Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 7, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 7, 1848 Page 1
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J2. SlJItIiGiTOiV, VIIIDAY MORiML, A I'll 1 1, 7, 1148. Vol. X.XI. Whole No. j:si. iew Scries, Vo!. C ?fo. -JL M. . Business Cauis. i?OOA- 111X1) UU, 1'AI' IWLUR, AND BLANK BODK MAKKR, n fn free Vre i Hnil'tim. Collate Street. HAG A It & ARTllUlt. Vy Dealers in Hardware. Trtigs, raliil, Oils, Dye-Stnllv, '.. iVo. coR.seit or cnincii An stkct-ts. f'whi, CALvix ritf) wards, g.fg;--y kookseuxk . statioxei:, Const intly f(r pile n eenerul isaortmcnt of SCHOOL, CLASSICAL. A Jf u .11 1 s u i; 1. 1. a a u i" s is o o K s . TjIE ClIEAl' Pl,BL!CATIll.N, lll.VK DnOES, C)TA- TOvr.r.v.Mn.'rvL llm' Wo 1, tVi'Iii" nilinln':, 'i,'tr-i'-t. " " AlJiifliecllrfl's7 11.111," CHOUGH I!. HARRINGTON', Proprietor. WIlOirSAV ANDnLrAILDCAt.CR IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Harrington's EttiltlinPtCor. Ciureh it Collcze-sl SMALLKY &. PIIF.LPS, ATTonsuvs & i'j)i.'.si:r,i,oits at law AND .SOLICITOUS IN ClIANCEltV. a sMALtcr. v. J. OIlDIN'AltV AM) I'ANCV Duvlinglon -fvee jJvcss. l'ubli.tlird ft IlurliiiK'.o'J, Vl.t II ' 1) . V . C . V I. A II K H , Editor and Proprietor. Tcrmn To Village subscribers w ho receive the paper by the carrier ce Ifpaiil in advance, 'J.00 Mail subscribers nr.i! those who take it ot the Ollice, 0C II paid in advance, . 1,50 ADVEarisXMLNTs inserted onthe customary terms. j " " l'l.KSS ON." I FitfL' i c'ltcil nt tin-. Free I'lcssOflicc WITH C M'.n A.NH l'LWCTL'AI.I rv. c. x , imu:v, ! Citim and Caiiintt Mancfactcreii, J Two Diors Smith (.'mini v House, I uupcii n r., nt'Rt.ivui'Ov, v T. I Ail kinjs of work in the above line made to Older on tbf shortest notice. I. RHKUW00I) & CO.'S AUCTIOX AXD CO.M.MIS'ilOX STOKE, U'!T SltlC SolwriK. Constr.mly on hand Cabinet furniture, Chairs, Look in:! (il lses, A:e. JOHN RRADLEY & CO., i Wll 'I.CS' IX I1FAI.1 R IN I E.n'lish and Affit linn liar I!.,I. l!od, s?!it, Hoop and HAVO IltOS'. i Pig Iro:i,Coal,S'iect linn, Tiu.lhll and Sheet Copper .NAII.S, I.' AsS, Pt.ASTrri, Wt and Dry (ir .rctii . l'lmir. Stilt, 11 irr Mill Hioiu'. ll.iltinii CI m!w. r-iti'ntinas. ST01tA5i: AND roii W A K DING Ciutti'ti-htnitie Awaits and C.iinminuuit Mcicliunts, jcni u.-.Aiii iv, i ivi,.,rr S UntMXiiTON. Ti VTI1 i. 1 CCRCT.. Tito's. II. Cani'Iclu. ) AMOS C. SPEAR, OYKilji-iil iv rvriOT .xn TiinMPsoxn.v il .Mt'diein". ClieinicaU, Surgical and Dental In tntmc'Ua. Mineral 'IVelb. l'lii!, I.'e(hes, 'I'nt'fi, Minoral Vni", l)riHBit' Ilic Wtire, Rm1', Teifcuery. rfnapj, Dyc-Siuil'.Cainiihciie.liiks, Ulack ina, .tc ti.:. Church street, Dnrlinlnn, Vt. J. MITCHELL, .1 It V II A X T 'J' A I L O II , AMD fipiiernl tloaily-JlaJc Ciutliin: Stnrp. Clmrcb Strc. t, Iluilmaion, Vt. nv r.rK iieja.vis. Pr.tss ox! there's no such vord as fail! l'le1"" nolily on the pvj is near Accml the inuuniniu ! Iireast llie Rale ! Look upward, onvari! never fear Why hould't thou taint I Heaven nnilcs above, Thong'i t-u mi and vapor intervene ; Tint sun shine on, whose mine is Love, rieiciiely o'er lile's shadowej toeite. Trees on surmount the rocky steeps, Climb boldly o'er the torrent's arch ; He bids alone who leebly creeps, He wins who dares llie hero's march. Ue ihou n hero 1 let thy inUht Tramp on eternal snows its way. And through the ebon walls ol N'lj-ht Hew dow it a pjis.ij;c unto day. Press on ! if once ami twice thy leet S.ip Inck and stumble, harder try ; I'iooi In tit who never dreads to meet 11 itiiiur in J dentil, they'te suie lolly. To coward ranks the bullet fpecds bile on their brciws, who never quail, Gleams, guardian ol cb'.valric deeds, Ilnlit courage like a coat of mail. Press on ! if fortune play thee false To-d.iy, to-tnoirow she'll be true ; Whom now she sinks she now c.alts, 'Puking old gilts and granting new. The wisdom ot the present hour .Makes up lor lolli''sjr.o-i and gone To weakness stieugth succeeds, and power from liailty spring' press on ! prcw on. Prei-s on ! what llnugli upon the "round Toy love Ins been po'ired out like rain I That happiness is nlvwus found The swceiest, which is born of pain, Oft 'mid ibe forest's deepest glooms, A bud snisrs Iroin bhslitd tree, And 1 1 tb' drearest des.rt hlwins A never dj mg ro-u tor thee. Therefore press on ! nnd reach the goal And gam the prue an 1 wear the clown ; Paint not! tor to the soul Come wealth and honor and renown. To thine own sell Is' Hue, and keep Thy mind sloth, thy beau troni soil ; Press on ! and thou sli.ilt purely leap A heavenly harvest lor thy toil .' wonder if alio ia marricj ? ' Tlii.t was ithvnys vott nnd f, I'vo but otto now pair loft, and these the first qitpslinn asked by nur hero when a lady I must keep for my wedding.' attracted Ids attention; the second invariably ' Ho vott are lo marry Mis Stanton V was: ' U she rich 1 " These two points settled, ' To"bo ttire I am. Yesterday I wrote to lier, Theodore Aloiuo either went in pursuit or turn-1 makinjr a formal proffer of my heart and hand; cd away with indifference. On this night he ' to-d.iy I received this note in reply.' was raised to tho seventh heaven by receiving Walton took the note which Grimesgave him, satisfactory answers to loth nnestions and by , and read: 'I shall bo at homo this evening at an introduction to the I.ulv. lhni v know Ins character, and in spite of the ominous looks of the gentleman who accompanied her, fell into a little, graceful flirtation with the dandy. Never was man on hetlcr terms u itli himself than was Theodore Alonao, wlien he slopped in at Florence's on tho way to his lodgings. If Fowler had laid his fingers that night on the or gan of self esteem, he would assuredly have found it growing beneath his touch. Heavens! how fortunate that you lmew the lady, Walton,' said the excited Theodore, ad dressing the young m in who had introduced him to Miss Stanton. 