Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 12, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 12, 1848 Page 1
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Vol. XXI. Whole No. 200. BURIjINUTOIV, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY I, 1848. New Scries, Vol. 3---No. 4 Uttsincso (Tarta. nvnntSG ton AaninvrrmtAiT WarrhojiHs mid Seeil Siore, UV l'IMItCi:, ijavijy & CO. Constantly on hand a large nssnrt mcnt of Fnrmiim Utensils, Garden Implements. Field. Garden and Flower Setls. ALSO, DEALER IN STOVES, STOVE ril'E, TllimitSUS AND HOLLOW-WARE. COLLET C STREET. i UURLINGTOX MARKET, DY W. C. HAHniNGTON. MEATS, V1S1I, AND VEUETABLES, of every variety, LAnn, Tallow, Camilfo, Sic. At the Corner of Church and College Streets. it. ii.vtcii:mi:k's fail boot a iV d n o i: a to r E , Mte Clinri Ii.vIipoI. New York. Boston, and i'arweH's I,nt1ici nnd fiPtitlcmciiN Hoot anil Shop?, "ffvirvd-'i'rip'lrnr.ivl Pli-Je pp'-st.mtly on linnd. iiore l'dnr north of Lovely's, and directly oppo site D. Kern's, near IloirartVs Store, Church St. " Apothccnries' Hull," GBOHGK U. HA II It ING TON, Proprietor, WHOLESALE AS1) RETAIL HEALER IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Harrington's Building,Cor. Church Collcge-st. SMAI.l.KY & l'lir.M'S, ATTORNEYS t C()l'.Si:i.t.OltS AT LAW AND SOLICITOUS IN CHA.NCLT.V. P. A. SMALLEV. E. J. OKDIXAUY AM) TANCY 'Y-ivwjrf x.xcciitcti m iiic j ice i-russsjiin:u with care and ri'.vcTt'AUTY. 61 c. w. unnw, PW Chair and Carinet Manufacturer, Two Doors South County llnil'-c, Cut'iicii St., Dcrlingtov, Vt. All kinds of work in the above line made to order on the shortest notice; I. SHERWOOD & CO.'S AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE, U'n-r Side .Njuaiie. Coastantly on hand Cabinet furniture, Chairs, Look ing Glast, &c. JOHN BRADLEY it CO.. Enijlishand Anu-rie in liar. Holt, Itod, Slit, Hoop and WHOLESALE lltAI.EII IN PigIron,Coal,SSeet'hon,Tin,i:oltundShcetCnpper NAtl.s,, t I.ASTTR, Wet and Orv Grocciii Flour, Rait. B irr Mill Stone:, ltoltini: Cloth. Sheptintrs, STORAU 11 AND FORWARDING Custom-house Agents and Commisihn Merchants, John BaADi.r.v, ) whnrr NlTIl L A. I CCKER, ' Tito's. II. Canfilld. ) IH'UMNC.TOy. AMOS C. SPEAR, Apatht'cary and Ili'ii fist, IV 1 : "Air.. v 1 Me licini's. Chemical ,uicai;,Purical and Dental In- .Irnmnnl. tm.rnl Tif.b. Full Mineral Water", Drua'w's (Jlas-s Ware, Urushes, Perfumery. So ips.Dye-StulI'.CaintJliene, Inks, Ulack injn, Szc. &.C. Church street, Burlington, Vt I,ee;ncs, . iuw, J. MITCHELL, jtf ERC 11 A X T TAILO II , AND General IlciulyOlaite Clolhin:: Store. jChurch Street. Burlington. t. .tl. lKltlliN') llln IVI'TI IV T T 1. CONSUMPTION. ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, CAN It I! CURI5I1. M. G. RATHBUN St. CO. M E R C II A A' T T Al LO II S v t pL-ls Itlnek. it r- x Co. keen roniantlv on hand an'eilenMve an;! full aortinent of Cloths lor every .i..,,i,;,Mi rSt ni nil!! : and are prepatetl at all t linen to supply eery article in the line of GentIemen- I ur-. tiishing Goo Is. , K. o. lATiuiUN. c- F wK5i ' 13. 13. IjYMAN, En-lish. rrench, German nml American DRY GOODS, West Iiittiu iooil nml .iocrics, Corner of Churrh and Collegr-Sts. nrii.rp.s IN LIVERY STABLE, nv ELLIS AND CHURCH, ClU-'e Stmt. LIVERY 9. ano BIiACKSJIITH SHOP, By S. S. SKINNSn, ALSO Saddle, Harness nml Trunk Manufacturer, East tide Ciurt-house Squaie. J. Si. J. H. PECK St. c o. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN PAVV'.V. OILS. CHSSiXAILS, Brads. Foreign nml Amciicitu Iron, Steel, I'it; Iron, Coal, Tar, Bolting Cloths, Plug and Caccndish To bacco, n.nitn. nml rorel'jn nml Wrstern SALT, Attents for the snle of lYirbnik's Scales, Aihitn Cmiili'B Ilnrr liH.rliinpc. I.nnlhinl'a Mni'rnbnv nnd John Feck, ) P.?"' 'J' Hmokms and John II. I'Eer, Cassivs 1 l'r.cii,) On the Sqnaie, College si. F. STAXII OItl) AiL'o. LL VLERS IN FANCY AND STAI'LE -frs-jjn c.viii'i:ti.n:. nusii -SPOtibJ .iintti,," n,is. Floor Oil Cloth, W'imlnw Shades, Pajvr Hang inm. L, ill'' (Hastes, vt all vres. Flowlnslllue, I.iahl llluc nml White Granite W A III. also, China and lilass are. Groceries, i'uits, IIi-ifalo Roues, &c. Church Strict. Stroll?, DooIiUlc V Co. r,pirtrs IN llRAVV ANDSIIET.F n -fcgjl Cutlery. Saddlery, Me- Fmi ii ii p R&J chanic s Tools, House I'm. ibins, Nulls, G lass, Will' dow Sash. Iron, Sieel. Tin l'late. Siieel Iron. Wire PAINTS. OIL, FLOUR, SALT, PLASTER, Grind Stone-, liy l.iiM i ric-. Ac. General Aseuts and Coininission Merchants, A. TitoMrso.v, ) Ea9, giJe Court House Souare( W. L. STRONO, ) h. n. DOQLlTTLE ) Church and Cnllrge-strs. gi:ougi: I'r.TKitsoN, LEALEIt IN SSgTsf, DRY GOODS, CtocLen, Flour, Suit, Plaster, Window Sash, Glass, u. t . .... i ivr.uv .MM", i 'ii.n.ii. Together with n large variety of other articles FIRST POOR NORTH OF THE COURT lIOt'SE. G. !. AdkiiiM, BOOK BINDER, PAPER RULER, AND BLANK HOOK MAKER. Jn the Free Press Building, College Street. "Fv iTag a n & AHTiiun, Ml Dealers in Uitrdwnre, Drugs, l'nints, Oils, Dyc.Stnirs, Arc. Arc. cobneb or cucrcii and coi.leoe streets. 