Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 21, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 21, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, APRILl, 184& THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL SO, 1848. On Monday last wo published a stralght-for Ward and explicit letter from Henry Clay, do (king bis position with reference to the I'rcsi docy. NVo like the letter, not only because of decision It announces respecting tho use of mi name, but because it is appropriate on nc- tonnt of the doubtful and awkward position in vhlch the speculations and assertions of many t Mr. Clay's friends had placed him before the people, as well as in view of his nge, character mnd distinguished public services. During Ins receM visit to the north, it was Industriously teported by many whigs ("whoso wish was father, to tho thought," doubtless,) especially motig those who have been disposed to run mad after Gen. Taylor and success, hi pro- found Indifference towards the higher cause of Witio Principles and Wino Statesmen, that Mr. Clay would formally withdraw his name from the canvass that he would not consent to be again a candidate, and that many of those who wcro most warmly advocating his re-nomi nation knew that ho would not accept it. By others it was asserted that Mr. Clay would make no announcement of his views and wishes respecting tho important, yet delicate, matter of bis own connection with the candidatcship for the high oilice in question, until ho should have reached Ashland. These repeated assertions and speculations, coming as they did from all quarters, friendly and unfriendly, wero embarrassing and per plcxing in the highest degree to that vast body of the Whips of the Union who, firm and un- wavering in their political faith, and in their attachment to him as its noblest and truest ad vocate and exponent, and seeking triumph in politicaj contests not for the sake of triumph, but for thcsako of the great principles which would be sustained and promoted by it, havo steadily adhered, and will steadily adhere, to their pre ference for Henry Clay, until the full and fair expression of a W'mo National Convention shall designate some other Wma as the Candi date for their suffrages. Mr. Clay owed it to this great class of his fellow-citizens to write precisely the letter he has written ; and nobody but a politician, who cannot comprehend the idea of any thing supe rior to trickery and stratagem in the depart ment of " politics," will duubt or question the honest frankness and hearty sincerity of every word of it. It silences the " masked batteries" of those who are opposed to his nomination, and answers the c.v.ectations and wishes of those who desire it ; and it does nothing more. It simplv permits the presentation of his name to the Whig National Convention ; and we take it nobody in prepared to ray that tliat name,"clarum el icneraliile .'" is not worthy to go before a Whig Convention. High-minded and patriotic, as lie showed hiin-clf in 1810, when lie should have had the nomination, Mr. Clay announces to the .Whigs of the Union, that " whatever may be the issue of it, the fair AM) full deliberation of that Convention will meet with my i'rompt and cheerful acquiescence." What Whig could ask more J When the Iriends of General Taylor will produce such a guaranty from his pen, it will be time to consider in what respect his claims for the nomination may be uperior. Till then, Whigs who value consis tency above expediency, and the triumph of justice and sound principles above both, will hold on to their preference, if not of Henry Clay, certainly of some one, of the many dis tinguished Statesmen of the country, who is a Whig, open, avowed, in principle and in policy. President Everett's Eulogy oji John Quincy Adums. The Boston Daily Mail of Monday, contains a full report of the eloquent and admirable bulo cy on Jons Quiscy Aiiams, pronounced by Ed ward Everett, in Faneuil Hall, on Saturday the lfith inst., by invitation of the Legislature of Massachusetts. As might be assumed, from the talents and character of tho distinguished Euloeist, it is a very able and interesting per formance, We cannot refrain from copying the following passage stronirlv illustrative el the practical wisdom of " the old man eloquent," and liis influence over his fellow-men, in bringing order out ol confusion. .Many ot our reader will recollect the extraordinary scene and cir cumstances to which allusion is made: You will permit me in this connection to recall to your recollection the incidents of the opening of tl.e twcnty-s.ilh Congress in 1339, when the house lor several dais, in consequence ot a tun-told delegation rom New Jersey, was unable lo complete its orgnni zation. It exhibited to the country n novel, perilous find discreditable spectacle, the representatives of the people unable to form themselves into a constitutional body. In order lo understand ihis matter tully, it must be borne in mind tlint there are perhaps, no twoideos more deenlv seated in the Anglo-Saxon mind than these: one is the absolute omnipotence ot every sover eign Parliament or Congressional body, 1 mean of course, within its established sphere, I lie otner, piac d by the side ol this omnipotence, is the absolute in c&pacily to make a single movement excepting by means of its constitutional owers. Now at this time the House was unable to organize itself.and the acting lerk refused to proceed in calling the roll. The wis est and ablest inetntiera had successively arisen, lid- dressed the body, ond endeavored lo bring it out of its emoarrassinent. wui tne acting cierK positively reius d to entertain any motion made with this object ii view. There was disorder and contusion. Towards the close ol the lourlh day Mr. Adams arose. Expectation waited upon bis lips. lie made brought them to feel deeply their cmicui and perilous position, and then by way of drawing them from their embarrassment, he submitted the motion that lhe uct iiig clerk should be required to proceed in calling the roll. This motion had already been made severul times. And the c erk relused to nut the motion to vole. Mr. Adnms was immediately interrupted on everv side of the house with the inquiry "Who is to put the question 1' "How is the quesison to be putt" The roice of the old man was heard towering aliove the nnfnmn " I intend to nut the nuestiou mvfielf." (An rtlauiwO That word broucht order out chaos. There spoke the master mind. A distinguished member from South Carolina, Mr. Uhelt, rose, spoke what was in every man's bean, and moved that Mr- Adams take the chair of the House, and follnwingup the word with the action, ne