Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 12, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 12, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 12, 1848. THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 11, 1818. Foreig n News. ftly the II r i t n 11 h i n . Tho Mritnnnio. arrived nt Boston on Sun. (lay night last. Slio left Liverpool on the 22d April. Through the ntlcntivo kind ness of J. II. Whitcomii, Esq., Tremont House, Hoston, wo have n copy of the Liv erpool Mail of the ult., from whose Gcnerul Summary wo take the following: The chief interest in the Parliamentary pro ceedings during the past week, is centred in the Crown and Government Security Mill, which was read a third time in the House of Lords on Thursday. In the House of Commons it met with considerable opposition, directed chiefly against the retention of tho words open and advised speaking,' in clause 3, as liable to bo perverted into a means of limiting ordinary and fair discussion. Lord John Russell so far gave way as to consent that this now felony law shall bo temporary only, its operation being limited to two years. Tho accounts from Ireland partake of much the same character as those hut recorded. It appears that the asonts of Messrs. Mitchell, O hrien, and the rest of tho insurrectionists, are busily employed through the country In encour aging tho delusion which has caused a run on the savings' banks. The money drawn is im nieuiaioiy converted into cold, so that a run mi the banks is a consequence of that on the sav ings' banks. The result of this is naturally a contraction ot their issues by the former estab lishments, and this will probably he followed bv the failure of many who will be deprived of ucir usual itcctiiiiiuuiiauon. No time has been lost in proceeding to bring to trial the parties charged with sedition. From the Continent the news continues to be of the most exciting kind. In Paris on Sunday last, an immense assemblage of the trades of raris toon place in the Champ de Mars. Some accounts estimate the number present at 150,' O00. The object was said to be to declare in favor of the organisation of labor, and atrainst M. Marrast, one of the members of tho Provis- tonal Government. In the course of the day the hotels of Ihe members nf the Provisional Gov- crnment received troops for the protection ol the day after the closing of tho houses of the Jesn ministers, and a collision was expected, but the i ites the relic was found uninjured. It was re- whole passed ojT quietly. The real object of the demonstration was to ovc ivorawc the uovern- ment, and place Communism in a position of as cendency. Tho National Guard, consequently, were called out, and mustered to the number of some 200,000. Amongst these the (ItrJe Mo liilc, called into cxistenceby the Provisional Gov ernment, were observed to be the most zealous in support of order. Tlicy were harangued by M. I.imartine from the top of the steps in front of the Hotel de Ville, and they replied with enthu siasm. The would-be disturliers of the peaco were cowed. Society in Paris was re-assured. Joy beamed in every countenance, for the reign of order was confirmed. I.inurtino is firmly seated. His power is now established; and there is little doubt that he will hand over the Republic to the National Assembly as a consol idated reality. Atlairs in Italy arc not quite so checrlul as might be wished, but, in a political sense, arc hy inspiring confidence in the respectable por far from discourairin!r. A portion of the Sar- tion of the people. It is Important in the pre- ilinian and Austrian troops have met, in which viciory declared ilsell in lavor ol the iorincr. , The loss of life was great, and about 2,000 pris oners remained in the hands of the Italian army. Whether Radctsky will be able to hold his ground must depend very mucli upon the extent to which the Got crnment of Vienna can supply him with re-inforcemcnts. Present appearances indicate that he will receive but little material aid. The Germans are working out, with uncom mon determination of purpose, and witli the calmness which beenmos an intelligent people, their political freedom. King Frederick Wil liam seems to be of small account in their eyes. He wears the crown, but he sways not the scep tre. Thus in deference to the Provisional Diet at Frankfort, he has been compelled to rescind the election of federal representatives nominated I by his own Diet, and to consent that they should I lie elected by the whole people. Germany will probably possess institutions second to none in r. ii rope lor trecuom and t-ia unity. Wc copy the following additional items from the lloston papers : ENGLAND. Prince and Princess Metternich, with their son and a small retinue, arrived at London on the 20th ult., in a steamer from Rotterdam. They were wailed upon by Lords Aberdeen and 1 , ( . -Brougham, the Duke of Wellington and tho I vvii he lio ti Austrian Ambassador, The Prince and Prin- I cess have assumed the name of M. and Mad ame Mittegua;. I hey are to preserve their in cognito, and to take a residence at Richmond and Brighton. We perceive no account of disturbances in England since the Chartist demonstration. The European Times has the following from Scot land : We regret to Kale that intelligence has readied us of the regular organisation of the ChariiKt forces in (Scotland. A public meeting bad been held nt Aher Vieeil. lor IIIC liuiliunc u. cid.11111; o ucirud.r iu iii ,-n-i ... r 1- 11 lional Convention," aud measures were adopted lor protection of Ru.s-ian subjects. csp.