Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 7, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 7, 1848 Page 3
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mJHIilNCTON 1 RFH PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 7, 1848. THURSDAY l'VP.NlNO, JULY n, 18 18. Mr. Ihcrctt. Tho Vcrpcnnrs Vcrimmlcr in ccmplyinswit'i tho requestor Mr. llvcrclt, nn J -HiulUliinj; U repudiating Curd, remarks ns follows: " If ho can justify the course that lie has pur- J.. .... II..!.. .1.- ..U inn ul thn rZI , ir , i , J i i l Convention In which he pat as a Uolcc-ili. i is i plain, ho must succeeil in inipeaehiullio integ-1 my ol llie other live ermoiu irai-ffnr, i-mj man nf wlinm ilopinpil it his duty to Mtlfy the no minatinn. niul that of a thmisanil other lug", go ml anil true, who hate puMicd a directly np ro site course to liia own. This would, indued, 0 a difficult task. Wo regret the appearance of the eanl, anil eh all regret Mill more to observe any attempt on th e parfof Mr. l.vorctt to carry out its propo k itions. Upon tellection we think he will don his first intctitiou. It can certainly result In no good whatever." Tho Rutland Herald thus comments upon the same Card : , "That Mr. Kvcrctt lias a riglit to his own personal opinions, as to tho qualifications, &c, of diflcrcnt candidates for the Presidency and that ho lin a riglit to express them as ho chooses, too one will deny. This is a right that every Vermnnter will claiin.and all will he ready to acl lii It; but when a gentlemen .vcAs a nomination as a delegate to attend a convention to select from tho ililTercut candidates before it, a nomi neo for an impoitant ollice, ami paitakcs in its deliberation ho is virtually pledged as a dele gate to support tlio jioniinalioii-or at least biiuml to give it no further opposition than the ligbts, to which as a common citi.on he is entitled. That one of tho ' Dclegalcsof Vermont' to the Whig National Contention should bolt a nomi nation, as fairly and honestly made as was that of Gen. Taylor, is a matter of serious regtet; but that the Jlmi. Horace Ihcrill! should nppuse any nomination, neither excites our surprise, nor our fears; and, the lion. Gentleman will find that ho lias studied Vermont character to hut liltlo purpose forthe past forty years il ho sup poses his course in tins matter will meet si very general approval." And tho Middlebiiry Galaxy an follows: " We aro quite sure that Mr. l'verett will see occasion to regret this hasty proceeding. Cer tainly, it is altogether inconsistent for a man to take his seat in a Convention by who.-c action be determines nut to be in any manner controlled. And still farther, it was manifestly wrong for the Hon. delegate to rtfuse to represent his .Stiitr, in nominating a Vice President, after bating tolicilcd the appointment be held.'' The iiist Itailioml in Vermont. Tho passenger cars of the Vermont Ccntial Railroad run to llethel mi Monday last for the first time. There was no celebration set down in the bill, nevertheless several of tho lln-lon friends would come up, and a good number of The people from the neighborhood, would be there to see. Gentlemen capable of judging expressed complete satisfaction with this ttial of the road. If any body doubts about there being a railroad in Vermont, and a liist rate one, so fir as completed, let them go and see for themselves. Munljclicr Watchman. " How Will Ohio Go ?" It is well known that Ohio is looked to as th licart of the dissention in the Whig ranks, so anxiously -desired by the loco-focos generally ; and for that reason her political eapect ia now regarded with great solicitude. The editor of the Cincinnati Gazette, whose political sagacity is at all limes most reliable, answers the question thus : " Wliontbe full vote of Ohio is brought out, ml tho Whigs are united, she is one of the rrost reliable Whig States ln the Union. Her 'devotion the Whig principles lias been tested in manv a hard fuun-lit battle, and seldom have in- dividual preferences lur men so instracuu her strength as to jeopardize the enduring fruits of Whig Ascendancy. We are well advised of The disati.-faction and ih'sallection which now exist within our borders; but wo hate seen ' dirkerdjys then these,' and entertain no doubt of the result of tho present canvass. We there fore respond, understanding!' and confidently to (he question Ohio 'rill go for the vomiiue tht Whi - National Cuiuinlhm.'' If any one doubts tho correctness of the Ga zette's pndiction, let him remember that Ohio is the homo of Thomas Corwin, and that the thunder of his eloquence will not reverberate throughout her entire domain, without arousing bcr sons to the Mippoit of trim who " never sur renders." "D We see it stated tint Miix.M'.ii rir.T.Moni:, tho Whig candid itc for Vice l're-ident, is not a native of Vermont, f )ur statement to that cllect has been made from our recollection of tho terms of a letter from Mr. I'iluiore to the Whig State Committee, in reply to an invitation to attend our State Convention in IS 11. We believe tho letter was published, ami though our impression has been strong that .Mr. I'im-moiie therein speaks of himself as a native of Vermont, it is quite likely that wo aro mistaken about it. We believe the Kdilnr of tho Rutland Jln-ald lias the original letter in bis possession. Hut Mr. 1'ii.i.moiu:s father was bom in our own village of Burlington, niul he has relations bearing bis name, wo believe, in Hunnington County. It is a good deal nioro than probable, too, that Mr.rii.i.-uoitr.thooMir married a (!nin Mountain cirl tboti" b o do not, o course, ' e.Miiuiie nnu auju-t uu ci.iimsuu., Ueinnmi.sui ni per .iioumnm ,iri i"V' ,' . . .' 1 sons against llie estate of Jaucz 1 Anuo, late ul I (uu- pretend to vouch for tins the intrinsic evi- lngton in sail Distiiet, deceased, repiest nted iusol- , i ,. ,,,.i veut, nnd also all claims and deinaiuU exbibiied in dence, however, is stroii";. nre lu,ri.() . nu fix uwMhs (iVUI hv thy (,f ,he The Stntintl, therefore, will consider lis ns j date hereof being allowed by said Conn for that pur . , . .i.. i'..,, ,i;, 1, , i.. r.,r Vien I'ros. I". do therefore hereby Rive noiice, that wr will noi liuuiiii uiuv imi ident w born ill Vermont, tlioiiffli tbe er- MontCJU llieajl tuty him noxt Correspuiideucr of llie Tribune. Humor Itemou'il. The story in relation to Oen. Tavwik' re r .i. I'rnvisn in a etter to a liinv iniuraiiuii 'i - , , t. , burner, turns out nil moonshine, of course. Sen ator Dix.too much of a geiitleinan to pervert or tho truth, gives, I understand this ver ion df the rumor. .Sometime rince a ate D irn fcurniiiR Mcmlier of Congress wrote the old he ro a letter, abkiiifr him if, in Ibo .Signal letter, 'lie should bo understood to intend opposition to to the extension of Slavery. CJen. Tavuu: re plied, thai the letter fpohe for itself. He should say nothing faither, It was intelligible to all to all who wished to understand it. It is evident that many letters have been written him, and itisprobablo inoro will be, for the purioso of entrapping him. Ho will show himself too sagacious, however, for imposition, 1 do not Include this letter aiming tho decoys. Clin miy one tell f Wby was not onr friend Mr. Kasoti re-nominated as a Candiilalo for County .Senator by Ibo Cass Convention at llssex last Saturday ? Is it because it was a Cass Convention J .... llniiiw A:. Shoes II A T PiiATTri Hbofi Stoic uppusitc How. til nrds, Chutth Slrcet, nvir ."HhHI pairs, u ficv-ral nssoiliiienl at p ices that will he nee. unable ui (.iiLia in , fnnatlllll V riieivnili oiminoi.a, . i,ii.ii . ,,. ,iil ...i.tiprs lo msstock irom ins own uuu -n i""' r; . Jjiict3('t8. "hwJ KunuiiKiililn euro. Anotlur Sural. Mr. Jdi'intnli Hull, nc-il IS, of fVliniliirk, l!rlis,. nor en., N. V., lias nlvvas In-on (!"iii'rnll)' li-:i ll hy . is ol'n n.uii'iiiiu' Idiiiicrnincnt, w ns uikm in Hi'pH'inhi'r with iiiil.