Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 24, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 24, 1848 Page 2
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f BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 24, 1848. displayed In tlio action or bearing or men, such as pride, nneer, vanity, love, etc, somo of wliicli treated considerable laughter. His Imitations of the business of it l.tvvcr, physician, etc., were Interesting. A young lady tlien expressed tlio lord's Vner by motion'", tlio Principal Interpreting each'thon'gh a i-Iie r.prerd it. Tlio company then adjourned to tlio dining room, where a cold collation was served lip in rich Btvle tn over two hundred cue-sis. Mr. Clay then departed, accompanied by bis escort, nnd returned to bis hotel. ha inn evidently en joyed tliu few hours which bo had passed at the two Asylums. A Y. Hxptvu.'cton, vi. FRIDAY MOKN1NG, MAltCII SI, 1918. " In tub daiik ami Tiioum.r.ii moht that i vroN tis, TiiKitr. ts MiSrAu Aiiovn tin: iuiuion toiiivf. v li:am or i.idiir, kxixitino- -run iriTr.t.UOKNT, 1'ATItlOTIO WltlO l'AUTV UK TUB Umti.d Statm." Ihtnitl Webster. For President, HENRY CLAY. Tor Vice President, MILL A It D FlliLMOltE, or new York. Pubjcct to the decision of the Whig National Con EI.KCTIOK MAHCI1 29, 1818. I'or Council or Censors, CIIAULKS K. WILLIAMS, JOHN N. I'OMIlltOV, WILLIAM linilAKi), PKTKR STAKIt, SALMON K. I1UTTON, DAVID CIvAWFOIlD, tltA II. ALLKN, JAMKS HULL, IIKNIIY 1'. JAXKS, HIOMIY stowkll, JOHN DKWKY, AUCUSTIIS HURT, KKYKS P. COOL. Council of Censors. ' Next Wednesday, the 2!)th Inst., is the day tppointed fur the septennial election of a Conn cil of Censors. The Ticket nomiiiated by the Whig Stale Convention stands at the bead of our columns. It is every way entitled to the confidenco and support of the freemen. The gentlemen composing it are among the most Intelligent, sagacious and experienced of the citizens and legislators of our State. Two of them, Judges Williams and Ili:nAitn, have oc CUpied scats on the ltencli of the Supremo Court and the others arc well known as capable, sound minded and judicious men, abundantly qualified to discharge the high duties that will devolve upon them by their election. The following Resolve was adopted by the Legislature at the last session, and is presumed to include all the matters that will be likely to occupy the attention of the Council : JicMoltnl by the Srnnte nml If una? of llepresentn fires, That llie Coiistuuiion ol tins State ought to he so altered nnd amended, tint the nssisiant judges ot the several courts, the shcrdls, high baihlls, nnd state's attorneys of the several counties, he elected tiy the freemen of their respective counties, nml that the Judges ofprohnte lie elected ttv the trceincn of their res pective probate districts,and also that (he justices of tlie peace in this Stale, he elected by the ficeincn of the towns in which they reside. Wc think it most probable that the Council will recommend the amendment of the Consti tution as stigrjrestcd. The Itctoliitinn in rnincc. Hy the arrival at New York of the Cambria, from Liverpool, we have tho startling intelligence (of which we gave an abstract in an llxtra lat Saturday) that the French people lime again BBferted their sovereignty, overthrown the (!ov crnment of Louis l'hilippc, and declared their purpose to establish a Republic ! Public cents) In France, as well as elsewhere on tho Luropcan Continent, have been tending lo, and preparing for, this great and mighty result for m ini- months past. It has been the universal opinion of saga cious politicians and philosopher, who have ob aerved the " signs ol the times," that the preca rious peace of I.uroK) has only been preserved by tho life of tho French King; ami that peace has been long looked upon a likely In continue no longer than while bis life should last. The absolute fatuity of that Monarch, however, and of his Prime Minister, M. (iui.ot, has jire-ijiita-fed a devolution which was sure, sooner or later, to occur. Tho immediate cause of the great outbreak of popular indignation and popular strength which Is recorded lielow, was tho ius.ine attempt of the Minister to interdict the peaceful assembling f tho Oppositional ' tumiies" where political topics were to bo dicused and considered. Louis Philippe, " blinded to bis own interest fur tho peoplo's good," and madly intent only on preserving the power of the state, and securing " the succession," and as madly counselled by M. Uinzot, (who lias tn 11 1 proved how easy 1, the union of great powers of mind with the smallest sagacity of judgment,) has hauled down bis own House about bis cars, by stitving to strengthen and fortify Authority, at tho expense of Hight. A brief but ilenme popular resist ance has resulted in bis irrecoverable downfall In an effort to prevent the meeting of a portion of his subjects, peacefully and without revolt! tionary purposes, at a jnMic dinnir, he has buc rificcd himself and his throno ! We eivc. below, to the exclusion of much other, but of course less interesting, matter, co dIous extracts from tho foreign papers respect- Ini? this now and decisive devolution a devo- lution in favor of popular Freedom and popular Government, in which Americans will warmly Tmnathizc. The "banquet," which wa appointed for Tuesday the Slat of February, was "interdicted by tho Ministry. The following is tlio " iHani testation" issued by tho Opposition on Monday morning; subsequent to which, however, and In eonscauencc of tho " interdict" of tho Minittry, the banquet was given up; llcforiii .llnnlfi'stdtion. The general committee charged to organize the bsnouet of the 12th arroiulisseineiit, thinks it right to state that the object ol Ihe ilemou-iralion lived for Tuesday is the legal nnu paciuo ejercise 01 n eonsmu tional right, the right oi holding political meetings, without which representative government would only be a derision. The Ministry having declared and maintained at Ihe tritwne that tins rigiit is mi ijeeieu . .!. .x..l i.tenKitre ot the notice, deputies of I lie Op- position, peers of Frame, ex-deputies, iiieinbeis of the Council (teiieral,iiiagUirates,olliccr,sub-olUeers and soldiers t tlie JNatioiuii i.uuru, niciiu"ri ; immi Iral committee 01 me electors 01 me ij'i"sm..n, ..u.i editors of ncwspaiersol l'uris, have accepted Iheinvi. tatiou which was made to take patt in lite demonstra tion, in order to protest, ill viltue ol the law, against n illegal and arbitrary juetensipn. At It i natural lo foresee tlint this public protest may attract a considerable Katlu-rinx ol citizens , m II tuny In- n-umieil nlo that the NntionnUiinrds of Pa ri. I.iithfnl to their motto, " Liberie, Onre 1'iiUie," will desire, on this occasion, to nccmphli the double duty of delcnding liberty by joining the dcnionsirntioH, nnd protecting order, nml preventing nil collisions by their presence j nml n, in the expectation of n numer ous meeting ol National Guards nnd cili.cns, it seems riuhl to lake measures lor preventing every cause ol tremble nnd limmlt, the roiniuittce ha thought that the deuioniraiin should take plnce in tlint iii.irter of .in in wmcu tne vviiuil ol tlie streets nun s-pinres enables the population to nemble vvilliout excessive crowding ; necorilinglv, tlie deputies, peers ot 1 milee. mill nlher tie mini itivi.,-,1 fn die hanituct. will assemble on Tuesday next, nt 1 1 o'clock, in the ordinary place ol tin- ineeting of the parliamentary Opposition, place ile la .Madeleine 'J J the subscribers to tlie naiiiiiet, who In-long to the National i.uanl, nre ieiiieted to meet define ihe Church of the Made leine mid to form two painllel lines, between which tlie ierons invited will place thcm-elves; the cortege u i u i... i t . i i .i '. - ..,t- i-Ii.