Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 10, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 10, 1848 Page 3
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nnd,tr bringing a part if the vnst trade now on the line Canal, nnd lirmijiiij; llie Wrirtn lucrihnnt to a I toiii t where lie will have a choice nf two market, bo l.i injure Montreal, then" A Montreal Merchant" uiul 1 must ihM'er. Hut the dcvclnprmcnt of (tic splendid Ottawa conn, try nnil the opening of a new market for the nlinnst IhiuiiiIIc forest nf limber to lie found ihcrennil to the iwrtli of Montreal, and to render available the illmii table wnler power in the prenrntion nf the liinhnr for Southern Market, nre mining mine nf the nilvnutngo which the I'rounce will reap by the contemplated canal A" Montreal will thrive mnl increase jut ns general trade In the l'rovinee grow, mid, in nil the liuiuc conteniphiled to he done on this canal i over and nlnive whnt I now done, 1 nee iHitluugbutndvnii. tage to result fiom it construction. Next tune " A Montreal Mori-hint" refer lo ill is subject 1 would snggi'st hi Ifjing to believe that the friend and promote) ot tin canal are really sincere in Ihi'ie conviction of il utility, mid not ngiiiu lo in dulge in such an uncharilahle reiuaik id Isung nctua (ed by " expectalion;ifcHiri to he entertained." A Si;ii5ClUBLll. Toronto Feb:, llth, ISIS. Srcrtl Clny Meeting in A I briny. Aii immense meeting or the Whig; of Albmy, In Imnor of Hi:.miv Clay was held nt the Cnpi tol on Friday evening last. Tlio r.tcniiig Jour- It'll Ss : At an catly hoar the hall of the Capllol nn. filled to uvcrltnwing. Hundred crowded upon (he steps or went away, unable to obtain n position in which to nee or hear." Tlio following is among the resolutions itdop cd: Jlcsnlred, therefore, That lor llie" eminent send ees and distinguished qualifications, lhe Whigs of the cityol Albany ilo hereby reei m ini IIUNIIV CLAY, 1 Kentucky, a llieir lirst choice of a candid He lor President, to be nominated by lhe National Cuuven tion soon to assemble nt Philadelphia. Tlio Journal adds : " lion. Jnmcs llrooks.of lhe. Assembly, came for ward amidst tile enthusiastic cheer, and eloaletiing call of the niulliiude,anil spoke eloquently, feiventli , mid lo the hearts ol nil who heaid lulu. Alter which, Tho. li. Van Huren, llii., being repeatedly called lor, mane- ii irw rfuiiiK,ium w as loiioiveu ny lion. win. I C. Moss of Monroe, and lion. Cha. O Seieraneeol Krie, and other genlleiucn, who each spoke lor a few moments. The mighty crowd were jet unwilling to leac the kill, nod iui-t e,l upon "a little more ol lhe siuie mm." Nor did the) final) consent lo a" bieiikmg up," until Mr. lireely came agiiu upon the stand, and remar king that tin meeting had settled all doubt a to the prelereuces ol'lhe Wliigsnf Alb.ili), united lliil lltey should then adjourn. The m.i-s then beg.ui to mow In mji 1 lie in II , and was met in lie- by another crowd, uho,luiug lieen able lo gil asigbl ill lhe insule, were determined to g, t in mid limsh ui with a strain ol miiie. The meeting was one of lhe cnthu-ia. tic and liin.1 elfective, eer held 111 lhe lily, and ad juiirued lull of gloiious hope.s and eApeetution, each liejrl beating niih demotion to Whig piineiples, and to Jlany Guy, the girttl 1 1 "A if l.cutlrr." Mr. Clny in New Ymk. The reception of lii:MIV TI.AV by the city of New York on Tuesday la-t i reported to been, as our reader will easily believe, of the most enlhu-ia.-tic character. Tlio Ciunmoii Council and tlUO other citien- formed bis tnag- nilicent Conitnitlee of lteceptioti nt Ainbov, X.J. Wc -h.ili give an account of tin gieat popular dutuou-tratiou of love and gratitude fur the great American Statesman, next week. x.v.vtii I'oxti kj:ss. MoNlHY, Fell. 21 lliiuir. Mr. l'litnain ol New Yoik proposed, the following preamble and reeolulion Whereas, in Ibe settlement ol lhe dilfieuhies pen ding between ibis couiury and .Mexico, temtury may be acj'iired in which slaery doe not now cm ; anil wh'-iejs Congrcs-, in the organi ition ol anrritorial (overumeui at an eaily penod ol our political hi-toty inuiisie-ii .1 (iiiii. iue woiiuy f imit'iiioii in nil In- 1 tare time, (grinding the existence ol slnury in Ire terr lorv: Therefoie. Kesolved, Tint in any territory which niny he nc-1 'J'llltii iio.ii iiii.iiUi inn wnien 111 II lie f ilollucil territorial govenutieiit. slaeeiy or iiivoliiutniy servi tude, ejeept as a punishment lor crime, wheieol lhe piaty shall h if been duly coimcicd, should be loreier tiroluliied; and tint, in any act or le-olutiuu cstu 'liliiiig s'leh goierinnente, n fiindanicntui iiroisioii wughl 10 be illselleil 10 that ell'ect. Air. llrodheaii nioeil to lay ibe resolution on the table , wbieb motion w. is rained. Ajes lo"t, Nii)i.Vi. 27 Vtmunatl Jttwt the fire tthtte ruled against JieeJom in this riiie, irhile tine Wltix, ll'utxton, from the. ulare state of J)slaicnre voted on the side of fteedom. Trr.stuv, Fi b. 20. Senate A message was rend i'lom the i'resident in answer lo llie resnlutiou of theHenaieoi lhe 21th iiit., requesting to be julormed "whether th" active operaliou- ol lhe nriny ol lhe I'inted i'suiIi 111 Mexico have been, and Hove nie, sitspi-udeit ; and it so, by wliose agency, and 111 wllucot wiiat aullionly suefi Iirillistll'i Ids been ejr-eteil." 'J'lie I're-ldellt -t.lte that lie Ins received no inluiuiniiiui lelatmg to the Mi'ijeet, other than tint communicated 10 the Senate Willi Ins executive lnevige tin lhe 'J'Jd in-l The bill couveving lhe Ininkmg privilege to Mrs. Adams, was received fiom the liou-e,and was laken tp.eoll'-idi'led, and paed. The tsenate then went into Fvecutive Se-ion. JloiKe Nothiugnf inkiest oeeured m tie House. Wcii.m:mivv. Man h, I. Senate Without Iransacluig any business ol iu- lere-t 111 open session. At 12 o'clock, the Senate went into IVCCUlive SCS- r.ll ill.. 't'l.'Tilt' The liiiise vveiil into Committee of the Wh ile.and , J resinned the eoiinli jatiou ol the lull to supply the de ficiencies jn ibe appropriation for the lineal jear,euJ- j ing on the 3iih nl June uevl .Mr Rockwell went into an examination, lo show the 'rroriu lhe state ments and eiini.ncs ot lhe Seerelaij of lhe Trea-tiry. Ue w a billowed by Ml. Mel, incut .Marvlainl, niter winch the Hou-e udjournvd. Tiu r.siiw, March 2. Senate lhe day was spent uni-lly 111 executive session. House On motion of Mr. MBii of Vt. the Speaker of ibe House was authorized to lill lie' v.n 1111 cv 111 lhe Ch itruntisliip ol'lhe Committee on the C011 gre'sional Library, cau-ed by the death of John (Jcix iv .Mr Pvi.i iti.Tot .Mass. was appointed. The House then lesolved iw.