Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 21, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 21, 1848 Page 1
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3 Vol. XXI. Whole No. 10S.. iew .Serins, Vol. !i ---?'). jDtiaitiffls; ifrtviis. b vm.ixa ray a (Hiirri.rniA i. larplnHM am! tfcert Slore, nv I'tnitci:, DAVl.Y At CO. Constantly on hand a larne assort ment of I'linnine; Utensils. (Jardeu liniiknicms. Kiel J (iaiden ami Flower Seeds. also, nr.M.r.11 ix stovks, stove nrc, tiiimiiiMjs and noLt-ow-WAnr.. .olijuk sxnctT. BURLINGTON MARKET, BY W. C. HARRINGTON. MEATS, riaif, A XI) VEGETABLES, , of every variety, I.ATtl), T.vt.t.ow, Camiu, Sit,. At the Cot iter of Chinch and College Sheets. 11. II A 'I' (MI i: I.I) 12 h.n is o o t a v n .s u n a to it n , Cliurtll-llr.-t Veu- Vorlt. Ilo.ton. mid FarvveH's 2t.fl.Hc. nml Gentlemen's lloo.s Mini Shoes, of every description nnd style, constantly on hand. Store Ii W north of hnrlifs, and diiectlij oppo tile). Kern's, near IloicnitTt Stoic, Cliuich St. " Apothecaries' Hull," GnoKGi: i:. haukixgtox, 'l Fi oprielor, vnoLr u.r. ami r.kT mi. ncAirr, in DRUGS AND MEDICINES, llarrinstnns Huildiin;, Cor. Clmi chii College-st. "s.MAM.nv & l', I attoiim:vs &coi;si:i.i,ohs at law AM) MH.lCtTOKS IX ciiavcxiiv , P. A SMAI.l.tV. r.. J. UKDI.VAKY V2VI) 1AX(-V Executed nt I he Tree I'l ess Office WITH CAKE AND rCSCTl'AT.ITY, C. W. 1)11 12 W, ClIAin AND CATilNT.T .M AS, Two Honrs South County House, Uni'itrii T , liL-RU.Nr.TOv, T. All kinds of work in the above lino made to order on tiie shorten notice. i7s HER WOOD & CO.'S AVCT10X AXO CO.V.VISSIOX STORK, Wot Sim: Sijir vitn. Constantly on hand Cabinet Furniture, Chairs, Look in Glasses, fee. JOHN BRADLEY it CO, V UilI.t.s.U.E PFAl Kits s English nnd American Ihr, Holt, l!od, Slit, Hoop nnd HAND IKON, Fig Iron.Coal, Sheet lion. Tin, Halt nnd Sheet Copper NAII.S, !! Ai, Pl.ASTFR, Wet and Dry Crueerii s, Hour, Srnll, Tl irr Mill Sioiii's, lloltins: Chubs. Sheetings STOKAGi: AND I'O 11 W A It I) I X O Ctialoiii'hmtic Agents and Coinmitsioii Merchants, Jpnv U1UD1.1-Y, 1 Soull u-lllrr X atii h A. 1 ercrn, ) ' Tno's. II. Cantielij. ) m'UI.IXUTOX. AMOS C. SPEAR, ApnthiU'.ita'y ami Bt'iiist, DEALER tv 1'att.n.t and Tiiomi'soxiw .Medicines, Chmieals, Pursical and Dental In stramenls. Mmciul Teeth, Toils, Leorhes, Trusses, Mineral Vnter, Dnuai-t's Olass Ware, Brushes, Perfumery. Soaps, Dye-Stun", Camphene, Inks, lilack- lll2s. A'C. ecc. Church street, itarlington. Vt, J. MITCHELL. 11 I) 11 A X V T A II. on, Oenprnl l8oiiil).-3i:i,i,. rioi!,tM JChurcll'Strec't, 'liiirlinRlon, Vt. J. 31. PBiSSKtTXS, .11. M. Jiuni.iNoao-i, Vt. CONSUMPTION. ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, CAN II 12 CI' It 12 1) M. G. RATHBUN fit CO. M E 11 C 11 A X T T A II. O II S , No. 2 I'ecl.N lltnek. M G Rvtiibcs it Co. keep consiantly on hand ..,'i,..,.le.. nn.l full nssoitnient of Cloths lor every sn extensive and full nssoitnient of Cloths lor every description of Clothing ; nnd are prepared nt nl tunes i,,! raniilv every article n the line ol Ceulleinen slur-1 to puppiy tver "i"s, i inching floods. , r .,pn m. a. r.ATiuics. r. r. vvat.p. Ii. cV K. M'MAX, Dr.t.r.ns is Fnollsli. rrenrli, ieiuinn mm Americnti DRY GOODS, M'cst Intlm dooits nml (irocerics, Corner oj Church and Calltsf-SI. nv.r,ir - . sttTA I UtRY STABLE. ?'M Vt, UI.ACKSJ1ITII SHOP, tMi Dy S. S. SKINNER, ALSO fladdlc, Harness nml Tiuuk Manufacturer. Cast tide Cjurl-house Sjuaie, LIVERY STABLE i ELLIS AND CHURCH, .''Urge Slrrrt, J. &. J. H. PECK fifc CO. vvnoLrsAi.r. nr.Ai.r.r.s i.v PAIXT.S,, C.-A.l.SN, XAII.S, orcign nml 'Amciicnu lion, steel, Ilrntll 1 ii. linn, Cal, Tar, Bolting Cloths, Flu, and CacciidUh To- oacco, n.OIIlt, nml rnreiau unit M'rstein SAT.T. Agents for the rale of paiibank's pcales. Adam Smiili's Uurr Mill-Stones, l.orillaid's .Maccoboy nml r , SVutch nuir, riinoklug and Jottv F.CK, ChcwiiM Tobacco. Jons II. Peck, -Cssius I'. Pick,) On theSiiaie,Co!lrgrst. . l STAWI D''SSB &:t iv ami iriii.r. rnTvzr5zixra c.vnriiTiNC nusu Efrlt!iajiij .M;,tii,,s, Itn Floiir,Oil Cloth, Window n..i... in.... T.i. .lit llllll' "! . v. :v .1 v i 1 . vv ... WAltlj also, Ullllia mitt uwn ,....s. GitocEKiEs, l'cus, llt' IvOllES, tic. Church Sheet. SWim dery! Kaddlery, Me - HARDWARES' chanic'i) Tools, lloiie l'in - j. a, .I, Im. Steel. Tin Pl'if. Sheet "rim, "ire iMiiiiis, i,uii,,ui....-i F"i x:rs" oil., Fi.oru.sA i.r., CriiiilS e, l)iyt!i;wPiiCN , A-c. Oenernl AK''"" an'1 Coiutmsion Merchants, k. TitoMrso.s, ) iJjstBide.CoutlllousoHiiunre, SVilV "oRLl tt'i. E I Church and College-ttr Gixmci: i'i:Ti:ithO, IX H2ERit;j DRY GOODS, Creckery, Flour, Salt, Flatter, Window Sath, Glass, ItEAtiV AUlir. L't.oTMlMi, Toccther with a large variety of other nrticlri. flBST BOOK NOItril OF Tilt Col'ItT IIOCSE. ). Artkins, BOOK lllXDIlll, FAFlUt, BLANK BOOK MAKER, In the Free Frets Huild'nig. College Street. H II A GAR & ARTHUR, fait Dealers in Hardwire, Drnss, lMintS Oils, njcStulh, .Vr. .Vc. coBsta or and couror. stkiets. I'AM'IX . EDWARDS, H00KSF.1.IXH H STAT10XF.H, Coiisianlly lor kale a Reneral nsstiruiient of SCHOOL-, ULftoniuttui AM .MISCIJirLA.NIiOll.S HOOKS. The CiiEir I'unucviiovs, Di-.vsk IIcwks, Sta- TIONERy, MtDICAI. ItoOKS. .No 1, Tech.' IIiUIUiiis, College.!. rJlL Duvlinglott irrcc press. rublished nt Tliirlhirjtnn, Vt., uy i). w. c. ci, a men, Ildilor and Proprietor. Terms! T.t Vi Haiti, sitSisrrihri-S tvlin rui-cive Ihe nfltlCTDV the carrier, 83,50 If paid in advance, ",)tl Mnil subscribers nnd those who take it nt the Oilice 2,00 It paid m ndvnnce, . leo Advertisements Inserted onthe customary tertns. I WAS A I'll.YSAXT I50K.V 11 V r.OBCKT STORY. I was a peasant born, the straw-roofed cot Comninoil my cradle. Hy my infant car drunk The uncultured wott's which peasants speak were 'I'lll my toneue caueht nud ulteicd ihem. Came In my ) until I toiled wTth peasants ; lieatins; ns uiey The hcnlsof August, and the winds of .March, lliouuh The thoiiahts that peasants think were mine ; nnd Some touch of leaimn";, may have rubed away A little of its rust, I hope my mind .Smacks of the peasant still. I cannnot dress All" face in smiles when inv heart bids lnc frown. I cannot pay respect, when my heart sas n .. h' ... i i , nt- iiiiiii a t tiiaui. in in cum i.'