- v-.:-.rli in- iii'.iucii oy nil- superior oincr.n 01 in. i.iiiii,,n Guard who umy present thc!uG(ivtojoin the demon strnlion j iuimedialely tiller the pcrons invited nml in.- ni,-s,i w in oi- puieeo a nuiiv 01 oineei 01 nie in- tional Giiaid -. bi-binil the Intler tlie .Nnlionnl Guards. tunned in column nceording to the number of the legions; between the third nnd fourth columns the voung uien ol the schoo s. headed bv nersons chosen by themselves; next, tlie other Nntional (innrds of I'flfiu nil. I II... ....I.... 1... 1.. II -.I.. I.. ..1. . . .'in i-ii-i in- 1 1 1 ,,, 1 I is, III 111-' III llll SUl l, III II Ul . . I he cnttcire will lenve nt liill un-t 11 o'elork.nml will proceed ,y the I'l-tcc de hi Concorde nnd the Champs l.l)sees to the place in w hicli tlie banquet is to time place. Tin- eoiiuiiime, convinced tlint this demon Miatioii will be the mole Ulicni-ioiis the more calm it mid I he moie i!iuioiur t be mole it shall nvmd even nil pretext ol'conllict, invites the citizens to utter n;i cry, to cairy neilher ll.ig nor c.Meiior sign1, it ui vilts the Nntiouni (iuards who mnv take purl in the deiiionMrntiiiii, lo prcM-ol themselves without arms; for it is desiied to mnke a nnd pncilic protest, vvhich tiiu-t be rspeeinllr poweilid liv ihe number and the In lit mid Irumiin niiiiudi- of ihe ciii.ens. I he commitiee hone that on this occasion everv uinn pres ent will consider hiuwll'ns a lunelioiiary clnrged to cniise older to be umii i nd : it Iru-ls in the nnseiice ol the National (tuard : it trusts in the sentiment of the l nnsinti population, wlorli desirts piitihe pence Willi hU-ity, mid whiill knows that, to secure the louiiitf il.-incc ol us nil his. it lis on v neeil ot a ncacc- nble deinolistintion,us lit cullies nu elilighlencd lulioli which has the coiiscioiisiieis ol the irresistible author ity ol its iiiiuiil power, nnd winch is ns-iircd that it will cause us legduiinle wishes m prevail by the legal iuiu caiin c.pres.-lull 01 Itstiplllioil. The Progress r tliu Itcvolution. I Arsis.Tue-day livening, l'eb. 2 Immense; mnsses have paiaded the public thorougiilaies throughout the day. Troops in nt numbers wcie qii loot. and oc- cnsionally, where die iiihsh-s bi-cnuie more than ordi narily neiis.,ciiargis ot cavalry weie made upon the people, nnd the Mircls were cleared Willi wonderful illlii klk-ss. The shoos were nil closed, nnd business of every kind vvns suspended. The crowd generally dinned lp-clt towards Ihe l'lace ile la Madeleine, (where, it the banquet had gone on the procession of the deputies was to have Marled fioin,)to the Place tie la Ciiucorde, nud to the ncigliLoiliood of the Cluiinber ol Deputies. The principal portion ol the crowd ap peared to have been drawn together more from curios ity than fioiu the wi-h to create disorder, nud they weie I ir more formidable from ihi-ir vast numbers than flout their apparent intentions; still, however, there weie oicnsiounl pniiiis ol very dilltrent character. .Masses oi men 111 blouses, Ireipiently amounting to thousands, were to be wen marching together with a eeitaiu degice of order, and apparently under regular leaders. A large body of siudeiils nlsj paraded the lioiileynrds, mixed with othcis otn more nmbiguoiis il not ofa inure dangeious description, singing the Mar seillaise at the vel pllehol their voices, and vocilela liug ii Inn llitisiit ! ii bus le Miitiilre .' Vim In rr fnvmc ! accompanied with groans or cheers ns the eiisi-niiglu be I fto litis )ou add legiiiienls of the Municipal tiuariN, hor-e nml foot, drawn tin in diller- Xrffi IhriMlriimg; thm..:m,N unon UiulmiiiiI ofcntafrv ami uiul oceasiomdlv III .111! rt ill () t ... nr iu. t,n uiiinr... It. i p.Io ... lU'HH : nnd inn tltm cm of tumuli ririmli ermwlmir tlir wiii.Juw wheK'UT ihtri' was u chance nt secinu; whnt wasmiif nn ; ymi haw heron oti n picture ol what I'ntN n during the wlmle ol tliis day. The i'.xcihi' ol th" (inviTninent , that it did not m tmlfre until tiV pronintrr ol the b.tiitiirt bcunn to or Kmiie, and arrange Nntinnal (Juanls nud other kt-f-on.s tu lot in the proct'MMon. The e.cusc is hardly ernl d.-i) s lii-fure, that tlie proe.-s-ion was lo be one of, i... a... . i. 1. 1. i ' leiKioit", ior 11 was kuohh nnu cieariy anuounceu.tev thejiriueipal parts of the detnoniraiioti. It is rumored thnieleeti ot ttie lwelc deputies of! arts have re signed their seats. Impenchinciit of the Ministry. At the meeting of the Chamber of Deputies on the 2id, the depuiies of the Oppii-itinn, to the number of Onn "hi , t ; ,., .r f 5:i, wihmiited tlie billow-in.' nrnrioMtiim: We pronuse to place the Monster in accusation ns fiuilty. "1. Of having betrayed abroad the honor and the interests of France. . wi paving 1.1 si ncii me prnieip es 01 1 ne constuu- lion violated the guarantee, Et iZty, and at.acked the r Ld is of the people. '. 11 ii i 111 ( i'j 'i it.- 11 ti lit 1 nil iii.iui 1 , hi 1111 nu rd to MibMiiUif, tor ill ttrf 'pi j4n of pnldic rpin it'll, thr r.'ilculntions nf uinie inti'icf-l, and iIuh jicr UTtpd 'li'1 ifpri.-ful:itit' oviTiHnfnl. ' I UHintiiiir tnillirkt'it ior iniutrrinl pnrp(ts's in public i llicr, ns well ua in all tliu prerogatives and rivil''t!cs nf power. " .1 IVr bawni;, in the Mine interrft, wnMcd tlio tinnners of the stiite. nnd tlim coinprumi'sed llie forces ami mntii-uroi ina kinioni fi. ()thatu.-M..i.-i,tlv dcM-niled the citi.-ns of a ' ..:..i.. ...1...- : 1 .1 our two icvuluiioiis, and tl.rowu the couutiy into a protiituid neitution." Here follow the signatures M. OJilon llarrolt at lie- hi-.iil. The following is in the Mnnitcur of tl.o 25th, which prints it in its largest typo : To Till: I'ri.nlu I'lor-I.t- A relroernde nnd uliiTnr- chicnl ( loveriiuieiit hiishccn m ei thrown by tlie hero- isui ot ihe people of l'nris. i ue lias nni, leaving alier it a trace ol mil, wiiu h iirer-luih-s lurever its n-iuru. ,, . . i .' , : -- ,- this nine Ihe i Heroin blood shall not be deceived. It I lie ti lioit ol t le lit-oti e 1:1s I .iiii-.l 114 in InU- Imll has uihievi-d 11 nud popular tJoveriiiiu-nl, in ueeord wuli the rhls, ihe iinwress, and the vvillot tins uu-.-it ami yencrou- people. j. -....i-uiMH iii s iriinir oy acciamanoll nun iiiuenej irom me voice ill tlie people, ,'iinl ihe ilep- u.ies oi uie in pirniienls in lite silling ol the tilth, are invested momentarily wiih tho care of the organising and ensuring the ii-iuou-il victory. It is fOllipilsCll ol MM. DI'I'ONTMe l'Kurc.) l.AMAIiTINi:. cui;mii:ix. AltACO (-1 the Insiitule.) IdillliC IKII.IN. (iAKNIIlll l'AliCS. MAKII1. Tlie fiovcrniiient Ins for Secretaries MM. AUM N1) MAItltAST. Ltlt'lS HI.ANC. 1 illtDINAND l-'I.OCON. Thrv eineus have not hesitated one instant in ac cepting the pattiotit- uiKssiou imposed upon them by urgency ben blood flows, w hen the enpiul of I'ranee is on fire, iheciiuiuiissioti ot ihe provisional ijovermiient is derived troiu Ihe pulihe peril ninl Ihe public snlety. Thewholeol 1 ranee will uuderi-laud it. mid will all'ord it the concurrence of patriotism. Under Ihe popular government proclaimed by tlie Provisional iSoveiiiiiieiii, every eiti.i-n isn magistrate. Frenchmen, give the woild the einmple that Pntis has given to l-'runie; prepare yourselves, by order and by confidence iu yourselves, lor the mwcrlul institu tions which you are to be called upon to give tu your selves. The Provisional government wills lor a saving the riililicatinnsol ihe Trench K-ople, which is to lie iiioneiiiaiei) ciiisinii-ii, Neilher Ihe s-ople tit Paris nor the Provisional gov ernment, pretends to suhMilutc their opinion for the opinion ol the eiiieiis on the definite form oi the gov einmeiit.whicb the sovereignly ulihc nation Mill pro claim. . Tlie Unity or the union firmed henceforth, of all the classes ot the nation vvhkh compose it : The government ol the uaiion ,y nn-lf j Liberty, iiu-i!iiy,iiiidfralcruily lot pnncipleaj The (K-ople for liioltn nud mot