Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 19, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 19, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 19, 1848. THURSDAY EVENING, MAY lfi, 1818 The Loeofoco District Convention agnln. THOSE ItESOLUTIOMS. It affords us the sincercst gratification to an nonnee that we have stir cccdcil In brinjririp tlio organ of " tlio harmonious democracy " In llnr lington to a tolerably fair Issue. We Ixg the Sentinel to believe that we estimate at lis pre else value all the rigmarole with which it under takes to hoodwink and mislead its readers in re gard to the position of the democracy on the question of ' Free Territory." Its assertion that the Whig and Loeofoco parties in Vermont (or in any other of the Free State?,) occupy the time ground on this question, is a little too touching a piece of transparent verdancy. Let it east its eye over the resolutions adopted by the Cincinnati (Ohio) District Convention, a few days ago, on the selection of a Delegate to the Whig National Convention. It will find them in last evening's Free Press ; and when it can find resolutions of a similar import adopted by a I.ocofoco Convention, anywhere, wo will thank it to let us know. The sentimental, ab stract, intangible, inoperative and l'ichcichian opposition to the enlargement of Slave Territory with which the Loeofoco party and prcs seek to humbug the people, is not the medicine for the times. 'A'on taliauxilio cfc' The danger threat' eni fc must be met, manfully, stoutly, earnestly. Your Castes, Woodburys, Buchanans, Dallases, who maintain the plausible doctrine that thepco- ple una settle the new Territory must determine the question of Slavery or Freedom for that Ter ritory (thus leaving the matter precisely where the propagandists of Slavery desire it to be left!) arc behind the age. The Territory, NOW, (provided the Treaty is ratified) belongs to THE Union, and it is for the people of the Union to remember the 'ordinance of '87,' and not trust the mighty question to the non-interference pol icy of modern Democracy. We shall try to make it rather plain that the Sentinel deceives nobody but itself by by evasions and misstate ments, on this subject. We say that the leaders of the Loeofoco party throughout the Union (with the sole exception of those who head the Ham" burner branch in New York) have placed that party in a position of hostility to the principle of theWilmot Proviso, and where the arc made to promote the extension of Slavery over territory now free. And this position degrading in it eclf, and unjust to the great body of the people of their own party at the North, they this moment occupy. Hut, as we have before remarked, the Srnli neUiM finally found itself driven to an issue re specting the course pursued by the Iicnforo District Convention in Burlington. And this issue it has made with a good deal more bravery than prudence. It seems to be resolved to make swaggering anwer the purpose of truth Tt says, innocently enough, that the Loeofoco "party " was never yet ashamed of its positions !" That's the very thing we lament. It would bo vastly better if it irere ! The Sentinel itself, in its article this morning, presents an instance of brazen indifference to its "position " that looks like anything but repentance! Last Saturday we said that at the recent Loeo foco District Convention at Burlington, ' reso lutions were offered declaring tb.3 opposition of the said " unterrified"to the conversion of free into Slave territory, and, though reluctant to make this a test question, (because it was not conceived to be nos.-ible that any sincere Repub lican would dare to become a propagandist of Slavery,) yet protecting that tliey, the " initcrri fied" aforesaid, would not vote for any candidate who should give the pledge of hostility to the Wilmot Proviso, demanded by the "democracy" -of Alabama and some other of the Southern States, and thus becomo directly instrumental in extending the institution; and declaring, also, that the man or the party that should thus seek to propagate Slavery, in this age of the world, had mistaken the mission of the Republic and would falsify its principles ; and that they, the aid "democracy" of the Third District, witness ed with deep mortification, (we think these are the very words), tho efforts now making to re duce a large portion of God's free heritage to man, the earth, to a ftlave-lioiuing territory, even while those who are engaged in the unholy de sign are loudly congratulating the people of the old World on the success of their struggle against oppression and tyranny!" To this plain statement, the Sentinel, this morning, Interposes the following reply: " No resolutions within a hundred rods of the language used by the Free I'ress were presen ted to the convention ! and if there had been, what of it ? When the Free I'ress has shown that the democrats have rejected any surh reso lutions because they did not coincide with them in sentiment, then it may have some belter rea son for nnonitic its battery on the democratic ritrtv of this district. The editor of thst pa per, at present " bites a file." Tho vision that haunts him is rather shadowy, and it is not lingular that he waited for a " disclosure " from us uelorc he mane so awnwaru an ouo nun self." Now if we "bite a file" it is a mighty soft one, and would lose its teeth if used on a roll of butter. We repeat that resolutions i-rccisely of the purport and tenor given above, were " presentad to the Convention " of Locofocos in Burlington, were warmly discussed, and were finally not passed by that assemblage of rcprc entatlves of Freemen. Tho Sentinel wishes us to snow mat incse resoiunone were nor pas ted " because the democrats did not coincide uith them in sentiment" I ! Well! that is modest! If they had passed, would our neighbor havo called on us to show that it was because they did nor "coincide with them in sentiment?" Dear Sentinel, you are getting confused ! Now, then, how easy it would have been for the Sentinel to publish the resolutions in ques tion, which it has in its possession. Will it da to now ? Or shall we issue a subpana duces tecum I The resolutions must see the light, or the Sentinel must retract its denial of our ver sion of them. That version, tre happen to know, )t ferfettly correct. The Scntiuel may publish them or not as it may think proper. Our con troversy ia not with that paper; it is tho "de mocracy" of this Congressional District that we are after J and we mean that that portion of them, who had the independence to take the eround we have intimated above, on the qucs- tlon of Free Territory, shall have tho benefit of it --Sand that those who xoted them down shall havo tho benofit of that. Gentlemen of the ' harmonious democracy," it iiour intention to pin you, this timo ! A pious African at Louisville, stumbled while,.. vrv Hark niirht. and was pitched i.j rWn a cellar, which afforded him an open door of ontrance. Springing to his fret v. .T.i.i.A ltrH n IjorH dat I licnt on my head; if dfs nigga had scraped his shins so hard, I spec he broke Ins leg. House's Telegraph. Wc gnvc, n few days ngo, n pretty full description of Urdu's Tclrgrtiiih.'togctlicr with the views of un intelligent writer in nn Itlmcn (N. Y.) pnper in rcgnrd to tlio prncticnl difficulties in tlio wny of its gene ral adoption ns n means of Tclogrnpliic Communication. Wo now insert n notice of nnolhcr invention that bids fair to prove superior to both Morse's und Bain's me thods. Tlio improvement in the charac ters used for the communication of mes sages is manifestly very great on House's instrument, as it substitutes the ordinary letters of tho alphabet for the dots and marks that arc now employed frequently with no other effect than to mystify and confuse. The subjoined article wo find in the N. Y. Express : House's Printing Telegrath. The line between this city and Philadelphia has been for some days in complete working order, and the news received by the steamer Britannia, on the morning after the 8th May instant, embracing 2227 words, was transmitted to Philadelphia In the short space of one hundred and fifty minutes, being about 20 words, or 123 letters, per minute. Even this can hardly be considered a fair test of the capabilities of thn machine, for during nn experimental trial, a short timo since, repeating a single sentence ot some jo or more letters, there were printed 170 letters per minute, the impressions being distinct, clear and legible. Tho great advance in rapid telegraphing which Mr. House has made, among other ingenious contrivances, beyond his competitors, is due to his invention of the detaining key board, or, to be more explicit, the invention of a set of keys which will arrest the motion of the machinery employed to break and close the elertric circuit, and enablo the operator to maintain tho circuit broken or closed, at his pleasure. But important as this rapid transmission of intelligence is, its value is still farther increased by the circumstance that tho message is record ed or miNTED, as the name given to the inven tion indicates, in the ordinary letters of the al phabet. This and the novel key-board in its peculiar combinations which makes it necessary to uso but a single wire to form the telegraphic line, may perhaps he considered the most im portant parts of the invention. The following brief description will serve to give a better idea of tho construction and opera- lion oi me telegraph : "A nnrt ofthe machinery consists of n wheel, nnoii (lie periphery of which nre i!S types 20 oi these ore the fetters 4it the nlnhabet. one is .1 ilnt or neriod. ntiil the remaining one n hyphen - this wheel it. caused to revolve by mechanical force, bin its motion conttollcd by the magnet, so that by keeping this electric circuit broken orclosed, it can lie stopped h theojwiator who is sending the message Irotn the other end of the hue, Ncarthe type-wheel is a cylinder with pnper around it, nnii when the type. wheel stops, the cylinder be ing moved by a mechanical forte which is regulated bv the motion of the tvne-wheel is brought OL-aiiist it. and ihcpaperrcceiu's an impression from one olthe '& .... in- unfurl LU1111U13 ihc ijl'e wiievi,ny muting u valve mid admitting Hie nimoMihere to press unon a piMon,on thesidcol which is a partial vacuum ; this I'lmn in nun guia inoiiun 111 a tieuo ncui csciipeimui working against pins unon the side of the tvne wheel. so that at each motion ot the magnet up or down, as the circuit may happen to be broken or closed, the es capement hherutes the type wheel, and allows it to maiie 1 .' 01 a revolution ; that is, the periphery moves through aspaec equal to the distance Irom one type to the next. The operator at Ihc oilier end of the line sits ata key board hiving '2i ivorv faced keys, not mi- use mow ot n pianoforte ; X!o ol these represent the letters of the alphabet, one the dot. or neriod.hefoie spoken of, ami the other the hyphen. Beneath the key hoard is a horizontal shaft extending the whole length of the board, and ha ing'-H small pins projecting Iroin its Into ; these pins nre placed one beneath each kcy,nitl form a spiral hneahuut ihcshalt, making a single mm troin end to end. Upon one end ot the shall is a wheel having fourteen teeth on its eriphery. i nette teeiii, wun uie 1 1 spaces neiwecn mem corres pond to the pins on the shaft, and serve to hreok or close, ns the may be, the electric circuit, ill the following manner;, one ot the poles of the battery or generator of electricity, the negative snv. is in contin ued contact with the side of the wheel: the other, or 1 positive pole, rests, or preses, upon the end ol the let-lli the shaft, and, consequently, the wheel aie set in motion by mechanical force, and ns the wheel re-1 Volvos the circuit is cIoed whenever the positive pole passes over a tooth, and is broken whenever it pisses ' over a space. The motion of the shaft is controlled 1 by the operator thus, from the under side of each key projects flat nin. airainst which, when the kev is . presseu unwn, me corresponuiug pin on uie snail will catch ns it comes around in its revolution and causes the shaft to stop. Now, in order to transmit any par ticular letter to the other end of the line, it is only nec essary lor the operator the parts of the nuchiue ot the two ends ol the line having Uvn put in coincidence to press down the key representing the letter, stop the key shalt, maintain the circuit broken or closed,as ihe positive pole may happen to he on the space or tooth Indicating the letter 011 the circuit wheel, when the type wheel will be stopped, the paper cylinder brought tip to it, and the paper receive an Impression of the letter represented by the key pressed down." LATER FitOM MEXICO. The Court of Inquiry adjourned to the lr. S. By the day boat tlii nftcrnoon, we receive our New York papers of tlio IStli from which we learn that the Court of Inquiry has ndjourned to tho United States. A Telegraphic Despatch in the N. V. Express is as follows : IiATEIl FROM MI3XICO. Petersburg. Mav 1 1. Anhal of Gens, niloie, Tmceon.aiul Cashing CJcn Scull on his irai to yeio York. Another Overland Ilxpress has just arrived, brill; inn New Orleans dales to the 8th nisi. The steamship Orleans, Capt. Auld, bad arrived at JNew Orleans train Vera Uru, which place she left