Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 21, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 21, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 21, 1818. Tho ' Villuslnn" Can Jiilule. Cuss, wlio Is opposed to tlio "extension" which ho argues for tlio " diffusion" of Slavery, is likely to havo ns many " lives" n a cat ! Mr. Biiooks of tho N. V. Express, writing from Washington, under date of the !)th Inst, says : " I have seen nn less tlian five lit cs of Cass, Intended for ihll'erent meridians. TIipio were two editions issued In March lat, and two In June, tlio two in March were, In clnr.icter, unlike thoso of Juno, and the two of Juno like those of March, obviously designed fur a .South em and Northern market. All attempts at ex planation onlv make tho mailer iire, Hero nrntho b,).; ami hnrn fhti nltrr.ilimis. free , , . , , .. , i ., trade opinions In-crk-il in one i d, ion, and mutt- ted in the other. the letter to Nicholson, ayiilntt i tlio "Wilmot Provi-n," inerted in one, mil opinions upon the French Revolution taking its place in the oilier. In-tcad of being .I.iiiih- faced, therefore, (ieneral Cass has four faces, one for each of the different points of tho com-1 tnss. He looks North and West, in ftvor of ; Internal linnrotemenls. Southward. heetiilurs-1 es Mr. I'n k s notes ag-iiiit them, an I of all that he he hat done, lie Iris upon the Wilmot l'rovio, two upon approves ' two faces 1 thet iriir two upon the French King and Revolution." Now, if any ingenious yankec can conceive of a moio mean, despicable and dirty trick than this to prop the falling fortunes of an unscrupu lous Diffuser if Slatcrij for the sake of office, vie don't a -It him to toll us of it ! Wo have got iifooftho " Lives" mentioned by Mr. Ilitooxs one of which represents him as opposed to tho Wilmot 1' roviso, and holding the opinion that Congress possess no moro authority to inter fere with Slavery in the Territories than thev liavo to regulate " the relative duties ol husband and wifo, or parent and child, See,., &c." while tho other omits all mention if the Diffunr' s np'm ions im ine sunje-t nj nianrij ! We arc aware that ti e trick appears :ilmo"t too base for belief, but any sceptical gentleman in the community can sec "the documents," by calling at our of lice. Wo have a low copies of the lives of Cas and Ilutler left. W'e hope our friends who at tend the stale convention will come prepared lo take them home and tee them well distributed. IV. Patriot. Which ' Life of Cass ", .Mr. Patriot ? The Southern one, or tlio one designed for circulation at tho Aoi'.'i, from which the said Crm's alien the views in regard to the extension of Slave ry are expurgated .' Tlio II IS Doing. As tho edilor of tho Free Press is absent for n day or two, and " more ropy" is not to be had, our d I' who is as rogni-h as he is ingenious, thinks it will be f tir lo make an inciir-inn in to the enemy's territory, an I levy contribution" on tho Sentinel, to eke out lhs usual am unit of amusement and instruction, of bithof which there is (he say") always an abundant supply in the morning daily. " We care n nlnn' how mmy different ictohitlnn n pfilitiehti lio 'in b. or how consi-tent he has been lierclofuie " Sentinel, Jnhj IS. " liven "hoalcl it happen lint iheNnnli in (Visit"-. shoi.iil h' united i utirely an uneotiiiiiou thin.', an, I should by fortune secure the pan-iire of the Wihuut Proviso, witli an application in nil the territory oi the United S'ntc" an improbable ihiujj j wh a is turned I nil unimportant thing." lb. " The doctrine of(!en. Ci on Sl-ivciy is thesaf r iloctrin- for ihe friends ul freedom." lb. " We believe we Inve, amuiij; our readers thinUiii" men." lb. " Wne it to sive chri'.en lorn fro.n mural desola tion thed.'in tci.itic piny coal I mn get up a respecta ble vielnry ihiss-idi- tlu hmu ifiiu." lb. " (i. Jerusalem ! Jernnlein I" " Who is M inin Van llureii." Sentinel. "lie is the una win, of all our public ioo, owes his elevation, ihe lea-t to ineiii, the niut in parly orK'ini zation " Thomaa llitrhie in " Union." " Who is (eii. Cass." Sentinel. " The hern nf ' llui.t.'s licrcr.n.VDiR." 7Vie. Hitchie in Itichmon'l ICnijttiier. Confidence Inspires Cmt ft lence, Herrick's lTi!l( the ureal mnnily (or I'oiiiiilc Com-rihiJit-. jt lu'sut pi!..- comjiU'CtM:. mi. I i'oij siniipdve lntiit niul tho-- iircdiio'i.'il m rohi'o'is huniov-i r caucerou ntl'cuoti-, nntl .ueh n aic debilitniril by ihs ca"! peculiar in health an I vior. Th'Hf o( "setl-'ntary tiittt't (ir win I.ilnr in fjrtori'" niul poorly eiitilatf I room J, or who ImciLfinly in licrit a lci!)!e or t ruinous co'i'litutio.i proline dioir hy a tnn-'ly an I ju tu nu ue of this iniliciii. Tin pcculi.i alUTint'Vi t-li'-cts otthc(? Pills which no otliT mlicmc yet iIhc ivrej pi. jpa, nml which ii! Invv so ninrh eiolk', render them pcni li irli athpii'-l to the ibae djjfascs. and a general Fuimly .Medicine. t W 9rtra ,0 nrr''tetI to Ilerrick nml Co, Viin cip'il Oflice, Alhiny, N V. anil for -nle hy A. C. Spear, (ten, K II in injion, Cniim nnd Sp:irHiirin ton, V It ll.iich WiniMi-lvi I'uIN, Johti SininmN Jtul Slielhurii, I.j'on and AleAnndcr, Charlotte, Wells Ilinefcburiih, and nl-o hy Dnii-ls and lerchatifj in eu'iy town and Vjllasp. Wuiuiit'" Impiav Vu.nrtni r. Pn.r.s nre a certain cure ior ),"p"pi i, because they cleanse the stomal h and boweils Irum all billions hiunori, and puiitv llie hjund. Four or fne ol said PilN, taken at night on :omg lo bed, will in all cn"es. give lehei, and il con tinued fur n short tune, will nuke, a perfect cure uf Dy-pep"ia Ih.WAr.E or CoLwrr.r.rEiT. Tun ot.v ottiuiXAi. AND ur-M-INE I.N'PIAN Vl ol.TAUI.C PlI.I.S IIAtl. Till. MO natit.u of Willi tM Wright whittia wim a ix;; on Tin. Tor i.miiu. or i.A( il ii tK Xnuc utltcr is ,;ea- uine,nnu lo rnunleijeil tint is roiuo. ceuuille lur sale he W II. (TU'I'IS. Wnter I Srect.and 'I HIIOUOUH A- PUCK, Lollege Street. ' sole ncent fur Iturlimiloll Uenlien l"eri:ii"oii. II- J. It Dyke lllimiugtoii ; W. Rhodes, .Ir Itiehniond j II Ii. Green, Itieliiuond ; J. II. .t T W. Tower, Underbill j lliirlbul it lludges, Willi-ton ; It. San dcrson, ami (i. Ayers, Went Wilh-iuu ; .1 Lyman, Jericho; W, 11. Velie, llmtshurgh ; W ri. At II. P. Wood, Weiford ; Slaples it Lyon, Charlutte ; John Siiuonds, Shelbiirne ; li. Hichinond ll.irnard ;and nt th New I'.ngland llrnuch OHice and (Ieneral Depot, l'J8 Ticmont Street, ltuMoii. Z" -Host Ilttrnonliiinry Woil;Iul Tin: HIAKKIDI WOMAX'S PIUVATU MEDICAL COMPANION. BV Hit. A. M. MALMIICr.AU, Pinfessor of Diseaset of llouirn. Kixih Hditlon. ISnio. rn. 250. Price 81. 25,000 CWIKS SOLD IS TIII'.Er. MOTIH! Yrare.'suiTeiinK,of phjsical nnd mental .h to many nn aflectionnle wife, nnd pecuniary ihfhiiltics to the husband, might hate been Miarcd by a timely nosse-sion of ibis wotk possession ol ins woik. Il is intended t specially for the married, or Ili0"e conteinplating marriage, as it discloses important te- crcts which dhouid be known to them particuiaily. Truly, knowledge is power. It is lieahh, happiness, jiflluencc. The revelations contained in its iagps have proved blesing lo thousands, ns the innumciuble loiters rc- , ccited by the author will am st. Here, nlso, every female qnn tliscover the causes, symptoms, nnd tne most cllieiciit remedies, and mo"t certain mode ol cure, in every complaint to which her WOMhUerec'eiHorOne I) .liar, the "Married Wo- man's Private Medical Companion" wall be sent "mailed free) to any part of the United Stales All HtcrH .mist be nd,rr.s-"ed, post.p.,,1 . lo I Mauriceau. Hot liil, New York City. Publishing (Mice, 12!) Liberty street, New oik. .. r"7T Travelling Agents urc informed that a lew fJi-irlcrs in Ma-sat hu"eit9, and two other Lh".tein , riuuo.1" , A..,. ,. i,n r lied puil paid) as above. Iliu'd D i c U , In llinsshursh.imthe SiJ.ulthtia, .Mnu Djvv. in ihe SWih yeuroflii" Yt'i'Kianl Central Etailroutl 'Mtipaiiv. 