-iiiiiiinliiry rliiiinnliiii "I tin' liip ! si'vi'inl il sihiisiiivlicil iliyH'i:iiH .ri w rik'il fur liliu.i tln'ir lii'nlMH'iit nciiipii'il uliuiil mti'cn uriks j unii ml lirnMnilioiiiit Ike pyMnu came on i llii' palii'iit, liii'iuls nihl tin' ilivic'i.iiislii'cnini' ilwnnniKcil "nil at n l:i?l rrsoit, llmiik'sKiisnr CunSi'il fills owl Snnlie l.m iiiirnl wi'ic irinli-U lu ; nlirr irjliift only li:ilt ii box iiilliiiinnMry dymptmns, lii'.-an to ilisiip. ir h ,, ....V,,,,,',,,,,! . n,,.. ciutcli ami ,,st.nll;,f, ur iWh nil niul oat ili.ur r.scni-e. III' n.iiiimiPii the tin: ul Dr. 1 li'mik's niHclcs, niul m n Irvv Jnys vval'u'il over imv niul a hill mil'"". His hoallh cuiiliiiiicfl uiioil i Ins hail nn rtliirn il lii" ills tne : atiil iinvv iluini; out ilnnr wink, a liviuu witness ul tlie viihies ul llrrrii-k's 1'ills ami l.inniU'nt. Tluw aitidrs rim l' ulihincil of all ilru';jil3 an J cuunlry lucrclinnls. lYicc 2'i els. Iff Onlcrs tolictlhrcinl lo Ilciricl; anil Co. Villi cipal Ollicc, Ailnny, N.Y. aiul lur wile liy A. C. Spunr. lii-o. II. lluirim;lnii,Ciitliii niul Spenrjlurlin". ton, V. 11. Hatch Whiunski l'nlls, .lolin Simimils !2ikI Slii'Ilinrii, l.jon niul Ali'Miulcr, Cliailotte, WVlls, lliiics-burftli, ami also ky Drutukts ami Merchants in every low n anil Village. 1 Iktn minatinn nf lllooil to the Until, as it is callcil, can be aeeoaiui'il lor upon no other jitinnplc than the pieseme o( corrupt an. I slncmnt Immois in the Minus circulation, which prctt'iil'the lctiirn of the tital tltiul to the beait. V hen the Inssajres arc chok ed up, and it becomes, as itweie, prisuner in the head llieie is a distension or swell uitf ol the blouil-tcpsels, a ircssunlupun't!ic bi.'iin, liontlncti , giddiness, pi Ipitation df the heart, n'poplevv, and other thc.idfu! icsults. Wriyht's Indian Vegetable 1'illsnie ccitain to pre ent the nbovc unpleasant complaints, because they c.pc! from the ciieul.iliou those humors which nn the cause of all disordeied millions ul the blood. They nlsonid ami improve digestion, ami therefore will most nssiireilly give li'-alth an I vli;or to the body. ItnwAHE or Ones Tin: oxi.v nr.miN-.u. axii nr.NLi.NF. Indian Vh.i.taiii.e 1'ii.i.s jia e the mu natuke or William Wi.hiiit wnrrrLN with a it.m o.v the toi i.Aiu.i. or r.ui nox. J'nne otliir in fini nine, ami la raiiiileifril tliii t' The genmni lor sale by W. II. CUItTIS, V nter Sleet, ami '1 UllODUIil! A. PUCK. Collesi' Street, sole aaent lor Ikirliuijlon. 1'euben lVrciison, .sp ; .1. 1!. Dyke HimtiiiL'ton j W. Ubodes, Jr. Itieliniond ; Ik 11. Ciccii, I'iihmonil ; .1. II. .t T. Vt . lower, llndeihill; lliirlbut & llodnes. Williston ; It. San. derson, mid (!. Ayeis, WW Wilhsion ; .1. I.tmnii, Jericho: W. 11. Velie, lluiesbnri-b ; W. S. iV. II. 1'. Wood. Wi'silonl i Hi.qiles t 1.5 on, Cliarlottc ; John .SimomLs.Slielbiuiii' ', K. Iliclimoiid Harnard ;aml nt the New Ijiplaml liranch Ollice and IJcneial Depot, VJii Tiemont Hliiel, Iloslon. A VOlCi: FROM VFJt.VOXT. Tunbridne, Uiange Co., Vt. Nov. 21, 1313. Mr. Heth W.l'owle: Dear Sir- 1 heieby ceitify that one year ngo last June, 1 wasMolemly ntlaeked with a cold and couh, with a lame side and stomach and was not Iree hum a coiifib durini: thatsummer. In D'ceiulier fol lowiui; my cniiiiti uicieased to nn nl'irunnjx cMent, so tint during that winter 1 lo-t nbout tinny lii pounds of flesh, am! phjsieiaiis willi wlioni I ndii'-eil, could t;ieine no rebel. It wns thou-dii by nil tint 1 should ln'tcr recotcr. As my jjood fuilune would lrne it, in March lol!owini utter sulli'tim etci'i'diujrly through the winter, I heard nt the lieiieticnl elleets nt WVuir's ll.ils.nnof Wild Cheiry, by way of a fnend who had received the greatest benetit by the use of (he nrtiele, anil was induced by him to make a trial ot it tnjscll, and no winds can express mv obligations to tint fiieml for thus recunuiK'iidmi; llnsnrlicle In mi', and at the critical moment, he did, tor I had not taken up one hutlle hefnie I was completely cuied, ami from liiatday to tins havenot been tiuubleil with a cnugh. I can ih'-i'i fully recommend it to nil ns beiuir n lcmetly ofKrcat alue, bopin; ntlurs may be induceil to try it. and thus become convinced uf us merits, mid ner- 1 bans saved fioiu the latal irrnii ol consumption. I'l? I'l'At iv vneea None genuine unless signed I. IJU'I'Tri on the wrapper. lie caiefu) and eel the genuine Pit. tVISTAU'S nALSAM 01" WILD niCItltY. Xoi.e R iiuiue unless smned bv 1. lltI'Tri. Adi'nss allnrdersto SllTIl W.l'OWI,i:,i!o-ton.Ma-s. l'r sale whole sale ami retail by Tui.n. A. Plck, iiul button, all J by Dealcrsin Medfcines gcneially in Vermont. I'y.tlost :tinoiliiiury tVoik ! JZZ Tin: :tiaki:ei?i whatv' PltlVATi: MCDICAL COMPANION. BV DR. A. M. JIAURICr.AU, Fincss'ir nf Jtiuisc8 uf Urumcn. fl.Mli P.diilon. fmo. pp. 230. Price fjl. S.JiOOO corir.s sold in iitKEi: .mo.ntiis ! Years or safT'iing, of physical and mental angim! to many an ntlectionatc wife, anil ivcuninry dilliulties to the husband, might have becnspaied by a timely possession of this work. It is intended especially for the married, or those contemplating marriage, as it discloses important se crets which should be known to them paiticulaily. Ti uly, knowledge is power. Il is health, happiness, afllucnce. q'he levelalions contained in its pages have proved a blesing to thousand, ns ihc innumerable litters re ceived by the author will nttest. Here, no, eveiy feinaie can di-cover the causes, symptoms, and tne most illicient remedies, and most icrtain mode ol cuie, in eveiy tuuipluiut to which her sex is subject. On the receipt nf One Dollar, the " Married Wo man. s 1'rivate .Medical Onmimmnu will tie sent (tniiihdfuc) lo any part of lne I'mted Stiitm, All letteis inii-t be nddres-ed, post-paid, lo Dr. A. M. Mnunceau, liox illl, iSew nrl Lily. 1 ubliflnng OHiee, 12'.l Liberty stieet, New Vmk. J Travelling Agents are mfinmeil lliat a few di-triciH in .Massacbu-etts, ami two mher Kli'lern Statis. are yet unengaged. Applications riceivej po-t paid) us abov e. 1 Im3 iUavricb. In this village, June 2Sth, by Uev. .1. II. Wui;rcs u it, .Mr. lit A AI.I.P.N'.nfMiddlibury, to Mis. SO PHIA S. AM. UN, of Iluilington. In this Village, ycslcrd.iy, the 1th lost., AXNH IU.I.A THOMAS, daughter nf the lite Colonel il. Thomas, aged ! yeais nnd 11 monilis. mn i.ii.n.Mifii iiiim Ti, tbe subscribers, bavin'' liopit np ...I 1... .l. ir.,rnl.t,. ll.n l'r..l C L. tw ),?irict 0 I'hitteuden, c'onnui-siuui'rs to receive, , ni,,,,,, t(1 ,p W,1PS3 r our appointment nt the Inn ,, T. .1. Wood in Huntington, m said District, nn the liltli .lavs nl SenU'iuLer aiul DtirmLtT iiet. at 1(1 u'clnck, A. M.,uii each nl s nd days. Dated this 17ih day of June. A I). 