Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 14, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 14, 1848 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING1, A P. RJ 14, 1848. Jfvcc press, HIJIM.INCTON, VI. " Is the nKK am) 'n;iiuiiu:n MintrTiiA r i tiros us, isno.Stah acovctiii: iioiuzun TUIIIXE I'SA Ul.EAM W LlfiltT, KXl'trilMl HIT tsT'F.(.i.mi:N', rATr.ioTio Wiiiii 1'Aiirv or Tin: I'sMim .SrATF.s.-' Daniel MVfoir, For I 'resilient, HENRY CLAY. l'or Vice President, MILLARD FILL MO KG, or Nl H tor.K. Subject to tlic ili-cif-ii-n of the Whig National Con- tl llllOll. Cuiiiirclii'iil inaction. Tlio Whig i mai jilt in Coimertictil is com plete ! The results Way bo briefly and iMlUf.ic torily fotdown n- follows : A Whig (lowrnor and Lieut. Cioveinor; Whig Slu'le Olllceia llinuighoiit ; Whig Legislature, Senate and House ; Two Win , U.snr.ii Sj ati: Sesaioiis; And. in short, tliu whole moral and political yintver ol'tlto State i-trongly nrrajed against tlie anti-.Ymerieni character, and tlie nulMtcpniili- ran tent!pni!!os, of tlie measures and polirv of tlie Ailminit-tration of James K. Pull.. IIKNIIV ('I. AY h the f.n orio candid. lie of Connecticut tor l!ie Presidency. The License Vnle. A 'pood deal of feeling lias been cinced, in txrious quarters of tins State, by tlms-e who are (liappointcd by the result of tlie recent ete on the license question, on the ground that what they consider the adverse remit was occasletied by the exclusion of the totes of teveial tottus for irregularity. The UWfM llruld, in a calm and temper ate article on the Fiibjei'lj places the niattrr in a light calculated 'o suppress complaint, at least, if not to produce sati-fictlon. We agree cordially with the ifer.ild thai, in order that this, or any, law should be elulhed with the necessary attributes of sovereignty, and pflsscss that moral dignity which is eaten tiai'krecureits observance, it should be con-ti-tutioviilly and legally enacted. " Jtule and I.Uv " are not onl, as the lleraUl ay.s, "of im mense consequence " to lie ob-ered in the mi king of law, but lliey are altogether indUpon-i mlile to give the statute ital authority. We further agree with the Herald, and we be licc all judicious men will concur in the opin ion that, c en if a "technical" majority could be ciphered out against license, by adding cer tain returns and excluding others, a decision '"obtained thus would not be nT gieal alue,'' rven to thoe who ascribe the utiiicsl ellicacy to sncli a derision in promoting the raue ol Temperance. Nay, wo are free to express our opinion that a wry ban majority against Li censing, even though obtained in the most unex ceptionable manner, would scarcely be of mnie value than the " technical " one alluded to, fur reasons that must be obvious to every reflecting man, in view of the very large majority given a year ago. Hut our chief object in alluding to the sub ject to-day is to say that the II raid, after a careful and candid examination of the recent vote of the State, says : " Including all the tolcs of the State, from which returns were mad-, legally owl illegally, ilierc would be n inninntv of 11 for License " i-iii- Mttttemrut, frmn pitch a quarter, is cal culated, as wo intimated ill the outset, to quiet the feeling and suppress tlie complaints that have arisen from a misapprehension ol all tin farts. BJ'The following message from the President was sent into the Senate on .Monday Il will bo seen, and markcdnMiov if lihnlanl carnage to come, (hat .Mr. Pull; rougr.itul.ttci- the Senate on the accomplishment of (he iievolu- ( lion ill Prance, ttliii't icit'ioiit blomUhrd.'' 'J'his is almost Iho precise language that ho used in r.imuiiiiiicaling inJ " bloodless aimexa lion" of 'J'exas a roupie of yeais r. Ye ate alraid of the ' f tlal croaking' of tins " rtcn," about 1 Inndless arhiovpinents ! AIKSSACi: 1'liOM Till; PltKSini'.NT. The lolluvvni ni.-psif... was received in the S nate or. .Monday hum the President ol ihe United Snues Wjvmiixuh.x, Apiil tl, Tv thr Senate and Unitac oj Jtrpieneiitiitirr nj thr Iniletl Kttlcii : I conunaiiitate In Coiiicss, lor ihen lutounalioii, a copy ol a disputch, Aiih Ihe aiconipauyingducunicius, received nt the Dcpariiucut of Slap: lioiu lhc Ln oy Kxtnior.liinry and .Miuitr Plenipoteniiniy of the (hilled Stan s m Pali, 141V ing otheial ltilonua 11011 ol the ovei throw of ihe Punch monarchy .and the 1 stablNhmcnt in its stead ol 11 provi-ioual oveiiimeiil h.wd on lepubhcnn principles. This great event oecurrtd suddenly, nnd was nc roinplished nhnosl wilhotit hlooddii'd, 'Pile vv orld has -1 Idom witneKed n inoie nleresiitiij r tnbliitie sp-'u-table than ihe petu-t tal rising ol'ihe Pieneh pcoide, ie solved to secure lur themselves enlarged btKriy,uiul 10 assert in llie iivijeiy of llii'ir tlrengih the great uuih that 111 this en'asaleiied age null is capable of govem- 1112 bimseii. J jie prompt nv-ogiiitiou 01 nie uevv toiveruuieui by ihe ispies-nwtivc of the I'niled Slates nl the Prciieh Curt meets my Ir.U and unqualified npproliaiion mid Ihas been iiiitlioried 111 a Mutable manner m 111 ike known ibis loci lo 'lhc consiiiuicd aulhoiities of tin Picmh republic. Culled upon to net in a sudden emergency, which could not hive bieu niTticipiiKd by his instiiiciion, hej'idg"d rlubdy ol the t'lhngs and sentiments ollus I f OVellllueill 1010 (li 10s t''nin j 1111 11, urn, ill 1111 v .1 lit c ol ihi'JiplolllutJC represelllatives ol uthrl conilllies, he w.i ihe linvt to lar 11s it was 111 lu power, the free eoverllll ill c.tidilishd by ihe i'leiuh people. Tl.e iiuliey ol ihe I'uiicd Sln'es has ever In en 1h.1t of iiiiiiinlerveiilion in the iluiifstiu nll.ius ol otl.i r rouniries, leaniitt; 10 cm h to cstalrlisli the lorin ol gov - rpnieiit of its own 1 boicc. While thiswise pnln y will be iiidiiitaimd low-aids Prance, now sudilcnly traiisforined huiua nionarcby into a lep'ilihc, all 0111 fyinpithies are nalurall cnhsied on lhc side ol a great lH'nnlr, who, jimlut mi iur ex iniple, havj resolved to !m- free, 'i'hat such sviu(iatln' should ciim' on ihe pan olthe ieoplt' i'f the Piuied Sialic with (be Jnejids ol life governuiellt m cwly utl of the vvoiH, and c"pi' liallyin I'ramee.js not reunikible We cm never lorget that I'ranee w is an early Inen I tit 0,1 r eveuibil ti volution, uud geuoioiHly nided us 111 (.Inking oil 1. .t.-01 ) eke and betou'img a lice and independent T.'c'hayc rnjoyed the l.terfsinps of ear FiMemol well rcgtllaled H-ff govcriniieLit lor IKIil three l-illrlhs i. n riMiliiry.nnd can propnly iippredale in alne -()lir iirdent and sinceie rnngmtli Unions lire extendi d ,,, il,.