Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 7, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 7, 1848 Page 3
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BURLING TON FREE PRESS, FRID AY MORNING, APRIL 7, 1848. WEDNESDAY EVEN1X0 APRIL fi. 1818. ! duchy waited on the ("irnnd Duke.nml demanded lib wfluaaauAl i. liiM.Mi, "' cttv of the press, a burgher guard, trial by jury ; also , ' , ., I thnt Baden shall be no longer subject to t he (TTTlio Daily Senlmcl contained n loading )iot . nnj ttit private soldiers shnll be rhg article, last Tlu.r-.Jav, on ' MimacWettf and Wgji army rank, .Th gnnJ ll.jke Slavery.' which we were sorry to see.nt the lime, j opposition, to Ida counsels. On the 2d ininnt, tlie J . . . . ' Ml. ....... .,(,). 1,,l..ri... l,.t ll.,ieKitcceHSon,- Oermnnic iigiblc to the ' succoiinieu, constitution . t ,t... l i.ik,rr nl t he InliTifir tinu iltin.t l ICSC SIlCCCSSlOll! and to wlncli we now reenr more in e ornm u .... eoum, u. wpck cmsutMp uf in unirnr that the ed tot should llius s now ins il,,. press will cense. 2. A bumficr gunrd willlie loriu .... . .e... .... .....I. I.. ennr.n mat. , with established. 3. A project of la willingness to sacrifice the truth, in serious mat. ters, to the merest partisanship. At tho very outset of the article is this declaration ,V nroirrt of law respecting the Institution of trial bv iurvwill belaid before the As- sembly without ihc delay. The following notice litis also been given by M. Welcker in the Chamber: "That the Chamber petition his Koyai liigmirn. ,l,c CJrnn.l Ouke uf IJncTf . o ..Plcn-J to .nkc t, he people than in .Massachusetts. And yet the whole drift of tho writer is to show that tho Whigs of Massachusetts, who are the great majority of " the people " spoken of, do not, in fact entertain this " anti-slavery feeling" an admission and an offensive clnrge that are in absurd contradiction of each other ! Tlic Sentinel cites four instances in proof tjfwhdt itself denies! HI, the mission of Mr. Hoare to South Carolina anil its results ; 2nd, tho Anti-Texas resolutions of the Massachusetts I necessary sleps, in order that, by the rcpicsentntion of I ,1... Kmies t.r ihe. (ennan nntioo nt the Diet, (that is. at Frankfort.) a sure means l obtaining a common Herman legislation, and ol united national institutions limy be created." The r'uthl ol public meeting was alio granteil. 1 he (.rand Duke has issued a popular appeal, calling on all good citizens to aid him in checking revolutionary " criminal attempts. .... The Carlrnvhc Gazette of lhe2d of March says, that petitions had been laid belore the Chamber, demand ing the general arming ot the people for the following objects ; The lice election ol olliccrs ; a German par liament, freelv elected 1,V the lieoille 1 CVCD Gemiail w ho has attained his twenty-tint year to be an elector s TIIUHSDAY EVKNINO, APRIL 5, 1818. I send packages, also, by slngo to Williston, 1 Richmond, Milton, Slielburn, Charlotte, IcriM- legislature ; 3d, in effect, that tho Whig- Slate his twenty-filth year.ol whatever rank, fortune or re . . .. , , . . , .., i. ligion, can become a member ol Parliament; the t,cr- Convention, at Springfield, last fill, idled,,, I'nrlianicnt t.. I- l.el.l nt rrai.ktV.rl-on-tlic Maine ; the Wilmot Proviso; and -1th, the election nt ' the Parliament to make ns own regulation. ; absolute .I.-- r ,l.rt II. ,(.. i . iwcr.y o. . ... t itw , coin new- uiw-iij. n c li nker of the HolIsC,,.i...r. ,, mid Instruction ! tria hv Our Villnge, JVo. It. It Is but a few years since tho Imperfect en closure known as " the Square " was an arid waste of sand, cut up In all directions by ve hicles, and as restless and migratory, In a gale of wind, as the sea itself. The effect of the buildings fronting upon this Square Is to throw the wind into perfect confusion; so that, in what ever direction it blow, this sand, In its integrity or minutely subdivided, was generally distribut ed with the cxactest impartiality. Whatever therefore may be thought or said, in disparage ment of "tho Square," as a useful or ornamen tal 'fixture' of our village, it be must remember ed that the Improving step that has been taken In relation to it, is a long one, and that it really is, comparatively, a blessing, if not " the delight of our eyes." Very considerable expense has been incurred in manufacturing upon It a soil in one elector or every thousand souls, an. one i . e .my j , vptaljle (ccan be sustained, in place lor everv UKl.tHX) i ccrv German who has attained . " ... . : r 7 Burlington Prices Current, April 0. ' Hjainst the Mr. Wintliron as Spen the understanding " that he was Wilmot Proviso." Now, then, with regard to the first two in stances named, the Iocofocos are equally im plicated with the Whigs, in any cenuro or ap plause that may be used in reference to them both having voted to send Mr. Hoare to Charles ton, and both participating in nil the Legislative action that was subsequently taken. The Sen tinel says: "Massachusetts resolved she was insulted, and backed out." Will the Sentinel bo good enough to inform us what Massachusetts should or could have done more than she did? That is the question. ,Ji! to the 3d and Ith instances, we deem it sufficient to say, as we do, that they are un fair misrepresentations, in both cases, ns the rcords prove, and as tho Sentinel ought to know. The task of defending Massachusetts is quite an unnecessary one; we are glad that that of assailing her does not fall on us. jury; the general rights ol a lcriiimiciti7cu ; incomc lax ; weuare nnuemii'niionoi an; projection aim guar antee ot labor ; e.juiiable and economical popular ad ministration : responsibility ot ministers nnd public officers; abolition of privileges. Correspondence of ihc N. Y. Kxpress 1 Koir., Pel.. 2(5, 1813. The Tope has lately taken into his Council ol .Min isters several ol the laily, ami the subject ol a Coiwi tntion is now under consideration by the Ministry ami Curdmals. The Sicilians do not apH'ar illmg to ac cept the Constitution, bill wish that of 1812. I.ord Mmto is trying In have lliem accept this of the King, becnu.c that of 1H12 would have a bcarim on Kcpcai in Ireland. This is the current news in Home. We hive some one hundred and twenty Americans in Koine. Vc had n dinner on ilie 22.1, Mr. Cooper, of Pennsylvania, presiding, with Mr. llillard, of Boston; llie latter gentleman, and Itev. Mr. Hedge, of Maine, made two most beautiful speeches. Yours truly. Virgil nnd It Ice's Expresses. On the opening of Navigation, which may bo expected within ten days through the entire length of the Lake, Messrs. Viitnir. &. Rice will run n Semi- Wiihly Express between New York nnd Montreal. Due notice will be published of the days of departure from Burlington, and from the cities. The Hnston and Montreal Kxpress of Messrs. CiiENnv & Co will continue as heretofore, for the present. The gentlemanly and obliging Proprietors of r...,.J.. i r..i . : I.,.. ll 1 l.n.l ,!, l,.srn ,,! .linim, will, ,l,e l'.n. I I ..lov.-, U.