Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 31, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 31, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 31, 1818. xxxih coxonnss. Mn.imv, March SO. In lite Sennit, Mr. Hadger Introduced and supported His bill defining the laws which give tli franking .ri iicge to mciiibcre ol Congress, lie proposes to rivc to members the right to Irauk letters or packages nut wrlitliins more than tivnoiiiiccs.cithcrduriiigtnc ses sion or the recess. The bill was rend twice on J re ferred in the Committee on the I'lwt-Olfice, The Ileticiency bill was tnken up, the question pending being upon Mr. Hellion's aincndinenl with regard to a mission to Home. In reply, to an inquiry from Mr. J. 1. Hale, whyltus appropriation was pui into this bill, Mr. Atherton replied the fiscal year had not yet expired, and that the object of government was to provide for sending a Minister immediately. A motion of Mr. llaimegui to substitute a Charge lor a Minister, was lost by a vote ol 12 to lit. The ques tioatben recurred upon Mr. Denton's amendment. Mr. J P. Hale strenuously opposed the amendment if Mr. Ilenton, charging him with attempting In ub ...... l.u tl.ia menu mi iiitluence llnon Catholic Voters. An amusing episode ensued beiwccu Messrs. Hale and Finite, and the ijhcsiioii on the aiiiendmcnt being taken by veas, it was tejected by n otc of 1 3 to 88. The lull, with sonic slight amendments, was then ndopled.nnd the Senate adjourned. In the ioine, the bill introduced by Mr. Sawyer of Ohio, to m ike pmv isiou for bringing home the bodies ol all our olliccts who have died in Mexico, was taken lip, and the mover made a speech ill its support. Mr. lla-ki'llot Tennessee opposed it. He said that he would support nothing resetnliltne humbug. t On motion ol Mr. Vinton, the House went into Com mittee ol the Whole, Mr. Kockwell of Massachusetts in ihe chair, and touk un the Indian Atuiroiiriatiun hill, ainl niter speeches Irom several members, the ('omniittec rose and the House adiourued TcEsntY.Sl. In llie S'mitr, Mr. John P. Hale presented n num ber of petitions relating to slavery, and one Irom citi zens of Pennsylvania, prning lor the immediate peaceful dissolution of the Union, and these were laid upon the table,. The Srnnlr, took up the bill to snpplv the deficiency of appropriations, and Mr Hudger ol North Carolina spoke in lavorol striking out the provision for a nils fitou lo Rome, rejected. After a lew slight amendments, the bill was then read a third lime and passed. The I.oin Hill is the sjiccial order for to-morrow. Adjourned. The i;e, nficr a long and angry debate in regard to printing the message and correspondence about the Treaty, in which Messrs. Tiompsun, Clinginan, Has kell and others participated, and in winch the adminis tration was roughly handled. Adjourned. 4 WVo.NrsnAY, 23. in Srnatr, o message was received Irom the Presi dent announcing tlirit lie had signed the bill lor the re bel ol the heirs of Paul Jones. On motion of Mr. Atherton the loan bill was taken up, and the amendment requiring the bids to be open ed publicly was adopted. .Mr. Atherton spoke in favor of the bill, urging speedy action upon it. .Mr. Webster is fospenk on tins bill to-morrow. A message was received from the President trans nutting a correspondence with regard to the Brazilian dilliculiics, and it was rcl-rred to the Committee on 1'oieign delations, and ordered to be printed. The Senate then went into executive session, and poou altera djoo ru t d . In the lluus-1 of Representatives, Mr. Cummins of Ohio aked leave to introduce a resolution, expressing sympathy with Trance, but h ave was not granted. The orders id the diy were then taken up, and Mr. Inge uf Alabnin, itvide a long speech in defence of the course ot the Administration. On motion ol Mr. Vinton, the subject was then laid on the table, and the House went into ('omiuitlec of the Whole, and took up the Indian Appropriation Hill. After a debate, in winch several members participated, the Committee lose, and the House adjourned. Tiii-RSD.IV, 23. In .Venule, Mr. Atherton called up the loan bill. Mr. Ve!4er spoke in Ins earnest manner said that the country supposed that the Senate had been engaged for a fortnight with closed doors in ratilving a treaty ol p-ace, which would staunch the wounds inflicted by war, stop the elluMuu of blood, cut oil the expenses of war,and return our brothers and children, if vet living, from the land ol slaughter. Hut hardly had these hal cyon notes ceased ere we were summoned to rnise thirty new regiments for the further prosecution of the war, to carry it into the vital purls ol the country, and press it home by tire and swurd. Such are the terms which we insist upon in this treaty ol ignoble peoce. Mr. Webster alluded lo the irregular circumstances connected with the treaty, which reversed the usual order of things and proposed to ratify first and nego tiate afterwards to set up a treaty and then send two ministers lo negotiate it. He expressed great repug nance towards the treaty opposed the prosecution of the war, and supposed fie should be called a Mexican Whig. The object ul the army bill was to frighten, not to harm Mexico. The great object of the Ten Kegiinent bill was patronage he hoped it would nev er pass. We did not want new territory, South, North, Kast or West, lie believed that the people wanted no ruore territory, and would not support a wur begun, continued, and now prosecuted fur the acquisition of territory. Let Mexico keep her territory and we our money. .Mr. Ilannegan has the floor upon that question to morrow. The business in the House was of no importance. Fkipay, SI. In the Stnate. to-day a messanc was received Irom the House reluming the bill supplying deficiencies lor the present nscai year, wiui aincniiiiieiiis, aim on mo tion of Mr. Atherton they were agreed to. On motion of Mr. Johnson of Louisiana, the resolve granting a iension to I'utrick Walker, was taken up as in Committee of the Whole. Mr. Turney ol Ten, opposed it as giving a pension larger than the usual one. .Mr. Johnson ol I,a., advocated it, explain ing that it was an extraordinary case, in which a sol ier had lost both arms, and not being able even to eat without aid was obhued to constantly employ u ser vant. Messrs. Huutiegau ol Illinois, and l'hclps uf Vermont, supported uie lull, ami the ipiestioit being taken by vent and nuvs was carried. '2b to H. The Senate then took un the orders of the ilav. the first subject being the loan lull. Several amendments were offered, pending which the bill was laid aside, ami several other bills were cunsidered.when ihe Conr tiinee rose and remitted tiro-rress. and the Senate oi cuoiiou of Mr. Huiinegan went into I'xccutiic Ses sion. The House of Representatives went into Committee, and took up the calendar ot privute lulls. Saturday, 25. The .Senate was not in session to-diy. The Jlouie of Representatives lookup the report fn the seat in that body contested between Messrs. Munroe