nimseit put tne motion iroiu ins ku, Mr. Adams was conducted, to the delight of every one nresent. to the chair, and order was brought out of .chaos. Well did Mr. Wise say " Kir, I regard that the nroudest moment of vour life." and when von are gathered to your fathers, were 1 called to wlect the word or an you nave spoken and all you nave writ iten which best marks the man, 1 would inscribe on your tomb-stone this sentence, " I intend lo put the question myseii." (Applause.) Wo hope civ young friend of tho Sentinel found some kind of enjoyment in his leading effort, yesterday, to ridicule en eminent and venerable Statesman and Patriot whose counsel and whose eloquence were sustaining the Coun try and tho Administration, at the lime when he was scarcely old enough to bo safely left alone in a crtwie. ii ne am, nowever, no must look npon the letter ol Nr. aa Uuren as a very dis. creditable allair, and will not publish it of course. Cnsslns M. Clny. Tho publication of tho letter of Henry Clay, In which he has the pmumplion to announce to his friends that his name may bo presented to a Wino Convention, the Issue of whose delibera tions " will meet witli his prompt and cheerful acquiescence" lias elicited from Mr. Cassius ,1. Clay, the notorious pro-slavery apostle and anti-Slavery evangelist, a letter, which for mali cious enmity and bitter abuse, has been rarely paralleled ! Verily, " whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad!" Cassius is as mad as the avcrago of angry men whom it has been our luck to read of, or sec; and in a "chiv- alric" spirit of saving "the gods" the trouble, ho has made a liberal contribution towards the work of "destroying" himself. His letter Is addressed to Henry Clay, and may bo found in the N. Y. Courier cj- lhiquirert and, doubtless, in most of tho liocojo-.o papers in the Union. We give below a few "elegant extracts," that our readers may understand tho temper and spirit in which It was written. And first, Cassius coolly demonstrates the entire im partiality of his motives towards Ins distinguish cd namesake as follows : " I tell you frankly that, although from my earliest youth I had been something more than a cold ndtnir erof yourself, so when you started, on the 1 1th of August, 1815, to the Virginia Springs, leaving your friends and family to murder me in my sick bed, for vindicating those principles which you bad taught me, in your rjtetchte, at least, I ceased to be your friend, and became, from the necessity of my nature, your enemy." Very well J Cassius is his " enemy" plain enough, because Henry Clay left " his friends ami family to murder him" in 1845, instead of taking him along and murdering him himself, wc suppose, on the road. But Cassius was not " murdered" after all; and lives to be Mr. Clay's enemy," and to write flaming letters. Again, speaking of the time when Mr. Clay resigned his scat in tho Senate, Cassius says : The democratic nartv bv the excess of its num bers, was at once split into widely separated fragments. Messrs. Cass, Calhoun, Van lliiren, Tyler, Polk, and others, were all pressing their claims with a bitterness bclore unKnown to tne party, lliey determined to brimr Texas into the Union, avmeetttv to break down the power of the free North, and to make this nation 4 a slave empire. This the first time ire ever heard that Mr. Polk was mixed up in these preliminary quarrels, or that ho ever pressed his claims to the Presi dency " with a bitterness before unknown to the party I" The truth is, Cassius, Mr. Polk was neither named nor thought of at the time of which you write. llul the notable thing in this extract is the declaration of Cassius that Texas was brought into the Union " AVOWEDLY to make this nation a SLAVE EMPIRE." And yet this same Cassius was among the first to drop his anti-fhivery types, swallow his anti-slavery yearnings, and rush to assist in the precious work of adding eight or ten more just such Texascs to the Union, and is now moving heaven and earth to secure the election of Gen. Tnjlor, who declares that " if the country be acquired half or the ichole of Mexico, fie citizens of it should be left free on the sitli'ect" of introducing or prohibiting Slavery! Oh, rare Cassius ! Again says the "enemy" of Mr. Clay : " The battle of Boena Vista fixed General Tavlor in wie Hearts oi nils jicujnc: tenner you, nor ine wire w;orkers of party, nor the President can cause him or ms menus to ' suiicriurj- Certainly not, Cassius. All Mr. Clay, or his friends, whom you politely call " wire-workers," or any other good Whig, asks, is that a Whig National Convention shall designate a candidate for the Presidency ; when, if the choice should not fall uti Mr. Clay, (as they hope it may,) he (.Mr. Clay) will " surrender" like a good Whig and honest patriot as ho is, and we shall all " surrender" like sensible men, and work for the Country, instead of going into an agony of self stultification to secure a "dubious triumph." Respectable Cassius, you are altogether too combustible and "spontaneous." The Courier and Emiuirer introduces the let ter of Cassius M. with the remark respecting Henry Clay that " We cherish, nevertheless, for hisscrvices and his character, all lhe respect and admiration to which they are entitled." Whether oicr Whig papers will take prrcise- Iv this method to illustrate their " respect and admiration" for one who has devoted tiie ener gies of a great mind and of a long life to his Country's service, we suppose is somewhat doubtful. Giving extensive publicity to the scur- rillous attacks of an avowed personal "enemu." is rather a novel way of testifying respect and auiuirdiiuu iir n. man i Archbishop of Dublin had told them so ; but ho Tho Whigs of Gcnrgln TnyWrlsm on the was nothing less than an Impostor. Thirty-five lleclinc. millions of men had sworn It should ho tlond, The Whigs of Warren County elected Del egates to tho State Convention, instructed for Henry Clay. A Taylor substitute was pro posed, and voted down by an overwhelming ma- I"".'