Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 24, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 24, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 24, 1848. II y Illcctrlc Tclcprnph. Tlio news liy tlio 'iV1f;raih, this morning, (ltiurMhy) is of no port of Importance embra cing nolliliin; but tlio Troy Market, and a few miscellaneous, ilcini of no general Interest, Mr. Sevier, the new Minister to Mexico, lias been sick, but is convalescent. Atty. (Jen. Clifford accompanies him to Mexico, as co-commissioner. XXXth CONCJHESS. Tuesday, March 1 1. In Senate, numerous petitions were presented. .Mr1 l)ickinoii presented the resolutions nt the legislature sif New Yoik ill favorol tlio law graining mi i-xicu-ion of pensions to revolutionary soldiers, which wcic ordered In be pm-lcd. Mr. Manguiu moved that the Senate go into execu tive action, which was agreed to, and the nouiination of Mr Sevier as luinislcr to Mexico was confirmed. The doors were then opened. Mr. Athcrlon moved to take up the deficiency bill which he previously introduced. Mr. Cas moved to lay the bill on the table, in or idcr to lake up the ten regiment bill. Mr. Webster uid that a question pending in executive session ought to be decided firl. Mr. Hcrrien then moved to go into executive ses sion, which was agreed to. There was much excite ment in relation to the premature publication ot the treaty. The .Senate adjourned without removing the injunction ol secresy. Mr. Ilanncgan was appointed chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, in place of Mr. Sevier. In the House, after some unimportant business the House proceeded to the consideration ol the Message of the President, refusing information in regard to Santa Ana's return to Mexico. Mr. Tompkins addressed the House in severe terms gainst the Kxeculive, and replied to the defenders of uie. iTcsiuem, Mr. Stanton defended the President very warmly. Mr. Itoot then obtained the lloor, and tha House adjourned. Vtnr-sinY, March 15. In &nalr.thc Vice President laid helore. the Senate communication Irum Mr. Sevier, resigning his seat in mat nouy. The Senate proceeded to the consideration or the Ten Regiment bill. The question vvas on the passage of the bill. Mr. Calhoun had no expectation tint the question would be pissed alibis tune, lis he dcsiied to express his views, and hoped that the vote would be postponed till to-morrow. Mr. Cass opposed the postponement. Mr. Mason ndvoeated ihe bill, deprecating further discussion. .Mr. Manguui inuvedt to postpone jor a fortnight, and ex- Jiressed his astonishment at the spirit with which the nil was timed. Mr Halduin expressed his surprise at the course of the henalor on llie other shte,(ien oass) now unit the war was substantially ended, and an armistice vvas actually eonclu led. Mr. Allen sp,,,. j favor of the bill, and thought it ought to pass immediately. He hoped the question would be taken to-morrow, if the Senate had to sit all night. And after a few words from Mr. Cslhoun, the Senate ndiounied. In the Home, the order nf the day, the President's message declining to Punish information relative to Mr Slidell's instruction as minister to Mexico. was taken up, Mr. Itoot addressed the House ami ridicul ed the trealv, Mr, 'Prist and the administration, and declared that Ohio supported none hut proviso men. The hill prohibiting abatement or reduction of the nnvment of revenue duties vvas taken un. Several amendments were olf-red to the bill, when, without comiuj to nny tim! action, on motion, the Committee rose and reputed the bill to the House, without amendment, when a motion was made to ad journ, which vvas carried. Tiiunsnvv, March 1(5. In Senate, Mr Atlierton, moved to take up the House hill providing lor deficiencies in the appropria tions for the present fiscal year. Some slight amend ments were adopted. The bill coming up on its final passage Mr. Ilenton ollered an amendment in favor of creating a full mis-inn to the Court of Koine, in lieu of a Charge, des AjTaites : Debate arising, llie further consideration of the hill was postponed, and the Senate took up the Ten Uegiment Hill. Mr. Calhoun proceeded, nt considerable length, to oppose the II ill . as uncalled for and unnecessary. In the course ol his speech, he denounced the course of the President in levying taxes in Mexico, as unconsti tutional. The PresiJent, he said, had no more power to levy taxesm Mexico, than he had to do the same in the United Stales; and he would here put in his so lemn protest against the exercise nf such unauthorized fiower. The President acted without law and in vio. ation of the Constitution. He ought to have asked authority of Congress. Mr. Johnson of 17a. followed in a speech in support nf the administration, and advocated the passage of the hill. On motion, it was then entered upon the journal, that when the Senate adjourn, it do so with ihe un derstanding that the vole on ihe Ten Uegiment Bill ahonld he taken to-morrow, which was assented to. Mr lierrien Ins the lloor to-morrow. On motion, the Senate adjourned. In the business but the ordinary routine was done lo day, except ihe passage of the bill prohi biting abatement or reduction of the payment of duties. rr.tnvv, March 17. In Senate, Mr. lladger gave notice that lo-morrow I., u-,.,.1.1 net- ten, .. in introduce n hill relatillp: to llie true intent and meaning of the law in the exerci-c of llie franking privilege. . Mr. Cass moved lo lake up ihe ten regiment hill. M.. It--;..,- ..none... I ll,e onssaee of the bill, nlld denounced its obeet, which would operate on the fears of Mexico, anil force her lo cede two sovereign slates for a sum which we force her lo accept He could not sit silent and permit the net In pass without renion mra nee, which he deemed injurious lo the honor of the MuLtru -i-ii if Movie., bail nower : nm! he feared the acquisition would prove fatal to the wellare of ihe In the House. ihe Speakcrannounccd the first thing in order the resolutions prev iously reported for printing 100,001) copies ofihe patent report, at a col of $10,000. A debate sprung up. in which the participators were Messrs. .tones, ot l enness?e,v onger, iniiwn ennui Marvin, Lalim, Vinton, Stevens Pollock and Tosunbs, The Ten Iteoiment Bill passed the Senate on Friday by a vote of 29 to 19. It will not pass the House. Ilotli Houses adjourned on Saturday on the announcement of the death of Hon. J. M. Hoi Icy a N V. Representative. IJngrnlcIiil. Wc took occasion, last week, to point out a Blip of the pen that made our little ncighlior, the Daily Sentinel, say that "tliero is much cultivai- cd musical taste in Burlington worthy of rmnlu exnressinns nf admiration," and lliU is tlio wav we cot snubbed therefor : - " If that is the biggest fish you can catch out of our pond, .fear (ieneral, peinaps you uaa oeiier uaui ... vour line and go some where else." You must rai-o your dam, my fine fellow, nr.d give us a little deeper water, before you complain of tlio size of the lisli wo catch in "your pond." UZrMr. Sawyer of Ohio, whose propensity for " links" has given lus name so wide a celebrity cavo notice in the Hotiso of Representatives Few days ago, that ho would ask leave, at an early day, to introduce a bill making certain "nrovisions" respecting the Army in Mexico. We suppose it is fair lo presume (list tlio "provisions" provided for by Ins bill will bo prin cipally sausages. . ..