Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 28, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 28, 1848 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 28, 1848. Jrvcc Jrc00, UL'liU.NOTON, Vt, " IN TRG Iltt:X .'.Kb TrJVllLEI) SIUIIT THAT 13 mo.s us, iimi:fc ts.xoSlAi: asovejue ttor.i7i.N roniVK t'3.v (ii.r.AM or Liunv, L'Xs'fci'itX'J ntc ii.rmiut.ttT, i'An;Uinc Witta i-aiits' or the U.itrtl' S tAM." Daniel Wdslcr. Pioof tlmt Cicn. Tin lor uus not the " Cunsc" of tlic Wuti As some rf the Democratic rPs regard ei of much consequence nn extiac(ofn letter trout n ul tespeciabV ihiraeler" purporting to give Urn. Tay tori's vijws ol piillic pohcy, which was pu!lishcil In tin- " Union" ol lluusday ul list vycik, , ,1 nn, ,,.,1 in ihis inner ul I' ridav tiiiiuni! the dcbu'.eu In Conors', wo have Liken the pains to compile, in tin? only p-uliciilir where the mrtiiis ure ul li.inJ, the asseitioui tlmi anonymously init loith Willi tlie rrcoid ed sentiments cl the liuive ullicer whom tin Demo cruH seem so noxious to dispatage in the estimation of In? blends, 'l'lie pint ol the letter in the " Union" to which e refer Is Ihe following! " lb (Urn. Tavlcu) think) that the President wna not no blame about the. war j tli.a he (Urn. Tailor) was the cause uf the moving of the iiriny on to the lionticrj und gave rn hij icasons (.'hi! ii laiecjorce was collected ut Mut.imaas, nnd, unless then; win an ippnsliigfoicem theneis;h'oihou,'i( lite Mexicans mtuht ciosj oterand c'j'unil ui.y amount uj dtprcdtf thus without hit Icing able to attest their pi ogies in time to sate the itha Hints." Now, as no one disputes Ihe honesty and stralahl-lorwardnes-i ot fii'ii Tnvlor. ill Oldel tobesali-lied lint the ubove.if Hot n purposed tnis-rcptesimation, is an niter tuts tppielieiision it (tie opinions, il is only necesatj to commit the nbovc with the existing state ol Inn at the time retired tons derived lioin the cor- ilrcd miles iff. I.hI Vvidmrday.aiid U lurimhcJ o-niicw.' lioin tint correspondence wj )c,r tin' riMcatiuii of tint branch of the " Do- mike the s.tbjoined extracts, plambwnu UiM .... ., r .,,.!, ,,. theie was hit n large lor e ol .llexieTWrTollecled nt rntcrncy who are inn uigcins.,.., iSn i" . , -vi,,.,,,, ,.. ,! ,i, ;,.., 'I'.v.oe. never annir icnd t.rccistly hi) .V it It that opposing tho ndoftlon of , cd the lean danger to the fiuntter, fiom invasion by . Vpti.c-I.t.,,.. 1'r.,c,s is f,iLt,r!.ur thf exten-1 'J.'l' Mexicans, w lule he remained ai Corpus Christi. ... ..... " v limn: tioni that place, Uctierai sajs : .'inn f " Ii.,. ariM nf l KELtOM. It will bo I Arurvr go. H13 ' (.'ainvans ol I ruders arrive oc l,,t M,.. I,.;,-,,! nmeoss Is verv bilef and ! caww.nlry liotnthe Ulo Grande, hut bunt' no news of " ' - . . I iui utlaiicr. 1 liey irpiri-cu( Unit llicic tnc no icgu- to uequifi'; betn;.' tiotlntij; moro than ad- ,lt (,0,,J)S ,( mer.except ai .Matamoras.ainl do .;,,!., ,l. .l l!,on int flit v donv TOt twaareo ai.yirepira i J.ior a uen.on TUESDAY LVLN1NO, Al'lUL 2fl, 1818. l-'ur President, HENRY CLAY. For Vice President, MILLAKD FILL3I0RE, cr :itw vorn. Snljitt to the deciuon of the Win.' National Con vention. Olit Hunker Antt-SIn cry I'Tutloi in. Tlio fii'lonlnp "plAin talk" actually occur- rnl, in a Htnrt in a l!ouiiiliin ullage nut a him- ln' the conclusion! Any Ltctloco can learn the formula in livr tnimilcs, and the" hoc in hold lip his head as nn uithi-dnx alitl-ProvlbU Rtiti-yiavery " IVinocrat," and ro for Cats ni nny other unit wl.n clU hii namo with n hi jertJuutM (', " Just at c?!" J.i.vui. Good rvi niv', Mr. Bmitli , I fee you have 1'ie .!if;iij; oii lilons to what 1; cM.ed the " H'lu Ver" bnitichVf ihe l.ntoloeo launly, 1 Jresamc I Krnra. Yr, Mr Junes ; I'm n old Ueiimcint. 3isn. How's that j can a U:mucrat Rii in extend im Saver I H.vira and we don t do m. J, s-m. Will yo.i answer me a tv'.v qaerttons, can- ii"")-' Kmitii A thomnnJ.lf jou please, -ir. !t':i1. You aic fur leci-iui'jj Mexican territory lyimj next to l'e.tai as an injeiiiu.ty tor the war, are von not I H.Miri!. Mt-st ceitoinly Jo:;i.j. 'ou!d not leu slaveholders settle the ter ritory, ai it Ins co Hiiiiiou?, or adjacent, wheie one man fiom liu- hie aiis would pitch hi lent theie I t-Mtrit. Their cm tie no doubt of that. Jo.MS. II the quislton Is left open uiilil that teiri lory isfoiintd into Hale", and then lelt to the selt'rrs to decide whether tluyt-hall beelaic sfitcaor riot, will in t there be an humciite innjoiiiy ag-iimi lieedom I ynra. Certainly , who can doubt it JoNts Will iheli.neiyhlior.does not thcimi'i who opposes the " Wilm'Jt l'lou'.o," which rjoes to pievent tse tittluni'iit hi n'live'ioldera in ihe oulfet, permit tjch i"-ttleinci.t,and dnecily aid in the extension ot human bonu.ig? , FMirit Net at all he decs no such thine ! 1 11 O, ciiin-i'tfiicy I thou art'' a farce ! Ctll'ltlll. The irreguhi Waslntigton corrcpotnlcnl of the N. Y. btprtss writes a long letter to tint paour. under date ol the IStli liibi., in which ne gtKh into all manner cf hysterics about a Wli raudidito for President. TI12 Editors of the IUpras quietly append tlio follow inj nolo to thf letter, as it appears In tln'ir ccilumtiti : 'We fhould fell rpiito as well eatUfleu il " II.' C'oinmlsloiier Trlsl ntnl Uidcou l'illow. The latest accounts of tlio procccillnKs of tlio Cnirtof Inquiry, cngngeil In investigating tlio charijoa against lion. Pilhnv, are pu Interesting tint wo cannot refrain from m iking a liberal extract. The testimonv nf .Mr. Tmsr w one of tlio fineit specimetn of clear and explicit dis closure that we ever happened to sec! It doesn't leate a piece of ckhi on Ciidcon aa big is a fuiirpence-lia'pcnny. It is ab-iolutcly ter rible, and would bo likely to excite sympathy for the Tenncjico Warwick who in ikes Presidents, if it weie not that Mr. 'Prist's replies are given in answer to questions by Uideon himself. In 1 10 subjoined scene, Gen. Pillow and Mr; Trist iro the solo interlocutor. Tlio Court appears to have witnessed the cxcorciatlng process with equanimity, apparently willing that Es quire Pillow should get ell lie was disposed to ".n-l; for I " QlfESTfoN. Do you entertain feelings of hos tility and prejudice Rgiiln-t Oen, Pillow The witness inquiied if the Court wished that question answered, The Court replied hi the ailirm ithe. Ansuti:. With regard to prejudice, tlio only prejudice that eer p.tivteif in my mi tut with re gard to fho person who puts the question, was prcjudiro ill his f.iror. The only feelings of hostility which I ent-rtained, rtro tlroso irWng from a xtuilied attempt on Wis part to avail him self of the po-itiou in which I had been placed itiwurus nun in' ms trieno, air. l'olit, to make me the accomplice and tool in a echenio of vil lainy and imposture of iuipostuic towards our wlielo country, ami illany towards iinriviJiiir nllicer.s of this army, the mint audacious, by far, (hat I have any knowledge of. Gen. Pillow desired his question answered ; the witne-'s was wandering lioin the point. A. I havu no personal hostility or prejudice against him or anybody else my hustility is against ilkiuy. Q. Have you, or not, written a letter or Tet ters cile.ulated and intended to injure mo ami . to wlmm ? A. I have writ'en no letters to any press, or rtny pr-nn coniiccteu with any press or intend ed to influence the mind of tiny person connect ed witli any prcs. I have written letters which, 1.. .......... ..r ,1... 