1811. I1II1AM OAUPHNTHIi. ) Commit. wl3l KYI.VHSTllK It S n. ll'iii:ni Wahhurii'si INIaJc. w JVt, tlio sulisoribers, liriving been np- iiointcd hv llie Honorable the Probate Courl lur the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine mid adjust the claims and demands nf all persons against the estate nf llr.MAN Wasiiui'ii.v, late uf Cnli'hesler in snid District, deceased, represented itisolvent, niul aUo nil claims mid demands exhibited in nll'set thereto j ami six monilis trout the day of the. date hereof being nllowed by said Court for that pur imse, wc do iherelore lurehy give notice, that we will attend lo llie business nf our appointment nt llie dwel ling nf Aluielua Washburn in I olehester, m said Dr. trict, nil the last Molldavs of Septeiuber and October next, ul I" o'clock, A. Al.,nn each of said dajg. Dated tliis 2.')ih day nf Anril, A, 1). ISIS. wl at WM. 1). KIDDIlll, '!'"' "!.'.'.V...... 5 CunlullminnrtM ltli-a li('ti VtiiUm. lTTI'nflSW.up can sell lllenihed C I Cotton, less ilno ihi.v i nn be bought in nnv other i'stabli-li nient, ill Ihe Stale, or lees than we or any nthi-r nnu can iiiirehisu them ill New Yolk, as wc have U Cases, which vieie bought 15. per ct. under llie inarkit and will be Mold nt a small udvaiice Irom hrst inst. II'II.COX NASH I, -idles Dichauge Chuich St. Ilurlington, June 2V18. vv52 A I'amilv Itoanliiip,' Sciiool. flUIH .Sl'.MMlill (H'AIiTICIl of ok'veii I cks vv u enmn ence nn nc i-iii oi ' 'm f'ireii birs ndi res ibe suliriber. - - - - , 11 II. NUWTON. il7'Jvvl-;it Si Albans, June 30, IBIS. STRONG'S HALL IpsiV Two TVio hles nnUr ! 1 ...7 -""'"fc i i iimy unit .Niitimln), 7th iiu.l Hlh July. Aiiiiiijctiiciit for (hp Jlillion ! l' appenrance in I'lirlinloii of Till) OllllllSAl, Tlw Smallest Man in the. World, bciif' till years old !!5 inrhci high and weighing jr Pound's ! ! " TIM MAJOR" lcspcctlnlly nnnounces that he will be unable to extend his visit beyond S.niinl.iy ,:ilnl in order to alloid an opportunity tor nil lias fixed the PU1CK OP ADMISSION AT P-i! Cl.NT.S without distinction nl ngc. The Programme will consist ol An opening Address, Tailor's Hornpipe, Highland Fling, Napoleon in Krie, Frederick the Great and The Polka! Also " Tom Thumb's" celebrated representation of THK STATUFS ! embracing Hercules slaying the. Lion Ajah (lejyingthc. Lightnlng-AJ aican alarmed at Thunder Cupid The Roman Gladiator, ej-c., dc, ej-c. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock. Br. Ifplinm's VccaSIc IMcc- tiiai'v. rm: isvst mcvicixi: iy run world von 'ir,i:s. XT is extensively used in P.nglaml, Prance, Scot land. Iielanil.uud other Iliironean m,tiiii.i ni. tirelv Irnni its mu oiialleil success in ttt 1 tnio.,1 slini... and for which disease, until this medicine waspio- iiuceii, ineie was no certain, speedy and permanent remedy ever ibseoveied. Ii Ins also round its way in lb" West Indies, Mexico, nnd South America, vvbele it has, with ihc same salutary elleeis, established a name uucipinlled by any other medicine (or the criii: or mi.r.s, PiTiti.r. or. Hi.i.mi, Inti rs-al nn P.vrra N.vr.t and for all Diseases ot the Siomneb. I'.owils nnd I.iver, such ns severe nml habitual Custivencss, i nroiuc uvsenteiy, Djspepsin, l'alpitalion nf the Heart, Pain in the side, Monhd nnd lliliarv Condi tions nt the Stomach, producing Sick Headache ; and in all cases where a Cathartic or lteslnrativc is re- quned, Dr. Ujiliam's VrattMc 1'AcctiimiJ w ill be found superior to any other medicine ever of fered to the Public. r r r i or ii s iue iirni nei nn n a re c hint,., ti it r. m, iur. . i pnnm ui .evv orK citv, ami llie eneri ineuts upon himsell in nn aggravated ease of IMes, nf iiiieen years stanumg, ami n coniiiii'itiou ol t henbove ll-easfswhif h liroduei Piles, ihnl he rll'erled n ,-nr,. ill Ins own case, nnd thus aseeits. with llie mctit.i cnntideiice, that it is a CERTAIN ANO SrEEDV CTWllV, In all Cases, and unthr all Ciicuinsliinccs. Vegctnlile rertili rates. RRMAiiKAiiu: criu: of vu.ns! TIIIKTV YEARS STANDING ! 1 Mount H'osliington, Berkshire Co.. Mass, November 2'J, 131 .Tc.s?i.s, (ItMit- Pnr lliirlv rni 1 Invc lifrn aniit-tnil willi Pjlfi, jxruoinl Dfbility, nml Iiill.unmniinii, rnu-inj; tumors nml pinlnpsiM nl the howels.nml which had ie pitctl n!l the tncilirnl trrntiuent l)r. Clmpmni nnd other? rnulil e. Tlie a-t three jcais nt that time my HitrL'iingotlry depcriptiun. I wnscoiiliiifd to hal unnhle to ln-lp injM'lf, nml ntlnst gicn uphy my phy scinns nnd (riniiU in deppnir nl ever puning my hpnlih : in hrt, (or a time ln-fore I commenred umiiit Dr. tTpnn ms Klectunry, 1 wnsent'rely f-nf,prh!e,ard my burin I clothes weie made. I tut under the hciirfi cent mercies of I'roide:ic(',nnil the uo nl Dr. lTp In m's lllrctmrv, though nn out ,man,1 hae the plea sure, of statiuj; the fact to the public that my hmlth is now ood, mill hope to Uw many years if it is flod'r will, to mal.u Known the irtunol Dr.'- Klec luary, and to leconmiend it to my afllicied lellow crt'aturo. It helped me beyond the cxpectntiuim ul nil who knew my rne, nml I ran nly nay lo uthcrn lhal il iiiu my opinion the lit medicine in thj wiirld for l'i!e, nr any other dl-ea.-c (d the bowels ; nnd it they will u -.e it necorilin to the diicction1. 1 wid my- sell warrant a cure in cury case. Yours with the utmost c.preM ion ol thanksluliiem couNniaussrun r"T" Fcramont. Dnl: Co-. .1S!.. Xr. 20. 181 '1 be nbnve lertilicate tells a simple and truthful story nf snlli-ring and rebel, nl which, as plivtician and witness in tne case. I tliecimiiv endorse. DR. CHAPMAN .lr.fifl. ('eiitleiiien Understanding that you are the (!en cial Agents lor the sale nl Dr lYhl's Vegetable I'.Iectuary, lor the cure of tbe Piles, I have deemed it my duty to volunteer a jeconuuendntion in behalf nf that invaluable medicine. 1 have been allbcted fur many years Willi the IMes, nnd have Hied various re medies, but with no ben fieial edicts. Indeed, I bt gan to consider my case hnpeles. lint, about the first nl September la.-t, 1 was pn vailed upon by a friend lo make a trial of the above named lued.cine ; I look Ins nil vice, and lejoice to say that 1 am not only relieved, but, as I believe, perfectly mint. I tno-t earnestly recommend it to all who may have tbe mis liirtuue to bcntlheted willi that aimoyingnnddaugc! dicae. Vuy resinctfully, vour oh t seiv't, 1A, MOUItU. Niw YonicJune 1I.1SH. Mr.ssr.s. ICr.rcitVM . IIiasiiaw. (Irntlcmrn : 'l'his ceitilies that 1 have been severely nlihcted for many v ems with the Piles, but more pat ocularly with in the la-t nine months. Having used nil the lemedies prescribed by my phyVcian, uNo having Hied other means to little or no advantnge, 1 became very much ili-eouinged nnd felt ns thoui!h I must snlll-r ns'Inng ns I lived Hut providentially I vvns informed by Mr. Mott, Instructor of the Public School nl Slnlen Island, that I would be cured by your valuable Pile lllectua ry. I laving confidence iii bis statement, I immedia tely procured some nf the medicine and nm very happy to inform 5 on that I am now perfectly cured by the u-e of nnly nne box. Very Duly jour obedient servant, (jlXJIftit: UOIIT.CUOSS. Xoriir. The genuine I'phaiu's Illcctnary has bis written signature, lhus( V A. tTpbam,.M. D.) The hand is also done with a pen. Pncc,$ln box. Sold, wholesale nml retail by WiATT.t Kt rcuvM, 121 Pulton street, fc V. A. 0 Sitar, and (Ico. A, I I AitniMnoN, Agi nls forlliiibngton.nnd by Druggists gcncinlly throughout llie V. S. nnd Canadas. Iliirlinglnn, July C, 181s, vvlmfi rplli: IlDUI.INtlTON MIl.Ii Co. will pay cash j nir wool June 2018 d and w 2m is 1 mii'. rxnnusiciNKi) knowincj m- past nnd pieseut experienie, ihat n taviiig svs. tern is necessaiy to siistnni n good tinde, lien by pub lielv uives fiotiie llril " nntil" (the bad tiiind ot anv fiusiness,) U now hy him discharged. All cimtinrts lor iiarteror ngrci nient to cAihange, me now nt uu end; he then lore requests nil having ai counts with bini lo H tllc them by the first ul July next. p. p,.mai:iv'hm. June 15, 'H, dGlvv51il 1 . 