-.v sine The Ftnire ill passing be. tweet. Holland n,.dVoods.ok ESP h ri i-H&i; easterly of tfie top of Ihe mountain On examination .1 was found to be the ueau nouy oi if " VV . - ii V.. Ued there, apparently o col and fa ligue .She w. r"0,r": ?.' y o lloVsmaft house.called ner on mr ... . . - . the iiinht. The woman, U is euppoM-u. m 10 fi Xn way onward, U-came bevvilJered and unk UOIIM" Ul .Ml. - . . down where e waslouiui. t' MIC W U luumi. i is lmm llurlmclou, and that lie is 1,1 and his wife is 70 years of utfe. They were Canadian Wench. A jury of inquest was held, which rendered a verdict that ehe came to her death through futiuue, old air, and .he eieriiv ol llie weather. Mr. . stated that he had a son in Voodstock,und children in Ifutland.onci ihev were 1'otniMO bee Ilia ton ill owubiuva. .. tloek Mercuiy, A Special Town Jleeliiiff 1IILL hi: 1101.DE.V o.v Wedxesdw, the If K'.MIi liikl., ul iuociock, t. .ii., ui which nil Iioiiaut busiiifea is to be transacted. 1 J. N. l'OAIFROy, 1 Seleelmen S. NICHOLS. of 11. 11. STACY, ) Burlmgton. Burlington, March 23, 18 IH. ittarkcts. llrlgliton Cnttln Mnrkct-Monilay, Mnrch 1.1. (RtronTEii ton the atlas At market 22S llccl Cattle, and 321 Swine. Priu. lleef CViftfr Kxtrn, $7,'i)j fust quality SG.6D11 7 j second quality 3i,! ft Swine. At whulesalu li aCij selected lots, 4 3-1 i5r5 3-l, WOOT,. Duty 30 jirr rent. There have been sales of American fleece and pull ed Wool to a considerable extent during the week washed - - - - -American full blood do. du 3-1 do. do 1-2 do. do l-t&comdo. Sniynn, washed, ... Smyrna, unwashed, llcngnsi unwashed, do IIiiciios Ayrcs, unpicked, -Hxlra North'u pulled lamb, Sup, North'u pulled lamb, No. 1 do do do 2 do do do 3 do do do - - . 43 iff 47 . . . 3S (si 42 .... 32 H 35 . . . . 3D it 32 - - - - 28 fi 30 . . . . 15 & 20 . . . - 1 f 11 .... 7 it U - . . - f, '(i 14 .... 35 tt 37 - - 31 JtW 33 - . . 23 & 30 .... 20 0 22 - . - 14 a' 15 Or.root. To the statesman, the Oregon terrilorv presents the prospect of a future empire : to the bu siness man, n boundless field of wealth; to the phi lanthropist, a land to which the oppressed and down trodden millions can flee ; but to the physician, who seeks to operate by nature's laws and remedies, the Oregon npnearsa vast herb-garden, luxuriant with an tidotes for human Fullering. And it may not be long, it the popularity of H'righft Indian Vegetable I'M continues to increase,bclorc the Oregon will be scoured fur the needful plants. lie ware ol medicine under any other name thon It right s Indian Vegetable I'M, and see that the signature is on the box. Olfice 1011 Hace St., 1'hila dclphia. UtwAaK or Coc.NTtnrnT. Tnr. oxi.y omsi.YAt. A N Indian VniCTAiu.r. Pn.Ls hav e the sio maturk or William Wmuiir written with a tew on the Tor LA DLL or r.Ani uox. iVone oMer is gen uine, and to rountetfeit (his is ronoi.RY. The genuine lor sale by W. II. (TIITIS, Woter Street, and TIICODOIU; A. 1T.CK, College Street, sole ngents for Iluiliiigtou. Iteubeu Ferguson, Ilssex j J. 11. 0)kc, Huntington j W. Rhodes, Jr. Richmond ; II. II. (ircen, Richmond j J. II. ,t T. W. Tower, lliideihill i Iiurlbut Sc Hodges, Williton: R. San derson, and (i. Ajers, West Wilhston ; J. I.yman, Jericho; W. II. Velie, Iliuesburgh ; W. S. vt H. P. Wood, Wesilord ; Staples & I.yon, Charlotte ; John Simouds, Shelhurne ; R, Richmond Raman) ;nnd at the New llnglnnd llrnnch Ollice and General Depot, l'Ji Tremout Street, Hoston. I.tVER CoMri.AisT, can be cuied without resorting to niercury, if you will only use llrown's Sarsaparilla and lomato Hitters. To Mr Frederick llrown, Proprietor of the Sarsa parilla and 'I omato llittcis: .'1'bis certifies that my wife was severely afflicted with the Liver Complaint, and her health was very seriously undermined. Having tried various pre scriptions, without success, she was fortunately induced o try your Sarsaparilla and Tomato Hitters ; her health soon began to improve, and she is now much better m health, and would advise any one in ill Ill-Ullll iuuw llicill, Volirs resneelf die. Charles Carle. Portland, .Me., Jund 5, 1811. 1 or sale by I nso, A., and A. C SrEAn, Apo thecaries and wholes tie Druggists, and by dealers gen erally throughout the Stale. A Certificate from Mr. Ingerson, of Lancaster, N. II., a highly respectable citizens of that place, and Jailer of the country of Coos : I, George W. Ingerson, of Lancaster, hereby cer tify, that I have been troubled with the Asthma lor about twenty yenrs. List November, when I began taking Wisiar's llalsani ol Wild Cherry, I had lwen unable to do any thing lor several months, and had not, except a very few ni'hts, been tible to rest in my bed. Almost os soon as I began to take it, I felt relieved. I have take about two bottles. My health isnltogether improved. A lew returns ol the Asthma, which have had in that tune, were almost immediately removed by taking the Balsam. I rest well, nnd my health is, ond has been for inonihs, better than at any time pre- ti""- i"i nianv eur. 1 cneenuiiy recommend this medicine to all who arc similarly atllicteil. UL.U. VY. iriUKIlbOJi. Lancaster, N. H., April 28, IS1G. lie careful nnd net the Pennine DI? WTSTAR'S Il.VLSAM OF WILD CilCIUtY. None trenuhip unless sinned by I. JIUTT.S. AJcIre" all orders to iiWVll V. FOWI.H.llooton. Maw. For Kal wlmU. sale nnJ retail by Tuco. A. rj.CK,nmlin(ion,and by ueaieiani .neuicnu-suenenuiy in ernumt. vi:m-.viim.-i:k3ii. 1 Tame I Saw I Kouht One of Herrickfc Oalbimirn Stientlicnin riaMcn-. These I'l.isters are prepared lor painor weakness in the hack, breast, side or limbs rlicumatMin, bruises, t-prains, &c, for nt-tlunalic allections, croup in children, they will m mot cases Rive iinmcdiiite nnd soothing rebel. They 1 will also bo found highly benellcial fur complaints of uie iuer, lunjj nuu Kiun.-y. i ergons 01 seueiuary Imbits whose bu-iniiss tc-pnrcs tbetii to sit or stand much, who nny be troubled with weakness in the chest, or nnin in the side or breast will find great relief by wearing one ot there rlater9. With regard to the Hl'ieacy of these Plasters, no thing neeil be s'iid,as they carry with them their own recomriK'miation, and the price heing so remarkably low, is a mi Hi mi . inducement fur atllictcd to give them a trial. 