Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 28, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 28, 1848 Page 1
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IVcw Scries, Vol. 3 -JXo. 4. Vol. XXI 1. Whole io. 100. ttlJKLIiTOIV, FRIDAY ilIOKIVIi, JUIjY S, 1818. Ousincss avl)3. OIlllIXAHY AMI FANCY llvecntrd nt (lie Tree Press (Mice Ji'-. TU;tiTSC-A WITH CARE AM) fUAXl tAl.ll BURLINGTON MARKET, ,BY W. C. HARRINGTON. JlfLMr.V, F.S7f, ASl) yi-.UETAIihllS, of every vniiety, Laud, Tallow. lAM)i.r, &c. I t'.c Corner of Church and College Streets. rtfe n. HATc ii r.f.n nit's fit no or a s i) s e s to r e , K. Clnirrh-stiret. Vpw Vi,rk. Hoston. nnil Fariei'll's Ladle, nnd Crutlcmen's Hoots mid Shops, of every description and slvle, constantly on linnl. Store li door north of Lieelifs, and iliicethi tapo' site 1). Kern's, near Iloieard's Store, Church St. Apothecaries Hull," GEOItGK HARRINGTON, J'loprielur, WHOLESALE AND EITAIL IICALLK IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Harringtons Building, Cor. Cliui eh is Colleges! E.".V" K. Bj Y M A IV," IN Enulish, rronch. (ipimiin nnil American DRY GOODS, West India Good mid ;ncoiics, Corner of Chinch a nd College-Sts. J. MITCHELL, .1 E R V II A iV 7 TAILOR, A!" General Itcady-Miulc Clolliiiia Moip. Church Street, llurhnjrloii, U j. ji. ii:kkiim, n. d. Bent.ivfiTiiv. Vt. CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, CAN II 12 CI' It I'll. Buvltngton -Tree JJvcss. rublisheJ at Ilurlinstton, Vt., II y II . W . C . C I- A It K 12 , ditor and Proprietor. Tcrntsi T Villaqc subscribers who receive the pnpcrbv i ie c. rnrr It paid inndvnncp Mall subscriber nnd those who take it at the Office Jl paid m advance, . -.inserted on the customary terms M. G. RATHBUN &. CO. M i: it r ii .v v 7' i i.o r s , No. S Peck's Itlnck. ' M. G. 11m nnux & Co. keep constantly on hand an extensive and full assortment of Cloth" lor every description ofCloihinff ; and are prepared at all tunes to supply every article in the line ol Gentlemen's 1 ur- j nisliing Goods. m. o. KATimfx. c I . var.ri. Hl'UI.IXCTOX (!l!icril'i'l U, j lVarehoiioe ami Svvtl Store,' uv Fi'utci:, ii.vviiY .v o. , Constantly on band a large assort ment of Tannin:; Utensils. Garden -rvs Implements, 1'ield, Gaiden and, Flower Seed-. also, df.aleu ix stovi.s, stove J'lrc, ts'.imuim.-; ami hollow-va-aee. rnl.t.liiE SIKLI.T. I C O. ,r.o 2,00 2, no 1,00 i: auv Git owing or. ii. 11 V 1". Bit OWNS. We arc crowing obi how the thought will rise ll'lien a ence is backward east On pome long renieinbeied spot, that lies In the silence ol the past : ll may bo the shrine of our earthly vows j Or the tomb tir caily tears ; Hut it seems like a lar-olfi'le to us, Jn the stoiiuy feu of vears. Oh ' wide and wild are the w aves tint part Our steps from its greenness now And we miss ibejoy of many a heart, And the light of many a brow : Tor deep o'er many a stately bark, Have tlijwhebmiu billows mll'd, That steered us from that earthly mnik Oh ! friends, we are growing old ! Old in the dimness and the dust Of our daily toilsand cares, Old in the wrecks of love and trust, iriiich our bunleiied meiiioiy bears. Kach lorm niav wear tolbc passing gaze, The bloom of life's freshness )et, And beams may brighten our latter days, Il'liich the morning never met. But oh, the changes we have seen, In the tar and winding way The graves in our path, that have grown Rteen, And the locks that have grown grey ! The winlersull on our own may spare The sable or the gold ; Hut we saw their snows upon brighter hair And, friends, we are growing old. 11V have gained the world's enU wisdom now IIV have learned to pause and lear Hut where are the hung lounls, whose flow 1F..S a joy ol heart to hear ! He have won ihc wealth ol many n clime. And the lore ol many n page Hut whole is ihe hope that saw In Time Hut its boundless heritage 1 Will it come again when ihe violet wakes, And the woods their vnuth renew i We have stood in the light ol sunny brakes, Where the bloom was deep and blue ; And our souls might joy in the spring time then Hut tbejoy was hunt and cold Tor it ne'ercnuld gilt- us the yoalliagaiu Of heails that are growing old. daughters. " Poor Tom 's n-rold 1 hail been ut tered In reeling accents before Iinrncby was clutched by the luliir. Did Slnk.pc-ire recol lect these, tliliitrs ? or did lio ret.nd them ns newspaper stuff, to bo forgotten tliu next JayJ 1 here Is: pot baps little profit in asking sum nl'lntli. This Ins b?on nccomplisliodto the ex tent of some thotmti'K lint tliero nrn millions more roatly for the shambles. Lim initio's nr.. sition Is lamentable. I believe, lie inonit well hi ll,n nonnln. lit first, timl Was UtlC011Sciolllv misled by M.irnist. When ho began to see his error, ho turned round ntid joined I.edru Rollin, I,, ntinl!n, SktiaL ant, , n ft .it nil tri a !. mmi. I nrrnr. In. t lirnnd " I must eat my dinner," said Caliban. Why.l who, whatever his faults, was sincere in his democracy, i' mm inn .i.wmu-h. im in the estimation of the aristocratic party In the Assembly, till finally h" isarreslod by it. The conduct of the old politicians of the mnn archy has througlioul b.'en warv intho extreme. lhrrot. Dufturc,l).rerpiertriTturane, Theirs, &c, have abided the turning or the tables, and now that the people are down again the tribune will resound wilh their " sweet voices." One last word for the people, the nm the canaille., us the English press names them. Heaven knows they nro poor and sunk enough. I could evoke pity from flint were I, or any American who Irts lived in France, t j- toll nil tlio iniserics oriicr populace. I do no! advocate, their appeal to arms j but the worm will turn when trodden J. From the ltoslon Courier. SlinKsncarc it .lnn of Itnvlnos. ShaUspcare, in poetry, is 'tamped upon the j memory of mankind but ho.v lew of ih have should not the man who drew Caliban say the sain" thing ? Who is there among us having a brick-bat or two, value tenponce. who would not take tenpenre Tor Ihe lot from the city corpora tion? As to suing Tor debt", and compelling bondsmen to foot the bill, the only reinail; totho purpose is money U money : The word is "pilch and pay," Foi oalbs nrestiaws, men's f.nihsarc water cakes, And i the only dog, my duck, Therefore Gitco by Ihy Councellor. Tom Iinrncby, doubtless, deserved to smart for being surely for such a scape-grace ns John Ad.Jenbrooke. ' We think we see hlni now, the hitter ciitlfl", .lodging round the comer of a street in Stratford, lest he should encounter tho face of tho mighty master of tho drama, mid b? asked t "enltlrt .tin. ennll !i Ci-flO t t . ' Win. ,-wr!i! Ii-til l. ... 