and Jackson of New Vorh. Mr. Jackson ,!. iv member. The report of the committee in lavor oi Mr. Munroe, and a minority report against luin, were both ordered to be printed. STATE OF Vl'UMONT. A 1 It O C I. A .11 A 'J' ION, n v Tin: covEiiNon. T ilini kind Being who gave us life, ond who has utrewed the path wuy of our existence with unitumlicrcd blessing, wc arc bound by obligations ol gratitude that commend themselves to our consciences, and to the reason that (Sod has given us. Hut we have oc casion lo lament that we have bo olicu appropriated ihe. bounties of Heaven without acknowledging the .:! ..lien received and eluovcd the nuod.vct failed to be grateful to Him front whom it came. It becomes us, then, lo ulfcr, lor the past, the sacrifice of . ... I -..Iplld l.nrl nml 111 M'I'L I llvniH nssis. a urokcu un" tiiiini. - - tance for the lulure, that we may live more in accor dance with those high and sacred obligations under which we are laid. . ,,.,,,.,., a..v I do, therelorc, hereby appoint IMDAi .the St.V BVPIl PAY OF AfRIL be observed by the iieo ple ol this State as a day of Public.Iluiuihaiion, i ast- nig and Prayer. worriup. and rcver'cnlly bow ourselves .before . lie Most 4Harkct0. Hrlghton Cntllc Market Mondny, Mtarch 23. "RETORTED FOR TUB ATLAS. At market 410 Heel' Cattle, 3tl yokes working Ox en, 0 cows and Calves, lOtKl Sheep and "jtl Swine. Pftlcts Utrf CilHe Wc noticed n lientitilul pnlr of cattle, latlened by J, M. Sherwood, of Auburn, N. Y. sold for S iier cw L Prices extra beef, 7,tl ; lirst quality gCUn 5 73 s second quality .",73 6.SU, ll'ortring Oxen S7D !' 9I33. toir nnd Cahrt. 4j, 830, $35, 915. Hhtrpi'l M, ?3, $3 00, 9 1, 9 1 50, 9'i a few extra 9 . Sicine At wholesale SI iftCl. Journal. WOOL. Duly 30 ;er ecnl. Moderate soles American fleece nnd pulled Wool have been made during the past week, without varia tion of ptice. For Sale or lo Kent. milK SUBSCRIBER will Sem, on Rent J his New Ilrick House, on Shellmrn Street, nbout fcixty rods south of the Square. The house is large nnit punt ot me ocst material nuu in ine most inouciit tyle. T. CONNER. uu'lingion, .uarcu oi, ioici. 'ion Tiiiniliei Yard. GRAY, MtiAD & CO. oiler fur snlo, nt iheir iilace. on Pearl Street, nearly everv descrip tion of seasoned I-.U.MIIi;il. On ihe oiH'iiing of Naviuation. thev wi have for sa c n larue supply of SitiNiit.ns, nnd Intend to keep on hand, to pimply jtl, nil kinds ol market- the community durimr the season. auic i.umucr. IIrittiok or Titn Hki.m. It should be remembered, when the coarser narticlcs ol impurity arc ill vetted irom their proper channels and liecome deposited in the skin, ihnt cutaneous eruptions will be the certain conence ..,,. ......,,-..,.,. II llfiftl 9 IHIIIUH l Ojniuic jt ton tiiimiv iuuiiu u ilelinliitiil niedieiue for all thsurdeis of the skin 1 be cause they expel from the tmdy those poisonous humors which are ine cause noi omy oi un kiuus oiciupnve diseases, hut of every mnlady incident to man. The In.tintiVpKeialile Pills will be found to aid and imnrovc digestion, nnd ns they nre a direct purifier of the blood, they will most assuredly give health and vigor to the whole frame, which in turn will be sure to give n smooth niulhenlihv conuilexion. Uevvars of The only orioinai. sn iicNMxF. Indian Vfjiktahi.e Piu.s iiavf. the sin- NATURE OF Wll.I.tAM WrHIHT WRITTEN WITH A TEN ON THE TOr I.A11F.L OF EACH BOX. A'ohc olhtr U gefi f,,',,. ttntl In rnuntrrfrit lliix is roROERY. The genuine lor sale by W. II. CURTIS, Water Street, and TIIKODOKK A. PHCK, College Street, sole agents for Itiirlington. Reulicu Ferguson, llssex i J. II. Dvke,lluniuigion : vv. iinnues, jr. iiicinnoiui , H. 11. Urccn, Ricbmond j J. II. & T. W. lower, IVoliec. THV. Copartnership, heretofore existing between Oaks & Peck, is this day dissolvtd by limitation. All persons havinir claims nirninst us. will tilcnse pre sent them every person indebted to said linn by ac count or otherwise, will piense settle Immediately. l.l.llltl.l. n. WAlvl.n, oi;oii(ii: H. PUCK. Jericho, April 1.1818. -lllwS Umlerhill : Iluritnit &, uooges, y iinsiun , ,s. dcrson, ond li. Ayers, West . Williston ; J. I.yman, Jericho: W. II. Wile, lliiiesburgh ; W. b. & II. I 'li' .r....l . U....I... .1. I ...,. r.lmr otle ! John . "', rJZ ." ' . i iiiei... ,n I ll ar.1 tand nt the New' ilngland Uran'ch Olfice and Ocnerol Depot, l'JS i remain Bircei, itosion. The following isa reeonimendatioii from Falmouth : To Mr. F. lirowii, Chemist, liosion. , :i ..ii.. 1., i.en n 1 beted with a very bad humor on her face, nnd ot her stomach, lor fifteen vcors past. Alter using various medicines recommend ' i r oh hnle or no bene it.s he com menced using, by the advice of Mr. lldword Moson, Apothecary, your rar.a ;aii" and she is now in liet'.er healllt than she had bclorc CllJoyeU lor lllC lasi lllirni iiam , wmi nuuiuiwn lully rcconiinenu IO nil iiiiiicinyvric wiiu is niiiiuivu u- ii, mm ot i he eoinn ai us wnicn i is ineaicine is re- comineiuled for, to use it in preference to any article now in use. Yours respecuuiiy, J. li. itl.Aijll. Fnhmnilli,Mny'.nJ,IHII. For sale by Tumi. A. Phk. and A. C. Sr-EAR, Apo theearicsnnd wholesale llrtig 'Ms, and bydeolersgen erolly throughout the Stole. . Wvv2 AmnniT the many blessings attendant unon tmnrovc- mentsiti the social condition, and the advances of our race in intelligence, is the tirolon!!ation of human hie With the increase of intelligence has grown up n knowledge for the elements ot health, ami n regard lor tln'iu, iui.1 coininensiiritely with the strides of science have we acquired the means ul orrcsting disease, and averting its ravages. Notwithstanding the progress w e have made, statistics show that even now, one sixth of the whole population die annually of consumption. Ilim of tin. most iiiinnrtttlit discoveries of the line, ill ameliorating the condition of ibis large class ol sufler ing humanity, is J)r. ll'iitnr'n linlmm uf Wild Clieriy. What time establishes nml consecrates, what evneneiiee nilntits ntlil eoiltimis. what oil IHCIl ill Oil places unite in laying is good and valuable, is so, no doubt. A popularity ol this sort fives in society its roots so deep nnd so strong, that time cannot destroy It. I he SUCCes-S w inch lias illieiliieu mis llicuiciue un several years past, has overcome the prejudices ol nil resiectahle men. and the article has taken a stand among lite first class ol discoveries and blessings of Ihe oge ; and when resorted to in season, eradicates the disease tor which ii is rrcouiuicmica. None genuine, unless signed I. liU 1 lo on the wrapper. lie careful nnd get the genuine DR. WlblAKh RAI.SAM OF WILD CHUIRY. None genuine unless signed by 1. HUTTS. Address all orders to SKTH W. FOyVI.K, Iloston, Mass. For sale whole sale and retail by Theo. A. Peck, Hurhngton, and by ii i :.. i.i. .....u..n., v.r,n,.t lcuicia ill .iicuii.ii, vo Sill- iii '. Another Saved. MiDDi.t.viLi.E.N.J.. June 20. 