'IMIP, Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of this Company will lie hnlden at the Depot In Nmthlicld on Wednesday, Ausrul 30 1 1 1 . at 11) a. m., Inr tin" choice of nflbcrs and the transaction ul any other luiiiH's which tunv come before them, II v urih'r ot the Hoard fit Directors, L". T. WALTON, Jr., Oik. .li.lylt'H. 38w DIt. 1'IMI.t.U'S i:ipctanr! This Vegetable mui'ily tor the I'tles; just teceived a iirh wll f apply by Tnco. A. 1'fCK. iVotiei. txriir.iii S my wifj Callniine Palmer has t T left mv 1 I an 1 uoim, without just cause or I'rovocHlon, I liereiiy mil, y all person, nut in mi nor ur Hum her on mv account, as 1 slull piy noucuisni ,K.r rcollltllctlllB alcr ,lis uite. JOril'.l'll rALMIIK. Ilinesburijh, July 11,'H. w3 3vv - - - " " vLlltiOVy. A L'irire nwittmcntot ltazois, Scissor", ami Prcket K,m;e5' lrom ,he bcsl TllVi" '".'jHi,. J' ' ' '"M'AI'L;3 ' - T3 Of. It I IT Honks, Wallets, nnd Money l'urses, of 1 . TO ; ''-sei i piio.i and rjuihlv nt J"' -J.'13. wd J. . HAMULUS. GOLD PJINsi, hum 81,'Jj to 91.0 ). nt J.V. K.VND.VLL'S. July 80,' IS. w3 ll'i-i(oi. S'lXllAltltllLL Itvvulvins IVloN, nml rnminon ) Pocket Pistnls.nt J. V. UANDALLU July 20, 'IS. w'i lnrce nsnrtmcnt of Spectacles , ol ccry kind. Also, (tuples nn I Ilye l'rutectoi, at Julyailii. w3 J.V. HANDALL'S. KlUKIllUDK'.S Tinrsall's Ilenve-IVv-ders ! the Genuine at Wholesale and retail by wit Tiu.o. A. 1 uic. mill 1 1-1 1 1 M()S' J ol nictst qinlily, fur h by '1'iir.o. A. Tcck. Salt Klioiini, Suroliiltt, Leprocy, Iiry.ipilits &c. &c. Fuels arc tStitblmrn Things. Here hone among a ii's uf others, NrwTov, Lower Falls, May, 18 IS. Mr. Jom.". Dear Sir, If more testimony is nee ded in hvor of your valuable Drops and Pill for Hn mors, you may ndd mine to the number you already have. Ilimue been aHlieled Inr tlnrtv vear with the Len theL.p. sol leni- I i f'u t i.lentally roev or u lnteciiri,auii irivingtriiMiausortsoi eilies to no puipos '.niui Hating arriveu at Hi' fifiv had mven no all hones of relief. Atei,; ."icing your limps advertised, was induced lo Irv them, my, I w as eonipletely cured be- Ato on coniini'sion lrom ihe .Mnnnhieiuier at New fire I had fiUen one bottle. m nre at libetly to I York, Sofa, .Miihoganv spring "eat Kot kin" nnd pnr make any ne ot this jou please, lor to me yuiirdrops lor Chms, Pin .Maple, 'Cane Seat do. whicTi will be aic im aUt iljle. Kesperilullv lours. i sold low fur cash- WILLIAM Cull I IS. For s do in IiiirliiiLttoii onlv bv TiiLoaoar. A Pi.- k. ,,,i i.,. i, rir,.,-,:i',i,u,i ,i; , ...... ,.j .....p.. - - j r. i SI 'lies N. It. Noiliiug is so chean . and nothing et-e is so efficacious for all disea"es ul Ihe skin. Tiy it ti it lAiTiiieu.v try it as uirutep. wSyl lifwjs. Wvlc.' Jr. BiOlafi. Tril. t'lfv'r'l I III.MIC It IVIVC opov n euoiiiioing ii M-ini ill" -nt rue" 111 ine ren lh hi M,WUhLSj 1 1 A LN(. Itl'.lv.N u. ,ie United Slates, d Insaddi.-"" before tho appoiiiled by Ihe lion Propate Coml, fhr ihe New Yoik Agricultural Society ; by John S. Jenkins. l)i-trietol l.iaiul l-ie. t. oinuii-ioi!er" to rt ci ive t - a mine and adjust all claims aiiildeiniudsof all per-ons agauislthe F.-tate ol L"i Sole,Jr., late oi Al bilrrrh ill said ileee.ised. anil nil claim" and delnainls e.thlbiied in off-et thereto, do beieby gie notice that suit L,-tate is rcpreseiitco ni"olient, anil t lie term ol sit uiouihs fioni the lentil il'iv el July A. D. 1818. is allowed by sai I Court I , ili creditois cf s.iiJ d.'ca-. I I ethibit an I pn.v i ir ii'"t)'ttive chiinis te'lnje us, and that we will atietid to the duties ol our appoint-ui'-iit at the dwelling Iidum' ol Lettetia Sowles in Al bargh, in "aid Di-tritt, on the second Moudjy of Sep tember, from nine o'clock in the forenoon until tour o'clock, in the iilternoon un "aid d.iv. Dated nt Albnrgh, Julv lOih, A I) lsl3. FPvlIDHUICK IIA'ZIIN. ) WILLIAM IKlNSlNliilli.i ''"""""". July 2J,' 13. w3w3 HALL'S CII.W'IMI A It S3 K S I V V. S jV 51 TM1LS oNcollcnt Sal vr . conimeudi'il bv inmv ot hie t'oftrr.v, for (.iritjAeif!, I'lnri. limn, 1 Iiriiwm, 1 usli II umidn ,c. Inco only I, cts t linll .1 nit give il n tri il nnd if notsnMied with us ulihly. retuiii it, ami Die agents m every case arc amhomeil to relund the money, L C.II LL. Sold in Iturbngt'i'i, by C Spar ; Wiuoo-ki FalN, W I! Ilitli. and by ieb'ii!aiiy apioiuied Ag -uu ihrouglioul the St itu. duly 'JO, MS. w ami J'EIItCF, A: ki:i,i.O(;g, :s. ESivcr-st., 'B'roy, I III iti:ci:iM.t; nv i,ti: akiiivm.s hu m .'4 li'iritp-', and diiect hum ihe manufacturer, n large an I beaunlii a"Mirtmeut of tlnod" in lluur hne, thet oiler on llie tun"! t ivoliilile tellii". I I'.t.tcu am)IIoi.imi( itixi-llicnMn.t. dinner. ten. "upper and tmlet -i-ts Iru.t audeake ln-kst",ireeue t.-eoiids, to time tb inning ofcai", lman, and hoi-is shells, ("oinpoiiei. plum white, Inilieiin and gold, A.p v- hae aUo C.'. i .V jl-rIey's Duplex and I.e. (iRt tMl rni Ciuvt Ync ". laudle.tirks, bonnuet ter ntcbc". nnd 1 n . line 1 mi- l -per.", wlnth holdfr. cologne tmttle", not dues in inkstands, match lor beomy ol fiu."h j.. ut!ucy ot time cannot fail and lluwer poi", iVc. j to picnic. Flow it-,, lii.m:, figured blue and Washington blue, I We Inve nlcnci" ns, heap as the cheapest and ii dinner, lea. bii-akt.i"t Mid todei "ii "a" good as the best, in order to suit all. Ci.av, and pl.iiu .-eiilre bowl-i, 1 Our as.ormient ul .lewcliy and otlu-r (.in -, which celeries water buttle", decanteis. lumhleis. wine", i" Ihe mo"t complete that we hate rtci had '.be plea clninpagiies,i;obIei, Umonadts, jellies, dbhea, lamps i urr "'""S 0' '"Ip, I" receituig adihtioii" c. rich, iVe. ,S.c rare, ii".'lul mid ornamentiil nrtieles Litr.v elk. LtMi-v-Patent"r,lnr nn.l lard lamps'Uiti.'.'-forlin. Please to call and "ee ,,.,.,,,.,, tel-,chuiclii s and finnhe". ol new and b"i,u.ii,u suits,1 July 7 ilfJ imiN.MAID & liUO I Hl.ltS. from the celt hi.ited inanufactory uf ( unit. i .t I'o. C. .vnr,. , . ,.n,l..ll,,. I.i.l. .., I. . I Orimiln, tilttT niui broiued,oi ntw mid nppruted put lern- Mali. Lintihss Rich ft lined, painted and cut some veiy eboice and be uitllul pattcins IhtiTANMA 'aki Colli e pots, ten pots, sugamnnd cream", nnd ra"iois of cteiy ile"cripiiuii. IIactiiin Wake of uienor styhs and qualities, in ceiy vauetj ol color now in uv. tauai Hunt t,ia" t nic, wkhs anu lanterns. Pit Tr. its, in seta or sepai ate some very choice ,,,! I... ,,,,1,1,11 ,,:.,,, ,w i: , Tu ,,,,,,1. I, fnrnelina . f'n m V..,,. V...I a,,, I'iuladelulua ouccs. 'Pioy, May I.IxlM, IW3WI5fi "AL'JJTlOiX wab.r: Saliirthi;, July 'J'Jil, l'H, tit I P. M. M SlicrHdod s And Kin Ho did. I A !:AI!,,I; ASSOIITMLNT OF DltY AND I ' 4 Inney (.oodsCiiitery, Ac , ( onsi-tiiig of Woik I lloxes, , Stand", l ain, lWs, finry liu.te,Il.iir lirii-hes, t othes liru-he, W allet". ni and Coat llntioiis K iV It .".iioriiug do , 1 hiinble", Thread, I le';cil".(.la., len lu,lt",Seiir, Pucket Knives, , lab c Ituives and orks Ink .-land" A-e Ac. A "O. a lew lllllldted oair t.l I i t:..;,r 1 f.n I li "."v.