-ll into Co.iuuiilie ol the Whole nnd look up the bill lo supply the defici ency in lhe estimates. Mr Thompson ol Indiana, replied 10 the speech of .M ir) land, in ule in the llou-e yesterday, Tkcma.v Svinii oi Connecticut, lollowed inn speech 'nf considerable power, 111 whii h he nuimudverted at Mime length on the policy and measures ol the Ad ministration generally. I'niinv, March 3. Senate A message was icceivctl I10111 the I'resi dent communicating the cnriespoiulinee between lhe (invcruuifut and .Mr. M ise, called tor by u previous resolution id the Senate. Mr. Dayton of New Jersey, piesented resolutions passed hy ibe Legislature of said Slate, in-lrucliiig their Senators mid llepresenlalives tosupport Mr. Whitney's plan ctn rail road to the Pacific. (hi moiuiti ol .Mr. Sevier, the Senate then went into Fveculive Session. Jtoose. .Mr. Kockwell ofConn., moved to suspend the rules to introduce a resolution that all debate 111 Commute. of the Whole, upon the lull making appro priations to supply ib liu'enries in ibe appropriations lor contingent 1 xpen-c.s lor lhe la-t fiscal jenr, should cense to-niorrovy nl 2 o'clock The rules were suspended nnd lite resolution adopted. Alter some luiie spent in the consideration ol pri vaue bills, llie Committee lose. The House then adjourned till tomorrow. Sailiiuav, March I. No business of juiciest was transacted in cither Mouse the Si uale was occupied duelling lhe Treaty, would. nt mi einiJ a-,'.. ..i i I,,.,. i.,u ... ..1 iioune Mr. rsuwver cave notice 1 nut lie I. K1 iT",",' '!""' borne the retiiauis of olh- cersuudwddiers killed or died in Mexico. Mosnvv, March fi. relWmfW 1.. ,1... 11. .... i ., ,tl" imocxecui tv e session. rcnlvnma, in place d Mr: Hur leek de c S wnsipialineil.nud 100W hi seal, 1 &Za Mr-J' 'tt: 1 me limine air. iir.a... 1 1 ... 3TVe have received a Circular li tter from Messrs. Illair and Hives, publishers of the Co. UKEssiniAi. (Ji.oiik ami An-emux, requestinLr tis to mako kNovvn to our readers that they havo struck olTa edition of had numbers of that valuable compilation, and are prepared, "up to the first day of April next, to furnish full cop. les, from tho beginning 1 tlio conclusion ( tho present session of Congress, at iho original sub Fcrlption of 2, for each, after which period tho tho prico will bo $3,00 carb ;" wbicli reu,ues.t we are happy (bus to comply with. Taylor limn In Imckrnni ! Tlio Hon, George llviins oi'.lliilnc. Woliavo noticed, with tlio slncercst regret, a letter going tlio round of tlio pros, purport ing to Imvc ken written liythat noble, sound principled Whig and eminent "talesman, Geukiie F.VASs of Maine, lo ilio nianagerii of ttic lato THj'lor meeting in l'liiladelphia, in which ho is made to say " (ir.NTt.r.MLV 1 am honored by ynur polite Invl taliou to ntleud a public dinner, to be given by (lo wing of l'liiladelphia on the Sid Inst. I rcgrcl that I cannot attend. lam rejoiced lo learn from jour ettcr to ine lliat, upon tint occasion, jou design to i nns lorwnru the nam,' i,l y.nclinry Taj lor run can didate for the Presidency mi the part ol the Whig. That dcign hus my henrty approbation. Jlre. tic. li. HvANS." Thii letter figures conspicuously in llio llos ton Atlas and other Whig papers that seem, thus, to ho willing lo countenance the idea that Wmcs can ho brought Into tlio support of Gen. as :i " tio-mrty candidate.'' Wo trust our readers will participate with us in tho profound gratification which the follow ing point-blank commentary ol tho X. V. Kx. press on this letter is well calculated to inspire. The llxprcss nftcr copying the pretended letter of Mr. llvuns says : " Vc do not know whit Mr llvvVi preferences are in leitud to the ne.l Pieidenlial nomination, but this we DO know, that he wiole no such letter a is imputed to him j and, Indeed , no letter or any kind, upon the subject!" . icgiic Vole .March Ttli. No liceiiso. License. Iliirlingtnn 4lfi 271 8C 81 17 !7 llii 1H 150 fit) 14 maj. 102 08 111 71 I nil 4:1 14 i 100 J!il 1U7 JOS 101 353 12!) 4 1 maj. 15 " 11 maj. 3 " 7 " 4 " 5 " yi " 60 " 00 .( 80 " 3 " 51 maj. S!i 51 7li 111 li:! 151 t5:i maj. 170 200 43 9(1 135 170 31 80 5 1 maj. 115 100 38 nnj. 10J maj. ltichinond tluntingtnn Colchester Willi t.,,. ex Westlord I lini'-ljiirgll I Slielhiiruo 1 St. Albans ' Itullalid Middlebnry lietiuinutoii .Milton St, (lenrgo Irashitrgli, I'.linore Albany Craftsliury Morri'town llydepark Canilnidgo Fletcher I lighgate Shehloti ('a.-tleton Vurtouncs I lime I (,'hel-ea .v.!t'"'v" ,IIUIIIllllVI 1 l'.iinticld Wnterbiiry M ideh'M x Top-hiiu Stowo Itoxbiiry Cal .is Tin; Speech ol Mr. Mnrili. Wo unintentionally omitted, I.tst week, to call the attention of our readers to tho speech of Mr. Mausii on the Mexican War, which wo then to them en- u"- "-.""; tire. Wc are aware that " gooil wino needs no Iiusli," and tiiat tlio admirable speech in ipies tion, like every production ot its accomplished author, is quite up to tho mark of "speaking for itself"; but we hid intended, on tlio lirst peru sal of it, to get tlio credit of being beforehand of our readers jn cummittiii 'ourselves to the opinion that it is, hy decided odds, the icsi spcccli that lias yet been inado-in the House, on tho momentous topic it di-cusscs. ltprconta union, (which disqualifications of i)tii!c a different h trader and orijjiti from thoso that aro engen der mI by Iho tem er of partisan debit to have 111 ide rarei 11 speeches,) of clear and co gent argumentation, elevated yet simple and per spicuous reisoningon tho true aim and policy of a Christian Itepuhlic, dignified but caustic expt siire of tlio infamous arts and stratagems of po litical dem i)(ogui-ni, with a beauty and finish of style that lend attraction oven to "tho bright countenance of Truth." Mr. Maksii well de serves tlio warm commendation-, this exhibition r ll. iron .,c,,rel ,r tbi n.liini u-ni has olieilod '. - I'-"- from llie press. It i surely needle-s for us to add tint he had full warrant to pronounce it tho expression not less of his own opinions than of those of a large majority of his cuii-tituents. I'orei;:ii N'ews. Tlio Steam Ship, llritannia, arrived at Boston on Saturday l.t-t, bringing 1 1 days later news from F.uropo. Tlio novva is. ol no special iutcr-e-t or importance. 1'he state of coiiimercial nllairs in Lnglaud was gradually improving, lhe slate ol market was not maleiially i h inged. 1 liere was However an advaiiee V j - r.