Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 2, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 2, 1848 Page 3
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' -1 BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 2, 1848. THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, 1813 IT Our friend of the Sentinel objects to tlic " manner of expression" of the Free Press in re pelling a charge of " untruth and misrepresen tation" in relation to the failure of the Locofo co District Convention to pass the Free Terri tory resolutions, and thinks "a moro beautiful plrit" might govern our language, without Im pairing the force of our argument. The .Sen Unci may be right, but it will be good enough to observe that the correctness of our version of those resolutions was icry pointedly and taunt ingly denied in its columns, and that its " rea sons" for the failure of the Convention to puss the resolutions were not only not the (rue reasons, but proved the facts to bo precisely tantamount to their rejection. To talk about the diminished numbers of a meeting being the sole reason for not acting upon such resolutions, the Senliml must excuse us for saying, is just nothing more nor less than gammon. Will the Sentinel pre tend that nobody opposed the resolutions ? We say that the Old Hunkers of the party did oppose them, and succeeded in preventing their passage, and the Sentinel and pretty much everybody else in Burlington know it. One of our special " missions'' on this pleasant earth, while wc are at the head of a Whig press, we hold to bo the exposure of the "artful dodgers" of the Locofoco party. The Whigs and the Country have suffered enough by political trick cry of the kind attempted by the " Democratic Convention of the Third Congressional District of Vermont," to put us pretty well on our guard ; and when it comes under our observation we mean, in all earnest sincerity and straightfor wardness, to just exactly let in the sun upon it. It is quite the fashion with the I.ocofocos and Bomeoftheir Third party allies, to jeer and taunt the Whigs, as being insincere in their profes sions of hostility to the existence and extension of Slavery ; all we have to say about it is, in the words of the Scotch proverb, ' let him who jeers the tartan, beware the dirk !" Locofoco Conventions will not hold their meetings in this little bailiwick ol Burlington, and xole doicn Fuee Tebkitory resolutions, directly or in directly, if we can prevent it, without walking up to the bar of public opinion, before the " dear people" whom they love so much ; and if our indictment happens to be more true than com plimentary, and to bo framed with reference more to the point than to the "manner of ex pression," our excuscmust be that, in speaking of political knavery, wo have not yet learned (and are afruid wo never thall learn) ' to mince the sin, Or mollify damnation with a phrase." We mean always to umintiiii sufficient self respect to avoid willful mis.-tatements or mis representations. The Sentinel will pardon us for saying that the measures and policy of it" party subject us to the necessity of employing no ingenuity in these respects. There is pa tent deviltry enough in the pro-slavery and anti-republican schemes of Locnfocoinn at the South assisted by its " worker half "at the North, to save us all trouble of invention ; and, as Hai ry A. Wise once said (when he was u W'ltig) we could " rain forty days and forty nights up on it" without travelling out of "the documents." If, therefore, we are a little restive, and rough in our " manner of exprei-sion," when wo are un justly charged willi " untruth and misrepresen tation," we hope the Sentinel will find, in the comeliness of our intentions, and in llio sins of its party, an apology for the plainness of our speech. Foreign News. vent of refuel, n rrovlsional Uovcrnmcnt was lo be i mined MU-ly opjointcd. ITAIjY. The ctrrtml city is in a high insurrection. Rome tuny be coiihleied in ti stnie of eieue, l'lin IX., whosi nun it' wns o lutely the pjinliul of Itnlian c ni:inciialim, and who wns personally the idol ol the people, and, now pronounced a ' rcuetiunmilrcis left notninijbiit th name of the sovereignty of Kome(aiid scarcely even innt. Ilrhnt nppenrs ecrtnin i, ilmt when the declaration of the I'ope ngfiiiii-l proclaiming war miiiiiHt An-ttiu and disapproving ot the pn range of the l'o hy the Poll- uiicm i roup's ucuume kiiowii, me population ot me Holy City rose ns one man ihc nation quord took no&sesMion of nil the tin Us: f-fntiiieU weie i .hired nt the doors of the residences o( all the cardinals, who w ere detained prisoners j a committer, of the celobrnted Ciccio Vncchio was President. took posses .1 f ,t.. . v t ii i t mom oj i ne pun onicc, nere mi imp corieKpoimcuce wnsseizeit j the lettcis addressed to the cardinals were opened and read. A letter Irom Rome, dated the lt Inst, says that the moment the declaration of the I'ope above men tioned heenme public, deputations from the munici pality, the club and the civic guard, proceeded to the palace, wiicie they remained tor nearly four hours in conference with his Holiness. It was during tin's con ierence that the gates oi ihc city w etc seized. The result of this conlerencc wns what has been already announced, 1 ha t the Ministry wn-s retained in oflice. receiving full powers to exercise government in oil temporal at!.ih, without the sanrtion or sign manual of the I'ope. The iUunstry thus became a provisional government. A letter from Leghorn dated tin lib affirms that a republic was proclaimed in the Roman Unites, It is added that the people nroelaimed a temporal for feiture ol the I'ope, named a laical provisional gov ernment, and piueluimed a lepubhc with acclama tion. The contre coup of tliese events (ays this writer) was (el t at Leghorn, Numerous groups of people formed in the streets. Republican placards were pus ted on the wall. The crowd ' en masse' uttered shouts of" Long