Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 10, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 10, 1848 Page 2
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in Now York ami Boslnn. 'I'lio Monitor from Maryland (.Mr- I'ourcc) says two milllntu In lltiKire. How much tlicro may In- In the Soiilliuin cities I urn not iibte to say ', but their ri toiirces are geiiciiilly less 1 1 those of North ern cities, iii their hanks me generally the lirst to suspend and tiie last to le-nine. It Is not probable, In my opinion, thiit nil the bunks in cites can niiiiiiiitid mure than twenty or twenty-live nilllloiis. Where, then, is the enormous" amount winch von requite to come from ? Tlictc is now a bill in the oilier i,...:.: t r. .!..!. ,.... ., 1 n half millions; ami there lias heen much speculation ill III!' colllitrv ns lo tho liriihahllitV llial SIICll III! amount wonfil he taken. Hut, fir, when yon come to nikl liltv millions more, lo enter the jlc iiei.Micv of tlm'cmnliitr vear, 1 ilcliy ntlogotlior the ciitiac.ltv of the counlrv to furni-h it. It is ti n hvsic.i niiin-sibilitv. I lie iiiiiouni is noi in the country. Vou haie dissolved your coinie.x ion With llie a lercoriemj i,.m-i , t ' i Ill.'lst Upon glllil ami Miii-i, i" " . .ii""" i iv- in in. mid which ill the present stale in onr ciliimer - ci it relallons, is ..ning out of the country in-lead ofcominjr in. lieliefto .he T,,,sury in .his way, tinder the circuinstmiccs, I pronounce mi- piucticabli It. No llliancial skill can uccomplisll Sir there aie other insiirmniinlable dilViciillie in the way of tucli cnnitnnii li'iins, rven if you had no. h.tiiipered ourehes with your Huh. Iien-ury nnd its specie clause. The surplus e.i ilal Krowili'f out of your recenl commercial prosperity has nln-ady sollyht inu-stniPiit ; some .hilly or folly millions in jour public debt, mi imiiK'li-t! aiiioinil in laili.mds and inatiulacliii in enterprises, which lane been slliiiuhilol bj the iiiiumal activity of commerce, l-'ifty mill' ion, it is said, haie been, and ure in process ol iiuestmenl, in in .ew i.u land alone. The amount now Ileitis inv.-s led iii manul icttinnj; enterprises is imuu'tie. .or is this all. 'J'lio iiiie.-linents me incomplete, mid the amount inve.-ted tiiu-t draw af ter It fin. her investment to a very yrcat extent, or t I.u eulerpri-e- innt bo abandon, d. 'i'his circiimsianre will Increase tlio dcmaiul for mo ney, and will incie.ise abo the competition with j on in the m irket. I.irjxc uinoiint- me absorb ed in onds on hand, which cannot lie realiad until the eoods are wanted for consumption, nor until the country acquires ability lo piiicli.i-e. Tho create-t ob-t.tcle, peihnps, of all is lo bn found in the condition ol the money market and the stale oflhe currency. .Money is now worth upon the best security, one and a half per cent, per month. The currency is in u course of rapid and stringent contraction. The withdraw al for exportation of the specie h exporlalion ol the specie h.iis upon ,1'lite li f li.i t rrniii-i. incf. .iiwl..ij flil .iim-it.i. mm.:. i-.i . .... "' """' "o .lire icy tnoiliate etlect (whatever may nettle ultimate ellect) equivalent to .ho mim'bil.ilioii of so much capital, rroperty ol all kinds tlepicciates, indi vidual emb.irr.i-meiit and in-oheiicy fnllovv, and this in turn reacts upon the curiency by endanjiering the n-els of the b.inkiii"; institu tions, nnd forciii;. them to fuither contracliorl". Such is the present condition of the currency nii.l ll.n .....uni i I nl II..... I ...Ml 1. tinue ! Ho Ion- in Ihe cause that" nr. ce.l it cnnlinnes to opeiate. That ctu-o is this .Mex- ican war. i I have spoken of the exportation of specie to lii-j- land. To what is that ohiiil'I .Vol surelv to anv coiiunereial debt we Ind eouttacteil theie. Tin-bat-mice of mide b id been in our l.nor. 'i'he iuiiueiisc importations ot our pioihietions to that eouuliy has drawn from tbein an iiuuiensi- auiouut of the pucious metals, i-Aiorted Irom them under the penally ol star vation. The sudden retluv ol .specie to that country has rtsulled, not liom our .-oiuioeierd relallons wuii it, but ttolil the eAienihliltes of tins .M.wuan war. To moid the exportation ot specie to .Mcmco we lne sent trensiiry uratis nml 1 leasurv notes. I h have been cashed lb. re by luiL'tr-h enpitalisis ; ihe money has been disbursed m Jlevieo by our ulliceisj inn me in ins n iii- iii-i-o iu-si-ini-ii lor payment at the Treasury and the atails exported liig'mij. Ii been lound u eouvemeiit mode ol reui.iiauce of the fold nnd silver ol .Mexico lo liighmd. V ue-t ei- llier continue this, or H-ml the gold and silter to .Me.Mco, it you can command it; and whether ton adopt uue course or lie oilier is, so I'iras the i urreiicv is concerned, uniiupoitant. i lit, il,.-r c.vpoiLiiiou ol specie can take place without crippling llie curren cy. Hut, sir, could you elfect thee loans under ""i'"" ""- inercin . -.111111111111 v: and wil l it ton won d .ieri. lice every other industrial mt.-i.-st and annihilate your " ltTenue. It done at nil, it must be done by b iwklug 1 nbout your slotK lit a great ileprecialioll. II enpitnl islhustolieloicediutii new cliuiuuls, the ellect may be e.iily foicsccn. ihe nithdiawul ol dcniiMies Irom l nressiire. hull our oneratious won d I. ill. Nor do 1 w-i'h to see lie; eieiht ol IhLi (ioveliuueut ill the h inds of usuu-rs. This inight be done il the nlits and honor ol the ii.Hion vvele at stake, bin never, with my concurrence, lor lie purpose ot tally ing una t-ounueuced, in my hiuuhic judgment, without necessity, and piosL-cutcd without'.-! rational object. With lb'' Subtreauiy in operntion, vou enn never expect lofupply theihli.-ieiiey m jour u-venue. Will toll lliodlly tll..lsstelil by lepe.ibng tb-specie clause I Will that avail Juul The tiled will lie merely lu enable vuu lu receive piper nisiead ol euin. That paper must be bank paper ; theie is uoothei. Your loans, wlit-lher uhtauied liom hanks or individuals, will Is-received in tint currency. What, then, will be the result I Yuil WfJI le.iue ol llie b inks, lii-t, a currency to meet the exigencies of the coinuierei d world; and, secondly, a uieduuu lur your iniiueiise c.xpendiiuie. II they attempt this, they must enlarge their t-ll culul ion lo nil t lioiluous e.xtelit,'nud it the)' do this, Ihey will inevitably be thlvell lo sti-i.-ii-i,iii. Wc shall lind ourselves llirown at once upon the tinauchl policy ot ls.ll the tfoveriuueiii leaning upon suspended banks, nud tin- banks countenanced mid sustained in the suspension by the (ioveriuneiit. This would be nu amusing comment upon the boust fd divorce uf the banks and the Uovernuieut, llie blessed inthlelice ol Ibe e.iisitiitiulinl Hi-usury, mid llie glorious practical result ol the specie h iiuhiig. iiui noles ot susieudeil hanks would not ausvvtr your purpose. They cuuld he used ai boiiie, only at a ills-count di-gui-eU under Ibe ilevice ol high prices, increasing slid limber jour e.xpeinliiuien anil your i inbarrassuients, and vvuuid he useless m )our loieigu expenditure. It these loans cannot be ell.