith's place. The run lrom (irav's Ferry to Wilmington was made in an hour and three minutes. The road was m excellent condition, nnd the passage wns ilelighitui. Altera halt ol live inuiuus at W ilmington, the car proceeded on lo Llklun, aiming ihere at live minutes alter eleven, and h iv iug accomplished the distance, u mites in fifty iiiiiitiiest jucluiluig two uiimitcb' stop, page nt Newark, 'Pins pin ol die trip was ol the same pleasing ihar.ictcr nl that Utwccii the cny nud Wilmington. Al Hlklou Ihe comniillee partook of n collation nt tlie Washington Hotel, kept by Mr. Tuylor, prepared hy the Whigs ol thai town, umh r llie direction ol Col' JohuC. (iroome. Tins rejia-l was more of n sumptu ous dinner llinu n collation, nud rrllectcd the highest credit not only upon ihe Whig cili.cna ol l.lklou, but upon the liberal l.iuJInid as a cntcier. The collation h iving been discussed in llie happiest humor, llie coiutuiiice, by invitation proceeded to (he lil,lu,n ..Cl',.1 I. ...I .. ..C I :...). i ..i.s.,,1, I'Mttunv mil- (lusnmiu- ' llcHot thai sleihitir Wliu. 'I'he cnmuulleu Iheti returned In the Wnsbiugtoii Hotel, and on its pnrib. letiiined llnuks ihiniigh Col, Swill, tolhc Whigs ol Llkton, lor thc.hospilnhly they Ind receiveil. Col, Swili'saddresswas bricf,bitt In bis usually felicitous manner. Col, (iroome replied in an address nf a few words, yetvery appropriate, Altwehe oVIm k tlie train Ifom II illhnore came up to the depot in gilhnist)le, Willi colors Hying. Al the rear ol the train was a largo and splendid new car, spe. cially provided at Ihliimorchv tlie riiiliilelnhia, W'll- uiingtou an I llilliinnre liailroad Compiny, under the irection of Ihe eoinlenni President of the comhanv VI' 1 1 nl.. I'.., Tl... ...... ,l..i,,i,.l,n,l I,,..,, ,i; gu'ar tram at lllklon and attached to the special lo comotive hum Philadelphia. Mr. Chy from Balti more, was accompanied hy no one except Morton Mc .Michael, r,ii. of Philadelphia. ... Al l.lkton, he lelt the car containing linn, to shnke hands Willi the patiiotic people ol that ancient luwn. Onetnerging lrom the car, the. Philadelphia Cnin- nuilecs ami l.lklou lolks Iniuliy nun entliiisiaiicaliy chcVred him, The whole population of this place .tiieii, women and children, of all classes, had collected at me (lepoi to see the honored visitor, .nr. t. lay spent about hall'an hour in exchanging salutations; mid a more biliiitiful sight tlnu was ibis scene we ueier witiuiA.'d. ihiie wasau cvalence ol muuexieil, sin cere ami devoid reinTi nml alleclion which Ihe mnn nu ll of Ihe mightiest icalm on cailh might have cov eted. 1 1 special car. with Mr. Clay and the ( onuuit- tecs.took its il( linrlnre from I .Iktoll aillld loud Illld olt- repealed buas, at half-past Vi n ilock; und.nllcrn passage, the agreeahleiiessol whi'li was never exceed cd,arried,iu titiv mmutesat the circular ih pot at ilmmgtou, which was gaily Uresseii m trigs. The scene til Wilmington was one, tlie like of which was neer w itnes-i-d in ibis or any other coun try. The Inhabitants nl ibis p-itriiilic metropolis of tlie glorious little wing Mate m Deiawate, irm pour ed out, r;i 7ir9tr,aud,all distinctiniis being forenlten, in one heterogeneous, solid mass nl old and voimg, ricli and poor, male and lelinle, declepld mauhuoil and infancy, old womanhood and maiden lovel lie pressed with an eagerness that would take no niual, lo otnnui a single giasp ot me ii.tnii ot tne ui.iu wnoiiuary, lrtia. had thus, to such an extraordiinrv and womlerlul de xree, won iheir atlcclioiiate and devoted regards. Jic cnthlSasil manifested exceeded the dc'crititive powers ol the nio-i graphic pen. It was a heaittitul a stirring a erand a sahlimc spectacle ! 'I'he throng cxtcndeil a lullsutnie or moie. Mr. C av was so latirrued and had heconie so com pletely woiu out hy incessant liaiuls-shaking, th it he was nuly able tn gratify a few. He at lir-l nuule his appearance on the plattnrm at llie hind pall of llie car, butso wild, violent and ungovernable was the excite incut, that llie Coiiiimuee leariug lhat Mr. Clay would he drnggiit Irnin the i!atlmui mul Hie car ,ie mined lor nu unreasonable length of time, pulled him liaek into the cur. 