Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 21, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 21, 1848 Page 1
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IBVKjLIiWJTOIV, FRIDAY MOKIVIIVf,,, JULY SI, It SIS. Vol. XXII. Whole ISo. B8. IVcw .Series, VoJ. i$?io. tS. Xhtsincs.. ifiu-iio. OUni.VAKV A.I) I'AXCY Executed nt llic Tree I'ics s Oflico Burlington JTvcc press. Published at Ilurllngton, Vl.t IJ y 1 . W . C . O 1. A 11 If 12 , lUitor and Proprietor. volopcd her b-auliful form, ntul lier rtlici'a i n-1 siritl pulio.s. 'i'Jioir cJivrrslons had bpen limitci: Tcr m s i with cahc and itxctlalitv. i To Village subscribers w ho receive the paper by ' .i -.f..-.. . . ff'2.S' U. AY. UHBW, CitAin ami Cabinet, Two loor Koiilh County Ilotisu, Church Sr , UcnLixa-roi, t, llie earner. II paw in advance, struclioii3 had us prematurely ripened her ihlcl Icet. I Her Unci: am! sparkling eyes l-i"lsc-cl tmtthc liveliness iintutal to borage; but tlioro was t times a in"l inr!if1y expression about tliem which I seemed In indicate a soriovv. I 'i'lio eyes cjf this vonmr mil would dwell but 82,50 for a moment upon the external charms of the to ii few lerluliis: mid they had liTetofnre re ceived onlva select numbernf the inhabitants of the city ut llieir house. Gounl llipro tint lie fniind then, amongst all tho young men oflhe 'Come then," said Doni Conrln ; and the rose again bloomed upon her cheeks. 1 Weep not my inotlicr,' said she,' kissing lier liaml willi fervor; 'thy daughter will bo happy, for I Invo him. lint ("or the honor of our name. '.'.on ,,,. i,.' ,. i... i i i. i i .Mail subscribers and those who take it ut tlie . fjr . , , , , . , '...,.,, Ti.,i.'t ,'i,',,', ' ' .' ' ' .' .' .'. T.50 their iiuy souls vvilh her L'lance. ami in spile of iu-- L.Mjun iiioos oi oer ninuicr, wuu u u ioai n. wag very important for her child to have a pro- i t(,ctnr j it, troublous times, she refu-ed the i Ii id left thum Translated fiom the Spatii-h for the Boston Traveller. . "'"" , IO 1110 TfliEi KOJJIII.K'S EJESSUi:. vain and Irivolnm," sho said. Concluded. Jaen la one oftlu most beautiful towns In Spain, Don Ccsaro da Linvodro lived there As for llio young olliccrs, they were too rash and boastful when near her, and too submissive in the pre sence of llieir chiefs.' She called thorn tyiahts and slaves. And as for merchant, they were vci-iing llieir souls in calculating' their profits, and lost in sordid desires for pain; she could All kinds of work in the above line made to order on i ADv-rnTisKMnxTs inserted on tin- customary temis, the shortest nonce. j i I. SHERWOOD & TIL'S AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORL, 'r.r hiun Kijuaku. Constantly on hand Cabinet riirnilurr, Chaiis, Look ' 1.... .c. , I1V LSTCLLC. . I I U F R V STAR IE. wj. i - . - - - - II I,ACK.s5ilTH SHJ C C CYTI M 1I R-iWf I 11. i'l'll "I- HIIMIU II . l nil I V, . UY SI fli Jtti""-"! i .. . ... . . or imnv cars verv iiAnni'V. llu owneu a conn, noi I nere oie eimute I hem Saddle, ll'irnc nud Iiiiuli Miinufactiucr. iry'at some distance Iroin the town, situated DoniCouchi was approncliing lier fifteenth i.ii nic uiurizivKxc fiumi. on !in uicviteu iilain, conim'inuinir one (il the, ana lier mollier urireil her every uay more linest piospecls.ol lull and vallev, waving woods . and more to m ike a choice Irom amongst tier I.,, ..I ..11. !,.,,: ...I. ,,(.!!. ll.., ,'l, ..,! .,..., 1 )n,;.r ij Dealt is i,i nazeilnnon. lie. however, seldom resided there. ! " Mv mother." she said at last. " let more- Itardwnrc, l)i us. Paints Oils, uyc-ijuiiis, r ,ei,,ll(., t0 j,,,;.,, upon these h.'aulie, for the ' main with vou ; our rcpoe Is not threatened. i reason that the cattle of Murievedro was a prom-' In two years I learned many things; I ' incut object in view ; or rather, because Alii-1 will never imrry a man that I cannot loe and I rievedro himself was so near neighbor, who had . respect ; and not one of these people aro worthy I lormerly been his nearest mend, but was now .01 my alie.ction. Ins bitterest enemy. i " All the nobility of the Province aro at your Wherever they now met, thev exchanged feet," said her mother, looks of contempt and dclhiice. The dirk Mu-1 " lint who of them loves me for myself alone?" ricvodio would become very pale whenever bin j They worship my fortune, anil what the call iny eyes caught a glance of a diamond ring, which . beauty, merely the form and color of my face, the joyous Don Ccsiru wore on his linger, and , These attractions will toon xanish, ami then which lie seemed to take pleasure in exhibiting j what will become of such love ? llcsides," she to his adversary, and making it to llah in the j added, without blushing, " I have a bridegroom sunlight. It was rumored in the country thai a , that I love." rivalry in love had caused this iolent hatied be- "Who ran it ho ?" nked her mother, with tweeii the two fiiemls, and that the ring was giv- surprise. Dona Concha shook her head, but en to the prel'eried lover. 1 did not answer the question. We know nothing of the family of Murievo-1 " Who is he my dear diughter? Am I not dro; but Don Ccsaro had a mild and tender worthy of your confidence ? 1 know of no person wife, and a most lovely 1I.1 lighter, who was 11.1m- to whom ynu limp given one eneouragiug s.mile. eil at her christening, Stnta Alalia de 1,'oncep-1 Who is he? Tell me, my child." tion ; hut she was cilledbv her mentis Dona " llow can I name hnn saul Dona Concha, bho had u-t reached her thirteenth . at lat, " when I do not know 1 1 1 in myself ? I year cny ami neignuorunnu one vt iiou rouragu nnu vou can say lie carried me on.' 1 'hat is whit atnl.ibilllv could mike an impression upon the I am doing',' said the brigand, ns he rlasped Iter heart of Dana Concha ? 