-ci.illy ' in res the emolument of volunteers. After the public uiee. pert to commerce and navigation. Ills Majesty ting, about loon persons nujoumeu to me union nail, Kip hundred members were enrolled as a " National liuard and sfter some eorrespondenre with Ihr tningham, respecting the supply ol anus, had been read, it wm resobed, that a gun and a bayonet should be ordered for each member forthwith. IRELAND. I Thc Grand Jury at Dublin, on the 15th, brought in bills of indictment against Messrs. Mitchel, (THricn, and Meagher, charging them with "seditious practices tending lo the distur bance of the public peace." The correspondent of the Iindon Morning Chmnicle, who is very hostile to the Irish, has the following: DouDLtit, April 10. The plea of not guilty and the general issue, filed yesterday nn behalf of Mr Smith O'ilricn, clears away all obstacles that might otherwise prevent a trial during tho sittings after the present term. It is understood that similar pleas will be, if they are not already, filed by Mr. Mitchel and Mr Meagher. Mr Roliort Holmes, a distineui-hed member of tho Irish bar, is to act as counsel In behalf of the three traversers, tfl assist them on any legal points that may arise during the trials. The traversers, in other respects, are to defend them Helves, and each of them will avail himself of the privilege of addressing the jury. A very extraordinary meeting took place in Templederry, on Sunday last. Father Kenyon, the parish priest, was tho great Hon on tho oc casion, and he and the other speakers declared their objects without the slightest reserve. The perish priest and a Mr Ilurko wcro formally elected delegates to the National Convention of Three Hundred. In tho way of bold and out spoken treason, this Templederry meeting far (urnasses all previous exhibitions. There are most afflicting accounts of destitu tion and deaths from starvation in somo parts of the Western Province. Tho Mayo Constitution a moderate Conservative journal, gives somo horrible details." ., , , At the meeting above alluded to, Mr Kenyon called upon all assembled to stand by O linen, Mitchel and Meagher, with their lives and tho people declared that they would die for them. TheO'Connell family do not follow tho new leaders who are to fight Ireland out of Its con nection 5h England. The Eunpcan Times "ThTdivsrsence between the Repeolers. hende d by Mr O Conn?ll. and the party H on by Mr.Mitcln-1, icoines greater every day. The O Connells man mv declare that Ihey will take their stand ihe verv ,ie vlui ultra, the uttermost bounds ol the law a"5 c'ni Son and will adhere to the counsels KueathedTo "hemby their lather. io obtain Repeal T.csable nd constitutional means only. FRANCE. It appears that there actually was an attempt made to deposo tho moderate members of the I'rnvWotial Oovernmcilt, which was rendered abortive by too nrmncss ot a, tie ijamanine, Holorc the procession bciran to move from the Champ do Mars towards the lintel do Ville, M. Cabctwent to the Hotel de Ville and demanded an interview with the Provisional Government. M. Laninrtiiio was the only nno who received him. M. ('abet immediately declared that the Provisional Government had betrayed the cause of tho people, and that it should be reconstitu ted. He then handed In a list of those who should form the new Provisional Government, and declared, that if it wcro not accepted, the people then assembled tn the Champ uo Mars would march on tho Hotel do Ville, and oflect by force that which they hoped would be granted by peaceable means. Mr. de Lunartino then loft tho room, and, after consulting with M. Mar rait, M. Pagnorc, and sonio other members of the Government, issued an order for the arrest of M. Cabet, but that citizen had previously left the Hotel do Ville. It is stated, however, that he was taken at a late hour in the evening, and that lie is now in custody. ITALY. The Vint Haltic Lmnbanhj. Accounts of an important victory, gained by the Sardinian army under the King, at the bridge of Goito, on tho Mincio, on the evening of April 8th, have ar rived. The battle lasted two hours, after which tho Austrians retreated in confusion towards Mantua, lcaing a great number of killed, wounded, and prisoners, with lour pieces of ar tillery. We have accounts from Homo to Aprils. Tho events had occurred which had produced a good deal of sensation, although the public tranquillity was not interrupted. The Jesuits lad linally decided to depart, in compliance if .cided to, depart, in a , isitivo injunction, at least with an I mendation of tho Pope. Several not with u posi lot with u posittv earnest rccommetn earnest recommendation o the rope. cCTori of the fathers had directed their course tn trance -tohers to England, and others to Malta. The other event is the discovery of the head ot the head of the apostle St. Andrew. This precious relic was stolen five weeks since, from the b.tilica of St. Peters, where it was pre served with care among the choicest relics, en rlnsod In- throe doors of wood and one of I roll nnd without any m.trks of violence. The event j bad nil on rise to a great number of rumors, but I ihe all.ur remained involved in mystery ystcry. 1 ho placed at St. Peters by the grand religious fete and a most i imposing ceremony. AUSTRIA. The Vienna Gazette publishes an Imperial decree, dated the 1 1 til of April, ordering that,, from the 1-tnf January next, nil duties and tithes in kind are to lie abolished throughout the monarchy, and money payment tn be made in stead, the amount of which is to be regulated by law. Vienna, Sunday, April 1(1. Tho " monster I meeting'' of operatives promised for to-il.iy has not taken place. In tannin parts ol the citv , I ' the National Guard has been under arms during the day, and every precaution has been taken to prccrye tho public peace, which has not been disturbed The news of the ridiculous termina tion nf the Chartist meeting in London was re ceived to-day, and lias already had some ellect out state of public feeling, and will, I hope, pro- uuce very uenenciai results. PRUSSIA AND DUXMARK. From Hamburg, under date of the 1 Ith April, it is positively asserted that England has olVercd mcditatioti in the quarrel between Denmark and Pruia, and that information of this had I been at once given to tho states of the 10th corps of tho federal army, who are taking part in the expedition against Denmark. GERMANY. The Ixindnn Chronicle of the 21st has the following upon the state of Germany : Thcro is a lull in the tntcrest in the internal affairs of Germany, which will probably not bo interrupted before the General elections. Tho attempt at an insurrection in lladen, with the fhject .of proclaiming a German republic, got up hy MM. Decker and Strove, and winch for a moment gave rise o some anxiciy, s a auor s . .. . .. t . . .... live attempt, the only results oi which win ue to , cauc a icmporary ngiiuuoii, iu uiu ueirinieni oi the iiiteret .'Ms oi all I classes. POLAND. Poscx, April 15. The affairs of Pnscn, in as farat least as regards the Polish population, have already assumed a peaceful appearance. Order, i i . .i i ..,. legality, submission to the royal anthnrity as modified by the late concessions, are preached. everywhere bv the Poles themselves. 