Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 28, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 28, 1848 Page 3
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BURJ7I IV G TON FR-RE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 1.848. either hesitation nr division can produce 110 other cP feet but to perpetuate the present ruinuj? policy ltcspcctlnlly. .1 OCil.t.AMttU. int.i.iAM iii:niiy. i: P. M MiSII. Hun, S. Foor. for the Suite ll'iilu Committee of Till' Vcitnnnt. I CO THURSDAY KVIlMXtJ, JUIA" -J7, I8IS.T The CumpKiiiiSc Itlll. Our readers aretuvrtretli-.ta Select Committee in tlic United States Senile, rniiiricd nf fnnr Kree-Stntc, nnd tin cpi tl tnnnlwr nf Slave State Senakirs, li.ive h id tin ler e:iini.ler,.tion tin Impmtiiiit and welling subject of Territorial (.internment for the Territnries ol Oregon, Cal ifornia and New Alexieo -eiiibr.iciiii,' all the Territorial possessions nf the United Stales. This (a)intnillee (one of whom was Jinlifc I'llKt.lsof cmrotvn State) Imc lepoitcd a lull, the sub ntnnr.e of which is lints (,'ivcn ''J' l',c A'u7mmt Iniitliiicnerr. "Th bill provides a Tcrtitnriil Oovrmmotit for Oregon continuing in lorectlK'l-iws which lime Inn lin-wil by tin" piisi'iit tenipoiiny government until th" J.f Kic'uliiip. in lie ctentcd hy ibis net. ".hall pits oilier lawt in cutifoiuiil to the people whom they tcpic-is.-nt. " Ah it regards New Mexico and C ihlomia, it pro vidts lur each a ijoveriiiiieiit Mich at that first cdtcu to the Michii: in Teinlnry; hut in the same timc'lcs trams thine Ten italics Iroin pissim. nuy lawson the ?ahicct of slavery, In edom til imp-limn; the riisTil of the United States to the iniocciipieil hinds. Whatever rights nrprnp miv me to he cnjocil hy per pons removing lo hne Temtoriet., derived Irnm the Constitution nnd l.iws of the I'niteil States, ate Jo If lef'rrcil to nn, I ileciJed hy the JnJicial Tover f the tl.upil Alans." Tito c.ti'tini; " temporary poverntnent " in Oregon lnvo pted a law cxcltnlin;; Slivcry from that Territory, and, -n far, this Cotnprotii- ifc lull is well eiioiioh thonyli it has tievei lieen supposed, tliat we aie aware of, that lliere i any likelihood whateter that eSlatery could ever bointrodueLd there, law or no law. Slate labor cannot bo successfully employed in Ore- (joti. We hive always regarded the application of the principle of the Oidiuaticu of 'b7 In thai territory as desirable rather as an expression of llie National Legislature In fitnr nf lte )rhcl- lc, than as c ssart to prevent the e.lenion of Slavery in that direction. As uch tvj still leg ird it us desirable, thoujli scarcely ind.spen- salde. Willi respect to N'e.v Mexico and California itlie inimeti-e territory acipiired by the late TrejiLy the cimi is widely dilleietit. There, it lis, Slave labor miy be well cinplojed, and to procute its introduction thither wn.ild be itlie main olyot of the propagandls of that eciindalotif "in.-lrLttUoR." Here, then, it appears tto lis, is'tlia.ini!:niu; Ki dangerous and whol ll.v itl J 'ci'oi'.ulde Jen'.n.-e.uf llw JMI faKely called tile "coinrnmhf hill" There! no "joinprom-d-e " about it, even if the io:d " coinpronii-e " vero lolcahli! on such a subject ! The bill ap-jn-arflo siirtenikr rfrertli In J'reeilom, and to leave (he (piectirii! n,' Sl.tveryair mi Slavery in New MiUo jiut! California to'Lct'elerwimil. il! Jle fir.-t place, by l'ir ji'op'r v.ia rUn'.'. ctsii i;rate thither, and, in the seeoiul place, (by wav of apreilj. by the Supremo Cuuit cif.lliu United St ilec Jt',. ni.uufcvr.l1nt Slavelioldcrf v.oitltl'lot-e no l hue in deciding the point ag.iiu-t I'reedoui. In the Jlrti nnMnv, by traiisju-vlfog !bcirelte-, .and Jicir "prnjrrti," intotbet 'Itirntorios i ..