it'orure. Such is llie drinoiraiie government which France oweshersell.aud Irom whiih uur efforts should be in suied. Paris, Wedii(s.lny,2o'tlo(.k, IVb. S3 After I des patched my icltcis last cveiung, cveuisof gn-nler iiu jioitnnce than had tnken place up in post 10ur iaj ,.. cuired. In wverul streets riiniiing mm ihe Itue Si, Denis and the line SI. .Marlin.ihc people ereited bar ric.ides, by teaiing up the paving nones, n-iimg olililihuscs, ite. Moslot Ihese b.inicades wctesoou e-inied by the municipal guilds nud ttuow; burnt some of them severe eiigageiueutstook place, notwiih- slaudllig Ihe people weie almost entirely unarmed Tlie in itkets, the place He la Concorde, the Place du Carrousel, the Hunk-vanN, the Itue St ,lloiiore,riudnn immense number d oiher meets and plans were oc. copied by the troops- -in facl, the whole of Pans was ixcupied, ns il civil war bad been everywhere raging The iroons remained with their arms iu their hands ull night. As I turned into iho Hue St. Denis, the drni'iiiins. who were stationed dole bv the Porle. re. eeived ordeis to charge, and 1 saw them gallop down llienrft-t at a rnpid rule, wiih their drawn swords gleaming in the sun, A I llie snme moment, detach ments ol light dragoons and infantry hastened after them. From this it was clear that additional ns. sistaiica wBStctJuutd against the. people in that quarter. 1 iiiiii iuii" 11 mi i n m 1 1 ee 1 oi im iiu iioii . iiim in ut i 1.1 1 .it . 1 eisVol wlnili l,-.d I,,:,-,, piaranteed to th..-n. by inland tlie adiour unent o he pr.,po-,tions presented Charter, by th-laws, and hvlonm-r precedents. T;l,cr;l.n' M;;-"'' ol "no, no. J "7 OlUnu-.niiine.Pvn pohey overtly counter I, ' ' '"'n ' r'-'K ', "!n "'t'"0, f"a" revohitionaiy, placed iu,,, u all the co, r,,-sts of, lr,""f'1 w ' l'u!,lc " 1 "r"' " wl1' make the law-1 r. s- On leaving the Utic do Ht. Dennis, Isawn vnst multitude nppronching, heniled by a red flog. From the haste Willi which they was plain that they were being pursued by the military. About nil hour ago I observed artillery ndvnncing townrds the llonlevnrds, with the object, no doubt, ot lieing direct ed on the Itue St. Martin, nnd that neighborhood. The Hue St, Monore is occupied with nil Immense crowd. The gnrdcu of the l nlais Koynl is closed. All the passages are nlo closed, nnd occupied with troops. You would lind it ddlicult to conceive the mournful attitude of this ii"iinllv nnv cilv nt this me nu lit. Shoos closed everv w here soldiers evcrvw here nlnrtn nnd nnxicty nmoiig nil clnsscs. Not a single ominous was seen ; not n carnage, not n enrt ; otuy n icw e.ius. nere nnu mere vciucies overuirown ; mc pavement turned up gas lamps smashed and the re mains ol wanton destruction frequently visible. iireni uiutiiiers ot trcsli troops nave been mnrcncu Into Paris this mottling, from the towns nnd gatrlsons within reach of the capital. In some streets the populace have destroyed the electric telegraph. . ny miiiuuni miaru, lliottgll toe rff''e was ire qiiently bentcn Inst evening, scarcely tinned out nt nil. In several plnces, it is said, dint senrcely three persons oi nu- company nnswercil tlie mi''ci. i lus morning the itij'iicl has been ngnin bentcn with n like result. in me uisiricis w ncre me nnnonni imnrus out assem ble thev cried " Vivn la Itefornie !" nnd sum. the Mar srllnitc. 1 hrec o clock. The Ouizot Ministry has resigned. i in iiiiiiiioii ol lue (illlcern oi inu iuuoiiiii vtuinti went to the Tuilleries to demand tlint it Fliould be dis- missed, when they were told tiy Ocnernl Jnckqnemi- noi, coiiiiiinnumg uie isntionni gunru, mat mc .villus- try had given in its resionalioii. r 1 lie red npect ol tlie sky in tne. Direction ot .itoni Vnlcrien showed that nn liiccndiarv fire was rauiim there. 1 our o'clock. The inte liL'ence of the resignation of the .Ministry is sorenduig like wildfire through the city, nnd is everywhere neived Willi evcryt demon slrnlion ot joy. At ibis moment there is nn immense crowd on the lloulevnrd, shouting" Vive la Itefornie." Atieneral commanding tlie troops exclniined " You shall have Uefoiin.M "And the dismissal of the Aim istrv V cried the peonlc. "Their dismissal nnd nccti sition.rind ever) thing," was the answer, nud it was ici-i-ncn wiiu ononis oi appiau-e. The lighting ill the quarter of St. Martin still con tinues, nnd trooosnre proceeding to it. When how ever, they shall learn the overthrow of the Ministry; it is believed that hostilities will iliuuediatelv cease. Ill passing the bank, jiM now, 1 saw the mob had f;ot p11-.9-s-.iou of the guard house at the corner. They lad torn down the llae. and a fellow hoisted it on a large pole. There were then shouts of " To the Tu illeries! To the Tuilleries !'' Krcsh troops nre being summoned lo Paris. The regiment of carbineers, in garrison at Provins, nre ex pected momentarily. At Chchy, the inhabitants have oceii loin lo prepare lor tlie reception ol tlie troops. During last niuht the barticades of veslerdav morn ing were removed. However, this illuming, large muiiocrs nt t ic nonu aec were tinder arms, nnd reuui d- iug bnrriendes. The streets ol St. Denis, St. Mnttin Kambuteau, St. Sauvier de (Iravilliers, and nil the narrow streets, adjoining have Iwen barricaded, nnd so well defended, that uo to 11 o'clock, the troons had failed ill their attempts to take possession of them 1 lie .viunieipai iiuaru were repulsed to me liuc.vion lroqtiil, hy the firing of the iopu!ace. The garrison ol jj.ouo troops are nil employed to guard the muuniera hie avenues to tlie Place (iernrd. Manv of the regi nienls tire overcome with fatigue. The council of ministers, and a crowd ot parliamentary dignitaries have taken refuge in the chateau. 1-resh troops are exiiected everv moment hv railway. Half past Pour. All Oovcrnincutnfliciolshnvebecn ordered to place themselves under nnnsas National (.itnrds. I lie troops of the hue have liecn provided with Intcliels to cut down the barricades. The 2d, -till, nnd Tub legions ot the Nnlionnl f.unrds have mus tered strongly, shouting " Vive la Itefornie! A bns (ui.ot !" I'he revolt now nppcars to tie concentrated in the St. Denis and St. Martin ouarters. where n s'larp fire is kept up between the insurgents and the I 7f;K G-n. t I. nunorcd that the arnllery i. d,- flnl to ,!rtrny the barricade?, nnd that cannon hae " " - In the Chanihi-r of Denuties todnv. M. Vnvin, ihe deputy ol the 11th nrrondi-vemcnt of j -nrif-i rose, qiki mine name 01 nimscii ana tlie other deputies for l'ari", nddreswd tome tjuetions to the Minister of the Interior, with respect to the recent ceiits in l'aris. .M. (!iii.otwliohadhortlybeforeentered tlie Cham - her, uniiH'duitely rose and Mid " I have nothiui! to iy at the present moment to the nuestions of the hon- f rKln "!",.'":' lor L-ount -lule. who is empowered to form a ministry." tl.oud cries oi oravo, nnu enecrs loiiowcu this announceinent winch appenrcd to annoy .M.t.uizul.J lie then con lined" We are not to be prevented by such manifes tations n those 1 now bear, nn long as we remain in ollice, which will be till our successors are appointed, from doiurr Ulir dill V. Wc siial consider ourselves an. -wcrable lor all that may happen. We hall act in ao accomS l" wli what wc consider the interests ot the country." After &ume interruption created by this announce ment, M. Odilon Hiirrot roue, and paid " In consequence of the Mtiintion uf tht Cntiiiict, I dcmaiul tlie aiijonrn- . , ,, . 4-,i, . " . .,:...; .. 1,1, ! , Tl"" " iclJoT I w ill submit to the decisio; jut n 1 inane yesterday (iiin of "ves. ves." nml "no. no."