1 lie arm-1 . . 3 . -.. . . . , ., isncrsing, and in a lew invs mere ' . - . I. .... trace left of the so-called Poll; camps Warsaw. The Gazette de Breslau of the 13th of April, says, tint all the political prison ers who have been detained at Warsaw and on the western frontier have been sent to the cita del. A tolerably good understanding exists be tween tho Ru--Iaii and Polish soldiers. RUSSIA. The Russian consuls and consular agents in Paris and the various sea-ports of France, have been commanded to remain tit their posts for the lias likewise commanded that the I rcncli con- sills and con-iilar agents In llussia shall be re cognized as hitherto. Till: CHRISTIANITY OP WAR. We have received a Tract of 1G pages, issued by the Yearly Meeting of Friends in New York, entitled "Considerations respecting the Lawful ness of War under the Gospel Dispensation; addressed to Teachers and Professors of Chris tianity." Its length precludes our publishing it entire in the Free Press, which wc should oth erwise be glad to do. It presents, with much force and cogency of reasoning, tho unchristian character, tendencies and results of War, and deserves wide circulation and attentive perusal, both on account of tho sincere, upright and con sistent anti-war source from which it emanates, and the justness and perspicuity of tho views it pro.-ents. Wo Copy its concluding paragraphs: We have ventured csiecially to request the ntten lion ol those Mho have assumed the responsible station ol ministers and teachers ot Ihe Christian religion, tu Ibis subject, because whatever nlleCls the character of this religion, or opposes ils progress in the world, seems peculiarly to claim their nonce. And we would suggest, that the f ict ol our country being nt tile pres ent lime engaged in war, luruishes a strong reason lor entering into a careful examination of the evidence respecting the lawfulness of war under the Gospel dis pensation. May we venture in nsk whether those pncific prin ciples by v Inch the Church in the apostolic nge utid, indeed, during the first and greater part of the second centuries, was so remarkably distinguished, are inrul ruled liv the Christian le.ichers of the oreseut day. wilb that clearness nnd fulness, to which they are Justly entitled? Even those who do not fully unite Willi us in the belief, that "war is unreservedly proiiuiiieu oy tne Christian religion, must admit that, In'sides Ihe mis rn' nml sutli'rini? it produces it is hi"hly demoratiziim n ml that it eminently lends to retard the progress oi vital riligioii among men: and if so, the glorious theme ol " peace on earth" should not fail to hud de voted advocates in nil who nre sincerely seeking to promote the present and eternal welfare of llieir fellow '" We arc aware that when thc public mind isstrongly excited, it may require great moral courage, and a deep nnd abiding sense ol duly, to (liable the pastor to siiind llmilv at his nost. nnd udvocate Ihe noble cause of peace, llut these are occasions when, by reason of llie position lie utnij'iy, i," .'...-..., ....i, the people, aim llie liliim.-usir iiitacii upon in, ii irfi- ings, he may by reetrainiug, or by giving a right di ,,nn tn the nonular Imnulsc liecouic instrumental in hastening Ihe day when righteousness shall cover Ihe earth, ni the waters cover ine sea. In conclusion, wc would ask attention to one view of the subject of war, which commends Itself vfr-ltti aw ful solemnity to the consideration of nil, and with pe culiar force to those we are now nddrcssing. We re fer to the ultimate to the unseen consequences of war to the final stnte of ihe myriads of spirits, dis embodied, it is grcntly to be feared, while imder the iulliicnce of the most ferocious passions, and sent un called, into the world of righteous retribution l'li relleetion is awful Indeed and must.vtc would fain hope, command the most serious intention J and by producing a linn conviction of the utter incompati bility ot war with the meek, lurching, and peaceable spirit of the Gospel, lead to Increased and earnest ef forts to eradicate from the earth this scourge to the. htinily of man, If, then, the fruits of war be anguish unspeakable, nnd bitterness hi the latter end now strung bow poweiful is the claim upon our elTorts td oppose It, nnd restore the Church to the state of purity in which it Hood in the primitive period of its existence ! Slay the Lord in his mercy hasten the day when this shall be e H'ectcd J when notion shnll no longer hit up sword against nation, ni'd the people shall learn war no more ; but the kingdoms ot this world shall become the kingdoms ol the l.nril. nnd nl Ids Christ. Signed on behalf and by direction of a Meeting of the Representatives of the Religious Society of menus, oi inc Yearly Meeting ot lNcw Tore, Held in lbe city ol New York, tile 4111 ol first month, 1818. Richaiid CAnr-ENTER, Clerk. 3T The democrats of the Third District In this Plate, have selected lion. GILES HARRINGTON ol Alhurgh, ns a delegate to the national democratic convention, ami Solomon W.Jewett, fc,sq. ol wey bridge substitute. iVorl'i Star. And these Democrats of the Third District, to pass resolutions, that were introducd by one of their number, declaratory of their op position to tho extension of Slavery over Terri lory of this Union now Free. Vv'hat think you of that, Mr. Star! Vermont Ccntrul Railroad Company. . jj wsnPnl nf lcll ,,,,, po nch , riiarc 0 tc nPwft(,ck by the Directors to those holding Stock in this Company, Mny 1st, will those Molding Mock in this Company, he payable on ihe loth ofJuncj and nlurther assessment J, d are per share on the 1st July next, payable nt the Farmers nnd Mcchnnirs Bnnk ol Burlington. the Hank ot .vlnntne her. the Woodstork Ilnnlt. nrm tl. ndice of the Treasurer No. 21 Railroad Exchange i.u-iuu, i er nrucr SAMUEL'H. WAt.T.F.V. May 51818. il33wir.tjyl Treasurer. I FEW PIF.CF.S 1H0RK of those drab M. i il Luincs can be found at the Lapies' Exciianok. WILCOX &. NASH. Burlington, May 2, 8 18. d&w CHENEY & CO.'S Moston, Burlington & Mostbeai, EXPRESS. V i!''MY, '" connection with Vmoii. & Rice's new l ork Express nt Hurlington. From Boston every Tuesday. From Moutrent every Thursdny, From Burlington lor lloston every Friday. (Wires nnd Agents. Cheney ts Co., Itnil Koad Exchange, lloston. Virgil A, Rice, Burlington. 