Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 28, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 28, 1848 Page 2
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BUHfJIVGTON FREE PRESS. FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 1848 jfrec press, imhum.ton, vi iuh tlmt Wlilg princlplce and Will" mm are to U1s. Kollc "I'l'V liau-vcr picti-xt, resulting In It . , i , , , , r , , . iniiouest, and loth.-i-Heiixiini or p-r- . 1)3 triumphantly sustained m the p'rirnt milled, , mission ol Shiu-iy in tcriilory n w h.c, are tmw, as or tlipvnm In hp " Cmuer Client" Tl.p ..L.nnpiit 'y Iwcii, ranliunl principle willi the wins "I I i ... . , ... I emlo-it, lor the success nl kiIr'Ii th'-y iilul patriotic lot lor onion. CoMD.andnr Messrs) in tnl.or w till let th.le.l zejil ittiit renewed ' l. the tunic AM) Tiioum.r.n NtntiT that t TININ II", Till. UK IS NIlSrAlt Ar.OVKTlIK Itlll'.tZO.N Tn irrvr l-ii I.M 111 . iv I 11 1 IT. rv.'Pt'T.N.l -rill-- lxrr.i.i.niEST, i-ATiti"' ii Witiu i'Aiitv or tiii: approbation. I' Urn ot Cou.ameii, llrsnv ami, (lint a portion n( which tn c given In this eve ning's paper) weie gtcctod with the warmest United State." lhiiutl W'tfotcr. WhifV TVoiiiiMiiiioii. Tor Fiosidcnt, 2ACHARY TAYLOR, For Vice President MILLARD FILLMORE, STATU TICKF.T. For Governor. CARLOS For Lieutenant C!iioriinr, UOliKRT PIE POINT. For Tirauior, UKOllGE llOWKS. l'lector? :il largo. F.KASI Tt K.MIUJWKS, TIMOTHY FOI.I.I'TT. The Ml ate 4'imveiitiwii. Tin: position or vr.itMONT niu'iNi.D! ill rontimie lope. tl llmih rd, Thnt we ilesue 11.1 tins nccis'inn ex- phcily In iv.'illirm our (t-lt-rm ni-il linlil,ly to tin c--tension ol Invi-ry into the Free Territories of the Union ; wnile wp wmil.1 ill nowise inti-i li-i Willi Silvery ns it exfls wnlitutli' limits ol Hi"" Wo aro sorry fur those unhappy Ij-i.soforns, Thiid.paity men and bolters, who have "liuilt rattles" on tlicir prophecies or ''angry debate" In the Whig Slate Convention ! Wo c.iiniot re frain from tending our special condolence tn nnr 'iIiVpp l,ocofoco fiiond, who was "on hand' ' lie lOtlt. ') fee Ihe fan, and wlin wis enm pellcil In return In his " biilhvic.k," in the nfter- noon, " witli n Ii.m iti in car u big axa break l'ft pl.ile ! T!ie "tin'' he, and llio tn ileotttents like lilni, ct hip lo pee. wn not discoverable ! Union, li.itinony,, enthusiasm, fit tlie Whig c.itte mi'l Whig candid itcs universally pre vailiil. We r inncl lim Whij." of Ihc Union tn in ilnle no fptr 1'ir Vermont. Her Hlate Con vention iia reiiuncil nil doubt ill rpjj-iril lo the stain! he will take. listen-Mvp oiMension in the Whig ranks is wholly out of the rpcMlnn ! Tho-o n tut to out ol our rank in seareli of ab straction am! im;irneti(Mtiilitie ir7 Avre thfir To.nVs among jts. TIip fjiiption Is f-iitly nar row oil lo n choice between Citm an.l (!en. Tav tb'' Slave-propaoanilit anil anti-internal Improvement nun, ami the. Sr.r.VAvr or Titr. (0"!siiTi:Tinx anil Vermont, will anay her ac eustouipil inijority on the iile of 1 tie lullrr Tho-e wlin il nibt it, were not at Woodstock cm the l'J'.h instant. iIip envcrmuent for tlip benent oftb'! country nml tlip hiiry (!) f nme to the aid of Mr. Smith, and al-; men In whom lite dflinics o the Whijr party I the. country tn ileppty: tn wit, the subject of hup TOiintiy. ,i ric rowers o, Y."'r(.j,;j ,,!,! tliniijrli Mr. Weton nml others cxpo-ed thp "nil IIip ilestini-s ef the ronntrv mioht miMv bo j Sl.trcnj. Weie he a rtr.-n of a free Slate, ntl!"S Wnwolcmi-jr-lnrlnir abitrdily of the proceeditf, and I r1"lr,",('l, lt '' t'onvenlion lint an ardiiou and inicnntipctcil Willi that institution. I have n.. iiii-MlortliMapniiiHtioiiollftriiorMniiildiiotb. ( .iiliiir absnrdilv of the i, I , y l"'r("rln' 'ban to a-eer- heilation in avin'f he wnutd ,! cordially sti- r,l. In a wor.1, prnpe will. ll mlioaj won M be c nl- , "c P '' "(- .nr n ol the ,MSml , cimhUll. ,u clMniU.lU, ,. ....nimont, , liw by the people of Vermont. How far tint tualrd and bnrmniiy r-.iored lo 1 1- ;"" I" a-.irrned f"r ll- amendment was , t,0 ilrenjlh of the Whiji pirtv of I ho 1 .ihjectiim ! Id tro i for them to decide. I may J.'" P"1 ''V' n',n Vt '. . , 1m!,Vc.'iI ll!e noiiui.s ..I ibe fHllcd, ami the abomination (,r Slavery in the Union. To do tbi, it was iiep.....irv tn'cotMilt hoWr he pormitted to remind tbetn tint Til C..!it ''nti.'n ( National f'apita received no rebuke fiom tbl ,,,r -rrat vnriptv of opinion the b).' il prefer- this panicttlar he stiud in precisely the sain J II "iih union in our run'; wenii seeiirp tl.r pIppi .on . , v . ., ...;.. ,-i i. . . Piice and local inlere.'-t' Ibe peculiar vieA po'ition with the ili'titisuWIipil individual so cor- ralsiatis. we are itnlnikpil In mi uncoiiiMoniiiii2 of our eiudid ites, an 1 i!ive rr"e 'p ie " i ...... '.ami persotnl parli.ihtie, and the dillerencos of di-illy snonortcd bv Iho WbiL' of Vermont at w,r aaion.t ii initoJuetinii int.. the I er-1 The po.fer i in our .mil " V -l"-H .il i I y "il1 f rl ii 1 i . .. .. ,'. ' , " ' ' U " i '('"li,m'"1 ln.i"r. illicit m iv he sup- the lat Presidential election, and who they wero ! . i ' I !., . 1 1 . in,. , J in. 1 1 1 .Ii i i .I , 1 , 1 1 km i ... i I lit I Ii, i iT.ii mi 1 1 v , I 7m .ever I niter.-, wh-ii eille I " r"."" o. . u ,,:,rcn mm, to re- ""-n in exi-i in mi ini-.prpvi llepniilip.. soatmoiH to sn-tain on the prpcnt occasion. w eSc ' Z'Sl TJ:; tilelf'lor'ieiu.-n'uuVr,"'; .M , flcrt on till. MmX cnMMKo. inhere ' 'I'" Whl. and devoted pa.riol should 1 Mr. C.av, as well a (ten. TAVI.u,. is n in- V l . ' ... I.. ....i , i..i idr. iNllA.IIIOre1. .. ... . in .n Bi...l.u.. t ....... ...... .ril.l.t. . .. r .. i.l . Li. tt I. .. II t f is allV OilL1 tn ltl III the I Ml led 1 'M,,': ll"ii'1"'"i ii inn n nriuer ui i nnu.-iui oi a onive oiaiu inn. a oi.ivenoioer. . ii i-.i .1..' - n-.. t..t,i.f, e ....... i., , ..D I .nr....Pnnnl lieril. i,-' ' I., tl...... 1 1. 1.. I.. I.. .I.r.ili'.l hv the lir- I lleit, .. jtr. u'. ti.-r-.l the siii.nnrl ol PerV II lll'J .01 III' I- Ml i l". i J , . .. iliumce ol li.ii. and siu::inin-d l.y reiieate.l acts ol Union t sivetl.e eoii'lilalion tii'W utter nun in mr non. , d metnorn tn si retitlif-.i and tt.n 1 UoiiUi. s fur Hie Koveinuii-nt of our lerntoiiesi 1 hut In innit siefeil proviio-is hne heen rn i . j. t j( ; t)l (;omiirv ,,.,n yu j r ,,,,1,1,,. l. 1',.,. ,1 ,.l... .,,..,.,, rr.i III lelil iikI ii Imnnwi'Mmui I e I" Illlil 111 I III IT Willi . . ilfi.lin I ...I i ji ii. ii.m.-i nl' -.l..i... aii. ... i.-.l In- lb" I'iiiii lei ol wewnil.lhj !r'altolcrnv who he is. nor at Woodstock, early on the morning of I Ooluinbia :nnl w nlens the iijielr'oni (ieu Ca,who ' ii .-l.inous icon'ibc lor the prnteetion of lit.- , .,,),,., nt!.n il,,. t rilmlo ilmi it,., n.i ..., v;i M'.it Is p'e.lei id veloany net Idi the pres.-ivaiio:i ui etiy inve tieen pni-itnieii, nun me rv'.i... ,. , ... . , l'u-,-,1 ... .:. tn,- Territories ili-gillim tU bero an 1 s,, ,h!,-,aiiy emeus h-ne l-eii su'.istit'ile.l lor 111 ( ..mtmlimi ever held ill erinnht, h.i mv h-rn (.ultiutol .Mo.ter.y nml lluein Vit.i,lns mveii ll-e ' greit phartcr ofoar rii;lil-. vournrinornnl t'"! r.v " ''i in-"-shnrnj rhim. and then people Ii i word ol honor, lb- honor ol mi n .1 ildi.