! decision of the Chamber on the point Jnu, no, M. f)upoiit then ro-e, nnd saiJ " The first thing nccear) lor the capital is pence. It HUM hv reacted (ruin imnrrliv. Itrrv one Lnnwx tlint the sninl of .In. jy exists tt. Homage lias Ih-cu done to the reft of the nation, ism the pronle inut Know that its Ucliu- j eratiou must not be on the juiblic way. The assem- I lIages niut cea.e. i do not see how the inniMry, j who are provisionally charged with the public all.urs. " ' lKL"V ,m "F 'VS. u M" V Vme 111 nvi-Mau- , iMiinii oruer nn 1 wun uie rare or ineir own saieiv. 1 p-'cted. The enhint t K-es no reason why the ehainlwr should ;uiiend its labors. 1 he crown at the present moment is iisiu;r its prerogative. That prerogative must lie respected. As louu as the cabinet is upon these benches, no huincss need be suspended." Thc President then put the ipiestiou as to the ad journment of .1, O.hlon Itarrol's proposition. About one hundred inemls-rs of the Opposition supported the adjournment: the whole of the Conservatives were a-'tnnn it." The Chamber immediately rose in great nRitation 1'ive o'clock. The public joy increases at the resig- nation ol the muulry. At tins moment a uetacninetii oi me iiiiiiii.ii viu-iiii-, inini ,i il. Honrs,- sh.inlili.f "' i-.i.. V...: li- 1. "1 u,n'Ze " , Hilfpast I'lv-e o'clock. As the resignation of the minisirv lieeoines more nnd more w-idrfy known, the i i- in 1V.-I..IIHI.-. ,,l.lii. iv lieeoines nrenlcr. It really seems as it no , ,, sirv were ever so intensely or so universally n tested. The shops till continue to be closed. 1 he inoveilieins i-i iiin.uituii .. .."s, - - .-i ing has ceased in the quarter of hi. Martin, but great crowils tellll 1111 lue sm-eii-, uuu iiiv pu.m.s.o ...... enliv ill maintaining order, Losnov. Saturday evening, Feb. 2d. We subjoiii from the French paiers the lollowing details: At half past t it was Imped that the worst was over. Alsiut half past 7 the Boulevard In-nig crowded, there arrived a column of the combatants, many ol them nnncd with muskets, and singing the Marseillnisennd the chorus of the tiirondius, which I bate so ollen luentiontd. i hey were rcccivcu wim uproarious ien eiialions by the people, and proceeded lo llie ollice o ti,.. ':iiiiinat. which seems to be ihe oman of this for midable opposition. They demanded that the editors see that their liberties were not " again" plated with. Mr. Marrnst,priuciialeditorof the National, harrnng ed them Irom the balcony, and assured them that their litirrtics would this thou be secured. This scene was repented six tunes uiiriug toe mgiii. A i 10 o'e (uL a cu uniii of 0CXJ .r eoOneonle of nil vinii. iii,iiii;,-i."v.-..i..-,m,, iniinisls, and, possibly, mine ul those malefaetoiswho willinixinr.llpojiulariiioveir.enis. The tieanng and nil In. .. ..I lid iiiiiii wns l..rnl.t... 'II... siil.c.i.innl n..t ..r...... ..I tl... tinpiir iiisi.lis.l ilm n.i.ii...liji..;r..i u l.;l. their nppenrnnce suggested. . Abhoiigli M. Giuot had retired from the ministry. the Hotel des Allaircs Ltrangeres remained occupied uuu Ku.iiiie i uy in""p-. jvooui loociocs. a young man walked up to the officer in command, mid blew bis brains out with n pistol. Seeing him tall, his soldiers williout orders tired on the people, of whom llniror five were killed. The report of tins discharge, at a moment when we flattered ourselves that all was tolerably well over created a painful sensation. Twenty minutes after wards, however, a 1110-1 touebingnnd melancholy pio crssion nrrived, and as laras 1 could perceive, turned alarm into rage. The buz of nn approaching multitude coming front the Huulcvnrd des Cnpiieines was beard, and slow song of the death " Mourir pour la patrie," was chanted by the throng, instead of the victorious Mnr-seilloi-e. Mingled wiih this awlul nud imposing chorus, the ol w heels could tie beard. A large bodv of ibt tieop'e slowlv advanced. 1 'nor in frutil carried torches. Itebiud iheiii came an open cart sur rounded bv torch hearers. The light was niong, and discovered four or five dead bodies, partly undressed, which niiiicured to have been carclully ranged iu the carl. hen the bend of the column reached the corner of ine itue i,epeeiier, uie song was changed to n burst oflury, wl.i-h will not soon he forgotten hy those who benrdit, Tbo priH-essiun halted 111 ihe ollice ot A" tioiiiil. nnd the whole nnriv l.iirui im,i n .inni. sbrii-k or cry Vtngnuicc ! Vou know bow sonorous s inai wont wlien ptoiiouiiced in 1 tenih. The dead lioJies in ihe catt were those of the men who Ml under ... :'!' ' "e soldiers above inentioned. I Ins event is deplorable. It may possibly chance Ihe lsfue ot the ulhiir. The night wos an awful one. The iinise nf i,,..L. men iippeareil in break 011 the silliness, llavinghenid a similar one 111 ihjii, KwtiKtl H, wn, -larricades one imineiisely sirong nt ihe end ot Hie Kite Kichcheu, were 11 progrrssol cnnstruclion. This has continued 1111 In this moment (half past 10). Kvctv tree on th whole lui ol ths UouUvitd has been IclJed P.very one of the superb lamp-posts has been thrown down, nnd nil converted into battiindcs. At the corner or every street is a barricnde, gentle men, shopkccicrs, cletks, workmen, all Inhonng nt the. work with nn eagerness and nn carnestnets beyond description. . , At twelve o'clock M. Odillon Parrot, accompanied hvdenernl Limorieiere, rennired Iroiu llie L-bamlw r ol Deputies to the Ministry or the Interior, where he was lonnnlly installed, in presence of the Nntionnl Ounrd nnd n multitude of citizens, who hllcd the court. Shortly afterwards the following proelaniation was posted up on tlie gate, amidst universal, acclamations. My denr comrades,! have b'cit invested by the new Cabinet with the superior coinniuuii oi me tiunal (iuard of the Department ol the Seine. ii.. .. . -I,;,.,.! von have nserted the iij om uin - triumiih of bbertv. You have Is eii.and will ever be, tlie Ueleiidcrs ol order. I rciy upon ju u , rely upon me. (Signed, 1W h'AMOniCIKIin. (Countersigned) OD1M.0N 11AUHOT. li i-i. luio At 'i o'clock the following proclamation was posted ....11- ..r ltn.i. . Citizens ol Pnris-Thc King has abdicated. The crown, bestowed hy the revolution ol July, is now . . . .1 . I V l.:t I .nln.l I... Ii.b oinllir-P. piaccu oitine neon oi a cmm. pi"-- y'-'I 'V They nre both under the safeguard of the honor and nn..Pnm. nfii.rt lwiai-in notiiil ition. All cause ot di vision amongst us has ceased to exist. Orders have been given to tne troops oi uu: une iu mum rMiwv-iki- rinnrtern Our brave Bmiv can be tietter employed than in shedding ils blood in so deplorable a collision. ... i Mi- lu.1nvr-.1 f.-Umv citizen ! 1-roin this moment the maintenance of order isintiuslcd to the courage and prudence ol the people or Paris and its heroic National (luard. They linve ever been faithful to our nublc country. They wdrfiut desert it in Ibis grave cmer - mho t iiv- li I lilln'l- This proclamation produced a leiupoiary eiiliu, but the unfortunate occurrence at tlie foreign AlKiirj Inst night threatens to cLjige the character ot tlicstrugule. Lnrge pools of blood ore stiljon thensphnhr paveim-nt ot the Jluulev arils ilea Cnpucines and the Hue Kninpart. Tlie pv.ple lurget that the troops only lired when their Colonel was brutally shot. They demand retire. wmiil.l'n iivivivii. ve ngronce. Onleavingllie palace, the King nnd his I'tmily pro cccded to Ncuilly under nn escoit ol cuirassiers. Alter the troops evacuated the Tuilleries, the palace was im mediately occupieil by the insurgents, who destroyed evervllini'! in it windows, lutuiture. pictures. .Ve. The throne alone was lelt entire, e-inied in proecs-ion through the streets and tlie Boulevards, nnd ultimately smnsl.ej to nieces. A similar seem; ot destruction look place at the Palais ltoyal. All the furniture was taken out and burnt in the court. Marshal llcgeaud bns been named at once com inanderol the National (Juaid and of tlie troops of I In the Chamber of Deputies, nt one o'cl- ck, M. Sauzet took the chair.iu nresciice of about MIX! inein- hers. Shorily aftervvardsit was stated th-iltbe Duchess or Orleans had arrived nt the palace with her twosons. The Princess soon apicarcd nt the lelt door, acconi- named by the two orinres nnd the DuKch de Nemouit and Moutpensicr, The younjj Count de I'ariscniercil lirst, led by oik of the members of the House. t He penetrated with ilillieulty ai far as the tu-ini-circte, which was crowded with ollicers and soldiers of the National Uuard. His presence produced a lively ini-prts-iion on tliea?einbry. Almost immediately after wards the DjcIhs entered, and seated herself in an arm chair between her two sons. Tlie hall was then forcibly entered by a multitude of armed men of the lower orders nnd the National Guards. The Princess nnd her chUdren then retired