1 in his amps and depailcd fiorn the caslle. The Dona Linvcdra had seldom visited their conn-1 '"''hers left ihe castle nnd its contents untouched, try rest fdncu the death of her husband, and iim' 'ellrcd w iih thelrchief; who, willi I113 Jouug Don 1 (.oncha hail never been there tinea that biuio soon di-.i'i ie.ircd Imm hi 11111. melancholy event hail taken place. All the preparation which iiad been made for 'ending I her birth-day lptnuined j-t ns her fond nireiit jri3 tnlxl of lli" ItcpiilU'jUc Dcmo:raliiUi ct HrciaU was hoisted, II AG Alt & ARTHUR, Dealt rs in , Taints, Ac, ore. coitNcn or ciii:iicii ami 1 cni,i.i.or stui-cts MBTSM. CALVIN H. EDWARDS, 6f3f47 nooKSKLixn n station un, Consiantlv lor sale a general nssortmcnt of SCHOOL, CLASSICAL, TlIE ClICAI' rci!UC4TI0NS,Ul-NK IloOKS, StA TIONF.KV, MEhlCAL UuOKS. No. 1, recU' Hiillilnr-', l.'olleJC-st. sFroTis, Iloolilllc 0. DCLF.r.S IN HEAVV AND SIIEI.F rrS&X Cutleiy. Saddlery, Me trlARB VVAREJ clianics Tools, Iloue 1 in- M H,in?9ViK;ioss,Viu. dowSish. Iron. Steel. Tin l'late. Sheet Iron. Wire. rAINTS, OIL. l'LOL'll. SALT. l'LASThll, tlrind Stones, Dry Cmet'iiu. Vc. General Agents anl Coniniib-ion Merclnnls, A. TiiosirsON, ) Side Couit House Square, ' nn..t ,t r't r r.lmrrlt Itnd CollcCC-VtrS. - ' I Conch 1 JOHN BRADLEY ii- OU., year when the abduction of lVrdin.ind Seviuilh, I " Ami you love him, and yet do not know him Snain in a llatiio. Of the new nobility, yourself; what must I think ?" said the mother. bngiiMianuannncaunM.ujm.i, , ,eary acenstouied to independence, better in-', " Well my mother," said Dona Concha,! rieIron,Coal,S'icct lion, Tin. Ilo'll and ShcclCoMcr , formed than the generality of his countrymen, I w ill confide all lo you ; but do not try todis- IJ011 Uearo showed linn-en a irienu io innova-, stiauo me irom my purpose, mr it will be in vain tion, and his opinion, which he spoke openly, ' to make the attempt, as it has taken deep root ranked among the class ol fc'piniauls, called by j in my soul. I will love the man who will avenge the other parly,iviHce.vis. Ihe intinler of my father ; and I will have no D,m Cesaio now went oftonor to his country other bridal ling lint the one taken from his ling seat th in formerly, and sl.iyitl a much longer j er anil dipped in the blood of his murderer." lime on the-e vi-it, so as to avoid a much as I The mother hecime deeply pale. "Poor possible, taking any pail in public all'iirs, ami 1 child-' said she, " I am afraid th it jou will not also lo devote hitn-ilf to the education of his soon fiat! a husband. You are light however DBUji'II IV I Ti;T AND 1 IIOMpsOM x il tughier, who-o beamy wis now much ceie- lor .Murtoveiiro tio.'s not deserve in live ; but he Median". Chemical', Purine il and Uentnl lo- 't br.iled. ami who was i" ill d of both her parents. lias become great anil powerlul ; his name, even, i no lamer cuucaviueu 10 in-iare 111s i-iniu wiui is a lerror 10 uie r roneii , iiiij ins iiiuiit'oce is ideas more appropii ile for Ihe other se. ; as he imineiie. You will h ive no bridegroom I fear." s.iid "in the.-c unfitlniiale times it is nut allow-1 " Well my mother," said Dona Concha" iff ed for woman, to be otVcmiiut.'." Hut dirk as find no bridegioom oneaith, I slnll become the Ihe times wete, and gloomy as the pro-peet ap- bride of Ileaivn. 1 have made my choice, my pe.ired, slill I hey hid a joyous life at the ca-tle j hind to ihe avenger of my fathers death, or the of Lanvcdio, living as if'tliey knew lint this , black veil." I I I 1..., 1.,,, i...- 'i l,ii,.r i,.-rl,l I 11 V;.,.. .'nil nri an ,lr,f nrtnl noil 1 will nime Crociere Flour Halt, Piaster, Window Sash,Glass, yet determined to be happy as long as posi- for yon a husband," s.nd Ihe inotlit r. "What i.' ,1 I . r.-t ,it, 1 l.lrt lliinl: fiT iinr enlieiii M:in-ores ?" Dancing and music rendered Ihe night brd- ' Of tint poor boy willi pile clieeKs arm un- lin.t. ,m,l tin, il.iva vnr,i mi-Ksoil in In vnrion s I nirn ninrr eiitiiiTetiutu'O ? Yes. ho says that UC idleness, as H hnain were in a state 01 sound ic- pose. '1'he btrth-oay oi i;on,. 'Vnchn was np Mui.tiiinr. and her lather wasiiienaieu to cole- i brale the occasion by a grand ball, when an tin i expected event look place, lo disturb the happi I ncss of the family. i Murievedro, in-lead of staving quielly at his ' cattle as Liuvedrohad done, repaited to Madrid, : whole he ns-i-ted in all the secret meetings ol On Sunday morning the mecling of the Nu Assembly, tho 'I'res-ldent stated lliutllii golernmciit force haJ completely succeeded iti suppres'.lii;; the insurreclio.i on the leltbinii o' llio river, itl'ler n fiiglitfnl s.icillice of Immai, life, nnd Gen. Ciivaigtmc had given the Insur gent' on tho right l-tnli till lu o'clock to sur render, whnn, if Ihey did not liv down their ' rni". llO U'Mtl ,1 ... !l-n.,..!,n.An, . I.. rnmn nmu, I f . lll.l' .. fl'l.- ,., it.,,,., ,i , --",ii in-i, nml iitiitjicnis, tn r-'T , ,j , u.jU i,i imii cniiuren. i uu wn ieti years hive passed, and wo find Ilcrqutlo the fatiliorg St. Auloine, whero they were now nu f I'.uis took u" mo-t n-'ivc part In tlo siding in tho I iiiiboutjSiint f.einvtin, in dtiven und put ihe whole lo llio sword, The strugg'e. -J'hev coiicved oiders and signals jil-t ns her fond intent 1 lr'3 mixing with llio vm "ored and le- heavie-t nrtillerv h ol b-en brotmhl lo l,,.r n....r, thro.i.'li I he h!iivt iin.. Two years l.n.d passed and the I "i'CCUd hy nil. DutaWBCha, his wife, wn-i them, mid lillh; doubt eotild be cntert lined i Thi-v cariicd off llio wntnut..,! ,.t it me insurrection coulJ be put down. The linn? ' Peri-hcd n tints held nut of the terinination,uf the iiisurrec. i lino of several miles in length, nnd imintilnod fur the lit --t f mr diy, disclosed, ia perfectly in. conceivable, Kvery species of artifice was pmnloved to con vey ammunition. The pails of tho milk-women, 'ha couches of ihe wounded, and oven tho cof fins of Ilia dead were found filled willi gunpow der and cailonches. 