.iii... Tiie smooth hwucti"V which, ice-like, keeps A surlace never rutlkd by n slorm : iNor do l like his valor, wuo can sec I fie toe at uork beneath Ills cunilcl With ihe first will tn baiter it. and VCt Udain his temper, nnd extend the hand Intenif ot pointing Ihe nituiety. i lie H".ik I ifir iiiiiii in,, i, lnc 1 linn ikiii: . Hut woulil hot veil my hatred normy luvc 1'or all the mines oft hili. Ilirtlmnd lank That wear their honors worthily, shall havo .My dec'st reverence, and it requisite My liearl's warm scrv ice ; but they shall not chain The Irecdoni ot my thoughts, nor soften down The correspondent freedom of n word That brands a incritlcss minion. These arc thoucbts That square not with the maxims of the times. So much the filter to be mine, then ; who Am ;iioi(,nnd well may be so. I sprang not From sires that sucked the blood ol the people lived And thed detected leaving to their seed A world of infamy to purge away, And not one viitue to achieve the work. .My father toiled like Adam; gained his bread Hy his brow's moiture ; died and went to Heaven, leaving to me 110 legacy save what He taught me to exttact lioin yon old Hook That tells old-fashioned tales of Heaven and Hell, And tadt (Jod hates a hvpocritc. -r; Wood T.mids. The following extract of the Address of lion. Geo. P. MAr.ui, nt tho Rutland County Agri cultural Pair, deserves the serious consideration of the farmers of this State. There are few things in. which such want of forcthoiiMit is exhibited by farmers as in the treatment of their woodlands. To furnish fr sberi, I thousands . ... . i -i i .... ui.ii.-a nau wiiiuu u icvv years ooen cie.treu lip inai OUglll to nave been tleVOlCll permanently to the growth of wood. Tile effect ur,uitLe is'.iutc.tuv ten, not only by ! farmers thciniclvcs, but by tho rapidly increas ing vill.tgos of the State. I' iro wood has been sold in Jiurlington, the past winter, for more than four dollars per cord. And the rail roads will soon make a new and very serious demand for fuel, to supply which, it may be necessary eventually to construct branches, as in case of canals, lor " feeders. Uur venerable forest canais, lur - lueuers. uur vonen trees the growth of centuries will " n , . . longer, wo are confident, bo regards ., , r .i , not much d as mere " cumberers of the ground !" 1 .... . , . There are certain other improvements ,cmi- 'nected with agncultiiio, to winch I desire to 1 'draw your special attention. One of these is llheiulioduction of a better economy in the mm-i ageinent ol our lorest lands. Tho increasing ' vault; ut iimvw hum uiiut t its, tna trees are no longer what they were in our lath value oi iiinoui itnu mei uugui tu icac.u us, iiiai ers tunc, an iiiciiuiuraiice. vtu nave unuoiiui- edly already a larger proportion of cleared land , 111 erniuiii man vvouiu uu requireu, witli proper i culture, for the siippoi t of a much greater popu- lation than we now possess, and every additional ' acre.both lessens our means for tho'ro.igh litis- ) bindry, by disproportionately extending its area, nnd tlonr vvs Slic.e.pp, llir ,r,.l.r.ilins ,,f .-.1 iii- ...... , , ,i .7 r " ,:, thong, compara mely wortnsslous, would bo Z i -pph ing thnbo, a , S a ! 1 very various. The conducting powe.s of rees m:i..,il,nn. ...,.fl I,. ?..Li,;.. .i. .n... I .r..T..T,i ."V.iiiiiiiMMM. ,.r I.e.,,., , 1 .V' ... turbed equilibiiiim of the electric fluid ; they are of great value in sheltering and protecting more tender vegetables against Ihe destructive effects of bleak mid parching winds, and tho deposit of the foliage of deciduous trees, anil tiie decomposition ol their decaying trunks, forni an accumulation of vegetable. inuuU, which gives the greatest fertility lo tho often originally birien soils on which they grow, and enriches lower grounds by the wash from rains and the melting snows. Tho inconveniences resulting from a want of I forciiitbt in Ihe economy of the forest, are al- .S'Wt's, 7'iimt !"! ready severely felt in many parts of ,ew Kng ses of nil sizrs. land, and even in some ot tho older towns in r mill Whilo lirnnltc ' Vermont, fc'tcep side hills and rocky ledges are well Htitcd to tho permanent Rrowtb ol wood, but when 111 tlio raio lur improvement they are ! iniprovidcutly Mripicd of this protection, the .nlimi rf cult unit itlml fiml er.iii snm, , 1 1, 1 1 ri ,., n ' then, of their thin coating of veKe.ablo inoulti, , and this, when exlaiiited, cannot be restored hy 1 ordinary husbandry. They remain, therefore, , tLirrui, mm tuisiutiy i jt us., oiifiiut;iii iieitner gram nor ;rass, and yicltliii j; "o crop but a har vest of notions weeds, to iiifot with their scat tered Feeds tho richer in able grounds below. lint this is by no means thu only evil resulting from tlio iinudicious destruction of tho woods. I'orests servo as re.-ervoirs and equalizers of humidity. In wet seasons, tho decayed leaves and spongy Boil of woodlands retain a largs proportion of the falling rains, and give btcktho moisture in time of drought, by evaporation or through the medium of springs. They thus both check tho sudden How of water liom the surface into tho dreams and low grounds, and prevent the droughts of summer from parching our pastures and drying un tho rivulets which water them. Ou tho other hand, where too large a proportion of the surface is bared of wood, the action of tho summer sun and wind scorches tho bills which arc no longer blinded or shelt ered by trees, tho springs and rivulets that found their supply in tho bibulous soil of tho forest dis- the r sunn V ll t no uiuiuous son ui uio lorcsmis- , -- . ppenr, ul tho fanner h ohliKcd to surrender wh'ch cro, of cour.o, accoPtcd; Vo tiro in J BIiM i.u main, ul.irh can no hm.rCr funned that iliirin tlio lat lorliiiffht, ginco the ,t r.l i hi. nastures. und sometimes even to .!-!.. il...... milna fur ii'titm Airnill. tlm vernal ,iT. .i miles fur tv-inr. A.