Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 21, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 21, 1848 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, F R IDAY MORNING, APRIL 21, 1848. JTVCC lrC00, IIUItMNGTO?, VI. " In tiii: iuhk ami troubled niuiit that is (ll'OH US, TltnitK t M'StAU AKUVETIIK HORIZON TOfllVE IN A Ut.r.AM Or IKillT, KKCKI'MMI Till: INTEt.l.tllK.NT, l'ATlltIHC Willi) PAItTV Of 1HB i:t Siaies." Ihtnid Wehhr. For President, HENRY CLAY. For Vice President, MILLARD FILLMORK, oi ,w vonK. Subject to the decision of llic Whig National Convention, MONDAY KVUNINO, APRIL 17, 1848. "lidc's to you.'ll'niiy tiny I" Tho followlngcomniunlcation " to tiie public," from Mr. Clay, was recc'ucdiu Ilii laclcl pliia , by Tclcgiaph, on tlie veiling of the Clay Festi val In that city, mid read to the largo assemblage which crowded tlie Chinese Saloon, amid the most enthusiastic cheering. It will he read, In Vermont, with an interest that can only be ex ceeded by the profound gratification it will occa sion. Now, then, let tlie Whig Convention l true to the n:lsciri.Es and the undisputed pi:li EKLMUui the Whig 1'r.or-LE of the United States, mid tlie man who " woui.u batheii nr. RI0I1T THAN HE PllESIllENT" will be 110TII. ' There's a good time coining !" TO TIIlT 1't'HLlC. The various nnd conHicum rcnoits which have been i:i cilcuialloti in regard to my intentions with respect 17" The meiits of tlie immortal egotist, (iuhon Pillow. Mr. Polk's pit .Major (, and former ' l" Hie next Presidency, appear to ine to lurnish o prop. ' 1 , , . ,. I it occasion lor a lull, trunk nnd explicit exposition of law-partner, are nmv undergoing an invctdiga- mV l-rlmt, wishes an J views upon that subject. This law-partner, tion in Mexico ; and there Is a fair average of it is now- nroner to make. u h a strong; disiuc hua . ..... . , nun in u use ui ill, 11,11111; tni nil i uniiii-iuuii ,ini chances that, beluro an Honorable tribunal ol i ih,,, niee, 1 left my residence in Deeember last, under hluh-niinded and lil-'li--plritcd men, thev will lo a ilctcrinuiatinii to announce to the public in sonic pietty accurately asccilaincd. The martial bar ristcr is before a Court where pettifogging and special pleading will avail about as much as a counterfeit bill in a cniitiibtiticn box, which cheats nobody but the pious contributor, Pit low's f itc appears likely to be a h ird one. After lighting pretty much all the hard h.ittlos that lime been fought since his appointment, (ac cording to lii own Reports !) from Ccrro Gordo, where ho saw something that "resembled a gun" protruding through a breast work, to Che pultepec, where his m'si Tins llch was slightly damaged, he is about to be ll.iyod alive in Mex ico, as as sott of preparation for a cordial rc option on the part of Col. II.iske'1, when ho is ent homo ! Poor Gideon ! Vp bans our harps upon the wilier, Whene'er wc think on liidcon I'lllcr, The man that digs, ,,r lVIk ami Marcy, His Ditch and ll:cosl-work eiccy vuisty! The following statement of lignite Pillow's- suitable lorin inv desite not In be thought ol as a can uui'iie. willing my uosence i ircqueiiuy expresseu to diH'cicnt gentlemen my unwillingness tu lie again in that attitu le : though no one was authorized to publish my decision one vvay or the other, having re, scried the nidii to dosoe.cluBivelv louivself. On re. tlection, 1 thought it was due my friends to consult with them heloie 1 look u decisive and tiuul step. Accoidiugly wittim the course of the lat three in jni is. 1 have had oiinortumiv ol confcrrim; lull v and lit fly Willi tbeill, null)' pHicm having addressed to me the stiotigest appeals, and the most earnest clltreal les, both U'tbally anil wrilten, to dissuade me lioiu executing my intended purpose. They represented lo me that the withdrawal ol my name would be lata! to the succession! pcihaps lead to the dissolution ol the pally with winch I nave ueeu associated, and par. A. Letter from Air. Van Uurcui At the Festival In honor of the birth-day of Hnxnv Clay, In New York, the following ad mirablo letter from Ex-Ptesident Van Buhen, in reply to the Invitation of the Cominlltee, was read. It is In the highest degree honorable to that distinguished citizen, nnd was received, as it warmly deserved to be, with great applause nine hearty cheers greeting its conclusion. It affords us the slncerest gratification to lay It before our readers, as a high-minded and gen erous, no less than frank, manly and dignified tribute from one great political I-e.uler to an other. Wo should be sorrv to believe (which we do not) that Air. Ci.av is a whit behind his courteous opponent In the possession of, or the willingness to manifest, the qualities which piompt such a letter; New York, 7th April,. ISIS. Gtntlemtn I have had the honor to receive your polite invitation for the 13th instant, and thank you very sincerely lor the obliging terms in which you have been pleased to communicate the wishes ol your associates. . . I hope to be nble lo leave the city before the ,11th Instont. Candor requires mc to odd that the position In which Mr. Clav has been placed by his friends, in relation to the pending canvass lor the 1 residency, will unuvoidabl) attach too much of a partisan char acter to your festival lo permit me to participate in it consistently with my views ol propriety. The rule I have prescribed tnmysell in such matters would induce me In decline an invitation given under like circumstances by my political friends. I do not, however, regret thai your politeness has made it proper for mo to say thai you do no more than justice to my feelings in assuming that I appreciate as they descive the commanding lulents and manly liankness which have been so otten displayed by your distinguished friend in the councils of the nnti'injind that 1 have sullicient candor and liberality to recog nize those characteristics in a political opponent. To vou who understand the matter so well, it will be superfluous to spcok of the very wide difference ol TUESDAY EVENING. APRIL 18, 1818. tjcuuily in Hit- trtf Sum's; that at no lurmcr period opinion wmcii lias tor so many yenrs rxisieu.nnu Pirn did Ihm- cut exist so great n probability ot my dec- d?C9 lx,st k'tueen Mr. Clny nnd myself m regard to I would consent to the ue o my name ; that the stent Sidle ut .New oik nnd Ohio would in nil pioLnbihly uiist their ote tonne; that New York wuuM more eertainly UMow her sullrnge upon me t!i in tiny other c.nulkl.itc, mid that Ohio would give her vote to no eiindid.ite residing in the slave states but to me that there is n belter pros-pec t than ha) heietoiotcut any imie existeuinat I'tiini-yi.niiia would almost every public question. Hut we ore fortunntely too liberal to allow such diHerences to n fleet injur; ihk.1i' imr DerKitnal rrlntinns. It would pfiseniiallv dl niinisb my felf-repect to Wieve that I nmcnpableof cluimmg, os l nmnys nave done, tne utmost ireeuom ot opinion Cor myself, ami unjust enough to deny the same prmlene to those who are opposed to me. To cmhnter the U w enjoyments which public me niwra without the cuucuricnce of two ot these three states and Hone could b' defeated unon whom nil these I kin-mil I I... in.ibvl . ll,-.r .rror.t i...m,Iu.. u ..1 present attitude, before the Court of Inquiry, us cinens both ol natiuwmii toiemu birlh.who werede ter last advices is from the JJos-ton i-c: ieeied,aid therefore voted ngaiust mc at the Inst dec 1 . r .1 ) .. , , ,i . i n tioii.nieixm eaer tor the opportuniiy ot bestowing Itnppearsfromthe lnl necounts, that den. I illow t,)Cir Mllril.a upim K. ; nini that whilst there is a was on trial tlie only wittiew eMmimcd in his rase, htu , iltlj lU.cllej prt.erence tor me enteriained by was Mr. I rcaner, the correspondent ot the New Or- tR. cul buiIy t(, UlL. wing pjrty ot the United States, Unns Udia. IheUMimon) ol his witiieM ) p.