1,-irgo 11111-of money, in gold am) no!o,vOM Ul-eovi rid on Oer-oos of men. ann'irentk In py- - of all the young noblemen who apneil anniversary or her birill wasagain appioaciiing. ! ""'cu ep.'itcn ot fur lier stiLy virtuous pnnci honnnr of fter hand. "'J'hev were too Don i L-iiivp.Ira, who hud ri liirmd to old , f''-v "" f,r the hue and Wio'.in.i which she Vill..r.' ss. I'l.ASriR. Wet an I Drv liroeetii s. l'lnur. Salt, B irr Mill Stones, li.iliini r'lotbs, Sbretinms S T O II A 1 1 A X 1) 1' O II W A 11 ) I X G Custom-hill'!! Agent and Commission Mcrchanu, John Ilaini.r.v, ) south WliaiT, Tito's. II r.iNr.i.LB J li'Jil'Ii'iiliii AMOS C. SPEAR, Apoiliueavy ami Zvvnzstst, itrumeats, Alineial leetn. nu', ". -Mineral Waters, Hruai-fs (.lass Ware. Urii-lu-t, rerluaiery.S'japJ,Ue-StutI,Cainilicne,Inks, Ulack- iiiffs, ka cce. Church street, ll'irlmgton. r ' GjToitG; I'ci'iiitwo.v, ncAUi: in DRY GOODS, habits of life, begged bur daughter to aimeaf wi'hiesled Inwird her husband who returned it ugein t;t the place where she hat! passed her W1"' equ'il constancy. cliildhood, nnd to permit her lo celebrate tho ' Allur leaving Spam, llerquilo nnd his bride d iv which was formerly one of so much joy,, by i rc,l,r".eil to l'ranro. The husband served for giving a festival. Don'i Concha at length con- foln2 ihna in the l-'rcnch army.-ind for Ills entir is.Mitedto Ihe entreaties of her kind parent. On nZ ni,t' intrepidity wu noticed by Ihe modern tho evening before the apno'iiled day the mother Alexmder ; an I from a snbiiern,vvH raised by and d uiyliler arrived at the castle. mcilt ithme to the grade of a general olliccr As soon as Ihey had set their fcet upon the m.. i. , , , threshold of the hou.e, the space between SATURDAY JiVEXIXG, JTLY 15, 1818. tune and the murder oflhu hushind and father seemed to h ive been blotted out, and that scene i was define them in all its he'rrors. Don i Con-1 ch i's heartbeat v.ilh unusual riimiily; her blood in- Till: MA Hi TO-DA Y. seemed boiling in h'r veins an I IhotHinds of voices appeared lo bo crjing to lier revenge 1 revenge ! She fell upon the llojr in a swoon, w hich, however, soon passed uvviy, and she re tired lo iot and slept tranquil from very weari ness, hk'j an overtasked child. When she awoke in Ihe morning, all nature seemed lo greet her with a glad smile; the sun shoii'1 bril liantly, nnd tho birds sang sweetly, mid she could not but partake of the joy of the little songsters. The rich drcs3 of white satin which her mother nresenleil lier. rr.ive lier nip ,itii shr saw that she was handsome, and felt gratified t evening, to give plnec to tlio subjoined uu the birrtcades or fired from ihi nisps on Ihe soldiers, whilst soma nrn men re. tiorMvns, nnt, however, realized. i ported !o have inflicted mint lelined baiharitics I'ho lighting continued Ihe vvh ile of Sunday, I ''P'1" their wretched fel'ow citiei-s who had wilh a learful loss of life, especially to tho Xa j fallen prisoneis Ink, their hands; sonio weio tiotial Guards. spared by th.i chiuees or the indiscritninaling On Moin'uy, Ihe reinforcements Gen. I,amore-1 furv "f tJi I - general slaughter, eiere had received from C.ivaignac enabled him i Tl.o Archbishop of Paris, who in the stibliinb to hem in tho insurgents in Ihe eii'tern pa-t of i exercise of the niol awful diitieiof a Christian the city, and although reduced to extremities I Ii'ict. sought to bring hack tint oulragcou they still fought wilh incredible v.iior. j multitude lorea'on and peace, was hi utallv shot It was thought on .Monday miming eirlv that , m," 'he uaclt of a bnrlcinle, ami Geiieia'l Xe- iiui-v ihiiiiu siirrcnuer, bill ug tin the liopo thus siro t, " no ii.ui snrvivcil ihu nuineroiM cam I held out oflhe termination of tho insunection, I pilgnsof Aiuca, fell in a like iiiiimet al a par. was not immediately realized. I ley with the r-.ivatjes of the fautiwirt; Ut. AnltAne. At about half-pas'l 10, the fighting was re-1 M and hon,b'e a desolation wrought In sutiK'd,nni was only ufier a friglillul struggle I "'3 l,0'lU bf a city by the innds of Iter own cit of tihnnt two hours ihat the goveiuni"lil tniops, 1 i'-eu-, the vvi.ild has i.ot witrc-ei! in tlio v-hclu I every whole, prevailed, and Ihe pail ol the in-' Suivey ef bistnnc m. miry ; and the arms ot :i jsuriccliun being broken the in-urgents were ' 'ranger mid an enemy would Invo bjen devoted either sliot, taken pri-nuers, or lied into the t' 'einal ml itny if they h id inlheted so nwful icounliy in the direction towards Yinceutic. il ,hasli-rj:neut oifthe y;reat city of I'aris. Nono easlern quartet'.-, conpri-iin' ihe f.mlimir ber-ell could punish her iniquities or lullict EXTI1A0RD1XAIIY AND HXCITIXG News from France I Another terrible and bloody Revolutionary Struggle ! ! uener..S, i i , men t;a Tai;ple ly,'euilm-udntt ,, her doom. 'I'lnaemm, were the l ist subdued. " " TIlC Rl'imblic Victorious. The last hand tool; refngo in tho celebraled i (,en. CnssV eti'ii-piitriolism. 1 Vkm la CVi'i-c. but the GuanU Mobile liutit- led thorn even from this sanctuarv. and thev U 'swell known that tho great Michigan were slaughfered in the neighboring field. , Slavery itrncr, Lriwis Cass, is one of tho I t-M lliursdavt iR ln-urree!ion wi s i i,fiiole v Y,ro exclude ri vnriety of nrtiulcs, this! WPallhip-l l'ltlen ill tli.i rrrrt-., Vl'.f frl. .. . .i. ,i i . i- i . i , . I . ... . . II.. I i.. . . . f i,, i . ... - to 1, i. ai uie inoi gui ior wiui young tauy oi seven-j conn ol miolhcr tomb e nml sanguinurv T'"""'. m hwiii me nas oecn lernne, no frenuenllv hoasled about as luvin- ,,, leen would not leel thus. She slarted, however, I , , , . . T, . ?. . ' fewer than fuiiileen geneial cilicers had been T ' 7, , , ' with secret terror when her in lid rem irked, that; olltb,cn,: alul s-truggloin Pans, winch wo mt w,, d, (.1;i.l grratcr los than hi (he 11,0 SVv'u U " "ndonbipdly true; audit she wanted but a white crown lo make lier an- take from the N. Y. Express of night be-1 mn-t splendid engagements of Xanoleou. appears that he was so fertilized with the drio- pear like a bride. I li. Tbr. ilrendrnl ilriotlo worn rr. ' 'mnng-t those who foil are Gen. Megrier and I'ings fiom the XationilTreasurv. that he has ' fat," too ! lie has been ono -vio-i ol the guests had nnncarcd at lie cast o ... . . ' neuerai ueari ami mea ; liens. (J i.ireo ne and n n,!i.i.. i .!... si i..i . Ii.. ; :i t.i. t nniveil hv thn ini"!ira. vi ne i iirnvnil at U..,,,!,,!, I i...... .i , n ... h 1 o . wni-ii .muiiuics i iisoeti nun iiioir iiiiusi, wiui ins , - - .iv,,i uuu "men i.-i.-ifi woiiiiueo. lour ,,l't1lrt t- , i , ,, countenance convttl-ed with terror. ' Know Boston on Wednesday morning from Liv. or five members of tho National A-setnbly arei ', "co r5;'1" 3 pots Immg been bottntilully you not what has happened this night," ho'eVp0ol. Such nn net of National suiciilc i"nilll!.'