-.OI..I m, unotniiiii irintie. Friends of Iicland iii the Ciiv of Baltimore, i to the nnblic. will keen .mite un to the advrn c- Ht dinner was got up in inagoiiiceiu siyie oy ...r. Correspondence of the j. Y. Tribune. Thr Hibernin Socittyof Baltimore Speech of llemy Clay Hit Election at an llanurary Member Speech of Mr, llughrHTvnstt, He Mr. Clay't JJepartuie Jor the West The Hibernian Dinner dl il'athingtou. Washington, March 18, 1818. the clmir, eurroumlei! by (several invueu kik'-i. Mayor Davis nctPil ns Vice Among i HurstsI noticed Mr.Farquarsoii .President of the Sco Society ; Mr. Schmnclier, VreMdent of the (ienr Dnnwv uf tho Kvphane Hotel. 'I'he Inrire dminir saloon was pread in in whole length aiui bieadth with tableland every wutal them wasoccupted. Harrvinc to the hxchnnce Hotel, the futl man I ran aahm woo Henry Clay, who Itad ju.t firmed est of tlie Society. As .Mr. Clay entered the room 1 the whole company rose and received Inm Willi loud , and Ioiik continued applnitec, the excellent hrnn hand fiaving taken his K-nt on the npht of the IVsideni, 1 imWm the discussion 01 me u 10 sun niv ucuciem;ii iur mhi- oistence (the lull of fare) was rather continued. TIm President of the Society, Hugh Jenkins . ' n the chair, eurrounded by (several invited giie-l. Mr iiiuoiit; mi" of the feeoun the (ierinan Kneietc i the SnaniMi Consul at the port of Knltimorc: Cftpt. (nidlioronili nnd Lieut, teiret ot th;Ntiy; Cunt. Swart woot of the Army, rationed at I ort Mc Henry ; J.nnes M. Huehainn, I'otm-i-ter of the city, nntl inhei olhcial amlpiiuiip gentlemen, The cluth bcnii! remoed I Iw toast wore coinmeiieeil with a huniprr. I Ue thein without the soniewhnt lennthly K'lfinncnts . 1. Thr titiu we ccUtrute. 2. Ireland. 3. Ameiica. . mr , , ,, . 4. The PttvUhnlof the Cited itittc. Here the PreMdent mid he would break the order ot the cencra! toasts to introduce one winch he knew would be receive.! wim an m- -y i f Our ditlinenUhed sutst-lht Mm uf the l rW- ( The applause with which this wntiincnt was re cetvd showed that Mr. Clay wus indeed n wtlcome bucst. When it had pittially fmb-ided Mr Llay aro to respond; while one ut his inost euchantnij; mules Lhted up his marked features. I his was the piRiial for renewed applause which continued a lung lime. ,Iew2tlVr,..Vn and nentlcvicn of the Uihrrnia uti '"3 ,l,u " meet me that I incut of the times in biiMiiess energy nnd enterprise. Latest c from Mexico, Hy llie arrival of the Uotal .Mail Meam packet our Iatt- from the cily ol Mexico me to the 1 Ith uijt.nmc lays later than mir la?t ncconnu. Santa Anna has annlred to (Jen. Twice-! for ncr- lo pats inioun era ruz iiimi out ol i lie A ciiefial cxoresM Irom Jalnn.i reached Ve ra Cru tlie eieninir of llie Jfith iu-t. with the anolicn. lion, and as the general nt once granted the pV-nnis- iinn asked, it was supposed the ex-President would nrme there in a day or two. It nppenrs from one ol our correspondent's letters that the olViccrs detailed upon the great court ol hiMiii ry have arrived in the city of Mexico, and thnt thfy were to commence their proceedings on the l.Vi of tliii month. VA linienia, inihlihed at Morelia. under date of the t'th iie-tant, hi)b . 'A revolution Ims ju-t broken out in (luad.ilajnra, acriiut peaee, nnd in lavor ot (tin. , Santa Anna.' 'J'lns we find in the Siarof the lltli ! tlie late?t paper from the city id Mexico. A rivnlu lion m the powerful Slate ot Jidi-ro has luns Ix-fii apprehended. That department Ins hum been a hot bed ot revolutions. Should this news prove m ll.fmni ded, it linden no Rood to the euut of peace ; hut we hope Santa Anna may be well out of the country be fore the revolution tenches a cr'i!-is The North American of the HHh jnt. has necounts evolution in (jiiatamala, It thnt paper tie net u- latelv inlnimeil, ten, L:iriera has heeu tieiioH'il troni the lresidential chair, nnd the We Prtident is tid ing in hi" place, and endeavoring to put down tlie in-tunection.- A. (. J'ic. Matches. Xocitty. Passing through our city, on my home, I received your kind invitation to tin friends of Ireland here this evening. I lelt u tdnt -inviciiuiii to be Drewn nMl..,nn interesiinc to all Irhh beans. But no T i i c,..- ..ri.iftirarHsi unit deareK menus were Irishmen. I iniplil mention l'orter, hiiuley, eir, .,,,1 mv oM frienJ I.uke Tieriian ; nnd knowniR llien , I ciMilft not Irat re-iKTt llieir country Tiik (Jkkat SurESfnt IIiiidgk at im: Kai.1." of Niaoara. Tho fnllmvinp; narration of the 111 t criw-ins over this hriilge is from llie llritihh Volnnift. Thi- day, the lStli of March, IS 18, will forcv nr I,, he all who uitnfic-il IliCfriih- prewii on an .. , f , (,,, .,... r .1.., crnsg!,,L, ,,f t10 than that my liret car, p uslaiiicil hy a wire cahle. The car was capauie in nniain; lour porPoiiK. n wai iindpri-lDOil Mrs. Kllett, the l.nly of the ililiii;iiiilioil Knjiineer who lia unilcrtalicn the cnii-truclinn of the Hriilge, hail determined to conaequence thinu was larthtr from my expectation, , tli?" tn '"V presence here -to-iriglil flionW Have caneu lorui hicii Hemonslratioin Irom thote around inc. 1 be leave to thank jou kindly fur the honor conlerred "I"'" '''; In the course of my lite, Inch u, Nr, hae jui. SRf"LdS,-n n.n Zrnl. ...arftliesoiisol accompany her liusb.iml, but in -v' " i.i..n;....i ..Uum... ,.e .1 ins unhappy-looking bare around it, and in transferrin"; to its step-motherly bosom, the " slick slim saplings " that sacrifice their liies in embellishing it. The Square, is a. cliolly grave of good Intentions a memorial of the folly of not doing things thoroughly. We hope it will not be permitted to rcitMiti so. II nt what shall bs done? It is not, of course, for us to say ; but we can tell what mighrhc done, and then submit it to our fellow citizens whether or not The Square, as suggest ed, would be a point of beauty and attraction. In the first place, a light and graceful inos kaii. t.sei, substantially built upon granite posts ten feet npart, might be thrown around it, with one or two Main Entrances, and with gates corres ponding, in position, with the trhirligigf that are now awkwardly " worked " without the inter vention of hands by the breasts ands hnuldcrs of children, and hy another portion of the " human form divino" of " grown folks." Then Agricul tural Chemistry will indicate the next labor, which might he to preparo a on, that should possess all the vital elements necessary to pro mote and sustain the flourishing growth of the trees and flowering shrubs with which the enclosure might ho bountifully, but not in- ili'criminatcly and miscellaneously, planted. Then the slightest acquaintance with " branch of Hydrodynamics which trcatsof fluid as in motion," will show us that (lie center of this alrcadij-improitd parterre, might be beauti fully ornamented, and at inconsiderable e. cne, with a Tountan, a "jet d'eau," whoso waters, sparkling and dancing in the glare of day, or falling with a musical lightness in the soft moon light, should be collected in a marble baFin bo iicath, and make happy, with its refrc.