1 .i ed he . .. V ol keepms me advised ol iu.y inoxenieiils '" " '"-." , ' ? "" " .o o.u on the llo G1a1lde.n1 ihe neihboihood ol' . . ciliated to make his character known and, there- e Inve nu if wsol intcrisiiroui me iroiiuer inoui, at Ihe last accounts, was at Mier, In! icithout any joice; nor Utlicie us yet any COnccntiatiuii oj vice, Fhnlnm nnnli this Imiilt ol Ihe liver,' A vacs 1 2fi I alnll commanicr.te with I'resMent Jones and asceilaiu the nimiber ol vo'uutifis that can In- e'llled into in case ot an tncttswn ly Mei' 7. and shall Like the necrssiry tarns to arm mid em ploy that lon;e, should Ihe s.ikli ol Ibis country le- q'l'ie il. I feel conji'lcnt, lioicecir tlmt suct ntctttf in tritt ,1,1 .,, ,?-' ftPTtMBtp. 0. ' I have the honoi to report that a coi'fiuentinl ugciif ,ilispdt bed Suine da) s rinre to .Mat uuioias, lias leiinued, and repotls that no 1 zlimrdt- j id, y ft t fill uiiuna ul 1 &iii vit ,'n. "v tt-y. , sun lints nut seem ti hate been inciiascd : and that I A'...,, .' , .c.rt i,-i7 la nn ill Am ill Hill oj war .... The asjcnl, w ho is intelligent, and upon vhoif gtali'tiients a iuod deal ot teliauee mav I think l.e safeh placi d, nays that the mass uf the pcuplr ictlh tchom he mingled aieiviwed to a icni with us.' ytiTLMar.H 1 1. ' in uewol tlie laieieinloiceiuents ol leular tioo s otdeied to join me,l caniiol believe in. 1 1 it will oecome necissaiy, uiijer any circumstances, to employ lolunteeis lioin the United Slates .... I have dilected iwo of the thice conipiniis from Red ItivertuS.iu Aiiloiuo,retaiuinaor!fst Austin. With A to.Ml'ANV ot inouniid raii;eis at raih j lace the f ion tici wilt ie secuie fio'ti iniutt. The commander of the r.niL'eis at ban Antonio l.Muiur llavO Ins leputa- (1011 a a partis in, and tu Ii mi I have specially entrust have ever known, is the mot unwnrtliv of con lidence. Deyond this point the Identity goes not. There is nut the slightest resemblance be tween their characters In any one respect." A, I give the same answer; I cannot he pos itive about the words, but the substance Is cur red, ami I doubt not the copy is a correct one. (. Ditl you not, in the same letter, make uso of the following language In relation to myself, Of all this il,,, PnjJent knew nothing, and WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 20, 1818. The News (rum tin ope, ' Within tlio past five day, the wonder-craving niul nows-tovlng portion of tlio peoplo of this favored land, hate been gratified by an nirt htnchc ol European intelligence. Three pas senger ships lave arrived, in quick succcsslnii, at the ports of New York and Huston, and, on 10 magic-working c.xc'uiiiL' and impor tant news with which each was frei"lilcd has been boino to almost all parts of (his widely eMcnded Union. On Friday and S.itnrJny we gate pretty full Telegraphic Despatches of the Intelligence by the Duchess d'Oileans, which arrived nt New York on the 20th Inst., having left Havre on the 27Lli ult. j anil by the Steamer Sarah Sands, which reached Ihe same port on the 21st from Liverpool, whenco the sailed or. the 3d instant. To-day ve have a full despatch of the news by the Acadia, which reached Hostnn on Sunday evening from Liverpool, with five days later u.ues. The Ocioulr 1 1 ' Ilecrtu nrriv.ilsfiom the Gio GrnnJe tiring no was or hiloniiationot a dilll'ieni at-pcLttrum that vviiiLti 1 ri'poited in my hist. I he viewbcxpieea vA hi niy previuitj cumiHUiiicatinii tclulivr to the pa cific dt.-tpositiO'i oj the border people fou luth sides of the liver, aie cuntinu illy coittxrmoJ " NovtiiSLR 7 ' I iit-pfLtfully t'nclost n copy oT a loiter liom Cixmnu luic Cuuiitr, cominanJiiiy tlio liuim- hqij.iJiuii." ThiM I.-iter i-i il.tli-.l on Imnrd t!m shtu r.itmout l. Oil c.r: V.riv" , .V.u.Tw VlVX V.'lrv : "f train by whirl, Generals tiuilm.m and fo'i a lennth 11J time; 11 ml 1 tun told hy.-Mr. I'niioiJ, wno led .uexico a jew u tj s since, imu most 01 .nrus fore, to injure him. The first of these letters ivivi written to niy finrilv in V.i-hint;tou ; it contained a mes"ai'e lor Mr. Buchanan, feecre tary of Slate, dictated try feelings of kindness towards him and the ilcsrre to safe him (Mr. U.) Iro!" ills'race, that ines-ai:o was Gen 1'illo'V said the mc'snce was not called for. The wiiliess then passed on to the second letter, and continued : The second letter In order of date, so far a-Tl can recollect, 'was written about half.pit three o'clock in the morning preceding tho depirture tlio suppo.-ltlon by which lie allowed himself to 1 u th0 viewless wines" of tin be gmerned (under the inlluenci!. doubtless, of 1 , , . i.,..,,-,,,,,,, nx private reprcscntalioi from the Intriguer, I 1 cleyr.ipfi, the intere.ting, cx me uei'ii Uigricc of ol our country as the will ere long deeply feel 011 beholding the picture, faint though ifwitl bo, of the iiuimtginable and iiienmpreheiHbto baseness of his character, put lutes this glorious iiriuv by Iil-a presence) made tho stale of things in 'this country entirely the reverse of that which actually exists, unit which already existed, when his determination was fiiimed, Hud ho litiown tlie truth had he form ed the faintest conception of it, had ho so much as dreamed ol the possibility of a slate of things herof approaching in tho remotest degree to that which actually existed, he could nut have believ ed that the continuance nf this mission could do ' much harm,' unless, indeed, the indefinite pro traction of tho war was aimed at." A. I answer, In reference to 11 le scusu of that passage, that it is a doiibtlul extract, not convey ing the exact ideas the whole pa-saito Would have given. In regard to the words, I have no doubt the copy is Crrect. Q. To wlmm eid you show that letter to the Secretary of Stat 3, before you tent it from this city, or after? A. To tho bos, ?f my recollection I did not "how It to anvboiiv before 1 sent it from the citv. It was my own work entirely, written without consultation with any human being, After it was sent I showed tlio letter, or parts of it, (lor it was a vtry long despatch) to Gen. Scott and lo Gen. P. .Smith. Tho despatch chiefly re lated lo the question of war and peace, announ cing" my intention of remitting in Mexico, to make a treaty ol peace, and giving my reasons lor so remaining. Q. Did von show to Gen. Scott and Smith that part of the letter which has just been shown you relating to myseli 7 A. 1 