Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 23, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 23, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 23, 1848. THURSDAY BVKNIXC, iUSV, 2-2, IMS. IScn. Tnylor'a opinion on Nlnvery. The following extract from an Mile article In tlio Huston Alias, correfionil9 not only wltli llie opinions expressed by many NortJiorn Delotfntcs to trie National Convention ns to the rn tcrtaiind by General Tayioh on the Important hn.l engrossing subject or Slavery, and it ex-U-n.'.on lntolVe Territory, but vv.lh the ...d principle, clearly and explicitly aid down In the Alison letter, ul.icli no hmo heretofore twice published, (ir... Tavm.h, .tl. Ins well denned opinions In regard to Kxecutivc Inter ference witli the law-nniMiir department of the iJovernmcnt, and in regard to the exercise of the Veto, will leave the question of Free Territory to be decided by the great Council of the Na tion, to whom it belongs the American Con gress, hcieis Cuss, on the contrary, the servile lickspittle, who f.iwns on Monarchists and eu K'giz.cs ImuU l'hilippe, ami who cells something of higher consequence than his body for the votes of Slavery propagandists, has given his i'I.fiwk to vk.t.i that decision of tlie American Congres-i, snoi'i.n it lie ox the muk nr Flint: I'o.M ! After referring to (Jen. Taylor's letter toCapt. Allison, the Atlas says : Pnon one point only the letter is silent, anil that point is one in regard to which much interest is felt at the North. We mean the extension ot our tcrrito ly mid the spiead of human slavery. We an- hnpni ly able to supply, il not from the pen of (icn. Taylor himself, at leat lioin that ol one who knows him well, the information we need upon this important H)int. Col John Johnson of I'ppcr l'iqui, Ohio, who was selected by the vvIuk ol Miami, as their DeleRate to tiie Convention a stauncli undoubted whin who has in a long hie devoted to the cause, done it erenl ser vicea delegate to HarrKburc in 1SW and to Haiti more in IHI, and who has known General Taylor tons and intimately, vviitcs ill a letter before us, that lie is nil we coulJ desire upon thi- very point, lie writes that he has heard limi dcchre.vvilli much force that he regarded Slavery as a (jreat -v .1 to the coun try, and expressed a strong hope that the tune iniuht ariite when we could get rid of it altogether; and Col .Iohnnn declares Ins firmest conviction tl.utCcn. Tanr" Uthelant man toeonntenanre its heinz ex tended in any neic territory that may be biuught in to the Union. ADDISON COUNTY. The Whigs of Addison County met in Coun ty Convention at Middlebury, on Wednesday last, and nominated Hon. lit A SiT.W.UIT, of Middlebury, and y.UIMRl., l'.-q. o( l erruburg, as theircandidate- for Senators. The meeting was larjjc and "piiited, and (lie very best feeling prevailed. As lids is tiie first regular public inciting of erniout Whig, since the nomination of " Ou .Arte " and I'illmoiw, its action on the subject of that nniniuation will lie regarded with special interest. Wo have great pleasure in saying tliatil was vnamkous i.v itATiiicu. Tlio following are among the resolutions, reported by J.'.us Sby.uoujs, lq. and adofted without a dissenting voice. And trhercan, every State fairly represented in such Convention, does, bv the very net of sending delegates, viriually pledge itself to accept the uuiniualiou there in made ; and Vermont ha ins been so represented in the U'lm; National Contention held at l'luladclphi on the Ttli int., therefore, Kcsulved, That we will gie our hearty support to the nominees ot the late Philadelphia Convention. Ifesolved, Tint we entertnin e,rent confidence in the ability, firmness and integrity of Zaciiarv Tay lor, and m hi-, attachment to the great principles of tlie Whig party, mid believe the administration ot the tnvermneut will be enfe in Ins hand-,, uud that lie is worthy of our strenuous support. Ilesolved, That in the support of Millard llix moce for the Vice Presidency we feel an entire con fidence that, in the success of our ticket, we shall not, iided and-dn'e-;)f,afm,y K'Jf.i'VK.fe.Si.'te,? ,le" Kesolved, '1 hat Ihe thanks ot this Convention arc due, mid are hereby cordi illy given, to that portion ot our Delegation who took n tirm nml unlliiichiiigsiniitl -mr ul.-v-hy vvlav our ow-nym cnoiee me people s favorite the country s long-tried and laithful servant -n man whose name succeediugge iterations will ever leverciice, un.l whose services will be written on the brightest pijc ol History. licsnlved, That we adhere with unwavering lirm ncssto the great principle of the Wilmut I'loviso ; that we will ever boldly unj decidedly lilt our voice against the exteiiMon of felavery into u rrilory now free; that in the avowal ol Zumnv Tavijor that he is opposed to any extension 0f territory whatever, and in his pledge to veto no art of Congresj not plainly Vnicon-tituiioiial,or hastily pa sM'd.we see aclcnr ground of preference over the candid.ite of our opponents, who is pledged to vetoany act excluding Slavery fioni tree territory that in short, !tn. Taylor i virtually pledged against the extension nt .Slavery, while Lew is cas i positively pledged to veto any bill limiting i.'ich extension. The Galaxy fcays : During the afternoon sitting, the Convention was addressed by si vera! speakers lit a spirited and inter esting manner, and cpi-cmlly on the Resolutions in response to the noimuuiens ot the I'hiladelphia Con. vcnlion Among others, Hon. PeterStarr spoke elo ipiently of the character ol lien. Tailor, and ol the nece&ny f relinquishing irr.row. iiicferenecs for the sake of lug iitHri)lrt, He hail no doubt of the honesty of (u-neral '1'avlor's constant and repealed avowal that li vvasa Whig ; and to him, the po-ilion in which lie was placed by the Louisiana Delegation wnsenlirely satisfactory. Venulon Itich, ,ndel t;gatc to the National C (invention lloul ly present,) was next culled lor, who spoke in length m explaiuiiou ol the course purned liv the delegation Irom Ins own t'lute.uinl olthepro-ei'd'ingsot tho Con yeution m general. Allhongli Ins preferences had not lieell gratihed, he rxpresst-d his lull udliesioit to the noniiu.itious and believed tint true Iflngs everv- were received with hearty i heirs. Znchary Taylor will rec, ive no immense luniorty in V ermont next Nov ember, but Intle less, wi- think,,,".!f.l.'!.!V I I'.'V fk,'" "t,'l'ipl"'cuuoe. Iletweeu . CHAIt T.WhUll and hewisCurf, Vernioul eissee! Prom the Vermont Chronicle l'lucalioii;tl C'oiivviilioii'o. During the past and tho present weeks, (lie friends of fiojitil-ir educution have held a series. ol meetings, in Washington, Urangeiiiul Wind nor counties, which were attended by His Kx cellency, the State SiiiKriutendent. 