-r I II hl-4 ol Veiinont arie ! pr.l o,i jour armor nni i . j hieh Ins never been iuipe.iLl.ed or tariii-!i-il .md nml for lb- nppru.irhiu2 eoiilb.t on oe. upy jtule, il they can, about liow far riiEr.Dtut will "lii.'h.s t,,r .lear.-r M bun Hi ui p -l.ta-il nnvr or lu.,.;r nod prou,l-r position linn ' , J probihly be advanced by a putv led on lie pteleruieiil H...I he w ill hi( int. rpo e the -1 oilier Stale m llie Damn. on line nn.r I. -i u m ' ' - ee.mve v.-lu " w lime uUoii'tnulioiiiil power , iiuered. nnd.hke (leu. Tn) lor, yon nev -r siirren t-r. ,Urtin itn Ihiren! heen sellleil hv u- v.iiio'H m Cmne tbrth Ilien.I beseeeh y.m. in I u-tall p'eiuni'ie oi (i.oeiii,n,.titii,ei.;riieseelliihyllie pi-- . . I joar power, nil I on the first la ' ' oi repieinuiT ..emue no ...oui .... . .n.ier commeni lo- I. liemltnl. That .he iuineiel. ui'"u wbieli den ' n,.t, yn will achieve n m. mry li.iuoialili- to jour- . .. . i . ... . ...... mt r(.,,.tI1Q i nbipct. Tailor is ple.lje.l to eomluel the . I selv.s nn.l s!onou, for jour touiiiry. i A (h nnn-y proviile 1 in thl iniscel- Hie I'll ernuieiii, as hud .low a n Ins le It -r, tii-n lemen I ihnnk y,.n nil 1IH0U511 Jon ne - J nre;Mioii.liiiHleon--t unlive Win,; l'lineij I. , t ll'u.s ) Veri it for the kind invitation .Memleil to menus aembl.ijre, and nny tliinj' lint yood wiih o ir entire c.ineurieiic-. It e repoe p" 1 03B- of It.'lltliui-lon Co., '- Williliiaui " " Winl.-or " " Kathn I " " Ailibson " (iranije " " t'hillell.lcn " " Vii.!iiarton " " Cali-iliinia f " I'laiikliu " " Orleans " " i:ex We surrender nnr columns, this evening. t the O.l' account of the proceedings of lite Willi! SfATH Coxvc- TMf, which met at Wood stock on Wednesday lat. The ninin-tl!nir of that Convciition are before the people of Ver mont, and they "Mcak for thcm-clves f What Vermont Whirjs arc better known, and more universally itniilided in, than ('Ant.ns CiinMiint: KonEt.T I'lEitrni-tT, (.r.-itto-. llmvr., Uhasti--r.nnnASK and '1'ntoniv roi.t.nrr 1 Wlin in the ranks of the indomitable Whig Party of Ver iHont, tineotirpiL-red and uiiemir)uerable, Inve stronijer claim, personally and po'ilic illy, upon the confidence, the esteem, and the iespei-1 of the j-F.tirt.r;, than thce j;eiitlemeii ? Mr. Cooi.idgc, (whose honorable and dieting- ui-hod service in the LegMiitiiroor the State, a" Hpresentitive and Speaker, has pven him 11 wide and emhble reputation not only for the poiindness and stability ol his political principle.- and views, hut for the kindness and dignified . courtesy with whicli be has always tiviintained I them,) comes before the Whig of tl .0 State a j the fir-t choiec of the jreat Whig County ol . Windsor, whicli will " back its opinion " of hi inerits by a nujorily nfTwr.vrv five itUNnnnn! , l'i.ini:i;T l'ltr.roixT nced no word of com mendation or endorsement from us. lie In5 ac quired the " pood 11 line " which he bear, not o much through his activit and zeal as a jxirlimn. as on account of hisacknow led ability, prudence nnil firinncss as a m tn. No man is dell. r known throughout the Stnte, as a wie conn'ellor and n afe giiido, than Hokkrt I'lnitroi.sT of Uut land County. The staunch Whig Counties of Windsor and Rutland Counties that have- heretofore! signal led their attachment and fidelity to Whig I'rin clpks by 1111 aggregate majority of more than MX UlCir.'AND IIVK 1H.-MU-.F.U MITI.- Tor Wliiu- Men are to furnish (-. with our Chief l'.ccu tivo Ollicers ; and tlu-y have presented n nne worthy of the honor of lai-lin the i-launch and true Whigs of Vermont lo Victory. The re-nomination of Mr. Hu-.vns, of Mont p'lier, for Trca-urer. is an r.pres-ion of co.ili deuce in the nom'niPr creditable alike to bis ac knowledged abilities and hislrr. jiro.icliahle char acter. The candidates forKlectnrsat Iirge. Mpsts. Faikiiank and Pot.LETf, aro gentlemen who--e characlers areas ju'tly appr.-ci ited as they are widely blown in Vermont gciit'emen to whom the bestow in.-nt f th" electoral vote of the State might safely be cnlni't.-d. wil'i'iut empiiry n- In , tbo cauditlti'r for the I'lViidoncy ; and who would cal it so as to maintain both the I'liuci-, pics and the reputation of their con.-titucnts. j And now, a word for the Comcntion tint, will. J entire, and cordial unanimity, has presented the , Candidates whom we Inve briclly noticed. It has been our fortune to attend almi-t every Whig Stato ('.intention that has met in Ver mont since I&37. and during all that period of more than ten years, embracing two great pres- i.lcntial campaign', and occasions of the pro-founde-t political evcitement, we hive never, nttcn.led so respect 1I1I0 and, with the exception , of the gallieriugs of 18 10 and Id 1 1, sn Inrje an 1 ;.ch coanty -ball appoint its ol' the 11.1:01 nseml)l.ige ol" the W.ii -s of Vermmt as th it , listing committee ; an I at IJoelo.k the nmni Whie.l.con,.itutedthcC.,,,veu!i,.natWool-lock '" li- Wl.lj , , . ,. Iteaduig It'ii-n ii. i on completing the h-Hines, on Wednesday his-t. larger lini,i? or lugs, , .ii!;n() . rfi1(n rfprt , ,.ln.ln, inn and a more etU-rvescent entlnniim, we have' On .notion id Mr. I'aikiunks; of St. jolinhiiry certainly seen, in the tv.'o m--imrable cimpiign it w as nllnded'to: but with this e.v.ieotiou. never hue . all Whigs fiom other States " """-"t""li " liinlf'l lit lilUl" Vcj'icitcil Wilis: Mtalc vi'iilioii. I' irsmnt to nn'.ii-e. the delegites met at the Brick Church in Wo id-lock, on Wednesday, July I'Jlh, 1815, at 10 n'cloeli A. M., and was called to order by Hon. Ti.mdtiiV I'nt.t.r.rr, vlu-ii lion. (.'itAiti.t.s 1'aini: was called to the chair. On motion of Ii. 1'. Walton Jr., I). W. C. Ci.auki: ol Chittenden County was appointed Secretary pro tempore. On motion of Hon. Sountos I'oor, Ordered lint a committee of one.leleg ite from each coun ty be appointed by the chair, to nominate a li-l of ollicer- for the perm tnent org inuntinu of lb convention ; Whereupon the Chair appointed the committee ai- follows: IIT.MAX SWIFT. CAIA'IN TOW'NSI.r.Y, , .iL'idi's coNVi:it.i:( I A (i l)NA. josi'.i'ii w Ui.vr.t!, I A1II.1AII IIOWAKI) Jn., v.i. va m:i:, II. H. lii'.AI). fAi.vix M.)i:i:ii,i i;i:o. i'. iiDLcii ton, 11 r i'i!i:Tis.s. ll.C llKNTON, Mr. Ilowi:o'(,'istleton, niove.l tint llie Con yentiou now to app)int a Stato Central Cummitlee. On ino'ion of Mr ('AP.rr.vrnrs ol Washington Co , the 111 ilion of .Mr. Ilowo was laid ninnthe table. Mr. Itof iitTir; of St. Alhin, from the coin- miltee to iioinin ito otluers lor tbo pennineiit orginizition of the Convention, reported as fol lows : I'or President, I'ji-Cov. ClfUU.LIS I'AIXII.rf WnJilnston Co. I'or Vice Presidents. M-, 1-,-s i-. 0001 1, l. Ii. HA.N . nennnjion uo. li.itl.oi.l Win. th mi " W-.s'iiiiinn -A I bo 1 " Windsor rraiikh-i 1 1, lean Cnleil mia " i'.hpx t )rau 'u " Sea r r3. W. It. It ..NT.V, o. w. nit i:w. A. I. C VI'MX, 'i'. r )I.i,i;t r, I-, I) Ilill'tCS, f :t'V-fs til'tlT, I'.)