181' To llr llerrick. llenr Sir: AlthoUL'll a uerfecl sirnnm'r in vou. vet havini received so much iienefit from the use of your Sugir Coated Pills nnd Calbonum jstengiliening I'lasier, inai i thin i woum nc qoihk nuusiice io ine puunc 10 renioin siiciu on mc.ui'jtii 1 l,iiv hn ttietf Inr liliont live or six Years With COI1- slant pain in the stomach, emaciated slate of the vsteni. loss of nnnetite. oeneral weakness, Vc. 1 nave rteen unuer ine ireniuieni oi k-ioui viuiiiin, nlicaVifllia flllil 1'M-ll UltinV killlls of lllC IllOSt DOHl- tar manulactured medicines ol the day, with little or no relief. The unilorni success which has attended your med c lies throughout the Mate tor the pasi icn years. induced me lo try them. Conceive my nstonisluneiit when I found one sympton oiler another giving way as it by magic, under ine use ol inesc wonueruu iy ness is 'now prosecuted with pleasure. I heard that .n..r frni-Bllillir A irelll V. S ill Oil! V lllaCC Olid 1 ll3V l, in u.e lino, nnd have made him ncnuaillled with these tacts. .Many cures of a similiar nature have taken place here which will do much moid the sales ol your medicines. Yours very resieciriillv, N. R. HROW N. Orders to he directed to Herrick ond Co. I'riii eti.le niKee AlhntlV. N.Y Olid for SOU' llV A. I Stiear, (ieo, H. Ilarrmgtoii.Calliii and Spear, Hurling Ion, W. II. Hntch Winooski Falls, John Suiioiuls 2nd Hlielbuni, l.yon aim Alexander, muminc, i ni-, llinesuurgh, and niso ny iruggists uuu .vieiciiunus in every town and Village. 40lf. 4 NliW ntoki: FOll HATTEM? rillMMLWS. THE SiniSCRIIlHlt IS NOW nt 17."i Water Street, (over the ston nf W. A. V A. M. White,) n complete iissorlmeiil ol HAT l lilih TRIMMINOS, Silk nnd Angola Plushes, Skivers, &c. ec.,of his own importation, to which he invites the intention of purchasers. Tins printed in every variety with neatness and dispatch. I'ni-tiniiTnf. n lleiil inn uni.t In t.Hlltiiif tin nr.tcra. A liberal discount will be made for ernthT .IA?. VV, I I'OIVI.Il, NcwYork,Mnrcb23,18l8. dOwl 175 Il'cr (. Priitiiiiff Ink. THE StinscninEn has, at rirtn.vr expensp, receilllv erected lieVV Olid Imnrnve.l mneliineri. nnd put up one of Hoes Steam Ilngines, is enabled to turnisli lnks2:) per cent. Iielter in quality than wasbc fore manufactured by liun,(.ind that ivasacknowlcde ed by nil that used it, lo be superior to any other Ink manufactured in the United Slates,) and to sell it upon ns reasonable terms ns it can be prouircd Irom any other establishmet. Printers, men h.intst nnd others, who may have orders for Printing Ink, will have lliein Promptly executed ond nt os low nriees nsitenn be obtained from any other luniiiifictorv. The subscriber niso manufactures Inks ol various colors, viz; Keil, lilue, green, yellow, brown, itc. He nlsomamilactures a Size lor Cold and Silver Priutiti": niso, Lithographic Ink. .vt. r. i-kuu r, mntinz Ink Mnn'fr. 10w3 Spring Street, New Yoik. Sniniii'I II, llnrnes' rstnte. ST ATP. OF VnilMONT.) Alnscs..!onof the Distict or OiirriEriPFN, si. ) Prubatu Court hid den at Ilurlinglnn, w ithin ond for the District ol Chit tenden, on the the iWlh day March, 1818, F.zru Holt ond Stephen I.. Herrick, Administrators ol the I. state of Samuel II, Ilarnes, latent Chnrlollchisahl District, deceased, intestate, presented Iheir petition in writing, to said court, setting forth, tint the said deceased died seiml nf two porccls nl Innd situated in Charlotte nforesnid one of said lolscoiitniningthirly-tvvoni resof land, and that it, together with the buildings thereon, was appraised nt three thousand dollars and the other lot, containing six nrres of lind.wns optimis ed at tweny-scveu dollais nnd that said parcils of land are incumbered by four mortgages, nmoiuiting in nil to about twenty-eight hundred lorty-thrcc dollars nnd eighty-seven rent. that ihe whole amount ol debts nllovved by the commissioners againvt said estate was ftS-27.7lV rurlnsive ol said inorluniTcs.flnd that the personal estate was appraised nt !,7'J, and tint tin I cxnenscs nf setilinir the ctatc will be about one hull- dieddollars.nnd tint it will lie necessary lo sell nlliatd rcoi csiotc, except the widow's dower therein, together with the reversion ol the widow's dower in the same, lor the pnvment ol llie dibls ngninst said estate i--in proving that said court would license them to sell nil uf the said real estnte, except the w blow's dower there in, together with the reversion ol the widows uower I.. il,n ... ... i. Cr li... ,.m lurid ot Ihe ilelits nea illStS S!l III estate, nnd the expenses nf Administration agreeably lo the Mntnte HI such case inaiir nun prn un o i Whereupon, the court iilorcsaui until nppoini uie i-.'ii I . e ..'.i . r... I......... .n.l ileei.tim. nn said nay oi ivpril nevi, i"i 'V " petition, ill the office of the Piolmle court m said llur iinglon j nml ilolh order that all persons interctleil, b notified thereof, by publication of this order, contain l..., il... u,.l..i,...n ,.i k-ii.l iHtitinn. three wetks succes sively, in the lliiihiigton free Press, n new spaper print-1 ed ill Piiirliiiglon, in the County of Chittenden, the last or vv Inch publications to be previous lo ine tain win ua oi April next. , . llivcn under my handnt the Registers' oliice m said llurliiigton, this 28th day of Mnrch, A. I). HIS. 10w3 11RADFOI1D RlXl'OJtlJ, Jirgmcr. To Urccdcrs ol' Horses. rPHE Thorough Bred House. Sir Hrnrv, I will stand this season, ending in Septcmlier, at our stable, Prentiss' Mills, Georgia, about three miles north of Milton Falls, Vt. Hisrich pedigree, embra cing ns it does within the fourth degree such hores as linn v, sSVr Arehy, imp. Messenger, ond Eng. helii'v. ins ncKiiowieugeu superiority vi luiui aim power ol transmitting its prominent points, his high reputation in New York, where many ol his colts are now kept as stock horses, and where lie three limes received the first premium ol Ihe cw 1 oru .-state Agricultural Society, first when n colt, nt Albany, in tiX, ngnin lit Poughkcipsie, in lMll.niid again, over lilty-threc competitors, nher eleven iars ol service in the stud ofKnvv'Ar.n I,o.n, H-q ,ol Ca'ubridge.N. ., and after his slock had become thoroughly known throughout the State, nt Auburn, in lslfi.ond finally his slock, some of which we have made arrangements 'o have in our pi-turj for the inspection of those who may wish to decide, from their own observation, warrant ns in giving Ihnt he is one of the be-t horses ever introduced "into the State. If the assurances ol competent j'udges may be relied on he is the best horse, ns it getter of List, enduring and bold going roadsters, now olli rcd lo iho breeders ol Vermont. Such we be lieve him to be. He received the first premium of the Chittenden County Aguciiltiiral Society, held nt llur liiigton, la't September, wheie his colts were exhibited lor the lirst time in the Slate, to one of which llie first tiretniiiiii was iiwardeil. The Committee remark. Ill Iheir report, "lie: improvement in sucking colls is worthy if notice." Sir Henry will stand nt flO the season. Insurance agreed on. Insurance will be claimed on mares dis posed