1 ho first oftheso was held at W.iitslield, .May ."I. W have received no ollicial account of tliu doings of litis meeting, but liani that the nltcudaucu was la run and the ineetimr aniuiHled. Address es were delivered by (invernor Kilon and oilier gentlemen. Thatof His Kxcellency was chief ly mrecieu lo Teachers. t On June 2d, tlio Orange county Common vtr'n'' Assoc' lli'"i held its annual meeting al Williamstown. Tho following are the otliccrs chosen for the ensuing year : Ho,,. J, k. iilris.n, President. 1;. llos,, Vice President. ivCV'r m - """d. Rec. Secretary. Dr. I. Morte, Cor. Seen tary. Rev. K. C. Taj lor, 1 J.M. Flint. 3 1 R.S. Howard, Tlie following is tho oflic'ul account of tho meeting. The Convention was addressed by Mr. Hub bard, on ' 'I'eachers1 Hindrances" followed bv discussion by Mr. Flint and Mr. Howard. Mr. Dishon inide statements rcsnr cilo T 'iv S-hmil Journal and Vermont Arirulliiri;it" j(4 .,rii,. .le.i .n. nnd iii.noitanco -. and I !.,;..'... " --- , . .. ,: ""ii adjourned lo hall past ono o duel;, I'. M. One and a, lull o'clock, ('onventioii was call. a. I In nn Af II III I tlio folloAlnif Itoniilolious ........ tirefcnted and adopted. ' .... . ...... ... . Jitmhea, i lint the sunjeel 01 uo.mnon rMtiooh jsoneufwramoumnniiurtnuce. JieSOiVeu, l nai OIK Ol llir 1 iii.niir vi unuK . ., ,,, umirinfnl aflWl, nu n.n:t'Hui' uu' iieriiitciident, Prudcnlinl Committee, and Teacher to aid in extending Its circulation. a llcmlrctl, Tlint tlie Teniher who exerts hinielf to tiie inmost toiuahfy himsell lor leaching, is a pub lic Iwncfdctor. I. Jtrimlrett, That Teachers must rely principally upon their own jitlitulnctfsandBUieriur fpinhticntiou to raNe their wages. ft. lUmtred, That we rrcconimen.l every "chool district to lurnih its house with large blackboards, i;lobes and .Mitchell's Outline maps. The Convention then li-tened to a vnry able uddress from His Uxcellencv, fSnv. Uaiiin, on the I'hysieal, Moral uud Intellectual llducation ot the rising getu ratwui. Tlie nmlienL'o waa large, and tho assembly dispersed with a happy impression in fjunr of the efforts making to improve our common schooN. On Tuesday, June Gth, a Convention of tlie friends of Kducation wits held at West Jtethel. Tho subjects brought before tho meeting were : the Improvement of Sclnol Houses J the present system of SuporvWon of our SchooN; the ex pediency of ciuploving Teachers who refuse or neglect to be examined by the proper authori ties" ; tlie duty of Parents to co-operate wilh Teachers and others In improving our School. The Convention also recommended increased attention to moral and religious instruction in school, the use of Mitchell's Outline Maps, Cornell sdlouc, t eachers Institutes nntl Poach ers Associations in each Probata District III the Countv. A Committee was raised under a res olution to prepato and present to the County, through the hcliool Journal, the tnnst approv ed I'ian ol a school J louse. 1 he Coinintltee arc. iNoruian W illiatus, I, mi., .. liishop, and v1i ,i. ,'fv... , At tho meeting at lino- ; ll.mipden Cults, chee, Kev. I), l'orhes was added to the Com mittee. Tlie 5th Uesolution of the Convention was "that llie School Journal ought to be in ,i. i l ..r r....:i I ,1..., ..... . s.,.11. "" i-'on i.t.u..,,.,M . nuunia win oso our o-.-i ni-ra vau.-ii on circulation." The ineetinr was addressed bv ' His Mxcellnncy, Oovcrnor lltton, as were also tliose at Qucclice and Chester. Of those last named we have received no ollicial account. Tho subjects brought lieforo lliem wore some what similar to those presented nt Williatnstovvn and Helliel. At Quecheo, near the of the meeting, a reflation was introduced by an in dividual : that we discard public corporal pun ishment in our schools. il r Phrec or four persons, spoke in Us tavor, bin it received but little sym- unless signed by 1. Ul'TTS. Address all ofdersto pathv from tiie audience, and was laid upon tlie SKTI1 W I'OU'I.l',,lloston,Mas. For sale w hole table', sale and retail by Turn. A. PneK, l!urliiigtoii,and by The meetings in this countv were not as ful- Um19' -Medicines generally in Vermont, ly attended as were those at Williamstown and DvsrrrsiA. This distressing comnlaiilt is a wcak Waitslield, and yet a goodly number, consider-1 ncss of the digestive organs, caused by impurity of ing the season, were present, and we doubt not , 'he blood. The gnstic juice, a lluid pecuher to the ,i. :n !... . r i mm.. . ..i n., stomach, when secreted from bad b ood is deficient .... - .... ... , "'."V r, 1"""."Y"U " i".V""r I mind needs to be tnlormed on various points in relation to the improvement of our schools and , conventions. Where these points arc brought tip ami ili-euurd, which will serve lo arouse public attention and iliseminate much valuable I n for in :i t i'jti. It was highly gratifying to the friends of education present at tliese Convcib lions to bo f.ivored vvitli the presence and coun sel of tlio Slate Superintendent, and we doubt lint much good will result Irotn viits of tlie kind in various parts of tho State, and hope he will be able lo repent them. Tnr. llov and xitr. Mas The N. V. Ilor- aid", correspondent. " 1'otoinac," in n letler an nounc'i ig the departure of Gen. Ctss from that city, attcifil by a host of friends, Fays : " l'orly-nuo jears ago, (Jen. Ctss, then a uoy ot seveuifcn, etossed the Alleghany moun tains on foot, and with but one dollar in his pocket at his jmrney's end. Now lie goes, greeted at every sop by thousands, the candi date of the dnminait party for the presidency. The northwest then outaincd twenty thon-and people it now numbo.s lnore than live millions. What a contrast, and Wmt a commentary upon our country and its iustiti,tioii." Smtiivl. The "commentary um our country and its institutions" would bo sfil more striking and disgraceful, if these " five minion" of froeinen, mostly New Hnglanders and disccuUnt of New Iluglanders, should bestow iheir votes up on this " nnn," who left behind lilm tie sturdy tn.o of Freedom and inexliuguisliable latred of Oppression, which prevail in tho laid where he lived as a ' bov," and became the fade and servile instrument of Slave Drivers .o fasten the ' institution" of Slaieri upon the '"ree 'Per- ril.tri. iT f lita R Ann I.I.'.. 'J'i..' I.M...l ritorv 01 mis itepiiulic. nut would bi a incnlary " indeed ! 77; HO AT TO-DAY. From the Union of Saturday. official ni:ws of Tin: u.vni'i;.vrioN OF Till: TIIBATY0F PEACj; VPl'H MKXICO. We publish the following desn.ilch rum our I enmmi-sioners, cnniinuiiir.ilini', in ai olliei il I form tn our S.-rrefnrv of Slato. the nfil'ication of the treaty of peace with .Miwico. 'I'lio Secretary of the Tie.isiiry hiheen for tunate in delaying tho openinj; of tie huls for tbolieii, until tlin ITlb In,,.. ,1... :tlat of Mnv. in hones of rereiii,,.- t. nin, il ' intelligence of the r.itiliculion of tje treaty which has now reached us. All doubt, are now removed, and the treaty must reach nere in a few days most probably with Mr. Se'ier. ClTV Oi (itEliElAI.I), ) May 25, lo IS 'J o'clock, 1'. U. J Sir: We have the s.itisfection to itforiu you t lint ive reached this city this allernooivit nliout . o'cloch, and that the Treaty, ns amended by the Senate ol" tho L'nited .Stales, pascedthe.Me. ican Senate about flic hour of our arrival, by a vote of 35 to 5. It havitiL' nrevioiislv .1. ii r i- ,.. . . ",i . i i.oi.ouse ,. ,e , Millllll- mitt remains ..... ... .