Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 14 Nisan 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 14 Nisan 1848 Page 3
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Vs B UR LIN G TON FERE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, APJML li, 1848. Mr, Ciay in Seneca Co.'.vtv. At the late Seneca County Wilis Convousion, held on the 'I'M of Mulch, oil motion ol Ansel Hicoiu, (late member of Anem hly,) the following resolution was unanimously udop led : , Jlrtohetl, That wo shall hail the nomination ol IICNIIY CLAY lor the Presidency, by the National Convention to assemble at Philadelphia, with the h c liest fiatisfaction. Mr. McAllister offered the following, which was also adopted without a dissenting voice : Ktttlttd, Thai We are devotedly attached to the great principles for which the Whies have so long and ardently struggled , nnd that to support any one lor the Presidency, whose onnioxs arc unknown, would be to sacrifice our devotion to those principles and give up all that we have contended for In the pat. Of the seven Delegates fo far ciio-icti in New York, .ill are for Mr. Clay to the bisl of our knowledge. iY. 1'. iiipi rf. Ithodu Islnnil lllectlon. The Whig imjnrity in Providence Is 872; tho entiro Wliiy Assembly ticket is elected. The vote was light ; thcro was no escitomctit. The Whig ticket for Slate olliccrs is undoubtedly elected ; mid a Whig majority In both brandies of the ticneral Assembly. I'rmidencc Journal For the Daily Free Picss. That the Jlritkh Wist India growers, or I'l.inters, an: in great distrcm is tidmitttd by nil par ties, though great diversity ol opinion exists as to the came of the ilillicultics, and the proper measures for relief. Dm it is not my object in this article to call attention to either of these topics whether property on the Nl tnds is m the state of ruin icprcvnted by the planters j whether this ruin was produced by man cipation, "protection," or utrrSTrKigement nw what bhall be douojty-rrfiof. are questions 1 leave lor I arlianientrnT.iiiur, m decide. I isistf,. tu Cjll the attention ol my fellow la- lu me mta unu i,in,i ui si... j-j.-j-uu .v . C.rcy, ma speech iu the Uou-e c.l Lows, it appears, as 1 understand olhcr paitsol his speech, tint lantl is so cheap mi the Wands, that the negroes become in -dependent proprietors, anil Mipporl themselves by cul tivating tlieir u u " jianhes," in preference to remain iugon the ' estates-,"' wlieic association, if nothitu rise, must keep in j'crpetual reinenibranco their lor- racT degradation. The" noble l.oid," pieinisiug that it was essential that the t-ogar cultivation should go on, sflys:-- " The conduct of the negro in refusing to work in the same degree as tormeily might easily have been loresoeli. lie was now able to cam ill fess than rote day m each week more th in he liclute received lor u week's labor. Wliv, then, was he to wotk more than -in hoiirudiyl it rational to evpeet that he would labor as a slave, when he might liv Ins own price on In labor, and trnrk i a fire man 1 " Unless, thereloie, some niea-uies were adopted to raise the value ol land, and render it incumbent on (lie negro to woiis (or his master in order lo piocure Ine menus ol subsistence, the same want ol labor and all Its aitendaut ilillicultics must continue." It should be remembered that the planters number only about of the whole population ; and then by a careful reading of the above extract the " idea" of Carl (.rev cannot be misunderstood. lie would raise the price of land so that the Murcr shall J compelled to woik lor some "master" for the means u a bale " wib-i-ience !" Ami such is the dilliculties between (it'll, '.'ciitt and (Jen. Worth, liberal policy of England towards labor every where, had been renowed at the Cot.rt Mutial at Me.ti Phe claims the admiration of the world lor her eman- c" H'o middle of last month. This, iiulor- cmaiion Act-vet a "subsistence" is all the cmancio i- ' .1 i. . . n i .. i i . .mi i . 1. 1 it out by the hand of ,,,!- Heartily a, 1 delcM ' 'i;,'.'" ' ,UVWy' U"d 1,10 gul,tC'"1 l'r slavery, and much as 1 rcli-l, the curses of every ore , Mr ,7;,, ,, a , , ; t of , . rt on ha saperaunuated s5-.te.11 of oppus-iou. 1 must ; , c i( ( , a, . tJ , say that the expressions of v,,n, by for abused h- 10 Amf.ric,ln aw ,lJor , . cnimi , r tni inanilyon tins udo of the Atlantic, by "good old l.n- myself but a prisoner at lanro-tho chiel criaii-Kli-h gentleuien," sound hollow and insincere. pal before this court. I) -pnlv wounded, in-j 1 Ins speech of l,arl (irey ri'imnds me of what the II.... f-..., it m-i. .-..1 r 1 1 ... I.: i n ' ... u. . . pum. i.iiswii.i, 111 ins inuiress , before tlie lniriiiigtiKi Mcilrimcs' luslilute, one paia- graph nf mIis-Ii 1 copy The legislation ol Imgland, ihe proudet and most seltisli of aristocracies, U nicely and most ingeni ously balanced, up-an the principle ol allowing to the laborer jut as much liglil and couiloit, a. are le juired 'to make bun, on the whole, the tuot profitable drudge to his taskin ister, and there is probably not a country on earth, vvhi-rc ihe oriis-in pioduccs so inueh mid receives so lutle none where so palliy a pittance icin inu to him, out of the fruits ot Ins lab jur, niter the c.-ugatherer, the bailill, and the tithe and church rate collector, c.ilIi hacked by the strong hand ol the law, liave extorted Iioiii bun v, I1.1t w ill saltrly ihe buiigr) inawsof Ins .Majesty the Ivmg, his tlrace tlie Uukc, itny I ml the lbsliop, and Ins Iteverence the Priest." A JiVlUJllCR. lieiievleve. Maid of my love, sweet Genevieve ! In beauty's light ou glide uloug: Your eye is like the star of eve, And sweet oiir voice as .sciaph's song. Yet uotyoiii heavenly beauty gives 'Phis heart with passion solt to glow : Within your soul a voice there lives ! It bids ou hear the tale of woe. lieu sinking low the sulleierwan lleliolds no hand oul-trctch'd to tai e, i-'atr as the bosom ol the swan That rises graceltil o'er the wave, I've seen vour breast witli pity heave, And thai: fine love 1 you sweet Genevieve ! COl.UlUWiL. Mr. Cuv at M The Hagle says, Mr. 1 Clay landed 011 the Siith oil, tn 111 tlie :lonongahe!a Meombout amidst the firing ol cannon finui tlie Ohio and Kentucky shores while the streets lor almost the entire distance, were lighted by the ino-t brilliant bon tires. Notwithstanding the lateness of the hour ol his arrival, 11 large number ol ittiens h-ul assembled to welcome the distinguished and veneiated Htatesmau and patriot, who holds so large a space in the ic-pcci and uHectious ol his countrymen. Upon Mr. Clay's leacl'iing the House, the -(roved who ll'ld ilS-elllbled aioulld ihe. iluor railed most vocilerously lor a sji-ech. Mr. Clay promptly oppear- At tins poiulllie proceedings weir, it appear ed at the door, and bowing graeelujly, thanked his cd, about to take a violent turn, when the i'res- "rmslu i.e.i..".-. vim... , i so line .111 liour, and assuring tiicin mat tie had really nothing to make a speech about, retired, amidst the enthusiastic houts of the crowd, who immediately ilipciscd. lie Jell Muytvillr the next morning lor l.