nn the 3rd inst. (Jens. I'llluw, Towson and Cusblng, and a large number of officers came passengers. It was generally believed in Mexico that Ihe treaty would lie ratified. (Sen. Scott and StalT nrrived at Vera Cruz on the 30th ult, nnd iiiiiui'dintelv embarked 011 board the Pe tersburg direct lor New York. Tho Brig Sclina arrived at New Orleans on the 7th inst, bringing Vera Cruz dates to the 29th nit. The Free American of the 2Sth ult. savs thnt new- revolutionary movements appenr to be breaking out at San Lnui9 Potosi, in couscmienco of Gen. Parades beine in that citv. On the night of the 11th, the insugents, under Tri comes, attempted to 6urpnse the fortress of (.auda luupe, but were repulsed, on which Tricomes It-It lm- meuiateiy to unite Willi llustanicnte a division, at Dolores Hidalgo. The insurrection created much alarm, nnd w as fnl. lowed by Fimilnr outbreaks at Ceno Gordo. On the Vthuliimo.n parly from Dorole de In Puame attacked a band ot miserable revolters near Terra Nueva, in San Luis killed eight or nineofthein, wounded se veral, nnd took nineteen prisoners. .Mexican papers say that I'eua v Pena will assume the responsibility nf ratifying the treaty, should a quorum assemble in season. 1'or Ihc Indies. Among the Items of inlellience brought from Europe by Ihc Cambria is the following which wo copy as likely to furnish an interesting ' study " for the fairer portion of our readers. It is all Greek to us : (From the London and Paris Indies Magazine of Fashion.) Fashions ron May. Very elegant inetcrlal aro in nn for evenimr ilrpsa : hrnr.-irts with Inrni patterns ems in orance color, having by candlelight the eflect of rrobl. nth,.;, nr, ,,1 Mael, rnn,U u,!ii . " e , V i " wun wreatiis ol roses nnd mixed Bowers of showy colors, ondes satins and gauzes sprigged .. u ui goiu, or Silk reps, brooches iVC. Sky blue and violet aro the nrovailimr rnW niln blue for vo inr, U.L. .? , , ' P.. h , win, uurii viuiri lor uiu J ?r bJv"m1 'ic ''.r is also much used for the high dresses and mantelets and no ennes, l-armoi,8',ng in color with the dress for these toilettes, black Uceis well suited, foulards bareges again constitute the most eWant ne gliges, we have also toiles de laino clacos and embroidered, new rmpclincs and checked lAd'etai the last are In small checks in which white pre vail", and arn adapted lor young lathe!. Many of tho spring redingnt"s aro ornamented with buttons other with braids, edged with fringe or deep flounces festonncs, pinked or simply hem mod, corsages less high will bs fashionable, but will still luvo to contend with the puritan form, two styles 01 low DoUies aro spoken those a la Grcque, corsages made of lace aro spoken of mere is no particular change ot sleeves, lor din ner dresses the thinnings aro mostly en tabller. In ball cresses the double and tripfo shirt is al ways worn. The mantillas, mantelet, deml-pellises, little pas- letots. nre nil Inmle fin RPAnn nf nlnin nf irlneA Inf. fetas, the trimmings generally of frills, pinked in two iirinrce. rows ot me uacK, two ot winch terminate at the arm, falling as a sleeve on the hand ; the (bird is continued round the ends, which tire cither round or pointed. The newest style is the mantillon, and is small In form, resembling the mantelet in shape, without the ends ; the pardessus Milanais is of taffetas tie Italic glace, with tiiple border ol lace. The new bonnets arc round in form, and jockey crowns continue in fa vor. Some bonnets are ot a more open form, and these require more ornament inside. Sonic are made entirely of ribbon, others of mohair and straw, and ol gimp and straw; but the Parisian ladies always give the prelcrence to Ix-ghorns, for which rhey reserve their ostrich, marabout nnd heron feathers. A new tissu de poille is made in bands, which, sewed togeth er, forms a pretty bonnet de fantaisse. The capote casimane 01 pinK satin covered witn DiacK lace, lorm ing fichu, on the crown, nndi violette at theedge, orna mented inside with roses, is very generally admired. Fancy straws are ornamented by wild flowers, foliage, bunches nf the peach and the apricot blossom, itc. Vn rious simple and pretty caps are made for neglige, all of a new kind of foliage nhbon, which forms so pretty a trimming, The (auction Is also admired, richly em broidered and trimmed with Vnlenciennesor Mechlin lace. Small blond caps with flowers, and dress hats with feathers, are reserved for evening wear; nreudsofvel ours cpingle are worn in the hair, and many pretty co iffures are made nf bugles in every color. Bracelets are universally in favor, large nr small, rich or simple, m every variety of material, one or more at pleasure. The cliautelaiue suspended from the waist, nlso varies in value. The gloves continue short, ornamented lit the lop by ribbon torsades, beads or narrow blond forming ruches. Several of the Loco Foco papers the Albany Atlas among them are publishing extended accounts ol the ' Life nnd Public Services' of Guv. Dodge, of Wiscon sin. I lis name has been mentioned in connection with Democratic nomination for the Presidency, and the sketch ol bin in the Atlas concludes thus: "I will only add that on all questions ofnationnlpol icy Governor Dodge ia a linn nnd clcvotid supporter ol the principles ol Jackson, Wright, Van Buren nnd Benton, mid the true Democrats ol the nation may re Ivupon him ntall times and in all places." A. 1'. Courier ; Enquirer. No doubt ; but then who aro " tho true Demo- crats of the nation "? That seems to be the most difficult rpiestion to solve just now. Can the Sentinel enlighten us? XXXth CO.(;itl;ss. Tncr.sDAY,May llih. In the Penxte, after the morning business, the bill fur the aid and relief of Yucatan, and the temporary military occupation of that country was taken up. Mr. Davis of Massachusetts discussed the question at much length, and with decided ahilitv. He wns il s,Ked to the plan embraced by the hill ibr aflording lite contemplated aid. He replied to the arguments ol Mr. Cass, delivered theday before, and answered the reasons advanced by other friends of the hill. Mr. Miller of New Jersey obtained the floor, and the Senate adjourned. In the IfoesEnr Hr.rr.rsEVTATivrs the bill for the admission of Wisconsin was read a third time and pissed. The House soon nfier went into Committee and took up the Revolutionary Pension bill, hut without nnv final nfrtmi tlit r.immiiin n, nn.I rpnnrtaii 1 mTtii niul thf It nut. nlinnmril i Frtniv Afnv 10 Sevate. The bill for the navn lent of i . crest on 1 moneys advanced by Alabama, for advances made to ' the government of tlie United States during the hostil-, hies Willi the Creek Indians. was nasoed. .Mr. Davis of .Massachusetts moved io take up the hill relating to bounty lands, reversing the decision of the Commissioner ol Pensions in lelution thereto. It was read a third time and passed. .Mr. Johnson ol .Maryland spoke upon his resolution calling upon ihe President to communicate to the Sen nle the names ol ollicers i-crvins 111 the nrmy, who&c nominations had been withheld from the Senate. The Semite went into Kxecutive session, nnd then ndjourned. House The bill for the relief of Mr. Mend was discussed nt length. Amotion was made to lay the bill on the table, which resulted in the nflimative yeas 118, naa 38. Adjourned. ittavrtcb, In this town), on the fiib l ist, by the ftev. Mr. Nash, Mr. W. T. Smith to .Miss CiiAni-orac M. Densmobe. of Colchester. 