-.v.,!..,,-.. icmiiv ii inn-, in inu iieaty. ! At about I leagues Iroui this city, we were met by a MoMcan escort, under llie' command of Colonel llerrer.t. and weie escorted to a I house prepared by Ihe (iovernment for our re ception. Tlie .Minister or I'urcljji. Kel.itluin and tlie Clovemor of the city called uin n,and uccoin, micl to ,mif!rt w,ic, t.y M1J ,,rl.. viontly ordered. So fur us lb? Civoinment is concerned, every rucilily nnd honor have been offered to us and Sr. o-a, the Minister of I'or-1 i.!ni. 11. .1. : ...- . .rii .i.i.,iiuiii., uesnes us io siaie. inn lie iccis grout t.niit,ctin in oioetlo tho inintelcre tit peace from the United States. Wo will write tojou iiain shortly, and inure at length, a the courier is uu the point of de pattuie. The city appeirs to he in n, reat state of ex ultation, fireworks ipiiiij; oil', and haniU of mu sic paradini; in every direction. We have the honor to ho, vour obedient ser vants, A. II. .SI'.YIKI!. NATHAN Cl.HTOUI). Hull. J.VJILs IIUCIIA.NAV, Secretary of State. iiiili:iuiS, CiiiKliniiis,, ANOTIIIIU larue m of Ghiehani, prices slill lovn r llian they were before they ore now tin li ner than Cnhucs. C T STANirOKIl &. CO. UurhnKtnn,.Iune 10, ltN. tldt'll lOLVvLRNiEY While Smith, Cutlir ii (.1111 Siiihii, "O KSIT.CTrriil.Y announces to the inhabitants J.V of llurluixton and vicinity, thai be lew returned to tlusptaie an I again commenced business at the oldstandgon Culler;,-Si , formerly occupied hy him. wliere firmly ii,l inc. himself lo busines, nnd doina . "?'!' T" "'T ".' " l,on,u" ..iiii.n.iKe ns nas loruierty nail, June 12. wi,). , . ' fltV t.slllllk. ' 1 J'Allt mntcheil yriiilinj Kckkks, ilurk ' J bruwi, nl. t... l.-s.l 1. . . ..1 . . . :i .,rit7... -V ' ui rtlli llat nrns. vvnl.U,,, V-Tn '' " . "VT'Y Urin'Kc, "- .-. ti"")' I It U J..1. .1 HurliUEicn.Juuc', W3! J Pf'VMniMi .'.IBti. wjJii. ST" riio N. O. 'icrtyMrifflia a rolcinn of news I received bv Its own Kxpress. headed " .Vi'.ii hnur in ihliance if the mail"! 'Phut is'nt hut about three days hardly worth making a fuss about. l)r. Merrick's Scliltlc Mnlinent. Is now universally nikiiowledged tube mi infallible remedy tor Kheumntism of every de-rription, Sprains, liiuises, (.umrarted Cords; Spinal Diseases, riore llnoat, quinsy, old Ulceis, pnins in the bienst, back and side, ngui. In the lure nml breast, toothiiehe, Iro-7.-11 and perished limbs, nml nervous iliseaws The triumphant snctrHs whiih has everywhere attended the use ol this wonder Winking remedy in curing the most severe inses lo be loimJ ol the nbove diseases, and the ugh encomium tint hive been bestowed up on it, wliereever it ha been introduced, gives n the right to call It the Conqacror of Diseases. Ail overwhelming amount ot testimony is in the Doctor's possession, which, did space allow, he might bring fortli an array of names, consisting of rilizens too In tel igent to be deceived, and too much interested to juugc wimout iavor. . tpf?" Orders to be directed to Hcrrickund Co. Prin ciple Olhce, Albany, N.Y. and for sale by A. C. Spear, llco h. llairington.Cntlin and Slreor, llurling ton, W. U. Hatch Winooski Palls, John Sinionds Snd SUiolliiirn I.,...,, n...l A L..-.L. ft St,-ii Hmeslmrgh, and nso by Drugglsm and Merchsnbi in every town aim village. 'Piie following nitiele we conv with nleasure Iron, llie lloton Mercantile Journal. March IS 10. nml hope if liny ol our numerous readers ore suffering fiom any ol the complaints which il is said to cure, niey win specuuy avail tneiiiseives ot it. Dr. U'htai'a ISalsam uj Wild Cheny. It was known many years ago that the wild cherry tree of this climate possessed valuable medicinal prop erlies. Indeed ttiis fact wns known to the Almri. eines, nilda decoction of the leaves or bnrk nt this 'ree has ever been regarded liy their iihysh inns as one ut the most ilfectual reuwdiesin many discnsis. This I let, several years since, arrested the attention ol Dr. Wistnr. n hiirhlv resneetnlile Dmetitinnpr ,.l imitiin '"' investigated wuli cnre the lienling properties ol I wild cherry tested itsillects when ndiniuistered 0inn,i wlll. combinntion with other remedial ngen s. lie oiiiu that i s natural v inns m ... grentlv improved ami by eombiiiiinr it with hi.,r,.,li. fnts, whose pioperties were well proved and general. J, 1 n"' 1 " i--".".s .... ,.uuiiut-u lllll, roil- sntutes a remedy ot great value, in pulmonary nflect- ion, nnu (iimiwh ni inc enesi ana tliroiit dio'nsH'H ot tiie cnest una throat diseas viiicli nrejiroc!liiayprcvnlfiitinourciticnnJ Iiitkc tiiwiH. ami uttt'ii urovelntal. 8clliiuf tlio itl nw.r. nlily ton much grvaifr rxtcnt than is llie ctii-e with iiiogt inner, we imu nitno.-ibaiii,nii other classes ol dis i i c i huh "ci tin; lv i lfj iJii, lnl All n iiai.siaxi tw v7n.iv' v... . . ...f. .1 ... I . .1.. . . f.1. nriHii, . a..,. -..'.. ... ...... .'.. vis , . iii'i.i- inu ic i those solvent properties which are of such impor- tallce ,n Ji-esiion. Consequently the food, instead of being dissolved, often becomes spoiled or putrilied in the stomach; he-nee bad breath, sour belching, cos- I" o e ? ..iiuuu, cuuc, ujrauiry, anu other dreadful comnlaints. IIlvvake or Coe.vinMLiT The oxi.v omoivAi. AMI IIEM'IM- I.MHAX VlJJI.rAtll.f. Pll.l.s IUVK THE 51(1- xvht.l or Wii.mam Wr.iuiiT WKiTiEx wirii a 11.:; 01 Tin: Tor l..vni.i. or evi 11 imx. A'oic othti is gcn iiine, iind In rountn feit thin in vor.i.ruv. The genuine lor sale by V 11 Cl'llTIS, Water Sreet.nud TIlllODOIlP, A. PUCK. College Sneet. sole ngentfor llurlilietou. Ileubell reriMison. Ks.s.. : J. 11. Dyke Huntington : W. Rhodes. Jr. liichinond: h. I). Orcen, l'ichtnond : .1. H. .t T. W. Tower. Underhill ; Hiirlbut tc Hodges, Williton : H. San- derson, and (,. Ayers, West Willistou ; J. l.yinnn, Caunni'-ns of 1310 and Mil, under (Jen. IlARatsnv Jericho; W II. Vehe, lliucshiirgh ; W. S. &. 11. P. 'mid Hlmiv Ci.vv. Its special object will be to nid Wood, Wi-stford ; Staples Lyon, Charlotte; John the election of ZACI I All V TAYLOR and MIL Suuouds, SJii Iburne ; U. Ii'ubtuoud Halliard ; nml at LAUD I'lLL.MOliK, to the high officii fur which inc. .sew i.iiginnn urniicn umce una ucncral Uepot, i.o iieinoiu rjircu, tiosion. None genuine, unless signed 1 UI'TPS on the wrnpper. For sale by SIVl'll W. FOWLK, Oeneral Agent, 138 Washington street. JIosl Uxtruoriliuiiry Work I ittc lAISKIIHl WOMAN'S PH1VATK MKDICAL CO.MPAMON. r.V lilt. A. ft. JIAtT.iCEAU, J'urssor of JVtseascit uf IPomrn. n:...i. iiaiii,,,,. icnio. pp. 2w. r,iie s,i. L'5,000 corii bdl.D is Ttir.KL months ! Years of suffering, of physical and mental anguish to many an nlliclionate wife, ami pecuniary dilTiulties to the husband, might have been spared by a timely possession (lf this work. It is intended especially for the married, or those contemplating marriage, as it discloses important se- '...,..1.1..! :.ll.l ...I. . . ciets which should be known to them particularly Truly, knowltilge is power. It is health, happiness, ollliience. 