1...,. I !..!. " .. l, I id reaily c.isji 1 It is an induhit ible fict, then, lint Sh ikspeare kept his shop, and that I.H shop kept him , vet Mucbrtli and tho Tempest were written ! Wo do not enroling? all shopkeepers in tho notion that they mo .Sh ikpc.ircs, but il is clear that a man may make good pu.try und look well after his pelf. THE EVENTS IIV PARIS. A frequent return to tho consideration of this subject especially with the idea of attempting to ascertain the causes, and thence, by natural induction, tho probiblo consequence is forced upon us, not only by the immense masses of in forma'.inn, speculation and reasoning which the public journals are full charged, but also by the zealous and persevering attemps that are made, in certain quarters, to palliate, if not to justify, the conduct of those who began tho strife, and who, therefore, are at least prima facie responsible lor its occurence. In conse quence ol these attempts it becomes in some soit a duty of the press to collate information from various sources, and by careful inquiry and comparison euJeavor to bring out the whole truth. When society is so frightfully disorgan ized it vv ill not duto let tl.o impression go abroad, unchecked, tint all the bhurio belong-, to tho-e who have succeeded, at tremendous o:l and sacrifice, in repressing the disorder. We give up a largo s,iace in our columns to portions of evidence from three different Minrres closely to the Socialist or Communist school. llio Iny ran homo and now here, at a vast dis'laro being mido at tho present time Tho ro such as Louis IlKnc, Albert, Writ Uollln and , tanco from that mme, after to many events ofi oallerj Liberty party, marshalled under the bla.k ! locon, tins agglomeration of workmen, taken ' to many years, the feeling of gratitude which . f ... , . ... "CU''"-B Into py by tho state, was designed for two ob-, agitated tho breast of that boy expresses itself nncr r Polltlcal piracy, is leaving no storo jects. One, disclosed by M. Goudchaiix, tftn- on paper. The carnation is long since wither- "ntiirned, whereby its own party interests may porarily charged with tho portfolio of finance, ed, but it now bloom? afresh. Dnulas JerrolJ. : ... r. r . t. r . ........ wns in iniiii ;i sun in i .,i;iiii.iiii vtuarti, vvincil iiiimii wi im www. 1 1 : certain members of tho Govern nrnt desired to ! ..,..,, ,TT-.-,r ,.7T, have always at command, ns an instrument of SA 1 ljKI)AY LEM.G, JULY 22,1818. coercion, always ready, against their political I ----- -- -- - - - - -rz adversaries; the other' was, to lay Iho founda- "A little more Grnup. Ilrussr.'' lion for a system or concentration in tho hand of tho stale of all public works a system which should servo as a common practicafbasis for tho doctrines held by tho various sects of tho Social bo served. It Is busily encased in whinnine: in to its ranks all tho-o Whigs, who from disap pointment that Henry Clay was not nominated nstho Whig candidate for President, aro disin clinsd to support Gen. Taylor. It has had bat I nor success thus far. It has tried abuse of Taylor, charges of corruption and dishonesty in upon Il will bo remembered, that this was the lan guage uttered, amid a hail slorin of bullets, by i the Whig party, and false, bare-faccd lies havu ists school, Thus the Incentive power was seen ' Gen. Tavlou to dipt. IliiAi!,at too most critl ibeen trumpted from one end of the land to the proposing to tho Attional Assembly, in surces-. cal juncture in Hie ten ible battle or linens. Vis-; other, with an impudence and assurance that sion, two projects of law- haying for their ends , w,tn tho gallant Capt. vv as endeavoring can Lc accounted Tor, only on tho ground of po appropriation ol all the railroids and a hp1...,, .. ,. ,., r . ... . . . . . . r ... ... . h" """ i ' companies of insurance against lire, forthe profit1"1"1 '- 1'Bt luftinlry, wholly unsupported by litical fanaticism and licentiousness, of the state. Enjoying the sole control of the.-e cavalry, to repel a charge of .Mexican forces.! making a great struggle in this great establishments, the state would thus con-. In his o.Ticial report, Gen. Taylok, wilh his I county, as a la-t resort, to get np a convention vert individual into natjonal wealth, would f nh- J characteristic generosity, attributed tho glorious to take measures to defeat tho Vh party If, stitule tho rational element of cipacitv Tor the r ,i 1 1 . i . .i . . .. . , ,. . .. . ' nlemont ,,f hr.nvliii.r .e,nC ' i, ! access of that bloody day, to the intrrpnhly, , tho county and in tho State if possible. The Parisian ribl.le who died so heroically , grand theoretical panacea of tho modern philos. rapid movements and incessant firing of Capt. Tho "one idea" of the "Third party," war. behind tin. Iniicade' :no, it should be borne in ophies for all the evils of Ihe social stnte. At i Bragg's light Infantry, at the time above allud-1 stolen from tho Whigs. Hostility to Slavery in mind, the same nhble who told Louis Philiope the same time, while withdrawing industry and ' CJ tc leverv I in every place, is a principle of when he fell in their h ind-, "In run away, tf.ey I property rom two other m . cvolent Inlluencpsof v , . , M b ,,is f W . , , . Every man in he country were not ass isSins"tlioy aro tho sama squalid those philosophies, speculation and competition, i ' ... r. , , , i, . 