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I ieid,and rarali i. 1'ield, nil of said Jerieo, initior, children of Henry Field, late of said Jerieo. decensed. presented to said l'robnte Court, oil the third day of May, A.U. leVW, Iter ik'uiiuu in wriong, selling lorill lliai liersaiu warns are seizeu m ice m uieir own rigin, as itnanis iiicom moil of their euual undivided lilih nans ol the follow iug described lurm of land situate in Jerieo aioresaid, aim oouuueu as !iuows,to wit: The Homestead farm of llie said Ilenrv Field, de ceased, contaiuiug about ode hundred and twenty-five acres of laud, and is bounded on the norlli hy laud owned by Lucius I.nne, on Ihe cast by laud of Kosweli Fay and Wright Clark, on the souih by land oi Khas Danielle and laud ol rsoriimu Wright, and on the west by laud of John Chambers, which said land is subject lo the right of Dower therein ot llie said Laura Field, deceased ; and that a sale ut the ssid described estnte of her said wards, and an investment of the proceeds ol sueli sale 111 otber lands or nt interest and nrnvini s.iid Court to arnul her license tosellieiii estate ot her said waids and to invest tlie proceeds ot such sale in other lands or put the Bnuie nt interest, agreeably to law in such ense provided I Whereupon, the said Vrobnle Court nssigncd the 'Hlh day of .May, A. D. IS 18, lor henring and deciding on snul petition, at the Probate Olliic in lluilingtnii, tn said District, ond ordered mat an persons nueiesieu enouiu ue noti fied thereof, by publishing this older couiaining the nature ot said application, three weeks successively in the lluilington l rce l'ree Press, a newspaper primed at slid Hurlington, alt publications tu ue prevp miB to the said '2lih davof May. A. 1). IBItt. Given under my hand at said District, this 3rd day oi .nay, iai-. I5w3 HHADI'ORD RlXl'OKP, RtsUltr rru .i i. ....... uiilit with rpirnrd to the real 1 liC II'IV-HOII in II"" t.. ..... n - - f Value, nnd practical clhcncv of the PECTORAL ttitur, in removing oiKuj.s, .................. Its superiority over every other mcdlcineifor this tloss ol complninis, can be ntlcsted by hundreds In this . ' 1 I. ...lit. ,1.. Ii.nninrl Ml.lla iowii who nave useu u 'i "s ..H, some ol whose names nave nirtuoy nipvuii.u m una pnper, nnd more of them will be seen very Soon. 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For hoarseness, which with me, ns a public spenker, has been n most formida ble ditliculiy, I have never found anything like it. In diseases of the (.linns. And other narts of the vocal organs, its effects are most grateful nnd salutary. Its remarkable palatahleness being very little more of fensive than pure honey, I consider one of its smallest recommendations. In a word, I am persuaded that were its virtues and ils conveniences known to the puDlic,it would hnve an extensive sale. Very respectfully, Z. PADDOCK. Forsalebv TIIKODORK A. PECK. 45w2m Wholesale Druggist. SCHOOL nooKs OF ESTABLISHED REPUTATION, T5UI1LISI1KI) BY JENK8. PALMER & CO. 1 No. 131 Washington street, Boston, and tor sale bv Booksellers nnd Country Traders oenemllv. The following works for Education arc particularly recommended to the notice of those interested in the subject, as containing the modern improvements, and calculated to lessen me labor ol leacmng ana learn nit , and nt the same time to make thorough and prac tical scholars. Improved Scries or Itending Books Worcester's Primer, or First Book. 72 pages. 18mo Worcester's Second Book for Reading and Spelling, ICS noees. IBinn. V orcester's Introduction to Third Book, with Rules nnd instructions, vol pages, IHmo. Worcester's Third Book, -for Reading nnd Spelling, wiiii nines nnu instructions, lor avoiding common er rors.2S)Dacs. l'.'tno. Worcester's Fourtli Book for Reading, with Rules nnd instructions, o pages, lxmo. All Dy Key. Bam' uel Worcester. The above form a comnlete series of Reading Books w Inch nre not surpassed by any other works tor this purpose. The series has recently been enlarged and tmprorea py tne insertion ol a course o lessons in r.nunciniion and Articulation, I'ronunciauuu, innec- ,UII, UllipilllOia, UUXB, hW, III .11 UUV.n V, , ,,v DM 1. a, adapted to the fcnpacity of the scholars for whose use tne several works nre intended, prerea uy jnr, William Kusscll, a distinguished leaciieroi t.iocu tion. 1'nrlcv's iristnrics for Common Nchoois. I'. .I-.-. VI rmw ll....k nr HIhm. Farlevn SVefnn Hook ol History. Parley's T bird Book of Ilutory. l'.rl.u'. llu.U at the United States. Th- HiAiories contain Maps and En?rnvines. and being in general use in the Schools and Academies in our country, may De consiuereu ns standard poors lor the instruction of youth in History. Thc first nnd second Books are brought down to the present tune. Emerson's Arithmetic, (in three nans 1 Part 1. contains Easv lessons for bemnners. Pnrt2 contains lessons lor nil Scholars. Part 3. contains the higher operatiaas. Key to parts! and 3. Questions to ran .. 1 Ins series of Arithmetic is in use in the School, of New York, Philadelphia and Boston, and in otlier institutions wnerc ine modern improvements nre auopieu. nniicv s Aii-rnrn. Bailey's First Lessons in Alffebrn. fiir Aendeniies nnd Common Schools. Key to the above for Teachers. M'l. A l....l.n ... .... .1... :...... ii , i.i,., iieniu it un ur iiiiiueiivc iiau,iinu IS lesigued for those not versed in the science. It has been long used as n Uass Hook in the Public Schools of Boston, and in various Schools and Academics ol infill clinracter in nil parts ol the United states. Goodrich's History of the United States, adapted to thc capacity ol Youth. Itevised and enlarged from the one hundredth edition, and brought down to March 1, 1817. Goodrich's and Emerson s Questions to the nbdvei lionaricirs unltril Hlnips. The above History of the United States is among uic most popular works ol tne kind, it is in use m the Boston bchools.nndhnsa high and extensive pop umniy. Worcester's Oietinnnrics. Worcester's Eleinentarv. ndnDted for use 111 School) and Academies, containing nearly 9000 more words man nny inner nciiuui Dictionary. Do. Comprehensive. (Pronouncim; nnd ExDlana tory.) desisued lor the same nnd for eeneral reference, Carefully revised and enlarged; and new ly stereotyped edition , . The Diciiouary is recommended by persons of the u.iii-r, iiirmiy lurm, on eouiollllilg nuv.illiaKea u, Pronounciiii! Diclioiiarv. suoeiior lo all others, nnd i being ' n most comprehensive, correct, and useful cbirt penuium. If....llV' rifl...lU..n. Gnrln. I. Russell'H Ijessons in Entincintton. 