'Hi! revelations contained in its pages have proved n blesiug lo thousands, ns the innumerable leiieis re ceived by the author will attest. Here, also, every female can discover ihe causes, symptom, and tne most efficient remedies, and most certain mode ol cure, in every luinplaiut to winch her se is siihji-et. (ill ibe ,.C,-ii,lnf fine D .ll.r ,l. " Mnrr,...l IV... man's Private .Medical Companion" will be sent Imailed free) to iiuv part ol the L'nited States, All l-tten. must h- addressed, posi-paid, to l)r A. M Mnuneeau, Box Kil, New York City TuMMum' ! Otliee, 12.1 l.ib. rt) street, New Yoik. " tjff TraielliiiK Agents are informed that a few .Ii..r.,s 1,, t,..a..l.u.i,B 1 in -..I Htati.' arc vet niiensasell Applications received1 I'0-1 1"1"' "l,0,e Mills) Fourlli!lv nl l.f. AHUANIIUMIl.N ITS are in progress for it " pic nic" Temiicrancc Celebration at rNsex on the I ill of July ne.t. Able speakers and good music have been secured. All friendd of the Teinpereuee cause in Ksscx uud iciuily me united tn share in the fes tivities of the d iv l'roct felons will form a 10 o'clock A M Ilwl l; June I'.i.'H. lty order ol ('omnuttee. IMl'ltUVlU) AMKUICAX AIH-TKHIT Ciinkiiii; Stnt c. rrilll above siove is oU'red to the public asnn art T II . a hove stove H o I 'nil to tin- mil, J ,(.(. fr ,.Imty ,,rpt,ses muivalled Iv "y now in us' rs construction is very snnpie mm con- seii'ii'iulyeiiu be ui'inaui'd with Ijcility inul ease. The oven I . hi rite nnd hakes admuably, the lines being wi iirianged as m dilluse uueiualile(ireeof heal in nil pans nl it. A very u-i iul leuluie in this sluve is in summer uiiiini'iueut which ouss8 of a lurnace winch can In used with the same l.icility and more economy than llie common poi table lurnaccs. aiji A Keneral nssoiluifiit ut 1'nncy I!.,x nnJ Air-lisht slim s of lli.- iulcsl slles, I'nuiit l'ulups, lead pipe. Agricultural Iiupleinents .c. Job woik ol nil kiudi in im, ropinT nnd Sheet-Iron lone in the latest style nnd on slmn iiniiee. ivvWif) HOriTll'lCIC . lA'AUTi. Aew iooil ,B . V . IS A X J A Ii tr J r AS .1 U.ST llKTLKN'Kl) mow Ni:w si.vv Yoik with a lame assortment ol 'aiel,es..Uw. . i i .',. ix. II. I,., .1... I .r ... l liesl ot Wutclies nud Jewelry that hasevcr been ulleied for sa.e in the State of Vermont, and be will sen pans lower man nicy can ue tmulil in Muulical, Ito-ftou.or New Yolk, of the same quality. lleh'Jit.olJ and Silver Watches of nil kunU. (olJ IsK-keiaoteverv I'ntteru.tfohl (iuardatid I ub chums. i,o'it 1 ens m tfuttl tusi-s tor i.auies or i ,ei Heine 1. , . i .. . (Jold sj.,,1. ud Keys of every Tuttem, and a srrcat . , . i.. . t t u. i . i ii ... u,. y , "' '7'iiv- iiii.ii u.ier i ois, niieiui" house, bounded on tiie west by or line (,o 1.1 ruis vv i "lain and II ix Sol niir or Minea 1 .i."11: . ' . , ., .., .. tuns, two Uiweii dilhieiit I'uterns ol Uracelets and ,l!?.':,J . ,,,fi,s' n,,J t-1"1" iJ,,l?;,V:l, ,"ir,.s ;,; . : : . .r, jcis tu a'iJ.uu I'lam orcboscd 5 Uar lirops, wiin coral ami sjione Svtiuin, llrud liny reuil uiul Shell ( ard cnsis, Ivory Tubhis, H.eel Ih-iiis limijsun.I 'l ussels 1'urse,c. e. liurliu.'ton, J1111.' lli, ' W, Siis.a3in;i rollcUN BMatc. STATU Ol' VUIIMO.NT, j I'l-lll 1 f "I V HIlTtMil V, The Uzn ihe I',, .Lilt '..,',..- ti- i:,. ni.. tcuden To nil peimm riinreruei' 111 the Mf uf S'lnanua lulled, late uf Jluiliiistoit in taut IH-tittt. deemed, Huluimj. t, IIIHIDA.S, '1'iiiiolliy l'ollctl, udiuuiistrutur ul f lllv Clale ul llie said de. ens. it. iiHHKiscs. tu leu. 1 ran uecount ol hu admniidralion, and pueent tin uo-ijiu nunid aU -tin u- lur i'.ammitioii ami 01. louaiue ul a hewsion id theCuUilof truhai( lo U holdeii at tlie 1'robjte Oil ice, nt feaid Uurlinton, 011 th' r.'Ui ilay ot July nell. hereby nunried lo appear liefer 'aidJlac'alorenid..ud shew ve why the uctcui I aloresa.d 1 ncrtiore, )ou uru 1 baid Couit at the tune lause, if any you have, why fnou44i not ix uiiowii (Jlvfiiuiidfi lJuilimiioii.tlnti liih day rr.'une. A ll I'viw. "-.xa, VRAM OliP JiJM ORP, Aryisin. T. M. I'AUKnil'S i)'aKMci'i'eotyic Koonisi. WILL HK ChOSICI) on the 27tii inst., mi til llie llrst ol July next, niter which they will opened (over the Aqrieultural IPare-llousr,' Col- lege street. liutliugtonVt.), where they have been for ' the list v ear. , lll I isi Villi Jlnv 2.1. 18IH. Wliuy . . ' ' - ' s HOL'LOUlt IlltACUS ! TIlO cdulirn- , ...! fl.t,lrr. fnlialfillllv fnr ( I.V tlio ;lu.ell ?nor finulv. w51 by Theo. A. 1'uk. I .... i TowiihimhI'h Snrsitpitrilla, I SUPPLY OK TIIISPorui.Ait mehioinb il eonstnntlyon hand, and for sale bv May H,lHg. d3l.owil AMlW Cril'KAIt AI'KW HOAHDKRS can lie accomodated nt the House ol the subscriber, opposite 1. K. Drills- maid's residence, New Street. I). W, HAItMON. dG3vv2 June 14, '43. Hoot & SIiocm. PPl.ATTSi Shoe Store opposite How ards, Church Street, over jUOOpoir. a general assortment, nt prices that will be acceptable to purchasers. He is constantly receiving additions lo his stock from his own nnu vuy inauuiacfjrers. June i:i,'IS. il64w3 AiMTioar maies Or IIoiimcIimIiI Fiimiliirr, .it .siiunwnoirs Arvnox room, Satuiuiav, Jfxn 21, at 1 P. M. ftONSlSTINO of Ta J hies, Chairs, llurcau, IK'ds, Bedstead and lied ding, looking (ilusses, rlalHls, i ouets, carpels, Oil Clolh, (ilass Ware, Crockery, Kitchen Furni ture, iVe. Sec. VOTIUK is hereby given Hint I, Jessk iS Arwoon.give my son, LEWIS ATWOnl) hi time during his minority, and henceforth shall claim none ol Ins earnings, nor pay any debts ol his con tracting niter this date. llrr(i,.1;in7 8,18IS. Mvv3 A KROW-ROOT, Sugo, Hitricy, Tnniocn, Mice Flour and Soda Biscuit, m'cf and Jreth, lor sale by TIIKO. A. PhCK. ti..... )! ...r.o SALAD OIL! The nicest nrticlo for table use, tor sale by case or liottle at June 23. v32 TllbU- A. rfciiv n. tiirap Win;; Paper Tor Taylor Campaign ! the "GIVE TJIEM A LITTJ.E MOItE GJtATE!" Gtn. Taylor. " TIIE GRAPESHOT" Will be issued from the office of the Courier it Kn ipiirer, Wi ekly, through the Presidential Canvass commencing on tin; lir-t Saturday in July, and ending on the next Saturday after the election in Xuvcinber. It will be printed in handsome, type, on line paper, nnu utiou a sueci a siiperTo) .11 3ie i;ui number containing i ( miitniiiiinr 1 co unins o reauim! matter. " Till-, (i KAPIfSHO P" will be devuted to rutin- cnl Discussion and Intelligence, giving, however, m a ,'iini ensed forni. ii the luuioltnut news ol the nay l,..tti I'nri'i.rti nod Domestic. Il will advocate with veal, industry anil nil the ability it can coiiininini, tne P..,s i l s nml ML'isr'nts nl tli. Wl'lil VarTV OV 1 I'imm iii.i Tin. Dmon. ns defined and established in tlie great ihey weie noiniuated by the i vtio.nai, io.'Vixriox ol the Whi ' party on the 7th ot June. Tup t:r. a I'Ijuiot" wil be loaned to subscruiers. or sent in packages by express, steamboat, railroad, or :.. :. :. ....... i.: i , a ......... ,.w 1-1. .Ko c. liluuy wuy ii nuiy ui-uninu, ht-siul..