1 . ill All It IB A 1 , III.ACKS.1IITII. I'nrriery liyexpeiicnced Alt hind of Rciairing June to orikr. SHOP, OLD STAND, a rr.w rods j:4sv of court nousc. P. V. 11 A ft It II A 11 , WHEEL WRIGHT, VAliniAdi: ai si, man mki;u, Shop next to the lllm'l.smilh .shop. iiniw.iltf liuilimlun Veimunt. To ('oiili'aciorsj. riWNDKUS will bo ivecivcil nt tho ollieo i , ,. ,v , im.mih,., I'liiiuini. ni uie ii Kieis irni'i . vi. iri l' .m J c. ... i mswiiiucseen , uulilt he l-b.l.,ynl Julv Iliu ,11.1, iiiiilil.l, nvir l ie Kivir lies Planus ul the Village nl Same nu Kunll, t. JOHN ATKINSON, , No. 12 Si. Raul Sheet, Muni, cat. Montreal, June !!J, 1818. .IkuiJ IS. I.ilhoj nio now W'l', mo now riuoiMiip! "I"' 'SinniiKir .Slniknl I.iihogrnph Prints, consisting nfnver '""" '""'""'uu,l Six llllllilleil ibll'erent snbiecls Our piintsns icgnrds the ipiahly i l piiiicr.colnriug, i c. !. uro superior to any in tins maiket, nndwill be I sold ul u very small ndvaure trnni cost. 'I'lie utlou. lion nf P.dilleisuinliill oihers j icmki idillv iuviied I ,., , ', lOODItlCH S il. MC1IOI.S. Wiikvvn.-i limbing, June VII, HH j-,s,- i!it,l JEivor-., Troy, ,HH iipci'.immi iiv i.t aiihiv.m.s i ikim ,LA I in i.urnpe, nuniiiMii o.- ........... Lmu, l.,.- I nml benunliil assortment nl bra ill their hue, vvuiili Ihey offer nu lln' mo'l l.ivonible telms. 1 rlm'H aniiIImiMsuI'iuna l!ieaklal, dinner, tea, ' siiMiii.1- niul inili i sets: fruit and rake baskels. n reserve shells, Compolier, pl'iin while, bailwan and gnld,iVr. OllNAMt'.N'TLtl Cltl.NV Vases, ( aildlestil ks, hollipicl holders, cologne botlles, novillies hi inkstands, inatih and llower pots, r. I''r.nvvtu lll.i i:, (iguicil blue niul Wnsliinetnn blue, in dinner, lea, bieal,l.i"t mil toilet sets. Glass Ware, nil. piesseil mid plain centre bowls, celeiies, water bullies, decanters, tuinbleis, wines, liampagnes, goblets, lemuiiadis, jellies, dishes, lamps, itcr, l.viii's Vatcnt snlar and lard lamps, suitable for ho tels, Hum bes and new and bea uli fill si vies, f t ol ii Ihc nek hinted manufactory nf Cornelius oV ( n, GlRAMinLts, c aiiilelabras, brackets, candlesticks Onnnla,sihci nml broneil,ol new mid approved pat tern". , Hall Tvrrr.xs Uicli slanuil, painted and cut soini' very iliniee anil neaniuui pauerns. llnlTANNIV VAl.r. lnnee puis,ien pois, sugars ami creams, and rasinrsnl every ill scnptinti. I.artiux Wvr.i: of supei lor styles and nualilies, in every variety nf color now in use. fallal iioat iii.iss v aie, wiiks ami lamerns. Tia seis or sepaiate some very choice and lienniilul patterns. Gas l'mrui-s, Iroiu Cornelius &.Co.,nt New York and Philadelphia pikes. 1'ioy, Mny 1.1SIS. 8Kii'iiU" Itcitiovai. Tllb' s ti bsc libers lmvp removed their floods fioiu the Slore lately occupied by therit near tbe Glass pnctory,to the building nt the corner ol .vlaiuand v ater sin its tnnnerly used as n sluie hy I,. Sc. 0. i:.l'nllett,at the head nt Cbainlilaiu Whaif, wbeie they have lur sale a huge slock oi IJry liooils, l.rocines, l'rovisions, Crockery, Hard Waie, Salt, lVb, Pink. Pluur. iXle. iVc. Their stock probably cmbrnccs n gienter vnriety ot (Inods than can be tnuuil at almost nuy other store in tliexiemity; nil ol which will lie sold cxciediugly low for cash ornppioveil credit. lwXlil il li.V.MIII.X ,Y, L.O. June 15, ISjS iKtwIiw. The Ci.-id jf' fi. tiaiif TS fast becoining one nf the most popular resorts of -t. tlie trailing connniunly lor nil ticscripiinns nl Foreign and American Dry (tonih in Ilurlington ; nnd it small piofits, persev cling in du'tiy, consiant altcntinn to the wants nl the Public, uneniupromising integrity, nnu noiiorniiie iicaimgs with till men, have any thing to do willi success in business.tlien tins nlrenily lloui ishiug cstabli'bment is destined to take the first stand in the tneicauiile lists, nnd iiecupynuciiviable positinniu the iutercstsand at fectinnsnt the people. The Profirii tors of this estnb- iiMiiueui arc nappy lo oner at llie preseni lime sonic Vnusnal ltaraiim in Ladies' ircsv (lord, Consiiing ol Ili'iages, luslins, (liugbaius, Lawns, I.inen Lustres, l'laiu, PlaiJ and Striped I.inen (ling hams, I'hail D'Chnvrc, and in fact every article called for in the dress goods depattment. win rn coons, Irish Linens, Jneonetts, Swi-sniul mull Muslins, Plaiiiaml icvieie Linen llmlkf. Plain nnd Pmbroid eil Ciirlnin .Muslins, Corded Skirts, Lace Ldgiugs, Li-le lldgings, CoriiatioiiCord, Ax. sSLc, with a great variety ul SUA W I i S , IJiocba Caslmierc, Stradiila DeLaine, Mack Silk, IJeiage, Ciape, A. c, iVc. itoi si:ia:i:i'i.(i aoons, our assoitment isseiund to none nnd nlTi-rs Jlilraiiritinaru Ijidiierjneuts to those who intend to ninkciuoie extensive purchases man u-ual in tins iiepartinent, llie piesent Season. A half dollar saved in the purchn-e ul n Cnunter, unite, anntber in Drapery Muslins, a lew shillings in Pickings, Sheetings, table Spieads, diapers, evi:. ecc is uf some importance ill llie setting out uf hit', an j all this can bo done by visiting Till: l.ADll'.S' F.XCtlAXUi:. jior.n ano.w WILCOX NASH. New Store, next to Urni'maid cc Iliutheis,Churth Stieet. Ilurlington, May 18, 1918. dlllwl' Ji. i:. rn.viN's lAi ns r Sliiiio-Altdoiiiinal StiiMtorU'f, Vcfiniinl for Persons nf Salrntarn i'iN, Stooiiiini J'vstiitcl, Round bioulilns, Weak and J.nmr Hacks, Fallinu of the II 'umh, Cmratnic of the Siiiie, Lame stomach, Lame .sure, ana alt those 'riinusniiil Xowrlrst Trouhlcs and I'llliei that ariir mm a Weak Condttiiia oj the J'eleic null Atiitiiminal Regions. THIS-isnn Instrument That has but recently been peifected and bioi.gbt b, foie the Public. It has, however, been very universally approvid and lecom mended by thousands who have become ncipi tinteil with its excellencies. It took Ibe premium over nil other nrtifieial supports, at the Pair of llie American Institute, for 1810,111 Ihe city ol New Yoik j nnd Ins received the commend ition ot phjsicians, whenever it has hem presented for their examination, or been u-cd by their patients. A gieai vaiiely ol liKm ments lor artificial support have been presented to the public wit Iiiu a lew veins, ni i ni wiiien nave some ex cellencies j but heie we hate a combination of the whole simple and easy ; cheap, tt invaluable ; giv ing Irec unman toe. cry pan, jet giving n nataial urn! grntilnl support whoever it is ieiuired. A laige put nl thep.uu and weakness in the side, pain in the baik, between the shoulders, through llie hips, nt the pituf the stomach, bearing down sen-atiou, cosiive tiess, whites, -c, .x,c, nn.