1 ... , 1 r-ou'iiry wretches who In February lat guarded "tho, the state Would gain the addition il advantage of, nr, the citizens orthat place presented Ihe , knows it. Ilia U lug party, as a party has nov Inth tuli stowed with diamonds in tho Tnileries having at its comui and the mean of cominuni- heroic Capt. wilh a sword. In his reply, Capt. i cr surrendered this principle. The face of tlu for twenty-four hours, and refused all compen- ration, enhanced in value for a lime of war by j Uragg paid the following jut and beautiful trib-1 party has ever been straichtly and decidedly And in every place whero done or said against Slavery property, when pillagiti" was aj easy. j validity is more than neutralized by theimmense chief " under whom he fought. legally and rationally, the Whig party has al- urwvit to nesjiuir, iney, nit-.. ..i.l-t unu v.i.u- ""iijii" ....inn- mva. in ...iiiiiiiiiiiisii, j u.ipi. ji. is suiu to uo a (ICinocrai , ll so, no is j ways open loremosi. .-vol wnuiy orcrazuy nave certainly loss blinded by partisan zeal, and less i the Whigs acted on this subject. But liko a disposed to vilify the great and good, than most I party composed of men, clothed and in their right of his political brethren. He said : mind, has it always been true to this princi- Tho humble services I have been ablo to 1 p'e. lor twentv-lour hours, ami relteea an compen- ration, ennanecu in value lor a time 01 war nv j Ura'" paid the following jut and bcaiitirul trib-1 party has ever beet sation but bread, which they bad not taste. Tor ' the Tict that the lines of railroad are alo to be - u,c, (JolK .,.AY, 0R u n,ike ,lnnornbIe to it, bel K!lin,t Savpry. that period they are the sane who blew out those of the electric telegraph. 1 hese addition-1 , , .. ,. ., , ., ., ,. ,,, the brains of thioVes on tho spot, and prMctal & motives uroor some weight, I admit-, but their iuravc a"d chivalric author, and Ihe noble old aught could be don ... . ' ' l . .11 I... ., . i , . .. . .. I'll .... . I . r . . . .... . .!.. dren. foiiL'ht under banners inscribed " bread or and of placing under the control of any Govern death." I make no comment ontho necessity of inent thousands of employees, who would bo so "shooting them down," but I -vill brand as a ' many means of influence, so much indurement calumny of the monarchical joirnals of Paris and London the miserable lulsehooa inn tney bled for biro. Men, women and children sell not their lives for gold. to corruption. "These results being well considered, the committee to which the matter was refeired . rcmcr j t(,n Cnuo of our common country, U'1, ,1 ilm Tlilr,l ,tnnn It is preposterous. came to the conclusion that the iiroi;ctcd appro- .i.,.:j; ..,,,,!,. ,t t,,,;,,.I,. , .,, , ... ... ,. ..... V,l,l l,t .ll.nF tvr.nv. tut steel.hearted ' nriation the railvvavs onirht to l refosed. and .""i ' V V .:".V oraTcry ' J""" v"u,c 111 "0W" hypocrrsy, co"uld provoke resistanco so fierce, its report to this effect round numerous support- MMe but an inaiie'inate Return for l4-1 ,0 ,,H coilitllfts. Hraintree," in 13 13, fore desperation so appalling. , crs in tho Assembly. A discourse by M. Mnn- Q previously received from that country, nt its jtidd tho Annexatinn of Texas, as tho certain rs- Mr. WikolT. it will ba scon, gives a fivorable tilembort, on the i!2d of Jiiue. hddly revealed ; Miitary Acatlemy. In zealously devoting mv ' -ult of tho radical, unprincipled act on of the amount or Ledru Hollin ; a very different pic-1 the secret tendencies concealed beneath the pro- , lblo a)iitk.i! , ,,, of such duties ; Third par,y.-' ile lived to sco his prophecy jure or h.u. is presented by n writer of a Paris ject, and undo a deep impress,,,,, ' After ob- a , lm,c nty jll0 whal mv letter which we find in the Boston Journal, and taming the confiscation of tho railroads and fire (rmtii and my country had a right to expect ; i!lrro"1l'M"llu- which says: insuranco companies," exclaimed the courage- ,,, ,.lV0 done loss would have evinced a ctiininal H-iJ it tint been Tor tl.o "Third party," wo Ledru llollin is the Jonah of this ship ofstate. pus orator, " they will demand that tr the nnrine ' jlldji-,rcllc0 t ,.lt nVe alwavs conceived to should have had no war with Mexico, with in He is believed to have been tecply implicated in-, r..,, tu,,,, a,,,, u.l-.uo.mpo.y ... s.... be tho most sacred of all obligations. For all immense wa-te of life an! property, with it the success which has attended me in per.orm- ,.. in .., fnPm -r ;.,. ,,, f na,,r, 1 it,,, n.-mit ,,l Tu l.vii hie I,., iw vnt sue. vvorus, lactones, niacin ucrv, Oic. otethisl.ivv ceeded In not having it proved against dim. Ile !1"1 J-0" vi" h'lvo 1,11 P'1'11 n?,i,n,.,1'1 ,',".t " P"" now plays the Algcrinc somewhat, but whether J-?ts ' 11,0 51111,0 "'lure. Individual industry Irom policy or not remains to ho seen, as it now ' " J """"J "' " ippears, in some degree, lothe injury nl limar- ti lie's popularity. At the time of the revolution tnn I ls i . . . F.ench ' lvas vor' Pn"r ' a "rcat spoudthrilt and deep' ...II III L-I?lll!l IUI .11111.1 I, 'II, lilU ..III, , IL-ll.ll, . . I,. , I I ... c Tha Tacts nlh-red are significant, but wo do not ,k,,,t ,.0,,t n. 1,a imprisoned thoreror. undertake to decide between them when they aro discrepant. &. J. H. PECK & wuoi.t.sii.r; li I'AITN, OILS, (U.ASS, XA11.S, Brads, l'oreisn nni Aiiieiiciu iron, Steel, l'ig lion, ...t Tl....'.. .I...,.- II,,ffnJC......I.'.I, T.i. VVOai, illT, VllUlia Kllllin, t to "if. vm.iiih.o" . w- i 1111,-111.11 ii in-.. in. .i.i , ... " w ,,! I t , Mcco, ' ever conceived tho notion ol hlianpcure in tin- j u. ,iaiaiii Sli,ii..., .nu ri.OI!ll. nnd I'orelsii iiiml l!cr,n S'V,'1 ' ' sinc.-s ? the author of Hamlet mill Ot'icllo ''y t'oyoruiant, on the lower tho Agents for iiie sale ol l-.nrlnnk s s.C:.les Adam mamei-m who-p notent s,,,,U con- French population as for n-tance thus V Smith's Uurr Mill-Stones, Lonllard's .Maeeoboy and tliomiglitj magu an, vno poieni . p lis con-, ,,. ., r,,.,.,... . rjeot.'h Snull, riniolving and jureu up Ariel ano tuck, ine vv eini oiier, anu i ............ . Chewinj Tobacco. 1 the phantoms of Richard's tent have mankind ! 