crtnrct tecollcct the letter was on great many sheets. -My motive for showing the letler or a part of it to Gens. Scott and Smith was that thev ini"lit understand my position in reference to ihe public business the affairs of Clio nation. Whether the sheets containing thot'e pavnjrcs Went into their bands I cannot siy. Those passages were more Incidents separate Irom the mini objects 01 me letter. Q. Since about What dale has the hostility ah luded to in the pluvious" testimony been enter t.iiued by you 2 A. Since bis character has been almost torn pletely revealed to mo. J lie thing was ol gra- news by these arrivals is of the snmn cbtracte witli that which has preceded it though, it strikes us. of increased importance and portent. Agitation and Revolution, sus taining tho relation or Cause and Effect, are m.uiileslly over-ruiininir, if not rfi'cctmillv 01 w turning, the oldest and apparently the strongest Monarchies of Europe, and, in many cases, winning me accompaniment ol any sulliciently well-defined and well-developed ulterior purpoe, to ullbrd a serious guaranty of beneficial results to tlioo at least immediately engaged in these popular ouiurcaKs, i'ho most significant and Important intelli gence by the Acadia, as il appears to u, is that Irom England and Ireland. As we predicted in yesterday's paper, the Irish people have already legan to take the step beyond agitation ; and tlio Despatch in another column ominously informs us that " Dublin will noon be put under martial lair" as if any thing better limn " martial law" had been allotted to tho oppressed, yet gallant, warm-hearted and bravo neor.'c of the " Green Isle of the Ocean," for many long and bitter years ! England has certainly "sown the wind " in Ireland, anil powerful and nrenared as she mav be for all the conflicts which threaten to "disturb her peace," she may find the promised and un avoidable labor of" reaping Ihe whirlwind" one in which success brings no good knits. England linds, moreover, as will be been, oc casiou enough, within her own limit, for alarm. Iter ministry, in prohibiting the Chartist proces sion and meeting, have taken a step remarkably Miiui'ir 10 iiiai w, uei, ,eu ,0 resims so 01 asiro. s of tllira..)artyi,m in ,lU vicl,lUy to kintily role on the othor side of the Channel. 1 ' ' 1 he Uiartl.sts are men who are not 1 te v to sur- uut 01 urn reacn 01 uanger, ooiu The .Hob lit WiisIitnstoii. Our readers have seen, in our Telegraphic Despatches, as well as elewltere, notices of the proceedings of a tolerably numerous Mob, in Washington, who took upon themselves to con nect tho National Era newspaper of that city with tho absconding of pome seventy slaves, a few days ago, and to threaten its proprietors with tho judgment and execution of a Law that is widely in vogue among tho "chivalry" of the South, and is known as " Lynch law," un less they should think proper to remove their istabltshment from tho District of Columbia. Many, if not all, of our readers aro aware that tho lira was established in Washington for tlio avowed purpose of discussing, reasoning upon, opposing If jou please, tho " iii'titution " of Slavery, and doing this on tlio very grout d where Slavery exists. And this purpose it h is carried forward, temperately, judiciously, wise ly, and firmly ; with Conceded ability uud doubt less witli effect. Its Editor, Mr. Lbiiley, Is not 11 fanatic, nor, in tlio partisan eonse of tho term, a "third-party" man; ho is a determined and resoluto opponent of the enct oachmenls of the SUne I'uwcr, and of tho most Infinitesimal ex tension of Slave territory within tho limits of tills Republic. In such a work he has tho warm sympathy mid co-operation of every unfettered mind in the Frco States of the Union, in rever ent addition to ihe undoubted approbation of God and his own conscience. He is an able reasoncr and writer, and, with no disposition to go a step beyond the " compromises of the Con stitution" (about which so much excellent fus tian and frotli is expencteil by the pro-slavcry- men and their abettors), he stands fearlessly up to a rr.EEMAN's rights under that sacred mtru merit. Such a man, engaged in such a cause, is not easily intimidated. And, consequently, the Mob at Washington, fell emphatically short of their hopesof buccesintheir"demonstration" against bis paper. He quietly refused any sort ol com pliauce with their impudent demands, without temper and without Ueliance, but with tiie rfccis ion that precludes debate. The following is the notice in the lira of the matter as it now stands The dignified tone of the article is in marked contrast with tlio nioulbings and ranting" and shallow rigmarole, with which the small lights who aro dual gnuvth ; I cannot fix 11 day I will try and remier a liuirVbrcadth of their rights. Their ,1 1 r mi i.n. .1...;... , ... , . . .. ... n . fix a period. It was at Tacubava, during the early part of our stay there, that 1 becamo awaie that ho had placed mo in the alternative of be ing an accomplice and tool in villany, or expo sing lit tu to th country il be should persist in a statement he had nude. I In. tied, however, at Out ol the reach ol shame, confident ' idiK-ls Ind ictunied to lint city in a state ol inter '1 linvetlv ' 111 the si me teller, Gen. reference ion siuestiou ol leniovniji ihe iiiiny to ihe Rio Gtande, fays- " Tlie position now occupied by the twup' may peihtips la the lest tc'iile negeliuliiusaie pending" NovcMutn I'J " ."should ihe piesent pmijic aspect ot our relaiions with Mexico continue, it will not be iiecessat' to continue this force ihe companies ot inuirnsj 111 service, except ' .... ..,11 ; 1 .1 Shields left here after I had been at work all 1 11 l""L ""-"r") "l "Iu""-' dav ami all nMit wiiting. It was addicted to -' '" was men mane 11 1 him M.lelv became b was the only member of presented ttcll. to meet it t1 c milita'rv comiilll'ee in that body whose name I knew. It was enclosed to my f unilv, with , ideas of humanity and its prerogatives, and of belittle and demean a good cense : ,1 1 ui 11. 11 1110 .11111 ,13 ,(,, is, n.t.e ocuil 10 prise 111- I DlsTL'KBAVJE, last S.ltHnUV night. We eil mid ciillnmeii by rmcii potent anil learle-s ,,arn p(,m0 seventy or eighty si ive escaped ut-riiia.i- -;iui.ii.L, 1.1-Liiiu, nun me iiuwiiis, ' fr0H,, this place, in a sloop or schooner, anil pro. "u U M" "H ""'s ".. King ue.iiru me pom-1 cct.,jed dow il the river. 