-.xingtoiiaccom-fianied by tJen. Combs. " I ed that proceeiliug.s in the case would be stayed. Fiiovt Mr.xic.0. Tho Fouy IKprcss brings provided 110 objections were made by the pirties. New Orleans papers to the SOth tilt,, witli dates It was also announced that the Comt adjourneii from Vera Crux lo Iho lUiih, and Mexico to tlie the case of Scott for the present, in order to "ive 21st. Tlic telegrapbie accounts have given an 1 the member time to consider the paper present imperfect view of this news. ed by him more fully. In Ihe ni"antiiuo the case It now appears that den. Scott and Gen, ' Worth arc again opposed 10 each other, 111 a nuariel. Mr. Tri-t was to be retained in Me.-1 ieu us a witness before tho Court Martial, and 1 (ien. Scolt would leinain tlieio until the inquiry was finished. I sj.,,11 Anno was exnected at era Cruz, and .. ' . . .. .I. 1. V Iii.rn lilnbabtl for I l.l :,.. I LWm. Duilu Mr. Division or F1.ATTsr.iT.u11.l lie Ilill erect. 1 ilirr the town of Sf ill' ly ft division of I'latUburoh lias passed the llou-e, ami is now , y lonsisimu aim n.-t iiii parly would "Ite prndin" action in tho Senate. 1'lulhhur;; le, a, they did in relation to Mr. Ahams, "'I'- AT Hume. Wo learn Irnm tlio l.riiiwii Alius that .Mr. Ci.av reached home on nines- . , , . : 1 1..... nt, r.,,i'.Mife Journa . ' lay iiigui 111 gouu nv- 1 , 3IC .v Ih,: Tlio answer of tho 1 ankeC, some where, to a ' man of honor,' who fancied himsell insulted is amusing. ' Tlio blamed atikee, fie imaginedjiad interlered with the object of Ins al fcclions, and alter giving him li'o opinion or Ins impertinent interference, the duelist added, its lie left tho room, the ominous words, ' You will liear from ine sir !' ' We!l,oii.'' replied tho Yankee,' glad on t ! icrile, once in a while ; I shall bo glad to hear from you, as ollen as you're u mind to let us. know how you get along.' Lynn Seu-s. An iron monger who kept a sJiop in tlio Higli-strcct of Kdinbiirgli, nnd sold gun powder and shot, wlien usketl by tin ignor. unt person in what respect patent shot (at lliat time a novel article) surpassed tho old Mud, "Oh, sir,' ho would unswer, "il shouts deader." Madame," said a snarling son of Kscu lupius, "if women wcro iidinitted into pnra. dif.o their tongues would iiiako it a purgato. ry." " And .some pliysiicinns, if allowed lo practice lliore," retorted llto ltuly " would ogn make it a dcacit." FRIDAY MORNING, AFK1I, 1 1, 1813. B J Vc copy tho following Trout the last Wash ington Union, the Government orirun: The rumors about Santa Anna arc various r.rld con tradictory. Al one time, he is leaving .Mexico ; ntiin other, he is reported as carri-hiT r,n new niiei-.iiiou to that country. The New Ol leans Crescent gives this vAuuti mi icucr ironi vera urttt, .March su: lien, liutlcr issued an order on the Cth, that Ocn. Santa Anna should be permitted to pi9 out ol Mexi co. It was repotted tint he had Iclt on the luigbsli steamer j but it is now settled that he has gone to tjuerctaro. where Ik- will mi.t tvni, l'irP,U II he has gone to Qucrctnro to collier with Parades, nc may oc suspected, vj plutlmg new pliint agilin'l us. tSnch paragraphs, In the month-piece, must ho highly pleasing to Mr. Folk, suggesting t j him addition tl consid jr.tti jus to prove tho ad mirable policy of lotting his ono-IeggeJ friend Into Mexico. Hy tho way, now that General Twiggs has granted to Santa Anna a " " out, and that that distinguished friend of Mr. Folk his probably gone tigiin into cock-figliling retirement in Havana, or elsewhere, would it not bj as well fur tho I'nioiilo "hiltnce the hooks," so as to determine pretty natrly henv much pos itive gool his resulted from th j nn-tcrly stroke of giving him a "Fast" in ; nod h nv much long erlhe war would pmbibiy Iriveb-en protracted, and how much iiioreblooil would prnbilily have been .shod, if (hat inu-lerly slroko had niit been re.-orlod to. An approximate Miiutiou of lliese questions would provu higlily interesting to Iho A inerie.iin l'eople, an I tend In incre no their ad miration of the poweilul and sagacious. Admin istration of President Folk. l'i.NSVI.VANl . The Whin Conferees from Il,e u. rious Counlles ol the Xllllli Comriess al Disirici met at Money, l.ycoiuiug Co- on Thursday last, and noiiliinted Ouvid t'aggirtas D-lcgate to the Nation al tvouviulioii. 1 lie lollou nig lesolutions were iinan imouslv adontod : litmltrtl, That the Deleeates this dav elected to represent this Congressional District in il'ie National t ouvelilion, to be held in Philadelphia on theTlhof June, 18 IS, be instructed to suppoit the nomination of Nr.Niiv Ct.vvot Kentucky, as the candidate ol the Whig party lor the 1 residency. licialrrti. 'flint in rase Mr. Clav declines a nimil nation, that the II 'legates ju-t elected be instructed to support 4 ion. Tnvlor as our second choice provided nc win give sansi irioiv evidence 10 ine i omentum that he is sound m the Whig filth, and will carry out ine principle- 01 ue; yn-.u ui ("my. Kv.ictly j and not otliorwi-e. While we have a voice or a pjn to commit ourselves, it lull lJ against it Ioii-mvi iiillill cxwlitltl: W'o Jiad rather hive an out-and-out hocofoco for I're'.dout, ten times over. " J'liott art nei t'icr hot nor cold; and imn art Ink'.- warm, mi I n'llli' lil nnr t oltl, I will mm ? '(p null) mil Mouth, S a verso to learn wisdom from. f'ouit .lf:i.i I it t at .lfevicn. The telegraphic account invo stated tiiat the "'"a'ei.v , appear, to li. to ) It no, as III tie seen i... r ii : ii i . . . ( "v ii luiMtwm i) t pur ;i'iiire-sL'i u ? rtcou nuliUry pride isca-t down inti"tlio dust not b'v . 1. . . ..1,.' . J me. piiuiiu enemy nut uy mn ion i public enemy inn of 11 nv or al liome. All that be done, in that rpiarter, to injure, tu dtgrjde and humble me here and el-cvvliere, has been accomplish ed Hut sii-tained by the Almighty arm; feeling myself .strong in cou-cioits rectitude, strong in mind and bidy strong in all the menus of 1 self-defence, I bi I defiance lo my accu-ers. 1 h ill not plead the letter, w ithdravv ino the appeal against me, in Inrof hi il. Nay. I challenge the writer of that letter locnino for ward and do his worst. Hut, no doubt he think- uid wilh reason that lrhu ilom hinenrtl. Here, in view of tho enemy, lie li u caused me to bo struck down from the liigb and honorable command of a most frill mt and triumphant aimy He Ii is ciit-ed me lir-t lo bj prejudged and puni-lied at home, and then to be brouglit for ward to be tried again, while lie, my junior, has been pre-aciptilled and rewarded. The Fre-i-dent Ii is, wo are cxullingly told, done him ' full and ample justice" yes, si r, in double mo.tsure ; justice to his pride, an I justice lo his vengeance. Let him, Mr. I're-ident, go forth, rejoicing, in tlie pleniliidu of IXecutivo lovnr. With nit en vying him his honors, I shall, at the end of thi eouit, have done witli him forever. Agiiu, Mr. Fresident, I repeat, my attitude is th it of ihji itee. Wi.Mtr.i.ti Scott. Mexico, March 17, 1 SIS," On the reading of the above document Gen. u" fsu "skeil ll lie might be permitted to ask a uu.'stion ol the Court. (ien. Scott hero interrupted, and said that he understood that gentleman Gen. Worth to In here only as a piosccutor, and as such had no right to speak. Prc-ideut. These Interruptions cannot bo in dulged in. Gen. Sco't Don't apply those remarks to me, sir, 1. ..... ,. r,,s.,n, ... , , i t so iiicl'U art ties should be btopped, and oulered the room lo be cleared, in order that the Court might delile rate upon tho document Ihen before them. On the openiiiL' of tho Court, it was annnnne.. of (ien. Filbnv was ordered to commence. lloslon I).tily Autirtiir. 