ol before the tune ot foaling. (loud pasturage will be provided lor mares Irom n distance, but the propnetois will not lie responsible tor aecnieins or os- 1 .Clt. V- l VhUIICllV A I'll s... I " -. t in,,, ir ii,ik;i-'. ... iieorgia, .viarth s, isis, ion. PRINTING TYPES Grrnt nnd Imporlnnt Clicmlcnl l)lrovcry. Ciiiil'Iis nnd ('nld. CkmM "fttStf '"" fiiulllrYclir ofkli'd'iUr, Tin. (Itivsnt's ro.Ml'titfMi Kxtraot nr Yellow Dock As Sai'sapurilla! rry id i i SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING. STRANCKHS vi-iting the cilv nre respectfully invited to call nnd examine the largest stock ot FAlltnNAm.r. MAPK SrillXG AXJ) SUMMCll Cr.OTIllXG, which can lie found in this city, consisting of Cosluni rctls, Ijrininetts, Drop d' etc, I'weeds, and a genernl assortment of all kinds of (iarments made up m a su perior manner, and will be sold at prices thai cannot tan oi insuring saiisiacnon. v,oii cany oi HltOWN, I.AM UHNCi: & STICKNEY'S, Nos. C, 7, U, 11, and 12, OLD 8T ATE HOUSE. Fronting itntt tilrett, Jiatfoii. lOinO SPRING CLOTHING, AT WHOLUSAI.n. WHITING & KEHOE, fo. 1 nml i'J Aim nl. BOSTON. UOULD RESPECTFULLY ixvitk tiii: attention ul Mercliants to their lull supply ol IrcHi ainl M-iisoi m tile READY MADE CLOTHING. Great attention is paid to the Manufacture nnd s'y'c of our garments, ond all are warranted lobe well cut and made. A direct imnortal ion of our foreign coods.and every facility for purchasing domestic articles, enables us to oiler greater inducements than any other house. Wc shall he constantly suiinlli'd vv till llie latest issues ol American .vianutaclurc, and the new csi styles oi me iniirti rs. We licg leave lo n fer lo the following list ol aiticlcs as being pari of our stock : the following very low prices, for approved six months' note Pica, rmall I lea l.nttg Primer, Bourgeois, Ilrevi -r, Alniion. Nonpareil, Agate, 1 con imns, per lb, 3il els. 111 37 Ai IS 11H TlTi.r.&c. W cts. 5f, fid r,n 71 81 100 11 lf.ll nitsnrp.&e, till CIS. .: ltw lt lai r.w 130 HI sail finely. I want you to send me four doen hollies more. I think it will take the place (ifTow'nsepd's Sar saparilla Altogether. Scndmo immediately, os I have but one bottle left out nl six doell in two inonlhs. Yours, .Vc. .1. It. HIIXTON. Look Out Tor Iniposlt ion. i lleware how you buy medicine put up m square quart bottles, os you ore liable to lie imposed iijioii lie sine nnd o-k lor Dr. Unison's Compoutid l.xlnict ol Snrs.iparilla, bearing Ihe written signature of S. I'. lleiinelt on eoch outside wrapper, written with blai k ink, and buy nothing else, os it is this prcpa ration on ly lint is perfoiiniiig such iinrvellous and tisioni-hing cures. Ucmemlicr Vrtlaw Dirk nnd SinijutriUii 1'rcpircd at S. I'. Hi linen's liiboiatory,Iiitlle 1'alls, Hci knner County, .sew Yolk, and Mdbii:. II. HUi'riXGTOX,Vcmi Yan, bv oneafrcnl in evirv villacc ill the State. In llie nrill- I cipal driigits and inerchants thioiighoul the United I Spiles, West Indies nml C'ainda. None genuine unless put up in large square bottles, I containing a quart, with the nune ot the Synip blown hi the ohiss, wild the written signature of h. !'. 1IIIN- Nl,r I on e.'ith out side wrop r, (ilrnl Coiisnliitimi In tliR Allltctcd. 1)11. II. .n'lNTOSIl's ITALIAN' Vr.dKTAIIhK PILE ELECTUARY, The Hunt Crtrbtfilctt ftemt !tf fur PUri rrrr ((irom ftl in anif Anf tfir Wotftl ! DU. MrlNTOSir.S m.r.C'JVAliY n rorintii cure fr ihe I'lU'., wln-lhcr Hlffttint:t JUtmh Intermit nr IZrtrriiiit, TIih KUvlinry i n turi.', h-Hic,f-piH'i!y nml pnnnnin'iit curr. It h nn iiitrrnnl rmirily, not nn cxtrrnalnpplicalion, nml will tun? J.ny mm: ol 1'ile,ritlifr Itlccilni nr Uliiul, Intf-rinl or IX-ti-riial,niiil ! prolmbly llif only thing tint ttill. It i-4 a poilive rnretnnt no inNtnLc, p'TnirmciUnnil sprc cly. It in n No a wry nton-vint m-'Jiritic to tiikt, mnl muirftvcft tli ENKnil (fnlih in nn nloni-lnuijtiiniun,r. It h iiNo a ccrtiiiucnre for nil iliiwe ili-tcain-f uluth mr Ircqivntly foimil in coiiinnriioii witli the l'tli such an iiilhiinnntion of 1 1 if ltowN, Khlnej , nnl IH.ntticr, iiiII:iinnintlon nnd 8oreiirft ol tho Stoiiinch,iiHl nninn Hon til 1 1 LSmt nml HplWn, intliinimntory nml im-r-iMirinl Rlu-nuntiin. I'lcrnition l"t h ii 1 1 ftirn . Tor- other Vccctable pro.InrtimH, U ottp nf the tno-t ' P"Vir "wcVVy lI - .V1"' n'mrnf OI " c muw oimr ii,.iuuic i t , . e am In crnn I uuior.. in nininntion nml wrnkm"" o the Spine, wrint o nrtion in tlio IiowcN, Dry J lent, inlhnunntifin nnil itehin in the Iiitrtiiif, f-i'ie nml liahihial Costivciiei.-. I'low ot lllntul to the hcntl, I)i.' yini-, nml for the reli't ot .Mnrridl Women. 1 think it imL tipper obxioii-s to nil who k'ivc any ntfemion to tli' iihjeul,that a rntheal rim;ol tliicotn plaint can ho elll-tteil only by mean ien hiternnlly, nnd that external nimlienttons ran ilo no more than merely nllonl tcinpnrary relief, nml that olieiitinie thev me actinllv inmrnxi. nt'LTavntinir the coninlaint. Tliis Klecliiary Im'iii nn ttitericil rnneily, rompo-ril purely ot Vejxetnhle flxiracts m otll.-red to tlMae nllli led with tliH di-tre-in coinpl lint, nsa -nre nnd pin imeciire. it h ini v sn e. n ennnl tu tnkr.ini and cu-y in it op.'rat"uin(nhdntlurd- iintnedtuto ulicl. Ooinloiiv ot IMiiMeiiwis! New York, .May :i, HIT This is to rertifv, that we, the under.-iL'iietl, l hMeniM uf tin- rity ot New York, have in hnndrul ut cie, pieenleil"I)r. Alcln to-ha Italian 1'ile Kln-luary with unevainplcd Micee nml j;ie it n our opinion that it i- lh: ery lM-t pamtioii tor en-cs ot IMrg cer otlered lo ilm pubhe. II. S. Wntioii.M I). T. Ii. Cheeny, ,M. I. 1. A. Satterlord, M. 1)., A. tf. lVnelow, M. I). The inott .Mitrelous Cures on Itrrnnl. iManhenn, April, lr. S. I Heniiett Dear Sir I haw been allhcted with the I'lk-i tur near v venr. hnve f-iillered tin uio'-t excriitiatuij? pain Irom n eliecl. nnil have, n i ti-ual, tried nil the ointment preparation I could hear of. 1 have been under the care of several re-ppctaMe ohvi'ieiaiis nil to no purpo-m, Soiiieluiie m .Mareh I Irid a inot vmlent nltark nnd win eoniineil to iiiv lieil.HLilleriui! intenselv: Ilidirdoflhe niedinue uii are wlliii!?, nml was nilvied to try it, vvhifh 1 ilid.n-. Htum a. I wn able to jjy-i out, and bv ii"in" ball a lw waientirelyeured. W1I.I.1A.M MlNDSi.m . It is unneteary to lay belore the public the many letters received Hiinlar to the above. I will barely ex tract u lew naiuep, with places of re-mlence; V. Smith, cw- lnrkcity; trtiicn u. jnpie. ui-hiiry, Herkimer lyoiuuy: Mr, ivuaipn ;nruui, ijuuue, r. shaver, do.; Jacob 1. ok-ver, .uuiiIkiiu ns.uik of Hiirlinston. 