'I he tact was not di 1cal11tm1.sphe100fL11gl.1nd, and welded together 1 covered till next dav, w hen astiamb i-.t was do would leave all the Picaident ma una lu us here, at home, who know moie about t,ucli 1I1.1143 than can be iiu3U.ii in wnt uneton. IjLs' nnw want to know what THE1 i be m xt Uetpaich liom Oennni 1 uyior is u.iieu o 1 C,, ns well 11s 1 can recollect, 111 the tullowin iuv ,111 .1.11111. nv, iniii, ti,ireiiji-iiu, 11 ..u.., ...v .... ,..rmj . iwne.iro ol ' I, the!! instructions: "Take a copy of this letter, and so soon as you know of Gen. Dix's arrival in Wasliingtoniliiect it, seal it, ami send it to the post oilier. One week exactly alter that lime, send for Mr. Buchanan. Secretary of State, and show him the copy." The letler w as roucli- Exactly ! If you People think and desire, as to the next Whig President, don't go to Washington fi r informa tion. Vulitloiclns in Washington havothtoes of political anguish, doubt, despair and dread, that are never felt elsewhere. TT Our fetnile I'nend of the G.i:e.V goes for " Libeity" in a great variety of ways. Not con tent with announcing hpr determination to cab bage oilier lolks' Telegraph news without giving credit for il, she baj rem ::;nced taking libeitics j with nther folks' cdiloiiiils having taken, bodily, . an edilorii! fiom the Dostoil CvurUr, and para- ded it in the ; uillc as V.i' Jicn Tin) n-jler of tlie will bj giinei'u by this' course of proceeding, .mil this, we admit, amounts almost to a je,t"i: 1' on cl it. r Cby's re:-nt my." J'ow'.h! iae. The Wath!" ','"u Union stvlej Mr mamfh,lo .1 M i'l ll'ltll i.'l ihe i u.l committee all; il I n be reMrid 1 7'irj Com To a Com it tt:e M' the Wkele on tb of the Unien, ' I" c ur.-e. :i, rmA li-... !.s,.h,.,l W.i .Iniii.tiMi at the time ihe . .' ... . t . . 3 : . to the Kio Grande, which limed the rcr.was "r' '!'u "' U-nrtals ll-imitntions 111 this quar- direcled by an Older Irom lleadq laitsrs in tins eiiy. i ter ; if you neglect this cauli it call only Tint older beats d He on the lini ol January, lslii. , servo to involve tlie Senitu ill a dlseraec a Isitpiohable.ihen.wewiHildask, in viewof ihepi- jcep ,ilmn,; ineffiblo disgrace which no fialiXuM ISaW,. ''"'" V.! "I' earlhly fowers combitied, whole lime tlmt o.irjnrniy rrmaiued at Corpus Chiisli, I ean avert. J his was tho sub-lance ol the let Ihat General 'I'avluf co ild have stated lo tins " (jeu-, tei, so I'.ir as I can recollect, und thu letins. lieuiau ol respectahrVchainiiei" lliat he was the cause 'JiVro was ii po-lseript to it, de-iring that, f my ol ihe luoniyol lUe army to Itio Grande, and had j (r,,tl, ,,bert Dale Owe f Indiana, was in mined II so lo Lemlvrd iH-caiie n kllce loree win ... ,. , . ,,.-1,;,,, Tli,. llilr.l lpt. colleeled nt .MmiiI,r,, ami he leared they iiuglit 1 u atl.ingtii u, to s how it lo inn . 1 he mini lit- cioss over mm commit any amount ol ueiieiiaiiuni ler ;i urns iic.-pnou hhuc icpauuivu, m without his lui nt,' to aiiest iheir pio.peivs in tune 1 Si ite all official paper, which w is sure to go to -avc Ihe inhabitant .Vat l,it ! immediately into tho bands of the Ptesidenl, M. faiieoi, labTl'ieneh Miniver at Washlnston, It ' wh""! 1 l'm'-ihl l """'lt lv.u fr;"" lUv '"'hi is said will sTtle in IVnuesiee instead of leluimns to !" I" it Ire ,is I.ilionng under.hy slailitng aiul I'lunee Lowell Louiier. I alarming Imu, if in no other way. In that nlli- Tliis is tho .sensitive gentleman, who, the de-patch, after speaking of Gen. Pillow's It',, r t..l.l .. cr, n,l, nrtl....'1 vv m cu.iriicier tire news ol the Ei ;ne!i Revolution "was baken events occurrco, darkening tho thailcs ot Ins character, vnil vv Inch increased the feeling re feried to. It Iris increased to IhU day ; it may go on increasing for ever as long as I live, al though that is se.ucely possible. Q. Did the villany of which you speak relate to voiir views about the armistice and tho course of events under it, and my opposition thereto . . . e . ,n t... - the svninalhies and desires nl ma-sos of nil's .hn if the necessity I :lr ,.., i,.,i i i,,Mr fi',r ihnir ",r.,ire l.m.i.l" From that time ' wiil,n,t hnnp nf am ihinn. tnrirn ! for anv lln. form to struggle, h ind to hand, agaiu-t the colrs al power ol England, would ceitainly seem to be a hopeless attempt ; hut with men of Sion blood, who declare their determination "Itrfnrfeh their Hies, if necessary, In the aftctnpt" to melio rate their cundiiion, a uood c.vvsr. stands strongly in the place of bayonets. 1 ho Continent ot l.urope is equally tho thea if not, to what scheme of villany do" yn alli'LD tre of a great and universal contest between to in your answer to the last question I (he rights and prerogatives of the rcorLE and A. With icg.ud to the armi-lice and the 1 ,,f ihuoxes between ab-tract tights, positive, course of events under it. there was a lit'lo or undoubtedly, but ill-defined and vvor-c under tlie same corresponding developments ef char-1 Pt0od, and con'.titiited authority. Whore and acter to which I h ive referred. They, however, i i,ow It will end no man nviv venture to predict. nui very nine imiuenee. 1 win now slilLu wiuu. ( i 10 I'rovisioinl Uovernnienl ot r ranee, wnero Iibvity in our rase winch even they il.ue not say , iiii-.ii, i.y in-., v. ,i,..,j ...... ....j..-.... mo jiri'jvci in ! roenoiii u.ts oeei, lliusi ill tun uiy . been ubliseo. I atched in iursint. The (ugilives, together w tth three white men, who navigaieu me emit, were caught, brought back, and imprisoned. ' A great deal o!' excitement was the result; anil the cry stran arose among tho crowd, thrt the National Era wa' the cause of tho mischief. Of course there is no truth in thi- not one particle. Hut excited men do not iuauiio or reason. While we are writing this, at ten u'olocl: at night, crowd of men and boys is collected about the ulhce; many stones have been thrown ; but tl police are striving lo do their dutv. i hey mav fail : the mnltit'ioV mav over-power them: but We hope for the be-t. Wo cannot but tliink that the sober second thought of the ringleaders in this ali.ur will arouse compunction lor tills mo lent assault against the libeity ot the prcs a It, which I iilltnto (Jen. I'illor' liero Interrupted tho witness, llo ilesfred tokiy:ivV to what he was going to to liim gemlii.' Slat-' I . XT We I'ifTJ the f llf wing noble extiaet ofa letter from Jons Ada:is in lb: Uoslun Whig, j Il was written in tho "Augustan age" of the j Republic, clan our public men piuctised some-, thing bitter than War to give stienglh and dig- j nity to the State; and was addressed to Jon.s Qvxxv Ada:i.s v hen ho was Secretary at St. PiliT-lnirgli, in 16i : " Your iniJii'", I Juult not, you p irsue, beiniis.- 1 kno'v jou to be a sui linns jotiih ; but, above all, pre wrvt a sacred irifird to oiir honor ait I irpun lion. Vour moiais :ue w uih ah the s aenecs. Your consrirnce is the rnniist. r p'.enipuiei'tnty t God AI puehtv in vour bre'tst. See to it lint tins minuter ncvr nenr'ilaies in .am. Attend tu him, in oppon. twii to nil thecaun ui ihe wotlil. " So e hari'sj vi ur aw, ciionaie i niner, Gen. Pillow here interrnited the witness, and de-ired that It" would shajio his answer to cor respond with the question. I). The nomination of whit general officer was vour letter iulendid to affect ( n;is repieseut the cn.pi of wheatin thai section t f the A. It was intended to aflect that of M.ipir country ns tocliuu very prorAismj, and with a fairer General Guleor. J. Pillow, whoso eonlirui.ition I p . mi ni n.irvcc!, titan lor ineiasi six n,t Jonbt .nery altcinpt would be m ide to M.u;yi.a:o- Ti. 