- - - 111 lhe puces ol cotion, unci a slight depression 111 those r.r irrfiiti and liolir Paibaiiietit reassembled on the 3d, and entered nl once into lhe di-eusiou ol the sugar and collee ijues lion, and ihe colonial interests. A bill has In en introduced into 1 .lrliameiit lo ena ble lhe (Jueell toestabli-h diiIomalic relaliolis wilh the 1 'outt ot Home. The Archbishop of Canterbury. (Dr llovvley) died on the morning ol lhe 1 till, 011 llie day ol completing the H JJ )cur ol his age. He had held his eminent sla lion for a period ot twenty years, nnd was previously lor lilieeu years Hisbop ol London, lie was Primate oi all lluglnnd, nnd n Privy Councillor. Money was abundant in ilugl.iiul, the. ofliciaHlank staieiiient shows, nnd u wn obtainable on satisfactory security ill low rates of inkiest. .Specie continued to now nun me country. l'ost Ojne Anangemeiit wilh the United States. Wc U-heve Ihcre is iioiiiimedtate irosH-ctol an nr riiugeiiieul ot ibis umtter. The fault, lor there is a fault, now rests entirely, we are led to believe, with lhe American Government i who, not content wilh terms ot enure reciprocity, want, it seems, soiiieihing more, over uiul nbove l.iir reciprocity which is never likely, we think, 10 be granted. Vvuiojinin Times. Ij'TIio following is tlio admirable and appro nriitto letter nf Mrs. John Quiscy Adams ac- 1 know Icuifiim tho reception of tlio Kesolutions I adnplcd by the llouso of Representatives in bon- I V, . . 1 , 1 nr of her illustrious biisbnti.1. 1 llu"' 11 - Winthuv.tytnUroftht House f Jieurisenlalivtt 01 the uiitleti .vrulii,' Wsm.oroN. V'Jtb rebruarv. 1313, Sir- -The resolutions in honor ot my dea'r, di cc ns- I husband, unssed by the illustrious assembly ovei i wlm h you presnle, nnu ol wiiicn lie, nt ine moment m bis death, was a member, have been duly communi cated lo inc. Penelroted with grief nt this distressing evcutof my lile, mourning the Toss o one who has lieen nt once my example nud luy support through the trials ol hall n ceuiury, permit me to express, nevertheless, through )ou,niy deeiK'st gmliludr lor lhe signal manner 111 which the public legard has been intuuli'sled by your houurable body, nud lhe consolation derived to ine and mine Iroin the rc-llecliou that lhe unweuiied cllurls of an old public servant, have not, even in ibis world. i wnnoiu in.'ir reward, in the generous apprecia tion ol them by bis couiury, Willi greut rcsiiect, 1 remain, sir, our obedient servant. LOUISA CATHAItlNI! ADAMS. John tjiiiiiry Aditiut Successor. Flection is the F.ttiimt Dismicr The Governor has uNagncd Monday, lhe Lkt day ol April next, tor the i hmro ol n memlM-r ol Congress in Dcurict No. 8. in place of John CJiilncy -Adoms, Uecntcd. BURLINgTON FREE A convention of lhe Whim of lhe District will be held nt lhe I'hu iiK Hold, in Dedhntinon lhe 15ih of .March at 111 o'clock A. M., lor ibe nominalion of a Delcgntc to represent lhe District in the Whig Na tional coiivenlion. Huston Advertiser. Two Men Killed. On Knlttrdny nl'ternoon lat, two IrWi laborers were killed nbont Ivvo miles souih nf this village, on Sec tion No. 'i, Hutlingloil and Kutlaud Knilroad. They were shoveling hclienlh a hank, some II or 1.1 leet, when nbnut n square ynrd ol Iroen dirt, sudden ly cauig oil', fell upon thrill, killing Iheni imlantlv. I heir names were Thomas Hopkins mid Patrick Morinn the former aged I ."1, and the latter SI. John tiarvy, another laborer standing near, bad his leg broken, hat received no farther injury .Senti nel and Democrat. Telegraphic l)cpntcli. Nr.w VuitK, March 8, 7 P. M. The remains of Mr. Adams arrived 11 bout half pat 3 o clock. Urnadivay as well as tho other streets through which tho procession passed was one dense inas of human beings. U has boon probably tho mo-l Imposing pageant ever wit nessed in this city tho tolling of bells, the sol emn sound ot mullled drums, and the booming of minute guns gavo fitting utterance to the sor row of all. Tlio remains of tho illustrious de ceased are to ho depo-iled in the (JovrrnorV room in tho City Hall till their removal to Massachusetts. IVAsttixriTox-, March 7, 10 o'clock, A. M. Tho Senate deliberated ii: executive session till 0 o'clock last evening without cominglo any conclusion on tho Mexican Treaty. Another dispatch says : In tho Senato to-day all the amendments proposed relative to the Treaty were voted on with tho exception of tho section that fixes the boundary, that voto will ho taken to-morrow. If the Wilmnt prmiso bo introdu ced it will bo voted down. The final voto on tho Treaty will ino-t probably be taken up to morrow. There are no more than five or six against tho final ratification. Tho 10th seclion which alludes to Mexican land grants i taken nut, and the proviso relalivoto the rights of the Catholic Church in snmo degree modified. There aro other important amendments. IVotict. The Hiiilington Handel ami Haydn Society will give n Concert of vocal tunie, nt the Unitarian Church, oil Tllesilav evenine Mnn-b lbi Iimir of7u'clock. A half the proceeds ol llii concert are to be divided lo lhe "import of the Charily School, it is hoped a lull house will be ill alteudauce. Ticket 23 cts. l'or sale at IMwards' Ilooksiore. and lhe door. Ily order of llie Hoard ol Manager. C. Tito. Hoi-kins, Sec'y. A I'linl mill Di'illcntioii Xolico. file Subscriber bee: leave lo tender hi own most gratetul acknowledgment, togelher with lhe ott ex pressed giauiiide 01 tin; memliers ol llie .Mctlioilit Cpiseopal Church and community in Isle In Molt, to Iheir k iud and very libeial Iricud in Craud Nie County, who have o geneiniisly responded lo the call made upon lliein for nid lo redeem mni complete our bouse nl public vvor-hip. Willi the most devout gratitude he is able to sav, that the whole sum of s'J0ii,IH), necessary to accom plish that object, has ln-en subsciibed, and lliat lhe house i nearly compb'ted. Hy perims-ion ot Ibvine Providence it will be dedi cale'd in lhe si-rvice ol Aluiighly (lod oil Thursday, .March I'-Uh, HIS, nt II o'clock, A. M. I'netids from abroad ore invited to attend. ii. II. Tavlor. iHarkcts. Itrigliton Cnttli; Monilny, .Mulch 0. tniiMBTin 1 or. At maikei 7.1 lleef Callle and .3.1 Swine. Pr.11 i.s lit! r Catti 1. lucoiwquenee of the small number ol Cutlle, price advaneed about 2.1c per hun dred, llvtra $0,7.1 ; first quahly $0 ti CpO; second quality &3,2.1 (i .1,73. siw'iNt At wholesale 5 ft 6c. trOOti. Duly M i.rr rent. Moderate Hales, without any material change 111 prices. Prime Suxnnv Pleeces. wasbctl - - - - . - - - - If, American lull blood do. ----- til do 3-1 do. ..... 3.1 do 1-2 do. 31 do 1-lfccouido. ..... 2S Sui)iia, washed, ....... 1.', Smyrna, unwashed, ...... si lleliga-i unwashed, do ..... 7 llueuos Avris, unpicked, ..... f Cvlia Noi'th'u pulled hmb, .... :is Sup. North'ii pulled lamb, .... :i. No. t do do do ..... 3(1 2 do do do ..... oti 3 do do do ..... 