live the Romans, death lo tyi ants and (tai lors." Heforethis evening, perhaps, the Tneau dy nasty might have -survived. Another letter mentions a report that the. Pojmj had been obliged to leave the Quirinal and retire into the castle of 1st. Angelo. From Venice we learn thatZucchi.beingsmnmoii ed to capitulate, answered the summons by discharge of cannon, which made great carnage among the body of the enemy who had advanced to Palmanuva. The enemy's wounded arc staled to have tilled 10 wag gons. RUSSIA. t The military precaution on the Ruo-Poli;h fron tiers continue unabated. No one is allowed on en trance or an exit. At Karwnch a large force ol cos sacks is stationed, nnd a farther force of hussars at the extreme frontier town. lictween Kalish nnd pcrsern there are IH.tXK) men with three batteries ol artillery. The Emperor of Russia arrived unexpectedly atTilsit, on the i!b, and proceeded thence to Poland. It appears that there are 1H0,(KHI Ruirm troops in the kingdom of Poland, and K,(H0in amoglra. PRUSSIAN POLAND. The Cologne CJazctte confirms, in a correspondence from Pjeii, the intelligence of the general using of lhat duchy. All the men capable of bearing arms hive abandoned their homes, which nre now oil but exclusively occupied with old people, vv omen andchil. dren. It appears that the insurgents assemble wherever they have nuy chance of defeating the Prussian troops. Farther details aie givui of the tight at Wre-ehen, where the Poles defeated (leneral Ilir-chfieM, nhho he lntl fur cannons which unceasingly played upon the enemy, nnd committed the greatest havoc in their runks. It is now admitted that some of the Piusiaii troops (probably those of Polish origin) have gone over to the insurgents or patriots. DCNMARK AND THE DUCHIES. Accoidingtoa ptivntc letter from Graven-teiii of the lull iiM., tlie Danes croed the Straits ol A Wen Ilrigliton Cnttlo Market Thursday, May 25, titronrED run the boston daily advertiser. At Market 190 Reel Cuttle. 18 pairs Working Oxen, lij Cows and Calves, COO Sheep and iiojl) Swine. J'ticctficrf Cc In consequence of the large number nt luaiket Monday, have not much ndvauced. We quote extra 87 ; first quality G50iC75; second quality SGpfiiij. U'uikuiB Oxrn Sales at $1-2, $90, nnd $110. Ours nnd Cuhes Sales at $23, V25 - 31, 8-37 and :7. S'Afrj Sales at 2 75, 2 75, 350 and 1 25. Xicifc Lots to peddle $1 -a -IJe fur Sows, and 5ft 15 -lc lot Harrows. At retail from 5 to 7c. BOSTON .STOCK SALES, May 2G. 5 Shares Vermont & Mas-, UR. 6 dti Vcnwmt RR. BOSTON AUCTION SALES. May 27. MaliPgany St. Domingo. 200 los, 8 a 17c per luut(-l m. 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Tins hue, m connection with the ritcliburg Rail road, and the Stages to and liom Keene, fonm a di rect line ot coinmiinicatioiis between Boston and Northern Vermont and Noiihtn New llnmp'-htre , und the shvitcbt and must diiect we between South ern, .Middle, and Western Vermont nnd Western New Ilumpshire and Bo'on ; ami al-o, in connection with the Starts from Winchciidoii nnd ritchburj; to Worcester, and the Worcester and 1'iovid'iice Itail mnd, the mo-i direct lim' between tho-e sectioni oi Vermont and New Il'iuips-lnre an I Worcester Coun ty and the Slate of Rhode Isl.nid ; und in conmclion with Stasis liom Littleton, .Mum. to Lowell, a direct communication between the t-ame puttioiwol' New Ilamp'-liire and Vermont und Lowell. rrviKht trains will run d.iily, to nn I from Boston, in con next ion with (he regular I'ltehlmr Tiuiih. T .M.i:i)WARI)rf, Brebiduit. L. T1LTON, Ln-mter. 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An older of the ilay issued hy the general declart that ' alter the tnkiiiu p- iesioii ol 1'redericia there thould be a ces-sion ul hofciihties. ) A private Utter horn Copenlngm intimates thee.x peclaiion ol a epeedy K'ttlement of oilairs. HUNGARY AND BOHEMIA. All the accounts from Himcarv an I Bohemia rep resent those kingdoms ns complete victims ot anar chy. In the former, particularly, the pcn.-antrv are in open revolt, and the nobles have ranged them-K-lvcs on their bide. A'cws hy the ISoal. lo-cSav. moil ynn' oiUsEAXs. New OitLHAVs Iay : II. It is perhapa but nn act of justice to the proprietors of Wistai's llalsam of Wild Cherry lor us to s.iv, thnt our personal experience in the list- of this article has imprest us moj-t l.ivorahly. 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About 1000 l'eet ol Plank , ' do 3000 pi'nuned rinc and IJnmiocH isoarus, do 1000 Seder l'ots. do 50 ConU Wood, Wiieh 10th day or June tion lloom. We- na tin Inw direets. I. SlIUUWOOD, L'onstatile. May Sfi, '13. d!3tl2 Townsond's Siirsapiirillii, SUIM'LY Ol' THIS I'oruLAR jinuiciXE il con'tanilyon hand, and Tor sale by .May II, 13 IS. d3Ktif AMOS C. SPLAK. A ny the Iliberniu. We give below tntercsting items of news re ceived by the lllbernia, which arrived in New York on Saturday. Our extracts are taken from the N. Y. Commercial, and the lloslon AJicrti- ser. The intelligence from Italy will lie read with surprise. The temporal power and author it v nr the Pone annears to have been regarded J - "I-,, - as by no means " infallible." ritANcn. The French National Afembly has yet adopted no decisive measure, but it has pawed some votes prcity umimly indicatiie ol indecision. In the session ol the uili a committee reported npromiiion to appoint a .Ministry by ballot ol the Assembly. 