'I'llO (-Hips lKions'ioro' and llagcritown pa- iitll ea.-'y to speculate 11 iltiineie i'a- ptO,.eCI lor i-ats. It I l,i,l. I'cx.ssvLvvftv Il is with liish srrt'Hcalir.ti, that we ten hi the excellei.i state Oi the Clol s in every ne t.i.n of Ihe I'.iiiinry. U e hive bca'J c' no coinpl-ni.t Horn any dueiiion Eveiy CHiiirr is m hone ol an nhnn.lnii Inml 111 1.11 r Meiili. .I'lSUUlV rj-ll hl- lul to sec (he nrmnili ently Rteeti i, dds pioim-iu.; a I ploiioiu reward for the (oils ol ihe m-id-le-jed and j honest y. ouiatiry of oar neiij'iborliiiod ll'inoccr . 'peculiar. j John Apakv' hurry through the Senile. I deemed the gen eral caution, however, sufii'.'ieut lor tlio pui .ne. Q. In theolliciil letter alluded to, did you use the following language: ' f )f these t.vo dupe", the nno was Santi An in, tho other (lie most worthy com eer of S inta nna. so far as be can be m ule so hy the same hnv craving for ili-tinctlon, and the sumo happy r ..,.., imi Th. Ii,,im:.,.t.., i K, . -fi HV in uevi ning irom me wavs in iiuiu.auo and Jlenoij sais; 'I he crops in litis vicinity uie ma n p, 1 i deaf to the iliet.lles of common justice most rxerlii-iu'eondiiioii, Tlie pl.tmeis have had, so , com 'in liolieslv whilu puwiiug his object, lar.u line and l-ivorable seas,,,, Ul,j ihu crops indicate , ' - . : w'lii-o character ill legard lo a, pieseiu a nios. abundau. irld." ibu' e .cl of l is m,' "I. "''0 tone of ,U mind. , Tih.Wiiu.vt Civ-'l' AT THE lst A letler dated 11,11 rt'"-"'" '.'"."', ' , i ..eenr itelv slirtrhed ' Aktun, Api.l fl. thus s cilia ot the propeits ol the Was most felicitously,.'"' aecuraici skciciio I j her.t emp in lint vicinity ; " The pn."pecl of thi bv a friend nl iiiiuo, ill lhe-p vvords : It is sucli cominu Wheal cmp m this section ol esleru Ohio ' lu ,,f,. I,;,,, (tlT striviiv at a county court '!V.':4l.A!,V'.l!'rn.?.0.', r!r),V,"l,:!.'v""!u1!,i)ir in the defence of a lellow ch.Ui witli IIH.ll ... ,,!tw .111- 1,-11, ,v,ll UljlIV 111 1 11. I . ., , ,. Siitnunt, rotiae.AVayne, Stark, Holmes, ' lou.lioi in i iiiiu ianou Ttiior.nru Ekuok'. The Svmiuse f-tar had ihe fallowing in a recelil Ti I, r'iaph dc.-p itcn . . "ifdimr. .Mi.s'raTvpni ii i ,- ,, Inland am urd lr ctin."' r . , , l.eii Woodbury. -And ihe Boston Tiairll. r the followms in a dc- sjico JIr Webster has wrapped the 'call's' 'This'annon1; 'vLdun, ariived fn ronnd the leeieant litnlK- of Gen Cass, liv.rr'c'l' j that valorous tttin-coat has lost Ca-te with his "Vn'-Iidiim'" " I'hrobiH what name," f'r the friends ; at least we infer as much Irom the ,i!eiiaid nacketslup .Virii,ini.' .V. Y.bxpitH. i f.ut ofa concerted, silmultaneoiis aud unani- Thi" IVerf) b makes rich blunder,-, now and , mous showing of binds for L-ii Womlbury by (ben, we admit i but mirpas-es " );(!, mii'i -lifien il,nl .iY unon dnmU ti well for "the splendid ihirki-i imi ; (.)r lt,hij,.Itl ,y p.twd resolutions in ftior anenaun, as c-gr,. "' -i - imthe II limit I 'nntut. nwoiiuo. u.iss nun City ot IVgiH lot us fH '"" J tlc, m.m kmc made belter bids lhan that. Our viitr.otis democrats must lie preivtieil to go lor Pull: mid Pillow." Claremoiit(y.ll) Etgle. ikes rich blunder,-, now and , mous showing of hinds for .mi llowioiirjuy none of these misnomers every Locofojn paper in this State In-t wick. Mr. llvvrcs, and you , is f . Woodburv i, ' , ' . . .,: the m in wlio sent word to the Locnfnco Cou pon the lel.-giaph . I ventoh , Concord last fall no( to iioiiiiuato him Gen. Ilouito.i We learn fro'r 'he Rileie'i U'cio ter lliat Gen Hou-ton 1 1 Texts is Si. I'lt'sent n'l a vis It to Noith Carohin, mi a supposed prop.-;.andisl puny mission. The Itccislrr inclines lo ihe opi. 'on that he is a einrlidnte for ibe illice uf i'resi'leut l it. iJuned Htatis. We have forome nine lmu that he was lO OV a'". ,',.. ivi . I euimu . , i ;- - - - - ,, l,..u for the canJulJtisiiin ur mat om.e .vatiariut inf. I i-onveniiiiu mei uni ;u ;; - hstnetr. 15(A. , bat little dou'n thai a iiiajoniy ol the Whigs ot the sratr pieier ui.Mii .i. -.i. .., . - . . .1 - 1 horse-stealing, partirnl irly if the case were, n bad one. and rcquircil dexterous tampering with witnesses," A. Although I cannot pretend to ho certain of (ho words,! have no iloubt lie (Uen. r.Jhas been furnished with an accurate copy ol them, and tho-o were the words as far as niy memory can be relied on. Q. Did you, in that samo biter, nnko uo of the lollovving laugti.igo in relerence lo myseli, vu : " Hut mo-t grievously would he have erred, if Muj. Gen. Gideon J. Pillow is to bo relied upon as an exponent ul the viewsof our government. This porson, th"ii tho second in command of this armvi!) took occasion to have a diplomatic con vernation with u gentlem in belonging to one ul the foreign legations bere, who, with expres sions of siirpri-e, repeated it to me directly after 1ST It n a great mistake to uppos- flint die i Gen. I'lllovc, lining expressed great ili-salilae Wh,.. nl' M.-ii,i.siueiis"are rill in fivoi of Mr Wtii-! (inn of (he armistice (whii I, ho had been in fl sTiiirand ihaicvtry body knows it," as was suiied m I vnr of before it was entered into) h id been an the fjoston Alias h few days nijo. The sjprniglicld allu lo. J Ins did not appear to bo III aii-wer lo f the electoral franrhiso bv tho Trend, neonle this question. itness asked for tho reading Certainly the almost limitle'ss extent which has piestum, vvhteli was done, and the court been given to tb it franchise liny well lead to apprenension in respect lotlio manner in which it will bo exercised ! It is a powerful agent to considered, mid whero its m iiiagemctit is cer- All we have to ssv is, wo stand by the freedom t.iiuly in the best li inds, lias been induced deioe of the press, whatever the rcs-ilt. to postpone the rieriud appointed for tho exerci-e Widiwdivj morning, 8 o'clock. The mob dispersed last night about 12 o clock thanks to place in tho hands of thirlti-four million of peo ple, nearly one-half of whom aro " uiiubjo to! read! 31 It. CI..VV AXl) THi: LADIES. call Bright bayonets aro gleaming, arm'd of the instructed the witness to proceed 1 I Answer resumed. 1 ho scheniu ol villany to which I allirde, was a sclicine ol imposture for passing himself ot" upi n the country for u skil- till general and able commander. The way in which I was I" be an accomplice in th it game a tool init and he led thus to deceive the country and do injustice towards individuals, ivii- ibis ; availing himself ol the i ms es tablished between us by the I'resiilent, (alluded in hofoipi nod of the character which I had en. joyed with tho-e who have known me for great a young uuaueress oi i-mi.iueipinu, nauiieu .ur, discretion, he would make me the j Clay, during his visit there, a note containing depository ol liisviews.iu anticipation of events, I (10 f0ow;n,f stuuzis. so tint in ci'cw i.uiuru in me operations which to ik place, I should be :i living witness, ind bound to come forward as such at bis call lo the l.iet, that his military genius had penetra ted through the whole thing, and th it ho had been oppo.