- patriotic people ol Pram e, iiou Iheir noble and thus lar wicceslal cllbtls lo loiiud lor li ir luiure gov -crnnieiit literal instiiiuious similar 10 n,'r own It is not doubted ihnl, nnd. r llie being). nitiiKiice of Irce insliuitions. nie i-nogioci-o Miuesiuen 01 repiinii (.in Frame Mill find ill" ! I"r her own mti.iot and luirmnuuiil ulory io ciillnule Willi the Uiiiinl Htalis !hr T.l 1 hherol prineiplesol iiiK nmiimud iiuei,,so nnd cininieieial rei tpriK iiy, whrtehy ihe- ,ii., nty I i..,m,.u. nl both HUtiollH xxlll h- I'l I'lil'.l. it """ ' JAMIIK K. t-VT liar tlie JUirliiiglun I'lte Prtsu rut our no rm iiiiintire I We bine not rrivnwl a mpy lor eu Yc mail, regularly, our WVeUly and Daily, lo Jlasuell's (lazctle, and the II tuner, and to ... i -i . t-L-'j dJil I 'mint i 'n d ' 111" with no other pipers there-lho paper or "!'rf "' "ot if his annual in r, 'fr.'J-.V .5- JiMnson dautle" l.eyer "",.". ? " " ' - - rcacnes ns. , ... .. . We Bhnuldu'l think ot fuch a t!.inS an ' cut M .ucll (iazetti'. It is tho best look '.'"h. " . :.. rr.,,t . .mil ',.,, s is ?r. tltin Tr as lofoco ',, arc co. icuicd, Their "Lclutior" hvws uiilorml) tad lhc bill granting a bridge nt House's Point, & c. has passed (lie Sell lie ul New Yolk m Coinniillce ol the. Whole. Munlprlicr W'atcliin in uf the I'M. Our good friend of the Watchman has some tncaiH of gelling information, on the llridge question, more mjslerions than elccti icily ! On the morning of the filli inst., (the day the Watch I man went In pres) the bill in question hail vol been reported la the Committee to the Senate It therefore not only lin tint " passed the Senate In Committee of the Whole,'' but, in our hum ble opinion, is littlo likely lo. Anus itrrum. That the hill may have been favorably report- id, since Wednesday last, w n con-idcr not im probable, as Iho same Committee 'nave it in rliargc who once made a favorable icport upon it; but thai it ran pass cither Mouse, in Com tuitlco of the Whole, or any other nay, we haw good reason for not believing. The Legisla ture will adjouin next Wcdncsday,lhe 12lli int., and we shall duubtlcss be Informed that leant of lime prevented its committing this act of com suicide this session ! Jj'Tho Claieinont (N. II.) tingle comes lo us with a new and beautiful dress. Mr. Wai.keu makes a very inlere-'ing and valuable paper, and we are glad to rocoul this evidence that his ef foils are properly appicciated. Qj" Would it not bo quite as well, dear Air. W.w.i:r.i:, to leave Iho business of copying pull's of one's selfto the " charming Grace Greenwoods'' of the press ? It stiikos us as altogether a feminine propensity. c J J" We see it announced that .lonv G. Saxi:, hl-q., the author of the " Old Chaptl Hell" has been invited to deliver a poem before the Lit ciary Societies of lhc Weslevan University, Aliddlelovvn, Conn., next August. Hj Mr. Dirli; sajs, a native of one of the South Sea Islands trving to make nutcakes ol saw-dust, is like a ery famous musician. Why ? liec.iu-o, obviously, he is a Pagan ninny. .Mr. Darby compromises his dignity by such levity! Cnliloi inn. 'im,o I..... r,..n r iiiCnin .nr l-'ridayi i- of a character far dillerent fiom what , Mrnck "'" 1 ersoti;1 neciuso ho well Know Iho ll.ilteringrepre-enlalionsol divers naval and ho had no right to give il to anybody ele. In mililury romancers of the Adinini-tralion School deed, we rather think ho would have prcfirrcd had letl the public to expect. That " l'.uadi-e" t0 ivu i( to si.lcr ,(ri l0 f of the I'.u l'ic, if we credit what is now' written, . , , T. , , . , , ,s l.e,mmlhe theatre, not only l iln. mu..i ,;i 11 ,"'d-natiired, kind-hearted man, and " insubordination among our own troops, but , al-o of an active w ar, yet determinedly waged i by the " villainous .Mexicans against tlie Amer- j WOuld s.ij, to gladden the heart of that lugtibri ican pmver, which nmiy of us here were liinii- , . J . ,1!ls cu.penej, reHictantlv. bugged into the beliel was iirmly established mere, .viauy oi me posts which we nau ueen i ' told, were in our undi-puled and peiinauent pos ses-ion, are now menaced by strong bands of uoiu.uu u,,Mr . '... her , Unit Air. Nom.n would cheerfully avail him- their desperate daring, ol the pusillanimous ,' . , ... guerrilla breed that inlest the valley of .Mexico. I 't',rf 1,10 l"';t opportunity that might present it The quiet rubini-sion of the Calofurnia-', the 1 self, to take it away again. And ho has done people h'-neill along been taught by the ' Polk M,. Adding lhc i-Mie of brother Paul's smart ,uiu ij.iiitis iiiiexaiiijiiiMs io cunsiuer uncuoy a " fixed lad,'1 and all we had now to ih, was to establi-h there a tcuilorial government. All the.-e dreams, however, are di-ipaled by the last advices thence very late by the way coming down to the lid of rebruary Lven Alaz.illan, (among Ihe lir-t towns reduced by our arms, at the beginning of the war) within miles, was surrounded by a bodyol hostile Alex icans, who, while menaciiig the garrison on the cua-i, weio i-ueciuaiiy ucMniying an commerce with tlie interior. Numbers of oin ollicers and men had been made captive for the want ol a siilliclent force to encounter the enemy; but in this respect they are only sharing the same pre- ( .'."" ., , .' V.i i iirocipioiLcu oiiii'r iii.ini.vies ui me uiiiiy-ueaici cipitateil other brandies ol the army home, at the beginning ol the war as Oeneral Taylor can well teslily. The Irigale Indepen- 1 deuce. 10 be sure, was inuored oil' the town lor lis protection, but Lieut, llayvvooil hesitates to hazird hi- forces again.-t live limes Iheir num ber, and he therefoiu very wisely concluded it lo Iciho wi-er part for bun to rem.iiii "hoii-ed" nil a reinloiceini'iit should be sent him from the Commodore. Our celebrated Cel. Steven-on and his ledoiibtable regiment, vvho-e pianks on I mors iiaiiu iisi piev ions 10 tneir emoar- k.ition, ti-fil to ainuzo and ahtini ourqiiiet-loving citizens, we also see are about to di-tiuguMi themselves. An attack was dally expected Iroui Coper California, but the Voliin'teeis could not be depended upon to repel it not, of course, ' Irom any want 01 courage but, as 11 is stateu lhc AIa7.atl.1n letter, in eon-eqiience of their naucltv utter uisregaro lor an iiiiiuary 01s-, 1 . .. J i .. ,..1. ..11., . ..i:.,...i 1 1. tl.. .ij I cipliue. 1 ..'!'s al" pirlially lealizeu the tlneals which,' tome ol uJ readers will remember, weie freely indulged by son.O of ''"' Votk Vol unteers against their ollicciu and others in an Ihoiity, when the attempt was injde to euloice their "purthase of clothing, etc. Irom iu agent of the Goveriunenl, while encamped on i'ov ernoi's Island. Doubtlessly the New York Regi ment aiu Inlly lb at, now, in ' the wilds ol California" no planted cannon, no Ca-tle Wil liam fiovviis on llieir mutinous, pioceedings and nencu nie oppoiuiniiy 10 niim, wnai iney uui ma t ci u n)e lo promio Col. Stuvonson, when those , ,' 1 ' 41 , 1 (dflir.itfd imtri v .Aildli'W Ulll (orin vv om I'lldnii- von d to be tin nt upon them.iit exorbitant piicea. 'J'hercforo inteHigeuce nuch a wo reeeto now from tint fpiaiter doe not diappoiut in. It wa all pii'ihted a twelvemonth no. TJiero aiu Lnimi nenoi.ltr,. a tin I Ii 1 1 ! il !1 1 1 1 nil ( f 1 1 1 f I II t lilt l A the .Mazithm eoiren'oi.dentuiiles.the majority ol Ihe Volunteeis nie only a pi i''iie to Iheir ol lieer, and no to be depended on. Il n hi opin ion iilr.11, the country thoulil l.e'ix'Wii up, or a Millieient loreo f-cnt lo protect it an..' Hithtain the j.neinment ; ''for at jire-ent every thiny 1-iin-lable, and in a few days the whole eounlry may be in pi.e.ion ol the Mexicans fioiii Moulerey lo Cape ,S, Lucif, (huetnor AI.imhi and all.'' In ihe fate ui lhisu fieli,, xv, then, we been iiecompliehed by Iho War Depirliiieut in C'alilorni.t ( Nolbni'' abvi- Intel) notbiiii; I Stiipnlly underrating Iho r.pirit and iiiunber of in that tertltoiy, the Adiiiini.