-tli-with. New .Mexico niii! California tvou! I be settled ami "temporary governments" would be formed theteiti, bv Sl.ueiiolders. This is too .plain to reijtun a tnomeiil't, r-rfitineut. J51.iv ty would l'ju tcc'iirt a Wi; in this section of the Couutrv, vliicli itcouhl lurdly be cj-pect-ttl that the .Supremo (Joint unuhi ititttitli. This i the aspect in which we are ohlige.l to regard this new " Uoinprnuiie," etcti us a coin promi-e. Il p'opospj to giye o J'ca-jjom terri tory wbere Klntorj- cr.r.mi n irt,t.m1 urest fr I iwtlot!i Iprrntorv v;hej SI -i very lyil at'ci r.Kn'i n il locxist. The oidvdoul twc II it c felt id tlie.cuiri'ctuess of ci'ir view of the c.t c Iris aris- n from the lact dial Judge I'jir.i.r of our own ' Atp.te, con-enleil to llie terms o the bill, anil has. .iuce it was re.iorled, upheld it in U"J .Sfuate. grntnt itpiri w 1ir.l1 it in-ets h'n appro'.) i tiou have u-it He is known,, hotvet tr, to lij iiiiconi irnin'-ingly op-n-e! to the fur ther extension of Shivery, and has recently in nle ran-t tuisl"rly nad irre.rutxti!u argiiuieut a-ain-t it. Tint i cis cu.t-tnie this bill as opening the d'mr .nSlavorv in Xe.f .Mexico and (J.ilifornit, therefore, wj inn scarcely luheve I though tint it por.s nt semi to he iulisji liable, j But there is another wold In bo mid tn the j a ibjert, which ttc ile-ire to say now. Ver mont, and we belieio the I'ree Stalea generally, (ccriainly the JJVuV Pree States) will net c t consent tn -iny " cuiiii iuiu" with Slavery. Vc abhor the term ! Tlio iJea of extending fidncri over Preo Territory of ibis Union bt means of l,ooi-laiive Coni ronii-e, is ilete-t.tble. We are opposed to such extension the millionth part of a hair! Cniiipruinisei would only -crensc our hosti lily to the arcur.-ed .rhnn and woo to the l'rce Slate Whig who helps lo birter and trade away freedom ! We would content to no " rnnipriuni-e" which should gio Slavery so much a-u School District in the Pin- Territory of this Union. Our doctrine is: Jet Slavery remain where it is under " the com nmniUr,, of the CiintUitin." Thu North have nodc-ire nor inlcntlon to interfere with or mo-j Jest S!.iteho!der.t in lln-ir Coin-lilnlioiial rights. in them nnt see.'.-, in Ihe disgraceful language of Iwis Cuts, for "a lau(jF.u siuce hi to ccrv !" , The inoment that Coitgres on this great subject, so m to open the Free Territory ol tho Country, just acquired at so mormons an cxien-o of blood and treasure, to he odious and dclc.'table"instiliition,'oflve. rr, (hat moment ought the North to raise the crv and tho standard of RP.PRAI. ! Yu will never consent to nuke terms with Slavery. If Slave propagandists and supporters can mus ter streiiglh to do it, lei them legalize Slttrenj in Free Territories by direct act of Congress, Con-rett IniH the excluho power to regulate oiallor. and TlIEltE let the battle bo fought Ativ other "comproiniso" than tbla would bo a 1 . nn. 1 In, .1 im. nnd all out to our ceniuu - . .s -- raje on humanity 1 Til Hie I.mliet. i. with M'W, i oar p iblie J'""!"1'8 ' ' 1 io so imloilauale as rl'M'n datl or hi us .o.nplcc.lon.rlhal by the to bate ajlatr. or uuo u, ,1 ., j ., nrsi'inc Ule ol l' ""''J"" u! UeVo'ne beaal.tal. .,1 1 alkihrn sa iH, their I c tt m i u nnd their .llin soft '' ' "' "Luow ledge of lhr hu tlcneti possess even a Ilia led to have ,n,. sysletu. we are s, r 1 ' 'S1.,.A their mines connec le II 1 s f 11 f an . r biue:,s;!slppel wont nfpropcrc.xcrcisc.csC. How fonl!-h then Innt- 'j'll.! IVdl'lOIl f Ollf Tiilll'Si . . . . I mitt t 1 lwi, i itlot.irmli (1HIC 1'. VV f l..V..Vi 1 , ell Vl a rntr .miv hv -.t..i.ilnll..B tl.c . AT"- S''!.'1V '- X' ? i:.' , ,, ..,lihv ncti-vt, w!i"n he tti.' bowels heenme J ' .H spectniiiy in'nrin the p-ople of Hut e-i'nr. the sctn l"iic nnd tlr com nice! inn e'enr vicinity, lint 1m inn n-ni the premises fiMil iri IV I in nn Illi" ll"T U-Trn H lliei'rriiii'snre periuancni, their rflccK lntniB. ' f r" Oideri to heibri'i led to llernekand Co. l'rln 'liiilnHiii', Allnny. N Y and fur "ih- ''' A. (' 'I ,. t, !. .1. ,.r. 1.1 !'