1 his propo biliou alter considerable debate ax rejected by a in i iorityot l!0otes only, 'u. 411 to 3, buWiiuenlly it wan determined to appoint an i:cciitheCoiiuuiltee and a ballot was taken which RJe the following re sults: Number of Voters, Absolute majority, Ara go, (iainier Pages, Marie, Lamurtine, Ledru Uollin, The live ineinbers liaiti The steamship .Massachu'etti liud arrived from Vera Cruz, which place she leftun the 13th itist., briii(;in four days later news from the city ol .Mexico, viz : uatos Irom .Mexico to the tli. The DiscuMons in the Mexican Congress relative to tlie right of thu ( (Jo1. eminent to cede State territory, were coing on at some length. A quorum had assembled at Qneretaro. The .Slates of Mexico, geneially, go it tooth i and nail for State right?, mid it lias been Kome time apprehended that fuch an objection would j bj urged by the oppo.ition. The prevailing opinion was that the new Congress would despatch business and come to I a decision in regard to the treaty a very few days alter coining together. A quorum of Congress, had been formed willi- j nut the iiecrs-sitv of excludiii"r the ilenutii's I'loin Ch"rry, sig led 1 IIlttsoii the urnpp'r. sone genuine, unlec signed 1 I1LTTTS ! wrapper. Tor sale by Si; I'll W. I'OU'LU.t gent, 133 Washington street. lie c-arelul and get the genuine DIt. Vv ISTAIl'S HAI.SAM OP WILD CHi:illlY. Xoi.e genuine unless sinned bv 1. UUT'I'S. Ad,lrrs nil orders lo SIlTIl W. l'OU'LII.Uosluii.Mii-s. l-ursule whole sale and retail by 'I'm o. A. l'LiK.llurluiauin.itiid by Dcalelaiu Medieines gellerully ill Vermont. VST Most i:truonliimry Worlf ! Tin: PlUVATi: MEDICAL COMPANION. bv nr.. a. .v. MAumcr.AV, I'rofenur uj of Women. Fixlh Edition. l?mo. pp. 250. Price Bl. 23,000 Cdl'ILS kOLIl IN" TUHCU MONTHS ! Years orsulleiing, of plijsieal and mental nnguish my ft ate, mi i uepiiues aim renaior-. tomanv nlK-ctionate wife, and pecuniary dilliuhies .1.U1UII-.1 IM.ucill.aim.wiiiuaiiuvu.auuu.a, , . , I..-.. M)..l I,.. .i,.,. .. till if f IT. i.l l' ' "-- sm "VI it, i. lie VrfUllllIllP-HMUjls lUiiii liiu uhium nmii n 701 3'J8 725 715 702 CIS 453 obtained the required nre still in Mexico, as there could be no po-si ble use m their going to (iueretaro until there is some competent authority in existence to take cognizance ol tlie treaty, i nere ins also ueen ome little di-rusMon between tlie .Mexican an- thorilics and the Commissioners in regard to tlie latter having an c-cint to the scat of (iiivern- ment. It was, ut irPt, insisted by the Cimcru- inent that tlie American lioop should halt a few miles from Queielaro, nnd not enter the city Mexican escort conducting tiiem to it. The m itter h is been settled by tlie (Joverninent con SPiitili" tliat an escort of sixtv dragoons shall ac- majority were proclaimed Members of the Kxecutiie On the 11 til, the Hxeculive Committe announced the following executive apppoiiilments Foreign Allans, llasude. War, Charrns. Finance, Duclere. Justice, Creimeux. Instruction, Carnul, Commerce, ' lot on. lteligion, iJelhinont. Public Works, I relat. Marine, Interior, . . Kccurt. l ,,.!. Hrr'v for ViireiirnAflairs. l avrc. It will beobsened that M.Duotit de I'Kure's name Hoes not appear among the members ol the Lxeculive .:.i...J ... Mini.,,? ! hnvini? ret red on uecount of hi-age and f.eble health.ond that ihe departments ' ii i ..... ,.f itie rnmtlllllee. Ill both lists the Oltraisla are rerres.-nted. The two op . ..l;.l.,. Ir Presu ellCV O llie Chilli! ...,i ii...... ... .... ihe list ol Ministers, All the Ministers, we believe, as well as ihe members of the Kxecutie Committee, are members ol llie Tl"&,r, lienublic which wasmade by the National Assembly by acclamation, was jub lillied Sunday, the 7th, by poslingon the wallsol I a ' 'Ee National Asse'n.bly. the faithful interpreter of ihe sentiments ol the ople, by whom it has been elected, previous to commencing us iuu Declares in ihe name of the I rentli peon e, ami t , e .. .1.1 , ,1. Iteiiubhc.nril' in llie lace oi ine enuic ...... .v r-- , -. ,. claimed on ihe Slth of February, 1818, is and shall remain the form ol the Government ol i ranee. The Itepubhc desired by France has adopted ttie mono Libenv. Ilnualnv. Fralerniiy.' . . In the name ol ihe country, the National Assenv hlventieau Frenchmen ol every i.ohiicul parly to lor pel lormerfeuds.and to form in future but one family The day on which the representatives ol the people met is for all the citizens the eat ol concord and Ira lernity. ' Vive la Itepublique"" M. de Lamsrline and M, Ledru Ilolhn have taken seals on the opile tides ot the Chamber one on Ihe extreme right, the other on the rsirrme lefl. No member of the As-seinbly lias taken his seat on the middle benches. M. de "aid, recom mends a constitution consWuiK ol one Chauilwr und a President, nilh a suspensive tela extending lo ihree months. , . The Club of Ilarbes has, it is said, decided unani mously that the French republic shall not be governed by s President afler the model of the United Slates t)f America. IMPORTANT FROM HOME. Ily Electric Telegraph. I .vmpnnr. Aimos OrflccNoon May 13. The Poi haritiB relused lo declare war ugainst A. ... ;.nrrM'imn (.ink nlace. The .Ministry resigned, nnd tweuty:four hours were It i intemlej repecially for the married, or those coiUemplmiiir; marriuge, us it dicloses iinportant se crets which fliouid he known to them narticulurly. Tmly, knowledge U power. It is health, happiness amucnce. The ieclations contained in its pages hae proved n blesing to thousands, ns the innumerable letters re ceied by the author will ndest. Here, also, cery female can di;coer the cause?, pj mptoms, and tne inot eilieient remedies, nnd most certain mode ol cure, in ewry complaint to which her Fex ts tubject. On the receiptor One Dullar. the "Slurried Wo " Cheaper than Ever' j. w. weaTur & SON 4 It 15 nrv roct'iviiig from !Nuw York and XI offer for sal? rt large nsortmnit ol I'oot and Shoes, Trunk, Vnlidi-fl, Carpet-lla, iSn tc1ili. Uand-IJtx-i. Ilali nnd Cniw. (Jroeerifi and Uomtic I)rv Goods of alinust eveiy kind. It bing of little cone uuencc to the utiblic how we went to marki t. whether on horebiek( or like Crotkett, on u streak of liylitnm whether we nrnved at the wharf jjmiii iites belore U o clock or 1G minutes alter whether we paid lor our goods in fifty dollar bilN on the Uank of I tur.mtLit or got them on err Jit, the only thing the purrhitS'-r wihes lor ii to have the goods and price answer his expectations We invite the public just to ' walk up to ihe Captain's OHice, and it we canm t ('lit th'Mii we will pull oil our hits to the man lhat can sell lower. Wmuoski 1'alK May 17, 1313. t dGt wi0i3 ki:i:nk, n. ii. rilllE auovi: nami'.d Ilorsn wns liiilt ly I an n.