1 be. majority for IloK.vri: .Manx, over all nth ors, in tho 8th Cnngrossiono! District, Massii- chuselts, lately represented by John Quincv v.i i ... 1 .. ' .' ,'1"' i " '-'"eHy Part' " Ollsl "",r,0 ,l,a"a ,l","'i!""1 B"'i-t "gainsi nnAiis; unu wesup- I"-o if Iho former Gentleman should die, Ihul rr. . . . ihe slave ,as lost a friend, our Disttict a faithful "epii seoiiinve, our rountry an ahie si,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,1 " ine gie.uesi lights tint ever sin in 11 e, noooreil at home and resm cied abroad. In ileal 1, mourned mid lamented by all. His memory i. ,UI; bue tlie laicol tyrants and the chain, of If tlie Yiriinml rrecmnu has nothing more important to do, just now, would it oblige us by pointing out the " healthful consistency" of paving such a resolution and vol im airainst tlm matiwlio.o virtues it proclaims ? Somehow or other, we have failed in our t'tTort lo discover it. UT The Franklin County Court commenced i it. session in St. Albans, yesterday, after an ap-! propriate prayer by tho Roy. Worthington Smith, D. D. Tho following Judges are present : STr.ritr.x Rover, .idgc'; Alvaii Saiiix, J. II. Huihiarii, Side Judges, Only nineteen causes aro set to tho jury, and the number of new entries, it is said, will bo un usually small. The bill granting a bridge at Kouse's roint, e.,has doubt not will have a most favorable effect for passed the Senate of New York iu Coiniu'utee of the the good cause throughout the Union I'mmh. Whole. .lWjifhrr I Yuichmannf the Cth, hitfiie Ifr'le. ' olyi Will our " ancient adversary" pardon us for ' ' saying that tlio abovo statement Is not precisely i The " Akow-Sacsu.v." Somebody has sent us a accurato ? Wo believe it received llie sanction C,"l'y ",f llli.s, 'i buiny-gaphic." gwoi1 -, (as ),or,l .., r .i -.. e.i ... i i , liyron has it,) bearing date April I. We wete never neither of Ihe Commillee ol tho Whole, nor of, woise "fmiled" in ourhle. jliditlrlnuy Galaty. tho uhvle if tin C'uiiimitlee. We were; wc undertook lo lead it. 11 T Mr. Smith lias received, at the Hookstorc, Iit:oxAitn Scon & Co.'s beautiful repiintof the March number of" Kit North's" piinco of mag azines, " lliackwood," and also their republica tions of tho llritish Reviews tho Ijndoit, Fd inbitrgli, N'ortii Rritish, and Weslminsler. In tlie North Jlritish, which wo have glanced ut, is a short article which tho writer calls " Criti cism's Christmas Carol." It is wortli a year's, subset iption ! full of heart, home, and household sympttliios, and sparkling witli the cheerful and happy thoughts ol ouo , , " Who lovcth well Doth man, and bird,titid beast." It commences thus : " i'iV"5' "ol con'iae our Christmas literature to carols. 1 he annual era, has lint only its social, but also its sacred associations j nnd mingling with nil Its becoming tones of merriment may be other and more so emit strains. I!ut still, as Christinas claims its ca rd nshy birthright, why should not Criticism have a carol of its own f The mistletoe, as fitly as the birch, liny bo his emblem, who alternately caresses and chas tises the offspring of hum-in intellect. Unniestioiiably there comes, once n year, a season when every bodv really is, or Hies, or pretends to be, more than usually lul iriousund happy. A glorious old poet, with bis eve and his heart full ot the bright mid beautiful V.x an, smgsol the " incalculable laughing of the waves." Oh musical and untransliiaWe Urcik words! How . . and instantly perceptible i their imagery! We h ive so seen and heaid tlie r.i a hundred nines, up. piitig.gmgling, dimpling, twiiilihni; with the p,-ip nn! p iy ol myriijs or diamond sparkles, hicli weie so pi iinly the laughter of the w.iteis, tint we Irive b -en I liu to hold our sides with our hands, nnd Inii'tli b-iek ng nn to tliecbeerbil.saiishiny ice ol the Cleat 1) ,. iiiiu laiigiung away 11 was.uihl ollen m lie, as ll all that lay below its suil.iee were poi kless pebbles, and tniresiiuls. without aue dull weeds, nr . inn- sli.ii, -s. or dismal winks. Tims too nc might siieak of the aspect ol manhood, wouialiliood, and childhood, in the latter days oI'Du-ember and the earliest d ns of uary, when a confluent hutneuiie of rliucklin" shakes li-iriuoiiioiisly the rotnnditv ol the tenesinal planet. the n 111 ine crilic aioue slllMiy oesiis or eo . e 1 seine lllleelioii of gi ral merriliieul ( .Mane ireolle tllOUL'ht' and wise puiios,.s should uttcilv i.,il,i.l in him any such grim invulnerability II IV ' And ends thus : "Once for all, then, the literature nlt'liiistinn should be a manly, frank, ineiry, even liolicsome literatiue. Alelancholy and tragedy have nothing tu do with it. 1 ompous declamations of molality wilt he diow ned by penny trumpets in th,. strecis. The true, lation-i), natural! hnsinias spirit to be dominant r week every ear, in winch we should write and nad, tell stories and listen tu them, is ju-t tlie spirit el " delight in hide things, I lie buoyant child surviving in the man;" lor what we have now written h is not been written in solitude. The ebb and the How nl the tide ol a vast population has been unceasingly belore our cje.s and 111 our ears, licncath us masses ol rpiiel, unli-rlv, happy people have been, Irom suiuise to suuse't, thronging the thoroughlarcs of a great citv, iiidel.iii gable in its mauufacliiriii'' iodnsire ilmnliU ,,, lu uoiiiinerciui enicrinsc ine Heart ol a rich ugriciihuial province the si-at ol tu -0 niirienl nnii ..runinu . .1... abode of a sagacious, cultivated, generous race, Swel- nog upwarus 10 our Heart every moment, the voices of uieir joyauce " Have all burst foith in choral minstrelsy, As if some sudden gale had ucpt ut once A hundred airy harps." And as we looked down Irom the window- on the crown ni'iow. we oiserveil tint lie Lit her ,.r t,,.,i!,..r with a Millie, was a i.avs ed be ihe i-lnl.l s! (Viii. cisiu wroteu warm on -cw V-,ir s Uay." Who-o heart does not jump to read it all ? TTTho Saranac reached l!urlinglnn at 11, Wednesday morning, from Whitehall, .Shu en countered some resistance ftom the ice, but not enough lo prevent her accomplishing her object which was to place Iliirlinglon and Whitehall hi arjutilic cnminiiiiiailiin. We suppose the re-gul.-ir trips of tho season will now commence forthwith. 