1 Km.UMVTisvi Cum 11 .lotiv Hcrxs, living at 2iVi N. Sllovi, S( , Philadelphia, bad been seveinl veins al-llicli-il with Kheninaiic Pains, m various pan ol lhe Unly. Daring vvbiih tune he trnal various remedies, and usi'd ouiwaid applications w ithout number, runt 111 all cases with nu essential bellelil. Was linnll) in duced to ui lke trial ol Wnnht's Indian I'eselaUe 1'ills, n single 2.1 cent bu ol which not only gave re riel, but alter using them n short lime diove every I'uiimt- in pui (luill llie 000 . iit.wARi. of i oc.n n r.i ht run ovi.v orihivai. ANn l.l.M'INF. I.MlUN Vl ill.TAIII.I. Pll.l.s HAM: Till: s(j. xati m: ot' wn.t.iAM wnirrr. wmi a it.:.- ON HIE TOP I.AII1.I, ol' I.VCII 110 V. .011e uthcr it gen- uine.and toiollitteifeit thisis Iol.iil l:v lhe genuine for sale by W II ('CUTIS, Water Sued, nud TIICODOIti: A. PUCK, College Sim I, sole agents for Huiliugton. Keubi'n l-'erguson, IXsex ; J. II. D.ike.Hiimingloii ; W. Ulinile., Jr Knhitiond ; H. H. tiltell, l(l( Ilia I ; .1 . .V 'I'. W. Tower, Cndeilull ; lluilbiit d. Hodges, Willc-tnu ; It., and (i. Ajers, West Wilh-loiijJ l.viuan, Jericho j W II Vebe, Ilini sbiiigh : W S. &'1 p U nod, v eslloid ; hiaples . I.yon, Chailoiie ; John .s!,,,, , s,t.,linir. - ! ictiti i nid 11 iniard :rmd al inriiin-,, iiMi.iiuir , i It II IMM'iMU i iiii.iiii : iiim ill ,lc .,.w rMll.u llrnneh Ulice and General Depot, l'J3 Trcjiioui Street, Hostoti. The large sale of llrovvu's Sauaparilta nnd Tomato Hiuers, is nuother proot ol ils c tlieaey. It is now about three years since it was first olli-ied lo ihe pub lic, n!ihoui!h 11 has iH'eii used by one ol the most dis. liuguihcd filivsieiaus for many jcars in private prac tice ; since which the sate ha slendily increased, nnd it has been seni lor lioin all pans ol'lhe rouulii, whete ii was never ndverltsi-il, but recoiumeiided by peisons ihni have used h. It has been shipiH-d n, for eigu port, nnd I. mud ready silej that ulone would seem 10 be prool enough of it utility. How many medicines dure are ndvestised thnl never sell, nud soon go down, nnd are forgotten f How ihllereut il is with this! It finds u ready sale where it has never tieen adverli-ed ; nnd its s tic coo tinuck to increii-e in nil places nan becomes known. l'or sale by Tuoi. A. l'u K, slid A C. Si ear, Afio lliccariisand wholesale Druggifls, and by clcuicrs gen erally throughout the Slate, .VI Ml CllllltltV. Reprieves under lhe gallows nre generally h illed wiihsitisfaction.un.l the same may He said ol lIVs - ,ii' Ihilsam of Wild Chi 1 1 1, which bc)ond all dinilu has reprieved many from nhnost eipially sure death by lung coniplanits. .Mr, l-'ovvle, lhe proprietor, who deal in the niticle so larcrelv for is-oole will buy more of it sends us the f Ikivvmg note which he has just received in lhe way ol his business : IltASIll'KGII, Vl ..May.'.. 1317 Mr. S. W. 1'owle, Dear Sir 1 urn nearly out of the H ilsnni of Wild Cherry You may ou please, two or three do.eiis more. The iiiedicuie gives heller satisfaction here in pulmonary complaints than nny other that I have kept. 1 have tried il wuh perlecl satisfaction upon mysell hav ing l cn troubled with a severe touch lot more than u venr. nud bavniit protuse night sweats lor the lust month, Iliad tried various popular remedies without inalerial benefit at length 1 tried Wislar's HaKini of Wild Cherry, and belore 1 had finished the lirst bottle I found greut re bel. Two bottles have wrought u cure. l our rcsiecllully, IIliiuahii Hvstino. He cnrilulnnd get lhe genuine Dlt. WlSTAIt'S I1ALSA.M Ol' WILD CllllltllY. .N'oi.e genuine unless signed bv I. IH'TTS. Addreis all orders lo SI1TI1 W I'OWl.ll.Hostoti.Mass. l'or sale whole. wile mid rrlinl hy Tiieu. A- Pii'K, lliirhnglon, and by yalerain Medicines generully in Vermont. Just Iticeivi'il At the store ol lhe undersigned, n Inrpc and frcsl suptily ol Urn id's Sniiar Coaled r.imily f ills, inn -h and I'liese theoii mid every wiiere popular nieihcincB are taking llie place ot ui iLr Linds. .1.000 Hoxes ol ibest- culls are Fold Iv in rireugiuiniiB .. each dny, the uttermost eiithusiusui prevails in each part ol lhe country, where ihey are known. Persons wishing to uo Ihe lien pill ever ollereil, will ecltninly buy these. Call oil the agents, purchase a box, should PRESS, FRIDAY they not please ynit, return lhs, n,,d take your 1110,1. v. 1 he undersigned nie )our ciliiens (011 know II em-thev would not deceive j ,,, tih,' ,ry lllclI1, Owing to the hnineiise impalariiy of these excellent lulls, some iinptlnciile.l persons have attempted to make something Ihey call Sugar (,'oatcd Pill, and wc believe some nrc for Sale in this pari of the country. I hereforc nk lor Ilerrnk's Sugar' Coated Pill," had get no oilier. - l, ?,.)',er.!',,0 lw d!"!"! I" Iterrirk and Co. Prin ciple Olhcc, Albany, N. . and lor sale by A. C. Spear, (.co. I llarrington.Calliii and Si.ear, Hurling, ton, V . II. Hatch Viiinnkt Falls, .lohn'.'iid Shelhiim, I.yon mid Alexnnder, Charlolief Well, Jlinesburidi, nnd nlo by Druggisu and Aleichaiits III every town mid v illage. ittavvicb, In Ibis Village, on the full ins., by (cv. 11. J.. Stnrks, Cnpt, Fi.kaxaii IIaiqiit, and Mis Fi.inAni.rn Jam:, daughter of (Jen. .Ins. I,. Morton, nil of this Village. In Colchester on the 5th lust., Sim cr. lioss, of John Thayer, nged .17 years and 7 months. wile Till! Selrelineti of Iliulington will meet for the transaetiou ol townbiisine., at the olliec ol .1. N. I'onieiov, on the Hand II I Moudiys ol e 11 h inonlh during the year, at 'J o'elotk in the morning. MirchH, His 37 FOU SAM), fp milK Ni:W 1IIUC1C IIOCSH, on I Noilh Slieet, wuh one. lonrih ol an acre ol bind, now occupied by Sumner lloi kwood. Aiply to said Itockwood or II I,i:AVi:NWOItTll March 'J, 1313. at isobar:-:. IIJHKUI WJ SHAM W. HAPPY TO VI 1 icceive La s or a Kinds ol 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ir . l. 1 a 1 11 1 ti . Paper Hanging, lie. c. Shelhurn Slieet, opposite American Hotel. l!l'SSi:i.l,.. SPAUI.DlNCi. llurlington, March Id, 1313. 37lf. fkPIU.At. A .miticm:. just nr.