-ctcd nt home can it he done tihioad I No, sir. The state ol the luoiiciary nlf.iirs in liurope i-, still eiubarinsseil. They aie jim recovering, especially in Ihiglaud, liom e.xtieine pies- i sure. L'onlidence is liol )el Lilly le-ioied. They have no money to spare and, it Ihe) had, they would not be much inchmd tomd )ou. .Viueiiean public, ciedit does not siund veiy high there ; mid, abuve all, i they li.ive nu sympathy wuh you inihiswur. They j bine seen enough ol luieiinuiable war Ihey are .lis-1 posed to peace. And lliey will not lull lo regard llus xv-.-ir ns prosecuted lor an uulavvlul puijiose; mid as j ollguialiug ui lecKless miinillon ami love ol t-oiiijiiest .Mr. I'lesidtuit: The next topio whi.-li I pn.pos,. t discuss is the proud ol supplying the ililieieney in , your revenues l.y ineans ot i lensury novs j nnd this is to he considered, lust . ns a ineie leveiitu- tiu-usiire j a m-iiusul relnl lu ihu Lurrcucy und burfiuem ot ilw ooumry. j sJir.ns a rexeuue niensnre Treasury notes iiiayserve ds u temporary relit I by enabling you lor u short period to unticipaie tin- revenue : Inn they enn never Sruv'Lr:! Kb; they will ulisuni llie i.u- they an- ,.ii-ieil o.v-ke out. To give tilelll the l Ik CI llnieliiled they Inuil Ik-I made payable at a future .lay and upt,i such rale of i interest us will make limn tn i.! --ritrtcSmieiit, rutl Una will mt if-rrun in-luuuugoi a mere secuuty i sor n ieinriiieiu ii iii.iteu upon tins ground they will be illectual unlv when a loan upon siotk.nt llie same rule, could be ohiiiiued. The idea tffat Trensury nou s, as ii (loxerninent currency ret-eivnble lor public, dues, nnd coiivctiible inlu money on drunnd.cun be made to supply n je. ficieuey ol revenue, i to uy uiiiid nnuUiirdiiy. Hup. pose your expenditure is fcj l,(H).J,0oii and yuur revenue S.31,iKI,IKH), you issue 'I rca-ury iion-s l-.r ssJii.oooiiihi I., 1 ii. lie hclellCV. 1 ou inu-l lnnl.1. I ..,. .... I ceivuble lur the public duesur tiny will be pi.-stnied fi''KMK nbsuru os mucii reveiiiit-ns nu) u preseni ; is to UZ?, I this remit, they must be re-i-sued or issued to an i fhe? lie Seedtll'nmcouv;;,' ( the pleasure of the holder w ill 'hey answer your pur-1 pose nt home or abroad I Hut llieie nre other dilhcul-1 tics. If disbursed abrond they will lall into the hand, of forei'Miera ns they have liiihertu done, mid the rnecie will be deiiiuuded fur cjputtiitlon, as has been lall ii,i tin. Iia,iil4 of the liuldts. who. in the Present CCe neret'ilore. II umuuistii hi ,n.,i.t- nn-y mil ; crisis, will be mbus lufoitily tluuiselvrs. and who will present litem ot the Treasury mid transfer the fiiecie to their vault,, if uid. ed the specie is to be hud, llut where ia the tpecie to he had I Not at the cus tom bouse, for llie Treasury notes will bc paid in there ln lieu of specie. They arc at this moment at a . ..... ...... on, ,, vii ii iiiiii,i, io oe suiisisomi ion mem. I rolll Iheloned Mleol slocks tending lulutihcr depre- a pi-ople dins irodilenilovvn,inipoeislied di-hnnored ciation o eveiy species ol prop-i j would nsalt in ami i-.a-peiaicd, you can e.vpeit but a imor harvest oi nu-cluel indescribiibk- in geneial rum. l oituuuiely revenue. Sir, fire mid -muni are poor liuancnrs .i. v........ 1 1 .- ... ..... ... ....un. i.wi ii n il i mi m i no, ilia, source v oe hi ii i n ilicniuil, nnil t (institute, lis is noil known, nlniost the whole of jour receipt there. Not nt the '1 icnury or the Pnbtiensury, because It isnol lit the custom-house. These Tirnsiirv notes must necessarily depiceintc, i.-l . 1 ..... ! TIikv nm iss-m-il rfitll, H. 1 hey nre depreciated now. i iicy nre l-wii-i. cunii s- seillyto coier n ihliiiency of mcuue, nnd tunc no ""-'"""-' Hir. ihls.-vil ofihpieciniion Iii the flovcrnuictit sc - irnllhicYlinnl, gienter the depreciation the greater must lie the issue, iiml the ttiuic thi-ie is issued the git-ntcr is the depre- rintion. Tin., the piuccs goes on, depreciation lend- lug to t'.MiawiRiiiit issues, nml .-Mint ng.iut issues to fcVt'.S iieless, because it has no Miiml.inl ol Milue. .Such hns Mnrniiy been nnd Mich wil lie the Into ul till issues upon the naked nedit of the .Covcrniuei.t. unaccompanied hy ,!m,7i.,m l,,r !lll:!r,Vru"T,1 "''V!1,"9 ' tlx-ir ctcdit niitirn i in in ri i i v rnmi'ri i il. uiiti uium fiiMtiiiis tln'ir LMnht 1,1 i i . . t r It lina ict-ii MrfTpei(.tl i ,nt this Miccicnof iinner innv 1. r."''!"'s" !!llK l" 'A.nM ,l' ,;!,.r.V,,!c?, """ '" I lei-l'Nyet to that of inodiljini? Hie Siiblreasury. iaies llie qui inu v i,-tlMT the TieiiMilv shall taki 1 upon lis sh.ail.leis the banks, or the banks Hie I rea. "''; "hen neither cm suind alone. This scheme eldslli'tdeeuMed mui I Hi ,i, ,...:.. h, ....,...., i,i, li nhe Cmem. inent, in nil us tinancial inteiefts, must uilieipale. I lie rupeiuucnt i-auniit siicieeil. e eaiinut nnil tin insianee in the luMorv o. nnlions where suth u linan eia. iwpellweiit has suri eeili d. The late ol the con tinental money t,t the t uilutioii, ol ihi.- rieiieb as. simiaN, o. ihe exp'-runtius in our own country ol Sinte hanks iuiny paper npnti Jlnte, all show tint a funciH-y iisint. Uhhi the nuked of the (tou-ituiieiit liui--t s.itllyhill. Naiioualcteilit is like iiuloi'lual ciedit-of no alue c.ei-pt as it is h.iseil iipnu a leijiKite liirans ol meituut its eiiaiieinents l'.ipi r ivueil piote-eilly to coer a .1. lieieney n u-vi-i , without pioMMoii lor its re- , I . -1 1 1 1 ' ' " i will he like the Ihe paper of mi insolvent individual wni tides. I have said tint 'J'u-ii'-iiry notes tuny enable you to ! ihis war eouiiuues, you will have any surplus i. ie nun. ipate ri-u-mie. nut no in. in snppo--i.s mat, wtui ediie ovel lourcilllent eun-tlt utiires. nv. the lu- Muse will he the ene. There luted be an nniunil ne euuiulntion ol .Itlieklicy nnd olihbt. II ) oil would mitieipale, you must look lorwrud lo a peimd he)nnil llie tin i ri in iii ol ihe war to tin- levenues ol peace- lor no iuilelinite peiiod. II, then fuie, j on would nutiei pale Ihe mean- ol leileeuuni. them, you uiiist tunke your Holes pa)able upon tune, with a lute ol nitci"-t conesioiidinjr wild ihe value ol your stis k. Tins would place iheuiouapir with ih-jt slock; and, if llie hilt, r would not be taken, the former would not avail. Hut if oil nrike Ih em a mode ol iuu-stntciit llieveea-s-d lo fe a eiiiieiicy. Theic is but one mode in" which Treasury notes can be ktpt lu t-ledit as a euileu.y,aud that is, as 1 hau already s.iy'esied, by protiihii udeipiate means ol ledi-uijitiou when the issue is aiuliori.ed. Hut what iiieani eim you piiwide I Vour eurient ex)ieiidiiiite w ill nbiiMil nil jour onhnary revenues, and all which can be ileip,ed liom e.tin" suuret-s, Vou have but one u-souree lelt a dire. t lax. I ri-peit,ou hae no oilier iiioiIi. l providniL'lor nu is-m- ol '1'ieasury Holes I" cuter the de ieieiiev in the revenu.-s. and Ih s ninsl Ie lesorteil to. And if the oe sllhut to direct lax.nion lor lb, icau war, they will imejou mi.ui, iiPitniltalMin vt niir iinlifv. 1 bflu-e I hnvfiuwn'iliat neither !nan net Trrrt .ouunand llie ,. rre,'m' your Trendy lie coiiimij; j.iu me enure oceuiMllon ol .lex- liar. J in l inc mure oce.n ico is eoiiii uuilated, mid it may Inst lur tears. II so. when- '"pnion ol that country to be liuui.l I tllf ColldlllOII id OIH lUI.'l IICCS OT ol I nie ne-10.