-uciution ot the eiiteipriim; citizens cf Krune, with ample acriimuiodat ion to inet-t the wants ot the Public, in a I'lltST ChA.Sri IIOTUh. The object o the l'mprn tors being accomplished, th'-y now wish to dispm; ol it, togetlurwiih the l'ur mture, Outbuildings, and cAteiisic and valuable Gar den. The stj If of the building is second to uono in the Stale; and is arranncd fur ihe cwmcl.h'iice ofpTina nent nr transient Uuardeis, or Kiuuhes wihin to take Rooms. It is situated in the cntral business pari of lh" town, nearly opposite, and within one minute's walk ol lh; I! a ilioad iX'poi. lis pacmus U-ludt-ie commmds n view ot ihe Uailroad and buriounding country tor bewtul miles. The patronage ol the House is favorablv known by the goud success of f( its occtipmts and pioves the pic&ciit a rare oppoilunil) tor making u s.itemitl pi edit able iiivctniLiit. To any prijii or pel sous who would bi-eoine more KTiiiamntly lotmetled with it, and continue it tor their own iiim tl.e public beiidit,il will be disiio-. fl ol tit a baruain. Terms ot pavment made i asy.und poscfpioti g.ven oy mutual coiifeiii oi me partus. Ajplication may be made to either of the undesigned .JOILN LhUOT. AUI.I All WILOKlt, c. a. i aulkm;ii. Hydraulic Rani. A perfectly imjilf nnd elli-cm- .Machine lor forc ing a portion ol a l)iookorpnng to any required distance or elevation, where a proportionate tall cm be applied. Tlie anous u?es of the liam are at once obwous.Viz: I or the purpo- s ot iirigatmg hands Gliizit-rs Siio ! ! IAVOUIjI) respectfully inliinn my friends, mid the public ynenilly lhat I h:ne opened n Shop, near my residence on Peart .Street, lor the purpose of riiriiishiiis. Cutting mill Clnzin oil sizes of p'ain and I nicy Wimlow Olass, aKo Olasa nod unnlviii' L)welhiic.Gari!eiw rnetuiie. Vilinu.- lor Sayli or Picture I'rames kept constantly on hand Ihiniiie", Itailroad Stations. & e WITH HL'XXISO popular mmm, If ("iiml ir nrileitmi Is nny tmerlun nt llie worth f irt sri cle. w Invii tl.o incrfdiiloiis toliH.k nt the t.iiim iiijf Nti.fri in of l" rn w ti' i l-en tared liy .McAL tlKi;i M.l.llhM.lM! ofNTMtlN'l'i It U not t"t i. it' h t-ttiV Ihtt tins Ointment is iloin pun! lu-ie mill ihnwlicMi The viirntui ih en--f tint ri cureit. whlrh were mp;m'( t-i m oer CiitiK Iv ly hitennl rctii'-il e, yield .Umtie to the nncr el tint Oiiitiiifnt. The principle in which it t-ver nci. ix . rtiiltctti rriUratimi oftc tntnaihlf t'ttsptrattnn, ll llie uri-it h i re' of it nrrcs. As tuost ihseiea ortsiinin hi a cuiiimnn coht. Imluipil hy ehiUnjt the pore ukjh the Miruic. It fiillows lli it if Ii ny me-irn the v,tc emi he ru npnicil, nnt tlie I iipii"ilf!o Irir.itloti retorpil. tlie t Tie nt il inrlnd liniit'trs ol tl.e but!) w.ll cicape, und no ctiMeitt itkms leihAiii. McAl.ISi r.Ifrf AM.-lli:l.lNO dIVTMKNT l.ns notv heeii tirovuil tu ho thuO.Nt.V pfepufation knovn lo thl n-Milt. Vi woil'il renffk tint Knnip nr the f illnwlng ennr pltltiU h'te Ih'cii of hunt tiiuIinC rifn tnrntr jeun one cii'-e ot ."( ymrs in tny ot th in W Htifl leu jei'M. Such cn' m tl.o.ick hciilithr, lor lintinc", ci.iiillat 8Uipo'M to iHit only to inO' rfiNr-.I.M. hue hfen ciircil dirpctly : iili liliniiiittit-K, fold i'tft, llr Com pi tint, t'on-iitti;liiMi. Alhtni, all l)irft'r nf ihp (het, f nrvt I'lul thp hhp In" heen enrrrt, w M!e olhTi wlinnrn Likitii if.;ijiinli.- It!s:im. ii tittle tne if randy, pills nml JniKS nn- M mitfiTini, with litilu hpp-of rproTery. Wo pf tk tlice thitnci Hi-no in -.orrovt th in in tntwr, 1ccwup we Icrl nad know th ! hi ilth and i.foKfp trin cert imo. Terions hmihl lr-if IwniR hlimh ) ti lltcc lliiiw&o loni n- thtTH whs iv I'Mdenlc of What will not u in nt ci' tir hit hfi 1 We hri-iflvr the njP!"Simlyol ih1 pfrons i-urnl nul Ihfir il.-fus Th 1 tTJt a pirt of w hnt we Imi', l-u!cs full l-VrlilH .(- now in our piM-'i(i. i. II we hvl (ho ti iiit-n i.l'itll h h it i 1 1 in In-n lilted or cun-l hy the A I.I Hi:l.lMJ oiNI'MLNr w .thin Ihe lilfit iiinnlhs.wu rotiM tot it tin holf hm ul.ntu nf .i ul '11111 hoiic w ith their itimitur. It it we know m-r frifinN will tell It to their fr. n-lH, nnd llipy. Intern will whi'f It to thfiri nixl thil the ir"o.l thtii!! will u' round, white thus mora tw ire ten thnii'nd henrt- will Imp tor joy in the S'-i n-reited iMio this Uintmettt. I'nend! rheer us on It thll j-.ind work l.y s'.ikui4! the wh'de irulh toyi.ur neivhlmrs and rti-ipiuiitUMC. nml lt ihi frtit and Lm-l nr-Jii-m hint lis w-i Intit etfft ho'tjc, liirt tft nhleu the hc.u t of every mil m the hunf We h nt r-Hiiu o-iiy 1 1 pn f a -in ill niitnlicr nfnfinies trt New Vi' i.tiuiore, now in our nn-e,iion. Thoso fneii Phil-d.-lphii. It i-ton tintl uther places, we re uullf ed to leutuoul mlirt-lv. Join Prh ce, l-- llc'ter -t.. r.l.Ptiiiritism CI tuld il' en ihet. ("ri.up. Wuli'iui 'IV rr. ItJ Il-iwrrv, Vm hi the breast. Tliuiiui'ii.ii. r..r. "It Av. .V.-251II do. rut - at Manuljcturi-Ts iiriccs, IIKRVCY nUUNKTT. Uurlington, April J0, 1913. vl3tt PE1RCE & KULLOtJG, Kivcv-st., Troy, WATr.ll. l'orsalebv l'luuoi:, n.vvijV & co. li,uliii''lon Ag. Warehouse. CKtlTinCATE. TIimis to Ciitifv.'rint I hue rurclnscd and nil in IllK RErnivixn I'.v i.iti: iiniirir..: rami one 0I Meiers. W. A. 1). 1) jnu.' Improved I - il UuropH, and ititft't frntn the innimfacturi'is.Q larce una uenutiiul a?ioitmeiU vt OuuiU in their Jme, wiuth f szSi;U ...... sk s s : :! on rnv Turni. und am t crtecly siti.-fid and well plt'.T-cd .ith the operation ot the Ih-ntprv. Still ncik. li'irn. Ilniiu-. I. iter cmiip'filnt. i:ii'iiin.uiiu. Uk.n'amlxtlu China Vii&ts, cnudlt Cheap Publications. TIIC COCXTKSS Or MORION; or the Tri umph of Woman. Ottnwiih. the List Chief ot the red Indians of New foundland. 