1 " abrupt success of tho Ilevolution of Feb On the Swore, College ever tho't of Aim as buying and seiling-mak- "lary flung Lnnartine, Arago, Louis Wane, ' !... r... - i ...i. i i.t Ivreinieux. into the arena of art. on wIiito thev O. V. .STArVIFaJKa) tto. -T f .,' . chance. securiiiL' the'ndd half- i fl)U.lld tbem-olves confronting a half.famislied levllcs is r.vcv axd I ,. i ...i.,,.,;,,,, wnloir his rl h,nr fur ' !ttid outraged people. J hoy had no plan, no . L...,rH,ov nw.-J 1, 1m 1 Sneb ii.i.muI.U wp nro system, llo ro.iv.-.ion. JJ...1I.IO.U.1 i..l not iiaae John- Heck, Jo.iv II. I'lCK, Cassics 1'. I'lck, After an introduction, tho purpose of which is to uring out in strong reliel the injustice t' Iff-vlr O U iJ ' Jlntlilitt, llllB". Ji'uor Oil Chlh, H'l'mmr .S,n.cs, I'aper Hang- fn"s. .on.'.iiiy (iK.'scs.o; nil met. Isvs ;, ,.t ... I,l..l,,e who,. lii.L'eri.iir over the plt-xed, they were governed uy tl.o Instinct ol Vesol the .nighty bard, yet iho mighty b ird , the moment, and they implored the peop e to bo ... H j . i . ,, emilii out and iin.ieprnl. Sn of nil dp. FlowlncilliiP, T.mlil Ulue nnd Wliltn irnnilo W Alti: also, China nnd Glass lire. Gkoceuics, Furs, Hi'itau) Robes, &c. ChurchStrceU AMOS C. SPEAR, sAiinllu-iai'V aatl jyi'tissils I.V l'ATHXT AXI) TllCIMPSOXIVX Medicines. Chemicals, Surgical and Dental In- i smunents. Mmeinl Teeth, Foils, Leeches, ru-scs, Mineral WnK-rs, l).-u. gist's Gl.ns Waiv, llru-lie, Perfumery. SJJn,l)x-ilull,Caim.licue, Inks, l.laik- ings, &.c. .tc. Church street. It'.rbnglon, v t. gkohci: I'uriiitsoN, nr.Ai.La i.v fpCgRfgll DRY C00DS, Crockery, Flour, Suit, Waiter. H'imlotc Sash, Glass, Reahv AIahe 1'i.oriiiM!. Together with n large vaiii-ty of other articles. 1IRST DIXIR .NORIll 01 TI1U COLT.I llOl-Sll. C ?. Atlliiit, BOOK IUSDE11, I'AI'Ell RVl.KR, An lHiANK ROOK MAKHR, In the Free I'rets lluilding. College Mieef. f!tr(ti:x, DotililSIc iV Co. nriiTR. iv nr.Avv Avnsnr.i.r .ja.'. 1 Cutlery, ri.iilllcry, Me fJrtA R O VVA RjLJ cbanie's Tools, Um.-e l'm USS i-lung-, Nails, (ilass, Win dow Sas'i, Iron. Stc. 1. Tin Plate, Si.eel Iron. Wire, rAlx'fe, ir-, n.ouii. salt. ri.Asrr.ii, Grind Stones, Dry Gmeeries. A.;. General Agents nit I C jyMio,i .Merchants, llioMPso. ) ;a.tSUIeCourllIouseSqiare, w. L . STllOVO, U. 11. DOOL1TTI.C. ) Uiuich and L'jllcgC'Blis. JOHN BRADLEY El CO., W'llllI.FSAI.L I'l Vl.LRS IS English and American liar, Hull. Hod, S it, Hoop and b l.A M1 llf.' Now as true men, nnd wi-e ! men, vvnai was uieir ina. iie.-i uuiy i a. re.oru. . . , . , , , , . weru Pre id atnona the workmen, by the man or retire. Ihey did neither. Lnnartine is a . ; ,,,,., .in,i!,i r,,,.;,,,.' ,,r(, r.l agers of tho plot, that they would lu maltreated in England by a Mr. Ilalliwell, who, a- P""1 S. Ar''sr' astronomer; Loms a Varsailles, which even Louis in tl.o provinces ; that some who hid gone thither other searches, made the mot minute tnn-l . and in this euiorgency they all fell 1011Tlt too ric, for ,,e imp'e habit-of his fain-' ImI l'len ; that the country about So- .ation of all the public and private dncu. !"(" the control of a subtle and praclid pel- .. w Jj hm. as curjl) on!i t() viicli they were destined, was pel- orStiatrord and Avon to vv bid. he could "':!' Amnn-I Marr.i- . I harI,.Mied once to u' (,,lt , ,,.,, )0 j,cr0 , ,,1, these pre-: "onous soil, where tl.-y would perish r hunger access. He has I rought to light many a-;; him ' ir he was eiuirely prepired fertile pf,,',,, rer.s an 1 their attaches! Moreover, the 'and di-c.ise. Under the influence of the-, rep. was a mm t" do nil these things. Nature," paiieni, cnni uei,. an,, j.eaceiui. ro one,, e said the profound jihilosophcrT Jonathan the CCIVP.1' "" c(1-eloquence of lv coachman to Cornoral Trim, Obadiah and Su- marline intiinpueu sanna, "is nature." So say we. . . r. ..e n . .... l...j 1....... Fit!......,., mil. iV ..tie . .. .7ii.ii- hi u tin' ... u ",ii.i, i.iu- - . 1...1 ;., r.,i.,.,l i. r IMIiwnll. wl, n. I"'ut Arago an astronomer; Loin mong exaunnati incuts obtain eiicuni-lnnees, minute in themselves, bul id 'h ly ctnious us connected with the life, character, and pursuit- of the great poet. .Some of the'e would 'apparently justil'y tho cynical remark, that Pl.akspenre, whom you and every pi lybous- bill Style Ihe divine th" inatcl.l"ss whal you will, For gain, not glory, wing'd his roving night. The Bird of Avon makes a new figure in the-e account- as an iiiiromaniic man of busi ness, a -Inewd economi-t and prud.'nl improver of his pioperty. It is quite evident that he did not scatter Ins guineas 10 ine rigin. ai.u ieu in He is now "rich," and his a country scat also, He was the editor of tho Reform"., a thorough !....!... ......... . .. : ......... ...t ill iiiiiiu unite-, . nave ui'l-u iuueuii.-u m u' i . . . . ... confi lPocn and kindoe-sol mv commander, and 100,000,000, and with its eternal stain upon to the gallantry and devotion of those vvhoscrv- our national honor. The war was the result of cd under mo. jthe Annexation of Texas, of the annexation of "Passingby the incidents of Fort Brown , and orc slacg Torrilory . an,i at t10 cloj0 of tha .mnitt'irt t iu . ii iui i mi intu UVIVJHV.HIIJ lmled. I mav be for saving in reference war we mid ourselves in me possession oi a vasi c'linn of tl.o state. " The cll'iCt wrou jht by the speech of M. Mo i talcnihert was such that the partizans ol the pro ject could entertain no hope oT success, Uined by the energetic ro-oliuions of the Assembly, ;,,.,.. lllnrn .np,,,,,.,!,!