-11119 mm prouacleil or oc- Whalwill be roininercial li!';!'"""::1'','' "'!;!' '!:::.uV""ir'' 1" """""! frm thirty to torty iuillii.ii-a vear 1 Sir,thesp evils are only to be rt inov eil hy removing the enuse which ha- produced tlniu, I'm nu end to oils war, and l.t the Iniaiices nnd ihe country revue by the lorce of its elastic energies under the sunshine ol pence. A lew words n to the project of deriving a revenue from .Me.ieo,nr subsisting jour annus then-. Sir, 1 am n juiced to hud lhai the idea of indiscriminate plumb r is nbnudoned, although Ihe purpose ol milita ry coutiihuiioii is snll enicrluined. I hate ulwajs re garded this plan as chimerical. How will j on carry out vour retenue sjsiem ih.-re ! Hy nivalis ot Ihe would ri-iure more overseers then it would repine to .lle.Mcnn nutboiiiii s ! y on cannot trut them. Tbev perlonn the semee. If you employ Aineiienn ollicers he .inployed.and Hi- whole .natter would uegeueiaie I intoiinlitary contribution, ami contribution iutoiudis-1 "As'ln'm'tluli'eontribution, i, i, enough to , of! llii-iu, in Ibe language, ol vour Coiuniaudiug liencral 1 Ihey would exasiiciaie ihe enemy ami siatve our- selves 1 rmluclioii would ceascaud the country be- eonu- exlinusie .i 1 ,- ). ""' "Peetuiions can you entertain of serious rc r these hel Iron, that couniry ! ' people me already pros econ - rated. 1 heir menus nre . nlmusu-il by their c furls What miien. iiirir ineiius are i-j huu-lei bv their r lorn t .i. inn , .....,... v.... ,. in. ir cnoris try, disorganized and di-pt iei-d ihe'ir liVJ.mnuiVi1" i von have broken in nimu arid sunoemleil il.e V, i , ' ! Hons anileiuployineiilsol pence, and, above nil h ive overlaid their industiy nml their resources w-ilb 'the incubus of a foreum annv vvhuh v,.u i,r,..,.....i... -.i on- ii. iint i i ni-it- ni.ij o--a i ision oi wtaun limit ing In tore the imagination ol some- lu the mines of .leieo. lint it is to be remembered, lust, than hese mines are privale property -many ol them the pios-r-tyol ihiglishiueu, the subjects ol a Tower hoih able ami willing to protect ibeir rights; and, si coudly.that all llie linn, s- of .Mexico in the bands of this (iovetn meuwoiild prove a lo-nig concern. Without having concluded, .Mr l' here gave way, to a motion tint the Senate adjourn. We shall give Ihe i-i .i u i n -i tn i ol this very uble survey of the li-n.-mcial r.spcct ol the war, next week. .1... I.... I ... MM I i- I.. ..' irtcc 3rc0 0, UIJItI.!N;TO, vt. FRIDAY MOKNINti, MARCH 10, 13IS. " Is Tilt: HARK AND Tr.OUllI.Ut MrillT THAT Is U1I1S lis, TIIKUF. Is MlSr.tlt ALOVE TIIF. Illlt;t.0X T.l.llVt; USA Ot.KAM Of I.I.I1IT, EXCEITIXO Tilt: lTt:LLI(ir.T, l-ATKIOTIC WllIO PARTY OF THK Usirr.ii St-ATi-.s." Daniel Whster. For l'reident, HENRY CLAY. l'.ir Vico Pr.'siilenl, OF M'WYORK. Subject to the decision of the Whig National Con xeiilion. Jtiit-Iiiiton Vvvv Press Daily. Wo t.iko occasion to announce, in consc- iptenco of reports to tho contrary that are as 1 ' " ""- ,ls gratuitous as Ihey are erroneous, that wo shall ' " coinmenco Iho publication of a Daily iWDer as I r s"on as tho nrranoi-inenls that arc now 111 pro ,. , ,i . i , , , , t're - ,s t0 that end, shall bo completed. Wore- fMm M on "r Wci"u ' p'- lit tho patromi're which is rcriuiD-d foi-si'v i1c. . " " "ful prosecution of such an cnteiorise, and ,. , . , ,, , "icn ii nuaii uo our earnest purose lo merit The Trrnty. It will lio teen, by our Telegraphic Despatch, that, at the latent dates, final action had not been liken on tho I'eaco propositions of Mexico, though Important amendments had been made to tho in'tiltrt submitted, lletunnn this Imiinit. to the jniieel submitted. of a foreign and incongruous iviri.ory uuu people, an.i tno lariner prosecution "lW -r, woee but little tochoose ! 11 's but a chotco of what wo profoundly believe OT4 iT"1 ce 10 h" Union. If tho principle of the WiU mot Proviso Is not apnliod to evorv foot of tei. "ri'"0" ' every loot 01 tel- '"v "e lnay acuniro, wo solemnly affirm our Ce; lief that tho proclamation of I'eaco at sueli'V sacrifice, will bo but tho commencement of an. ...,!(!.. - . , . other great contest in which the institutions of Freedom npiear lean likely t iriumnh. in this1 debased Republic, than tho inatituilom) ol Slave- I3URLINOTON JFREE PRESS, RID AY MOJl?' MARCH 10, I'niicrnl Obsequies of the Into Col. Knnsom. Tho Montpolier Patriot contnlns it tlctuilcil ami interesting ncconnt of tlio impressive cere. ? . . , . -i monios attending the linal Interment, at Norwich, of tho remains of the gallant, bravo ana truc- 1 heartcil Kansom, which took place on tho 'J'JJ The number assembled Is estimated at near j ten thousand. Tho HeV. Mr. UuTI.Clt, or Wells .,.,. . ..i , ,, .i.rt, mul ItU cr. preached the sermon on the occasion, an. mi culo'ry was pronotinceil by Adjutant liencral , """as f Kmlmd. Of thco productions a enrresnondent of the I'atriit s.ivs : t ii.i.,......,,..., .. ,-,i..,,.!i1,rh lenllK-au. ' lv. llnlrioti.,,, mul inm,,s,io , -d was listen- , - . ., , , . i i i.i..i. 1,1 ln WIIH H1U'I1V Illicit!, IIHil Willi HiiHim-Hiiim tii U'llOl Iff Ml" UlllC'll t K WjU-IMIIIIV l I (H.Tfiuiii nils V , . . ." "'"V" ,UMi i i .... n kius.wli..ha i.- heen an intimate friend of Colon.-! I'll en fiirii in i i Hint. iiiiiih niiiiriw m vim, jiuii- ! Itansotu, was hijhly creditable both to the head nnd 11 heatt of the sneaker. It is spoken of with universal e - i -. i L. lu.i. hit nnil liti'i !i hi. It.. i ns boih iln. si.riinii, nml die euloev will iirobublv be pubhsheil, 1 should not deem U ejie.hent to nttcinpt lo report thrin, even it It were in my power iouuso. "Tho Collin," says, tho 7'.no( account, "was covered with black velvet surmounted with it silver plate bearing the following Inscription : ' M,ij. (ten. TltU.MAN II. Kawi.M, Co, vf thrMh Itrgimrnl V. S. lnfunlnj, Jell at (Jin)mltej'ci; .NV'(. Ill, 1817, niffJ -I."!.'" N'e Would have omitted tho "Mai. den." The followin.' letters from Major Buss, (Jen. Taylor's Adj. and timtimieHsh, and (Jen. I'mitcE receitcd by the Committee- of Arrangements, wcro read : I.UIANO!?, N. H., I'eh. 21, 18IS. Dear Sir, I hnvo received jour note ol the lf.tli in, .run. i-i, ne at, Itu itntioli to nlteoil the fiiiiern! nd. pt-iioes ol the late Col Hansom, at Norwirji, tu-mur- low ; Inn 1 iei;ret lo say Hint a letnpoiary- itulispimi tion, fioin which 1 urn now sulli-ring w-ill probably de pme me of the satilactioti which I should leel inns sistiui; to render the last honors to one. uhn. it, hu hi. ntul in his ileulh, has deserved bo well of his state mid eoiiuiry. Willi many thanks for the honor of your invitation 1 remain, With hisih regard and esteem, Your obd'i sen mil, V. V. S. Buss. Ira Davis, lisp, Norwich, Vt. t.owr.i.i., Mass., IVb. SSJ, ISIS. .My .tear Mr, un my rrlurii lo tins city last et mine nfier nn absence of Iwo weeks, I lound your letter ol the lTib insi.. iuvitiiiL' lue ill heball ol ihe I'oiiiiioiii.f. ol Ariaiii;eiuents to be pit-sent to-day at the funeral of illy iiiiiieiiieu nielli, .lie lii.c wol. linusolll. I received n letter Irom Sell . Hopkins some days since, and it has been Irom that time a matter ol sin cel.- renrel that rircuui'.taueesbeyoiid my control must ' .1 ... I ....!..!. I .... .1... I.. .'l I ' 1 . , . , . ' " l!n.e.p?in ,, It lter which 1 wrutc tn (Sen. Iloiikins, oml 1 hu' nt lici ili-tniit Jav ill n iicr(iiiril inters iiw uiili vnn tn r... 5 5: :!; cur to iiifiih-nts ilhitrntie of the ili.stiiinuiieil con'. ,. ,..,.. i, !,: , .,..:, I.... i.. .. . .1 , iiteianclioiy icriiiiuaiioii. ..... .v.. ..