3J" Tlio following " little anecdote" (!) Ins been tr.inslaleu by a friend from the Cnurrier h.i l.lttf.t lTnint fbi'o'tr paper. It proves that the Due de Nemours, bes.!i.'es being a bom " Ftitice of the blood," is a born iu.'l ! It illustrates, loo, ino-t forcibly, " hii 's.ful ignorance" ol the temper and spirit of the; no in which he lives, this superb scion of an Ari'ocralic Sys tem was growing up. A few days after this lispl.iy of preposterous arrogance, tho young rentlem in in question had to leave the ,'io.vul I'olaco itself, with decidedly vulgtr precipita tion, to make way for "the i'loixi;, whom lie thought rpiito unworthy lo como ' betwixt Iho wind and his nobility 1" ' Royal families," and ' royal prerogatives," that are accidents of birth, are getting to be a prettv broad force ; " The rank is but the guinea's stamp ; The .man's the uoi.n, tor a' tint." It is said that tlie Due do Nemours, tlie future regent, was desirous lately of visiting ihe. jarjtn I limr (a tmgnilicent public garden opened in January.) Ho gives Iho order lo bo driven thither, md w hen arrived before the gate, he says to tho Governor, who had hurried to receive h'u illustrious gue-t : (.'.iii.-e all tho people lo leave. What does my lord command ? replied he, in all simplicity, not eompielienJing tlie words of tho prince. 1 wish, replied the dime in a short and se vere tone of voice, that von would cau.-o the people to leave the garden, so that I ni-iy cuter it. Great, as may bo supposed, was Iho stu por of tho-e wlio surrounded our logout. lint, my lunl. my lord, you do not intend Ibis, said at last one of the generals of his suite, what your highness demands is pot possible. Tois is a public place, tho public must rem tin here. Yiry irrll ,' i- ho enter il, interrupted 'lie prince, with all the wrath of a spoiled child whom some one re.-i-ts; and lie returned to the Chateau without having vi-it"d the garden. It npicar.s tint oil learning of tin, prank, Ihe wrath of the King w us frightful ; and it was with the greatest indignation that ho reprimand ed him whom bo was protecting with all the force of his power, but not, a evil tongues yit say, wilh tli-it of bis Inu; for 1iuis I'hilippe and tho Due de Nemours entertain opinion very diverse. The Fiinee is a legitimist, nod he blamed tho King for having laid hands upon the Crown of France; ho Would prefer il shotibl bo upon tho head of Ib'nry V, and would be content to bo Royal lligliuess beside a legiti mate t In iino. The Umpire Slate lor Henry I'lny. A general caucus of tho Whig members of tho legislature of this slate was held in Iho assembly chamber at Albany, on Wednesday evrniuir ,isi, at which, after a brief discussion, Ihe following resolution was past w ith but three dieecntln" vof ces. llcsohcii, That in selecting Delegates to tlie National Convention, wo feel it a right and duty to express it as our opinion tint IJFNRYCI.AY is the fint choke nj the HVii'gs uf Arm Yuri for Ihr l'reshlcmy, nml that they can iitc ami it ill ffhe to him, or nuy other reliable W'hii; wlio may reccivo tho nomination of that Contention, the l"iriy-six l.lcctcral votes of tins .Slate. tIl " 1 Jo, A ' nd llT Samuki. Wokks, of NiagaraV vv em Chosen "tai delegates to Iho Whig National Convention. iiotn are among tho most linn and devoted friends of IIFA'RY CLAY, and wcro chosen up on that ground. This declaration of tho Finiilrn Stain for il. I sago of Ashland is well timed, in strict accord- I anco with Iho scnliinents of tho noonl.. nil ..n Ci.av Mrx-rtMi at Nasiiviu.i:. Tlio call for the great Clay meelingat Nashville, which wan held on Saturday, tlie Stli instant, was thus headed : All hail the Chiel whose r.piighl alms we know, Who moves elect, nor stoops lo count the foe. B j" If any ono of our readers is jmrllcutur about tho kind of iWt jmictlef ho or tho uses, wo ars happy to rcnnitnctid to him or hei Rovcc & IiSTEixv'si incomparable prepuralioti. It may ho found at Feck's or Harrington's, ex cepting tlio A'o..-c which is tho best. HIi' Tlio following is ono of tlio " ilcins" of news received by liu Washington. Tho Fin peror is prepared lo do his shaie, as olio of the " Holy Alliance," lo put down down republics. " Fulling foot in stiirup," liowover, is not likely to bo tho luedii'ine for the limes ! At a grand ball ut Si. lVlersblirgli. on Ihe Sth. an uid-ile-c imp suddenly inloted and gave a slip of paper to I ho Ftnpcror. His m ijesty cliangod color, and with a sign of his hand, lie bid Ihe music slop. Tinning lo tlio olheeis, he .said : " C'lilloinen, Funic i- a republic ; ymi uiu-l b" ready lo put foot 111 stirrup at a moment's no tice.'' The l'.irii P. f ' li-ir the following on tlie piestion as lu foreign intervention : "His Hie French li-pubiie. lo fear a new coililion ? Cm the FioiiiTi Republic bo cru-hed I by a league of the powers .Such are the two ipip-lioiH on the order ol Iho d iy ; they are se rious; they must bo lephedto; for thev weigh on tho file of tho rcv'iiVm.mi tho vfcton ol the people. No, lite I'teni-ii Republic need ml a new cn.riilinu. ll is not beruuc the bearls of kings have changed it hunt beeau-e lou n.iiii-o in ino people . inn in iiougllL IS ll l slill living at the liotloin id Ihoso hearts, which are tendered rotten by feudil Ir.ulilions and tlie pride ol blood ; but the redoulolile trials which dynasties liaiu traversed within Iho last lilty yeais, ami the new revolutions, which open be neath their leel, terrily Ihem. Tlie kings ate afraid; they dire no moio sound the chinge, Iho sword; lo keep up tlie police in tlieir dominion-', check and gag tho s-i jrh mid thought, surround tlieir Irnutiors, with jealous cu-toin-liouscs which allow lo pas neither the b ml; of philosophers, nor the cry of ili-tnnt re volts, nor the journal, this great voice of Iree na tions; such is lo-ilay all Ihe policy oflliese tot tering chiefs wlio Ibruieily s.nd 'Time and the eurlh are ours !' How besides could they send forth armies of invasion, leaving behind thum, around them, their people who moan and who sec from afar the bright aurora ol liberty hot Nicholas for wanl his squadrons, and the Vistula will swal low them up; let thuiiiraiftousdestrnvcrof Gal lici.t, let .Meltornich, throw a single phalanx on the Rhino, and homlnrdv will hove its ve-per- like Sicily ; let l'rnssU place two regiments in lino for the bittle. nnd Ihe mini irrhy would soon fall between tho faithle-s o( the Duchv of I'oseli and the revolted ol the Rhine. Yes, the great poweis ate no lodger us toyallies ami govern ments, any thing but Fpecliea decked in jeivels ; alone, the' people are living, an 1 all the dun geons will "oon be opened ! Such i tlio result of propagandist!!, of tint loii'r Initio which Fiance has sustained for liflv veurs bv tho inlel- leet and the swonl. As in the times of our filh ers, moreover, tho French nation will sufiioe to itself it lias ideas to lender fecund; it has Ihe phalanx to siitoui Iho shock of twenty coali tions. J hits the Republic has no reason to dread the alliance of Kings ; we have attached the Greek Iho lo their (links, and thev bum on tlieir thrones. hot us watch, however, and take care France must be as a sentinel ! " A letter, emanating fnmi one of Louis Phil ippe s intim-itc Inends, w-ns ree.oied by the Kteamcr Washington, by a gentleintn of this citv, announcing that the ex-king lias taken the resolution to come and li- himself, with bis family, in the United Stu'i-s. So sav, eonli- dentlv, the ('carrier ih-s J2lals-t'nis, with this idditional i email,: 1 his is probably not the last king who Will lleo for safety to the -Fgis of the American republic. A. 1. ..cncss. 