-hing pros once, old men and young maiden'-, and bird, flower and tree. Then there might be, as there would be in such a picture, gravelled walks and shaded s-kats, prepared by a benevolent public spirit which finds its rewards in adding to the popular enjoyment, and Mt;sic would seek, here, her appropriate theatre, and, amid the trembling foliage, tho glancing water", and the noddinu (lowers, in the quiet air ol the summer nights, we are afraid we are get ling excited. The .Moils. Our friend of the lir.indou Voire complain1, with a good deal of warmth of the shocking I irregularity of tho mails as though it were an uncommon thing for males to bo irregular! It is provoking, beyond a doubt, nnd as Dogberry sensibly says, " tolerable, and not to bo en dured," provided there any method of reme dying it. The 1'oi'it snys : It would rather seem that the I'nst Master General should reouire that the mails, on as iniooitalit a route as llie one from UoBton to Hurliniiton, (ia Bellows rails, Kutlnmi, llrauilon anil .MnUllebury.) be sent on without wailini; lor tlie horses to draw a heavy stDRe load of pnssenijers throuiih deep mud, and sixteen mile Iritis to each team Twentveiaht hours Ix'hiiid the time i quite too much on UO miles of stai;e route, wnh tlie laii;c man mini nosion Now we sull'er, witli llrandon, in llie common calamity; but, really, are inclined to think our friend llolcomb has done unintentional injustice to the Stage Line of .Messrs. C'ihik, Field &Co. in this instance. The traveling, for tho past burgh and other adjoining towns, thereby saving our subscribers the onerous tax of postage. We may as well take this occasion to express our acknowledgements for the activo and suc cessful exertions In our behalf, of our friends in I'lattsburgh, and, (particularly,) in Winooki City. 1J Tho Steamer Sakasac, Captain T. I). CiurjtAS, appeared at Fullelt &. Uradley's Wharf, this afternoon, complete In all her equip ments, and in perfect sailing order. As we arc going to press, vc understand the Saranac is about starting Northwards for l'lattshtirgh, St. Albans, &c. Special Election in Mnsviichu.etls. It will he seen, hy our Telegraphic Despatch, that tho Hon. Horace Mann, Whig, has been elected to succeed John Quincy Ad uns, in Con gress. Mr. Mann Is a gentleman uf great energy of character, unnnal ability and scholar-like attainments, and will show himself a not un worthy successor of the illustrious Ux-I'rcsidcitt. cor.rtr.cTED daily bv ulo. rcrLasoX. per lb. per doz. Ilutler, fitl quihty, Cheese, first quality lined Apples 10 a r, a Flour, superfine, Troyund Western, ,bbl. ". Graiu-tVn, I"hu. i? l I've !3. X Dili Pen", iirue nmrowlnt, small li-ld Ilonev Provisions Heel, e.vtra mess, I lies", I'oik.nv's prime 1,-irJ.tiist quality, llnnis Seeds, Clover, northern tsontiicrn Herds Gms, XXXlli t'OXCItliSS. H is not Willi of the cold, with some snow, she was prevail ed on to stand among the interested specta tors, who had the Iiiirli eralificiition to behold the grandest scene ever witnessed ; when wo take into consideration the position of the in tended bridge, belli" ill view ol the iircat Falls on one side, and the Whirlpool on the either, while the elevation uf the car was SSO feet above the uwfiil rushing river. The wire ca ble was einly one inch in diameter, so that it appeared but a thread to our eye. 1 ..' Mr I'll..), I. I.! . navies, by. Iheir.erclorce of moral powe , . . i,ei nmnn , ZZoUX, Utors on tlio Canada side," I can say, i is- uiu mm weiiouit; iu un- iicu iu iiiu ici'mi1 " 'n"v.ri, unu uh-.uii more truth than with plea-ure that I lir testimony to ii,. hnmiialuv. the cenetosity, and the dMiiiKui-lieil callantry ol the In-h in our country. 1 hey Have Courted fame wherever it was honorably to be won, and they have generally been succes-lul. li is usual upon such occiiii as this to propose us toiM llie name of some eminent statesman, sums-ful uenerul, or hard fouijlitbntlle field where our country has come oirvictorious. to oiler somelliuiK ditlereiit. Th-re i un Irishman soon to visit us, who, without , n..r....,,.l ,.. ..i ,!r shores. As 1 have to start early in the iiioriiin, n a lonn and taliuing journey home, 1 uiu sure you willencu-e ine tor not making ii longer spietli.unillor concluding with this seniiment : , ,. . . , Father Matiievv A sale arrival and a distinguish ed reception to him in the United Motes. As Mr Cloy took Ins seat the band struck up Mail Columbia." and the applause was so great dial it ,wi evident he won u noi oe o-iv 5V?" ni.rwr,l. l ie Tresident ol the soue lew iniiin ..,..,.,:..( ,hH ,nHtiilMrs to some foneT UforS t l e,n was luovi d. he said, and cS.ThMllon 'icnryCloyelecudau hoi.oia- . . ember or the Hibernian Society o li.iltiniore. ry memuero i ,, . ,i, ren,oii.Hive ave wos le pui uie "VT -I....,;.... less anxiety filled every heart for his safety, and when lie reached about half way, n shout of joy from all broke forth, which overpower ed (in our ears) tho thunder of the great Falln, and was re-echoed from tlie opposite side. On arrival at the stand, three warm heart ed cheers fcohl as the day was) awaited the ,11 11 OOl lie inv "lone. ol".-....' , - . . , - . nlterwards, the President ol the society intrepid and enterprising gem etna n ; aim on Ins returmiiir three lieaity ciieers, inn one more for his lady, as her determination to uc company her husband was known. J ho cool dc-teriuineil aspect oi .nr. r.ncu was observed by all. Truly we live in uwnn- ilorous age to seu a genlletnan in a carriage floating through the air, 25'l feet aliove the waters, on wires which are used in electrici ty; when wo rellect upon it our imagination is raised so that tho mind, regulated by the experience of past days, is lost in astonish ment. It was indeed a nrotid spectacle for all, leiioeo u . . , , ... , ,,.11 rL.i,..tuOt;r Willi mil i:s li ui.iuy ill, iini-1- win, iiuiii..M li. Hr!ceVpSs.ire "wlnlo I hvef , , ' have taken an interest in tlie construction of Ml Clay again seated when Mvernlgeiitlemeii t10 bridge, cine up loslmke hands with bun Mr. Clay play uiiy All surmises are put to flight as to the remarking;" I call do so now more cordially, lor 1 f , ' ,,is ,, cxir,bilion. iu?!.,!,;r!."' ? " Ir"'1"" ' The work is proiiressins witli great rapidity, lion Chriitunher llushrtIle honored hit couif and no doubt is entertained of its proving high j.,,,, a left iio doubt of his election. i Mr. Cby "gahi arose, oniidcont.uwdapplouse.and "'have had the honor, during my hf.-,jf being elec-, . I . lTn,,nrarv member of some hundreds ol socic feillenevole u, err and ".hers, icieties but never wfoTTl assure you, have I felt more high y honored hin bv that which Jou have now conlerred upon me. , ."generor ecepiion ou hove given, the warm l "t Kliiahlv vou have extended to me, tlie whole twelve days, has been bad beyond a precedent, so that no energy of will or means could drive the mails through "to time." Tlie failure, witli us, has been universal South, North and Ku-t. We understand that Messrs. Cook, Field & Co. have "horse flesh" to tho amount of 1000 more than they have ever belore owned, and that their through passengers " have not aver aged four, each trip, for the past ten or twelve days ! We would ho prompt as any one to complain of unnecessary delays in tlie transmission of tho mails, but we don't think it hardly fair to shovel all tire mud upon the shoulders of the poor Mail Contractors, just note. Hy tho way, neighbor Voice, tho Telrgrah isn't a thing "to be sneezed at" when you can't get the regular mail. i;jFTnt Works or Joux Quincv Adams, which will iniike ime tilteeu or twenty targe octavo volumes, we unilerttaiid will be soon given tu the press by Mr. Chas. Francis Admits, the sou and executor ol llie de ceased had curefully reviseil them for publication, nod has by his will niproiiriuicd a sum of money lo delray the expense ot printing, &-c. Among uie uupuoiisneii writings oi .vir. Auoius is a new ver uiu.. ..I 'I'll., li'.l.i.u 1.. o . . I r ,. : . ... ... (.1 ,,C-1C, u ll.lllSMtlllln , laud's Olierou, and several minor poems ; hut the chief IHirtion cf his MrS. consists of bistonal, and political wotks, relating lo the last half century. - . , i tux.,.