- fi,.ld o"f lluena Visia. extent of Territory, over which the South hopes the Incentive pivver was con-trained to take ,., -.,.;, i,.,, ., mo for: ...i .. ,n ,',n,t M.,l i,,ft,.,-neo -.r the part performed by my command on that oc- .t3 .uliar ;,IS(;(,;,m. casion has had its origin in the disinterestedness , ' . ,. . . ,01, i,d ....rosltv-or n,.r noble old chief, who is ev- It was by the act of the "Third party in 1814. or inclined to bestow on others, honors justly that tho Whig party the Anti-Slavery party cf going radical, and represent" radicalism in the measures or Ihe gradual extinction ol the n.i Chamber.s. He mirried an Irish lady, from tional workshop.. It decree I that th? wor.tmen whom he is now separated ; but keeps up his, from the .rovinccs should return to their (oriner dignity by being tho protector of George Smd, 1 places of residence, whither they should be cou and Mademoiselle Rachel, the celebrated tragic veyed at the expense or tho state, and employ actress, J inout be given them on the public works ; or M Fl'ocon, late one or tho secretaries or the H'ey might enlist in the army, even at the ago Provision il Government, now Minister of Com- f 17, and set oil for the frontier. But this al-m-rcc, &c, was formerly an under-clerk. His tcrnitivewashttletotnetisleorihesePralorians la,bj Was a third-rule washer-woman, and on the m Ho-ascs, and the hour of conflict was recog 23d of February was seen in the streets hare-, "ized as come, by men who h id oresoen the ie- vllVi1','. ?,,r.!'n,'i:,,',.U."T.'.V.f can't wear'u' lKinoet "n loubtedly the ussoci itos und accomplices of I without ostrich reathers ! Is not here a pretty tho binds who on tho 15:h or May attempted the set? Consider, also, that the palace of Luxein- overthrow of the Nation il Assembly and to Iwiirg, (Peers' Palace,) was not splendid enough place the reinsof authority in the hands of Birbes, for theso lino Democrats, without renewals, and Blanqui and others of the same stamp. There- that its furniture was not good enough, but the lrc, on the imrmng of Jinn -J2 sinister rejiorts due to himself. To General T.ivlor,and to hiin ' the country, was overthrown, and the Locoloco alone, belongs all the glory of that achievement. ' pirty, the willing tool of the South was rai-ed And I but express Ihe universal opinion ol those who served .ill to nnu-er. Thus mucli lias tno J lord jiarty under him, in saving that no other . done towards the accomplishment of its profes- living in in co lid I. ive obtained that victory. sr.! object. Il lias given lo ornery a stronger So great was the confidence repo-ed in him by ' foothold in tl.o country, than it lias ever had, bislron;. a n! no oilier could have commanded (.since tho adoption of the Constitution, it, tint (us presence on any pnrinf .In. Held .s , Is .here a Whig in Chittenden County, that i sufficient not only to i hango de-p lir into hope, will lend his aid to a party or such professions, but to cive assurauco ol victory, and dispel all , anil sticn neeus t suflVrable ; and foithwith each had a billiard ta blu -et up in his apirlmeut. Should you not think that these sell-slj led Republicans would need (as they daily have) sometwrnty thmsand soldiers around their hall of sessions, and half a crisis should it coino -nd lenlv I have not yet forgotten his boistfil look, more expro-sive than words, when he replied in the affirmative, lie has proved il, and his pur pose showed once. 1) 'termined to make ' no fun lamental rh inge, to sweep away uo cry ing ahu-e, to put down no crushing monopoly i i n eve , 10 a er i e iorm o auu. -irai on , , , , , i, .1 ,, o,. i r . .. i i doZ3ii cannon jioi nted down the several aven he s rug'' cd to keep up fact the linn lion , 1 ,, ... ,:,,, system of tyranny, threo times overthrown; but he rechr. -toned it " '1'he Republic" and threw in tho words of " liberty, equality and fraternity" I in of nclion was ingenious, admirable, lie quieted the penile, he tns ence i.l ine in th I'nnner hid no billiard tables. What re-entations, a h uly ol 100 present d thein-t lves nl. ..inn ! ,. bilharils ! That was in- before M. Marie" ccc. doubt of ultimate triumph." John (Jtiincy Adiinis A: Cen. Til) lor. We cut the following from the Boston Daily Advertiser. The Hon. I). P. King, from whose letter to his constituents this extract is taken, his b.'on di-tingiii-hed as a "Whig, though not an ultra Whig" throughout his politic il life. lie is emphatically 0113 of those men (would Is thero a Whi? who will coalesce with the party that defeated Henry Clav ? Is there a Whiz, who will lend his aid to the attempt of tho "Tuird jurty" to diomember tho Whig party J The ruinous financial and commercial pilicy of the Loco-foco party, under which the business of the country is fast sinking, would not have -een davligbl hid not the Whig pirty been crip pled by 'the efforts of the "Third party." An J now the only hope is ill the success of the Whig partv. Either Gen. Taylor, or Lewis Cass will Here M. (l.iill.irdet repeats the story of M. Marie's reply, " that tho men vveie not the slaves of their -pokesman" &.c, and goes on todesciibo the conflict and its result". .V. V. Spectator. ... it, ... f t ' i e , hi. (lavi-hed upon the world his tVea-ure- of .oelic "hJ Mm;, ho emnloyeJ tlo eloqu. I . .. vvi.... ir ,i. . i, ,.r.,r,i i,..,,r!..r .,1 ll ,i. Limirtiiu). He caught Linn llbiuc Iv AdvPitiser ofthatd'.v had come to us 7 We meshes of hi, own theories by forcing bin. to I are not -osilive that s.a-h nuSlications did then ca.rry lliein out in the luminal vvoikshoo- actually issue from the Link, of the Avon; but Y' rni-buient for such qnuc'icry. Ladru had this I. -en the ca-e, how would our wonder-, R"'!'" lllu "l1- 'va,y ."! tMrllf "'" in- eye.- have b-en struck by some -uch jrara- int his i.eces-arilv dictatorial attempt, to 'i-rapl. as tho following, in tho "business col-, republic ir.i-e I-ranee, Arinand Marrast raised a .-'.. i ... i si, trin nl in... nor .1. ton innoarc ne .1 nr."".. ri ml ol one oi ine-e siiecis : : - - . , , ' 1JUII it..- lies ? W hv even those niecoiis little coininun-, i-ts, dear.-t lovers of the people, Louis Blanc and M. Albeit, have brought in, in their ac counts for two months' diunun, the modest lit tle mm of 100,000 francs ! Do you wonder ll a' sensible Frenchman sometimes say that th y have a dozen Kings Instead of on-', and that they doubt the patnotism of their rulers 7 An immen-e amount of money had been sub-sciib.-d for the wounded of February ; but no ac count can b; obtained ol the amount piid in, or where it has gone. A member of Iho Legion of Honor, ?peikmg of this subject said to ine, "They are robbers, all robbers of our money J ..... ..... and our libsrties," lint mo pjopie, (jei.'