.'' i he Whigs or ijurno also elected clay Delegates to the Contention, and passed the fol lowing! lie it then fore Resulted, That the Wliics of Old llurke do iiguln recommend as their canili- l.tte for tho ensiiini; Presidency, that faithful, long tried, time-honored and apprmed Whig tne sage, the statesman anu tne i-airtoi iienbv Clay. The Augusta Republic says : " That tho Whigs of Richmond County will send n Delegation lo Milledgville, Instructed lo votu for such delegates to the National Cmivcn tlon, as will support their favorite, Henrv Clay." and many of the most learned nnd accomplished inC.ll ill litllUl'U HUU .Ullll'l UllMll IW LAtLUli; IIIU task. (1.0UU cheers.) Mr. Mitchell concluded hy saying that, as there should he no rest for Ireland until her freedom was accomplished, he would only add. that ho was for at once making a lie-pinning. He moved tho following address : 7Yf7ic Citizens of the French Republic: As Slaves should nddress Freemen, as a land which has yet its independence to assert, and its social freedom to attain, should address a Sove reign State and Republic, wc address you, Cit izens. Had wo a National Government, a recognized centre, willing and competent to speak for Us, it would have hina since biildlv declared the admi ration of yonr heroism, the sympathy with your cause, tin1 uciiglil in yonr victory, which we feel, but are from our condition Incapable of ut tering. Foreign dominion and distraction a mong ourselves choko the best and noblest feel ings of our hearts, and turn Into empty wind the voice ot minions. Receive from tis, Citizens, all the concraiut.v tinns wo can offer and ho assured that beneath them there Is much that cannot bo uttered be hind them the longings and passions of suffering nnu enslaved men. ion liavo only out yester day broken through a mild despotism, and vet who were compelled to hide in yoltr hearts for eighteen years the hate ol that despotism winch now you liavo so nouly vindicated you, cm zona, vou can understand us. Wo recognize in the French Republic tho work of workingmcn. We see in Its every net justice to the rights of labor; and in its victories, us glories, its success, and justice, we working men participate. IJut, enslaved as we are, we can only offer vou unr iiiuiviuuni sympainy aim incnusmp, and wo ask in return, that you will look upon tho suH'er ings of the eldest and most persecuted sisters of our common Celtic race witli conimisseration and sorrow. Wo ask you not to blush for our shame and slavery, but to retain for us reciprocal friendship and sympathy till our liberated coun try can deserve it. W II I CJ HON;. AIR. " Sparkling and Slight." Sparking and bright with a glorious light, A star in the West is glowing ; Pure is the gleam ol its radiant beam As lhe crjstal fountain flowing. Then we'll sing tonight for our hearts arc light, And loudly swell lhe chorus, To the cause we Ioe and our Hag above. That shall wave triumphant o'er us. Bright arc the skies, for the darkness flics That long their beauty clouded : And the Western star has banished far The gloom that it once enshrouded. Then we'll sing to-night, dec Pair is the fame of our Harry's name, Around it a v realh ot glory ; With Freedom's baud it shall ever stand On the page of future story. Then we'll sing to-night, etc. Where Freedom's dig o'er rock and crag To the morning htceye is streaming. In the starry light ol that banner bright Ourchieltain's name is gleaming. Then we'll sing to-night, tic. Justice shall crown our chieftain's renown, t The voice ot the free is speaking ; For Columbia's pride hy slander tried, A nution is uwuking. Then we'll sing to-night, AiC. Smiles from the fairshall banish care And cheer us on to duty ; When our song uceiids sweet music blends On the gale, from the hps of Ueautv. Then we'll sing to-night, A.c. Then let the shout and the song ring out, For our cause and our Chichain irlorious. Till we all shall see o'er the brave and free, Our banner wae victorious. Let us sing to-night, &c. Catholics in Huston. Tho Catholics in tills city number about 35.000. Tho whole number under tiie charge and supervision of tho Ilishnp or Iloslon, (Rt. Rev. J. R. Fitzpatrick, D. 1).,) Ill tiie states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, is about 80,000. Church es and stations In these four states 77 ; clergy men 49. The Catholic population In the Uni ted States is estimated at 1,11)0,700, ofthc world 1(13,000,000 Iloslon Chron. The Court-yard or mc Tuii.eries. In the court-yard an animated scene was going on lust week. Laborers aro clearing nay the wrecks the storm ha elrewu over snmo of the apartments, which Ihey bring out In baskets and shoot down ready for removal Papers, old let ters, torn prints, shoes, dolls, periodicals, bits of tapestry, but especially fragments of looking glass, are all mixed together. Tho soldiers are tisliing tip all Kinds ol singularities with exces sive enjoyment. A bit of mirror large enough to shave in was a great prize, for tho plates were of the best quality. The appearance of an old white hat, Was received with shouts of laughter. It wns maintained to be the identical chaveau of linis Phillippc when ho played lhe itoi cuoyrn: mo companion umbrella ilttl nut turn up. A lieavv storm of hail was the otllV tiling that drove the military chiffoinicrs from their amusement. I scraped tho heap witli as much zeal as the rest : it is not every day one cantrcuu on the dust of a dynasty. i'uns Cup n tponucni nj me l,omton 1 lines. At the charter election in MiKvaiikic on the Jib. Ilarou Kilbmtrn (loco), was ciiosem Mayorhyaotc of lOTy to 8'JI lor Unfits King ( whig). Kilbouru's majority ItH. Vioy Post, Sound Yjsidi.e. In tliis age of wonders, what wrll the world think when we assuro it that a method has been discovered and matured, by which soucd will be made visible to the human its various forms and waves demonstrated to sight, and the power to discriminate between the tones of one musical instrument and another be as complete as to observe tho action of water J:.'.l 1 1... n.M. malnrlnl rat, At. Tim wi en u "iwiwii j v. rlrwni. wo believe, are likely to ho ere lorn repeated in the Royal Society. Tho exhibition r Vk-eu on fine sand has probably led to this astonishing issue. (Literary Gazette.) The .ir..i. nf ennnd mav be made visible, and have v,on before now many a time; but sound itself can nctcr lie made visible. 