-ed to every thing th it failed. This game was played by him throughout, as I after wards on reflection perceived. Gen. Pillow hero stated that be had no fmther question to ask tho witness in regard to the oresent chare. He should desire to call him on one -pceilication to another charge, when ho expected to bring somo lurther prool, ecc. lien. Seolt said he desired lo put one or two questions mine; and thu Court ti-seuted. Question by Gen. Scott. Will tlio witness please state whether Geneiai Scott had any agency or part whatever in advising or sug gesting the letters written by him (tho witness) ,T"iii,"' General Pillow ? &A. Gen'raJ Scott nor any other human be in.' has ever been consulted with or spoken to concerning those letters or any one deterinina tinn taken by me on a.:;' s-ubject since I havo been in Mexico. The fir.t .'..lunation that any friend of mine ever bid upon any determination taken by me, was after tint determination had assumed a shape which neither he nor any other human bring could have chinged. the efficient conduct of Captain Godd ud and the rest of tlio police. The rumor that the office ol the National Era was concerned in the escape of tho slaves in the Pearl, is utterly groundless this its originators know, but they ara willing to u-e it to inflame popular feeling against our 1 II.,... Wh-tfutf-r wit tin. up tlit mi,. lite. Wi cheri-h an instinctive abhorrence ol any move nient which would involve us in the noce-ity of concealment, strategy, or trickery ol.inv kind. A correspondent of the New York Tribune, No! No! Wo understand tins outrage. It lr ,1im nf ll,il.i,l,.l,,l,l , U ireh Ui sues iloii i is aimed at the freedom of the pros--. We own ' "' " I - I .... , ,. t , ! t ( .. j ,, I . .( UIIO toil a i.i pr 1 .,1111.11 n no ntc .is uii; ii i uu.s ui heaven. It bows neither to slavery nor tho mob. 1 We stand upon our lights ns a mm, and as an i American citizen, and will u-e there rrghls in T II E W E LCO M E , i sri'lM"gand writing freely upon any subject we Wo havo sharp swords in the scabbard, spears i P1 lle:l,Uu tl,"e'lls "r ""m- " is 11 ..i:. ,,.;........ ii... ,. .ti . damning ill-grace, that at the very moment we And horses aTl caparisoned, stand ready for the i r.e Voicing with the people of France at their iriiiuipii over a ue-poi wno uuucrionK to eimtiu troons in '',c l'res !,t attempt should bo made to strike If Senator oo'c, of Mississippi, would :on-t-ent to run w ilh Houston, as Vice President, our friends, (he loco focos, might have a tlckt( that would "go wilh a rush!'' Houston's mor airs and Footo's bread-and-butter Miss Nancy Mil, would b" irre-istible, Ion - and dia - . . .1 . .. .1. ...... I.. IllOV.nirlll Ilietl IS HOI U lJiCum "ur ,v ........ is it siUt .vnvs S ir Tujlor I '1 'tie Alias avowedly pre feisTavloi '0 Cliv. We do not believe thi one m a , thmsaud of Ihe Wliigs of ihe riiate ngtee with it, or ' w II sanction any movement the tendency or which is lo g v e Ta lor Ihe .lonfuiaticsj. Lowell la3.) Daily Coai ier. Tut Ci.ay Mletixo jt Nashviu e We learn f Cassius M Clay his written a loiij mid dii. fiom ihe .YxjiciUe Gaietle tlmt ihe Clay meeeiiig in ciisiuiply abimve litter lo Henry Liny, wnieli is pub- that tily.uu sjiiuiday oiiiiiij; April 3, was alien Je.l Uhed fn the New Yotk Conner ami Lnquutr hen ; by neveml hu'iJied prisons, and it Hnachnracier C M Clay enlisted for the war with Mexico he be. i uri) by grent rnihuMiibni. W, Taiinelu'l, Eq prei CJiine the most unni.liiinted humbug Ul the conntiy, , ,1,-d, iiMisird by a lame number of Vice 1'iisidents. oi hvhi kept up Ins utnion rer since. lo. Gov Jones mnde n long and able speech, which ere- w , i nted n deep luipresMon Strong resolutions were Tliiiuiler unit;litiiiiiS I ilopu-il, avowing u prrlereiiee lor Mr Clavns the ,. ini i.iiiiiiiii,ui. mr me ries.iieiiey .v a iriuune " The morsl corthqinkr of public opinion exhibits a trectacle of pow r an I sublimity, amid the shocks ol , le conflicting ek menu, unsurpad " --pJ of tWinooski Falls, March tr.lh, 1515.'' ' , Tho above is from tho Liberty (I'H'W, H at being " thf only paper tint has the news. The Xauesvillc Q i'lrWi'Lfcihaf I L,is that on iheime i veiling llj'ie weie usje r, iv'e hocks at that plieo, KOi.ieihliitf bke .en nmi ne. imi" intereeniniT.-vhi.h Hmok iTie ,oIt.r v-rv , ,t,)j hi all"l lb' " ,)t .MlsiMOitni iili'erlisi.i. fur fiv 'rolessni'.one ol ilinn lo be fretidenl of ihe Uttiver ity. Ihe salatynf the I'treiJent will be ..'uoo.nftho lolesnots s I5W, and Iiokk,h will be provided tor them swered by explanations nf its iudispens ibleness to negoti ilinn. These appearing not to have any weight with Inm.tho gentleman m question was led to say, wnv, i tiioiignt tno omeci in i x. tii co.vt; it uss. M,-,v.Kv. 17. Iii ihe Senate , after lite reception nd relerence of seieral peiaions, among which wns uus u.i mr..., forrecipiocnl trade between (his country and 1 raiil the California Claims bill was taken up and linaly re, lerred to the Military C.T.Tri(ee, liliout insiiuetioiis. The ' Supreme Court Hilt" was taken up and discus, in d bv MessiB. Atchison, Allen, Crittenden, liutier, and Poole; but willioul Inking any question, the freuate aiUourned. In ihe floute, on motion of Mr. Cliiicman.orNortli Carolina, u resolution was adopted, eallntg lor all UK correspondince between General coit and the ar l..n-,iini,.n, .Vlr Llns. J. Injersolt, tt cennsyivania, oiierru a ihe Couimillce on Wajs and Secreuiy nl the I reasury war a array Shall wo send thee forth to greet thee ! our gal laut Harry Clay 1 We have widows in their mourning, young or pli.ins in their tears, down the freedom of the press in the capital city of this Republic, in sight of tho National Lcgis 1 it ti re. Wo are again threatened the outrage is to bo repealed, it is said. And forvvhat? What is our nllotico ? Is thorn a mail in this roimnit. And parents rendered childless, bent 'neath the ' nity whom we have injured ? Have we not been wiigui oi joirs, kind and courteous to all men, studious ot tlie And maiden hearts now broken, by tlie siege of proprieties which ought to distingui-h tho dis- Alonterey: cus-ioii of all impoKaui questions ? There is Shall we send lliese forth to greet thee ! our gal-1 no ,nnM in this city, who has examined our pa- lant Harry Clay ? p0r, that finds any fault with its (one, style, or Wo have burners gained in conquest, we have 1 temper. cannon front the fi-ht, Enough. e yield to no violence. We ap- And -drolls now Ivin" harmless, from Cerro ' P1 10 iIr R0"1' sense of this community, aye, Gordo's hci"bt'- " 1 and, as wo said, Ihe sober second thought