'Phis, though, only incieased the leerness ni the clamorous mass who well Irod eath other under loot. in iiressui!r lor the windows ol llie car. t hroneii which hummus wcie sun reactuug their Innils. Wcnolicei! that inany ol itiesc nriieiu friends of .Mr Clay were composed of the iudu-trious, honest an I Inrd-fi-led oicratives trom the enterpris ing iiiamil.ictories ol iluimgion. .Mr. L lay, now ueiiilv exhausted, continued to shake the iiinlK-ied hands mini the car started, when theie arose shout niter shout that must have reverberated lor miles. Al Chcs'er, a scene otsiuular description was en acted. 'Ihe fair were here numerous. The beau ty ol old Chester tinned out largely, and came near Uikine Iv stunu the le-ait nl cvciv hathelnr member nl the ccmiiiittces. The citiens ul Marcus Hook s.i- luted linear as it passed wuh n Jr e fine ol small arms. 'I'he ctr reached the corner of Hroad and Prime strcetsata quarter pa-t ihrce o'clock. 'I'he sight lhat presented itscll heie h.illli s desciipuou. 'Phcrc must have been tin thousand people assembled. An im mense UKiuited cavalcade wns in wailing, and besides ihe dens,, nnss on the cpot at this point, as iqi Hroad slre-t nsthe c)e coald penetrate, theie was an iminteiriipv'd array ot' horsemen and vehicles, nud a dark sea ofammaie heads, It was with the uliuostdilliciilty that Mr. Chy could urike lusvviy lrom the car In the barouche in which he was tn rule. As he made his aps-iauce llie air was rail w th plaudits, and when llie harnuchc drove oil", ihe crovil eiung toil, nud picsscd after il vvttli such veheiirnee astoidiuost capsje it Tlie procession having lien lormcd, ;iasK'd over tin-designated route in ihe following order . .Mounted Cavalcade. Ilarouchedrawn by four milk white horses, henuli fullv cnriarsoncd. a'lul cuiuamiiii' .Mr. Cl.iv. Jnhn Swill, Lsi ,.Ma)or of the city, and John Struthers, Usui Itaroiiche containing Messrs. Morton McMichac, iicnry vvimc, John I'nce iilicnll ami v imam Ab bott. Carriages with the Committee of 1'cccptiou. A long trail of carriages with citi.cns. Young Whigs, on fool. Vllig Assiicutiiins, on foot. I III7C11S. i mi ii oiieciiu ni ine rnuic 10 me oiuei, me sineis cny, not even at the luneral nl (it'll. Harrison, Ihe through which itpa-sed, were so densel) packed lhat i ncLi.sion was, however, verydillercnt lrom that The the procession had to be halted every lew- nun s,'iud reeling ol the phl,e, though solemn, was not, on this n passage m hicrnlly forced through the living nml-1 nto-i-ion, one of gloom ; and the obiect appeared 'o be lltiide. llie unceasing iii7.img sounded hke llie Ies, I,, ,.A1,r,.N, KMei nt the hnppy death, than achnira ronrol wniers. I mm eveiy door, window nnd bal- i tion of ihe illu-trions life ol the ill parted nairtanli 'r'wTiTi'1"' "' "vl by die ladies, mid i Aicor.hug to an order Horn the War D-piriment, fr.ini numbers ol l,n.s along i. route, wreaths nml inmute guns weic fired lrom sunns.- till PJo'cloih teKfc ' ' M a'' 1 l,e '" '" Tl l:'",iu' "'l"-""en,s wete put in no1;, , ,g. nnsi i .irn l'. ,"7' ' "! !lfJV" I"" '" ,l.,H-' a,,'t ""d "nny ol the private buildings in Penn-ylvaina r nnnK I . ' '" "i'"0'1. !" V'V, V Avt'""L' "t'ru aU black. The stmcs vvcre charining and approving suiile while it did hoimr to , clos, d, and nil business su-icndcd. The various so tlit objee -id us reverence 1 he houses uu each side netics nnd public bodies conuuenc.-.l lonning nt II ..m.. . ' U ullu" H'M"' luukt''' llU" I ""-b'tk, und moved toward the Capitol under nulitaiy main tjirj palaces. li'ort. The crowd hi and about the Capitol was nn- VXhci ihe head or the procession reached the resi- prteedciiteil Mirny people had come in hoiu the ilence ol.XIa)iirSwilt, m 1 enih urcct, above Locust, countiy around lo wiiucs-the ceremonies. A larce he horsemen hied oil one side o Hie street nnd let Ipoitioii ol ihe Legi-lamre ol Mar) land nnd nnny .111 he carriages pass, j . ttr,et lb- entire length ol zeiisliom Annapolis and Hiliunore wer- present, the s.pnre from Locim in Wnlnnt, was crowded, an 1 1 At leu niuuiles helore Ii o'clock the Speaker enlled in Iriuitol ihe mansion of the X avor-lhehoineof Mr. the Hou-e to order, nt which moment Hie Ivll on I lay during Irs sojourn in Philadelphia the people Capitol li! commenced n, solemn lolling ns the i were actually piled one upon another. .Mr. ( 'la) got ml lor Ihe commencement nl the ceremonies The ullu the house wnh cxtt. luedilhcuUy .Mr. Cl.i) was Piesideut of Hie I'mted Slates mid HaiN ot the I). sncnuiplt tely exhausted as to Inlbld bis addres-ing 1 p irtiueiil.s entered the hall the lolluer Inking his seat llie assemblage vvjio s,.cmcd riveted lo the and on ihe tight of ihe Spiaker. The Judges ot the Su persunsivily and pres.