-,, a July l9,'H. d-il xv.w 5W HI HAT MAKKHT, AIM ASA DIM5W HAS OITNLT1 .. ti tl 11,1. if .kar.... rnwr rill nr-f-I. '" '"s to any pattern desired. Wntclies, LlocKs ami Jewel i in, ilium,, jU,t erected on ry chniied and repaired by ouclwsand e.tiivrieiiieil " altr Mreel, opposite the I,xcitAM,c I loTI I., where jin reasonnble terms. Hi" Mniket will be ojien , ,.,. l'"cis at all the (,,, iuur, ,,j lhe jay j,um M? W !"g !""' '" ''rovld" '"r 'hose ' who inay p.itruii.e bun the .si nrtiele in hia l,c 0f hu-meas that can be obtained in the tieuuty, Iiurlington, July 7, ISIS. (ditwtl.) To Knit, in: COMMODIHI'-i ii,,i,.n ir . I Jl..ft- ?,ttr'UN? ''nyr. W'm. ItoDY. llWIIfll bv tirXKY M AVo. IV, -.1 iiiov utiiioii',, ov ill,' vy iiiiiw ,,, i.n now occlipied by lhe Widow ol ,e lale uated near the South Whaii, wnh fme uanlen m I. KOBY. tiwnen OV HFNllY .1 im. IV, i,,- lluuriMllui; COIIUIUOII illlU I Hour niui. Apply to V. 1,, HTIIO.VC, JulyS, 1818. ilA.vvl 1 0-1 liini'ii Siii'cliiif;, AND ."-1 Linen fir Pillow (Jnsei, with ruan',i:ies of llrnwn nnd llleachcd Cotton, can be found al the l.ndics' Ijchauce. WILCOX it .VASII. Ilurlineton, July C, HH, d..w. Sf'll 1 Will. AT WINOOSKI I'AI.I.S. I jJiwii", I'lints, l'linc.B nnd (iinin., lanbronle reii mill' ..,, . , i eatl I, loves, l.ace (-apes uud Col at, lliiunel liib. rJMIl, Sl'IlSCIillint llS AT IMS smili: , ,us, Aililicials.Drnp d Kte. v. ,U A'-., l.inei, Jl Inrif asoiiuic 'I i f nhn nery K.nJ cf . .?. I r,is, )ai tituiers, (.'atpelinij., ul'-ih, 'i', ,v. rim. r , .hi, '.ul iml liei..f li- wi II uif This, toi;i tber with their lorinerk(ick,i-i.,i,r, . . am.. .me ol h, iiiihu.1 s, Ii id Iu borrow pail and iiiust I ol lhe Ininett and Ihi in-Mintneiiis in l:uiluitiui or uud will wll lo pay 1 1 in t ami tu puiclrin- inore.jilenw i the State, and will he rnld at reduced prices tu corres call nnd m-.-, the bcsl and chenpe.t i ver ollred in ibis ' pond with the prices nl IIW lur whiih they are pay. County. S1DNKV HAIil.OW. !n3 m,!,. ' Wmeoihi I'.ii:., U.y II 1-I-- III I'.u.liii-l.,,,, July , ll. dVJvvH, VI K I I, At KKJU'iS New York & Montreal Express, ('.like An. 10 Wall Street, A'. 1". I. D. IUXIIV & CO. WeH .S'Js Square, llurlinglan, Vt. ESoKfoci & Montreal Express, ftficc, Unit llnrnl Jxcmiiiif, Motion. I D. IIIXIIY A- CO. Wttt Silt' .ICC, lit- i glim. TpMIHIl VNT PAS.-AO: CHIiTIKlCATL'tf, lrom Liverpool to New York and Huston. FOUKIGX V.XCIUXGi:, In sums to suit customers, on Dublin and Liverpool. dW I. D. DIXUY t CO. ivr. OSTHEIM, I.lIl'OUTIIU AND WHO I, KS ALII lr.At.Fa in WI1VKS AXli BilUdJRS, CiSiirs, i' o n i: i a x v u i: n v t; s , ,j. , . No. MO Liberty Hlreet, On Ihe Aorl'i K'ncr vide if llruttiheay,) New York. July It, MS il.twtyiY 'J'ownsuiul's Sitiviipufillii, Si:i'll,Y OP THIS IWi.Ait 1 ,l . I t ir i i , May 11,1818. tlSliwil A.MOrf C. SPEAR. Coii!ri-o Wa-'. rIUISIl Co'iaiess Water, ju"t icceiud directly (loin the Spiing. Fursalehv dT'J w ,','Jw 1 AJIOd C. SPIIAIi. Ntrnyril, 17UO.M the Siibenher, on Sundav ctpniim. ilin 2.1 L iii"t , a large sized light lied Low, with a large Ing and culored teali, h id a brass knob on her rigiu norii, Anyone wno win nilorni ine where she is, I will satisfy lor so doing. ltiirIington,. Tidy d, 19K ' dsi.twlif lliirlliigton nnil Jfciv York Cabinet AVarc-BIouisu. Catlin's Lane, 0 rmh latt if lhir linutnn Hank. TIM! SIIIKCIMIIIIlt has recently returned lrom New ork with a choice stock ol Mabog- any winciine will mnnul.icture into fiery khid ol Cabinet Furniture, consiMing nf Sofas. Seeretnrir Hnreaus .reeian, I enter, t aid, Dmiug, Tea and ' ,!; j ai.i,, u ,. liitj-s-i New oik style. Al"o all kmd" oi ( berry and Pine painted woik, and lied- fii-ads, which ho intends to K-H s ow , can Lp l,0Ught in this vicinity for cash oraooroved eredu W.WTIII). i,:.t. , -, .j " ..o ;'..,, ,m "? r""m'--"m! ",; ,o.r "teait. anj ft niui nne in, u oasswoou imaril- and plank. A few choice .Maho; A 11 V ctieels for Slle SAMI'IIL NICHOLS. di Bit" Hurlington, July 1, MS. Tin: i.ii'i: of silas wuinii r late Cover- norol the State of New Yoik: with an atioeo- Puce SI, 00, For sale by C. li. ilDWAKDS. Fruit. tRlvSn Oil AN (5 H AND l.lvMONS, this day received ; Also, One lihl f"iuokcd 1I i f Hams, m good order. A S DIIWHY. June. 'JTtli,'18. i17 Reduction of Stock AT Tiir. KXC H AXti K. ffi A DIES LOIl (iOOl) amj "vri'iciu.NT it 8 Ins been deemed proper on our part to throw the balance of our enure Mock of Kit HI .llllt COO OS, upon the maikt t, at it r.nvr i: n rntcr.s. Hy so doing we would not infer that we are com- t.i'il.'.l to .lit ii ur 1 1 ml w e ilo ki, In i.rnlil v til, r.'i'lim," 1' iw used mill ro- ! of any pailieuiir indit idual beat to sun uur own con-.- l.,i'L,.. .j ... ' tenianee. and the untitle uuod. I' any "Uoulil leei uipos,ei! in quenon our oeoevo- leoee ill nil" lil ilitTlil uiriii i-..iiuiii'-,.ui iiiiu inlets nt liie New Store, neAt to llriusiu.iid A: iiio- thers, Cluirih Sneit II'lLCOX &. NASH. w jC Iiurlington, June 29, 'H. .Bewrlry, Walrlir, Arc. 15Ti; ih'"iro to cull iitlciition to uur new 61 palteni" of coral tmd tilngree liar .lewel", llaiiil and sloue rlu-lei llracelel", liar Jewel" and Pin", l'eatl, t)pal nud while "lone Ribbon Pin", 0;nl and oilier Stone liing-.. plain and chased Kings of very pretty and dtsirable stvle". Al'"o to t.ur new st fes of Ladies an I (Icntleuicns' Oo'd Chain", of vuy line workman-hip And to "uuie new and btaulilully linithed Watches, small nnd huge. Fur SituriAiiit n, Uailroad and Steamboat custom- er", we haw llie hue Double I line In eper, renue ipri'lilM v l s. ., t.. 11 A Lit I'.lu'.li. All, 1 iV 'Jill lihls, Ilulf ill 1!'ij QinrtersHuihthsnnd by the single pound. Ai-o llud-ons llaj Salmon. A.S. l'i.l-t June 8,'IM w.M) rplli; HI IiLINCTON MILL Co. will pay cash J lor tvoi. June 21",, 'W d and w 2m is SSItS Itltl.VSH ID A Illtll'l-IIIIItS ine leceuim? aeces-lou" lo meir situ k ol line Wntelii s, Jew elry, Clucks, and most nil kind" of goods thai they generally deal in, together Willi null new kind" ns il.ey indge then cutoioer will wih lur ; a" we arc reci mug (loodsoeiy week, we can supply nny atiicle in our hi'i" or out ol it which may be waul ed. We invite nn examination of our Wntchesby thoc who wi"h guod tiine-keper. knowing liiai we are Seilmg all ileseripiionsol Wu!cheas low csnny New Yoik or llo'toli House, or nny Pedlar can or will ,.i ,.,n, ()r n.-oriiueiit i"goo,l ol Cloeks. Waith- rP, (;d and Silver liood", Plnted and llrilannia .Mel- altiuol", 1 is Musical liiMrnmeiil", Suing. Ac, lVilumery, I'nar Cn, Suull Huxes, Canes Piiiiu n.lir nnd ('mis Head Hinds llags. PurM-siind Pock- ,..,' ,, w-..:. ..... I.'..:. a ..... .... nl. lialileil to, nnil ilenroll" in selling an tietcripMuii" in ct HOOK", I 'IRIS, IlllZUIi., .l.-1-um, ,iiiia,..i.u a., u, ntnQ, i.ii.llfu v.'iririv tif l.iocv articles. Cold and Sdveied Fan". Mails, white and fancy cohued Fans. Feather and Pastehoaril Fans, Ac, Sit ter Spoon", Forks, Collin Plates, Putter and Fruit Kimcs, children's SiUer Folks and Cup", nnd all Sil ter Coodsalall times on bind in large quantities, Uillll.SI 111 I y HI ,!;.- 11, I.UI.I J, ftuv. ......... ... ( journeymen, We employ no apprentices in nny department ol our bu"iness. Our nun nnd desire is to sell sui h (loods nnd lo do our woik and charge such priced ns will be peima lienlly sali-f.ictoiy lo cuMomers. DACLMIItltllOTYPII fiOOI. and Plate (eimaii uud American Camcrasand a laraer and inure e.ttell"iie ns-orttne nt uf everv nrli- cle iix'd in the line leceiting and will be kept on baud 1 aim ior sine at low revv i oin ami llo.-ton prices, hen Mlls.i:. Vlllte.lill,l ril-n.-ll III 1'l.ilrslii an.e ou-lll - ' ...... . . . e nu men. liltl.NSMAlDiV. ItltOTlllilic llroailclolh ! Itrouilclotli ! WW hnvo just ri'ceiwil lrom Auction, 1(1 It necen ol lllue. Illue.l!h,ck. IH.,1. .! Ii,. llroadcloths, vvlnrh nre cheaper thnti ever oll'ereil in nny slore in Verinolll Those w ihim m ,,r, l.