7mi!L "CALVIN D. KDWARDS, efjrrj&T BOOKSELLER H STATIONER, Constantly for sale a general assortment of SCHOOL, CLA8SIC AL, AND MlSC-l"i7i..VNIiOUS UOOKS. Thi CHEAr Fcblications, Blanx Books, Sta tioserv. Medical Boots. No I, recks' IluH'ling, toll s i Surltncjtcm xct fotss. Published at Burlington. Vt., II J- 1. W C. CLAIUtli, Editor and Proprietor, ..,,M,....,..M...T.?,.r"L... the carrier, S2,M Ifpaid In advance 8,00 Mail subscribers and those who take It at the OJtlce 2,00 If naid in advance. ..... Advertisements inserted onthe customary terms. (From Dr. Mackay's Town Ly Irh.1 XV II AT MIGHT UK UO.C. What mi(ilit bo done if men were wise glorious deeds, my suffering brother, Would thev unite, In love nnif right, And cease their Ecorn of one another? Oppression's heart might he Imbued With kindling drops of loving kindnesi, And knowledge pour, From shore to shore, Light on the eyes of mental blindness. All slavery, warfare, lies and wrongs, All vice and crime tnifjht die together; And wine and corn, To each man bom, Bo free as warmth in summer weather. The meanest wretch that pver trod, The deepest sunk in guilt and sorrow, Might stand erect, In self-respect, And share the teeming world to-morrow. What might bo done 7 This might be done. And more than this, my suffering brother More the tongue Ever said or sung, If men were wise andloved each other. Deaf Uncle Mfcvn, And the Liltlc Old Maid. BY ABBOT LEE. Never was such a commotion known in tho annals of domestic moppcry and broom pry and scrubbcry and dustcry. All good housewives know how to turn a house up side down, and thn dwnllino- into whinh u-n which wc arc about to introduce our readers was just ,. i,.i ,; ,i , :..!ca" "'0 servant to take your uncles in that agreeable predicament. The cur- ...:.,.,.... t ,.i .t. . Iloors were wet and tlic cisterns dry ; every thing was out of its place, in tho endeavor tn nut nvnrv thiim intn if ! nml ihn UI. household was in disorder while being put ! . nn. honmiso nn nhl nnnln r- I All the little and great Pokenhams wore Mrs. Pukcnham took upon herself the ca. 7 . . . . .. . . i pacily of drill-sergeant. I ' Now, girls, no quarrelling, no contra- 1 diction, no huffing, no scufiling your old unolc coining, fow, boyw, no lighting, no frolicking, no game-making, mind and put mo uesi sine out, nnu uciiavc ueccmiy ; your old uncle's coming. And now, where's I ranny Uarr f Sho is always out of tho way when sho ought to bo in it, and in it when sho ought to bo out of it, Can't any nf vou find Fannv Carr ? I want to give snn lin,s j orJers because my old , . . . ' 1 uncle s coming A little, plain, undersized old maid, soinc- uTiciro nliotit t'nir font four im'lio nnil .i I half in height, about six stone six pounds six ounces in weight, nnd a complexion something between saffron and stone-blue, nnd dressed in a garb of forgotten date, was presently poked out of a corner by the voung roketihnms. Fanny Carr,' said Mrs. Pokenham, ' have you done those few trifling things that I desired ? Have you seen fresh linen put on the best bed f 1 ' Yes, ma'am.' .find have you cured the chimnoy-board of its rattling ' ' Yes, ina'um.' ' And tho windows from shaking ? ' ' Yes, ma'am.' ' And did you see that tho boot-jack and slippers were placed ready to his foct ? ' ' Yes, ma'am. ' ' And Mr. Pokcnham's last new dressing gown to his hands?' ' Yes, ina'nii).' ' And tlid you sco that the coffee was properly cleared ? ' ' Yes, ma'am.' ' And tho chicken and bottle of wine nil ready to be brought up ? ' ' Yes, mu'um.' ' You know my uncle's coming.' ' Has any body told any body that nly uncle's coining ? ' ' Xot a soul of us!' exclaimed obiiim. ' Hint s right. Why, it it were onco known, wo should have all tho world and his wife hero in less than no time. The Schtidainorcs would be r.icketing and frol icking here, and Christopher und Kalo min cing, nnd carneying, nnd blnrneyiitg, and they'd try with a witness to get my old un. clu from mo.' ' They'd get a troublesome customer,' said Miss Pukcnhuiii the first. ' Yes ; but ono I hope will pay well. Now, girls, if vou daro to show anv of your iiui'..iuva. uuu iiuiiiiis, uuu uutcie itiuiv, you'll spoil all ; and we shall lose all our I t...n- 1 i.l..i. it.- old uncio's sharo in tho Hank of England. I As for vou. June, if vou fall into that old! trick you havo got oPiuming up your noso nt every body and you, Margaret, of curl. ing up your lip at every thing and you, boys, of badgering and bantering and wor - rviti", why, wo shnll juM bo throwing away all unclo Jelf's hank.stock and landed cs. talcs; and wc may as well have them, lor wo have as much right to them as any body else.' ' I wish you may get them,' said master Daniel. ' Most raro Daniel,' said master Hum. phrey, ' I wish I may.' Thanks to tho little sister of the primitive old maid, Fanny Carr, every thing was in readiness ; tho carpets were all down, and tho curtains were all up; tho floors wcro dry and the fires were lit : the covers were f stripped from the best chairs, tho ofa 1,11113 UUItll UIIU til JUIS tlO, UlU'W.. I , 1 ft- . ,..., t.i ... ' .i i My dear uncle Jeffery, pray wait till a sor (lies unit, n it nnd tl o swrnnu worn in . fho - . . wheeled to tho best place, tho fire was bla zing in nil tho beauty of concavity, coil vcxity and contiguity, and every face ar rniirrril en no ir nt lin nvciiml of tho tiresome, troublesome, cross, snap. pish old uncle Jell'. There came a sound of very brilliant' blowing of liorns ; every body strained their, eyes j tho Hoyal Blue flow past in great style, the horses prancin" and capering, and ,,n ,,.., ,t,;' . ' 7 , born, as it whirled and whirled, never stop. , i . ! I ping for nnv badv, and of course no unolo Jell could bo thcro; and so two tedious hours was spent in figjtings and guessing? ; and tho slow coach was heard lutnberinfr and trailing alonrr. and it stonned at tho steps of the respectable house whero thcro shouting, ntid proceeded to lament