1848 LAKE CHAMPLAlN. Tho Steamer New Firni nnd Ncff Goods ! From late London Papers. Ireland. The " Monster" Meetinsr. This affair came off at the North Wall on the 20th, and was convened on tne requisition of 3000 persons, tho hord Mayor Having refused to call !t 'IMm .i.mibnre nrnsPfit worn nkf I 1... Ynumr Ireland leaders at 10,000. but tho rcnort. or fur the Morning Chronicle estimates tliem at 7.000. and states that of these very manv wuro spectators wtnio oiners iouk mucii more interest in the tlilmuicrig anu popgun apparatus exhibit ed, and in operation at thu outskirts, than in the speeches. The meetini; was nem on a picco ol vacant building lot near tne form Wall, and a puttorm of planus anu u trreia was prepared lor tne speakers, i ucro was not a police-man or soldier present, at least in uniform, anil no Hags or banners tit any sort. At the custom house, which is situated on the quays between the city and the place ol meeting, there were a few companies ol the 71lii regiment, lully armed, posted iniiile the railings, and prepared, as tho military generally wero during the day, for im- 'IM n ;.i. able interest in the mot entente of the dense mas ses of tho people, who early in the day passed the custom House, out the latter demeaned them selves very properly, and took no notice what ever of the military. A French gentleman, whose namo was said to bo .Mr. Amablo Sane, and who was described as having come from Paris to be present at the meeting, was an object of great interest. Every thing passed oll'quiet- ly, and no disposition whatever lo riot was ex hibited. Mr. R. O'Gormati presided, and spoke very hriclly. Mr. John Mitchell ol tho united Irishmen, in moving an address of congratulation to tho French, addressed his hearers as slaves, regret ted that some of his fellow slaves had been in duced to stay away from the meeting, and said that he himself would havo been ashamed to lie there had he not felt within him an assurance that the day ol their own delivery was approach ing. (Cheers.) Tho day was coming when the French would have to congratulate Irishmen on freedom won. (Cheers.) After observinc that he restrained himself in order to secure uiuniuiily, ho proceeded, full tilt, against "tho fallen tyrant of the barricades," said that with him had fallen, in Franco at least, tho svstem id political economy of which Adam Smith was the apostlo, and prophesied that in Franco all men would havo food and employment, and all would bo tho rulers of tiie Slate. (Cheers. 1 Political economists and other persons in tho interests of il.n -..l.i.:.... l l. ....,.. . ,. I ..... miuuiiik, biuui;iiieriiig, piunuering r.ugiisu Government, would tell them that lin wns describ ing an Utopia, and that jreo competition was tho only way in which business and trsdo in general could be carried on with success, The XXXth CONGIIEKS. Monday April 10. Senate. Mr. Hale of New Ilainiliirc presented sundry Abolition petitions, which were, on motion, lam on tne table. Mr liadiier of North Carolina introduced a resolu tion instructing the Committee on Printing to inquire inlo llic expediency ol repealing the joint resolution requiring the public printing to be given out by con tiact, wliicli was agreed to. Mr. Cass. Chairman of the Committee on .Militarv Affairs, moed to take up the bill providing for the settlement of California claims, which was agreed to ; wlim, Mr. Denton of Mo. addressed the Senate at consid erable length, and strenuou-ly advocated the passage oi me run. A mcssine was then received from the rresident. communicating to the Senate, (iu obedience to a call pteviou-ly made upon hitu.) lhe number ol troops sent to Mexico the number of killed and wounded, with the ntimtier that hod died of disease ; which was or dered to be printed, Adj. Ilm-sK. Mr. Andrew Stewart of lVnsvlvania mov ed to supcnd the rules, iu order that the House might taae up tne joint resolutions pas-ed by tne acnaic, conirratulatiii2 lhe Trench neonle on the success of tneir late revoiotmn, in iaor oi a itepuiincau lorui oi government objections tieing made, Hie yeas aim and najs were called for and decided iu the allirnia- tue. Mr. Ashmun of Massachusetts addressed the House, oud irave his reasons for bavinir ollered un amendment to .Mr. Cummins' (of Ohio) lesolutious, which he said was because they were sprung upon the House. He considered that the latter hum the Senate, were entitled lo more cuiisideralion. 1 he previous question was then called lor, when the teas ami nas were ordered on lhe passage of the joint resolutions as thev came Ironi the Senate, Yeas 174, nays J. .Messrs. Itoot ol Ohio, and Cranston ol Kliode island being tbe only dissentients. On motion, the House then adjourned. Tuesday 11th. In the Senate, to-dav. Mr. Ueverdv Johnson pre settled tbe petition ol John S. Skinner, for on appro priation lor llie cEtauiisutneiu oi on institution ol ill struction in Mineralogy, Ijiigiiiecring, Road making Sir Johnson addressed the Senate in favor of lhe object ol the petition. It w-os relerred to the Coin lillltee on Auncii luie. ond ordered lo be nriuled. lite iew lorn iirancii .mm oui was made ine special order lor the second .Monday m Mov. In the House, Mr. Pollry moved a reconsideration ol lhe vote expressing sympathy lor trance. Mr. Uaily addressed lhe House respecting the relative posi tions of Massachusetts and Virginia. VlD.VESD4V l'Jih Senate. The order of the day. the California claims bill was taken up. and Mr. Uaj ton addressed the Senate, tie spoke chiefly in reply to Mr. Web ster's speech against the treaty. He voted for lhe treaty, as he was sitislied that no ttealy could be made with the acquisition ol territory, Hocse. A warm debate took place lietvveeu Messrs. Palfrey, Ashiiiiin, rendition ami liny ley, on the subject of the reiectiou bv the Senate of irumia. of the resolutions of respect to the memory ol John iuiucy jiuuius. Latest News. n y ei.i:cthwti:u:ura I'll. New York, April 10, past 2 P. M. Last night n firo broke out in the cabinet manufactory of M. Plnlt, ami raged with great violence till 19 houses were cither totally destroyed or seriously damaged, oc casioning great suffering to n large number ofpoor families nnd families in inodrrnte circumstances. Mr. Piatt's loss is some 10 to ."0,0()0 dollars. Insurance, nbout half us much. Total loss 8100,001). McXulty, the absconding clerk of Vyse ec Sou, of this city, has been arrested in Mntaiuas. There was quite a riot nt Washington last night, in consequence of the recent uhscondmg of slaves. A large crowd gath ercd in front of the National Urn office, nnd commenced throwing niissiles,"cV:c. Their proceedings wcro finnly stopped by the intervention of the Polico nnd sundry citi zens who addressed the mob. Hundreds, however, lingered about the place until they were dispersed bv a drenching rain that set in. MAUKHTS. Flour moderate nt 0,a0,37 1-2, sales 000 bbls. Oswego nt 8(1. Coin fi'-in.-iH, yellow, and in moderate request. Sales 5000 hush. Holders of whetit are firm, Rye 75u7G and ritliet. sales tiOUO bush. Ucncsae wiient nt 1,97 1-2. Pork heavy nnd sales light- Lard, 100 bbls. sold at 0 1-2 a 0 :j-lc. BRIGHTON CATTLE MAItKLT, April II. rnnnrted for the Atlas 1 At market 100 lieef Cattle. 13 pairs Working Oxen 40 Cons and Calves, ii ?neep, iuiu.owi ir, Prices. licel Cattle eaics ot.,u; o,s.u,ju, ana Working O.V.CH. Sales at $US ; 123 one pair, ex tra $133. , . , Cows ,fc Colves foies ol sjia, -w, -i nun j-i. Sheen. Sales ot $-.'-'5, !i73, 3, -10, and 5,50 a few extra at 'J. , v. . . Swine at wholesale 3 l-l?tl-i.-sew lornon-me 5'J-4t'G3-lc. i;.troct of a letter Ironi Dr. Williams, of Vl fientlenien I will thank vou tnsend me two doien more ol your Sarsaparilla and 'Inmatoe Jhtleis. I have used it with gnat success iu lour cases of dipep sta, curing each ol them in on almost incredible short tune; likewise one cose oi scromiouo huiiiii,uuu onv; of jaundice. I consider it a valuable compound, ond inut soy I used H witli the happiest elects. Should like to hav c it as soon as couv cnient. One of the cases of dyspepsia was a gentleman who had suf fered a long lime, uud had been to the Springs two seasons. ... A Uoydon. I;so . of canibrulve, cured ol the dyspep sia ola years standing, alter trying a hundred reme dies without toe least ellect, itenjamin Whitney, of Lynn, cured of indigestion