-. Mr Hughes, in reply, mode a very witty speech, He said there was no use in adding lo the fact that ne h.l honored the country, the counterpait of it that he would honor Henry Cloy. Henry Clay and the toun the same thing. He w as obliged to them lor ly profitable to those who have had tho good fortune to invest in tho undertaking. It is tho first attempt of tho kind, on this outlet of the inland seas to the Atlantic Ocean, mid Mr. F.llett must feel rat ficafinn and com- .Innkinir his health, though it w as about the weokesi ' ,., ;, .:lt ,0 ls (0 nr,t man who thing they could e rink around i, table. " "M ever crossed in a carria-'e through the air, on SfandrorwouidhSi li'wnliou" NorUire, from one empire to another, .hereby, it ; ' . .ki Hi.,u much to boost of in Irving to make . is honed leadim? to n happy, prosperous, gen- lirlrnuest an Irishman, since everibody knows ihai s j rPcjprocal union, a firm chain of llnrn IIICV IllttUC hk .... u 9 .... ton. Ucrmnny. KwonoMOF WinTrMBiRii.-At Hluilgard, on the nrdonnonce .ol uc o.. , . f MlM stilly .be l''rn,eJ,,,"V'fnr"eeJing with regard to n.nWW willbe recommend, ed. a , rotlrushe. in lladen, on the S9lo7Fli":yh7u-tCons friends-hip, between mother and iluughlcr. (J(wl kio the (iurcn, and (iod hleBbtlie l're&Mcnt of the United States. A Oaxaujan. SrirrwHuj fii- Ilrani iTtt w M rimi The Xew nrli-nns l,ir.inmii I'.itrti nl Mnrrh ()lh. OllMlsllfB llie nliiciaj orders, dated 'jlt-odouarters, Anny nt .Mexieo, .Mexico, MaxcW h, ami nunibereo: " in issueu oy Mnjor ieneiul liuilcr, na coimiiainJin ofiicer, irovif iiii for a provisional mifpenion ot hostilities letween this country nnd .Mexico. The ncnothuions were con ductt'd hv the tenors (Juiinno nml de Mora y Vjilamil on tue .icxican mrl,Dna licneraH woitiunm i ersi fer Smith upon ours, Uoston Daily Adc, Indu&trv. At tho workingmunVs house Jiungcr loou in bul lUrus not enter. The wUeat of men liavc their weak point, and this of writing "noctrv" v;is nluinlv lh- weakneas of John Adams, Hut it does not compare with the weakness of tho mn in publhhwfr it! Wc do nothelicvo the venerable Statesman and S.igo of (iu'mcy ever wrote a line ofpuetry in Ins life. Ilia Journal, and "Historical, Biographical and Political works," arc looked for with iniense interest, and will abundantly atone for all his failures in "the toil divino of crso." The truth is, a man's son is never tho proper person to be bi& biographer, editor, nr literary e.Nccuior; anu we are sorry Mr. Chs. F. Adams is to sustain either of then? relations towards his distinguished father. Tho tic of consanguinity blinds tho judgment j filial zeal always outruns knowledge and discretion, and the literary, like tho literal, executor, iu bitch cases, is apt to make an indiscriminate and "clean sweep" In his inventory ! Pres. Iveuett or lr. Sharks, is the man, it seems to wnt for tho performance of tho great work of exhibiting to posterity thr character and services of John Qmev Aiumj. Momuy. March 27. The Arc proceeded to the Coiiiili'riitiun 'ltli loan liilL Mr IJavis of Miisi-inchuvMts inquired whrther the public dehl would he more than n hundred millions of dollars it nil accounts were closed to-murmw. .Mr. Athertoii said that would ucpen-J upon certain contingencies. Mr. Miles spoke briefly wiid the revenue wns in Piilliricnt, in his opinion, to supply the wants of the I renury. i lie siiiienicina vi u- urni-i-iiv ii un Trenmry were m lull of errors that they could not by relied upon. The Act ot lHIGlmd not increiied ic n-enue nor wao it its design ltso'.ijcct was to ie duce revenue andlepseuthebuid-'ii on thecomtinuiity. It lnl I inm-ri t ip incn' Oil ire V OH lo.'UH lie went on to inter that the Tariff iminhe raised so as to give us more revenue from that source. The Senate then went into Kxecutive Sesrim The Houetook up the Indian Appropriation lull. Ailer much discussion on sundry items the commitee rose and reported it to the Hou The amendment- ..(tirro.l in nnd tlm dill lia.Si'll. 'nrp wnsa anrt of n tct ot onininn to-day on thf Ten Ileuiment Ihll from the Senate. Tlie otewas8y in H7n lifiri infiinritv uf tun. TcEnv, Marches The Oregon Hill wnhrouijlit forward in the Iloue thi" innni'iiy; It establishes a territorial Oo'nt west of the Kocky Mountains prcservinir tli risihts of nersoii- and pin nertv imnertamini? to the Indrin. The Govcrninm also retains the rlaht of diidm?the countty into two or more parts, as it may choose. Mr rinvti. ot Ala., took the rostrum and made a most cwtruordiinry speech in indication oi the pnu- t-itAt- t Im t f!iiinfrrso liml on nnwer to t'lM ailV laws re imitating the institution ot tflaery.or any hue what erer, reulatins the territorial llo eminent. The pwople of the territory theinsHvcs, had the oIe power to pasiaws recumiuig the itoernmeiu oi im- leinm ry Congress had no rij;ht to goern the people uf tin territory Mr. Smart, of Me., rontrovrrted th'w armmient. nnd held that Conaic-s h id fower to keep S,.tieiy out uf tlie territory, nnd lo make the ferritorv free. The speech of Mr. Smnii, coming from n member of tiie dominant nxy, nnd being ihojouhly Anti Slavery, excited a good deal ot ottentinn, and will awaken w.irm oiipositiou hoiri Southeiu members of the Mime partv. The Uoan flit.r. occupied tin: attention of the S 'iv ate most nt llip iln v. Mr. Phelps "I Vt., made n pecch in reply to Mr Athertoii, and upon the tpje-stiou oi the finances g'li erolly. The pcMtimu-i advanced in a former tpccl: were maintniued with great t-kill, wisdom and justice and with n clear nnd nerfect knowledge of the sub ject. .Mr. Phelps aimed mainly to maintain hist inner views, nnd suecteded in doing so. lie held in regiril to tlie debt that while it uimimum amount could 1 described, its maximum could not be. The bill was passed nfter Mr. Phelps had closed, JG to tr, Messrs, Ualdwin.of Ct.,nnd Hale otN. II. WcnxEsuAV. March TJ. Senate. .Numerous ne. I i lions and memorial were nreseutcd one bv Mr. Allen of O.tio, congratulating the people ot 1'raiice on the t'Stiililihmeut ot n rei ohlie.tVc. I be Ihll relaliiin to L.alUornai clnini s diseussCd, IU which the expedition ol Col. Fremont win favor ably noticed. U-tume No liuIririrLrfni mliI!o iiite?ret n speech by Mr. hahm, ot O in laor ol the Wtinot 1 roio, &.c, Alc. TiiLT.nv. !Inrch 30. The Senate was chuflv oc cupied witli Mr. Allen's resolutions tor n national cx- nreioii oi synipaiuy with the i reiuu peoph. Mr. L'alhoun objected to the measure as piem-.ture, an 1 moved to 1 ly the resolutions on the 1 ible. Tms mo tion was rejected by a ote of 11 to -S. It vai then proposeii to make ine -uoject the 'peciai onier lor the lust ol .May, Out, without deciding this ipitstion the Senate went into executive session, mid ulterwaida adjourned, I he lfauc look up the Oregon territorial bill, and Mr. Hilliard or Alabama made a sptech.of whieh the only account that we h.ive is that it was in hvorof Oen. Taylor for the Presidency Mr. Harris of Ala bama obtained the iloornud the House ailjoiirmd.