-..... iu, UUI III SUUUI.II UIIU Your friend ami servant. . . . FlU.NKI.l.N I'ttricE Irn Uavis, l,sq , Norwich, Vt, 33"Tlie following is the nomination for the next Council of Censors, presented by a Wliijr State Convention at Montpelicr, in October last. It is a very excellent ticket, and will attract uni versal confidence- and respect. The eminent citizen and jurist whose name stands ct its- head, and who lor a lung period of years has occupied, with credit to himself ami tho State, the highest judicial position within tho bestotvment of the Legislature, is also, vvc are pleased to say, nt the head oflhe ticket nominated hy the Opposition. "'-""R"'-''"' 1 compliment is as unusual as it is, in the particular instance, merited. '" C,CC,ion wiU bc hM 0n " 29 In tnsl. CMAIlf.KS K. WILLIAMS, llutland. JOHN X. I'OMKItOV, Hurlington. WM. limtAUI), Chelsea. 1'KTKR STAKIl, Middlebiiry. SALMON 1 DL'TTOX, Cavendish. JJAVIU CltAWKOItD.l'utney. ' lit A II. AI.LKN, Irusbiirirli. JAMI-'.S IIKI.L. Wiihlen. 1 1 UN It Y T. JAXKS Waferbiiry. lli:.RV STOWKLL, Cambridgo. JOHN DDWCY. Maidstone. AUGUSTUS HURT, Sheldon. KLYLS l'. COOL, Ilennington. Kullitiiil & Washington Huiiroml C'ompniiy. At a Meeting of the Stockholders of the Rut land and Washington Railroad held on the i!3d ult., the following gentlemen wcro elected Di rectors : MLRRITT CLARK, West I'oultney. Ill'.NRY STAXLBY, " M. C LAXCDOX, Castleton. K. L. OUMSIir.i:, Rutl.,,,,. ISAAC W. THO.Ml'.SOX, firanvillc. MIL'I'O.V ItROWX, Pawlet. IIORAtT. CLARK, Middletown. Mi:::ritt Clark, l'.sq., was subsc(ucntly apjoiuted President of tho Hoard. rricuds of the Adiuinistriilioii nud Wnr." The Montpclier Patriot gives a flaming ac count of a jollification, at the Union House, in honor of Lieut. Xewmas of the Oth Regiment, got up by " thefricmh of thr Ailminhlralimi and the ar, wherein we are surprised to notice the names of Mich ".Mexican Whigs "as Hon. Jons Sf.vt,uiu, Charles Lyman, Major W. T. Dt'RMiA-vt and others. If, as the Patriot avers, and as of course is tho c ise, this vtas meant to lio understood abroad as a imrthan demonstration, wo will bet a goose, mid givo an order on tho Gazette ofl'tro if we lose, that Hon. J.ittv Spaldin.;, and oilier Whigs, were not so apprised and we take the liberty fo say that it was neither good taste nor good uiinners in the Patriot, to commence its official narrative ofthe affair by representing that u was imiier Iho special patronage oi" thefricmh of the Atlminhtratian ami Ihe War." Il In well oiiookIi to p,y a compliment lo Ihu gallantry and good conduct of Lieut. Xewmak and Montpclier Whigs aro not apt lo stint their praise of t uch (pi ilities, hut WP undertake to In fer that they hate lived too long in tho focus of Vermont locofocoiam to bo willing to tako anv particular pains ioiJentify themffhet u ilh it. .Now don't get into a passion, Major, and tell us to mind our own business ; becauto it won't uo any good. You made a capital speech, and gnto a capital toast, and ought to bo above anything like trapping us "Mexican Whigs " info a po. fition whero we may bo looked upon as " friends of Iho Administration and tho War." As Mr Weller senior remarked lo his son ijinn,,, i did'nt think you'd ha' dono it I" Judgo I'li.-lps' HptecJi. Wo commend lo the attention of our readers tho Ycry nhlo speech of Judge Phei.i-s, jn the Senalo of the Unifcd Stales, ou tho financial as pect of the existing War upon Mexico. Wn shall give (ho concluding porlion of it next week. It ia high prtifsji of this epeech of our distin guished Kena'for to say, that it comes quite up to llie expectation which hit eminent nnd con ceded ability has warranted. It isin no respect Inferior tnany of tho lucid and powerful exposi ttons oflhe inhiuity and rank folly attending th0 , origin and conduct of the War, which have liccn made In that iuignt assemblage, tho United States Senate. Vermont has just cause to bo proud of tho talent nnd statesmanship she has contributed to both branches of the National Legislature. For the emendations of our copy of Knowlcs' "Lines written in a churchyard," published In the l'Vcc Press three weeks ago, wo aro special ly obliged to our valued and always accurate friend ami correspondent! whose communication is subjoined Wc take great pleasuro in print ing " letter and book," notwithstanding they furnish anything but an agreeable commentary on both the excellence of our lit ing memory, nnd the value of our pocket mnemonic substitute. Any one of our readers who will tnako the comparison, will at once perceive that tho cor rections furnished by our correspondent, aro tri lling neither a? regards the dense, nor the lite rary finish, of tho very beautiful poem in ques tion. We are glad, therefore, to republish the poem, not only because "to it was written " by tho youthful teacher, " gone, not forgotten ; passed, not lost:" but because we acknowl edge n higher obligation, that binds us to con nive at no mutilation ofthe writings of ono " Whose tboiiuht-, like bats ofstinshine in shut rooms, Mid gloom all nloty, win llie world lo buhl." The following U the communication referred Clahkc: The beautiful stomas of Herbert Knowlcs, in the IV-sh of February Silli, deserve com plete necuracy ; which hy freuuettt tinucrihin and repiiblishini, (as well ashy mere errors oflhe press,) is but too liable to be impaired. And I would like to'havc the hues always accompanied hy a nonce, rather ful ler than yours, of tho time nud place of their compo sition. They wi-rc written Oct. 7, 181C, in the church-yard of Itichmoiiil, (in Yoikshire);. when the poet was hut a boy; indeed, he was Inrdly more, nt his death. They were published, with !nj;h euloj;)-, in the (Loudon) Christian obseiver, 1819. And, ns the book is (comparatively) a rare one, hi this country ; I send you, from it, a few torrcctiuns and additions j and I pliould bc glud to see the whole reprinted, io Amend ed. Troy N. V., Marcli I, 1SW. " It is good for uf to be here; if thou wilt, let us make here three tfiheruaclcs; one for thee, nnd one for Moes, nnd one tor Klina." Matthew XVII. 4. Methinks it i' Rood to be here : If thou wilt, let ushuild liul for whom t Nor Klins nor Moses npjienrj Hut the f-hndows of re that encnnipa?) with gloom The abode ofthe Dead, nml the place of the tomb Shall we build to ambition I Ah no! Affrighted, he Fhrmketh nsny : a For e. thev Vould nin him Iwlow. To a dark, narrow eae, and begirt with cold clay, 1 o the tuenmt ot reptiles, a peer ami a prey. To beauty I Ah no !--he forgets The charms she wielded before ; Nor knows the foul worm, that he fret The skin that, but yesterday, fnoU could ndore. For the Mnoothne it held, or the tint that it wore. Shall we build to the purple of Pride, To the trapi hs that dizen the proud 1 Alas' tb- y ure nil laid nide : And here's neither dre-y mr ndornmentnllowM Sae ttie long winding bbeet, nnd the fringe of the shroud. Unto niches? A'n ! 