-.. nice llroailclolh Cont cheap, nie iuviled u call nt tne l.u.lies i.xchange and examine our $ioik No iiiiiiKe inr looniug VVII.l-U. it rv ASH. Iluiliuiiluu, July C, 1813. dJLw. KOatl.YNOIV X. tiOVlAt II A I: tit lettiriifil from Nt-w York I IB wilh n lame anniliiiiiil of (liiinlin,,,. 11,. a wim n Parker's 5; IV 11 I V A I. li V. DAGUERREOTYPES. m A IPV n, l.l rnnii.a f'r.Uni, St, t.l.nml... I lms7irod(iced thoiMiids wllhin the pnt enr lo the Hcneial snlMnction of all. Itnnms will be kept open a few weeks lonuernnd Moninturrs will be put up nt n less price for Ihe fnnie ijunlity, llian by any ' oilier peinui in nil" pan oi nic country l(ooin lice Inr nil peitons to call and examine spc einieus nt anytime. llurlinaton.Jaly in, MS. w2if Icac Warner : MAS on liniul a full nssortmcnt of wet I BS. and dry (trocrie, atnnn width nre Hiiuirs, I 'J'oas ColK'e,Clioco!ate, rfpiec, Mohi"es,Coihi-haud j.S ihnoii Coir.!. Ilr.iudy, Holland (Jin, St. Croit Hum, low priced do. and New ltuui. lie will wiiriant his ' saints to be hitler nud cheaper tlnn those linw Led nbuiit the country by New ork nod Troy peddlers. He Ins iil-o n hnv bills linsl-rule Poik, lljllinutiiil, .lull? lil'B. w2dw Sidney Barlow, AT W 5 IV li I V A J, Ij , iroi'Iil) INVITU I'HltSON.S INI want M ofCheapCood. to call at his Store, linvhm U"t rctunie.l lrom ,ew i oik, wim n lull Supply i f ,Mns liu, Lawns, lletni;es. (JniLrhniii, Liili-h I'opliu, Linen Iamurc l'oulnrd Silk, Silk Princes, Shaw Is Ac. A VU'vl: Wnntcil. .0"!": nSr;.', VW u,lltt3 ","-'llJ lucar" t"r nuaru nun Homing, C'HINA Tea Company's Agency al Harlow's ll'i ' liooski Falls. Mau'divatT A T !!!!i)UCi;D 1'ltICIIS ns 1 intend to cellum entirely beloie the largo slores now building me tilled willi it, July KHli.MS. d3lt3.tw2tf Dry tinoils v.s Money. Ladies' Kxclmngu loticc. IN conscrjiienee of the depnilure ol our .Mr. Warren in tile (.iileilonm lor Unlove, lor our Vnll Stuck nf (tooth, we i"h lo turn our present stotk into inonev as f.i"t ns po"il,e, and "hull uinile it an object lor all w ho hate money to spend to tall on us. Our Ciiilnmeiit knmo that our tock is too targe to attempt a dcsciipljoii in an advertisement, as, besides the Im scat stoi I; of liong and Square Shawl, MI.K UOODS, VISITIIS AND M A X T I L II T S . Dress ciood- and Fancy CuoJs of nil kinds, We bate a lull wholesale nnd rttail stotk ot lltirsf ';.' S 1 Ml Ut'l'lfl !' "UL 'V' 1 1 '- '"( -1 Ilslil.S ! OUT. t EST Ami Print Still", in (.'rent Ynilrty. Laces, IIuduoi.lerie",Ti miming3, and White (loods. M U V 11 -Y IXG .1 A' T ICLKS, Ol l.VLRV !'E."r.H"l!O.V, D ( M 0'. STtCS, iu.i:cnr.n and nr.ow.v o ,s : it v a a' i a i. o v r. s , And in l.i ct every article in the DllY HOODS line, but u'is, ntfillcx, topes ami ribbons. Ladie" in w nit nf a Di ess can find everv thing from a LONDON PUlNT.nt G tents, to the finest I ibrics hupiuicd. SHAWLS, fiout one dollar to hundred", nnd the "ame w ute range ol puce" in all other artieh s. In having m, large a stotk iroin which lo seleet, cii"touiers ale saved nnny u"el'" steps ; and our in terest and objeei is lo u-e all our customers in a way that will tiling them often to the l.nilii'"' lltcliiiuge ! 193 Wnxliiiif nti SI reel. CF.O V. WAKKIINitCO. June 21, ISIi. wWv. ldC'Jiawlw lAfl'IlOYIU) AUKIilCAN AIR-TIGHT Cooking Sloto. T'lllI above stote is uflered lo the public a an art icle for culinary piupusrs timitalleit by any oilier now in u-e. It" con-iruction i" tcry simple and con sequently can be nianaged with fieiliiy nnd ea"e. The o'ten is large and bakes admirably, ihe flues being".) nrrail 't J s to dlflil'C l.ll equal degiec of lu-at in nlf pans of it. A tery u"clul f.-nture ihi" stote is its summer arrangement which conn"!" ol a furnace which can be u-ed wilh llie same facility nnd more economy than llie eunnniiil purlalile funinets. A I mi A genernl n""orlment tl l'nncy Itox and Air-tight stmesnl lhe latest style". Patent Pumps, lead piie, Agricullural Itnpleinenjs Ac. Jnb woik ol all kinds in tin, copper and Miect-Iron dune in tlie latest style ami nn short nntiee. (w52ll) UOSTIIU'K & LVAItTS. (.lazicr-i Shop ! ! (WOULD fospccifiilly iitiuriu my fiit'iul-, and the public gcnernlK lli'it I hae, pened a Shop, near my rcMdeuce on Pe.ul Slreet, fur il.e purpose ot I'luni-liiiig. Cutting nml ;ining all sie" of plain and lincy Window Chi"", also (.'a"" lor h.i"li or 1'ietiiie I rami's kept toiiMnnny on naim at .Mannl.icturei prices. IIIIIiVIIY llUUNr-TT. Iliirlingiou, April 2H, HI. w lilif Wnr IIiiilciI ! F A Di IL it F O it It S Anil mini-ii I' lie rn,e,l lit iiii fur l'ta.-e. jVOW IS TIIK TIMH TO CO.MK AM) Iniv while ihe (inods aie New and Cht ap Thoe j'lFl nccned it is ilillieult lo know bow high lo in.nk to plttellt su-p.elnll ol lb. ir nut having hi ell bought, lint they weie ica'lv puHia-ed, however small the price, mid nid lor' with money had ot th People, who t.m have the jootl m c.tthaue lor tn.-b of iheir ni.,t. 1IOWAKDS. June li.'li. "M H MIOl'LDI'Ut JJIlACIirf ! Thu cclclira. led Cht st expander, con.-inuilv for Kilo by the du.en or singly, wj! by 1 hlo. A. I lck. ,3:iF)i'. B',:ips''1 I'Molt". I, thf f.uli"fiil)(rs, liiitiiij: liocti np. noinled by llie Honorable lhe Piobaie Couit lor the DiMtlclol ( lilltelldi ll, cuinllll loueis lo receive, i .t inline mid adju"t all claims an.l iieiiiaiuin ul all per Suin ngaiii"! the estate of Jabu i'Ar.oo, late ol lluu- tlllgtoll III sill l)l"IIICt, ilecn-ed, ltiCMIIled ill"ul tent, nud al all ( demands exhibited 111

nll-et tbeielo; and nt lunuth" lrom the tl ly of lhe d.ite hereol being allowed by saiJ Court for that pur imiv, we do llieiefore hereby give police, that we will aiieiul lo ihe bii-ioi "!. ol our appointment at the Inn ot T J. Wood ill Iluiitiiigtoii.iu said D.'inct, on the r,(li d.i)s ol September and D-ceiubt'r, at IP o'clock, A. M , on tatli ol said da) . Dated ibi" ITib dav nf June. A D. IS Is HlltA.M CAIil'lIN'TIIIi. .'uimi' wl3l SYLV1IST1IK K. SNVDIIU.i sinners. Ilt-nian WnslilHiru'x lNlato. IK, thu suhscrihors. hinnio- bent np- nuiiileil hy the llor.ornbli' lhe I'ruhnte Court lor the l)i-trict ol I lultenuVn, ciimiiiii-ioiii'is in rrii'ivp. j vni.iui.. nnd ndiuvi the rlnttiis nnd ilfiiinmU nil i nprsniwrnrniMM ih.- rttitf ol IIeman Wamiiiurx. hue f Colchener ill t-aid DiMriet.ile'-ea.-eil, 1,-iiri-witeit I insolvent, and alo all claims and demands exhihiteit I iu ot!'-et thereto ; and siv inonths lrom lhe ilny of lhe due hereof beinj! allowed by mid Court fur that pnr poe, we do therelore hereby (,'i'e notice, that we will intend to the business oi-oiirappoiimneni ai the dwe. lini; of Almehia Washburn in t olchester, in said Dis trict, on ih'ln't Momlav s of Seplemher nnd October next, nl 1(1 o'clock, A. M-.on each of said dajs. Duled ilnsiSih day ol April, A 1. Wli. w.3, I'r'kgi''1'" ilurraii Tor !' I'xti'iitioii ol our Itusiui'ss, H'iAohI any Provisos! no iioi'Mi.tiiv i.ixi:s aim: si:t to it So "51.10" iicccUcd t 1VI) iinnio our prices, niiicimhlo to uu l hiL'h We canvass lor the "hole trading con i re piefellled at Ihe ' l' irl':inil'll I 1 where, for the last thice great shakme among 1)11 1 Iminense rjuintities of JlrrtuC- aim now, ns ims uraucu the season, we lurn our of StU'I., I ilMltlS. J.AU1ES l.XCUAMJK, t lllll 11 hTISKKT. WILCOX .t NASII. I!urliiiStoti,Julyr,,18IS. ibliUvl XVti!. ti.iil ii'tK't: Vn: have a fine irt .nut of Ivory, Hone libony and Hood l-'niw, plain and fancy Hyles.ulso.u ij i earner, I'a.UDoar.i aim r.iper I aus, mr aie ex eheao. IIki.xxmvih .t llntjruciiv. 