- Frihav, March 2.'Sruatr, Mr. D.x of N, York, prevnted the petition of a large uuiiiJut of citiens of Rochester, Ne'v Vork, praying that Ctngress would make nn nnpropriation for the pun base ot the ctatc ot Mount Vernon, to he held us the propeityof the United States, ns most appropriate tcMimony to tie rendered lo the memory ol the lather otjns country. Tins petition was referred to the Committee on Military Atlairs. as that committee already had before them the subject of nn ayhiin lor invalid soldi 'is arid the estate m question, n purctirwen, nrrormng to uie request of the HMitioners, would in port be, devoted to the same ne. The Mibiecl of the extra jenMon lecently granted to Patrick Walker, in ruiwiliTutiotl nt Illturii-s Mltlcrt'il liy liim in .Mexico, wus ilion eallnl up by .Mr. dauby Ai.ininfi,Hlto iiiuM'U tu rccoiiiilci Ihc uic grunt- the petibiun. A wumttliiii roiracU'U uci,.itf pprnris " upon thi iimtinn, in ludi .Mi-srs. liigliy, Downs ol' Uiuisi.iun, Brjilbury ol .Maun-, Dili's ct Conn., Calhoun, Jrli'tTw-iii l.iwi'f Miss., and utlirn. took part. I' wan iiurrnl to rrcuiinlcr, wIkii tilt queslion rt'cnrit'il on ninreili!; to the said hill. .Mr. Mnniiuin of Norlli Ciirulma, oIK rtil on iuiK-nd-inent to the hill limiting the extiaoidnuiv penMon to tin- period of one year, which wan injreid to, and the lull wan read 11 third time mid paord. The reflation of .Mr. Allen of Oino, oIT rintf the collKiatuhitions of Con:;rei- lo the French people on occasion ol their tecent glorious triumph m the over throw of the monarchy and the tvuilihrliiiieiii ol a rcpnlilicau j:o eminent, win then rikeii up. .Mr. lialdw in ol Connecticut, ndditwd the Senate ill a tpcech ol connderahle U-niiih, in l ior ot the re. fcrence ol the re8oluiioii to the coniniiiuc on lorein allaire. Mr. Dow'ns of I,a., nJvorated tlie paiAige ol the rcMilution with (treat carnci.tiies-3 and aluhty. Finulty, the resolution wan laid aiile,nntl on mo tion of .Mr. llaunegali, the Semte wt lit into executive gciuiou. Atlcrhome tune the dimn were aiiin open ed, when the Henaia adjourned over nil .Moml iv. Iluuse, liut little bu.uuHS hut. U'en tiunadeil in the lloii-e to-day. .Mr. KiK'kwell of Conn. .called lor the regular order oi nusiiies.., ami acconimgiy tlie itou- resolved itiwii into Committee ol the Whole iiikiii private bilUj and, alter pome time tpent iheieni, the coimunite in. and teported. A large nimiher ol'hilN having been run-idercd vyithuut any definite action, the llou-e, nlier rimg from the committee, adjourned without luriher l,ui- III'M. 3.00 llrightoii Cnlllc .llnrtkct Tlmrnlny, Mrr. HO. tr.troriTcti roll Tiir. Diav .vpvkrtiscr. At market 33(1 Uecl'Cattle. 50 pairs working Ot- cn, '.i" cows and Calves, VilS Shec uud IViei Swine. IV.n r. -lleef Cattle We nuotc extra ST.IK) : fir-t i . .... -.. , '..I.... niui r. . n.l rpniny .i,,;ta a ; sccoua ijuauiy 50,00 w.w , .u iiualily "'.'- w 5 Tj. IIVAn? Ojeni Sales at 970, 82, 83, 93, 9110 and SHU. e wr anil lalccs Sales at ija 1, i.yju.nnu !, .SAri-n S'nlr. nl A 'Ml. SI 21 and ft',. Striae - tiriuie loi oi York Imcr to tieddle, ."ic for Sow. ()o Iur llirtows : a lot ol hogs, j and tj. t retail fi a 7r. per bbl. per lb. 1 00 1 IK) l.-i 1 11 87, a 87a n-2i 10(H) tt 7.0 ) 0? 1 j.oo a 10 oo a 10 ri II II .ft 10 It 11) ,!? 2.73 '3 Rut rviATisvt AXt (tuvr Wriuht's In linn Vege table Pills are a inot evtraoriliiriry lu-dieiue for the are ol Itheniuntiin nn I (.out. hccaiw th v not onlv clean? the sionnch an I bowels of tlowe utorl-id hu mors, which if taken into the cireuhtion and thrown upon the iiK'iniiraiie and ncwele, are Hi" caue ol the above painful maladies ; but theyexcite the absorbant vessels to taue up tint wnieii is airea',anii therefore are absolutely ceitdlu to tu.ike a peilecl cure I Kheini itism an. I (,ont. A bin 1 cent box ol Indian Ve-ft.iblc I'llls will ofieu irive the moet atou- islnng relief; and perseverance necoriiitii to direc Imns will be cet tain to dine pain ol eveiy description Irom the body. IIEWAItC OF t-Ot-WTTIH F.tT I UF oI.V ORIOIXAt. VSI) HLYL'lvr. I.Nt'1 V.V Vt ul.r.Mlf.U 1'll.t.S IIAVL TIIU M'l- .vvruiiE of William Witamr witirrcx wntt a n... on nic tup t.viiKi. of l.vcii lux. Ahhc other is en- nine, and to rmir.tcifeil this it FouiiCitv. The g-nuine lor ale by W. II. CL'IITIS, Water Street, ami Tlli:OI)OI!l: A. l'HCK. Colh-.-e Street. sivle aifni" for Iturliugton Heuben Fergtison. I.ssex ; .1. It. lke,llunllllgloil ; W. l!hodes,.Ir. Klchmond ; 1;. II. tircen, Kichmonii i .1. II. .v, I . vv rower, Uudeilull Ilurlbut Holies. W'lllMnn : It. S 111- lrson. and (.! Avers. U et n ilhton : .1. I.vnnn, .lendioi W. 11. Velie. Ilmesb.irgh ; W. S. .V II I'. W nn . Wetlord : Stan es . ,von. C nr ulle : .In in S.moitds, Stielb true ; i, Iliclunond II iruard ;and at llie .New l.'inhn.l llraneh Dili.'e and tt.-neral Depot, l'Jd I remoiit Sireet, Mi-Ion, IMJTtTION TO HKMj T.VND. STATU OF Vnil.MONT, The Hon. the District of Ciiitte.vdf..v, m. $ 1'robale Court for the D.stnct ol Chittenden, to all persons to whom lhee presents "lull cum", Greetimi: Wiicrfas, Nathaniel .Miles, (fuardian of l)tey M liny and Juliette A. Kay, minor", daughters of Calvin llay, late ol llines'inrgh, in slid Di.trict.decens.-d.hns presented to slid Court Ins p"titiou in "riling, s?ttinj lorth that Ins slid ward', as legateesol the said Calvin Hay, are ei7ed,encli ol them, ot one equal undivided fourth vtrt of one hundred and sixteen acres of Innd, belonging to the said Calvm llay in his hie time, and commonly known ns, and cnlled. the " Cobb Farm," ami s.tuated in said llines'inrgh ; and, al-o, selling forth tint it would be conducive to the inure! ol his said wards, lint lb" interest e,l his said ward In said land should he sold, and the proceeds put at inter, est or invested in nrndiietive stocks, and hravina said l ... I 1,1,..,,,. n. .r..,an,.l , anil the same agreeably to the statute ui such case made anil province;. riiritrronF. 11 is on ereu. ov 1 le sai.i 1 i n e vouri thnt the Hfitli day ol April, MH. bo assigned for hearing and deciding on said petition, at the ollice of the l'robate Court, in lliirhngtoii In said diMrict i and further ordered that all peisou interested should be untitled thereof by puiiltiiiu tins oiuer, coiuaiiuiig the notice of said niinlicallnit, time weeks succes sively in the Burlington Free l'ress.a ne.paur pnnt- ...I :.: :.l l,..