'tis in vnin ; Who bill, in theirturus hae U-cu hid ; ( Their treasures arc Kjuatulered again ; And here iu the crave nre all metals forbid. .Save the tinsel that shone on the dark cofiin-lid. To the iileaMircs that Mirth can alfurd ! The revel the laugh and the jeer ? All ! heie is a plentiful hoanl ; Hut the guests nre nil mute aa their pitiful cheer. And none but the worm is n leveller here. Shall we build to Aflectton and Love? Ah no! they have withered nud died, wr ueu wiui me spirit anove: Friends brothers, nnd iters nre laid fide by fide, Vet none have saluted, nnd none have replied. Untowurow? The dtad rnnnot imeve ; Not a Nib, not n Figh, meeUt mine eiir. Which coiiitfiun useltrouhl relieve; All. s wet tlv ihrv wuintt'r. nor luii?: lov. ur ft-nr I'eace, jeace is the watcIi-word,r the only one here. Unto Denth, to whom immnrclm inuet Ikiw fh,no ' for h'w empire is known,1 And here there are trophies enow : Beneath, the cold dead. and around, the dark sloue, Are the yigus of a s.-eptcr that none may disown. The firet talernach' to !Iom we will build, And b"k for the nleepen around us to ri-e ; The second hi I-nith. vihieb iiMin it fnHWIn.l And the tliird to the hmib of the great Sacrifice. i Who beniieathed us t hem both, when lu m tn tin- suits. lliiilrunl .lleclini;. A larje and resrrctahlc meetiii!? of the in habitants of Franklin County, convened at the r.iwn-lioiie, tu r.iim.'ld, on Wedne-div the JHil of l-'ebrtnry, ISIS, agreable to the notice published in the icvcral nevvp.ipers in said County, to take iiitcroiniderution the subject of :i Italiron.i Iliriiiieiis.ini L-ouutv en as to accom modate the peopl, it large. The meeting uui. called to order l' Jo-eph S'oule, Esi nml on inolion nf (1. Ilin;luin, Esq., lien. S. II. Il.i7.el-! tine was appointut Chairman . and on miiion of, tv. u. wuii-oit, Km., .Mlrcd Keitli, was ap-, pointed Secretar ' (l ,,.!io '(V,.,;iirn nt ibreo from each town rcpresoitc.l, wisappoiiitoil to report to. said meeting, wlal nc.icn should do uiKeu on tne subject. ( Iii niolioi tho inicting adjourned to 2 o'clock, Mi 2 o'clock, I'. AI. Tho nii'otins a-enihled and was called to order ly fie Ciia'niian, pursuant to ailjoiirn ment, 'a hot the Committee by .Mr. Htrlnw, sub tnittrd tlicf.illiiwing preamble and reMilutiom: Wherea 'vour t.oinmiltee Inlly helicvo that tlicro is aniicli morn feasibl.' route for a Kail road throii.Jl the County of Franklin, than the one fiirougl the Village of St. Albans, wherchv the public voiild be much hi tler accommodated, . ... ..II I.. -i . .t... t.i . . 111(1 W tllCh VOlllU ot lliuoi, tiioio iiiiiiiioit- lu 1110 stockholder would rccoininend the passing of the foliovvu 'resolutions. .'es.iieiA That a Committee, consisting of one from each t'Wii interested, lie nppoiiilcl to make a preliininatj surtcy of tho several routes which have been Mined, and make report to another mnnilnir as il herein after coiiteniplated. ltcsolxed. That tho e.tien-es of said commit tee lw paid by the Inliabitants of the several towns from which said Committee shall tie ap pointed. w.iim. That said Committee bo empowered to call another niivtlng at such timo and place as thev may Hunk prnr. Krs'ulieJ, That said Committee ho now ap pointed from the eercrul tuwns represented, nnd Ihat the several towns unrepresented be request ed, each, to appoint ono iersou lo act in concert with tho Committee ap.xiintc.l by this meeting which resolutions werd unanimously adopted. Whereupon, the meeting appointed tho lot lowinrr ireiillctnen W. W. White, tamoillo County. Chittenden County. Fletcher. Fairfield. Il.ikcrslield. Hlicl.lon. Fairfax. Franklin. John Allen, Mnrry Hack, llradley llarlow, W. (3. Wilson, H. A. .Shattufk, II. K. Iluhbcll, I'cler Chise, (lardner firccn, Svvaiitoii. On motion of ti. W. Sherman, Iisq., it was resolved; That ills greatly for Ihe interest of Iho Northern sectim of Vermont to have a Kail Roul farther eil iantbe village of .St. Albans. On motion II w. resolved; That a copy nf .(. ,. -.i.; .!... ! .., I .i tow proceemngt -it (ins loctndig, Mgiico oy llie Chairman and B.-cntary, be sent to Iho F.ditom of the several papers printed iu St. Albans, llur lington and Montpclier, with a request to pub lish tho samo in their rcspectlto papers. And on motion the metting adpjitrneil. SlhAH II. UAtXTINE, Chairman. Alhieii Keiiii, tiecrtUry. Town Meeting. Tho annual meeting of tho municijuil sover eigns of Hurlington, for tho transaction of tho customary town business, was held on Tuesday last. Although quite as much as tho usual " freedom of speech and action " prevailed, we believe wo aro fully authorized to say that " no accident occurred to mar the festivity of the occasion I " In reverent imitation of a more imposing Legislature, wo contrived to get tin a miniature ...... . . .. n " Jlrii there "IlrblirnOuestlnn"nr.,i,s,..7-. tr.,i, iiriugo Uticstlon ol our own ; and for a time ! was no little "sonorous innlnl blnxvinir martial sounds," on both sides of the well - man - aged debate. Tho anti-hridgeiles, however, (onr friend Wnlton will bo nlnnsml i l...l ...rr.l a rcverso this time probably for want of the , ... s ..w. vtv ix,ii,iiy ailllklv-U I Bircngin wnicn tiie plea ol " navigable wafers cl. the plea of " mtigabh wafers supplies tho navigation of tho turbulent Wi nooskl being chiefly " monopolized," wo believe, by ducks and suckers. Ho this as it may, the question was finally legislated on, for the pres ent at least, as follows : Hrmlreil, ns the sensn of this Tow n, that the nubile. Rood reunites that n llridiji- should be erected nrross Onion Hivcr n little nhove the Ferry near A. C, Rich- nnKmV, nnd nt the place where the nbutmenUs and piers, commenced by the Town of Colche&ter, arc .VWrn, That the Hi lcctiue u of lliirlinston he a 'on i.iiii.. ; ; ...1.1. .....i. i- Coll tllittec ill eolliilllction will, surh (!oiiinolfr.n nd shall he rai-il hy ihlPI'owii of Colchester, to take incauresiroii"r ami necessiry to iut the suicrslruc lure of Midi llriilne on the nliuliui-iitsanij piers i-rectcil mid now in progress of ronipletion hy the people of Coli-lu-st.-r pioviil.-.l llie sai.l ohutiueiiis and pii-rs shnll he coiniih-teil hy said people of Colchester to the nreepiance ot pant i lectiurn ot jinrlitigtnii ; Anil that a sum not exeeediii" !j?jl) be npiropniited for the ouiio9c oi inyuia me jui proporuoii 01 iiuninmoii, as niiioniiiii on iin-ir inn., uuu nieir ineeiuis in'iiii! ol transporting a tKirrel ol Hour Irom the Vel-l-tren it and t'oleheMcr, in the construction of the near at hand, we did not lay the road. Neveitheless , , , , r,. superstructure of said llriic. I ihe people of the Point hnve tirnceeded,iilid omstrnct- ii"'" Canal, (or loronto,) Is -12cts ! Uy Mr. The follow inir list comprises tho principal Town Ollicers elected : Town Clerk. C. V. D.ivcy. Sele'lmeii, John N. I'omcroy, Samuel Nichols, Henry 11. Stacy. Treasurer, Alvan r.iolc. (turner of Poor, S. V. Taylor. (',.nta'h; Nauc Sherwood. l.hters, Cha's Kussell, Oco. II. Shaw, John K. dray. Town Auditor. John X. I'omcroy. N. U. Ilas wcll, l'hilij Doolittle. V'oich Ago t, Charles I). Kasson. (Irand Juror, Charles Adams. Trublets Surplus Fund, l.-aac Warner, Geo. 11. Shaw, Carlos Iluxter. Suicrinltiid'nli! Common .Schools, Rev. II. I. l'.irker, llev. J. K. Converse, Hev. O. W. 11 l'cabodv. .S'eutr of Weights and Mcaiures, Is Saihr of Leather, Samuel II. Peasl aac Dow. Ice. The Ucport of the Selectmen, drawn np, and 'J'Z' nu iOTK submitted on behalf of the Hoard, by Jons N. pruiements nlready made, nml the relleciion thnt the I'oMcnor, Esq., presents a full and satisfactory j pul,lict.'Ucl1 " CTlkd) is 'r a "l!""lt" statement of Town Attain for the past year.'