!1. IT-' II ATi:i!, It. MOl'I'TON. Ii C IIK.N" T.lX. WII.I.I M Ill'.liAItl), ii. w.c ci.xuki:. P. P. WAl.TDX.Jn . ttKUi'Ci: II. lll'AMAX, (.i tuolion of .Mr. of .'lo.iipelier, it was AVxn.'iei, To it .1 f'.iui tntlrte of eight be ap pointed by the Chtir to report resolutions I'm tiie consideration of the Convention, Tlu Pre sident appoint. -.1 Mr. WAI,T.)X,nr Was'iiiutun Co. " CI, l! Kil, nl Clruteudeii " Ml!it:il,l....l t),.,n " .MMISII t Wui.!s,.r " CM iDWICK.olCiiled.iula " ". I'l. VTI'.of Wmlh iin 11 i!i;is..ifWiu.i;i-iiii " Ili'A.UAX.ol Ituiland ' Mr. Il.ixrr..! ol O. leans Co., lowing resolution, -abu-h wis ad ipted : ;-?),'re,, Tint -l ci:n irttee fro-n eich cn-in ty, eo're-pond tig to th'.- number of H ite S.'n 1-lor-, Ii'- rais-.l fir the p-irpue of nom'niting n ticket for stato olli -er mil two rindulitp foi I'ri'-d .1 electors -it 1 .rg, ; whieb coin uitte" slnll bo apioiiite.l and proceed ill the folloiiiu ill inner, to wit: ini"i"diit, ly 11:1 ihu iidjonrn incut of tbo convention tin morning, th, (i.p. gates slnll ineit in county cimveniio-i. an.1 entire e.inenrieiie-. II e repose ivi i. ni coo- Ii lenee 111 tne hnm-ly, purity an.l liiiuuess ol his elnnieti-r ; Ami 111 Ins iei.e.ite.1 .l.-el .latt.ais thnt he is a II hli; lint his .-Units lis in.' uiu.-i ..xeeiuoe 01 the Ihiitiu w.ll lie In .esinre llie i..tllllllslr..tiuu in (lie stun I ird ol the e.irh'-r IV. s.,lenis el ihe Uepublie; Ih it he he the -.ei.l.-ul ol llie I onntry mm not the pi.isjri.tive I. ft a poly ..t -Ine pu-er iieti h tlie to rhe Jx.-eulive to inteip'Me lus veto Ha lui-h co iseiv.ilive puwer and shoul I never In- iis.-J e. ej.i in e.i-es .-l.-iir of llie Con st, tulion, ot 111 imf'-ft Inste iiiilI want nt euiistilernlion hj Cniiresi" Unit iiium the --iilijeet ot the Tnnll, llie Ciillei.ey,tbe liiipruvelllelit ol uur hlijliw ijs, nveis, lakes auj h irimrs, llie will ol th- n-onle ns e- pr.sse.l l.y un-ir Kep e.-ent itnes in Coaeiess ttiuhl to Ii,- rep-e:e,l nn.l earrieil out hy th- IJeeiUite" that war is nt an nun's 11 1 1 .i.i r nil eiienuisl me intlnn il eat 1 in 11 y ; that ' Ihc pnnetpli ot our jinv ernuieul, ns well nsiis Hue pntiey,aie oppo-eil u. the s ihj.U ili"u ol oilier natiims.uiiil -.lie ilisnieinhermeiit ot c.iutiiries Iiv cuti 1 1 -m ." .11 nil ihese .leel .rn Unas we tee1. 11" Ihe j-ienl piiiiei.!es lor win. h we inve eer ei.lin-ll.ieil 111111 u lit -u linve rep. tve.l me e piteit siiietmn ot the 11'ni.r Piny. All I lor th.' 111 iiiit.'iriu -e ol these principles 111 llV- A l.niiustintion ttfu I .ivl r " we h ie a sol.liL-r :. .oid ol leinor nn I a Iih-01 pa'ihe nn.l p iiatevulue lie-securiiy. ' .rsii-r.. 1 lieu 1.. 1 r. 1 r.t reousm r i-u ne eooti 1- eiieeiu mi.-i;iiiy, the Ii l.-hty to King' in in. 1 riuei ks nun nie 11 iiii.uistu, in lae 11 1111: in.iiiuii.ii Coiiieiiliuii leceutly ns-eiu'iled nt I'iiihi.lelplii.i, au.l laity lecniuing the relation w Inch snli-ist.-il lietween ih, ns ineuihers ol llie ll'in. Pnity nn.l them, as its u'cieiliie.l ri'iues.-ntiiiixes WL. herehv tianklv nn.l clie.-itally accept mid iniily iheir ollieinl netioti, nml win He-low upon lien, ..;ii.Ki r. i t.ui; nn.l .11 1 1.1 A til) 1 1 1. 1, ill Mil. our cor.lial M.,i.irl lor llie ith.-es ..I I'.e.-uli-iit .uid Vice President ot the United "laics. i. .V.i.'re..'riial werecive the notniiiation nf Mil- lard l'llhuore ..t "New Yoik.wiib entire nn.l h'-nrly c.menrii net-; iin.l that Ins e!e .11 1011 tn ihc Vice Pre- suleiiey will he a .l"s.-re.l tnbuie in one of the sound est, nhiest nod nui-l I.111I1I11I0I the Il'lii-r Stntesniell ot the Union. T. AVs.i.'r..!, That tin- maintenance of llie wip nn.l lllo.lerille colillivls whl.-lt have ilistlimilistied the i;iv- eiiiiiieut ot lor so loll 'a neiiol. puie in its iiiensiiresnu.l ineu, simple aii.I iielllticellt in its nets ami in, ns 111 'lust nun the weiuie ol nn- pc.iple, and the honor ot th'- stale, will beseemed and t rtti'-r illustrated l.j Ih el.-elioii ol the whi enti.h .l.nestliu diy pi.-eiite,l,CAi:i,t).S (JO:),llJL!i; oi lUiml-or, KUliKliT PlI'.UPtllXT ot llutland, mid I'.Ktll'Ci; IIUIIT.S ol Moiilpeli.-r, tor Coveinor, I,.eut ('.ivernor and 'I'r.'.uiei ct llie Siaie, nn.l CI! s ri's l-Alltli tXK'of Si .lohi.s'.urvaiid Tl MUTIIY rol.l.lWT ot lijrhntnii, lor Clet-loi al I, ire .nen iili-tinuiusiieil foi ih.-it Mini' sin puvnte hie, a they h ie heen 1 it til -ir i.tuhties in puMic jilej and while we are iiiej on hy llie nd.liiioiuil uioiives niiiV Irom llie magnitude of ihe penilim' ivilionnl iie,ve will omit no honon.l.le ellori to win for our priueiples nn.l oui ejuJuUtes an old I ishioncd, de-ei-i.e, Veimoiil ietoiy. Toe .picstioii being stated by the l'r.cnt)Ur, the foregoing resolutions wer.i nn inimoiisly nlopt.'d by the Convention, amid hearty and e,illiiisi.i-tie cheering from all parts (,f tlio ........ 'rim ,iih .""t ittt. i-osntoiinns w ere re- eiied with ch-ers when they were lead by the 'l.airm in of Ihc Com-uitti e. Tlu II in. Mr. l'.nr of It ill m I, one of the Djlegitei at Kirge to the Whig N ('011- vention, being loudly eallid for, then nddres-ed the (Convention bri. Ily, and concloiled hy read ing the following letters which were received with watm and duided inanifestations of satis fiction. The letters will be found b.-low. The Convention, thereupon, on motion ol II. II. l!r.. n IN ., ol Mo-itpplier, after Ax lu-irly eh.-ers for Ceil. TAYIMt AM) 1'II.I.MOItli. Adjourned sine dir. CIIAI1I.US PAINT,, President. I). W. ('. CI.AItKi:," ) P.. P. WAUTOS' .In., (i. II. USA MAN. ) me In lit- ores -nt nl eoor ('.nivelltloll II llll trtv ct owl (sieeni, I inn, (lentleineii, jnurlinmWeservniit I'othp Hon rioloninii font ami olbeis. will come of it. IS 18. We give belli the able and patriotic letter nf Judge PltEU-nf the Senate, and Messrs Cor. I.AMr.n, llcwiv and Mak-11 of Ibe House, lor I which wo had not room I i-t evening, Theo 1 letters were read to t1 e Whig State Convention, I on Wednesday I tt, by the linn. Mr. Uout, nml n 1 n ir of (ivnUly loc.ofoco) , ns we have before said, wero received with re- bolters met tl.e !. rly Partj-' yestcrd iv, in peated and emph.itie. mirks of approbation by WilllMnn, app.'idiag I ' a-signition,and "made tli it body. They will hi read with intcre-t.and wonder. Wbilu llio great object of the Whig the objection was not insuperable in one case it piny, hip leaning an.l Milical leatures ol Iheir unuhl ecm not loin- in the other, creed and policy, was to he steadily kept in In tin matter, al-o. we have every reason to view, mutual cnnrplnn an I inntiiil f.rbar- Fiippne he would defer to tbo action of Cnn ance on minor topics, were demanded. I'.acl. gress. The President hi no constitutional was to bring something of his personal intere-ts control over this subj-rt and if bn h aves it to and p"r-on ii views, ,n hi portinu of the ucri-1 Congress so far as tint body has such control, lice upon the altar of the Constitution and tbo ! It ' all that we ran require, country. After all, be cm not be planed in a more oti- It was, moreover, a question of victory or de- j jection.hle (Kisilion in this resp-cl than ids coin feat. The united strenoth of the Whig pally pntitor, who has virtually pledged himself n- iv;i necessnry lo arrest the .low nwiird course 1 .ii nt the Wiltn it proviso. We Inve thert-forn of things, nml .,r Ibe salvation of the en ltitry. nothing to in withholding our support from Avail iliility tiius:!