- distribution, on the following terms, payable ill all case m advance : Single copies to one address Ten 51 cents each. Twenty " It) Fifty " : One huudreil " Ordeis aie renuesled immediately from Clubs Agents uud individuals iueviry part of .llie Ihuted Mates. f rAnv mner wliich will announce the publiea lion of " The OnArr.siioT," sinlmg the terms, shall leeeive a ronv tlurttnr tlie whole camnaiell. " Tin. IfRAixsHOT" will be published at No. 70 all street, and edited by J. WATSON WKflH, II. J. RAYMOND, CI1.VS. KINO. June SI, loin. iirailitwailw Dry (ioods vs Money Liulics' Exchungc Notice, IS fonspnuenee ,if theMepnrture ol our Mr Warren in tlie Caledonia for Europe, for our Fait Stock of (ituiilx. in. u is, ,ri turn nur Mik k intu tilonev 1 as fast as powble, and slinil made it no object for nil I w ho have money lo sik-iuI to call on us. J Our Cunt'imei hnaw that fair stock is joa large lo : attempt a description in an advertisement, ns, besides ' the largest stm k of I.oiif; nml Square Sha.vl, silk msins, visitks ami ai.iNTii. i:ts, "!"' ?mKV, " 01 Kl" have a lull wholesale uud retail stock ot UOVM'. I'I'Jt.XISIIIM! A IITK'I.I'.S ! ,.. COVT, MAT Ami Punt Stiill, ill :rent Vnrirty l..i r,iiibioideries,Triinminss,aiul White .MOl'E -V -Y G A I! T I V I. E S , i, I.VIRV PLSCBII'IIOX. i o .ii i: sTit's, BI.EACItLD ANU BKOWN no sir.n Y AMD ' r i:s And m facterery article in the HRY COODrf line.

I bin ;. nird et. tiil'es anil riw ': ., . I i J, , waul ol a l)re can ImU every iniug rom '"si'i'i'vwi.S, from one dollar to hundreds, and ihe s line w ide i aujje ut prices in nil oilier urlielei. u b. v ii ' so l.irneastock Irom which to select, in ii.iiii . our in- rnd "SvXUmZ Ml mr cUsioiners ... a vv ay , . ,, , - ,, f,.. , i he lliai win uimii iiimi. l.ildius' IJxcIniiiKC I t'J'2 WaliiHr?''" ! lii:o. W. W'.MtltKN vt CI). June 21, WW. w lM "A,v L E'ofition to Sell l.antl. STATU Ol' VUK.MCIXT, JiisTr.iiT o. CunTLm.v,M" , The II nara'Ae Prolate ('ami for the District uf Chittenden, to all pemonii to ichom thete prtttntt Khali cume, Or.fcETi.Mi WlIi:iti;AS, Ilirnm II t.iinHirt, Biiardian of Caroline M, llrisvvold and llurnet 1'iauceH llriswold, ilnldreii of the late Hiram l', Crioid, huv.n filed in said Coutt his iiiipln-ntinn . in wrilimi. . . .1. ..I I,. ..I. ..I ....I. selling fortli that linsani wnrusoiesmeiinno posses ' ' m" " ' ' ,.r..i'i .7... i.T.e .. .. , i...!i i " ' pall ol lenaiu i.iou, iiuiu,K m i. .,-. ,,.n ; thut i. lo sav. ol one mthsuaiic and lene- inent et the junction of Church street wilh Hank street, and on the west sideol said Church street unJ on the north tide of sjid Hank street, coiituiuiui; one lull' aeie ol land inure or less, with tvvo dwvlhuj houses and oai buildings on the same, nud is the same i lent- nell nic V ovv leu uiu hviii m 11 i leucineiit lately ovvncaaiui occupioii uy tne late vv it- . . . -. . . ..i- ...-n . . i 1 1" . , , .i . ...!7 ii-i.T.r.'i. V, " . I. . i . i a eai muc hi iur itiin- vi""' . v i m . . ,,' ','., ,.,' .i,,;,,,, :,i,i iiv,.,,i.t.,n, .,u.,r ace Win cler's laii.I. ij.ore- or less, with a dwellina housj and out I Wool , - 1'. : .1... i..,s ..r .....,.i 1.. V" " 7V lmdVvodM,; ' I'a . n b lluilinJion also ol the undivided liall ut u buildluu lot in said lluiliutoii, known as iminlier '.U, ol the iuartcr acre lots also of a iew m .Mr, Worcestei's iiieeliut, house, in said IluihiiKton alsu of two lots of laud in llaitou in Oilcans county, 10 wit: number seven in the ninth range and nuinU reiuht in ihe sev enth lumje of lauds in said llatluii that Ins said wall's me very voans. be.nij onl ol tlie nues ol cijjht and five years irwecttvcl) , and that it will be tar ,',,'enus fur (he nut rest of liia tvild wards. that their interest m slid lanjs lie sow.aiul t.ieavuiis tlieteel U' invested III iiulilal)le sluiks, ur placed at niletett on uoiid and iierinaueni secuinvj -and lr.i -nn said L'uuil tu irant lum liceiiso tu sell Mid inter- ...,1 l..u,,l,t II, h lid Linds . - Wiii.lti.fii 1. the said ( outt ns.n -ued llie I'.'lli day f , l.r Vow I ... 1 1 ,lXl.... .... I .,. W JUIV , IOI.-I, UU Iirtiltus, u. .... t.tiufc w.i I- .. Hun, ill the i'ltiliulc DH'ueiu said liurlinlou, and ti dcrtil that ull person, mu reeled sliuuld tie nulilieil ihr.-i.r. In- nnlil.sliiii litis nid.r LOIllQllUlll' lllC Stlb- i " . will upplieatiuii thru- wecKs succissivelv ii the llutliiist,m Put I'm .a iww0ier I'tmlsd at Hurlingt,,... the lust of which publuaiioi to be prtvi- nn lo iIia li'ivAuinnrtl n iifni-t-vwiil for heiirinir I ? under my liana at Hiiiiiiiw.'i, in nw-- ..... .1.1. H-L I .'a I...... IQICt Uiul , Tint j. in iidy i 'I .iuiit. i ii 3. ".i lijiAProKb KixrohP, A,-..w. Wnr Kndcil I M L I, or GOODS Ami mmity In lie ra'tml to fur 1'ntct. MOW IS THU TIMH TO COME AND buy while the Ooods are cw and Cheap. IW just rereiveil it i diflieult to knovy how high to mark to prevent suip.cion oi mc r not Having ueco uougm. ,,T.l. -s- linrl'tiur. (Ni, I l. uui nicy sot ,inj .,s.-s.s. ........ .... ...I,... r.n, on d lor with lilouev bad of the lVonle, who coil have the good ill exchange lor t-osh of their Dl?Otlt, HOWARDS -'"'-e 13, '8. t IIiiMiiietN llcmovali TIIK subscribers lmvo reinoveil their (Soodsfrom llie Store lately occupied by them near the tills Fuctory,tothe building nt the corner ol Main mill Water streets formerly used as n store by I,, it- C. E. Follctt, nt the hend of ChaniplaiiiWhail, wliere they have lor sale a large stock of Dty (food, (irocelies, Provisions, Crockery, Hard Ware, Salt, Fih, l,,rk. Mour. iVe. ,Vc. Their stock probably embraies n grenler variety of (iiiods than can lie louncl ut nuuo,.i any otner stoic in the vicinity ; all ol which will Ik- sold exceedingly low for cash or approved credit liAl.I'll J.ANDON & Co. June 1.1. 1HIH. ihVvvIiw. T 1IIH I'NDURSIGNKl) K'NOWINt! uv past mid present exierience, that u pajiug s- tent is necessary lo sustain a good trade, hereby pub licly gives notice " riedil" (the bad liiend ol any business,) i now by him discharged. All luntineln for Halter or agreement to exchange, are now at an end; he therefore reopens all hat ing accounts w illi him to settle tliem by the lirst ouuiy next. 1 . i . June 15, 'W. dOIwjlll i . p. .11 Aie ii ii a n , nif.VfK.s.Mrrii. IlorscshociiigiV I'lirilery hyripericnccil men. All kind of ItrjHiirinx dime In nrder. SHOP, OLD STAND, 77JIP JIOUH EAST OF CO U JIT HOUSE. P . A It K II A M , WHEEL WRIGHT, CAKRtAGK AXO SLKlUii MAKHtt, Shop nctt to tlie IlliuksinithSliop. drti01tf Jhtrliitgfan Vermont iTIiMlfcal AilritisciiM'iil, All f Ihf futfatchit articles which hurt obtuinvd vnwmndm vupoiarmt are wia ut A 7S UNKQirALI.i:!) ItE.MEIlY, And "' Alintiiutc for 18 18 drat is. Ki -For ColJs dnd Fever Uh fecliiz-. nnJ vrertnt- inc Fevers. 2J For Asthitin, IJvCr Co'jiplnintotti! FJtiliousaf fprtion. 