-ingly urg dlhat Mr. Clay would prelim Court in Iheir ij.iwns; Ihe Ollicers ol the Aimy say a simple word. .Mr Chy at last indulged llitin , and .Nav) , in lull muloriii j the Foreign .Mmisiersnnd in a hltle iensantry and Ibey retired. their suits, in splendid ru-tume. billowed, und look Our country has witnessed no inch scene. 1 he j iheir seals upon the righl and led of the area m trout champion of a truth, the hentt ol which is viilae j the nl the Sp-akcr's i hur. Tin- Sen ite of the Foiled man who had given his lirsihorn to tins war of rapine ' Stabs iheii entered with llie Vice Pu-sid.-ni. the kilter Ihe statesman ol nearly lilty wiu'ers, wusibere wnh-1 taking hi, seal on the Speaker's lett. Mr. C F Ad out jiovver, or olliee hut not w iihout honor. Lit not unis ami otle-rs ol tie' lauuly, nud friends ot the tie- llie nn an ami crawling politician hercntteiurcaiu mai success, uiomem.iry or l.islmg, wins nounr. i lie inree mintireii ttiousrinjs ot I'liilaiteliitua proeiamiiii lhat virtue and wisdom out ot of liee were more holi nrable ihan ihe Intk ol iheni in ih; luglust station ol the ici'ubhc. jTrThe Monlpelier Wiitchtnan calls ournotice of its seml-oiiicial antiouiicenieiit of Judge .Mc Lean as its candidate for the presidency "a ;tr fiinat (!) atlack, in bad tcinrer," ni.d says: " We did no claim lo speak lor ihe Whig C-oiuJ until e nr llie Wliu, linrtv : on ihe olhel h alls! we lllil , , : . i .... iiMlllelty ami cautiou-ty limn our vvoios M, o, e - cln, I.. in,i. ,,.1...,..,, .. ,.l ,1ns s.irt Th.' Press dlsre'''ir, s this I'acl. volunitcrs lor ih a t iIm- pn-iiinu and ilu u ! makes that lalse pus.imu the ground loi an uiilricudly nssult, und ihe excu-e for drawing a iidit-u-lous disclaimer lrom auolher cnnimiitce man. Ail wrong, Cincral, and )il n absurdly wrong lhat we must raiher laugh Ihan ! nngiy at )ou. Wo would rather our friend would laugh nt our " absurdities" than weep over his on u ; but then he will permit us to tay that no such dis tinct ami cautious limitation as he mentions is to be found in the article to wliich wc objected, nor any limitation whatever ! If there had ban, wo should have been conti lit with placing llio name ol .Mr. Ci.av at tho head of our columns, without";! word orcominent on the course of the Wutebinan, Hut wo can haveiioqirirrtl with llio Watch nvin on ilm nihjocl, nolwithst.inding its ex ceedingly discourleotis tin I petulant notice of our article. Wo hoisted Ihe glorious banner of Ci.av, liicmise it sent up the llag of Mtl.r.AX. Time will determine which of us haiHiis hand nearest tho popular pulse in Vermont, and in the Fiiion, We sdnill haul down that banner, at the bidding of the National Convention, with pro found regret and sorrow, andnufoldtbatof. Mc Lean or of any other Whir Statesman our sentiments according precisely with tliose ex pressed in the following extract from an unuli'i cited letter from a member of the Stato Commit tee, resident in the southern part of the State, w hich we take the lilt'rty to insert : D. W. C. Clarke, Lsq , Dear Sir : I rejoice to see that you have unfurled the Whig Flag, wiih the name of Henry Clay inscribed on ils folds. There U nu name in lite Aiueiicau Fnion, in my humble opin ion, that i-oiiunaiiiU the admiration ol the ieop!e more Ihan lliatof Henry Clay. Lvcr devoted to the inter ets ol his country, he has ever stood foremost in the iinintenaiici! nnd defence of her right nud her liber ty. His memory will be honored nud cherished for his eminent services, when his malignant calumnia tors shall have Ken consigiu-d lo oblivion. Our uwn Moved Crecn Mountains nro not hss moved by the storms that Is-nt against iheir sides, llinu is this illus trious patriot hy ihe how lings nnd coarse nssaulis ol parly malevolence. Should lie again rt trite ihe noiiiiimliou of Ihe Nnlional Whig Conifiilioti, width is my earnest desire, I have no doubt it would be the most popular nomination the Wliigscould moke. Our friend Walton Ins placed the nunc of .tudgc McLean upon bis colors. I take it for granted bo only nssumcs to speak out his own preference, end Ilia t of some of bis friends, in so doing. Judge Mc Lean Is nn eminent man, and