- f ceived and for sale bv liARnix iTox, 37 apothecaries' Hall. BIHI) (ilASKIiS. (Jiassi:s spit.mim: roit cither wuler or mini ; also bird eed of nil kind. Ilurhuglon, Marihf,. HAKItlNCTON'S. IHILOIvOFOllM. l'liysii.'inns nr Dentists Xj using Chlorolorui or ldheoii, will find nil excel lent and powerful article at II vniuxurov's. lFISTAirS KALSAM or Wild Cur.mtv, II 'I'atleisall Heave Powder, t'p'"""' Pde lllect inry, .lervis'Cold Candy, lor sale by ll.vr.ntvurov, Apoibi'caries' Hall, corner of Church mid College st. Iliirhm-lon, March M, 1313. tfUMPHKXK am) Lull' On. fresh uiul nice for sale at IIAItltlNtiTON'S. Mental SuriU'i'V. j Till! Subscriber, having been in the sueeesliil prne- 1 tieeof I). nti-try, lor inoielhanlilleen year,travel led through the t'nileil Stales, resided ihree jcars in the City of .Mexico and nbout lour un llie l-lninl ol Cuba, and visited many id the other West India Islands, ta king notice of lhe various iniprovi' Ibe an, both in Curope and America, and by long experience become lannliar with all the operations lu loiiguu to the profi'ssion, would with confidence invite nil thoe 111 this, or lhe neigbboimg towns, who lequire nny dental operalions, to cull nt Milton Fall, where Ihey can be served as completely, as n nnv Cily Willi-1 in their S A. .Mineral teeth et nu fine gold and j wananted for life: t"eth extracted without the lent pain, nnd nil operation done to tie' perb'ct satistac lion of the patient, and at moderate prices. j 37w3 L. IIl)llAUI)..S'rgfit)ii'. m:w yoic .vi)vi:iitis.:mi;nt. 1818. n 1: a i) y-m a i) r. c l o t h i n (j . C. T. LONGSTREET, T TAS removed from It's former. Sjaud, 33 Nassau, to X 1. JSo. 1,1 ,a-sail Mreet, .evy 1 oik. I Where he has the largest Clothing Ware Koouis, nil J the hirge-t slock in lhe ci'y. all of whii h he pleib'i'S bimsi'lfwre pilule ill tin' llim-l dm tthle, faahiuif able, and tcmkmtinlikr manner. ds-iuaiid for hi si) le of Clothing having in crea?d to so gieat an extent, If' h id touinl it neces sary to enlarge his bu-mess, and I ikes pleasine in say ing to the hundreds who called upon bun Ij-tjeiir with the cash in their hands, and could get no goods, (because they vvcie all old abnail) that now he lias enough for tlcm ami for all. Tbo-e dealing 111 th" article will find it greatly lo their advantage to buy ot this bouse, (or thev will lie able, not only to sell iheir customer a well nrnle, fashionable, and genteel garment, but at a ptiee loicer titan they hare In en telliug te faie,uml leaving a large I it .tit lu Ibi in-ss'lvcs. To those who do not deal in the article, but sell the goods 111 the piece, AViir is run: rim:. Already jour Cloth sale are dropping oil', nnd soon Ihey will entirely cease ; and some one iiioiewie than joiirselt, seeing which wa lha .trade is going, will be selling t'tothin. it mnsMllld irill be dd 111 i:'i:uv viu.aoi: ix .tunucA vviihiu Ivvo jenrs, (lor ibis reason) vour cu-loiners can get ii heller an 1 nunc g.'imel garment, ready innde, linn lo incaMire ; and at three louilhs ,the price. 1 on can ;.oc have tie ellmg. N. il. Country Miichaiiia nil of you call and sal-1-1 V yourselves. .March lu, 1313. 3ivvl I S T A T I! 0 F V II It Al 0 N T , ) T n Piobate D.sie.icr oi I'liirrrAiiiA'. ss. i IX. Coillt hold- i en at HuiliUL'iou.withm nnd lor llie ll.-inci aioresaui. on lhe 2d d.ij id Mulch . D. IMi, nu Itisiruuieiit imriiortin lo be the la-l Will 11ml lesiail elll 01 Snhv'l.'olllg, lale ol Wdiistou 111 said Dislriet.deceas ed.was presenieil to the Court heir tor Probate, by David rieiieh the i:ecutoriheiein named j Tui.i.iioni: it 1 ordered by said Couit, 1l1.1t public nonce be given 10 nil person nileiesied therein to appear heloie said t.'ouii, at a session tliereol to be holdon at Huiliugton on ihe S'Jili diy ;l Mircli, A D 1 1313, nud tinitei the pinhole of slid il , and it 1 lurlher ordeieil that this order be pu ih-hed three week successively ill the HulllllgloU I ree I le, 11 newspaper pruned nt Hurbngtoo, in tin State, the , last ot whuh publications shdl I! previous to tin day asigned,ns afore.nd lor hearing t Given under mv Hand nl the Regi-ters Olliec, this Sdil.iyul .Maich A D. 1313. . J7vvtl II RlXrOIIDi'CSistcr. CHEAP ELEMENTARY BOOKS HSIIIM.ISIIF.I) MY Till! Amp-kioaX Siix- 1 il.iy-Siliool U.non.und used 111 Sunday Schools and d. ill) Schools throughout the Couutiy. Tim I nion Prime.. I Coiit'iiiiiug aV'iahets, sp dling leAs.i:., picture nlpln het, point or slop, the Lord's prjyer and leu com 111 iii.hnenls, a table ol figures and iuml rs, vviib n ' variety of reading lessons, engruviugs and direclioiia to leucines. IK) per imt. Tlio I'llsl Itc-adiill Hook. Prepaied with great care, ami designed for the Vouugesi reading class,' in Sunday nnd daily schools. il contains simple nnd 11-elul lessons illutidtea Willi ' l"r''1 "". J '" r .. ' . .,, ,, . ' tjinlioii. on lhe I ir-t Hunting llnnk. 1 This is a volume lor lhe use. of the teacher or pupil, 1 containing ipiestious 011 each sentence ol lhe 1 nsi Reading Hook, deigued lo aualie and apply lhe ' sentiments ii contain. There are iiNo direction lo ihe teacher, and prayersaud graces, wilh explanation ol Ihe same, 3 ' t'er II-'. The Secoiiil Hfiiding Hook. Desi-n- il for sis lhng ns well ns rending exercises, nnd lhe lessons so prepared ns to tie cap il.le ol cnle clu iical fxauuuaiion Illustrated with line wood en gravings. 'J "5 ier I''. (iui'sllonsoil Iho Villi Itcnditlg Hook. Same plan wilh those on the fust, .2 73 per HH). Tho Tliinl Jleiidins Hook. Contniuiiig lessons in reading nnd si'lling, soiled to the more advanced reiiilingci.ises, and prepaied wilh n view lo calechelical instruction. Illustrated with line engravings. SI 5Uil per llM. (Jiicstioin nu Iho Tliinl Iteiiiliiig Hook. Suite plan wilh those on lhe fust. 91 .Ml per 100. tjf-'rliese three reading books have taen used wilh greut iippiobaliou in many miaul nud prunarj aehiHilB, and uie cMvedmsly well udapted to their ''"TeH-nooks, Card, .tc., for Infant School, in "lint vniiciy, and neaily one Ihousand viiriclies ol ilivenile bisiks which have received Ihe sanctum ol lhe SiH'ieiy.nnd are well suited lor general circulaiuui, 'I'liese books may Ik- bad at die SociBiyV Huildings, llfi Chesnut Sireet, Pliil.ulelphai, ol J. I . Meek 117 .Nassau Slrect, NevvOijiik, and a Cornhill, Huston. IIHIX'I'S. 1000 jils. received this dny of spring slyles, by I. 0. IIIXHY it CO. Iliulingtoii.MauhS. IHl?.- 3f. MORNING, MARCH 1'AMIliY COMPANION. CUX Lectures on Cnues, Prevention mid (,'ure M Coiuainidioii, Athma, Discuses of the Dcnrt, and nil l'eniale Diseases. '.'31 pages, 23 engraving. Paper .HI its.) uouiu J CIS. .uau 10 uuy pari ymi' n,Slioiiider ilincesnnd Chest F.xpanders, S2. Mall tonny part, .lUtts. postage. Inhaling Tubes, Silver, KyI'M llijvvelsaud Womh,nnd Weak llu kand Chest j sent 1 liyllxpnss eveiywhere. For llinci s or Suppoilcrs, or liunluic Supporteis, give height fiom head lo loot, nnd eucimil Mcuce ol poison next tin; Biulacc, iut filmve ibe bin. If Kuiituie. meiilioii which sid Agents wanted lor the sale ot lhe above goods. Ad die Dr rf. S. FITCH) 707 llroadway, New Yoik, post paid. Al'ilih 10, 1313. 37yl D ALLEY'S MA(JI(!AI- PAIN i: XT It ACT OH Wli.Ii, within live unnutcs from its applii move the pain I10111 lhe seveie.