to oncof the uppr benches ol the centre, opposite the pre-i,tent ni cnair. The urcatest ncitation nnd iinroar nrevailcd. and JctcemiSayTh'i, in favor of hi? qruudsuii, nnd conferred the regency on the utK'lics ot tirieans, a oicc Irom the public gal lery" It " t) late." An indecribahle feene of tumult cnud. A num ber of deputies collected round the Duchess nnd her chilJren and the Dukej of Nemours and .Montpcimier. National (Itiardi fihu rallied round the ronl family. M. Marie then arended the tribune: his voice was drowned bv deafening cries. When sileiiee was re- stored, M. Marie Mid that in the critical situation in i which the capital was placed, it was urgently neces- I siry to ailopt some mea--ureti calculnteil to calm 1 1 population. Sinre morniii); the evil had made i mt-nse nrocress. Shall we iiroeloiiii tlie Duke de the inours or the Duchpys of Orleans reeent 1 M. Crillli- eux, who lollowe.l, was ot opinion to uphold Covernmcnt. M. (icnoui c Ihoui-ht that n tlie new . an appeal ou(;tit to be aditrcssed to the people. M.Odillou liar- rot next ascended the 'tribune, an-! advocated the right of the DucIichs d'Orleana. M. Inrorheianuelin sun- ported the npiieol to the people. M. janiartinc and M. Js'dru llollin insisted on the necessity of appoint ing a Provisional (oernment. M. iSauzct here put 011 his hat and concluJed the sitting. The Princes retired, followed by all the members ol the fen ire ; those on the lelt alone reunified m the hall. The in purentalhen railed, or ruther carried M. Dupont de I l'Kure to the Presidential chair. The tribune and all the seats were occupied hy the people and National I (iuards, nnd the immes of ih follow iug ineiubers of the Proi.ional (iorrniiirnt were proelatined amulet n scene which has nut been witnessed pi i ice tlie Con tention; M. (larnier Paces. M. Arncn, M. Marie, M. Iedru lioiliu, M- Ijniimitine, M. Creinietix. This ji-t was received with cries of I'ire la Kfimh liquf and the AUfcemMy then adjourned tn the ilutcl de Ville to install the PioviMonaHIou-rnment, Lntcst Intelllgrnce. The follow inr; proclamation has been posted nt tbo Hoarse Orders have been given to eca-e firing everywhere. We have just been charged by the King to form n ."Ministry. The Chamber will be dissolved, and nn appeal bo made lo the country. (ieueral Uainoriciere has been appointed Comman dant of the National Guards. Tiiikrs, Onnxov BvnrtoT, Dlviiwii.ii pl Uai-iuxse., I.AMomeicni;. All the Ministers have quitted their hotels. 1 lie llourse is closed. 1'aiiis, l-'riday, !) A. M. A Itepublic has been pro claimed. The Kiui; and his family are gone to Kn. The provisional tov eminent already appointed has lieen confirmed. Ihe following are MiniMcrs, Dii p-mt de 1'llure. Presiileut; l.amartiue, Porei. Af- i tain ! Arngo, Marine ; l.edru Kollin, Interior; Marie, ( ii,i,lie Works; i;a irnot. Public Instruction : lieiliiuout Commerce ; Lauiuricu-re, War; tiarnier Pages, con tinued ns Mayor ot Paris; Cavaiguac, (iovernor of Algiers; Dccourlrias, Commandant ol the National ..r.t. j v communication hy railway awl diligence is sus nemle.t. Thc station of the Northern Nnilwnv his been burnt. Il is impossible to gel out ol Paris hy that line. All was uuiiqnu in uie iprirter oi uie i uiiieries. Half past J o'clock. The lollowinit notice has iust been published; tn the name of the Soi creisn JV;,e. Citizens: The Provisional (overninent has just lieell installed ; it is composed, by the will of the peo ple, i'i utr iiiwi in I nu, il, r. .iiiiiii, iiouia itiaiic, ,lll saine hovcrelull will of the peonli has ilesiL-iiated the lit. Arago lo the Direction General ot the Post Ollice. At lirst execution of the order, given by thc Pro visional Government, it is advised that the hakennr luruisners oi nroviMonsoi rans, keen tlieir ftiops open - t - : quil their arms, their positions, or their revohiiiouary aliunde. Inevliave otien been d.-eeived hy treason ; 11 IS IllinOrtant that tlCV Stlllll it not PI V I Olltllirlllllllies 111 ! nl inrks ns eriinmal ns (hev-nre lernhle. I 'I'ne following order has also just loen issued : In the name of the Fiencb people. It is inlerdicled to the menibeisol thc Ilx-Cliam- ix-rs to meet, rails, .-itn j curuary, Dl'PONT (del'llure). AD CltllMlKUX. liA.MAKTINi:. .MAKIG. LLDKIJ KOI.I.V, AltACO. (llx-Chanilier of Peers is rather significant. I'atis this niorning is perfectly quiet, but the shops are closed, and the streets ore barricaded us before. The jieople crowd the streets, nnd are preparing to go to attack the cnlle of Vineennes. Prince Louis Napoleon liouiipnite set out for Paris from London on tlaturday morning. Where is Terglumes t Speaking of tho recent voto in this State on tho License- Qncstlnn, tho N'. Y. Kxpross says : " Ilenn'uigton, Middlebiiry, Terghiines, Kutlaud, Casilcton, Woodstock, Towmhen.l, We.liuiiisier, Itiirhiigtoii and St. Albans have all given ' No Li. cense' majorities," Now, then, Whcro is Tcrglumcs? That is tho question ! Wo don't caro u-Im struck Hilly Patterson; nor whether .Molasses will explode"; nor ulietltcr any thing but a river or a lake can get 'high' on water ; nor whether applu.dump. lings can bo profitably ntado of putty ; but we do emphatically ask: Whcro is Tergluincs 1 Doctor Cobb says thero is no such place in the Slate, and if "No Ltcenso" Is to prevail by 1P voto of Tergliimes, ho wants to know it j jf there is such a plarc, ho will deliver a cottrto of Lectures there immediately. iii'Vr V ,. ',i m"."" ecur, .rarasi, ,..irl,.( ,u ,o-i distiuguished siate.-ihan of the nilluence ol Coleridge lor our own emancipation from . i'i. ... i i i, ti , , .........I........ j... v .,, nun uuu ni i o.iiijinurs ine ", I u ji I., .'i .i ,, - . ii r i ian,i, into oiner ami entirely iiuiereut hands. The a s in ar bonda -e : f which will Ik- taken liyt.ovetninenl, the will of iho I m-w ndniuusiraiiou came uiio ,K,w,-r, ninler the g,. V ,. "L" ' .n, r. , , - . people has chosen for delegates m ihe department of ded nromi-s of h;ir,nrhi .,.t I:,i,, In , I... 1 ..' be careful of modern Latin poems is not the no ice the citizens t:ossi,ii.r no, I Suhrer 'I' . :.- i . i i . ... williout Its use. I Iiev liirills 1 nislanees i.l .-ven.-s.u.