'r" Orders to be directed to Herrick nnd Co. Trin- cipie Ollice, Allnny, S.Y. and for sale by A. C, penr. iieo. li. llnrnnton.Catlm and tSpenr, Burling n. W. H. Hatch Winoovki VttWt. John Simomi- i!ud Shelhurn, Lyon nnd Alexander, Charlotte, Wells, Jlinet-hurgh, nnd nl-o by Druggists and Merchants inoeryiovwi aim niage. iltavricii, In Milton, on the Cth intliy Rev. Mr. Dougherty, Mr. J. C. Squires, and Miss Klsie M. Woods, both of Milton. In Milton, on llic 7th inst., Capt. Jon.v Bascom, in the 7(jih venr of his age. Cant, lhseom was horn in Massachusetts, nnd mov- ed lo this State when quite a young man. For more than forty veuis he has been a mciiiher ol the Coni're- i;,ii.ii,ii in ..inii'ii , tiuu uu luuuyilluu!,, : i , "i i. :.. t:i i i... i prudent ami pioii-, course ot me lias secured not only ihe estieui ol Ins ehri-tian brethren, but alt.o of his lellow-cilizens geneinlly. His hope, for eternity, has tieeii, without vviiveuug, on llie merits ot tuc J,oru Je sus Christ. Comm. In Ihe city of New York, on the 12th inst., ot the residence of her son, lll'initi.i., Mrs. I.ucy iluuiin.l, relict of Col Calvin Hnhbellof Inieshorough Mass., in the 87ih year of her age. Her remains will be taken to Massachusetts lor interment. Also, in the same city, on the 10th inst., Miss Amu William of Brandon, t. oged id years. In Hinei-burgh, on the 1 Cth inst. Diana, Wife ol A. A- Forbes, and Daughter of Win. Paliner,aged 3i years. DAOUURRKOTVrU MIXIAT URHS. TM, rARKHR will oi'K.v ins Rooms (on (College Street, Burlington, Vt., wliere he has been for the last year,) on or before the first day of April next. Hours of business from 9 A. M. to 1 1'. M. Ladies ond rieutleineii ore resecilully invited to call and examine specimens., March 21, 1818. 39tf. C'lieri'v Hoard. ryOA FKKT First Quality Cherry I JJ Boards for sale by iko. pi:ti:rron. Burlington, Morch 21, ISIS. ay 1'oI.imIi Keltic. 2 ROOD SOUND scconil lmml Potash Kettles for sole low by GKO. PCTERSON. Burlington, March 21, 1813. 3j 1 1IIEESE HOOI'SOno tlocn J lloops, of dillercnt sizes, for sale bv GLO. Piri'KRSON. Burlington, March 21, 1813. IYER'S CHERRY PECTORAL A fresh il loi received of this invaluable Oiugh llemedu, and lor sale by HARRINGTON. Apothecaries' Hall, ) Cor, Church and College f ts. rgj-fiOCQX SHELL.0 A prime timl J cAcellent article of Cocoa Shell received ond for salcot HARRINGTON'S. Apothecaries' Hall. ALLY'S PAIN EXTRACTOR. Just re. ccived Irom the proprietor a Iri sh lot, ot Ais-thecanes' Hall. HARRINGTON'S. flUYSOTT'S SARSAPARILLA, Ihe Great K Spring Purifier of the Jiload. (See advertise, incut in another column.) HARRINGTON, (AiKJlliecaricn' Hall.) (lateral Agent jor Vermont, AMERICAN HOUSE, 42 Hnnovcr Street, Ilowton. Motel continues to nttract the patronage of the To business; men in pnrtlcular It has ndvonta ces not surpassed by any other House in the cily. It is situa ted in I he henH ..I ,l. i... t... ... , r ., ' ." Kfiiiiiiiiiiiiy, null lOr the nccoininodation of travellers it has facilities lor liiuiuuMnu me rcomion rarely to lie lound in juiblic houses. In short, every convenience nttnehed to a hrst class Hotel, Including " Bathing Itooms," will always he found in readiness. 3'JmOis LKWIS MCI', tc CO. Unrninst ! nnrninN ! G OODS AT AUCTION PRICKS. AND soine for less, at HOWARD'S 'ai March, 4S, RUTLAND & RURLINGTON RAILROAD. TWO ASSIWSMUNTS, of five dollars ench, liove been ordered by the Directors, on each share of ihccapjlal stock ol llic liiitland and Burling ton Hailroad Company one made payable on the first day ol Moy next, and the other on the 10th day of soid May, Payment may he made to the Hanks of Darlington, Jcrgennes, Miildlcbury, Rutland, Illack Hiver, or Bellows Frills, to the Cheshire Bank, Kerne, JJ. II., to Kdward 1'iekcring, Fsn... No. (50, Slate street, Bos ton, or to the Treasurer at his ollice in Middlcbury. SAMUHL SWIFT, Treasurer. March 18, 1818. 3J0 IH HOIIMCN mill IsOiS IN COLCHESTER FOR SALE. FOH SVI.I', in Colcheter Centre, a few rods west of the Congregational and Baptist Churches, a Brick House. 30 bv 3f, feet, convenient for n lnree family, with a barn and out houses, nnd 'Jl acres of latin attacneii. Also, a small House near, with ljjacrc of land. For terms, inquire of the subscriber, on the premises. I,. M1LLUII. March 22, 1818. 3'Jw3 John 1lriMcoiii' liStafc. STATU Ol' VKHMONT, At a Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. j holdennt Hurling ton, within ami for the District aloresaid, on the ItUh day of March, A. D. 1818, an Instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament ol Jon.v Bavcom, late of .Milton, in said district, deceased, was presented to the Court here lor probate, by Linus Bascom, one of the Kxecutors therein named. Tin.HF.ronr. it is ordered by said Court that public notice be given to all persons interested therein to np cor before said Court, at a session thereof to be boldcii at Burlington, on the 8th day of April, A. D. 1818, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and contest the probate ol said Will : and it is further urderrd thnt this order lie pub lished three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in thisStote, the last of which shall be previous to the day assigned as aforesaid lor hearing. Civen under my baud, at the Register's Office, this 20th day ol March, A. I). 1818. 3Jw3 BRADFORD RIXFORD, Register. PETITION TO SIII.I, I.AM). STATK OF VERMONT, The Hon. the DiSTniCT of Chittenden, ss. Probate Court for the District ol Chittenden, to all persons to whom these presents shall come, L5m Whereas, Miner Beccher, Cunrdian of William W. Roy, n minor, Boon of Calvin Ray, late ol lliueshurgh, in said District, deceased, has presented to said Court hispetiiion in writing, setting forth that his said ward issei7ed of three parcels of land two of said parcels in said Hmesburgh, one containing about 15 acres ol land and the oilier about three acres of bind and the third parcel lying in Monkton, containing about one acre ol land and a part of the " cedar swamp." so called; ond also representing to said Court that it would be for the best interest of his said ward that the whole of said parcels of land should be sold, and the proceeds invested ill productive stocks, or put to inter est, and praying said Probate Court lo grant him li cense lo sell all said real estate : TiitREronE, it is ordered, by said Probate Court, that the l'Jth day of April, 1818, be assigned for beating and deciding on said petition, at the ollice of the Probate Court, in said Burlington ; and further ordered that oil persons interested should be notified thereol by publishing this order three weeks succes sively in the Burlington Free Press, a new spaper print ed in Burlington, all which publications to be previous to said I9lh dny of April, 1848. Civen under my hand at Burlington in said District this !Kd doy ol March, A. D. ISIS 3Jw3 BRADFORD RIXFORD, Register. Ladies Shoe. TUB HALANUK OF OUR STOCK OP Gaiter, half Oniter, ond Wiilking Shoes, also Kid Shoes of every kind, will be sold, without regard to cast uiitill the 1st of May next. Those who wish to purchase, will find it for iheir advoiuose to give us a call. K.i E.LYMAN. Burlington, Morch 16, 1818. 