1?l!OM ihe in dnv of Anril ncM.tli" llatih "f I'.ur- I hiigloii, will be open.onihys nl business, U'-ti . il llli ill , tl II'" I'Ol'll, oil ll '1 " '" ' .. o'clock, A. .l infln'clork,!' M. until further liotkv. It., ....I... ..ClI... Illrn. I,.r .. .i.i .. .. ..... , r K, I. K.Ullt, uii-iioi r.ninl. 11 II. 21,1811. iVolicu. Till' felerftlvn of Ilurlinglnn will nift for llf trairai tlmt id town business, ut the ollice ol J. N. IVimerov, on Ihe 1st and :tl Mondays or each mouth during ihe vear, at VI o'clock in the morning. .Match H, ISH 7 fvf TnK 1!l!,c,c It'Ri''. BUiC .1 Xorth ."treet, with one-fourth of an aete nl I, in. I. now oceiipu il by Sumner llorkwood Apply to-uidiiockwoiiJor ii i.i:avi;nvoutii. Alarcli 1 ? H, AT If Oil K." receive Culls lor all kinds ol riiiiitiiig.tlriiiiiiiigi l';iii r Hanging, Vc. i.c. .lllllllll.lll.Ll,l'j 1 1' 1111 IIIIH III. Ill lioi.l. I Ss.lM.1. : .UPAIll.lllN'f :iiti THIS CKLEmtATKD COMPOUND, witli other Vetretable productions, is one nf the most important discoveries of the nge. It is far suiirrior to any simple Sarsaparilla Syrup that has ever been ns cd. It has performed more than j,H cures since the discover was made, which Is only about Vt mouths. The controlling power over disease which this Syrup possesses may be attributed to the fact that it is com posed purely nl Vegetable extracts, rnch nrticlc in it having a direct releience to some internal organ, roti seiiuently Ihe whole sy-tcnl receives their bi'licln-ial inlliience, which occasions neillicr pickuess nor pain in their operations, nnd can be taken nt all times and under all circumstances, without regard to diet nr bit

siucss, is certainly n desideratum in the history ol med icine. Tliis Compound I'.MracI is put up 111 Unart llolllcs.nnd oflWcd at the low price of (Ine Dollar per bottle. The object being to give the patient nn oppor tunity by the purchase of one buttle to te-t the valu able Aledieal properties and the power it has over di case. It can be taken by the oged nml the infant w ith eoual efficacy. Thiscxtract ol Yellow Dock and Satsip-irilla is n sure, positive and permanent fine lor Consumption, Scrofula or King's I'.vil, lhy-ipelas.Sall liheuin, rimjiles on the face, Chronie, Acute and 111 llammalory Ilheiiimlisin, Coin, general Debility, Dys pepsia, nervous Headache. I.iver Coniplaint, Sjutial all-ction.s, r.-niale Complaiiits, I'lccrs, I luinors t-fjni-ilis in its worst loini.nle'ctlonsol the llladdcrand Kid neys, Ilillious Cholicand serious Looseness, lliles, Cos iu. .n.,u ('...Lis. IViikiIis. eoirutit Ilumois. Ai-tlllliu, Dropsy, cnlargenienl ol tin- liones, I ever aim vgue, lilililllless, liravel, lleatl.iciics oi every i.ioo, 111..1101 l'cvcrs, Impure lllood, .laumliee, Loss of Appetite, Leprosy, Mercuriiil Disca-es, .NiLdil Sweats, Nervous debility, Nervous complaint nf nil kinds, .Neuralgia, Orgmie nllcctions, ralpitatioit nl the Heart, Painter's Colic, Piles, This Cjinpounl is an iiitallihle cure lor 1'lles, lillsll ot liioou to ine iienu, ?-liie, I iicm, iwu ....... .AB... l'i is lit i nl II, lliljlli: S0I.TI AT l!l!U(;li .S il.H ) j.,!,,,, n,i di.nns. Scurvev, swellings, Snk It TVI'i:-r(llliN'l)l!Y,alicr Alarch l.'ith, loa,laclie,Slifiiies.snl the Joints. Lvpo-ure, and Im- .1 r.ll : I r. ......... ...I fiv . . i i :r. mm I.. .1.. ....I r-1 ...... I I piuoeuce in i. lie. i ins nvwi) uiuunu iih...i Cimipouiid cstraeis Nervous diseases from the tystem, cleanses the blood and invigorates the body more el- Icctmlly than anv other article Hint has Peon soiu. In Ihe Vegetable Kingdom, mi All-M-v lieing lias ue- iUarricb, In Mobile, on the Kith inst., by the I'ev. Dr. Hani ilton, Docoi.ass Smith, Ej., to Miss Kl.ntKAil W, 1''ham'is, daughter of llie late Cen. John Francis of Uoyaltun, Vt. in; ami l layer. . , , . , Ijivnig aside all pursuits unsuited to a day designed br.uchapuri-s-, let us meet m our usual """f or siii-ii i i , , ,.,, v belore the Alost riiuh-huuibly confewiiig our countless sins, and ini liign iiuioi it is Savior's uiouini! K ood KAi d c us'-su plicate aid Irom I Inn in whom nil fitness dwells, that, lor lime lo come, we may render, or lte avorsUsiowcdoii us, the homage of heatts more KrStVful, and a servic. more devolcjand entire. I utSewed with a sense ol our dependence upon lb. Div ue Favor to give success to all our undertakings, l us nriylhalthe smiles of Heaven may rest upon 'he l.I?of our hands for the coming year; that .the iJ X" i Khan i ' "u "r r, MK'?? ",? !uT.bu da it haricsi, to reward the laborer for his toil, nd e our iople irom the desolations of fainitie. Let us also beseech llini at whose bidding diseases ronwand go. that we may be saved from wasting ickne, iul e.-cially lhat the desolating disease which has recently renewed its ravogeson lie I .tern continent, may nut be permuted to revisit these Wes tern shores. , . . . ., . And recognizing llie declaration ol Sacred Writ that " except llie Lord keep the illy llie watchman ...L..i. 1. 1. 1 in vain." as coiitainiin; u truth applicable to all the interests and concerns ol men, let us com mend lo Ihe protecting care ol Heaven all our cher ished and precious interests, whether jiertaiiiing to .i... i.c ,.. tl.nt which is to come. Given under my hand at I'.nosburgh, this four .....ol. .tnv ol March, ill ihe vear of our Lord one thousand eight hundred und furly-eight, and of the Independence of the llnited Slates the seventy-tecond. 1I0KACK l'ATOK, Hr the Governor, Fiieuebick IIiixik.s, Secretary. .-Senator I'hehw was atom on account of nick neST when the vote was token on ihe treaty. It is 2,'tha all Ihe obnlees (four) were againsl the trea !I iLn Haiinegaii nnd U'wis both voted Ivo when their nani were called, and alierwardschanged diefr vote " Had the absentees been present and these iwo Iocm adhered to their original vote, there would ia? y 37. noes !-. the treaty would have IT John Jacob Aitor, of Now York, died in tht city on Tuesday Us- In Underbill, on Friday, March 17lh, Theresa Maria, wife ol Allien Ihcknell.oged years. Ulessed nre the dead that die in the Iord. In Detroit Mich., on Monday, Feb. 11th, Kdwarii Mason, aged 0 years; on Wednesday, March 8th, WAl.TUt, aged lf inonlhs ; and on Sunday morning March lith, Ciiarlu Albert, aged a years and'J nioiilhs; nil children ol Ldward and Martha M. Lyon. Wc regret to announce the sudden death of H. N May, F.sq. M. 1)., which melancholy ocnt took plucc yesterday at 5 unlock, I . M. 1 he removal by death of one so highly esteemed, has cast a general gloom over our village. rhiliinliurgh lUeanrr. Notice. OUR Friends and Costcnien who call to com t.nretlieir Wtili'llCS bv Oil! liCClllutor OTC reMM'Cl- fullv desired to walk in and roe (Ac inor while . ' .i 111) I VOM A 111 X IMtrVt'lltMFs! uoing uie same. iiiviiiuho.m iiuuiiunin. March 31, 1818. 