of the We havo bleedni" vet'rans 'mong us, scarred 1 infatuated persons, who, in a piroxysmnf blind and wounded from the fray, ! excitement, assailed our press. it cannot be Shall we send these forth to greet thee ! our g tl-, 'bat in tho nineteenth century, in tho face uf a latit Harry Cl.iv ? i worlJ strugK'ing fr tree thought, ftce speech, , ,, freo action, and looking up to this Republic lor Oh no ! the tears fall thickly o er scenes as dark xa,.,e and encouragement, a free press should us these, , u0 put down by violence, in the capital citv of ,i! wc lipwe Romp rti.. lorn;il iitnutit nn pviirv , .1. t, It;. ' - ,,i, .. v ..v... . w,,, w wv. v....s... w . . .. uus liejlltuiic. VoMUlndhhMioM,hocuv , Wo 01,1' fsUto " t tho time this bloody day. "ocs com0 ll'at a flee press is pntdovvn by v'. And gree t iheo vvi'lh tho Olive Branch, our gal-1 olence in the capital city of the Republic, hint Hairy Clay. a disgraco dcoperlhan tfiat deep one which nore Wo would that heaven had spared us this deep rcsl3 "P011 1,10 Nalio"' from llle l'mltted exist amount of woe, enco of Slaiery in that city, will have fallen up- And granted our most fervent prayer, for thee, on (,0 Ameiican people a disgrace, too, lour years ago; , ...... , , . ,..., ..,, l or then the swoiiia now gleaming, in ru&tliad , . . ' . ... ' . Foreign News. From tho mass of Foreign News received b tlio lato arrivals, wo cop tho following, as pre senting facia of tho most goneral interest anJ importance 13y tho Duchess D'Orlcans, IJuropciin ilntes of 3Iurcli !i7. FRANCE. Capt. Richardson stales that tlio greatest ex citement prevailed at Paris and Havre. Admiral H.iiulln had declined receiving COOfJ francs, his salary as member of the Bureau of Longitude. AI. S'.ibricr had donated 'iQflUO franca to the Provisional Government. Large iiuin beis of Gerinaits and l'elgians were leaving Pa ris for II ivie. Arrests had been made of per sons guilty of pulling up the rails of the rail- roius near l'.iris. disturbances nt Agen had been supprosed by the National Guard and tha peoplo. Thiers, tlio historian and ex-minister, ad declared for ti e Heniihlic, and accepted a nomination for tl o coming election. i uespatcli to tho 1 ranscript says Private letters from France sneak moro en couragingly of tho condition of the commercial world. io moro l.iilurcs had taken nlace. PRUSSIA. Tha reports from this kingdom are Important. but aro not deflinite or authentic. The Universal Gazelle, of Prussia, of tho 23d, ales that the King had placed tho n'operlies of state, including military stores, under the pro tection of tho citizens and inhabitants of Berlin. AUSTRIA AND ITALY. There was a general insurrection throughout Lotnb.irdy and tho Venetian kingdom. .Milan was in the hands of tho people. A revolution had been announced In Genoa. which had detached itself from Sardina. RUSSIA. The Emperor of Russin iras much evclted at tho events in France, aud had suddenly infused great aitivity in the war department. The ar my oi icserie was ordered to hold it-ell in read iness to march into Poland at a moment's notice. Kumors ofa revolution or insurrection in Po land Ind bjen etvnlirm -I. All (he political pris oners had been releai d. In Lnglind, the Duke and Duchess do Mont- s.-en'ier had asked an audience of tho Queen, uui L,oru raimerston bad evaded their renuest. By tho Surah Sands. i:iiropenu ilutcs r April 3d. ENGLAND. Tho tratle in cotton had improved, while that in corn and flour was depressed. Tho Sarah Sands brings tho new that the Chaitists were in almost revolt in England. The ffisli were having arms of alfkinds, ami the police were fraternizing wilh the people. Troops h id been sent to Scotland to prevent disturb ince.s there. TheCharti-ts were to meet at Nottingham on tho 3d in-t. They had previously proposed to march ."iOO.OOO troops into London", all armed. His Royal IlighiiP-s, Pnneenf Prussia, broth er of the King utid heir apparent to the crown, irriveil in London via Hamburg, and alighted at thu lintel ol the Pmian Legation in Carlton Terrace. His Rrqaf Highness arrived there with a mission liom his Royal brother to her Majesty Queen Victoria. IRELAND. Large amounts are being drawn from the Sa vings llinks in litreriek by the laboring classes. 31,01)0 troops (m service in Ireland. The Re publican spirit was constantly spreading. TRANCE. Franco continues quiet, except little distur bmces among workmen. I.mfop.tant i rom Lvo.xs. The Conrrier do lAons says the workmen in that city ivere hi a revolt. They had demanded ami took forcible pocs sioa et tile powder magazine, mid eized on a quantity of arms, and at the lime the paper was going to press, un order was given that no pub 1 c carriage should be allowed to leave the c'tv ITALY. All Northern Paly i in full revolt, and tho Austrian troops were driven before the people in all directions. Venice has separated herself from Austria, anil formed Government. Letters of (he gOlli, fn m the v ictni'y of .Milan, cent liu all the latest inlormatiun that could bo obtained from that place. Tho tiring commenced on Saturday afternoon, mid was continued the whole of Sunday and'on .Monday niorn'mg, but vvillr what success it was iinW-sibli' to ascertain, fs the gates had been clo-ed, and no egress permitted Thu report ol the victory of the inhabitant of .Milan over the Austrian, and the retreat of the latter upon M intua, has been fully and cir-cuni-tanti.illy confirmed by tho Piedmonteso Gazette of the ildth. Foreign Consuls in .Milan hail collectively prote-ted, during the conflicf, aganist bombard uient, till tho subjects of their resneetiie enun. tries I. ad retired. The bombirdme'nt commenc ed on tho 2Jd, with little efl'ect. Tho number The Panels!!)' rroiessni say. I 'toli lice of charj Both branches of tho New York L'-gislaturo Invo unanimously pissed -a vote nf thank to Brigadier General Wool, for his uniform gal Utltry, iietivily, ability and success, a .word ha also been voted him. J. W. Lugenbeel, of .Maryland, has been an. pointed by the President to bo commercial agent of the' I'niteil Stales at Monrovia, In Liberia. your government in this war was a tieity of i solution iniruciiiw ihe G r,eace.' True,' replied Gen. Pillow, 'that is Means to inquire of the Se the object of the war, hut the object of this cam- jVuiaK iWh. palgn was to capture the capital and then niako .Mr. Vinton e,f Ohio ollviid an amendment to it, in peace.' " ' structms Ihe Committee to inotiire as to what altera. A. I have no doubt those wero the words I lion was neces-saryn, the Tard ot ISI'i jor ineieasing , I revenue, which was warmly discussed by Mr. Isinc used. i: IIi.hnes.olsjoiiihCaroliua.and.Mr.Chas.lludsoii, f. Tin vnu not. in tho samo letter, make u-o i Uj,ri,n, m, u ., i llki,.,i to lav ihe sub of Ihe following language in relation to myself, jeei on ihe table, which was luken by lelleis and de. . . i-idi'il ill thenirirmiiliie X'ejitt ll'j nai H b3 ll-T,,iswa,frr,l,oin,.ivid,n.,.na:Ih i,, already ob-crved, second in rank n this army, thr I'resiilent wheihrr Cieu Scott hud been suspended, ani wno. Ill me event oi uie oe.iui oi ui-nmiiii unawny. 