'Sixty thousand, 1 think you said pity It tart n hiindrrd! however, sixty is not so bad. I say, Walton, here's to tho pretty heiress I1 'lint are you not too hasty in your conclu sions?' said Walton, 'why, man, 5011 have just commenced storming the outworks, and already yon count on a surrender.' ' TJiere is an cM faying which I keep con stantly in inv mind, my dear fellow, it in this: ' raint heart never won fair lady. I say, Wal To DnsTnov CocKltfjAciics. If your corres-1 of tlio company to-day. I knoT It, I know it. I f t,0 eminent lawyer Dupin, from his office a' pondents will try tho following simple plan, I Ha! honest It , mv line old librarian of t,c I . 1 1 :i i -4 do Justice. will warrant tlicm that every beetle and cock- Lndgate, time out of mind, art limit here again? j 'j'm friendly attitude of the Unglih pooplo roach will shortly disappear, and that Ihe kitchen lllcssthv doublet, it is not ovcrnnw, threadbare 1 nm Government gives gleat tatisfcetion it will not again he) Infested Add about a tea- as thv stories : what dost thou Hitting about the France. spoonful of powdered arsenic (onbout a fable- world at this rate? Thy customers are extinct,, 'j',0 members of the Provisional Onvp'r.tncn. spoonful of mashed boiled potatoes ; rub and defunct, bedrid, have ceyed to read long ago. rPfite to receive any remuneration whatever. x tliein well tpgetner, ami men crumble about Thou goest still among them, seeing it, pcrad-l Two of the Provision il Government nf 1'arii a lliiril ol it, every tiifiil at bedtime, about tho ventiircAthon .canst liawl; a volume or two. are .Cws, M. Cretnicnx and .M. Goodchoaux. Kucucn iteanii , 11 v. 111 an uu uiucn up, or nearly uooa uranvillo s , my last patron, u uown. . i,u ,3 " Kini! 1 niHiion i;e is oeau, All thy Ineiuls are lapo'd in Ietd. so, by the following, very tona ot potatoes, ana, eevourmg them greedily, crawls again into its hole and perishes, I had occasion to liavo some alterations made of which were deposit! 111s whito kid gloves, and quickly ascended tc- tin. uruvvii.g room. Miss Stanton was there, alone. Theodore Alonzo bowed advanced and took her hand. Emily glanced at Ids hevl and smiled a mis chievous smile for a moment her rosy lips were parted as if to give vent tc her imprisoned mirth. Theodore Alonzo droprcd on one knee after the most approved tnelo-UMinatic fashion. ' Ah,' said .Miss Stanton, ' hovt delightful it is in this mercenary world to meet villi such disin- ton, if you could accomodate 1110 with a small teretcd affection ! Until I rece'ved your letter, loan for a week or two, until I get the money , I was in doubt whether you sought my cousin's, which I tedd von I should receive from the sale . hand or mine.' of my land in Texas, matters might go on moio ' Mis Lansing' hand ! I tow could you for a eight o'clock.' 'llrief enough,' said he, after turning the paper to sco if nothing moTe was written on it; 'and is It on the strength of thh, that you think the lady intends marrying you J' ' Certainly I Miss Stanton is a little eccentric, that is all, I say, Walton, did n't I tell you ' Fainl heart nevcT won f lir lr-dy ?' ' At tho nrccise moment, the impatient lover rang the hell at Miss Stanton s. I he door was 1 dried mummies ol delnnct cockroaches. Ilicir the coodlv ornatiire of well-apparelled speech,1 Franco.) iinmcdiRtely opened by fci&cs Pomp, and 1 hco- (disappearance was not attended with the slight- am m commendation of wise sentences, tlrati ! The diamonds of the crown liavo been taken uore Alonzo congratulated liimscll on being so , est percepUWn small; Rnd though live years aTl nhing inferior to those accompli.-hed dons from tho Tuilerics, and depn,itcd near tho uccomnlisliinent of his wishes, lle'havu elan-.ed, not one has ajriin teen eccn in 1 nf mm Tl ,.irit nf ebivolrv fiirfiti, ,tu furl Ircnsore. 1 l.l .1... '. I.!. l..l. ...,.l I... !.. .1. !..,. I I. ,l I.. I, !..,.. ... . 1 ...... ... . . j . O.liun-ll Mil. MfMrri, M, , lli l,.tl, UlCiailLI I l,, IVILWIIVII. ill IJlllllHU IL IIIIU HkllU., P.IIV Iti ot'nr wo maining crumbs should be swept np tho next morning. F. H. Waives, M. D. We have tried the foregoing, and found it perfectly effectual. Downing's Horticulturist. The hosnit-il list shows that the number o' wounded is 1113, of whom 353 aio civilians and 70 military. Nevertheless, noble 11 , come in, and take I Tho whole of the imWes and rmriNrates 0; vnnp hnnv lintioron A mi.libi. a tut O iiismla , P.i r! In Vf snot III llmir nillio.biii tn I In, Itooillilic in the kitchen stovo six months after I pursued for truc courtesy, In fantastic smil- The I'rovi-ional Govcrtnnent lias at its dlpo this plan, and found hundreds of wings and ,',, (n tbvsnlf. in courteous smllin.f nnnn nthors.i sal ann.nuu.UIUf. 'denosited in tho Dank of 1 the national smoothly. Oh, while I think of it what is the iiimo of that plain looking girl who sat be side Mi's Stanton ? I paid so little attention alien you introduced me, that I did not hear what you railed her.' ' Her name is lausing, she is cousin to Miss Stanton.' ' A poor relation, 110 doubt, vnu might see that in her quiet, timid manner. l)oes the livo with her cousin ' ' She stays with her when sho visits the city. Miss Lansing's father is a farmer, I believe, liv ing somewhere away back of Newburgh.' 'Ho inav farm in the moon for what I care. I say, you'll not forget tint trifle, Walton; I'll pay you with interest when I get my money from Texa.' Mi Stanton was fecdinir her net birds, and , letting in the btinlight iiH)ti hot hyacinths, for 1 lie it known, although Cmily was sometimes playful as the frolicksome I'ucli, her tastes were I gentle as the dainty Ariel's. ' Who can it bo that sends these beautiful 1 flow ors, Kitty ? ' Faid she, bending over some of J thu loveliest treasures of Flora; 'oh, if I only knew if ' 1 'If it should chance to bo Gordon Graham,' ' said Miss Lansing, with a sly look. F.mily blushed, turned away her head, nnd I was bnicr than ever with her birds and 11 iwers. While thus engaged, Mr. Grimes and Air. Wal ton Mvit up their names by tho servant. .Mis From the Union .Magazine for April SI) c ost (Dlouc. I!V MRS. jam: c. camiteix. Trotn tho fir-t coveriiiL' for the hand, down tn ., ,, ,it, , ,. , .. "o ss,it 1111 iiiui o.iioet uv mo .