-stive , lh,.y (Uu. ,neluJs l0 uhmn 1 leter) at the Mine time arc Mid direct. lie rcrrivcd I nun (en. I illow, n paper, ..'. r, .i..,. I am nvnilnhln ihnn nnv unitr wnb ihrm : Hint no candidal., ran (. nio.l by nn indulgence in a Pentiment so contracted nnn llllUCnil, J- il n.ltL.I It la HI J in y t iv bj w. - heve I liae been ns tree Irom as the intirmities of our iiatme will permit. My personal relations wun Mr. uiay are 01 a very which was iiilcrlutal by the (lenernl, and this paper i- almost nu exact copy "I the Iarfained "Iji'onidaV letter published in the New Orh-ans Delta, tfept. lt, 117. This paper, (leu. IMIow told Mr. Kicaner, was prepared t r linn inun an nnsiraei oi ms own renin i, So. ue time ntier Mr. l'reancr leceived it, Citn. 1'illow date that could be presented tor the American neonle 1 do ntt pretend to vouch for the accuracy ot nil these representation, although 1 do not entertain n doubt they have been lionesily made, and ure sincerely believnl friendly character, nnd 1 have witnessed the recent demonstration ot personal regard and political devo tion, on the part ol his friends in thin city, with no other feeling than respect. A determination so ear nest nnd unyielding, to sustain, as long as public sta tion is agreeable to him, an nged stntesmnn who has snent a lame portion ol his lite in upholding principles which those who exhibit that determination regard as having the public good lor their object, is a demon stration at once honorable to tl.os who make it. and well calculated to instil into the minds of the young men nl the country hiuher and purer motives tor polit ical union than those which mere party warfare too It h.m miirrover. urtrpil lo ttit tliit ilm frrrnl r..m;;teu nun to le urn i, urn mis 10 loo. cai s , oM, ,,, ,t.r ,.,, , lV(. ,)(.c , M rc(.j otten elicits. J am. Rcnuemcn, Mr 1' reaner .le.ln.-J to .In. I. parsed i to the I, nuls .. , , , , h y . , J, ery respectfully. ttiiin; 'Mice hccln 'V'N In the L'-'onnKis letter lien i nlow was niailc the ... ' 1. 1 1... i . ...i 1 1 1 C. . Bradford. James R. ood. AI. L. t serv't, UURKN. f rcnmi ot Hie unlitarv opr rations tirtween the L'niteil 1 1 ... i . i ,.( (v..,-.,...t! ,i..i..V..,;,..,l i i,. .. I Statisnnil AleMcoou the r.'ih anil '.'Oi i ol Aii'.ust. . .... . .. ... .'. . .. i i . ". thehatile,,, C.uicisaud Cliuiuhu. II, o,,. , Q T cK I. ivltlon of the St. Uwrcnce. we 'Z SX" Y1 .Mrjr5,.l -II he , f Osdensbnrgi, papers, is fairly :MMte!f.r- VSiS?Ton,S? The Steamer Niagam left that port on 'uri'lvakXinl . fueml,, nd above all, to my country. The conflict . the 10th itift. for Rnchcster. The Sentinel ot Tliis was the " 1,-onid is" letler-for its whole bur-' '") unatlecteU Uesire to continue in pnyoie . ,,e j m, 6aJB: .1.. i t.u .. it nu .... .... lite as liiit ei llrlll.'i I Willi inv ft'eliti m .1 nil piillullion. I municai'ion given to Mr. iVenner is nlmoM nn 1111 ",hl i"V wis;,.f'l!Iul,y 10 l1cr,,r,n.011 y puMie dutie. I ' The IVowller James Wood came into port last use ot inv mum and those imurious consenuences loitahlv fitted ui for the accommodation of fuimlies siiouui ciiMie, wiiieu nave oeenso tonliJeiuiy preuiet-1 emigiating est. :il tiv trieihW, 1 siiouiu justly incur their reproaches it ...:n i,mi.n ..,. i,nr,ir,. .l.r . . -1 . 1 1 ' .1 1 it nui link iiiii Y u iiudi. uuiui aim tut: leproienea 01 my own nenri; uuu 11, on me 1 n--ll- ...ill 1 ...1 11 r ri contrary, (should aent to the use of my name, what- Propellers will leave our wharves "for Chicago. eer tlie result nny te, 1 s'inii escape uotn. 1 wyuc-nsum nn-nus hccu uiue uisiuuytru ropy ot this loiter, ami this was prepared, ns we hae lirevioulv lnted. under ihu'cliuii ol (Jen lMlnw. ex. prtssly fur .Mr. rtenner.rtud interl'iied in ihetlfperal's own hand writing. And thus is not (icu. 1'illow con victed ot being a hraggnit, and om ot the lowest Foit -a inun who not only stole the honors due tu other . nnd abler ollicers, but w.19 has: enough to indite i W- 1 e t-l t....l. 4". i.,7. 1 ..i.i 1 1 have thercfoie finally decided to leave to the Na however : our Propellers will probiihly touch mere, to give mem 111c opporxunity 10 mote aivay : his own trumpeter trupot to tutne iurpo- .. j- .1 , - . . . 1 1 nun wnnievcr imiv invemor 0 the 1 uiy ong m i moue o 1 inrowing ,up will meet with my prompt and chcertul ac iri, coui uinruiy uc expccieu lUMLi ouierwi!(: iiiuii iio -iesC(inc,(i ... uc nn.5. wwimy uiiiwii u ,, u,iM htt ..utt.. J .u.. 111 "t'uiu uremic Civillg name again tis a candidate mted states jclt(.r t naps luinis, as wen as 0 No' wonder thnt Gen. Scott deemed it his dutv to ""J tWIow-citizens, hai 1 . .... 1 r.-. i uirecteo 1 neir ntteiuioii i trHri'S 7 V." S .? othercititen, ol tlie United fctales. 1 take nleasiire in forfiom tlie'rnauliness and hwh-smi'led honor wlneh truly declaring that I have no regrets to rharriLUiise the coiid.icl of the late coiniinnJcr-in- conipianits, no reproacnes o luaKe on account o; ony chief. BJ" The iY. Y. Exprest, after a good-natured notice of our Daily, (for which we are under ok ligations) tints discourses We are hanuv to sec that its editor. besides doinc good service lor Henry Clav in Vermont, is urying Worth, Gen. Smiih, ami other worthies ol the U S. reason lo anticipate thai I ou! a... r ii.iin... ...:ii 1... .. 1 , inv eons.'nt to the ust- ot inv name air, iiih. .I. .u.Mv.i.. 1 , ...v.. uv iciiicin.ii.i . ? .... ... .... -as Ihe virtual author and the hero ol the " Leonidas" i "," ";."""!'' """",: The neonle of DurlinL-ton to exhibit a little more pibhc ire.T.'tWra "T, ""?!'"'''"""" characterized them, in the 11 tu.thedisti'igiiisheil nauiesof (natter of local unproveniems. 