-ain. the vernal UlltU lllt.HI lllltv-. -". I.w... . , ...v. .v.... ... nuliiinn, mm. nml Inn im-lllnnr Klintea til ttiei uiit, .. , - winter, no longer intercepted and absorbed by tho loaves or the open soil of tho woods, but (ailing everywhere upon a comparatively bard and even surface, ilow swiftly over tho smooth ground, washing away the vegetablo mould as they seek their natural outlets, till every ravine with a torrent, and convert evry river into an ocean. 'J'lm smldenncsa nml viotenco of onrl frclicls iiicrc.tes in proportion ns tho snil is clcarcilj hriilncs arc wjcIioiI iwvny, me.ulovvs swept of their crops nml fences, nml covered with birren suiid, or lliemehcs iilimdcd by the j fury of tho current, mid tlioro ii reit'on to fear in. u uie v.ineys ot many oi our sircuuis win soon lie; converted from smiling meadows Into wastes of shingle and gr.ivel and pebbles, j .1... ., r ...!!! deserts in cummer, nnd seas in nntnmn ntui sprinn;. Tlio changes which tlicso canoes have wrought in the physical geography of Vermont, within a single generation, are too striking to have escaped the attention of any observing person, and every middle-aged man, who revi-its Ills after a few years nbsence, looks upon another hmNcapo than that which formed the theatre of his youthful toils nnd pleasures. The signs of improvement arc min gled with the tokens of improvident wa'te, and the bald and barren hills, the dry beds of the smaller streams, the ravines liinowcd mil ny t lie torrents of sprinff, and the diminished tlncad of 1 interval that skills Hie widened channel of the rivers, seem sad substitutes for tlio pleasant groves and brooks nnd broad meadows of his ancient paternal domain. If the present value of timber and land will not justify the artilicial re-planting of grounds injudiciously cleared, at least nature ought to he allowed to re-clothe them with a spontaneous growth of wood, and in our future husbandry a more careful selection should ho made of land for permanent improve ment. It has long been a practice in many parts of Ilurope, as well as in our older settle ments, to cut tho forests reserved for timber and fuel, nt stated intervals. It is quite time that this ptnctiru should bo introduced among us. Alter the first felling of the original forest it is indeed a long time before its place is supplied, because the roots of old and full grown trees seldom throw up shoots, but when the second growth is once established, it maybe cut with great advantage, at periods of about twenty-livo years, and yields a material, in every respect but size, far superior to the wood of the primitive tree, 111 many European countries, tiie erono- inv of the forest is regulated by law; but here, where public, opinion determines, or rather in practice constitutes law, we can on y appeal 10 in enli.ditene.1 self-inte est to introduce the re-1 r,m oi.i, .i. t,. .i ...,. r., an increase of the evils I have mentioned. The following striking example of the advantages of protection Ironi cold, by means of evergreens, we find ia the "Notes on Vermont Farming," by the ' P4litnrnftliP.lli.ini fnltifiitnr- i lin mnilr n tisittn this state in isi-li.frce tics. In the carden of the Hon. I'.zra Mccch. Shelbnrne. 1 vvo found vegetation more forward linn it was eener- ally in the gaideusof Albany and Tiny, nt lie' sninc i as besides beher nioic than a hundred nidi les nrihcr , . north than Albany, it was located immediately on the i verge ot Lake Cuauiplam, naturally exposed to the full sween of the coldest wind.. We soon discovered. however, that the garden was completely protected by a belt of white cedcr the American Irtor ii7 This had so broken elf the cold winds that the cll'ect was equivalent lo a transfer ol the spot several degues I tothesouth Tl, fivr. li.,;ini. in tl.n Mnlun,1 r i . , V n '. t. i - lor in ikiiil'. most o vv i c u are vcrv troou. as 'm- . 1 " r... pure juur nans snort Sll oil il siotil llllliv i.tst 1 row tiovnr irrt not nt natipnen !' J"''."'.7.' ..... : with the first stream of milk" and "never sini;o a cow for running- or kicking." Milk, npp'i.'d to the teats to sottcn them, dries, and forms a ;lossy varnish, which tends to causo cracking or chapping of these parts. Cold water is much t better, becoming quite dry by the time the mill;-, ingisi nishc, , andleav ng tho teat- clean and ap iieJ'we'u'tiS;!;. in JrSS as now practised but judicious punishment will cure a cow amazingly quirk. 1 -peak from long experience. Ifa cow kicks much, place a l swiicu unucr mo icii arm, mi: pun in in " ii iiiti, .uiu ii, iiiiiii. iiiiniiii, r.. , - - . followed invariably by a ..,a bliiiv. Noicr , strike but onco at a time, even if she kicks f hard as to break vour Ic-and never .unit it, if she hits nothing." Soothe her at all other limes. I In this way, she soon finds what the whip means nnd shine's her conduct accordui'dv. A small mess of pleasant food at 'the time will servo to do away any di-:igreeable inipres-ion in connection with mi kill''. llV llOVer striking . . . " . - it. 1 but once, she lias not tune lo get mail, ami it is all the more terrific, for vv ho cart s for a blow while stimulated bv fury ( 1 have found soino " hard cases" to deal with, but completely cured them all, with a single ex- .l l'l,,o , - mm nl.l row' sn terr I r. ill ss..i... ...v,u s. , the blovys shedeatout, that ., one 'l;'e;hih , . v cl, as 'II 'greM . She never kicked after 1 had given her the sec - . in.:.... t.. ,i. I i,,,", i stiiieil but .' ...r.L.' .a V '.t. V.;.iJ . b?came perlectly mild,iiiiet and gentle, bavin doubtless been nude vicious by hid manage mcnt. Tho case which I could not cure was a j large, uncommonly knowing cow, who was wi-o j TZTJXV 'Srw"; . . . -ii. . . .1 . . n . t!il. 1 S'lVltgO enoilgll to tiuit;i nnntt ia, , , iti, , . .. to cows ruiiniii" about, I onco knew a cow quit? 1 I!, ,, l iiilbis .ie.nlar. nne tin - a pail of milk before commencing a tace. 'The boys chased her roun, , e psture 1,1, hey cornered I'eV'"''."' IV. ;vsa uiill-euuciici-, fin.