-vi .int. t(is the Henry III. gloves , which, Israeli jells us, ,Stalon received tliein cordially, and after a few Umilll III lilt n flm tii.rU rl'l.n-..n ... . .. ... .... are in liiu pos-esion of the family of Sir Thomas I Denny, arid from thoe again down to the 'Alex 1 anJre1 gloves in the store of Stewart, something curious, tin doubt, might be related of them all. There is the delicate primrose, or lnvcnder I rehired glovo of the cx-quisl"1', which mikes its appearance wiui 1110 nisi uuiieruy 01 me sc.'Imhi of the usual nothings which are generally di en-sod during a morning-cull, Theodore Alonzo directed tho attention of Walton to a superb bouquet, which bloomed in a vase of ruby-colored llohcmian glass, un a small marble table. ' You are fond of llowers, I believe. Mis Stanton, and hale some rare ones,' said Walton 1 . .......... it. i,wiiiii.i !,M.-i. Kt VIIU , . 1 , . r. I tael.e. or to the be-jinnine of such a board as 1 wl,u w,sl"'1 ,0.p?f',' 'ooing of Ins friend, 3?' VL iu.ixarov .uriirvirvvu i. Warehouse n333i Hrsd fslorc, uy j. s. ii:i;:cn, :l"r.l"1 ",V." ?.5',vr","l IIV'''.;",. 7;'': : on account of thai tritlo 1 i1..i..,.,..Mic r.i,i (ini,iMi i ,.r .i.s... im.. .i t -1' 1 1 1 rjuiMie : do vou rear t hem tn a hnt-limiso imirniMv.ins-1 wl- iji w. iMiuiii. 1 itiii 1 1 1 1 r 11 is liic Mii7r-r.iiinri .... . - . . . . Flower Seeds Bl0VC nf u,0 staid middle-aged gentleman, often V" no- 6'm. B0 "ri' l,,.e'n "er,e' ,15"1 ALSO,l)!.AI.r.K IX SMI mnsiun- tho m.1,1 la-ad of a stno earn.. .1,ot beatitifiil I and so fragrant, too; rnvf 1 inr ipiviimis ami iiiii.iAiw-u ai:k. r: ' . r . . . . . - 5, S2. TajSJ.-at. - .airjrdodgnch aini noirtttilhofunilvof irooJ ' Lrj. f "u. l,I0U-!U uo uotl Vni mn! J"m J'ltlllllIJ-Ut IIILIU 11 till! UlllIU IIHt,U Pllli' (III I . . - 1 . ,i.:.. " 1 '' i. .1: j ... i,.. uii'v 1111 uic room wun incir i.unr. ! the famous walking-tick of Mr. llurehell, which1, hm ' '"S1!1. ,,"!lf "XC.J "P!n ..,v...i...i .,i. . .1.. r it.. -V 1 ber; she thought of Gordon Graham, and again moment eMupoo that 1 cared for her ? ' Men, novv-a-days, are siuh fortune-hunters, and Cousin Kitty's sixty tlnusand is so attrac tive, or nt least would havo been to any other man than you, that it la ro wonder I was in kjtiht.' 'Then your fortunes are tqnal.' ' F.qual ! I do not iinderstind you. Miss Lan sing is heiress to sixty tlnusand dollars, and owns beside. on of the Inieliest residences on tho banks of the Hudson' while poor Kmily Stanton is a dependant on her uncle, with no thing but the face, you, my icarsir, think pretty, for her fortune.' Theodore Alonzo stood erect. ' TliPre ap pears to be some slight mistake, Miss Stanton ; I have always thought your very charm ing girl. She remains with you during the winter, I think.' Here the conversation languished, and Theo dore Alonzo, pleading an engagement, endeavor ed to make good his retreat, ivhen Gordon Gra ham approached from an oppoito apartment. Quickly, and with nervous trepidation, our hero descended the stairs, for the figl.l ot Graham re minded him unpleasantly of sA'ord-caucs and pistols. In the hall Pomp handed him his hat there was but one glove in it hero was a dilemma ! ' Pomp, you rascal, where is my other glove t They were both in my 1 at when i gave it to JOIi.' Pomp chuckled, hut did not speak. Theodore Alonzo waxed fierce. He knit his brows and looked daggers at the good-natured negro, who stood grinning and acting pantomime. ' Yon stole it, yon black rascal. Heavens !' exclaimed the perplexed dandy, as he held the old glovo between his linger and thumb ; ' hea vens ! the last of" my Alexandres !' ' Ki. inassa, yon bin (fvvino knork down dis hero chilil for notlin. You jus like Pomp's old irrnmlmmldor, wliulgo look here, look dar, look ebcr) whore for pecliicli!, an dcy all do timu on lop lier head.' Why did you not tell mo that before ?' While taking the glove from where it was perch ed on his ohit, Theodore Alonzo thought ho liearu a footstep on the stairs. tpen me uoor, lliiT.i -.ton. Vt. CONSUMPTION. ASTI1V.A, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, can hi: crniia. m7G. nATHCUN d. CO. M i: it c 11 a x r r a 1 1. o ii a , No. 3 Perk's IJloel:. M. C5. H VTimc.N c Co keep constantly on hand an extrusive and full ussoinm'Ut of Clotl for every defcriptiou of Clnthins ; tilnl nin prrpaiedot r.ll Ituu'i 1" ii, ' ' . ..,.U;.'.lis liu? of Ueullemen s l'ur nMiii'tg Hood". ,M, O. IlAIlIUUN. c. r. WARD DEAt.tas IX Eusliih, rfie't. ti irm.i i mill Amcricnn DRY GOO DO, West Imli-1 :l mi.l (Smveiie, Corn-r of C'mrr n.i l Ciltegr.Sti I tell vou,' cried he savagely, l'omn obeyed, !') 'and the next instant it was closed lurevcr on glove of the divine; and the diinty white kid of, ' "'o 's sure mat nom me ui.isi, .T,,,,(ire A(m,0 (;rilnc,. the belle, bordered with the daintier down of the '"V ,. I- ".. . L.' . "' , . The rain was pouring in torrents, am! FvrT) liUllLJN.ii'ON MiHKET, -JfU2La Y w- c- II A !! n I N a T O II, I ,wu, a p ile bull' or a while glove, would have cvgnct, Tiiere is the short, woolen glove of the chiffon nur, and the long, embroidered glove of the ball loom. l)jar Dame Fashion, we crave thy par don. We were thinking of long ago, when the i-m.iib'st tvirtion of the ino-'.