-tralion has wayed tho war there with, Ihe Miinii inellieieney and imbecility tint rhar utleri.ed itn in iiiaijcment in other portions id eieo, Jtlood lia been winded, tie.ii.iue ilerid, lo mi purpiifo whatever and now Ihe runijuei-l id IJaliloruia, to all inlents and pur jue, interring; lioni Iho lalei-t aceoiiutu, U ut much u chiuieia a uar'. .V. 1'. lUpriss. M tiuifiienee. John Jacob Astor, who died in Xew York a few diys aejo, lelt iropeity to Iho nuioiinl, at the lowoK e-tiiiiate, of tuenly millions of dollars, from which ho derived an income of probably . twelio hundred Ihoiinuid dollars vrr annum, i, .. . ., ., ,, , ' , . U "I'l n the .New i orli Ji.ipers, lliat I follow inr are the only lieoiie-ls for iiitblic :i lliat the ly Iteqiie-ls for pifblic and charitable purpo-e provided by his will : I'nt a I'nllic Library nt New Ymk, 5 IWjntKl 1 ii the l'lmr o 'ulduil,.ur mi iiislitulion,) fiii,nno (l ti tlie tieriiuiu Sueletv yu,lHl0 I o tlw liiiinm- lor Ihe tibial, ,1.ihi 'J'" '"11 tliph in Afjliiin, .'i.IHHI la the I.)iiiS.i,i As.) him, s.ihii) Tiinl, &H'.luO !i-i"i u iini io tin,K,u r ,j i" 1 " oitn8Kje or his property as I he pleased ; but we wo hil ,Cl,r notl.iny I more of his ''Munificent betpiestB p I lJ The YelUnd Canal was to 1 opened for j the season on S.ilunUy, the 1st intt. TUl'SDAY ET,NI(J, Al'ltIL 11, 181S. Bj" A friend lias this morning called our at tention to the following paragraph in the Liber ty (inzelte: . 5TtFf" Our list nl suli-cribcrs in this County is now t'ui, the ht ol the Tree Tri-p? i-ny-J., or one lititulieil jH than it was one year since, the li-t ol the Sentinel i H about fi'ill. It will be seen by thta statement, which i i ptohably coriect, ns ench editor presented bis lit f under until, that the nilvet Using ol the. letters rightly belonged to us, but ill accordance with a ciMom prac tised in the cities trhich ice think ii unjust, the list if , tlic daily nndlcrchti Sentinel uic counted at one, nutl by this menus llmt paper secures a small bit trom 1 " Uncle .Sam's crib." It has been quite common for our lachrymose Sister on the corner, since the commencement of her brilliant career in liiirlinglon, to regale that portion of the public who are favored with the weekly perusal of the dazcllc, with sin ill- potatoo groaning and complaints because all her . coquetting for Ihe l'ost OITice printing have ' gone for nolliing. It is the nielhod she adopts ) to parade the numbers of deluded citizens whom "by hook and by crook" she has got upon her truck-and-dicker subscription list. When the punting of the list of letters was first given lo tl c t'ree Press, because it has the largest sub- sciii'tion lit, (as it hid then and still continues 1 i to have), she announced very confidently thai an- j other three months would lell another slory, and I that the dinette would then be the favored recipi ent of Ibis modicum of Government sop. Hut time wot e away, quatter alter quarter rolled round, our Sister's dish didn't get under tlie spout, and sio groaned in spirit and she wailed ill print Now newspaper editors who have a fancy for this kind of sick-girl whining for Ihe drippings of the l'ost OHico, and w ho understand the taste of their readers well enough to know that thr y are interested in the mousing matter, will prob ably continue to occupy their columns wilh such trash. We, however, have cared nothing, and our readers have cared le-s, (if possible) about the l'ost Ollice printing, fiom the beginning. Air. Nomx gave it to tlie Tree Press, we take it, not bocau-ehe bail any special fondnes lor this paper, or its politics, but because, in the dis charge of his duty, bo couldn't help him-elf. He gave it tons "like a man," (as the chan "een gl.ul, -other tilings being ce- Ii . paribus" as Senator I'ooto of Mississippi lo assign ie two-cent list to u,and we took it, knowing that we were neither asking nor rc- recciviug any aim; and knowing also, still bct- little I) lily to his handsome Weekly, and eking out the concern by Ihe subscription list of a loco foco paper l.itclyjdefunct in St. Albans, (whoso siib-criber- h ive manifest reason to ha grateful for the arrangement), our good friend, Mr. XonLE douhtle-s fiiiind the Sentinel's circulation, with in the County, tlie largest of the three ; and. therefore, he very properly gave it the list of Icntcr . , , i,n NH'!'r n"PZ f,lcJs because Mr. Pai'i.'s Daily was counted ! Nothing could be more ab-mrd. A daily paper, that has ils nrin- ripai rircniaiinn ilirrrllu nmrmv - J r ,-,;.,,; ,lnnrt are adutlhtd, is just the paper, exactly, to print the list. Printing it in the Hazetlc would be, in comparison, Imitating the policy or Nero, who stuck hi- decrees on the top of a pillar so high that thny couldn't bo read, and then punished hi' slaves for Mot obeying them ! Our ow It opinion is that Ihe li-t of advertised letters should always be piibli-hod in tlie paper bavin; cnlaiinn in the Tmcn u here th the largest cir i)!Ree is. And we hold this opinion, neither knowing 1101 raring which of the three papeisherc circulates the most papers in Iiiirlingtoii. And we believe this to lie the true intent and meaning of the law linkers in framing the Post Office law. The ("f"'' " puim-luug is lo convey to those hav- iog inic.aneii-iur iciiers 111 tne uaice, intolli"onrc r .t . c . 1 .. . " of that fact and iiiiis to accommodate and oblige) tlie putIn; ml Ui ' put money in the purse" of a primer. And if vv e happen to have a larger subscription to our Daily, at the end of Ihreo ino'iths, than Air. P.U't. has lo his, wo mean to claim iho printing of the Letters (.; that ground, and tatber ucss wo shall got it (--though wo lake occa-ion to say tint we hall neither make public proclamation of our mvn ,nunt,il niiunNiS nor oi our noihbor-s' gub- . iM i; t(li . lVl .,. . fen t u 1 DMt, wo tUtnt, 0 th 111; we can ' ,MU " l-tUI employ bath our time and our columns to more ll.-efnl purpose.", ilut in' are fayine; moio on thi topic tlmn we ! proposed tod). One wonl a, ( 10 Ci.izcltfV M'1.1' I "-" "I omii sub-enptioii, and it peilinent parade of ours, and wo hue done A.ul we h.ue only lo say that wo wouldn't e. change any six liundied fub-cribers, taken in their order ru our houk, for the whole Iht of the l!..'.;tte. One tmb.-cribeis are M,B-,n:inr.i:s, in the it no sense of Ihe word, They h iye como to il? wilh ti.? pf-ncrous nnd manly iindeisl.indin; tlial between :ii. i'.ditor and Ihj readers there exists a niiitii il ichtii'im of oblinalioiis ami du lies. 'J'liny hnu not boPii ih 'ifed nor corner ed, nor di-iriifled w ilh snliriliitio.;' t'H lb'')' lime com-eiiti d In suppoit our paper as a matter ul i haiily.or In iermit it In he sent to the,,: Inny ii' a nine-pence or a couple of rodlis'i would pay for it. H'e haye been parly to no airaiieiueiit by which Iho Stato has been diu ded into ihftruis fur our beiielil.anil cotikeipientK hao no meri'.eii try ipiariels with our brethren of the Press fur t h rn-l i iirr their nos-os into our buliwicl;. Wo limit pet uur'siibscribers by the o.vii'.hip, iiurdo wu buy up, by scbeiniii"; nree intuits and concessions with other editor, whole Cone;re.