3D ic b, In Colchester on the Dili inst Josmi SrEAn, aged 52 years. In Charlotte, on the 11th inst, of consumption, Helen Maria lln.L, nged IV years and nine months. MERRICK'S P1I.I.S. Changing weather such as thii is Calls lor exercise ol care, Cold nor heat are hall so vicious As a sudden change of air. Though you have n constitution Subject to nit human ills, You may brave the worst of climates, If you use these Sccar Pills! Thousands now are strong and robust Who but lately writhed 111 pain j Ever aching, ever grow;liug, They have found their health again. Now when cold succeeds hot weather, They've no tear ol ague chills ; For lhey use '.hose health preservers. Hci'.r.ic&'s Si'iiAii Coatld Pills ! fT Orders to be directed to Herritk nnd Co. Priii1 eiple OnVe, Albany, N.Y. and lor tale by A. C fpear. l.eo. l. iinirmion.vynum aim rpenr, llurlin 1. ton, XV. 11. Hatch Winnoski Falls, John SiinondsSul Shelburn, nnd AI zander, Charlotte, Wells, llines'Hirgh, and iilso by Druggists und .Merchants in.every town nnd Villuge. Sick Headache. 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I certify that I bought one package of Kirkbnde's Tattersall's Heave Powders, and used on a horse of mine that was troub led scverelv with heaves nnd the sincle nackaire . cured him. The powders were given about two ' months ngo, nnd i have never seen any indications of the disease since. II. J. Cnn.rjs, ISO Broomme-st. Mr. Isacs. President of the Snuuerties Bank. informs us that be bad a horse cured ol henves nnd bad cough bv one nackane. Mr. J. S Fulton-st. call ed to tell us that he cured his horse of a most annoy ing and troublesome cough accompanied by evidence of worms and general kick ol condition by the Tat tersill.s Heave Powders. i xtract Irom a letter from a merchant at uvde N. Y. who has sold an immense quantity of the Heave Powders : "I have only 11 packages left and would like to have you le id i grace more immediately. 1 would not like to be out as every body who wishes to get a remedy for their horsts, want" Tattersall's," ana will take " nothing slse." Yours &c. W.M. C. Ely. Clyde New York. 1'rooi Already I'niiiisiiea. Besides the above we can refer to the published certificates of Messrs. 13. A. Hanks, South Amboy, N. J.; S. Roberts, L. I.j 13d. Jones, Clyde, N. Y.: .Mr. l'lannegnn, Middlehury, Vt.s 13. Fritz. C. Loyd, J. Gale and others ol this city, which proves conclu sively that it is the best remedy which can be given to horses troubled with heaves, ifcc. worms li-tula or thistles, incipient lounder, glanders, and general want of condition. Ample directions lor its use in all thce disenses nccompany each package. Prepared and sold wholesale nnd retail by A. II Govuu iV Co. H'J Fulion-st. New-York. A. C. Spear ani Geo. Har rington agents lor Burlingto'l. " Cheaper than Ever." W. WEAVER & SON j. 1 RE now receiving from New York and il oITt for sile n larpc nssortment of Boot and Slios. Trunks, Vntises. Cnrpct-Bngs i5itch,l9,U.iml- JJoxfi, Hats and Cap, i, lirocenes nnd Uompstic Ury donas ot nlmwt cverv kin J. It bointT of utile cone duencc to tlif Dublic how wc went to market, whether 011 'w-wbacli, or like David Crockett, on n streak of Lll'!,,nA-);he'h" w"rr'fd.a, !p S rl r "'ffft , l" 1 ' uThKT S n ?'1 r.?! " i',y..dll!,,r.bll.l,0"..,. .i '.'"k.,ni I Burlington or pot them on credit , the only thing the 'purrlnser wisbes for is to have the goods and price answer his expectations, we Invite the public just to " walk up to the Captain's OHice," and il we cannot suit them we will pull otl'uur hats to the man that can sell lower. Winocs'u Falls, May 17, IS 13. dCt w I0l3 Removed. DENTISTRY. TUB SUHSCniBER HAV ing removed his Surgery from Peek's to Thomas' Building College Street, over the Agricultural Ware house, respectlully nnuounces to his patroii9 and at) others nho may favor him with patronage, that be will be found constantly there and prepared to per form (satisfactorily he hopes.) all operations pertain ing to his pr lession. ( He will execute all business re quired in the line of inserting artificial Teeth on the stumps, and in adjusting them on OnlJ Plate, in the most approved and elegant manner. r.j.ncNDr.n. Burlington, May IC, 1818. d38.w!7 Administrators Sale- BY virtue ofn license from Ihe Probate Court fortbe Disirict of Chittenden, grnnted to me as adminis trator of the Estate of Ann Harrlnclon. I will sell at I public auction, on Saturday the 2th instant, at ten ' o'clock, in the forenoon, at the dwelling house of .Miss Betsey Harrington, in Burlington, one undivided half of quarter acre lot No. 211, on St. Paul Street, in the tillage of Burlington. GEO. B. SHAW, Adminit. Moy lOthJSIS. w Idw3 To House Keepers. ' I.incn Sheeting, 1J Cotton do 1'illou- Case Linen, Il.linnsk Table Cloths, jj unJ J Napkins, Embossed I'iano Covers,

do Tabic Covers, Counterpanes, Dimity, Drapery Muslin, Together with almost every article in the Dry Goods line wanted may he found at C. Staniiorii & Co's. Burlington, May 12, 1818. cl3:w 17 Removed. rWHII-3 SI'BSCIUBEB would inlbrm bis customers JL that h-a has removed his shop to the building lately occupied by Mr. J.n. II. Pint, nearly npprs'ue the Chittenden County House, and directly opposite Mr. Hatches Gun Shop, on Church St., where he will nlwaysbe in readiness to do nil work entrusted to him in tlie most workmanlike manner inciuumg JI3WKM.RV AN1 WATCIII3S of every description, making Patlnt Levfr EscArE- MEvrsas goou ns jouuson or iiooiiisou. visu.uupifx, lupine, and nil verticle, fee. AH kinds ol repairing, selling pinions, stall, cylinder wheels, kve.,ns well mid neat ns can be done hi the city of New York. Music jinxes repaired j Accordions and Melodians tuned. All work uone oyiusown nanus. Mr. F. having worked in a large nstablihment in the rity of New York for twd years, Mounting. Fin ishing and Repairing Watches of oil kinds, and hav inc tirevirmslv received pood instructions from nil ex cellent European workman, is well qualified to ex ecute the most difficult wotk, and he exhorts the public to place m him Iheir commence, and bestow upon him a share of patronage. Befer, for informa Hon rcpecliiig his Messrs Fellows, Van AisdaleiSt Cooner, No. 11, Maiden Kiiue.New York. LOUIS I'KE.MEAU. Burlington, May 11, 1813. -ion Hydraulic Ram. W. & II. Doiiffln' Patent. A perfectly simple and effective. Machine for forc ing a portion ol a brook or spring to any required distance or elevation, where a proportionate IjII can be applied. The various uses of the Rani ore nt once obvious, vix : For the purposes of irrigating Lands, and supplying Dwellings, Gardens. Factories. Villa ces. engines, Kailroncl lsnons, etc. it mi JilAA7i( ll.