-e horn vveaknes.s in these parts, that medn llie, plT-tets, washes, luiuuents, ,v. c , iVc, will give but pirtial.itany rebel, bit when thn Supporter tiiuchis th3 tpot exactly, il is tiuly as. lom-biug how immednti! an I wonlerful is tlie relief given. In young people, this weakness illicit causes tin m to grow out ot shape the spine becomes curved, the shoulder-blades ri-e nnd protrude, the "stomach, bone" is piesseil in nr out, and a gieat variety ol other coutoitiuns appear, that cau-e permanent delor mily. Hut by the thinly use. ul tins In-lrument, all tlnse evils, c!iu he plevellted ; nlrenily existing, Ihey can Is; arrc-ted ; or, il not too lar advanced, can he coiuplelely (tired. The advantages uf ibis Instrument over all uthers, '"Y That it is simple, and not liable to get out ol order ihenp, el durable. ,, , 2. It ism thudded, that it will not rust or soil llie clothes. . a. It is ndnptcd to a greater variety or complaints, and allbrds re actual support to the abdomen, and spinal column, than any other lusliumeiit everpie selitedtolhe public. . , , , A laige ninoiint of tcslimonia's might be presi'iued of us cxcellenciis nml cIIclIs. Tbe tnllowing area few of those who hive givelieerltlieatesreciilnineuda tory; any nne of whom can he ulerrcd to. and any ipifstiona asked, in relation lo its uses, mid m what uises it is applicable, Drs. .1 C lih-s. nnd J. S. Ilenrd, of New oik. Drs. A.C. Pnst,.l. Iv. llodgers.and .1.1 . t beeseinan, Surgeons to the N, Y. City Hospital. , .Mott, 1 ml. Surg.,N. Y. W, Pinker, Pn l Surg ,Co. lege uf I'hys ,t Surg. N.Y. Dr- II. an lleurau, A. I,. Cox, .1. 8. Cameron, 11. C Mnrcy, nnd J" K Chilton, N. Y. Dis. 'P. C. liiinsuiade, and P. U II inn.'i'. 'I'rov. (', (' Cnvi l. M l) . Slaillfnrd. N . . P. II Piekluuu, M. 1)., Uticn, N. Y'. C.ll. Covuitry, l'rnl. nl Ob.-etncs, and Jns. Webster, l int, nt .nato my, in (leiiev a Sled, College. .1 1J. Hlvvood, M. 1)., Koehesier, N, X. Drs. 11. I), lligclow, and II. Ho. biiisou, Aubiiin, N. Y'. Drs. (irnliam it Sinilh, Ceneva. N. Y. A. Tvvilcbell, ,M. D., ICeeiie. N. H. 11. I',. Plains, Prof. .Mat. Med., Dartmouth College, N. II. II, It. Palmer, Prof. Surg, mid Anat , Vt. .Med. Col., Wood-lock. S, Webber, Charleslovv ii, N. H. M. Cobb, .M. D , Springfield, Vt. A. Smith, M. D., Peleihoro.N. II. H. C, 'l'orrey, M. I)., Windsor, Vt. It, A. Seveiancc, M, D .Saxton's Kiver, Vt. J. Piciiunn, M. 1) .Stoddard, N. 11. A. S. Pilkin, M. D., Med. Col.,Castletoii Vt. Dis. 'P. Chambeirui.C. Hall, II. Hutch, M. Swain, D. Hail, niul J. W. Hinery, Iluilington, Vl. J. il. Ilronk, 1'liin, N.Y'. A. lhsbee, Snruiglield, Vt., and Hin.J. V, lams wotih, .Mnmliester, Vl. Any ninoiint mine nf nanus, ns it Terences, might lie given, hoiu phj.-iii.ins, nnd Irom those who have worn the Instrument ; but lliis is i on-idered imncees. saiy. A trial ot it, in thosj cases to which ll Is adap ted, it sure to place it above pi ice. lly drawing n tan,; sun dv around llie hodv. tille ll.llT inch above llie hips, und sending the number nf inches to ibo agent, you can havean accurately lilting liistiumeiit. i'or pale by Miis. c. .MimiiiT. Ilurlington, July 1st, 1313. wlvv3 " roH ii" AVimlou U'la OTIlONti, llOtll.l I 1 VM l. oiler to O builders and u'liers ihe various ipinhties and sizes nl'lhe desiiuble" finirii" Window lilass, to which tbcnlti'iition nl all is lespecuuuy souciieii. July 5, 1M8. ihx vv l To ICcnl, III! COMMODIOUS Dvvri.MMi Horse I. : l.l 1.,. ilm v. t..... ..I .1... i Uri iiniv oil, , I',... ..j ... ......... ... ,. ,ic !vJ u'xi. liiiuv. uwned by lll'.xiiv M xn. P.-ii .sit. natul near ihe Suulh Wb.irl, wuh line garden in nourishing condition and moiie iiuii. Apply lo W. I.. STUONCi. July 5, 1818. thxvvl llttiiilt'tn! lloiiurls! FI2V tip Tin: HritiNti Srvi.i: just re ciive.l ai ihe Ltpii' KxniAM,t WILCOX V. NAPli Ilurlington, May'.', 151'. d.x.w Dry (ooi!s vs Monrv. Lndioa' Exclinngc Notice. IN1 consequence nf the departure ol our Air. Warren 111 tlie t.aleiloniit lor F.ilinie, lor our Fall Stock of ituiuh, we wish to tuin nur preseni stock Into inonev as fast ns possible, nnd shall innde it nu object lor all who have money to spend lo call on lis. Our Cuvtomeis l.notn that our stork is too hose to nltcmpt a description in an ndveltisemeiil, us, besides the tin first stni k of Bjoiik' aiil Square Shawl, Mt.K iiuitris, VIS IT IIS AND .11 A NTI I, IITH, Dress (lonils nnd l'nney (7oods nf nil kinds, We linve a lull whnlesale niul ri tall stuck nl JRH'SR I'I'RMSIIIM! ARTlrl.l'.S! I OAT, VI.ST Ami Punt Shifts, in Vnriety. Laces,! bnbioiilerics.Tnmmings, nml While (Joods. .1 f ) V R A' IXO A 11 T I C L F. S , nr r.vr.r.v M'srntrrin.x'. n it n si s t i c n , hi.i:aciii u ami r.r.ow'.v n o s 1 1: u v a x n a i. o v i: s , And m fart every nrtiele in the 1)11 Y GOODS line, lull pins, nteuies, niirs uuu. iiw.mis. Ladies iii waul of a Dress can luid every llimg from , a LONDON CJ cents, ta the finest labiics impotleil. ... , , , , . ! sJltVU'l.St. fifim one do hr to hundleds. nnd Ibe ' same wide lange nl prices in nil ntlier nrtidi s. lu hnving so large n stnrk Irom which to select, customers n7e saved many ineltss sleps ; and nnr in terest and object is to use all nur custoiucis lu a vvny tlmt will biing tin-in nl'len to tbe I .mill's' Kxt'hiiiigi! ! 103 WaHliissit'loii Wirci l. i:i:o. v. WAiiWP.N .v en. June 21, 1818. vcViwIilO'.! 2avv ivv s lOlH.DF.It 1UIAC1JS! Tim cclelirn ted Chest expander, constantly for sale hy the ilo.eii or singly, w51 by '1 nm. A. PuK. fTUIK SAIISAI'A 1 lilLLACOMPOl'NI) ol this Company is nlinnst hterafy a snJi'luttr ot Sar- sapanlla. so ingmy cnu 'eiitr.ited is it that the dose st,ul the half uf a my small teaspoon Jul, while the dnse ol that whiih is sold in large bottles is near Iy a icine alnss full! In addition to Sarsapnrilla il riintriir.s n now er ill enn- .nipfii:.,,, ..I vlnii.lrnLe. P.urdnek. Oucell's Delight. I'lldcr, Yellow Dock, (iuiaemn nml oilier iuirrinni inedieniiicnts wlnth urc not tounu m any oiuirpnp aratiun. , . , , I be CJunnvs Di i.muT vvlneii tonus an rsemiai in gredient in thetirnelenberg S irsaparilla Couipnund, is probably superior lo Susiparilln itself. 1 rolessnr PuM of Charleston, S C.s.i'als oT it ns follows in the Southern Journal of Medleme nnd Pharmacy: " Pew cgelnble pro luctions exhibit inoie power upon the huinan sjstem geiierullv. So powcilully is its nc tion exerted upon the canillaiy nnd secreting ves-els, in elinngiug their morbid st iles or conditions and dis posing them to n new healthy action, it is greatly to lie prelerreil, tVc- tie." He Inrlher adds, that it is m chronic disiasi's nnd thronic inllammalinns, and nisi in Ibe iong tiain of coiiseipiences that lollow syplnli', that ils elliency is best exhibited." t The superiority of the (.racfenberg Saisapanlla Compound mav be thus staled : 1st. It is cninposei1 uf a number of the mist elhea eiinis xegel. ililes in the whole range of the Maleria Medica m addition to Sarsaianlla. 2nd. These nrc so highly concentrated that there are m my mole doses m the bottle than in any ol the very largest hollies ailvcrti-ed. ltd. This consentrntion renders it to Snr.-nparilln what IJainine is lo Peruvian Hark. The more, debited preparations nrc no belter thin ordinary rnntlu'er; souring nn tlie slnuiach and spoiling i l llie bottles. Tnuca weak infusion of Sarsniianlla when a sul phclh uf ihe artical may be had, is like taking balk ill stead of (limine, nr like travelling in a scow against a siiong current instead of in a swilt steamer. Thru-things being so, let all who have Madenp their lumps to use any Sarsapanlla, use ul lie' I lrneli.iiln.rT Conuianv. r . ' It is vvarielited to be ten times more cliicatious than any other known j no mailer how large the bottle, or cxtravugant llie ail vcriisciucts. As .v i'r ixa mi: max i: s. the (traefenberg Vegelahle Pills, llie Oraefeiiherg m i I on, rs n nil l ii . neieiinei ' .;ns. 11.11 1 v ,-ni i- pound should supersede all others. I'or umvcr-al u-e ,1... fills r.n lliitcrs nu. nf'ini nteiilnble value. Those who take tin m need not fear the enervating effects uf the sumer vv lucli is nt Itnml. The Ceivral auent lor Vl. is L. L. DUTCIIP.U Si. Albans to whom npp'ientious tor agencies may l litdre-seii. liDVVAIil) li.Ml 1 o.s, cerctary. AllllNTS IN CIIITTIINDHN COl'NTY. iliimtan A C. Sncar. 