2. l5o. Uudi inents of (iestun. 3. Do. Exercises in Elocution. Also, Russell's Elocutionist, a new wotk, combining Ull llie auuve. Liiicrsoii's Knelling Ilnnk. Emerson's Nalional Spelling Hook and Tronounc ing Tutor, on an improved plan, with Reading LeS' SOUS. fine liiilldrp.l nn.l Bi-tilh rditimi. Introduction to the above, for younger scholars, by the same. These works ore higtily recommended by Teachers nnd others, nre used in the Boston Public Schools, and alo extensively in the various schools in me u'uueu stales. Ihuersons " lVntts nn the Mind." The Improvement of the .Mind, bv Isaac Wntts. 1). 1). Willi corrections, Questions nnd Supplement, bv Joseph Emcr.son. Improved edition. The editor ol the Annals of Education says, 1 This work is one ot the best guides to sen-education ever published ; prepared fur the use of schools, by an able and experienced teocner. .Music Hooks for Schools The Little Songster, an Elementary Singing Boo1 for Primary Schools .bv G. J. Webb. President of lb Handel and Haydn Society, Editor of Mass. Coll. C'h .Music, eve. The Common School Sonasicr. for advanced teseh, ers, by the same. Published underthe sanction of the Itrialmi Arntlemv nf Music. The Young Lady's Vocal Class Book, designed for Minnies nnu llie lligncr kiiuvib, uy me Mine. 1 ao- lished as above. 1 he above lomi a progressive series, for the use of Families and Schools. Miscellaneous. Frost's Grammar. Bossyel's French Phrase Book. Holbrook's (Jedutctry. Abbou'i Liule Philosopher. Noyes's Penmanship. Parley's Arithmetic. Blair's Outlines of History, brought down to Ihe present time. Tile Child's Botany. Schoot Committees, Teachers, &c., desirous of ex amining any of the above, will be supplied Without charge. in audition to me noovc, always lor sale at sstistae tory prices, a complete assortment of School, Music Ud .vi iscellaneo U Hooks, Stationary, &c. County Acrieullural Society, will be distributed as far ns they will go among members of the Society, on ap plieniioij made within a week from this notice. Apply at the Store of J. 8. Peirce. By order of the Executive Committee. April wf tf. C. THOS. lfopKINS, key. DRIED APPLES of good quality for "I? t A. S. DEWEY'S. ApiilSO. IUST RECEIVLD FROM THE U.VITED StATES t" Patent Or ficb a variety of Foreign Garden Seeds', drains, Ac. These Seeds, forwarded by the Hon. (ron.iv. IV Mingo, for the benefit nf tk f. , , . Thd CoMpOHBii Chemical I WHALE OIL SOAP, Rote-bvgt, Leaf-lice, Slugs, arid ecery other tie scfirttan of Intecls upon Bnshci, UrdpfA virtu, Peach, Apple dnd other 7Vce.,' Shrubbery, Urats plot, Turniis; Cabbages, Ac, tj-c. tc. PERMANENTLY EnAlilC.VTED. THIS PREPARATION MAS DECIDED ADVAN tages over nny other hitherto brought Intb tise, as it not only destroys all the vermin parnsilic upon veg etables, but also contributes to the fertility and cleanli ness of the plants, barks and roots of the trees. It mny be considered infallible in its appllcnfichs ; and, on account of its cheapness, very accessible to any rxtcnt, to Horticulturists, Agriculturists, Farmers and Planters. ... Direction fur Use. A teacup ftfll dissolved in one gallon nnd if pint of rain water is erf Sufficient strength to sprinkle over the plonts nrtd shrubbery, morniflfl Utid evening, until nil insects hnve disap peared. Peach nnd other trees mny be moistened by menus of a large syringe, nnd nt the same time the bnrk of the trees may lie sponged wilb the liquid. Prepnrcd hy Dr. Lewis FEL-ciiTWANr,r.R,No.2,Wnll Street. N. Y..nnd Tor sale nt Anotheenries' Unit. ' 1.' Ill IjlMVon'nM iilw. u. imiviiuiuiuii, Corner Church nnd College Sts. Proprietor. CORBETTS SAIISAPARILLA. Read tue roM-owiNo CrrtTiricATEs : "meS-te b'dwnfd linnicy it iO oeniieinen. vvitn bottle of ' Corbclt's Compound Extrnct of Snrsopa- IN' 1 rereived n ropv nilu3 1 orniii a lor preparuu? it. Firm teling the Syrup, the lact of thc existence in it of the active substances named was ascertained, and the genernl good qualities ol inc rrcparniion interred. The Formula exhibits the union of some oflhe best nCmir intlp trieHieinfil Hoots and Plants, with sub stances oflhe' liicniCsT repute ns remedial ngent,nnd does NOT coninm nny iiieoiiiio euniu u. i uit- cures in which the medicinal virtues nt Sarsaparilla are sought. Ills Preparation should have a prelerence,in consequence of llie care and skill in compounding it. Respectfully, Auo. A. Haves, M. D. March 10, 1818. Slate Attayer." (From Marv M. NESMITH,trie of the I ton. heorge 'V. Netmith, President of the Northern Ilailroad. " This mar certify that I wns nllbcteil with Kheum Inr more than HHeen venrs. nrior to 1817. 1 tried till- lerenl rerrfeulei withput permanent relict. In the spring of the yenr 1817. I wns induced to test the efli cocy of Dr. Corbett's 'Compound Syrup of Sarsnpa- rilta. louring me space oi iiiree luoiiuis i us,-u uoum a quart of this medicine. 1 find myself fully relieved from said disease, nnd crin therelore cheerlully recom. mend to othcril vflto may t- afflicted in like manner to Iry tins Cheap and valuable .vieuicinc, iVIAnV .!. IHESMITH. None genuine but with Dr. Corbctl's signature, nnd for ssle by the Proprietors. ' tinvt'A'nll IIIIIMI.P.V H- C.n Itostnn. Amos C. SiEArt.sole agent for Burlington. Jlurlington, April SthlSIc); 41m3is To Breeders ol' Horstes. THE Thorough Bred Horse, Sir Henry, will stand this nenson, ending InScpt. nt tire stnble otS Ward. Milton Fnlls.Vt. Hisrichnedierce.cmhrn- cing as it does within the fourth degree such horses ns Jienry, Sir Archy.unp. Messenger, nnu eng. iiciwse, bis acknowleuged superioniy ol lortn nnu reinnrKanie power of transmitting its prominent points, his high reputation in ivew l ork. wnere many oi ni-cous are now kept as stock horses, and where he three times received the hrst premium ol the sew io'k mate Airncuuurni ssocieiy. nrsi wnen n con. ai nioauy, in 1835. anain at Pouehkeeosie. in 1844. and neain, ocr firtv.lhree pnmnetttorfl. niter eleven venrs of service ill llie SlUU Ol CDWARD liQMl, Tq., OI lilinuncKe, 1. 