-t 'lie killed, and as many more wounded , 't''1 "Treasury pap" from a gold spoon cried. All Ihe guests crowded around him fill-1 t. il,i I,.;,.hV mmnnU l.,.l. ! ,vlilini b,lt "'nst touching death of all U that oflhe , while such chaps as .Viu-icr. lor instance, hava !(i?,.v- V! A1IP. t i.oiiiim;. Togetlicr witii n large variety of uih-r nrticles. riusr soon .oant or tul coit.t uolsc. BOOK UlXDDIt, I'Al'llll RULUli, ANtl HOOK AlAKhK. In the Fi ec rnjJhiHdij. CleeJlrzjt j. Sl J. H. PECK & CO. WHOLESAU". lICAUr.SIN i.rv7'N. mijN. (iLASb, iauk, itrmls I'oreizu nml Aineiicnii Iron, hlecl,, linn. Call, Tar, Boltim Clotlts, Plug riOlTIt nml rorelun ii'inl '.Vesicrn SALT, the intruder. He was seen travelling on fool ' ...V.,r ,l, .ln c,f l'airbmk's SimIvs, Adam ,,ver the iimnntain-. in order lo organize guer- Smitli's Burr Mill-Stones, I.orillan i s .vinciopoy i Jon.t Peck, John II. I'cck, Cassils 1. I'tcit, loies me. Ho i, ihe nearo't relation ol ours, and would no doubt like to inherit tho estate. ' Uo not despise Mm my child, he loves jou and perhaps jon can love liim in return." " I know not what you call love, mother; but if whit I have read of in book-is hue, I do not yet feel such scuatimi- towards hiur; but if ho Ii is courage, I ran love him I think." Manznres came tint evening In the castle i.i . " , , , . IIS 111111 Ul 11.11 ILVWIIIIKH IIUIW" i 13 III1UIII If ri "!! ' U;r h V':,a,ni'I'3' '" ' ,l'0'n" evcr- n parallel in ihe history of llio human nice ! , r,1.',"'1 uu- iiuutn iu iiii'imil-u uu u iner. u OOU x." , t . 1- I ill neewlnn 'I'ho t.rll,U ITr-n..Wn J..I.I i0 IICOpIo Oil CUrtll UUt tllO 1 rdlcll .vlir.zores, 'has appeared amongst us with his commit it. hind, unexpectedly ; uuJ has already plundered Concsponucnce of the X. Y. Hxpicss the castle of Mini'evedro, though il'is said that j Ho-ton, July 12, 12 o'clock, M its owner had leturncd to it sevcial hours pre-1 One of the bloodiest dramas the world ever vious to tho attack. It appears tint tho bii-' wilne'-ed, one of the most lerocious and obsti gands have not so much fear of him as his honest 1 pale insurrections which the ensanguined lifs neighbors have, it is .slid tint lie defended him-lory of lYineo has hid to reconl from her er--clf like a very djvil, aiul that he is cither killed t initials, has just liven brought lo a close in or has ll"d. 1'veiy one in the vicinity is horror , the streets of Palis by the aluoli.te cnnibilalion struck, fearful let they should share a like oflhe levolted parly, and triumphant success of fate.' Itebiibhciin arms. ' Would he darn to come where so manv neo-1 Aflcr four davs and nights of ineeant fi i 1 1 1 pie are assembled ?' said Djna Lanvedro, trying , ing the in-nrgents Irtve been ulierly vanoiiisli to conceal her le irs. What U there tint llerquilo d ires not do ? hut 1 have senl to Jaen for a detachment of sol Tlin vpiiprj lilrt tirnlnfn m. C ..I....i couiu cj (, ,,n 0 1L, in-nrgeniks aa meseti"er of io coiueiu inetn-eives with " rauiatfcs. We invite attei, lion to tho following rcvela- peace. C.uaign ic .-ltd that such a slop was 110,1 lrn,n columns oi mo Allunlj Kicmnsr lull of dangcf, but this Chri-ti.ui pi-tor persist-! Journal. Il illustrates the self-denying and cd. lie advanced, alUnded by his two vicars, I unrequited ' patriotism" of Gen. Cass'iti a very towards tho barricades', with an olive branch' clear mirnner- born before him, when he was ruthlo-sy shot! ' ' in his groin and fell mors illy wounded. The t "IIxTn.v Allowances" tj Ge-;. Cass venerable patient was ordered by i,u insurgents " (hint men hair, alircyi scorned "rait reenm to the nearest hospital in St. Antoine, where lie 'f "." If this pojlic axioai ba true, then Gen. received Ihu la-t sacraments, languished and has Ci-s is m.t a "gnat man." So far fiom ever since died. ! having" scorned," ho has always coveted, "great Th" V. litnr oflhe l'ere Duchesne, M. I.arn- recompMises." And few men have been tr.nro die, was liot in the head at the barric.idu Ho- successful in acquiring vv hat they coveted. For ehechout. where in the dress of an ouvrier he thirty veils his arm has been in the Trernnrv. I ni, with a hiss on both sides of IO.OjO killed was lighting at the head of a parly of insurgents. thoulJer deep. During Ibis pel ii.d ho his pock ? and Jfl.OOU wounded, which is b.'hevcd to be, It will probibly never ha correctly a-cerlain- eted within a fraction cf two iiundkcu and iniich beneath the true e-tlnnle ! , ed to w hat exlent this sicrificc of huiinn life in ! Tinnry TiiofsAxn noLLvn-..' or over TWE.r- dics.' The coinmencement of Ihe rebellion appears InguMul struggle Ins reached Sotne uollaks D tr : ! 1 hi-is very well for a gen- Dana Concha was silent ; but her heait was ' to have been made by a deputation of ouvrier, compute the lo-s on tho sido of the troops at tletnau who has endorsed the IJ iltimore doctrine throbbing with violence. Tho rasilo of Aliirieve- vvho waited upon M. , Marc at tho Luxemburg. . from 0.000 to 10,000 slain, but we hope this Ihat "the peopliAs money mu-t be carefully dro was ransacked Us owner killed, perhaps, Hj li.tencd lo llieir grievances, but observing is exaggerated. i guarded for the people's benefit." and they knew not what would follow, that llieir spokesman had l een active in the aP I Tho number of prisoners captured of the in-1 -More than ono half of lhi sum was for "ex- o nave nothing to iear,i iinnn, fata .vian- ,ur ol the 1 jtli .May, said lo tho men, " vou are surgent exceed nuou. iu me prison, are iineu ; mi, t one pocKeling Ins z.ores. ' We aro too many, and llerquilo will not the slaves of this man, you can state your , "ell n tho dungeons ami vantis o: me I J ( J J1"1 noiernor oi the J'errilory of .Michi- not dare come here, wl'.en he learns that more own grievances 1 his expre.-uiuo w.i. dn-tort-, leties, ihe a-sisianre is expected ; and two attacks so near ed ainong-l the workmen that M. Marc had , f Iepntjes : ., ..ii,,.. ..... , ,. i,, ,t ...,n i , i...... ri ,... .i ..,., ,j in I, i .. lino,, ' commission: ' Who is afraid here !' said Dana Concha, in the signal for the cnnsjiir ilors, who had organ- s"c ' "e!