..ll- UI.h s',r,l.,lj lll,l li. It linnulou.l .all l ll ami rpear, iiiiion till, . It. il in-ii ii"i-.i i , -, . i ,,. S'ldlnini, I.yii aril MejanJcr, (Inilotlc r-ll, Hiix.sjiirah, mid cho by Druists mid .Men hams in cu-ry town and 'iiiaj;e. - I ,'tfptir- Ciumii.s There is tuitions more tniuc 1 to the human to utimtion linn sud leu ilniiL'es of ( weather. Ileal laiilies tlu btood, and iitc!ca! s the 11 MFpiintion t hat when suddenly i becked, tho'e bit- mors which should pa-. of! hy the skin, arc thrown ulT inuai-illv, caiisinu coinihs, colds, consumption, dilli- etihv in b'ei'thin'. witerv and iiilliiii"d eyes, sore llirint, nnd many other complaints. r, 'p.. ..ntmuit. lim. ,sr. IxmAV V ai.TAm.K l'.i.t.s hav.-. i nr. s,,, . xAri'RE of Wii.utM wrtotiT wr.tTTr.v with a rr.:,- on Tin. Tin' MUM, of v.tcit f.cix. None oilier is gen ...,, i,i ftll llilf 1m l-ur.oi nv. Tin- tr iriiiu- lor sale bv XV II. ( I II I Ih, t ater K , ,! ! Hl'tllltllir. A. I'llCk'.Ciilleire Stlcct. sole iitent for llnilin-jton. lb-nhi n reriii"on, Ilssex i .1. 11. Dike lliintinnton : XV. llbode-,.lr K'uhiiiond ; i:. II. (Iiicii. IJi.huioiid ; .1. 11. 1. tv. tuwer, I'ndeilnll ; llnrlhiit .V llo.ljcs. Wilhsion ; I!, bin dcison, mid (I Ayeis, West Wilh-toii ; J l.yiuau, I t, , tV ! V, he. n .lire i l V S. 1 1 Wood. We.silord ; Stai.les .K, l.yon, t'lnilotle j .lohu Simonds, Shelhurne ; I! P.iebiiioiiil ll.itnard taiid at th,- New r.iitil.iiid lhaiiih Oliisii- nu.1 Ceiicial l).-pol, I'.'S Ticmunl rflrect, 1'oslun. VV .1Iot lIxtriKirtlinnry Woil. ! rfJ Tin: 1'iiIVATi: AIi:i)lCAIi C();M'AX10X. ur nr.. a. m. M.ti'tticrAtj, 1'iofessur of lUnriisal of IPoHifH. Sixth IMilion. Isiuo. pp. 150. 1'iice 1. SA,iium corns sou" f iitni'.i: momik! Years o'siiiretin, of plijsical nnd mental nUKuitli inionnv no nlll-clionnte wile, and oecutliaty dllliillties to the Imshan.l, uibht hae betn spared by a timely iosscs-ioit of this wori,. It is intended especially for the married, or those contemplniuis miring", as it d,clos important se crets which shouid be known to them particularly. Ii uly, know ledjii- is power. It is henllh, happiness, nllhienee. The rctelalions contained in its pages hate proied a hles'mg lo llioiisuids, ns the imiuiuciable letters re cited by the. author will Here, nl-o, every femaic can di-enver the crnes, vmtitoms, nnd tin- must , Hi.-i, ul lemedii-s, nnd most icttaiii mode ol cure, in ever) t j: iplaint to which her n is Mlbji-Ct. On tli ceiptol Due Dinar, tne .iiarrieu t o- mans t'riv.ite .viedie.n oiniiimoii win no hem mmlril fur) to any part ol the United States. All lettlts must In' nililn seilt poM-pam, in it rt. . Maiiriceau, Hot lilt. New Yoik Cily. l'uM.liing Oliiee, Hi I.lheity rtrrft, New 1 otk. ' fr J rat.-Ihui: Agents are mtormcil tliala lew ili-tritis in .Massachusetts, and two othei i'.hslein Sinii.s. nrc vet unengaged. Applications, received (aid) as above. lluis! Whig District Convention, Tin? Vliigs nf llie si vprnl towns in tlio Tliitil ('ii!ij;iTssitiiiiil DiMfiot tiro 1-t-cj tn 's-t- cc tt)cnil Delcgnli'S In a C invention, to lie liuiikn tit tlic Court House in liiirlington on THURSDAY thu ttd day A leftist next, fir the juirpons ol' noininatitig Can tliiliilos for lilcctors of President nml Yicc 1'reM'rleiil of the United .Suites, ntni K'-pte. si'titntive in CJongresii. It is JiojilmI that evny I 1w.11 in the Dis. tfitrt trill smiHtsivjinpliiiicnt of I lelegnlci.. JJi'AltY II. STACY. 1 MV.n. V. IIOCCIITON, I)i-tti t (ICO. Y. fiRANDY. f Comtnillee. CII.IIUilT ALLUX. J JtiVj 'J1th, 1" IS. Oiieaiv i.'osivctitio.s. The Whigs nf Ciiitlciiden ( '-ountyare requerl ed lo meet in County Contention ut Ihe U-igle Hall ill WII.I.ISTOX', on MONDAY the 7th day cf Augn-I l.i xt, at 10 o'elo ' A. .M.,f..r the pnrpoM'of notiiinatiii"; County Senator-, and transacting any oilier hn-inest appiojiriate to Ihe iciisasiuu. II. It. STACY. R()I,I, CLCASOV, 11P.CTOR ADAMS, ) Hurlinglrin, July H7, 18IS. Cnlllll'l (,'umiiiiltee The Whigs of lliiiii-igton are recpiesled to meet nt STItON'd'S HALL, on M.itikitj lite rn'iig tj7, July :!lt, at 7 o'clock, for (he pur- po-eof appointing Delegates to the District mm County Coiitenlions. I.. P. III.ODt3r.TT, ) 7 itcn Ctiinmillte. II. IT.RRIS. u. c. 1.00MU II. V. Hi tSorifty f In.j'itry of tin I'uivrr- Hy ci Vfrni'iiit win i'" iihuii rcieornimn