1 ., and niter nis stock nnd become inoroiigiiiy Known throughout the Stnte. nt Auburn, ill 18IG. and finally his stock, some of which we hnve made arrangements to have in our pasture lor the inspection 01 inose who mnv wish to decide from their own observation. warrant ns in savine Ihni he is one of the beet horses ever introduced into ihe Sinte. If the assurances of competent judges may be rehed on he is tne best horse, as a getter oi msi, enuunni; nnu ooia goiuti rouosiens, now offered to the breeders ot Vermont. Such we be lieve him to be. He received the first premium oflhe rhiitemlen County Acmculturnl Society, held nt Bur lington, last September, where his colts were exhibited for the first time in the State, to one of which the first nremium mi awarded. The Committee remark, in their report, " the improvement in sucking colts is wormy ei notice." Sir Hexrv will stand at 910 the season. Insurance nsreed on. Insurance will be claimed on mnres dis posed of before the time ot foaling. Good pasturage will be provided for mnres from n distnnee, but the proprietors will not be responsible for accidents or es capes. LUCIUS SANDERSON & CO. Ueorgia, warcti ., ima. ion. AUniCULTCHAL and Seed Storei peirce, daVey a CO. RESPECTFULLY, INFORM THEIR friends and the Pnhtie. fhm tliv Imvp tfiken fbe above named establishment lately occupied by j. S. 1 eirce, and will continue and extend the agricultural and horticultural trade in all ils branches. urnpc lues, and fruit 1 recs rurmshed to order. J. S. PLIKCE, C. M. DAVEY, J.B BISI1EE. JhirhngJoAprimih.WIS; NolldCi THE COPARTXKRSHIP IIKRCTOFORE EXIfST- I inc. klin TVI:l'l! . MIIMFIlltn i. tliia day di-solved hy limitation. All ersons having claims against us will plcne present them. Every jierson indebted to said firm by account or otherwise, will please settle immediately. 1 11,1,11 K .iiy.iii uiiu. Essex. April 15, 1818. (43w3) Spring Fashions. s-aj THE SUDSCRIRRR IWITKS THF. AT JuM JL tention of the1 public to his stock of the Spring style of Huts nnd Cnps. Strong's Building, north cost corner of Court House Square. (0.) C. A. SEYMOUR. OPIUM, 100 LI1S. REAL TURKF.V, FOR SALE lowby (llyl) Theo. A. Pick. TIlirSNKS and ABDOMINAL SUPPOIITEKS, ot all kinds, constantly on hnnd bv THF.t). A. PECK. Window Snttli. WINDOW SASH of nil sizes constantly kept on band nnd for sale by (SCO. PETERSON. Burlington, April 8, 1 8 IS. 42w6 VOVA SCOTIA PLASTER.- - FRESH by ll Ground JJova Scollu Plaster, for sale P. DOOLl'lTLE. HtvC April 41818. MOTHER'S RELIEF. -This justly ecle. braedn,,iclr.e.hibl of the .iedical FacdUy. U fur talc b ulmlftuilt at7t'ii'. ir nic i rorneiora April 21. TIIEO. A. PECK. HALLY'S PAIN ijXTRACTOR. t re If ceiveil Ironi the proprietor n fresh lot, nt Apotliecnnes linn. HARKINCTONS. Annli llnight's Uslnle. STATE OF VERMONT, The Hon. the Probate District or Chittenden, ss j Court lor the District of Chittenden, to all persons concernd ill the Estate of Ansh Haightilale of Burlington, in said District, de censed, greeting : , , Wherens, Edward .1. Phelps, Administrator of thc Estate ot satd deceased, proposes to render an account ol his administration, nnd present his account ngnmst said estate for examination nnd allowance fit a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcit nt the Probale OHice in Burlington, on the lfilh day ol May next : Therefore, you are hereby notified lo appear liefbrC said court at the time and place aioresaid, and shew cause, if any you have, vvliy the account aioresaid should not be allowed. Oiven under my band nt Burlington, this ifith day of April, A.D. 1818. 4w3 BRADFORD R1XFOHD, Register. Fslatn of Dun Dny STATE OF VERMONT, The Ilon.the Probate District or Ciiittexpex, ss. Court tor the Dulnct of Chittenden : Tu nil persons concerned in the En fate ol Dan Day, late of Burlington, iu said District, deceased, I! reeling: Whereas Joseph W. Allen, Administrator, de bonis nan, of the estate of said deceased, proposes lo ren der an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allow ance nt n Session nf tlte Court of Probate, to be holdeli at the Probate Office in Burlington on the 17th doy of Alaynext. . Therefore, yod are hereby notiljed to appear before said Court at tne time aud place aioresaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid liAidd tint he allowed. (liven under my hand at Burlington, this Slst day bf April, A. D. 1818. 44w3 BRADFORD KIXFORD, Register. American Eagle1. THIS 6PLV.NDID MOOCA17 HORSE will be found Ihe present senson nt the tin- e ol the l-.rcnance iioiri. at ine couin vv nan, nur- lirttfion. Connoisseurs of good horses afc fnrtted lo exarmnsmm. SAMUEL HEED. Burlington, May 4, 18(8. wlJtf CONGREtM WATER FREAHI Just re ceived by. THUO. A. T1XK. Bonnet Bleaclrig & Prfisslng Mtti, lANRtVOIlTHY hating received the latest Spring Fashions, for Tuscan nnd Straw Bonnefs, is ready to receive ant older in that line. , Having a 6upefior Boston Press, used Inst season hy Hastings & Co.;shc hopes fo give entire satisfaction. a liberal discount to Milliners. April 20; 1818. 43w3 TIN, Brass, Coppkii and Sheet Iron , Wnre,of all descriptions, for sale nt the Burling- ;on agricultural vvaitnouse,verycieffn lorcasn. PIEKCE, DA Vli Y tf Cl CO. C1UF.I) WHEAT for sale at the Ac- VJ nculturnl Ware House. PE1RCE, DAVEYtt CO. llifrlington, April 20. ClbliU OA FS FOR SALE AT THE Hun. J, ling! Agr illlllrnl Wnrc House. 1'V.tncE, DAYEYtf to. April 20 COMBS, IVORY, BUFFALO & HORN. A lnrgc nssortment nl Tnco. A. Pf . April 5ili, 1818. 'tiyi PERFUMES, Nicest and ordinary ar m. tide at reduced prices uy i iito. i rra. April 5th, 1819. 