3 1 i-nr Diarhrri.Indiitinii nml J,n$nf Apprtttc. -ft tli For CoslUcnef in leiualeH and male!. 5itl l'or Stomach nflcTtion, Ovi-ii-fi-". anil 1M'. The crrnt Kwint in nnt'lnd 10 take, never Ijives pain, and never Uttrcumie mtirc ! ! Furnll tlifio tiling it 1 warranted imequallpI,niid all who do not t'uul it so may tcttiut Ifa bottle ttnxl get tfietr money. I tie nu-iliPine ts t,onmey went etrrn 1 mi ton Panneeu. Fuller det-cnptioii mi an Ahprtnac lor ltH, rati. Hair Tomc. -To the Bald nml (!rey II votl wi-Ii a rich, hixmient head 1 1 hair, free fnin ilandrufl nml seurl, do not fail to nrnnire tlie iinuiinc Il.ilm of Colinnhia, In cacs u( h.ililntN-t it will ntore than - reed our CApectatton-. ,lany who nave liM their hair for twenty ears have had II re-lnrch to its ori ginal pr'rieclion by the use ot thi luilm. Age, state or condition apj'ars to be tin ohMnel.- whatever ; it nlo rauss the lluid j lluwwith which the ilelieate hair tune is filled, by which mean" tliouKnndH (whoe hairwai ytpy as the Asiatic eaulej have had th'ir Imir restored to hi natural color by the ne ol tliii in valuable. In all cases of fever it will be found th- moit pleas-ant wah that can be umvI, A lew appMru tions only arc necessary to keep the hair from tilling out. It strengthens the root-, tl iicut tails to impart n rich Ph.sjv nniearance. ami ns n !K-rfume fur the iiiviis inv i uun, I l in. tvi iii 1 19 hi i ii i iii i toilet it is unequalled ; it holds three times ns much ns other mialled hair restorathes and more ctkctual. The 2enuiim.manufactnrcd only by Conibtock .V Co. onrttami ft, ew i oik Conn el s .iaical Iain Ixti;a(tok It h now conceded by medical men tint Coinicl's magical Tain I'.xtractor, mamif.icliire.1 by Corns-lock , Co,, 2I Courtlandct. N. Y., in the rcatcM wonder ol the 1U, century. Ih efiecti arc truly miraculoiw. All pains are removed from burn, scald-, fcc. and all cAternal tores, in a tew minutes after itbappIicaiion,ht'a!int; tht tame on the mo-t delicate skin, leaving ho bear. It ia equally beneficial hi all kind; ot iulhmniatory do seaot-s, btich nssore Nipple anil Kyes ; Sptains, Uh'ii matiim. White Swellmi: and lUcrt HniiM'H, liurny. ChiUbtams Erysipelas, piles Tic Duloreau, &,e. We niiL'ht add as proof to all we say, the names of many eminent plisieians who use it in their practiee, nnd lnindredot the clersy who prni,s: il to llieir people Kind parent keep it constantly on hind, ill rnsee f.f neeideiil l,y lire life inny Ih ln-'l w ithniit it. lint ly its use all burns are subject to it control, unless the vital nru uesiroyeci. i.iiiuon lienieinner nnu n-n mr Connel's MaRieal Pain Intruder, inaiiul.ielured by Comstoek A Co. N. Y and take no other. l) C i riiv- I)n .Me.N'AtBs Aciorsni. On.. 1 fiose deal trom old ae and trom inl.iuey olteii re ceive tlieir heiirm m a inusi miraculous in.iiuier, by the use ot the ,ul, It 1ms ihe etlecl lo restore the ten sion and brius into the naiurla nctionol lie- pans su as to restore ihe heurins whevlusi ormipairtd. 'I his will be dune in till cases ot lecent deatuess, and inuiiy ol Ions Mnndtng. All deaf persons should us this oil. Couifteck.tCo.21 Coutttau I, st are the uholual-.i.-. I'rice 81 tr tlask. I'iles, Sores, c The (imiM II vvs' I.imme t' is an article more juily celebmied as a cure lur the above, than any orall other. Il cures nre almost innumerable. uud it is only necessary lo let ihose who know ihe article and used II Willi such ureal recces, that il is to be had true and senuine of Couisloclt Co. 21 tourlland t. New Yoik.sole pruprieiors. I)k. SrHiiVs Suk llEAPAr.ii. Kcvildv -Why will you sutler with thut disirtssiuti eompla.ui when a re inedy is ut hand that will not tail lot ure you I 'llus remedy will elieciually dtstroy any attack of lieud. ache, either nervous or Lullious. Il has cured in.Yd ol twenty years' stauduiK. MiniER lUl.ltr I M'tAN DlM'OVFRV All eiiiectuig to become mothers and anxious io nvoid the Pains, Diress and Dinjiers ol Child. Inr mi;, are earueslly entrented to Culm their lears, nllay their nervousness, and semh iheir way by the use ol this mo-te.xlreordui.iry vejietahle iroihicliun. 'I'liuse who will cand. illy iis virtues. must approve of it in their limits ; etery kind and afUctniuate hus band will terl Jt 111 most solium duly to alleviuie the disiriss hi wile is exposed to, by n sale uud certain method, which is the use ol this mother' rlieef. Fur ther particulars hi pamphlet intended fur the female eje, are to be hail ii'ntis where tins hnuuine enriliiil in to be found. '1 he .Mother' leluf l juepired.snd only, by the now sole propriclcw, Conu'toch Co 21 Couitlaudst, ,'ew YoJk, f,. ,.- ... .,, , i oi. ,, in, us ivin.vivroi k s r-iiviii rur win eraui i n,..l ...,r.. . l.,l,lru.. u...l .... I... I.n . Cnuiiou ileware of all unles" the inline n snellcd " Kolnistock," the old Duch iiauie of llie Inviniei I True 25 els. per bottle, f It cannot uijuie the I child should tl.Cie be no wurms.but it will do it nnd. I To THE HALT AMI I.AXt, ( Itlls.lH k'K Ni rVC lllld Itone J.iuiment an 1 Indian Veuetabie Llixir. is the uiosteflectuar cute for llhcunintisiu, contracted cords, ! oi mu-cles, and .3 vv a muted lo ure any case ot I! lieu- ( maiism ortiout All the above articles are sold by (!, H. Ilariinton, and A. ('. Spear, llurhui'tnn. June 1j,'I.S. w.'ilnit' The Ij.'uiu-' aix.iuiiifr' IS fasl Ikcoiiuu one of the most popular ri suits tl the trailing community for all descriptions of , Fimiirn ""' AmcnVrtn Dry (!txl i in Hurlin;tou ; anil if smsll priifil, p r- vcrini; in dusiry, eoiisMut nllention to llie wants ot the I'lflihc, uneoinproiiiisuie inleRiity, and houorable dealinjs wttti nil men, Have tmy iliiu to do with suee, i m, nes.s.then Ibis alrendv lIoiir.s iinLT esiahhs .iiu m lo .! l 1... .I. . ... ... I ... .L.. ..I-,! .. uvMiiivi, ,u lurvr tne 1, ia, nun j ill ntr iiivicJiHIIC osi j, end oeeupy position m tlie luierestsau t uf fei lions of the people. The l'roprivtors of this esiab hshmrut are hnppy to oiler at tlie present ttn.e soiuu I'llttnitil llorviiin in lenta' Ji' (!mh. ConsNting of Ileingrt, Muslins, Ginjihams, Lawns, I.inen Lusiies, I'lam, 1'luid and r'lris-J I.imi. (iin. 1 l'l-mnlel!u , innis, limn ticuavie, nnu 111 uti every at tide called 0r m me urees mtuus iivMiiuriii, wjim: uoon$ Itish Iineni, Jocoiutt, Swiss ami moll Mifelinv, I'lainaud rtu-ie Mncu IinJKU, I'liu nnd Kmhnm!. il J!u:.liiis, UutJfJ Skiilis, Irfut-IM-iii"?, Kiluinjiii.ConiuuouCord, A c, Ate , with artTut uruly oi N A U Is .N, Uioiha CVhmcre.Stradilla Dtl-imr, Blaikilk Uera-e Ciuie,c c. " HOt XttKillWIXG GOODS our aasurlmeul is fcer.mtt tn imi.e un, eter , tlrtiurtlntarit Irtdnc int nl In those ho intend In mike ui"ie exteu.'itr pari hisc- than usual in tins derailment, tK hrestiii ts.ur-jii" A l.sK .illllr KOVflt ill I III ,,lir.