on Mon.iny i.fimii;, .mtj rmii n i i,t)Wr.i ' .:i.i(ivtr, inyn w ,11 addrc,s the Society ( WAK!1:N S(.c July gfi, HIS. II. V. M. The joint celebration of the Phi Sigma Nu mid Unitersitv Institute socieiics will be held at the New llrioks Chute li on Tuesday August l.lSlSntt! o'clock P- 1- .. r All nililtess will lie uclivcrcii oy i nu. iicuiy n. Smith ofAiulicrst Loll. At ihe close ofetercise n joint iiceiing will lie held lor the election ol Orafalnud I'irt lor tlic next cele bration, . Hy I Inler ol oclelies. JA.MLrf 11. SCO IT, Smrtmy, uf J'hi Sigma .Ym. HKNRY CLACK. Srrrrtmy, of Viiieemitf Institute. RP.IC.HTON CATTI.B .M AUK13T July '21. (Itcported fir the Atlas. At market, 121 llccf Cattle 1130 Sheep and I.atnhs 1 Ml Six ni Prices llccf Cnttl A few cxlta, lfil 1st nunh- lit'. 7 n u i 'I aamy. 9 a at '(I'd Sheen il -VI a 31 I.am1' 91,'Jj a'g,V). Saiih Small Pigs, rj. iUavvtci), In Johnson, July by H'ui. Siunnons l'.-',r , Mr. Ctins l!oiiv,ol lluiltnalun, and Miss .Maki A i.'ik, ol Juhusoii. In Builinnton, on th' -''ill in-l-, '? Kr-sri.t. JntTS, iiite.l 7d. ruiiernl takes place to morrow iS.u. urdiyi nt Jo'cloik P M.itlCnpt N. 'I iiionu's. In Ansarn, Metiro, Mr Join .Mitciiei i., brother cf .laiiu s Mm bed oi tins place, ol the Kentucky Vol. uutteis, n(;edlt7 yenrs. pill) 01 li ! This nrtirlo of jiuro J lyiahty lor sile by dJJ Tuui. A. Puk. polfAl.T Oil FLV-rOISOX! )() juTt Vrtiutidby dCl Tiiko. A. 1'itu. Oil If, wot-t.n illlltOll tlllll nwiie.1 aim n (t'lti,llf. I uiintioc .uaniit n-toiy, wheie he Intend? cat rj lug on llie above busitii fs. Mtt iott, liom hem eprien-e in the principal Cities, nod Irivni'; h-id the direction of the wotk in one of the most ras'iionable Shops i-l tlic City of New York lor mure than two years, fc!s coiifi leiit ol haviii!' llie nliihl) to nil the wihesof the I'lihlic. Oidcr will be received from etery desi-iiption of every vatiety of mle, eiiihrnc-ina all the btept Tarhno. (nthie and i:ii7abelliiau eillcni, Ceiitleiiiens t,ihiatis lilted up in any -tvic d.-siieil, and in a manner of i-lemmce not piirpats-'d in the lTnitrtl Ptite" (4ominon tiiruitiee made in n "iipeiior tiianner nnd sold its low as a good niliclc run he nnile. Ladies and (Jentlemen are deircd to call an I ex- amine specimens at his t arc lloom o-i llie l,at id ,r' ,n IMs oooiii o- oie l. isi -mi l's 1,-oie, a li'w door from College Sired nnd H Nichols Cabinet Shop. lCloii, July ai, IS. w-3ui3 ol i-aiiin oiins.ien iMcnoisuatiinet Moo. l!uilinsiou, July a i, IS. w3u,3 ftuuii) i:xTi!Af:T or VALKHIAX ! i H. This cilebiatcd rrlicle for N'etvr iirrcs, con- Ftintly on band by d'J3 Titf.o. A. I'm; PACIFIC IIOTHL, :.os. ma, in i,:n ii 11 mWlVUm fi'lTESiJEiT, XinV YOiiK. Hnnril per luy, i.'M 'i"r tyelr. wimr,- a. n,')vi:u. " 1 Will, AT W1NOOSK1 I'AI.t.S. TlVUl Sniscniinin ins at his STimr: a 1. large assortment of nhnot Mety kind of Goods, purchased cniirely for Cash, but not being as well olf ns Kiiuif. ot his neighhors, had lo borrow part and must ami will sell to pay that and to purchase mure, pVa-e call nnd sec, the best nnd chenpeia ecr olii-red m this County. SIDNEY DAIU.UW. Winooski l'al!, .Alay 11, ISIS. III KllOrr,l)lill lUlVCl'.S! "l'lie L't"lel.nt. VJ ted Cbcft expander, constantly for tnlc hj the doen or singly, w.'il by TllLo. A. IVi-K. 'I'ownstMid's Siirsupiirilln, SUPPLY OU THIS Poim'i.ah Mi'.nici.Ni: ia coutaiiiIyon hand. nnd for sab .May ll.ldlS. d3KVwil A.MOriC.Prr.All. XI payed, 17IK1M the Sabsciiher, on Sunday ctcning, the gd iii-t ,a large Mi'd light lied Cow, with n large bag and dark iiilored teats, had a bra's knob on her right horn. Anyone who will inform me where she is, I wall satisfy for so doing. Ilurlingtnn,.1ulyO, 1SI3. dtll&.w'lif KOKIIVKOIV iV .OI'M If A VH just ii'tnnii'il from Nutv Voile fi H Willi a large ussorimeiit of (liugh.