-beatitifully-rounde.l uriii vv.i J,-p.ayr'l in public ; wo had forgotten the I'emi-nndily of thy present votaries. J It may argue want of ta-te, but we confers to .i ili-tit.ii iti tin. Mm, irhivn tvnrii liv nirini- l.wlind j no color is loo oeciueu. oeuui' coil a pieiiy girl walking in Itrnadvvay, dres.seil in mn-t b 1 coming b iuuet, and tasteful cloak of blue me rino; hut the vvholo effect (tu our eye at lea-t) was studied by lier wealing gloves to in itch. On'y think, what a sweet contrast a delicate n..,,n.l I... Iti... ..!!' t!,. S.',..,,n., ,.,! I.i . . '""im i n ...i in, ...... . . w. Ij..... .v ,..,..1. "f runes had forgotten Ins umbrelli, in anxiety ., ,. - ,., ... . . ,. .. , ,'HIUH.T ll.lll IIIIIIIIVII lll-lllllll'IVII,, bought and the spirit of mischief stirred within alnllt his olc-" ,e t,r()J , ,,r03lll her. She spoke to Walton ti niono-illables, 0,nnnms iiiJe.1 ccry driver slue: i leaving him to be enteitained by Miss Lan-ing, 1 wliilo .-ho devoted hersell to her admirer. Amu sed by his vanity, she adroitly turned the con versation on dress, and no compliment was too broa.l for our hero. i I agree with you, Mis Stanton, a gentleman , should always make a fashion ihle appearance.' mere is one tiling in winch 1 particularly commend your taste, Mr. Grimes.' ' What is that ! pray tell me. I shall bo but too happy if in an) thing my tasto corresponds wun yours. w ay, ev crv every driver shook his head there was no help for it Theodore Alonzo must walk, and forlorn was his plight after threading his way from Wayerley Place to Warren-street. Some two weeks afterwards, while ho was thinking who he should next ask for the loan of a trifle, to be pud with interest from the proceeds of his land in Texas! bo took up a paper, audi From the Dublin Nation Jinn's .Mission. Human lives arc silent teaching lie they earnest, mild and true Noble di-cds are noblest preaching Froni tho consecrated Few. Poel.priets their anthems sinpi'ig, Hero-sword on corslet ringing", r When Truth's banner is uuiitrlcd Youililiil preacher", geniiH-gdted, Pouring lotth their souls upbiied, 'fill ll-.eir prcaduug stits the world, Uach niut work as God has given Hero baud or poet soul Work is duty while we live m This weird world of sin and dole, Gcnile spirits, lowly km cling, Lilt their white hands up, appealing To the throne of heaven's King Stronger natures, culminating, lu jjreut actions incarnating Vhut another can but sing. Pure and meck-cved as an angel, We must strive must acoiue; We must preach the saints' evangel lire we claim the saintly prize Work lor ull lor woik is holy We fulfil our mi-siou solely When, like Heaven's aieii above, lllend our souls in one emblazon, And the .eml diapason Sounds the peilect chord of Love, Life is combat, life is striving, riuch our destiny below Like a scyihed chariot driving Through an onward-pressing foe. Deepest sorrow, scorn, and trial, Will but leach us self-denial ; Like the Alchemists of old, Pass the ore through cleansing fire, II our spirits would aspire To be God's rctiucd gold. We are struggling in the morning With the spirit ol the night, But we trample on it, scorning Lo! the eastern sky is bright, We must watch. The day is breaking ; Kooit, like .Mcuition's statue, waking With the sunrise into sound, Wc shall rais.' our volte to Heaven, Chautit n hvnin lor conquest given, tiv'uc the palm, nor heed the wound. We must bend our thoughis to earnest. Would we strike live iJols down ; With a purpose ol the sicrnesi, Take the Close, and leave the Crown. SulV.-n.'igs human hie can hallow, ulleriogs lead lo Gud's Valhalla .Meekly bear, but nobly try, Like a mail with soft team Mowing, Like n ixod w-ilh conquest glowing, So lu luve, and wotk, and die ! Scekanza. ever, when 1 forget thy singing the song of, A lew weeks ago, Lnni' rhUippt pttrtf.Kei 4 .Macbeath, vvjch declares that he might be help- Itiif islwc m 1 lumpsum; fiat lie II is large sums pt) iriVi c'icrlwituiteil between thoao two an-' in the Knglish fittiih is well known, ctent spinsters when I forget the inimitable! Louis Napoleon JJ.mapart" has been civilly ro formal love which thou didst make, tnrninj; now quested by the Provisional GowrriTfier.t to fe.v e to the one, nnd now to lbs other, with that Mai- France, Mr a short titn", until matlcrs'arc 11101J volian smile as If Cervantes, not Gay, had 1 scltl -d. He lias judged if wie to do sii. written it for bis hero; and as if thousands of) The 'nupectors of tho dotmins arc now pre periods must revolve, before the mirror of rour-j p iling an Viyentory of the property of tha Civil tesy could have given his invidious preference Li-t, and to taVn. possession thereof in the natiid between a pair ol so goodly-propertied and meri- of tho vnerign pvule. torious-equal damsels. The lonu of the llnfumal, and of the othct 1 French papers, towards Peiglaml, is very friend To descend from these altitudes, and not to ly, nnd great weight is evidently attached to ths protract our Fools' I! tnquct bevond its nppropri- sood will of Cngland. atodav fori fear the second of April is not " Thu Mria stales that from U'0 to laOnf.tha many hours distant in sober verity I will con- pnpuUrc ere cither burnt to death or sulTocat- fossa truth to thee, reader. 1 love a00.' as od, while m a state ol drunkenness, in t-o pil naturally as ifl weie a kith and kin to him. lage anil miming 01 llie l-liateau Ucs iNnuilly, When a child, with childlike apprehensions, that Among the passengers by the Wet Indian dived not below the surface of the matter, I , steamer Avon, which left SouthaiApton on Yri- read those pirahla not guessing at their in-, day evening, were ill. liiisson and General Uu volied wisdom I had more veamini's towards 1 toland, deputed by tho Provisional Government that simple architect, that built his house upon , at Paris to proclaim the Republic in thy Ficnclt the sand, than 1 entertained for ins more can-. .mime. tiotis neighbor; I grudged at the hatd censure An answer lias ticen received Iroin Admiral vror.ounced upon the quiet soul that kept bis richouart, the commander-in-rhief of the Modi- talent ; and prizing their simplicity boyoiul tlio lerranean sqoaunui, pving 111 ins own aanesion more provident, and, to my apprehension, some- and that ol the whole licet to the PovUional what unjenumne wanness 01 meir competitors uo, eminent. I felt a kindliness, that almot amounted to a All the admirals of tho navy now in Paris, tendre, for those live thoughtless virgins. 