- twwit t-.tiu ii.'t , v 4 ..i. i I....... i.n..o.i.n'i.i. conicivu iic.m iinic, .tow ut...... .......v ..s.... cnrucieu ue.M nine, lino iit.111 o ijui.iiuu - ble in the extreme. To cure her -die was placed in a moderate-sized yard, and driven geully into a corner. When die ran the whip was applied, but witli only one blow at a tune, till she reg lin ed Iho old comer, where every means was u.-cd to ipiiel her. In this way she" found an intimate connection between whipping nnu running, "mi that comfort consisted in sticking to her post. Ou the third day lu was handed over to the care itftbo hired man. and t.t or after was a lllliet COW. his uhuol ncedloes to add that this mode nr treatment requires perfect calmness, patience and sel(-posessioii. When you feel nission or fear, tho animal soon discovers It, and she feels no longer tho of a superior being I licreloru inofo vv 10 cannot carry out 1110 sys- tern properly had belter not try it , , " f RXCKUITS 0!lT.AINr.I BY TUT. l'EACE SOCIETY. Kiiriug uiuiieiivery ot uio uto tecturo anno Town Hall, Ipswich, by l'luu.mer, Iho journey. man tailor, from was Mated that the Duko of Wellington has received for his niili- tary services n sum equal to ono pound perdiem, since, the creation of tho world. This so tick - icti me ears m ivvo rusucs, vvno nau wunuereu into tho meeting from motives of curiosity, that thev instantly went to Ser,.it llr,r,lrn f 96th regiment, engaged in tho rccruting ser ..l :.. i. .t1.... vice, and tendered their services to her majesty, notation oi t no I'eaco. society ot uiu .ptestion 1 coiinccled with tho national delences, 1 . been cnlifted for tho regiments uu uiu iitttit'iiiti iivit.tit.t.i uii'iii iL - i t-t tot tt.t, u tho line, than during Iho whole of the preceding tour months. Ipswich Jour, A factory proprietor posted up tho following notice: 1 will admit noscgars norgond looking men within these walls. Ono sets a ll.imo go ing among my cotton, and tho other among my gals,' lDi-css mta 3bbvcss. I1V NATHAN" SAr.BHAM. I lie followms pKini am tnivarnislicd ...1. I ... .. uuu npjinnra to iiiivu uccti written Willi ti viow to rolitlko a species of impertinence n,.,, is 01 tr.ajot Iioi-too )rcvalcntinnllr.scliooN. where tlio ciiiltlrcn of iicrsons in nllltiriii circumstances arc mingled willi those oft rents possessing but moderate means nfstip. port. Wo perfectly coincide, in tlio opinion tliat tlio distinctions of fortune should never lo recognized in tlio school ; but ilmt, on the contrary, the palm of eminence in these sacred retreats of learning should only be awarded to superior moral nnd intellectual merit. ' AIt)Tnr:n, said I'.rnly Churchill, ns she came home from v!lViol, olio 'day in th month of December, 19.11, I wish von would take mc from school, or send me to nnother V ' Why my dear chilrt ? I nni surprised to hear you say so. I thought you were fond oPyotir teacher, Mrs. Aincnull V ' And so I inn ; I love her dearly, she is so hind nnd unliable.' 'Why then do you vvUh to leave the school ?' ' llecauso I nm so unhappy there' ' Why arc you unhappy ? You get your lessons well, stand nt the head of vour class, have the npprobatiou of your teacher, nml 1: know you arc learning last. 1 should think you would be very unwilling to leave the school. Tell mc tho reason why you arc unhappy !' ' 1 do not like to tell you mother ; I know I ought not to he so, nnd I will try not to be so any more, nnd say nothing about it.' 'Hull wish von to tell me, my dear: I lo not think you unreasonable ; there must 1. n c .. ..1 . s0"10 Is9 for 3 0Ur coinploint Tell mo what it is y Yon will think mo very foolish, 1 nm ..Tv,.;,! mI. 1..,. 1 .i.i.. !.!! IIIIIIHI. IIIVII11.I, UlU I tlllllUl. IIVI l IUtllllUM7 . .. . P ' 1'crliaps i may think von looliMi, hut I miKt insist nn knnninrr tin, f;nio nf vmir Cw.lln.rc 1 .- . t .. ... i n . i . .... I. I" 1 Know 'rau'-'" 1 'OlUItncli, I'.Uza- j t.,,,1. M i.'i:.. v.... ii i ...i . """"" ' uiiu sev- cril1 olllcr girls Whose parents tiro very wealthy and live in great style, nro in the .. ; , ' Yes, I have heard you spenk of it before; hut what has that to do with the matter ' ' Their parents arc very rich nnd dress them very elegantly.' ' Yes, but I hope you do not mako vour- self unhappy because you cannot vie with im in iii iiiio clonics, i ou arc vv en iiiesscu t. 11 ...1V..1. I .1 I.. ...... 1 A ... ,1 Iu"o "s wen us vto can iiuoru to tncss VUll. ill VUlll U1DII I'N. 1 IV llitULrillUI art! i: 1. union more expensive than thoso 1 woro 1 ...1 t . . 1 .1.1 1. .. ... ., , .........w

i nrn n,,t M( sillv"',j"l!; wTso-in wear clothes which wo cannot iillortt, ho- j cause other girls dress bettor than yourself.' j ' No, 110, mother you misunderstand mc ; T i,x iwtt iftwli on 1 l.iif-ii vmt Afi nil Vnil cm r(M. m(? nll )no..c than' 1 oit"ht to "e.x- ' ' ' , toniakf fun ' dress ami Vi lieitlem tZotZ wear leather shoes. Thev jeer at me, tint! ask me how many dress I'have, lint tliov cost, nnd wonder if tho shoes I wear nro not very expensive ; So too, with inv homict, j .,..1 . ,,vrrv Unnrr wear I kllOW I u,m ""Uiu, ne tines, nut v.iilininui " " 1 circumstance ttnv reason why .she should ought not to inillil tliem. Hilt I L.mnol cip, (.ii','it.ti,nee nnd n iss them in feeling very uncomfortable w hen they thusi Jiop hoi acq ..mti nets mil pas, Ham in try to ridicule me, and especially when so,"1" "l"' s IHougli tncj wnic ttl.uigeib. mauv of niv seliool mates join m the laugh ,.' ;,,si , I ..ninint helti nrv. I ; nlll .jj, j CIM1i,j ct inV!l,. f,.om il,,.,,',, r , vnnr fi'idiiios. ! ..1...T1.. , nfir 1. 11 ii nn fun sTni Ml i in n a - , - ; - - - , i of others unmoved, where, ns in tho present , I case, it is without cause ; and lo it sensitive 1 mind, it is like tho application of vinegar to, ix frr.,i, W0U1I(, Your clothes, though not i ., , ., ., I ....!..: .1 so ricn nun cosny as tnose vvoui uv iiieniu-, I M ' nru BS ' U - our circumstance will penult us ; to give you, and they are good enough for, 1 ..nv imn tr. wnnr nt sebon . no matter how ..: .:. i .1... .w.lir.! 1 ion uer iiarcms may uc. i " .