- lonmi wi n arms in their Hands sj.eeuo oeiore uie nou-e ol Itepresematives, '.stcd i well n tho dungeons and vaults of the Tuil- 11 year as l.overnor of the Territory of Midli nes, The Louire, Palais Royal, the rhimber ,f""i ho via?, ut Ihe same lime, drawing two or " Deputies and Ihe llolel do Ville. A military throe times that amount, as Indian Agent, and immis.-ion has already been appointed to try f" millage, rail ins, &.c, &.c. Mr. : Stewart, in ., , .-,.. .1 i il...;... 1-.. t .ir- i, .n ,i i i i r I T. the II salH'Cieil, itllU "OOll oecaine inu iii-u,i in aim ill a -i-jii n mini I fin.i . .an, i.-iii uw i i- i,i and CartMliiii J o- . ..,..( 1..111 .... ii i.;,.i .,,., I,l M ,u, ('..neb.! OI III lliC I 00s 11 1. trie- ,ii;,nii-t " . i i'i.h. i I m n i-im i 1 1 uu- im. u u, ,'... it - a'l'i jnssru wiui nrr iii'iinri mini uu- I'-'in, " I have at last nht iiued the coiifidenee of my child," said she, with a look of gralincution Olid .,, , lrtnl-, ,1li!. nml ildoeillt ri.l-ses. S-oieh rinuir, fcinokini and ' . . , ,. , , .. corresnon-lence Chewing Tobacco.

Oi tlie Si'ui c.Coltefxjst , rui-tr.s in rvvcv ami srvn.n ----H-art? cAiU'HTiXt:. ki.n.i r-2O0iS Jlnliiiig, Utiu's, Floor Oil Cltith, Window Wimlri, I'i;-er j;an,- inr. l.w'.ivx C'"' ;rfilli:ei. riowln-MIIue. Hli.e and Wl.ite C.rmiite V A HI2 also, China and I.Ijsj oie. Gro.euils, runs, Houns, ice. C,'iiirci Sheet. Ens,ish, Vrll ........ 1...T... i..,.,i mill (Jroecries, Cinier of Church a nd Odlez r-Stn. J. MITCHELL, mi: 11 V II A -V r TA I LOU, Rcneral Iteiidy-.Mailo More. CliurchSireft, "rbngtun. j. 4n. pfjikixm, n. i. CONSUMPTION. ASHMMfTD LWER COMPLAINT CAN 1112 C II 11121). fVLG. RATHBUN Si. CO. ME HO II A A' T T A I L O It S , JU 1 ,l,.l.- ill,,,. .-. n rt .T',,r. Co keen rimtnuly on hand sn cxlensiveniid full nssorlin.-nt of Ulnlhs tor every dwriptio.l of Clothing ; and lire p. enured at nl tunes ?o , supply --very arlicle ill the line ol licnlleincn s 1 ur nisliins; Goods II O. RATlir.CN. wiui nil tho disallected in the provue-e, am! ex erei.,ed I'real Influence over the provi-iotial Jun- jt.i, whicli in appearance w.i in-ling in conceit I with Ihe Trench, while in reality, it was cxer-ci-in" its nlmo-t power ngiinst them. Murio- vedro often showed hinis-lf in tho neighborhood, atleni'.ed bv a military escort ; and wilnoiil title-, or commission, ho h id acquired an immense in- finence over Hie country. I) n Learo lia.l ol len received secret warnings cf danger, nml these had become very numerous ab'vit H.o time tint he was preparing to celebrate the liirth-div of hi- daughter ; but he felt him-elf . o secure iii the midst of his vassals and the workmen v horn lie employed, tint ho took no precautions to de fend him-elf. In this fancied safelv he was in error. One morning wl.ih' engaged in putting tip atranpa rent incline of bi- il.iugliter,a troop nl ravalicrs dished up to Ihe door, and .Murievedro was an. nouneeil. iieiore lJ,ui i.esaro couiu recover from Ins stirpris-o al ihls sudden event, Murie vedro i iitered Ihe caslle and presented to him a writ of arre-t, commanding him lo follow; his conductor lo the pri-on at Jaen. In the first moment of terror, Dona Concha and her mo'hcr ran to tho side of Don Ccsaro. Hardly had Dona Conch 1 (who was still a child) heard the words of Murievedro, when wilh admirable a firm tone. 'I feel as if nothing could inmic iz.ed a vast movement, to coin.nence their opera- aim nicy wi 1 prooaoiy u oeponeu in me .Mar- uu ...mie-, 1 10 reeeip,, 01 i,.- cisiutcre I me. now Ihat the e.astle of Murievedro is burned. 1 linos. !l''c,s Islands or some transatl mtic 1 reuch col- f' "ot tor a period of ISycirs: and ils owner probably hilled. Viva 1 lerquilo I' I On ThursJav night, the 02d .f Juno, Ihe first , ' ou.d Upj-Mr from the sl-itement, madd I ' iSenora 1' exclaimed one of the astonished binicade vva- ral-ed, und the Hoops and Ihe Xa-! A decree Ins b-on proposed wilh tint object. l;"tn ilorumenls specially ivierrcd to. (and which 'guests. '1 beg vourpaidon;' said Dona Concha, 1hm.1l Guards called out. O.i Friday, the 23d, e nvp 110 space to iieeount many nets ol in. if wrong can ho corrected Ly Gen. diss's ' for ir.iim. len't to mv : but Don Ces.i- H.e no.-sessed the selves of all that dividual l.ero.sni. Many soldiers exh.biled sub- Irien,.-) that In.- charged and received pay four rin was my father, and I siw him murdered on 1 p irlion of the right bink of too Iiiver Seine, lime eourige. On t'iu oilmr h-inJ, ti.e savage 'ime-. I..r the s.iL.e perinu of time : ,i. .., ..i,... .-., t 1 1 1..., 1 ..,! i ' i.. r. ,i. t'.Mib.inr St. Anioinn 10 ibe cruelty with which Ihe insurg-iits waged the '-' I"- regular - ilurv as (mvcrnnr and silent.' Afler saying these w ords, sho fell bark I river ; wTnl.-t on tho left b ink they oceupie 1 all wis almo-t exceeds belief. 1 uev tortured some she does not oneo-e our wi-hes. hut thei e is 1 iii ht r chi.r aluio-t hiiiiling. Tip "lie-Is eagerly 1 that norlion called the Cite, tho Timber's S't. 1 of their own prisoners, cut off their hands nnd ... . . . .. , , . , . . . i , i . i . . . . i .... i , i - i .... x:...... 1 ,1.,. I..,,,,,- n in. .if leel. ale innieted nr i.mties ivnrt is nf - ii-jjv The communication of the insurgents e women r.-ere hired io poi-ou ono condition which much be fulfilled before sho surrounded hr, hut she soon recovered, and did , .Marcel, St. ictor, and the lower q uirter of .St. ,,-ill linr-nmr. il,n u-if,i nf ntivnne! a nd I In s re- t ho hooors of 1 no feast with ocrfect irraco. liv Jtenuo: . I..., 1 f-.-... r.. 11.. .. n,.tn. ..II ,1... n..,..l. nt tl.a I l..l r.n.. tl,,1 Ufll ll.l 1 1 li S O f I llP fi l P f W 11 S til 1 i I o'. .1 ' 'a..,' .i","i.!. Ml il, .,' n,,, i !itielni i f.-isi!i ,i',l..-n,l mi Vl. ,rmrn said near the I mined he the nossp-sinn oflhe Church Si. Ger- e I and died. Il seems to be h dieved, generally, I nry from lul3 to 1531 , nearly 18 years. sold to the soldiers, whodiank il, cv.qjkiti sitperiii-endent of Indian af fairs of tho Tern lory nf Michigm, ij-lOOper for about ei'liteen tliu uino ye us, sannn . . . i 1 1 I ( . ' and then reel- -a. i ineeti numjreii per annum, extra 'al ba J said, and Ihe comhiion vvliich would induce , prin.