1 havo without the exception even of Admiral de Mrkau( never made an acquaintance since that lasted, or eigmneit mcir suuininion 10 ttie provisional a friendship that answered, with any that had Government, in a writing coiirlird in the mos' Ttftt some tincture of the absurd in their charac- patriotic terms, which they delivered to M. Aral ters. I venerate an honest obliinuily of under- go. standing. The more laughable blunders a man It is proposed to make Lotus Philippe re'pon shall commit in your company, the more tests sible for all the losses caused by the revolution, h: giveth yon, that he will not betray or over- and to hold his private property in guarantee; reach you. I love the safety, which a palpa.j but this will probably bo bubmiltedlo tho Nation ble hallucination warrants; tlie security, which, al Assembly. a word out of season ratifies. And take my -nuer-., me ouvner or wnri.mnn, win u word for this, reader, and say a fool told it vou, one ol tho ."secretaries ol tho Provisional Govern- if you please, that ho who hath not a drachm of nient of I ranee, is sa d to be a young man of (oily in his mixture, hath pounds of much worse great intelligence, and of high moral character. matter 111 Ins composition, it is ob-ervcel, "Unit .11.00 uoi.iscuiu nas uiuuiaiuu mama 13 pn." the fooli-herfhe fowl or fishwoodcocks, dot- r'lrei1 l" ob-erve all his engagements lotvard terels, codshead', &c the finer tho flesh there- Hie statu for tho new lo.-.n. 1 le has aKe sent of," and what are commonly the world's receiv- 50,0u(Jf. to the Mavor of Paris for the wounded, cd fools, but such whereof the world i-not wnr- One hundred and ten hogsgcads of wine, thy ? and what have been some of the kindliest louml 111 me collars 01 Aeuiiiy, nau ueen rcmov patterns of our species, but so many darlings of od to Paris, and distributed among the hospitals, 10 -i-di ;iry. number ol ex-peers of France, who havo already served more than one r. n-nnr, presented them-elves oj Saturday at the Hotel de 1 1 le, and placed them patterns of our species, but so many darlings of od to Paris, and uistnuiiieo among llie 110s absurdity, minions of the goddess, and her white for tho Use of the wounded, amounting tc boys? 'Header, if nti wrest my words beyond of whom 350 were civilians, and " mililai their fair construction, it is you, and not I, that The XmionnX says: "A great mini! ...... J.. . - . . ' 1 .1- r .. !. 1 t 1.. aro the An7 Fuel. Charts Lamb. Foreign Items, 3.11 tools' Dnij. The compliments of the season to my worthy masters, and a merry first of April to us all. Many happy returns of this day to you and you and jn, sir nay. never frown, in in, nor lint a long face upon 'the matter. Do not wc know one another? what need of ceremony among friends ? we have all a touch of thul taine you understand me a speck of the motley. He'shrevv the nun who on such a day as this, lite genera? fcstintl, should affect lo stand aloof. I am free of ths corporation, and care not who knows it. He that meets me in thu forest today, shall meet with no wiseacre, I can tell him. Sluiliis sum. Translate me that, and take the We cut from tho VurojKan Mail, received by tho Caledonia, the following interesting items of intelligence : The American .Minister. Tho MmUtpr of tho IToilnd Xtntns. ne u-fa most appropriate, was the first to recognise the llle,i,r l"'0' tjoverninciit, havo now na leaniua new Ilepiiblie of France. Tho Xitiunnl giv es lu J"- I'uu'.""" selves at the dispo-al of the Provisional Govern ment. We add that tli.y were very coldly received." Tho news of the French Revolution has pro duced a gieat tonsatinn in Holland, but has not been attended with any event of importance Trio Dutch, though not altogether satisfied with SWATS, FISH, A VD Vr.lWI'AlilJIU, Laud, Tallow, cVr. I est-(lho.,gf. not like Wordworth's, contained J.,am nJc ,)!lr"!l1 1" il l,a"d"""'e P .. r 11 s,....i. 1. T n ., . ... . r 1 ... . , . ... 1 1 1 lieodoro Alonzo irrow sentiiiienta 11 .-it me uimi vj L11H11.1 iihii i.imiBt"nj in a nui-sneiii iiiegiovuoi giovcs me vvsu- It. 1IATL' II i: I.I) Il It'S uing-giove 1 , , meaning 01 u to yourscu lor your pains, vvuai, "'Married, this morning, in Grace Church, 1 ""J". we have four quarters of the globe on our Gordon Graham, Fsq , to hinilv Stanton. At , ';; "l "' "'"' i"i'' . ,, , ,, , . , i no same tunc ami pi ice, lienry vniariou, hi I I I. vim llitlnrnr I 1 liivn li t f , miml nnl n i . . . . . . .. . . J . i . '' ,:.,, Vi V, '.'', Catiianne, daughter ol the lion, iicrueri ians l'11 you. Must I .'yes well, then it i in the :.. " formed with the Mazarine blue mantle ! There is yet auother the prettiest the lini- t,il I ii o o r a v n u i: s tu it 1: , 111. 'li-ircli.tret. New York, rio-ton, and 1'arvvell's I.n'lirs imJ :entleiii"ii" IJon: mill Shoes, of everyd 'scriplion an 1 style, constantly on hand. itoie 1st ir hoi ih a f foiiriy'i, mid diret t'y oppo site I) Kern's, nrjr Ihirtnd'ii Store. Church St -v;'Vfiy V.? IJ I, ACKS.I1ITII SHOP Dy B. S.SKIKBSn, ALSO Sad die, Ilirness nut TinnU Mati'tfiicturcr. Et(t tide Ciurt-htmse Suui. LIVERY ST AD LE,,V A Nil LIVEI1Y STABLE, nv CLLIS AND CHURCH, V ''I' xt -!. J, & J. H. PECK & CO. j WUOLtSALr. 1EH.LI(S IN MiV''.S', utt.ti, tu,ss, x.Ml.s, IJr.uls, J'oreisu mi l Aiiiciienn lion, Steel, I'i ; lion. Coal, Tar, Eolting Clol'tn, Plug and Cartuduh To Itierii, FI.OIMl, nil'! ro"'!"" Western SVI.T. AniK for ibe sale of I'airhiuk's Scales, Ad nn Ennui's Uurr Jlill-rftom-s, Lorillard's Maemboy nnd , S-oieh Suuir, Siuuking nnd rli"ft.-. Chevvmg Tobacco. CassicsJ'. Plcii, ) On the Simit, College (. Iir.VLLBS I.V FANCY AMI Sf.VIXE CTnO VT::"l CAltl'llTIM!, HUSH Ew&-WLiiiiiJ .liiittins, Km-, Floor Oil Cloth, Window Shades, I'uper Hang- iiigv. It'nAina (i?'sp.',o"'?:e.'