.-i.niv, and seem wining in near controlled by convictions 'if duty, rather than by the cmpu'-es of feeling. We coui.nend his views lo the cuiJid c ion of candid men. In this grjat emergency, I have felt strongly From the Chicago Field Piece. oppo-cd to the election of a President witli Ca-sS Lctici: to tiik (' IlAimon ami Senthern priiicides. As much as ever more KlVEn l .onvextio.n. than ever, am I opposed to war and eviention , of slavery. I abhor the do.'triue of avaihbility ; Dkthoit, May 17. j but, in this fearful ciisi, I mn-t vole for Tay. Dear Sin I am much obliged to you for your ' lor ; nnd I vote fur him, not becau'o he i-a attention in mo an invitation to at- warrior, bulbeciuso with him there is the better, tend the convention on internal iiiiprovcin'-nts, ' if not the only (.respect for continued peace. I which will ni-et in Chicigo, Cironm-tunces, vote for him, nit liecinso he is the owner ot however, will put sent at the time, yours, "A i.iri: o tiii: oci:ax wavi: I tint wo iuj mare m in?:n; w;io,c actions are , iridnt. Thenue-tion is. which of these two men do oti prefer 7 Gen. Taylor is a W lug. lie is an antilavery man in prin ciple, and .from principle. Ho is a warm admir er of the whole Whig pl.ul.irm ; regarding it ss embodying those principles, on tho rarrying out of which the well-being of the country da ponds. L"wi Ca-s on the other hand, is a pro sl i very in in, pledged to wir, and totho ruin nid destruction d, commercial, -tn J industrial il.tere-ts of tho co intry. His in- itiiblu intvv vvoiild nut be sutislied with the who'e of Mexico. Will a single Whig of this country, virtually support Lewis Ciss, by yield ing to the specious, uu lrlnnde l tricks of Ihe ' Third party "7 Wo hope there is not ime who will desert h'is country at this cri-is and join hinds in helping along tho suicidal cfl'orls of pr.ilineJ Abolitionists, but real pio-siavery men and measures. P, I. it out of my power to be pre- islivc, but because, with him ior President, (oiv lam, dear sir, respectfully I posed as he is to the ahu-e of the veto power,) l.UH l.'i UASS n v i, nni e ass. rig Iron.Coal.Sheet 'l.on.Tin. Holt and Sheet Copper f" imp thero were no novvs,i,,ers lo advertise in ' ....,,... I', ,.t,b lot thil in won d hive done snmethlliL' of tin I.IUIIS Ul UIIB ui ni-i ......... l,.l.,. n .ll.. , r ,p .I,. ,.l. NOTICE. I . " ... .i , ' ... .., , i ..' . ... ... i . ', . . , i wi-h ouiet and order : ... sionueu liere tins woi.ti. .live n.-eo uui ciitingi. ; .. ", , . r .. , ... ..... .1 Allpersoiisin'lebleiltoth"s,,!,,eMhere.ll but with the at. lacilv ofa ..relented republican, 1 '';,"el1",1 "'.'I V"1'"""1?' ,, ' V v..;, I,,tiii Author of the Life and Times of Louis 1'hjlippe, of or ncctiuiii) unviiiPiii. r uey lur roltfctui upriu 11 8htik iUwi- plun,,M into exc,, in legion f V. r W Z . T e ire man hi. Louis 1' ii ippe would nave shrunk Irom. i . .... , - , ,. .;,,. .,,i i,ii: ......IUI oiiiivniMiin , . .. . it ' who are wil inL'tiifoatordisspnsionsanu iiimmi-, vi ii,.... .:iiii.oi i.oiui, ,,eeu I aiiuue aiiioog inner, 10 ins measure . , , ,. i,. .1,, i:,,v. speare did not wrile thi-, it was be- of converting all tho b"nks of Fiance into one 1,1 ll0P.lf wl, ':'.a! .'ii 1 ,V 1 .1 ... , ...... I.l . . iTiiiiieiiLiiisiiiL,''iiu.i-ns-...".'--, V LSI .ISC'). .1. ILI.Ilie, .IK. II..II li III W IIIU.) w ., ... nails. O..ASS. 1'i.vsTrr. Wet and l)ry (irneenes. Flour, Salt, rt .rr Mill Stones, Hultiiw Clolhs, heetinss. s t o it a ; i: a N n To u w a ii i i x r. Cnttom-lwuit Agents and Coiuimsiun Meichants, Jon liaAiiiKV, ) south Wlinrr, Natu'i. A. IrcKrn, iiiinrivi' i nv Tiio'sjl. CAXjiiLn. ) IUII,IM.IO. q ' v. w. iiur.w, m Chaik and f'AMMvr Masitaptuhcb, M' Two Door-South County House, CIII.RCII ST , llfRUNOTOS-, Vt. All kinds of work in the uhove line made lo order on the shortest noiiec. iTsTiKR WOOD & CO.'S AUCTIOX AXD COM.M1SSIOX STOItL, We-t Side Sijl'mib. Constantly on hand Cabinet Furniture, Chairs, Look ing Glasses, .tc, But that lie would hive done something of the the bauds i'f the government 7 A ipo'enn, whose kind, bad tho ni"uns and appliances existed, orginizutionnf Francowas unavoidably militiry seems jiretty evident from what wu can learn HJVer ventured on a j.iuci . f contr.ilizition like respecting hi, lubits Of busiiie-s. ibis. But Ihe gro u diili.-ulty of Marrast was Sh ikspeare, in I irt, was a business man, anil inon?y, ami in niiiain u in an u izirus no propo could tniku iil.irgain tint vvoiild have done lion-1 sed lint in fun v.u act ol spoil ition of seizing nn or to li llinll.e I liader I'h ,m i.ailSlieip or tno I.anro...s, anu apji-upriauug 10 ine siaiu ini lower Hi . Ab. r ho had vuitlen llie-o nil- v.ut aniouiil of i.riv.ilo tii.ip'rty, relunun LIVERY STABLE.iitm ni.ACKS.MITH SHOP, SKINNER, By S. ALSO ,. . Saddle, Harness nnd - ..nil; Mnnufnctiiicr J'.ast side Ciuit-lwii.c .juuic, CALVIN R. IIDWARDS, r.o()i;si:i.Liui .i statioxi:h, Constantly for sale a general as-ortuient of SUMOOL., CLASSICAL, ANU .i11sim:i.i,am;oi s hooks. The Cheap Piiblicatiii,I1i,nk IS.ioks, Sta Tio.Nruv, MtiucAI. Hooks. No. 1, Pecks', SMALLF.V & PI1F.LPS, ATTon.Mivs &. ,vr law AM) bOLIClTOUS IN CIIAXCEKV. p. A. SMAJ.LEV L.J.I lirLI'i LIVERY STABLE, ELLIS AN D CHURCH, College Street, Nation il Guard (two hundred thousand strong) are now in its favor, or rather ngiiii-i lar.uer uproar; it has the soldiers, of which there are at Ibis moment quirtered in Paris alone, (not tu include the neighborhood,) more than sixty thou Find or the regular army. 1 Our third Is fniiii a Hler of more than j and with the independent' ves wham, .if true to them-elves, the ieoj.'e will choose, ! there is the lust and the only chance of retrict j lug slavery nnd curbing the'slive power. I will juJge uo iiim uuj condemn no man. Uihers, ju-t as lionest and perhaps more miel ll.IWI OJ ift .ir Hill . Illt.ail J.lll.ll . "I" ' , J ,. . a , .1 . , Trance, tc'pectfully diJicated to the American '(J"-'1"; "''V coin- to a dlllerent roncliision i .i ... i.;i. i.. .ici, ,.:.i. ii.,. 