1he hree I if ss ry 1 sueli prelneiiees. whicii lum fully persuaded, arc generally IuumJoJ on honest and patrinnu couvieiions. ' III' VI) V ! " IT'J'hf fnllnwing is the eloquent and im- Ashland, loih April, ISIS. prrssive conclusion of Mr. Wniisixn's lut great speech in the Senate, on the War, thn Treaty, &C. This country will yet sco cauto to tnjurn that the solein i voice .if warning it contains, pas-ed, amid the din of ruthless war and the flcrce passions it engenders, unheed ed : Mr. President for a pood imny years, I have struggled in opposition t" eerj thing w-fii. h, 1 thought, tended to strengthen tlie arm of Kvecuiive power I think it is glowing more and more formidable every day. And 1 think thai by yielding to it in this, ns in other instances, we gic il a strength which it will b difficult hereafter to ici-t. 1 think ihat it i nothing l.ssthan the tear ol lleeutie power, winch induces ns lo acquiesce ill ihc aeiaiMtion of termor Kar, lrar, ami uottnng eii' Mr Vattcmnrc's Ihclitmges. justly observes that a strnnger's lirsl inipiessini of a town are urawn iroin us noieis, streets, au.i oincr pu ces ol public resort ; nnu it therelore proeeeils to advo' cate the erection ol a hotel ol the first clni-, in Hurling Ion mrticulnrly in view ol the niinroacliuiij complc lion ot the railroads centering at that point; ns well as mc ueauiiiymg oi tne puunc square oy means oi an iron raituii!. louut.iin. etc. We trust that some sub. stanihl good will result Irom these appeals, and that the citizens ol Uurhngton, over-praised as ihey have lie order nl the I.cmsl.iturc a mmnhlet has been Dee. .'" 'c.ars. K""c ' w" r !c, !ot "T '? s"orl iMihhsheih-ontalninL. l'roeeediurisa id li sirueiiim.rnu. ni)J ?t tlie uonejeu words oiitws will noi ue Honor i-crniug the svMem of Intern itioual Liteinry and 'U at sight ten years Iroin the time ol utterance. Scientific lixchauges, establi-hed by Mr. Alexander What " the lioncycil words ol IBJ8" were, Vattemare. The duty of ediii.ig tlie pamphlet was wc ,,ave n0 pre5(.nt ,neln, of ascertaining, tho' added some appropriate matter in the lorin of on in-1 we conclude they were Commendations of our irouiiciinn. nnir,aiiuapriiuix. i ne fmnpinei con. village w Well the i'xnrcss now holds to have lams Igislai ve iirticcedmgs on Ihe subject, an Ad- ' . , r , dress deheied belnre the l.egi.-lature bv .Mr. Vane-. heen indiscreet or premature. But the Express n ore.n iiM .,1 uooks, ,vc., preenieii ny ,Mr. . to ttic administered the antidote to its "own-praise, State ol ennoiit, and what is of mot Value, in- i . 1 . ' Mructions on the bet mode ol colleclmg, preserving, some tiVO veurs ago,. In 1810, Il lound our and tiau.poiting obj.cls of .Natural History These barren kanj suc, a blimulus t(, il5 c01uic, in-truetions, which occupy about half the pamphlet, weie prepared by the Adiiiininratois ol the Museum tions of tho brevity of life, that it forthwith "dis ol Natural llpiory at r.ins 1 honored at sight" any " honeyed words ' it may ... ,......,... o 1.1,,r,. ,B ,., uuu r nrevioiii v lavo uttered. We are glad, however, to have the aid of the r,x press in enlnrcing the necessity for an addi un,ijrnm particular the I'.imnlilet appears ttiiiuil Itist-cluss Hotel in Iliiiliugton, and the The Burlington Free Press of Tuesday evening stoles tho'. Ihe House's Point Bridge bill was laid on the tohle in Ihe Senate of New York on Monday No time to n igs it, ns the Legislature was to adjourn yesterdoy. The Free Press thinks this ends the mai ler: but the General was never more mistaken. Our intelligence from Albany on Saturday was, that the bill would pass if there was time ; otherwise, thot its success IS sure Ot Ihe next vminii. In nnv evenl. wp suppose It to be settled beyond a peradventurc, llint the Ogdensburgh road goes to Houe's Point, nnd if the Uridgc bill tails, the Platisburgh blanch is likely to tall with it. Montpelicr Watchman. Ill our dally paper of Saturday last, tht 8th inst., after remarking that the N. Y. Legisla ture would adjourn on the Wednesday follow Ing, we predicted that " we should be informed that want time prevented " that body from passing the Rouse's Point Uridgo bill. Our readers will perceive, by the above quotation from tho Watchman, that wc are a good prophet at least, though wc admit we hardly thought our inge nious friend Walton would bo the first to put his foot in 1 " No time to pass it," was there ? Oh, Mr. Walton ! Tho New York Legislature was in session a hundred days (more than four teen weeks) and this Uridgc Hill was introduced early in Ihe session, and yet you gravely inform ni that there was " no time to pass it" ! ! This bangs Bannachcr." Mr. Walton shall be elect ed an honorary member of the " Modest Assur ance Society." Why, man, was there not the same " timo'Jto pass it-tkt there was to refuse to pass it ? The same breath, from the ether corner of the mouth, would have done the busi ness : but it could'nl he had. Judge Fine re monstrated, and implcrcd for a vote in the Sen atein favor of tho till; but the Senate was in exorable, and " persuaded" him to uait ! Half the "time" that was wasted in the fruitless rc sislanco of the motion to postpone, would have passed the bill. But the Wtfchman has "intelligence from Albany" which assures him that tho success of the bill " is sure at the next session." Now wc are as heartily opposed to this scheme of throw ing unncccssiry impediments in the way of the free navigation of our glorious Lake, and sub jeeting its large and immensely increasing com inercc to the " inconvenience" of draw-bridges, as the Watchman is in nor of it j and ire also have "intelligence from Albany," and elsewhere, is of quite a different complexion. Our in telligence from Albany "by magnetic Telegraph, immediately after the faiorable Report of the Committee, (3 to 2), and from one of the most sagacious and intelligent Merchants in tlie State of New York, was in these brief and significant words : " can't pass." And on the strength of that "intelligence," we so stated our belief, last Monday, and the result has confirmed it. Our " intelligence from Albany" further is that there is twehmee ichateierot tlie passage of a similar bill " at the next session" that the longer the project is postponed, and the more it is discussed the more certain is its defeat. So we place our intelligence from Albany," which comes from sources entitled to especial confidence, betide that ol our friend of the IVutcinirrii, and await the end. As to the Watchman's snappish veto of tho very Important and destraulo " l'Utisuurgi Branch" of the Oedoinburirh. Road, we havo only to say that if that branch "tans" ti win inve co or to the a eralion tnal nas neen mane, that tho Northern Railroad l located less with reference tn tlie prnmott.ii or tlie business inter csts ot Northern Now York, Jind the devclope mcnt of its immense business resources, than the legislature of that Slato contemplated in granting its charter. But we can safely leave our friends over the i,ake to take care ot them selves. . t3F" rhc house, bnrn and hoystnek of Mr. Gallup lti 1 