- The License Vote Ofliclnl Ilcsiilt. Wo aro indebted to the Secretary of State, J. M'M., Ksrj. for tho following table, exhibiting tlio ollicinl result of the recent voto of tbo freemen on tho Liccne itiction : Ctmntict. ('Iiittendcn No l.iccnne. J.iccmc. ITM 1 l!iu 2fi!ll 2JS2 151 278 100 1 1217 1300 1-103 Hi 13 1C!)5 1113 013 471 73S 1005 1558 1191 1718 1211 871 11)11 2019 805 1185 178 177 17,201 17,277 W indsor Ksscx Franklin Caledonia Uiitbtnd Addistn innilln Washington Ornnpo lletiinngton Windhnm Orleans (Jrand lslo Majority in favor of Licensing, thirteen I ' The Old Chnpcl licit." On tbo first page of this paper may bo found a very beautiful poem contributed hy Jons II. Saxk, l-Jsi, to tbo Union .Magazine. It is one of those quiet and unpretending little hymns of life, (captivating tho heart no less by tho pure ness of ils Christian morality than by tbo gentle melody of its versification), which at once sug gests tons that rare union of elevated thought, feeling, and expression, wherein " Devotion borrows Music's tone, And music takes Devotion's w ing, And, like the bird that hails the sun, They soar to Heaven and, soaring, sing." John (Jiilncy Adams. Wc find, in the Ilrandon Vnicc nf Frmhirn, the following brief but eloquent synopsis of the extraordinary public career of " the old man eloquent," Jnitx QuiNCV Aiiams, who has just acti !r(m ammS ""i Pcil,i"l- "10 Srcilt. V1"' otic and nhilaiitbrnnic labors of a loinr life, hv a , , rolrofMi ,.t, oir-irtr,lin-irv both" in c-alm an 1 rolnl death, (cxtraOrdtnar) liotli Ml time and place,) " beneath the dome of the Capl- tol1 of his Coimtry. We think wc do not err iu attributing this glowing tribute to the char acter and memory of tins Conscript Father of the Republic, (a recapitulation of whose public services forms Ids highest eulogy,) to the pen of the Hon. A. (3, Dava, of Ilrandon ; and we may bo permitted to add, that Dr. Dana' cxtcn- sive fanuliarily the political history of the uiiiiiu kJiaic:') nu ju.-s iiiiiii inn uii'JMiu il iiv tachmcnt to the pound principles of llcnublican- rCliCal oio".. made that History a jiiortntis one, wen ipiainy mm to "pro tiounco the culoi;y " of which he speaks. From the Voice of Freedom. Tlio I-'nitlilul litil from among tlie Children of .lien. John Qcincy Adms is no more ! The brightest star is stricken trout the coii-icllalioii of Aineriean ytatcs- '!-). nli..M ...... i nti.l'r.l. ........ iu. 1 rr, 'i i.,.,w l, I 1 liu III'- kiaiiuuiiii 1111.11, ni -.iiiiiinii -i-i.. 1.1. i- !.... ..v.rnnr.i:..n... .. 1..... in:ii.r..n.. :,, ,(,1. r,.)u.f. iiuirn i-mltirititr limn itinrfile or limss - ' i.. 11 1...:. ....n ......1 1 ciliilieuuiii 111 iiiiniiiuiioii 01 iiiiiuuiin ei uiiiioni. j lul7ri,then hut tourtecn yesp. old, he accompa nied, as private secretary, the Hon. rrancis Dana, who . wns n,10.-d .Minister to llussia. In the follow inir vear lie traeieo rrom tne tiussian enpuat tiy lanu anil .- . . ix- .1 .t i 1 . alone to Holland, where h met his fdther, who hail been appointed, 111 conjunction with Poet, rranklin w indicated within to be left with " Mr. Lamb Cole an.lJohu negociate a peace with Kngland' brook Cottane," with etceteras of detailed direction: and accompanied him to Pans where tin Comnns- i .1 .1 t. r F . ""u"u"' (doners met, and conclu.M the provisional treaty of ' cwdcn,'y thc rcsuIt of oric of those Ioitcrmns at a peace which was signed 011 the 30th day ofNovemtHT, I bookstore. 1732, by which thc American Colonies were acknowl- . Im it Nnot Iimb only, or chiefly, (as above intima edged to he free nnd independent States. .1 . . .,.,, :..-.:,, -!, . . ... t 1 Un this lnemorabhi ocea-uui John Cl'iincy Adams - was present to witness the ncknow leilgemelit ol Ainer- , lean Ireeooin, liy the mother couutiy. Alter an all f sence ot tmr jears he relumed home nnd entered Harvard University in 17s.", ns nu ndvauced sclintar, where he graduated with di-tiuguisheit honor in 17-S7. In !7'J1, then hot ','7 ears ol age, he was appointed by I'li-iidi'iu W a-hinton, .Mini-ter to the Neih--r-I lands, alterwards to lVttugal.aml I'm-ia, with wliicli latter govei miieiit he negoeiaied an iiuport-nit com mercial treaty. He was absent on ihe-.; minions seven years; returning iu 111. Iuii hately nfier I his return home, he was elected by the freemen of ! Ito-tou to the Slate Senate: nut by the Legislature was elected a Senator in Cotire-s tor --iv years Irom the fourih of .March, lio:i. Iu HW he was appninieil a Judge of the Supreme Court ol the Ihiifd Slates, w Inch lie declined accepting, and Judge Siory wns I appointed to the vacant seat. In Hit, he was np . pointed .Minister l'leuipoteiuiary to Kiit-ia. In H13, vvli.le at the latter L ourt, he was appointed one ot the Coiiiiui--sioners to trcut of ieace with 1-iiglaud. His , colleagues were Henry Clay, James A. ilatnrd, Al bert (lallatm, aihl Jonathan Kui-scll. Ct this Coin-j miv-iou. which met at (ilient. .Mr. Ail mis was placed ! at the head. Alter concluding that treaty, he was trau-ferred to Knglaud, where he negoeiaied a com mercial tienly ; alter which lie was nppointed .Minis ter Plenipotentiary lo that government, where be re- inaiueii until ini vv lien nc was recaueu py i-re.siuen .Monroe and placed at the head ot the Department of Slate, the dunes of which he discharged with signal ability, for a period of ei-dit ears. It was during that tune, lii.-il a member of Congrcn from this Slate, re maiked to the writer, Air. Adams was consid ered " the back-lHine of .Mr. .Monroe'sadininistraiion." In I S'J.i , (the electors having failed to make choice,) Mr Adams was elected President of the United Stales by the hotij-e. of Representatives, on the first ballot; and it may conliJently be iillirmed. that the bisiorv ot the government from ils Inundation, would Is; re. soried to iu vain, for proof ol tin administration, more ue. tin"lll.shed for nhllllv-. Iialriotisni. nr ,nrna tltnn mat oi joint ininey .iiams. ( Hut parity ofcharai ter, exalted patriotism, and stir- ' passing ab.fity, could not shield hini Irom the lal-ehoods nnd slanders, of which iuuoeen-e was ever made llie viclim. It was by such means that be was deh-ated at the ue.t Presidential election, and the ad. ministration pa cil Irom him nnd his coadjutors th may now no ashen wun eiilpnasis: What lias the eouiilry gained bv 1 hechnui'c? ! f K AhrJt best knew bun, did not i.-ruut him to remain on- iriat life, (oral the liit Congressional election alter I.p l.-ft il,.. I'r..,,!..,,,... i... u,.,"!,,,, i.., ' '" i ".i ne nn-ih-cii u inemoerniiii me neMiow iceit iieaii.iroiu llM ilme lu ,i. ,jy o) hui,.aih, wbicK iwcurrrd t - - 1 nealh ihe dome ol llie caiiital on Wednesday, Fcbrua - ... ill , ...I. I .1 ' I I. I- t . . . ken in his seal on Monday a little n her one o'clk w ill. a paral) tic stroke, and immediately carried to tlie Sieaker's room, adjoining the Hall, from which lie was 1101 leinoveii until lus spirit n-s-ciided, nswe MU-1,11. ,,NKI1 Mill, UL- j,s III111H- JH-IICCl, ,M lus la-t election, w inch was lo the present ( on grrss, he received about 17 hundred minority, over ull opposition. It is worthy uf note, that nntwith-ian-iliug lus well known, uiiiforiu.aiid tearleiss opposition to the eten-iou of slavery, the nnuexation ol Texas, and the war, )et the Lils-ny party in his district cast eleven bundled votes against bun at lint election. It will be seen by the foregoing that Mr A, I nns has held high and responsible stations iu the Government during every administration, Irom that of Washington lowu to ine nay 01 111s ueaui ; upon mi ol which he has lelt the impress of bis sunm-vsing ability and unsul . 1 k'1.1 1, u.. ..11.'. Hut who is competent to pronounce his ruloirv-f no can ponray w 1111 iiueiiiy, ine lite aim characier of John IJiiincy Adams 1 As a statesman who ever -quailed linn lit knowledge of government, ol history, ol diplom-icy, ol public law f As"n pnlriot who ever devoted his hie so faithfully, so laboriously, so conscientiously 101I1. sctvice ot his eouniry 1 A man ol science who ever worshiped more devoutly in her A scholar who ever wat more taiihlul ii-iiipie 1 the interests sis of lenrningl A christian who ever' carried iut,i ihe highest stations ol life moie of llie hu nnhty ol lus masier I I), February '."J, 18 H. To 11 Correspnndent. We shall endeavorto give tho communication of " iSenex" in our next. It takes tho tight ground, and gives good leasuns therefor. inn imuiv. .ii,...,-a,. hi. ni con, .ry ai pressioii of thought too many thoughts, and ollen too so many dillercnt Courts of l.tirope, and lor a longer , much tliouglu, 1?, ,-acb S T. C 1?'" e ""y 'i'1'" '"r" '" 0,r co"i"!' eV'r 1 ,,al1 '' so"". ' dear Chafles Lamb, and then did. yet he was never .lccocd, or diverted by tbe'.ou , not lie vexed that I had bcscr ibbled ou splendor or voluptuousness ol lioval Courts from the hooks. 