-iiZWi. i-orsaieny I'MKCK, IJAVEY &. CO. lturlington Ag. Warehouse. CERTIFICATE. This is to Certify, That I have purchased and put in use one of Messrs, W. Sc. D.' Improved II V DUAULIC RAMS, on my Farm, and am perlecly satisfied nnd well pleased with the operation of the nriiete. nnd would recommend it9 use. In nil u'lm nre desirous of ruising waier from any spring or other running stream on or about their prriuiees. The spring to which I have applied the Rain, is liliy rods from my house, nnd seventy-five feet beluw a level of the point where I discharge the water in my duelling. The size oi the drive tape applied lo my Rom, is one nnd a quarter inch calibre, and forty feet long, and has n fntl. in riintiiniT Irom Flirinfl li) len feet The discharge pipe, (lending from Rain to house) is halt nn inch caliure nnu nny rnus in lengin, and runs up an elevation of 85 leel.and the water discharges from the same, in my house, a perfectly steady and handsome elrcnni, w itliout any luierruptiuu whatever. Ami I u-nnlil invite nil who wish to Iwrnme ariinnin. ted with this new and truly useful invention, to call at my house, in Durham, ann witness us operations. DithVu.Ct Sept JSih SAML'CL G. TIBBALf STATE DP VERMONT.? The Hon. the District or CniTTSNDr.!,ss: Probnle Court for the District of Chittenden: To nil persons concern ed In the Estate of Samuel L. Nnramon late of Char lotto In said District, deceased, Greeting : Wmuui. Benismln Beers and P.O. Nnramon Ad. ministratorsof the Estate of said deseased, proposes to render an account of their administration, nnd present their account against said estate for examination and allowance ai a session 01 me vyourt ot rrobate, to be holden at the Probate office in Burlington on the thirty G..i J.u.rll... A t lata n ' iiiei uuy ui mar, ji. u, lais, TiiEREroRt. You are hereby notified to nmwnrlix. fore said court at the time nnd place albresald, nnd anew cause, u any you nave, wny tne account afore said should not be allowed. Given under my band at Burlington this fifth day of Vim A 11 t a t a 48w3' ' BRADFORD IUXFOUD, Register. For Sale. rTHIREE furm.1 for sole, two of them in X the town of Milton situated near the village at Alili.m Pill. n,. fil,,, m:. ';.,.,. 1 with a good fruit Orchard, House Barn, ai.d out buil dings, the other about 50 acres, with a good Orchard tuu-e inrn,nnu oui ouuumgs. ikiso, one lying ill the Town ol Westford containing 150 acras house barn, and out builihngswith orchard good terms eiven forpapment, for further Information. Apply to the ouoscnoer in .viuion. Milton, May 10, '48. wITinS ETHAN AUSTIN. Wauled, IMMEDIATLY, AN ACTIVE vouxosnx 1 of 18 or 19 years nf age. n nn nr p-entice to the Saddling business. All kinds of Saddlers work con stantly on hand and lor sale cheaper than ever before in this County Hincsburg Vermont. T. W.GIBB.&CO. May 8ih, 1818. wlOtl New Tin Shop. Sheet Iron, Brass and Copper Ware House. THE Subscribers lmvo opened n Shop in Church Street, opposite Chittenden Co. House, for the purpose of .Manufacturing nnd ollering for Sale every article that may be wanted in the above line, which will be made to order. Peddlars nnd Mer chants will be supplied on as reasonable terms ns at any other shop in the country. J A .VlLiO A. bllbULI IV IsV. Burlington. May 5, 1818. 4Swly For sale or Kent. rjMIi: I.AIlGi: AM) COMMODIOUS -I Brick Hotel, in Williston, well known as " The Eaele." is now oflered forsile. on terms most advantageous for the purchaser, or will be leased lor a term of years. It is in thorough repair, and has a supply of the purest spring water, running into the kitchen, nnd to the barn. For particulars, inquire of the proprietor on the premises. D. r Ilh.NCIt. Williston, April 4, ittlB. Cdllllw The Compound hcmical WHALE OIL SOAP. Hose-bugs, Leaf dice. Slugs, and ciery other de scription nf Insects ijwi Bttshei, (trape tines, 1'iach, Apple and other Trees, Shrubbery, Grass plats, Turnips, Cabbages, tj-c. fc. ifc PERMANENTLY ERADICATED. T HIS PIIEPAIUTIOV HAS DECIDED AD VAN" Wires over anv other hitherto brouoht into use. ns it not onlv destrovs all the vermin narnsinc unon veg etables, but also contributes to the lertilityaud cleanli ness of the plants, barks nad roots of the trees. It may be considered infilhble in its applications ; nnd, on account of its cheapness, very accessible to any extent, to Horticulturists, Agriculturists, Farmers and Planters. Directions Tor I'sc. A teacup full dissolved in one gallon and a pint of rain water is ol sufficient strength to sprinkle over the plonts and shrubbery, morning and evening, until nil insects have disap peared. Peach and other trees may be moistened by means of n large syringe, and nt the same time the bark of the trees may be sponged with the liquid. Prepared by Dr. Lewis Flcciitwangeii1No.2, Woll Street, N. Y., ond lor ssle'at Apothecaries' Hall. GEO. E. IIAHKINGTON, Corner Church and College Sts. Vrojirietor. nOBBETT'S SAP.SAPAU1LLA. Read the V, ' FOLLOWING CrRTlriCATLS : "Mes-rs Edward Unnley Sc. Co Genilemen. With a bottle of ' Corbett's Compound Extract ofSarsapi rilla' I received a copy of bis Formula lor preparing il. From testing the Syrup, the iact of the existence in it of the active substances named was ascertained, and the cenernl good qualities ol the Preparation interred. The Punnuls eililliln ihe unip.) .Inrni. ofthe Loei of our unlive medicinal Roots nnd Plums, with suh stnnccfl of the maiiEST repute ns remedial ngems.nnd does not contnin nny metallic compound. For the cures in which the medicinal virtues of Sarsaparilla nre sought, his Preparation should have a prelerenee, in consequence ol the care and bkill in compounding it. Respectfully, Atu. A. Haves, jl ). March 1C, 1818. State Asmiyer." From Mary M.Ne5mitii,ic( of (ie Inn. Geoige Nesinith, President of the Xorthern JIadroait. " This may ccrtily thal w-asallhcled with Uhetim for more than litteen yearsprior to 18l7. 