'Jj' Why cannot the Southern Mail be brought to ll-, .'luring the season, by the lloats .' Liiicsl News. hi' i:u-;c'i'Ji iTTrjinr.ait xrir. ,'r.w York, A nl 1 Ith, F. o'clock F. M. A fearful coiiKiii';!' discovcied at St. Domingo, on the oti'.1 Fcbrurnry. 'Flu. .Minister of tlio inlet ior, (ir-neral Fuello had f.ilso keys made to tlie Ars,en:i! nnd I-'orl, and had won over to him most of tlt'J mili tary. They wore lo liavo nmrderc-.l the Fresident, and hoisted the Iluytien llnj,'. Ho aii'l his lji'otiii'f have, been .shot, wilh two others, tind there are several moro lo be tried. Tho Country is perl'eolly rptict and good order is observed everywhere without any great pains being taken lliat it bo so. iUavkcts. liiigbtoii t'ntlle .HaiKet Tliuisdiiy, Apr. .". RLIIUITLD o!i Ull IIAII.I AllVI ltntll At iii irket g?.i lleefC.-iiile. 10 pans Ov en, l.'i i-mis and Call. Sleep mid WO towin.'. I'aiu.s. lirrf Catlli K.vtr.i jT.OO : liist ipi.ility f fi 5.1 a ll 7 j ; second 'j-ialuy -K',00 a 0.'.' j ; lid nuality s.'i Vi a fi 7,",. II 'or k l hi; Orrn No poles netiecd. riiio mid I VlrM Sales nt J3, Oil.'. iS'icrp S iles ol liits at -J 7 j, J I, mid 9." 'Jo iSVine.-liois to iedde ol veiy siu-ill Slmats, 5 ,'i-cV for rioivs, and Ii ,'i-Hj lor Il.ino-.s No sales ut letail. Nivrrv Diomrs in- i in: Shape- -It should be le-liif-iobered, when the theluoiileli-l slmdsiiiyOileg!ees in ihe shade, that th- prneiss of di!esiion i i ilormed Ullh stub extrenie f-lliguor l!lH our lood, in-lead of being sp -odlly illssulveil an ' Vorr"rl'''l mo. tuiliimrot lor die Iii idv . oficii becouits ai tu illy spi.iled, or fmi'i ticd in the'hlitiiiai-lt, iluui' laid hnalh, ilis.iglie.-ible ta-te in the uinmli, colic pains, dyseuieiy, iholera Inoibiis, and othi-l d'souiersol ihe iiili-sttmi s. Wimht'n Indian Yrgrtnlh I'll' nre n ceil liu rare lor all ihe above dangerous i umpluiuis, beeau-e they cleause iheiil.meiiiary caua Iioiii all those lul.ous anil plltltd luunors, which ale the cause, not only o all disorders ot the bowels, but uf every malady incident to nititt, Th.-y also aid and improve digestion, mid purily the blond, and theielore guc health and ugor lo Iho whole Iraiiie, as well uJ drne cvuy inscription ol pain from the bo Iy, llEwir.t of CoL'NTrr.niT. The only er.mtXAi. AMI UkXUINE IxiUAX Vlil.TAIlI K l'll.l.s 11 V K Tilt SHi- .vArtr.hoi Wii.uvh Wr,u,ur vimrrtN wun a i-e-i o. nit Tor i.Anti, or KAin in Aoee ether in gen nine, and Uiciiiintelfell thin The genuine (or sale by W II. CT'ltTIS, Water lilrect,aiidTlli:t)lHII!i; A. PUCK, College Sued, sole agents for iliirlinglon. lieiibeii l-'ergusuii, Hssev ; J. II l))ke,nullllllglon ; W. llhodes,.lr Itlehmon.l II. 11. l.reeu, Kiclunond ; .1. H. .V. T W. Tower, Fiidi'ihdl ; Hurlbut .V. Holies. Williston ; It. San derson, and li. Ayers, West Wilh-lon ; J. I,yiiian, Jericho ; W. II. Vchc, Huicsbiirgh ; W S. . 11 1'. Wood, Wesllord ; Slaples .t I.)ou, Charlotte j John Simon, Shclhurue ; I', Hichinond llamard ;uud at the New Hugl.iud llranch OlbYc and tieneial Depot, PJi 'Ircmoiit Street, lloston, They Alivns Cine. The cure of Mr. Davidson, nl Washington St., of Iiheimiaiisin, by Ine use ol llirru l.'s KiJ Siicngthen iug Plaster, Iuh uttruclcd so much mteiest imioug his friends, that we take the hlierty ot retelling to the sub ject again, .Mr. Davidson was so ullhded with weak ness ol the buck and lullammatiiiu ul the cords and muscles ol his legs, that he wus unable tu ascend or descend u (light ol stairs nml Ircnuciitly to dress Inm. sell. He used lleinck's Kid Sllengihening j'laslers, and pronounced himself cureil in tluiu dajs. These rem likable plasters sell for IS il-Items. t3?" Ordcis lubedirerud lo ileiriek and Co. Prin viplc Oflive, Albanj, N.Y. and for ul by A. C. nr. (ien, I!. Harrington, Calltn and (spear, Hulling- ton, V 11. Hatch mooski J alls, ,i,,ii Siinouds tind niiciourn, mm jUe.vunUcr, Charlotte, Wells. Ilhiesliiugli, and nlo by hhuggists and Meichants m every town and village. Let nil who ic iijlirtal with Asthma rend the JtilltiKiiig J.ettir. Mr. Seth W. Fnwlc : Sir having been afflicted fir more than thirty years with the asthma, at tines so severely asto incapacitate mefroin attendance lo busi ness, and having adopted many medicines without any hut lempoiaiy leln l, I purchased about thueyeais since, of Atr. Kdwunl Mason, your neent to this mv. several bottles ol Wl-Pu's llalsam ol Wild Cln-nV. i,.... o.n ..n:.,.. ., ..r.. i.:. i. i .a.,..i i , ., ' Minn in.- .-I1-..I-5 vm in. ii . .'wi'iiueu more rcut'i man fiointill the ined cincs 1 had ivcr taken for thaldis- oruer. i fiave hy Mi. Icpeateu use of your valuable llalsam, been more Ircc ot pressure for breath, ton! opiiicssion on llie lungs, than I hail anticipated, and indeed, conceive niystll turcd ol tliismost dislicailen in" maledy. I do Most cheerfully tender von this nrknnulcibrc. incut, which you will use as your judgment dictates. Il:,5lanl.;i3.n, C I)- MAYNAItl). None genuine unless signed I. IR'TTsS on the wrat per. lie caiehiland get the genuine l)lt. WISTAU'rJ I1ALSAM Of Wll.l) CllllltltY. None g.-nmiie iinli-s signed bv I JHITTrf. Addnss all ordeisln M.niW ijwi,:;,I1..-oii,M.i-s. J'or side w hob sale and retail by T111.0. A. I'm,, l!iulington,aud bi Dcalcisiu IMedieiu-.'sgeiiPra lly In Vermont. Kviract of a letter bom Dr. Vt 1 (o iillemrr 1 ill thank you loseud me todoyen iiion i.l lout s usapaiill.i and 'i'omntoc lhtn is. I h n use. I it with meat sticci ss ill fourctises ol ihspep. i'i, eitruij each 1 1 tin 111 111 an abno-1 men ibble sl.o t nine; likewise one 1 a.e ol sciofiilous humor, and one Itousileiil available couuiouiid. lunl iiiu-t say 1 hav- used u with ihe happust dl'-ets. tsliould like to have il a soon n convenient. (Ine ol tllC east S nt ill slil-lisui :i ,r,.nll,.l,.i,, l, 1,,l .!. ter.d a long lime, and hid been to tl.e Hpiings twu lisillis. A lloydon, H'n , of cambridve, rured of the dvinen- sia ot a yeais slauding, alter t, mg a humhed lei Ire nes without the le isl t IK. t I'lllltlll.ll Wli.tlieV. ot I. 110. 1 nr. ..I ..I i,,.t, im and dl.-p. ii-n lo usiti; two bottles nl the ulimiC ' I orsole he 'I'm. 1 V.l'i.-r ,.,..1 A r'. s: 1 th i arit-suiii! wii.,1. s ih. I l,n , .,..1 t...a.. .i...'.. ....... . i n 1 1 j i o i oiiguou I I lie .-t II li I Q i c b , In Wi-slporl, N. Y. March yilih, .Marcia A eldest o iugiiier oi i.piiMilln llrailley.ageil ID veins. In Colchesicr, .'nil nist.. ,lr. Ih.vus Wasiuut.x, aged iibonl .'ifi jcais. J'linhm in Ciariinuili, c, ic flarslrd ti inpy. In Itockl'ord, Illinois, March Ifi, alter n hort illness, Mrs la-i-v Nnni.i.,tigcd 21 St. Alltini paicr l. Ill 'll-ll.f UI'l'iJ. Ill heiiov, Mass., March K II.vr.ntr.T LofisA llr.1,- low-s.aged Ifi ve.-us mul '.I i, His, unly daughter ol AM 1!