and con. had been all tho dusting, and mopping, and sole herself in a low oicc, perfectly com. brushing, end brooming ; and a great mas-' brtablo in uncle Jcficry's not being nbie to ctilino bead, with thick, bushy cyo-brows, ''car her, in spito of his assurance that he looked up to the house in question, survey- ,vas o manner of means tleaf. ing its well hearth-stoned step, and cleanl Well ! and so ho'sdenf I deaf ns a door windows, and tho scarlet moreen curtains ' "ail ! and how in the world I am to go on through them, nnd the bright blazo of tho making myself agreeable, I don't know cheerful fire glowing and dickering over the I shall soon be perfectly exhausted. And window frames, with a most morose, un. yet there is one little cotnlbrt in it wo need pleasant look ; whereupon Mrs.4Pokcnhain u very particular ns to what wo say. nnd nil the tribo of Pokenhams, little and Wo may bo nblo to express our sentiments big, rushed out of tho parlor into tho hall, without being in danger of stumbling over and out of tho hall on to the door steps ; and some alTront or other.' Mrs. Pukenhani began to delight her own ' -Mamma, (said Miss Pokenham the eld benevolent heart by assuring0 herself and est,) I suppose wo can speak too, as uncle line niinln nt-wl nn. ..1 n. t I - ll..nAn .Iffl'tQ too rlnnf tn lionr n ll'nrd Wo nan snv ' the inforination, that herdcar kind good old uncle Jcllery was really looking full twenty years younger than whan she last saw him. ' Dear uncle JcflVry ! how kind you are to come and see us! how delighted I am to receive you into tho bosom of my affection ate ftimily ! My dear Mr. Pokenham will bo so much rejoiced to find you among us ; and all my darling children have been so anxious to welcome you, that the)' could neither eat, drink, nor sleep, for thinking and talking about you ! Hut pray take care of the steps they arc so slanting, and slip pery, and dangerous : not that you are in ,tho least infirm but I myself had an awk. ward full from them one day. Why, how I well you arc looking ! you must bo growing "cry ttay uamei, iiuinpi.rey, lurr. gage. Daniel! Iliunnlirev ! call somc-lvou. body. There can't you take it yourselves!, - J J. ... vant can come. Daniel ! Humphrey ! why don't vou move V I'.uiiyi mm nun Daniel and Humphrey stood witli their ,n . '" ''r 1? ' . "S .VC.r.y C0" " uujvgmiui u um uvu IIUIIKUI IUUI tl J itaill'lll 11,11 1-II Ulll UIIU 1UUIII cr hat. box in his hands, and, under the run- proceeded to ascend the flight of steps, tali lirncpoilnd to nsnpiwl ihn Mioltf nf cton fnb. ing as little notico of the lady proprietress of tho mansion ns though ho heard her not which suppositious case appeared to bo pret ty nurly ihn trno ooo, c, cn thoireotranco into the parlor, the moroso old gentleman, leaving his luggage very deliberately on uie noor, proceeueu to draw Irom tho depths of his capacious pocket a very serious look ing car-horn, which having adjusted to his car, lie turned a sour look upon Mrs. Pok enham, nnd for tho first time opened his lips. ' Well, ma'am, I told you I'd come some tiino or other, and I'm hero.' ITo.l nit Mr. P1-l ..,. 1 omieiico gone for nothing ? Had it all been nnnrr, rrono'(;,r, ? IlmtTl nil l,,n I wasted on a deaf old man, who had not been able to hoar a syllable of her mellifluous ac cents f Was it all to do over again, and , that to the detriment of her lungs at the top ot her breath I l cs, seemingly so, and ac cordingly the haril-workfd lady began again shouting as loud as possible. ' My dear unclo Jeffery, wo are all de lighted to sec you, and looking so well younger than ever.' ' Hoy ? what?' ' o aro all glad to sco you! You aro looking so well !' shouted Mrs. Pokenham, growing very red in the fice. ' Do you think I look well, then ?' ' O, charmingly. Twenty years young, or than when I last saw you. ' Hey! what?' 1 You are looking so much better than you did sometime back. Nobody would believe that you wcro tho same person. I am sorry, however, to see that you aro rather dull of hearing.' 'Dull of what?' aikcd unclo JefT. 'A littlo deaf,' shouted Mrs. Pokenham. ' Djaf ! who says that I'm deaf? a set of stupid people. I should like to know who told you I was deaf! a parcel of a parcel ot ignorant people.' ' O, I see that it was all a mistako ! only f t i.. 1 I.-. i . - i:..i i minium tutu ioiniiii3 juu nan jui a iittiu cold nothing more, nothing more,' shouted Mrs. I okonlmm. ' I am no more deaf than you are,' said tho sour visatrcd gentleman ' No, no, uncle, I sco that you aro not. t don't know what I could bo thinking of,' said Mrs. Pokenham, whoso lungs began to complain at bsing put injo such severo requisition. ' Hut now uncle, take the ea sy chair, it is such an casy ono we got it on purposo for you. I don't want your easy chairs ! any t-iiau i cnair is casy to a healthy person like mo. 1171.,., i " ,' 1 ' i'' 1 su',l,oso 'ou tlll,lk 1 am getting ' dear u"cle Jeffery , you look full twenty years younger than when I saw you 1 lust' Here, Fanny Carr, do take these slip, 1 PBrs ami this dressing gown away. I don't , k.naw w f011"1 '",vo thought of treating d?1,r ul13 Jcry as if he was old or invnl. 