-- ui"-f girls do is, I think, great folly, and much 111010 deserving ol reproach tlian to lrcssaro ,.,,,0 known, and wliile the-wcalher is so ns you do. I regret that you arc thus cir-1 exceedingly mild and priipilioiis here ran cums,uceil,nnd liable to l,:., o your leelings jur leenugs The school) 1,1, rt ,ln , 1 1- lint ..niiiwtt lioltllt , , t is a good one, nml y.ui are learning i.isi, ' oml u-n ennnnt think ,.f takin- volt tivvnv. yn must fortify yourself against the ridi - iuu,0 of , -.m k ol; , , rcc0 t. ing Hint tho dress is really of very little , . . . , , ,i. ,j. coiisco uouci , 1 1 1 in ii is tue ntiii'. tttttt uiu Ht - t - , . , , , , ... ,:,,,, .i, ,i position, winch after all, coustituto tho real j worth of n woman. Suppose- you were to dress up a monkey in silks anil laces anil jovvelry, anil semi it lo, school every nay in a carnage, with u I'ootnTni to let down tlio steps anil open tho door ; would it he any thing hut ti monkey Mill Ai'ler till, the girls who ridicule vour dress nro more to 10 pitied than yourself, nml ro much less deserving ol ultimo man meir inoinors. Tliov ttro taught, if not by precept, nt least , jlV c"xmnp0l Ht home, that one's importance 'mIs ',.mi,-c.v upon wealth, drcb.s nnd , -.. n,l 'that tho onlv meiit one can .'- , , ...,,.,.,. lwo is money. 1 pri'smne thev euro v cry Jlllll) Ull lllfll Wiftauu'i..i u.ii. ...... their lessons when lliey como to jvcito.' ,n...,!, ,1mn nllwr tUnv c;iv tliov - , .,,,1 il,v m-n ,mt H tn '"' Rllllly MV 10 ",ot 111,10 0 , 'lo so nt home, they havo to go out so much, i nnd havo so much company, ( p(X)r jr3 pity them. Suppose, niv , , , f, tli:t tlioir parents bhould by l llitt I - in u , , -,. . , ,t,.,j,. ,.,-,., ,i i, 10 chnnco losn then p pcrtj nnd ha. COllll! noor ! tnlltl ll.O tte.iiiniuM Hie II.UIIU n ln.. ..11 I., tlitd ei-inntrv. nq rii-hos tnkn ill ltSU tttl III 1 1 , ' , -- unto themselves wings mm n v nwuy, ui . . :....i o .. e ICII Wliell letlSl e.pi ,j nn.n "inn" , , . .V ...l.n ...... 1.1 .1 i t II i r.t. twtii .1 ll.rtri i..i..l thaJ thov had neglected ,ho opporlunities, of Jhcy nro now throwing )." a....... .i . , ..i'i.T... nu education which migm cnauio mem securo ii haiulsomo support, nnd kuvo them selves tho inortillcatiou inortillcatiou ol being ti burden, tn their parents or friends. Depend upon! it, limily thoso who thus throw nvvny tho f..K-nntn. whirh cood fortune civesthem,1 .will one day look back upon their folly with regret 11111I sorrow. A full purse may make amends with some for an empty mind"; hut vvliat conipemation, or consolation, has such 11 mind when tho contents of the purse are gone I None Imlovrr. Wo nro en deavoring lo give you n good education, be cause! we Imvo little, else to give you, and because it is tin investment that is more se cure thnn real estate, nnd is always sure to yield a good interest. Money limy be sto Ion, propel ly burned tip, and bank stuck he. 001110 valueless; but n good cducntion is permanent it cm neither bo .stolen hy rob hers, destroyed by lire, nor wasted by tlio fraud of other. If you should be. will he n hank upon which you can always draw for a haiuNome support, nnd should you bo so fortunate as to have wealth, it will be to you a never failing lutmlain of enjoyment, nnd rtiatno you to look upon tlio fripperies of fashion with that contempt which they deserve. Continue then, my child, as you have heretofore done, to de vote yoitrelf to your studies, tind pay ax little regard to tho ill-natured and unkind remarks of your scliool-mntcs ns you can. Remember that we have all toliearotir crosses, and wo should do so without mur muring or repining at our lot. It may be tho best thing for you that you have thus to stiller; it may teach you humility, and causo you to respect t lie feelings of others, should you cvcrcliiov tiie .sunshine of tiros- pcrilv. I do not expect von to di.siegiin entirely the ridictilb of your school-mates, nit I hope you will strive not to let it allect you to raise yourself above it ; nnd the best way to do so is to think of olhur and more important things.' ' I will try to do so, mother; I know it is foolish to bo ntl'ected by it, nnd I will not he any more.' Since this conversation took place, near ly seven years have rolled around, and vvliat changes in tho condition of individu- ids and families have thev not made, ilwlmt In,,,,,, ,.r .mlii,." !. it, ,.i I .-.J.-HJ KJt IH'JMIIIll lO'" HH-1 "" -!i t . tt I t .1 11 tnii'Mit f ihonsands who then rolled in Wealth, real or fniieird who livnl in n. Islvln nl snlmnlni l.ntlnr 1ufittinn ttfiimne! 11. 1. n Pi repuoiican cu .ens vvno guve UAIiCIIMVU liiUUC.N, SlIUllCll UlllIlllJl'S 11 HI I,. ,. ii,, 7 blooded bays, and dashed away tor some weeks every season nt Saratoga, tho Falls or Virginia'Spings; or, perhaps, scattered tlieir moncv as though it was dross, over the continent of Kttropo, are now gone like tho leafy honors of tho forest before the dri- ving blast of winter. The places that knew them, in tlio f'tshionahlo circles of our cit ies, shall know theni no more forever. And , In,,, L-niltn 11il I i. iiimvi .. Iinr t.nll.m . ,mi. w.u ...... lumsiu ..v.. ........- rti.tlilnilliL. In fid.' ivlmi-n llin,' nni !.Vlw, '--T'"; t., Ktuily, who w as then in her sixteenth vnnr to .1 l,.i,m,. ,,, I, 1 innili.ii. ....... 11. ... MtlXi tlimyilfuflla ui STiCfl'ly vv'tlli liuulli viilctl iiunil nml tin niniable ilisiosition ; nml above nil, having been taught in the school of adversity, lessons of humility, sho is tho tirnle ol hor husband, tho mild but ndmired f,,ar ' lL'r circle of acquaintance, nnd the oWcl of lnvo to tho poor. Witli some of school-mates .slit! has exchanged posi- i but she remembers not thej jib s at hc-r- tlrcss. Win only remembers that they I,llV0 unfortunate, nud tiro thereioro entitled to her sympathy: nnd though her "u"u il,m "uiiiuue uiu ot iiet tuuu incv , 11 ,'"'l. "'' """ "', tlutlk ot tlieir school days ; but to winch th recollection gives tho greatest pleasure, we leave our readers to decide, hoping they irill Millme llm nvmnnln nf tlm mm U'linw ..... , ......... , . ....., couiiiict tne most iippiov . ,, " " v r Ti rtr hcmui:ci at .mar vra r a u.s. i ne uiu- 1,1 niir-r I, '!h,' V '?A ' !" , ' i t he viT. i 110 VV.tler III 1110 .Mag ir.l Nltr, at tilt VII- it, f ";; ltl.tck Hock, lull during night before , three tett lowerthau it was ever known be fore, , during the day yesfeiday r,,e again only about six inches lie stage of the water in Iho river is frenncntly changed by strong northeast gales, that force the water m the lak. ,..i. ;,. ..,..;,,. i,.,, i.n ,,,, ',, , , , wf.' ;,(ir scarcely be" accounted for from such a ca,,e.. scarcely lie accuunieu tor ironi sttcii a cause. Tho water in our harbor has not perceptibly re- i . . .... A letter from .Niagara 1 alls, of March ! s',')'.s.;.,1, Ni . ., .... , cominrc,i . - , ,nrv of tiia Mcft ',), .bitants, ner was i . ,. -, . ..... , ( mere so nine, waier riiiiiiiu nvcr .via s aw- , . . .., ,,,, ,..v. ".s., ... .... moment! Hundreds nl people nro now witnessing w men never nas, and probibly never may again be witnes-ed on the Niagara ltiver. Lift night at 1 1 o'clock .1 . e. l I.. ..f !.:.. 