1 tried dit fereiit remedies without permanent relief. In the spring of the year 1817, 1 was induced lo test the effi cacy of Dr. Corbett's 1 Compound Syrup of Sarsapa rilla.' Puring the space of three months I used aboul a quart ot tins medicine. 1 tiild ni sell lully relieved from said diseose,ond C20 therefore cbeerlufly recom mend lo others who may be fillicted in like manner to fry this cheap und valuable Medicine, Mary M. Nesmitii." None genuine but with Dr. Corbett's signature, and for sale by the Proprietors. EDWARD BRINLEY Sc. CO. Boston. Amos C. SrEtR.sole ngeut for Burlington. Burlington, April 5th. 1818. 41m3is To Breeders ol' Horse. TIIETiinitot Rued Horse, Sir IIknrv, will stand this season, ending in Sept. at the stable olS.Wnrd, Milton Fulls.Vt. His rich pedigree, embra cing as it does within the fourth degree such horses as Henry, Sir Arehy, imp, Messenger, nnd Eng. Eclipse, his acknowledged superiority ol lorm and remarkable power of transmitting its prominent points, hi high reputation in New York, where many of his colts nre nowi kept ns slock horses, and where he three limes received the tirst premium of the New York Stnte Aericulturnl Society, first when n colt, nt Albany, in I8'jj,ngaiu ut Ponghkeepsie, in 181 1, nn.I ngain.over fifty-lhree competitors, nftrr eleven years of service in the stud of Envi-Ar.ii I,o.mi?13si ol Cambridge, N. Y., nnd niter his stock had become thoroughly known throughout ihe Stnte, nt Auburn, in 1810, ami finally his slock, some ol which we have made arrangements to have in our nasture tor the insiM-ciion ol those who may wish to decide from Iheir own observation, warrant us in saying tint he is one of the best hoittcs ever introduced into the Stale. If the assurances of competent judges may lie relied on he is tlie best horse, nsa getter of tast, enduring nnd bold going roadsters, now offered to the breeders of Vermont. Such we lie lieve him to lie. He received the first premium of tlie Chittenden County Agricultural Society, held at Bur lington, last September, where his colls wereexhibiled lor the lust tune in the Mate, to one nt which the first premium was awarded. The Committee remaik, in iheir report, "the improvement in sucking culls is worthy ef notice." Sir Henry will stand nt SIO ihe season. Insurance ngreed on. Insurance will tie claimed on mares dis. jMised of before the time of foaling. Good pasturage win tie provmeu lor mares irom n distance, bat Ihe proprietors will not be responsible lor nccidents or es capes. LUCIUS SANDERSON & CO. lieorgia, aiareii za, mi. inn. Petition far I.iccnso t" Sell Lund. STATE OF VERMONT, The Honorable Pro. DivrittcT or CmrTENPEN, ss J bate Court tor the District nt Chittenden, to nil persons to whom these presents shall come, Greeting Whereas, Laura Fiejd ol Jerien, in said District, cliardian of Dnid L. Field. John II. Field. and Sarah L. Field, all of said Jerico, minor, children ol Henry I...-I.I ..f M I .1 I .....I.. i i inui Hit vi iwni rfrni u, nn -rosru, pirseiueu to sniu Probate Gourt, un the third day of May, A. D. 1818, her petition in writing, setting birth that her said wards are seized in lee in their own right, ns tennnts in com mon ol their eoual undivided tilth nnrts nl the follow. ing described In rm of land situate in Jcricu aloresaid, aim uouuuea ns ioiiows, to wit; The Homestend farm of the said Henry Field, de ceased, containing about one hundred nnd twenty-five acres of laud, and is bounded on the north by laud owned bv Lucius l.ane. on the enst bv land ofltoswell Fny and Wright Claik, nn the south by land nl Llins uariieite and land ol rvorman Wright, and on the west by land of John Chambers, which said land is subject to the right of Dower therein ol the said Laura Field, deceased ; nnd that u sale ot the said described estate of her said wards, nnd nn investn e it of the nl itil. snln lit nlk. I.n la nm l....... ,' ... r'... r.. ... ... I.IIM "I U, IlliriV.t. and praying Slid Court to grunt her license to sell said estate ol her slid wnJdsnnd In invest the proceeds nl such sale in oilier lands or put the svine nt interest, ngreenbiy to law in such case provided Whereupon, the said Probate Court assigned the 21th day nf .May, A. D. 1818, tor hearing and deciding on said is-tiijon, at the Probate OH'uc in Burlington, nl mid Disiuct, ond ordered that all persons interested should be noti fied thereof, by publishing this order eoniainuig Ihe nature of said application three weeks successively in the Burlington l-rre Pree Press, a newspnper printed at said Burlington, all which publications to be previ ous to the said 21th day of May, A. D. 1818. Given under my hand at Burlingtun.iii said District, Ihit3rdday of Mav, 1818. 4.".w3 BRADFORD RIXI'OIU), 7.effi,r. DUIFJ) APPLI2S of good qunlitv A sal' at A S. IH'.WjjY'S. or A ptil fr, The Ou'estinn Itfrrnw selllerl util, MI....I in it. M"r?ild,l,raclicnl flicncv of the l'ECTOHAI. kji ij . in removinrr i imiin.s nm n ., . . Ia. eases nnd obstructions of the Pulmonary Organ. Its superiority over every other medicine, for this class vi .uiiimaniis, can ue nitesieu ny Hundreds in this someol whose names have nlrendi- nnnenred In ibis lunn nnu ii.ive nsen w Til ine ii-infiins, men i. paper, nnd more of them will be seen very soon. " 'ol,serany doubt about it the fact is "- '. IIHI. DR. Form's Pi3i.Tnn.r. svttttn is the greatest remedy of the oge j it is just the thing that has long been hoped for,and sought for.bul never uuiiu ii i nowi v z . n met icirip trijif s ion h lm .!.: ant to take quickly efficacious when taken j safr in its operation, and that it should require nothing after wards in the shane ol nhvsic. or oiher medii-ln m carry it out of the system. ii snouia ne particularly nDserved tiy the reader, that this SYRUP is not a remedy for disenses of nil paris nf the body, but only for the CHEST nnd iiUAivo, ano lor Nnniixf. i But for all PULMOXARY MFFirVT.TlP.S frp( the most advanced stages of C(liSUM I'TIOS, it is an iNFAt.LinLE Remedy. Even in the early stages ol this malady, it has rescued many in their down ward progrers, nnd restored litem to health, nnd to the active bjiness and enjoyments ol life. Try it, then, if you have n COUGH, nnd you will not be dis appointed. ccriiiiicntct. Rome, March 15, IS 15. DR. FOORD. Dear Sir t 1 Verv cheerlnllv lrive mv certificate for your Pectoral Syrup, through your gems in iiome, .uessrs. UJJiey oi I'ecR. .My wile hns been troubled wilh o severe cough for some years, and in the mennlime has tried various medicines ol repute. Lflst tall Her cough increased and I felt very much alarmed about her. I wns induced to try your SyriiD. and am hannv to nnv. thnt twn liniii,.s ..n. tirely cured her cough, and improved her general health. I would recommend it to nil as n medicine ol grent worth. HORACE N. BILL, Tub. and Print, ot Roman Citizen. From Rev. Zechariab Paddock, D. D. Dear Sir: Havim- used. iu.rsnnniiw J i.. r,. mily, two or three bullies ol your Pectoral Syrup, 1 feel niyself aiithnrized.indeed, bound in duty, to spenk in high terms of the article. For hoarseness, which with me, as a tiublic speaker, has been o most formida ble difficulty, I have never found anything like it In diseoses of the Lungs, and other parts of the vornl organs, ils effects are most grateful nnd salutary. Its y ...... noun. iiw.ii.iun.