-ims, II 11, ages I.iiw,is, 1'iints, I'mig's nud (limps, hithtoidc,, l'enil (lloves, ,ace Canes and Collars, llounei Kill, bons, Attifieials, Dmp d'llte, A c. ,tc. Also, l.inen Coals, Half Gaiters, Carpetings, Sugats, Teas, vvr This, together w ith their termer stock, comprises one of the largest and best assortments in llurhngton or the Stale, rind will be sold at reduced prices to corres pond with the pncisol HW lor which they nte pay tug cash. lhirlingtnii, Julys, ISIS. 01S3 tt'Jif) To BE.'Ei.. Till: CO.M.MODIOI'ri l) Hoi-sn, 1 1 I1IIU' .ICtll.ll-.l l. tt, W.1I Kor.V. ovMied b IIlA-nv tvo. Pso . si, nated near the South Whatl, with line, garden it lluuii-iimg coiunilon unit choice hint. Apply to V. U. STUONCi. I July fi, 13 B. d.wl j S-a Lia;'i3 rihiT.iBc:;-, A N'D ."i.l Linen fir Pillow Cises, ttilh1 ipnn'iib s of llrown nnd Ill-ached Cotton, can be found at the Ladies' llxeh-iuee. WILCOX & NASH. Iiarliuglon, July fi, 1SH. ,l.w- ivinv MiiT ..-uiTtUT, t. 11 t ; s rnr.i: 1: at?FrJ A .11 Ul.l-.n n.ts on:M:n eJV , llltt't' illltl.-i'l' . 1,,. IllHt'h' IlL'Il.DIXi;. inst erected on Water Sued, opposite the Lxi ntMir. Ilorr.t.. where be ticaus to keep on baud, for the supply of the pub lic, nil ktuils ot Mil AT which he w ill s,. on lb' most icnsou ilife terms His .Maik"t will be open lor ens. 1 toincls nt nil tlic Ijifiucfl U'11113 oj the ilutj.Junn mmiiiitz l nizht. nnd hi- ne ili-i t( (i-oMile lor those who uiTiy patron..' him tie l.t nit'i m In liu. of, lmsuiri.s t lint can be obtained 111 the vieimty. j lluihngtiiii, July 7, lsis. ,d.u j Efo:i(!t;Eo$!a ! Bj':m. loJSs ! ' WW hnvo inst reeeiveil finm iiclion, II)' pieces ol Il!u", Ithie-lthck, ll'ick, nnd llrown Uro.tltSuths. wlucti arc i-ncip anyjtoiej'i Vermont '1'lios r than ocr ollcreil m wislung tn purchase a nic ilro iiieiiiiti t oat (leap, aie iiitne.i to can ni ttie Lades' i:i-lruig? and t-iiuine our son k No ch-i'ge lor iooking Wll.COX & NAS1I, li-iliiigtoit, Juli fi, HIS. d.'cw Parker's t E2 & V A tli ii EJ DAGUERREOTYPES. 'PAKLN daily at his rooms College St where he I li is prod iii'i I ihial-nidi w ilhm Ihe n-t ".ir to the general sat --taetinti o all llo ms wt'lb' kept op-n a lew weeks , og." n.ul M-incitlir- s will be ut Hi uta less puce for toe s.-inie ipnlity, than by ttuy other persici iii tins pint o ih-- cotintiv l.'.ioais I hu all pcisoii-, to call and e.tjiuiue spc- ciiiichs ut any lime. Ilurlmgtou, July 1",'H. w'.if Vcrsnosi. S'l' a.;t.!co;i(l 'IMIi: uuatl M 'cling ol lie- Stockholders of this I (."n.nji i'iy will li- bol len at the ) -iot in Norihl'l I o i W.'doesln, Augit 3)li. nt 1 1 t m , for tV c'loi" ol olIi-i'M .i.l I 111' Iri-so-lioii ol till) oib r b'loe.'si wln-h iii iv conn b-fuc them, lly order of 111 llnrdol DiO'Ctois, II. P. WALTON, Jr., Clcik. July II "is. :iK.v Dlt I'l'll V.M'S P.lcclii-iry! 'i his cg. ialilc remedy tor the Pile-: nut reoeued a lie-h WU eupply by T111.0. A. I'lck. II 113(13 V- my wife Cathnriue Palmer has iv . ". . , v. : , 0 ,j. . , It'll IIIV IH'1! iltl 1 ut.ii'i, iiuoni y 1 nmvncilinn. 1 bereliy all p 'rsoiis not to h itbor or trust heron my nccoimi.ns 1 sli ill pay no drbls ol her eontrattingnftcr Ibis .1.1 1 1 si. ir.di. Jnlv 1 I 'H. w-a:i.v .. ' " 4!llirry. ... . . .. .. - 1 1, 1 . A Large nssnrllllel.t ol Hnius, Scissors, mill I ockel Kmtea.lroiu the beet makers 111 lairope nii.l ltic liet ti'iahty, J. . Ii.rtl).l,l.h. bet ii'iahty J uly s", v, IDOCKI3T llooks, Wallets, nud Mont y Purses, ol eveiy description nn I ijtinliiy.tit Ju'.yai.'H. ' w3 J V. liANDAl.IS. G0U,l,,"w,fM"5,VT." July'.il.'H. w3 QIX HAUHr.I.I. I'evolving IVmls, nnd eommoii O Pocket Piiols,ni J. V. UANDA1.IS. July 'JO, MS. w2 WlMTtaclrx. A large assortment of Spectacles, ol every kind. Also, G iglcs and llyc Protectors, nt July'-u.'is. 3 J.V. HANI'ALIAS. nOOPKHS ISlXdLASS. nml Irish Moss, J olnk -a .iiliiy,for-ileby T111.0. A. Pi'i:. c..i. ii.;.. ....,.i-;.i., 1 ,,:, J IH I (II I j JL10HIII) lis-J "VI ) 1 r-rysipiliis tvc. ecu 1'iiclsare Stubborn Tluiiits. Here it one amarg ' il nuf nf other'. Nlwtov, l.owcr Tails, Mny.lHH. i .Mr. .loses Dear Sir, II more testimony is me. del in I nor of your talunble l)rpnaml Pills lor llo- i MX mouths rom the tenth day ol July A. 1), 1H, i' I uiois, you may add mine to the