-ional Disliicts. We purclia'o noslaves at home in older In strengthen our appreciation of the exceediiiK sinfulness of slavery elsewhere. Wo sell ourself to no party at a dollar ahead to the pin cbaers. These pleasant littlo practi ces wo leave to lho-.o papers that maku their mutton by Ihe loudest preleiisiom in liehalf ol " Liberty" and " I'reenin," and who ano'ale to llieni'elves all tho orthodox empathy extant for tho slave. We hope, therefore, when the (Jazelte thinks proper nain to inteiferu with our private buine-s iifliiiri1, by publishing our subscriptintt list witliout our kunwledgn or con. sent, it will olncrvo that other rule! Iicsides those of arilhnielie should be allowed to modify its ....... ,,.,,;.,.J 'oi,..,'.. ..ii A I, I, (! j:xi The J.vsir.s II. Iloohm:, .Steamer, did the business, pushing her way through tho Ice, and ui riving at our docks this morning, from White hall, Hhe proceeded on her way to St. Johns. Capt. CitAtnm, with the Saranac, has gono to Whitehall. Tll3 ?Illits. Wo are not inclined lo be over-particular nbout the rcgul.tiity of Uncle Sam's turtle Lx-p.-ess, now that wo are blessed with Telegraphic privilege, and while, in the refined language ol the poet, "The loads me not payable, Nor even jutkoss-nhlc j" bill, then, the delays and interruptions of our regular mails are gelling lo bo quite provoking. Wo claim to be very good-natured, but, with open navigation of Ihe Ninth River to Troy, and a tip-lop railway to Lebanon, X. II. , it is ridicu lous (to say Ihe least) that our latest jnai dales from New York and Iioton should bo of Thurs daij lust, the cih inst. ! The Post .Master tells us lliat the Etnge leaves Alonlpclicr before the anival of the lloslon mail, whereby the Hurling ton portion of it rusticates lit hours in that out- nf-lhc-u-ay place1 ! Wo Impo it can't be helped ; and direct the storm of change and tu for if ilcu, somebody will have to be spoke to! mull, to make the boldest pause, and the most It is reported tint the Pienth AIiniler in Washing lon,.M. l'.igeot, w,i dniin? with Speaker Winlhriip . wii"u nie news 01 tne Ucvoiu 1011 was sent 011 ny ie 1 . m . 1 ... ,. ro :,t, cgiaphs and lint, though it was broken to hun gently, l""' of hum in sociely and its lelatloiH, ("wilh he was so much iill'.-rted tint lie lell llie table inline- , fear of change" cinph ilicilly " pcrph xing Moll diatelyiuid returned home.-Tiny 1 1 7. iff. I ,.,.;,,., ... ,l1i;,.,., rosull i H. .nlenne,.. Tl.,. :,! ..e 1. 1 1 : . ,i..M ... 11. .10- j oi.- iwii vi uieahiug g' n'ij 10 .l 1 IIU'IC .Minister, the r.ews of a great Ituvoi.t'Tinv, is only equalled, in I'mu liwst-, by Ihe relation that AI. P.igrot " was so much n. cited that he lell the t.ible itniurihutc'ly uud ninruul m;(c.'" Wo nope lit1 tnoii a wnnn kuli. J..I10 J my Wing qan Jitiio nur pcioiu. l'urtiic Dulv iV'e 1'rcs-". Tin: Lxuitns. Ye rer dtaning drnuN, how 1 faiilf "ill Yi ur Hiuy rUvs wilh UUU of d.'i.lini white, As Kli-it'niitg in the fiiii, u h'iivc tire lace yuur leat fiithrr, the ilerp soundiiic; sea, Willi Aow tiinjotic nujlion, In nfrriitl Thf iiioimtaini plnujry pjiles nnd rockv bros, To ri"t upon thoir uttnniits nnd look Jorth Hpou lhc icene helt)'. To "i-t out-prnid '1'hf iifwly walked earth, all fr'"-h and rccn, 'I'he jnrklin rin!eH and rolling f-lri-aiLi", All n i tun Mimiiiiiiji witli new loveliness. My voiir sweet thop-i refreslji'd nnd hcnuiilrd j How swt'elly then e niiilly (uh' away Hi Hire tlx liainj sut, tin1 god of day How tat lolly in iji-siie our ilatl; im-, A1 t-ullen'y e inh'-r o er tlie s-ky, Veiling it- azure depths in di-inal hlnth, And ta-liiinvviul daiknesa u'er ihe eaith. Th'n from oiir pitchy mass K. hgiitnios lh-h I) irt aiimify : ihe thunder, iih a voice '1'Int shakes llie linnaiuent, reverheitite AI0114 the mountain lops and dus away In hollow murmur mi the distant hill. Then, in hroadf-heti, descend- the rattling rttn ; The jfwollen hiooks .eiul ioith unwonted wuuds. And nalure bhudJer-i nt the horrid din. At length the tumult teasvs all is still '. Slowly je hieak a way, the western hills Ye mk, to fomi a toueli 011 uhieh the tun, Hi journey o'er, may soltly sink to ict. He, iraietul lor uiir kiinluess, gently pours His latest inys ujititi )ourtluw'y ioIk-s, While 111 their norgeou- lolds enwrapped lie lies, To rico eie hwji and slune on other .ind ; 'J'hen ye all night in gentle dews descend, Causing the leepin lbwe their giatelul head to bend. T. Gieul Clny .llei liiii; at Ciiiclnniit AlaigenH.l enlliisialic C'lav aleeliuir was held at C inuati, Tucslav evening, .Maich Mill : Hainuel Trever presiding. llotiieiit speethes weie made by the I Ion. Ih'llainy Stuier, .Mr. Tibbie", of Kentucky, Thomas 11 Stevenson, editor nt the Cincinnati Alias, John A. Collins, jr., John W. l'nincl, editor ol the l'rniikfnrt, (Ivy ) ( tuiiiiiomvealih, and Williim l!an tnn.cihtnr nl tlie Cuvuutnii (Ky j Journal, and nso luiionsof ihe right sou were adopted, nl which we give llie flltli below us a specimen : iVwm, Tint we recommend II UN I! Y CLA Y lo the Whig Nnlinnnl Convention us usuitnblee.uididatc lor the Presidency: Ilecause wc know his principles nnd approve ol them : llecauic he would prmnllv stand as an exponent, advocate and defender ol life piiaciples ol the Whig Cir. ,r of dliwilnoa pl,l;. vices, in imi-ot peace nn, I war. in I,-. tie how. Itill m Cabinet Councils nnd in loreum Cuurts, iiiscnn-' cily. ijiicgrrti nl I'.iiiiu jit 'inhlieai,oiis m all res p.'cis.h.iv seen p,.iti,. .IV(i,Hm.iioSoJ. Ilecause lie bis carncir by his great d"cds in the service ol ilieicp'ibbc,atiiic tu liie graiiiu Ie and con- njcm-c oi i'l' n.iuoii, tiiui ins fiecnoil lo Uic t'rcsi deiiey would red 'ct huiur upon lbc people and re iio.uin iu iik- i.;i.u yoou oi nit- cnumry : n :.. .i ...!..'. .i Iistiubed an J tntiihlou'i eoiidiiioii ol I :nm "rl.... entd with llofidy t ouvu.-'ioiH and revolutioiH, our own inteiesiniid rifely renuire tint a piotound Statt-n iiuui, fa.iiniir wall our dtiiit?uc policy and fuit'i'Mt lelations f-hould b'- !'ie,.dat tlie head ot tla- govern uiunt, vvhohi proved liiiiiK-lf hke Mr. CI.iv adenuale to any ciium. ucy : llecam hi Ii Jt lay lo huh pri.ieiplorfhilherto, pioves hun woilliy oi tfeii;'rou coiilid. in e niid lml iejifet manyux;vv uud uuJuraeen (iu-i.tioiis that ni.iy arise heredliLT: ItefaiiM.' he'ha al.v.iys been the eloquent champion of po ularhheily at hume and the undiuiiled tlefemler ot llie oppies'iiahro-id, beiii uilt..4l noi milyns the great Conimoii.-r by Iih eountr inun, hut as (he fue o TyraiiH and tlie IVieiul of, by thcKintetul nnllionsot rfuuth Amend , Iieland.tireece, mid other Lluuea : II -eauffe, fiuilly, from the.-e remiM'3 and ftom the dt-ciive iuduuiioiH duly mqiulested, we believe lum the won nvailahle ciudidate ol the U'lu pirty, en jt)iii4, an h" iloe, muie geneially ih,iu auy'olher i Hi7en,tiie eoiiliJeiice ol the Ingaot all fcetiiotisoi ihe I'uio'i. 'i'lie I'liieimnti Atlas of Moieh -2fJih has an edilo ri'd arUxie upon ihe nu-viui Jiuiu which wc q'juie loltovts: The liRvtin Utt nuhl, uotvWtlibiamliu the pie vioiH inclement wcatlur, w.i a Hlyriom .i'mbl.tje ; glormui ui the hiiineiwe mimher d ihe people and in