oquonnock, ncor Stonington, Vt., wos burned In he night, ond a child six years old perished in the llniues j onother child was bodly burned." Boston Vtironolype. Where is Terglumcs 1 Burlington Free Press. Don't know exactly, but guess Ifs bounded north by 1 oquonnock, enst by Stonington, south by Pieo Fond, ond west by wist by well.siy thebridge at Rouse's l'oint. Is that correct, General MonWelier iiee-man. Couldn't be improved, Mr. Poland I livery ace mentioned being equally an affair of the imagination, and likely to continue so, tho Free man's boundary of Terglumcs would seem to be perfect It is even poetical, and suggests to Mr. D.itbv Ihe fullnwinir lines : Rapt iunry paints to wondering eyes Poquonnock.Terglumes, Pico Pond, Which, like the " light-house in the skies," No where on Yankee corth ore found i And Stonington she also paints, To put our "noses out of joint j" And, bursting nil the law's restraints, She builds a bridge at Rouse's Point! The Freeman will perceive by what regular steps the climax of absurdities is reached by the Poet. i In the little p irt which I Inve aclc I in public hie. it iru,i that it innv be tin- means of miiiinbiiiinT il- r has been my purpose to pretetve the People ol the riony and zeal ol our citizen'" and of securing large t'IIIH "U "il'i l nit' uuus.iii.iii.ti w.aii;),' 11 ui.ifti; COilCCl.OIll ITOIll CCI pill HI II1C CHll'. ihrm, Due vriplr, me in tntcic-t, one in Chaiacter, 1 In on" im.i jrtnit inrtieular ihe P.ininl unit one in pout ic-ii leeimj. v ueii . iiep in 110111 mat. , ,e Ueli-ient. The Governor was authorized to np- propriety of Ihe oilier (i.nd, in tiie judgment of a we bleak I all up. h it sympathy cin there b- in- nmut tuna h e persons to act as neents n Iransm line ' ' i "i -i i n . i? tween the people of Mexico on,! California and the in- Ld rccciviin. ill objects ol international l" - "mii philosophy, equally essential.) improve- liabitantsof the v.dley ol the Mi-i-"iiu and lb.-ll-i't. U'e do not find here the nanus ol nnv such nrrsnnn meiits suggested. Our city colempomry will im States, in lb choice ol a Pi indent ! 1)j they 'IV CAioiiiclr. , therefore ecaoe tlie "snubbing" which those know the same man I Un they concur in any geueial ,, ., , ,. , ,, , , ... . i nrnvorhiallv who interferu in the scttlomcnt .Mr. TnoMPWi to inert the name of the Ver mont Aocnt, in Iho pamphlet so liandsumely ii'itieed by the Chronicle, though it cannot bu I denied th it it would be well if it Ind been done. Minis. V,mr.iiAKr. himelf i-. the Agent desig. 1 n. iled by Iho (iovrriuir to take care of the iutr- rpN nf Vermont in tho matter of thee most A CiiArrtB oi Polhicai. Wondiiis! Some one Ins ipiaintly reniniked, if Peace be now made, this ! will be the hrsl example of a War begun irithout au thority, and ended without authority! Hat this is . only u put of the wonders, which attend this most extraordinary Chapter ol HUtory. Look at these, fur exumple i .in... D.nD;jun. w ...lit...., ,i.. ...,i.r;,.. ...1...I.I I .1- :...!!.. l-.-i .... iiirii"'""iii'i"ii '""""'""'i ..iiiiiuiu uuu iic-n.ioio i.M ii.ingrs. ie are ol I.nw constitutional piiucipi'.s ' Not al nil Arbitiory governments may have lcrritortr. nnd dtnanl po-iSi-nsiiiiis, ticcauH- .irbitraty governments may lule them by diliereiit laws und tliliT-rrnt sysiemi. liiirtia may lule the Ckarineaiid the provinctMnl the Ciiucasusa'nd Kniuwhalka, by dilWciil codes, nrdi n inccs, or uk.i'S. U'e can do no such thing They nnit be of u. part ol us, or else strangers. 1 think 1 see that in progress, .which will disfigure and deform the Constitution. While these ti rritorirs remain territories, they will bra trouble ami nn nu iiiiyauee. They will dr iw niter them va-t cxpi'iws. They will pnibably reijuiie ns many troops ns we have maintained during the at twenty ycais, to de lend them ogaiii'l the lndi in tribes. U'e mil! main tain an army at that iiumen'-e d. stance. When thi y Ik come Slates, they will be still mote likely to give us trouble. I think I seen course adopted wlrch is likely lo lirn - j 1st, required. the Constitution nl Ihe land into a drfoimed iii'juster . . inloactirM-, rather than a blessing , in tact, a liame I The Cliry t'cnlinils oi UN uneijum gov -"riiillni, no. loumicii nil jii'jiiiir representation, not lound. d on equality, but on the grossest inequality. And 1 think it vvilf go on, or that ttii'ir is dauser that it will go on, unlit the Union shall lull to puns. ' b-etl movt nptlv and justly called bv tho N. Y. I resist it lo-day-jiiJalwayt' v ho'veijrdlieis.or "" whoever Hies, 1 contn.ue in ihe cnnitM 1 Lcprcss TIIE MAN ok THE 1'F.orLE was np. I know, Sir, that all ihe poitents are discouraging. ' ,,rnt,rinlc-lv celebrated, both in New York nnd Would to God that lb., 'who thTnk with me.and , Plilliidelpl.M. In until cities t ho Dinii.g Halls mjwdf, could hope for monger suppon. Would we were cm.vde.l, and tho manifestation of, respect could stand wheir wedesire lonaiiil. I sic the signs and attachment for iho great leader of the arc sinister. Hut with lew, or ulone my position is . Vhig, was universal and enthusiastic., fixed! II there were time I would gladly uwaken the , I'lill.idelphia.eloquentand patriotic speeches 'XWma'b ported, by the blessing ol God, 1 shall do my duly. 1 ot and truest Yv lugs of Ihe Uliuui, Mr. G re ELY sec well enough all theiidverwindicoiions. lhu lain i nf the Tribune, and others, mid letters were uistainrd by a deep and n conseiennou. wiik nl duty.. ,.,,,,) frPm ;l tiutnlscr of distinguished gentlemen wheto hearts " warmed to the tartan at the naiuo of ('lav, and wln, likii him, prefer the liiuuiph of Principle above the triumph of Party. The fnllnwing is one nf the regular toasts drank on Ihe occasion. It is admirable: and of "family matters." lint nware that the appointment of any other Agent or Agents h. is been nnde, or is deemed necessary. We believe M, Vattemaue is the n,' Agent, nppiinled bv the other States, (Maine, New Veil;, Maryland, &c.,) and it is n,i se.l Hi it nn otheis are, for the present at "' The seventy-first anniversary of the birth of i IlEMtV Cl.AV, the (irc Coin mnner, as ho has ID The name of the young lady who com posed and arranged the " Sigma Waltz," which is so approvingly spoken of by the Albany Argus, is Josephine Hutf.t not Hatch, as stated by our Incnd of the Daily Sentinel. We arc under obligations to Mr. JUnsil for n copy of his admirable Address.delivcred be fore the Rutland County Agricultural Society, in September last, as well as for numerous oth er valuable documents. The Troy papers of Saturday lust froze their readers with such intelligence as the following, which we cut from the Post : Cim.Li.vo News rrtoM the Normi. M. L. Wood. Klin, who nttcmls thi- wire running from tlnscity towards the North Pole ns far as Mont real, culled the following boquct of Snow drops for us yesterday, Irom