1. Shervvnnd, J. S. Mim- soii and Ceo, 1',. Harrington, Diuggi-l. Winoost.i lulls . Ii. Hatch .V ( o. .Millon, Avers iV. Claik. Shrtoim. W. I). Tvler. llnntiu"- (miA I urirn-on. 1 udcrhill.i,. .. AI en. ( hur- lotlCf,yo .V: Mexauder. .leiicho. Pietd ' lleach. jruoio f enter, .i. liVinau. n rsijoru, ii. i. Wood. lillfl.buis W. II Viele. J'.ssrx .1. ' J. Tuttle. Richmond, 11. II. (liein. Wtllutun, llul bert .V Hodges, w.uvi. Townscn.rrf Sarsanurilln, 4 SriM'LV OK TIMS l'orn.Au mkdicim: ii ron-innilvon hand, nnd for ?:dc hv May 11, ISIS. ii:JUVtt A MOM. . hri.Ali. IUI.hAMiS Wi'Icoine to Um Mrnnrr; rr nn I )x cur-ion through Iirland, in Jftl nnd 5, far ilit-iiurpii'-o ol IViMinally invcstiiT'itin' tin condition oi Uu ptior ; hv A. Nnhul-on. i'rici' yl.'M). ii7i I'or wile by C. . HDWAIiDS. Uoiart's Wat or. IJMM?II Consre Wntrr, jut received directly fiom the Spring. I'or silo by d? J w.V'wl A lh M'IjAK. r in: ot .Maj. (wi z w'haiivtaymjk, u win noticcrt ot the war in Mvxu o. ami liio- Hiaphieal notices ol Olliivis who hive di-tiiitftiMu-J lliein-fne in uf war wita .uexico, tofiiR-r w itn portraits, plana ot battles, e ftc, JI.iKt. At HuWAKDi' IJoOKSTOHE. June IT. dCC. iVcw l.'ootl.. rPHH Stilisciilicis Imve snlcctptl from tbe a. rsevv i oik nnd Huston .Matket and now icceiv. Itlpr one of the largest nnd hest selected stock nflbl-ch-h, Scotch, I'leneh and American I'aney nnd Sfi pie Dry linod-. I.adies and Mis-e.s Hoiinti.s, Gents nnd lloys lints nnd Caps, dents, luhesand Phil. .1 ir...... i oi - . . l - l- I ... l turns ih.ii. .inn ii,irs in .1 ir.u villieiy i'l Ivlllds Div (Iroeenes ,Vc. Arc. that has ever l i en received in the Queen City oi Vermont ; nnd vvill he sold nl wholesale and mail nt ns reduced prieis nscau Is' Icii'id nt nnv stnre not e.xcenlim' the Fiontcs Anent. or the Ladies llxchange. i;iititi.sju .v. liiiL't.n. Ilurlincton, Mny II, HH. iltf CSie:i ECoolt WJorc. No. 1. l'rnv's Hfit.riiMi, lti'nt.iMiniv, Vt. (.e.t Door tn Ibo ('nniiiiciciul Panli.) I1Y C. II. KDWAHDs. Til I'l Lnrejit Sliiulv of iMisrollnnomi, Sehool' Classical, ,V ledical Honks ec Statinu cry to he found lu any one Store uorih uf New Ynik at ihe most rea-onahlc prices for Cash only. 1 111. i ns iiihi sininiin ,111- 11 s'i 1 1 niuj lull, 11, to examine our slink. X j ( irders hy .Mnil or by the Drivers ol the various lines of Stages to this pbue, promntlv answered. June 17, HH White sOuiN. CtWISS .Ml'SMN, HOOK AND TAIL V 7 lelott tMuliiH; AUia f,w J'liibroulered r.veniui J)icks, with Jtl putis ll'liile Pla.d Cumbiic, wluclt will be kuM nt Pi ru per ard IPIloX .V; NASH. Ladies lljrrfmttsr, JimeSVn. Chuicfist. Wl! have in Stoie, 1 Cnt of Print-, w Inch will le fold ht ct. less (Inn ever belie ollered in our ttubliiuiiiiit. M ua u. a, AMI Indies I Ixchanfe,CliUKh IUirlinioii, June tiS, IS. wl lletluclioii of Stock AT Till' ii a b 1 1: s i: a v ii a u d: . IUli Ul HJI I AMI M Kl lrlllNT UKASON IT ba bet ii deemed proper on our pari lo throw the baUllcC ol our eilllie Hoik ot m u;ic COODS, Upon the inaiUi I, nt j: :nt vnn p n iai:s. lly no lining wewoultl not infer tin I we are mm Mlleil ta do ftir that we tto hj to frailly ibe (eel of any paiticutar imli Wt-t to mi it our own cuii eniaiice, nnd the public (tmd. It any bliouid lecldi-posel to iuc-tinn our Immicvo lence in this matter It t ibeui examine ouriioniU and plieei at the New Store, nexl !o Ibin-inaU A.. Rut thf r&, Chuicb Sum i. IPU.COX A NAHI. Rurbutp.i, June w Si IS'AWJytilVA IMPRUVKI) AMl'.UICAN Allt-TKltlT' , Ctiolting Ntmo. nIli: above stove is nlli'rul to the iinblic ns an nrt X iele for culiiniy puipnsi s imiivniled by liny niher now in use. Its construction i veiy siiuple niul con seiiipntlycnu bemmaged willi fieihiy nml ne. The inert Is large and bnki s admirably, the lines being so nrialtged as to dilliise an i ipialilegree of bent in nil parlsnl It. A very uelul d ature in Ibis stove is itssiniiiurr nrinngcinenl which cousi-ts n n fuinare which can be nail with the sniiie facility nnd more economy than the common pnilablc furnaces. Alsn A general assortment nf Pulley llox nnd Air-light slnvesol Ihe latest sjle. Patent Pumps, It.n J pipe, Agrienhural Implements ,Vc. Job vvntk ot all kinds In till, copper nnd Micct-lrnn done i 1 1 1 1 io latest stvle and nn shmt noiice. (w52il P.OSTIl'ICK & I'.VAItTS. ttAt.AI) Oil,! nii'cst nrlielu fur iJ table use, (iir sale by case nr hnltle nt r hnltle ii w52 TIII'.O. A. IT.CK'S. iSl'U' Coiiils J . V . ll A ft' i A tfi ffi ffAS JUST HKTUUNKO ntrut tt:w 13. Ynik with n laige n-s irimenl nf Wntehrs,.tivv ehy and fancy arlieles. He Ins now lie- largest and best assnrtment nt Walelus and .lewi hy that basner been olleicd liir sale in ihe Slate of Vermont, nnd he will sell goods lower llimjliey can h hoiigbt in .Monlical, Huston, or New Yolk, nl ihe same ipi ihiy. lie has linld and Silver Wntehes of all kinds, (!old Lockets nl'cvctv Pattern,(lold ( lu ud ami I 'oh chains, (iold Pens in (Jnld cases for Ladies or (lentletnen, (Sold Seals and K'evs of everv Pattern, mid a great vntiety nf t'ornl Cnnieo Lova Smne and clu-trr Pins, line (jul.l Pius with glais and llox S' tliug Inr .Mmea tuns, two doen ihlliient Paterns of Ur.iielels and clasps, (iold Thimbles, Heads, and Cham Slides. Col ; Pings nf every ihr 'liptinn, Pries from 2iets to ji25,tl I I'.ai Hoops, large or small, Plain nr ( bused I'.nr Drups, wuh Coial and Slone Selling, Head ll.ijs, Peail nnd Shell (' ml. cases, Ivory Tablets, Suel Heads. Itingsnnd Tassels Purse Silk, ecu. M.e. ilurlington, June 10, '18. w.'il Si:sa3w;:i F4UcJ EiSJaJf. stati: op i:it.)io.s p. Disuiicroi 5 The lion, the Pinhole Com I for the District of Chit tenden: To all h-rsms concrinrd ia the Lslnte of Siistunil Vo'lrll, late nf liuiliimlon in said Distttct, ileeensrd, (,r,i LTIN'ii: I l HIIUCAS, Tiinolhy I'ollett, administrator nf . . 1 ne i-iiiie ni me s.iui in ciiis(.,it prn pu-es ro ren der an account nt his iiiluiiiii-tialinii, nml prtsent hi nccoiint ngamsl snij csiale Inr examination and al lowance at n sccjon nf theComtot Probate, to In hidden nl the Proline Ollice, in said Ilurlington, on the Kith day of July next. Therefoie, you are hereby unfilled to nppear before said Cnurt at the time and place aforesaid, niul shew cnuse, it any jnu imve, why the account utoiesaid .l.....'