'tl,;'' Pray, I-tinny Carr, do you move this '-jotstool, and wheel this great unwieldly -""lr nvvny. mo t line oiu main drew near, murh as if sho had been a littlo mouse approaching a lion, and proceeded to do ns sho was bid, with one of tho most frightened airs in tho world. Tho great cross man looked down liko a colossal statun, on tho diminutivo lit. tlo thing who was thus called to wait upon his high mightiness. i ' Won't you go near the fire, unclo Jcflb. ry? it was made on purpose for you j wo thouoht vou miirht be cold.' shouted Mrs. pokpnham. I 'Cold!' sneered undo Jcfi", unbuttoning ' ins coat. 1 Do onrn tho window, Fannv Carr. mv ltnnln -fnllnrv U'lll fin ti (Tnnnlnrl 1 ' I wish you'd let tho window be, and itoo,' crawled uncle Jeffery. ' Anil now, undo Jcltury, will you take tea or coffee I wo have them both ready.' 'Do you think I am a teetotaller I I hate slops.' ITnn InlT.rv d,nlt l,nn p. . . I. n'J oyster sauce .1... i i it r Wpuld you like that ? shrieked Mrs. Pokenham. ' 1 don't like to bo plagued ! ' crowlcd uncle JciT. Poor Mrs. Pokenham sat down in bor chuir, pretty considerably exhausted with Say what you will, only don't look : at him, lest ho suspect wo are speaking of him.' 1 I was only going to give you my opin ion of this new relation of ours; why, mam. ma, ho is amazingly ugly.' ' What of that ? ' said Mrs. Pokenham, ' he is as rich as a Jew.' Did you ever sco such thick lips such a thick nose and such a thick head V said Miss Pokenham the second ' Don't make me lauuh,' said Miss Poken ham thn fipf. nr r.1cr imii- ilnnf Mnoln JiifT will think I am laughing at him.' . What aro you to. k ns about V asked uncle Jcfr, placine his eard.orn ready for uih.ii. jlii, jjiuuing ins cai.iiornrt.auj jur nn". 1 ' They were talking, girl.liko, uncle Jcf. j frey,' shouted poor Mrs. Pokenham, 'of You know that it is so natural : and they wore saving but vou must excuse t . .. . . mem wi at a lino lookint; man vou are. .r . a J uuui.. . r . - L,a, me, how can you say so: I never saw any body much uglier in my life, and then for expression ! why, he would make vinegar with a look.' ' Hey, what V said uncle JefT. ' Margaret was only saying that you have such a powerful expression, ivoir, if you begin to titter, I'll turn you out nf the room,' ' How mamma is sweetening up unclo JefT! Mamma, I had better help you to a litllo more, since it answers so well. Look, how hu la eln ring At 1l Willi Ilia .uggto eyes.' ' Hey, what ?' said uncle Jeffery, turn ing to Mrs. Pokenham. ' Jano was only saying that you had such peculiarly fine eyes. Girls, will you have done ! ' ' No, mamma, it is too good fun wc must have a little more of it. Don't you sco how red ho is getting in tho face ? His CG complexion and visage would do very well ' Slgl" piSt at SOI110 village ilin.' Hey, what ?' interrogated uncle JefT.

Margaret was observing how fresh com- 11 ! . ' I ... I 1 ,1- P'"10""' you arc, uncic jeiiory. ai.u mu it uuu fiuiiiitii yuu uuiu muni;. iniiii- hrey,go out of the room. Daniel, be quiet. Girls, girls, how dare you say such things before his face. 1 declare I sat in fear and trembling. UI., lllllllllllvl, uuu unit w.. likes, it's all safe enough. Uncle JolTis too il n ,tinti-t,v, nnn cm- 11'lint nnp what deaf to hear, never fear. Bp.hlp it dops lum good to hear you interpret lor us Ynu I ion1. turn our SOUr into sweet, and he seems to i SUUlllS III in n littlo ' ivc him a like the flavor. Better give him more. ' Feeding time is not over, littlo more' ' Feeding time is not over. utvc lum a Give him n littlo more,' said Humphrey. I ' now can 1 keep my countenance, it you 1 go on ? Hoys bo quiet.' ' It is so amusing to see ma obliged to look pleasant when she sin such n passion. Dear ma would not you like to box our ears ?' ' Hoy, what?' said uncle JefT. ' The girls wcro saying that they never saw me look half so delighted as I am now doing, for tho pleasure of seeing you here. Girls if you will provoke mcboys, I will vm,ish vou for this ' . :. " you arc uchacmg siiamcj utty, .Q is so amusing tosee vou try. nn to look sweet nnd calm and pleasant nt cross, deaf uncle Jeff", and yet all the while in such a passion with us.' ' I'll tell you what has just como into my head, mutnma,' said Miss Pokenham, tho first, ' now don't let nny body laugh havo you all got your listening fuces ready ? are they all screwed so as not to laugh r "Hold your tongue, Jane,' said Mrs. Po i kenham. ' Heady, ready !' exclaimed omnes. I ' Why, tins is my project, ' resumed Miss Pokenham, Mo make up a match between I our littlo. minikin finikin Fanny Carr and tour great uncle Jeff.' I Mrs. Pokenham half screamed with fear, the rest laughed outright. Mamma, they would bo such a nice cou. pic. Our deaf unclo JefT, and littlo minikin finikin Fanny Carr. Such an overgrown giant and such an undcrgrown doll. It's no uso of blushing so, Fanny Carr, you make unolo JefT look at you, your face is so on fire. 11311 wonder what in tho world you aro blushing about. Don't you see how ho'a starin" ?' Littlo Fanny Carr lifted up her oyes and saw tlioso of her formidable visitor fixed full on her faco, whereupon sho roso from her seat and got out of the room as soon as pos. siblo. ' Pray who is that littlo thing V asked un cle Jcflbrvof Mrs. Pokenham, as they wero left alone together in tho evening, ' pray, who is that little thing that has just gone out ofthe room? 1 Do you moan Fanny Carr ? O, sho is a little crraturo that has seen better days, and wo .let her bo hero becaur'o my feelings won't let me scml, her away. She is so happy and so ntelicd to us, poof thing, and she just makesrltcrsclf useful by doing any trifle that falls in Her wayi Shu keeps (he keys of the storeroom, and tho tea-caddy, and the wine-cellar, and tho boor, and tho cellaret, and she fills up her time with sow. ing for the girls, nnd she lias the caro of tho linen nnd makes