38 Vor llie fSpriii Trade. AY UU FOUND AT TIIK Aoiiicul. turol Warehouse. a vervlame assorttncnl ol Hos ton Centre Draught Plows, Comprising more than uuilterent Bizes ana varieties. j. s. pliirci:. Burlington, March 15, 1313. 38 C1RASS Seed fiirsnlo by STRONG, DOOLITTLK vt Co. STRAW CUTTERS. 1 NEW KUI'l'LY, IIOVKY'S Patent, il from 98, to $28, the last may lie run by Horse Pow er, at the Agricultural Warehouse. J. S. PE1RCK. Burlington, March 15, 1S13. 33 1 VURY LARCH ASSORTMENT 01 im Garden Seeds, with many variety not to be found snort ol llie cities, Jbxcepl at tne Agrieultur.-il arc house. J. S. PLURCi:. Burlington, March 15, 1813. 33 Ily Telegraph ! IUST IIKCKIVKD, FRESH ORANGES & 5 Lemons. For sale by A. S. DKWI1Y. Burlington, March 15,1313. 33 Pitt's I'ntciil Horse rower THRASHER AND CLEANSER. AY RE SEEN AT THE Arhiciiltural Warehouse ond will be kept constantly ami for sale liy Hiirli j. n. ri. iitui,. ington, March 15, 1313, 33 IIHITE & RED Clover Seed for sale II at the Agricultural Warehouse. . J.S. PC1RCF, Burlington, March 15,1813. 38 QLEHJH SHOES, Axlis, Waco.v Iloxts, kc,, lor saic ot iicrlinqton i ofsvat rillXTS' WHITI kid ;i.ovi:s. ciia. VI vots, Hdk ic lor sole ot M. G. RATHBUN !c COf. 33 January. 1313. Commercial Xlnnk THE STOCKHOLDERS or said Bank X ore berebv nntihed tlial the Directors have or dered the sum of thirty dollars on each share of the Capital , Stock in said Bank. (Kxclusivc t.f the sum paid on subscribing,) to be paid m gold and silver into said Bank, at llie ollice thereof in Burlington, on or uujore tuc nrst uay ol June, A. 1. ibis. HARRY HRADLCY, D. LYON. 1). W. BUCKLEY, W. R. VILAS. GLOKGi; PCTERSON, C. D. KASSON, CHAS. RUSSCLL, 7irffor. Ilurlinglon, March 7, 1818. 33w3 IVolicc. COR THE SAKE nf faeililalins Rtmncss, J. the Selectmen of ihe Town of Colchester will meet at C. Fletcher's Inn. Winooski Falls, nt It) o' clock A. M.. on the first Monday ol every month for inircar ensuing. II. B. HiNt. J 11. J. lliisruEr.G, Selectmen. . C UITLMA.1, J Colchester, March 13, 13 13. 33m3 Koofliiif Slate. THE SunscimiEii wopld inform the run- J. he that, having lieen engaged in the business of Hiaiiulicluriiig slate for two yeois past, and having n (uontity ol risiliug slate now on Imndjieis prepared lo luruUli builders and others, at a reasonable price, at his quarry in Fuirhoicn, Vt.,nn lavoiohle ternis: ond as he rxiKM ts to continue Ihe business of inonuluclll rinir rooftm; slnte. thinks be will I. n,.i.l..,i ,,. L,..u.!v. the demand for the article at all times; he would also nay mat lie cpccm lo eillliloy r riellceil Hanils to put them on lo roots when desired lo do so. In relation In the quality, the subscriber will only say that it is Ihe opinion ol experienced slaters, that lor durability Ihey ore at least equal il not suierior to the far luined Welch slate. The color is green, ond w lien on llie roui picBeiiisu ucnuuiui appearance. ALANSON Al.l.F.N. lairhaven, Vt., March 11, 1313, S3wl Orrnl nnil Important Clirmlcnl Discovery. I Che,nieal ft-M-rM. Kingdom n.. r.,....J'l. f.,Mmtvi, RvmirT nr I Yellow Dock & tfarsaiiiu-illu! iu. v.iamii f v,...,.. - . , THIS CELEI1RATED COMPOUND, will, other Veiretnlilo nrf!iiclinn'. 'm mm of thf niott impottntit clicoveiics of llie am1. It is lar s-uperior to nny pimple Sninpnrilla Sinp tint lm vcr hern us cil. It lias pfriuimcd more tlrin 13,0 )( cure? cince the ilifCour w.'u mailt' , wliich is only nliont 1- immllis. The coniroiliui; power out iIhciipc which tins Hynip powessts may ! nttiihiKcil to the fact thnt it i?com jiosi'd purely ot Vt-iietnhle rMincts, t-m-h nrticle in it linvinu 11 ihrct-t rt-Jorcnce to sunne intcrinl orTii,con woncntly thf whole f-ystcm rncrives their bcn I'n'ifit intliienct', which oecnion neithnr sicknees nor pnin in their operations, nnd ran he taken at nil times ami un iW nil cirnini-tancesj witlimit reuanl to diet or lm pine's, is M-rtainly a ileidcrntuiii in thehi-tory ol med icine. This Compound Ktract is put up in (Jmrt llotih's, nnd ofl.-red nt the low price ot One Dolhrpcr hotth', Tlii olijoct liemg to yie the pilicnt nn oppor tunity liy the piirelnst of one Imttle to te-t the vnlu nhlc Medicnl properties nnd the power it has over (lis. ensf. fi can he taken hy the nfred nnd thf inf-int with equal etlicncy. Thisextrnct ot Vellow Dock nnd SatRipirilla is n Hire, positie and permanent ture for Consumption, Scrofuhi or Kimr's Kil,Kryiprlns,Snlt Uheiim, TiuipleH on the lace, Chronic, Acute nnd In tin minatory llliennntisn, Gout, general Dehility.Dys pfps n, nervous Ilfml.iche, Liur Complaint, Spinal ntk'ctions, IVinale Coiupl.iints, Ulcer-, Humors bypo. ihs in its wortform, ntiW-tintisot thf litailder nnd Ivid ln'ys, Ihllinus Cholie and serious I,oo.em,fi'',lhh't,Co'' tiveness, Colds, Coughs, corrupt Humor?, Asthma, Dropsy, rnlar'int'iu of the IJones, l'eer nod Aaue, (jiddine", !ravel, Hendaihfs of every kind, inwaid Feverf, Impure lllood, .Inundire, Loss of Appetite, Ijenrtv. Aleicnrial Dieasi. ViTht Swi-nts. erous dehilily, Nenous complaitits oi all kinds, Xeuralyia, ()mamc atfectinns, Palpitation ot the Heart, I'ainterV Colic, Piles. This Cjmpoun 1 is an inlallihlc cure fnr riles, kiimi ot lilooii to tlie IK-ail, inle, Client, linek, Iduitis, Joints nnd Organs Scurvey, pwelhnf;s, Sii k Headnchf . .titl'ness ot thf Joints. Hnoure. and Im- nnitlenee ot Ijfc, Tills newlv dicoveicd Chemical Compound extracts Ncivous di-caesfrom the pyftem, clcnii'-cs the Mood nnd iiviporates the hody more ef fectually than any other article that has hrm Mild. In .1.- i i . r:. i,.... ii I .1 ,,K . K' i'i"i rvoi;u'iit iiu n- i-c iicni iiua iif Iohed siuh nlanta and htrhs as arc congenial to our constitutions, nnd adapted to the cure ot all curahle diea-eis to w Inch human nature incident. And this Compound Syrup is composed nf all tho-w; valuahle olnnts.somf of which hae latclvhfen d-Kovcrcd nnd used, nnd found to contain FK.cific for thousands of diteases mat helore itrlieu tne tfst oi medical t-kin. Opinions ol lliyiciiiii. This is to cerlilV. that wc. the unileifinned PIivm cians of the city ot New-York, have in a ery pijeat many cases preMcnhed Dr. (Invsoirs llxtrael of Yel low uock aim rsin-npaniin, nnd are tuny asureu inni it hns no eouul nmoiiL' nil the arifd Svruns ond Sar- pnparilla preparations thnt lme everlM'en -old. joim f . Mi-hums, ,i i), isrnn l i . ueiis, l ), P. S. .Mnynnrd, M. 1 , V li. Thomas, M. D., James . .Morgan, M. I) , S, .M. Joimson, M. D, New York, Oct, 15, HiO. IIpiiiI Hut Testimony. Opinion of n l'hvcicinn rcmirdmir the combination of Yellow Dock with ISarsapanlln. Aloni2omery, June n, isii. Ir. Ilcnnctt Dear Pir In thisiire ct nnteiit meil-