. rioirlns IHiie, I.iqlit lllue nnil White (irnnlte M'AHi: also, Chun and Glass Ware. Giiocekies, Fl'ls. Llti aui, &c. Chuuh Street. How neatly it must fit the hand not a stain not a wrinkle so fine and soft in texture that the indentations of thine p;arly digital append nges vulgarly called nails, can be seen through . the smooth surlace. l!y-the-hy, this passion for 1 a neatly-fitting glovo used lo be a great biro, when tiin ring was about to be placed on the , linger of the bride. If the glove ch meed to bo ton tight in the least, therj stood the blushing bride'r-m iid, tugging away at the refractory ar-' tide, and finding it as h.u.i to pull oil', as tho! boots of Peter Faber were dnliciilt to pull on. There stood the btthful bride, trembling in sweet, tniidenly confusion thero stood the pa , tieut clergyman, and tho Imp ilient bridegroom and there stood tha mischievous youngsters of the pirly, cxchingingsly g'ances and swelling I with h ill'-siippress?i Taught r. Novv-a-d lys, the ! cunning gipsy of a bride has no such embarrass- tnent. The be irt-linger i--, seemingly, encased choiro of your gloves.' ' ny l must own my weakness on that point, un indeed partial to a handsome glove.' Here Theodore Alonzo grow sentimental and whisper ed, ' Uh, that I were a glove upon that hand !' Vexation ! at that very moment a visitor was announced, and Gordon Graham, cold, calm, se vere, bowed lo Miss Stanton, and took a seat near her cousin. 'Hang that fellow!' said Theodoro Alonzo, when hu was once more in the street ; 'another half hour and 1 should have proposed.' 'And so, Miss Lansing,' said Mr. Graham, continuing a conversation which hud been inter rupted by the departure of the gentlemen, Theodora sighed deeply as he thought of the lost sixty thousand, and' counted up the many ten tfaUtirses he had uselcs.-ly paid Thorburn for rare and beautiful llowers. Fill us a cup of that sparkling gooseberry wc will drink no wise, melancholy, politic jiorl on this day and let us troll the catch of Amiens due ad mcduc ad me how goes it ? " Here shall he see Gross fools as he." Now would I give a trine to know, historical ly, win) was the greatest fool that over lived. I would certainly give him in a bumper. Mar ry, of the present breed, 1 think I could without much difficulty name you the party. Remove your cap a little farther, if vnu please; i. :.i.... . '.. i.... i,i ,.,,i .,,.. .,.,'!, ,., I... - , , , i lOOiJ-, ill, uiimiii .uiu nw L.i.11 in..,, i-- , l.y a tunnel ol two ami a nan mues, .j his (. lm j,, , 0 u.,ial uepot at L.ige-ni I wi n no .M.ri , h(J lclsfii , ;vp vo rr ,11V . Grunt Tunnel under Liverpool. This work is about thu only one in connection with tho London and Northwestern system on which there arc no particular appearances of suspension, the object being lo connect, as soon as possible. ine noons uepot at raige-iiui wnu mo ionu i , . , Docks al the water' edge, where the bulk of all . ,un0 110 P" .1... e. i -.. .7 tM rt I. i.l I llie loreigu snipping ceuires. ovu vwiojn, iru, liKen uireci 10 i.uge " The crazy old church clock, And the bew ildercd chillies." ' I't, i which i Jane fsCrmjf-T, IIi)()Jt3e As Hu. Ur.ALI.RS IN 1ILAW ASH SltrLK as tightly a before ; but on tho iippearanco of me in igic circle winch is iienceiorlli to bound the m liden's destiny, down drops tho previously opened seam, and,'' Willi this ring I thea wed,' Is heard on tha iusfant. A great improvement this in tlio wedding-toilet. Now this I it glove brings us to the lost glove of Theodore Alonzo Grimes. Theodoro Alonzo was a walking advertisement, placarded from head to foot with the latest fashions. His heard ! was of thu newest cut, his moottaclio tho same i his gloves, ho prided himself on their being faultless! I A secret, dear reader Theodore Alonzo was a fortune-hunter. i Ilmily Stanton was one of those roguish, mis rhieviiu'i Imps, who aro continually Hilling ah nit, brimful of merriment ; teasing, at times almost annoying, but with whom you cannot get angry, for the life of you. Vou begin a lec ture on tlio proprieties of conduct, advance quite Me- gravely, and, as you think, most convincingly mo snips cargoes win ue i ihcn oireci io i.ugu- ,. .i..i i . , .,, .'i ..V . ; , .., T. . Viootl master U'OOCies, v'oi .ire wcninor, liyra ::r i z , z " va T,, , i1-- blind, maimed man. and unite her nnd il. , , Messrs. Holmes and Me., lug down -i.tiu, vv orso iiian fate Will, his'?' M'nmicl.- v,bol,,vnl,ntweenl.00ll'alld'0U0me,lyc'l.'L' 1 a. '"erey 0W "orsllip Uld ' I do; Jane was a true-hearted womm. She on it at work, have already carried the drift-way-had douo right in tearing herself away Iroin Air. . hall half through. Rochester, when ho was in tho full pride of his! The operation aro very dangerous, and in in tiily vigor, because there would have lieen souio places shake the found ition of the houses, guilt h id she remained ; but when he was aillic- which at many points, aro only at from fifty to ted siilTering alone, then Jane did right in de-' eighty feet above tho Tevel whero tho rails are I voiing ucrscu to mm, aim uecouiiiig ins minis- ihuumiu, ioiiii'niui,re. . ..... ....... the following interesting account of the official interview between the Republican Government of France an J the Representative of the Amer ican Republic: " lo-dav, at two o clock, the Representative .Minister from the l tilted Rush, went to the Hotel cognition of the l'rovisio was appropriate lo the representative of the American i n. on to uo me nrst to welcome our nfant republic, for there in no bond more power ful between nations than community of senti ment. Tho step taken by the .Minister of the United .'states lias, under existing circumstances The Provisional Government had decreid that the stamps on newspapers should be re established on the 6th inst,, but suspended ten days previous to thj convocation of the electoral asscino:ies, to allord the election? the gieatest I 'states, .Mr. Richird l'lj'Ll,'1"''"lc'S'' . , , . IO de Ville in format re- 1 r"-'1'1 -National Debt in 1330 was na! Government. It j millions sterling. Since that i time itlns ini was l,a ed thirty-scuen millions nuking a total of i'U'.i millions sterling. The next dividend diy is thu Jil of .March. rnfounJed debt, XI L.VJO.OOO. Capital embarked in railways, Jl'U.oOU.OOO. The blind confidence of the cx-Kiug was un bailable. On Tuatday evening (the diy of tha serious importance; although fully awaited, it 1 oiuquei; yjuis i oi ip! sum u a Jur- has touched acutely tho members of the Provi-' fa" emUis-ador, "I fair nothing; 1 am so fiiui- -ional Government, and after an interview in i-eaieu in ni) sauaie mat i ureau neiiticr a w Inch were exchanged the noblest expressions, j cll:lnl,'u ' .,3Il"if lr.v "or a disobedience of my thev, in a boity. accompanied that lepre'entii-l V """a".' ."