all the pastry, and docs the preserves but what I most prize Fanny Carr for is, she is such a good, nurse sho nursed the children through nil their mala dies, and never left them when wo bad the scarlet fever, every body said that she Would catch it, but she never did, though she was with them jlaj ,and4night. Yes. Fanny Carr is a most excellent nurse i ' So sho is tour house-keeper, and Tour plain sower, and your nurse!' u, no, uncle, 1 don't give her any wa- gcs.' ' A servant without wages 7' Uncle, I see that vou don't like to sco Fanny Carr sitting at the same table with you. I am sure I beg your pardon, but I did not think of it. I don't much think that she would like to eat with tho servants, but 1 II sec. At all events, I can send her din ner up to her own room.' ' Let the thing stay,' said uncle JefT. 1 But my dear uncle, I confess it was very thoughtless of mo to scat her at the same table with you, and I can very well make nor go. I Tlmn T I,I1 ' ;,) .! f 1 Jyff, iirl ni, !,. c : t- , i.. ' M s. Pokenham of course mmcd atcly w ithdrow her proffer. She could only re-1 gret that she had been so inadvertent as to. Olnoo hnr htrrlilt. rncnnMaUn nn.1 l,t..l.1.r endowed, and 'fortunately rich uncle Jeflery I at the same table with a poor little minikin , . P.. - '. -tl'' Writ mppl with n ivftrm niu! lipm-tv rpannnu frm-ii finikin old moid. Fnnnv r!.irr u-tie ctlll i to'erated, and uncle Jeffery seemed so fur lu "-' " "is aversion to nor as 10 permit i varius offices which sho was con. 1 , ,i c . - , . . , , 8'nn,1 P" for him in her character ot pcieral usefulness. She arranged the u,"'ons ' "ls casy chair lor, alter the "r?l.m oi suuenncss, uncle Jetlcry permit, t(!' Illmsc,11 l uo '"stalled into its comfort- nlilnc cl,A r..in1.n.1 1.:... t:nHn n.l . iii m ii.n.i, uuu ...i . i . r ... . i . i pn..i....i i.:.. r i . . .1 '" " m-. iih.isiUUi, uiiu Bui iuu ui-ns- PfPor nn'.' "nn" '"."J n"d s,".ck I . , i . . , i.i p . . ' w hen he went out, and took them from him when bo came in, nnd always met him with ' a smile, nnd, some way or another, deaf uncle JefT could hear Fanny Carr's gentle voice almost without the help of bis ear horn, better than he could understand other people with it. ' I wish I had deaf uncle Jeff's money,' said Master Daniel, ' how I would make" it fly! lie has not tho heart to do any thing v.'tl. It l,ut to beep it to uot moth ontrn and rusty.' ' There ho Is under the window,' said Humphrey. No matter wbnt one says, lie can't hear us. It is such fun to look him in the face and hear him, telling him what an old cur- mudgcon he is, all the while making him think that VOU aro paving him the Greatest' Castius M. Clny, I'laintilf, rj. James B. Clay nnd . der the circumstance, and the di'inissal or pre-acquital ,. m i .i . r. Thomas II. Waters, Deleiidants. of his accuser, without n parallel in injustice, in sordid, compliments. .Mamma docs that in line This was an nction ot trespass riet rrrmi. hroughi Calculating co'.l-lieartetl ingratitude. It Ins no re Style. Now I'll show you her honey, milk by plaintiff against the delendanis, for entering tire deeming or palliating views ; it Iws not the shadow of und snrrnr vvnv ' I prhiting otTice of Ihe "True American" in the city of an excuse, reason, or jurtilication. It s'andealone.a uuu i buliii ). n 1 ii i Lexington, nnd taking nnd carrying away the piiiuing solitary ca in ourhi.storyntlea!,cf a successful Gen Alld SO saying, Mnstcr Daniel wnlked up presses, types and other futures lielonging thereto, and eral lining tried lor doing his duty, tor defending tho to his deaf unclo Jeff' and with nil insinun- converting the same fo the use of the defendants; glory of our army and country, tried bv bis junior olli- ', , , p. ', -i tl. damages $10jtXW. . cers, in the very scenes ol Iris noblest exploits, and ting look nnd soil smile, saiil, 'It gives mo lv?Jants tiled a special plea, in which thev nlleg-1 mnde to stand there, belore the world, the tirget for pleasui'0 to assure VOU that I think you e'd in substance, that the plauintf established sa'id press the low hate and cunning of intriguants wlioni Ins fa- Imvn nnt cone., oncimrli tn mtinv nitltnr vnnr n"J iued therelrom a newspaper called the " True , vur had wanned into existence, and whose malice, have not sense enough to enjoy either jour Am(,rlcan .. with ,. .ifWi ',, ',r he rurnos) of . I 0,i.rwia, impotent, government patronage had sup- life or your money. crating on the public mind, and thereby inducing the plied with a sting. ' HeV ? what do VOU Say ?' Said Uncle owners of Slaves toemancipate them. That the plum-i This attitude sufficiently hunuliaiing in any view, r ... ,. .. It - tifl'did not discuss the subject of slavery in n temperate but wlieu it conies to lint point, iliat Wm. . I Worth JCIl, apply ing Ills ear.norn. I nnj ,(ruJent manner, but on the contrary, the tendeii- can rise brlore a Court Martial in the City of Mexico i O fin!' pvnl.'iinipd tlin little old maid, ev ot hit articled was to inflame the nublie inin.l. and ami hurl lu the t'etli of WmtHd Scott the approval o , . I . , , urning very retl, ' how can you mock l.Ijj 1 Hllil'inilles lu mat manner.' I " IP" VOU Wliat, Saiil .ViaSlCr UaniCI, . ... ' ., , . '""""6 " ,"j .uuim ..