and dysjiep-ia by usilg two bottles ot the nboVe. for sale by Tnio. A. Peck, and A. C, Srr-vn, Apo thecaries and wholesale Druggists, and by dealers gen. erally tluoughout the Slate. 43 w 2 Cnpt. Win. ANDEIISON, Leave Whitehall, ond Saint JollilS, Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thutsday and Friday, at 2 o'clock, P. M. Saturday, ot 3 o'clock, r.M. Tho Steamer dipt. O. LATIIHOP, Leave Whitehall, nnd Saint Johns, Tdesday Monday Thursday and Wednesday and Saturday,nt2o'clock,r.M. Friday, tit 3 o'clock, P, M. Oit Monday 24th instant, The Steamer UNITED STATES, Cnpt. P. T. DAVIS", Will commence her regular day trips between White hall and St. Johns. I,eavc Whitehall, oud Saint Johns, Tuesday Monday Thursday nnd Wednesday ond Saturday, on arrival of Friday, at Packets, 4 to 5 o'clock, A. M. 5 o'clock, A. M. Po'sengers by the United States IJont will leave Whitehall iu the morning, to arrive at St. Johns, in time for the Cars to Montreal same evening. Thu fc'teamer SA11ANAC, Capt.T. D. CHAPMAN, Will run between Whitehall nnd Saint Albans. Leave Whitehall, tulil Saint Albans, Monday Tuesday Wednesday ond Thursday ond Friday, on arrival of Salutdnv, at half pnsi 6 morning Pockets. ( o'clock, A.M. Passage through 2,00 without charge for Ilerths ot night. Way passage as nearly In proportion os may he. Merits llxtin This arrangement will conti nue until further notice. April lUth, 1818. dl.'i 400,000 1IM. Lend Pipe & Sheet Lead. THE SUiiSCItlllKltS AUK NOW MANUFACTUR iug Lead Pipe, under a new patent, recently granted by the United Slates, ol a ipiahiy never before obtained iu this or ony other country j ond their siiie tior facilities mid means ol manufacturing enable them tndflvriimtM'tittnn. Where Tinned l'nic is nrelerred we can supply o most Ivautiful nrin le. All Weights of sheet lead ond of Unsurpassed quality. Those wih iiig to purchase will do well to call upon or write to THOS. OTIS LF.KOY &. Co., 01 &.2G3 Water St., New York. April 18, 1818. l,-.J2w.tl3wlm. S. WICKBS, 1!27 ii cr Street, Troy, opposite the Troy House, Wholesale Di'iigKist, AM) llKAI.Klt IN Uru-.-s mill Medicines, Paints, oils, Dyes, Clieimcnis, v iiriiisiit's, c Ol'TEUS to Mkrchams their Spring purchases, o complete assortment of floods ill the DniK line, which If: warrants lo be ol the URsr qt'At.iTV and at lhe lowest inaiket prices. MrntilANTs. M iNL'lACTL'rtElts. and others, visilin the- South for the purchase of Hoods, ate invited to coll. Troy, April IS, 1818. Vim Notice lu Bridge Builders. rFHK uxDnitsiiJXED Committee of the Jl towns of Wilh-lon and Isex, will meet nt the Inn of II. Stanton, ill Css.-x.on Wednesday the 21th dav ol Mav next, to receive and examine sealed pro posals for building a substantial covered nrch bridge across Onion lliver, near Hubbel's Falls, to be finished by the 1st day ot October next, i'roposais will npui be received for finishing the same by the 1st day of June, JSl'J- Tor lurther information inquire of h. l. Stanton lssex. GOOD AND CHEAP 1W0KS. ri'iuw... ... . . ........ ..- . . . i i isr-ii, i a i' in- v i:tii..ii- mrn , . a M line them at the TkMoty of th TIIE LADIES EXCHANGE. Kw&wr-uyk"au w I Sunday School Lumurim or 100 Vow- fort 810. R. W. WILCGX & J, W, NASH. HAVING ASSOCIATED THEMSELVES FOR mercantile purposes under the name and fifm of "it . ash, would resncctiully Invite lhe citi k. w hcrt' lw" "l". both entirely differ n f n3S !1lT'V ,s""'- vnry,nin size l7., i ii1 K 1 par" ami suo-; stontial y bound These arc the cheapest Libraries ever published . also, v A l,lrritry iff Hit. Vols fiir i r.rt ineelln lens Cf Iliirhnglnii ami vicinity, In on examination of This contain (lie smaller publication of the Soeielvli their stock or l.'ry (Juuds,nt tbe ficw Store next door hall bound lit inorbci'o, leltircd und numbered on the lo IJriiistuaid it Ilrotlters, Church sheet. We do hack. Also, not think it necc.'ary iu gorgeous colors and with 1 Fucrt llfNDm.D,VT l.ti n.r; tiobrs, In patiet emply puffs, to hold lor'.ll tl long ifitalngue of useless covers, plenhliilly oiloiued Willi pictures, and in price bombast s (Mice it to My, that wc would invite all, fmui hall n rent upwanls. belorc laying out their money, to call Und examine our i Tli o Ik-NDiaii variitma or Tracts, averaging 2d goons ami prices tor itieinseivcs. wur Morn lias been pages ior a cent. purchased principally lor cah, ot a favorable time vmiinii me i.isi ii.iern o.i)s; in uiv i .u preni commer cial marts, NeW Yolk anil Boston, with great care1, ond vvilb a fixed dclerminatioii to please otir custom ers with the best of goods, lalcst styles and lowest prices. Our Stock in part consists of: 1131 yards Karlston dirtgllanis from 12 1.2to2.'icts- alnn do do tlu as :t" " MM do muslin and French, dd 18 "37 1-2 J.inen for travelling drisses. I'lain mid figured, cheap. Silk drcis good, beaulilut styles'. Illnck irro-ile-Khinei Oil widlhS. Mos'lns rind bercgeg, rich and dcsitable. For Sillldav Schools. 1'amilv. and D.strlcl School Libraries, OVKIt SIX HUNDllllU liOL'.VI) VdLUMES have been prepnred, varying in price from Fite Centil to .S'ei-fiy.y-'ice, and embracing works addpted to the capacities ol children ifnj youth of fi'l ages. I Scmriupr Trvr, and S'T.irrtfit l'lctt'it Cards; i ol large sine, for Inlant and Sunday Schools. Of these- I more than n lliimlicil Klntli, Alsb, Kcnurd Tick ets, and Hymns on Cards, with i Si i.i.t.i.u. ami lir.At', ami BooKs.desigued for Sabbath School uses. Mais or l'At.umr. and .Tr.ncsvt.rM, togsther with1 M-.. .1... I .- . r.i. . IL .. I I J iiiim' "i nit .iiiui ur j iii in io. u-uiiuren oi i-nii'i inn. .vl i'?'ius anu uercses, r,cn nnu ucsiraoie. i f,. . , . ' ,,, - ,T i . i . 1 ilinwls-llicll brocha, cashmere, tlnbet, delaine, f.'e School cal,:'",1,,:"'ml'larS""lol'tU9, l) ond stradilla. White Goods Swiss, mull, book, doited and plant muslin for dresses. . Jaconets, from li 1-S to 7? ctS. Ladies collurs, and under handkerchiefs. Mourning Good? Uoinba7iue.s, alpacos, mtiattii, bcrages, love veils, Sir.., &c. Linen cambric handkerchiefs, Gd to Ilous.