sonic ol the intermediates : Tut Weather Dialooud. Rutland Good morning. Troy : what's the weath er 1 Troy Uother dark nnd cloudy : roads free from dust, nnd muddv. How is the weather in Rutland 1 Hut. llie wires ore bigger than your leg, with snow. 1 roy Itatlier too large. Look s like " a yam." Rul. Looks more like a ship's cable than" a varn.' Costlelon 1 uct t three inches snow here aud clnu. dy. The denizens of these hyperborean southern regions should move northwards. We had no snow icrc; nothing but a gentle rain, refresh ing and invigorating the earth, and giving life to all green things. Move up gentlemen ! The Charter Election in Albany, took place last Tuesday. Join Taylor, Whig, was elected Mayor, and the Board of Aldermen is composed of twelve Whigs and eight Ixicofocos The Publishers nf the " Anslo-Saxon." New York have been so unfortunate as to lose their bonks supposed to have been stolen. Bellows Fallls Gat Tho Publishers of this Babel of bad spelling, ' hi aijgla sacsttn" as it is absurdly called, l.av ing been " so unfortunate" as to lose their brain long ago, may as well let their " books " go Their trottb'es come not singly, Hut in battalions.' CTThis day (April 13) is tho 1st Anniver sary of the Battle of Cerko Oordo. The gal hint and veteran General who planned and c.C' cuted this most brilliant of the achievements of our arms in Mexico, is, by order of President Polk, spending the day in a foreign land,dc' prived of his command, anJ in arrest! a. His Ambassador ends it without his ouihorily.or any nutnority. 'J. The President of this countrv nermits the shiest General ol the enemy to take command, and fight us as nam as possible I. The Genernl of our forces, vvhn conquered the enemy, is encsted til the midst of victories, and with out otlence, is to be tried as a criminal ! 5. We propose to pay twenty millions of dollars for territory we have ahcudy occupied, li. e hav r the best lands in the world, and we are exceedingly nnxious to get the worst ! . 7. We make War in the name of Liberty, and we proiose to establish Slavery, A series or contradictions, of blunders, nnd incredi ble inconsistencies, bke these, eannoi, we believe, be paralleled by any Administration in ony country. Pel blips, if we hunt up the musty records ol some King John, or lleury the Bih, ue may possible find a par- rallel. liui ceuomly not in this country, normally recent history of Modern Kurope. Frankfort IKy) Commonwealth. And while suppolted by lhat feeling, and while such great interests ore nt nake, 1 dely auguries, and ask I ... ..... .niml.l 'c nil.P ! lioonien Oin lii ini7jL"r - ood News fur llio TnuelinB riibllc. The multitude of human beings who havo wallowed in the miro between Whitehall and j whig Parly ran do itself nn higher honor Saratoga and made mortar tor tne puunc wiui-.inan, inrnugii ineir representatives at inn ap ,'int a con'.ract, will rejoice lo learn that .he S ir- lrIJ'1n;''',,on. by. Lowing that at0ga and Whitehall Railroad TJ Atln, ,ha, the menrcd hiving tho iron rati upon uuu ni "-liable lino of road last Monday, the 10. inst. Tho Directors havo contracted for four Locomotives, to bo delivered, respectively, on the Island 15th of June, and tho 1st and IStUM July. Our neighbor of Iho Wookstock Ape is of tho opinion that apop-gim" for any fiurrrW-i in Vermont," Very well ; Uto away then, Mr. Age. Constitution, framed by ihe sages of the revolution I'rei.-rr in oeieui to o snonnr. n wi i,,., snr. !.,-. jot or otic little of its principles lo wm the momentary Sllinilllie I'l u ,iuuiiu. tiiiiuipii, Wlni s Afraid! platoon of U. S. Recruits pissed our ollico this afternoon, marching with unaccustomed precision, and presenting a very warlike appearance " all tho while," as Mr, 'eh-ter said, on a similar occasion, " sonorous metal blowing m iitlitl sounds." " There's not a henib, however rude, Hul hath some little Dower Tn hiightell up its solitude, .Ami, scent ine evening hour. There's not a henrl, however cast Hy grief and sorrow down, Bui hath some memory of the past To love nnd call its own." The Daily Sentinel says that Mirabeau was the " inspiring genius ol "tho rretich Revo lution in 1SSU." His name is not mentioned in any history no havo seen of that rcuioto period of antiquity. Tho Sentinel quotes a writer in tho Albany Argus as saying that " the basis of the French Revolution of 178!) was infidelity." Wc al ways supposed it was rattier Ihe siiirrstruclure man tne oasis, iinvvever, writers in tne Albany Argus ami in tins paper coma scarcely ue ex peeled to agree 1 KM.iNCirATinx. Capt. John Warwick, of Anv herst County, Virginia, who died recently, mail- Limited, hy ins will, all his bervants, numbering between 70 and 80. Ho made amnle nrovision for their removal, uutfit and settlement in one of the Western States, WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL. 19, 1818. The readers of our weekly paper may tcmem her that wo gave an Interesting account, from tho N. Y. Courier Enquirer, somo time In December, of a Government Expedition of ex ploration to tho Dead Sea, in the "Holy Land," which was then in preparation. Tho expedi tion was placed under the command of Lieut. Lynch, of the navy, an experienced and compe tent officer, ami the following is the first account wo have since seen of it progress : Latest Account of the Expedition to the Dead Sea under Command of Lieut. Lynch. Wo hive received Intelligence from Constantinople, with journals, to the dale of March 4th, by which wo are enabled tn give our readers some account of the expedition to tho Dead Sea, which has created so much talk in numer ous circles. It appears that the expedition arrived in tho Dardanelles in the, latter end of February ; and on Saturday, the 2Gth, Lieut. Lynch, accompanied by his otliccrs, and the chief interpreter of the expedition, proceeded to tho Imperial Palace of Tiheregen, where ho was presented to tho Sultan. Tho Sultan re ceived him with great kindness nnd attention, and asked a great many questions in relation to the objects of tho expedition. Lieut. Lynch presented the Sultan witli several valuable American works, two of them upon the North American Indians, with some fine engravings of tlie chiefs, and also several volumes of tlie " Natural History of New-York," with nume rous engravings. 