10 Blue, Ulaek, and fancy rolnn, tmm (!erman. Trench, Kufilis i nii.l American Clotli-j.Codr.niMon anil Twrrd Coat, Drnp de Kte Sack-, Knnmetl, Catuuaret, I'linfiliam'fs anil various other Ptjlen, llliie nnil lllaek. Cloth utttl CasMincp-. lluck.kin. t)ne. ckin, Fancy lMuid and Mript-il Cas-f, Kt'imakv Jrnn, n aiunroon, line uuu ihuwh ijim-ii, jiTino'ti itiuimi; Itlue, isinik, .Mixed, i.a timer ana taiiey Datiuel in great variety. of ClollLCaw, Cn'.liniaret', LaMinr. Valencia. Pu- (KPrtme hue nnd rouunoii, ifiaek atiii,many qualities, plain and laney Satin's Barathea, triied and Watered FURNISHING GOODS - AND - BOY'S CLOTHING, A MUCi: STOCK AX IN OltlMT VARIETY. J. J. Whiting, M. Kuiol, Jk. 0. V. (iau-oltc. IOWU Th alMuve ronenneneo ol increaufil fncili tics jor matuitactnriup, nre much redtu-ed Irom former ratex. A litiernl Uiw;ount lorcasii in nana at ine uaie ol the Iuoiee. rre-Kts's. (Min-aeri. (at-es. Woori Tviw. Ink. Sec. fur nished nt tlu' lowu;t manufactuiers pricef, either for cali fr ereilit. Our iMieciiiien I look for 1813 it now ready lor iln- tnliutioti lo PrintiTK. uho wilVvntl tor it. nnd con tnins many new nrtielH tlmt we Invc nver Iftore ex Juliitrd, meh n Vritmr l-'lourishra, (rtiaineiitt Or namental routs iVt. oi which we nae an anipie OirL (nr tin umintit rvceiitinn filnrder-4. l'rinters ot New?paier3 lio"ehoo-e to piihlMi thi nuveril-sentfMU ttiree tnnet neiure the ist oi .nine, ini?, nnd send us one ol the papers will he pant lor it in 1 )pc Mifn lliey irom us i our own maim lacture, pelerted from our t-peeiinens, ie limes the ntnniint nf their hill. fxVor ktIc, H'veral good cond-hand Cylinder nnd l'iaten Tower BreM-e-s Staudiii? l'res's Hand rnnting 1'reses c. ci:o!i(a:nituci:.vco. 10w3 in ChamlMrs.trecl,cw York. Tdiiai) shot FOR BED BUGS ! si,i:i:r ix it.aci:. mUK DKAD SHOT 1!KD VC. Poison I ..r II...I llii I'vteriiiiuntiir. a new and eanital ar tide, will do up the work. It is truly n Dead Shot ...nkimi n eleim w , en. n nerfeel Tl". STllIKi: nmnnii these crawling, hiring, troublesome, little ratals lint distuib our rest. Sold nt wholesale and retail by 1,. I.. Dutcber, rit. Albans, A. t- M eah, llurliiigton, t.aiu! by the agents ot Ihe Uraelenburg .Medicines g. rally. AMERICAN HOUSE, l!i llaiiort'r Slrrrt, IIokIoii rilHIS vi:ix i:sTAni.isin:n axd kavohiti: J Hotel continues to attract the patronage of the public. . . i i To business men in particular U has advantages not surpassed by any oilier llou-e in ihe city. It is situa ted in the heart nl the bu-iness community, and for llie iiccoiiiiiinilutioii of travellers it has t.icjlities lur promoting their coinlort rarely i "e i"" linusnt. In short, ccrv conieilienee atlaclied to a lirst class Iliiicl, including " llathmg hooms,' will nlw a) s be loiiud in readiness. .,.fM. c. f.,, jviiiois III. li ' " - gene Itlm' 111 : llurliiigton, lt, HH. WM. NJ:VELL &, CO. Mni'i A'Tfnrn? U-AN'f J"nr.irts of i'o ii i:m!.v .v H i)(i.i iis'i'io STRAVn bonnets, AitTii ici i, i'i.owi:iis, hats, ci's .1 xi) i' ens, Xc. o:i i srii:i:i', Wn.r.isM Ni.wlm.. n . ci iiniv'.'r Jami.s W. 33mt vJ UsiVll 8100,000 WORTH or R13.1DY MADK CLOTIIINd' ! ttimT'lUls-L'- llarK.'iinx nt Auclion ! WILL nr. SOLD at PUHLIC AUCTION ft nt Mierwoisi s, on raiuiuuy, ipiu mi, 1013,01 1 o'clock, I'. M. a large lol ol D It V GOODS, Consisting in part of 100 yds. I'rinls, Merint, M. de liit'mcs, Alvtc cas, Shawls and Drest tSmnls, Hummer Stuffs, i-c. if-c. irc. Also a lot of household rvRSiTunn, consisting ol Chairs, Tables, Durcaus, Dedslcads Clocks, &.C. V.e. llurliiigton, April 2S, 18IS. W NOTICE TO J1UILDERS. inni'OSALS WILL lll'J KUCKIVKD 1 by Jouv Ti-mnt, until the 1st of May, in Iwhalf of the budding Committee, for building a School House ot 1'ort Iveni, 10 oe iiuisoeu uiw uuis .0. day ol Seiiieinlier next, as lollows : Ilrick Wolls SO by i ieet in the clear, 1 1 leering!. , 8 inches thick, with a Stone Wall It feel thick three lect lielow the surlace, and 1H inches above the grouud -contractor to find all the materials. a 1... - ... nrni.uuil in tmd a I the material for the wood work and finish the Curiienler ond Joiner 1- !..- A plan of said buiUling will be found at the Store of I Jrfinr.r I lirMHI.E tV. VvU. " ilAKGAINS! HAUGAINS! f00DS AT AUCTION PRICES, AND U nonie for less, at .luwnim .-i 23d March, "18. M GRASS Seed for snlo by STUONC, UOOI.ITTLE&Co. nn. j. uiciiAitns' Dyspepsia mid Jiuuulicc BITTERS. F TIIF.UU IS ANV ON !' niRHASH C 'IIE1.SE HOOPS. Ono ih.oti Ua-cso ' lloups, of dilllreut 6izes'.'riK''1',l.,.y.,.,Jnv llurliiigton, March SI, 18H. RUTLAND & HURLINGTON RAILROAD. aWO ASSI:sS.MI:NTS, of fue dollars eaih, . have Uen ordered by the Directors, ini eaelt share ol the capital stock ul the lluiland mid liurliug- I1111 Kailriiiiil Ciinipnny ; nlie Iliaue iuauie 011 uie lirst day ol Muy next, and the other on the Unit day ut saiit May. raymeiil may he luaile to llie iiuiiks 111 nuriiiigiou, Vcrgennes, Middleburv, Kiitland, lllaek l!ier, or llellows Tails, id the (,'lieshlie Hank, Kerne, N. II., to lldward I'lekcring, , No. fill. Slate street, Hus ton, or lu the Tieasurer at hi tilliee 111 .Mnldlebury. SAMUI'L SWII'T, Trmmrrr. March IS, ISH. ."Wwti Houm's nml liOls m IT IN COLCHESTER FOR SALE. I?Oll SA I.I' in Colchester Centre, a few rods west ol the Congregational and lliiplift Churches, a ItrieL lliiiisi'. Ul bv 3li leet. collM'iiielll lur a lari'i ijiuily, witli a bam and out linii-cs, and '.H acres of la ml llltaciieii. iiiMi, 11 rum 11 iiinise neiir, wiui 1 ) acre of laud, l'or lernis, inquire ol the nibscriU r, 011 the prcmU's. 1.. MILI.l'lt. March 22, ISH. VM IVolict. FOR THE SAKE pffndUlalinn lhmncsx, the Selectmen ol the Town uf Cnlcheslcr will meet nt I. 1'lelclllT'S 1 1111 . 'iliniiLi Tnlls nt 111 clmkA. M.,onlhc lirst .Monday olorry month for llie year ensuing. II. II. HlNE, 1 II. J. lljiynrnn, Selectmen " . L n lllIh.MAN, ) Colchester, March 13, 1HIM. 3Sm3 OoiiiiiH-i'i'ial llauk mini onfim.'imr dlmici .... v. .,, i-i.i. ,a ,,aT WT, .... ' 'I'iiri niwuniiwijwi.ii.-i uf said llANK Ir lllf.m, 10 Aim uif, JIIM-jANI';, X "re hereby noiitiru mat Hie Directois luneor that I have greotcr confidence in cuiing than dcred the sum ul llutiy dollars on each share of llie another, il is the distressing malady Dsilivia, so Capital .Stock ill said Hank, (I'xclusiu- of the sum general, yei so seiuoiit emeu, .ny iiituiciiie is at paui on nuiscriuiiig,i y wm in goiu aim nucr into 10 me uuicaun cenaiu m itsellecls. It said HaiiK, in ine oin e niereoi in llurliiigton, on or posiud sutli plains mid herbs as are congenial lo our mis un inns, nun aintiteii 10 i e cure oi an fui.iiui- Iwases to wbicli huiuan nature is incident. And this Compound Syrup is composed of all those aluahle i.lmls. Mime nf which blue latelv been d-coered and used, and found to contain specifics for thousands of diseases that liclore ittiieii llie oesi m iiieuicai smii. Opinions ul i'iiiiciinis. This is to eertilv. that we. the undersigned rhys'i ciansof the city ol 4N"ew-Yotk, have in a ery meal linny cases prescrioeil nr. lilllMins i.tnieiiu 1 ei low Duck and Sarsapanlla, and arc lully assured lhat il lias no equal among till the varied Sj nips ond Sar satiarilla iireparatiniis that hae ever been suld. 1.1 Lf W.....I.I...... II II C...M IV..11J M II .nillil r .leuuiu, .ii ii. .. ..i....... ... 