1 1 July 7, I s I ,sj ilivelllioiusis. mummy, tnm the people are well I xtnut lrom n lelter from n merchant at Clyde U l. rhelpi, I'ml .Mat Med.. Ujii. .nml, ('nil j wlioliassoldaiiiinmenseiiiaiitityolthelleave -N II- II U l'jhucr, Piol Si'rj ! at Vt Mul I .ill low' ll.ninr lovvder Col , WotHlslock. S Webber Cb iileslovv'll ' II liillllCN lACliailRC, " I have only II packages left and would like to M. Cobb, M II. Sp.inaiieM.V, "v" s' m, l II I noi one m or out i. or,) imu win, w isurs lo fit a i ii , r-everanc",M Sixtuu'i llivrr Vl I ii ft ii v.' t leinedy lr their liois.-s.vv-um" I'aiiersalls," iiiurwill I'm mini. M. 1) ,,-ioddaiil 'i 11 A S l'.fkiu Vl' (. (; II I) S l1. .. 1Kim , ,1,.... yours Aic. Wii. i'. i:,.v - U . .Med Cui r .lu, ... v iv " .'1 ' '11 .'. ' i oui uuur i ururil nvrr ior . ...... .....,,. ,,u:urii, oilier) , llurlllletun, I J. M Hriuit I'll ,1. Y altentton inoie to the sellina u us me a uove we can reier tu lhe published A. bislue, S, rinalirlil, 't and lion J K larns-ccltihcau-Bol .Messrs 11. A. ihinkl. Sonlh Ambov .1 ..orib. Mnnel,, V, '""' "" rVolici; lo Physician. TN consequence of the ereat rjiinntity of Impure Medicines and inferior l)ruj!,of bolh foreinn nod ouinesnc Kinus ouereii ior saie,me saiicnuer in spare ii IX no pnuis in ouinioiug ninge oi tmsiuee viinlir .and titanic gnoilncxi. 1 he uisnuwintnge to whiib Piaclitioners have been liable, cun now, to evident benefit, be icnimeil, '. mmicnls, .Mediniics.nml theliest l)riiRsfurnl"heil i our ! I liysictons aim .Mcrcnanis, ami (li'pcnseU to lam ilies nt reasonable advance lrom cost. Phislcintis' Fotniulip, nndlntnily prescriptions put up with iiccurncy and iroiuptliess. '1 ur.o. A. Plck. wj2 1 1 ii ilitrlhngtou Yt SALAD OIL! The nicost nriiulu for table use, for sale by case or bottle at JiuieSJ. w.Vi TIIIIO. A. PLCIC'S. Jr. B'pljatm's Vc'ctablc Clcc liiary. nn: iii:st miwicixi: ly tiii: would POIl PI MIS. rT Is cMcniely ii"ed ill llnglanJ, France, Scot lau 1, Iiel-iiul, and other Ilumpeau countiies, en tirely bom its unequalled succtss in the United States and foi whith di?eai', until this ineihcinc wnsnro- thiced, there was no oerhin, sp' i dy and permaneni j ihe Win Iodic, Me 11 ha '"' 'c. ""!. "'"'!('' UIR',l",l!cJ 1,V reineiiy ter tii"eovereu. li in" no iniimi us way m icxico. niui ncuiii tiueriea, wneie mirt salutary el..t is, estabhfhed a any other medicine lur the vvui: ov iii, i:s, IllTIIER ItlEEW.VO oa Ill.IND, l.NTrriNAL rut lI.XTru- XAt. : and fur nli D.scn"es of the Stoiu-itdi, Huwels and I.ier, such ns severe and bahitual Co"liveue", Chrome Djsenteiy, Dj"pi p"ia, Piilpitatinu of the Heart, Pain' in lhe Mde, Mnrdnl nnd Ihh'iiy Condi tions of the Stomach, producing Sick Headiche ; an I in all cases whcie a Cathartic or Utsloralive is re quired, Dr. X'lihinn's Vesetnllc Klertinmj will be found "upeiior to any other medicine ever of. fercd to the Public. T It V I T ! ' For it is the plodiicliou of a celebrated pbj sician (Dr. A. Uphiiio ol New Yoik city.) nnd the oxpeii ineiils upon luiii"ef in nn aggravated ise of Piles, ot lifleen )enrs standing, and n coubiuatiull ol the nbove ihen"t'swliieh produce Pihs, that he elli'cted a cure iillliMowu ca"e, nnd (bus nsselt", with the greulest confidence, lint il i" a i Lr.TAi.v anu nrtit.ov. In all Cities, and muter all Circumstances. Vcgetulilc I'ciliflcntes. UKMARICAItliU CVItr. OF PILES TinriTV vrvr.s stasiumi ! ! Mount IPushingtuu, llerkshire Co.. Mnsg. ) November 2'J, 1SI7. Messrs. dents For thirty years 1 have been nlllicled (villi Piles, general Debility, nnd lnflamm itiiiu, calling tumors and irolap"U" ol the bowel", and which had re sisted n'l lhe medical treatment Dr Chapman and otheiscoulil give. The lat three j eai ol that lime my "iilleti:ig"defy de"cnption 1 wn" confined to bed uinhle to help iii)"ell,niul nt lai given up by my phy sicians and Irietuls in de"pnir o ever gaming nv sicians and Incnds in de-pair o ever gaming iny in changing their moihiil states or conditions and dn hilli : in l.ict, Inr a time before I roumienced ii"ing oo-ing them to a new healibv action, it is uieailv lo Dr. Uphain's l.'ectu n y, I was cut rely speeclde,nnd my Initial clothe" weie made Kill under the heneli cent liieiti," ol Providence, and the uc ol Dr. I'p- ham's Kleciuarv, though an ULo .Mt.v 1 Inve the plea- sure of stating the l.ict to the public my health is , now- goon, ami nope 10 nve many ear. il it is torn s will, to make Known the tirluesnt Dr. Uphain's Flee- luary. and in recoinmeiid it lo iny alilicled fellow- creature", it helped me beyond the expetlations nf all who knew my tw, and I can only My to oilier" that it is in my opinion the best medicine in lhe w mid for 1 iles, or any other th"ea"o nl lb" bnvvel"; and if they vvillue it according to the iliieclioii", 1 wiil my- elt wariauta cure in every rac Yours with the utniost c.tpies"ioii of thanUhdiirs" COUNI.I.1US SPLI1. ,r, '"'"'""'i!' "'rib- to .Mass,. tr 19. 1317. story of i-ullering and rebel, nf which, in physician ami ine annve teinutaie lens n simple a rullilul wnntss in ine tase, I ciieciiuuy eniioi"e 111! CHAPMAN Mcsits. lieiitlemeu lTiider"tanding that you nre the (ten-' frul Agents lor the sale nf Dr. I'phnm's Vegetable j Flcctu.iry, for the cure of the Pile", 1 have deenid il my duty to volunteer a lecuinniendalion in heh.ilt ol , lint itnahnhlc medieiiie 1 have been ulibcied for many )eais wild the Pile and have Hied varinit" re- out with no effects Indeed. 1 lw. , giti lo enn-ider my cac hnpeb-".". Hut, abuiit the j tirt nt Scpiemhcr last, 1 tva" prevailed upon by a friend to iniilte a trial of the above mined meditine : I look in" ad' iee. and lejnice to say Hint I urn not only veil, but, ns 1 1,,'heve, perfecllv cttieil linnet earnestly recomineud it to alt who may have the mis fortune lo he o libeled vvlili thai annoying and dmger-o,isih-ca Vtiy rcfpettluliy, vour oh t nut'!. ' ' 1XV .MOOItU. Niw VoitK.June II, l-sn. ! tlEn-. lvi.Trnv'1 llut'tittt. Gentlemen: Ihlsceinlies ihat 1 have been seveli ly iililu led for niaiiy tear"witliih.- Pile". but innre pailicularly with in the la-t nine mouth". Havi'igii"ed all the remedies prt s,-ribi-d by my pbyVcian, ul-m having tm-d ether ' means to htile or no adiuntag , I became very much di"cnuraged and fella" though I mu"t "ufI'era"longas I lived Hat piiividenii-illy I w-i" informed hy Air. i Mutt. Ill-lriutor ol the Public S huol at M-ilen I -Inn I. I I would h ' cured b yieu v llu ibi.' Pile Flecllia- j iv llatingconli lencc i.i hi-, -i itement, I iniinedia-' lely iToeuri-d sniue ul the medicine uud am tery ' hajip) to infnrm )nu lint 1 am now peilectlv cuieil by lhe u-e ol niilv-oui- lio.t. v t-ty liul) )our tle'dient ervant. (ii:oit(ii: lioiiT. ciioss. Xorur.. The genuine ('phain's Fltetinry has his written signature, lhus;V'A 1'ph ini, .M. I) 1 The band i nl-o done wuh a p.-n. Puee, 1 a , Snld,w-hnle-le ami retail by Hc"lltW .t Kcti'IUM, 1 21 1 ullon siieet, X. Y. A. C, and Cun. A. II tr.r.iMiio.-;, Ageni fur l!urlmgtou, and by I)ru"gi-ts aenerallyihrouglioui the 1'. S. und Cuuadas. " li.iihngton.July i:, 1SH, vvlmC li i rli hv'ul cS Tal 1 v iv:i lis' li h vvnrrnitcil .,1.,. iwil'.-cilv tuf- in nil mil not iiii-oiiv.-iiifiii-,. iiit- iiiiimnl ur nijuri' him ,-vcii if In- imW.i- u ill, in a 1,-vv v.-.its, nil ol vvlmli hir M,ii:r rv- linliio ilivaw. iiislroiii li i, , dieapiT than . ,.lom-i t i Imt Ihu: vvt- lui- a niiiiinii.iiio.i of lhe most ol tlic iinii.nii.ii9 vvi i.-l, air lii-mS nrcnlainl vvhol. -siini.l.' ami o.