. A tery unplenant duty was imposed upon the Se- Krom this admirable document, clear and -con- j mS elusive in stalemcnt, wise in suggestion, honor- "." -I'lin street. Kepiiiicdtoinpiauits were miule hy able in feeling, and of unusual excellence and , premESl'nXn,. ctJof'sK-k! ability in other respects, wc make the follow inn; n runt at length n petition, ver inimerouly h'mnM extracts : V'.i the 'J'own nf Hurlington : Your Selectmen respectfully report 'flint the whole amount of receipts into the tren-ury, ns nppenrs from the treasure r'n report, includim' the .sum ol 1,(3.10, reported in the tiedsuty lit the last .u.iitil iiii-t-uii;, nil-, ix-eu Whole iiiuount ol disbursements, ,-- i-w it lis. 13 Apparent balance in fator ofthe town, $171 :t7 me uisoursemeiits, there was drawn out on tin; herewith rendered. . ... ..........ii u, mi-, .mi, no oi-, iit't'ouoi I I - - ...... Vii-r'? On orders of l'ounnaster of this year, 1UJ.I..1-. I'll JUIICCS or. ers ot I us ti-nr. ? I o- On outstanding orders ol Selectmen of lat year.Slil (H) On do Overseers of l'oor ol last yr,8(ii.ia On sundry allowances nt last .March iiiectini;, 15i.ll On account ol salary of Treasurer. 8J 110 liucresi on money oorrowed, 3j.l5 An eininination of the items nf this account will SHOW' 111. II III llie Inst .tlnilll Ult'cniur there were out. sl.UHliui; ilt-itsa".nnt the town, in unt-rsol the select men and utcrsecrsot the pour ul tiie previous year. in nit- e-iiiii in sin-...i 'i iu ueinauus ap.uust ihe town not drawn tor, ll.lJ V Amoimtuiir to the -urn ol fjiiiiltw which uiicr niiNoioin me whole tmlance reM,rted it the treasury, lelt, in-lead ofti balinee in favor of tin town, a d.-hluiraiii'-t llie town in that iii .fssll-r, o tw'n; and which taken Irom the trrms dnliursemeius of llie treasury, leaves the suiiuliuwii Irum the treasury for expenses ol jlj.'ty.aj i-nun wiueu u we Hike the sum drawn from the treasury lor eK-nses of the poor this tear, tu wit . llie won nl iM'j.ii And the amount ol expenditure fur the bridiie ami culvert oil llie new- ro.ul, 332 03 One hall the .-tie n-- of makiui; the KriiiidlM Ibis ear, 131 50 Dridjje at I'atridL'e's mill, 17.3-i Damages paid Cook, field & Co. for horse, '"' Lion 3T Leaves nniount draw n from the treasury, - lur ordinary expi-ost-s, tins )ear, ijriS3 Vi Hat to the nuiutint ihawii Irom ihe treasure lor ilu. !-wua ol the poor llns tear, which we have slated "i ,. siujj.av Mioniii ne a.iiitu niiiinn.uus orders, not pre- T"?' . .. . on poor accounl, to ri .iwiinr, 1 1 .35 MIDI) 30 00 HI (Ml 12.H3 U2.U0 nr. L. II. nail, -' li-tato. !-iroiig, D.iohttle.v. t o. Iieorge I'eterson, Seivices of lonnaier, this year, as clauiieil by linn, and which we think should be paid, 477.00 Amount outstanding on poor account, S7S7.98 .'l.:..l II I . .i ' i r ii mt ii i-iiiu mint u in uie iiiiiouiii orawii irom the trenury, makes the total expense of poor this year 8ISI3 50 II we mid tn the sum stated ns the total amount drawn this tear Irom the treasury, lor expenses this year, to win (LVJI'J 3D the ahovementioneil oulsiaiiding orders and claims, 737.'JS s-a ary.ot keeper ol poor.houe, due April next, 2tH)tl Halnnce ol C. I). ICi.ssoii's n.cuunt, ns lown !-'"' , , 83 U7 AiHuinii due for oil, lighting nnd snowing bridge in Ihe Kails, to 23ih .March m.-taiil, 21.00 llalaiiee due on nccouut ol overseer ol poor, 12. If, fcclcclmen's services nt s)fiU each, say 180.W) And it shows ihe total exiienscs of the town lor the past ) ear lo have liecii Si'.J33.UO If lo the outstanding claims and orders, we make the application ofthe balance reioited in the trrosury, it will show the whole amount uf ihe indebtedness of the town, nt this time, lu w il : Outstanding orders and claims ns nlsive, 812SI.5I Halaiu-e retried in llie treasury this year, 172 37 Ami it lenves the balance against the town, 91112.11 . I he foregoing exhibition of ihe finances of the town is. it must lw tidiniued, somewhat stnrthng not only os showing n greail)--increased expenditiiro over nny oilier year Iroui the lust urganiinnou ol the town, but us a ii.ouriiliil evideuro of i),e smldeii presence of un exampled destitution nud ull. ring. The (act is well iniilerstood ihat we Imv e been Horded by the in eniigralion Ihe ln,l, poiailalion through the fa na. -v.".'!"'!10' "r'r' (um 'rprt'ssioi, and Ha vt tio i at liouie.nud the hope of fieeifoiuaiid abuu. .lane, hi.-twaud they br.,gl,,'wi,l, ,),.., p,-iilenc, engei-.d-ied on shipboard, whtx. only ,,.rflfl 0ri.' I'Z, 'l.'n'T " 'T'1",""'1 """vages'uutilmanyo I s n bjecls had lime to diss-rs.. themselves c.r ,'e a(.e !i is"U'T",V i ,le 'r lnm.,i.rlat o. ... li ?. T. .;5 llC b'e'l"'uu,i". nnd the nttraclion pre-m-ntul m the ,o,K. of t.,poy 0 ,. rDirontl- leriiiiiia ling here, were n. (jrent, that nuiwiih.taiidiiig the re inonsirniiceH of the owners of the luiais n 11X1 he pro curement n orders liiihecniiiniiHfiirhi.lihi,,, .1... I, 1?, 11 -u ''i,",r",M"' J1.1"1 "he circulation ol primed la idbils.ii M Johns, Montreal and O.11. 1-.-C. ounig nonce that the sick would be sent back, which duubl- ".'t iik wouiii ne sent Pack, wi eh i on hi. l'llti nnlninrv iirpi.irnii.,,. ! - wert' hired, until u were enurt'ly dcliaem Inn Iditnm an. numx tTtT It'll tit (tut tm.p ftrnt h.s.l I .. I .. I uiiiii ii iui(irnry necuinniuuaiions could tc :i n ... we y.tvv-o leel m length were for huepiluU.and in i.uueii nm scumy nceoniinoilatioii lor the intieiiis, v boat Mceeded one hundred in m.mher. Al- I. ou9h on the approach of cold wcailier llie number of I sickfoiiuiiately.(iminishe.l,)et it was found ucccsary 1848. to nink provision for them in other .pntters ihnn the poor, to sonic distance Irom the farm house, to pre- VKl,",t.l,'a!Iu '.dii'st SiJ AtZlW r! part ol the farm hou-ie. The whole number which IKW'heV nl-o appears that ISI have died and been buried nt the expense ol the town. There nre nt present ol the poor house 1 1, in Ihe hopital II, nnd ns ninny more, say not less than 3d, receiving nid from the town in dtlfeieiit places in the xillaRe. I rom this statement ofthe nll'iirs of the poor department, it will not per- hops bc surprising, oihiuBli quite unprecedented, ihat our account for buildiiiR and repairs is S'i'(), ncconnt r... i i.i. , .. auuiiur i.,.n.,n:. G'lnil . :couill lor oilliuum anil repairs is y..i', uttiuui for me.hca n tendance $3SI.87, nnd lor Collins s;m.i, , ' wiu .,, artlculnrlv nnm-nr from the ncconnt of the Overseer o Ihe (lt-,.r.,-rol the ISior.wldrh Is suhuiilted. With the. , rc,urt u,c Aaa,l,l'- A Committee of six persons, incliidini! the Select I 'en, wns raised at be ast .March mcding, to .lesig- i linn, n kii tun e or.iiion lur n union-nt pr i mum il iter. nnte a suitable location lor n bridge over Onion lliv I between the l-'olls ami the Lake, nud to survey the I 'TTJJSSSJa lunu, toLlt-iiier vt mi uii esiiiuuie Ul .lie t Aiitust-oi cutu That committee have at ten dp il to the duties iinno- town. The nttctition of the .SHectmen has nk hren cniici to this suhject hy the petition of IC rtpcctahlc the 21th ilriy of Xovfinher lat, riiuetitia Uicm to niter the rond on Harry HradM'Mann or iiitervriIe,f.o as to meet a bridge which the people of ColctteMer Point had ronnneneed ImiMiii c. tniil tunke the road fi p'ddic nud open bijihway. The point nt which this bridge was commenced corresponded with the loon- I tion of a bridge which the committee above mentioned 1 So niuious wi-rt- tlif l.