number you already allow id hyi.ud Court lu the creditomof slid tleccitred t haie. , , , ; , , , to e.tlnbit mil prote ihcir respecine eln nn U ljre us, llaviiu been fifllictfd lor thirty years with the I-p. mid thit we will attend to lh duties ol our nppoiiu rocy or While Scurf, and hiving Ined all sotts ol lem- j nt i10 dwelhn bouse ol In-ltcna Snwles in Al i dies to noi'irpose,aud hnvim.' tinned nt the nae ol i imr,,,, insaij Di.ttut. on the feeouil Monday ol Sep ! fill) had Kiten up all hopes nf rcht l Accidcnttilly , tcuiber licit, Irom nine u elocl. in the lorenuon until me lourdrt'i'saiUeiiisetl. was mil u I to trv tin- when, to iny utter s irpr.s-. I w'is eomptcieiy cured be. fore I hid taken one buttle. You nre nt blierte to make any use of this you pleas,., ,,r to me jour drops nte invaluable. Itcspectlullv Youis, U'll.l.lAM Cl'ltTIS I'nr sile ill It'irlinsinn onlv by Tiiromini. A Puck, and by many other Driisye-Hmlhisuud the adjoining Stite-s. N. II. .S'lilhiua is cheap. and notliin; else is so eltiracimiK for nil diseases of the 'm. Try H Jy H lAiTiituLM try ii as Dir.iciEP. yl -i & KKl.UKiG, ; urui-v-si.. Trov. fill!1, tirmvivn nv urn. akiiiv.u.s iitnM VlV.. nd bi'niitiful nxnitini-iit nf (.nods in their line, wm h ,1..,.. .... ,l.n I teitinolc tellns. l'n vrn iM,l'.;oi.isu('iilvA-ll'ial.lal,dinticr,tea, Flipper nnd toilet s,.s (rn t nnd i-ike ba-ki Is.prescivc siiells, ( ouiliotier. plain unite, n-iru'-.iu nun goiu.c i-. Onxtttcvrrn China Vu , iaiidlc.tiks booi.iet holdeis, r ilogue hollies, not cities lit inkstands, match nnd llower pots, (Vc. ,, l'i.owixii llu-c, liitmed b'ue and nshmgloti bine, n dim e . o-i, breakl "t sad trnt-t i Is. (it ts W'Attr, cut, pleased and plain centre bowls, celeiies, water holllis, decautcis, tumbleis, wines, champagnes, yoblcls.lunonndes, jellies, dishes, lamps, ,4M.'sl'ntcnt mlnr and lard lamp".uirib!e liir bo tes(rhmcl csnn I ramilies.of new mi l l.eaiiiihil stjles, iioui llie eek'iiraieii tnniuu.-ieu'i oi , uiih-iois Clitt.Miot.i.s, caiidelnhias. Iunkc!, c'liidlei-tii k' 0 mala, siher mid biouid,ol law mid nppimcd pat- ic li'. , , I IIai.i. l-AXri.r.xs liicb ftaim'd, painted mid cut some very clioice mid beaiuiliil ialterns. . AXNtt Waki. Coliee puis, tea pots, suzais ami , crcauis, and cnslmsol neiy deyciipiion. r.Atiim.x- Waiif.oI mpeiior styles and qualities, in every tiriety ol color now- in u-e. Caii'il Hunt (llass Wine, wii ks and Iniilerns. Ti.t sets or seiiaraic some very choke and beautiful patterns. ( I as Civruni.-), from Cornelius &-Co.,at New Yotl; and l'hii idclphia liiu-es. Tiny, .May l.lMIS. l).3V:j!t Removed, SCIISCUTRKU would hnforni his customers that he has reniuvcd his sfjon t the building lately occujiicd by .Mr. .las. Piatt, ticailv oppoMie the (jluttendeii County House, nud di rtctly opposm Mr. Ilnti b-s Ciui Shop. on Chun h St., where In will nlw-ajsbeiu rm liiu -s u, do all woih entrusted tu bun in the most WDlkmniihkc uiniiuer itielitdlttg. .it:v. i:i,i.ity and v. atcmiim ofctcry ihsetipiion, tunking Patent l.ttvi ti Cm-ati:. .Mi.Msasgoodsns.fMhiMoiiorllobiusou. Also, Duplex, l,eiine, and nil veilic'.e. A c All Kinds of repining, setting pillions, in ', cylinder w heeis, c.c., lis well nud neat ns can be done in'th" 1 Hy ol New Yoik. .Music lutes tep'iired ; Accoidi'ins nt-il .Mclodians tuned All work done hy Ins own hand'. .Mr I'r having woiked in a 1 irge nftouishinou in the 1 itj ol New Yoik for two tea!8, .Mounting. I'm -ii-hiiignnd Ki palling tt niches' ot all Kinds, and hav ing previously leccivcil gnoti instructions iiiiui an cellenl Kurojieun woikluan, is well quallticd to ex- I ire the most dillietiU wotk, and he exhorts tie public -to place in liim iluir confidence, and hi stowed IIJHHI llllll .1 ,s.H,- HI l!llllli:i-, uriri, HO Hill', I 111 I- lion respecting bis wiukm-m-hip, to .tlessrs. l-'ellows, VauArsdalc Jt Cooper, No. II, .Msuleti Lain", Kcw Yoik. louis nti:.Mi:.i'. Ilurlington.May 11, ISIS. ik-3 ICtl M. OSTIIEIM, IJIPUIITKU AND tV II O I, IIS A I, I! prm .