no doubt a true patriot, ami one of our noblest Whigs. Hut 1 agree willi you in the opinion lhat a large majority of ihe Whigs of Vermont would prefer Henry tlay for the. Whig Candidate. They would rejoice to have one more op-1 portuuily to give him llie vote ol Vermont. Yet Vi uiont would giu her vole very cheerfully, I have no loubl, forjudge .McLean. In much haste, Yours truly. Testimonials in .llcmnry ol President Admits, orHUAI. (II1UEI1S. Gr.xr.nAr. Oimuis, ) U'A Vfr'1KT ,,!. Nn B i Adj. (telielals Olhce, ""J- ) Washington, leli. SI, lMB. 1. The (ollnwingOnlersol the President of ihe Unit cd Stales and Secretarv of War announce lo the Ar my the death ol the illustrious ex-President John Quincy Adams: II . Till. Pr.esIllI.XT Of THE V. Si. It has pleased l)ime Providmce to call hence a great and patriotic cili.en. John (jiiincy Adams is no moie. At Ihe iidwtiiccd nge of mote Ihan four score veins lie was suddenly stni ken loin us seat in i Ihe House ol Itenres ntatiics, bv the hand of disease. on the Slst, atnl cvpireil m the Lapiiol a few minutes niter seven o'clock on the evening ol the 'J3d ol l'eb- lie niu lor moie man nan n century hiii 1 the most uiinortaiit public stations, and iimuuir iheni that ol I'lesidelll ol ihe United States, The two Houses ni Longri ss nl one ot which lie was n venerable mid most d stmgmsheti member will doubtless prescribe nppiopihtc cicmonies to be observed ns n mark ol lespect lor the uieiiioiy ol mis uuinuit citieu. '1 h" intimi mourns his loss ; and as n fuilhrr testi mony nl rc?.i.t lor his memory 1 dnetl lhat all tlie l'.xccutio otlices at Washington be p'neod in mni'in ing, and thai all bushies-sbc suspended duriii!! thisdiy and lo-morrow. JAMLS K. POLK, Washington, February ', Wak Department, Fib. 21, Ids, The Prisidcnt of llie Fulled .-states, with deep re gret, announces lo the Army the death of John (Jam cy Adams, uur eminent and venerated lellmv ciiien. While occiipviug Ins siatns a member ol Ihe House of llepii scntntives, on the 21-1 iii.-tnnt, lie wns -suddenly p rostrated hy dw ase, and on Ihe 23d cxpiicd.wiih nut having been removed lrom the Capitol. He had hlleil many hotioia i'e amt responsible, smntiuns in the sen ice nl his country, and nniong them lhat ol President ol the Fluted htatcs ; ami he closed his long and eventhd hie m ihe actual discharee of his duties as tine ul ihe Uepresetltatives nf the People. 1 mm sjmpatiiy with lus relatives ami the American p-ople lor lu loss,aud lrom respect lor liislitmgiijii cd public services, the Plesli'cllt nrdejs lhat luneial huimis shall be paid to h.s incluoiy at each ol the liui uarv stations. Ihe Adjutant (icnetal will give tlie necessary in structions lor carrvuiLr into ellect the forccoimr orders. v. Li. .vi.xku) , ftecrelary nl War. II. On ihe tlay suceeeduiL' the nrrivnl ol ibis "C irnllliilrr" al tnth Military Pnst, the troops will lie paraded nl 1(1 o'elnrk, A. M, and the order lead to Iheni, alter wlni Ii the lahois lor the day will cca-e. 'I'he national Hag will be displayed at hall'io i-t At d ran of day thirteen guns will he fired ; ami af terwards, at intervals nl thirty minutes between Hie rising and setting sun, n single gnu ; and nt ihe close ol'lhe day a national salute of twenty. nine guns. The ollicers of the Aimy will wear crape on llie lcll ii nn and s win (Is, ami the colois ol Ihe several reg iments will be put in mourning lor llie period ol six months. Hy order: 11. JUNDS, Adj. Cell. J'uneiiil nl' .Hi. Admits. We copy from the correspondence of the N. V. Journal of Commerce tho following account of the funeral ceremonies at Washington over the body of Mr. Adams : W.vsiii.suiox, I b. 21", The funeral of the lale Lx-Prt-sident Adams vias e. lebrated to-day, with great solemnity and every iiiamlestaiion ol'deep leelmg A 1 , i, ,n i iit,ir,.si,'n s,-..,,.. un ,,,t,.p ...... I I.. ,1.... j ctaseit. oeciipieil a range ot seals providi d for them ul Hie kit ol th" area Altera prayer ol some minutes, Senators Webster nud Davisaiiii ihe Muss ichu-etts delegation nsmnurn ers, in black scurlsiiud bands, entered the hull, prece ding the collin, which was brought in m chaigeol llie P.ill-lle.iicrs nud the Coiiiuultce ot Arrangements. 