ieiue alibrds me crcat nlcnpurt to see. amuni; the iiiuumerahle Mmpnnll.i preparations, one compound ihat is likely (i stand the tl of linn i our r) rup, coinuinini; an it noes me two iwsi roots now known, will most nuredlv meet with inmen-al npprohation. Cor the last til teen uars I hae heen in the iiain; ot u?ing, moie or less, jtnow uock rom m pyrup and oiutnifiit preparations in my practice, and hnu no hesitation m raying that it n Oie mott valua hle root now known. I hau heen nrcstTihiuc vnur extract since I lirstsaw it, and it is epul to my cxprctatioiis. try re-p-tttuiiv, jours. JI T. li. S.M1TH, 1. D. The nst UcmnrahJt V mtir V'tlicine Known. Dr. (!u sou's Hviraetof Yellow Dock and Sarsa parilla, containing other 041 1 ihl prodtit-tions (hat net upon tne Piciuer ami delicate constitution oi the Kimie, with all the mildiie$so nu a'ti-iatiu.aud s-till t-hoiii very plainly its nluahle properties, in Fitch caes ns are incident to consumption, Inru-iiness leucoriliu-a, or whites, olMrueteil or dillieult menstruation, incon tinauee ot urme, or imoluntary dischargf thereof, anl for the peneral prostration of the i-yttfiii, no matter whether the renilt ol inherent cau-e or cau-cs produc ed hy irrcpuhmty, illness or aeeideut. It isnstonish ing to see the iuvinration cIIItI- it has upon the hu man frame, Pi-r-ons, nil weakness nnd l'isitude he fore taking it, at once li.'come rftroni;, rohii-t nnd lull ofenerpy under its influence It immediaiely eouu teracts the nerMiihu.s ol tliffennh' v hirh ithe great cui-e of liarrciin-'ss. It wid not Ik nAed ot me toe.x luhit cert 1 fixated nt rules perlormetl jn eases ot so del icate n nature, hut I can injure the nllhctcd that we have neeiu'd a great many ceititieates of wondeitul cuies, mtieii oeyoiid our own expectations, rvuiiii cases whi'ie (-unities lme heen without ehtl Utn, and alter lining n ht.ttle or two ot this m-ihriMe lju-ilicine, hao been hlewd with healthy ofK-pnng. .More lislimony 111 taor of tin superiority ol Dr. Cluvsoifs i'.Mraet of Yellow Dock and iNirs'inanlla overall other simitar remedies. Uuractsut letters recenen j ueau : ucaii : : Wntertown. Jell.'ison Co X. Y .Nov. 1. UK Mr. S I' 11 -in eit Sir I am nt a loss toexpiess imui ii'iiu-- iti.iiiiii-in-i niiiiil "I ) "il L"'in pound I Extract of Vellow Kck and Sarsaparilla. All who hate had the pleasure of usm it, speak of its man clous elects in reinoung di-env, with fo much feet iiiir and heartfelt sau-factiou. that 1 am confident now that no nrdiciue 111 iis eau hoaet of its superior qu'ililies. Many who have heen complaining fur ears wan p'uu in tne siiie.otunmg and pam in uie tnesi, dvPiK'ii-n.iieneraldebditv.liof aoiietile.diill-.mcht sweats, mlt rheum, Fcrotula in fact all llie di-eases that we in this eh mate are heir to, lind in the Yellow ihH-K nmi r-aisapnritia nil that is rt-qui-ue to iiiahc thrill what they were in their das of health, c. We timl we haie had some twthe dozen bottles in three months, and are nearly out. You will please send an equal number, and oblige 011rs, 1IOYT fctilllXJOUY. Coiisumplion Cuud. Victor. Orleans Co., N Y July 15, 1317. Mr. IJennett, Little latls Dear Sir on the receipt of this send me at least four dozen bottles Hxttact Yel low Dock nnd Sars.ip.irilln. lusgiwng entire Hitw taction here. One case, that ot u joiiug man fioni .Michiuaii. nenrtv eone wih ronsmnntiou. He com- uit-nced taking the medicine when unable tnsit up, nuu iit'iore using the whole ot the inst iiotllewassn luueh !et terns to lie able to walk to the neighlmrs, nnd it is now eeitnin that ho will pet well sH'edily, He was also verv deal, nnd that nlsois nearly cured. There are other cases where it has been Used with good suecefs. Youis, truly. A. P. DICKINSON. rU"!". Just received a letter Irom Heikimer, llerkuncr Co.. which siales that the Srup cured n genileiimti of consumption thnt was supposed lobe beyond hoie now eiioing good health. ictor, July an, mi Mr. ftennett Dear Sir The medicine hem ban not come lohaud jet- I am entire ly out, w i tli e alii ol from Ct to 10 bottles per day. Send tiomc by expiess immediately. In haste. ours, A. P DICKINSON. llllllllimilltori- IHioimuilUm I'mtwl Seneca Palls, July 10, 1817. Mr. lienneft Dear Kir I ..... ..r. it. . r - -11 .... l . . inni mm uui in wur i.iniei 01 i nnm 1 i.-rv and NitRaparilla.niid win l much obliired if t on will wild me frome tour doen or more bottles nssoouns ooHsihle, I do not like to bo out ot the medicine. So jar it lias Hold well and giun entire wili-faction. One bott eutthe ellow DiH-kninl Sampnnlla, nnd one bottle of llhi'llllllltlf l.lliiim-tit kail. I I hp Kltll 1 hi l- til June, has perlortued it rudical cure cd intlammatory KIieumaliMii,ol long standing, upon n gentleiunu who W ad ttlllv ahlf In mow tilu.nt iI.m ..n fnO-li. . He was in our ullage to-day, wmie fix or seven miles (rom home.wiihout crulchiu or cane. He wished ine to tender to ou his unfeigned thanks for being reslor rd to henhh,nnd leheu-irtroiu pu nnd suneriiig by the sole use of our imaluableiiKdicim-, J. K. UKOWN. , Coughs nnd Colds. flAF linr - lj - . t vvniit t.; send me four dozen bottles more. I llllllk t W III take t ie l. neenfrowiiselli 'sar- j-nparilla nltogether, Send me immediately, ns I hac but one bottle left out of six dozen in two months. Yours, J, It SKXTON. Look Out Tor Imposition. Ilewnrc how you buy medicine put np in square quirt buttles, ns you nre liable to he imposed upon. Ihisinc and at4 lor Dr. Ouysott's Compoimd lixtraet of Sarsaparilla, Imariui! the written signature ot S. K Ilennett on each outside wrapper, written with black Ink, nnd buy nothing else, ns it is this prepaiatiou on ly tint is performing such manellou nnd astonishing cures. Remember Yrlfaw Dnrk nnd SiiFfijiai illu Prepared nt S. V. llennetfsIiaboratory(Liltle I'alls, IletkmifTCoimty, New York, and Sild by II. IlUXTLXGTOXtrcnn Yttn, by one agent in every illage in the State, hy the prin cipal drrgists nnd merchants throughout the United Slates, est Indies nnd Canada, None genuine unless put up in large pqutre bottle?, containing a quart, with thf mine of the Syrup blown iit the glass, with the written signature of ft. I JHJN N JiTT on each out side wrapper. Orvnt Consolation to the Afllicteit, DIt. I). M'fNTOSifs ITALIAN VK0KTA1ILK PILE