-t Hum icntioii.te- urns, Scalds, It.isieis. liuris. .f.iiiibs or Cut, nnd will certainly cute (out, Piles, liillmun.itnry iihcumntisnt, Sores or si 0: ; 1 i,,.i ft. ,,,11 1 i,.i, r..i. nil conic,-, 111 1 1 . j 1 ' 1 ti 1 11 ' 1 ... in- loos. Itiiiiioimd. Ac. Iiicasesol Hen.Ss, it npplii'd iimuiiiialely, it will preseivc Ide, no matter how severe may be lhe injury, unless a vital he burned, it will heal Itnriis or Wounds. 1'leeisol any kind, without scar. It neutralizes nnd delroj poiim fiom il'ints, reptiles, insects or rabid annuals, lt will wherever applied, privcnl Mortificali-in, maUn old wounds, w.ieii iniiitilicntton has commenced, it vf ill ariest lhe ihene and cure lhe wounds, even when ilisfi Im al. rendy dropped nway, and will reloic the paittoits inliual slate. When the bowels ule painlul, it will, il well rubln'il on, nlford instant icliit and cnue n movement ; even when Cator Od,.lalap and all oilier medicines have tailed. Its ue is pcifectly sale in all cises. U nevir can do barm. It will not conlhet with nny med.cine taken inlernally. We have not space in "this publication to enumerate nil the ihvn.' ciiied by Dvi.m.v's .MAUtcvr. I'aiv Kwrnrmrt ; but It will ceilainly care Jlaini, Scntdit, Utilises, 'ties. In Jl'tlttmatoilf lilieitnitltistn. Inlan'ed and Sole J'.tjes, l't linns, Chilblains, Corns, I'iles, Sji es and Virus, and Instantly nlleviaic panenil any kind. The II tracloi has gamed an unprecedented ri pulatiou uiul is csti enied the bet niediemo now otiered lo the public. Hut reader, you must be careful when purchasing, or you wdl I e nupoiei upon. The genuine livtrnclor is so ib'servedly popular lint vviiked men coimieileit it. 'l'bere are, peihips, twenty ibll'rent kinds ol counterleit. Some have Henry Dtlley prinled on lhe wrapper, lo imitate w ruing. Hut the genuine has on it wiitlen with a pen and ink, II. Dvi.i.i.v ; nut! lhe writing i .always in a thlleretit colored ink from what the wrapper Is printnl with. I 'or sale by II. DAI.LI1Y it CO., No 2U3 Hrojdivny.New 1'otk. Aldo A. Iloleoinb, Agent lor New Cnglnnd.Tarill ville.Cl.i Till!!). A. PCCIC, Hurliiulun, mid by al mot every meribaiit in New England. .March 10,1313. 37yl llritannia Ware, A:c. C0FFKi:AM)TK.V POTS, Cokkkk Fir, terers, llgg-lloilers, Sugar iiowl, Cream Ciijh, Tumbler, Pitclicrs, Molas,'H Cup, Castor, Soup La dle, Lather Hoxes, ('bamli.-r, Cliutllesiick, Lamps and a irreat varietyol fine liiiiihshand American Ihii nuuia Ware; also " Hloek-'l'in" Tea Pot a cheap a it is economical to buy. I!ia-s, Platetl and (ila- Can dlesticks nutl Lamps. Hrass mid plated Smiliers nud 1 ras, Itlauc-Mange Moulds, Plated, Hritauina,(:cr man Silver and Com Silver Spoon. ,Mu-knielou sban ed Pudding Dishes for boiling Indian Puildiuirs m, ten vv niter, L rniitii tiavs mm iirusne ami u 'rent variety ot articles in tlie l iated nud lint intua vv nie line, for sale iriitc low at the ariciv sroie IIIIINS.MAID .V lll!01'IIi:i Hiiilington, Mardi 3, 1313. roil sai.i:. 'I'llli Hitirif Nnnti: uiul lot. situated on 1. Mam sire, t, south ot lhe College Green, known a the Tattle Store. Innore lor terms of sale ot '1', I.. IJ'otillle, nt lie: Aimrican llou-e. Darlington, March 3, 1313. Sfiwi1 M'orcustcr's I'nivi rul anil C'riticul Diction- nry of the lluglisli l.uiigiiago. nv joiEt'ii e. woitur.sTi:n, 1.1.. d. One volume, Sro. sheep, 1IKU pages Prtu c, 3it). 'I'll i: IM'Iit.tSIIIMts; IM'.SIMK TI'IJI.I.V 1- invite alteutioii to the lollowunr emitieut testimo ny to lhe eM-ellenee of this Standard Dictionary. The execution ol this Dieiiuuary fully nn.wcrs to il title. The vocabu'ary is probably moie couiprelien-ive than that of nil preceding Cngli-h Dielioaanej iiniled. Coii-liiiil r.l.Tenee is made to authorities with res pect lo words newlv'iiiiri-diired, nnd cure is taken to note such as are technical, foreign, ob-olete, provn.cial, or vulgar. The Definitions are clenr nnd exact, nnd those per mining to technical nnd scii iuilie terms nre specially vabi'ibte to the ceneral reader. The author has evidently bestowed great labor on I proiiuncriiiou in system ol dotation, wlncli is ea sily understood, and founded on a more complete aualvis of ihe vowel sound than we have el-ewheie met with, together with hi plan of exhibiting all the best llnh-h authorities in relation to words ditleretu ly pronoun. -,,1 by diflLrcnl orthoepist, mves to this woik important advantages us a Pronouncing D.c linuaty. In orthography b be made no arbitrary cbanses. but where u-ige is various and fluctuating, he has aimed to heconsi-teul, and to rcdueu to lhe s line rules words of similar lormaliou. 'I be iti-iriiou ol (traumi'itical forms and inflection ol words to a much gieater evieut lhau lin y are givin in mil t l.l'di-h D.etion ine. and ibe sborl critical notes on the orthography, the pronunciation, lhe irnuuil'ilical torin and c-ollslruelion. nod the technical, local, and American uses ol word inter- s,iered lluougli lhe volume, give lo this woik much ad uiioiial value. I 1'lie copious Vocabulary of Modern Geographical .aiui", with then pronunciation, and a grentiy en larged and improved edilion ol Walker's Key to lhe pronunciation of Cla'icil and Seiiplure "Pionr 1 .Names, arc important nieicud ices in ibe Dictionary, 1 A vear ha passed since this Dietlointy wa pub. hshed ; .-nid its ulre.uly extensive uc, both among cul uv.iied llitghsh readers, mid ncn of wide learning af fords good testimony of it merits Wc coulideutlv recommend it as cuutahun an ample nud cureiu'l view ot the present slale ol our language. Jaui n Si', r.r. n. McLean Prol'essur of Ancient uiul Modern Ill-lory, Ihrvnrd I'nivers.iy. Joitv McI.evn, n. Ju-tice U. S. Supreme Court, Ohio .Mo.!. Sri'lRT, n. n. Pnili-ssorol Sacred Literature, Theological Seminary, Andover. Mas. Ilnvv.viips A. Dark. ii. ii. Abbott Professor of Clin, inn Theology, Theological Seminary, Andover, .Ma, Li.o.vvnu Woons, Jr., n. n. President of Howdoiii College, .Me. N. l.oaii.ri. p. President ol Darluioulh College, X, Hampshire. lllivvAim llnnicorK, d. n. t.t.. ii. President of Am herst College, .Mass. Maiiic Hoi'Kivs, n. v. President of Williams Csillege, Ma.s. llnw-.tuu T. CiivxNiN.i, i.t n. RoyUton Professor of Ithetorie ami Oiatory, llatvant I'mversiiy. lli.r.v W. Lo.vurn uiw, a. m. Prolessor' of llelles Letters, Harvard Cuiveisity. Ai.ii.nzo Porru;, n. li II.. n. Ihshop of Pcnn. Siii.nev Wu.Exnn, a. .vi. Late Piolessor ol Hebrew, iVc, Harvard Universiiy. lli.Ni. tl.ii.1', n. u. President ot Genera College, rvew oik. Di;nuijso,i.d. Professor in Jelk-rson Med. College, Philadelphia. I'kvmis How-ex, a. m. Ildilor ol the North Ameri can Review. CliAii.'