1 ho Julian received tliein most ifraciouslv. and examined them a long lime with great ieterest and satisfaction. Our account further slates that Lieut. Lynch nnd those who accompanied him were highly de lighted with their reception. It was the intention of Lieut. Lynch to set sail without further delay for the coast of Syria, in order lo prosecute the purposes of the expe dition. A'ctc- York Herald. Post Master Sued roa Ii.leoal Advertisixo. The publishers ol the Detroit Advertiser (Whig) brought suit against Mr. Uagg, the Detroit Postmas ter, to recover in damages the value ol l'ost Ullice ou v erlising lor the month of March. The case was tried on the Mill of March, and some rather curious facts were elicited. The advertising had been given to the Detroit Free Press (Demociatic.) It wes proved, how ever, that the city circulation of the Advertiser is 514, and that ol the Free Press only S'ij ; according to which the advertising ought to be given, in compliance with the n. t of Congress, to the former. The decision was against the Postmaster, with on nssessinenl of damages for SI .n6, Wing the value of the Advertising for the mouth ol March. Buffalo Patriot. Patriotism, after your particular fashion This means that hereafter in France no Eng. tishman shall ever groom, look after, or harness horses. Precisely, continued the Orator. We consequently request you to dismiss your Eng. lish servants, Very well I That suits mo perfectly, Your visit decides mo in a plan which I hesita ted to carry into effect. Then turning to his valet de chambre,- ho ad' ded: Call up my jockey, Tom, and my trior hostlers, Jack and Yorick. Tho three English servants entered, and their' Master says : You are no longer in my service. By order of these gcntlemsn, I dismiss you. Go ! Are vou satisfied 7 continued the Compte, addressing himself to the delegates. This is very well replied the Orator, you will replace these English by Frenchmen. Not by any means. I discharge, but I do not replace. You do not permit that I should be served by foreigners, but you must certainly allow that I may not be served at all. But your horses ? your carriages ? I offer them for sale from this moment. The equipage which I have kept docs not suit tho present state of aflairs. And you must know that having no longer horses, carriages, or any kind of retinue, I shall not limit myself to the discharges which I have just made. With my three English servants, I dismiss also my coach man, my game-keeper, my three footmen, anJ my cook, who arc French. You desire a purifi cation : as for myself, I make my house clean. Laurent, continued the Compte, speaking to his valet de chambre, you have heard me. I i retain only you ; and yet this is only until a new order. Go, advertise tho sale of my car riages ; take the horses to tlie salesman ; yon will pay at once each ol my people the wages which aro duo them, and see that they leave forthwith. You will offer a glass of wine to these gentlemen. Good day! gentlemen J and with a gesture, the ex-Compte showed the door to the delegates of tho livery-men. This scene, literally true, was repeated at sev eral places. There are, at this moment, hutw drcds of horses and thousands of carriages for sale. The word " Reform " is in all mouths. The Sentinel is in favor of " a milder form of punishment" than death, for the crime of wilful and malicinuB murder. Weil it be so good as to let us know what that " milder form" should be? Here is an example worthy of imitation, and wo cannot help recommending our frail sister on tho corner to come dow n upon Mr. Noble, our Postmaster, without any delay Mr. Noble's, i conduct in giving the post office printing to the Late and I.urortTAXT rnoM New .Mexico. Uaily Sentinel, merely because it circulates St. Louis April l'J, 1848. Mr. Burls, has among the people whose Utters are adierlised, is just arrived r un ton Arnansas. no ten t no m0st tolerable and not to be endured." .Mrs, river on tne uin oi .uarcti, nnu urings intern-1 ,. , ... ... gencc of a highly important character" j "oguctTy ought to seo to it. vv lien no icu, tne moot conincung reports had reached the Fort relative to the state of af fairs in that country. 1 hero can bo no doubt that a large body o hostile Indians and .Mext- alJ Culjs (ormcd f()r political purposes in Paris U'1113 II.U O..OVU .fc J.IUW J ,l,l,S.O , of the Fort. It was then the intention of Col. The Courricrdes Etats Unis of the 10th April, i gives a list of fifty-two Associations, Societies Gilpin to nnrch the following day with his com mand and attack them. The Chqeueno Indians had returned from a hostile expedition against the Snakes and Paw nees. They brought with them 25 scalps. Limit. Sliull. of the Artillery, committed sui cide by shooting himself with u pistol. Ho was . i.... r 'i.;- l ... s s- biailOIll'U ItV . uhwuiiii. ciriuy'ii ft.,, j . papers. The Fine Arts. Tho Publishers of Godey's Lady's Book, in a fly-leaf of their May number (just received,)' say : " It'e feel proud of this number. First we hare a picture printed in colors, the first attempt for a Moga zine ever mide in this country. Next, sn original picture by Sully, mezzotinted by our own artist, Itc. tec, ic, ic." All wo have to say is, let no man who is no in robust health look at more than one of these " picters" at the same time, without taking me dical advice beforehand. That "mezzotint by our own artist," is tho most appalling caricature, of juvenile innocence that tee ever saw. between the 21th February and the 22d March. The follow ing extract Irom a letter ot a Paris gr it i, stated by the Courier des Etats Unis, etv correspondent of that paper, under date of the authority ol a letter received by thesieainrWU. ' . , ' ,. , , . . i mgion, that Louis Phillippe will come to this country, .March 22, will throw some light upon tho state for the purpose ol riling his permanent residence here, of things there : Rochester Daily American. " Any person, who chooses, pastes upon the I T,ie Lowell! (Mass.) Courier says the above wall his little proclamation. Government rc-' statement is not true, and profanely intimate strains no lunner man to reserve lo itsell the, Heroism. The following instance of heroism is related by the Paris correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune. It occurred during the last session of the Chamber of Deputies : ii was ai ine ciose oi ine speem ot .ti. l.a- ,i ,nr, r anrii'i... nil t nat is aont-in-n.iv martine that tho Duchess d'Orleans, seeing that ooll 0r great or noble, as well as all tho ob- tl.nrn a tin hi. An r,.r !nt lllrnc.l ... ..-111,.!...... ' n . ... .1.. -I I C....l:.l. - I ' If... ...v.. ..r, ,. ...... ......v., u mt.iuin.v,, riOXIOlIS projects, llie UOSUIU, 10UII9U aim TIUICU- Imt tliirf una nn Innirnp f.r-itn rl',n 11i.i.l.n-a I .1- l.t.l. ... :n nn:,..;nn . . - " -"'si'."- in is ocsiinis. w icu uiu 111 tiuiu.uuu. iinoni' use of white paper: the nponle are free to use the colored. There is a rise on brown and yel low paper ; tho walls are covered with them. Tho history of the epoch is written in full on theso placards. It is enough to copy them for future history. There you will read, in large :ters, alt mat is aone to-aay ol that there are Locofocos enough in the country already ! A very beautifully printed pamphlet, containing nn Address on International, Literary ond Scientific Exchanges and comprising the Proceedings and In structions concerning the system established by Alex ivnRr Vatiemare. has been printed at the "Free 1 rcss ollice aud ibrwarOetl to us by Ihe obligiu editorof the DailyFree Press. It has been orenared nnd iinrintnd,f! liv ,l, P- Z. Tuovrso.v, of Burlington, whose rare attainments n- V,i..Hl ir:..n.:. ....I.e.. L r it.i ., was separated from her children, and tl,e child- tho t,011?,Tnds of these placards, one of the moJt I d'.ieV .'X'rid to' hh,?'