-IIohs, lis,, ,f Wulpule.N. II. What a blight of human hopes do these simple par tii uliiis ihs, I i A jimiij creature, nt tin very in stant when life i shi-i test ami most beautiful, and at the moment when opening wohiaiihood throws such mexprcs-ible elm in around her, tin onlv daughter, too, and away Irom home is siiatthed by sudden and vio lent disease Irom earihlyevisteiiee1 ll we add that nature had stoied tie- mind and heart ol this being " with ow ry creatute's hesf -witlniuickniss of per ception and teiiderne-s ol conscience with ardent allectious and lively sensibilizes, and clothed herspint in a shape of brainy ami grain that she had been nioiiiit up in strict seeln-ioii from ihe corrupting in tlutie es ot the world, mid hum her inlancy hod been the subject ol llie most anxious and devoted moral training that she had always injojed all the benefits ot iillliience, without evpeiieueing one of its evil-- that without am apparent eonseiousm sa of it lu-iself, she seemed, in the eyes of others, to be (lie caution!' batevcr Providence (.an lend to m.-il.,. n 1, ,,,-, l.. bright and bles-ed -that every jear was making her iiuie the dehhi and pride of n large family cuclivnid the chic! ornament of the little community in which she lived that an invalid lather's ilcihnin. yeais vvne leaning dcpeiulciitly upon tlie child ol his old age th it a judicious nud patu-nt mother wa- ju,t be. ginning to pluck the fruit , of which hercarclul hands had simed the seed and pi mini the branches that an only broiher is left to deplore the loss ol a sister's lot d and coiiipunioushij hue lie not said enough to sc. cure the sympathy o! every being wlio has been a paieiitjorwhn has dwelt m a happy domestic circle 1 J.ui (.oil alone can niteiir. ta dispensation like this, and no sympathy but that whi-h Jesus Chti-i olil-rs to l,e.eiiM-er is ri.l.-.rialet,,,!,,. i .rH thus nlllu ted. .May " the t.od id alt consolation, - may the ".Man of Sorrows," may "the Comlorter" sus tain, and blessjiuid save them. iY. 1'. Vhiirtimi Inn. March H. Nnt' rini: anil Now Goodi I OI!!.AT 1X11! COU-Ms -o CITO UV.R AT no r -r i - t ...r ... . 1 lll!i i j1 UlVjn VjXL'II AlMi hJ. : B. W. WILC0X & J. W. NASH. Sf AVIVfJ . ASS K lATI'I) TIIKMSnf.VlIS foit tell mis s. 1111,1 r lis- ii.iim. nn.l fin,i ,,1 li 1111 n .llltile n ,- .Msit, w,n;ii r. sp, eilully niviii- the cili-7'-ns ol Ilurlii'giou and vu only, to an c-vamination of then stock n Dry (in . Is, ,t t1 . New Store ni vt dm r (o Urnisiu-ide , i ii.,s (.'lurch street. We do not think it nei. a y m g. ig ous colors and Willi ciupl) pud-, to h..' I lorlh a Inn . calalogn- of u-eless oomiia-t; tulhee it li sav. I hat we would inute a beloie laying mil ilu ir m in--y, to call and e.vainineour liuiios ami prices ir tneins -Ives. (),ir Stock has been purl-ins.,, prineip ny i,,r ca-!i, al a lovorable lime, (within the l-istii.i..,.,, ,,i js) in ihe two great coiiunet cial iu iris, New- Yuik and II islon, w ilh great core, and wilh a lived den ruiui itiou to please our custom ers with the best ol, latest sly lea and lowest prices. Oar Stock in pari eonsi-u of- Jiai yards Culstuii giugliaius.lioin li l-CtoaActs- -j',1' , do do do g. " :',7 " 1! do muslin and iroiiob, do Is ' 37 l-'i f,r traieihiig dri.vs-s. 1 I nn and figured m iinl,n-di. lalnes, cheap. ie , Css gOOiN, ll.-aillllul stVles. J..ack gro-,l.-ihin,..,ul widths. Mi'siiiisaud beriiges,iit-:i nnd desirable. Sh-iw! Uieli broaihe. .-iisln, ,i.i... ,i...l .i,.e and stModl.i. "' White l"i.oil-! Sul, i. iii!l l.,.,.t. .I.,n.i ,! ,,1,.;,, muslin I'm dies es ' .laeonels, fiom 10 1-2 lo 2.1 cts. I.-idies collaisarul under haudkeiehiefs. Alo-iming (!ood; Itombarines, ahiaccas, muslin, Mrag. s, . ,,.,s, , lV,t. jjiiien i timhiie h.indk.-ii hu-fs, Cd to sVJ. Hons kieping (ioods -Ci-iiuttrpunos, sheeting, lur minie, diuuiy, dain.ol, t.,,,. eloihs.,l nble spu-ud, jhipkuis and d.nlli.s, Uus-ia and birJ-eyc (Hap. r, tickings, (uw emK, ( r,u L. i c. Cloth iin.l Dmucsii,. Hooin, Freiiib, KiiL-li-h and Aoi.-neni r-l.,,1. ulm,... satinets, (weeds and sillim.u sliiiie Col isiiM.I ls iiui-s never Ii. ton. hean ..I 1 leiol..,,,,.,, ..-ill fau-iiioii. y livej iiiinungieir nock ol cloths before luakili g P. S blelii-l,, Purl Irish j xi l -u ol " poo nasi s cieiy ipiality, brown and d s!ieetniU 1 every style and price, ugiou, Ai nl 13. KjH. 1 nl 13, KjH. ACItlCUl.TIJltAI, Wai'ciiousti ami Si-od Siorfc. PEIRCE, DAVEY &. CO. MKSFKCTFm,LY, INFORM TI1IC1R Inends and the I'ublie, tlmt (hey have taken the aliove tiaineil esiabl slnuent lately occupied by J. S I eiiee.and vV.II coiitnoie and extend the agricultural sillily trade in all its branches. IJiiipu Vines, and Punt Trees tarnished to order. J S Pl.lliCi:, C M I) WHY, ,, , .mi iiisiuii:. lldibiijilnn, ,pill IJili, IHH. i' Drab Sill;, SiccI (ioodo-, A:c. 11IST ItKCKIVKI) DRAI! Ftnsi; S,i.K, Steel Tassels, Deads, and a great variety of New l.oods ad ipt.-d iu the is-a-.iii. ,,,,,, DUINSMA1D .t ll!OTlli;i!S. April l'Jlh.HIS. ,mj Itlllllllll 1 1 III DC P. 1000. Feel, While Pine huildiur' Tnnber. of all 'sizes, lor sale be II I. A. J. It. M..o:i Anul lSlh, ISH. ,9 I I'earl StriiM. (Vtiar Posts. ir sale by I7..IV.S- XOYKS and jtnix im.muiY. .io,r QQQ Cedar 1 W ft ! tQIQ I'lilV. 150Q..b,na.sfor6ale.,yws.s April IS. HH. X0VKS. ihhl Fresh Slmd l.fAV be had every moriuug at Ihe Itiirlmcton Ol Market V. U. HAIililNlllllN. Apnl 11, HH (di'l) ni.ows. lii'ssm.i, ta- .1. IKHPS PloHii tor sale at BS.'?rw5&ii0hil' M"ie , liiuluision.aiiu al , , , ll Siuiond H, Shi Ihoril. llicse me llielieH Clows uovvii'uw. wl.MSvv3 JOHN JLUWN. Spca To EtfcctJt'sS ol' fiiiorx'. fi Ml I) Tnoitot'dii !i!i:i) Hniis'i:, Hut I Ip.nhv .a will sland this season, ending inl'rpi nti!,e stabli olS.Wardi.Millou ii NA I. IIisiu iiiedliiri'e.i nibrn i mg as It docs within llie loarth degiee such horses us iienr.j, C'ir siirftv.trnp. JJrstcngir, and ling. j,enpw. ins ut-Koowirugen superiority oi lorm nun rcnriiK-i'iii Power of tl-alismittiuir its nrominent munis. Ins bin! lep'ttaiion In New 'ink, where many ol ins colts me now i.eiu as siock norce1-, unu wncre ne inree turn received the liist preiuium ol the New Yoik Slat Agiienltural Soeiity, firs! when u colt, ut Albany, In S 0 1. II, III M III ',. . .. .. lull .... .. ...... lilly-lhiee coinpetitors, ahcr eleven veiir-Md serviie in the stud oflbm-vr.ti hoxu, li , ul Cninbinlge, N. Y , oud alter his stock had become thoroughly known iiuiM-mi'iiii me ,-srue, ai .vnourii, in, ami nnaiiy ins sioci;, some oi wincn we nine made arrangement lo hive in our in-line lor the inspection ol tho-i who tiny wish to decide fiom llieir own obscrvalioti wanant lis )n saying that h is one of the bes! hor ever intiodiiced into the Slate. II the nssuroncis of competent judges may hi relied on he u the best Inns as a gr-iter ol last, i udiiriug "nd hold going io-usler now olll-red lolhe lueeib-is ol Vciiiiout. Such we be lieve Inm to h lie rece'ned the tirt prciiiiiun ol Ihe Chittenden County Agrieullinnl Soen-tv, held at llur- htiizt on, last rieptembi r, whete his colts weie exhibited lor the i'ust lime in th State, to one of whii h the lip-t premium was awanled. The CuiumiiP-e remaik. in their tepoit, " tha improvciueiit lu sju-kiug coils is Wormy 1 1 notice." Sir. HiN-i-.v will Ftmd at ?I() ihe rnon. Insutance agree, on. Iiriirailce villi be i 'am!' .1 on males dr poseit ol helore the lime ol lo-ihog. (food p isui,-i!'i win ne piovuietl or ni-iles lloni a iltstanee, nut tin uopi.elois will ll it ne tespoitsioie lur iiectilcnt'i oi i capes. 