(,. ... r. i o I f -r- - , 'pendant, 'I'll tell you what mamma or- i,1p, ..nn (n mnl-o thp nmiihln tn nld dpnf tiered you to make the am able to old deal unJ' Je" llore ,or our sake ; hut she be- "ills to thitlk that VOU are doill it for your and lil'ty-eiglit others, acting as a committee ol said ' skill and gi-ueraurhip, lie was enable to regain his po J as ,M..iiti... rpiinlrp.l in ilrp nltipp r.t iltp " '1'rnp Ainpn. Fltioil in the aririv 1 Is he the same of whom the na O Afastcr Dllllicl !' exclaimed little Fan- nvCarr. (VOU know that I trv to bo kind to . . , . i V i r i l 1 J u inia piea me pianuuneniurreu. outran ciauo- tunuuu m i irum mus pmiiouiucu uy uniums vu -every botly indeed I OU;ht, lor 1 leel imt nue argument to what cnriMituted a nuiwnce, and man, 'lVipfjS, nnd Piniili highly prejudicial to Hie s ! .. I. I.! I It.. ,.f e..t I I.M .t- Itnnnr timkilstv nl nur nmiv f U hf thi 11I1I flttlfA , ii i i . I see hovv you all play Upon this poor gen. tlcman, because bo happens to bo deal, J can't help feeling the more pitiful over him ; , . .. 1 I, i . ... 1 .pi ... ' but It would bo just tho same if ho Wcro . t Hov 1 Hey ? What does she say ?' ask .'. - .4 . .... . ... cd uncle Jcllery She says that sho is quite exhausted with the trouble ol speaking to you, sir, .1 ...,.1.t .,,.., I. ,n ,.. you nro so very deaf.' ' Donf ? Deaf? exclaimed the old gentle man, ' I am not deaf; I told you before that I was not deaf.' ' O Daniel ! ' exclaimed Fanny Carr, with the tears in her eyes, 1 how can you so misrepresent mo ?' 'Hoy? Hey? What docs she say 7' asked unclo Jeffery. ' She says, sir, that she isquito worn out with the trouble of shouting nnd running on errands.' 'O Daniel !' ejaculated the little old maid. , And sho says that if you don't go away verv soon, she must- Hut mamma is very angry with her (or grumbling, is I shouldn t wonder ifsho were to show ner tne way to the door.' The littlo old maid burst into tears. ' Hey 1 hey 7 What's all this ?' exclaim, ed the deaf gentleman. .0 mamma, you aro here, and it's high timo,' said Master Daniel, as Mrs. Poken. ham entered. ' It I liau not uccn noro to meddle, Fanny Carr was managing deaf uncle JefT in fine stylo.' 1 Fanny Carr,' said Mrs. Pokenham, your conduct has boerf more and moru ex. traordinary every day.' ' What have I douo?' exclaimed the litllo old maid. iVmt hnvn Irppn trvinB to manaao mv 'poor silly uncle, that hits been nluin enough to my eyes lor a iei"g nine, mu uuiuu ut ir him. and no about fetching, and enrrv- ing nnd coaxing, nd looking like a lamb, (.Concluded on 4'h pace J SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 6, 1818. OLD IIONKCUISM IN NEW YORK. A Locofoco Congressional District Conven tion, for the appointment of a Delegate to the National Convention, was held in Troy (N. Y.) on Thursday of last week. Tho Hon. Jon Pierson, former! a member of Congress from that District, and an Old Hunker of the purest descent, was selected to carry tho fins of Rens selaer County Locofocoism to Baltimore. A series of resolutions, glorifying the Administra tion, the War, Secretary Marcy, Senators Dix and Dickinson, and tho gallant General Wool, (not a syllable in honor of the noble old vete ran, Scott !) was passed, from which we copy liic following, and respcjtfully, yet urgently, in vt;e Ihe notice C'tftC Ji'jrllnirton Dnily iSmttml to iU declarations. Here it is, taken, " body nini breeches," from the Troy Com. Adicrlifer: ' Rrsohed, That ns democrats, in favor of a radi. en! and strict construction of the Constitution, wc hold sacred the npht of every portion of the people under the protection of the United Slates, to determine for themselves their own local laws; nnd that ice hold ttery attempt on the part of Congress to dictate to any sectioM whether they shall or shall not establish t later j, al a usurpation of poicr alike repugnant to theprovirions of the Constitution and to the principles umn which our federatite tnittem of nor, nmtnl is based." Now, then, will the Scntinrl, or any other well-informed commentator on Locofoco politics, be so very cood as to Inform us whether the lo cofoco party in Vermont, " as democrats," hold that it i " a csuRrATioN or ro we r on the tart or Congress, alike repugnant to the provis ions or the Constitution, and to te irinci-r-LES upon witicu OUR federative system of GOVERNMENT IS BASED. to " ATTEMPT " to prevent the introduction of slavery into the ter- ritory of this Union ? That is the otiestiori. It u ,in an(1 direct at)J w, shoM ghld of a caC(.orical answer. The Troy Adurtiscr says this resolution, and the others, VrTKr TX' theleadmt! principles ol the democratic lotions, and party, with directness.' Now, Mcsrs. Sentinel, Patriot, .SVnr.rrllAs- " r,', . " ' V i , f mocraey" in Termonf, will you p'ease to be so good and to knd as to speak out? i our Con- mion, dan not r,0iutionS arllj we 1!lVB no rcs0urce left but its go to you. Our opinion is that Congress have the power which Old llunkorism in ,ew 1 ork resolves they have not, and that it xv.ll be tut outrage or the deepest die on thr moral snncn of thp orpat lioik- m tlinr ,- - .. V cnntituints. on t ha strurruhnir snintof Kreednrn . , ,, ,, , , ,,,,,, our federative system of gover.'.mcnt'is based," uui icuuirtinu piaiuiu ui i:uvi-i unlink la iwftu, anJ on Goa aJ Humanity, if tiey do not exer- cisc that power. What say you ? ID A good deal has been said about a recent decision of a Circuit Court in Kentucky, giving Cassias M. Clay, the great exploded humbug of the day, S2,50d dam'age'3 for the forcible re moval of his Pfe'SS &c. from' Lexington in 1815 as if there was anything strange in a Ken tucky Court's maintaining the supremacy of the I ,.! 1.. .1.. 