1 ,.n.i,niin il,n.!i..iree'itril s.-.rin .ifn tre isnrv this morning, written by .Mr. ii uinruHi, latec'i aii'Miage. ie relired to iMr.uiom aim aimooi iiiiinruni. is no cij.niiiuni.-i Fnglish or line year snbscquent to his purchase of New Place, its impostures would scruple awhile beforo ap IMS, a scarcity or com give the inhabitants ol plying. .Stratford some annrehensions o( a famine. An "This was the stale of things when the Na- account was taken of all the corn and malt in tional Assembly met. A word or two of this I in town, whether owned hv " s rangers or bndv. All nslounding lad. WHICH mnn nave town-men. Our poet seem, to have been a- electrified M. Guizot and his bo-olted mastor, fr' six columns, in the L'awic 'f' '-'u(s Lniiot itor and mm- correspondent of that journal. trader in Hone, wall and corn. In the but here is an atrocity that communism with all lis welt estuuit-iicu repuiaiiou mm ,.K ."" Iliri'S won it sernn O aw II 0 U0 ore an- .llienigeni mm iveen ..urv..., quality of Frenchman, will secure bir luin a due appreciation. He gives a comprehensive, tho' ol course much condensed, history of the fight ing, and the incidents connected therewith, but w,, roi.nnn our translations, for the present at -men. win iioct seem, io nnu uiui vjetiiiuru .... jui..ui nnu ms m.-"."- ii , ', r . .... ' t,o-e who were the best supplied wilh the was revealed in its election. The onbj effect 1, to what he says of preceding events as .terials for bread and beer: fur it was staled e,f unUrrsal Mlffiinr in France tc is the return developing tho Mice. in tho returns that there were not twenty er-' of an'.aiJ.:r.Prnperty m ilntained J " 1 ho breaking up of tho national worksiiops sons who had more than he. The books record its influence, but how was it employed 7 In-, m nas uecn u e or go. ", "" "" his name and stock Ihus; I stead of setting to work lo repair the lollies and social war, vv inc.. ..... ..y..... ...w " Win Sl. iksneare X nuarters" 1 1 ece ts or the Provis ona Government, tho As- womnieu on one siuu a m Wni.fel.akspea e, X. quarters ,,,,. ,,,, llv ..jumin .,,, . Thoy nur-'and soldiers of tho regular army on tl.o other. " "!?i ' X. LT t: Jr, 2; Z ia M ' "icd tb" Bne 'Marrast had planned, and the The establishnienl of these national work U'.I.SU l. I.-I.'l.ll, IIIV 1. 1 1t o V, ,'. IIIU c.ornoratloi) i he brought an action al law aga,n-i one runup ( Roger.-, for one iound, lillccn shillings and ten ienee, " fur m ill sold und delivered to him at .cveral llmo." This is not tho most unpoeti cal fad that his loiuo to light, for in I GOD he sued one Joint Addi-nbrooke lor a debt. J lie delinquent absconded, and the man of law hav ing made hi report" Xunist intuit, infialili erlat, hujus burpi" Shaksjieare v hat do you think, genllo reader ? .Shukspeare slruck upon Iho biil, one Tiiom is llorneby! We wonder il ior llorneby turned upon him wilb 'i quota tion about Mh) lock and Ihe pound ol liesu. oouiu ieoilu may look ujiun those iniueroiou curiously, 'l'o ev a load of stone for lenicncc, nun mcket the money, nuy upju-ar a strange i.inig in uo (jttitc by hiin who described me ciouu b ieople, was shops was Iho most unfortunate act of the Pro ir dupes they visional Government. They supplied a refugi People. A life on the ocean wave, A wreck on nn ' Inland Sen !" Where the fresh water bt'lows rave ; Oi the snag an I the sawyer fir me Like a lion I crunch lor my prey Nor heed the wildhuiric.m's roar; O the Veto the Veto for me. For it vv luspers ol v esot-ls on shore ! The wild blunder mocks from ntar Ah I the mariner's out nl my reach 1 But no ! she stnkes on the Bar ! O soon she will dash on the beach, A prey to the luping bi.i't A wre.k on ihe s.ndy shore, Tie- "Vclu" bus tnu, uphid al li.'t Its iraise is the huiricaue's roar 1 The land is now bounding the v iew, IIV air borne on the silt iiiuu'uig tide. Hut baik ! Tnim that yessel'ssad crew, What menus the wild ciy ns they ride 1 'TU a sncyer i-s piercing her through, A snag is unripping her deck ! () Ihe 17u, the VETO lor nie! For our noble steamer's a w reck ! O praise lliell the Veto of "Polk 1" Let "Cass" lie our rnlljing cty Let the song of our lieints then go up llViie An six line-Utter noes ly ! For there's 'hle on ihe ocean wave," While there's death on our" inland tea ;' " No jiower" is given to save O! Oass nnd the VI.TO for ine ! . i 1 ,,:).,... r..i ...... ... i ii.tutu-m... ...... '"'.'I";."). ...- ,,t, iirjuireu, noi wiiico is ine least evil, uui vviucn , ,u cuuulrv .- u. e gii'.iivsi g.i in. ue.. i cal. ..oi .iiui.iii plish nil the good 1 would, I must and will se Lj'TIio government hive treated the return in volunteer, shamefully not only n?g!ectiiig ' , I to jirovide them wilh common romtorts and de 1 l.-ei.t clothing, but forcing them to travel to dis vo 1 1 nit points far discbarge, after they hail reach- cure all the good I cm. Vou not my intenti.iu agiiii tube BlE-SEU BE THE HVSII WHICH rHKI'AtlES A n.EAsi'KE i on A chilu for there is nn saying where and when it nnv again bloom forth. i'ho numberi lines not almost every body remember some II A IS A It & ARTHUR, D'al'rs in Hardware, !riir., Painls, Oils, DycSlull. niRNCii i'l iiiirch sn roi.i.n.r. si rims. caiit tower: eui'i teiinil shilliuy, out of poor Tom llorneby, who had iiieuts of ihe Garde M iiuimanded those in uninolh exhibition, of loin- to all the idlers and hangers-on who had swarm- foolery called "Fetes of tho Reiublic." To ed, Irom every part nl France, to this sort or avoid discussing tuo giaui grievances oi ino general ulin-iiotHe, vvuere iauur was u iicuou ...I., il...., I.i.ntn.l .l.ivvn i..' nmniis' (if u ...I ,.,, .n ll.,. mile rpnl thill'.. Tho number I'-', . "VI " - - I ,. . ,. I ...I...ll.,l l,l, ,. I,!,..!,,... radical nnproveuieni, mil insieau oruereu an- n tiic-e Inrusoi pissago wiid oau .-rcueu upon k.ihi-.ic.ui.