11 tue i.u nines itu inuii uiu ttutuis m nn. ..: i.. r..n ..,.i .., i.i no uii'i, ttt-'ie in ion t'jiL-i itin-u, -tu', m , tn-. iv . tho water was kIuiI nil', the wheels suddenly1 ceased their evolutions, and every thing was uusiieu into silence, titiiuus uiu u aro the conjee - ist reasonable o .makuiga grand oiilli ol the .Ma- tnius us to the, cause', the inns which is that Lake I'.rie must be delivery of ice. and that the urn gara, although large, is not quite enough to take in the whole at once, and tint the foiiequeuces are, back water. Two men this luniuiug rode in a buggy one-thl nl of tho way across t!w river, from tlio head ol lioat l-I.tnU lowaril IHO Catiada shore the wheeling was excellent, the rock bt'iin' as smooth as a lloor. Tliey drovo outside the island known as ' Allen's Island,' ouisiuo I lie l.-iann Mimvu us niiLus isiai u, and turned roand-a thjnff which has never bo- foro occurred ! The '1 able Kock, ontlioCau- ad.ieido of Ihe river, looks rather 'bird up;' the veil which his alvvavs protected it from public obslrS has works have been left exposed to thu gaze of a cold and criticisins world. . . I i-uinl's Anvi:i:TisE.vlr.sT. Tho r,,ll,miiiiT odd announcement appears in the Iiundou Times - iv, lady, competent to muhu ica, n-iuu uiu M - i. i .' , ,, ,, ...T I- I..- Im..iiri,irrii..ili it fiml llsn ll I Hill", aim inrau ,.t..t., ..a.vv.... .nmntiniPd. U IMlPS 11 flUl.lllt.lll She. could con- .Hbate to the 1 ,iy bo found an acquisition in I irimi ii'iii in. iniii j ()f nu ()M cnllcll,.m or m,blciau. iu( No (),jecti0I1 to travel, Terms, too guineub - , r ,, jf yon wish to make yourself a f tvorite with vur neighbors, buv a dog, and tic him up in a at night. Tliey won't sleep any all night for ihinkingoi you SATURDAY r.VI'.MXG, APRIL Ifi, IS IS Cen. Scott. We doubt if there i an example on record of deeper outrage and meaner malice, than bavt 'wen displayed by President I'M and hi Secre tary of War, Murcy, ninti'ist the higleinindid mil veteiau soldier and pitrint, (iciieriil Scott. Certainly no parallel can bo found for the extra ordinary cour-o that these high functionaries ! 1 ,. 1 . . , , , . have pursued towards inn; nnd, us the l,')ti - , . vmo tjv.y.j very utiy intimates, notli-1 ing but proof of the most conclusive character that reitsojij ofgrcat state necessity, reasons ' that forbade hesitation or delay, myWrei that he 1 should be unceremoniously stripped of his high , command nnd arrested before Ihe eyes ofllie gal-' hint and invincible army,yi vv hose honor and re- j uown lie hail so largely contributed, and nr-1 aigned as a culprit on the very held of Ins br.l-, bant and arduous public services, can for a mo-1 incut justify llitt course in the eyes of the Atncr-1 ican people. That such a necessity existed, no man in his senses for a moment believes. Noth ing has yet tranpiied, either before the Court of Inquiry, or in any other quarter, that in the slightest degree palliates the high-handed out lage, or lifts from contempt the low-minded tnal- ice, of which one of the oldest nud best, and most able and gallant of the officers of the army, has , 7.. , , , . . ' been sought to be made the victim. Well may (lencral Siott, ns he does, an- , iiouncc to tho Court of Inquiry nnd the world, that his" attitude'' towards his tli'tv a-?ail.ints is that of " iiki i.vmt. ! ' " The Uagle, towering in bis pride of place," will not, this time, be " by a mousing uwl, haw k'd at ami killed."' The sa gacious veteran saw, in the outset, the " enemy in Ills rear,"' and his di-j(itinns fur defence were made accordingly. The I.tzzaroni practice of "stabbing a man in the lick, and calling ityg7iC iVg," will not prevail against (ion. Sliiit.' lie isariiH'd too strong in honesty to be uveiihrown by the gucrrlllns at Washington. And to they are bcgiiiuuig to discover. l'rinicc. In our summary of Foreign news, yesterday, ,, mcItiu1 was ,mulc of l)m pnn, r,icns (,f rcv. ' . 1.11. t , . . iiii ;.,.!! oliitimi, In belle trance. J lie intelligence , , . , . , , . , , , " 1 'b of but four days h'l" '..te than that by the Washing- ''-;,ml """'S1' fPacc'' as '""crsare now managed in Uurope, is ample for tlio mo-t fiin- ' damcntal changes and resolutions in the gravest .concerns of politics, yet, ns might ordinarily bo expected, t.o remaikable alterations bail occur red in Prance. The elections of the members ... .. . . .. ot mc grnnu c.onlilutioiril .sscmblv wcro ap. ... . ..." 1 proaclntlg, and preparations for them were in tctivo progress tlirougliout the Keptibiic. They occurred last SnnJnj, and upon tlieir results aclcr of tlio AFsemtly v't'ch Is to form a Repub lican Constitution for the Prench people, will, of course, foreshadow the character of that Con stitution whether it shall bo conservative or radical Jacobin nr Ciiroudist likely tn lead to Well-regulated Liberty) or to the worst of all gov ernments, an olh' Despotism. Wc confess that, with us, fears and hopes are pretty equitably balanced. The public mind in riauce, me must cuorvesceiii. tu uu puiuic uiiuds, is yet iii a complete ferment of excite ment. The a-tntiiidiiig events that hive oc curred, completely altering political and social relations, and naturally tilling the heads of thu uninformed and tho unreflecting (a mon-trous class) with visions of liberty, equality, and aug mented prosperity that are as incougtuniis ami ill-deiined as im'oiis usually arc, and that cooler calculators never expect to see realized, are not favorable to the ilcvelopeuient of that judgment and sagacity that are called for both, in the ex ercise ol tho electoral fiaiichise, and in the per Ibnn.tnco of the mighty work of framing consti tution;. We publish the subjoined Communications fur two or three reasons ; loremost of which Is, ol course, an cntiru willingness lo afford tho Hev. Mr. finr.Goav the opportunity in our columns, which ho clearly had a riuht lo claim in those of . ''ration been an c,iicuiir,wes'.iould still cousid.