1 he Itlnck Prophet, rt tale of Irish f.iinme. S hand i re j or the Disputed Inheritance. The IikMiihl Adventures of Cliarle:? Chesterfield, tlie youth of genius. i .i-imirei j or ".lie sorcerer ri tne .tioumnm. The Count of Moriim ; or Woman! Revenge. Deahnns with the firm of Uuinhey &. .Son Com- 1 li iyiUMI oi aioiio inn-ioi - Iillru .Munmc : a wijiifl m - Life in London." 2s. I'stlier tie Mrdim, or the Crimes of London. 2vn. CouMielo, hy Georije Snnds. 3 voN. 1 lie i) ineint; I earner. us srrjuej, .unrus vjru-nie. liiit'v Hornier, or the Guardimi olid Ghott, by D. 1. Thoinji-on. Liuncfiot iiige. I The Creatot I'lngup of or Adventures of a , Lady in riennh of n Good Servnnt, j the .Memoir of it Statesman. 3 oU. The Comic Wnudrrmi; Jew.- The Adventures of o Stridling Player. IVrey Rauthrope, or the Viciuudes of rortune. Mnniezumn.n .Mexican tale, by J. II. Ingraham. I'.va, or the I-lfS of Life nnd D'eatli. 2 vy's. Wntlifriii? Height?, a novel, by the Author of " June L'yie," Water Cure in America : 2i0 cases of various dis eases treated with water. The Gieeu Alouutnm Bojs, n new edition, I'nde, complete) hy lui;piie Sue. Whom to Murry nnd How to pet .Married. .Mauleon, the Kiuiiht with the Iron Hand. The I'orly-five Guardsmen, bv Dumas. tJ oN. i hc little ne, a record ot .uiiirimouini v. .Mtsteiies of the Criminal Records, a romance of boih'heiniMiherfs. Tor sale at j May -J'J, HIS ill9 11) WARDS. ' holders, culoijtje bottles, novilties in inkstands, mutch ninl llowr pot. iVr. 1'i.owixi; Itt.tx, lifted blue and Washington blue, h) dinner, te.i, breakhit sud toilet sctn. Gf.A Wake, cut, pressed and plain centre bowls, celeries, water bottle-, decanle!, tumblers wines, rhanipiignes, yoblets, lemonades, jellies, dishes, tamps, &.c. .tc. liMtls Patent polar and lard Iamp,uitati!e for ho-tels.L'hurch'-H and f.uuilu, uf new and leautitul stvles, Irom the celebrated nianulactory of Cornelius At Co, Giiu.MKfM-s, ciimlelabias brackets, cnnJlestiekfc Ormulu, frdver and bronzed, ot new and npproved pat lerns Ham. IjAnthrns Rich stiined, painted and cut some very choice und betiutilul patleins. lir.iTA.N.MA v ARL l, ol let pot, teli pots, sugars ami crenms nn-l rn slurs ol cv ery dei-ei iptiun. liAiuiitN Wake fit tiuKinr Mjles nnd qualities, in ' .iriciy oi ciuor now in u-e. Canal Uoai (tias'i Ware, wicks and lanterns. 1 ea J'nvs(in seta or beparate some very choice and beautilul p.itterin. Ga 1'ixTL'JtLs, Irom Cornelius Sc Co.,nt New York and l'l)iladeliia priret?. iroy, .viuy 1,11. D-'SWIait n f L? nnnnei " house, and venl.five feet below t L .f u . ?!i ihe point wheie I discharge the water tn tny l , nnd wnuld recomn.eiid its u-c,to alt v.h'j r raisinir water trutn any snrtng or oilier am on or about their premTts. rh" Inch 1 have appl.-d the Ram, is nfty rodi it ieei oi point whole I discharge the water tn tny ilwemn. 1 lie size of the drive pipe apphed to tny Rum. i- oi e and a quarter inch calibre, ami lortyleetloiitf, and lias a tail, in running- front spring tn Ram, ot ten icet The discharge pipe, (leadtng Irom Ram tu liou-e, is half an inch cahbir and tiity ro Is in lensth, and runs up an elevation of 8 j Icet, und the water thuliarei fa m the same in my house, a peif.-ctly stendy mid handsome -trcam, without .my interruption whatever. And I would invite ail who wi-li to bicomc nequam. ted with tin ww and truly ueful invention, tu call at nn linu-e, m Durham, and vviinet- its operntiont. Durham, Ct. Sept. SAMCi;!. G. TIJUJALS. TOWNSKNIKS .SASAIAKIMA ! fi pr&o. 1 just leeched by THi:0. A. TUCKs Muy I'J, 11L!AKS! ImporU'il mid dduu-stic, .ol" J fruperor llrands, for sale by the Uux, nnd ot retail w4S tiy Tiiko. A. Pn-K. I . II. rw mi 52 !' kunn (I, I!. Viil! r. I'M I.nmmst, J.tlm Cn.ih.-r. II Ii -M r M., J li.'i kltv A",l If tritt st., John H.Mpir T, Mmlm t.. Thmt l.e J't I r - j l ' r r. SillllUtrl l:t.lH-rt. I ."lllt.ll!. l il. Lturnii. Hi'ikiinu fc n iiu.iui. tu liiuum. Win. Asnte. 114 Htiwr Hfiivv TmiKli. VlmiMit lliil. l.Vl Mt-n -t., Atliint-nrt- tt.ront. M. I r I I3nf'lii'm U. I.hfiiiiiitiui. t-lHiiu Kit. i!7 Iii-lo c Mt-k lieuliche, 40yenrs. Philindrr WtMi. .VHiaiiuiiel 81 Hrnvj cnll. J. tail h. S.I Pike -t . Hcml u-lie ml erupiioi Ct. tT" l". Hwiiui, 'Ht l(riil?e st-.tlriwuklji), snre tunnls K. 1.. Urnvn. .r,i Aihlnt t . rrjsipelAi. Divid II, Ulrt ml Orient. I.. 1., irt- hu..l. Kimli A. Smith iilT IMincv H liuu in tUe . Is t;. V. Ii. OttrHiuli r. SMJ ruliiui t ii"- .t,in i,irr I'.lin vt.. ("InniM-d lianttn. t-itrah l.ilwtirili, -17 IH-Ianey fct , lt.u.ei in the hei. Svll I Will, AT WINOOSKI r ALLS. Ill 4Sii!chiiu:r ins at his stirf: a M larpe nortment cf n!mot every kird of Giiod. piirclios -d ntirely tor Cash, hut not being a well oil' tissome oi nis neignuors inn in norrow pin nnu mui I?('!iU) Oil. 1 om' Wl' ln I' ' t'nl niu to P-'fchi-c more, p!ene nPYTICTDV rni ip ti 'i 'nn i mm irn Cdl and tec, the best and cheape-t ever nti'-red in iliis Efii.vM.iini, inn otiwi ninrit iia- Couniy. SIDNHV HARLOW uj ing removeu ins surgery Irom I'eck to Thomas' , Winoos-Ui Tails Mn iiuuumg t,oueie pireei, over tlie Agriculiuinl Ware house, ropecllully nnuuunces to Ins patrons and alt oiheis tvho may favor hint willi pitroiiage, that l.e wni ue louuu eoiitantiy there aiul prepirt-u to per foim t,atifsfatnrijy he h'opef ) all operations pertain to ins pr le-ion. tie vviiieucuie nil bUbiiieM re lay U, lftiS, in A. Mcrcl..utt. 'J O'lvtr Ihirve'l '.'' Hik -t, S. W' lieu fie l ? W altr t., II. lV'Mi. i IVtrl st.. f, . -n th. 217 l ncv ( , t. Hone, 3." W IIlfcll. 3. V. Heiih. hltM Knhli. i3? Illtf Lkrr U Dr. Mitr-hfl. L l. J in hi'ii. Km St n ten l , i; T. liu.ul n,h -t. .Murk rr Ilrnulii", i:. WMtftf. l'efl -t.. W. U. Sh ir.Iluw, .M$ Pm ny IlKdoKl.VN. V. tiiiv. J.ikim tt.. :ie in the fic J, K. I'iH"w, ill (Jnlil Hhi tifiiiiiinii jiuihI VIill, M Pit ute !.. Ih-.tiJuhe I.. .N. Jlilihvln. Mi me &. :ihl S'jre et i J. Aiicliiiih. Mil J icUon t., Ht-ariH-m .Mr. i:M( i , iroiip P. I'lUf), 53 J ilkOtl t., IVloil cl'lirii i fi itimiii;i;. A. Mi'nnli II irfc llnwird t..ln.liim nml ifefp ifire A, W illiiiii. h-.i-nry ft-. i:hctiiii iti:ai. ('tiicken pi. Id-tV) cui!. . re thrtMt. KheumatNn? Pain Ii sU!e- ir-i. d. Ann tn the (iC W'tluS twt'llcJ Ueaal Kl.i m.i.vt.iu Ii In rrui'tloni hcrol tiK URAVE POWEIIDS. 