-l.. ... ..I '.I. ... , halt dollar rjvch iii ine purcii.ise nl alunur IS41H-, mii.. 1 V,f U VV sailllULj. HI I ICMIIISS, IsiK-eiuigs, mine ,-prcaus, lliaptl,. A. V, isol Mime nnpuruncc iii the betnn out oi lit -,u:i i U l IIUSC.i, uviii v Tiriiiitj TIIK I. WIL'V llAT, MOKE AH'!. .x(n:. " ILfO i NAs.ll. f.eie, nr ai to tirinmud i. Brctheis. Chuirh i,rf . I I I urlm;icii, May 1', l?,'s. Rutland & Diirlintou Rail Road. I rnU'O nsscssinetitt ol five dollars oncli ...... . . J hnvclK-cii ordered byllif IJirtclorldnc(iclii-liarr fif llie t:Hiiitnl stuck bfllie Wmtniid tV. nnrtuiDtuii Rn it I .rii ..r ti... t...t....i jr. n.. .1...- n., i"u', nml llie oihv nn the lOth div of .Tulv neXf. Wrgennen, Middle-bury, lllnrk Hivcr. B-Iiaws falls, Cheshire linnk, Keene.N. If. If 0 Porkin3, nt tl Htnte SlrrPt.Iioston.or to the Treasurer nt his office 'J1 in Middlehury, SAM'Ij SWIFT. Treating. MiJdlebiTV.Mny 17. -liO " WALK CP TO Tilt: CAI"14A1XS OITWU." i H tin " iMnor" "iivH, " iVvt'K tli'iit ecrc itiuch V WIHIUK nr HOW a nnn orM (Juoils. thev want them (hfnpnnd ijocd, find a ond iij-siudiiont to wlpct Irom." We will tiv I nupply ueh naiitx at nnnn iionu.iiuu a uoou lufsoidiiPiil lo tlie Variety rtorr, hi ti-e mil ntid t liltlNSMAII) A: HKOTHKUS. IfACIv'HUHr,, No. 1 & a in Uhls Hulf 111. III. la. CJanrtrtK.Kit'litlis.uiid by tin' Mimic nuiuid AIm, Hudsoiis Boy iNiltriott. A. tj. DUWi;V. Juiiu H,'lrt WW Stvnyvd. rr 13UO.M Iho cltchisiiro of tho Mib- jfZm r wriU-r in Alilton, iibmit ilu-i.tli ol A. im, 11 ssnrrol l yen old .Mnro Colt, wilh 3 white fpt nud u'white Millie in licr filer. Any (wrsini "iviniriu fomuition to tlie pul,scrili'r whtue tin iiinre niny lm found, or rrtitp im; Iht to hiswsspssion, will bu suli f.icturdy rcwnrdi'd. iril.UAM .M AKUS. .Aliltou, Jim. Ii, ISIS. w.MiIlw. t'ltcshit'i ICaili'ond. oj:y TO KKENK. ON mid nftpr Tni'bday.Mny KhIi. tin- rjiniriiEpr Trn ins will run in louiuriiuu with tlu- titchliUri; Tniiin U'twi-cn Boston nnd Kppiip.os loliows: I.pnve Boston nt 7. A. M .nml 1.30. 1'. M. Arriif nt Kci-nc nt 11. :m, A Al., nml ti, 1". AI. 1,1-mp Kppiii-nt 7.3ii, A .M , niul ! P M. Arr'ne ut Huston nt 12, At., nml G.30, 1'. At. At KVciip, Soil'ps will cmincct with all the trains lo nnd Irom WulpoV, Il. llnws Fulls, Cluster, Given dish, Ludlow, lo lliitlnud nud Burlimiton ; Uiows Nilli',Astead,l'liarli.siown1Siriii!'li"lil, Wi-ntlier.sti.dd. Cl.ircinont, Ni-wjuirt, Windsor, WoodstOsh, and Aloutiii'lier to DurlituMun. line, in co'iuppiinn with thp ritchbun 1!nil. ni.ii, .-u u.e ri.iS io nnu troni K.eiie, orms a m- rd I,. V r, ! , i1,,I'Tvlol,., utVcn i ni IUl J N' T .Spoon., Fork. Collin Plnu, Flutter ami Fruit J W j l 71 N",.,l(,r N,;w, ll"Hre i Kn J chl drenV .Silver Forks and Cup., and all S,l and llif xAvrffW nml mo Jirrc ie b.uwerii houth-I , fl' n ,iniM (in ii;,.l i lr r, ern, .Iidttle, and Wtitrrn Vrrnmut and Wrutem 1 New Hjnijisiiire and lln-iton couucLtioii i with the Stae- Irom Wiiuheudon nnd FiHibitri; to 1 Worcester, and the Worcester and Providrnce U til- j roinl, th tno-t direct line between thus wctioiH of. Yermniit and New Maiim-hire nud Worcester Coun ty and llie .nte of Rhode I-hnd ; nnd in connection with Htfijjfs Irom I.ittlt'tou, .Ma". to iHiwtll.a diiett , communication hrtwpon the True nortion1 of New Ilnmpj-hirr and Yi-ruioiit and l.owt-ll. 1'ieijjht tr.ihn Will run d.uly, (o and from Uo-ton, in tumii'ctnm v.ilh t!i rrguhf Kitehbur Train-. T M i:i)W AKOS. IVsiduit I. J'IIrON, i:iimeer. ! Keen'-, lay I."., HIS. wlif WIN I5itAsct Copier and Siiukt Ihox E. W.ire.ot id) diccripCoiHilortfalent ihe Ihnlin tun Aiicuttuinl W a rehouse, v cheap fur rrfvA. j'liutai ihv):v t co I)iiHcn'ilo(vpps MIJSHS CIIIM)S V sVlIKL hate fitted yi liotitu; htrr S WalkeiV siore, (MitnrliMiiM t, Iturlitiylon, Vt , expressly lur tlir jtnrpo-i ol taking O.m.i i itr,uiT i k .MiMAiur.u. Wc h.ive every con vellienee lor takui-i rronpe of Irom tw-n tn ten on tin sninti plait , nr Millie picturi-s, td suprifir Myle and fiiuh. Set in Ir.un-s. or loikels al moderate nricei?. I HIM ICS; lioiir fiom U A. M b r V. M Indies ... , . ?.nu re-pnetlully myin-d to call a nur lK0t'"!i un ""': -IH cnnen-. hntramc op Mdtr-, . wtueen ,N . Unvto . ynd U allier' 1 Uurliticton, April II, lhlrt. llihnte .llint'raE Springs. Ii.i!( Tllll iiiiiliT.siinieil. hajm; rentnl the slUL " I'l! A.NKI.1N HOI'!?!:," iitlliiilnsate.ypa, anil lurnisip(l it with fiery eouveuieme I'nr llie i omfort of visitors nud boarder, respsctfully mheits the imronam of His friends mid llie publfe Kenerldly. Tliefe Pprinc hare liect'Inc juatly tele hrated fur ihe lurative prtTierties of their Vaters, and fur the nriety and lienuty ctf tlie wurrounihn teenery- and make n pleasant resort for persons in ol lieoltli or auiuselllllt. i '2ri,' a,,u l-irrmges in constant rer;.line. I . Vtt 1 new libats t,.r '.iillncand li-liuii.' xeur , , .. t il.IU.t U. bANHJItl). ."uy llh, 1SH. 1 " BB BtOllllt'lr I ICOIIIK'l I i iimv .n,. s;. c... ., :.. , h W Tlll: nTI,K Jllct re 1 J sU'iwu al llie. ,iit.s 1 tttlV.NUF. WII.CUX t NASH. dsVw llurlmsion, May 2, WI DOMESTICS. vJOOO ms. ni.:vvSiii:irri.(.s, Llfilx. idi:. JltrlMl ,,i Verv Stout do :t7 do '-JINX. d.,ruie'.Merriuiaik. Id do 1 1 .SO doSeiv The, I land.-l ' A l.R O- llrosrn llrillnnrs hlnrlii';: Htnjies, IL uirns, ,(, c , in any ijuautity, lorale at iftonishtn Itnr j'urrtt at the Corner Store, JjV.MANS'. .May. WI. .Xol lor llnri'. A liAh'til! nnd fine assortment ol Nets lor ears. .1 "net k or fiodv of llon-es. s,,M separnte ,ir loselht r ' HIUNmUlftA. UKOTIIKIIS. Ao'rK'i:. TO : MEDlt'AI. I'KOI'ESSIOS: AN adjourned Meetini; of the State Medical fo. eiely will lie held at Cas'leton, on the In.-l da) of the Sprirlj: Sessiij.i of lA-cture Wedm-i-div the lilhofJinie Addresses ua"y le expected and I'ulh olouieal K.xbibitisUis ut interest p, I'liv-icinns .M tidl.DSMlTII. wl'.i;?t Corieji'indiu Ste'n. AT hoiie:. irilKilB wi: shall hi: happy to II receive Calls lor all kinds ol rumting, 'riun.ins Taper llaii!iiiij,iVe. -i-. Slielhui u Siret t, opposite iucrunu lintel. UllSSKMj .tSI'ACI.DIMi. Ilurliiiton, March In, WW. '.o.t All! IllU'SIIIOS A jrrcat vtin'i- ij nt by Tnr j. A I'm'k. low price: fer sal. J-'rcsli Arrival of Nov -IOOiIeS, Ar t.O. . i' . t ,til I B' F db Ai uu now OPliiNlWi; AN eleoent its. il IH llunnits. llunmt Ki'j!'.jii-. I'l.,u.i I'mu-v D.r.s :siiks, Hlni'k Silks all widili. Mantilla, and Dies, I iiiije, mi I tiituji-, l'ar.isu's. Tissue, Ihina'-e, I'imt ed l.ivvns, Linbro'leied Swiss ilorus, I luiha in', lo-Keth.-r with evv y arlicie vvaiitev! thai is hi the lry tlooj-, Ime, June 1.1,'W. S-'ctiliou Sv.U 9iic:iti. STATU Ol' VUlt.VlONT, ) Ihsrr.icT of Cinrn siun, is S ll.maiaHe Violate Couit loi the Jhttrut 1 fl.'l,...J... .,.e ... ..!.., II.... ....... Chittenden, tu alt f tsaus tu thtse vncm ,'taU tome, 1i1vLI.iim. IIIIUIjAA riin M I oiliii,;;iuuli.ui ut I.aur.i M. I'lTbui. llit)jl A Coibiii.a.ivl C'ltf'itimo A iitl'iii, l)viri tii'i! 111 tHiid L'uuti his iipt'luddoti, 111 wrmiifi. Rviunt t-irtti iliai In- uii wnrdanitc sticiil and KM-sMii,i.ii'i, ttJiic uiuliritlt'd tw'th (i( ul ttio laud nt the jiiiii?