-'- cnnmlleil, )"f-it w ith (inn. Tavmiu, and thus ns I hive shown, aiding the fird 111 in ol our choice wa a sacrifice of all. I t l" election of C os. We in iv throw away our Success with the second or third or fifth tn m of v.i'cs and si cure the elcc'ion of and tiiu,. our elioipe was the "tlv ilion of -ill. The Whig 1 s.i (,r -is th Presidential elec'ion e in settle lim. pirty r.-g.ud principles more lb in men and it ' rpietiun, settle it in facor nf the HlmrhnUm'r tbev in lulire in devolion to men. it is nnlv be-' lnwr. can'e those men are the instrument in carry-1 1 his siiiijpct ot .-slavery is h two p.Iirp.i sword TUI'.SDAV i:T,NlN(!,-JUI.V 2 The iVpper.iin.l-salt Convciition A respes'.a'd a mitcb of il !'' A r "itlemin wlin was present , iheir v.i-e and c.irneist counsels will not pissuti and participated in the di-cif -ions tint took place, gives us the account of the all'.ir that we proceed tn give brolly to our readers. Tlie Convention assembled in conformity with a call tn those " who are oppised to The 1'. -tension of Slsicry.'' Such a call, it will at once be seen, addresses itself to about every worn in and child in Vermont, excepting heeded in Vermin. t : Citv or Washington-, July I I, 1813. Mv Dr.Ai-. Sin: 1 reirrct much that my do tie bpro lorbid my being pipspnt at tlr ensuing Whig Comeiitioii, in he held at Wood-tock on the IU'Ii iti't. It would beextremely gratifying to meet my fellow rili..ns of Vermont on -uch un occasion. Hut the limes demand that every mm should be at hi post, w hether that post he (of coiir-e; those who adhere to Cm', who is a l-1"'"1" ftation, or tlie poitioirnf a. private cit- iiled.'ed to Veto any hill prohibiting the cxten-' , , . ., , - r ., ' "... . r ""'""J 1 I tutions, ami ilulv seiisibb' of the great duty of sion of Slavery Can-men, women aiiu clul- tran-tnittini- thein unimpaired to posterity. Iren, therefore, ivcre not invited. At the hour In common with the great inasof the Whig will n,l .nnntnln.l ll.n P.v.epnlinn. pnlnlinsp.1 Of tills Ulllntl, I have W atCllCll ""'11' ' ' . ...!,. I nl.rm 1 1 , . I ., . , O K f P. ,7-,mrr I)cofoco,and ! I bird- ,,-.;.-. ,," ',,,,-.. n,i ,',lr. ,nis,,i.led and in. gout the great and sacred principles lor which they contend. Under th"se circumstances that ('.mention ileteruune.l as thpA-jlid, and present ed lo the Whigs nf the Union the 11 lino of '.A.-itlnv Tavuiii as their candidate for the Presidency, lam u-.vare lb it another nam -would hive been mire ueccptab'o to the Whig ol Vermont. Iiul I am cipiilly w.dl satisfi.-.l th it that name was less accept ible elsewhere It was the duly ol Ihe Convention to consult the peneral eeling, and in my judgement they art ed and decided wisely. In my opinion they h ive selected the only man who, tinder exi-ting cir cinii't'inces, can lead us to victory. Shall i sustain the Iioinin itinn ? If mv humble opinion is asked iti lieely given. We are hound lo sustain the noiniuatum tiy every consideration tint can beir upon the ifhject. In the lir.-t place, it i- a .pic-slion of lictory or defeat, whether we shall stand hy our colors, or desert them , whether we shall perseveie in oiirclfbrts to arre-t the progress of misrule and politic il corruption, or yield now and forever to apirty whose principles nf action we abhor, whose pilicy we know- i dctrurtive, whose if continued, wp are satisfied will re. niin wiTb ! ""'t in the iljstrtlcti.iii of all which we hold val I 1 . - I ....l.ln 1.. ;...,. ..:...... 1.. -I...-, .. 1. .(.... ,1... .11 union.-. 1 .. r-..".t ,.ii.... nil' Whig party shall continue ill existence or be- ofaeic Wlii; mrlv men. and nuinberiiiir somewhere between 1 ,-. ,1 .,ii,. pn, ...,. ;,. nm,.r We 1 come exlinct three and sir. 'nindred met, and naturally i are a'l deeply', cnsible of 'the indispens il.le n-. I The "democratic'' party hu-e noniinatcd fien. lookin- at each other with some surprise ' ''c-ily "f aclnnge in that policy, to the lie-li- .ss-tlie W leg-(.en. 1 AVI ;m. I on choice toot. n at 01, will. .. ' ' . tutions, the honor, ptosperity happiness, iutcgri- l';'--7.'' '1'? tvo are we conlined. There .- no it the strange calamity 111 our N',ll"nal , ty of the country. probibibty of the election of any other iii.lmd iffuirs tint hid IroiiL'bt such usually inharino-, ' ti,,, .-round 'nf ihis neliiinn npp.l not be enn-! "'I- The demonstration in tl.e North in fiuu Wbi" of the Union. Keccnt cv-Ptits b ueexhib- .M'riiiern man witn rsoiitiiern principle-, cat. ited the tendency of the present adiiiini-lrati.m "" T'1": ' "' jmlgemeiit. in tl lection ol ofallairs in its must uppiliinr aspect. Tie -plrit tlnt mdividu il under any circumstanees. I he proi'iit itive. I. Id throw 1.. .... ;,,nl,..iiu .-...mi 1. 1 twiiv tnir vote"' iuvn i"r:ii rr.iiain.uo', oiiiv Hi rangementoflhom. I tion of .litl'.-rcnt races, iits and fentlii.ents. ! "eifes ihe cbaiices (;,.,,.( ',;v, , tbo Mate- liem-iil.-were made bv Mes-rs ReariMey d bntll and reli"inu. a jioimlnlion which 'repeat, th. 11. Ihe elieice 1 btween I.vvu..: Milton, Chittenden and Weston of Iliiiliugton, can neither harmonize witli 11-, nor he made to "' (' I'AVum is .." ,.. I? I hy the -re S. S. llrow n of St. Albans, and others, expres-' un ler-tand our political sy-tems, and er,n illv Xui ,T"iw p.i 1 .-! r.i,, t iho for . ncoinpcteiit to carry out llie Iree principles or,'1';1,-' leUion Ii. w en the two. sivo of ibe hostility of the speakers to the fur- '. ' ,i,.. ,,.. nr ,,.,! i,- , ' Can any hig In .-itatc ! On the rne h md titer extension of Slavery, and their consequent ,,,..,.' ,1 ,.,. ,,;, in.titutino. i -e line the m.-re pupp"t of a pnty ilrilled. orino-itiou to tlu iioinin ition of boll, the Na- lends strongly to weaken the bonis of our Union oragooneu in it Cnnrxniiiitix. Mr. ltrown was ?io( re-. and hasten its dissolution. Nor is this the w or.-t. minded of Ins " masterly and elaborate essays neither be avoided nor adiu-ted be Oared, can neither be compromised nor set iiion and anta.'oaistic elements under the same 1 merate.l. Tbev are known to every intelligent ,l "i-canten lavorile 01 the .icinoen.cj , roof, organized by in iking AHAtini. Peck I-"q. (locofoco) President. The names of the other oTicers wo did not learn, but doubt not that the I iU.,.ii.itinn nf military conquc-t, which i- "l l''t 1,1 !' c:"1 u" e.P"ct'-d from il Hi'inrdiiinle. jmrlies to the transaction, (Whigs 1 the prominent feature of the policy of tlie pres. the election into the llou-e of It- and libe.ties) wero not overlooked in the ar- ent administration, and which seeks to bring in- here ,s sure to e lecte. . ', I tn our political I y an incongruous popula- away our i.tie upon I'-eai r.iii'iiii we know 11, in Ihu (.'rein .Mountain State, a Con vention including among its so 1 irge a 1 number of the sound. -st, ablest, truest, uio-t ju dicious and most reliable Whig, of llio State,, -and in iiiift'sting u m ire profound and intelligent attachment to the principles and niefure.siil the great Whig Party of the Union, aul its regular . nominees. Not less than (nr. tiiousanh Verimnt Whip. mcnwlio hive long labored with and for Whig principles, and tbo Whig arly, and who have been as firm in defeat us they have been confident in victory came together at Wood utock with no ruoliie but to maintain the true honor and the just renown of the State, .t. they did it 1 The uiot entire and cordial lull moiv clnructerized the action of the Conven. tion, from ll-c lint moment of ils session to the llo!i: i: 1 1. :.1'.r f? . iV ! M J. ol, S'- I'obnsbury. . v . 