-i-y ; ch-iip, rt nivaliiablo . iv llimiV jt'iit thf run itrv. Ih-ihi; put i'p in l.irijfr i.u-ka-1 m, .,. nintion loimy pan, vol j:iviii' a lutunl unj Ci's.Hiiiii-i.-ni ii,iiirfanoiiliiiaryi-ii.f nl llfiiM-s.aiul Kiarrlii itipml vvhfnvir it i' r-ii'iiifi!. A luiue to m iiiiin-if r in a nnyi-ti ! ' f o.M, int.inh. &c. p,rt f i. p.,, , ,.nkns in llu- i.lf, pain in ihf At llii,N-as.,ii. vvlulf tin- llor- h -ln-iMnig limioat H-iw In- riionUei-. ihroii -h thf lui, at llu- 11 yitnl i-iii-rK)- is iiiiuli mlun-d, nml lie U .-Mrniifly p, ,, ihf Mom nli. U-iirinj; ,l.,u liai.lf In colli- Ac, many rax-a il innpifiit llivi- m( hm, c , .c. iitHe lrom urkiir- in thc-e aio coiiinii-ii il mm- I ut, are nipun-Mil hy pi-liiri- or pirta, that mcJuitif, i.ln-tcis, w.i,-iifs. liniiiK-iii-, c , vvaiin vi-iilli-r til Ihey lneak oat in Tnll lorcc in the e , will yivv hut 11 any r.-lt -I. hut when III. i.m. i loii-aiiinoi unit.,- can in-ivf,l lioin tuliiri tlll-.nilllrllll.W4. ll ll!ll , ... l.r.1 a ..I... ..r : "' "7' 'v'l'o'iii- " vvlii-izinjruo.i.iycil alevvilos.s ol ihe 1 .mere ill's lleavf 1 ovnlfi v iiil, ,p n,liiiiiii.u-rf,l. I Ivy are vvaircnieil to vvliolly ciailieatc recent lu-avcs ut this casjil, ..,,,,,... .............. .... "' . 'ii.ii. i i ii i ill. it. ri iii.m. i i iiiiii. ic, ave iovv,lers, Siv en m Finall ilocei, will be -t iisflul at i.ih waMiii. lliey piiiiiiilnie the t oil th- Hip.-rlluoii, hair iff pro luce new ; ii the liule, 'ive a ehy appearance to the llie Heme povviiers, sni-ii m Final! ilocei, will be lOllllU 1II0 Kkin Iii ca tliey loo-en the hule, 'ive a L'loN-y iippe.irance to the coat, proiect acaiiiM ili-i ne ; ihey uImi I'ioiii iheir line altfiuuthe ami riti.Mutive powers, purity lhe blood ami renovnie the whole tjsteui, ieiune at llusseaioii as iniic-li as any ol lhe human lace, who liml a piep naiion ol rar'apaiilla uselul lo correct n M"li-d stntt-ol the uid-, incident to the clniie ol Uier, w hrh in 111- Fj.rni' uM-clK ct all animal as ' 1,3 ns all veetnl.l - hie This re iiiedy has ncn-jiied a Flunlini never hefui attained by any hot, medicine, and in lact we know no intent medicine that has received as much coin- nien.htioii roiiMilrring the tune it his been cstab- Hied iu Ihis cimntry. .More linn nnd nrittrn testiiuomnls have voluutaiiilly been lenJcrtd n. ,les.-rs. A. II Conjh ,V Co. I certify that I bought one package ol Kiikhnde's TmiKsil.i.s Heave IWdeis,aud u-ed on n horse ol mine ihat was troub- led si-verely with heaves and lhe single pick:i;e cured him. The powders weie fivcn iibnul Ivvo inonths ao.anj 1 have never s.-cii any indications ol ...v -.--.. II. J Cinuu, l.'i', Mr. Is- s,l resident o the Siuenies lijiik.iiifonns us Unit he hid a horse cured ol heaves and bad coiiuli oy one pun-iue. .vir. J. a o.tlllll, 11 t-ulloll-sl. call ed tu t-!l us iu it he cured Ins horse ol u mn-t niiii.iv. IlignuJ lloublesonif loujili aciompatneil by evidence ot win ins and ueiieinl laik ol condition by lhe Tin Powders. tersill,s lleavo ofcondilion. Ample diu-i Hons loi il disi-nscs accoinpiny each package. I .ill tbife lisenses accoinpany each package. Prepared and s.d wholesale uud retail by A, 11. Uoum L Co in I ulton-l. Kevv. York A. C Spearaud tic.'., liar, lliloii aainl.lor liurlllijloii, - rniloii luoiilhs, there has been & Have von simd ioce mure luiuiediniely. I would l'. teihoru, N. II, ' V Torrry, Al ) Windsor too Is hive been sold; Cl,.le New Yoik ! Hall. 11. , latch. M Swain. ) J;,. nud J 'w i. J !5. liolK-ris, I.. I ; Jones, L 0 .ft. V I ... , , .Mr. riaimei;an. .Middlebury, Vl , I! Vwi (J. U Jvri,t ,' I',0'' of names as r. ferences. ir,iShi J. liule and olheis ol ilusciy, which provu loiiclii. I Il,,m ,i ,' i. 1 llh",';',iil lrom ihow who have sivcly Hut it is the lien le.nedy hie , can V len ' sa,v "x ,' "":m" ' "" """ " -'"'iJf 'i." ""n'ces-, lubolsi-s liuubled will, l,eav.c xv .,.,s n J. u. 5 "'!'' m "'" Iu vvl. lib II isnd.ip-, thistles, in -ini-nt luuiider. alaiidi is. a.... , " "Tr '" VV. 11 nl'"Ve price. IU .Irawiiiga New (locuts . .1 . V . It A N A li li I HAS JUST RiJTLKiN'K!) nto.ii Kkw Yoik with a large assortment ot Watches,. It w. elry and Fancy nrtielei, He hn? now the l.irttfl and bef t ns" ii t mi-ii t ol Wntches nnd Jew .-liy lint hacvr been ollered for snle in Ihe St He ol orinont, and be will sell poods lowerjhnii tli.-y can be bought in Montreal, llnston.or New York, ol the sime qu'ility llehas(iohl nnd Hiltcr Watches of nil kinds, (.old Lot kelsoft vcrv l'nllern,(!old (iinrd nnd Fob cliuins, (old Pens In CoKI eases lur Ladies or Centlemeii, (iuld Senls nud K'ejs of every Pattern, and a treat variety ol Coral Cameo Lnva Stone nnd i luMer Pins, line Cold Pins with cla.j nod l!ox Seitimr lur Minea tuns, two ilo7eu ditlitent Paterns ol Drntelels and elasps, Colli Thimbles, Pi-ads, and Chain Sl'ults.Col, liings of every tliscriiiion,l'rices from 'JJus to S'Jj.dO liar Hoop", large or huiiiII, l'lnin or choed ; l)row, Willi Coral and Stone Seltinsr, Bend llaj", Peail anil Slrll Caid caie", Ivory Tablets, Sliel Heads, l!ini;sand 'l'atls Purse Silk.itc. &c. Duilington, June Id, M8. w.'il Kiilland anil Itiiriingtoie ISail IS:id. fllWU A.SSKSti.MKNT OF KIVK DOI,- G lars each, have been ordered by the Directors on each Share of ih Capilal Slotk of Il.e Kutlaiul and Iliirlingiou Itail Itnad Company j one pa) able on the first, and the oilier on the lith day of Augii't neAt. t Payment may lie made to lhe Ittuksof Jturliugtoti, Yergeune", .Mid llehnry, lilatk ti it f r, liellnws Fall", Che"hire Dank, Iteene, N II. II. O l'cik.ii", ot the Itail Itnad i lliee, Kutlaiul, F.iKvard Pieltcring. ill) Suite Slieel, liu:tou, or to the Treasurer lit his cilice ui Middiebuiy. SM SW1IT, V-,roTOlfr. Middlebury, June 21, ltlls w jiiivf, Moitlhly ttiillclin ?;. ;. riMIK .SAIISAPA J K1I.I.A COMPOUND tit this Company is almost literal y a uttphnte of Snr- ipnrnia Mi liiiituv cnn. 'enlratcd is it that the ihise itat the lutlf of a rety iinnll tctiFp.jini fttl. while the dne t f ihnt whith l" snld in large bullies is near ly a tcinc glass full.' In additm.i to Sarsnparilla it contiil's a nowvi nl ron. ccmrntinn in .iiandriike, llnrduik. Queen's Dchghl, Kliler, Yellow Dock, Cmiacmn nnd other important nietlicumcnts which nre not brand in nny oihcrprip nraijoii. The (Ji rL.t's Deliuiit which forms nn essential in gredient in the (iaeten!n-rg S.irsaparilln Cotnpnuiid, i probably snpermr to Siisip-mlla it-ell. Proles"or I'ro"t of CharleMon.S ('."p.-als nf it ns follows in llie Southern Journal nf Medicine and Pharmacy : " Few vegetable pio dictions exhibit inorcpowerupun the human system ueiurallv. So imwerfurv is its ac- tiun excited iqion the cniillary and seereting vessels be preleired, Aic Ac." lie lurthcr add", Ibat il is in rhrnnie di"ea"e" and ehrnnie. iiilt.otnnatioii". and a!n in the long train ol eons-eqiieuce" tint follow svphiiis, thai tt elticacy i" best exhibited " The supetioriiy nt the dracfenberg SarsapatHIa Compound may lie thu" stated : 1-t Ii is compose-1 nl a number of the most i (Tica- Hons vegetables in lhe whine range ot the .Ma-ena Mi-diea mailibtinn toSar"apanlh. i auJ. 'rh,.e are o highly coneentrated that , there are tinny m ire dns-" in th- bottle than in any nf the very Iarg".-l bullies adverii-ed. :i.I. This t nii-eiitratmu lend, rs il lo Sr.rsnpatilln what quinine i" to lVm-.