1'. S. Maynaril, M. D , 1". It. Thomas, .M. I) , .lames II. .Morgan, M. D , S. M. Johnson, M. 1). New Volk, del. 10, 1810. Hi'inl Hie Trsliniony. Opinion ol a Physician regarding the combination of Yellow Dock with Sarsapmlla. .Montgomery, Juneri, ini,. Mr. Hennett Dear Sir In this age nl patent med icine excitement, it nllbrds tne great plensure In see. among the innuinerniile snrsiparm.i preparations, one compound that is likely to staml the le-t nt tune YoiirSrun. conibiiung as it does the two best roots now known, will most assuredly meet with uimrrMil approbation, l'or the last fun-cn years I bine been tit llie nam Ol ll-lllg, llioie or less, jciinw nun, iuui in sjrup ami oiutiiii iit preparations m my practice, ami have no hesitation in saing that it is the most aluu- hle root now Known. 1 have been prescribing your etract since 1 lirst saw it, and il iseijual to my ex.ectations. very resiK-iituuv, ours, II. T. It. SMITH, M. I). The .ir."' Hrmn) null I'rmnlf Mnlichir linmni. Dr. Ctiysolt's llslrnctof Yellow D ick nnd Sarsa innlln. eiuiinitiinii oilier vcirelahle iirnduclions that act upon the blender and delKalecoii-tituiion ol the leinale, with all the nnldiiessiil an nlti'rome.nnd Hill showing cry plainly its vnluable properties, m such cases as are nn nieni in consuuipuun, n.iin-iiii, . .,,,,... ... ..-I..I...I nliwtriiete.l or ihllicillt IllClltnia tlOll . lllCOl). liinnccnl urine, or iiuohmlary discharge thercol, and for the general prostration nl tin' sy-tein, no mailer whether the result of inherent cause orcau-es pruilue ed by irregularity, illness or uc. ulcut II is astonish ing lo see- the uiMgoratiou ell, els it Ins upon the hu man liuiue. Persons, 'ill weakiu'ss and lassitude ! fore taking it, at nnee Ucunie sinntg, robu-t and lull nl energy under Ms iiilluence. It iinmi'innteiy cuiui teiucts Ihe ncrioiisiiess ,, the leiuale which is the great c.lilse uf harienuess. h will nut be ll-ked ul llie Kiev. hibit ceiliheates ul cures n-rlnrmcd in cas,-s ot s ,it.. ieate a nature, hut I can assure the allhcled that we have received a great many ceitilieaus nl wonderful cures, much be)oud nurowu eHctations. Scleral cases where families have been without children, and niter using n bottle or two ul ilui. invaluable lucuiciuc have been blessed with healthy nll-ptlllg. More testimony in t.ivnr ul the sius-rionly ol Dr (iu)solt's llvtraet ul Yellow Dock and S.insip uilla overall other similar remedies. l.tiuctsol letter: received. Head Head'! Wiitcrlown, .1, llerson lii, N v., Nov. I, IS II. .ilr. r?. 1 . Iteiinelt cur 1 mil at n loss tocMiiess (w ith words) w hat has been said in niaise ut iuir Cum Hound llvltuct ul Ytllow Dock and Sursunurllla. All who h.iiehad the plea-ure nl Using it, speak of its man clous elll'cts in ri moving disease, with so uiiich teeliiig and hearllelt saiist.iciion, lhat 1 urn coiilidtiil now- that no inediciiie in use can boast ul lis siiKTior ipnlilics. Many who have liecti coiupl.iiiiiiig lor ears with p.inf in tin side, burning and puui ut the chest, d) sj ic p-ia, general itelulitv, lu. uf a pjiciiie, chills, night sweats, sail rheum, scintilla in l.ict all the diseases that we in this climate uie heir to, luul In ine i ettow Dock mid Sarsasinlla nil that is it'iiui-ite to make them what they were in their days ol health, Ac. We lind we have had some twelve tltucit buttles in three months, mid are nearlv out. Yuu will tilease send an iiiuul number, and oblige voiirs, 1IUYT .VliKl'.tKlHY. 4'iilisiiniplioli Ctniil. Victor. Orleans Co., N. Y., July 1.1, 1 S 17. Mr. Heniielt, Little lulls- Dear Sir -on the leceipt uf ibis scud me at least four dozen buttles Kxtiact Yel low Dock and Saisaianlla. It is giving entire suns taiiioii here, One case, that ul n vuuug man from Miehiean. nearlv nunc with ciiu-iumitiou. lleculu- mcnecd taking the medicine when unable to sit up, and lietore u-ing the whole ul llie lirst Isililewas mi much U'tleras to be able to walk to the ueighburs, and it is now certain that lie will gel well ss'cuiiy. 11 was also crv deaf, mid that ul-o is nearlv cmcd - There nre oilier cases where il has Urn with good succces. tours, liulv, A. 1" DICKINSON. Sent. f.ih. Just received a letter fiuni lletkimcr, Herkimer Co. which Hates that the S)rup cured a gentleman ol consumption that was supposed to Ik' do.; Mr do. The astonishing avidity willi which the afflicted pubhe have sought this complete remedy, may be judg ed ol by one ol hundreds ot extracts which might be given Irom Agent's Letters. Watertown Nov 1.HITJ3 Mr. flennet Dear Sir On the receipt of this please send usll doen Mc!iitn-h's Italian Pile I'lecluiiry. We tmd that it nils rapnlly, gnes entire sati-iactiun, nn. I ill inniiv enves h.t. tieltiirliied wollderllll Cllres. ltesiK-ctfiilly jours, I10YT A OltllCOIt Y. Preiared at S. 1". Heiini tl'sI,aburaiory,I.ittle Talis, Herkimer Couuly.Ncw York, and the (.cncral Agent lur the sale of the nbove lor the Stale ut Vermont, t;i:oi!t:i: i;. ii.i:itiNOTON, Cor. Church College sis. Hurhngton, Vermont. Amitlii'i'iirii's' Hulls and one agent in every village in the state, and hv Hie principallruggi-ls tliroughuut the United Mutes, West Indies and Canada. Z V None are genuine without the written signn lure uf S. !'. HIlNNDT'l', nu each nut-ide wrapper 11 sure that it is marked as above, or you are liable to be imposed upon. 3Jly The Proprietors uf this r.-tahlisluuenl hate received SPUING sri'l'LV1 OF GOODS, Selected Irom tin' ino-t celfhiateil Manufatloiicp "I i.uiuic and .ntt rica, A.VDIIAVi: .VOIV ON HAND Over $100,000 Worth Of READY MADE CLOTHING ! JIAMlArilltr." l.VI'KKSI.LV lull SPRING TRADE, , Made ill the llcst Maiuvranil most .Modem Ssijlc-, which will be sold at LESS PRICES Than (similar lloods were ever oft-red for it this cily KTUANCI.Uri i-iuiitt Wcu nnd DU VUlIliH IN KI:AI)Y M l)i; tI.OTilIN(i,nrpinrlH:il.ii j mite ti rnll, :is tin ir ill 1h- IUImI, Iiov'- hr'i nnd nt the lowt,s-l po-Me oner. Willi lie Inr-Ui"-t, ChoHT'-t and ('lit ipefrt lock in the Uuu-d ftiats(e can ry to out pairon-;, Wciu'eNoltobcUndersolil! ONE PRICE ! And tint fiinraulied lo luMnwe-r than imilhr nriiclr cnu he iiiirtlia-d for cNevire( u hit-It fiiahifit ih. rartiiT, .Miliaiiic and 'I'rad("iinn to make tliir rl-ctioiH with dona tch, :md witliottt (car ot impudi- tloll. CUSTOM W0UK lYKIfSCIIKUKY PIXTOIIAL A tit-i, .'I lol rtrciwdot llti mvaluaWf Cmih Heirtnly, nnd lorMlel.y UAHIMNCTON, Apnilieeaiio's' Hall, -j.j i,Ul, V. I1UII. II UUU V UilV Jv ai- J (hv-TIOCOA SHKLL.Jr-fj J excellent article of Coi Hid A 1) mill for salt- at Apiithfcarits Hall, nritno and oroa Shell n-ei'ied UAUKLNUTO.N'rf. ALLY'S PAIN EXTRACTOR. Just re ceived Iroiii the iiropnetur a Ircsh lot, at Aputhecancs' Hall. IIAISKIMITO.VS mice tileasant consists uf a combination ul hitler herbs in the lorm ul bcloic the first day ul June a H)wder. The receipt fur Ihisbiller has dcst'cudcd to me under a bond of scctecv from in v meat eraiidfailier. lis good effects have been tested uy ihousauds, audi very many arc ine oruers i am cuusiamiy receivuif; tiy post. It is also an ejcellent rcuiedy fur llie Jaundice. Manufactured only by me,at lluilitiMon, Vennonl. IIibictio.n. Three Times a day before cntnic, half a wine glass or less if that quantity operate too much upon the bowels. W j A. II. 1H1S. 1IAIIHV HKAllU'y, If, 1, l i,s , n. w. iii'CKi.ny, W. K. VII.AS. ' c.noutn' rin iinso.v, C. I). KASSUN, CIIAS. KU.S.SEI.I,, Buibjistoll, JUlili 7, 1SI3. "" ""' 38w3 bevoud buiM' now cuinviiii' ttuod health. Victor. July H17 Mr Henui lt Hear Sir The tnetheiiie siuii bus nut come to hand vet. I am enure jy out, with calls of from tl lo III bottles r day. Send some tiy express imiiieiiiuieiy, , . . , in ttasie, ynurs, j. r iiiv ivi.