41yl N0TICH TO BUILDERS. DllOPOSALS WILT. UH URCHIVKI) Jl by Joitv Tenant, until the 1st of Miy, in behalf of the building Committee, for building a School House nt Port Kent, to be finished on or before the 1st dny of September next, ns follows : Brick Walls 2S by 3f, feet in the elenr, 11 fwl high, 8 inches thick, with a Stone Wnll 2 feet thick three leet below the surface, and 18 inchesabovc the ground contractor to llud all the materials. Also, a separate propositi to liud all the material for the Wood Work and finish the Carpenter and Joiner work complete. A plan of said building will bo found nt the Store ol Reoiioe TSEMiitr.. Co. 405 CAMPHOR REFINED, 500 t.ns. for sale low hy (llyl) Tiilo. A. Pint. cinrrnsnEx covst y Agricultural Warehouse AND 8TOVE STORE: llosttwick & Evnrlsi TkEALERS in Agricultural and H'oRTi V CLfTTRALlinpMnenu.MnchlnFtniM Seeds the' OENUINK KAtiLE, Self-sharpening, Side Hill and Htib.Soil PLOWS. II. & K. Iiave made orranHentrtfts witn Ruggles, Nnurse k. iMason. nnil other innfreri,. In hp emtstnmlv supplied on llie most favorable terms, with n full sup ply of nil desirable Farm and Garden Implements tind Alflrhlnes. of tile best ntid l.itemt iirtrrroved ulnrl.4. Fruit nnd Ornnmentnl Trees furnished to order.frofn the best Nevr hngland .Nursefteil. AlvJ, ilenlere ih Sluves, Stove Pipe nnd Trimmings, Hollow Ware Potash and Caldron Kettles, Pomps, Lend Pipe, etc. Church-st., BurlincioH, Vt., f April 28, 18 W J ll t"" Most I'.xtrnordiiinry Work I 3 Tin: iHAKKIEli WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL C0.MPANI0N. 11V DH. A. M. MAUr.ICEAU, Professor of Diseases of Women. Sixth Edition. 18mo. pp. 250. Price 91. 25,000 COPIES sold in TlirtEE months! Years of suffering, of physical and mental anguish to many nn ntlectionate wife, and pecuniary difiiultics to the husband, might have been spared by a timely possession of this work. It is intended especially for the m'arfied, or those contemplating marriage, ns it discloses importnnt se crets which should be known to them particularly. Truly, knowledge is power. It is health, happiness, ntllucnce. The revelations contained in its pages hnve proved a blesing to thousands, ns the Innumerable letters re ceived by the author will attest. Here, also, every female can discover Ihe eaues, svniptonis. and Ine most efficient renledies. And most I certain mode of cure, in every complaint to which her Isex is subject. On the receipt of One Dollar, the "Married Wo man s rrivate .Medical Companion" will be sent ' ti,ilcrf frrrt to nny part of the United States, All letters must U' addressed, post-paid, lo Dr. A. M. ! ""V?- FMMa , 1 mm-uy sucri, iuiv ...,e.. Is?" Travelling Agents are informed that a few districts in Massachusetts, and two other Ehsteni States, are yet unengaged. Applications received (post-paid) as above. -Ilni3 IV ni. A. I.'rlsvvolil s Kstnlc. 1ST AT 13 OP VKItMONT, ) The Hon. the Pro District nl" Chittenden, ss. j bate Court for the District ol Chittenden : To nil istsoiis concerned in the estate of William A. (Sriswomi, late of Burling ton, in said District, deceased, ( Wherevs (ieorne K. Piatt. Administrator of the es tate ol said deceased, proposes to render an occount of lus administration, nnd present bis nccouut ngnmst snid estate for examination and allowance at a sesrion ot the Court ot Probate, lo be hidden at Ihe Probate Office in Hiirliniitflil on Hie 13ih day of .Mny next. Tin RrroRr, You are hereby notified to nppenr lie fore mid court nt lite time nnd place aforesaid' and fliew cause, II nny nu hate, vihy the account nfore said should not be allovved, . t (liven under lily hand at Burlington', lliis 'Jfiih day ot April. A. D ISIS. dl 45wS BRADFORD KIXFOKI), P.egistrr. Itntn rsiunucl Hire. WE, the Subscribers having tiecn appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for Ihe Drtrict cl Clpttendcn, Commissioners' lo receive, examine nnd ndjiist ihe claims nfld cl, ihanils of nil persons ngatiist the estale of Samuel Kh-e, late nf Weetlord, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd nlso 7 , : , - r ' .. ; I lowed iy said couri 10 lor Ilia! imrnose. we do therefore herebv tfive notice that vve will nttend to the business oi our appointment at the dwelling of Martin P. Rice, in vv estlurd, iu said district, on llie l.i-l Wednesday oi Maj- ah'd the last Wednesday of July1 net! ni Hi o'clock, A. M. on each day. Dated this ITili day of April, A. D. I8IS. JAfOlt K. DRI'llY' J. II. WO0DIYAHD, Commissioners. HrlSTAR'S HALSAM of Wild Ciifjirv, Tnllersall's Heave Fowder, Upham'sPilc Eleci ilary, JenisTold Candy, tof Sale by Hakbinutiix, Apothecaries' Hall, coliief of Church and College st3. llittluigion.MarihS, lls. V MUTE & RED (Wkr Sr.Kii for saLk at the Auncultural WarehoiiM. l.'urHngJtort, Miifcll 15, 1818. ' ' 38 X I'l'IIK I: THCODOKi: A. IMICK, LA TE PECK cj- Sl'EAll; APOTHEOARY AMI Wholesale Druggist, lU'HLI.NUTOX, VT., IS CONSTAMLY KBCKIV'lMi AVIKI1ICAX, r.NOI.lsll, HIF.NCM, AVI IM1IA DltCCS: New Chemlcnlsj I-echesj Surgical Iritrhments Mineral Teethaud Dental articles; Snhne orMinern Waters: Ceuulne Patent nnd '1 hoinsonian Medi. cines j Pure Liquors nnd Wines ; Soda Fountains nnd Syrup j Htushes, Perfumes, Sontw, Inks. Blnikini's. runcy and Dnmestic article's; Foreign it Domestic Cigars, (.round Sjiiees, (ilnss-W are ; Dye-Hiutf, v.uiiiuieui', inru, rivni, r lower and linrurn feeds, Vc. In fine, every article directly or ihdlfrctly con- From ihe nilvniitagecif receiving Mineral waters, vninpi-eiie, iA'ecnes,e.,period!ca!iy,purchascrs can reiy uion uieir ireemiess. Individuals wislnng Trusses, Leeches, Jtc., willol wavs Mud a person Iu Sttendnncetonpply them. Medicines dispensed ntnll hours ol night. trr 1 he altentinn of I)nr .,.ivl4 I'l, Vrr. chants, and Manulacturers Is solicited, vilh the as surance, that ihey can be supplied from this establish ment as advantageously as at the city marksts.. 