.r.s. Koijsxm, . M. Librarian of the HostouAthe. na'iiiu. IIli-ihr Hi'viruntT, P.P. President of St. John's College, Maryland. Davii, L. Swaiv, ee. u. President of University of .North Carohh.i. l'liii.H' l.iNii.irv, n. n. I'resident of the. I'nivcisily ol .Nashville, Teim. N LvvvntxcE LiMi rv, . v Professor of An Lau. nnd Lueiature, Cuuibeilnnil Uuiveisiiy, Tenn. I concur lullv in the leading mrnons of the alsite recomuiendaiiou- not having had leisure to examine all the particulars rclerred lo. I.iu Woomu av, i.e. n Justice D S. Supreme Court Mns. From n general and lieij lent reference to this Dic tion iry, in constant use, 1 tally concur in the general merits of the woik, and legard il a a very valuable aid to science. T111..1. I'llt.l.lilltcvsi v, 1.1. n. Chancellor ol lhe I'uiveis ly ol .New Ymk. I have used " Worcesiei's 1' nud Ctitieal Dictionary ol'lhe Lugli-h Langnlge," in prclticuie 10 uny oilier, lurcoiisiuni reference. Jon.v Wiirti in. n. n. President of thiiveisil) ol iiuotit. Published by WILKI.NS.C IITIllt Co. Hi Water Slieet, llattfii And for sale by lhe Hookselleis generally. yiiiv3 WM, NEWELL & CO. ju.M'1'Vc-iuiii'.ns l'Olt 111 GN , vmi ji nm ns ok . iio.uiis'i'ir STRAW BONNETS, AUTirieiAi, ri.owmts, II A TS, ( A I'S A 1 miS, ,o. o:i KII.IIV .SI KIlllT. Wll.l.lAM .NltttXE, sjx ri r li U Q&'i'sOiT W. Lie 33mt 10, 1848. Hank of Iliirliiigton. IIIOM iho 1st di)' of April net,the ttnnknf Ilur hngton, will be open, nndavs r, lui'iuess, Iroin y o'elotk, A. M. to 3 o'clock,!1 M. until further notice llv order cTtlif Directors. II. u. (-.UlilJ, Lttstmr Feb. 2.1, 1813. 11 in it'! . Dissolution & Kciiiornl. !V MV, 1IAVIMJ DISSOLVE) with II the firm of llostvviek it Illin, con now be fouild at th Shop of H W Taylor, opposite (.' P Stnnl. lord's, Chinch St , where nil kinds of work in the 'I'm, Copper and Sheet Iron business will In: done lo the satisfaction ol his cutoniots. All kinds ol jobs and repairing done on shoit notice. Iliirliugioii, Mnrch, 1st 1313. SCwl tub; jlast ;Aiii.. .4T.L PKIISOXS LI)i:ilTi:i) TO Till! ia Subscriber, by Note 01 Hook account, are request cd to call at the Store ol Douglass . lluiioui, mid sxtllo lhe suite previous to March 1.1. All demands then unscllhd will bo handed lo an Attorney lor collection. T1I03. II. CANl'IKId). Willislnn.lib. S3, 1313. :3 . . 1. 11 u ' KAo) M'.l.n. 0U hllsli. just ri l'i'ivcil JT and for sale, by liuilington, .March 2, 1813. 1. D. lil.XIIV A. CO. X I1L0CKS, Hv tho cast, or singlv. Kir siilo V low by llltlNS.MAIDAilll!uTHFI!S. Huiliugton, Mnrdi 3, 1313 ;ir, aiAtiUI,KI(r,UITi; UUtiUX. A lull sup. 3 nlv of nil articles used, kept consttiutlv 011 band by lli:iNS.MAlDHROi'ni:it.S. i.uriingion, .viartti ;i, 1313. M Kef lie.). I POTASH nnd Caldron Kettles, of nil descriptions, constantly on baud ami mad to order. Also, a complete te.olttllctlt of I lollovv -Ware, at Dec. ai. Jll ' h l.l.Mt J l ilt '.VW.T A B.4H 1 Al 1 ! Taxes mid a irtttrii of llie Vallic Money, ivr a iiom iimriit umn, Y Tin: Co.Miiti.NsttixAi, (ii.oiu: it is ski: 9 lliat the must have, in somesueh way.tun.lsto buy 11 pence, or Iioili uionev.Vmen toeany on the War. Now, ibe People' Agent, being wholly opposed to war, will sell any goods, if wished, at War puersi uive-i iin'ciisii m fieee piircna-e, in'pmg lliat in due time the war .peculation will end ami p,-aee be iuadi',o lliat tin' people, instead ol striving lor mo ney lopay taxes and sending baik the public money (now used for school purpose.) or iroiug to .Mexico 10 light, will remain quiet in tbeir wveinl avocation nt home, and continue lotions they long have done. buy. ing goods ehi'iipol their ngent, HOWAIID. iuriuigioii,anu. rj, inia. jo To Iiumigrniifs-. H.VHM)i: .V CD'S Passage Certilieatis will lie fiirni-hed lo Old Coiiuiiv men who wish to bring out tli.-ir Iri.'iids from Ireland, nt the Fxi'itur, Ol I'K K, west tide Square, llurlington, l'eb. 17, 1313. 3lif Till-! lH RLLNCTtiX SAVINGS BANK, II IS In,iintioii wai incorpurntctl nt rho Int sc. 1. moii of the l'irr-htiirf tor lln1 piirjin-at ol rm-i-vinctm (l,ni--it nil siiiii-nl money uliJ'r.-il, nii'l mnit niimz nnd improving tho s-nrif to tlie lM-t ndvant.-ii'i. tor tin.' in'.hhI KMii'titfif tlif (lcpoitir". Tli' wliiiic iiicmric or pruliw ol tin- hmitiiiinn, nttf-r ilt'iluctiiii; tt iifffnry i-xju'Iim.?. arc to b Ji iclc 1 nnioii t!ic df- 'The Cirporntoricl( llieir i1rt imviinou llie Kiih. ntnl IjiIi m-t fiiiitl li.uf orL'a m -ii'd the iii-litntioii hy ndt'ptiiti; 11 M-t uf Itir iN renlntidn niitl elei-lin the tolluwin ollkrrs tor th' fn-iuni; eari u : JOHN 4 roMHIiOV, Pieshltnt. $ max, 'icc J'lrxhlent, j. A. Cjti.nmiuky, Srnrtnry. Until il of Trustees, )s IfYov, Chairmntti John II IVtk, Henry IMIickok, Janu C"k, Win. II. Wilkin1 .Ir-i (ieu. Pt.ter-,nn, Charles 1). Kuun, Jvmf-sV. IltcKOK, Trrftsutrr, 'I'he Iiailk will he npen fur th' reception of depnit-i nt the Treasurer'-1 ollice. on the l-t Wednesday ot, 1H H, Iroin tdl . oVlo k, I M. And cm each Vi-ilne-il ly thereulter, during tin: aI!le hours, mint furtluT iit'ti-e. Itinlni'ton, l)c. 1C. 1S17. rtf l'ails iV Till)-. 200 CiiniNi: a.m) si7es -imSap Htukets. , i;i:o,pi:ti:i!son ' 3-.'vvC X AA DO. PAILS, V7 1.7 nh Tub ot nl 1 or sale by llurlington, l'eb. 1, 1313. tSJALT, o()0 lil.S. " M i:sTi;it,v." I i3 For sale by .1. HliADLLV, V CO. I HARLOW Si. BENNETT, a o v v .v : , . o it s . r i. a if, IKISTO.V, .MASS. T. s. iivki. .vv. iniutl E II. lU-.NSr.tT. ! Itll.MII'.ll SII.K I'OCtvCT II DIvl'S ItmTr'AnTUM) IX liUHLIXOTOX, lit Vermoni For sale by J S. PillltCll. llurlington, 1 cb. S3, 1313. 3j TillLOHOFOItAI. A SriTi.v op THK sv.w J nnil crlrhrau'd prtninilioii,'i.iiinfarii'ii 4I hy V. i It laitle ol Itostoii.jusi received and for ale by 3"i A. C. SPIlAlt. JM.0Vi:i Ri:i;i). :000 oprmsii' J Clover Seed ol'a superior quahly for sale by I I. 1). HIXIIV .fcCO. ilU:i) APPLES. A LOT 0P SI PKIIIOIt 1 .6 dried npples, fresh and in good order, pi-t re-1 reived bv A. S. DKW11V I February 23, 1313. X DISSOLUTION. 'II 1 1 II COI It'l'VllItSII 1 1, heretofore existing benveen lhe sii'.scrilicr under the tirmol Ho-I-w-Uk .V Him, i tins day by inuuril cons,-nt dissolved. The notes-run! nccrunts will be found nl the old, win real! indebted are reuuested to rnllaod M-tlle . II II IIO.-TW1CK, HOY III. IX. Hit hngton, l'eb 7, 1313. 31 -Vo. I. Ill ('iiiisi iui'lice of T II 1. 1: ; It A I' II I V II i: S ! A T' II , riOODS CA.V III: SOLI) AT.miaii Aim- M Yoik Prices by ibe People's Agent l'cbriiary'AI, 1j3. HOWARD. fUIII I.iniO.XS k Ilo Htisir.