2-- li is Mirrcmeu lo he pcrifctlj sale 111 nit ciipi'p, will fiuiml in ilif line ol marling iiriifinnl 'I'evlli uu the not iiicuinrnii-uc llie niiunal or iniun- luin cu'ii ll I siunin, ami in n.lju-tiiiK ilitiu on UoM l'latc, in llie liaj no dea-e il is Irom 1 ii S i.nira clieai-rr than iiioi approved anJ eli-aant manner. , mnsl of the mutations wlurli aru lieinij rirculaird F. J. IIUNPIjIj. tlirouphotit the country, bein put up in hrm-r p.ick'i Bnrlinglon, Jlay 10, 1SH. dIH47 ffs.sullicUMU to cure an oulinarv euv ul ll(ii. and 9 Xvv York IlnfN. rnmpnny tlio Cuiiinii.ioiH'rs tu their po'ii'. nfj man's Private Medical Companion" will be sent ilo-tination. Tlii-v arc nut tu repair tu Quito turo, liuwover, until notice is jjiven them by the (juernment. KxcitiiiS Intelligence friini Jnmnlcnnnd llie French Wt'Nl Imlic-. Sunta Anna arrived at Ja maica. illUOlll! (mailed free) to any part of llie United .Stales. All Utlcis must he adJirwd, post-paid, to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, llox 12J1, New Yoik Cily. lVjlUhins Olliee, 12'J Lilwrty Mrcet.New Yolk. IjcT Troellmg jt'ents are informed lhat a few difeiricis in ,ltt-'.ncbuelts, and two oilier fjhiern Stales, aie jet unengaged. Applicaliom received (popaid) US above. -llmS X CASIvS of fnsliionnblo fine Moloslin I lata ol ,'ew York manuf.u lure j.i-i reeeive ,1 and for sale bv A. aUY.MOUU. Stiontts nnilm'njr, Noi th Hast corner ot the Sqii-tre. i in ii in t'titii . ii av. laia. ISoiiiu-f' Ilonnuts! 4 WAV or tiu: Si-nixti Srvu: just re. Jl ceived at the I,. (pas' Uxi ihnoe WILCOX & XASII. Uurlington, Mcy 2, 13 IS, Dii'iiici'i'colvDcs. 'XTKSSUS. CIIII.DS .V sri:i:i,i: lave filled 1U Ul T. M. I'AHKUU'S Daurrrcolypc lSo:ni. IIlt-L ill-: CLOSUU on tlic 2Ttli inst.. tin. II til lh llrst ol July next, afler, which (hey will be opened toier the are-llcm-, Col lege ureet, lluilington Vt.), where they lme been fur Ihe hut year. , , May 23, 1SH. wiauj-i. to odiiuuister in a dozen caes ,.i cold, ent-inh. , i j1 this seti'on, while Ihe Horm h s.iu ddmg his coat i hi? ital energy is much reduced, and he i-. iwlrcmcly liable to colds, &c , many cas:s ul incipieut Heaves !' nre contracted now but, are sup',,rc ,1 by pn-ture or warm weaiher, till th y break out in full lorce m the fjll. TliousaiuUol hois-es can begacdfiom future unsoundnes'., if, when ihc first symptom of cnhl or wheezing is ub-erved, n few dews ot the ''iillfrili I Heae I'owdera hliould be ndiniiiitr..! '1'lu.v lire waireiiled lo wholly eradicate recent lieares at this season. ClIIIAT SIMM.VC I'mni'lIIK The heave towders. ien in small dnres. will be f mud most Uselul nt tins season They siiiimlate iht Revolutionary luovi-nii-iii the Sliiresi The brig- Glamorgan, ('apt. FocKi-.wliidi ar rived nn Krid.ty eveninj;, at Baltimore, from Ja maica, brill;," papers tliciico with dates lo the 10th inst. uclutive. Tlio iiitclliirenco tliey con tain is of a pood den! of importance. Santa Anna liml arrived at Klngrtoti on tlio fllli inst. in the Spanish bti .Martinez. The Cieneral had taken np liis residence at a splendid man sion near tlio race course nt Kingston. Tlio Despatch says : ' It is said that the Ccncral will spend a few months in this city, and proceed uf terwards to Venezuela." Tlio full effects of tlio Provisional Govern ment's decree, abolishing islacry in the Trench w..ct liuti.i mlnnies. aru now fearfully devel- opin". AKiuadalotipe, tho slaves bad refuted . ' ...r..i, ,ij.f ib. Imnrcssion that tlieir freedom bad been declared bv Itepublican 1-ranee, and that it was withheld ny tlieir owners aim mu co lonial atitboritics. It was much feared that no r....i.. .rt ..niild ho dono bv tlio slaves lis luiti.e. " - - ., , e such, and as tlie canes were ripe, tne loss oi tlieir migar crop would be the result. In .Martinique, also, a similar threatening state of ulTairs is ewdent. Tlie slaves had, ike Ihnscin (iuadaloupe, struck work, believing lint theyweroto boat onco emancipated, and the greatest vigilance was bein used to prevent an insurrection. From Hayli we have confirmation of tlio mas- , !.. ..i..,.,.. I l.w ihn President, lliuiigh they favil-'i iiitiuiiim . f . i.j, nnt sn ovipnmve as were belore 111 I II UUV U wv M"V w...- - . represented. Among tlio killed are Dr. .M.trlel, ll lim.vr.l l.niMun. 10 Harmonien, 1' ranees Kstove, Ij. Cefisier, Itedonflis, N. Basiniatt, (Commandant,) Col. Ize, and General Do to tichea. In Johnson, on the Mill inst, Ij-O, jLtXANI)LR UlDOLC, UsiJ. ALl.c.v.nll ol Johnson, by V, W. While lo ,lisi Abba U. In llenuinstnn, N. II., May 16th, Mr. Joxatiun Filta, lately ul U ilhaiustown, t.,aged il jeais. AiIn lor Uoi'M-s. A I.AUfilj and fine assortment of Nels for ears, I. neck or bo.lyol Horses, sold separate or together, 1IKI.NSMA1I) ec HUOTIIUUS. iOTICl). W Till'. MEDICAL l'UOFESSlOX AS adjourned Meeting of llie Stale Medical So ciety will be held nt Castlelon, on llie last da nf the Sorbin Session of Ijeciures WedueSilnv tin 1 lib of June. jVldrews may be expected, and l'uth ological Ijxhibitions of interest to I'hvsiciatu m cuijiw.Mrni, wlvi;3t Cttrrtrpondtiig bee y. Itiidand &, Itiirlin-loii Hail Hond. lVO npmni'iits of' five ilollnis enoli i.n..ui.u., nrA....! l.r ti,.. ti;rrrtorson each share I.un,.s. I), ol the capital slock of the Kullnni .t Uurlington IJail aotomnliinglu toicmicct, by Hoad Company ; one pi table on , llie MOili day uf June, .May 22, IdlS. utl IlootnSoverS Walker's store. Cliurchsttect. Duthngiou, Vi., epres-ly fir llie purpose of taking ; I'.iiitiiniui iii. .ii.ii.,i,L-. . , v ll. i ttIJ con I t pnifiifj. Inr t.ilfiit'J iTrnniu.. j.I frnm ,,i in inn ..n dm si-ine plate, or single pictuics, of superior stjle nnd kin to ca-t olflbe superfluous hair nil I produce new , finish. Set in liames, cases or loikcis at moderate they loosen the hide, ghe a gloy appearance to the prices. i coai, proirci uuaiuM int-asc m,.y juaj irom tneir one Itusiness hours Irom 9 A M to 5 1'. M Ladies ' iiltein.iliie and rcsVrattve powers, purify the blind mid llrntf..niHii nr.