tlie plr anJ eiuliusuin tlipl.ivt'il, 'llie n solutions and fpjrehes were apjimved with rapluio'u appLtu-e. Whenever lhc ii.ime of the great St.ite.Mii in was nieiiUoiipJ, u I'lecinlied llie vast au hence and dievv forth buiM-i of lieaiiymnl prolonged lIi.-cis, provui tint the old fires ol Ml aie n-lundled. Tve utino-t good order and hainiony of pn'n pre. vaileA, The (.jiccehol llie ljc.snJoitt on ia!viiij the (Irur, lliotih altivreiher unsiuJied, was im.-t itipio pnale, eloriueiit nnd elf-rtive, mid K-ived al ihe oul.-et to miejiK tlie eiu)iu-xta-iii ol the people, 'I'he t-peefhes of .Meis II.iinon, ftoier, Collins, Tibhlea and I'lnnu-il, were woilliy the yu-al occ.imou, aiui li-teiiod to with u.tlHxiiidi-d sittacnon, ns wus evuieed by the lund and jn-lly inenteil phiuhu be Ho.vcd upon iIk-iu, Nor vwip ihe naiue ot Corwin mi houoretl, lis mention wap appropriate in roiuiiAion Willi thtii id Llay,nnl va hml-'d with eorri'ponding i uthuMnm, w hat imrtrf &nii m tUe iioIuuous nutl hy tin t-peakeis. We h ive not tuim al Iff lalehourol w riiinji, lo do jnslH' to Ihe occ.wun. jllier jl, lor ihe pitciit,to si lhal 'I vva w,jthyoi Ctiuhmalt Whi-s aiu ol llliNKY t MY. Vcmiuut CVutml i'liihcnd. We learn fiom tho WuuiKloth itthl thai the Vermont Centiul will bo irady fur Ihu Cars, and will bo jihtccd in operation, as far as Ilethtd, early in .I.iy ; and it is confidently ex ported tho Cars wilt reach io l'.mrs noble DejKit in Nurthlicld by tho dth of July. Wo dont dif-liuctly uuneinher w hether wo are invited lo bo prcs-cnt on the latter aceasion or not! Fatal Acciucnt Tiro lunjs tlmwnnL Two gons of Air, James Jhuley ol lYrriidmroJi, one tovcn.tbi; other Ihcyear of ne, were drowned l.n-t Wednesday in ImloOtler Creek, It irxtiup-poM-d they wero eniiired iiitflidini; down hill on U) Iho ico, w hen it broke from under them, The bodies havo not yctbeeti iecoered. Vergcnne Vennmtter 1 j Gov. Sewakii pronouneed a very eloquent and able oration on the death of John Qlmncv Akams, in the North Dutch Church, Albany, on Thtireday hn-t. U here is lerrjiunes! C i,(. itriimicH w llie place when l...rn Mm ItneLhnil tfirt'ud our night on luaway to Siratton .Mountain. Uieat place lur li-hin ! ;, i Cutiettc. liicat place for iUhin-' ' is it ? Well, wc thall he thitr. in Ins imu-"his . aTcK X " )rder is coinplciclv re-.nred n. Ivon, The gov- llienoe have been nlr,oiic..lly and sueccs'fiil Iv , l. ""T",1 t"s (ll'c".1"1 ' '' "' ni.inamcnt to cried in shield ihe country lioiu the Ik n.lrs t c ml .'i N,'y ,"'1 "'" V "1"'R' lle " o" " .'"i'1, i War, mid llie Union horn the dang '.sc'l n i-Mii-' ') ," "iat h "rim nnnmimcs lb it the Lmpe ll0 . ii tii-soiu- ror ol i;u-ia acc.'pis ihe nbey nl mm inieivtiiiion in Ilecause in the disordered slate r.rtlie public fi-innces I n"''!rs "' l'rMUX io"s n rar"tl' ol"t:"", Uom consulal'n, "n'm 'mc ,cnor!ous,!','r1' ""'t,Ul,l)' i "K'' C-'-ne-fai' Cavaignac hn, as-unicd Ihe government CI Z iil'fc S't!: ...J proclaimed the republic." WKDN'KSDAY LVKMNG, APRIL V2. 1318. The J'oielgn News liy Iho Washington. Wo gave, in Saturday's paper, a pretty full Telegraphic Despatch of the exciting and highly important news received in New York, the day before, by the Steam-ship Washington, fiom Lngland. Yesterday, as our readers are ap prised, another foreign steamer (the llibornia) arrived, bringing still later Intelligence from the great theatre of the most momentous and con siderable movements among the People, icgard cil both with reference to Iheir universality and their probable and po-siblu consequences, that the woild has ever wilnesfed. The whole Lu- roncan Contincnl is manifestly in a fever of democratic iinpul-c and excitement enough, considering iho actual stale of Iho masses as to their capacity and fitness to tide the whiilvvind anguine doubt. That the present agllalion of the grand clc- ' ' ' intent and vindicalion of the true democratic i principle, the foregone history of our tuibnlent j nee fnibijs us lo doubl ; but through what scenes ol bh oil and carnage, and popular ilelu-inu, woahiic-?, nipeiftitimi and vice, tho wheels of the triumphal car of l'j'.orn;is miy have lo roll, no man may now attempt lo forc?ee. The most absolute and timc-ccnicnkd Dcpoli'ius of l'.urope tremble to Iheir very foiin d ilions before the poitentoiis blast ! CoNstiru-iiox-, the very links that bind uig mixed sociely together, are oveilhrovvii, ejected, made, accept ed, ns it weie in a breath; 1'oruis of (iovern nientarc subjected to the mot nidical change by " pioclani.tlions ;" ugd, in short, " democratic iii-litiiliiins "' are "demanded" and " granted with like promptitiiile and despatch, a" Ihotigh it were nothing more unusual or more important than a change of MinUtiy, or a repeal of an obnoxious law ! No man can look at Ihe exlraoulinary intelli gence now pouring in upon ns frmn ihe Old World, without being inipres-cd willi the belief that i:iiv,Ts there have not yet been reached in any nne instance not even in "iniil" and "orderly" 1'rar.eo scarcely beginnings. The flood lm swept away old land-mirks, and i-ri-ing over antiquated and long trodden high ways; when it Hthidc, the dangerous and arduous work of rcron-triiction and repair will have to begin. This will bo the time, nnd this the work, that vv ill te-t rr.I.cin.r.s and try pur- poses, t ill then, we may only near, believe and hope. We give below, from an llxtia N. Y. It raid, for which we aie tinder obligations to the kind ness of l.t. Va.vxx, an abstract of the intelli gence by tlie Washington. UNChANI), Qiuen Victoria has given birth to n prince"-. '1'lns nn inerea-e to the taxr oft i real Hrifiin of X':i:)tifOO. The lhm-e ot IiooU adjourned 011 the vhjIiiI orras'ou. Iu tlie House ol Common, before adjoiiruinir. a vote of U'J.'i.ittN (or emploj iiiir naval torce ot III.OOO men, was proposed, vvliuh vvasoppo-ed hy Mr. Cnh deu. who Mid it the licit leated mv.ision let them pi fur it, and the be-t inevi-tilioii aH'i'1"'1 11 " i ui cieape in the comtoiH uf Ihe pour. The vote va ear lied linallv , idttr nie debate, riiAxa:. " Taius, Sniiday N i yjl 1 1 , Marrh 10. " The city i trtiupnl. Theie has been no leiievenl of the ileiuontialioiis Thf prov iwimal goveinuiciit nrr i.iiiinifil tliu fUtllon ol . Jliovir r NntlOiml titrinl till Ihe Jiti ol Apnl. It h derided that theelec tion lur the is'ntioiril Asseinbly -hall not he adjourned. " The new five lirtur niL'Cf.s ot the Ucnubhe were i tint into circulition to-tl iv. Th1 Ilauk of l'rance .I ,1. f. . :id.,,Ak t.l.x li.rmi r bill Atr l.t oav iheir wui krneii. " 1 ACSTIilA. The Ihnperor of Au-tii i ha-s roiiFented to the liber ation ol Ihe prei-, nnd ihe r.Mabhnluiit nt ol a Nation al (inanl Th; New nuiuVierin place of Metteinich will b? Cnunt Kolouiat. The intelligence reteived this moiiunp, from Vien na, iy our orre?pondent, is ot the mo.-i serious iri ture The accounts are but im-agio us io det.uK, hut the lesiilt proves that ti eompiete U'Vohuion his been ell'ectt d iu the Austrian capital. A eoulht ton th I'Jih between lle people, led by ihe Mudents and citizens, and the military nai compelled l'nnee leitcrnith to Hy. Thcje has been bloud?hcd on both tides, hat the number nt killed and wounded n noUtaled. The Di rector ol l'olu-e, M. Selilurkv, has been expelled. The house of Prince AK'tienueh was Kicked by the mob, and ihe Crand Dake. uwc withdrawn into pri vate lite. The military hive h-lt tin.' city, is under tlie piotection oMhe Civic tluird and ihe student-. Tlie oUimal tuxxctte ol the lltli coniaius a notiiif'ation ol tlie conci-.,oii- the emperor is roinK,l led to make to the necesnties id the hour. His maj ety cun&eiila lo aim the undents, and e.pre.sjesi a hope thai the citizen- will to-i pet ate with them ill m liiitaiuui p'iblie order ; he trusts that a tiesh pioot o liis paternal M)hcitude will be n coxitis iu this measure, and that tiau puliiy wdi le ie-es-iulilwhed by it; ilitis not, he will, thmiah with lerel, be obliged to miihori. the troopH to u.