6 KESAN SOAP. A nico article of this celebrated soap jutt iccejved from Bosfoif and For sale at IUsrwotons. LAKE CHAMFAIN. The Steamer Capt. Wm. ANDERSON, , , Leave Whitehall, . ntul Saint Johns, londay Tdesday Wednesday nnd Thursday and Friday, nt 2 o'clock, P. M. Hntdrdsint2o,clock,r.M: or on arrival of flic l'J b'clock TrUhi of Cars front .viontreol. The' Stcsmor ill Capt. O. LrlTlJRO!, Leave Whitehall, and Saint join's, luesuny , Jyionday jiuiiiiujr Wednesdny Slid Friday.aili o'clock, P.M. inurstiayand rv eiinei 2 o'clock. T.yi. Friday. ht on arrival of the 12 o'clock Trairf of Cars from .Montreal. On Monday 1st of May, The Steamer UNITED STATES, Capt. 1 T. liAVIS', Will commence her regutnr day (ripj beMccn White hall and St. Johns. jVate Whitehall, . and Sahit Johns, rue-day Monday Thursday and Wednesday and Saturday, nn arrival of Friday, at Packets, t to 0 o'clock, a.m. ft o'clock, A. M. Pas-engers hy the United Stales Hunt will lenva Whitehall in llie morning, to arrive at St. Johns', ui tune lor tne Lars to .Montreal same evening. The fc'lcrtmef SAHANAC, Capt.T. D. CHAPMAN, Will run between Whitehall and Saint Albans; Iavc Whitehall, nnd Saint Albans, Monday Tncsdny Wedtiesdny nnd Thursday and Friday, on nrrivnl Of Saturday, nt half past 8 morning Pncitcfs. 0'clncts, A. M. Passage through 82,00 witbodtcliargt for Berths nt night. Way passage o nearly in proportion ns may be. iMenls llxtrn. This arrangement will conti nue until fiirlhernofice. April 19lli 181 d!5 Ntir Firm hiid NvH (loods ! BBEAT ISptctMENfs TO rCKttlASt At THE LADIESEXCHANGE, R. W. WILC0X & J. Wi NASH. HAVING associated themselves for mercantile purposes, under the Hnme and firm of vv ilcox x. .-MASit; would respectiuny invite the cut reus of Burlmaton nhd vicinity, !d an examination of irrerr sioca oi i;ry uoous,ntiiie ,vew Hlore nPJ avnr to Briilsmald it Brothers, Church street. We do' not think it nccrtsary ih1 gorgeous colors and with empty puffs, to hold forth a long catalogue of oselesd bombast; suffice it tn say, that we would invite nil, before laying out their money, to call and examine our gobd4 and prices for themselves. Our Stock has been purchased principally lor cash, nt a favorable time, (within the Inst tilteen days) in the two great commer cial marls. New York ond Bos(on;vhfh great eare aud wilb a fixed determination to please our custom ers with the best of goods, latest styles nnd lowest lll I S. Our Stock in part consists of: 3131 yards Fnrlstotl futghams.frtJTn 13 I-2to25ctr 23.50 do do do 25 ' 37 " 11(12 do muslfnnud 18 " 37 l- Linen for travelling dresses. Plnin and ligured mouslin-de-lnlncs, cheap. Silk dress goods, lieautiful styles. Black gro-de-Rliine, nil widths. Muslins nnd bereges, rich nnd desirable. Shawls Rich brocha, cashmere,- thibet, de-hine; nnd strifdilla. White Goods Swl5s, mull, book, dotted and planl muslin for dresses. . Jaconets, from liB 1-2 to 75 cts.. I.'acliescollani.nnd under hifndke'fclilefs. Mourning Hoods BombarineJ, alpacas; trit-ilini Itrrnrroa Invn trila .(- A-r. Linen cambric liandkercl.'lefs, Cd (o Housekeeping Goods Counterpanes, sheeting, fur niture dimity, il:iinnk table clodls, embossed labia sireads, napVins and iloilllrs, Russia and blrds-ey diaier, ticking, towehliS, tinsh, &c, etc. Cloth nnd IJomestlc Itonni; French', Englisli ond American cloths, tassimeres, satineis.tweeds and summer Stripe Pit ifens and boys' wear, at prices never before heard ot, Gentlemen will save money by examining odr Slock o cloths befors innking llflr purchases'. P. S. Irish linen bf every quality, brown and blenched sheeting of every style and price, Bi!rling(on, April IS, 18"l3. GdLti ,FEi'g ft'omW to four Dollars; lA'vi llroMirsPreinju'mDiamondPiiiiited.Alhert U. Bagley's, Benedict rind Uernrey's Henry's New England, The MngniiiitBoiium, 'Hie Peoples' Pell) The Vii'lnrm IVn mot l'n,iM. Pan. n. Oct. !. J. V. ll.ANPAI.LS. . Clioshic Kail It ond. ON nnd niter October 13lh, Trains will run over that Rbad ns follows; Passenger 'l'rnlnS will he run lo Wfncbenden id connccnoii witli the I 'itchliurg Trains, Which leave Chnrlestoun at 7 A. M. nun IT. At. Frbm Wiiiehendou nt 9 15 A. M. and 3 10 P. M.: roiinrctiiur trill, tlie second and the Inst Fi!chbur Irains to lloston. " Stages troni Western. and Norihern New Ifamp hirc,and the State ol Vermont, will dchter and re ceive passeng.-rs nt Wincheiiclon in ccime'ction with nil the nbove 1 rn ns. A Freight Trnhf vt ill he run dally eatn wny in c nection with thc usual Fitchburg Freight Trains. T. M. EDWARDS, President. Octobers?, 1817. ivtl PROTECTION riltE NSUKA.C12 COMPANY, Kiirllord, Connecticut. OAPITAL 20fl (oO. x i s-c- n- W' CI-AltK, President. Vjt. CO.VXnU, Secretary, CEO. B. SHAW, Agent, FebJSJS 3f. "Urli"S'n- X""WM VIHGIL & RICM'S EXPRE8i3. ror. ai.iunv, new- vork, MoxTHEah CEMI-WnrjKLV connecting Wiih EipresseS for Vr nl the brmeitml 11 e,. in th lt..i,a.l sl,nn ....n arrive ond depari ne follows during ihe season bfivsv fPU'V?.. .. I i . i . rromncw ioik, .Monday and Thursday evenings. From Montreal, Monday and Friday at 12 o'clock. Leaves for .V York, Monday nnd Frlifay evenings. Iravr for Montreal. WedncsJarirtd S.itnrHav Fi. II. VllllllU, Troy. II. F. ItlUE, BurluigtriV dlfices nml Agencies. Virgil ,V Uiee, No. iO, Wall fireel, N. Y. R L Johnson, Nos. 11 and 14 Exchange, Afofmy. Virgil fc Rice, Opposite the Troy House, Ttirj. House A. Turner, Whitehall. 1 Virgil Jt Itice, Burlington. Ccorge Bent, 183 St. Paul's street, Mcn'ireal. April Sfl, 18l!. bLOWS. nl5SELL TA 1 BORAS Vlbs lor sale at Charles Stores , llurlmcton. and nf John Simoud's, Shelbiirn . Thrie'are ihehesi l'l lew now in use, I2iISw3 JOHN JL'DSO. . YHry Wsi Wauled (lUtfj M'RSCUIBKR WILL PAY CASff roit X r arrow Coves, April il, Hif. Wm. C. HARUlflGTON. ... . Dngacrrcotyp TXTrssRS, CIUI.DS A KTKULf l.E have fitted IvJ. imltiuimanvvrll Wn itn rl.nV. ,., Lurlinglon, Vl., expn-ssly for' Ihe purpose of taking DAdi'ERRtOTvrE Mi.MATtRts. We have every con venience lor taking urotfpes of from two lo ten on the same plate, or single' pictures, of superior style and finish. Set iu frames, coses or lockets af moderate prices. Business, hours from 9 A. SI. to 5 P. M. Indies snd (lentleinen ore respectfully Invited to call at our Rooms and examine specimen. Entrance up stairs between N. lovely's and 8. Walker's stores. . Burlington, April 11,-1918. dswlf CARPET STRETCHERS, & CARPET Hammers for sale by Bbixsmaid &. Brothers. April l-lh,lffl9. 49 rtE-NUINE TURKISH SMOKING TO UT BACCO For sale at HAastmros's," line lot tf Ihe above article at tl JO per lb. A discount to pur chaerts who w ifh it by thc drum. U

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