-'no The more tleluttil I prepaiatinns are no heller than nrdiiiniy root beer ; i "nuring on the "tnmach and "poiling in the boitle". I Tonca weak inlii-.,m of Sai-ap-mll.i when a sul- I pheih ol ihe ariieal maybe bad, is like taking baik in stead n Uimi ne. or ike lrave n.r n nsiow aLramst a siiougciiticnl insliad of in a swift steamer Th se thing" li'-ing "n, let all who have .Made up iheir innip" lo un any Sai"-ip-irilla, ii"e tint of lhe (trinli- '" ig Coiiipany ' tJ III" vv-arrented to be ten luiieMiinre enicaiiou" tlian any other known ; no matter how large the buiile, or e.ttratag.iiit lhe ad erti"ciuets. As si'ui.xa Mi:nici xr.s, ihe r,raefnberg Vegenbl Pills, the (Jnefenberg Health Hitters, and the tJraelenlierg Sais ipnnllyenm oninnl " lon'.il "iin,.i",.,)e nil nil er". I'nr miiver-iil n-e 'the Pillsaii Uiltera aie of lucalculable value. Tli.w vvho take thetu n.-til not fear lhe enervuiing effecisol lhe "uuirr whith i" at band. 1 he (u-iieul i ti fur 1 1 iIi Ii DUTcnr.n. St Allnns tu luiiii tippli ntirn3 br ncpnrit" inn) be auuu-oMM. i.un rtitu If.t It l t.N , cccrrtniy. ACSKN V3 IN CIIITTCKDnS' COUNTY. fimli'igtor. A C. Spear, 1 Sherwoo I, J. S. M un ion nnd (!i-o I Ilariiiictort, DiuijM n'tntjus.i DtlUW. It II.u-li Co Mittnn, A)ei tV. Sielurn, W )). ''kr Iluntuts-Ian,- ruitfiwui, fiiffri hill - V .. Allen. CiUi ,, lijou vVAK'xati'ler- fJcAo. 1'irld L H'.-afli. .fiio'io fVe, J. Lyninn HV.(W, II IV 1 Womt. Jhnes'mts--W. It Vu-lt-, J- J 1 TuUlt. iiWtmyir, II. It. (Irt'tii. N'i.'toi, I ut Urt Iloilf. w .'i iy I , i a rt t J)ciXiicJ fur Pert mm of Sstlrtit'Jty Il-iLits, Stopitis Jf-sitnr3, Ji-iumt tShuu't!i ittt Wvtik and Jnnr Jhrt,n, Fat Una of l'ir U'jm'i, Cmvitu) of the ijiinct Lame tumrtch ., i 'nV. awl ,itl thot TfioUMinti Xu hicks 7i whirs an I I'nttn at ii" from a WcaL VondiUo.i of the 1'elvic and ' I HIS i" nti Iiittruitu nt that ha 1 nt rrccntlv hcctl . 1 t'l-id-ctt'il tin 1 biot: 'l,t Iti-iiirt tlif INibltc. It Im. limwerf itvon ury uuniTMby itpproal nml nn turiult'tl by tlivJtijiiJs who line bt-coiiit nci tiinitt J Willi it: f.ct'llfnfU". It look th1 pirmium out ah other attdicial MippoiU.tit the Init ol the AmTit-(iit In.-tdutt', lor HH'i, mi tlic cit) ol New Yoik; ttmi tfitivt'd llu coninHMulaiion o( ihj-ifnii!, wlifin"tti it htisU'tii iiresL-iitt'iI lor lit ir t-v.iiiiiuni iu or bun u?i'tl by thfir pit. flit.. A K'n itu ly ot In?iru ,.;.. ,...i t i .... i ...,.i Suppoin-r touch-.-. th tpot ,-vactly, il is uuly i.- '. . . I . . ' - . ' . .- in.ii-iniiit now iiiiiue.itaif jin.i vvoiiiifiitii i- uif iriiei fi. yu,iS p opl,-, tins weakm-nolL-n taiiM- iiu in to u-row mn ol sh ipe-ilie fpine hfconifsciirv.-.l, n. (.h.iulJer h!a,le.s ri.-e nnj pnmuile, lhe "sioinocli- li'iiie" i prcffil in or oui, ami a i;reat variety of other conioiuoiw aiinenr. that cin-e of lui-iuent ilelor other conioiuoiw npin-nr. Ihat cum peiuniienl ilelor- imty. t,it t. ihe liun-ly u.-j a i,U liinrunieiit. all ,.u? cilll . pretniinl : ..r,il'nlrea.lyc.i-tin2 t.y ,. ; arreMcil : or, il noi too lar ajvanceil, can he connileiely curcil mty, ), , timt'ly u.-j ol lliU liinruinent. all l'tie advantages of this IiutruiueiK over all utliei, are : 1. Tin l It is -iniple, and not liable to gvi out ol oruer enenp, jei uuniiiie . . . .. It IS so shielded, Ihat It will not rust or soli the clmhe II. It is nd.ipted to a creaier variety of compl.iints, and ntlorils mole biippuu tu lhe abdotin u. ami Slillial column. Ihau unv-olli-r Instrument ever tire. seined to lhe puMic. A law amount of testimonials mlht be presenlcd ol in cMelleucies and i-llicls. The lulluuiii" area lew- ol iho-e wbohive itiveiicerlih'oitesrccouiiuenda- lory ; any one ol wlwm can be relerie.l u. and i ny ipiesiions asked, in lelaltuu to its uses, ami in what ca-es it i-appheiihlf. Dis. J C llli-s, and J. S. Heard, nf New Yoik. D.s. ,. C. 'ot, J K Koders.aiid J.C. Chee.finaii, Surj-eoin to ilm .V. Y. Cii) llo-pitil. V .Moll, l'iot Suru.N Y L', W I'aiker, l'rcl Sari; , Col- lene ot I'livs - Surj; S Y Drs. W. II Van lleuran. . ij i.iu, a. v. nine, on. ... w .'lincy. nun J ii. Chilton. N Y D.s '1' 1' llrinsmide. and 1'. V llirtiuc iny C. C Covel, Al 1) .Hiiinlord, N V. 1' II IVckbain, ,M I) , Ctic.i, N Y C II. I ov entry 1 loi , i r.r-irmr-, .lllll .1 I-. l ll-l.-r, , l 1 ..ll.lio . iny.ln liilleva .Med CHille:e J II niwuo.l. M 1)..' Koi-besicr, X Y. Drs. I. II. Uu low, ail ' ll. ' ' luiison, Auburn, N Y Us (.rahitn iV '.'.niitli.i D...I ..1 ll. . .. I I . . Il'-l. l, .. ... ....... i.rm-i.i i . t. II ll. -lie I. .11 J. IV- Hi- np - inn y niou l i , l, I.. u... .. ,li .....i -hoc. lhe vlX'S,". i "'' "' ' "wHe to the i 5 U luu'011 "eiuiatelv- ,11111.' Instrunutil. 1 or 'J'1' , ,. MI.r ., . , , 1,1 1, '"" C..1U.HI. Injis, ,.J seiiiliu). ihe number ol inches lo the nent, ntnir. I'l'IIIM,,),,,,, ,PI, l'. 1 111.1 jMauHHHflffljIIJHJiQ0H n l jl ei ,u vt ittrf ens mm mm mm. Principal Office, 126 Tulton-st ESieilS'iTI VS'JS.IS. yt'tre fin i 21)0 C ie nt' U't-mu li h tmrn rttrol In lltn ii-" of I Ir. Tu v niM.i rim iti inil i w .tlnn ft- tat :t ypr-. It it tut I Milt t i imt ifT- t in - In Hii-nnuiie (.m, lihhit-, pt-i r ur tiVil . Ti' u to iiVmiij? C'ire if lit icrfuni I i i- II ( w 1 1 1 rCt O ipf r il til m mtiini i lit t-iint ryr.-'l-i', flit f Kir l- iti ti- it" It (Wi il t'li fj'nt-.n V I rt I -II flf II u'm .Ul I I. I I ,l-. , H HVI trttl I m. Dfi. Tu vv i:vi: In i- lit 1 rtit'i ,i -listrp'il it uiii limy lip rntl I 1 1 I t tt J i tl I ii it ill a it 1 1 it nl.' cr lir'i t : tin 1 luiK i 't'l'tlil I avi it Uf I t lit i iv J. I, ttrlI unvrtt rnim li -i it 1i -v til t nn' rclifvr nt , tVn Mll.l o i n i of oilr fi t ii'i H'n i . li ill I ii -i m- I li-i-d if v uur S irtipinN l n 1 1 nS. i.m i-I ,t 1) , in I i.i ti iV'.v Jiiit yituri-ly currj.l in, m-l I tn ti ell ii ,n . t. AHIIUU WAt.KlJR, llmij J 1 1. I Mi DinitUM. li-ir ir ft i I -rrv, tcii ir t f ni,t n-il mojt r-jiTt i i-i M i ti'ot, t'.i iii. T.u l'o!l j.Wii hau vxltn .tol I it.-! f in lil-t: !-li fc r.' I) - i-s.j- I ln.MMit on lot'I- of yn'i- SirM'nn!, I il ju- ii in ii i i i 11,10 i ii riirn in. riK'ti.u itu p iiit j'' -t i'i.mi mi iiijiiry o:c i-i-t n I yiun n n I'i j I ni't.' rt liuttltit to t'lf faro of li . it iiers I w.t'i tun uf uur priiirijiil ji'ij-mciui I Safttiunll i. M;TII TKItKY "i 12 1JU I'Mi'lii- l I i n "i 1 t I i p iMii ' . i 4 -ym nr. I i . in 1 ri'iiiiii n-.i I : Ilirtforl M Rhouuintism and Lumbago. ,V iwi, Jhw .ai it? h t. T i wt -M. U-ir Hi- I'oi- t!n let fin" yiMrn'l luti- t- 11 tl t I u it - TK rii i it itu li i. I li iv tncii ut tinifa in t ,T'it-t H'o-iV m.iMc nit il i iVc to fihi mv ciiijilo iitfiit. I i itf il-o'n I a Ti'.i't I'-kturi'i I'li.i'iuo. pint ftm anotiii'i t i'i pi.t-rt of ti virtu ii,' tif H tut! i nil a uml tionhtl vii il I trv it, ii 1 1 iff t. I to iM ii'it lin n-hrf, ''), In nbi.'u li it t-lt I .1.1 I I rf .riiiir tl I I 'I- nf III. It till itir; ni,., ;.Iv g,.,! nl Ii'i'ti !ii Im-mi iiiiji .1 i 1 1 ill ti I co ii-ii-ni -1 lt'i it, tof SV'ulIi I II II T tit M'll .t I 'lO(H' t'llt OU -V i II Ul.t tttt" t.iy tA tcs tut joir'Ji 1 t.ici 'r' fonijilaiiits ineriti. vonrs, A o., KieiiATtn jtr:s. .No i r it Tj Woriars & Married Ladies, 'V.tU lvtr.i't nf S -ipirilU Inn Itccii fYpri)y prrj'ai -d 1 icf mp ii to I'.'.ilil- . it iitl liittt Xo Ami i!n ulio ti it rr inn tt titno u'm i iiijiri! i'i in tit it critcjl pi no 1, The turn of Up t'X't iM ti-j1i t lii t.ikii it, ;it it it nt Ttmi irctPii'ivu for anv or tii irioeroit iitI It rnlitp (In i to wlii-'i f ni il arc tu'ijctt -i tut hit' nf lift Tin irin I mau be iltlivinl fr ifteral ictu 6 nitip fnt mr Itrtnr or it It I y i'i! idto for ti'-fi w ho ht ijit ui'1 ii i r n ii iu'iihi I, im it It l ilcil itt I to artist tutiiro, bi I ii .ku un . i ic Mo'i I ,i 1 1 nivl'ir tin ti y-tiii. 