1,1 ICR'S SANDHIiSON .v.- CO, (leorgia, March ii, MM. !u:l. To Old Cdiuilninciii T)ASS ; II Ci rtilirates frmii l.herpool, Dublin .1 ( oik, ,Vc to New York an I Hoston, lurnislieil to those who desire to hring out their friends Al .-sii-iiui- ijvci.iiimi. on me noovc plan, in sums losuit puren isets, at iho HM'KI.SS tll lll'i;, Apr 11- .III West side S.pur J)ii;;;upri()o(ii jtt'Si Mi:'itis. ciiii. dm a- si i:i:i,i: ime ptt., up Rooms over S. Winker's st,,te, Chinch si reel llurhugtou, Vt., evpiessly fir the purpo-e of takiii; lMiaiuiii.orvi-i-. .viiMUi-in s. vve liave every con- veioeoei- ior iiiMin; croupes m irom two to lell oil t ll. same plate, or single puiun, ol sopeiiur stjleaud ouisii. cei in nuiiics, cases or lockets at moderate pi lees. lliisinrss hours Irom tl A M. to fi P. M. I.adiis and (ieiitlemeii are n-pei tlullj invited to call at our liooins Dili evunuie sm nens rniu-.. nn sOmis belvieeii N. lenelv's and S. 'a!ker's storts. llurhugtou, April 11, HIS. daw if ATOItTII IUCITIs.ll Ki:vii:Ylor IVbmarv, uiackwooiis .uagaiiic Tor .Man !, I'inon, Coliuulu.-i , Parlor Mag.uimslor Ainil, American Ileview lor Aiuil. ' llawkstone, hvuiiihnrol'-Ainy Heib. rt.'a v. j l.oll -Apr. lo. lieceiiedat IIDWAKI) . " BIoiiHis to iifiil." r-IlIlH SrikSCRIIiERS havi: two co.nvi;. nient Houses to Item. Thev lire situated on (.oll'Slreel. have each n ffnod well ol Water, a Harden, a good bam and other out oiuiuiugs, unu win nc rcmco v cry i neap. , , ii. .vc.p. iii;ai)I,i:y. Ilurliugton, April 10, 1SB. Tilwl Flour nml I'Ioxt Si'Cil. ATtUV liANDINt;, 1 hi bbls. Western riour, lout) lb3. Northern Clover Seed, For sale bv JOHN IlllADI.I'iY it CO. Ilurliugton, April 10, ISIS. ,17 Mm'i'P iiFiirltiiij,. COI'T Kill) CHALK, or Sun r M.r,KiMi.con. O siantly for sale, in large or small ipiantities, with an ussoiiiiieui 01 ir.riis anil ili.iucll, ny JONATHAN P. HAM. c. CO. l)l iiygns. Apr. 10, ly. No. 1, Union street, llo-ton. Shitii-ics.. 1 flft M- l''"1' Sliim-'lcs. i-VU llHI.vl.Cedardo'. 100 M. Spiuce d'. forsaV;,', I'RIJSON. Ilurlingtou, Aprils, 181s, l-.'w 0 AViiidou Mah 7I.I)()V SASII of all sizes constantly kt-pi sizes 1 (ii;o 1 hand and for sale bv PKTIIIISON. Iluilingtoii, April 13 li l-.'nO VlXEGAll. "Vr '--. rti wJi'v "t r.,,n-fir.r.v, cent. . , .,..r uon nt n-r cal on. ot lil-O. ('171 i;iiSUN'S. Il.irlmgtun, Apnl 8, 131. 43vvt HUTLAA'D & Hl'm JKUTOX ItAIIJIOAI). q'H'tl ASSKSS.tlKNTS, of Cue dollars cadi. JL have been ordered by llie Direclois, on each share of the capital stock ot Ihe lliitland mid llarliiig tuii llailroad Company; one made payable on the lii-t day ol May ne.vt, and the other on (be Huh day ol snd '.May. P.ivmeiu may be made to th" Hanks of Ibirlington, Vergeuni-s, Middlebury, liiu'aitd. black Uii-r. or llellows Pulls, lo the Che-hoe l'.a-ik, Ki-eue, N. II , to l.dwanl Pirkeriug, l.-q . No 00, Male i-trecl, ! ton, or to the Tiea-mer at his olli, e in Mul.llebi'ny. SA.ULI.i. swu i, iieasinrr. March IS, HH. ll.KM'. hi. Vol' a!c or ( uii nl. CSMIi: SUlivntllll-Mt wu.t. Snu, on Ki:.r 1 Ins New Ilrick llotw.ou Sh"lburn Street, about stvty rods siaith of the Siiuoie The liou-e ij large nml hunt ol the be-t material and iu the nio-t model u style. 'P. CONN Fit iluthnglou, March 31, 1MH. Wit A( llovtiinl': fTIOOD MOiiNIXfi! A fine stock nf (loods M yet, I ky. Vps, Sir "'very on to !ih occupa turn it wc iln't Jnve nil usoitinent can't c.xjVit !o sell innt'li. Now, ln woult! liae tlioulil it ! Iiow Itiulinion f;row iit oin lo ainnIuT D.uly r.ipcrt W'liy, ac wc now that im:lit not Inve bt'fii c.H'cicil a quarter of a cen'ury no 1 It h tilt practicvilly the rrmlt ot icji-nn( jutliiKMit nni! mul coiiiiuuii st'iisr1. Well, UiL'ti who would have llmuirht o( It'iilroati-. liinitocniiMit iti lVitttnii!. 'ri'lcuinijti-. j Vc c. and bujin Houd-s cheap here asm jNcw or ''Vi im rrasnti that hecnusp tlif m my did not know, t'nt in- i tuiL'ht not hfivc tlioiiolit nl'otn it Ii i- a1! thi' rim i o nti'rpir Up and I.niH lir done it. and wht 4'itiiiiiiuc it) nuiKt rii liter promiH. 'i'lK'ii, no U.ulnmd; nmv, tlicy arc nidi peusnhlt Tiu-n, o.K" wcfkfy iiictl Taper was putlifieiit ; now, 'I he li'i'-cn I'ny Mli;ink tu ihe Cuv ol Troy lor ihe ii'ini'') n'iuies tlirte Wnklm mid tfco Jiiliis TtuMi. Ti'l'MTraohs oiilv Iiv Biirnals w ithin i.on now . 'iVIrjinipIiU' iiifoinialioii iut inI:iueon-lv eoudin leti !y Idfcirieiiy iliruimh imlmtited tuce am!, then, tionds hjM in the old wiiv ol Pear on ou t Vcdil , wnh IinpriMHinifiit id ltcily or .MurlgnKe n I'uriti- taken Im P.iy ; now, (.Ioods sold l'hriij Ior l'ah, Im nriHounit'iit out nl CiliKin. mul Purine iinnroM'dlv cul- tivalfd, mid their products hunaiiiK L'ni-!i tobu lliwds uncap nl ipr 1 Ul nuw ahu . ML llMii's ntxc! E.ol-s COLVllKSTEll FOll SALE r?(lt S I.l) in Co'ihester C'i mre, a few rod- west of the Conn 'ilioiiiil and Dapiisi Chuii-lus. n llruK Huns:, ;hi ny ;i leet, convenient ior a larjje t.inuly, wuh a bam and out houses, and I'i aen of land ultached. A No, a finitll liuiw near, w ith I j aeie ol land. 1'or tetius, inu'iiie ol the subscriln-r. on the piconsm. 1.. MIl.liHK. Muicli 2!, HH. VM' Nt'H' Hoolix, 1 'UiAITlIWAlTll'S lleliis-pect ofrraclUal I ) Medicine and Suwry, Pail lii 73 cts. (iiidi-iurii Maeaiue Ior April, (iodey'B LiidyVllook do -Jo l-iidics N.-ilional do H I.-iuiicelot Vidtpby tin' author oltolui Clink, '1'he Dachelorol Albany Jack 'IVr, or the l'iorida Keel, by J. I i-iuinuorc r Cooiier, , , , ',u Hva : or the 1-lcs of l.ilc and Death -a 'Hell ol Pruiru- Udell Komauco uf Mexico, by Ico. I-ippard, '-5 Scenes al valinutoii a story of the l.i"t Ren- cration ,.,.., ttiilortunate Mnnl.or the Misith late S5 The Dlack Prophet, a Tnlc ol Irish l'uinine, by t'niltou, fa) AdienluicBofa strolliiu Player S'i The Malliruvreint; Mottier So 'I'he llldt'oimiilsol P.irm. s.'i 1'or sale by C II DDWAUDS. rVolici'. fnllll Coparlucrslup, luretolore cMsiing-brtvieen I Oaks .V Peck, is ibis dav ihssolvtd by luuittitiou All H'rsoim liavnt 1 linni llanist Us, will' please pie scut ihem cieiy H-rson tndi-bu-d to said linn by ac count ot otherwise, will please settle inuneduitely- (iiMiic.i; it oaivIj. (iUOKUi: H. I'DCIv- Jilivho, April 1. 1UB. j.ate ij'::k .j- si'HAn, APOTHECARV AMI 1 1 'lofrauh J3ru jcgisl, 111 RI.IXUTON, Y'F.T" Is L-(1SCAM(.V Jim :IVI.0 AVICItlCAi SMlt.Hl', 1'itgM it. ,wn iMit.v Dlll'dS: New f hem'(al: J,. t. s.trgirat lii'lriimfhts ; ral J e. ill mid I J u- il nrtn-i.--. ; Saline oi .Mineraf Uat-rs ; (Ii ine Put. M and Thomsoniaii Medis ciiii-j j Pine ),i,,oi aim W.ivs ; Soda I'oiititamsand Svrups; Ilriis!ies,Peihini. , Si.-ues, Inks, Pibukingi, rancy and Domi-stie n rt n 1 1 n ; Poieign it Domestic 'igai. (Jroiiud S;'.ets, (ila-s Wine; Dje-Hluff', Cainjihi'iie, llird, l icld, l'loucr lu'd (lardni Sictls, Ac lu fine, every iircc'e dlrrttly or indirectly con-lief-led with this biisiiiers. t 1'iom the iidvitmageot r.ceivin Mineral waters, Campbell , I.teches. etc ,s-rlodiciilly,iurchas.