2d May 1811" ' u plain It. publican simplicity, wliuli so eminently char n, ' , ' ' .- ' .... acidized hi in.iiiii.-rs and babils dining his long hie. I . ' 'ronscnptioiM niiglu be multiplied, but I for- HXWe nro Indebted tn nn occasional, nnd Mghly valued correspondent in llrooklyn, N. Y. for tho following communication. Our readers may recognise the signature its that of tho wri ter of tbo admirable and admired notice of the " (ircck Slave," which appeared in our columns in October. Amid tbo contentions nnd entanglements of politics and " ruthless war," where few voices reach ns but such as aro hoarse with tlio pas sions, or hollow with tho insincerities, which this stony world begets, wo aro tinder special obligations to our correspondent and friend, for I thus remembering our better life, and contribu ting to its enjoyment. Wo are glad to be re minded that wo lovo the gentle I,A5tn, and rev- j enco the spiritual Cor.numnn, names that grow together, in the hearts, as they are associated in tho pleasant memories, of the thousands to whom they are as tho names of allrotber and atJuido. (For the Darlington I'rcc Press. r,.v.Mii and joj,i:iiidoi:. " Come back into memory, like as thou wert ill the day-spring ol thy fancies, with hope like a fiery col umn before thee the datk pillar not yet turned, bAMLTi, I AYt,on Cuj.Eiiumt Logician, Metaphysi cian, Hard ! " him. The arrival of distinguished persons from abroad is wont to he chronicled as among the most iinpurtnnt nrticlcs of current news. liven the announcement ol nn unusual Importation or silks or teas.does not fill to excite some amount ol interest and speculation. Hut the arrival which has suggested these paragraphs, ami the foregoing title, is such as II " one rose Irom the dead;" and when, before, has the tide of commerce drifted upon the short-sol this sen-port metropolis such nu invoice as 77ie l.iUitnj of Chmlcs Lamll The sight of such a wonder was, however, in store funis. Here they lie, at Hartlett and Wclford's, Astor House ; some ft) in number (I am told ; I have been too busy to count them) of tlie identical volumes wherewith Lamb wns wont to enrich the scanty hours, rescued from his India Huuse employers and the " Sabbathless Satan." Many of them are replete with annotations m the lamiharhniid-w riling ol the vcnernblcColeridge, " trip'ing their vnluc"; others have been made ol clas sicnl and memory, by having their names embalmed in tlie forever Irngraut IN-nv nf Hlia. Tum (render, who cheriMii-s-t the ireniiH of Clin l m that fo.uthi:y of the erie, nnd read will, me I '"'" ' W rnj Ala,, we look in vnin nmonu thesf venerable M.rvivors ur frK'tul Utl"' cerlnlnly, a most ielf-forpet-f.jr" Daniel, for Old Hurton, for KirThornni Urowne." l ConMitute.s the 41 esceJin-ly haak Walioit has been caught by other "anglers" ! hnrrilic." U' have an idea that he would look " John Iluncle" (it would seem) has not retrained hia r.ithnr or.irrfnl in th-i nrwiiimi ducr-ribil. nner t i:M.f...i. i. t- ....... ....... , . c uhu as m inai nine " ... ""111.111 , t?i-ni ii-iiut.-r, ii infill naBl c)es!) "a widower volume, with 'eyes closed," and mourns his ravMicd mate." Jlore fortunate liac ,,. lMm of ha wi;ii;;7,t,1,;i noble Marcarct Newcastle" : here stnmls " the illns. trious Ibbo," and " thosi: abstruse coeitations of the Orcvillc" : their wanderinirs iu the countrv of Frivol ity and Frenchmen are sately ended ; they stand here together, rescued (thank Heaven!) from forgeifulncsa and a (;rae " in Pagan lands." Wc may alsu notice here, preserved in sable and solemn inuiniii)liooil, tliat volume of Chaucer sisnali.ed iu one nl' l.aml.s letters (I believe) as the only black letter volume in his eel lection. Many other interesting suggestions and associations are called up by marks and remembrances upon sun dry of these old .oliimes. There arc Lloyd's noems Willi manifold manuscript liberties, suitable only to the Author's hand. There is Coleridge's Keincr c, as lirst published, with quaint prologue by Charles I,amb. It is bound with other sundries, and superscrilied upon the cover in heavy ink stroke," Iteiiiainderol Christ's I n, 1 v... e,...i ,, .', '"'""'' .."-i'i.-'i. 1 .uaiK-a riiivu. 1 lease return when - , ., . ; done Wlth' lj t)ne may ami antiquated tome . ' t, w mm uuik into memory. a. nugiuier iiami has resled upon these pages. Throughout many of them are viable the touches of the pencil of Coleridge ; " in no very clerkly hand," yet refulgent as the glUcring I'uiger traces of that fabled ulchemi-t, who-e touch created gold. One of the ino'i notable of these is a volume of Dr. Domie'a poems. It would seem thai, with all hi admiration ol Donne's poetry, Coleridge never no-- s 'sued it. At Iea-t these anuoiatioiis bear date ns late ns 1SII. We could wish the same bad been true with still more of the books iu Lamb's " moderate, collec tion." The notes are characteristic and refreshing mostly uf a critical or philosophic turn. Occasionally, however, n sparkle of humor appears ; as an instance oi which may ne laKen mc pillowing epigram upon ionue a nrsi poem, entitled " 1 hr l ien .-" tie prouil as wiiui-ij, leap for joy, ye Ileas ! In Nature's m.n'm realm ye're now (irandees. Skill-lacks no inore. ..ii ill. ... Lt I..1 1 hriec-honorcil I- leas, 1 greet you all as Do.- ! In 1 ho bus archives registered are ve, And this your title of N obility." Passing by many interesting remarks, we fin 1 ihe loiiownig note prcfived to the third of Donne's satire ii v on wi-ii to teach a scholar iu the highest form M-iassj now to mill, take Domic, nnd of Donne, this mil ne na learned to read Donne, wiih nil tlie orce and meaning which nre involved in llie .i'iu men mm mm to .Miiion.nnd he will stalk-on like a master, tnivvina his walk " At thc end of ibis satire are added, bv ihe same naiiii, these words: " Knotty, double-fisted Giant! Cramp of strength ! " The book ends wiih a collection of elegies on the author, from various sources; among which one writ ten in Lali'ii verse calls forth the tollowing observa tions. If they seem common place (almost) at present, It must tie remembered that when first written they implied the most unpardonable of literary heresies ; and that wc are mainly indebted to the unappreciated :. f . -I, ..r . ...i" ... i ' ....... ... ... , UI,,,,, poetry ; r$ j -.?. '. ' 'T. '"! n,l'r,r,,..h. I in "Ktt-tit., wun isiicreutist catui- 1 n1"' irenee tne ttiikTetice is as ms, nauiiH, nun een 1 eronee the tlilkrenee it .... , Ibis I-aun xm .ceiiis to have ejciied ihe marci- ' nal nnnoialor's most unmitigated diseusf in token I 'ii l, lOhril " "7"' "W 0 contempt) he mem n$mnt, Ur.t) less as-cs ; a para- phrase which may perhaps be placed beside Lamb's translation of " Seimoni ;rv;iium propercr for a sermon. At the end of the volume is the following clurac-tcri-uic oliservatiou: "We cannot better illustrate the weight and con densation ot metal, in the old Cuglish Parnassian Guinea, or the immense volume ot French p.s-trv which it would cover and ornament if heal into gold' leal, than hy recurrence to the lunereal poems of our elder writeis.froin llcnr) the 8th to Ch irles the Snd I hose on Donne are more iliau usually excellent their chief nnd indeed almost only lault Is-ing want of I .x-i-iuim n , r.llwll,.w,iiu,uiiii ierspiciiii),iioHi too great com tiear, .Men fitted to do justice to so notable nn oeen , sion, w Ul not tail to improve its suggestions, and these Iuii,. ,.,',, 1,,,, . .. 1 r . , V ". I"'lllu--'rll". long preserved for us 111 U.cir '"'ie-eaten cerements, will be given to the public with appropriate circumstance. Fur has been re. frc.lnug and memorable to be admitted, for a moment ,. """" iiioiuem, to1!? bla eouipanioiiship. As I stand among '", 'ra"'e '" rt'" loeoniiiiuuewiih those no siu MieVe hat 1 liax. ,,. ,'"!' ,iii.i,t iisiiriiioii ) ineir using; and I shall lace. The very volumes seen, a so,t of sacred upper. sonai on. i.ike 1.11a iiunseii m tu. Libraries of Ox- 1 .1 . V ." "u3 ' 1 ,llseci loo cu. nously the contenis of their leaves. " 1 k-.