-l: -II ...l.,ol. ,,l,lln,i ,.. I.n nr.. en ,11 Mill ui nioi.'ii, " 11 n,t ,. hm.. .w virms tr, the u 1 1.1 'ifitlt (lav of Atllll. Hid. Given under my hand at lbirlingto.i in said IXsinct 11ns lib day ol April, A i?n. Ilwll HllAIJFOUU UIXrOIlD, Ilesister. Siliiiiicl ii. "lliiU'.J UMiilc. WII Till: SlJllsnHllli:il,. Inviug been ap pointed by tlie Honorable the l'mlnt- Court lor the Distuct ol Cliilleuden,Coiiiuiis.ioiKrs to receive, exam. nc and iiiljnl the claims and ilemiiid'uf all per sons against Ihc oiale v Svvar.1. G. Ham., late ol slid D.iriil, decens.-d, repicenied in solvent, and nso all claims and di nnnds exlubiled ill ollst thereto; and six moiillis from the d He heri.ol being allowed by said C t lor that purpose, we do therelore hereby give noticg, that we will.itiend to the Itu.iness of our appointment, at the oliiee ol Wit.t.tvM Wmtos, In Huiiiiigton. iu snd District, on th" lirai Tm sd lys of May and July n;xt, at 10 o'clock, A. M. I each ot sii't nay. Dited this SJth d ly ol March. A. D. HI' Ilw3 JOHN N rOMlOHOi .( Cmrnis- IJtlU. 11. SHAW, S 'Uneis. SAIlSAl'AIHI.l.A. Heap tiil M'AV YORK ADYHRTISEMENT. lSlf. os. SO rtnu B2 t.Vdnr St., nenr Drondivity. , . NBW-YORK. Invites ullentioii ol Country .Merchants to R large uv ...... s'Jrntieni Ot noMusTic noons, liiwrcnce C. F.vrter Hinik Mill. liidl.lllHead, .Tliuinpli, rorlsinoiith, v.'althoin, Applelon, iMerrhnack, Ainoskeng, Wosliingtou, S iliiion l'ul.s, ClieejeClotli. ml many other St) les, both coarse and Inic, Jrot'i ,1 U'eaJied. Irom 3-1 to 12-1 wide, which Durelis sors are invited lo call and examine. Also, Merunnck and Cochcco rrtnt", Ku'iia D,Bvi nnd Crnh, Blown, Dine and Bleached Di ilium!, Tick ings, Dmiins, Stuped ainrtiugs, U3nauurz",.urilietii, Hint S.ur.lierii Yarn, Cnriif! Wort), Uatts, Wick, Twine, Wnddini!. &.c . which nre ollercd ot the lo est Mork't I'riees lor CaMi, or City acceptance. iNcwYoik. March Mdlt IIIUNSMAI!) & IIIIOTHMUS Imvo a fin- It iissorlment ol Gold nnd Silver Goods, Lamps, Glas, s and Wicks, Tinted nnd Britannia Wnp . I.ooking Glass's, Cane", I'l-hing Tackle, Cards, St. I Goods, Tans, Combs, Brushes, Kajiors, Knives mi l Scissors, Curls nnd I'lain Hair, nil exten'ne a'sort meiit ol Clocks and Watches by the box or single Contemplating some change In our business, we itivi'-' otlier goods, to Inn ntiw at very lowpriccs,as v w pit to close them oH'helore we go south this spring. Apr 1-11 BlilNSMAID . HIlOTlir.RS Hank !' atin'liiiioii. 7 IIO.M tlie let day of April next, the Bank of tJnr -I liugion. will le opeii.ondavsot business, Irom 'J o'clock, A .M to :t o'clock, 1 M. until fuitheriiotne Bv order ot the Dircttors, It. C. COL.U, Cashier Feb V!3, HH iijin- S IH'.Ur.HY yivcn, tliut I Hornco I'nlii'cr nive mv sons Jonalhan and Josetih their tint . and will hencelorlb claim none ol tluir earnings, uoi pay any debts ol their contracting after tins date. Vjnntioite. .vinrrn -o, ian, in A Vu'ti t!lf Tjslim iiiy. Wes.Mj.n rcn-t li mtent m-dieincs. lnviiu n great respect for tlf -killol the regular profession, hut cbaiue tbreA- into o ir way tlie aboie trtiiK',1 uu-dtcuie iminedi.ttely alter tie clos.'oft'te laat s,.ion nl the l.euis nture. vvli"'! our hriirt were almost dried up bv the highly lanlf'tl atmosphere of our stove-vvarined State-house. Tue B it.ini immediately relieve I oo( a uio-i harras-iug con jh, winch ihrenteued o'trh'aith in a serious degree. W e feel that we are in lebied to it for some li.'leen pounds ol aniiinl vveig'ii whicli addition once felt, can. lot be lorgitteu til. Sjuth Carolinian. Be eaieful and get th" aenuin WISTAU'S BALSAM OF WILD CHi'.llltV. None g.-nuui-unless signed bv I. BUT I'S. AdJres all ortlers to SHTII W FOVI,i;,Ilo,ton..Ma-s. For sile vvliole saleand refill liy Thfi. A. l';, Burlington, nnd by Dealersiu Medieines generally m Verinaut. Br.vv.vttt: ot Frvl'ii In coiis-ipi-nee ol the numer ous'oited l',lls couitanlly appearing, nud the depeinteclfirts made by their in inulactiirers totorce their worthless articles into market, renders it neees. siry for all wishing t us; Herrick's original and far famed Sugar-Co.ited Fills, to em nre lor by their lull name. See that each box is enveloped in an en graved white wr.ippT, be.irui on the bottom the lic t. nt e of the doctor's signature Thus, I, B llerrick, M I). All oihers aie woithless. Out of more linn lilt V - live kinds ol 1 ills now belore the public, Ilerrtel, s is fi only really papular oue, an I it is aeknow lejgcd by dealel's eneially, thnt the sales of this (nil exceed all olheis pill l.ig.-lher. I'nee'J.'t citflts per box ZTty Orders to be directed to H Trick an I Co. Ftm ciple Dili -e, Albany, NY and lor sale by A C S,,ar. t! -o. H. II irrington.Catlin an I Sp-ar,'!! irlmg ton, W B. flitch Wmooskl Fulls, .fohii Siiuonds nl S'eburn, l.yon mil Alexander, Chailoite. Well, H.tWjtirgh, nnd nlsn fiy ft.uggists and .Merchants in every town and Village. -lOllBF.TI I I . es.e-r.r ".Mes rs F, Iw.ird Banley .t Cn Gentlemen With a bottle of ' Coilrtl's Compound F.xtrnct ol Sar-ap i rill a' I received a copy ol his Form ila lor preparing it From testing llie Syrup, the fact of the ex stenee in it of the active s fist.iuces named was asc named, and the general good nualilies ol the I'reparalion ml rred The l'ormnl.i exmbits the union ol mii ol tin b-t r..r i.HUe medicinal Hoots nud 1'iaiils, w iih sub stances of the maiiEvr repute in remeih'al agents, and does .not contain any niciaiuc comnouuu. ror me er..s iii which the ma Jicmil virtu of Sarsaparill a are sun 'lit. Ins Preparation sluukl have a p-e'eren-e, In couaefjucnee ol the care and skill m compounding it Itesp ci oil) , ..I,. . ,.c-,, ., . t.ili ir. Nil .stale Ainvi " fl'roni Mahv M. Ncsvimt irifrnft'ic lhn ("! 'I Xesmith. 1'iexidciit of fie Sal them llailroi I "Tim nnv criily thai I vvisallheted w th ll'ieum t... ,n,n, tl, ii, It teen vears. nrior to HI, 1 trl''d ihl- lerent rem-dies without permanent lehef. Iu the tile veur la IT. I was induced to tent the rlli- .,! Hi- ("'.,t-',,.tt's ' CoinnoitiiJ Svrun of Mrsapa rilla.' Daring llv space of three months I used about ,.n ,,l this uiedirllle. I Ihld lnv-ll fully relieve I irom said disease, and can theielore cheerfully recmi mend to others vv'ioiniybe alll ciej in like iu aimei to ttij this chejp ana valuab.c .it 'itieiii-, Mir.v M Ncsvini Cine i.nnnine but with Dr. Corb"tt's signaliirc, ami Tor sale by llie l-roprieiors HDWAltD lllil.Mil.Y .t CO Boston. Amos C Spear, sole agmt lor Darlington Burlington, Apnl 3th, 1313. Ilm3.3 A irood supply nf Clccso VAUnANTr.uiiooc lor aie ny VII.AS ,V .Mil l.i riEATIHvItS JL and Hen l'ealhers- Apr I .11 5toxs nnii:i) aitlks r.,r m.i.- i.y Apr 1-dl Vll.AK . NOYi:S. 1HLAS it iNOYKS continue to pay Cash I lor I'elts and 1 urs. flU'J-"!! OOTS AND SHOIS.- A large assortment ot I ar 's woik tif every descrii turn Wsw .0 '"gei'er with a large assirtinent I I,adie' and l.ent s ixmt", !