'I'he collin was placed on the bier in the aiea, in limit of ihe Speaker. Alter depnsiiing the collin, ihosewho had it in charge leiiiamed standing iiruumt it lorn number ol minutes in impressive silence, while ihe who!" iis.M-iiili!y rose. The collin, whu h was ol lead inclosed in mahoga ny, was silver mounted and covered with black silk velvet, trimmed with silver A silver heait-shaped plate, deenrated w ith u spread-eagle, hears the Inllnw tng iiiscnpliuu, which was written at ihe icq t ul ihe i,is.n iiiuu, tun. , .Xlas,sacius.'tla dele, aiivu, uy K.i.xiri. wlusili:, to wit: JOHN QFI.VCY ADAMS : 11 0 It .V An inhabitant nl Massachusetts, July ll,ITi;7. 0 I I u A citicn of the Foiled States, in the Capitol. at Washington, February -.':, His. Having served his counliy lor half a century; And cnjo)ed Us highest honors. The hangings over ihe Speaker's chair were sits, pended in black, as also was ihe fmure ol History over Ihe principal cnlrance, and the poitnuts ot Washing ton mid Lita)ctte,e,i'. j opened the service with piu)cr. 'Plus was followed' , ue Liripuim oi me iioiise, me i,ev. Air. (.urley ned the tervite with maver. Tins was follow .-, by n solemn dirge sang by a thou in the Ladies' leiy. All nppiopirile uddlcss wns delivered hy Hie Chaplain, (i(cup)ing nlsuii filly imnuics. Tim t-lmjr h)inu was sung by lie- chuir, nud llie luiiernl proces sion was ihcu loi tiled mining ihroiigh llie Koiuuda lo Ihe Has! Purlieu ol the Ciqutol, where the carnagts wcie in waning. 'i'he funeral car, though simple, was very tasteful mi l elegant. 'I'he Iher was dccoiaied wiih luiicrai mils, aiul llie can, -p) over llie collin was surmounted by nn Fugle the whole In-iug covered with vclvel ami crape. 'I'he tar was drawn hy six elegant while uorses, capinsuiieu in ukii'h, ami ItM i,y grooms in w line semis. 'I'he luneral curlrse, preceded bv a Iroon of horse " inula bailalionol uil.iiilry.iiioved iiilongaiiduni procession lo ihe Longies-ioual Cemciery. 'J'he col tin was mere deposited in Hie receiving vault, utter the pcrliirmanct' ofihehuiial service ol the Proicstaut l.p,so,p.,l thurch. allows hiin of tho A.tirrtiser (lco) no peace. The latter is now In Washlr,t it i V ' .,.: i j ,.. , , ..." , ..' , .......... . ?; ... ,a. raws bow" upon hiin. Itinaybtijiisl.hntitisci'Kc'.' IV When we said .hat Mr Foote of Mississippi wasihe mos, ridiculous Icllovv .hat cv.r inanaec.V.o ct into the N'n.iti'(.hainl'r,ii'ihap.svve should have, said "most ridiculous Senator" 'l'lic editor oi the turp xvar that may break out between Mexico, that I II i ', c, "alincnls in the niat er A.lvcitiMrliashccnniUniJiiiiKtoiiH-vcriilvvc.ks.aiid and tbo United ..Stales is to ho Vn, . l I ' ? 1 1 Wi, 'idcdly in favor of Mr -has no douht Ucn ill ihe Senale Chamber several ("hrisiin,, nrineioloJ n I i- coll,,u:t election, AM, w.,..:n . ' or 01 -'ays tunes. Wc make the amemle Inmin Me lo him. ' ' r"! ?' "' I' ' "V,'.1, !lr?or,,l,"s' " "'0 usages HIM IX that , t VREttH seeixi; lv 11111.1101 me ,vuicniscr, wriliug rom ushiiiuioii says " " Yc.icrdav. Daniel P. K'iiur -n,.m,,in,l m ,ni ri i.... ... ... . . . . ... ..,.,.-.,,, .v.,, ..u.iisi ,uw- mui, uiiu jiiuuc a uouliy ol '' ul Mr. King wns not shrewd; why didn't he scire upon the editor of the Advertiser, und thus lake a liooby jony IT Our friend "S. .M. C." will pleato accept our thanks for his very acceptable, cominunica. tion. II shall nnneur ,.v. ,,1, -"' I'ciien nt Itiiuil t Since llio publication of our ll.xtra, the mails have brought nothing further, or diU'ercnt, res pecting llio Treaty which has been negotiated by Mr. Trist and tho .Mexican Commissioners, nml transmitted to our (lovcrnment. The prob ability of its ratification is increasing, though it is exceedingly distasteful in some important res pects to Uio Foote, Dickin?on and Houston di- vision of the " democincy " ill the Senate, who go for tho " absorption " of all Mexico into this siioiifty Union I Mr. Folk, however, is under stood to he in favor of accepting the terms of the Treaty, with slight modifications, not with standing the I'nimi says it was entered into by Mr. Tii-t without n'ulhority, and probably against his wi'lics. M'bn AILtln llieniwr Jmirnal savs : T ,,1 ..mi , ,,. ;,, I made upon Senators by the 'Plenty. The uUwytiim 1 gentlemen will linrdlynppmrrllie project. .Mr. Dick-1 innu ol Ibis State is among tliose who wish to be able to say, "the whole boundless continent i ours." It is ' not very probable, however, that be will take ground ngamst ihe 'I'renlv, for he