-in" ut'ing yery nine niorr oi tensive thnn nure honew ! pnni:Hir nno of im dninllt recomniendntions. lnaword, I nm persuaded thai were its virtues and its convenience", known to the public, it would have nn extensive sle. ery re.-pectluMy, Z, PADDOCK. Forsaleby TIltODOUK A. i'fclCK, 4-am Wholeiale Druggist. SCHOOL HOOKS OF ESTABLISHED RKPtTATIOX. PUBLISIinp I1Y JHNKH, I'ATjMKR Sc CO., No. I'M Wos'iinrrton strfcl. Huston, and lur sile y rioiki(l!cr) and Country TrndiT s?"Tnlly, The followiii!! work iur Kilncniinn nrrmrtirnlnrU' recommended to the notice of thoe interested in th' subject, os conuiniiiR tlie modern improvements, nnd calculated to lessen the lahor o tencliiiir and learn ing .and nt the panic time to make thorough ami prac ucai fcnoiars. Iinprnvr.l Scries of It on (Hue nook.. Worcester's Trimer, or Firt Mnok, pnfs, I8mo. Worcester's Hecond iJook .'or Iteadmn and HoelliniT. 1GS p3R's, ISmo. orcester's Introduction to T.iird Book.ith Rules ond Instruction, pTgs, Hum. uorcestere I hird itook, for KeadinsnndfJpellmg, with Utiles and Instructions, for avoidma common er rors, pases, Winn, u orcester a I-niirth IJook for Kcauim?. witli flule" and Inf-tructions,4!6 pages. Wmo. All by Uev.Sam- Ihc above form n comnletp pentsof npndinff nook which arc not snrpaed by nny other works tor thi purpose. J he penes lias recently been emnrged ana tmprorcil by the insertion of a course nl leeom in Knunrintion nnd Articulntloi, IVomineiation, Inflec tion, Ilmphnsi-i, 1'nuses, &r., in the book of the series, ailnpted to the cipacity of the scholars fur whose n-e the sevcrnl work rre intended, prepared by .Mr. William Kutrispll.a tlitin jubhed Trnelierot hlocit- tin n J'iirlcy's Iifilrlc9 far Common SohnoN. Parley's First Hook of Iltonrv. Parley's Secund Hook ol iliflorv. I'nrlev't Third Hook of Historv Purley'sHook ol the United .States. The Histories contain .Mans and nmrravinp. nnd being in pencrnl use in the Sehools nnd Academies in our country, may be considered ai standard Irook lor the inetrmtion of youth in History. The iirst and second Books are brought down lo the present time. Lmcrfton's Arillnui'lic, (in tliree parts.) Part 1. contains I!a"V lessons for beiinner. PnrtS. contains Ip-otT- for nil Scholar. Part ..contains the higher creratiias. Key toparts'Jand 3. Question;, to Pail 3. I his sthi of Arlthmeiw' i in n in i!re .rhools of New York, Phiiadelphi.i and I!oton,nnd in C.lher institutions where the modem improements arc adopted. llittlry Alurhra. Hallcv's First IiCf-ion? in Aliiebra. for Academios anl Coimnon Schools. Key to the nboe lor Teachers I he above Alirobra is on the inducine i an. and i- ilesijined for tho-; verged )n the science. It In. been lon!ued nsn Class Hook in llie Public Sclion!- of Hoston,nnd in various Schools nnd Academies of ngli character in all parts ot the umtel fctoteis. iionuricirN i. mien Miiirs, Goodrich's lli-tory of th United States, adapted t tlie capacity o Youth. Revised nnd enlarged from the one hundredth edition, ami hrouuhtdown to March -1, 1817, Goodrich's nnd Kmeion' Questions to the above. The above History of the United States is nmonc the mot popular works ol the kind. It is in iw n: the lltiston chuols,aud has a hiuli und extensive pop uUrity. M'orcrMcr's Dic'io ruirs. Worcester's Klementary, mlaj ted for ue in School, nnd Academies, contniuint; lu-arly WOO more word than any other School Dtrtionary. Do. Coniprehen-ive, (Pronouncing nnd Hxplma tory.) designed lor the same nnd for yfiienil rclrrence Carefully revised and enlarged, nnd new y stereutypeo edition. The D.'ctiouary i recommended by pprvin of the highest literary merit, as combining ndvanlnires ns p Pronouncing Dictionary, superior to at! others,1 nnd a beim; n most comprehensive, correct, nnd useful com pendiunt ' Hiissell's Mlnciillonniy Scries. I, Uuwll's lessons in Enunciation. - D. Rudi ments o (ieture. U. Do. Uxercivs in Klocution. . Also, Rusiell's Ijlocutlomst, a new work, eombininy ' all tlie above. j i:mpr.oirs Spelling IlooK. nmerson's National Spelling Hook nnd Prrnounr ing Tutor, on nn improved plan, with Rending let , sons. One hundred and sixtieth edition. Introduction to the above, lor jounjjer scholar", by the Bnme'. 'Phese works are lutfhlr reconmiendi d hj Tencheisand others; are used in the 1 tost on Public Schools, ami nlso extensively in the various schools in the United States. Kmcisuiis " WntU on the ,"Iind" The Improvement of the Mmd, by Iaac Wntts, D. D. With corrections, Questions nnd Supplement by Joseph Kiiier'ti. Improved edition. The editor ot the Annals of Uducniion siys, ' ThN work is one of the twst tuides to seltedtlcation ever published ; prepared for the use of schools, by nn able and experienced teacher. .Huic I look Tor Schools. Tlie liiltle Songster, on Klenn'titnry Sinstti!; Rook for Primary (5. J. Webb, President nt the llandeland llnydn Society, Uditor of .Mas: Coll Ch. .M jie,e. The Common School Songster, for ndvancedtf nch ers, by the same, Publiohed under the anctiou ut the Hot" ton Academy nl Apmc The Youns Ladj-'a Vocal Class Ilook, deineil for fannlies and in? higher schools, by the same. Pah lisheil us aboe. The above form n progressive series, for the ue of Families and Schools. Miseellnneoiii. Front's firamnnr, Ilosnvel's French Phrnse Rook Uolhrook's Oeometry. Abbott's little Philosopher. Noyes's Penmanliip, Parley's Arithmetic. iflair's Outlines nf History, brought down to the present time. The Child's Rotany. School Committees, Teachers, Vc, denrous nf ex amining any of the above, will be fctipp'ied without ctiare. In addition to the nbove, always for sale ot i-atisfic-toiy price?, a complete assortment of School, Minic and Mi-wellaneoulKHiks, Stationary, tfec. ibG liii mlir r Yard, flit AY, MEAD & (U nlfor for sale, nt their place, on I'enrl Street, nearly eTery riescrir-, linn nt seasoned lil.'.M lltli. On (he opening of Naviisnlion, they will hae for ealc n large supply nf iiiNdi.Fsj and intend lo keep on liniul, tosuiiply the rniuiiiuuity dunng the 8taoii,nll kinds of inniket- I, un filliua ui ni.... 40tf. AsWHTMnXT OF able Iimlier. THE LRr.ixr and Rist Aswrtmcxt of L Salin, Silk, Silk and Linen and Cambric Cravats ever olTcrfd in Uiu market may w ; una ai ACJiiicui.TunAr. nicrchonsc and 8ccd Store. Rtsc.J?'