-noes, , fiaiters. .tc. Fren di C ilf Boots made to order, ot I the lirst niali.y. l orMlebv N. II. All kinds of Rubber Overshoes mended ill the neiuesi iu inner, llie Minou I'ure 1) ly .v. .viur tlil's Blacking nlwajs on baud. Apr 1 .11 Q wtt.t.s The follow iiijr is a reeominendilion from ruhnouth ; To .Mr I llrown, CheuiiM, lo?toii. I eerlily that my wile ha- been nhTieled with a very bad humor on her face, nnd at her Momach, for iilteeii eit ia-t. Afier uuiii iiinh nvdieine teeoinmend ed fur her complaint- ith lilt to or no benefit., she eoin- nieneeit usiu, by the adviee ot Mr. I.ilwanl .Maon GOOD AND CIIKAP I!00KS. TIIOSI5 I.V U'AXT Ol' GOOD.V f'HIMI HOOKS will find them nt llie Dennsitniy ol die Americw Scxdav Sriioo!. I 'mux, ll7A"iisir Slieet im 33 I'aik A'oic, .Ni.vv oiik. Scvuvv School I.iiirvkil-, of 100 Vot.s. ion 810 j Of the-e there nie now two set, both entirely dill'r I eut.cnch coinpriMiig 100 vols. ISm.i., varjing in Me Irom 11 to J70 pages, printed on good paper and sub- Anotheearv. vo ir Saaoarilla and Tomiil,, Billers. "ailliai ) ' i ou iu. i in-.-e ..i uk..i ...u.ui.m and she is now iu beper health than she had before i cu'r punished : abo, A I.iliniry ol l iny .ois. iur i;i..ii(. This contains tlie smaller nuMicalions of tin- Society, hall bound in morocco, lettered and numbered mi the NOTICi: TO lililLDllUS. PROPOSALS WIFiL Illi UKCEIVBD E by .tons Ti saxt, until th" lt of May, in behalf t the build. nif ( nimnittcc. tcr btnldmir a School Hou-e at Port Kftit. to b finished on or before the 1st day of September next, ui follow? liuek Wall 'ift bv Ui fert in the clear, 11 feet hiah, 8 iueh-?' thick, with a Stone Wall Sleet thick three teet below the "iirhee, and H niche above the gruuu i eontrartnr to lind all tli materinh. AN . a suvirate nronusil to tmil all the mitenni for the w ond wmk and tinish the Cnrppiitcr and Joiner vn K eomplt te. A iii in ot nid lntildinc will be foutij at the Store (ifmiU TltEMMT.L t Co H'w. TRZE'ODOUE': A. Vl'.Cli, J.ATE PECK A- SPEAK, APOTHECARY ANU ? ? hol:sulv, .Druggist, liritl.IM'.TOX, VT., .s U)T.YMI.Y PKrF.IVlMl AaiF.ttll.AN, nNGLl'II, mr.vrit. and i:,m.v. Dltt'tiSt Vew Chemicals: le-eches; Sureicnl In'-triimeril'. ; Mineral 'reethund Dental unit leu ; Saline or .Mineral Wnteie ; tJeuuine Patent and Thoinyonian .Medi elites ; rure l.muois and vv uvs : iioila l-ountamsami Srups; Brushes. rerfumes, Soaps, Inks, I, lacking", Fumy and Doiucsno ariules; 1'oieigu .V. Doinrstic t'uafs. (irnuud Siuees, t Ilas-W'nre ; i)vc-Stull, L'ainphelie, Bud, 1-ield, Flower mid Oardc'n Seeds, c. In line, ever) aiticle dliectly or mdiicctly con uci ted with this business. From the advantage of receivitm Mincrnl waters, Caniphenn, Leeches, A;e., periodically, punliasets can reiv upon tneir iictiiiics. Individuals wi-hing Trusses, I.ecclies, &c, will al wavs find a perMin in attcndaiu e to apply them. .Medicines di-pensci at nil hours ol night. Z.y The atlenliou i.l Diuzi'l-, I'hjficlatls.Mcr chains, and .Manutaciurers is solicited, with tlic as urance, that tle-y can be supplied Irom tins establish ment as advantageously as at the city tnaikets. C 15UTLAND & IIUIU.INGTOX nAlLROAD. 'IMVO Assr.11 i:TS, of live dollars each, 1. have been ord. red bv the Dueciors, on each -hare of the capital nock ot th Rutland and Burling ton Knilroad Company; one made payable on the lirstilayot .May neU, ami tlie oilier on llie loin uuy nf nd .May Payment may be made to the Banks of Burlington, Vercenncs, riiiddh burv. Bittiand, Black Kiver, or Bellows Fulls, to the t'heshire Bank. ICeen", N. II . lo IMw.aid I'lekermg, l , Nn f,0, Slate street, Bos ton, or lo the I'rtasurer nt Ins ollice in .Muldlebury. SA.Mt'i:i. SWIFT, Tieasuitr. March IS, 1SK :Wvv6 IIoiim's nnd Lois gjij' .V COLCHESTEll I'Oli SALE. T70II S Vl.l! in Co'chester Centre, a few rods vvet L ol eniojed for the Inst liliecn veais ; ami I would cheer- liillv recommend to all and'every one who is atlhcted vvitn any of the complaints wh.eji tin-, inedieiue is re- I commended for, lo 11.-0 it iu preference lo any article now iu use. Yonis respectlully, J. Ii. BHACH. I Fiiluibuth,.Mayj'.i, Isll. For sale by Tnti. A. I'irK, and A. C Srevr., Apo thecaries and wholesale Druggi.-ds, and by dealers tten. trail) throughout tlie State. IOw J None genuine, unless signed I, BFTTS on the vvmpper. back. AUo Four HuNPRto rnti.RFr I.itti.k Books, in paper covers, plentifully adorned wiilt pictures, and in price from halt a cent upwards. Two Huxpr.tu Varii.tii-s ot Tracts, averaging 20 pages lor a cent For Sunday Schools, Family, and District School liibrarhs, OVF.Il SIX Ill'NPUF.D BOl'N'D VOI.l'.MHS have been prepared, varying m price from lire I'cnti 10 o', au.i einnracing won,s .tu.ipim 1., im HHNl'INH 'J'UltKIS!! SMOKINO TO H BACCO For sale nt Harriv iT'lv's.a tine lot of 1 capacities ol children and yculh ol nil nges. the above article at ftl fill per lb. A di-couut to pur- 1 Scr.trrt.Ri: Tivt, ap S i'.n-riT.U I'tcTt nr chasers who wwi it by the drum. A I. .vrc II. She had t lint charming laugh, width, liken song The sung ol n spring bird, vuvc suddenly When we least look for it. It hugeied long 11hiii the ear, one ol the sweet things we Treasure unconsciously. As fcteals along A stream in sunshine, stole its melody. As musical as it was light nud wild, The buoyant spirit ol some fairy child j Yet miiieled with soil sighs, that might express The depth nnd truth ot earnest tenderntss. Front the Albany Cultivator for April 41 100IVINS INDIAN VKC.KTAltl.K f B1TTKUS the Spring l'urilier Also, Avers" Cherry l'ectoinl, Tattirsalls Heave Powders, l,ny sott's Hxlract ol Sarsapanlln mil Yellow 1) ick, cm be found nt HAUItlNl'.TON'S, Apulhecnties' Hall. Cor. Church and College-'ls II mo coltntiVy .mkkoiian'J's. v- fl are now mnkmix n very snnerior article of SIiID I,I"1'Z' POWDHIIS put up in fin Inrri, and war ranted lo resist the dampest vvcalher l-'or sale low 111 I'laniitiesat HAISKINliTON'S. ll (Apothecaries Hail ) 10VA SCOTIA PLASTKIt. - FIIHSII 11 Oround Nova Scotia Plaster, lor sale hv P. imoi.itti.i:. April 1, 13H. l'vvll .i;rop sod ron wasiiinc." .1000 j lbs. for sale In packages .j suit, by I I ly t THKO. A PF.CIC J'lAMI'HOU ilKl'l Vi:i),.r)XJ 1.115. run svli: J low by (11) I) Tuto. A J'c K. OI'll'M, 10.) Llls. IIBM. TUIt'vBV, P0I! SU.U I low by (llyl) T11t.11 A. IVk. ' PJI.III t'.ill'.s, in:i:r au oisdiwiiv ak- 1 tides at reduce I prices by Turo A. Pi' k. April .''ill, 1 JH. Uyl fiOllllS. IVOUY, ItlMTAM) & II0UN. J A Inrge nssortineiil al Tuto. A P1.1K. Apiil.'Mh. MIS. llyl RUSIirs! (H.0TII, HAIR, TOOTIj, iving urn I'liui. A Si r.iiTLiit: Tivt. ap 'i'.n-riT.t: 1 icai ni 1 vim's, ol large sie, for Inl nil and Sunday Schools. OMl more lliau a Handled Kinds. Also, Iteward Tlvk els, nnd II) inns on Curds, with SrEi.ixvu, au Kuapinu, anu BooKs.designed for Snbbiith School u-os .Maiiof I'AhisnvF. An, tngrtlier with .Maps of the Joumc) ings of llie Children ol Israel no I Tiuvels ot Paul, on u scale sullicieiiily large 10 be used by a whole Sihool. Map of tub Ancient Womn. and lithographic views ol interesting places 111 the Holy I.alld. Tiif. Umov B1111.L Dicnov.vRY, pronounced by com petent jui'g.'s lo be the liesi Bible Dictionary ot the kind ever p,ci.lred, l "1 1 pages, only 7. cents Several wanks on lUbtieal Anti'nities. and illustra ting Jeieish lliitury, ilesigned to aid teachers in ihe,i woik. S:lliliritll School (Viievtion Ilool.s. I'ninn IJuestions, li", vols , f,J cents each j and the Child s Scripture Question Book, 10 cents. .cviiiitrs. Tlie Sunday School Journal for teachrrs, published twice a only ii cents per aniiuni. The Youth's Penny