.l ..... I.:, nil.... ...1 ' (liven under my hand, at Burlington, this l.'ih day of June, A. D. HIS C2w:i) llliADl'OUD KIXPOUD, AV?irr. ALI'.T OF PINLSKY UOCKHTS. JI'ST UP., ctived. wjj llr.ixsMviu .V HiaiTULr.s. SfJx'fl anil tsiSvcr i haiis. STP.l'.L, Silver, (lermau Silver niul Hrnss (luard. Vest nml Tub Chains, Alsn, S.Ik nnd (lold.n line nssortiuent,jUst received. w52 Hr.ixsMAin ec HnoTiiins. I'ofi'lnhh S.virt5 I1 Oil witulina Silk, tlimil or jnm, AKo. fcrew ('n-Iiion-', Spool trtaniN.nnd jn-t rrccivcil Ilni.NSMAiD rf;orniR, A FIND noiimcnt ju-t rf-rcivod wj'l Uri.nsmaid fc UnoTiir.r. i10M) AND SILVUU. STKKL AM "il I'laird nml ((!inanSiUci,i-:icTt:di!csaiK pijlcd (ionics, n line ut'-oiniM 1.1 jui-t u riwd. 5J lIuixMAiii Ur.oTiiLRs. IYoiio S Iir-'UI'nV pvcii lint I-sitba Rins, my son h. S. Riiii;, Ins tune during Ins minority and i-hall henceforth claim none of In- ramin, nor pay any dehts ol In tnntrnr tins nlt'-r this date. JIuntuinton, Jnnejtf, HK w.VJl3 mVO. A. A53o8 fl'Ntato. CJOIMII S. AM,i:. iulmtiihirK- of tho iy H-tnte oM!eo, A. All'ii having exhibited an ae count nt her administration and prated that the sniiie may be allowrtl. It Not dei i-d by tlie Probate Court, for thn District of Chittenden, lint the f-nur be rxnmiiKd on the lyth d.iy of July, 18 IS, nt tlie Proliate Ollice , in Iiuiliulon, niul tint notire (hereof be ien to all loneerned by niibli-hini' iIih onler in the Tree Pre-, three week? iicee;-iely the hi of which to be belure the ilay lot lor the examination. U. AUA.MS, Jtulgc. i ill land and Gfiiit lin ion ASSl's.Ml'lNT 01' I'l V i: Dul,- l lars each, have been or lered by the llireetors un each .liare nt the Capital Sim k nt llie Unttand and I'lllhlltou Uail Uoed Cnniany ; one innh!e nu the first, ami the other nu the loth ilay nl'Anim-t next. Pa nient may lie made to the 11 mksot Itiirlinirtoii. Veru'ennes, .Middlehury, lllaek Iliver, Hellmvs I'.ill-, Cbi'slnre Hank. Keene, N II. 11. O Pelkuis, at the Hail Uoad nllice, Uutlaud, lelvvard Piikenn. I'tl Slate filed, Huston, nr lo the Treasurer at bis ollice in .Middlehury, SAM SUTI'T, Tieasurer. Middlehury, June SI, IMH. wailvvo M'illiiini ltol)s IMiitc. Wl the Siib-cnhcr, hain been appointed by the Honorable tbe Probate Court (or the Dis trict ofCblltendeii, commiioiier.t Ui eceie,e.anir.e and adju-t the clauu and demands of all pei.eon, au-iin-t ihe emte of Rouv, late ol Rurbu: lon, in slid )i-lret, deccavtl, reprei'iiied nwolvent. atul ;d-a nil chiin and deinnmU exhibited 111 otl-et thereto; nml m tnontbn Irom the day ot tbe date hereol, benu allowed hy s-aid Court lor thai purpose we do iherelore lareliy pive notice, that we will nt lend to the biiine- of our appointment, at tbe nlbee ol (leortre It Shaw, in IJurhuton, in said I). strict, on liie lir-i Monduaot Aunt nml Noemlier next, at 10 o,co k, A. M , 011 each ol i-,iid ilavs. Uitul.thh'.thdavolJime.A 0. IHt3 CCO. Ii SHAW. ) II. A. STNri!UMlV s 'm"lllJ"u"cr'f' Ann lliiiritiloirs IMalr. STATU OT VinUlOV'P.J The lbu, (he Dmri' Tiip ('iiiniMii j. s i Pn I i.ite Coiim lor the l)ittict id Chittenden To all per"n council. -dm tbeeiaieof Ann llnuiiujtun, late ul Ibnhnton in S lid Dl-trirl denased, llr.LLriM. : y III'iUKAS, Ceorire Ii Sl-aw AdminiMrator t l llie eM.ite of mid tb-eeawd. proooi's to iciuler an account ol Ins ndiniiu-trniioii. and ntcsent hi ac count a;.in,t ha ii ehtnie tor eXTtnm.iiion and al'ow auee ai a s-e.-jon ot the Courl ol Pnb;iti , to be bolden at the Probate ollice in said Iluihuuton on tbe P.'tli lay of July next. Ilinitnroiill, You ore beieby notifxd fo apHar betore said conit nt ibe time litul otm e 11 ton -nd. nnd shew uni-je, it nuyjm hae, why the ociount should not U' ntliiwcd (iiei. under mv Iriud nt Ibirlinaton this '.Mtli day ot jiine, A. 1) 11. wvjw'd JlliAlH'OIlI) lUXrOKD.IIcniMer. Ec(i(i(iii fo Svll I, and. STATU UP nit.MO.NT, j PiNTMirw Cii.i 11 m t.v, fs. Tht llutwiublc Vtuhafc Cvuit for the VUtiict oj Cfitttt mien, to alt iicit-tiim In whom the iicitt Shalt COItif, (iRFLllNU- f 11 ''It I! AS, Pliny M. ('orbin, smrdiau ol I, nun M Corbin, lioal A Coihiu.aud Cailnrine A. Corbin, haMn! lilid iiiKiid ( omt lm application, in writing, setting lortli lhal Ins .jid wurd- aie sMpd and pM-sesed,eiicb, otoue unhided twellih p.nt ol lite (nnd nt tbe junction ot I lunch nut I tank ft reel . in Ihu button, where the kite Wilhaiu A tiriwl. luetl; a I one undiiled (welith paitol Ibe pirn e nnd lot Mtulli ot llie Ikipll iiu-ttm boue in sanl Hurlinloii ; nU ot one tw.-lnb put o the one halt o quarter acre lot "ti, in said ; nbo vt ;i prw in the new Ptiuk uicitmu liouw- .iimi ol two ou ol land 111 Jkiriou in Orleans couulv. numlereht 111 (etenih rau and tium'kr seven in tn iimtti rni! . and that 11 will Ik' ndwulaueoiH to bts km I wnuU that ihe Nime lie sold, and Ibe piocveiN ine-ieit in htickwor placed at nit. iei, and prnjui x,nd Comi to eruiil bun bcciiM- to mI llie niterot ot Ins f-nd wanU 111 ki.nU real tlate. Wiitiiuro.Nj (be said Pjobate Court nfumned Ihc PJlhdayi.t Jidy, A l. ISIS, r beanii' mid ilecld 1 1 on wild appiicaiiou, at Ibe Probn'.o Ollice in Mid torlm':)on, ami ordeicd ibat all i- Imui'. iiiierri-ied hould be nottlied tberud, liy pubhh'im iIih ord r contaumii; the Miltauce id Mid iipplieili three wetksMifcMeIvt it, the IIiilinItu Cue Pie, n ueWHiaiier oruii.l nt Itiiilimoi. iln L.m ol which publications to Ite pic.iou to ibe djy avi-iiied, n at.ircMid, lor beating and dtvtJiiu iid apphca t ion Ounu uuiltr m baud, at iMirimatou 1.1 &id ! tiui.ihift liih d.i ol June, A l li ;iit:shirc ICailroad. cvtn?tclf3 UiS'ii ntvtzx tsa- ON nnd nfter Toe-lay, May lCth.thc Pninger 1 rnnw will i... 1 r . . .; .1 . 1 1 iiv,,;.,,. 1 V. 1 -''"in euio who uu: 1 1111 1 raimbuwien llcntim ti,.i t;, i..u...... V.,1.7.. 1 ,. " 111 wiiiMvimii wnn ui'J 1 iicunura Vro I1;,V',n M 7 A- ." i'. m. Arrive ,t Kieuc at, A. M.,nnd fi, M. Irnw Kerne at 7.J0, A 'm ,n,,d p y . Armciu lio-um at P2(M.,iind (i.:jn(p. y, At N'eene, Staccs will conurel with all thn traluMd and Irom ttnlpolr;, I .-Hows PidW, t'beM. r, Caen ltli( IidIow,to J Lilt In lid and llnrlintnn 1 ille,AKteail,CJiailestow 11, SprlnHd, Vrnth(.i;.'hl, Claiemonl, Newport, Windsor, WouilBUxk, niul .Montpt'hcr to Iluilington. Thn line, in connection with the ritchlmrn Kail road, and the Sin j -i to and bom Keene, tortin n di rect Ini" of cnnitintui' atiotis between Iloslon tind iVoiihern ermont ihmI Northern New llnitipthlrc n I the fih'iitcfil rt int moKf tlhrrtlinr between South-i-rn, Middle, ami WrMuit 'errnont ailil WvU rn NeV I bimji"hirc ntld IW'on and Un, In connrctioii with lire Staef noni(Viti( hendon mid Cilcbbtiri lo Worcester, and the Worcester mid Providence, Kail lofid, IhiMinM. tlirrrt line between tbciMj fiectioiw n Vi nnoiii anil New I hmphirc anil Worcester Conn ty and the State of lihoife Nl-ind ; nnd in coimertioti willi Stairestrom Ititthtou, Mfivi to Iowell,n din ct eoininumcation betwicn the Fame pottiutM of New Hampshire nml Vermont and IcjucII. Fieiglit trifui will run d lily, to nnl Trom IJopfon, in connection with tbn regular I'ltebburi' M'miii'. T M CDWAIIDS, President. I.. TUl'ON, Iltinetr. Keene, May 1.1, HIS. isli v a 1 & il vv rt 1 s v nt i: 11 1 , All of (hr foflnirinsr articles u-hivh hmc uht'iimd iinhnunthtl j'ttftnf'trifit arc toll hi AX V S IUIV J ItVD KIMIKOV, Amf tut Ahnnnttvfur 18 IH (iratis, Ul I'or Colds niul l''uvtrih feelings and jinrrnt. l;iT pevers. iMCur Asthma, Mcr Complaintand Iluliousaf feci ion. 3 I I'or Phrhm,!!! ligret'nti n nd Tsiisuf Apprtifi'. 1th I'or Citiveiies. in female nnd male ftth I'nr Slrunnili aUection, Oiipepia nnd Pile. Thr meat ointt me, it h not b id in take, nc vrr yiw p'nn, nnd vrrcr trai ex our rmlire ! ! I'or all thepe iiinii- it warranted iineqinlhd, and nil who do not fmd it to may tchit'it Ihc hnltle and rt their uttmnf. The lneibeine jq f.ovhy'a srrat Vrtlnu linft'tn Pamirca. Puller decuption m an Ahnauac toi Is!-, rali. Ihir. Tonic- To the Paid and Orcy- If joti Mi a tit'Ii, luxurieut head rf hair, tree from dnndiiill atld -curl, do not fad to nrocure l be genuine Htlmof Coluinhn. In cae ot baldness it will more th.