-.i m.. ,' " ,," "' . other bran-new constitution. Ono diy they this roost amounted to nearly LW.OOO.of whom, in th-" quiet d lys of his childhood 7 Iho writer spend debilin ' the vital question whether they it is said, ".0,000 were released or absconding! of this rorollects himself at thi. moment, as a shall wear warfs.and of what color and vvidlli ; 1 convicts, and from ao.OOO to 10.OU0 porters and barefooted lid .landing at tin wooden fence of and whelher they shall bo lied round the waist, domestics, vvlin thus aided to the income of their I a ioor htllo jjarJjn in l.i native yilhge ; with or over tho shoulder. Too next day, with iuo. r0al business the j.rolits of nn as-umed title j longing eyes he gaz?d on Uio flowers which lilo alarm, they vote that Louis B.uiauite thall Tlio exhausted public Treasury could no longer were blooming there quietly in the brightness of not be admitted to the chamber, though Ids j dilrlbiHo the wealth of Franco among this host a Sunday morning. 'I he pos-essor ol the gar. ti-lit was as "ood ns theirs, and then a few f idle hands and hungry mouths. Tho Na-1 den came rorlh Irom ins iitiio co.tage ue was hours after they vote he fchall. Assembly therefore resolved tosh ike them a wood-cutler by trade, and spent tho whole on J uui u was cr.nut;u uuij u-cuiy itiui inuu- wan m nn -"' - ... nii'l ilesireil to mme in other di- . .. I I .! 1 I ... I - rectum. All are uiuiyu-uu ui iihp, anu jusiiv . r mill ll'rt shall hear of many such resolutions know lint it is (l(.,0 below, pis-ed by the volunteers on i candid itu for' . , .. ll.uner, on their way from Congress, and I can sieak without being lub.e i (, . lo Louisville. There were 13S to the charge ol personal intere-t. lli' oncers nud inon, 135 of whom signed the fol- p.-oplo ol the .Norm iook to tneir ivpri-s.uri. rtwjn. JlesiiUed,Tbat we most unconditionally denounce the manner t our iran-jKirtatiun from New Orleans, as anii-D.-niocrulic in . very le-psct, becaa-e deeply dearadm ' soldier ; nnd KesiUed.Ttiat alihoujli we have contributed u the elevatiin'iiitu i.ier ol the piesent administration, nn 1 csp-nJeU our sweat and blood in lightina Us bat iles hi a toreiirn land, we s'.inll earnestly du battle It, and all falsely st)led Democrats, al the coiuuis election ; nnd ..... r Jtesolve.l, Thai we shall use every legitimate cf full e to ihe Chief Maeistracy "I our couu ire Cen 7, Tnvlor.wbom we believe lo Ik-a sound U'-lllncrni, ' H"c i'...;', lives; let them .-end to Congress none bill tree, iiideiende,it, Incorruptible men ; then the sine power will not bo extended over new territories, and. with God's ble inir on the honest purpo-es j and harmonious union of true pilriots, our country will be restored to a condition of hap piness and pro-ierity. I You a-k in? whit waa th? opinion of the ve I norible John Quincy Adams about G-n. Tay- lors election. 1 hid olien Heard mat sir. Adams hud expressed a j reference for Gen. tn.I being de-irous ol knowing the truth Ihe xoldier's friend, ihc l avlor, and i.eingue-iroin Ol mum ll'g mi- mini D-unx-. .., ' ! , ', .,,1. , ,,, of ihc 'rumor, a lew week, before In, death -r'pallerV throughout the asked him who would bo our next President l roJn KlVt, jju-uy i0 the above preamble and r With much anim ition lis replied, 'Gen. 'la;- wjimons. or,' and appeared sansn-n vvuu ucu re-im. s it ... i B0 wen, that mo tiea wnicn Air l ..It. so innocent v nut ill .Mr. t,ass car, uy Ins stii.iditv in managing this war, Is beginning to bite. As soon as the volunteers begin to spread Ono of the mesirablu exjiedients to quench the ji " "J wiuunwiuwi ... . ...... r. ...!...... .... M..r. ' ...n in l i U i i ,1 i es in. l.v t in vn now. ll. '. "t .TTSXZnot tbem InS Vegi- ler, on W;,o.o part .he creaflon of ,he in.ioiul his ro.,1 when ho wen. to church. ,'. ...l.'.l lull nOll imirii for his neighbor, may not eem very , were employ Colwrronti. ..'111. .....!- ....!:. ' 1 I I.. o' ; " i.iu im.; sji.i.i i.iii ire.i.uil.. ...... I navn i.i i uv ji.ciuru oi i,?ar, who gave an in ms oveniii in liill'llrdo'Mob'ile while 100,000 more ! workshops had not been without an ultimate pur- b iy, and breaking oil' ilia most heaiiliful of Ids Hie uaruo .iioinii, 1V.I..U .uu, 1 carnations il was streaked with red and while ren'ZeS Z m el voull be '. V Mn Iho view of certain of .1, Pro, "gav'o il lo him. Neither the giver nor ,he r, " utii to kill "he other, and to gel lid vi.iom.1 (iovctnmcnt, belonging more er less1 reiver s.oke cue word ; and wilh bounding stojn I suppose he considered Gen. Taylor Ihe instru. ment by which Providence would work out Ihe good or humanity and of his country objects nearest the heart of the good old man It is certain tint I never heard of Ids questioning the honestly or the pitriotism of Gen. Taylor. 1 wish we could t.e -lire nn.'i. '. . the government would fill into binds iiou-s ,, ,,,, idici.ies. while endcav- vvorthv Gen. 'Pay oi s. In 1H 1 1, a division on,... iI.r eoimtrv Polk. Tex is and war. In ....i, . .1,1, mornin", stated that ho could do their train luvo followed tho heaiy burden of ncr im t,e ()reen .Mountain Frjeman, whoso lent, anil oiruarou- iern.ot.e-, n' . iic.., u. among the peoj.le, Mr. Ciss will more of the s fine suit, only a good deal worse. Lwcll Jaurnal. seutlons, Nmv divi-iuns miy bring iiion u the war and slavery candidate, heavier burdens. bloodier wars, nnd arciimulaled disgrace and wretchedness. The sin and folly of encouraging dissension, mi Ill-time and rulno'u.s, sh ill lint rest on my con-clence. Believing Iho pitienl, wis? nid pitiiotie lalnrs an J sacrifices of good men are yet to be rewarded by the country, pros-p-rity. tirculatlon was large. Oar d I s tigje-teJ, as a further inducement to his pitronizing llut paper, that a large share of its readers were sicUtj, The following advertisement will not be agh'm inserted, until the charges for this insertion re. settled. WAXTP.I1. A now " nlatf inn." tho old one having bjei Never have tberp been more-trenuous plTorts onlire staved to pieces by the llirnburncr bjlb nude to cause divisions in the Whig patty, limn er Inquire at ihe Sjtitinel office. For the Ibily Ticc Press.

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