mii-i know that his cousin- ueiits would cniufenm nny hesitation in casting an nf- fiimative vote ,ra proj'dsi'cuiihgprcsi.ntpeace, "in- dciimlty lor the pas', and security l.!r th" l.itutc." Tbo following from onr F.xlr.t of Saturday , embraces the terms of tho Treaty, and all wo ' care lo fay thereon at present : Hy Telegraphic Despatch from Troy, dated this morning, fi o'clock, and New York, list evening (ii.Vdi) "o'clock, wo h ivu inteie-ting de tails of the projected Treaty of Feace, which wo subjoin. The territorial concessions of Mex ico nro immense, including New Mexico and California, while our (lovernment is to pay some twe.xtv jin.Liiix--, for an enlargement ol its dominion wliich, in our serious judgment, will add no jot to its strength, or power of cohe sion. The anti".x' ition of Texas w.i llio most unlucky and ill-omcnej step ever taken by this Kepuldie, and now' we have got half a dozen more Texi-es to he added to an already too wulely emended Union, as the hitter fruit ol a War w hich has caused a prodigil waste of life and money to no good purpose .xceptin:;, as its authors and abettors say, to t-an-e our char acter abroad for military prime to be respect ed ! as though the War of the Ifevolutinn and oflSli left that p. int lo bo decided at all ; and as though it has bten any more satisfactorily decided by Ihu onslaught of this powerful Na tion upon the feeble and di-tracled Itepublic of -Mexico, whoso (leiiei-aU and other O.licers have uniformly bjen the first lo run in every biltle that has been fought ! Hut the thing ha been done. " I'rogres-ive Democracy '' has plunged tho Nation into War, and " manifest de-liny " is alsiut to add im mensely both to our territorial dominion, and to the wide and almost irreconcilable diversity of views and iiilcreN, of character nud habit-, which already renders luilional legislation al most a work of impos-ibility, certainly a work of extreme difficulty and embarrassment! We do not entertain a doubt that it would be much better for the interests of the American People proper, if this War had resulted in the n-ccssiun of Texas, rather tho con juesl of n large portion oI'Mcxico. However, we suppose we must" take the goods the gods give us, and not look a gift horse in tho mouth.' Uur Telegraphic Despatch is as follows : -Tr.or, Fob. 2Ctli, fl o'clocT!ry'.I. I have already given vou the main feainrns nf the Tieatv. i now proceed to gnu vou a sv imp-is ol it, hv articles. 1st. enor.sCuevas.Co- mound Atriston, appointed commissioners on the part ol the Mexican (jovernineiit to adjust with the Ciimuiis .one, o. mo u mates, Air. Ti,st, lasting treaty ol peace. Art. .',!. Provides for 1 ine pri-em suspension ol liostiltt .... K,tu.n ,i, , lorces of the two nations. Art. 3d. I)..ilns il,n future hound ir.e.s between Ihu two republic-.- The Speaker now announced the question to he hue is to commence in the Culf f .Mexico, wit : Shall the tn tin question bo now taken r " t nee leagues lrom laud to run up the middle ol Mr. .Stephens called for the veas and nVvs Ihe Lin (.ratiilo to its inlerseclioiivvitli the sJotitb1 which were ordered, and resulted vchs 10-' boundary ol New Mt.xico, thence We-t nti it navssT. ' 1 '""' !,'owo lh!r'!:niI!:,L.:V1n!1.. ,,r, ! So lUo main ered to i , " " " uiuuuii in mo Loiorauo. """ iiionun.s uiu oiiisioii neiween upper and lower Calilorni.i, thence to the I'.iciiic, vvhich it , ,u tuv, collin OI ,-s,,j i;U,,r(, i 110 iii-.m arucio L'uaranties In r i 7.,., ,.r ,, .. , ... . ,, . , .' s.t.,t-u ,i, mc United .States, all tho right, and immunity l citizens of the latter country, provided tbev take me I..UII allegiance, or in ease they desire to conlinito of Mexico, there is guaranteed to them me iigiu tu it-iivu nit territory und to di-no-e of i It.nir i,ii.ii. ,., ,1... ...t.T 1 ' The next article prr v ides, , ,t oraill f . , , . n.- i,e.-i no v outage. Alex ico pnor to lSlili, shall be re-peeled by the u lien .