.?CE' OAVEY Sl CO. ESPLCTFULLY, INFORM THRFR h,ee 'ii!And,, ,n,,,Wic',Ut ty have taken the P.i.J I JIT ,."lllbl'flnenl lately occupied by J. S. f n I "n'mr H extend the agricultutal and horticultural Hade j ni it, branches. Ornpo lues, ajid I- run Trees finished lo order. J. 8. 1'KIIlCn. C.M. l)AVfy, .1. II. JllrillKK ' JliirlinEton, Afrll J2iIiJ8I9. j "iNoTlcp. THE Copartnership iilrctofore vist Inrr between TVl.KIl St. .MII.MFORD i. M.i. diy dissolved by limitation. All persons haviiir claims against us will please present them. Uyf person indchted In said fnhi by nccoulil or otherwise, will please settle immediately. I I Jrjll oi MUMUmv. IXw, April 15,1913. (I3w3) WM. NEWELL & CO. MANt'FACTtT.r.RS AXtl JOFTILTiSOr rORKKl.V DMI13STIy STRAW BONNETS. AHTiriCIAI, FI.OWXHS, HATS, CAPS A SI) FURS, tin. (13 KII.llV STItKHT. Wir.I.IAM Nrwrtt. . ...... Jamm W. I-ee. 33,-ni iMWaiU ira' BRINSMAID & IIROTIFEUS have n fmo nssorlment of Gold and Silver Goods, Lamps, .Ookillff GlafSS. (nne. Filnntf Tnelrl. r.nrwlm inj.l Goods, Fans, Combs, brushes, Razors, Knives and Scissors. Curls and I'lain Hair, nn crfenEve nknrt- ment of Clocks and Watches by the box or single. Contemplating some change in our business, we invite those wihing Parlor Lamps, Looking Glasses, or any other good", to buy now at very wt wish to cloc them off before we go south this spring. ipri ui um.-va.MAiu sc. iikothers. TO THE LADIES ' Queen "ittcen Ctllf of Lake Cftamplain' T IS O'CLOCK LAST NIGHT Came to Port Ihe Steamer .1. II. Hooker, bringing as .xpress Passenger, S. E Howard, with Ins Aew an I Goods, that were all bought with money, and may now be had in Exchange lot Cash at Prices that would asionisit arry bony but tlie rcoplc s Agent. , , . HUHAItU. 0 o'clock, Monday Mornfng, April, 17 '18 dtf Daguerreotypes. . fill MM .V sViIELf MKSSn.S. C HII.DS .V STiIELK have fitted up Rooms over S. aiker's store, Church street, Burlington, Vt., eiprcssly lor Ihe purpose of taking Daoueureotvif. Miniatures. We have even- eon. venience lur taking croupes of from Itto (o ten on thn same plate, or single pictures, of superior style and finish. Set in frames, cases or lockets ot modtrot-j prices. Business hours from 0 A. M. to b P. M. Ladies arrd Genilemen are respectfully invited" to call at o-Jr K'MiTis and rr-imine specimens. Kntrancc up stairs, between N. Lovely's nnd S. Walker's stores. iiurnngion, April il, 1B13. dawtl Burlington High School', T HV. .Sf.MMKIl QUAOTEU WILL COMMENCE on Ionday the firteenth inst. I., w. UIIA.MJ . J'reeeptor. cademy,Clge Street, May 11, la 19. d3lt CHENEY & CO.'S Boston, IIurmsgtox Sc. Montreal EXPRESS. HIIKIiV, in connection with Vir.on. Sc. Rice's New York Hxprcss nt llurliugton. 1' roui Huston every luesilay. From Montreal every Thursday. From liurlington for Iluilon every Friday. Olliccs niul Agents, Chenej &. Co., Rail Road Exchange, Buston. Virgil it Rice, liurlington. George Kent, lt3 St. Paul's St., Mo ureal. May 2, 13H. ditw Bonnets. China Pearl, Florence , Utrds Kye, 1'iutland I'.raid, Just received ly I. I). niXUY it Co. hlniw, 1'rencli Lace, Jenny Lmd. May l'J, IS 18. 33 New Goods. TIIH Subscriber is now receiving his Spring Stock ol New Goods, consisting ol a general nssorlment of hTAi i.E Day Goons and Gr.ocr.Rirs, also Crock crv and IIlhi Ware, which he will sell for cash as cheap as Ihc cheapest. S. M. PDPK. Hurlinglon.May 1'J,1SI3. dSatiil. MSSOXS IX DAXCIXCi TISS KLLIS having arriied in town, will be hap 1JL py to be lavoured by those young Ladies purpos ing to learn dancing, so that she may commence On TtKsday Alterniion. May 10, nt 3 o'clock, r. M. Terms 9 for Twenty Le$ous, comprising th-j Cotillon, Waltz and Polka. Miss Kills is popping nt the Pearl Street ifouse. TyV" Sei1 ndditiiuuil ni!erti.--mcnt in another column. Friday, May li, 1SH. . d:ij For Male or lo Jtcut. (f 'TmIE SUHSCRIRi:it wiu. Sell or Rext 1 his New Hrii-k ilousi", on Shelhufn Street, about sixty rods south of ihe Sipnre. The house is large and built ofthe best materiel and in the ino-t modem style. T. CONNUU. liurlington, May 4, ISIS. dJMif IfjlEm Itl'TTETf. Al,ii)iilfio"tl)irgo7d Butter this day received by April SO. A S. nnwKY. SJALT, 500 RLS. " M'ESTKRX." 3 l'orsaleby .1. UllADLUY, A CO. AT ilo.iii:. WTIIKRn WB SHALL HB HAPPY TO receive Calls for all kind.-ol Puiniiug, Graining, Pniier Hanging, &c Ac. SlielburnStriel,oiiiie Amerienn Hottl. lil'SSi:i.L it SPAULUING. Durliiigton, March 10, WIS. 3Ttf YliVSU Clovo7s.eTfor suit. li7lf by riosticicl- and Ecanls. J. T. IIEXBDICT S SCHOOL. Till! Ni:.T Qir.lKTEK will conimcncs on .Monday, Jlny IStli. J. T. llCNCDICT, 1 11. I). .SiiAtTtcii, f Teachers. .MisS A. M. HlllNSMAtD, ) Tuition. F.ngllsli branches, per quartcri . ... $3 50 Latin nnd Greek, " " 3. Ml French, " " 3 M) Mathematics. " " 3M di'Jtf. DANCING. MISS ELLIS, Teacher or Daxcixo, from Albany, nnd late from r.nglaud, begs iepeet. lull)-loinlorin the residents of Burlington, thnt slie is travelling ihroiigh nme of the Northern Villages tu gie initruclion in the Inshiouihle dunces; and that she purposes coming to Burlington on the termination of her present elates in Glens' Falls, .he will be in Burlington about tbe'Jih nr 10th ol Maj, and remain u lew weeks, lo teach the Polkv.Tiie Rri"fA, F.vmv rtscmrrtox or Wai.ti imi, Coih.IaiSs, itc &r Miss Hi-Ms purposes forming nn afternoon Clflta exclusivi-lv lor Young Indies. Those Young Mutes Iwishin to join will please tavor .Miss Lilts wun can ing on her immediately on her arrival, so to commence-without loss ol tune, ii. , Miss I'.i.ijs will remain pn enouyh lo make tier Pupils ouite -rfec,t in either ct the It is ot no conseipience whether the Young Ladies hate or hav not preiiously learned; they will, during the set ot less.,ns, acquire a knowledge of dancing fuflicient to ' acouil theuiw lu f with grace and elegsnce. U C, .us will hring witli her letters from som, of the principal Families and Sclnols in which she hat siici-.-b-lully taught m Albany. .. , u-:n. 1 Mis I. r'l'Pnws visiting Burhnglon, and Plattsburgh in succession. nJ" ' Odd Fellows Airitilcl, nit TUB PRINCIPLES OF ODD FEL- U lowslup rletinrd ; ihe objections to the order ans wered, and in advantages maintained, an AimiiKSS. tutlic Puhlic. The lndies,nnd ihf hrdciby loinc J UlillC. I lie .in i. s, hum im. u,v, p. W. BI5ISTOL, r.istorol the M. K. Church, and P,tl. of Oso No. SHI at Auburn New York. lfir 'Osro Lodge. York, I or sale at tne ikh-k gtiirc ol SAM. HUNTINGTON. ' Corner of Church and Collage irtrcels. w