ELECTUARY, The most Celebrated llrmedy for Pile ercr discover edin ami .life nf the Wnrld .' MilNTOHirs lll.lX'Tl'AltV is a cma'm MS cure In;' tlnvriltl.ri, whMlicr lllceding, Hltiid, Infernal nr External. Tins Dlfctuniy w a surc po itiiu.'iimly nmi u.'iiiiiiiont rurn. li ii nn iiitcrnnl reiui'tly, imt nn eMcriifiliiilk'tinii,nn,l willruu- nny env nl I'llr?, citliT lllci'diiiirnr IIIhkI, Inlcrnnl or '.. ternnl, mul ii irnliMy tlio mily iliinj; ilmt will. It i n positive cure, and no iimtnlu', perniancnlninl pprc ily. It i" nlo n very iiI'Qint im-ilk-mc to take, nmi itnpnnes tl'O m'ncinl liiviltli in mi niionHliininainier. It h nl a rcrtn in cure for oil lliosr. diVus-cs which arc I'rcqiii'iilly foimil in conjunction w ith the 1'ilr" audi as inlhniination oftho llowcl;. Kidneys, and lll.idilcr, iiiflaiuinnion and pori'iic.os ol tlie Sloiiricli.intlaiiiiiia lion of the l,icr and Siilccn, inlhtninatory and mer curial Itht'iimitism, Ulceration ol the intestines, Tor por or inactivity ol the l.Uer, linpuriiy ol the lllood and Intenutl Humors, iiillniuination and weakness of the r-pine, want ol' action 111 the llowcls, Dry Heat, intl-innnniou nnl itehinir in the Intestines, secre and liihitual CcibtivonePs, l'low- of lllood to the head, I)u zincs, and lor Ihe reliel of. Married Women. 1 think it must appear o'liious to all who give nny atlenlion to Ihe suhjeet.tli it a radical cure ol this coin plaint can he cllected only hy means i;icn internally, and thai external applications tan do no more, tha'n merely allord temporary relief, and lint oltentimes they are actually injurious, antral atmi,' the complaint. This Kleetuary hcinir an inteinal renieily, composed purely ot Veuelahle llxtracts, is ollNred to thofe allhe led with this thwtreu-itu complaint, as urc and pos. Hue cure. It is perleqlly p.ile, l,leaant to lake, mild and easy in its operation, and allords immediate reliel. Opinions of l"lnicians New Yolk, May 3, HIT. This is to certify, that we, the uiider.sicneil, Physicians of the cily ol Ncw Vork, liae in hundred of case?, preseriheil Or. .Slcln tosh's Italian Pile Klectuiry witli unexampled ,uccss, and e it nsour opinion ihat it is the ery hest pre paration lor cases ot IMes cer olfered to the puhlic. II. S. Watson,. M I). T. It. Cheeuy, M. I). 1". A. Sanuetlord, M. I)., A. S. Kcnelow, M. U. The most ."tliircliiis Cures nn Itecoril. "Maiiheim, April, HI". Mr. S. l' Ilennelt Dear Sir I hue been alllicted wilh the 1'iles for nearly six years, hae fullered the most excriitiatmir pam from its ellects, ami have, as is 11-iial, tried all the ointment preparations I could hear of. 1 have lieen under the care of several respectable nhjsicians, all to no purpose. Komeliine in Mnrch I nail a most ioent attack and was confined to my hed,sulleriii!! inteiiM-ly ; I heard ul the medieine you are sellmi:, and was mhiscd lo try it, which I did, as soon as 1 was able to i;et out, and by ii-ini; half a bo. wasentirelycurod. WILLIAM Ll.ND.SLLV. It is unnecessary to lay helore the public ,he many letters received similar to the above. 1 will barely ex tract a few mints, wilh places of residence; S. W. Sniiih, New Vorkcitv; Ilaldeu K. Janucs, siahsbury, llerkinier County : Mrs. Adaloli Walratli, D.inube, do.; Mr. r-liaer, do.; Jacob 1. Wolever, lanlieim do. The astonishing avidity with wbicli the alllicted public bale sought ihi complete renieily, may ln'judg e.I ol by one ol hundreds ot extracts which might be given Irom Akciu's Letters. Watertown Nov. t, IS IT Q Mr. Ilennct Dear Sir On the receipt of this please send us II doen .Melnto-h's Italian 1'ile l'lectiiary e nun nni it sens rapuiiy, gives enure s.iuiaetion and in mmv cases has pctilormed wonderful i'iires. Kesneeirullv vours. UllYT .V. (iltnUOK V. Prepared at h 1'. Ilennett's Laboratorv, Little l'alls, uerKuner s.ouuty,.ew orK,auil llic t.enerul Agent tor the talcol the aliove lor the M.ite ol ermont (ii:ui:i!l; i:. iiauiunhtox, Cor. Church .t College sts Ilurhngton, Vrrmonl. Anothecitric's' Hull. and one nirent in e-erv village in the stale, and bv the principal lnuguisls throughout the United Males, West motes nuu i.uuuoi. It-1" None are genuine without the written signa. ture of S. 1' III'NNI'TT, on each ouisi.le wrapper lie sure that it is hulked as above, or you are liable to ue imposed upon. 3Jly liCoiiard fcoll & Co' i.tsT or Itni'L'IIMCATIOXS. 1. The Loudon Qmrtfrly Ucwcw, "1 i tie litiinnur"!! ueiew, 'vs... .,.(. i Quarterlv I. The North ItritUh Kriew. j f, lllaekwood's .Magazine .Monthly. The ahoe IVriodieals nre reprinteil in NVw York, immediately, on weir arrival ty tlie lintisli h-amerH, hi a henutiiul eh'ar type, on line white piper, and are faithful copies o the originals, Ulnekwood s .Miiizine hciiii' an exact iiic-ftimile of the IMinhur-rli edition. Tiieprieesot the Ite-priuts are le.sthan oivlhird ofthovr ot the foreign copies, and w hile they nre equal ly well ;nt up, they atl.ird all that advantage to the Aineiicau out tne i-un-ii reader. TlIiM?- Payment fuhe made in advance. Vor any one of the four He views, $3tni per annum. i or any iwu no ii I'or any three do 7 (K) For all lour of the Review, 8 tx For Ul.ulv wood's .Moirazme, 3 00 I or Illack wood and tour Reviews ln H) 1'akly Conns A late arrangement wilh the Hri ti-h pu!ili-hers ol Jlhtlvwoo I's .Alasame M-cuia to us earlv hets of that work, hy which we s-hall he nhle to place ihe entire numlier in the hainN if uliscrihers l fote any pottion ol it can lie- reprinted in any ot the Ameriean Jotiruals. Fortius and other advantages sreuretl to our s-uheriherst, we iny so lare a coiider ation, ihat we tuny he compelled to nile dip price of the Manahio. Tlierefore we repeat ' subscjttc rarly u hde the t ice U low.' Suhseriliers in lliulington FtippHed free ofpestace hy 0. 11. FDWAURS. 1 h ACCOUNT BOOKS. CIMin mbscrilMT would nnile the attention of .Ver di i lianls and others usni lllunk Hooks, to his as sortment. I have the btt assortment ihat 1 have cer been enabled lo oiler to my custoineis, both in quality and price. .V. JtlLXTI.WTO.X. Nov. 1317. W jJIJi:Si:iU"D ClTliOX, Currants and pa 1 lent sperm Caudles for ale by 27ni3 A. C. PI'llAK. Sl'ri'.UlOU llroad Cbuhs and fWImeres, fbr coats uud iiams, of a ureat vanety of colors and texture, by .M. li. HATHHUN ,t CO. 1VIi.10.1SH. 33 tJ las'-. 9Hnn Hot'M Burlington Extra, 4JJJ Ilurlinelon, Vermont, Kse., and Lake. 250 Kedford Trown, J, hJ. II. Pi:CKSr.Ca. ff raitbauks' Hoes. UU lililix, do nnd Van Ornam's Hay 1'orks. 10 " Sej the rsiiathea. 7S " Heddinjtloii's Srylhrs. W) " l arewell's JU ' Wood's ' ily . ( . 