-.laies. j i,lMie.xt that this (Jovorn'mcnt lako prompt tmd ellectn il measures ',,r n. jence ol ihu borders from Indian incursions. I I consilium n.i, ot this cess,,,,, u territory on the part nt Mexico the (iovernment of the United Males, him, jtlVi, u, Iry , ItA-C(, 1S U,0 000 ; ol dollars In this s,,m , inc(llej ie ' tlireu millions already appronriated for thn ir. llienince ol imace and now snhioe, , ,i i of Mr. Tri-t. This sum is tl) J, ,,,i ,, ' : .. " aI . , . - 1 " "-IlilfU Ii Iv nti tlit r itili.. l ...i ., t , ... can (lovenimpiit. Tlio ri'inaimn' 'M)00()00 V w " '"l" "t tins iriTiiv liV hi Io. L ...... , im-lllB ur uv W)e fcSU0 Several articles re devoted to the rxec'iitamle. nils of both these modes of payment. The adop - iii'ii 'i . uiii i is id ne oniHuiTi u-ii. ti.:. i .:. t . r,,, , I - HI 11119 V nn t l IIIUL'lll, I j (lowrnmcnt ' ' n,Ml ,'.lnl"'r""" ;1'ch-, binds the limit of Ihe (. nited Stales to assume all I American riiizniw .1. . -....Mil v., ..HILMUII l-II VP Mj! . . u1111ue111.11 .Mexico, imtii tlio-o already deeid rd atnounling to ' and tho-e undecided iininiintlinr In nl,,,,,, , . .. U,1L'I , . . . . "i"11"! tne vtov- iimonntiH- lo:lI!n,lt3.(Mi(M)00(1fllnurs. fcW " '" ' . """",ouu 01 tiollars. t-'ome uni.npoitant ait.cles then follow for tbo n oile of cxecnting i m o,ti f tlp lrtM( , appointment ol a commissioner to decide umm the claims &c. tVc. Tho treaty of Counneico 01 1 0.1 1 iieivveeii lite iwo riwni ,1 ... i... vived for 8 years, and after to he en . ved a , he option of both Cnvcrnmcnls. The r, ops t o o I leave Mexico in three months afier ihXatilica- tion of the treaty bv both I ' 1 Hie sickly sca-dn sluiuld come on before thou- eu.birkation, .bat is, before it can be ellected- K i ki; silt, uifu 11 1 niirn 1 I, t.,n,,a I'' Mexican Covernnicnt. Supplies vvhjch 1 "Ivo lu tbo mean limo are not to s,,l,t.,., , duly. The Cttstum Ilou-es are to l, rn.i, .1. " ,,,L, ,Mcxican (j0V(.rnnient. 1 , . J t,i ?nV i'o "."i"'1 ''' 11,0 VU1 . 'P'1 of "l0. 1 "l";'' "es, and exeha,i"ed mur moniiis ol Us ratiliealion. Any fn- tiviiiAcn unions. . i. ,i!,i ., it i , . ,V. ' ' " ''J 1 "J "'"v" 1,1 '''"lurnel Man of .Mexico, tmblisbed in W X'rl.- :,. i- ' 1 no noiiiiiiary svciliei is I Tho foregoing is the Teleirranh news,,; to the Treaty. Whether such a Treaty will UIJ' rf,:..,, ,ilrt c.rt,., r . re- ceive I ho assent ,,r it,., s;.. ,. , t"w' "u eantiot, course, predict thoiioh such Iml... ...... . and unite mersalilyoftbe Mte lo ,lllt m , ibl minM iv... ...i . . I , , " " ' ' ,U VP ",0 ,lfC' ml ' proui"ai wa c 0 u ,., ,r. s.'siiic, iiiai me . .. . ......., ..,.,. ,.1Uf y .vifMc, prinr 0 .vir. i.nnnell, nnd other, sitti e:ir who nro. the t eaty shall be respected. -J'ho ltl!M ,;lt eeeded to, his face with wate and Cr catholic residents . ,,e ceded territory, are to bin. out of the ball in ., slate of i tZ'iU tv and bo piotected in the e.xerc -e f ,l,,ir religion.- uostr,.t,on of all his powers. 1 , ' Ihu next, that orans ol an in '!'., .....T. .i.i.. ,., .iui .... ,i . I"1'" hi name prnbabililies nro in fivnrof its ratification. Now' let our readers: look at it for one moment: This Country has waged Wnr upon Mexico for nearly two jcars, at a loss of some fifteen nr twenty thousand American lives, and or not loss than eighty or n himhril millions of ihillars, for tho purpoo of what? Why, says Mr. Folk, "in demnify for tho past and security for tho fu ture ! " And yet, it appears that we are about to assume In pay the. ihblnf Mcxicn lo uur citizens, (the non-payment of which was the main cause oflhowar!) and to pay that Government FIF- TF.F.X MILLIONS of dollars for the territory we acquire precisely what we paid France, in 1S05, for Louhiim, without the preliminary llnttris'i of a bloody war II Louisiana was a valuable purchase. We needed it for tho secu rity and prosperity of our commerce. The pttr- cl'tuo of it put forever at rest troublesome inter- national questions as to the right of navigating ., . . . mt. .uissusippi, It til every square mile of the acquisition we are , .. , r . ,..;,t, ,, ,.,;. , about to make from Mexico (with the exception, perhaps, of California, which it would Imc been . , . ,- , ..,,,;,,,'.;. ., easy to secure by ncijul wptMlmn nml ;mr- ''"") will prove a curse, instead of an advan- u tu lllili 7li"' u' "ccd 11 f,,r n" V"1 i ol ollence or delencc, lor no goon purpose con nected with the prosperity of our commerce ; for no purpose properly connected with, or grow ing out of, the legitim ite objects for which this confederation was formed. The acquisition of it is uncalled-for nnd unnecessary. It will in trodiico new and inharmonious elements into this Union. It will pl.ico a foreign and a bit terly ho-tilo people under our laws, without their vih or consent a