-is can iclv-'uiiiiii their Iresliness. Iitdn ebi ns wisliing Tru-"' Jrhes, ite , will al will - lind a person in a'tend'tiiee toutiply them. .Mi-dii in- s dipep-.. at all hours ol night. i f The attention of Dilnorifts. l'lii-sfeians. Ater chains, and .Manuliietitrers is si,jeited, -vi-hh the as. siuoiicc, lint they can be snpp',.ed from lhi. establish nient us a-lviiitiigeou-'ly as at tlie city markets, fi l'UDTi-urrioN-Fiiti: ;sui m-j: co ji pan v , lint tlinil, Contieeticilt. CAPITAL $000,000. D. W CI.AIiK, I'tcsidcnt. V, M. CONNCR, r,-rietitiij. Clio. II SHAW, Agent, Darlington, irinont. Fib is, IsN. CJltr. For si.if, nt' iSviii. ' "r.v rrm: h.vitci: amicomjiodiohs Ilnij, 1 loiel in Willistnti, well known us " The K'olle." I now olieled tol s.i e. ,in e,M4 luo-t for the pmi hasi-i, or will be b ns. d l-ir a tetm ill i-.trs. Ii is in ih.iroiigti rep-nr, ami Ii-m a -apply i.l tie- pii'cst spring water, running into tie-kill-In ii, and to tin- bam. 1'or tuiiijciilois. ii.iiuire ol lie proprn tor on ihe prrmtsec. J). riJU.NCIl, VV llllsloll, Apnl 1, if ISJ. lull! Il w pOi;i)l',TI"S S.I!SAPA11II,I.A. Hew s- ioio.ottin Ci.nnni rr.s: Tilt "Ab-s rsl'.lward lliinley ev, Co nentleinen. Willi :i botlle ol ' Corbelt's Ciiiiioouuil ll.vtiact ot S:irs.n,-i. nil t' I received a copi ol his roniiol i lor luetniimg il. 1'roin te-tiiig the Svrup, tlie tact ol the evistcin e in it Ith" acme s i:,-t uices named ia-it-.ertiiiiie.l. an I th g, lieral good o i ihties ol the Prenajatlull inleried. 'I'll roriii-i'.'i i-x'ubiis ih - union ot suni; of llie be-l louriiitiie mi-ilu-tn il Hoots and Plants, wilh sub- spiuees ot the luniti-sr lep ite us leui.'dinl agents, and does vol- contain anv metallic, comnouiiil. I'or the cures m whielitho in '.bein il virtu -s ol Sirsiipirill i are sought, Ins Pn juration should Inu- a preicrence, in useipi'-uee oi ine core ami skin in compounding u. He-peetlully, Am. A H.vvi.s, .M. f). A'.ir'h Ifi. HIJ Stair Aiiaurr." Proui AIai-v M. NhsMiru ii ifeafthc llun Oen'igc 'I. J'esanth, t'lesitlciit of lite Xtiillirm liaitroad. 1 Ins tun cernlv that vta.a' u-lei with Ifhcion lor more than litteen years, prulr to sT. I tried dil lerent rem-'dirs without lvrinaneul ichtf. In the prmgol the year HI". I was mdu-.-cd lo tct the till- caev u !)r Ciu'iett's ' Compuimd Syrup of Sarsap-i- rilio. During the since ol three mouths 1 used iibunt loiart ol ibis ineiheine. I find mvsell tullv rebel cd Iminsnd di-ease, and can iheielnre cle-erlnlly reeotn. iiieiul to others who may he ufllii led in like maimer to tllj tins iheap unj valuable Alede 'no, .utr.i i. -r.sMiTir. None irennioe but wilh Dr. Corbetl's sie-nalore- nn.t for sale by the Proprietors. I.DVV .Mill liltl.M.liY ( CO. Kostoit. Amos C Sri .in, sole ag-ut lor lluituiglon. Ilurliugton, Apnl oih, HI-). llmltis 7T isTiinci.oitv or m vnisi, wutows', L and the clowning ornament ot minn' L It is to the sciihi as nuaiiu i- to the earth, in making it huiilul Z j.-"lt is as certain in iiscfleitas death to-morrow or next year. ix ow, reader, tnese respeetatiie eiit7eus eerlity faat tone' Coial Hair liesiuiattie will have ihe lu'iow- g eUtCt v.ltllout lad. It will liirce tbe liuntan hair to crow, on Lie head. hce oi body- n will stop us falling, cure Seat! or Dau rtruil, and make l!cd, Cray and Joght hair grow Dark. Air. . lompius O". Kou.-t., New- York. Mfs ,! 'j,' '.'-eves, .Millie aielili-, llrooklyn. 1 ower.grocer, I'lilioi, si , Ilruhklin. Air. I nomas Jjeisoo-sj I., I,,.,,..., n.,i...'..i. lli-ori- Culleii.dateiLaibei on board the South lll.l'-l rf llui die beaulitui, re.ssing ami l.auiiliiug m hair mjloi'i .".i1 1,1 lark, silkv. and kerning il soj tit a as long as any other nr'lcl' made. rris.o axd cup in Il costs I (ii t 3li dings lor a boti'.e, and In, pulilic arc eonseieniiiui-'ly and honestly assured that vhe. above are ns real and irn oiialuies. lleeaieful and gi I ihe g.-nume. Ask for Jo.irs's Coial flair UesEorativc, and lake no othi r It is s ,ld in Itiirlliivrlon al " Ai.,iili,....-iri..s' lt d!-. Corner Church and College Sis., h- (,'eo II. ii.iu nivurov, who is sole agent for the State ol Vermont. lluimgtoti, f ell. g. HH. 3.-, VURV I-ARCl-: ASStilFI'.MUNT OF 1 (lanli u Seeds, w nil many variety not to be found bon il (In cans, i.jieirai uie eru nilural VV nre PillltCK. 1.AYI1Y bo l!iii. melon, Mnich 15, IsH. .li Noi'ici; to liUiLDjnts. 5iROFos..s wir.ii 11 u nnumvun il by Joiiv Ti.siNr, until the 1st of .Mav. iu behalf of the buddioir I 'ouiiuiitee, fur buiidmu a School House at Port I, enl, to be mushed on or before the 1st d.iv ol S -pO'in'ier next. 11- lohows : Ilrick alls ill bv W leet ill Ihe clear, 1 1 feet high, -s th,, k, wuh a Sione Win! Sleet ttii'-k three leet !i..!o the s trj n e, a. id H iilcliesabole the ground - -nlltnut ir to had ail tin li.uti.riuU. AKo, a fi-p-ii Ue prop.-s-il to tind all the material for the wood woik anil liiuslt the Carpenter and Jouu-I woik complt le. A plan ol said bui'doif. u.ll be found at the Store of (Itoutjj. TnLMin.K ,t Co. 40w.' Etiiirhci- Van!. U.Y, m'.W) CO. cdl'.-r for mlo, nt H their place, nn 1. ml Street, n'iu'iy ccry descrip tion ol H'at-oiied H'MtiKll. ln the o'nui of N.iMuatu.n, they will haw ir nile a 1-nge f-upply ot Siii.M.i.i , an 1 intend lit ki ep on hiiud, lo ftipply the comniiiimy during t!u- sea-uii, iili kinds ol nnrkel ah!c l.nniher. H:l. &2 ON mid .iliei ()ii.ib,i Klili,'itaiii5vulliuuiiertbi'i lload as f.tllnws Passenger Ti uns will Ir- run to Winehenden in conneetioii with the Kiiilituut. 'I'ruKis, vihish leave Charleslowu at 7 A M. aim 1 P M. Prom Winchcndoii in 'J 4S A. M and 3 10 l M . roniu'i'tiiiK will, the tccuJiil aild the last l'llchbui.. Irani to Boston Slaves troiu Western and Northern New lliip sliile, and the State ot Vermont, will deliver and le ceue p.isrt-onns al Wiiiehtndiiii lu coimtttiou wilt all the above 'Prams A I'leiyht Tram will be run dailv rndi wflv in coii lleclloit with the il.ii.ll I'ltihliuiL' Freiiht 'Priilli. T. M. UDWAIIDS, President. October SS, IS 17. Hit i t KxriNK 'i'i' i: k isif sMoinxt: 'rc H DVt'CO I'or svili-a( II's. a ol the above artu Ic al s. . VI js r lb. A ihcouui t 5ui -ihasi-r-, ii he' w i-h it by the drum. 1 1 lOUDWl'.YS INDIAN VhfoCTADW': V IIPITI'.liS-ihe SpuiiK Pimfii-r AI-o,A)ir' Cherry Peeioral, Tutti rsallV Heave Powd.t, (lay -soit'ii l.viracl o! Sarsai-anlla nml Yillow )otk,idii bi loundur HAIJKlNC'l'ON'S. AiH-'lhecoiies' II ill. (or Chaiih ai-.d College-Ms. II '-O COF.X'FKY MKi:C'llAXf.'7 'o J air now mul hit. a very nuviior arciele of Si;il l.l.'l'Z' PtW!'i:s put up in tiuU-jts, and :n rauted to rcsi-t tlK- djinpesl weather. 1'ors.ale low in iuaniiinsat 11AI!KIN(PI 'ON'S. t) 1 1 (Ats.ihJjjclJbiJI T0VA SC0T1V l'I.STi:it. FltKSH ll (iround Nina Piolla Plaster, lor sale by i tu IOL11 TJ.r.. April I, HH. - - Ai;rOF SODA FOli WASIIIiNX llui'. 100O 3 lbs for-ia.'eliiraikap-stofiiil. '!' llvl l'lltlO. A IT.TIC. 1 1A.11FII011 J:FIM:1), .'03,1.1". i, sm: j low by (11)1) ,"'"' A- LilK. OFIl'AI, 10J i.ii. miii. rt'iiKPf, rou rvm: low by H1' 'P"i- A Pi ik. HHIU'I'.mKS, Aicim- ami oiim.vAuv au- 1 Helen at riibiud piico. by 'I'nto. A. PitE. Apnl Mb, HH. -Uyl 0MIN, IVOKV, KUrFAI.0 & HOIiN. j A large .-iwHiini-iit at TiiLO. A- Puk. Apnl M, lsll, U)'l v.

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