-r the taper of which ho was Ci-ahM, of vindi- lh''' wc llul , , . , , . ., .' ,. ,r r ... . -.. ., Previous tu tins Celebration, we proposed that tlm ca ing himself Ironi injurious imputations, lint1,, , , , ,, .. , . ... . i. t , ,'. i I'tcchabites hive a " re; .Nie ' stated cipressl) tint we in-cit Mr l.r.r.nouY s article lor tho further ,lie Kcchnbite, woa. ut numerous ,wuth io h.-ue a purpose of exhibiting to our readers the sort of ,uihY,em ii"inbei of them dine nt a Hotel and makeit ' l.ibcity " that is dealt out by a publisher who 1 profitable for the landlord s.i.d .t woultl ! no go," el lints to monopolize the trade in that coiniiind-1 " ll'cy went and enirigcl the gtrcct Ilou! to ... ..i.i ,,, . . ., uet on a diiitier lor tliice or four hundred tliat most ity l-a liberty that lias no parallel except m tl.e lJ w(r lwr ,,., ., .y would net County J.ul, tf ( to HtjrimfTtun.niul jwy sru'niy.tivt wn ur n dol- Vo know nothing about tlio multcr coinnlain-1 nr for a tinner. Atone ut' the 'IViu nut tuii it wan od nf by .Mr. Uiauouv, and of dolirfe le ne Mm to tin that which he is abundantly competent to do tal.e care of himself. Hut we take the lib- erlv to s,ii'''' to our Uechabite Irientls that tlicy coninui a lai.u uiunuer in us-iginng tue nmlnlof which i pre.-uiued to be thu exponent oftho benign principle, of tho Ur - ulor, loa publisher who his neither c.i.ic,ty enough to ... ike .1 res-pee able ... char:C er, nor -- , , iiinuein.e g,,.,u jiioKi...... ... s... ... niltinga nous smii onii iiiuiitey i-ene.s no purpose nut I ut to mako both animals ri- ...I ... . 'I'l... ,t,. ..-..r.. ....... ll..,t t ,n ' t (;:et-h-i' a control and ceii.-ui- , hj )f t(iu cullmlH f ,,L, Kechabito Jouruil , ( , ,ltJ n lt. Jluhcitm, gentlemen w ho ,ut( - ,u in1,0Wi ;,,, w.y eXlla. n ,et.:,y j njr popularity, and renders its ally discontinuance an tvent inevitable. Wituvrox, April 13, Bis. rnis. d..,,. Sir . Tiie lullovviup;eonmuinieation, wlueh i jewrc on to publish in jour pqicr, as wriittn lor ihe " IteehabiU' Jounnl of the pu-seut nionth and bu'i'd Hrn: was solietted t.i publi-b il llemg the c,.n,or IMitor el said Journal I thought 1 had the pnv - w, lUl, w,v d .Mr, , ,n,mw lum ,. ihiireilitoiiat, and Irout ihe "I.. .M. T. i). u." Hut inllusiiuppeaisi wiisiuisiaken ; uoiith -;! I have assi-ied in ediims the Journal ",i-T nlt lnu,m.,ltl,m ,uM Iwiuade Kuohu; havmir sullered I l.-u- enoui;!. Ironi l-il-e imputations-. And 1 rejoice that lime is n iiiediutii iluuuuh vvhieli our thou 'his ran he nmde known lo the woild. Cod ptcseivi- the ll eetit'o i "i hi- . i-. I ,I,,L i,i fi i..,,.l ri.,1.. ,....l.i: 1. .1.: i "j , ,t. ...,.- - - ecmiuiiiije. ou win i-out-ra i.uor tiimn a " nuo I. .. " l.'. h.t nil- ami 1 li-...tnsi' nl Irml, ini.l in. blue" Kechaiute, ami the euuse of truth and justice. Yuurtc. JOIl.N tlltUIUItV. A M'oul to our llmther llechiillle. In lakinu our farewell of "Taulttni iuiti: Jockn ai." j nnd the t.ree n Mountani lultof htchtMt: r wish to oirer a few remarks by way ol nettinc ourerlt ,,. ,b, tt.,1, il,..,. tt-,,1, ttl,.,,,, t,-late labored tl.e lM i"- Notwithstanding the prejudice n,yimi la ihe minds of some, e M ilmt rvra to t ho we lanrpfakafew-woidilhrotislitlweolumnsolthe Jour. ml, and claim ilicir attention. Ft-- it known then td all Iteeh.ihiti , that we were the fir't one initialed inlii the mysteries ol Ptrhab in thi iate, ill the Town Hall, Ibirlington, through the Engine ttoom No. i. With eight ntlicis, we engaged in this work, heart nnd soul.deteimiued to do something for the Temperance Cause or nt iliat time it vas not noi!,le for any or dinary Lecti'ier to gi t up a decent meeting to disarsi Timperaiice, m what wns, nnd is, tu some extent, nun drinking, popularity-loving llurbngtofl. Wc cn 'I-"-'' wurk !""'0''ly. "ad the happiness o see 'he eaiM profptr In o"r hands. While Patriarch of ti.i ., . , r " Ilurlmgton lent, upwaid of one hundred became, memheis, among whom wcie some of the best melt 111 H'ullngtou. Striving soil further to advance th cause, v.e proposed 1111J earned into effect, tire Orend 1 cut. Y e lahoifd zealously in getting up its Con siiliiOoit nnd lly-laws, nnd believe we did most of the: vvoili tippciinitimg to th" Order during the first six eun'hs of its esi-teiicc in Venn- 'it. We "tn ftp' pointed lo revise the " Work of -oe tinier," whirl! work, niter bemga.-cepL.d, one-tli.rd of which lu niiyi (,.,.. Wc hae ll,.,,u.K.a , hJmi:. rents of thi. n.der.ainl never was g,uhynlWptliiB money for our services but once, ami iW.n lor unveiling cMien utui'411 .iu;iioriS'-ii uy me ir.llnl 'I eut to ilit o. VV e rive iissisti a in itner il,.. .loiirnal," wilhniitlnouey nnd wiihuut price, lining ,,.. sunns only lb it Ilie'lViepcninceCir.i-c should pn.s-r. I l'Motiiih we might have done more,)et we bello'.t: no . have done ns miich es any otleTiu ni, especially tfmxi "in pi -isul ii (, -r."' If' we lute done any j om, vv-r :ue tb.lllktul lnr 't. I Thce nntteis we slmulil nnt recall in Inkillg le.Htd ol lln Ouli r.vteie 11 nut thateeitam iiilluerees have been brought ngum-i 1, inueh to o-ir in.ttrv. In whairu-riown wein iv tMvel.t li.irgetagaio-t buv,. 