- r..,.ij.ihillv im H...I tn ..nil ni .inr i and leuoviite the whole sscui. winch lioises lenuire Kooius and examine setiinciH. entrance up staits, i a.l lbiseaon a much as any of the liuuiaii race, who between jN. Loiely's and S. Walker's stores. i liud a pieparanou ot sarsaparilbi uelul to correct n lluilington, jpril 11, 1313. dawtf vitiated state ol the tluids, incident to the change ol - -- weather, which in the spring affects of al! animal Ky B:iti-fss. )UST receued ut the Corner Store, WirW.are lluilding, newstvles Ijinen Guielianis. l'leiich jjauies, ,vc. ,yc. which will l.e soiii at li. A. U. I.V.MAX dH.twlSlf and ihe other on the 10th day ol July nest , ravinent may be made lo tli Hanks oi iiiiruueion,i Vergennes, Middlebury, llluck Kiver, llellows 1'alls, Pliliir,. Ilniilt. " II . II 0 lVikius. nt the Kail lload Olliee. Rutland, lid ward Pickering, .No. GO Slale Street, lloslon, or lo the Treasurer ot his olliee in .Middlebury. Middlebury, May 17, 1813. ""6 iSlrayrd or Slolrn, ."illO.M llio enclosure of tho subscriber, L in Fhelbuine.ou the 13ih inst.n dark grey three- old Make. Any person giving inlorinuiion to the subscriber where the .Mare miy ur uranu, on mun higher to Ins possession, w nine ii-i.iii..iov .ruiu . -vi i.'f.y iii.i-.,,. .irjuuf lie. wl3 3t. ed. Dried .tllJr' mivo toxs fust nuaiity oiiir.i) Arri,r. lor X sale by IT.TI.KSOX Burlington, May 19, 1313- I3w3 AT liom,. W1J SHALL UK HAPPY TO receive Calls for all kinds of luiiitui'.Gruimiiii blielbururiut'ft,oj'p(inite Americnn lintel KUriHULiL .V. SI'AULDINO. nurlington, Mnrclijo, IttW. 37lf Corn. CASH pnlil for Corn, and other eratu delivered at my mill in lielbiun. wi'jif II. WIinKIXU. Wiir.itDAs my win; iiannaii r. AlVN has left my Oil and board without iiwt cause or provocation, this is therefore to notify : ii na iinl in Imtlmr nr Iriict ViPr nn ntv nr-iTiiilif as 1 thall pay no debts contracted by her. Tiler liaton County, Mich. May 16, 1818. fp3tw30t ISRAnLM. AM.VN. 100,000 IU. Lead Pipe & Sheet Lead. mtlH KiTiKntmritS AKKNOW MAXUKACTUn I 1 ..r.,1 I'm,, under n new patent, recentlv granted by the United Smus.of a qualny never belore obtained in this or any oiher cauntry ; nnd their tupe. rior facililiesaiul meainot innnuticturiiiK enable them . 1 .1 VUlirt 'I inni-il l'nit t ir-i..f rxit 10 ueiy ciiiiiiKriiinin. ,. r- V wecansupnlya most benutifu nrtiile, All weights 01 b teei leua aim 01 miuii"- tvry ins to purihaw will do wf l to i; P',or write to THOS. OTIS LUItOV Co., 2CA A- '263 Water St . New York. lavw.YiJwiin, April 18, 1818. 1 DOOLITTLE has just received I rtonfml Ht(nriment ol Dry Goods. Groceries A r- nnv hff ii eelcclcd with preat care. anJ bought entirely with cash. His goods muU be sold, and they will be sola low ny man aare ten. The liSidies' i;chair;c S fast becoming one of the most popular resorts of the truutiitf toiuinuinty lor nil dtscnplions ot Vtwixn tint American On (7oo' in Purling I mi j nnd if final! proliis, ereeverinc; in du'ftry, constant atlentioii to the wants ol the I'uMic, utieoinproniisin mtenty, nn.i iionornbie iieaunuy with all mpi), tiac any lliiti lo do itli fiirct;- lit .M. Siieiitf. I.iulit t.. Wiit. J II milium, Wilt: st. It. (I.nil'tiirs ii i:ii...u. i.iuiiff.. . (fill. CtllMl.-II t., m. K. ."ciuiiriipr, ll.inoU'r t., It. I.fiii-T. i.rk t., I, . Muviicl.l 1'r.itt M., A. Jti-Ijn, Wflc-Mui' -il.t'j", II. Trift. IH'I ! . J. V llirwv. l..;l.t fct. I', ?jieiKe. t nry l , II. llr-tMir. II imitrr. I'. I' IVriMtn. 11.11 t., K. IJ. I'.ntir. Mill M . J Im Piitti r, .iniitT- 1 Ci., I' i-MuItli Atiii'luul l.i tie, It. Mil, Hi, I.illtit ! , K l.irniit, l.i1iit. Win ."i!3, Miillnrr t , J. lloinvr. l.iiit t . A. M'l'uti-li-ii, Hi st , J. lirV-r II 'I M , Mr. I) i i". ("ninilt n st , Mr, cm - ll ihn -i , l:. MiiUh. J..hitti ti s.. W.ll Tu)"x Mohtffiiincry t., J. Jnhr.ii), 5'J uuiti I'.il i st , TU WiIm.ii. r uric t , V. Holhimn. j'K.i -J. Chiirlti t., ll. Mrcl(- l.l.'Ll T. I.:tl. WiUl'uii t . A tn. II. Willmiii. 14 llrnrWtta, rii r lnrernlid by nL J, r"9. Wish t-t,. JMit'iiinniiviti. tK H.-IIitUr, I'.m., Sire mid Krvee J is (iiiiuv. hirt nr iiiHtlon In the lr(. Mr Ir e.Jl.ulFcr. 00 l.uiilnir;h it. I 'niu tn the rhet. M.t'litt. Cl.iM'k :iM head. V.. I-i-rr Von fm Hill t., l'mti in llie iine. 1 hm. (Mm. 21 rk "i.. Itenitiilie. W in. Uii-eiimn, l.itflil lll.i niii'Ui-in. Mr. S. Wlutr, m'U(sllM-;nli. thnt&t' Mi M. lin iMi, rHntl'.iH- t., Swftlt-tt trettkt. Mis hinilv MVutclicn, ltjSh:ut. rin In nli. ..rj uiui stlltn. i-me ee. Hure pj p. ISlti in lni'"it. .Iiinil.l'-r prain. Pain in hoail. I! Jl!!"! ltlMI. ('nt irfnle it ii.) luck. i:iii-'iiMi'iiiiu. J'.nti hi Iin'it, t'OTC V)C. I'liMl fJitiihrn!. tn llie heitt. t'l'TIl. P.iln in lu ml. l'tte. Pwrllfil in j'Hiit. l'tni, Sr I lii' ie m the Ppinc. 1 tin In the Mile. Sire fire. I'.tin In rhc't inl Ao. l:in'Uimtiin, le IhriKil. , Atuf trtkt in !. 1'i.fs und lniriM. Hunt, liiisit ifhe. I' tin In Iktfk. I'n in in the lu-ail. 1 iD'triiii w iiiiiitt. . il Voir kt.t as well as all ejfetable hie. 'riii- ifin-dy h.ts ocqiiiicd u standing never b fore attained b) ativ horse ninheine, nnd intact we know no pneni medicine that lu recuved it" mich com inend.ilion ron'-ideritii! the tjiiie it lin been ej-t.iS- liihi-d in this rouiilrv. Aloie than 5(V) eibnl ni'.d written tcfclimonicls hare oluntannlly been tetidf-nd cs Mewr. A II riouji A: Co. 1 certify thnt I bought on nu'knne of KnUbriili's TAirtr.sALt's IIimvc I Towdi rs.iuid ud on n hor?e of in me that wns troub led feveiely with heaves and th single piclie cured him. JIie powdeis were tr:t-n nbont two inoniha:igo,nnJ I have never s-'en a;iy indications ol the disease sincv. I! J Cimn, 15G Hroomnie-n. Mr Ines,riefident of the- li lugerti il.itilv,ui rms biHnesf,ilien this already ikmris-hniK eitnbh-htnent is u thnt he bad ft horse cured ot heaves and bad couh ik'sutic.l to talic tlie urt staiM in the merennlile lists, by one picKaye. Mr j. Sjimtn, 11 1 utam-st tall nml occupy an envuiljte position m the init ie.