people, too, unacquainted with our institutions, and unfitted for cither tlie rights or tho duties which their new citizenship will confer and impose upon them. It will iin I part new bitterness to the sectional divisions that j already distract tho Union. Ai.d in every light in which we can view it, it is fraught with the heaviest curse to the American Nation opera ting only as a fire-brand thrown among the Jinx en bonds that unite the several States. This is the way wc regard this "vast acquisi tion" which appears to be nearat hand ; and wo ! ffrvently trust that no faltering or truckling to " peculiar institutions," no wax-uo-ed subservi ency will bo exhibited on the part of the Freo Siules of the Union. the principle of the. W'llmut 1'rmin) sanctify cieryinchaf territory ice i j rum Mexico. there be no flinching here '. teiikitop.v or now, should be tho inflexible determination of every friend of his Country nnd of Humanity. Let tt not be visit ed with the deepdi-gracoof plundering territory lrom a Kepublic where slavery rfnes not cxii-t, for the purpo-e, or with the possibility, of fietening that accursed " iniitul'ion'' (.') upon it. We hail rather this Union were shattered in a thousand fragments than that it should be instrumental in enlarging by one hair's breadth, the area ofhu man slavery ju-t as wo would prefer that a gun should hur.-t into a tboti-and fragments rather than be fired into an unoffending crnvvd. I.ot us ascertain who are the friends of tbo Wilinot proviso who are willing or unwilling to make it a test question who are lor Feelouu and who for Nlaicry! The following is taken from llio llepvrt.-r'i account of the official proceeding of the Hotiso on Monday last. It is jiainfullj' interesting as embracing the moment when Mr. Adams was f't'tHy attacked by paralysis. It appears lhat ' the venerable Ulc-tniii was about to address ...,.. T,.. .; ,,. . wa- a resolution of thanks lo certain officers of the Armv put I'he Speaker stated the main onosti, i i., Ihe engrn-.-ment of the joint resolution. Mr. limit called for a divi-inn of the question. i ue sain II e OUCstlon U';,s -,. ,.iui, iivisiuii. i ne riroiision was a iiimi I re-nlution, and could bo acted on on'v -I single section of a bill. ' I lie proimsiiion was : I At this moment Mr. Aiiam-, with bis ... , , . -'x- IVtlUCl. inaoo an ellort to rise, but only reclined in svu ope on the left arm of hi chair, when he was immediately supported bv Mr. Fish, '"' final in a mice i f iinusm, am I motion of Mr. Coi-ke, the IIouc adY i i'u.e auj. A gre it " Taylor Meeting " was -10J , cvr m! ('(vs ' "J'of ",,icl"ll l-.xprcs- of the Tne'atlemjit lo oll't, t jlI.,V ( f.inlen ht eu'iiing, the "real ineelin.. hnl.l ... .. .! .' .1.,.. nu...- i , v ,,-no t,;ir- .. .,, , .nn -u ,y evening, was n jt. decided fail- I ,,'re'. . 1 lleri' "cru ell"ient speeches made. ' men. but it wn.. n,,.l,,n ...-i. .i - - . ., . lllollgllt'Ul. jriVMM, ihe Courier -nu! Kimhiw ws: .,l,,v menibn' e,,'.' "'e T'1 ""P'"'io aihl the , I ! m U'U"Mat"c ''-'"igs ever held in thn ,, 1,0 !';f0"!I"rgaiiiz,l by Ihi-uppointment ol " T ' a 'rf'-'deiit, ami om hmU-,,1 and tin ulu 1 u e Vesi',, K.i.,,. "' " t lir iTr'Sltlt tlS ' irKXr-.llltlrt.xa ...1...., . . '. ""'ii'i'in wflt' ',,,u"eu sirongiy reemnmi ' ! ' I r.,?illom--v: 1 ' J- lint ,t. r.... I. l. . "inmeniim lien. Tnar for L J. Hlilntr....) IV" I t,,L' AlWru. ch is a Mron- auj X.icn ' 0"0' 1 0 Collr'-' li'lles !l md Knquirer of tho 2.U. r,,,!,. fmni Gen. Taylor to Hon. l i. ,....11 , , . ' W 7 is r T "'""S1' ' " ' "' follow'"J, remark- ,anI-"S 1 "After the 1 ,0"e'' of '-'"'gress, at tle i... . '"Cl1 "' bo'l' T f U' ral""lution of Mo,!1?? '"."-"0 UUll IM llsn , 1..., .., . .. . h0"w l,a, " ""- entirely ' on i riV.. " C;U1 'wrilly imnrino l.nv.- ",.'.. 01"1d,, cn "'"I I'Mrd tbo s,wl,7,' ;r. "Z?.na wa' Ps ll'ei,'i'ftheyyero n, 'M CCas,,V"' 0,r. mistake tint co,m,l,..s . P c C"",J 'e "lu iCldemh? c I f '.'"' P,:,,M- A to all will ' V ra."V!sMt was well known crats f, r 1 I "nxen, iijs and Demo. i Umox," ' ' --'"iuual m tub agrce with ,e pliant oh, veteran, tea van,l2i:"r"fX-Vorkand F, of vault Int-,. .-I . urh nm I'cnnsyl- i ,'""' -1!-'u taken steps to honor n, i L. Fresitl ent A,us by public ' eeiemonials " -""WCIIHFCUs, FlHVABD KV. .-,...,,.., , pronounce the Kulogy. er, Mr Fries.

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