!; Excelill.i: . t c 1 I amusing reaus as io.iuwj ; "The citizens, waiters at Coff!e Houses and Restaurants, are invited to assemble at the Mont esquieu ll.ili, for the purpose of consulting as to the interests ol their clas. rcn from each oilier. A workmin broke tho sword of tho Due do Nemours in his face; and a mm in a blouse seized the Comte de Paris by the lhroat as if to strangle him, but was thrown oil' hy a young .Nation. il Guardsman, Alfred Mary, who, placing him-clf between the child and the mob who.-e guns were levelled at him told them to fire if thev would, but they must take his life first. Then hurrying tlie Comte 1 garconi de cafe comes from the through a side door, ho leaped from the window paid by the consumers. They are more or less to the pivement beneath. A friend handed down rewarded according ai the customers are more the child, and Mary ran with lum in ins arms to ' or Css cencrous. The contribution is discre . (. .-I l-.I ..' ! I . " . . . . . Eaton, in a manner which'will reflect credit unnn it, State of Vermont. t5ov. Eato.n's appointment of Mr. Tiionros was creditable, to his sagacity : and Mr. Thomnson hsa perlormed his duties to tlie satisfaction, we doubt not, of nil into whose hands this pamphlet may fall. In It remains lo inquire what change tho new . this gencrol encomium we must not fail to mention state ot all.itrs can ellect in the fortunes of this class. Ihe cmol the po.-ition and that measure of credit to which Me printer is entitled moli mcnt of the ior "If beaul.lful ,sl'lc, '? wl"fh the whole pamphlet moiiimciu oi trie has been prmtej anj bounil .rhe l,,,,,,,;, 0f voluntary tribute f ermont ought, by nil means, to encourage good print- the Hotel lies, outstripping the carnage which brought tho Duchess and her oilier child to the same place. The heroic conduct of Mary touched the heart of the royal unfortunate j, and the Hue de Nemours, taking oil one ol Ins cpau tionary ; no resolution can increase it. "On n'orgmise pas le pour-hoire." If the garcons wish to bo belter dealt with, let them bo atten tive, polite, active zealous, and let them serve up hot ; here are the veritable interests ol their All Itighl-.Willi n Proviso I "The Provisional Government nf France may fall into some errors. In one movement we do not exactly ngree with il though we must allow, at the same tune, lor the prejudices of the Euiopean latitude. ir!Ai'rgron Union. The Icttes, gavo it to him as a souvenir nf the day, I class and as a token between them. The norlnrs of Paris have also associated for the ptirpoc cf ameliorating their condition. These domestic tyrants are insatiable. Not content with exercising upon the tenants, sub mitted to the yoko of their bell-string, a multi tude of vexations and abuses, similar to those . which have overturned the monarchy, these des- I nnts nf thn hulrrn rhiini an rvhnrhltant nnrlion nf om- iiiiivcinem, in vv iiich inis organ oi i ti,o revenue ol tho proprietors. The tax they AnoLmos or Slavery in the Fbexcii Colo. mes. As the abolition of slavery in Ihe French colonies has been decreed by the Provisional Government, an account of the numberof slaves in tho rretich West Indies will not bo uninter csttngattho prcsenttime. The French possessions in Iho West Indies are the islands nf Martinique and Guadaluupe and French Guiana on tho continent. The whole number of slaves in these colonies is 2: 703, distributed as follows : In Martinique I n.bvi tn Uitadaloiipe, UJ.tiU'J ; in Utiian IG,8'J2. The w hole free population in the above places is 77,110. 1 he productions ol the colonies are 107,000 00(1 lbs. of sugar and molasses, and 3,000,000 lus. ol colleo icr year, tins produce all poes to l ranee, and tho government last year collect ed 87,000,000 Irutn the duty on sugar alone. 1 he probability iow-Tf Ihe decree alluded to, that this largo demand for French consump tion, equal lo the whole of the Louisiana, crop, must be derived frnni foreign sources. What the inlliienco of this decree will be po litically, is uncertain. A similar act passed in 17HI in regard to 1 lay tl, convened it into a mi litary clectlvo monarchy. Judging from tho re sults of emancipation in tho British West In dies, it is fair to suppose tlie nearly the wholo of tho sugar and coffee crops in the French Islands will ceaso. mo results ol tins measure, as re gards slavory, aro also important, and wc may well rejoice mat another portion ot the earth is to be freed from the curso of human bondage The abolition of slavery also extends to the French possessions in the East Indies, which arc considerable Sj ringfuld Republican. i, is that uiott 1 have received from lime immemorial, does notj.tor, and his will. Provisional Gov- satisfy them. The porters have had the sou on , good deal greater inter ion of Slavery. 1 tho Here (twenty sous) of the amount ol rent ; I ror jt c t,int jt ;3 "democracy lakes exception, righteous of all the acts of the P eminent of France, tho Abolition lillS nob.e Illustration of the Consistency and time nmv demand thn franc ftwentv sous' on the humanity of the People of that infant Republic, ' Hire! is more offensive to the propagandists of Slavery I The servants in Paris form a class whose in this country, than would be tho restoration of' number might, in certain circumstances, have the Bourbons. I n,0 force uf law. It is beyond doubt, that, if Nothing is more abhorrent to tho Republicans t,e,. wish to act together, nothing w ill be more of tho old world than our domestic Slavery. It 1 M,y fr them, than to fend one or several of is constantly cast in their teeth by the apologists their numb-r as representatives to the Constitu and pimps of monarchy. Tho loreigner whose Cnt Assembly. heart is imbued with attachment to the theory " Parisnnd thedepartment of the Seine, there of our government, cannot conceive how so vile 1 are v,re thin fifty thousand servants, and with an institution is tolerated amongst us. Its con- ,10 tnirly-four representatives of the department, tciiipl.ition(produces painful impressions ; and too ' tlero vV,' , more ono election made by many have been weaned from their attachment 1 I,.. to tho "model republic," by tho conviction, for-1 However, and although the servants, as well ced upon them, that wo were a nation of hypo. I tie ritizens, garcons de cafe, havo already crites. We verily believe that the recognition of, associated for consultation, upon the interests of slavery by our laws, und its existence