-iu 10 inhale inoili-seeiiied coverings is Iragriim as ihe lust bloom 01 .nose scienuai apples ttlucu stcw wn J ihe happy orchard." SMC iliuoklyn, Feb. 1SK The Itritish Qunlcrlr Itevlew, nml lllncl... wood . Wo tako pleasure in calling the attention of our readers to the advertisement, in another col tiinn, of Lr.nsAltli S':oTT &. CVs reprints nf tho four principal llnglish Quarterlies, tho l!ditt burgh, tho Iunion Quarterly, the Westminster, and the North Ilritish, and of that world-renowned Monthly, Illackwood. Thcso nblo periodi cals aro tlio exponents of all tho principal plu ses of Ilritish polities tho Iindon Quarterly and Illackwood being Tory; the IMinbiirgh, Whig ; and tbo Westminster, Kadicnl. Tlio North Ilritish possesses more ofa religious than political character, having originally boon un der the editorial charge of Dr. Chalmers. ItH now conducted by his ton-in-law', assisted by Dr. The jiricenl which these standard periodicals; aro furnished by Messrs. Scott it Co., and their Agents, is xrrijluw tho whole five being ofl'er ed for ten ihllnrs jr m num about the price of each in lOnglaiid. llhckwood Is an exact tc swi'e of the original, and tho others aro well printed, with clear type nnd on good paper. From tho multitudinous trash of ' light litera ture "that alllicts the age, in tho attractive shape of periodicals, it is refreshing to turn to thcso sterling publications which have the sanc tion of high authority as well as nf high merit. Mr. Jlnw AKiK will Mipply subscribers in this vicinity. Fast Da v. d'overnor Latos has issued nu admirable Proclamation, which wc shall publish next week, appointing Friday the 7th day of April as a day of Public Humiliation, Fasting and Pravcr. 3 j'Onr friend Wauon, of tho Mtmfpcller U. ij think that uc are " crnzy' on the subject of the Canal," and ays every lime wc hear tlio topic named we H'C an im.igiinry " fomething cM'pf'dingly horrific. ' " That sumetfunz" av th Watrhmnn," wc im- .rin;' lo '"' m! nt 'h- Ihittur, nil litushedT witU I - " i jy if ho eholjj f tanj on onc Yj' The IhiiVb-buru V.tiqU has caused qtiito a rnmpiw by .ettii." forth that a letter was sent I rrnm .Mildlebnry, where there ii a ' collei'e, to Hr. Ho KWEt.t, the estimable .Superintendent of the Insane AsWiim,in that pleasant village, su perscribed as follows : to Mr. over sear of ltrattle burn r in Sane Aslejunt Vt. The y.'-ryc don't appear to have reflected that there may bo 11 phonographic department in that venerable colle;iito iii-titiilion, and that tho above may be the inf tut eltiirt of a pupil to spell according to "the purfelitalf.ibet"' of that splen did system. 1 Ino nozo ? COUltT CAT, IINDAK. s-utT.r.Mr. niL-r.T, windiiam coi-itv. Iteported for the Free Press hy a gentleman of the Car. We give below the de, imn made at the annusl session ol the Supreme Court tr Windham County : Wt:u.s r. llou-ABii et. nl This was nu ncnon of assumpsit uiion two promiss rj notes, 'rpc tacts np Harillg ill the ease from the ple.idincs-, which werei voluuuu'iiis, were, that the notes were made pa).iMe. to one Samuel D.-Mer in rniisideialluli ol a bond exe cuted by said Dexter to the delendiiuts, conditioned that In-would convey lo the deleiidanls, within 0110 year, a certain hit ol land 111 Ionia, .Michigan, on Iho dcfeiidmts' creeling thereon within thru mne a build ing ol certain dun, 111011-, and pajiug to Dexter tho two notes 111 suit, ot S3 lT'i eaih. one 111 six month- and iiu- other m n war. 'IV next day nlier the execution ot the bond. 1) -xter conveyed the lot uwpiostiou to one llutcluiis. nnd the title remained 111 oihets until ntter the expiration ol the tear, when it was r-- cn veveil to li ti 11. Tins sun was mr ihe lienrtii of Dexter, and th e la, ts were relied upon 111 deience Jo la ment lor del, ndanis 111 111" couit below, and ex, en tlons hy plaiutilf. The ei'.- was argued nt the last term, and nnin ihis Ivey. s and V. C Itnidu-j-ir plainiill', and t). I. .-halter and J I!,, hens tor di-t.-ndant Th-- ihiendaiiis contended thai the not, s and boi.J were lo be treated lis one instrument, nnd that 'ho stipulations were mutual and dqvndeiii.arid tliat l)t 1 ter.liv deeJiug away the i, hn,. relieved the defend ants Irom poiloriiiaiico i and it this were not so xc-t lb-it Dcxter's condui t should be treated ns n rest iss fn ol tin- contract, w hich excused the performance on tho part ol lite detendallts. K1111iLi.11, J. The payment of the notes iu question. especi:ill the one in,t lulling due, was a cuuJitwn j-re.-ncHMoilieconvevniico by Duu-r, ami the act id D -.xter 111 coiiuyuig awuy the I md iuniishes no t-x-cu-i' lor thc noii-petloiinaiice by defeudaiiu o su.-li eoiubtion prccedeul. Nor can the convex ine away the land be treated ns a re-ei-ion of. the contract on his part, unless ,t ws so intended, nnd this dm nut appear. It might h ive ken done by mi-lake. Judc-iiu-nt ol couniy couit ret.rsed. Smith rs. NliUs. This was an actkm on the case with one count 111 trover. The tacts were nuried uu. on 111 Ihe court below, and were as lollows- One Samuel Suillli, -JJ, leased a (arm i'V, w j.rowu n.r 1 ur.e years, irom April in, ltl,and at tl same lime delivered to Inn, ten cows to be kept on place tor the henetu ot lliown during sjid three when lirowu was lo reiiirn to the lessw" the sanie 1, tlrown lor lime years, Irom April In. lsi-i m.i .'. .1... Ilia ars. cows or those worth as mneli 111 all respects " Tin' supposed inierest ot the le-jr j uu. ,.m'H M as t , upon by v irtue ol nn execution against him during sa,d urm, nnd was purchased at the slierill-s sale by Tl pres. nt planuill, tl.,- cows remaining i ihe meant n,o ui the on ol Itrown. Sulue.pienilv, and ,ir. Illg Said term ot three lenrs II,. ...'' ". . . audsoldbytheilelenil,,,,, , prorot 1.' w Alter the expiMlion ot ihe three y.-irs, the , , ,, n' di inaiid.d the cows ot the defendant, and brouc I w action to recover their value. b dc;e!!:'.an0'e'xp.:T " fur H"" The ea-e was argued for plaintill' by A Keves and ford.lendant by C. I. U alk'eraiid J. I), lliadirv.' ll( delendant coniended, 1st, 'Phut t,v the incinal contract the whole pr.-peit) i ,h.. cows mssed t, llrown. '.'d. That 1 it were other..,.. .i. u ary litter, st ol the U-sor was not ubjetli..atiachmr m bleon'cKleeuTm; 3 not Is, sold thereon during ,,.. w,,Z e tlu, w plaintill derived no title To ' "k . V,"!1' sale. As to the other p.,,,,,, we tlunk as a lea of the cowsiolliowii, and not a sale. Jud um-, lloi-rcv r. Stiev xvn a-,ti.. tion lor talse imprisoiimeiii 'pi,,.' defendants nl, 1 1 H-.,artely, and sc. up a judgm.- u Lga ,, si Toll., m w hich execution issued and plauitdllvas 1, ,o l ed Sleen iK-ing the ju-tice and Aiw,wn.l .i"'"!..' Iteplicaliou. mil liel is.-,.,, I ... -lie thereon 'I'dJ record shewed, fimt. a ...111 un.n, . which the jur did not ogrve, to ' Sai..r l. ' 1 "-! jour:imeni"tt the i.-.,ueM ol plaiu.,1 .' xvi luwi nig tunc or place ; (A,1, J, y the , , A have a heating ., a da fixed, ai wl, u?, me U u de , the I he,, delendailt, was delaillled ,d juZne m r.i dered ng ,u,st bun. U j,j ot np,K-,.r l.t tic Tien ' larili?" x,a,t,.1'J.hJ l'y pl'miT i1'"" 1S- pro;:;;o,,,,,1,u,',!c,!i::tj;!ld1i;!;-', s " -dedB,m ;,!;; c.'cr1"- jnrisZr-oi- "'!Zin0t VO'"' '! h"' ni.ehl have Ikt il, result " a 1 Z i T.i a"d aside the judgmc,,, biSX J,' Sullglnen.adhlnc.r-''"'1 SS SrxTt r. 1'i vuim,.. ... I. V 1 '"i""",''" huuors wuhutTheJ 1" x- m.bci.oe,,. l;z,z -m - ! and 1, olio , , nr'n-si'' "1.' JHut thcieor, lions taken 'I'i .lu overruled uud exe. p- ! was contended - ' .,..!.. .,Ui''' '" "'ui'' It simulor'b,e,e,;us;ii:,'e .n.7 hKi,a" J..J,n,ed.11', rj;ax