-kceping Good" Counterpanes, shceling fdr nilure dimity, damask Iodic cloths, embossed lah'e spreods, napkins oud doillies, Jpjssia and birds-eye diaper, tickings, toweling, crash, etc., &.C. Cloth nnd Domestic Itimin. Frctitll. Lnclich and American cloths, cassimeres. satincls,twceds and summer stripe lor mens' and bovs' wear, at prices never lielurc heard ol. Gentlemen will tave money by examining odr stuck ol cloths belore making their pdrchascs. I'. h. ire-ii niieii ol every quality, hrovsu nnd bleached shi eling ol every stj Ic and pnic. unrinigiuii, iipin i.., 1313, Mr. Itolnh F.merson. the " American Carlvle." some ol his lint i-li admirers are loud ol calling him, is the subject ot o llasliy article, in I all s last l.tlni burg Magazine," understood to lie from lhe pen of a .vir. tiiin ua n. n is un u v lautiaiorv oi us sun eci. whom it calls " the coming man." He is lecturing through Scotland : and we should judge inosivle to disgust that clever and shrewd neonle instead ot de lighting them. "Some of his expressions." sas Ins own eulonist "have been imnrudent. and even out rageous ; mid beie is on instance. He said, in one ol bis lectures : ' W iv b asnbemcst thou. O. Seer I Ihwedenborg means J Muii.ou the sallows, or in the biothel.m olwa)s on ins way timcaias.' Ktich ore lhe usual rambles and ravines of Mr. Kill erson's set here, at home. And our Seidell lovers of lhe new and startling imelvdhtism ot lhe duy, can have os many " more ol the same sort,"os they choose to import Ironi this, our l.ivortil land, A great many ot them would, doubtless, take great priite in tne ap lieliatioit ot "coining man, so emiiusiasticauy ne .towed by Mr. Giltillan upon his " Magnus Apollo," Dnerson. Y. 1' lUyiesi. Air. Ralph llincrson is about as much tho "American Cttrlylo" as Sunnier Lincoln Pair- field was the American Shakspearc. Let a nun read Carljlo's article on Ilums,in the r.dinburp;h llcview, or that on Schiller, (both republished in his " Miscellanies,") or nny chapter in his French Revolution, und then turn to tho "leath er and prunella " of Emerson if he can. Ihn- orson bears about the tamo relation to Carlyle, Intellectually, that a Scotch mist docs to clear weather. (!. Wiiitnev, II. G. Stanton, A. llltVANT. Cum. far Tlssex. Su.V O W. II. Fruncii, II. Sthvuns, U. A. .Me noAV, Com. or H'tllistnn. Kssex, April 12, 1IS. ULANING JIACHINK now i. full ope 1 ration at the Burlington Foundry. April 1 1, (d&wtl) 11. WIII'.KLint. For sale or Kent. Mv 1MIH LAIttii: AM) t OlIMODIOUS rjjij' 1 Hiick Hotel, in Willinon, well known as --mA" " The Lagle,"is now olli'rcd forsile, on terms nio-t advantageous ior the purchaser, or will be leas.' lor a term id years. It is iu thorough repair, and has a supplv ol lhe purest snrme: water, runtime: into the kitchen, ond to the bam. For paiticulars, inquire of ine proprietor on me premises. II. riir..t. 11. Wilhslon, April 1,1313. Odilllw " Houses lo Kent." THU Sl'nSCRlHEHS iiavi: two co.nvi: n'ptll Miill.u In lien. 'I'hey are situated on Ooll Sircet, have each a good wellot Water, a Garden, o good ham and other out Duiiuings, anu win ue renteii very cheap. H.tC.P.UUADLKY Iluilington, April 10, ISIS. 7dwl Tor Male or to Kent. The Compound Chemical WHALE OIL SOAP. Rosc'bugs, Leaf .lice, Slugs, and aery otlur de scription ij jiixcrs unites, drupe- rtnes, Peach, Apple and other Tries, Shrubbery, (irass plots, Turnips, ltbbag(s, ivc. ic. if-e. Pi:iOI.VXIJ.TI.Y r.ItAIMCATCIJ. THIS l'REPAR tTIOlV IMS DECIDED ADVA! lages over any oilier hitherto brought into usci as it not only deslrovs all the vertuin parasitic Upon veg- taiues, nut aisocontriiiutes toilie Icrtihtyaud clcanh- AiAr or the Anui.nt Would. nrl ll'lldiropliic vievjs ol intereting places in the Holy Land. The Union Bibi.c Ihci ionakv, pronounced by com jieieni juHjcs to be the best Bible Dictionary of tho Kind ever prepared, G."i) pages, only 73 cents. Several works on UMirnl .iittijiiities, ottd lllustra (jng Jeicith lliituril, designed to aid lUUiers ill tltcit vvoi!?. Snliliatli School Qnrs'.iou Hooks. Union tjtiestion., Iti vols., r,J cents each ; und ths -Child e Scripture (Question Bock, It) cents. syppji-X The Sunday School .loiirpal lor teachers, published twiee a mouth, lit only 23 cclili 'ef t'Mi"ni. The Youth's Penny Gazette, Issue, tvery other w-e, k ni the extremely low price of 12J cents n yeof, when forty copies and upwards ore toke.i. Catalogues w ill be sent on (post paid) application td 4I"3 .1. (.'. MKKKS, Agrnl. Ctjismrrrs saiisaI-aiiillA. KbAD ths ll'I tIWIMI Cl.llllHf.VTIs: " I'.dw.ird llniiley .V. On Gentlemen. Willi a bottle ol ' I'ntht'lt's CoinliiiMid Hxtract ol'SaMpa rilla' I received a ci'I')' t)l hifl I'n-tliiJla lor preparing it. Fiom te-tnig llie Syrup, the lct ot the existence in it of the octive snOstances named tas a-certtlliied, 311 1 the general good qualities ol lhe Preparation fulirred. The Formula exhibits the union ol some ofthc besi of our native medieiinl Boots and Plants, wiih sub. stance's nftiie iiiijttsvr reputf os remedial agents, and does or contain ony metallic ronioiiiid. For tlw Cures in which the medicinal v-imb-a tJt r3arsaparilla are; sought, Ins Preparation should have d prelereuce,iii cunseqiienee ol the rare oud skill iu compounding it. Uespeciliiiiy, At u. A. Haves', M. D. Ilarch Hi, isis. stale Assnytr." It may be cc'nsidered inf.illible in its applications ; t, r,'l" M.ARV,V' '"I." " ,lM. , fT,"",r, ' Olid, oil account of its . heaoness. verv i eres-il,!,. lo ..A"'""- ' le ullhtrllbadrmt,l.) any extent, 10 iiorucuutirisis, .griculluristr, 1 ariuers ond rinnters. JH i ci, In Mciiiu-nl, on the I3ih ulimm, I'l.Wir. pArivEAt', djiiliter of Mr. IVrre l'apincautael i.3 yearK, THE SUBSCRIBER will Sell or Rent his New Brick House, on Shelburii Street, about sixty rods south of the Squate. The house is large and built ol the best material and in the nini modern style. T. CONNKK. iiiiritngton, .vioreti J l , ibis, lutl DirrctlOIIS fur t'sp. tenrnti full divnlveil In one gallon ond a pint of rain water is ol sullicient strength to sprinkle ovct the plnnts and shrubbery. morning iiuu evening, until an insects nave ili-iap- ieared. l eocli aim other trees mar lie moistened by means of a large syringe, ond ot the suite time the bark ol the trees may Is sisjiiged Willi the liquid. rreparcu ny nr. i.ivvis I i.unirvvAMiir.,ro -i, vv an Street, N. Y., and lor snie at Apoihccarits' Hall. lilAI. i; UAUHUMi 1 ll.N, Corner Church onJColege Sts 'roprirtor. an iIAimixYjton's IMTATI'.. St ATB OF VNUMONT, ) At