-oplc of Colcln-sl.-r P..!.., i,. i.-1 ' .i.i. ........ ....... ...... i.,iiiii-ii ii L-oilllllilllltllll.'O "ill! inn n... II t.lUl. tilijt t lltilia o. lt.-l lit a til Jfl.lJ ilM'nnodrniii'ail SaZ?, Unt ro Incontrovertible and, of course, conclu the nirt-s-nry pk-isiiiul nliutiii.-iits ol stone masonry, site. il we woulil lay the roul Imtiui! llie question ol . ,:.t :.. .i i, i cnr .i IniililiiiK our piirt of the soertructur u, this town. U e ;,ollcc'1 '" Iaet Rrtlcl f " f "1 t0 Wi-surteyi'il ihe rojj ns nuihorizid liy the ahove tote Adierliser, tiie authority of n .Mr. Ilethnnc, of , "nn pniiinti lo no Out the iiersous intere-te.l on I ol- 1 thesler Point tailing (& produce the required security c.l nh uimeiiis on the Colcheter side, nml nearly com- pli-tcd the three piers, of stone w-otk and on their L'ltiiiL' the security required to linUh ut their own ex- pi-nsc the st,,e work, or -actually .loins the same, we 1 t,e intelligent writer below has a simple pro-resH-clluIly recommend the ndopiion, hy this town, of i . ' ' the necessary mealies to complvte tiie bridge nml cess lor the adjustment of this difficulty. Ho rA'to.e wn. passed, nt the InM March meetinj;, or-! i"for,n, "S ,ll.'at 1,10 0"'"CrS f Prol,0,lers and derins the Selectmen to remote the fencis, pi.i..ns Meamcis at 'I oronto, are offering to carry Hour nml steps from tin; streets. Tins duty, (not the most 1 .lirc(.t to Montreal at .Inner rl. ,.. from rt welcome,) the Selectmen have cn.leatored to nccoiii- piiMi in n manner the lenn cnlciimti'd to injure those who illicit he nlll-cled hy it, or tu mid to the e.u-ile-lneiit which nil Intt-rleri-ucewiih what many tccmid I a tested nlit, was calculated lo produce. As the law then was, tin- only nlternatiteiiic.w of refusal or neg lect to remote on notice, was a forcible reiuotnl hy the Selectmen. Hut the I.ei;ilntiire, at their last si-s. sion, hate niten another remedy, m a line ol lite dol lars tor m-ry thirty data refusal ur neglect alter no tice and under the influence ol tln e remedies nnd a eolmnelldalile fi-clm-. lor the iiiiiiriitninm ..I il.- i.... .. . i ".''nost nil the obirucliuiis bate U-cii reniotcd.nnd the eiec.uieii nnte Heen ulillL'e. iu in two intliincis in resort to any other remedy thnu llie uoiiee under the Sluttlte. It Is to he hooeil lli.-it n Mn-.-ivi ri. u.i ..u,,i;..l to the imprnt fluent ol our side-wnlks nnd streets, will i'j ie.-ri-cuinie cu en, whs nre-M-nteil to u-. ut"in" in the stionKe-tteru,sil,e ,.-motal.. the nuUi,.-i"-nn'i nu in-pectioii ot ihe ireini-es sullicieiitly proved that !i;r,xr;te;:;::iis pains ot the houe to remote the nuivinee, Imt not lie nig heeded, wc were compelled to make a forcible re llluval ol Ihe tenants, nnd to clemise nud wlutewu.-h till I1I-..II1I...U 'I'l.:.... .1..1I n.,l II I, , , .niiij nun. ii- uuu not i-t-iii.-i urn- e.- 1 I'1"1''" 111 Ihe .'Iierntion, nnd the demand lelt with the j town nircnt for collettion. rroni the review ofthe tro-l let us look to the future, and wiilioiitenienn into the reosons lur thc opinions -. v.. v., ui ..... .. ...... u. IV". It I O Hit- 1 11 11 1 til... . .... ..ii:.- .1 -I I I .1 "V. .'Oil. lit- t lllll'l lv llie IIIIIOUOL IO I It OrOtlll ' ed fur, ihe coininirv.-arnslollows: ... i-. .1. . . . 11 , liaiice ns;ain-t ihe tow nas above reported 11 I'll Poor nccoiiut nt 31011,00 Onhnary expenses at T""'"u .,, ,. , , . $l'Jia,ll outset. Our readers will find our excuse, if one Add to this Ibe Kiitlauil suit, say 'IKSIIHI :.ii- ,-, - .v. A.ldiothoiiriiiit..tih-e-.ini,ii-,1epeiTe ''!' in m.r i.,., . -J.nir., ol the superstiuciure of the Hndj;e as re- j'J-J 1 1 rector erroneous) of the tplcndid project in commended question, as contributory to the wealth and pros- Add to this estimated exis-nsj ol extending (. ultert. and tilling bridge in new- road, SftMJ.I I S7tiC2,7l I rom which sum take balance in tn-a-ury, 172,37 Ain't rtceivable, as above stated, 300,00 172,37 ( And it leaves the sum of, To meet which would rniuire n tax of 10 cents on ihe dollar, w huh on the nre.-ent $i;js'j,77 h-t of Is.Mfi will tiel.l iiboiit, ViS7fl.dO o would huwever re-pecitully recommend a ta of 2', cent, on the dollar, winch rai-es 1211,00 to be paid on or l lore the li day of June next, ami leate the rai-iiig of any further sum to a luiiire lown meeting. Wc cannot elost- this report, tedious as it is, withuiit eXUressillir Olir llOliroballoil ul llu ii.niiiir lo which .Mr Tav lor h:i ili-lnir.r.-.l,.n..d,....l 1,.. nrilous duties of Overseer ot "the poor, the iia-t year, and the lair and inielli.iihle lor,,, i,, ,il,., i,.! I, seined his necounis wuii ihe proier voueiiers. .in which is i.e.ii.clliilly Mihuntted by, JOHN X. POAlnilOV.l Sdccttnrn SAMl'KI. NICHOLS, I of HKXItV II STACV. Burlington. Burlington .March 7, ISIS. Wo deem it but an act of simnle iustiee to .Mr. Tavmm: to add that no portion of this able Ucport wa, received with more decided and universal approbation than that which comeved .1 ii .... " the well-merited and emphitic testimonial of the selectmen to his lidelty in the perfortnance of lus responsiblo and hazardous olhciul duties; and that Ihis approbation was L'eneroiislv iii played by tho unanimous concurrence in Ihe motion ol ,s, Hint Aim, Ksq. increasing Mr, Tayuik's compensation lieyond the sum claim- nil be himself tn lu. 1.! t' I .. , . ed by himself to bo his due. We record this latter proceeding with especial plens-iro as hon- orable alike to the town and its humane and I'.lintlUL SERVANT. t.,,Ti. IIIC nillll Llllllll, We intend to keep our readers apprised, from tllllO to tiinO. Of tllO nrorrn9 nf nn!..!,., n.l . . ... , ( 4 MIMI ,41,. ctission resiectinir the noble nrniL'ct of rotinort. ing, by Ship Canal, the navigable waters of Lake Champlain with those of the great Western hakes. The enterprise is 01.0 that deserves the tv.rn.ct favor in Vermont, nt anv rate. who... cotnuiercial prosperity its completion cannot fail 1 larcelv to ucrease. "'i-"' ...v.....-t . We may as well take this occasion lo sav lo the Alontpelier Watchman, that it can raio no cry less likely .0 frighten us from our curse in ' relation to this, splended commercial enleriirise, or lo disturb our equanimity, Ihun tho one it has more than onco nut forth, nf " I ..r.V.,.. i ' -. .i.... .,iiu- riKtds against llrtlih Canals. '" It is, in 0ur judgment, emphatically " sound and fury, tig. mjying nothing." And, betides, it is a species ot patriotism that conlrasls rather awkwardly willi tho Watchman's fiery zeal, in " the brid-'c controversy," for an aveuuo for the cheap traus KirUtion oftlu llread-tulls ofthe West to our doors and markets. We look upon , he project of opening a com-1 i,t..iioi, .... i-..T auo. pn.oeiier navigation, between our hike and tho hikes of tho West its one luiiglit Willi imtnenso benefits to Ver- ...... mont ; and, therrjore, we advocate it. Wo look ' .i. ..r i..m..,... .. . .. t,ir nf tllir I jiLi. f'nu Wn liif.k ..ft.,.. ..!! I r- . j. i... . " Il IIUI tiUliaiim-U UV i t' I-lini f. I ii,,t ne I........ lvi - ,inti,vh .IJ.... l .i . . . . ; , ' MO m