-e tiuir mm. The movement now m prorvt-s in the ditli-ient Elates ot the (ieriuainc Coiilederamm, cannot but em boldi u the levolutumaiv p"iiiy m I'ranee. Hut a ev eiy hour brings niielhyence'td &ome ln'W adhesion, s'jine additloinl tratmiitol the old FyMem c.uried away by the grei.t ttvlmcti ol pniuMph s and polities that h i.s i-wept down etnpnes in Us llool, it remleis nunc iiit'Aphc thlennd b N?jnlitiahle llie at! but umver- : sd iiruun1; id the people liere. The uiilnaiy toiee il Trance is mcreaMin: et iy day, ihe regular anu hn not been dumuitdicd, the nutloiial i;u ird iu and aiouml J'.ins numlu'it 'Jui.ocn nien,tln xut tic mobile w uh the new imohueiits made since ihe levolutioti cannot amount lo lets thnu l'l,HM). 'i'he I it are beii armed anJetiuipped with all possible rapidity, even IU the taee ot etiaoulmar I'l.iaiu ml djtln nllu thai ouuht lo induce the mot riid tcunomy In this p-neraT dts pusiiion.or lather innmel,ot ilie 1'renth peojil- to lly to arm lies the element ot danger to ihe pe ts 41I ihe woild. Tor w'wl nHam-t whom m llus enoiinous fojee to be emplojed ( The it public ha-J no eiieniu on its fn in tier imvv, as in KJ- and The in- cicuso ol ihe urmy i" but the cmlioihuient ol a Ivelhii; by which ihe t;oternnn.nt ! earned it way ; word-, and phrases ate ot pi -ace ; acts nil poiuilowar, llioah now power dream ot attack, " ITALY. Afsoon as tho news ol the I'lench revolution, and thenihsciiueiit proclamation ol the tepiibhc,waikliowu at Koine, au immense crowd ot people pioeeeded with banuerH, nnd mind eliecrn hr the cotiMilatioii and the rieiuhiepuhhctolhe tjuntiul, where a tleputatiou was tlion'ii to jre&t.'m llie following adJuhd to the I'oiic : " Holy ralhei The recents rvcut of I'm lire are of sucn iinptuiante mat uiey iniii c..eri i-e tnetrreaicM inllueuce iu every part ot Kurooe, and pntttcularly 111 liaiy. I lie .sunjensoi your iiouncsi,viuuheHroug et iitlacluiiclit lo our peixui and ihroiie, Jeet the He re km ly ol eApreiiif' their h ar and hones in tins enier- eney. Tor the puipow ol (jmin; a wise ducctinu lo Ihe movement o polnical passions w huh may no in the piecent circumstances, our fubjectilunkiiurueiil thai 11 t'oiioiuiiou Ik umuciiiateiy publiIieil, 111 li ir niony with lhc in-liunions of the other Itahun Hatet. and thai ull the rlfurUs ol lhc nation be turned to die maintenance ot interior order uud eMenor indepen dence Hence, it a lioinogcneouscL'inpact.niul liberal minii-try. eipial to ihe (raMly ol the, was univer sally called lor nunc time no, it now becomes ol (he uiinoi! necrily, undeveiv moment o delay tniglit protluee l.itnl and irnpaiabie evils, which journeu- eiuui neauua cotiMiinny unvi n 10 avoiti. Aieu aun U Mippori bogieum wciiiht.and who eiyoy public con ti lence. aie not wauiinu 0111011a ihe taitv of v our do minion, and public opinion has already culled vour aiu m ion iiiKiu tut m. 1 ou, wnu.oy uiv tug vour oenc thciiou lo Italv.have in the (ace ol the woild asocia led her caue wilh that ot ieh"iou, will now perceive ihatjour tempoial power is diiectly involved 111 the deatuueaof our common taiherhinf. And it will lie the fiieatrst glory of your pontilicatc if, m the midi ol the tempests now preparing in I hi rope, Jtalv, avoiding inc eiia mat ma rtsun Hum tin in, icapuoie vi 1 it- s-rviui! internal order, 1 stalilHiing her liberty, and 1 regaimng her independence. Sneli is the laitn jour fiiIijccIs have in your intentions, lb it thfy ate unv in- ecu you win conurui 111 011s inoineut o tna t be iini yci-hiI opinion ol our wisd ,1, ,1 maguaiiiuiity." .1 1 ne journals 01 iiunie pnunNi oie louowmg n ply 01 cn;,u 'r I " 'I'he eviiiis which lollow precipitately, nnd hi j lapid sucas'ion.siilbciciilly jiimiy the dciiimd which 1 Vuu, bignor Kciiutor, aiiuresseii to mc 111 the name ol the miiiiislrntes find council. Itlswelt known tlint I urn iinLcniiitly engaged in giving to the government ' that lurm joii, gi-nlkiiuu, il' iiiniid,imd which nations leipiiie. Ilut every one iindeistauds the se rious dillicnlty with which be, who i invested with two great dignities, ln to contend. What in n se niwir governineiit may be doii.-m u night, cannot be ( 1 11,.( leil in llie L'ontilicnl tiovermneiil vvithoul mature i Oovernnienl wiihoul mature 1 exainiiiatinu, since it is viiy thllicult to Irace exactly the hoc which shall iliMiiiiiniMi one power Irom llie other ; nevertheless 1 lluier mysell that, in a few days, the. work being completed, 1 shall be able to tin tiotinoe the new loim of government, which will ob tain eeneralsati'.f.ietinu, ni.d mote paiticulaily that of the .Senate and Council, v.ho me more minutely ac ii'iiiiuled with tlic tirciiim't'liices and the posiiun ul lire country, nlny (led bless these my tiesireinnd hbois j and if conducive to the wclfaie ol religion. I s ha I lay at tlw loot ol me crucinx to oiler up tnanKs j, t, cntiv v, t in i,ii in V..,Ai .k.n. , for all .fie event.. r,ov,Jecc Ins allowed to ,ake 'Xu"v Zl e-L i i 7s J ifcn r6 place ; wlalgl 1, not as much ns 1'rinec, hut as head of tt , , ' " ilieiimversiilChmth.shallbecouteiitirtheyeonlributo " it 13 more than " sicks-punts a site," we to the (jlniyi.lUod." I he Inllowiuy cucular ha3 been sent lo tlic censors by the Tuscan goveiimient ' After the s. nous c veins ot l'aris, where it appears nai leni aiii'.ni leiinentifs nave riuen iiiu iin iri iijihi, j it is ! iho highest uui'iest to the seeuiuy oi our Hate , tint sin h ten Icncies he prevented from spreading a- ' inong-t ns. 't he, deteriiuueil us it is lo pro,', ed with iIkhc reaonabtj nnd moderate relnrins vvlia Ii it lias in gun, una wuicii aie llie omy ones inai il i poible lo icab'.e w ith the certainly ol true nnd llnailelll plo-pellty, IS also l"-nivc'il in use an lit pout rm lepiessiugaiiy px'igeriueu aiui inguiyiieiiii cious npmioiis'.iibver''ive ol llie pu-senl order ol things, in the uiiove-iueiiiioiuii sen-e, wincii tlic allusions or llie evil intentions nt a l-'W wcuul iii'-'uuiate u lining the public. It is theieloic, my thny to inlorm ou, sir, that 11 is il to III 111 iiiii'iiiioii ui n ie uoveiiiiiii ill inui no i n- iugs tending to foiiient, either dircetiy or indiiectly, the spirit ol Uiublieainsin, be allowed lo appear in piiut, ami unite particularly in periodical. You arc, therefore, expressly insttucti tl to give the most preci-e. and energetic dhections lu the censors attached to the ollice over which joii preside, that the reasonable viewaol the government be scrtipnlously, and at every cost, promoted by the rejection ol such writings as may be more or less ho-tilc to tlie principles and the lunda menial (onus ol the state, and which, therelorc, tall under the express iciiiuu of ail IS ol the 1 iw ol .May o. ist Vmi nlsti uniiinl ihe reii-nrs nl their du- ty lo in.ikcki.nvvn lhc have rejected, and I cnjnin iheui to give inlorinalioii lo govcrmucnt by , vnnr means ol any mhuclioii ol the law winch may ' have taken place, us toon as it comes lu their kuowf ige. " VKIrilA. IlAMr.rnou, March hi In lleilin. as well ns in Vicuna, there have net urrcd thsiiiihauces of lhc pub- he peace ibat tliienten In take a very nlarining turn. vi nie loruier place mere nau iieen going on tuiring ( the last lew days ver lively agitation in get up pell- other nforins. already granted by inot ol the other cal III Ib-rlm" .!a several uicetitig!, h.uThecii held for lhc Mine purpose miium un urns in ui.