-. " .s.j... .-n.i tM. tietnan about to quit Franco lo reiniiu nnd wit ness the quiet manner in ho Urn Iving; w as about to " put duvvu " the mob. tive of a great nation to tho threshold of the Hotel de Ville, as a proof of the cordial affection which must ever exist between the American and French republics. "Mr. IL Rush thus expressed himself; 'Gentlemen, As representative of the United 'on Donne's Address nt litirllnoton ("ollem States, charged with rare of the rights and in-, .. When vou have lound u man, you Imve terests ofmy country, and of my fellow citizens, not far t0 ' t0 a ,,t.ut ,11UI1. Vou residing in V ranee, and belli' at loo great a . , , , - .. .f. . .. ,11st ine,, to await iostroeliimslsnWn Ibn onrllesl '"''" r.""" ""g "' Tin: C!i;NTi.r.:i.VN. Kxtrncts from ISisli- nnport unity of offering my congratulations, per su ided that m v government will approve the cannot change aC.ipe .May crvsinl to a Ji.i iiuml. You cannot make n gentluiimti, tili .ten of which I luve taken ibe initiative. I tnii-t volt havo first a innll. To hi II getltleimiir, not omit to remind you that the alliance and R w ill not be sufficient to have Imtl ti grand friend-nip vvincli nave so long united l ranee ami , father. not sinoe vottr iniistaclii's J la. 1 Cleoiiibrotus ! and what salads in filth did vou light upon at the bottom of tho Mrditer raiieali ? Voti were founder, I tako it, of tho disinterested sect of the Calenlurists. Gebir, my old freemason, and prince of plas terers at ll.ibel, bring in your trowel, mo.-t An- lu""K U,,se1, ' ""' " ,r'l '"' y il it's e naro 'or fir ' at my right hand, as p Urn., of the stammerers. Would she not have made a better choice in "' ""'" "V J "rS,Z ,f ' Vm. icft vour workif I remember Herodotus iinrrytug the elegant Rivers ? His eyes were IMLWUI , ',' , i.,tJ ,,a,tt. .tn i.. ..i'.', I correctly, at eight hundred million toiscs, perfect he had not lost a hand there was no . t.' ' . ".. ,i . V .,... i V. . . thereabout, abnvo tho le' scar on his broA' ho was a man why did she not take him I' ' llecaiisc ho was little more to her than a speaking automaton that I, il Jane Lyru could regard any one in such a light. In short sho did no( love hiin, and she did love Fairfax Roch ester; there's a woman's reason, Mr. Graham,' A word here about Gordon Graham. He had been, nay, he was in lovo with Kmily Stanton. tha L'nited States N unimpiired. 1 am certain tint a loud and universal expression of hope will auim iie my coouirv ior me prospeuiv, o-ippi-ness, and glory of France, under the Institutions which she his now inaugurated in conformity with the will of thonilion. Americans will have nn nrdent hope that under the wisdom of France, theso institutions will havo for the whole human race results, of which tliemagtnn- itnoiis conduct of tho people in tin: late events allord a happy presage. Under similar institu tions the I nited States have enjoyed for seventy years an increising prosperity, vith a govern I'o lie? n ncnlleinaii, iljes not depend up' mi the tailor, or tlio toilet, llleoil will uV gerci'.ito. lioxl clothes nro not good hub its. Tlio Prince I .mi Hon concluded tliut the hug, in Ivnglatid was the only genhV. man, us being the only tiling tlmt did Hot ltibur. A gentleman is just n gentlo-mRn ; W more, no less ; n diamond polished, thli: Lwus first u di.ttiiuiid in the rough. gen tleiiiutt is geutli'. A gcmlt'iuuii i injdeti- ?S, or'f.. r.. l .,.,l.n;,,.. .,,,.1 iru,,. I',,! ,,, I inoitl -man is nonrlHivus. A 'WiltlpTllsli i! hr,0mudo'f sixty feet above the roll of tho locomotive. Onb Ibereubout, abnyo tho level of the sea. Iles ! j,,,;.,,,, y leaves to, ilher countries a free choice is getiewus. A gentlwna.i is slow to tel.. to bo proud of mlfifli tnnne, u eMi t0 wnrk lrmi, n)nJ us what n long bell I ' ''' "vo I' died, to o(- vcrlf,m,nti u.ilhol,t any interference, it will ' ofJbnc.., as being one that never given it.- FlLJ clinincsToulsil louse I'm- you looi; up lo sro me eueci prouueeu oy your isliinui.Niiils.Ginw. Win- uilmoidiinns F.niilv's snarkluig black ovo meets . rriV.1".".-A Si'" V i r'."i' '.e yours fhuro is no resi-tiiig the mirthful conta- :, l)ry (:iV.','.,i',... .v.-. ' F'""' a'1"l,r S"vo lectiiro ends at last in a .. I IViii.misyinii Mrr-Lsnl. laiU'llilKr lliorils. Fllli V lllld a UtllCk PC TC C )t 1 0 1 1 ' A soiiu'lbing, liglu as air a look, ji nuru uiiainu.or wrongly laken, dow Pa.'i. Iron, Steel. iVWAivv, inn, i Grind Slont" A . tiiom r ion. ) ,;a,, Side Court House Square, ",r ,''u ridiculous, which, if it had not been under W. I.. STROXI, , r , , ,. 1110 COIlirol Ol lUIIIVO IOOO SCIISU, uim hhiuhi;.. H. . nooi.iTTi.t- j Chinch a,tdCulleSe.,i,.. tlf ,C!Uti m,,A have surrounded her vviih cue ' ' GliOilGi: I'UTIJKSOW, i inies ; but she never indulged in a display cf deallk in j wit that could wound tho feelings of her friends, (uTttPcnci DRY GOODS I "'l'1 Wtts ""' U,,1I'"',I overmuch when she met -Mi-ii'r.i . siv -.