-lpal gate. her to become the bride of her cousin M inzores. The voting inin was filled with di-tniy at this recital. " Lt me see my con-in alone," iid he; "I will then decide what to do. I formerly had free acepss to the house of Mnri evpdro,'! c.iu have this agiin. C-mie what may, I will tiy, as 1 no v know how to win her love." That s line evening Manzores found tin op porlunily to speak privately to Dona Coiipln. In his communication lie did not attempt to Dona Concha hersc rnnceal from lit r that he had hut flight hopes of the Ireinbliiig steward; ' one of his men ha -access; but he exclaimed wiui mncn apparent i scaled uio wans and openeu ine gaie. warmth : ".Mvatder.t ovc for vou would make me accept nnvlhing with delight, and dare all I pale, and followed by mo-t i f llie vo l lio' liluiueicr ougiu io oie, i ne leu iik room, vv iiicn me lunuuu self, who bad v.ils, a p'irt of tho quarter of tho temple, the , llat if tho insurgents had i succeed, d til foiliminj not danced for two years, seemed as if she would , approaches of Notre mine and tlio bridge o: at. im-ir iu' j com -rieo lonu oi ope nrikono for lo-t lime: hor Utile feet moved ! Michael. rations, and hav ing advanced thur lino atulpos. win, m, .-I Ilin. in il,e sn,l nfiovous music. I Ilv these extensive lines rf operatt-ui ihe in-' w-ict themselves ot me Uotel do ihe.tinii lol Joy reigned hi the caslle, iu ihe park, and in tho surg'ents oceupied a v i-t portl m of the un-t de ' i f. r.sib'e put of the city, and actually threatened SuJdenly tho servants rushed with terror into tlio Hotel de Vdle, which il they had succeeded the castle, pronouncing the name r f llcr-puto 1 ' n taking might have .secured tho lir--t victoiy ' Whero ! oh, where is he ?' exel limed the dan-1 on llieir side. cers, becoming ut once still. I On Triday ther.- were putia! conflicts, hut "If,. .,,mi.w llirn.ii.l. il.n nnrden !' answered the insurgents seemed to b occupied more at fntilving their po-uion ma'.i in ueiu iny ngi.i p.Udin !3,;i, ! llatioiii- TI5 lowed up llieir sucee-s along the two b ink of tl o river, that the whole city would have been given up to pilhg InJeeJ", the words pillule on: nryiearo said lo have been in-ciibed on ono of tneir baiineis. Not le-a than 3d,OJ0 stand of arms li.ivo b"en seized ailJ captured in the Taubourg St. Antoine alone. From the London Times, Jim; 25. " liv cunninrr!" rrneatrd Dona Conrha. " How can wo act olhcrwi-e ? lie novcrgocs out wit bout escort. I must first giiin his couli deuce, in order not tube su-perted hy him. This I must do. to rriin mv dear reward and to be al lowed to to reimin in possession of it ; mr were iwi:i,ii:to. unurvii h a, Warolmiisc anil sreil sori-, II V 1M2IKCI2, DAVI'.V .V CO. j Constantly on hand a large nsson i ,1H.,t of rarniinz Tlensds, Garden t-ras linpleincnts, 1 icld, i.arucu aim Flower Seeds. ..,,. c-rni'V; STOVE llt'E, TKIiPIIMiS AND HOLLOW -V ABE. COLLCOE SIRrET. i.r, cmiefi nf Miiml. site di -a iineared from the hall. whiloiierfalherw.isdi-cussingtl.ovalidityoflhe I tu pursue any other course, his friends would order which had been presented to him. She soon rob me n'f my treasures. Tuison will ac- r,,iiirin,i I io n few moments, and making signs tomplisli our business wen nig.: but whatever sucee-s the govvrtiuietil , -pi,. (;,.. i,r!. ,. in ,,, ,.ii,. r ,,, ' ' To arms ! to arms !' cried Manzores, turning troops may lnvo h id iu various quarters wlire fn.ct Seine, in such vv i-o vv hil-t Ihe nio-t . voung men, , coulhcts tool; place, as al St. l-Vm and r.i. epn,u 1Mrt of the cilv occueies Ihe islands and ilia f.v Martin, It now appeus tint the enthusiastic , . , . . lll0 M..s .:...,,. i at rigid angles from this point, rise by n sone-1 what rapid u-ccnt to the high ground uu eich side ol tho valley. 1 no centre ol the insurrection was ptibh-h- r ' X .. 'I'l,... ,,,i,.:l.,inr nilirlit In ill,, " I I:,, b.fl I i . mnm i n I lie limit Ilia l'VV I .liar I II. It ., i ... . ,. . . . ... i.-l... .! i .. ..t. .1... ....I,U llnrii!l,efln.ipii,r.i,r tlio 1 n ii rt-eot s renlllseil Ibem. nnd' lie added, bill ll IS necessary ;o lai.s- iiiiiu no , iuuiiii'ihh eoiuieu, who inu u-iiisi- ..,,,(,,,. - ... --ts- i il,o ..'j.mi nf nnr wi-hes: it is nnlv alienl. lie was a handsome- ,'' '-'.-sc.! v, ilh even U it them in other pails ol the city. .M. lie eiinolo.r 11,'n we shall be able toairive al s.'o much lade ; his iinner Iin vv-as mailed with a Limiitine rode vvitli the stall" of C.ivaignac, ilesir.iMe a rpsull line mustache, and he certainly h id a di'ting. through Tans, tu quell llio insurrection ; but il uislied air, and in his whole appcar.inco showed was evident thai nothing but ihe power ofarms tint ho was no common man. was it tlio iT- could compel tin) insurgents lo )ieid. i lie feet of his personal charpts, or the r'nif' which Government forces were divided into three di- he wore upon his linger vvliich caused the hcuit vision', and I ugd masses of troops were brought of Doo-i Conelin. to I in drawn irrosistiblv to- to k-ar with Lrtlllery upon thu position of the ward-him? S'le had not lied with tho re-t of msirgenH; bat still Triday p is-ed, and the in-' the partv, but awaited his coming in the hall. siirrection had evnlenlly g uhered streng'li. Sho noticed not lint her mother h id fainted at I On Siturd iy, tho 24lh, tho National As-em- ' her feet, but kept her eves, as if fascinated, fix-1 My declared itself in pernniicncc, and I'.uis to her parent, showed him llio people id tho cas-1 ' Tvo upon you, couin," exclaimed Dona ed upon the robber llerqinto turned his eagi r was placed in a state ol seigo; tue executive tie assumbled under arms iu the hall. Lanvc-' Conch i. "My icvengo must be public. His gizo upon llio bullet, loaded vvitli plate, on tho p nver w is delegiled ubsolutely to C.ivaignac, droi.'iined los c.ura"e. refusid to obey the or- blood mn-t he spilt either by the bullet or the solid, c nidel.ibras, and on the other precious ar- and nl 1-2 pa-t 10, the inemk'rs of the exeat- llu, ti.-n In, I re.-nriie.l. l'liev declared thev iler and sliovveil lumseii rca'iy io puinsu ioe in- sworn i in-nn n unij ,11,1...,. v..,,.. vu.-.