- i iii'-iii.ii ii-n, ui ii.ii k , w lit re i e.i large concourse of people took place on .Monday h&t. 1 lie pnlice aim qcntiiliin liav nig ill vum incu lo dis perse the ciowtl, vvlueli, however, in no way ih"tuthed tlie nubbc ticaee, the gurioii was called nut. nutl when the people returned Irom th" park ihc found Towards It o'clock in the evening the Garde tin Corps (emraier-, and the Hra'mous betnn to c ear tlie pfpiaie betre the pidacc,and thoiuh no risistance took plate 011 llie (rait ol the people, the troops rode through the people w uhout any concern for the personal safety of individual-, and made uc of their weapoiH m such a manner that seviral person wetc wounded very severely, irnd one ot them mortally. Towards midnight tranquility was restored. On TuesJiy therrf scenes were repeated, and again seve ral peisuus were wounded and one killed on the spot. The people were ngam attacked by the troops jester day evening, and according to the account received by person who ainvttl heie thi nttetnoou by iIk rail road, ihe resu t-havc betn ino-t disastrous, 10 having been killed and about It 0 wounded, w bile the soldiery n re 'i ul to hivesufleud ver severely, by th people throw nig stones at them, and awaiting their attack behind sumet-oitol bamcadts, whuli impeded their progrt ss. A-curding to a ielegraphie de atch, tlated Ilerhn, Cndav order wa.s n-toied and that metropolis ton tinu"d qmel. The iCmg had returned from Potsdam in llie after noon ol the 13th. We regiet to slate inn'i blood iis li"eihedat .Mag deburg. On the evening of tlie I5ih instant, a noi.y crowd having collectei'J belort the Iioum; of the chief td the police, VI. Kam f , and procectk-d to break bis windows. Alter wreatiing their vengeance on this obnoxious pt ri-ouaae, the crowd would tno-t probably have n tired qui. ti , had not the doois of the artillery barracks been suddenly thiovv 11 open, whence a large body ot tint set vice isi"d with drawn fibres, and conimenei d a tunous on-laught on the mob. Many weie texerely wounded. The conduct ot the artillery had occasioned the greatest di?giw, and a gciRtal outbieak was inonu niniily expected. A rumor iscuireut at Kiel lo-day, that Copenhagen wn 111 open insurrection, and tint the King was be sieged m Ins palace m order to torce him to subenhe an atl for llie ineotporation ot iSehiesuig with Den mark. The lMitotir has not, however, obtained en-da. I hero have been no dirtuibanccs in llambun .Monday la;t. lUn.W'I) wu .ik.iiiis 'wn- uppomieu in Hia,a,vu. I claims ng-un-t Ins otate. Alter the lime for the pre- A grat inonler ilemon'-tratiou was to be held on Fentaiion ol claims had clapped, a nonsuit was entered Mnrh -udi, in lavor ol tlHvliench revolution, nnd n in the writ ot leview by the delendani Within a revolution was expected to take place in Dublin then, year trom that time, the plaintiff made a demand upon I'he government was making vast military prepara- the defendant on the claim now prc-ccuted accordim raiion. bu L-nr ot an oiubaak, r . . . . K thelalute regulalin- contingent tlaimstbe delen" Dlumn, .Man Ii r.t 1 he peace ct thr city is tu be ilant having nn ubundancc of assets TPe bill is a .ecoud lime thus jeopirdized by the holding at the hi ought to recover meMie prtfits from the time of ;t ixoilhwall to-morrow ul a monster tleinoulraiion in otf to plaintiff until be came into poesion for ium t.ivor of the 1'rench revolution and the repeal of the , iks dune to the farm by over croppni", iVe and hr union. Thus imeting has been got up un- costs and expenses incurred in consequence of iln del the au-pices of the li u-h war naity, and is directly fraudulent conduct ot Cates in setnn ' mi the deed sanctioned hy Mr. mith O Ihieti, the MilcheU, from Howe. The defendant denied anv nctual fraud Meagher., and ihe other dangerous eut!uida'-ts who and contended that the claim 3"ami (iates died with du-nthom the insidious and .saenkmg pou ot the lm person, nnd lint il it did iiotTit was forever barred t otieiliatiou 11 ill biag g.uts, and openly, in the teeth it not haviun been nieM-nted t ilw. ...,,,. ..o ' ol the uv eminent reMiter,avovv ttieir d termination nt repoiter.avovv their d termination j The plaiimlf urged that, in this tfiate. the cause of totlu last extremity in the exent of nction survived b statute, nnd lhat the lex lori ore ng to .sever the mk wlueh binds the vailed, nnd that ihe chum being contin-ent by the get her. Mibjomed h a cony ot Hie pendency ot the writ oj revicus, was not proper to be ued tin-, niorning lor the gatheiiug of allowed by the commissioners. The bill was disinnw tne ineen leiusmg iwo countries tog nroelaiiiatioii issued the phjsical force ol the Noithwall. "lKlUMEX, AKOl'vE ! livery man ii to attend the Crent Monster Meet to be held nt ihe N01 ih-wall. to-morrow. .M inula v. ' the SUih inst., at 12 o'clock, lo nJdie&s the Creiich ' people. " We, the undersigned met chants, tradesmen, and ' other inhabiiants ot Dublin, ieque.-t a meiiimz of our 1 .ovv-cittzensioi l ie OiiriMine nt nddreili llie I'renelt peopie, 10 express our tnJiiiualioii ol their heioic coil- .lujj,a,,;l!,,,rai,,l'1.L',,.1., t tl,,' rccnmon of lhc lie pu ililic ol rawe ns n i:(l,,,.i ,,er " Also lur tlic- tniri..s.' nl coiisiili-riiii; what 00111 1,1. li."nl Heps -lioutil l!t. rui ouinii'iuU'il lr il,t- nrou-ciioii nnm-iAin, ol'lll" I1I1.TI1, s in nt the counlre. 111 nov piiutitii. cy to wliuli the present state ol Kuropeau atlairs may it Use, " Ami alao lo ailopt a nnTlful ihMicm to l,-r .Mnj. esy 011 tin- pri-seiu mill' ol this loimirj , nml mi lK iiort's-iiy lor an ii um.-.l lau- rcK'al ol tlic Art ol'l.''j;,i' l.ilie Pnioii. " jl.ilu) nainos aro uWrili''J Io llii- ii'iiiiiii(iii. " 'l'n l.ris tin- iliiiloriii 10 Iw li.ul at tlc I'oiiiiuil-teo-looiii, from ',' ml 8 uVluck iliix Jny. " I' .1. Hakrv, " II. liriiM.iMi, 5 'rfiniics. " Coiniiiiiti'c.rooiiis, 55 NVVeimoii'luiul-strict," ill, mil tin, I 'I'liiiiidt'i ! 'i'lio V, -tuck Age iirnpos-ob to a c;uiiini".ii piper, lo be culled l ie drain ami ', ,,,,. 1. .. ( anisl. r ".' (.r.lpo atul Canister are wry cllec- (ie iiiiiiiiliiuis uf nar, Ihoiio U"h wo newr heird ' "u "iur "l',nl of llieir lioni'' anv terious u.iiiijjo wneii ui. eli.ireil frmn a pop-un. iV It is Mid 1l1.1t l!uv. llatou has ucrepted lhc nroletssohip lemleleil lulu, n while ago, in tK. .Mjddle. limy Collt'Ke. In i'asiuii alioul for u suece.w,r, tlie lion. l'.i;i.o.s ('ooi.iiH.1.,01 llus ioii, heen named hy s-oiue ol iheimiHih We think it about lime lor the Miiiihiarl ol ihe t-'lale 10 be itprCKUied 111 this mailer ; and opeeially lhc County of Windsor. U'milsur Jumnal. I Oh, ho! Our friend of tlie. Windsor Journal, il we remember rigidly, was anions Iho first to row ilict.ttic oer llio .Montpelier l'ienmm and this paper, for cxprc.Kiiij; a picforenco fnra caiidiiUlo thinking, nnd faying that ('udirn lions of the people i-lioiilil tellle mch mailers ! Well, wo aio all fallible, ' Lei him thai think, eth ho stamleth,&c., &c." Our friend remem bers the passage lleijjho I The Nivrii IJisTmcr ion Ci.av !-The Ornncennd Milhtnii his DMriel Conteiilion met nt (ionhenon ihe SOtli ull. uud ch,e Aiulirohe S. .Murray d. leuale and l'eler Toniisend. jr., of .Monroe, nsa nthctituic -.' . on u;;;g ,heu swra. 1'iMnleiu'v ' ' ,"t' ,,,,,, i HURSDAY LVIINING, APRIL C, 1848. :r- - ru- - n-f . 