amongst ttioir class, we have not heard it said that they US, lias dollO more than all tllO bayonets ol Ku- I l,,vn vl llinimbt nf clmnslnir frnm nmnnn Ihmn. rope, to check tho practical and succes.ful do-1 s0vc, deput?. Their reunion had another ob- vel.ipement uf republicanism. It is deemed to be an institution too debasing and unjust to be tolerated by a nation sincere in its profession of attachment to tho principlo of universal equal ity. Tlie decree of KMActriTiox affords evidence of tho integrity of the members of Iho Provi sional Government, Its motto Is, " Lihehtv Equality Fit ateknity." Involuntary servi tude being the antipndo of the sacred principle embodied in Ibis motto, Lamaiitine and his as sociates could not hesitate a moment how to act. Perfect equality was tho recognized principle at home. The Prince becamo as tho Peasant, and tho Peasant as the Prince. Luch was sover eign, because each was a citizen and an elector. The monarchical distinctions of caste, grades and classes, were obliterated. Tho highest and the lowest were brought upon tho sumo platform of " equality," Neither condition nor color were made exceptions to iho rulo of universal liberty, Tho government, therefore, could do no less than it did declare Freedom lo every human being within its jurisdiction. It was an art of noble consistency the result, not merely , for one of his numorous .f " "'e I'ryudices of latitude," but of iho com ic was exhibited to us this ',?",itellISiU e morning. They aro firmly attached to a solid illustration of lh fact, that Slavery is tho pel gold plate, formed in the nicest manner to the ' principle of tho existingdynasty, Albany Eicn- required shape, and aro admirably calculated, t "V '"". 13" We pretend to no theoretical, nor, we are happy to say, experimental acquaintance with the art and mystery of Dentistry, but may ex press our admiration ol tho beautiful finish and admirublo workmanship of a set of enamel teeth for the lower jaw, manufactured by Dr, IIendee, of our village, customers, and which by tho naturalness of their appearance, as well as by ihe boautv and excellence of tho material of which they are made, to supply in all respects any Ion that the wearer may have I sustained. The Washington correspondent of tho X. Y, Tribune, under dato of April 8, says : " Tho Court to-day positively denied a further hearing from the council for Nugent, the Herald corres pondent. The Senate will probably release him en Monday," ject, which manifested itself in a very peremn' tory way. It was not to Ihe Hotel do Villo but to divers private Hotels that they went to carry tho programme and manifesto of their claims. Ono of their first visits was inado to an cj Compte, very rich, keeping a largo establish ment, renowned for the lino style of his equipage and tho beauty of his horses. It was in the morning, at the hour of recep tion. The valet de chambre of the compto an nounced to him that several persons wished to speak lo him. Tho compto, who had written to several tradesmen for their accounts, supposed it wis thev, and passed into the saloon of reception. He was not a little surprised at finding him self in tho presence of a dozen individuals wear ing divers liveries, who, however, presented themselves politely, and saluted him like people well Instructed and accustomed to servo in good houses. What is all this ? demanded he. We are tho delegates of tho Association of Servants, rcpliod tho orator of tho company. What do you wish of ine ? returned the ex-compte, with great tangfroid. Monsieur 1 Wo aro come to say to you that wo will no longer allow Iho competition which foreign servants make with us. At this declaration so singularly imperative the Comple did not not even contract his brow ; ne iuiiivmt,-u iiiiuseii wun sinning, and renli- j , , .. "i . . tt- to-"-" uiu, uuu oy mat expression we meon good paper, clean type and liberal payment therefor. Sr. Albans Messenger. We copy the above complimentary notice of the Vattemare Pamphlet, as an act of justice to Mr. Stilmax Fletcher, to whom all tho credit is due for its excellent mechanical execution, and to Mr. Thompson, whose superintendence and care hive made tlie contents of the pamphlet so interesting and useful. , John Jacob Astor, in his will, left Fitz Green Hal leek, who had been his confidential secretary for about twenty years or. annuity of 9'WO, payable quarterly. Boston Mail. A largo assortment of newspapers are still engaged in talking and writing about John Jacob v The world manifests a interest for him than he did absolutely indelicate to pirade his will before the public ; it is, obvi ously, an entirely prhate matter, pertaining al most exclusively to his own family. Tho only exceptions are a few words about a little matter of interest-money appropriated towards buying a few bonks, and a lew dollars to be bestowed on Fitz Gp.eexe Halleck, once a quarter, for a few years, because he happened to be the con fidential friend and clerk of the devisor. Good A verdict of 2500 has been rendered in the Court ot Lexington, Ky., in favor of CossiusM. Clsr, ogiinst the parties who took down and sent on" bu printing apparatus of the True American, advocating the abolition of slavery, in 1816. Lowell Daily Courier. Good, say we, also. And now, if Congress will only give him fourteen or fifteen hundred dollars more, to pay him for the loss of Ms " traps" while he was " advocating" the exten sion of Slavery, in Mexico, we suppose this con sistent martyr may bo set down as having com pleted the circle of human sufferings and rewards on earth ! Welland Canal. Official notice has been given that tho Welland Canal will be open to tho trade on the 10th instant. Montreal Herald cf April 6th. ' Do you take people's heads off?' asked an up country wagoner of a Dagucrreotypist the other day. ' ' Wo take Daguerreotype likenesses,' was the ' Well, I want two,' 'Sit down here, sir.' said the artist, placing htm in the chair, and fixing his head in a fai? position to receive a proper light. -..u ..,,,,, Wnen an was rea,dy, put on 0 most diahn He. I r,. t " r cd: Ah ! Ah 1 I understand j thi ism Yes, Monsieur, the coalition, is patriot interrupted the chief of I . i:.i' ,. .' "" era " ", "'aooiicar tace imaginable scowlinc . 1',at ;v, "' do, sir,' said the operator, half laughing and half angry. 1 ' ' 'You go on,' replied the countryman: 'I My VJU1 60' Wi roone,, M nX The transfer was made and another of a still more horrible expression eyas distended and cheeks pulled up. When the work was done, tho artist asked tho countryman if he wanted to frighten his lady lovo ? ' I've got nothing to do with love, was the reply. I jist want 'era to put on my mantel, pieco at home and when folks look at 'em, I'll tell 'em they represent Ronton und Kcarnv niak ing faces at each other '

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