1 . I I. J . . . '.i, ,n iffiA a brief report of the case, which wc sub join as a matter that may be interesting to our readers : - Frccdom of Ihe Press. Jessamine Circuit Covrt, March term, I8IJ. Before the Hon. Samuel Lvsk. Circuit Judsr. lioia out Hopes to tne staves lor une-nii'-niuiionai email- nml nlsn rrttM,l hi.tilt.irrtiiit, lint, nn.,nc, the slaves, and an inclination to insurrection: That mc raiuc ui.ui.r H, mrn, uM,r i- 1 r mm ui- nreeiaipd. uherebr the said iirmtinirestab bsbment be- came nnd was a nuisance, wlncli Uie citizens ot Lp?x - came uuu nas . iiuiNiiicc, tor amicus m itrx ingtonnnd Fayette county had the lawful right to abate. And ihut in puisuaucc to the request of a large c, of t,e cifi71.3 , r,,j.e'1(e nild tr . tunties, held the ISth of Augu-i, 18 15, the defendants rncked them, nnd raused itifMitie to 1m- chipped lo nn" f.n.L- i.tivi. thn ii-nnu .v n nnrrin tncinnnii.eubjrct lo ihe order ol Hie plamiill. murrer u;f;nilllnl, ,(,, o(r,reilri cmi Mmilnr to the first, but more in detail, embodying therein por- '" of ihe articles supposed by them to be intempe- rate and inllaininatory. The court relusd permis - sion lo fileU, and the defendants declining any further ac. ,i,a ,. rnffliir. ,.i ,1.,, ni.. I ...i ,u.,!i.....i . r... A. Mm 'rL.i.i:.nii.i.i.iiii. pealed, nnd the only question which the record pre- sents. is a3 lo the validnv of the pleas. And that in - olve. the question, whe come a moral nuisance in consequence oi prouiuig i - tiie dants. If Gen. Clarke is so frightened at the sight of guns, what will he do when theygo off I Woodstock Ace II" they go iff like a certain " American Cituen " big gun over at r'opermill Village, the Whig parly, or somebody else will sutler a severe loss at every disJ charge. Belloics Palls Cat. Has the big gun at Papcrniill Village one off, Mr. Moore ? No report to that cfTe-ct has reached iw. Yucatan. Tho President sent it mcssago to the House of Representatives, on Saturday last, says the Albany Etening Journal, " together with sev eral communications from tho government of Yucatan, representing tho state' of suffering to which that country is reduced by an insurrec tion of the Indians, and Imploring the protection of the UnitcJ .States. The government of Yu catan offers, in case protection should be grant ed, to transfer the dominion and sovereignty of the peninsula to tire United states. Tlis mes- sago and documents were read, referred to the Committee ctt Foreign AflVirs, and ordered to be printed. The following Is an extract from the remarks of Mr. Calhoun, on the reception in the Senate of tire President's Message above referred to. Mr. Hannegan moved that the Message be re ferred and printed : I hnnn MiiuM u iirifl mfiuiriie lit tilt DPODie ill vicinity in which it may be siiuated, deem injurious ends ami perst.nnl aggrandm inent. to the peace and good order ol society. "ul "lu" " 5"cn, James Harlan and Samuel Shre forplaintif. ' arm. we woitld have preferred th,tt another scena than -.'....- r .Vmm,i,i tnr iplpti. tne e.ny oi .uexico, nail oeeu r-eiecieu lorn, vv o thought proper to put this upon any other cround than npin the high grouii'' of humanity. If 1 hue heard the message nrifjhl, be undertakes to assert that in con equence ol Mr. Jlonroe's declaration, when any por tion of this continent comes to be placed in a situation like that of Yucatan, and the people ol the comtry so situated, feel tbetn-elvcs raider the ppppity ot ippi ina sometihcre for protection, we tniit interpo-e nnd protect them. A broad proposition tiuly ! To what an extent may it be pursued ! Where n i! to find a limit, no one con tell, nnd I toke thi early occasion, belorc the Committee Ime acted upon the subject fur long experience has taught me to strike nt a thing tint is so objectionable at the very moment it is nam ed to express my a-toniillmeiil and deep regret that the President should have recommended the occupi tion of Yucatan by our army, or by such portion oi it ns might be spared from Mexico. These are ccat topics startling propositions In the present condition of Europe, ir, there is no moreorohrbility of Knglnnd or nny ot-er power seiz ing Yucatan, than there is that I should seize it. Who can lejl what will be the condition of England nay, what is her condition now I Tbpe things are, to me, strange, unaccountable, Wonderful I I did hope that the experience ol ihe Mexican war lhi DfCit)itntc anil rush enterprise, which lin3co5i the counirya hun dred and lueoiy millions of dollars and thirty thou sand live Would have taught tbp rdminiinlion s une moderation j mid th.if we would h ive been prompted, in extending aid and io-operation to tho people of Yucatan, purely by philnnthropicnl motives and purposes. Are we to usurp the dominion ol every, portion of tliis cent nent f.illigi under th-i dominion of civilized man I Sir, the condition ol the world ought to admonish us all. Why is Europe rolling to and Iro nt this moment I What is the great charge that is made aj-ainst Ut-irnt I And what nre the charges ww made against the British gorefiiir'ent! That the burthens attendant upon the war of the revolution did not terminate with that revolution, fins not that been the cose in this country I Mis there been any allevia tion of tins bcVd'cite of debt growintf cut of the revo lution and out of the vrar ol 18121 lias tbeie been any mitigation of the expenses of tin; war of 1812 1 No, sir. Court or Iiiciiiirr.