1'ccn reiii-riited, nnd when tiaced to their sourc" liarti been found to come fmm liurhugtoii. It is rrs.iu y, b';reloo;, that e sliould speiik 111 ..rc-e.' formation ol tiie cirsoid 'ivn'tV l"r'?' i a ma'arkablu 1 u !, thai not one, save our humble svlt.ol !be n-i-imil nine, who had the moral courage nud stamina tu enter into th1.' Ilerlribae Covenant, wvre toiisiderctl worthy a place m the tJrand lent, and coii4-iin-n:ly, nout could bold any oilice in said Tent, as thev were not elected. We were elected Chaplain, if we were not luisiaken, hut corn-hided not tosciM,ns r had l.'pre cd that nm otii " l.uiMliar I'lieud" bid Idled up his heel against us, nml considered thatiurprnjerswould not be very acceptable' All ibis may be proper rno-gh, for It is no new thing, lor some men imbht-hiiigly to n ap the reward ol oilier men's laliors; but we soon learned that a re gulnr combination had been enlerid into to defeat us bout g.inung any " post ut hoimr," higher tliau door keeper in the CirJiui Tent. The oilice of Craud Pa triarch, that Fi'iue hate charged u. of dcsiiing, wo bavc coivideltil uf but little impoitll'l"e. ho doubt, Ui'v. .Mr. Ihngham cousithred n when he aietpted it, not being awaii. that lie was to le run fur that oilice, until ih'd'i of hiselecliou. He had nodieen a ineni oer more than 11 lew weiks, nuo' being unacquainted willi the " Woik of the tinier," we suppose thatliai! he consul) red it a very responsible stuuon he would not li.iv,. iieeepteil it. No, it was noltbe i llite wo wore looking alier, tint s1M1ie wlm claim to te gov frned by tin' glorious pihvipics of " rrieinlsliip, I.ovc and Truth," h ive a-serted. It was ihc good, the ier petiuty ot the Order. 'I'll.- troubiei the unprejudiced reader will perceive1, Wn?, that wc slmuht fie proscribed in cousetfiieiice )'f being a Univers-ib-t ; which we ito stoutly ntlirm was lb' cause, anil the nlr ran sr. We nsi-.'rtlillled that men nt tlis same " faith" worci'vhortrd to vote for an other in conseipvuee ),r his soiimlur?.. in futli, nml that if we were elected, L'nivers ili-in would thereby be promoted. Here is our ltouihI of conip niut not lliat vfi welt! con-ld.'red unworthy .if filling the ollicu old. I' In the Ciiand Tent hut lb it sectarian pieju- tlf-iii to go.tgniist a man deemed heretical m reh; nee snuiipi so u.iii. me iilinus tu uecuaiiili's, as to leau 'J'lii? iiaiiactloii MtwJ in Williftnn i c we rcfiuW tiuI Mir! i tli1 t'flmji innnifi-stei nt thy t tint nt tins cnrntJidiiiKiit upon unlit nnd tint Ur wlnlti it ilin-iut ii' il to break up the From that pniotl, uc lnite bcvii j;towiii weuk-r nml weaker, tmti! imw we haw a name Ut live Ironi week to wek( and is all. The tiie h cnt ! ict no uiu ncenc mot l inn nn nrnrttnit nf nut Ltinj( prt"iioted. The fn will do it, will be-itnte n,u io lie ami slander his neighbor, JlZZZd ZZn seen We h.iL- w I'ue-svtl it until o ir ln-.tit Ins ickriied willu i u. We have been :iirrd und (iniucd lo re ti 'it lint deMniu,! iiieit i-lmutd utjiiie vi (ji.o 1 a cativ itf 'IVinp-'iamv, m ord'T to pM-ni te their inter nulf. We could rail names nud si ite lacis wlndi we will di il iKt'e-,ry. There m anuth.-j eneum-tancc wliieh we tlecm it pR'per tt liientiDti. We ret'T to ihe i-flebnilioii ot ll 0 lift h.ibite- on the lilt ol July la-t. .Many ten hured us thinl'.iui! llint we -nine in preelil 1114 -oiim' id lh' Krcli tttne- I10111 tnUin ilinner at llm IVvirl Stitt-t llou-c o:i day. It w known that (he L'lmriKilirl ot'K'ty that ictsf held a Kair ou that i'y,for the 1' Hj nit$iuz unary tu tucnih the t 'mvet iittft C 'hutch irteu cumjtlrtcit. We had pro posed tins I'dir watch -d over, and been inueh niier etetl in it, and tell tlrtt Iitiili demanded llmt wo Iiottld Qtleud to it rather than ihe C-dehrnlinn. TliU we drvhted over and over ajj.iin, at the Tent meet in in Ikuliiuto.i. We -tateil e.prely that thow who had chaise ut the lnr would not consent to Imf ii-t ab-elit lliat a great deal depended upon our re niauiiu; wuU tlicm. Wc did so, and had the Cele" Mated that in nil w Ability dmuer could be cbtauud, it there vww a iufbeient number tint wanted, toryiy "'" ...t. ... . .,i,u, ,.c urging our meiuuei. to itiietiii tue t-eieurauuu, tve sia tetl vthal waiisaid m ihe Tent nt ll ulinstoii. Cense- iH.Kniy lu. ,.inJ Ueelmltit.-. on the lib, vient U.u ,,)0 !ir al l)lc (Vurl s-iiwt lluu.e lor tickets, and . t, i,e,rieel,ir dinner wasmoie limn fill)' cents, r . j j j hal ,Ul, mK,,ltloull , u wB 1,,1 ,iiiri-hast-tl ll.kels.thev niuilited llie ,-a,,-.. ', " , r r i,.i i,ri;..i ,' i,.. ,: 'U.J.,. h went Ironi on.- to the other tint vuhad leeotetl thi-.u toihe some Hiidlhatwerifler- t-.l ,i. nner in opposttt-'n to ihe L'eli-bnttitui, tor iweiuy t lite ivnu a tick-t. A iiiealer lie never wns utteietl 1 In laei tie uru'e.l, an, I tlnl all we could tn haveuiem-,b-rsof lie-oidei iitientl the I elt-bratiou and there were not, we tthould iudr, a hull dozt-u llechal'ileti thai tts-k dinner nt ill.- l-'.iir I The remit ol th vvti'de t latter vva.. llinttlM'.l thnl I we thought were .sir line In. n-ts, wittulrr vv troiu ns I .etti-.-il to nut-ad our int-t-1 mi:i on the alilKith and I .eal.tilsly shnltleis Hitill'ist Ui. Other in-'ll I not ol t-tii tnitli li.ive leitenited ilv- enine eiurtvs. ut- .. red the enuie lies. nutl biok.-u their solemn ohli i umM m.u.r tl, rom a br.hei until it is tumuit-ii . lmu, ,,,11; , vte hutebeen deteatetl in oilier runners I tn. ,. i.,10c, ol Keeliabii.s. lln much . 1 rtenih.liut l.nvt-, I'h.nuy and ' Vinrenmeu 1!'! 'lhJ,! ',. iVrfhc ,ed-r n' indue. i Vurk ul lutllts- our waith-word i. i uuruaniitlm , vv, cm no tas'i f--"1 . ,'" 'I1'', ,,JI1"- ""I' with tt,e "ti M. T. i K" 1 ontniuo 1 ieur"niidblo..dndiii;-iiiistalUitiiiipi.toiuuii!eilia iree-boin iiiin.l. , , .. 'i-i,.- smnl. Indi'iiendi nrt', let nie shaie ; l,ord ot ihf lnii-lifJii,au.l eJifle-tie . .... . .nt iiiLsiini line. or heisl ihe .tonn that ho Is iilonj the ,ky !" joii.v tuaouy, WillK-lon.Api.l ISIS. A correspondent of tiio N. V. Kxpress, w iiihig from S-ir.itogi Spiings, after speakinu; ef th0 . ,s 1)f ,10 ,-nrlv npening of the Harato-a . 1 . .. ., ,. . llltclK,n M J ' -t Vt e are neHinnuii; io ur .u.o aooiu me Mrats ,V jackets I lainor l!iad,iio- that the charter ha. been oiautetl. tliouih it will h irdly be built llii. jear, hill Vfhoulil not be sin prised il tlii'le wasasutvcjiiit; par. ty stilt throush ihiouuiiner."