1 1 1 r "0-" l ' UK 1 11 rw.ii.i. 1 1 , ui ii.inuii;ioii. s,n n ui.,.n ... nin- n'l .11 tlisseu. or I its therein a I Imi iriry in-ni'.pr thereof. On motion of Mr. P1r.vr.1t of Woodstock. Yn'el, That when tin.-. Convention adjourn, it will uiljourii ll.t 1-gpft 1 o clock P. M. (Jn motion the Condition adjourned. Arn:iiNooN. Thocnnve ition tiictnors-imt toa lioiirnm-nt and wis chi'iupiiily adJressed by J. Wimtmas S111111 and Mr. I.ATitnor now of .New Orleans. but lonii'-rly of orui int. 11.111. . it. KANNtv, tiom iho coiinmttce on immiii itnui, m ute a un minimis n-port of tin folln.viiig ticket for state otlicer) and elector- at largo : Inr C.lleriior, Mux. CAIil.O-i CUUI.lDtlil.ol ll'indsor. i'ir I.i.-ut (i 'Vernor, Hon, l'ObTIt I' IMl'.ltl'Ol.N'T.i.l Kmhml. I'.ir Trt'..uier, (iKOUCi; IIDWUS, i:v. f Mompelier. 1 or ciepiors ai rui-e S- ! tries. liscipliiie pledged to the -(. Jinn of the " H iltimoie. Couventioii The a-rilating ami perplexing queslinnsgrowing K'.r, .WIIIL'II1 s superce. e ne Uon- out of the.e acqiii.ili'msriiestinn whicli cm Mitiition-hariiessed to the mrs with the -trap.- W lll.'ll, It IS 1.1 -,' " " I'"'J meiii-an.l piny purpose-n,iv; eeu lit to pu. tied satisfactorily to all by a voice ol the major-, "P"" mo , p.enge, o ie aiui-i in 1 ami pro ity, ot ei.illesrt .mil ...igi . .Ii 1..0. , '"ery .lo.-irine ot In parly. h it can b iuiolili.gontbeonehandcoii-iderations of deep ''iwcted frouiainiii thus in .11 ieled, I. moral comiction whichcan not b'-iirrenderc.l.Cs. ' r irr' "" 111 '" ''-nltrai- .1 -.. very policy w biel. on the other eou-i.lcrations interwoven with Ihe 1,10 u '"X " v0 fru"1 ''' L'0' "'- cndeinn very ton datinn of the -ocial sv-tcni of a portion of t'ln-se State, and threatening it- very exist-' " '' ""I nf 1 A vi.ori that he is a mi vly man ence, qi.estion- witli re-pect to which ."me pir- 11 we"-' llu wu1'1 "'""I inliiiikh su,erioi lyc.innot secede without an abindoiimeiit of 1,1 bis opponent, in my cPtimition. The linn principle, nor llu; other without harrd, as tbev i cw"' " anpe.irs lo u, when tin orcupuii think, to their system. quc-tinn'. ! 1,1 "'p llr'-t V''l':e 1,1 ",'3 "irt "f American 11,0 fortified on one ide by principle, and on llieolh- l'ople, (nn.l a- we are promt to .ay the lir-t of- ' "C , . ..-'...! .... ,. I,',, nl .uuM.iiim, nnlnri!. liUI.1,,1 .. . , . , .... - er lie ae.o 0 erv.i ' :i 1 -irin.'i- r neeess iv - - ......... w.... . ...ti. .i... tirsl was proper jan.i -irongiy :,gi ,e lur-, ,-.,,, :(;,7 rl r : 4 ,..,, repo.,h'e ,,., with the independence of aee thercxten-ion nf--l ivory. bet 1 r it w.f cop- m reginl lo ihu penninency if our institutions 1 "g''. at lei-t,an.l .hnild not lu regirdcl,-i ii'.l from that adopted by tlie Whig State Con-' and our Union, than any a'nd every source of b f been the ra-e w-tth of his predoces-or-. vention, Wednesday, we don't know, though agitatioif and di-sen-i.,,, wine', has o.-curred a the mere pnpnet .jf a faction. The time h i- ,,. ., -iiiee thu foruritiiin of lb it Union. Wh it i , f"'l1' ll,r lll"n' "'g " P h ickle whuithi , was in louV.el ly llie me thing he only , fi( ,,.,, .,, elective duel magi-irate of. hi, great Itepublie dill'-rence neing that at w.f.i lopted j lr ,, i at tlie - nlie time a lu-nt .lis- c',n respond to the conli lem-e of the people who bvuprightaii'lhonestmpiunospecimensof which linetioii, .-ep.raling ilillereut portions of our elect linn, in the hone.-t dictation ol Ids con country hv a line imp 1-- it. i- w un Honor or con- -'. J""-1 si.-tency as each party seem to tliink, by itself 1 " "'' r-gir.l (.en. I in the light of 11 at all event. " " ' ""-party 111 111, the question ari.o. h,-hrrei a c.."i- uis iiiifiirtunate controversy, iuvoUingcvils .'""f. cnmtmllej 1,1 all iclnch 1.1 ntjeelwnnhU 11 pl.lllsil ill the (. Allmni lit juildicnn, i.i't winter, tn '.niiY thnt the WilmU Vou'-o is iinc:ilillt ;..;. ni hi. .j-,-...;;,," .. the tiissjqe of' Ih- '-. r Territory remlutiiin hy the Locofoco State Convention, last fill, at Montpolier; and -ii his pecli went oti'as well as any bo.K'.-! The C.i-.iveiitio-i.'uing un ler.-t.10d to b- decided-' ly fivorableto Ahrt'n I'm linren for President, probibly felt as large :i charity for political tin nen as theocc.i-ion might demm 1 ! ! In pr ice's of tim?, Mr IC 01 of llurlington (1,-icofoco) reported the ll-olution. which our auver-ane.s have hitherto wielded. with iinmensp ailvatitago lo ilivnle and d.strdct Ihe Whig party. Torturi-ncly for u, jf 0 choose to prolit hy it, the chalice i returned to their own lip. Wo may bo sitilied if instead of a I 'resilient pledged lo ul .in the Si up pow er in the territories, wp get one who will leave the matter to ( '..iigre. To init upon more at this moment might and probibly would jeop ardize our pro-peel. Mutual concession is necessary and it would I 0 m ldne to throw nw.iy tlie adviintiee! in our p over, by demanding ton tnncli nml securing. tut ung. I,"t ii nut imitate the i-ximple of al party who, by tlmir ob'tin ite an I nnco iipiomis ing spirit, hue tliu-lir not merely tailored m vain, but defeated their own purpose who would have prevented the annexation of 'IV.Mf, and yet throw their inll-ience in the opposite sctle; and thus brought about the very meas ure, with all its consequents which they pre tended to oppose. The political regeneration of this counlry requires time. be cll-cled at once, and if we cannot be'eontent to -(-cure tln-e great object one bv one, wp shall probably not bo able to secine them at all. It i- well to enquire what would be the cfi'-ct of a defeat in th" eiiinng election iin.ui 1 very question nf SI ivpry in tin territories r f the United St ites. Should )"r idver-aries succeed, that question will b? settled before another Pre i lontial election. When once planted the insti tution would be immovable. The formation of ii'Wstites might pat an end tn the power r C jngre- over th" subject. To throw away our vote, under these cir cumstances, would be to piy im pinr.u c, uipli inent to principle wb eh wi; "-hoiihl never l-nb!p tocirry into practical i-periitmn. If defeated now the Whig party i probably annihilate.! Kvery thing would be siir-endere.l to a party 111 which we have no coiilidiice. The power of 'bit parly would be con-olid .ted Ly suece., while nor influence over these gr-at objects . ( uitionil imprest would bo greatly (hiniui-licd. Let ns then put our lioi.Uleix to tiie wheel , let us secure the adiantages now within our i-eacli and as fur the ru.