-. I Just received bv A. S. DI1WI1Y. Hiirlingiou, li'ith Feb. 1313. ' ritnsii aitiirxi) i'i.sti:ii, at Tin: NiiiV .miM. at tiii: r..i.iN. '1'O.XS A0VA SCOTIA PLASTCU, now grinding. For sale by II. V. CATI.IX J'eb. Sib, 1313 33 piuvn-X'TioN riiti: ixsi'iiAxci: co.mi.v.v, Ilitil tin it, Connecticut. CAPITAL s.00,00.0 1). W CLARK, J'lesident. WM. CONXMi, Seciilaiy. GKO. 11. SHAW, Agent. Ihirliugton, Vcrniont Feb 13,1313. 3ltl .UTX.Y run: i.vsint.vxci: pompaxy, Hurl lord, Cniiiiectieiit. CAPITAL S250.000. THOMAS K. HllACll, I'lesideul. S. L. LOO.MIS, Seerclaiy, Gill). II. SHAW, Acent, Huiliugton, Vermont. Feb. 18, IS13. 31tl SIIIKTK A IIKAMIItllTII I'll. I.S, 1X1! n preventive and the other a cure iil'RIieumn- v Usui, lor sue ui jivmv iinwr.. Feb. li, Itsl-t. 31 1 HtnV.V, Ithie, llliuk nnd other varieties ol Clolhs X 1) lor Over Cults'. Feb. 10. 33 M. G RATIIHI'X CO. DYU .STUFKS vVc. 1 r( HIII.S Camppaciiy Loc Wood JLJJ eroimd. 1 do Fu-iie, do Redvvood, do Xlcwoeid. do Camwood, do Alum, For tale by 10'HbIs Illue Vitriol, 5 do Uie Dve, b Cases ludigo, 15 Kegs Cream TiuUr, 10 Tierces Copcrns, J.HKADLUY'.Co. .'si w 10 Iiiiiilidi4. 1 00 OOO WW Si:.tso.r.b P.'Mj ir.r'r 1 J I.UMIlFU.for ss'c Orpreslr 1 1,01 ' , .. ''' W. LOVFLli it CO, lluihiigion, l.iec 11, 1317. 95tf l',,He!il,'Srru'l"s, "AY nixm:u at Tnt: A..' J ileiiltiirnl Wnreboiiwe. to ii;i(;r P.r ,i,iri,.M Il.. Jt 1 IlKll. Pi'irliugton, lVc. 2, 1 a it. OA I.LAI) OIL, Pei,per Hauee, Toitintn tin's. O London Mustard, ilakcr'. Prrparcd Coeoa a CIc!T Al S- "WHY. "I DRESS GOODS, Of nlmo-t eveiy known stvle for Ladies wear, ai oil.-ring 111 quantities, mid nt prices not gurinwi- J by any other house. C. f. SlAxironD A Co ILVi:il SPOONS, I!b-m:n ij Sugar Shovel", warranted good K.IVF.S AM) ns the coin, at Oct. an. V . KANIiAM. s tilt. X. WARD, i Aip.Y itirri'iiM:i) To ritisfJoiJiViitv ntfM i the Amencun .llissmn in Ceylon on account id" lhe impaired stnten! Mrs. Ward's health and lor th.' bi'iii'lit of hi children, oilers his service. to ibe j- opt of llurlington in the practice of medicine nnd surgeii He will be happy lo receive calls at the reideno' . I his brother, Dr. lien. W. Ward, near the Method si chapel. Jnneary 10, I'M. 21 siion,i)i;it iiuaci:s. T ELASTIC Shnolderl! races or chest cxpnnder, lit -i lemedy habitual stooping, or round shoulder ""'ift J'nr sale by ' A C. Sl'BAIt 'J'ltUSSUS. A OlMIAT variely or Tiusc, coniprising n'iii J V every kind iuui.. lor .Males nnd remale . it Abdominal Supporters of the mt approved t'y constantly unhand nud for sale by 'i'lad A.C. E.VCJI AMil! on LONDON, l.lVKItPOdl,. , DL'lll.LN'andl'.DUNilUlttJll, in sums iouit purchasers. K!di May, 1317. J. , J. II. rLCK !f (' Prints. THIS DA F II V LXl'UESS. I D. 1IIXIIY. & CO.. ittvK m:ci3i:t. S splendid lot (if Prim, whichare new and clwiei stjle. Also Ihubroidert HriiidsatidUiinps. liurliuglon,. tan. lib 1313. 3ilif (LUOl'lt. 'Mm IliiLs! SrmtriKfn it, JL lot Kile by I.J). 111X11 y If CO. ' I sn l'Aii) ron imji.ts. I I D. 1IIXIIY & CO. will p.vv Cask vm . I few thousand good Pelts. Dee. '21, 1317 COATS. & CO. IIAVi: RKC(KVM) I I). Ifl.VliY i t nice lot ot coals no ,s ihe tune lu get a lit. D. deniher 'Jl. I'loulis. IAIl M flllf would dovvell to call and examine ilm snp-ruT ar'iclc of Ploughs, ealb-d the " Worces ter llagle Plough," iiiamifiefiired nl Dec. it, 17. llUllUXGTOX Foirxvii P. LAW BOOKS. Story on Agency Story oil Paitnerslup. Story's llquitv .luri-pru- denee, - vols, ll'i-l's Reports, new lid. Chilly on Criminal I,aw, Wbeaton's Selvvyu. Kmne's Law Coinpen ilium, I vols. do Kent. ilu Hlackstone. Vermont Reports, 11',, 17, mnl 13. l'or sale by Story on Hiihucnt?. Storv on the Con., Abr. Oiedd's Pleading. Long on Sales. Utility Digest. Digest New York Reports i v oi. Civil Code of Louisiana. Jury man's Guide. Vermont Statutes. Heck's Medical Jurispru dencc. C. I). EDWARDS. 1817. liurliuglon, Jan. II Window Snli. 1 LAHfii: SUPPLY of Wixnow Ssn re .'1 all sics con-tantly on hand and firaleliv GIIO. PLTEIifiOX. Hurhnalon, l'eb. 1, 1313. 3Ji,d ItOOl'o'. .fl TOUR Pax.MIL DonitS for sain liV CCO. PllTllRSO.V llurlington l'eb. 1, 1313. LAllf.I. st'i'Pf.v op stwim lath Kni'f S con-laiuly on band and for sle by OllO. PHTilliSON llurlington, l'eb. 1,1313. 3Jv.ii tOIOKIll) IIA.AIS, i3 I'o'k.for -ale by cli:ar and aifas A. S. DI1WI1Y tf'tf Jan. 20, 1313. HtO.V AMI .NAII.S. Pons Kuirisi '1'irc Iron. to Tons Old Sabie Russia Iron. 40 1'J Tons Swedes " 1.", " llor-eShoe ' JO 1.1 10 5 iloniid nnd Sipiare " Hume and Scroll " Hand " Hoop " P. S I and Norway Nail Rods. 1 .aviors ,v E-o s cast ineei. Peirsou's Siruig do German do Swedes do lliuh-h Illisler do Jishi Ktg Kei'seville Nails and Hrads. 3.10 Dot. Rasps and l ues. Hi 17 j. if j. n. rr.cK it cu. las. I!o.' Iiiirli'itplon Extra) Hurlinglou, v eriuont, I!ss.'X, and Lake, 230 ' lledl'ord Crown, J. NX . 1'SCKIi.Ca. C'm Do. Fuirbanks' Hoes. UU lOiio. do nnd Van Ornam's Hay rorksi !il " Seville Snathe. 7.1 " Reddiii'rton's Scjthes. .10 " larevvell's " 50 " Hlood's " Hy . .( J. Jl. rECK .S CD. iJartluarc. riMHl undersigned oiler to piircba-crs n stock ot M heavy a id shell IIAUIMV AKK, compri-ing l, variety ot goods in'riatnmg to the various branches I the trade, which have been selected with crrent can both in legard lo puleciion in sivle and lmih, and reasonable m s in priie. Purchasers nre respecilu'i solicited to call S'l'ROXG, DOOI.1TTLL1 Jt CO .Nov .Til, II7 ACCOUNT BOOKS. riMli; subscriber would invue the attention of Mi r X chants and others using lllank Hooks, lo lu p Mirtmeni. 1 have die best iissoiuufut that 1 have evi r bee n eliablea to oile r to 111)' cu-lesiiers, liolll III ipuillly andptiic. i. Jli.ui.viiJIM. Xov 1317. PJ .1. A. It.VViiti.NII, PHYSICIAN AXI) SUHGL'OX. OIT'ICllnt the residence of the lale II) umn Lane, corner ol St. Pauls and Hank Street, Hurfmcloir D.ccnilK'r 31, 1317. !7I ATTENTION ! HATTALIOX ! ! A 1,1. iho-.- having unsettled accounts with T W Lovell, will sale costs by railing nnd setlhng thelll luuneihalely. t. w; LOVF.LL. liurliuglon, Dec. 11, 1317. !!5U piii:SI',HV'l) ClTItOX, Currants and pa- I tent Sperm Cnndlrs for sare by '.7m3 A. i;. fl'KAK. Ql'PllltlOlt llroad-Clolhs nnd Cnssimeies, for O coats and panls, ol n ureal variety of colors and texture, bv .11. G , RATllliUN 4 CO. Feb lu. 1313. 33 A Large C0I.1) PHXtlLS, ssonineiitnt J. 1 , KA-lnVLE's. l.KAO Fll'i:, 1 ssl CASKS 1 l-linch 1 iba.ldol.5 ilo. I -J For sale by J. HRADLF.Y, GLI'.IUH SHOKS, Axi.isTw.vfiox IIomn, c , lor sale nt Hir.LiaToM FoiKtiRv GIFTS' Wilt I'll Kill (il.OM'.S, Cll.V vals, lldkls, c for sale at M tl. RATIIHFX .tCOS February 10, HIS. 33 SSTllPl. TlttlllMlS. TF.HI. Hag and Purse Clasps, Tnswjs, Fringes Heads and Umcol all piK'in at J. ' IUmaee.. t

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