11. ri'.CK $ CO. Ilni'clivni'c. flllll iiiidersijiiietl idler to purchasers n stock n J iicaty and hhelf 1IAUDWAKI.. couipriiui; a variety of titsitls iH'tlaiiiinir to the wriuus branches of the nude, which nave been selected wilh ijreat care, both ill leirard to peifectioii in si)le and liuisli, mid rea-sonableneiss in price. Purchasers are ret-peclfully solicited toeall. STUONCl, UOOI.riTLlJ stCO. Nov. W), 1317. TKUSS1X AflllliAT variety of Trusses, comprising almost cmy kind in u for .Males and IVinales ; also Abtlouiiual Hupportcts of the most approml tije, constantly on hand and for sale by S7,(l A.C. Pirin. 17 CU.V.Vii: on LONDON, LlVI'.Kl'OOL, Jii DIU1LIN and lllllNlll'Kf.'ll, in sums tosuit purchasers. I3ih May, 1317. H J- H- Pl-CU f Co. VMIA'DIl SPOONS, ItuTrat Kmvis au J fstiirar &hoels, waiunitu roou as uie coin, nt Oct. 10. J. V, lU.NPALL'a. IVolic. Till'. Seleelmen t.r ilurlinglon xvillrneet for lite transaction ol town business, at the ollice ol i.! Ponictoy, on the .t and 3 1 Mondays of each liionlli during the year, at 1) o'clock in the morning. Match 8, 13 H 37 FOR sam:, ml IF, NKW MUCK HOrSK.on HllJL B North Street, with one.fonrth of an acre ol land, now occupied by Simmer llnekwnod. Apply to saiil llockwooil or 11. l.l.AVI, VUII 1 11. March 'J, 18 H, AT IIO.II. IIMIKRI'1 m: SHALL UK HAPPY TO t receive Calls for all kinds ol Painting, (Jruiniug, Paper Hanging, ,:c. cVc. ShelburiiSlteet, opposite American Hotel. lll'SSLLL Ai SPAL'LlJINfi. Ilurlinglon, March 1, 18 H. 37lf. WM. NEWELL & CO. .MAt,TArrrnr.r.s Nn joitm ns op i' o it i: i : n v t.jZ. i:s t i c STRAW BONNETS, AltTM'lt'LVti I'LOWlIltS, HA r.V, C I'S A XI) IT IIS, No. a i kiliiv KTitr.irr, im.iam Ni.u t.i.r., Jamls W, Lri:. $100,000 wor.Tii ()!' RRADY M A I) V. C LOTH INd! ! AT TITtvTf-1Sr HB r IT I II 4) !S 'V CP i . The Proprietors of this have received SPKIN(J SUI'PIA'" OI" f!0()I)S, Selected Irom the mo-t celebrated Manufaclories of l.urope and America. A.M) II AVi: XIIH'IIX HA NO Over $100,000 Worth Ol' READY MADE CLOTHING I MASft'ACItliKtl r.XIT.!f.i.V FOK SPRING TRADE, Made In the Itcst Manner and tnnt .Modern tylcf, wnieli Win he -old at LESS PRICES Than similar (ioods were ever ollered for it this city. STRANP.F.US vinitim; IJoton.mid DIIADHUS IN RFADV MADi; ChOTIIINCare particularly invite to call, a their orders will he fi led, however hiTti, and at the lowest poMihl price. With th lar-L'-t, Choiect and Cheap".! Mock in the United Statco.wc can ptv to ourpairon, Wo arc Not to he Undersold ! ONE PRICE! And that Guarantied to he lower than pimiliar article can he purelnwd for cl'whrre, which ciiahles the Farmer, Mechanic and Trade-man to nnke their selections with despatch, and without lear ot imposi- lion. CUSTOilf WOKK ! In addition to our Immense t;tmk of Rrady Iade Clothini;, we have ront&ntly on Inud.a are aort incut ot French German nnd Knlisli Fabrics, s Inch we will MAKE TO ORDER, andourOirinentsVARRANTi:i)TO linF.QUAI, in every rc-pect to th"-e I'uiauaim from the tnost Favorne Fu.-hionahle Hou-es! OCR STOCK is too 1 irire to narticulame. ami. the puldic generally nre mvitd to look through this tahh-hmeut helore inaUint: llifir !"l''elion-. ns everv thmu itertaininu to a CKNThUMAN'ri WAHU ROKl; can he toiiml at QUiNCY BALL ! And no article combining durahihty.Mjlc and com foit for the Arti-an or Laborer jj omitted, Itralcr; Irom (he .oiilh and Will find a large Aortment manufjcturcd exprc?!) lor their trade. Thry are particularly iimicd to ex'iunnf tins mock oriore purclia-mc, FUUNISIIINC ND GOODS BOYS' IS! IN I.AKGIJ Ql ANTlTlliti. John Siminons it Company,'V jiai.t,, Hosro.v. OVER. QUINCY MARKET. r. s T n A N r i: Vr.ST 1)0011 IN r-OL'TII MAItKIIT .STIIKCT. '.Nin'.lis fJIIJI) (iLASSi:S. fii,si:s si'itmh.i: nm 1j either water or wed ; also bird seed of all kind. ISurhnjjton, .March 0. HAltUIMiTO.Vri. f1IIL()il0nm3I. 1'liVMi'inns or Dentist-. J ii-m-; Chloroform or I'tlieon, w ill Imd an excel lent and powerful article at 1 1 aiki( i roN'.1. U'lSTAIt'S llAI-SAM oT- WiurCiiiTiiitv, 'I'altersall's Heave l'owiler, I'pbamV Pile Llect uary. Jervis' Cold Cainly, lor i-ale by lUnuiN'-Tov, Apttlhecaries' Hull, corner of Church and College tls. iluiliiigtou, .Marciio, ldH. IJrnlal uri'i'.v. 'TMII! Pubscriber, hninebeen in thesucces.-ful prae .1 lieeol D.-nlisirv, lor more ilnnliltecn years, travel led throiult ihe I 'mud Suites, n -ideil three jeais in the City ol Meico and about lour on the Island ol Cuba, and visited many of the other Wet-t India Islands, ta kinn nonce of the various improvements m tlio art, both in i'uiope and America, and b ion c.pciiciue lwconie familiar wilh all the operations tieloiiifiu to the profession, would w ith conlidenee mule all those in this, or the nriejiburiii! towns, who riipnri' any dental opeiatioin, lo call at Milton l'alls, where they can be served as conipleti ly, n in any Cily wilh ill the U. S. A. Mineral teeth set on line (;old nnd warrauled for life ; teeth iwtiacted wiihont the least pain, and all operations done to the peil. it satWac lion of the patients, and at inodeiaie prices. 37w3 L. llL'llllAKD.Nuii'fort Dentiet. IVVA ,. v, FAMILY COAIl'AXIOX. SIX Lectures on Causes, Prevention and Cure ol Consumption, Wlliuia, l).eac id the Heart, and all IVinale l)i"easis. illl inues, -js eneraviuKs. Paper Sn cts.; bound 73 cts. .Mail to any part post age V I-'- cts. Shoulder llracesand ('hot I'.spanders, k' Mail to any part, 5" cts. posmae. Inhabit 'I'lils s, Silver, S3, by mail, letter postage. Abilo al Supporters, perfect, ?3 to Sill, lor all Ituplures, Tallini; ol llie llowelsnnd Womb, and Weak li n k and diet ; sent by Hxpiess ovcrywhcic I'or Unices or Suppoiiers, or liupture Suppoiters, Hive height Irom head to loot, and cireuiiilereuee of person net llie unlace, jim abovo the hips. II Ituptiire, inelilion which side. Aitenls wantetl btr ihe sale ol the alntie uoods. Ail dress Dr. ti. S. l'lTCH, 707 llroadway, New- York, post pud. . .Maich IH.ISH. 37i Tiico. A I'm K, Apothecary and dealer in burgi cal instruments, Agent lor llurliiigton and vicinity IIi'idHiiiia tVai'o, Arc. p0FFi:i: AM) TUA POTS, Coii pi: Tn.- J ten-is, Ki;. lloilers, Sut;ir Howls, Cream Cups, Tumblers, Pitchers, .Molasses l tips, i a-tors, rsoup i,a- I dies, Idilhcr llotes, Clnmbers, Candlesiicks, Uimps 1 and a irrent variety of line Hnelish aud American lint iinuiii Vare; aUo " lllwk-Tin" Ten i'ots as clican as 1 it is economical to buy. llness, Plated and (ilassCan-1 dleslieks and Uinqts. Hras and plated Suullers and Tra, lllanc-Mange .Moulds, Plaied, llnt.iuma,(ier- Ttnu Silver and Coin Silver Simons, .Muskiiieloii shan- rd Puddma Di-bes I or boihnjj Indian I'lublmj-s in, Tea Wallers, Critnib 'Puns and llrusbes and a -treat variety ol articles in the Pined and llritaunia Ware line, for sale unite low at llie Variety Store i 1 IIKINSMAID.V. HUOTIILIIR. ,J ilutliiiKton, Manh 3. 1313. 