-t let it be the object of a future effort. 1 am, Sir, very Rpped fully, your, ' SAMUUI, S.PIIUI.P.S. Hon. S. Foot, one of the State Committee. Washington Citv, July 13, Isis. fir.NTM.Mrv: We have ieceive.1 jour J.-tter r,f in vititinii to aiiend the Stnt. Convention .1 the U lugs of Ve-10. -111,111 Wo i.l-lnek, on ll.t- Iiul. tri-t ; lull nl leniioi tnniir olli-i 1 ilunes here lo.hds us llie pleas me ot uieeltn you, j.t tune. We cannot, nt ibis important r-ri-i 111 puhlie ponteni . hi, wli.-s wiin n inke.l rxpn-.-it.ii el ilnnks Kir jour liltintioii, l,ut tru.-l we m.iy 1,01 be dfiine.l ,r '.. oeca-iou naiiklv mid th-im- were po-itiveiy knovn to h? present at Wood s-lock ! Hut no-v cini-, e .rlier, doubtless, than lio-nx, July li, His .M Sin: I Inve tin iiioineut reeeiv.-'i your '.,. ,ii,i,l ,. ,,r,rio.,ie .ot.sien ile.l I lell.TOi III" loin, invuiu un- 10 n- iirfsein in t 'ir , , .... , . , ' . " .- , ,- . .. . , , " , . Stale 1 iiuunil eiiiii.-niion. i WmnUtoek. nn the I jili , ill :i moment diselo.ed toe Iwil and lioniv tint whicli traifceml iuliuilelv theadvant ige which I '"J" onm.nml 11 cnihlnti'e. w.m reerrr his in-t. 1 .t-'iet tlmt I li-.luij-.-ll eoiniielle.l in .leeline ,1. i,ii1i noliiical was intendel the most sanguine inn 'in ilion can anticipite I l'"'f'"' fw " V"lr:l hh ..' t leiariie.l in tliise.ty, Iron. M.iin'-,. .11 ihe lilih, wiih , 1 . . .'. . .. .. ' n-nm the ' jniliemciit shatl dictate, l lie ditlerenee is th 11 thence 10 v'.ur convention .el fi- I. ih, us h nl I uur- r:iii-.l. l.'il i.s-errii i.-.l ,1 Ii i,l Ii-pu p jsipoue.l, nn.l line tlteretore heen n, .'-iiiiin in nuoih-r lie! I. I w is n 11 ...a. Pis -e th 1 1 1. en Mounnnii men an I talk It. I lieu 1, lis I w ''I .1 to t I" (la illlilt 1 1 'liller nl Iv'-n- , , ' of .M-xieo. Il i, ..reallv I,, he fear, t! ll. it ibe tueky. or 1 1 j nie einjilni er. ly our birth) tn, e u , Mi 0 t? ivory 111 tho i.eirioi 1110 canon, very 1 . , . - . - .,.i..... a 1 th.. v-1. 11 .. 1 ,........ . ; , , . s,'iril ol iir.un-iti.ui is not -attslip.l. Ilachauge true and .-oii-i.-. .1 111 n.lhen mv 10 lug p itiei,t ihan llie K.-niutiiiniis ee u ie iJiiere.i unci' -ini'il iteeer .' I hur.w nilmir-M hp rnnictr oMhtt ymu, 'nntU.i hoMimrn.,,, ...... Irr.,!,. IN t"- . 1 j..iiiiiiiHi'ini Ti e nth. mm. lit mi, w.i". uiifir i.uMni. ! 111- wti!U nivor uj : jinct an ' " ",. . . , wltt ; .. i .1 i . .i i : i r ii . 1 iimht. H irni.t in.ii-it!ili v tt'r.r .' i. it i-u ilnun ' " ' il.m nc.l n int.' ii'iiiT cuti , iir.ut'ii io r my u f i r , t frnitx. nl .Iiw i i rnir ..f n i-nnloir inn .tint r nn. not being quite up to tho II irn'iumer plat-1 ,m..t nUk.u comnienced w ith the i.nncxutinn ol I Inrm, tint e.vp.'iid, its .symp.thy for SI iv.v, three Tex f, and is roii-iim-n ited, (il indeed il he yet thousand miles oil, and ' pis-es hy on the other consilium itedj with tlie conqup-t ol a gieit poi rt of tho Natioi innocently mou.l to amena mis nr-t re-ontuon, . ulected in the policy of the (iovcrnm-ii! Ver- by ini-or,.or.itiug il) il the true Wi.ig do.-tiine of' ii will awake to ne.y enterprizi s. And while it no-Tli.iTV to St. vvEr.v i.-i Tilt: Dixtki. t or ("o-' cud inge s ihe Union by code .wiring in combine ' ' his njver .1.. ! .1 irtin Van under it heteingeiie ui a,,,, irrecon. i .ihie ele- r.b-l luava and oj.iu dj tank- with the .vas " fiiihiiil f iiri.I, " Auionj tlie f'lillil.-ss. ml, fid only hp ; Aim. I iniiiuiieinl le la1-.-, u.iin.'i.-.l, " t'lithaken, uin.-dno.-d, uiiterrifieJ." llle.t, S . has Vermont ever been,ihr.p(.;h stnim an I suit-s'liu.-, I to the Constitution nml ihe lais lu principle mid hhe.ty so may she nlwavs lie ! I The time I. .is collie lu h'.rn .ml l.oeolopoi-ni lo tilt r.iu n ,t f.n.l I. ....... he .lone-. Il'h:.t sloir,. t,tll mi.u he loieiui'-t ill ihe li i' I r Kentnekyw ihe hniiner bo II id I! ITI'Ult TUD this '.inio dotcrmin I lion in his recent llitrr:i.u bis address in 1S.'17 III I in nie the oliousanJ slavish dec! nation, -I must go into the presidential "Chiirthe in ri.i:"im r. and icinn n-iMi-ivn orrovEXT of ev ery attempt on the pirt of (.'ongre's to .vnoi.tsii o-AVcnr i-i the DtsrnicT or Coi.u-.iniA a- iIM Tilt Wtsttr. or THE SLAVEilot.liIMl SrATE-''!! And, whit is fir more, ernment w -hie l.etween a c indi.l.ite committed to error, and on. open to eomiclion. I can not liesit He hetv.-een the two, 1 h ive thai confidence in Ihe mmiiiiI ne- . f Whig d.i.'irines, that I h-lien- thev wih commend themselves to a uii. and nnbi i-pd jutlgeiu Mil. At all event- I prefer the m tn who earn.--, into tbo expculiie eh lir :iu honest lieart. illl. griiy of piirpo-e, and pure pitrinti-m, to our n.i oi. rn to all lb" h re-ies nl n corrnpl -.arty beln. -en them, I pref- r i.'ie one niPlit, It mii-t inevitably, as it Ins done " ""l J' i loeorngnue. alaiming extent, a radical change I V1'"- ' avi oi: i- not lo Le reg.iril'd as ti f 11 s ill Ihe genius and cb.n.icter of our (loveriuneiit. It i.- iui-osrible to engraft upon the limited power.- of the executive mtgi-trite of tlie Constiiu tion the powers of a military conqueror, wilh. man oi no poiuieiil -entimeii,-.. He i oppo-ed to this policy o foreign to war for tho sake ol aeqiii-ilion. This con-ideralion , ueteru.iMo my eiioiee neiween him I i-l tiiue will Veruioiit now yield n, wiihout a stru I .. lei YiHirn ! ml v i.ilsi.n: cn.Mii.-. To 11 mi T 1'oi.i.ltt, Chairunn Sine Coin.uiiiee, llurliiiyton, Vt. WmxJTov, I) C , July 1 lib, 18H. (nNTi.v.vr.N: Yours ot the Idtii instnnt, inciting me, in l hall nl'the Whis ol Veinniiit, in alien 1 our --l-lle I'nllieutloll, lo be In. I leu nt ICiiinl-t x-k tm the I'Jlh nf Ibis inniiih.wnsreeeivitljesierd.iy. ll would iie nip great pleasure. 1 nseire joii. lu accept yteir kind im ml on if my duties here did n.ii I'oit.i.l it Many q-i "-lions ot greil iiin.oil.uiee lo ihecouutiy arp now n. li li'nr hetolf llie l-cnue, nnil 1 do not ... nt l.'ie.iy to Iee my pot until th'-y ai e disposed , ,,,,ct, them elics iii the same absurJ position by 1 s'. ill look tn nroeeedinjis wi-li eienl iiuei.n. ' . . . ... , . ...... nn.l with lull cnnlilence that unanimity ill preiail , resolving against Maver) in mo I'.sinn oi uo. Innibia, if they were going lor I an linren for out ailJing to the already dangerous pimerol 'i-i y" ""i poucy was me cou- tlnt executive, and to that acenilincv of exec- !fl"-t nl Me.vic.s mid tlie wholenl Mexico, and nliie power over the other depirtimn'ts of (iov-1 t.h)"; c"' " vallow the wholeof Me.. h i.ri.'inated in the bold and in-' """" ooning if. ny electing (Jen. lb xible cbariclcr ot Andrew J ick-on, and In A' or '' Pct r,u ""f'" " policy, which 1 ,,tlle .....,, ion. nhirmiior illtl.i.l,. Ha UrOllglll SO IliaPV CVlts 1111011 t lO P.ille.lre to the Ulica liarnbiirner' nm) j to ., r.,.euU 'n,e mdi-crimi-1 . "t Ibis is nt His sentiment on tho'si.b- Coiiveiition! 