1 t-t r n , J Uc llevcr such warlike fellows as j.ocoioco l'.uitors who uiun t go to .Mexico Kitting to bet Yesterday we announced a locofoco campaign paper as about to bo issued) I,, Woodstock HI. .t. 11 t..i .,.t boilcs" title Of the drone nml I'.nutttrr. ntnl In- , " .i-m.-au-ttnu-uiuuuj- day we hav e to make known (which wo do with fear and trembling) that the Patriot, In Mont pelicr, is about to erect a battery of the samo" SOrt. If our tieiphbnr hasn't Rnlnelpd n nilmn f,.r ; , ..... , .... per awe, to surest that lie call it u Tlic Rlun dcrbitss uf Democracy." In rcjily to the anxious inquiry of an impatient "Democrat" on tlie subject, tlic Patriot uses the folfovving dreadful language : m ' We nurc our friends that we shall be oh hand at Ihe proper tune witli " gr.ipu shot" in nbundouce. It Uha'nt look, that's llat 1 Who can tell in what i .... , , , ,. . terrible " slnpo ho may " phuvv himself i" In order to make use of that " grape shot,'" he may r ,. , . , , . , , , find it necessary to rig blm-elt out with a pair uf wheels willi ammunition boxes to match. How frightful ! )y tho vva'v, we would like to enquire of the .Major, while 'vre-fafr '."toh safety, if any of the rranklin County locofocorssqvesignified their intention to "liie without a paplTTf "sub scribing for the Patriot," according to! treslion ? It is none of our business, wc ad mit; but, then, one likes to know, ya know. Tlic Utilise Itill in the Sow Voik Senate. We have the satisfaction of informing our readers that the Hill granting tho right to llridge the navigable waters of our Iike, which has been pending before the legislature of New ork. will see no d IV-llL'Ilt outside t he henate , . introduced. We re- ' ceived a telegraphic despatch from 1 roy, this afternoon, informing us that it was yesterday hid upon the table ill that body; a proceeding opposed by Judge I'lsc, on the ground, correctly' taicl, ,l,atit wou precisely tanlamoillil to a defeat of the measure at this session. Tlie next session will occur in January, 1819, before which time we trust the injurious and uncalled- I'"" btf '''V "tantloncJ. We have cogent rcaumi for believing that it will never bo carried out. C O U It T v a m: N 1), a k ttTREME COCRT, WINDHAM TOU.NTV. Ucported tor the Free Press by a gentleman of the Btr. Stoddrd r.t TAnur.E This was nn action on tho cae airamst the defendant as constable ol (liafton, for neglect m not s-ervin a writ in due ea.on. Verdict I elow for plauititl. The only que-tioii raised by th bill td exceptions was, whether the defendant was bound to !erve the writ put into his hmds. The de Icns rehedon watllattll, writ hid once btcn served by the defendant upon the origunl defendant thcieiu, and his return made ihereon, but the plamtill believing that there was a laial defect hi the writ by reason of a mistake in unking it returnable nt the coutily court next to b Itolden, Ac. 011 the" third Tnedav ot May," when it fdiould hive been the "second Tuesday of April," nlteied the fame writ without the knowledge ol the difendiut therein, by inserting a new date and the proper return diy, and handed the writ thus al tered to the defendant tor service, and nt the name tune handed to the defendant a written notice ot the dieoi.imiKince of the lirst suit, to be banded to the dtfend.rnr in rhc Writ, before the altered writ waj served upon him. Tor plaintiff, C. I. Wnlkcr. l'or defendant, W C Uradley. Hall,,.!. The rule ol taw is that i-heriHs and cou stablef are not etcuA'd lor not serving any proees put into ihir haluls.iinleas it be void. Mere error furuiMie no excuse to the ollieer. '('lie writ in queblion was leuiiir o(njn us Met anu micw eu jurioiciion. neth er atlvaniage might not have been taken ot the altera tion br plea iu abatement, might deserve n diflereut coiiiderntioii. It tumisdies no excuse to the officer. Judgment allirmcd, lJenanas ts. (I tes, rxecutrir of Gated. This wai .v bill in chancery. The bid, answer and testimony developed the foliowuur nets. The plaintiff hod a large claim ngain-t one Howe, of Luneiiburgh, w Inch he sought 111 pan to satii-tv by selling on" 011 ihe exe cution a linn in Dalton, N. 11, The defendant's tes tator cinimcd said larm by a prior deed Irom Howe, and was in po-sseiou betore sa levy. riaintitV biouht a wnt of entry in New Hampshire, and re -cm end po-eiou of the farm upon the ground of the fraudulent clnracter of the deed to Gates. (!nte . broii -lit nvni of teview, which was pending at his j The plaimtlf urged that, in this tfiate, the cause of I 1 .1 1 11 nix utn nuauiMius tc l by the chancellor, and nn appeal taken to this hEPFiCLD, J. c think the cause of action mi r viveo the tex fan prevailing ; but the claim was not contingent, ami should have bien presented before the connmioneis. Iheie was u po93ibility, it is true, that the first judgment cm the wrtlct entry might be reverse.1 on the writ of review, but there U a sunilar Th v?y,f ,t0,a11 Clu,nl io" ""judgments. 1 hej are liable to be reversed or set ns-ide tor " arious causes. IJ.p tins is not such a nn.,.,..., ' ' .1 . .,.,; co , h. -!l. h,,, Too""'; ll.,,p?l,e ,,e c,i lorme nrufim-, ?J n,,u. ,.. ,,,! .1" . , , 1 Pni'mnj't T "e , "l ln . . ! '" dl !f"d '"' J mat in tew be hrouoht ! ' ".I .' "u,l'';3"!"ll''l''J llMMudBment. i .... ninitueii. Tlii'ie were ihree oilu-r case of co tancc arsued, but oa the Court JiJ not decide them during Urn, ten.., e mctily ms,M omc uf the .,. cijkiI points raised. point UTSUr She counly conn. A hi'Z j ,,! '" ' .Vi Ja, . ojuiiiimu, jm i n ,.. ,or , , j T ud. 1 . ot.j.1 k.t that eourt unit I..J 1 1 .l.u.0,1 l,ere there ttere odterMrj. " niTlhu was not ihe eme ,erc and oould not 1. For i,l.iiiii,ir, () I, Sh-ilio, and W. C. Uradley 1 or deleuJunt, A Iteji-x and J Uol ru. j ioiii.tM . . Disitus. - '!'r,s.paf., v , rli,usumr,r. Sit lhen,e deiK-ndeil ill mil llie inn,r..,.ii.... . ! ,. .1 1 " l-ran"f i'oiiteed a larm to Ins , ,, I ' r ''l1' Srn"""l! word- iitteinnied to e xivpt irom il, R'" il" wiion ol one-hal-'of the rreiuii's , "r 1 ".' '" 1 ""' "nl ol w,fc- 'Hie only coii. 1 "idcrution named was a pecuniary one, tu. jjoii j. 1: .. ... .. . . ..'s i'iriins.- iinrii. """"iiioiku ,oi un- i,.iii,ii mat tne riceiuuin tin. ,... .epugiiaui 10 llie jjraut. And for the defend am lhat it imlit oiH'rate us a cotenaia to stand under Ihe blalnle ol uses. Tills was .Ie, L. 1 f 1 oilier hand, as the only consideraiion a,'. " Trill ?t t the deed w as a pecuniary one. and 11 ttnaVi, 1 . S i" could be ntow -d or proved a d ,, lmo,hc' vUielher the ..atute ol'iis ,," ' ' ''; The court ul:esied that .1 H,ey foun, .he a t ,S a'C upon tin. last point, whether il,e Tu ti e ',un! twen adojiled.) Hey, .hould order a i Z " lti.ts and W ife r Wood, GR4vi a. r chancery The princiial nurliioni J . t? "",Illll " antecedent debt' ttas a Si COns, fl,','W,lcl,1, ' trimmer ol a promissory mic L nil ,t,"!lwn hx ,he er; and ttliAh.r. whre there afe" .emVnoT.0"" cured by inorigage, and one of them kM, nol7 a paro aKreetnem that the en, i . 'fnnslerre.l wnh of' Ihe inongag e H'curily t " Ty "V timwlf biiiig a bill olrecloure u'0 he non."'' hc Wl 1 or plaint, , W C. llradlev n,,,l 18 Bc l'or defendant, U. ti&tWfote. 'I'lir It tir miirt Tl. 11 . , ,io i.iiginccrs, wc tmJer nand commencp tin, week luting 10 ra i tw;een Troy and this town, TV dMan n l miles. Tho cxnectal on Uil,i ,i, ".V.1"0 ' i r;."1 v h P 1 t Vvc ciie btMmcl, 0