fiazetie, issued riery other week at the cMreinely low price of Wl ivnts a )eur, when tony copies and upwards tire taken. Catalogues will be sent on (pot paid) triplication to Uwa J. C. -MUF.KS, Agent. llie Courecational and HaptNt Chureher-, a Ilnek Ilou-i't .J" uy .in teet, coinenie'ii tor n large, tnmly, with a ham and out hou-e-, and '.M acre, of land at lathed. ANo, a Miiall hou-e near, with V acre of hind, l'or tenus, impure of th' suh-enber, on the l.. ..Ill, lit. u. premie?. Ai.ireii a iri- m:w stoki: von n.vrTr.ns- tiummisgs. Daring his imprisonment on ade to I.tis Casas the foilow- sale nl low prices by April 5ih, MIS. Pick. 11)1 UTVe liave nndo arrangements by which we can supply the subscribers toour Daily In 1'lutts. burgh, Keesevillo, I'ort Kent, Essex, anj other points tm the hake, free of postage. Vo w ill Saimleon't Pro SI Helena, apo eon niai1 ing prediction, pan ol which has ken already lid- filled In less than tvventy.fivc years from the present the proprietor iui ne prnuies linngeit , " niisioo, -,,iu ., . .. . l'or salr, or IScnl. q-ni: i,vitt:r. AvnrouMoiiious I .. I. II. ..t l.. VV'.II..,..,, ..II Ln.iui, ,,s - 1,1 1, i , ,,'ivi, ,., . .....-.. .J. ,. r.,11,1,." is now ollercd lorslle. on terms most advantageous lor the puiehaser, or will be leased lor a term ol )car. It is in thorough repair, nnd has 11 supply of the purest spring water, running into the kitchen, and to the ham For particular", innuire ol iiy;ri 11 Mnuie i.uiufw'itu svsiein will is cnuiieeu 1 oe 1 ii-ikii ten. ruvi tnr uouioons ana their aeois FUF.NCH llvvlidil off, as my Arabian Steed would nny sltanger who would dare to mount him. Then, il my son in ca istence, he will be seated on the throne amid the ac t lninntioiisol the ieople j il lie be not, I'ranee irillgo luck lo a KepiMic; for no other hand wtlldau tn wite a wepire which it cannot wield The Oileann hi 11 iicA, though unliable, are too mix h like other Buur lions, uml icill thate the tame Jute, if they do not choose to live ns simple citizens, under whatever eiiaugea inK" place. 1 rame onco more n republic. Jlatltoiv IIi-i r's IWitlc, STATU Ol' VUIOIO.VT, The lion- the Pro- ' Distiict til' C'liilli'ildi'ii, ss, bate Court lor the D.Jtrict ol Cliilleudeii Tu all persons concerned 111 the estate nl Mathcw Beers late ol Colchester in said i District, deceased. (1ri EriN'j 1 Wherfas llinman Burs Administrator untie es latent said d, leased, pioposes lo render nuaeiount of lusnuiniiustr.itioii, and presnt bis account tignnst said (flute lor examination and nllowauce at a session 1 rAN'TF.D, A jrnotl Workninn tit tho 1 111 'IV..I.. , net ns Pitreltl'ill of 11 shell Nolle need apply who cannot bring goud reeoiiimciidaiions lor steinly habits. To such ti person, good encourage ment will be given, Alii I ill V ll..r ,- ,vo i i.e.. L-f ioroA siii;i.l.jco a i,iiii" J exeellenl article ol Cocol Shell receivtd and for silent HAItltlNli TON S. Aiwlheeutles' Hall. ALLY'S l'AIX rATRA(T()H. Just ro teived from the proprietor a Iresli lot. at Aroiln-rarUs,- Utill HAUKIMITON'S tUYSOTT'S SAIlSAI'AlUl.LA. the Cmit H Spring Vuiifier oj the Woi (See iidyeriw. incut m another mlnnm ) llAlvM.M, I li,, ( Vpothecurics' Hall ) (Senernl Aural lot I runant. HOOKS! IS00KS!! SKFI'CIII'.S of Itrail, - vols $1.7:. Prencli.r, 17 vols rttvi Bniler' Works, ... V1 lluineit on the Thitly-nme Atnclcs, Jarvis' lli-to'yof the Church, 2 nil Pearsiin on the Creed, I ti.'i l.ik ol llounliis. 1 '-" F.lliolt on Kouiani.m - vols 'Jim Townlc) B bhcnl l.iiernture. 'i vols. .' ti licini Lliun Ii History, "g vols. J isi mnu snisnuiiEii is xow opcmnr 1 at 175 Water Street. (over the storr of W. A. X. A. M. White.) a complete assortment of HATT1I1IS' THl.MMlNllS, Silk nnd Angola Pluhe., Skivers, .(.c. .Vc.ot his own iiiipoitatio't. to whicli he invite, the nlienlion of piircha-ers. 'I p piintcd in every variety with neiitiiess and di'paiih t .lltielllar aiieinioti pun 10 pmini mj. inuiis, liberal iliM-ounl will be made Jor rash J AS. V. TI CKI.K, New Yoik. Mnnh-W. MM. IQwl 17 j IPa W iVoltct. rplll". Copartneislnp, herrlolore existing helwrcn I Oiks.V Peck, is this dayib'solved hy limitation. All pnxnis having claims again-t us, will please pie sent lliem every person iinlebtid to said turn by ac count or olherwL-s-, will l'l-a-;-':"I,J,'J 'I'X'lJFf! (iiioiiiii: ii. p'hck! ' Jericho, April 1 MM. I0v3 I'l.O'l'Ul'TIO.N niii: r M' h a . cu cojipaxv, lliirtfniil, i.'oiiiiccticnl. CAPITAL 200.000. D, W CI.AKIv, rir.idtnt. WM (O.NNiil!. Srrrtlarv. (.HO B SHAW, Asent. Burlington, Vermont. Feb M. l.sM, 3lti For the Kprhif; : Trail c. HAY UV. l'or.NI A'J' TIIU Ackicci.. iiB tural Wnrehniise.n ver) large assortment ol Bos ton Centre Draught flows, comprising more Jddiliereiit Si?e and vatu ties. llian J. s. oiher rouutries will follow her example -(ierunns, ullUr. c.urt ol Probate, to lie bolden at the ollice ot iu,h,ib, I uir., (l.iis, b, ni.t'tifs siitns, will nil join in the crusades lor lils'iiy ijind I!"9- I he Probate Court in Barliugton on the tenth day of .viny, i.iii. , Tiliai.tORr., You are hereby notified lo appear be- f..... ,..!, ,i, iI,m tin,. ttii.t nine,' aforesaid, and TMIU Selectmen of Burlington will meet for tho thevv cause, il any you have, why the account afore. transaction ol town business, nt the ollice ol J. N. Kild should not bo nllovvcd. IWrnv ni. ,l,a I., ...,l !1 1 c 1 1. 1 li I... ..... I.,,. I u, ll..rli.,,.l.,M ttos Ilr.t .lav during the year, at 'J o'clock in the iiiotmug. or Aptil, A. D MM. March 8, MM 37 I llvv'J BltAl'FOIID r.IXrOKD, Urghttr. Mosbe II irper's .Misoellnny,--'.! W.-sleV's Works. 7 Vols. Claik on the New Testament. .Vr .V" AVc l'.irsileby SM I. IH'NTINOTON Corner ol Church and College tit... Any person ,pul 1, ISIS. riASH I'Oll A I'AH.M 1 1 who has for sale a sm desiied location, soil, uuiiuings, mui.anj inner con. veniences.nt a price not areatly enhanced by Kail roads, Telegraphs, and Daily ien., miiy Ik- pat m the way of a purchaser on application at this ollice. Apr i-dl Biirlinaton. March IS. ISM. I 'i:itY I.AIUIF. ASSOUTMENT Ol' I ( inrden Seeds, w ith ninny variety not to be found short ol the cities, lUcept at the Agricultural arc-hou-e j. S. 1 I.IlvCI. Burlington, March IS, MM. liiuiilirr Yaril. II HAY, Ml' AD & CO. olllr lor salo. nt l their place, on Pearl Street, nearly every desonp t,.,n ol sea-oned I.FMIlliU On the opening pf N.iviuatioii. Ihey wul huve for sale a large tuppy of Suiui i.s. and intend to keep on liniid, to suopl) the .oinmunitv Uunnj: me season, an m""- able I.iii.iIht 4011. i'or Waif or to Kent. miiK srnrmnr.K win. ski.i.ok Hp-r I nsNew 1 lick House, on eur "... ....,. ..... itv r mIs sonih ol the Souare. The house is large V o .r. T. I-. material and ill the U..v-t n.odein I'liii. - ,,. ...,v-s:i:i: ... l Butlingt"". March 31, MM Wtf ami oniei .in. r.....l - ,r,lin ,crn;br;j..bycJ niiiTr.uni:oTYri: goods, inciutiinp Wntclip.. Clocks, Jewelry, noons. p 'repaired, and Siwoiis, Kings, Heads, her (Sold and cr a, licies made to any pa.. MKPAIUl.W r I Jl IB! HAKGA1XS ! 100DS II some for Icf., nt V.'.ld M..rvli, 'lS. IIARGAINS ! A i iRoiioo .HIV; AND 3)

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