-vr-ii.-v. Iiilliiiiiiiiiiturv Klii'iiiiiiilisiii ( nnil. Seneca 1'iills, July III, HI7. .Mr. lleiinelt- Hear Sir--I am entirely oul ut jour l.ttraitot cllow Hock and Sarsaiiaiilla.alld will lie much obliged if vuu will send uie some tour dozen or more bottles ns soon as lmssible. 1 do not like to lie uut of the medicine. So .ir it has sold well and given enure sattstaetiou, due 1 1 UYSO'lT S SAltSAPAUILLA. the Omit W Smins I'iniftrr nf the Jllwul iSee ndiertisc. meiit in niioilier column. 1 IIAliUINli'l ON, (Apothecaries' llall.j Grnniil Aernt lur Vcivnmt xinv von if ai)vi:utisi:.mi:xt. 18 IS. READY-MAI).. CLOTHING. C. T. LONGSTREET, HAS removed Iroin hi former Stand, f3 Nassau, lo No. I'll .Ntissllll Slrecl.New Volk. Where lie has the larire-t I'lotlinn; Ware ISooms, nnd the largest stock 111 llie , all ut which he ileilges hilis.'lf are made ill the u, diiniblc, faniiuu itl'lr.itiid iriiiknimihke inaniirr. The demand tor his style ul Clothing hiving in creased to so great an cmciii. lie has i.itiinl n ucivs s.irv lo enlame his business, and lakei lileasiue itls-iv- ing to the hundreds whocullcd upon him tastvi'ar with the cash in their hands, and could get no goods, Uiecuiise they were all sold ahead) that now he has enough tor them ami lur ul. Those deuliug in the tinkle will find it greatly lu their advantage lo buy u lls hoiie, lor thev will be able, uut only lo sell their cu-lumers a well made, lushinuahlc, and genteel garment, but at u puce Imm tlmn tin il mrvbrrn tailing, ami leaving a large pllilil ill llielllsehcs. To iliusu who do uut deal in the article, but sell the goods in the piece, W II W 1'OfV. 77.17.'. Alrcadv vour Cloth sales nre dropping oil", and soon they will cntiicly cea.-e ; and some one ui.ue u w than joups'll, (s-eing which way llie trade is going, wilIU' selling Vlittltinz. It wiisl and icill Ic mid ill KVlUiY VU.I.AGI: IX AMMUCA within Iwo )ears, tior lliis tcisuip yuur customers can gel u belter and more genteel garuieut, icady nnde, iliau to nieiisure ; ami at three lounhs the puce. 1 on can iiuir have the iH'lhllg. N 11. t'niiutry .Mcrchaulo all of vou call and sat l-fy yourselves. .March HI, IS It. if7vv I In addition to our Immense Stuck ot Heady Mti!' I'lothiiig. we have constantly on Intnl. a large tisi-o.t nielli ul Trench Herman and Lhiglifh I'abrus, uhu. li w e w ill MAKE TO ORDER, andourflariiientsWAKHANTIlllTOHi: IQl'AI. in every ici-pect to lliuse ennnatiiig front the ino-t l'lii-iinte l-'asliioti.ilile lluus.'sl 111 II STUCK is tool'iriie to particularie, and tin public generally tiro invited to look through ibis I a t-ibh-hiuciit heiore makiinr their selections, as ( v, iv thing pertaining to a (il'NTI. OMAN'S WAUO Klllli.caii be loiiudat QUJtisroy HALL ! And no a r licit combmiit durability, Ft lo and 1 1 tut -lixt lor the Arti-an or Laborer h omitted. Healers IVom the $otilh nrnl Will find a lar:;c Aortinent mmuf icltired pxpro.-!)' ir iheir trade. They are parlimlarly imited to examine this Slock hcfiitc purrlia-niij;. FURNISHING GOODS - NI1- BOYS' CLOTHING ! IN I.AHtii: IJL ANTITII'S. John Sinnnons it Company, Qi'ivrv, nosTtix, OVER. QU1NCY MARKET. I. T li i.vrc wnsTDooii in sui rii mauki:tstui;i;t Ssullii's nACiUHItUHOTYPH .MlNIATiriUW. .11. l'AUKTU wn.ii t)i'i:. his Hooms I (on lol lege street, llurliiigton, t , Where lie h.isUiu Kir ihe last ) car,) on or Uloic the liisl day ..I Ai.r.l llAt Hours ol bu-inciu from '.1 A M lo I 1'. M. Undies ind (iiiitlemeii ate ri?iccllully invited lo call and examine specimens, nurliiifii.ui, MarihOl, UK OTtl. C'hfiTV llo.-irilx. rfflfi 1"-! l'i'-t liti'tlilv Clioiry lUU Hoards lor sale by tiP.O. lT.TI'.l'SON. Ilurlinglnn, March 41, HH. (!,1N si'lTAlll.K I'OU bird seed of all killlls. HAHI.'lNtiTt'.NS. PllVsiuiull-i ul' Ik'lltis.1 . IJlltl) CLASSIN. 1 1 ( ither water or .-i Itiirlnijstoii, .Mareh (. (MIlLonOFOilAir J ii-inir I'hloiulorm v lent and powerful nrtiilc at II tmtiMirus' UTIS'r.irS liALSA.M or Wii.n (,'10:111:1 . Taller iII'h Heave I'owd. r. I'ihaiii's I'deClul nary, .Icrvi-' Cold Cundy, lor sale bv Iltiniiuu. Apollieiaiies' I lull, curner ul Church and College si Hurliugtou, .March ss. STRAW CUTTERS. NUU' Sri'l'LV, IIOU.VS Patiwt. Il Irom is-, to si., the I ist may iv run bv Il'irs.. I' llie .tgriciuturni vv .uuiou-' J.S. l'l'l'lCT. Hiirhngton, March 1.1, lH. S, ESy 'JVlraph ! iust ki:ci:ivi:i), nuaii oiianhin & 1 l, 1'nrMleliy A S Ul'WIlY. liurlmgion, .March l.i. Ss. Si yLHKUl SIIDKS,, Waoo.v Homs eLc , for sile ut lit ni.iM.To. l'ot'Mir.v Gi ii.nts' m ii i i t. kid (;i.ovi:s, Cli.V 1 vat, Ildk Jvc. lor .itc at M (j. KATIIHUN .V COS Jfauuaryl''- Vov I'.ic Spi-iii!; Tr:nlf. "WAY l'.l'. l'OlMi AT Till': Afiitiri i il I lural Wiitchoiis,-,n very large asortiih-ui ol IL. ion Centre Uraught I'lims, Couiprisiu;; inure ih.iu 'Odilfciiut Sues and vatielic. J. 1?. 1 1.1ULI, lliirlingtoii, March 15, 1SK J I VK11Y lAUCl. ASSOUTM1.NT OF il Harden Scd-s.wuh many vattcly not to !' f;'"" I short ot lliecmcs, i.'xrrpt at 11k- Agneuliurij ara hoius... J.&. 1UKCI. llurliiigton, March 1.'", HH lolali Kt'llli'H. O fiOOI) SOUND W'L'Hiil linml Potnsli i KeillesforKilelowhy (IKO. l'l'l'llliSHN. Hurlntgloit, Match SI, 1-H. liiiilics Slioi't fniir. IIALANt'H OK OI H STOCK OI' 1 c alter, half O uter, and Wolking Slsys, nl; . v i ... i .. .o i .i.l .e.Am , rstii'i bottle of lihcutuatic I,inunent,sold on the loth day uf to raw tmtill llie bottle ol the Vellow Hock and Satsapanlla.nnd one Kid Shoes of ever) kind, v; tills? sold, -i i ' f , j. 'in tiny iii to cum muni ine isi ni iibi l'i". : " , ,,. ... kiieuniatism.of long standing, upon a gentle cut. sold on the I(Hh day ul to mil untill Hie 1st nl viuy oevi. June, has perfurmcd a radical cur ol inllaiunutoiy lo pnnhase, will find il for iheir 1. , YMA.N. uig, upon a gc nucmaii who , a can. . m was onlv ahle lo move alsuii ihe house on crutches He was ill our village,sonie six or seven miles trout home, without crutches or cane. He wished me to tender to ou Ins unfeigned thank, forbein restut id to health, and rclicicdlroni pain and sutkring by the tolc use ol vour invaluable medicine. J. It. DROWN, Uuthngion, Matfh I, IK mn.imni KII.K- I'OCKIIT IIDKI N. Ilinhnetoll. 1 tb. 's- lilt's l'uti'iit llr I'oiwr THRASHER AND CLEANSER. MAY lir.SKBX ATTIir.AKinu;n-i! W. iTrWarehou,c and will be UT1 n-.a.i ly ,, . lor Iluihngtun. Marih 15, IS''. Ul UMI1TH & Hi:i Cixivru Sixii tousm.k at the Agticullural Warehouse. j,,,,,,. limlington, Match 15, IRK " PUOTI'XTION ruti: jNs.'K.v.vor.'ANV, llnitfiml, t'oiiiii't'ticiil. CAPITAL s?20O,000 11. W. CLAK1C, ricoidrnt W.M.CONNUU, Srrrflmy. Olio. H. SHAW, Agmt. Uutluigtou, Vcnuvnt l ib. IS, 1S13. 31U'.