-.. ...v. , .... .,, - - . t . , ,...; i 1... .i ir 1 'i: ,. , , i,,n ,.r I,,, mv I111.I11111I." , lloor ! hut in 1 moment his black eves were 1 i- should In v been wanting 111 Hair dalles ami iruuers, ,iiuiiL-i-uiu iii-stiaiM, iui n,..s.,., 1 v.w, ..... ... . - . -- . ----- -- --- ,1 . it, -.i , 1 r I .- ... 1 .1 1 : .,i.i..i rr,..., hi- in.asi lired , . r.t. .t,. n ui.l, n,e in , reeled tow irds Dona Cone Ii i. who stoo 1 calm . honor. haJ thev withdraw ii u lore. As sedition tlliu I uiuniui 'i i'1-i.'i ii" - ..---i -,iiii,iiiiiii,,.,i-iiii."'i . i - . at Don Cesiuo, who fell lo tho ground ntoncc, ,im in public ? Ah! I see thai you desite ami expired without a groan, upon mis, ins iy death, and not my happiness. wife who had witnessed 'the tad scene, swooned i . tliourrlit( Manzores, that you had some in Ihe arms of her diughter. couni'e. 7!'ho death vou de-lgn for him, can "Ave .Mar a lievenge if fvvcci; nntv win i BURLIXfiTON MAHlvPr, muats, nsir, axd r;uL JAjivo, of every variety. Land, Tallow, I'amhts eve. ! lAe Corner of Church and College Slree f. Jj. it . h II 1'. i: It S rill is o o r a v ) ,s ; o i: s to it i: , ' lr. (Miuri'll-lll el. New York, ltoslou. and Turwell's I.n-Jieii nml (Jenlleiueu's liools nml Shoes, pfrvt rdescriplioiinnd style, rotistnntlv on hand. Store lit dour noi th o( hiceln't. and directly ovvo' tite I). Ker n't, near Howard' Store, t'huich M. " Aliotlieciuii'-.' Hull," ClIOIMil! 11. II A Kill NO TON, Pionielnr, WIIOLtSALi: AVU r.i'TAit. IN DRUGS A N P MEDICINE IT, Harrington'' VuildmgX'ur Church fj College-it. SMAl.l.i'.V A' PllI'.l.l'S. ATTOUMIVS .VCDIlNSIlLLOItS AT LAW AM) SOLU ITOItS IN CllANCEHV. A. SMVLLKV. B- vi&gi- LIVERY STABLE, Y-tdi?r.f- bv ELLIS AN D CHUnClt, . I vi.V-'T Strei-t. ;e If Fwcct ; no win i ' rewar,rcj univ fr n,,, ,,rfo which ho throw hive it at list," exclaimed .Murievedro, nnu tnlo ,ny ml,j w,)ci I know not what has stooping over thn cmpse of Ins victim, he drew , becom of . FO ,Mi I shall bo lin.ihlo to reward tho diamond ring fmm his thiger. . ' you for your hraverv. (io, I do not wish you to ' Kill the murderer ! kill the thief ! shrieked y, , wl n()( ,va my )ia( . ( , Dona Concha, who was still holding her uiotlier rcspert ,,(, m,, w,se H,nP bear." Saying in her anus. this, slio left him and rcliirned to tho pulor. " I am not a thief, ' fan! .Murievedro, furious- A) apoaMnceof!,f.ielioii illumined her fair ly ; " Ibis ring has ulvvay. belonged to uie ; but , 6Mc) .l4 j( f.pu.miy oxhibded when a per I nivo vou llio valuoof it in moiioy. laying , i fcoinu Imminent danger. this, ho threw a purse into llio lap ol Dona Con chi und ha-lily retired with his troops. All this scene passed in a low minute", ami no son lias escaped from some Imminent danger. Don Manzores appeared in a few moments ; lmt his CDUntiiiaiien was dark and gloomy, and ho soon lelt tho cat!e, Tho conversation between Dona Concha and Manzores produced a deep impression upon Hie . ... i . ... , I.;.,. l..n. snoinml -to one Had uiougui niiiMc-i nnu , "-, pilied with surprise ut the suddenness ot the ..V" .. ' r..;.i i.....n tin, nuriles iidnd of the voung girl. Sho had in ide tho di w I. ch divided tho 1'rov iuco produced a great covery lint the people amongst whom she lived : Hon it Je in but it was s'oon fidlowcd by were far from partaking of her ovvm resolution so.ninv other scenes so dreadlul, thai It was and courage ; aim suo .iesi.,..e . o ,,H .,, so n iny ouitr rii-i i ibo.nlniie who con d underslaiul her leehngsnr ivirt- not long ueioroii was lorgn,,,, ,. . - - . - u.,i1 uin-t interested. Two tcrr b o vcars passeu, nuui nii-ui, v ,. , ami Don , 1 'mv-edro becauio at list soniowl, it my, theSavionr m.v spoi.sp .1 resigned to her falo. Ilutit was not so Willi liovviu revvara ua -ru, y iu ,.,u, , , . ii.i- .1 . t.. ...... ln nl l illinr " 1) ma i;oncha, rilie nan lovcu ner lauiui, iou u,n.i . entl.ely, Hm tcndeily, lo forget him (or one mo. Doin Conch i's fee lugs robe led ng iinst Ihe Imeiit; and her lieait, Ihoiigh full of warm and, idea nf a convent, mid she still hoped that some tender einoiioiH, slill urged her cousiiinlly to one, ono would uproar lufulh! her vow. Her mother lobjrrl,iind that was revenge upon her father's was unceasing in hor endveavors tu calm thear 'miinl.i.p. .dent inlml of llio vouni? cirl.and strove to at- , The burning ellme of ypaln had mil) de- tract ,rr Mie ntinn'by a roru'anl round dfflc mid unmoved before him. Ho c.oul I not with-, is u jiublic peril, Ihey only w a.idrew beHiro a draw his eyes from her angelic form. Accus- v de of the Assembly. Ifenorts poured in every loni"d lo behold only I ices convulsed with terror Hour to the .s,emoiy uiu, us uio niwiogi-nco at his approach, it seemed as if he would never ' arrived of tlio slaughter of Ihe National Guuids, Income weary with contemplating tint lustrous' and the fill of one General after another, who beiuly and that dignified inein combined iu the, was killed or wounded by the insurgents, the lair signora, IJina Concua socmen in produce eeii'allon became ueep ami aia ig. upon him the same influence ur charm which1 Various pioclaniitions were issued by Ca lm! allerted her. ! vaignac to injuco the insurgents to lay down ' No!' ho cried. 'I want nothing but her!' and i their arms but lo noell.'ct. ho dropped upon his knees before the young girl, Tho wludo ol Siturdiy was employed in des- . i 'i ' i , , I i i . , I .... i .-. i. .1. . :.i . I.. 1 1 .1 !,., ins initios erosseo noon i is orcitsi. nnu s I eao nemo i -i 11 in' o i 001 o siuvs. e.ti - u a inn ui,i,i,i; bowed as ho would liave knelt b;fore the holy ! a friglillul thunder storm. In the afternoon of Madoiia. Triday the coulhcts were without Intermission Tlaco that ring upon my finger, am) I will he- On Silurday, however, tho carnago and battles come thy In ide,' "said Dona Concha.. on Ihe south of the river were horrible. ' This ring!' lie cried, jo) fully. ! Daring the whole ol Triday night, and until 'Yes, provided tho linger from which you 3 o'clock on Siturday, tho roar ol Ihe artillery took It can never move again.' land thu noise or the muskets were incessant. 