tun- ,. nllal. , r",, "..,.. "l U0 seiilml to tho prosiienty or Uk3 ltailrtKul and as hn.HU ,1 , """"""fS1' "allriMl1. a' ' hostile to tho true commercial ' r " """i- "uuii, as notes. policy of this State ; nnd, therefore, wc oppoic It. Texai, wc cannot perceive, how, thereby, tho argument I, affected. If our good friend, of the Watchman and Messenger will only bear tins I" mind, they will cease, ,rbap,. to be . , , , aro neascJ t0 consider our hostil- 3 ' Ity to tho Ogdcnsburgh Road, , nreseiit purpose is to introduce tonur U K" 1 ' '. '. t . i ,.,. i : readers a communication w Inch we Imd in tho Montrcai Gazette of tho 1'Jtli Inst., which an- i ....... , . swers, ill a clear, uusincss.iiKC ami conciu-ivo ' . ..... , :,. t ,i. manner lliotiujecuoi.s o. a ir.iio paper ofthe 7tlt, signing himself "A Montreal Merchant." The "Montreal Merchant's" ar ticle boars, one would think, a resemblance in style and reasoning quito too close to no ucn- . . ..... '' ,0 11,0 artlclcS " L rCC"lly HIT ,. , , ., . Iloslon Daily Adterttsir. Iho I samo objections against the Canal, in the form of " slioals," rapidH," " tran.3-shipmcnts, &c. Ct w,ic, VCro sliown by a writer feigning Iiimself " II.," (wlio was evidently familiar with tho topic on wliicli be wrote, and whoso , 1 , , ' millllCntlon WD Coined lllto t 10 I' rce I're?S com- 9 oftllO 0j.h nf TTninrv tn hn ulinllv Imnrtimrv nrn ,n unr0 t0 w',oll imaginar), aro urgci by this " .Montreal Merchant1' almost "m "'rc xrr"lu 1,10 wrllcr liel,m a-':u" P1"" ,.i.:..,!... , .... . i... . . ,.i- 1 , , .... ,i , i. . ., I Inmntn, was rjnoteO lo show tile e.ionso Bcthtine n Steamboats and transhipment at I ,.. .... , . , . I Kingston, this expense miy ho incurred. Hut . Willand Canal to Montreal, than was charged 1 isl spring from Kingston ! say nt 'JO or 25 ct9. a lib), from the Wei land Canal to Montreal. Now, if Iho C.inglin iwaga Canal were coinplo led, at an addition of 10 to 12 cts., a barrel of Hour could be landed at any port on our take miking the cost something less than the loll of a hirrel of flour on the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Troy. Our ports would thus possess an ad vantage over Troy of from 20 to W els. per bid. Something to bc considered bv those who aro c,:"'ir""s (or " f I It strikes us there is another advantage to re- ""It Trom the construction of this Canal, which his not been touched upon by anv writer thu fir. We allude to the opening that would Ik, allbrded for the cheap transportation of Emi- tD thc fl,r We f"r wll01 "V trav- cMn' too expensive. More than 100.000 ar- i r n . r . i i . rlve1 froln ,-'"roP at Montreal, la-t season, of whom two-thirds were destined for the Great r ? , n,.,ber - will be .innu.illy increaied. The transportation of these Emigrants would be secured to tlie.-o vc-els which could sail from our take, or Cdttghnawaga, direct to the rt for which tht-so pi-engers should be destined and thus a largo f. .. .... ... . . . .. "PJieigm (wineli would never go by Itailroads) ... . . """,u -7niit,u, ... uo, iait-1 wiiu jiu - ll-nll Ol m 1 ...nri nt n... Ia ...1.1. r... Vessels Hut wo have extended our remarks to i much greater length, already, than we intended at Iho pcrity of bolh shores of take Champlain. is regarded vvilh special favor, we are lo say; Western Canada, as well a in Canada East, and we have- the assurance of an influential Con servative member of the Canadian I'.irliainenf n ho p.isscd through Iliirliiiglon a few evenings lor me oeliet (hat its construction by tho fiovernincnt. will bo snp.,l;it- ,,,..i....i. ' ul To llie l.'.litor uf llie .Wonlrcnl ;nzctle. MR, A eorresHindent, iu your imperof ibe 7th in-t .over the signature ol " A .Montreal Alt reliant." deprecates the projector coiwructiii' a canal to con nect the .s-t Lawrence wuh Lake Uiainplain, in iho lullowmg It-nils : ' ' " I come n. one deeply interested in llie prosperity of the city ol .Montreal, i express ihe reiisoos lor my disbehel in the realization ol the exudations mi. tended to be entertained by ihe projectors ot ihis ca nal j mid ol iny coiuictioii.ou the oilier hmid, that iu existence, it ever permitted and iiccoinnli,!, ,1 .n prove as disastrous to those whoslull unJermL- ,h. city " Aiain. " ,V.'Vil" .i'.TI'.'r ' .f Ill lis toliseouelices. to the i,nu-i-.if r ,k. ctgain, !: T.! . 'i"?"'.' .,!,,,rit"uU channels ol the mter'temnc the proper middV.;;; k ,"l'!'eir '"k"' deseend U-luw l'rescott they coukl Hot du so, even with the aid of the tanals In i.,,., '"' Jrst-cls lake resntl, Imrc txer Ueu tern to d,. rrcr Ueu teen to de "SK'-OT .piainted with what is guing on, when h. terv much ni-- tir-t-class ve-sels liuve eon,e"luw'n ihe V " Kice0 I lit lower lock, in the Lachuie Cnnal. is i., t. pit-led. How, then, can trnn.-hipineuis mu,i he ,aV UtoTfake' Ire whti call go below frescolt Tlieriliut 1 I..-I...I II.. iv t ..... nn. .i o . . j-i.- nil actual 1 ? made Im-i M" l r.'",u !" Thc "bove-iiauu-d tei.. 'brough the Welland Canal? Veverar'nevVte.0 I'li?.'.' ri'!ul.1? "". M"k by our oldest Fori ;. ' ".'r.'. "i"!' "u"icy should know somiMhii,,. of Alon.iealAIerchan,-"ZT""' hit iiaur.i fADrfN1.1v inr ii ....... . Ihese esses nre j xUUiHm.Zl ,'-".0i rnrrt- ll...,r .1, ...... ... ;-"f-s; umiiers oiler 10 '" H'' platy, T.uomo,l tluu wasLmell 'i r 11 n. ra 1 hiiitrvimi K" lT0 11 AHtol. Vluti Sf Juiin, on sugar. tea, lie '" ftier m?w eomed h.' 1!','f,'",",,,'"1 ",e Ju T?., vZTJ' J'tafc ChXuSuVfe'.'af f&h, possible to do i,v hi ?i" , .V"""" l.h:"' ' r."-.".c i" u pu uy me rauroad. lirt-ai iaw it will li'i,,' u",yer !""S- rTim,ni 10 " "lS- " is not unusual for VTlec t oVoUi'e'si'i0 VroO, - -hi? '"r r! ''"' n,,d "uwii"H- as Imuch 0 " 12 bo.',' would thev have tor ,U-.,,i..T, i....,r'' .'".'.chanco , - lauruaui 1 hA. uvvituiiuu in savuiir. 111:11 li.-l.u-.. .1. . . . .ilaliou in saving, that before, il,, ' ,1"a,,f. '' iuepare.1 to discharge nnd b discharged V IH-ller. M,i He Mt Lar.., i ' U'-UI' Pro- nal: s, would be at llurluigtoii uud d7.S il'a'cLL' ... take place , IVeoU A"J o.Ild be li ?lt''r iruid l-ai.i,nnd cnnnble .,r ..... .!.. '. ,r"el of ment a broid .ca.i,,niid cnrsible of camhm, i """ bbls. In such i.Vii ...... , 81 i...ii.". ..r T... ,u.i wondered i. "'??;' '' 'IVov to Ne V "V is highly desirable to get up-treigh, luT' , ,f " mun . ...uuwt ai ..lertiinni" W ot eounj- l. .. Will 11 llm v "'r J "ugnnawaga tmuil and ..,1. ih. " t"! ...Y.?!. 1 . ?'!, . ich I dual. ,-v. no., in out-i, iiuamiiv uv on.. , "'miijiiou. All our ujaier Canada freiiht. i , . i oik, comes now uy (U (...,...... ,,. i .,T I '. .l '?.". .Ctmstract ...v toiur. uy me si. jo.,..w ..... ami ure nnuie come, uy the St, ljntr,u- "A .Montreal .Merchant " will see the n ,,1,1,1 lOlllg Sll U1IS.HS It Wl LMVe lu lb.- I'nn..l .. .1." " V ",,av ,u" iy ' otaie ot 4fw YorL lw al not.- ,... . .1,7. s!.... V. the canal project and coiisiruet ihe railroad, arid (jin , uda loses all the trade winch might be done to v.. ir rnim nmiMd nn. . op done to vast ui..uin.iKi- tn i nu- .-i itw-rence lo ihe canal injuring the city of .Montreal, tho 11 IS ItlMliril. M, ill, r..n ...... . . . . '',a V u.r,li l01"?! iiov no luirt ofihl trade intended to he done -on tiie tanl. ''I'll, rouM xm Uubcc to Uritaui will bc aspetfeci fii iinow

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