-Ccn. Scott. The following spirited and eloquent article re ferring to the po-stion in Which tho Administra tion lias placed the Conqueror of Mexico, tho General whoJe magnificent abilities as a Com mander, whose untiring and devoted laitfulness to the great trust committed to him, and whoo Splendid successes In the field, entitle him to the highest honor, are from the X. O. Delta. It is a just tribute to the scarred veteran, Winfield Scott, vtho will receive honor from his country men proportioned to the contumely and disgraco that is attempted to bo heaped upon lum by the I're'idetit and his minions. The interrogatories below referring to Gen. Worth, cover charges against that Odicer tint are perrcctly overwhelming because they aro undeniable true. With all bis unque-tioncd gallantry and impetuosity in battle, General Worth is about the hut man in the Army who should present himself in rontrat, in any les- p.'ct, with lien. ocon. The position only serves to magnify the littlenesses of his character. lyike a noble lion at bay, worried but not intimidat ed by the snapping and barking ol the canine pack let loose upon him by some royal huntsmen, the Com-mander-in-ehiel ol our ariny is presented to the twen ty millions ol his admiring and gratehil MIow. citizens, in the attitude of n criminal on trial in the capitalcap turcd by hw genius and vitlof. Those who have been irts'n-incntal in bringing about fuel: a mortifying pec tnble a.t ibis inL'ft nloce a terv loer estimate upon the character of our people to expect thai it Will elicit from them uny other sentiments but ihooe of thesterHestfe lliem uny outer seiiuiiieius out uio-h: oi toe Mcmrs, re buke, the most scorching, annihilating scorn and in dignation The rpntp'p hpnrts are no r-o pC.urU null OriPJ i. by the tires of party potion, their perceptions have not become so blunted, or their patriotism cooled down to the zero point, that they can look on such scenes as are presented in the city ol Mexico, and not feel that a gros indignity has been offered to tiie national glory, a stain cnit upon our escutcheon, a dark page added to our history, which only the loial and unanimous voice ol the people can expunge or obliterate. The sober -eond thought of a noble anl grateful people will pronou'ii'ce the trial of Winfield Scott, un- msconouct uy uie t lo-eriiinein, ami me couiieinnauou ol his Homiim n.lpr.iii.tMiiel. il nnMa llip (ininiils ol Iih. man patience, ami made us sick ni heart. . ... ...... " VJ" ?Ti , , ..V i 1 .u has taken sides anams; Wmlield Scott I Is be tho I same wno noanuoneu ins fKW.pp a punctuno, wnen I o.iiiv n ..uuiiui.urti nn 'i- u fit,,,..,, u,v, uvi, our ntmy lay under the threatening cannon of tho enemy I ls he the same who, whil-l in this city.sjxiki in tl.r,n ol- con,01I1,t o( llw i.i- old General by whov magnanimity, with the aid ot l'eisifor T. rjmith's i riui n: i r.i i lie i iiii.n tpi in huh rti v. wnrn ii iiirnifii ni jii re-.ijJ'n.ition, Hint l Uxihed upon Inn a- n demrtcf m :ne uw arl m he iiieKinu; mnce wnnso I wio waked up une inormnj a faunch I'.'mociat, when he hud aways been n Whig belore, and a. sud- denly become the trit ud and ally ol another olhcer, Af'''. b'c" "w co,1,,'"u lWmK ul liu ' ritiieuie anu tibu.-e i ... r , 1 IMhi is the othcer srlio has been pit forward to taunt and in-jlt vviiiheld Scott, we think the choice isau adiiiirubte one That noble old commander, who. throughout the tiv m - seenei ot an unequalled cam. 1 ptign.stood so nobly by the tUgol hi.scountry,ond de- . t."' "r r ".',." ' iiii.II uniwi ivnn ii't oi itujni uui iiicii villi ai'tu-u would have prelericd other witnesses ol such a degra. datiou than the enemies ot our country, tho- enemies who, conquered by the valor. and sVill of W'inlirlj Scott, would find sonic solace for ignominies and mis lortunes, ju n malicious joy over the blow thus mined by IKivver at the chief, vvhoe strong arm hat prostra ted them. Tley should have ordered .cott to Wash ington, anj there a Court surrounded by political in triguants, might have conducted its rrevecdings to any length and lo any conclu-ion, without eliciting much aiteuliun or respect from the people. There are some iersons who enltavor to prejudice the position ot (ieneral Scott, by dwelling on the warmth of lemiier displayed by him, who unable to" impeach the truth ofthe tacts alleged and proved by him, strive lo weaken their elfect by harpinif niun thn testiness of his temper, and the imprudence of his lan guage. This is a uesjierate resoit. The people how ever, are not wont to cxpe-et (rent patience" sml mode ration in a pillant otFip, r,so badgered end persecuted ns General Scott has been. Andrew Juckson, though seldom wrong, wa not very mealy mouthed in Ins language towards those stlni crossd the path of hu duty. The people supported and justified hint. And so the people, lit spite ol the vuuy e Hurls ot tliepatii sans, w ill excuse in Winfield S'cott, even stronger lan guage thnn any he has jet used in designating the conduct ot those who brought upon the country the the shnmelul scene now exhibited in ihe Capital of Mexico, The Washington Monujient. The founda tion of the great Washington monument is to b laid in Washington on tho fourth of July next, with abundant ceremonies. Would that Mr. Adams had lived to make tho address, as bis last public effort! The material for tho Im mense corner stone has been presented by a gt-ntlcman in Baltimore, and threo of our citizens are shaping it for its bed. The excavation is about to be commenced. Elisba Whittlesey manages the funds, the vo luntary offerings of the people. Would it not V. II H ni,ki i t. . IL. Ik. itpnAM ap at In. .1