-tj nml at cil to it 11 u tint lections ol the people, 1 tie I 'loprtetois of this e?iab-1 tihment are happy to oiler ut llie prebent time fiomo lTttutttal Itftrifitins in IsitHcs' Dr? (iond. Cons-ietinc of Ilerni!cs, Mucins, ("innli.'.nifl. Lnwns. Linen LuHres, IMain. Tiaid und fctrimd Linen (line- hams, l'liail D'Chavre. and in fict every articlecalled tor in ihe dress hikhU depaitinent. wuiti: coons, liish Linens, Jnconell, Swiss nnd mull Muslins, Plain and ieiere Linen HadkN. lMnui and Ilinhnnd- ed 1'nrtuin .Muslins, Corded Skirls Lace lldcmns, ! noil' i.uiiio, wiuauuu uuiu, ivv. viu ajjitui variety cf SUA WLS, Urocha Cashmere, Stradillu OeLainc, Ulack Silk, Ilcrage, Crape, &c, c. no i s : ri: : ' ia a on n st our assortment is second to none and ctTeis llxtratmiinnru Inducements to lhoe who intend to make moie extensive purchases lliriii uuai in tins uepjitnieiii, ine picc-m .-cason he cured Ui lioi&e ot ini'st nnitov- inand irouU-'Some cou 'h nvioinpanied by ettilente utwoimn and peneral lack, ol condition by the Tat ler.ill lieuvti I'owdera. lAtiact from a letter from n merchant nt Clyde X. Y. who hast-old an Immense qaantity of the Heave row tier : J llmiil' hint, Mnr tJrui-es, r-i-rtli i rir. Mr. t, 1'iiix. Mr. II. l ulvir, l'. (.'tirv M. r- 4ti, r. i I'linl.urfih t , M. Unison, Oi,! 'I,in, U Wll'm.n-.' Mnrh j .i kfon Much M , Mr. hi rinkle. Curuime i , .Mr. IM lrft- t . M. Dill Lie t , Win, lrrtt'n. l.i'ituiv l , !, i'uv I Mr. cUstv, MoiiijnHi ry tt , eVerH witiin!. ptit mini Urn. ( 'till lllili lt. P.tin in the head, r-pinnl ntlei lion. Dili nutiljint K1115' l'.ilti in lrt'!it. hitrlli-4 t-rt'tiiU HeioKi he. i;iitniujUm. t.t'rf burn. llnirM tore, liurn. f-orc ejr Herlinjiton. (Ico. V,. Ilarrinit'inriieo. A. Peck ; WiU hton, Hurlbut V Uode!; liichmoiid, J. JM. Ketuie dv, V Co., V4. U. (Jrecn ; .Monktoii. M. W. Kin-ley j I erriaburgli, Allen MieeIer ; Clnrlotte, L)nnS Alexonder; Iline&buth, Marcus Hull; Wiunmki FdiU, V. II Hatch, liund Depot 1U Tulton Pt . N. Y. Removed. 'SIIIj SL'DSCIllUIjtt uuiiltl inform Ills customers -E- tint li-1 litis renun.'.t li:s hop to the buililin lately orruiiuM by Mr J. h II 1'lnli, nrarly iiH-fiic Ihe 1'lnli. tiilrn I'o.inty llouw. end dllrctly umKile .Air IlalLlio liiri Sh.ii, im Church it , mIhtc lie will nlw n bi- in rruiluim u ilu oil woik riitiiiteJtoliiin in the mot 'orkiiianlike nuinncr including ji: i:i,r.uv and watcuin of ecry dcscnjition, limiting I'itest I.tEP. INciri:- " I Im e on!v 1 1 mickas'S left nn.l would like to 1 JiFsns too I us Jhn.ui or Iiolui'Min. AInlDoiiI. nave on s-ena I croce more iiiiineuiau-iv. 1 wutiul riot like tu be out as e ery liody lin wishes lo get n leniedy for their, wunl " 1'otte rmll's," nnuTuill take " noihini; ltf." YoumiVc. V.m. C. I.i-v. Clyde New Yuik. l'liiul'jVlri'iUl)' Pnliliilii'tl. II 'Mdea the alien a we can r. ler to the puLli.lied cerlilieates ol !lcfr 1! A- llauks, ii.uth .iiiIhiv, .N.J , Kobut?. Ij 1 , Ul Jums, 1 1) tie, IV 1 ,,i..l nil , ....... 1.. .(. t II I ....I. ... . lunula i-inioii-.. ttall, cyltndtr wheelj, ,Vrn well an. neat as iuu he done in the city if New York. .Mumc ii-piiiied ; jVccurdtnns ami MekHlians lunitt. jll woik done by Iiisovmi hands Mi- 1'. hiMiitf woikrd in a large ruttiblMinicni in the cny ol New York lor two years .Mountiiiji, l'lii ilnnt; and Ueiaiiing Wateli.n of oil kinJf, and hav- inj! pirviniwiy nveivea gooa iiuliuctions irom on ci- M 11 i:.lll..l . . I' I'.... , I . .1, I in..t..nn I- ml, LM ftl e 1 lUIUirij.lll, .iliuuiiiiui), n . li. t III. v . ij. ii, v. ...... ...... "in " --- J. liale and oiheis ol tins city, which prove, con. In- ecu'e ihe inos: ditlicult woik. and be cilmrts Ine fiely that il i the best leniedy w hull can ! eiwii public lo place In him their coiilidenre, and bestow to hordes troubled witn heav.s, &e woiuis li-iula or Un him a thue ol patronst". l.e I'r, lor tiiiorina. Ihisiles. iiieinient founder, danders, and ceneral wont Hon n-f pecih.u hn worknian-liip. lo Merfrs. 1 enow s, i ...,. l...., I-. (,.r ,,j -.., ,. II ,i....j, nn Via ... h .V '.knur. -No. II. uaioeti wiir,.". tliHtasj-s nccoinpiiiy each iiekaae. I'reparetl and Y'oik. A ball dollar fraved m tile pmcba&e ot o Counter,! t'M wholewile ami retail by A. II (iovuii ,V Co. U'j . . ... .i i.. ,.- r i. hi... . . i..i v - i. i j .....ii..n ii.. Ii'tltc, anuitier 111 UIUIH-Iy ..iu.iiim, u lew Minimi's ill uiiuu.,. .trwium ,i j riirui uuu iuu. iiui- I iikiuus, Mieeliin;!!, table prenu.dupeis, ,vc. ,Vr Ilurlineton. May 11. S13. i nns i kk.mi:au tur ,tc isol some inipoilance ill the felling out of lile.ond all this can be dune by M.iting 77: liAOWS' UXCIIAXUF.. MO'.lt ANO.1, WILCOX &. NASII. New Store, next to IJrinsinuId Jc llrotlieis, Church Street. Burlington, May 19, 1813. ,IIOwl7 nnd the? will .May Villi, lt CONGRESS M'ATUll ceived bv rai:siii THKO A. Jut re ringtuu aiientslor llurini;toii. IVolii-r. V01 I Ihe meet ol cluck the year ensuins II. IS. Hixe, ) , II. J. HriMiitits, ! ftlectmrn W. C. WniitMiv, ) CoVhe ier,. March 13,1-1. W" pm.NS.ll.tll) & I!I!0THi:iiS Imyo n fmo I) afsorimeiil of fiolJ nnd Pilicr Roods, Lamps, i:.nva aiM MCK9, l iateu uuu . t TIU SAKi: of racUUaling liusmtss, i..king piasws. Canes. l i;p''k''. v.,,,:"-fc'tr Selectmen of the Town of Colel.e.ter .11 I SSTjwf, an ent'ensive 0. lleteher'a Inn, Wmooski 10 " ".i iviehn bv ihe hoi nr mmb ,. .....uiiiue nisi .iionuav oreverv i loo... v Contemnla tins some change m our business, we in ita those wi.hins Torlor Lamps, Looking (Jla&sn, or onv ...... in bur now al verv toworices.a, wj u. il. to Close tlieill oil oriorr iv lu buuih uu. priOE .pn ul nai,.-l:lii' , pnr i ntiit-.. uoweij to ine rope lor nn 11" r,vi "

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