-. in W I IV V. S A i fi Si I H 5J O IS , o n 11 1 a y ii'iYs : 11 v 1: s , ,j- 5 . No. Il( Liberty Sileet, ((ii the Aorr'i Il'mr n'ic nj llrixnlwrnj,) Now York. July 1 1, MS. d.twlyi.,. Cheap Publications just ree'd at " Ilirnctl Bloirlisiore.?' HAKllOI.Dthe last ol the Sa.xoa Kings 11. L. IJulwer.g iiirl mice by. old lin'lui's Story price The Tor Hill. by Horace Smith price llrmht rsniid Sistcis; A 'Pale of Domestic Life by riederika Ihetuei puce The II irouet's D.tu rhter and I Inn v Monk, by Airs. Grey price Angela, "A Notel" by ihe author of Ihnilia W iiilli 1111, - tints pi ice Longti'llow's I'oenis ; cheap eiblion price G01U s L'ulas' Hook lor August price July SO1I1. Sac. v i it u i t. sV s: 1 1) 1: 1 s New York'& LTontreal Express, Ojjiee .Yo. HI Wall Street, A'. '. 1 i). inxiiv .v co. Weft Siilc Squire, lliinnilnii, IV. :e3 fjrvmv- d .'!'- OJite, Hint Unad II rehntige, llolon. I. II. IIIXIIV sV: CO. Wat Siilc, HurHntnn. I.IIK.II NT l'ASSAt;; CI3UTIPICATI3S, .Li lium Literjsiol lo Am- t ork timl ltotou. Dinunx i:.xr ti.sni:. In sums to suit customers, on D-tblin nnd Liverpool diu 1. D. 11IXI1Y .r.- CO. ..'jsj.niv. Ac. C UIT I!P nnd Guiiir Sirings, llir.l Cngcs, Spool ' Stands, p!n 111 Hair and Cutis, T.iinhonnes, Hoxi s ol IVrhunerv of all si.,,.s, Piles and Drums, Ccrncj and lluuteis iiimiiicIiou 'Hooks for the Pi inn, Accor ,1 1.1 1 1 lustiuction llooks, nn I lor all otlcr 111-11 uineiits, S iliu Omuls, lud. a llii'iher lolnco pnuchis, Indn l!iib!i"r bauds lor Ihils nn I ih-r pipers, i;ia-iics large ami sm'i'l, A rican nud l'.ugii-h iuJehble Ink with or tvit'i nit prepiralioii, lirii.iunia, i'l.itcd nn I silm 1 inn lor cluldieii nud lot-, of other New- Goods 1 ci cited, d'Jl lli-.issMAiu .v. llRoTitrnt. .Sfivrlry, Wiilclu-s, Art. ' 15Ti; tk-siif iii c-ill intention tu our new W ,ii..rns i.r..,u,il nud fihuree 1 3 1 r Jewels, lluid nod ciu-ier Iliac-let-, Car Jewel, and I ins IVarl, Opil nu I while snie Itih'ion 1 iu. 0,u and othei Stone lliugs. lam nnd chased King- ol u-iy pielty and lli'Mlillilc steles. Also to our new usi.sol Ladies nnd (.cnllctnons Go'd Chains, of very hi e wiiiknniiisliiii And to mine new nud licaiiulu.iy hniied Watches, small and large , , IV Spoilsmen, Ibnlroad nnd Steamboat custom ers, we hate the line D dibit' Tll.le ltee,cis, centre k couds, lime the tunning ol cats, boats all I iiois, s We hate nl-u Coop-r -. Ib'.s'.-y llapict and la ter Winches, and l'.iue' Hue 'I inic-lte.-pcis, ttliu h lor beamy ot lini.-h and accuracy ol tiim-" c.inm.t I.11I to please. , , . ,, , We hate Watches " ascheap ns the chenpett nnd , .1... I. . .. 1: I.., tn Mill II n ijiiihi ns iii" i" i, , 1, - , "'. " ' z .. ;Y,Mer i.i the Our nsrimeiil ot Jewelry ana oim r hill, 1H lilt IlH"i t iiliin i'- m " " 1 II.' i " 1 uri. ; ,,, tr .ale, is rcceit ing "',';!; !'' 1 " " r.1ICi . nud oinauicnlal ailu'.es i.ti-r.t i Ltk. I Please jo cnll a ud mrrmmS. . 1 UtACIORKKI,. Nn. 1 A: v! in Hhls, Half Ill ithi,. (iinrters.Cijhths.and bv the single .mud. imis. nu-mcrs.i a)m) u ,a Jj,,.. sj, Jime y ,,s I , ... - . s - , ., ,.,,..' riainioii. ... i'ii" 1, 1 . rpllll IUlltl.lNC.TON .MII.I Co. will pay ruth I l

for tt'ool. June 'jr,,' IS il and w 'gut is I IIAI.IS GlINI'INi: ' A ID El B'J S 2 V I'J M A 3. V K . 1 M IIS excellent Salve is now ummI nml re. commended by many ol the nr.sT is Tut: Loi'triit, Im mieittiuiening j uihiri. tnnnt, limine, 1'ienh H'oumlt ,c. Price only 17 els. per Koll. Just git e it a tli it and il not satished with its utility, return il, and llie ngenis in every case are authorued lu rcluiiil the money, I, C IIAI.I,. Sold in Hurhnglon, liy A. C. Spenr ; Winooski Calls, XV. II. Hatch, and by regularly appointed Agents throughout the Stale. I i July go, -i. wjin i lifivis SWlO' .II'. Blrtlalf. fSAiiK.srnscuiiimtsiiwiNoitHH.v J. nppoinied by He Ion. Pro ate limit, for the insiiicioi i.ruuii ii-ie, v i iuuii--i"iiers m il nr i t nuinieiindndjn-tnllclniinsniulileiiiaii.lsol nllpcrsous itiok. Cards, nii, Sussois. KuiM-s.and anal nidi'tiisi the l.stnte ol I.ewts t-owlcs.Jr., ale nl A ,,,;, .,i ,..... ,.