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I io:'tut 'ii ufl'niip. oninnl tot try ili-f'i ir.'i t'i'ri'n1', titiltnrtip sMirl irotr.itioii uf t'ip v-ti i oi itii't'r w'ipt'i -r tif rrnlt of in'i-'icul cuujC or ciux , ,iroliicp ti. i .lilir.c, i!ii".nr ;u'lh1 oit. .Ntitiinif i to ' mi' irju'if-l i; ft in its hn 1,'or.itinjr fft'irt mi ic Im n til f a'li IV ''. u'l w .ikti'" .hi I 1 iaihi Ip. trom l.ikni.' t. -it Oil!' lli'LM ( n-IUt till I I'll'l tf .! T, 11. 1 IcT lit llllln.'IK'f It i ii ii h it -ly i i-i it r '! I'i iirt 1 1 -stticis of t!i! foiiljlu frump v ih-'i i.ti' ','rcit l i'i-"I I! irri'ti i"-. It ill ii u : i 'Lti'tl uf u. in ip of o Ji'liPttic a n ilnrc, tt it u'l l ' ho i ii," i-itrf t irii,r it I Iiit cut uMiret'ie uf Ik lttl, I i it Itu.tlri'l of o Ini' beet rrnortf.l to ut, Sen-rul ,is v i in' I t'liilii' ii itc if -it l i tt u'liUrril, attrr iifin? A l'w io:ili f t ua nutliiMj in licin1, tiavc licu bleated wit'i lic.iltli 1 1 -i ui . ln.'rjvv-.Nn Mv lf. tcin; trrpitly ili'trpI by pikpt ui I ti i-nl 1 l.ititt ti 1 1 tiiT'riiiiPo iiiiiu.illv ly .ii a 1 1 bflirnu hi v f illt ii r oi'Tic Wo ii'i, uit'i nili-r iliiliciiln-s uul Itai iukiioAii . ii n'lei-fj tu ir hip In hie !i i PtVt rli-J ,timI ruri't. nn.l aUo lie irinj it rp'o ii up i J -.1 f r -ui-h fin if in I li ' '1 onl'.l. 1 obtiui-il n 'i litlr nf utir I'ttr if t nt Si!ai,Mnl.l iiil'l I olio A v I t'i dinctoiu U s it t m It i I (ifiio I it lu.imtf'il Iicr nut ail' I T' t iir ,n .tit i, I'-mox ','i.itpfal fo I'i'1 b'liel'l t'ifi ncc'lp,l k- i.i- i-'i in t'.u jlKuo.iL Lmi it, ami n-rn n iumi I it to tint u,.'. M I). MtMUli:. in j;ut 1. 1517. Ccr. of Oron I X L Jim iu Vhv BScv. Solan Secr (iC J-rspt ity. hiiiiI.I ni'l In H rr'p.-. t ililt- il-rvini" oftH ilipti-t il-nuiuiintiiMi. haul'.! iu i ip IuIIihaiuj certitinte nt lr Tow iitciiil'i o:Hit.-, I-'tl J'uU'M itrj , i'ii SalurJay, JUiMjjki Or ittelf. Dn. Tint t. p nir Sir t I mn co mranirtl to cite ton it t it- im nt nfilin bi'ii-lit lil.'riii'l I'niiti ii-itujoir S -irmn-inl'lt, In. n tnu, lit Muluin.', I i'i ill rt-ii li r a liPii.-ttt tu tlto ttlio a-i itulVri.i t- I Intp 1i.pii. I wat rp-lii'P'l fur nitnt tu'ii.ttu , tlic DvppiiiA -,.! 'i '. t UMi i'nr l'l If .. t,. ,.ppc,(,ut I ,iIo Ii nl a ti tti-r bi U rut net tV most part of i it Iiph.I 't.c!i t.i rttrrilnlly Iro iblponiP n'l 1 ttrr . tt eot to b- tiliuut h trni). I nml quit" a lumber of rn lt fo- bot'i i'i ror.ipl.tintt, but I .-rroit.'.l litlb' ur lio li-l n ltd I look Juur Snrnp irilU. w lncli, turn ii!i t'i km.'ii t ot It nt i Ipiipp, Iii n'lori'd ine to more tlian .i. if-u il 'i" dt'i. as t a-H mm c ijot niz bi tier tlnn 1 Sit p f.r tt nui k I'TuflfV. Ian i.ot l? trirt of ft IP. I bf ll"tf It to tl" ui i 1 tnbiiblc i'i-hi ui", a'll rpriiiirii"ti I it to my nmuiTutu n. qmtiatau ft, 'ni-li n V"rt 1 irje, a I litt i Wen a miiii-ttr n sr nt mtry ypar. I bop- l'n Ii ity hlifU'li i.i it b ut inncli bet 'i-t Iv t on t oar ui lit. ui'1 !u to inc. joiiv sr.ont July II, 1 10. Jiri Citf, Of t'i" P.ip'ut f'mrp'i ki.ilh it n t'i" fotltinni,' rrrtifitat lit, liki- t'10 i'A i ! ofol'ior. teas curtd tettf-iut kttitir ,hst it -Vr Yartt. Mj 1 11? ir Tir I n atllirt-.l .hinur t'tp la-t iiirr wii'i tin SiJ UV'tn in yr lu.iltiol ni. ant trifd lUmit to tor Vlli-tl ii hiiliiceit H, irv lour irjp inlK ami ttti.u; I li. mil .iv pd.ililplv it i nml m-. il I lii'i.t in jii-liri ,av, I put i,-i1t nl tiv Mi-iij.lniil from 1'ic lime I eoinuieucetl taking it, arti in no . iiil,ril li-I,-J. lli'iftirlfiiUe. ! .! IIDI'KIV?. I'.i-torof 11 i'ii-..Ij Hip. t;iiuri.Ii, 25 AH-a Slr.Pl Methodist Clergyman. T!ip f'ill'mr pt t" niir l.'rtiti'i llahunv lit' til- P.ft.J, 11 M'M.(1, hi' t'i- M''t'! I. 4.!iurcli o'lp of lhe ii!'ft Iparii 1-d an 1 rep -.t'l hi t'ii r .nit-'-', '-i in J anntlif r TlJeure of tlio won 1 -rf-il itp''t nl t T'H' n-i ud't & irsajitrini on the U'in, K.htm rna-n IlnnnT fr -n n- time .it (h yon are anrr.) rtp nii i'd err it (i'i rd 1 lnlilV nl mv Ipiii. atlf uJd mlh o il oil .1 id -iliriulil? irulitliri nf iIip thmit and Iiiiii, I wa. ut niir i'iliii- an I in hpiju 'fp nf hitui? road riptain lc t.p.ii' d. . 1 1, t ti 'iimmiv in it Iipliatf, in.iiiprd ii't'tti lit Dr.Timn- .mi . r'tr t'rt p. I j,i.ipirilli. I tri-'d it. I imifpS. mbrr iq tin- kopt until t'n il ! itt nt'll prtititu rill.' icioit nt I am louu 1 in ui Im-im i t.. '.iiuM-lf t'nt I 'lid iut tripd it I'm? bpl'nrr I Vft.i t" pvn- i ii it tliit i'V I'T'ft: mil 1 nut mm uith ( int tin II I .i tut "I uul I lint l.o uitliout il mi any toii'-itlcr (,.,. " Ii Ii t t in nt p B'Hi I t'itu any nri'tum rciiiPily I hit t.-i.'d 'ill IJ" f I'lit'inut U itpptiipfl l touff ant iniporlnnr, t nil h it i! M I iM nnn-iit to 111 iku It IMlbllf. J. O TLM&OV W 1-IT. FEVER SORE, Tl." I'""- 1 1 i in r tt rt t frmn Pr. Hot t nn nld ml rppppt i nt (ir-MMilipl I. Mn. I In? K'tlPrLan lwbfn ut il - t,i. I'll.,. i i.lll e H rn.iii.'ii l'a S trJiuri!ll Ltiri't ui duicnnvn of sri I'll it.. T'i- S ir. ipirilh ihi I. ill, a rca lys its nn.l fives ceo, otlifj. liou. a. fir ii- I Ii in I'"ti abb toJiaru. One L.t-utlen,jii la our ill. lire lu. Ii-eil lrr HI i-,i ' -a 'IUU-1 liy IU lue. Jul inlutuarilv pais i r -run, .ile, v. -in-, , en i im n nire.,.iv iota more 1'ua uns ,- ,p,,t,n rc- ,?l ,, )0u. and shall nut morn in a .liort Inn'. lour., ri-.peiliuili-, u.vmi:i. HOVl'.V CAUTION ! CAUTION ! ! Oaiii; ti t'lf ntc-i' ni'.d tmrlriurt tain r.f ir '1 nf n.T MrtariHi, mm id r nt im-n hi rrr fnrun(j our ,;rot, hat .-.i.ii ii'itr-d t'liWiu i - ipjri.1l l.ilraetf, L!ulr, Hitlers, t'ttrar of Hi W, TIip irpupra1 uit it up m tUr-mm. h4;d Imtll.' iti ( t'nt t'hdrt it ftr .rti'ri(r and four titni Tion'pr i'ii'i I'" 'I iiinl', A i- Iiojmhj tVreby to dfriro tl piiliti.' .- ii km' tmitmu iiitmr. h lew use tlirl'r hhu mne . t!i - iriptim ijd .! in -ii iuMi1i ru'iutcrfcit f frlilicntps rihcrt hl alii .! i'i ir hrnt'iT nnj t,lScr iutcrctrd irmu lit t tir nft'i -ir niuii. If w Ui tcy iut ll'iinri1 lo ifite thw r'pcrt lut.t). One m ilafe a medl ,in, und iuft it itU ro!- ill t'"'' .iml ! In limy T?.' 'nAutriid. '.,raiinll-t. i'Miihf tl.i'll.t ln tl'id tl j iiNi iniih the ifrttitaio'r h iht w in ml. t lMif uu "I. P., tilio tui'ii I. nWs.ttu aII. nrl nWt """I 'mr , 111 Ulmnl Tim nl-n piMi'i rprtlfVaT .jii' '..v .iMii"i . t iiui, tut t'i') h& u "'d Vr 1'nw ii !! H.i ,u ,, ml t'i it If 14 urn! iVm. )Uir. rnfrM tu rj .Pt ,rul.- Tl"'n i'! I jr,"v 01 01 ,p' ri' rr T' .m-i li li.--iu-.. l..d.i.-. nltiirtrii-it Tlio t.ublc tia.ii , j', ,, .ir V i I t.w n it Inr couiltrit"'"l On t-tKla'i.r 111 itr.,.,! ,, ,t .id.lMl'.' ti tHhi'l il iiwi.l" H"ti't aiidimli.o till ii i iii.. .'illn.K nl rup f-ir llH rlr 10 Hut M b) tllf il ' I n HI I'i UMi. i,i .lit rnm. t.l.iiiu ill fur t'nt iv dn t- i-hniiW not l.r imlm -, Hit nt nf l U.-1 t l-itt up M'-Ul'-rdla., ulidnfrnurr. ,r r-i lni I i ti nn ni'i f lii" piiMti'd put up i ', ii tl.i . . ,1 : , iii- IS , iiiita.- i.Tfatfr,pr,tfl nmrniiieii n,-i,i Uiuitli. dcr..trdti.- iiit tuuirr Inr l'r IiimuJ' Hi ikt I.UDt'.U PRINCIPAL OFFICE, 126 FULTON STREET, rx iumlhIm!. v. I 'l-o'e. I I' ik Ai.rlHa; m id Ilrujll.l Uu-limnoa Vl. It dill Mllrs.l l.i-t.'il. ll.ullA SOH..3IJ N.alh ' ' '.'V . .......... w I, II. ........ , n.lti.urs lllll .ill .1- t, I '''.''I --"'. '.?,.-... f .7 W Cii.IT. V, i'i I on US South IVJrl.lriM. Vlbmi i I I .1 I ir,,-,t. I n . i.fii... .- 1; ... , ,.. . . i .. , I 11 ,.i , .,- pii jtk. . J : : un I t) ,.! II u. .- i . 'I r.-uerull IkM 1j)0 .'OA'S XOVA SCOTIA riiASTt-JJ, iiowyiindme. Korsalebv .... II. W CATL1N. I VI. .h. 1"I.

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