1 1 have killed .Murievedio ; he defended him-1 In this frightful state ol things the A-sembly self well, but these diamonds almost blinded me j betrayed not a little alarm. A deputation from as 1 fought with him.' tho Assembly were proposed to go and entreat 'Thou I amthino; for thus I havo vowed,' Ihe coinbitants to cease tins Mrile, ed on the low ground hy t lie river. Ils wings re-ted on lhe-e opposite heights. The hotel de Ville vv is ils mu.t advanced p l-tin front, but all tho narrow streets am! the iituys, fiom that building to the tanlnurg M. Antonio, vv ere in the hauJs of the insurgents. Tho attack was carried on upon this point by Gen. Duvivier.but such Were the preparations of re-istanco made that, according to llio written sl itenient of Ihe Miyorof Tins to tho National Assembly, Ihe whole district was c-mvorted Into a v i-t forness which could only bo reduced stone by stone. Toe streets were buricaded. the windows time with Gen. ( a-s. were lined with m itra-ses, behind which a mur derous the vVas p Hired d jwu on ihe ttoeps, an 1 tho gangway o intern il cuuimuniraHoii hud been opened from house lo house, winch suppli ed ammunition or means of e--c ipo to llio be seiged, The progress of the forco from ibis ten r.ilions nerd.iv at 20 cent each for between nine and ten year., C.CIO 3d. Tl'teen bundled dollirs per annum extra salary from 1 SJI to JSJI, about leu years, Uhg jurt if t!m aborc IS yoirs. lt,3T3 1th. Speeifi; charg-s for 772 d ivs of llio ah ive lime, at per day and 10 cents attending at Indian tioutics, at Washington, to .elile his own ac counts, and for extia pay as above, preparing mi Indian code, "&e., beinjj upwards ol ;J1 a per day lor tho time specific above. ' 12,713 Trial, SOU.tlJ J5y figuiing, iho reader will find that during these eighteen year,., Gen. Ca-s drew from tho Treasury Ihe sling sum of eleven thocsami TintEE ia-Miiirn .nd rirTV-nvE hollahs per uniiiim ! morn t iumtVione noLt.Ar.s jier day ! Whc'her he I- or not, Gen. Ca-s certain ly "should be a l'atnotj he should love A countiy and a people vvliich h ivo done so much for him. It should bo borne in mind that near ly two-third of these QiiG 000 were drawn as trtra allowance .'" .Most men would have been content with .I0 a week, which his regulir sa lary amounted lo; but Gen. Cass preferred $-30 a d iv. Il fil'ed up fi-ter 1 Now, how has il been with Gen. Taylor 1 lie entered the public service about the same slid Dona f Concha ' My daughter! my daughter !' shrieked Do in Linvedr.i. l'oor mother, but thou knowest that I have sworn it ' ' Hut ho may already havo a wife,' teplied Dona Ltuvedra. 'Then my mother, my file is decided; and b?fnro Ihu sun has set, I will change this dress for that of -a nun.' ' I havo no wife,' said Harquito, with joy de pried upon hh countenance. but nil Iho successive reports proved that tho in surgents were lent oil only yielding up the .Irugi'lo vvitli tdcir lives, -and their valor was only surpassed by llieir desperate resolution. On Siturdsy night "t I- o'clock the capita was in an awful el.ile. Tighling continued Most of hi. nf,. fi,,, been spent on th" frontier, among the Indians. 11a fought Iheui in H12 ut Toil IIjriinn. Hi sh triil in all tho hatdshtps of Ihe ilbick Hawk War. He pinicipaled 111 tlie f.uigues of all ihe exhausting euinpaigus in Florida. He was earliest and loiiiic.-t in the field in Mexico. Tort noint vva accoiduiL'lv very slolv, ami il vvusin Harrison, with lacoorha and lliiena Vista rro- tho rear of this posiuon Ihat llio final sland of cl urn his zeal, skill and courage. lie never the insiirerclion was made on Monday afu r- counted, any duty extra. Ho looked upon his noon, i piy as a Lieutenant, or Captain, nr Colonel, or Hut the operations were carried on v.ith equal General, as full return for his whole time and skill and courage al the two wings, for tint term seiticcs. Ho never sought lo ferret out ex may strictly bo applied to tho iiosilious which cu-es for " CNlra allowances." and there is not tho insurrection had iissiiund. On the h f. to be found, on the account book-i,f Iho gov bulk of tho Seine, the lelt wing extended to the crnuiPiit, due dollar chargrd against Z.vctur.T Pantheon, hy thosleepand n mow lino ol Ihe Tavlok lor ' ovri 'services. He was content Hue St, Jarqurt, vvliich was completely barn- wlnt the law allowed him- Ih regular caded, and even fortified with cannon. 'The at- pay and r.ilions weio all he was promised all t irk on this posilion alone la-tcd 15 hours, hard he expected all lie a-ked. In lortv jear. lie and iiuinlerrupted lighting; it it was the first has work-ed harder, fuller, d more, am! rendered which was re-conquered by the troops. infinitely eresitor service to his loiiutry, tlim The attack oil the right wing, which extend- ,s t'-14' ' 'in' "' Jm"m, vXi'a& n ... . ..ii.f. Me Irt'iiMiril I lull. lAVLUHs cu io mo co.f inziri, was conducted bv l.i- 'JJ'" , cs ua livint Clean, o'iw --., - inondere, who gradually forced his way on Ihe lll,u,j n,o third il ly in the Harriers, and Ihen elleclid his junction with Iho Centrtl division cf (Sen. I)n- vivier. 11 miy bo inferred from the regular dis tribution of llio insurrectionaiy foices. ll.cir plan was to exhaust tho troops by a fruitless at tack on llio bin leader, and then to assume of feusivo operations by an advance of tho two ,i,l,,ni.,,t ,,r mo men vl im imre eiown i.u m the public cnbs.and become rich upon " EXTUA ALLOWANCES." Whit a contrast docs thl' simp'e fact proj sent! One is a frank, honest, slraight-lorward soldier ; the ther u ur-inrnilmi, greedy, .. t..ra paid OillCP-IIOIUIUj; nnu I'lUti' numnij; wilh unabated fury. Lugo iiuulbors ol troops poured iu from all tho iicighboi ing departments, but Hill the insurgents, hiving rendered their poslions inmost inipreguauie icsisiiu ni ui iweiu iwo nrcs, audio reduce II to ineiiinuir - - . . . . . alreadv ess efibctually all the force which could be destruction. Tho r.xlcnt of organlMtion. which vcus In tbe,r730,nCO wt,,cti tie nai already wings upon the Nalioi, ,1 Assembly and the we-t dc.-igegue. He lias 1 , end of Paris, sous f placo iho be- but wo Uu not behove Ihat the Ifo lo will pe tween two fires, audio reduce .1 to inevitable mil hin. io " '"'." V'' ' t.rc'ijhtuciiiiMlheiii. The rtig, the banner the execution of mrh h plan, extendms oei : rom mt insiu j.