1 lie ipiostiou was taken oy )cas uuu hjjs, of Gen. Scott, would have succeeded In the com- and decided in the negative. . . mind! an individual who gives himself out tin . AUer the transaction ot some other unimportant bu tho maker of the President Iby having produced , B"'"-lh " ouweJ. his nomination at B.Iliinoro Convention ,.,,.,., , u. hem accented. On and as the. P,esident oilier sen. a preeensto h(. , h o ,;t-w' ,;;',; t,ie Al! ,,,, ,;eneral. which I have reason lo believe but loo well mllinding hull lliat no irply had been received lo Ins founded. Justice towards Mr, Polk, and respect letter of resignation. 'I he next day an unswcrcaine, for truth ulike require, however, that 1 should accepting his resignation. not litter this belief, without at tho same I line lost their sway, And spears been turned to pruning hook', through thee, our II trry Clay ! THE PACGHTEK 01' A STAUNCIt CLAY WHIO, 3d Mo. 1, IS 18. ID' The Washington correspondent of tho N sions to national respectability, as stealing is with pretensions to individual hone'ty. Mr. Vimov, ot Ohio, has taken the seat in tlio House of Representatives formerly occupiid by .Mr. Adams. Receipts ror.MAKisa Niw YoekMiik. Takeiwo - " i ' i nouuus Ol lime, one unu i, iju ., ,s, v, .u,v.t, Y. Journal of Commerce, wilting under date of "d quarts of rum water, and tu every quail ot the solu ,.,,.. itotiaddtwo tablespoonluls ot the droppings Irom n April Its, s.ijs. cow, whose teeih are rotted away and her hver and The session lags rather heavily, and I am much in- luncs diseased by eating distillery slops, this will give clinrd lo think lhat il wall come ton close by the mid-' il die right color Shake it about ten ininutes, ilien .ll-pl lull.. Mr. Vinton bus neenr.liii,.U. in. ...... n.tlle it n soft blickhat 1 anil Strain It tlllOUsh a paralious to bung up the appropriation bills nl an early pair ol window shutters and you will have ihe pure Letters nave oeen receneu nere, oy iwo Jsena- . uiauge couiuy inioi. from ollieers in the citv ot .Mexico, ot u d ite as . : e .... .,i . tale as'.'Ud ult., and some ol them slate thai the treaty , "J- 'n-' ' oi r ip-coum,, i. .. Ke m 1,1. n ill ln nrnmiitlv rntllu'iL i ilti tin niinnilmiitsi ni the a nreat lus about tho non-arrival oi tno Uosioii ' 1 .l.:t. COOI"! ,i..l, n,i,,,,.,l nr.t.,. I mail, uuu lining in... ................ r . ....... .. .1. .. '.. M M... , -...I..., Ilnnr,. PL,,' expressiu'' rny periect couvicuon iiiai inu uii'ii- i.i,"in. ,n, nay is uih again. ...... , titv referred toexleinN no further limn the point 'Tis in tho nature of an Ass to bray, ami Cassius tu which it is carried by u blind confidence on must always bo out against something or some the part of tlio President in the understanding j btnly. A peck of thistleo for Cassius (Provi- C .. ...... I. ..I .,11 , 1. , I 1,1, tie,. 'I', :, ii.rtit HVS V. . UM'll .-, ,, I .V,..- v..... a ml th.' principl Umled si m tes siei line, mid others exiniau coutrarv opinion, sjouie are ol the opinion that the Mexicun people will pieier the continued military occupation of the country by the United Stales, until llicy sail or ganise a govertuueiit un a sale and permanent basts. The Mexican Hiaies lie (ween the Mena .Madreuud (he (reaty line will, il is faatd, declare their itulepeu deuce ot the ceniral government of Mexico, and soon solicit annrxntioii to this Union The " Union" is so eilen-iv e already, lhat it oppears now lo be conceded thai we must completely nlirroitr Judiciary system, in older lu conform with il. The territory is too extensive for the purpose of division into ti leasonable number of circuits, and a permanent Supieme Court silting here, will be ihe consequence, llipugh lite bill ha" hern rejected, IT to '.'3 might induce contractors to get along as fast in mini time as in dry weather. We don't see what tio tho Boston mail can bo to any body on its upward passage, for the Airesj news all comes from Burlington, since tho daily papers have started there ! Boston pipers tiro us so much lumber to all who take the Burlington daily pa pers. It m ay he important that the mails uWii should go through by day-light but the up mails uon t mention inem at mo oesi, mey aro lg hours behind JJurlingtr n, so far us nsiri is con cerned. Il.'lfa'cs Falls ('f?'e, of killed on tho part of the Austri.ins exceed gOOU. The loss of the people is small. RuJir.. The Popo published a proclamation of tho constitution. The main features are as follows : College of cardinals, electors of coy. ereign pontiff und senate inseparable from that council ; two legislative chambers, one called high council, of which members are to bo nom inated for life by (he Pope, tho other to he com posed of deputies by (he n.Kion on the tbotino-of I representative for 30,000 souls; electors "are to bo taken from certain classes and cateories possession of a capital of 300 scudi on payment ol a tax of 12 scudi por annum to the Sta'(e, be ing property qualifications. A man may be an elector at -'.. To be a deputy, a person mu,t possess a capital of 3000 scudi or nay 100 scudi taxes per annum. Judldiuiaial power is inde pendent. J'iere are to be no nrerotal courts. A National Guard individual liberty guarantied censorship abolished right of petition exist. POLAND. Ckacovv, March 21 Sail op,,.- i. rived, Russh, ,as succeedrd bv ,-ol,l n i i,,,'i" ence in reviving the idea of Penslavism, m order oprovoKeun outbreak and take possession of the republic The moment the troop, left, ,t j, certain that the. Colonel of gendarmerie, Sway! kowski arrived here in Russian emis. sartes have arrived, who have striven to gam the contidenceol persons without experience and who know not what craft L nude use of to (jui pusscsston oi (heir count, y. ix orEx hevolitiov ! Tho in. hab. an s ro0 en maxe, and murdered seie hundreds of tho Russians 'ii. the tort, and from thence bomb rd edP e t0Vn ARsAw- Ir IN AS1ES . To ; ; "' Polish lgton departs f,e,m here at he x n '! !i lri"- tier,, , ,0 i agls. ,w i'io-iu,no not confirm this. RUSSIA. The " Abeille dti Nord." the oiTiPii.t .i ... sonal organ of tho Ittissin,, v.. KT' An attempt has been made tonainato the R. Lmiror ; the bullet pierced his hat PolatT "e"r '50,00 ",C" " 1,10 of revol't 1nVer pnt f U",sia is'saiJ 10 b in Liirsie, March 2t.Xews wa, last night re ceived from Brunswick, that the Duke of Br ,,. had placed ,1s dominions at ,he dispo""0 the German Con ederation and declared in favor of ho German Empire. Tricolored cockades and of black, red and gold had been ells, tributcd to the military. No renewal of di.tur bailees had taken place. Denmark. Some trouble had occurred in

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