(um ot L'huitli uud Hunk t-meti m ituniniou, vtjit' ni' late iiii.tin . iitt-'wuiu urii, oim.1 01 viie .i,.miuf.i iweiiiii iui 101 ui luaci iiint im K,utli.. the n.i.i..l meeiiiu liouse in sai.l I .iriuiytyn.nl3... unelyeinii.Jii Millie one ii.iiioi .panel acre li .,, ... s ml l.irl.ntjten , nisi ..I a ,evv .11 llie nevv lliick house ,. two Iul ol 1;,, J.I in 11 1 it. .ii in 1 lr , ..lis ul, iiiiimIm"! i ,1,, ,,, s Tintli innj" and uuuiher si vru in Hit liimU tauj .1' luntl l.lul 11 W,U l ,ail!u 1 ,,s 10 lllJ s ' t Hi it the fc.tiiii U-sol I, and Hie proceed. 11 ! xiicU or pko-.d .it int- ied a U pr-ivm; sai i vv.tuis inve.ieU in nd I cull to ip-mi bun liLipe to sil tlie intent,, ol In.- ji.d waul, in iid reulf-ime WliLia1 K.v. ilu unit Ttolitc fouit s-ignri tlu I'.'lli ilu) nl Jim, A U lltl, Im iKalill and d.eld lui; on is.i.1 app.icaiioii, at the J'iuuuu Utfne in it I liul h.14; sun , uiul nnleietl liiat all peinnlis itiniestivl lluulil tc unllllrd Ih'liol. h) ihlJ otdrl coutaiumg the siiUtaucr ol s.n.1 tijiplicttion, thrie v. t ks successively. 111 Ihi llurllllloll l'"lee I'll, u nevvsruifur prniiid wl luimiigioii, ins l,sn.l vv.mli pa'alivunous lu be pieviou M ihe day ussi:;ued, ai atoremid, Icr hi mini tud di.Uiug "U W!d applica tion tjlvej. under mi ban i, it luilui;tou M Aaid U inct.tbi: lailidavnt Juue.A. 1) I"!. '."3, Ut(MlOHl UlXtOKP, A'.!-''' 1 Removedt 'l1")' SUUSCIHBKR would Inlerm t.i cotoiner M. Ilittl .m I - - I t ... . I...IIJ in(fti .'A ; . " ,nP uc U"U1!'- IV fKTl.fV.t U Mr II Msll r.i.Vit. ali aw t S I ?a?U,v. fcl , wheir he w iir "w ?' J8" rif ..fu1!'11 ,NtS VATCIIIM V"0S,W Alsy(Uuplcx, T" 7,s'Jl0"cy'Wdcr wh.t-W, &e.,an well arid lirnt us can op donp in tlw crty of New York Music l ojen mi lieu i iccoiuinns rrna .vuiodrans tuned All woiK done by bisoti band) Mr. V. hnvini' woikid in n Inr" n.(alM'im(., in be rily of New i oik lor two yenis, Mount'um'. Fin. isiunii nun nt imniiiu: tfoicuesoi uii hinus, nnd i,v. luu pii'i luusiy ipeeiveii uuuu iii!iriu.iion irom an i-y. iii'i luiisiy ipeeiveu i;uuu itisirin.tioii irom an ex 1 1 1 lliiinjieuti Horkinnii, is well qualified luix. eeute ce c l t ie iihis: dilheu t won., nud be cxboits tin; public fu plncr in him their lontideticr, nud Ih-sIuw upon him a share ol pationnup. fli fer, for informa tion rpppeetniijhis wnrkiuati'hip, to Mews. Ftlloun, Vnu AialaSl MCoiipcr, Io. f), Mnbfen f.nirip, New York. .. ' . , J,0UIS FltK.MKAl!. lliirlliiirton).Mal, !". lAlf .Sell 1 Will, AT WINOOSKI PA UsH. IMIK SunsrmnKn has at wi STOftK I tnre nWiitmeiit t-f nlmott everv kind of (tooiU, PiulIiiiwJ entirely lor Ca-h,hut hot fning m well oil nsPoniijofhWiirghlKirf, hnd to borrow prt and must ami will fell to pay that and to purchase more, plea- call ami fee, (he bc?t and cla'ap-! ever olli-red tn iIih Cmuty. Jt t HIONHY ItAKLOW WinooAiral.ay II, fold. 31 ii:v oooiHi iir.sit iini.Ns.MAii) a nnoTiii:u. if I ate receivinij nccesion to their flock ol fin" Which" Jewf hy, ridckn, and n tout all kinds ol gooW that they pfMicrafly deal in, together with Mich new kiinN ai jn th"ir cu-nom- will wish for i as we arc receiving (Joods every week, we can supply any nrticle in our line or out of it which may be ant til, We iutite an exnniinntion of our WnMienby tlio vhn wih (-ood time-knepfrs, knowitm that we nre enabled to, nnd dejuroiu of RpHitt;; nil dewrip'ioiisnf -'t!in nil d''Pcription ot Watcher ns low ns any New York or llo?ton Hoiisn.or any IVtllnr can or wn.h f'll them. Our nivortmeiit innuod el Clock?, Watch, e, Gold and Siler (ood, Plated nml Britannia Met al (iood, Lamps, Mn-ical Instrmnents, Strimis, fcc lVrl'tiMiery. Ciijnr Cav?, Sitt-ff IJo.xes, Canea Vm ll'iir and Curl?, Head Hands, Hag, Purnesnml l'ork 1 et !io(i, Card-, Razors, Seitfuip, Knies, anil an ol i moi' 'iul!e', vaiiety of fancy articles. ( mid MArmi i an?, hints, wmte anu lonry . , ..... tVnl, c: 0 . Pl1Ftctllj3rd KHni-.&c..l alnios't any artit'c in (Jold or S.Iver maHe in oursboi tu any pnitern disired. Watclie?, Clocks and Jewel ry dinned tind tepaired by ourscUcs and CAperienccu joi'rnymrti. We eit'plny no apprentices in nn deportment of nur busmet'. Our mm and desire i m cell such (tood nhd to ihi our work and charge yuch prices ns will be peima hently sMi-l.Ktory to ni'-tomeri. DAcn:uui:oTYPL: c;oons, i and i 1'iate Uennan and American Crmicrn'an"l i larj' r and mom exteiHui aotlmcut rif every 1 1 1 -tte u-i'd m th- liii- r-ct nni ami will b- krpt oh baud and hT site al low New York and lto.ton price.--, Scin i!h I.. Into, ami I itMuh m lMnt".m hrumriu tiihx HUINM IP ,V lillurilKUS PKIIiCK & KKM,6UG, JSl. Flivcr-l.? Troy, IHK iu:ci:ivi(J liv mtk .kuimls from il l.iirnp"', ,nid ihrect Irom th" tnnnitfaeturer,a lar: mid beailtilul assorlmnt of (Joods in their line, thev otler on llie ino-t laoiable termo. FiirM-ii no Knii.i-ii Cni.v. ItienJ' a. I Mipiier and tili t sets frtut and cahe haitktt,preer: I shi'lM, Coinpotier, plnin whin', LrlM-nn nnd Kdd, &r. ttr.N'AMt.Vn.D CHINA aCS, Can'MCllCKS, Douquvl Iiolderf cologne bottles, noihiv3 in inkstands, match and llowtr pot-, .c, I'fjitwiv, IIlls, I'uured Uvo and Wathinftotl blue, in dinner, tea, brrnkhift Mid tbitel tsts. Wre, cut, preived and pluin centre buwli, celeries, Wnttr hottb, deennters, tumbleis, wins, rhamitancswobk'ts, emohadey,jrIiits, dishes, hunf'S, e. (Ve. Ijmiv - Patent ? nud lard lamp, suitable ftr ho tfN.cht.rtlr? cm! hmthes.of new nod boautitul cljl, trom the telebntleil niiinufactory of Cornelius rV to. (Ili;Niot.Ls, cnmielabra., hraeketf, candleititkc OrmuIajt-iUer and brumed.ul new and aj'rravcd pat rrriw. f.t la rnnw -Kith "taind,tahltcd and cut some rryhoi(' ami beautilnt patterns. Hr.m.vMv U'ark CuHi-e pot, tea pnt, sugars and cream, and iastorof every description. Krtuln Wat.k of supenor Mylef and qualities, m eiery vanrty ol color now in uf. Cannl Boat (Has. Ware, wicks nd lantern" Te Trws.iii etsor soiaratt cume vcr thouc and beant'fi.l patlertl ..' 1'ix i lbi s, hem Cornelius &.Co.,al New York ami I'hiUdclphia iinccs. Troy,.Mny l.bli, KirltliriuV-'. TaltvrH.1 ll'i 1. 1 rn. fii irr l n t c . Ti iVwiirrrii't'd tr Ij pfrfectly ynlV in all cases, not iiH-'imepieiic th miiniol nr injure Iniu pti-ii if h hnd no diMiit it i tiom 4 to ) tntiea rhtnper than iiuil it llie Infifatlon? which arc Umiv circulaiul tlnuiuliout llie country, IHtuz ut up in hrnjer pucks-;"-, -'illict n( lo c ure iin ordinarv ca v !lears, nml to ndinmi-trr in ti iiozen t.f coh1, rnranh, vVc. Al ihi momi, while tht- Kor- ushedding hcoat hij Vi euomy i- much ndiictii.ainl u- it rxtretuclv liable to cold-. tV.c, many ca.-f s incipteut ileaH nn conlractfd now hut, urr MJvireed hy pntllrc ir r.inn wr;.l.T, till lli-y hit-ak out in lull forcf in th lull 'riioiiand el liorK3 ran Iw i-a.ed troni fntinv ilii-HJUildncsji, i(( when th firpt f)inptoui3 ul" cold or rht-tiiij: oh-arvorf. a A rfuMs ot the Tuttprsa..' Htuif INtwiVrs b!iunlij Si ndnnniMcred Tiiry arc warrcnt'-d to holly traduntt; rtctnt ,.iraps ai thw t.i"jn. 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