1 I w i'-l n.'V.'r do, therefore, for mte and reckless use ofthe Veto power to fur- 1,''1"f ,ho vpl" poer would alone entitle him . . it . I.. I in ..moir. .ililn ll'l.l ... I.. ... the ' Vree Siixl ('.) ( :n -nl in. to head .Martin l"cr lite private or iier-nuu view oi ma rre. i ,- . ;. . ; pry. in mis re Van Huron in tbo et I Tne Cass nnd Hut- ter State Convention' nf Moutpelier had made iheinselies Inexpres-ibly ridiculous (losay noth ing of" stullilieitio-i") by declaring theiifches ipjmied to the Uxtoif ion ol Slavery and in fmnr ol Uew.s Cass, in the santo breath, and it would never d.i fur the li Hters from that Convention lo dissatisfaction was h.'ird. The noinimiiions, the addresses, p re niton , were tece'ned and responded to wi!hou:plele and auiini'ing una nimily, and w ith a Jiearty c!icriiii; that fiirnUb-1 t-d no iiuurirlimrnt for Iho eager hopes nfthe Ijoc-focos and TlilrJ-purly ilicn who Irivo been predicting di-fcnsion and disunion in c;ir ranks! An I the b.'ing liken on each noni in voiir poa-ieils. We are npproaclibis n inr.t iiiunrinntpriici.Iin our bi-u.ry. Another PieMilentinl el. clion is nl hand 'I'll,, (vto no. , .iot.lii.1 nnrti..'P Kelert..! tl,-ir si in. lard hearers, and nre tni'iiim their forces tor ihe I President! Don't you see, beloved reader! (iuick as the Hash on the electric w ires, there- n ilion, it was iiiiaiiiiii'jifly ratifud by the con. contest We Invp thrown our jianner lo ihe hreeie I fore, up jumps our friend Smith of .Milton (loco- loco) Illlil OITOSES THE A ME MOtE NT ' Alld Why Oh, friends of" Frio Soil", md foes of Shivery every where, iiv-i-.'iir.CAL'si: the suejcct ot Slavciiv in the Distkict or Coui-.mi-.ia was NOT EM3RACCU I.N 1 HE CAM. HH TIIE Co.NVE.N- xenlion. wilh llie iinuiestii i ayiurnuu I uiiuore inciine.i upon Mr. wa,ton froin .he committee o n.soiu- ;:ui;;,;!1' i;';??.. .....X::;;;';"-; "l "b nitled the lolloiving. i SHl.r ,,, not ,.. q'he Whnjcnuse isdear to oai 1 lies dr-d. Tint llie whias nf Vermont l.y their b'-aris. We line it li.-en.iv it secures to ll.- Kpj dele lies in Com. -olio i nssemhle.l, .1.. now reii.-we.lly 1 llie Mess'inns ol Iree tm I lili -ml iii'iiiulions WecluiL' d.-elne ili.-ir ien.lf.ibt ill I hum iiv t'mi ndhereiiee in In il hppnuv it Is our only hop - nitheihrk and ironli Olllll" grrnl priuelile nnd llie.i-lin s Ih 11 InlP hull- loui liigl- Ihll is upon us. Tht-li- H 110 Mliallotl lor ..... ph:il.1i Mr.,-, I i.nn to . .v.r .....I l,l.,' the eoil-lll V t.lll 111 n clntl ' i.t aillllUWIrallOU. If lie would sale lioilie we tin. vine .i...iuns iroill nun . loir years nl misrule nn.l eviraminiii hitirea Inve hmiieht dishonor upon Iheeouutry, 'J'llP short, but eloquent ai.J im; re.-slve address i priueiples hieh linve l--u lumle.l down Inns l.y the would sale ... ., , i wlnmnf the K.-vuluiiiiii, an I to the is.hey ihni was the capilol. of Ihe venerable Ciiaules. ..Jjuhj, upon i;hse , .-.i.itil,.,ed i,v .h-. lo.nid. nr.i .tm i.'...,i,i,p nn.ii, .t. Inure Iieadei"htV vcaiiliaielied llieirexperience and i f" "ill'!oar iiilersluvetceueoiueni to adhere in h, nnd loaded llie people w.dl n putihedebi ol nine linn ",' ,,. , ' ,,. In ever led our country in ihe ways nl pence and one hundred millions ol do'lnis. (ten. I .ijlor, I nin their wisdom, counselling tho " young W lugs' prosp-my, mi l iiroved the wite rockol s ifely in every , well awnre, was not ihe choice nl lie- Wlin: of Ver. l -loi -iii.l t. .rni.ini- in Ihe son ..rl t.f 'I' i vi op ""? tluuble. lie was llicelnice rl llie l'lll'n lelilia Con. to unlojt and ti.rn onj in the siip. irl ol I am.or ,-.., That ,,,cril f .,,..,,- I0 ' v,.,io the Whi.'i of Wrmnit were lully &. FlI.I.M'dtl'. for the sake of tho Union and of American labor nuj capital, m nnsing leiennefor tlie Whig principles, a-yl, ed the pwf...l feeling, and elicited tho most cutl.usUstic aii- " well lor our uivigihle likes mid rivers ns ihe At- , , , , e Inline and lacilie con-is, jf a sound nn.l uniform plaure. And ro wilh llw longer speecliPH of ,,.,., p(r p..,,, ,.,(,,, , ! f"";Vr" ,"", ! Mcssn. Kmitji and Jaritnir of New Oilenn ,! fj'd unji.-l.bu,' bo-iility in the tligrnm misuse ol ihe ...... . lelo jiuwer, in riesid.uiiil iiauipaliou ol p.meu and of Mr, I f)T of Kut.and : e.-1'.-li was re- iifli' l.e!.inin m Cn.uress. in ihe non. ,,. i.... . uonile.l 10 with chci'M rttlesled both Ibe I siowineiil of tederal paironage ns the ri-wnrd ..I p. rly lionet, capable, uu I fiilhlul to the couliiulinn niul y , ... . , "tvio, mid the prosciiptiuu ol'liiiliful piiMir. wriaius whni nmrp eiu we de-he I He is n Sniuhfiii ninn,ii I'cpth iiti.J Cdfl)i'""HiJs.J of the premilin-' rviiic-. J4 n p.-nulty no lioueet political in leia-n lence. tn all is Ituv, bit, if ihwi.d.hc nanJs pli-dcd lo .uliiiiintier mid nb'y r.-nri-seiurd. e nre l.uuad ihen hv ll usages ol the potty, mid by ciery piinciple ol juaiee uud lair .le.ii.u ' to sistaiu lulu. The C.uvetiti.ei was coiup i-etl ot hi'i-iniiuled nnd p'ltnotic Wluj1. Iruiil every -eeltoa t.l the Ulllo'i, nn.l lull en'lli.leiiee should be leposediii ih.'irprneeedius 11 (ieu '1'ny. lor were not an honest, capahlc, and uufhnehi'iK Whig he woultl not Inve been i-ele ted by tlieCoiiieiii.t.u in, 1 lie-. I. d he iter ol ourpiriy. lie is l.iumu In I Hut, remonstrated our and pnzzlcil rister of the (Inz'tle, Iho td'jecl of Ihe ('omcntion, as t ited In Iho Call, is " to effect a concert or action," an I nothing cle is there upoc'uiodas llie tJjecl u( this. Convention; and cannot wf.i: who aro Free Soil and Anti-Si ivery men jiar excellence, declare our opposition to the continuance of Slavery in what honest John Mitto.ks (tlie old Whig Governor) called "our own National bailiwick, tbo District of Colutii hi i V The ftiends of Van Huron, the little Magi- dent, hick -il by Iho iminen-e iilrou.ige at In- I " "". ' '." nlul Hr! nppo-n. m nt coinpeti comiiiind, a pitronage immensely mcrea-ed bv ,lr Wbile one Mauds i-'edokii to the n-o ol a great military establishment and wide territo'. 1 1 10 ve-liipower In carry out ido party "plalfornr, rial pos.-essioii-, Ii is already subjected the leg-1 " ls n.KtinEn to leave the legislation cf : . ..: I ..I llie eountrl' In the nr,i.ifr l,..l. ...... ! .. isi.iiiin power io nil 'iiiiiu.ini; e.vieiu uj in-coil- . " ,j - i--t-- - ....o-, ..... ., .ne , .t--, I,..