a Session of the District or CitiTTrm.v. ss S Proline Court. holden ot llurhngton, vviihiu oud for the D.strict ol Chitteu den, on the 13th day of April, ISIS, George 11. Shaw, Administrator ol the llstate of Ann Harrington, late of said Burlington, deceased, intestate, tiled in said Court his petition, in waiting, setting firlli that the said deceased dieil seined ol an undivided hilt of qtlrtr- teracre lot .Mi. Mil, Ivmg in said Burlington, vviuui tindivined half was inventoried and appraised nt Stf.'iO.OO ; that the slid Ann b it no pcps-nnl estate j that the amount of claims allowed by the Cctumis sioiiers ogainst said eslate is I73.I3j and that a sale of said estate is necessary lor the payment oltlie debts ollowed ogaiust paid estate and the expenses ol Ad ministration, and that although it may not lie neces sary to sell the whole of said undivided halt of said lot of land lor lhe payment ot said debts oud expenses of Adiiiiiiielrsiliun. vt.f.r lb" rw.ttii tlint votnef't llie lieirs to said eetate reside out ol this State, and the interest ol said estate in said land cannot be but little more than enough lo pny said tlrhts and expenses, it would lie for the inteiest of all persons concerned lo have the whole interest iu said lot of lalid sold, oud the residue thereof, il nil V, divided nmong the heirs to said estate ; and praying llleiCKire that tin' said Court would grant him liceii-e to sell the whole ol the inte rest of the said estate, iu said lot of laud, agreeably lo the Statute in such ca-e made and provided : Wm.Rf.croN, llie Court aforesaid doih oign tin lllihd.iy of May, 131s, for bearing and deriding on said petition, at the otliee ol snj Probate Couit.iu said Biirlinglou, iinj doth order that all pcis jus inte rested, be notified Ihereot by publnotiou ot llii order containing the substance of said petition, three weeks "uccesnvelv, in lhe Biirhngmn Free Prees, a newspa per printed in Burlington, in lhe County of Chitten den, the hist of which publications lobe previous to lhe said inth day of May, IMS (liven under my liamlat the Kegister's office in said Burlington, this 13th d.iv f April, I3H. 43w3 Bit ADFOIt I) IilXFOItl), RrgMrr. To Breeders ol' IIorex. THE Thorough Hred Horse, Sir. IIkmrvi dm (lent!' will Mamlttist,nnm,enliiitf inept.nt tilt? slah'.f Koonis an. riiHiniV ortity tint I w.ian iltcii'J wtli Klieunt lor mure tlian liltri'ii jrar", prior in IHI7. ItiifJchl (rent rvnu'tlns witlmut inrnnncnt relifl. In th lrinij iT the iar HIT. I vmls iiulticcj iu U't ffii cnc uf IJr, CurK'tt't Coiritntniti Syrup of SarMa rilla Dunnj Um pnee ot ilirft iuoiiiIh I uvj about n qtnrt ol tlin iiu'ilicnu. 1 linil mysoll lully reliecl Irtnn slid tli-fast, and ran thorclnrt cltt?erlully recom iiihiiiI to nthf rs whu nny h nlllicted in like manner lu tiy tins clifap unj valuablt.' Mcilu-nv, Mary M. Nk-jmitm." nil i(nint but with Dr. Corbctt's s'(;iiaturc, ai,d for Kile bv iW liritritor " KIHVAItl) IIIIINLKV V TO rM,.tnu. Aras C ISp,'.I; njvnt t?r Uiiilinrtc It-irlinytan, April 3th, Ilm3is KKSAX SOAP. A nice nrtielo of this celebrated oap jut received Ironi ItuMon aticl I-'ur Mil nt llAni.tGTO.NS. (gj- 1 10C0A SlIKIiL.iO A prime and J ercelltnt article ot Cocm Pbell received ond lor nleat IIAKIUNUTON'S. Ap'Mbvcarics' ffnU. ALLY'S lAtX lXTllACTOK. Just rc- Apulhecarii's' Hall. HAIIIUXOTON'S. GUYSOTT'S SARSAPARILLA, the Great Spiins Vuiifirr nf the Blood. (See advertise ment iu another enluinil.) H.HIUN(TON, (Api'therarirs' Mall.) Utntrrl ,iscnf or I'trrnonli "WM. NEWELL & CO. mam i vi TLT.rns y 4Nt' Jninu.r.s OF roil i:k:. immi:.stic STRAW BONNETS, Aimnci.ui ri.OiViiltSj .I ts, ca ps a sn mm, x. 0:1 kii.iiv srniiiiT, William Ni.wti.i , si r. - i r"iT Dnjjiin'rcohpps. Mr.SSHS. CM 1 1. IIS Ar M'lllll.i: have fitted up llnotns over S Waiker's store, t'hurrh street, Itiirlingtnn, Vt , expressly lor lhe purpose nt taking llfii'LHRUnviP MlMtTtiiis. We have every eon venienee tnr taking grmipes nl trimi two to ten on the same plale, or single picture-, nl filpi-rior stjleaud tini-'n. tfet nt Iratnes, crises or lockets at moderate Houses for Rent. O Dwelling Houses for Rent, Inquire of vu'.is h yores. April 18, Is 13. d'Jil 4 VKHY LARCH ASSORTMENT OF il Harden Seed., with manv vaiietv not lo be fouiul short ol the cities, Pztent nl the AgrieiiiMirnl Ware-lions.-. l'lllltCU, UAVUY CO. Burli!i2tonMarch 15, HIS). 33 RUSSKI.L TA- i-r.ovs X BOICS rlows lor sale at Notice WHE CorARTM RSIIH' IIKHCTOroitK EXIST" I ing between TYldlK .V. .MUMl'OUO is this day dtSMitved by liuutatioii. All peisous having claims against us will please present llieiu, l.very htsoii inilehted to said linn by account or oihetwise, will please settle immediately. TYLER t Ml'.MrORI). lessen, April 15, 1PH. (I3w3) Spring Fashions, rlMIE Sl'llsCIUUKR I.WITILS TIIK AT Xf X leutioii of lhe public to Ins dock ol the Spring snie of Ilnls mid l.'nus. SirnngV Building, north cast corner ot Court I louse Square. (I3fi.) C. A. .SHY.MOIJK. Com;hi:ss m.vti:k rmisiit jut re. reived by THEO. A, l'HCK. j-a-.n,,.)... Stores'. Burlini'iou. and at John Simoiid's, Shelburii. These ore the best l'lows now iii use. wl'JdS3' JOHN JL'USON. OXTr.w ho.m:t.s. mrs.mkuiutt Tli has this day received from New York til Florence uud other bonnets. Apr. II. d&vv Wimlon sah. X1 IMI1IW SASH nfall sizes ctntantly kepi on hand and for sale by (iL'O. rKTHRSON. Jlu rhugton, April w, 1811. 4iB U WANTED, A pjcxiil Worliiunn nt tho Tin Tiade, lo act as Foreman of n shop. None need apnly who cannot bring good recommendations tor steailv habits. To such a peison.goodciirnuracr. inenl Willie given. Apr 1 ll VILAS Sc. N'OVF.S. AcnCICIIIiTl'KAt, Wareliouse anil Seed Storci PEIRCE, DAVEY &. CO. RESI'IXTITLLY, lNI'OKM TIIE1U Iriends nnd the I'ubhc, that they have taken the above named establishment lately occupied by J B. Fence, oud will continue ami extend the ngiaulluial im. i lottii'ii tiirin tinne l a is lira ne -es. r ii lie v Hit's, and 1 nut 1 ires lurntshcd lo order. J. S. 1'KIKCK, ot.S.Wil.