3f. i 1K. IV. AVAKI), Iaiti.y ltin rit.NPn to this I'm'vriiv i the Ameticaii Mi-iou in Ceylon on account of Ihe impaired Hale of Mis. Want's liealth ami for the i Is'iu l'it ol bis children, oilers Ins services to the people i ol llurliitKloii in Ihe pruelice ol medicine, and sunieiy. t lie will be happy In reeene calls at the rcMilence of i Insbrniher, Dr. lien. W. Ward, near the .Methodist dun'. Januaiy 11), 1313. V) It.uiU of Kiii'liiiurlciii 17I10M tlie l't day of April next, the Itankor Hum 1' liiiKtnu.willbe open.ondnjsol business, Irom ,,'elnrl:. A. to 3 o'clock, P M until further notice . to .1 n tlOCIi, 1 ..I mm. i ily order ol the Directors, ' l M I'll . lt.O. COL!;, Cashier. Feb. 25, 1813. Ii44olu(iou & ISriiioval. ROY HLIXc HAVIMJ DISSOLVED wml the linil of llostwick Sr. Illm.can now be fotuul at thci-hop of H. W. Taylor, c ppo"ilc 0. ' '"'' Tordf, Chinch St., where all kinds of work in the I Hi, Copper and Sheet Iron business will be done to tb satisfaction ol his cu-tomet" All kinds or jobi nmi repairiui' done on r-hort noiiee, litirinnttoii, .Marcli, i;t ni:. - 1HASS Si:i:i). 'M0 Onsh. iilt rcccivcil. M and for ?ale,by 1. V. lilXBY st CO. llurlinaton.Marcli!!, 18H. a- ('ILOflK'S, Dv llic cn.o or sinsly, fr snlu 7 low by "illtlN'SMAIUstllllOTHUUS. liuilinatun, . llarcli J, I3i3 iA(iui:iini:oTPi: noons, a fuii t nlv of nil arlicles used, kept constantly on hand by llltlNS.MAll) & UliOl'IILKM. liurnnHion, inrcu iois. - DOTAPH anil Caldron Kelllc", of .ill de.scrinlion.'i ronsiniiilv on hntid and inaile to order. Also, H complete assortment cf Hollow Ware, at Dec. a i. r.viu.ixGTos rousnnr. A Ei O II I) J Ali Ss ! Taxes and a return nf the Public Moneyt Or a (lorernineiit Jan, IJY Tin: Co.NtiHLssio.v.w, (if.onn it isSnr.V I) thai the Ad lUtratlcn inust have, ill poniesucll way.fiinilstobuy a peace, or both inoney.tinen toenrr)' on the Wnr. Jsow.the People's Akcih, beim! wholly opposed to war, willsell anygoods, if irished,nl War prices anil invel tliecasu m j ieec purcnas,.?, uopiu that in due tinieihe'varf peculation will end and ieaee be made, so that the teo le, insiead of strivini; fur mn nev in iriv inves and sendim? back the nubhc money (now d for school purposes,, or t'oinir to Mexico til lllll, will remain rpuei in llieir seei;imut.uiuu-, ... home, an. 1 contuiiv to dons they long me clone, buy iujl iro,idsehean ol their airent, HOW A 111). iuriiiiiun,.ian. i j, ioia. To IllllllilMlltx. n.HM)i: Sr CD'S l'.isme Certificates will be fiirui'hfd to Old Couiitrvnicn who wish In brills out their Iriends Irom Ireland, at the Kxriasj Oilier., west tide H'l'iare. liurllll!lun, l eb. 17,131s). Kill fails &. Tiibx. XAA WA. PAILS. 200 ANn JJJ Wash Tubs ot all n". SOOKnp llnckets. I'or wile by UCO. I'UTKUSUN. . Ilurlinglon, leb. 1, 1313. HARLOW &. BENNETT, C O V .V .S ; , O S A T I. A U HOSTO.V, .MASS. . .1. IIRI.0W. 3jll3 t. It. KE.NNTTT. IMMI.MU'.tl SII,K POCKI'.T IIDKI'S. inNlTACTUHi:!) IX UURLIXGTOX, tIJ erinont. l or pale by J. S. 1'l.llH.t., llurliimtoii, lib. i-), 1313. 33 1 111 LOHOI'OIIM. A Sri'i-LV ol- this xr.w; J and celebraleil preparation, manufactured by W. H. Little ol Hoston, just received and lttr sale bv 3i A. U. SirE'AR. JiL0Vi:il Si:i:iJ. iOOO Lns. op fresii J Clover ecd of u .superior quality for sale by 25 I O. IllXItY Sr. CO. xv.w YuiiK Ai)'Jii:xr. IS IS. READY-MADE CLOTHING. C. T. LONGSTREET, HAS reinoved from his former Siaud, 33 Nassau, to r No.1,1 Nass.m Street, New York. Where be has the larg.-jt Clothinir Ware Rooms, ami the law-t stock in the ci'y, all of which he pledt'es liiniM-lf are made in the inostinrulic, fashion' utile, and leoikmanlde manner. The demand lor his stjle of Clothing having in creased to so sreat an extent, he has lound it iieces sary to cul.iri;e his business, and takes pleasute in say inn lo the hundreds who called upon h'nn last year with llie ra"h m their hands, and could gct n rs, 'because Ihey were all sold abtad) that now he lias enough for them and lor all. Those deahnij in the article will find it greatly to their adiantaiie to buy of this hous-, lor thev will be able, not only to HI their cu-ioniers a well made, fashionable, and tcllteel garment, but at a priee lower than Ihry hare been selling tcuir.aiid leavui ' a larc-i prolit In llieinselies. h To those who do not ileal in the article, but sell llu goods in the piece, .voir as- roi'i: Tmr.. Already your Cloth sales are droppis off. and seorl they will entirely cea-e ; and some one more wis. thuu vourHI, sei inir winch way the trade is goin.. will be Hiiug Clothing. It mini and u-iH ie illd Hi r.vr.nv viu..ici: ix amuiiica within two ears, (lor this reason; your customers cut get a better and more genteel garment, ready made, than to measure ; and at three fourths tlie priu 1 nu can now hau- the selling. ' . N. II. Coimny .Merchanwall of you call and sat isfy j ourselves. .March IP, 1313. 3Tw j ivo. a. . In C'liiisriineiicc of TIII.IK.'IH IMIlr I UN I A TC II, if9.'AX IiE SOLD AT .vear xm i on, 1 1 ices oy me i eop:e s Agent. I ehruarctM. ISH " nr nowAnn. WllVSU LiaiOXS it Box Itusixs. M Ju-t reeeiied by ,. S DIIWPY Hnrliugton, 16th 1'eb. 1313. ' '3 j'unsu aiior.xn 7i,7sti:h, AT Till: i:V .11 1 LI. AT Till: PALLS. T0XS X0VA SCOTIA l'LASTEK, now grinding. I'or sale bv , o, CATLIN. l eb. Slh, 1313. 33 1'llOTKCTIOX r i it n i n s i; it a n c i: v o m p a n y , Hurl fori), Cunnroticiit. CAPITAL $200,000'. D. W. CLAliK, President. W.M. CONN UK, Sen eta, y. OKO. II. SHAW, Agent, IVb.13,13.3. 3l,f. I'urlington.Vermonl. j:txa iiti: i.vsuua.vci: company, lliirllurd, Ciiuuecliciit. CAPITAL 6-250.000. THOMAS, IC. IIKACU, President. S. L. I.00.M1S, iieeretm-y. (If.O. R PIIAW. Agent. .. , w ,,,, liutlingtoti.Vcimout. Ub. 13, I,il3. 3(lf SILK SIIIICTS ,V IMlANDItllTlI IMI.I.N, NII n ttrcventne uml the other a cure of llheuma. cure of Klieum; 1IOWAKDS.. s. ' ll-lll. il.l P llf Ul l'eb. 15, 1H, 31 11 HOW ,V, lllue, Ulai-k and other varieties pf Cloths JJ lor Over Coats. reb.H; 33 JI. 0 IiATHHL'N A. CO. Prin I x. THIS PA V V Y VXPHESS. II). HIXUY, & CO,, uwk iti:cKio:n a si'leinlidlotot Prints, which are new nn.l i,i.. H)les. AIo Hnibronler) llraidsandOiuips. llurlington.Jaii 111, ls3 3(1,f WLOUIL-aoo JIbw. Sri'pjjn.M: I'lour". JLfor sate by 1 ). UIXI1 V , CO. :.sil I'All) I'Olt IMII.TS. I D. HIXUY & CO. wiu, rAV C.sii rnn 4 I few thousand good Pelts. Dee. 'JI 1317 im : ovnn coats.'" : D. HIX 11V & CO. nm: hkcikvph a i nice lot ol coats now- is the time to gel a lit DccmiU'r "I. IMoiihi. IT" Alt M UltS would do well to call nnd examine th J. siioerior nrlirle ol! ,1... , w . - i. i in i V, . "..... .i.v urcca ,vi i.iiuie I ii.iiii Dec. SI. '17. Iiriiml.irriirfsil nf u:i:i.i.x(;tox rouxDii r. Mim i.llllll IUIACIX I ELASTIC Shoulder Urnccs or chest eirmidtTs J leinedy liabnual stooping, or round s mulder 87in6 lor sale by A. C, SPI:ak.