- .n.ier expouenis o he rpnoiie win, nils itiiierence f radical and es, lien. Tayi.oii stand- Jktu upon the i Winr. n.MFii'in, And weie nothing more lo I he g lined by his election than the restoration of tiol. The executive lias nf l.iie assumed a dictate, rial position from which W.i-hington and Jef- feiMUi and Madison shrunk. These tendencies to the destroying of the balance of the Consti tution will be imifcasrd by a continuance of power in the now- dominant' parly, as the spirit of party becomes more rabid by indulgence and more reckless with an increasing sense of se curity. J say nothing of ilioso measures of internal policy so often and so fully discussed, with re sped to which tho policy nf tho so-called Dem ocratic party is roiideinned by Iho great Whig putv ol the Union and most emphatic illy by the Wings ot Vermont. Wo nronll sen-iblonfllienecessity ofa change. Hut priiiit me to add we must be equally sen-i-ble, if we would breik tho sceptre of th it pirtv which has so long ruled ll.U country a with a the true hil.ince of the Constitution, and the constitution H independence of ( ongress, t,j great object would be worth the united and strenuous iH'ortsofllio Whig party! This one fealurein hi political creed involve inany considerations. If I am akcd what are his personal views on llio snbcct of tlie tariff tlie public land, intt-rn il improvement &c, I answer tint it is enough for me tint ,0 leaves ill the.! matters in ihe legislative body where In my judgment it belongs, and is pled. -e l not to interfere with the public will as consi.lulion illy expressed by tint body. ,y opinion ib these questions of expediency nr.. nroner .,!,. Herts ol legislitivt, and not of epeuiive control; rodoflron.ol tl.o necessity on ourpirtofu,,,,!,, ; nnrmony ana eooeerm, .,.. . .,,.. f ,,- P , .. ..' " Dissensions among our opponentsdisseii- The power over t ipse i,!,,0cts is i.lie,.,! i, iZ siiinately, hut hriellv til Slate what we"re,..-,r,l ... proper course for the Wings of W-rnioni in relation to the I'residfiiiiul election. Had ihe noiniiintjnn ol the National WhtConn. tinn been the inan whom V. riuimt would have prefer. n-J. there would have heen nn ocens.nn for any re mark l.v us, nr any "icrili-e. even off, .-lin-, t.v V .11 but it i liceau' It i olherwis... j, beenns,.-n,;th, ,.' .;leeie,l, llni the virtue and fidePtv n the Tbie of enncint are now to be t.-ted nn.l !lyreulviii2,at the . talc eonvpution at Mnnti.'ir-r Ifi .1, 1. .kaips should be.-nttin N -ti. v' nl t on-., ution, th. pi ny rrp.-.ted whnt'l ad ..(. t -n, boih in erinnni ami o-her Hum s. been d -ie he. fore ; ilnl is, n inv t.-.l the Il'lngs r. ) , t , ill-et III eoiiv.-nlioii lor the p,ir.e f ,m,m tUc n-.-Jiniii.iii. I his.mnn t, s,. ,,,., ,-, , 7 in lion, wh-n mad.-,. should he sasl'iue d. 11.,', Irnu.l or lint unless p-nduer.l il. .i t,0 Phd.v'elolnn .(iin.nton ih-htMps, nnd nipsi esf-nnllv Hie 1 , Mntes er,. pdlv nn.l tnirly 'rprespined rul n !.,. .. ...... . ,,001 .un ueienie unv sj"iU" or .inlairnessin 11. iriKt-txl,nc- ' To 11 u , like a deiuniiil on the luith of tlie 1, it s .-i 1111 llie li al-o npi..if tou- that , is due tn llie hpuoinhl.' urnllelueii whom l' , . s.-iu to represeat ihem in ihe Naiioi a! Convenii! n " In iloips ihis.hity we consider thnt ihe in, ,1 erinoiit are required lo mnke no sncntiee ..1 ., . P e. but nre t-n.-ered .si by ine ...di jroimtl,.,! p. , nt -. ie.v-s in the election .,) u l'r,-,,,!,.!,, h,. . . lain wilh 1 lehiy llie prim ,p!, , ,. ,arIy, h dennn. led by ihe pre-ent .-..mhuoi, ,he ' .un rv It lsiutPrin.,sthnt(!'- Tvvi.op. was u.l. rh e . .7 , , tlieaiiiiex:iii.iinT,.,n,,d 1. eonronm nit if... Mer-ii-nii wur, nnd in ii,.. whole ,,e, ,!.,rt ',,,, ,1 ,. pre-em ai!uiinis!rnii.iii. nt the ,,.., , , , bycnqaesiand "nr.eiiher I'or the eviens . ,, ry. gl.iiv. or nej-rnuhzt inent. Thnt he i, n V . nii.l ar id'lebij.e hav-n ,i,l.i n,,,,, " pesiiioii b-is been sueh il,..t ,. la,c H ,,e,.lt H , V well know il 1C , to . , VZU.'H ' by be "de.,K:rney - in Cngres.wnh oi un're lenliiisje.a ,.-y ,,,! pre,,,,!,.,.. fr tliat re v c.Z l All know be has. the ,ameJrnn, receive t I ,Te , to 1 rTb,''h..l:r, W"m ' " -nd. " - ci,;,! The Coilslitutinll i.f fhrt T e ;t..vM, J..elnrnti, r , -tui b " e . trnu.pi.hty p.omoie ,1. r,Kv,. lecce m d ., ra. el a,e nut Ihe ble.,ns, , hl.-,ly , v.r!'fl Z poste.itj, loimded tin ihe principle that the up . r:;:?' t " r-en"uvA-ia e - t.i .-mean ...1 y pi.Ut.te lis puipo-el,. nnd .l.r. .l, th- regulnr mode, ihe r. eul..r repres,.,r.m .,, ,-B.11-11I Hie pe-ple.ns l-ovidtd ill ihe Ctiiisi... i,., ami ttialeiir naiionnl positruy cnn.uily U-u.w, in t at manner, ni-J that in nu U.,.r cnll tt j ",!,"". Ifopl le iise-ilain.-d s.. ns to lx. cl.ic law ll.isis II hli principle. 11 V rniuicl but s..y .- rc Raid llu.- euvcriuii.iit 111 ihe hand, ..four imhn , , ... pom nts, nnd ns by them admitiM. red, ns rapidlv oe-1-aitiiiB irum 11 Ciui-iitut.tiiinl purposes, tbouen its yore., and xufnrm enly.niny Ih- I011J pre-!rved lr t res..lMiiaiis..i ,ia ineremachiuet' - which. not tl, will of the penptB n. ascertained auj ex r,--e h ? iheir leiiaie .-, lhelr Se,,niCj.iim! 1, fi " i-'vim-'lu.. but ihe diciation ot political, irres,,i,,hV , , tH ''" ' veiiliniis.coiniHM-d nl m,.,.L. . .0 1n. c"n .1 manner unknot, ,'lh, Conwii;.;niThrn! contiiiiiig theuiselu,sto t,e ,,.. " 'M ' . not proceed n...--.,, garded and Inlinive, ..,(, ,,, h ,T, . 1 , T ol ollicnl dulv I, 'hat uifih T'.' course l.f ixjlu-y winch, lire! ii " " nni urntnij ol adj.-iiiui.. ,.ulr , . cow, e,,,,r bypurehnJ' r b - .Ti t rnnuung the p,,.,'.,. w, .be pi, re "i" , ,v' ' rv ,B"i.OTw. -".rse. h?s b, r . .. I... .1. . I - . '""I" I I l'V Uf 111 IP It-ilim. ....... . - ... s muic rninrnuoit in iur . I'lf. eetl lit ,1 nu- ',11. . ,. . . llolmnated. ti fiom not likely lo he healed now present lo Constitution m tint I the vi tug party a goitieu opponiiuiiy, rne vic tory Is within "our grasp, Shall It be -eir.ed I or shall we by dissensions ti-noug ourselves suf fer it to pis fiom us forever The out inn necessity of harmony 1111, 1 concert of action in tho Whig pirtv, led In ihe Conieniloii recently held at Phil idelphia for the nomination ol a ran did.ite for the Presidency, Tint 'niivcition was computed of Whig, ihlc, patiiutic, gen- . i? T"m ll,,,h "' " Ktas-x-iv. TU- w 1 el ,s ,Pr l.'1",CX,r'sa'''1 ' lhl'l' -Win-"-... l or' Them li ii .1., i."' . . . h:'l" '' '""'Is by ihe veto iH.wer. nn,- .1-- and not only sohut let tint power be exerci-ed ' w to carry out !!! w d7?,r Ow.,!?!u'.'.,r'o,e' "."'i.'.i.""!' "IT' wittioiit diet ilion nr inlerfereiic.. by another do porliuent. nppr.n,. of (,'en. Tavi.ok's semi. ineutK in ihis piriicular, and on ihi, point I ask ' no further plo.lg. 4 Without T.nn.r mom 1. .... .. . , , . -- - i I uuiriy mm ins sen s to carry out his ill r n,t. , f ,hc ,H-ople m. tx. I'res,-.! in eonveiiiions. or t.s oi.r. se.l In the n , . j laiiinrousoml noi.y II e sep'n.. i;..,,, ) .-. r .u...,,,4 (J1x pt'verillllPlll within t leoinmntr pmiKivBol'iis eiemmti but by ihe e , oi l. II lug Cveciitile ns Wt II ns n IPhlo 1 1 n,.r. ...tin i ieiiny tins ni l er fan He . Ilertetl hill hi io.,.t. f c'uu, were, however, inexorable. Mr. Slans-! nine Whiox from tveiy section ol Ihe country. ,!.,.,, , ' " , ', : . ttot. sen. nt t t t t .n. ot-1 ut.i nt unnv t tiineiiN, I may my that I know of ,, rmiI11i f iictioii.iinll.y disieonrdiug seeiional and,u oh. pel. on In Cir. '!' . . ""."' pretereneex. 1 ,,,. . , ,, iiheiv to deter l ie , . . W bigs of ernirint from hi- i-upiMrt. utiles, it i. V . WW lo ,,"l,' cour-e which ih? be connected wilh the topic w Inch now i, , , . T " n " !""-10 !h'" V? ,'"' ''Ifar ' v ifii.iiic.lllow mtcrotta quuliuiixble, and lint it -should be iniieinW red that

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