-d. Mllloil FallsA't. 1 1 is rich nedmree. einbra cing as it does within tiie louith degree such hoiwa as Ileunj, Sir Arehv,mi Mmirngrr, and Hug. .Viwe, his acknowledged superiority ol loriu nnd remaikable power o transuiittiiig its prominent (slims, hi" hialt leputatton iu New YoiU, wliere manv ol his colls are now kept as stoch horses, and where he three tunes received tile first premium ol the New York State Agricultural Society, first when a colt, at Albany, in IS3S, again at I'oughkeepsle, in s) I, and again, over filty-threc competitors, nlier eleven venrs nf service hi thestttd uf EdUard IsJvj, i:q ,ol Cambiidge.N Y . and niter his slock hud become thoroughly known throughout lhe State, nt Auburn, in 18111, nnd finally his siock, some of which we have made ariangement.s to have in our pasture for the insiection of those who imiy wish to decide from their own obsertati warrant us in fca.liilg Hint he is out' of lhe best liotRes ever iuiioduced into the State. II" the assdrnncea CI competent judges may be relied on he is the Ik-si liorae, asn geiier of last, enduring and bold going roadsieis, now ollered to the breeders ol Vermont. Such w e be lieve him to be. He received lhe fir-t premium of the Chittenden Comity Agricultural Society, held at Bur lingtou, last Sepleuiliel, where his edits vterectlnbltcd for the liist tune in the State, to one of which lhe lir.-t premium was awarded. The Coinmiiiee reiuatk, in their report, "the improvement iu sucking colts is worthy ef notice." Mr. llixnv Will stand at SlOthe soaoi insurance agreed nn, Insurance will he chmteil nil marcs dis posed ol liefore the tune til fisaliug. disid pa-.ura4-wdl lie provided for marc Imm a diiniue, but 111" proprietors will nm be rcixii.ihle lor nccnlents or es capes. I.l'CII'S SANDHKfcON A. CO. Oeorgin, March SS, IHIs. -Wif, RUTLAND & HUUL!(iTOX RAILROAD, i 'PWO ASSi:sS.lli:.M'S. of live .loll.-us each,' 1. have Iteil Unbred bv the Director, on each share of the capital stock ot the Rutland and Bulling ton Rnihtutd Company; one made p.ivub!e on lhe fust day ol May iieil,aud the other on "the lfltli diy of kiiiI Mny. rnynirill may Ik' made to lhe Banks of Burlington. Vergeunes, MiddMuirv, Rutlnii.i, llluk River, or Ib llovvs Falls, In llie Cheshlie ilink, Kccne, N II , tn lMwnrd l'ickerin', Ijsj , No. Ml, State street, Bos toll, or lo the Treasurer at nis oilice in .Mi.litlibiuy SAMl.1.1, SWIl-T, rir,iHiri March 1', ISIS. 3Jwf. I'n.,:"-.. ... , .... n . ,, ... , t. si t.n... liu-lliesv pours ironi -. . .ti. io i . ,.i iwmr. men are ri-P'-ciliiUy uivtieii tn call nt our and e iinitie fwmieiis. l.iiirnnce np Maim between N Level) '5 and t Walkers stores. Burlington, April II, ISIS ilawtf PROTECTION p i it i: r x s i: it .v n c i: vo n v a n v , Iliirllnril, L'uuneeliciit. CAPITAL &200.000'. 1). W CLARK, 1'miient. WM. Cl'NNF.U, Secirtaiy. oi:o. n su.v, A,nt. Burhni'ton, Vermont. F.-b ie. lsls. 3ltl. , iXolicc. I rilllll Copaitner--hip, herctolore Vvisiiug between I O iks .V, Feck, is ibis day ditlcd by llmilation. All persons having Uaiius ri"ainl Us, vill flense pre , sent llieiu every peis.ui indebted lo said firm by ao count or otberw I3', will plen-e seiile unmediately. (fl.OKt!. B OAKL.S, tlHOIKii; II. l'KCK. iJeriibo. Aprill HH. IUk3 "NOTICE TO m'tLDllUS. I PROPOSALS WlliL III'. RECEIVED I by Jims Tus 1st, inn il the- 1st ol May, in behalf of the bund. tig Committee, tor budding a School I llonfe nt Foil ICeiil, M Ik' finished on ur blorc the 1st day ot SepteniU'r next, ns Mio-th Brick Walls W by '. t.-ct in lb-1 clear, 11 feet high. Nineties llili K, Willi a Clone v all a lee I ttnek three leet ts'low lhe suilace, niul 1? inchesabovc the grouinl - -eonttacior to tind all the inib rials. Also, a svp irale pt-ooosul to hndnll the nnterial for the wood woik nud luirh the CariKMiier and Joiner wotk complete. A plan ol sa'd h'titiling will be found at the Store nl (lioiMuTnciidtiV Co. tOw PARI. , UN'S ! IIARliAINS ! fHKlDS AT Al'CTION PRICI'.S, AND some for Ii ss. at '.'3d Matih.'l-I. HOWARD'S C M. DAVCY, J. II. IIISBKU. April lt.lh.lKI8. 42 Ilurliugtnn flOODWIN'S INDIAN VEGETABLE Ii BITTKRS the Spring l'urifier. AIo,Aer' Cherry Fcctornl, Tnltt'rsnli'a Heave rowdera, (.uy- r NIIW STOItl! t VOU IIATTUIH' TUIMMI.WS. rilllE SIMISCRIItER IS NOW Orn.Ni.xo A. M. While,) a eoinpleleassoriiiieul of HATTLIIS' TRI.M.MINIiri, filk anil Angola l'biMic, Skivers, lie found ut 'I'HUSSIIS and ABDOMINAL SUFFORTKKS, X ol all kinds, constantly on linn.l by TIIUO. A. l'KCK. lieniiudii Arrow Hoot. TIIOSi: 1'IIIt.SOXS who liave occasion to use jre llcrmuda Artow Hoot, nnd are troubled to find the ajine, can gel lhe article fresh at HARRINGTON'S Aptil 19. Apothecaries' Hall. IIARRINI Apothecaries Hall. Cor. Church and College-sts. II mo COl'NTRY MERCHANTS. Wo I .1.:..- - . .. . r cipiii. I LIlTZ' FOWDfclHS pill up in (in luxe, and war muted to resist me naiupcei rinn... i "i i" nunntilic at HAKKIM. ION'S, TIIE IsTRUNOTON r. SAVINGS BANK 'Mils liistiiuii.ii, wns iniorpointed at the list ft" 1 Sinn ol the l-gh-lanre l-ir the puriwi-e ol recei-' vingon (.Mitnll sums ot uioue) olbrtil, arsl nisn nguig and luiprouuq the same to the Ik'si lor the use mid bciHliHil the deoilor.s. Tbe whole income or piollis ol lhe institution, nttcr dcdui ling in ncccs-si rj evS nvs, ate (o be dnlJcd eiiiong lhe de 'IV Conv-rntors lieM theii first meetings on lhe I3il(, n,,.l l'l, ,.!., .l I, ormilllsed I be llislllutloil tlV Kilfa fcxtractorSnrsabarilla and Yellow Dock, cin c- .' t'l' nvrn ni .iiaiion, to vyipcii he nirucs ndoptmg a s,-, l By Laws, lor lis rrgm.i i ". ...... r ti 4 utti fc'i"Pn Vw I ho nttiMilintt nf DlirC infers. I IH9 lirtll tt it ill .t.'ri.' ..I. l. ..... JstL.Ti! for AV r-" iMiit'ii n, I"". Ti i i L j 1 1 1 ii tn ivttuniiiK yus-Wti t ciilii iuo var eiy w inr.emu.-su.i.i.i spimu , 1, ,,,;,.,., w iih all our IKiwer I'ailicular atleiiiu.ii paid in putiing up orders, , ,.,,,- ,,. ,a. ,1,-ai.r.l ..ureailh witli hbeial distount will be inadei rash. (,i I Jlut ii,,,,,,! r-ininplsloniuiile iho ..... . , .,. " "'I M.R.iiiin.l New ork, March '23, IMS. KM I 1T5 IF.Kn .pun. Independence, let me share j ir" ' yvlllIlM llirti.,., . tiie lloii-beatl, nil. I cdgle-cve : HI I inU.ll, 100 MIS. KU. Tl'IIKFV, FOR SU, lollow wiih .u bi,iu hue, , , lovt by ;UyD 'I'm,. A FnK .-d the stoiui tli.ithowls along the Ay !' OLEIGH SHOES,, Wagon Boxes IJ &.C.. for sale at; l'eiPKV 41 (Apothrcnrifs Hall.) SCOTIA PLASTER. - FRESH round Nova rkolia l'laler, lor sale by 1'. DOOLlTTLtJ. Anril I. ISH. UwO 10VA 1 tin SALT OF SODA FOR WASIIINCJ. 4000 lbs. for sale in packages to mil. by 41yl THEO A TECK I ctrRV f 1AMPII0R REFINED, S00 lbs. for sale J low by (llyl) Tmo. A. Tick, i 1IERFU.MES, Nicest ji.hi okih.vakV .u,,, UmUi, Ksh M. tides nl reduced puces by 'Finn. A. l'ick. ' 1 ' April Sth.lSls. 4lyl ii ()Jf'?Mi"lt'n'0i'll1o X. Y. Rxpri'ss, writing rce assoitnienl nl In to. A rrcK.ruojri o urines, aucr epe.ikinur r Ibo April 6th, liii 4lyl, of ,lu carv 0n,j r (1C, K.rain. " . .. " o plE.MTS' WHITE KII RLOVtS, t.'HAehall Railroad, fiiys: vj vttt, itd etc nO.MIJS, IVORY, HUFFALO v A large assoitment at Tnco Januaiy, 151. C I - .. . M G RATHEl'N - CO'S.'E11"1;"!.' toftirnU nboul the Siraie; JIlaiborR.sid.iiowiliaiihecharierhaslK'en loujli il will hirdly be lnulr iliu tear, but )l be surprised il ibeie was a sutv()ini; par. t