-tn e ceed jour c.pectatitmti. Manv wholnve lo-t their hair tor twenty year have lnd it rctonb to its ori (linal pertection by the ue of tht balm. Aire, stale or condition appear to he no obtnele whntevr ; ! al-n caine the lluiit to tlowwith which the ibbeit hair lube ii filled, bv whiih mean thousand (wh"e bairwi irrey n the Aiatie ens;!e) Invu 1ml their hair restored to it nattiral rolor by the ue of tbi ru vabiable. In ail ot f.ver it wilIU- toimd th; Hunt ppmnt wa-h I tint can b- u-rd. A few npphea tion only are nece-tary to keep the bnir from tailing out. It strengthens the root-J, it never fail to itnpjit a rich trb-vy appearance, and n a pertume for tlie toilet it i- uncntnlled ; it holds tbne tiim s a imieb a- oilier inirnl!cd hair ieMor'ili and imore ctlectnal. The tmine mamthttured only by Coiustock lC Co. J1 Coinllaml st. New York. CoNNir, MiotcAi. Paiv IlvmArrnn Ii i now conceded by medical men tint Conuel's m-jziril Pain lAtrachr, maniitactureu liy L.omtoe; Co., SI Conrtlaud t. N. Y., in the utentc-t woiuler of the VJ, century. It- etl'ecHnre truly miraculou-. All pain me uniovctl troiu butiHcaltls, &w. nnd all exit mat sore., in a few minutes niter its application, be;ilmg the -ame on the mot delicate skin, leavint; no ftnr. It iAcrinlly Iviu li( nl in all kiiufid iiilhmtnatoiy h M,nH',S'iicfi a-soie Nipples anil lle ; Spnih, Ulieu matHtn, White Swelling and I 'leer PruNes Puni", Cbillhtain iirjipela-, piles Tic 1) !orcnu, :c. We tinirht add n pi oof to nil we say, tin name of many t iiiim-nt phyMnnrn who n-e it in their pr-ietice, nu l hundreds ot ihe clergy who praise it to their p'-p!e. Kiuit Jiareut keep it con-tnntly on liand,lunee of accident by liie lite may be ltsi without it, but tiy its iw all bum are ibjei t tu it eoutiol,unh?- tbe vil il aiu di-tmvcd. Caution Uctnendier nnd rck for Connes Magical Pain llvtractor, inanufacturcil by Com&loik i Co. N. Y. and take no other. l)Bi.Nr,ss Ccri.t) Un. .MeN-Mr.s Aa or;Tin Oir.. Tboe deaf trom old age nnd from ml. nicy otteti re ceive their lieating in a mo-t miiacii!ou miuncr, hy the u-e of the oil. It ba the tdltxt to restoie the ten "ion and briuir into the nalurla action of the puts so as to restoie the beaiing whevlo.-t or impaiied. This will he done in allcaot n-cetil deaines., niul many ol long --tathlmg. Alt dtaf per-oiwsliould u- tin oil. Couitock :Co.'-!t Courttand,st. are. die wlioltsileis. Pi ice & 1 per lla-k. Piixs, Soitns, 'c Tun tiFwivKlUvs' I-iMMt-vx i nn nrtiele more ju(!y relebrat'! a a cure tor th- ahovc.than nny or nl1 ,t!iT'. It cure nrfnimtrt imumieiable, and it i only necenry to let tho who know tlie article and n-eil it with such great Mtcce, that it i to be had tine and genuine ot Comtock V. Ci 'Jl Conrtlaud si. New York, sole proprietor. Dr. M'Hon's Sick IIfadu hi: Kv.Minv. Why will j on Miller wuh that diMies-uig i-ompl tint when a tc Iuedy i at Innd lint will not l.ul tocuiejou I Tin remedy will uteettully (W-troy nny attaK it head nche, cither nervim or bdltou?. It Ins cured can- ot twenty vcar-s' statnbng Mrtnns Uki im I viuav Disrovr.RV All c.ieeting to become mother and nninutj Tvoid the Pains, 1) "tn s ami l)angers of Clnld ln-ar-m',aie earnestly entreated to Calm their fear, allay tin ir ner ouncrP, ami snoth their w ay by Ihe iw of tin- iuufteireoidinnr vegetable prodnctiuii. Those who wid randiJly ob-eive lis v irttie-. iuut ajiprove o it in (heir bean- ; every kind am! nllVtiotinte Inn hand will feel it hi- umM solemn duty to rlleviate tb ih-tres hi wile is exposal to, by a -ate nntl ceit.iin method, which ) the u-e flj mother's itieet. Cur ther particid.ns in iamphlis mteihleil lor the female eye, nte to be hail gran Wfre this bumane cordial in to tie found. Tlietfimier' relief is prepircd.-tud only, by the now -ole iiropneteis, ConifftJti .V Co, -1 Coiutl.iiiil st. New VoJk. Von Woi;m- Kot.vroi k's VrnMtrfur: w ill eradi cr.te and core cbildit'ii and udult-wlio June worm". Caution llew ate of all un'e.-s the name i spelled ' Kolm-toi k," the old Ducli n.une of ihe mvcuter. Price S.'i et per bottle. ? T It con not injure the child ! i d thcie It no woiui-.but it will lo it good. To Tiir iim.t a.m t.AM., Comtink' Netve and Pone Imument and Indian Vegetable I'.luir, i ibo nuM clleitiur cuie for Kbeuuiali-ni.contracieil cinl-, or tuu-cles, mnl is wnrn ith-d to cure any ca-e id Ilheti-(inti-iu or (tout. All the n'e article, are wdd by O. II llartingluii,iiiid A. C, IlurlinytoiK June !., s w"lm't sta i i; or vrimovr, UistiiHTor CiniUMux.s-. i Thr Ihjtu.t.dle Pinhole Court for the Dtjtfrirt of Chittenden, to all I'cnons to wham these Jrecnt shall cutite, (.JutxriNu: I VllllUHAS. Hiram II, Iimport, gnnhan of Cnrobne M. (!ri-wotd an I Hairiet Piaiucs CrNwobl, clnhheu ot tbe late Hiram 1'. (Imwold, having tiled in said Point In application, in writing, svttiiu forth lint hi- -ud w.mhnre si.ed and piis-e-sed m their own right, rich, of one uudiviled sixth part ot certain land, budding lots nod buildings lliejeon; that to fay, ol one messuage and tene ment at the junction of Church street with liank street, nod m the weM side of nid Church stieet nnd on ihe ii4ii lit side of said Pink street, roniuiuhig one hill acre of' land more or b?, with two dwelling bojses und out buildings on tbe same, and i- tlie Mine UiieinetU kitel) owned and occupied by the late Wil liam A linwold til-o ufa muuII tenement on tbe ve.-t pule ol the nlue Church p-otitb of tho lt,ipti-t meeting hou-.-, boiunifd on (be ti bj Hor ace heeler's hnd, nnd uu the south b Cbarlex WooUotiVland coutntuiu' nboui twcmy-Uur tod of land, more or hnp with a dwelluig houe and out, biiildmef thereon, I odi of said bl ot land nituated ui liiuhngiotiai-n ot tbe undivided halt ol a budding lot iii t.ud lhirhngUn, known ns nun her '.'( t tbu ijuailcr ncre lot- al-a of a (icw tu Mr. Worcester's meeting house.'m Kiid Iurlington--tilso of two loth uf laud ill Hilton in Orleans countv, to wit: itumter e,eii in tbe ninth range and uumberi'iulu i l ihe m' eiuh range of lauds in said llarlon thnl bis sn'd wau's nie very uuii2, king oul ol ihe age ol eight miJ live jears respeetivi ly, mid that it will be tar tnoic ndiiut.igeous for the iutertt ot Uis said watd. tint their interest in said fan Js Ik t-dd, uud thenvai.1. thercut bo invested in nrotiinble stock, or pl.iced tit inteicst on good nnd permanent security -and pmy niK (wild Cyutt to grant bun hcene to tell wid inter-e.-i ol bistijiid wards in saidlnnd; Wucrti'iMN, tbesanl Court nv-igned lln lOib uav ot Jul, IsilS, tor benrmg nnd deudingon wii.l peti tion. : t the Piobnte Otliecui snul fturhngion, and or derctl that nil licons illicit tcd slumld ie notihyi thfieot, hv publc-htng tins order containiug (be sulu ttiaiue t Mid npplicniiou three wt i k4 sm ic.-moIv hi tbe Hiiihngloii Pice Prcsf, a new.-vipcr printed ut Ibirlmgion, ihe hlol wlmh puhbeimutis to Ite pu-vU one lathe ilnvas-sigtied n uforewid (nr heariui;. (iivui under my baud nl Puilmgto'i, in paid Dis. tin I. this iJliwkij of June, MS. (.W3) IIKAUroKl) lilNPOlU). liesister. DOMESTICS. tSOOO yds. hi: v Siuurnxcs, o(i ly. widp, HiMhi do. Very Stout do ;t; k yiMlt) ib Pine .Meiiminck, It) do I ( ). i I do Wi y I 'me, 1-1 and. VI A LSO Prown Pnllin , hh H1113 Stiws, iVnims. c, fai nnv quinary, toi ... e ai ntcnmiiaf rrhes m (ft

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