- . . ' i wun a I nciHiore Alonzo. Crockcra, Flour, Salt.Phster, 'i'"''f Ci, ' . There' a very pretty girl,' said Theodoro to RkahV Mauk ',n"'N . . a companion, as hi lovelfed his glass at a lady. T;rvl ',wboludj.m taken he, ,t at the eneta; ''l Msting of rorl; aim saiiusinue; out, as ii ap proaches thu docks, tlio soil is of a treacherous kind, and rubbi-h, Tho railway company have to pay compensation to the owners of every house and building the tunnel passes under. , Jiiierpml jiapcr. Poit. Pius IX. Tho N. Y. Journal of Commerce says, a converted Roman Cath olic nricst of that city, who has in years bad produced distrust und seeming coldnesR be- past been quite intimate wilh tlio present tvvcen them. Moreover, Graham had lately met occiimmt of the papal clmir, and who is wilh an accident, which sadly disfigured his once' perfectly fiimiliur with his pcr.sonul history, l.aiidsoino coiinlenince; hence Ins warmth on s,llteS that his first position of nny protiii- fillii&,ii . ' '""'. ,l,at of " tho lo convince nun that Ins coldness was a mat- ., , ' v- ,, v'i,;i ,i,. .,..J..i i ter of indillereiico, Mi,s Slantou bestowed C,ari, lNo1' lo' , '"lo tllU, P W1. , ll0 her attentions on Theodore Alonzo. Graham I "'!1S '"duccd to tnko a vow, throw up his and Kmily were at cross purines, and in vain ollice, nnd became a priest. Not long did Cousin Kitty teek to set tliein right. niter, ho went as a missionary to Chili, tint wliilo on his vyuy, visited tho city of New 'HyJovc! Iain in luck I' exclaimed Theo. , York. His htuv in Chili not being vorv doro Alonzo, rushing into his friend's room at ,)rotracleil, ho returned to Italy, whero ho thoA-tor. Sixty ll.ou.aii.l-pity.t .was not a ll)1K)intell I'mutl Nuncio to NbiiIch. uuuureii; i say, vv iiiiuu, vvi- .ui. ur ines and i , 1 . i. r .K.. i . ' my.elf-will triiJel. It Is so genteel to say you , n,ul ''' tram of pect Imr circumst.inccs havo been abroad, and after a season or two in I wns 11111110 cardinal, mill finally was clcva Paris, vnu aro a lu'ller iudoe of the fusldons to tho llOlllilicalO. It IS difficult to sav how Isn't it curious Miss Stunton should have taken fur tho impressions ho received in Amorica such a fancy, lo my gloves i i u uriug a good ' may have inllucncea un jubjequerii ao ttock ol" the ' Alexandres' w ith me ; for between tions, all your lop vvori.meu 10 meir iiunciuou on mo ,r..n.. r.,.,, ,;,;,, , ';., -,t..,; .,, low ground, of Sennaar. Or did you tend up . ' il.t. ".:...,:,, ?.., i . . iii I II WWII liUtUiril niun-i lii-iibuiiniia tniv.t nv eniir mr he nnil nnluin In u rnrkrt ? 1 inn :i . . . . Uiert- I an. not ashamed to show you our 1 KD'n.!:lXZ P n..iil, only in conseiousue., of rigl.. .Monument on Fish-street Hill, after your alti-. . . of tllu , , p,c.,il,. A gentlciiian subjecus his iinpetito. Agtn V geiitleiiiim is slow to surmise evil, as be mg ono tlmt never thinks ft. A gcmiemr.n .... .1 . . . k alllll'TUMlt lilt' lllliuwiicii imitiui-i ji iu What, the .nagnanimoiis Alexander in tears ?, n H,nlal. 1K.C,1S0I1 t0 thc i, v " present; and lo terminate misaddress uy aiming ano her globe, round as a., orange, pretty mop-, ,,,, tle oatni!,t hope tint 'the cry pet ! pray do us the favour to re I i ..l 1.. .I. nn..l.l!.. ....... I... ....nv,,.,. Mister Adams-'odso. 1 honour your coat- V' , m ' ; ad us that sermon, .... : - . ,i i.... r ,i, which vou lent to .vusiress oupsop mo iweniy- ..." . ...,,i,,., .j i., .:,i, and-second in your portmanteau thero-oii j.V.; K"",r." . 1". " J " ' Vt n ...... ; .:... .j .. i i... ,i... lo incontinent to tlio tune ot me eay. Good Master Raymond Lolly, you look wi Prav correct that error. ... . u, a . ,.v .......... 1 must fine vou ""V-"""L," - lli'iii.iu refines his taste. A gentleman sub dues his feelings. A senllomnn conlro!.' 1.: -l. V .1....I.IC n.OI'V Ills peeuil. j f;enii'-ii.aii iw.-in- itlior bettor than himself. Sir Philip Sid ney was never so much of n gentleman mirror though lie was, of Hugluiid's knight hoodas when, upon the fald of uiphw li.i 1 t in hu nun h looJ. ho waives! thf .1..-. ....), ..,-.1,1 tnrln'r wnlorthnt wns hrot KtlUI-tll l twin ... i 1 ... . I .1.1- in f'nr n ii flv. UlLi pectcd no less from an ally w'.lh whom she pla-1 10 quench his mortal thirst, in favor ol n ) 'cod herscirin more intinnte lelatlons by the . j soWior. St. P.'ul described it gentle, prnrlamition of a Republic. ' The Provisional I '' W1C m rhorted the 1 hfllppnv .... ' Government.' he added, iiianK3 vou tor mo goou u yuui uuio.ii.i.os. oiusi one v ou . , ' . - ., -, . , ... aViradox. We will have nothing ''' 3;-''.' entertain for tho greatness an. r ,. syllogisltcally this day. Remove ' 1'"")' "' ?"?? , " U 'h' forms, waiter, that no t.e.itlein.ui words of Wa-h ngt.yi, and it lias a tirni rel a. re ppmn C'liristiiin : " luusoevci uin.j, n-, whatsoever things nro honest, wlmtsoevor thin.'s nro just, hutsoover things mv pure, vvhuTsoever things are lovoly, wlmtsoevur il.lnirs nro of good i'ciort, if thoro tw nny virtue, nnd if there bo any praise, think on lions, spare your definitions .. .. .. ... V7.. a oiiuiper, ui said or done ... . ...!. ., -. . vvorils ol vvasiniii'i I nose og cai lornis, vvauer, urn no L'ciuieiu.iii . ... , " .,, , , , i .ir., i,, break the tender f bins of his apprehension stum- 1 . Il0,c worJi "ot 0,ll' bd a dl"ir" Wing across them. realit). fltasicr i3ie piieii, you urc one. u a ; uohes,. - ,i,t tbioirs is it you J Aguccheek, my dear knight, let me All the public works in Pans have ueen ri.-, "-s js pay in vr devoir to vou. Master Shallow, your sinned with increased activity. - , ! TI,oro nro tomo f.irmer5 in Poland who col- worshfps p-wr servant to command. Master, M. Victor 1 ugo, tlw l : uijJ am .ji, e-'lect annually more than 2Qu bumU $ tap Silence, I w ill use evv words with you. bleu- been ap(K,inted Mayor of tho IM ArronJisse it i R b j weiubipc, ('ran 41V) t T dar, it shall go hard II I edge you not in some- rnant of Paris. . . ,h, rmovil rounds, exclusive t! the whcio. You six will enSro:s all the root wit Some irgret his teen caused by the remoul' pounas, ixviu.i.l w

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