- huihin slid. lu-e.i-s, I, nn.l all chillis and exhihitcil niollsei thereto, do b.'iihy cue nonce that i u.iul r..i i4 retircst-ntcd liisohcni.nnil the it rm ol toiiro'ilock.iii tin ulii lined nt Albuiah, July Itiih, A I). Iii1. I KItDl.tilt. I,, WILLIAM lIUNril.MiLK.i July.M.'H. Commissioners. iui:hii on ANIM-: AND I.KMONS, i lies dav iceeitcil : AIo. Due Ubl. Smoked lleefllnnn, in cood unlet. A.S. UUWK.. . June tl7lh,'B. Sidney Barlow, at W I iV O 81) V-K B FA fiiLH, WOt'LI) INV1TH I'KIISONS IN want 1 ofChrni (Snml In ci'l nt hi? More, hit imr hist returned from New Yi lk, with a lull Hut nlv of Vns bti", Ijiwii", IVinirr" tiintdiam, Umil li l'oiiliu J,,,,,.,, I,u-iurc Ko-ilanl H Ik, Silk I'ringes.Sl.nwls ,Ve n if .. sit. 4 ,. it Kici'Kk ..rill'. ti. i None need Apply utiles? they intend to cam their Hoard nnd Clothing. CHINA Tea Company's Agency nt Ihtlow's ll'i-noo-kll-'alls. HC:ivj! ware A TI!i:i)tK'l;I)ri!ICi:S aslinleul to sellout i cmiiely heloie the larg.- sloie now hull bug aie filled wall ii. .Inly lllib.'H. d3lt3.V.w'Jir Dry (iiiods rs ."tloitoy. Ladius' I'lxclwinuji! jN'otico. eoiisiMiuct'cc ol the i cn 'hue ol our Mr warren i in in the Cilci!o:n i lor 1 nr ;. lor our Slvk of (inmh. we wi'h 'o tn u ' i r pris-nt soi I; into iuoncv us I ist ns possiM.'. no I sh nt made it an oht t for nil who Imc inoni v to -in ml oi t .ill mi us (htr Cti'.ltiitirh Lii'iir lb it "iir stni'h i? tit I'trsr to uta a des ail. t'n n m an advcrtis-mi HI, as, beside llie Imsrft -iliu k of s'tK oislps, VIStTi:S AND .UAoTIMlTS, Dress tJoods nud Taney (loods of all kinds, We bate a lull wholesale and utail stock ot norm: n ii.sism.xc Minci.ns! 1-otT, V1.ST Anil Cnt.t Miills, in (.'lent Vnilrly. 1,-ic s.lhuhioiilcties.Trinunings. and Whit Cuods. mou h.xixg .1 irrn i.i.s, or r.u.r.v nus' niriiox. us o ."fa t a e: , Ill.LAl nt.n ami nr.ottv o ,s : It 1 A I) l i- v 1: N - And in h-t eveiy iirlich' in the D.tY GOODS line, but pitift, nrrtl!r9. tiijri nml 1 iltl mi. Iidies m wiut ol a Dicss can t'pid every thing from a LONDON PltlNT.tit I1 tents, U the linest lbrit liniiorted. SHAWLS, finin one dollar to bundled, nud llie s line wide range of prices in nil other aineli rslnIm,S ,,7e s neirinaiiy usele-s steps ; and our 111 In having so large n sloi li liom which to w lect. ten st ait J object .s to ue nil our eustumcrs 111 a way Vm ,rjs di'-m olicn to the I.mlii's' Cti-bllllge ! 103 AVaSiiisBtoti Mrcct. gi:o, W. WAIIUCN" tco. June 21 , IS IS. w S.w IdiVJ Saw I w I.MPR0YE1) A.Ml'.lUCAX AIR-TIGHT Cookiii!: Stove. T HI! above stove is oflercd to the p iblic as an m t- JL icle lor culinary purposes iinriwillril tiy liny oitier now 11 n-c. Is construe inn is very simple nun con- ...Kt.Miil,. ,,.oi lie oiiinneed wit I t li'l htv nud ens,- iciiiiy mm 'l'he lieen islirgciiud hakes admirably, the lines In- oKso iirraio'ei ns tn i Iltl ie nn euuai uegrci i-'iu in nlFpaitsof it. A tcry 11-eliil lenture in this .tute is its suiuiucr nrinngi'incnt winch ions sts ol n luinnce tt Inch e.111 be used with the same f irilily and tuoie economy than the common irtable lurnuecp. 1 s. . A eeticral ns-oitmciit of l-'uncv Hot nnd Air-light stoves ol ihe laiet-t stiles. Patent Pumps, lead pipe, Agricullnial Impb uicnls&i:. Job woik of nil kinds in I'.n, copper nnd Miect-Iron done III Ihe latest sttle .and on almit notice. (w.-iJit) llOrtTIPICK .V I'.VAK IS. tiliizicrs Slum ! ! J WflUM) iTs-ircD'ullr inlorm niv frieiitli, 1 and llie public generally that I havci puled a Shop, near my iisidcnce 011 l'eail Sin ot, lot tin- purpo.-c ol furnishing. Cutting ntni (Jliiing nil si..s ofhiu and fancy Window Glass, n'so Gla's lor Sash or Picture l'mmes kept con-tantly on baud nt .Manuf.icttiierspiicos, llCUVLY IIL'UNT.TT. Dutlinglon, April 21), 1SI.S. w llltf Win I'.ntleil ! V A ti li V ii O ii ii .)i:l lnniini o l,c rnitrtl in 11111 or 1'iiiee, vow is Till': timi-: to comi: axd ' buy while the (I'mkI-i ;irt' Nru .mil Clirnp. 'I'lnt-f ji)-t p-('t'li'it U i il illicit It to klK'W Ilili Id iiutik in prevfiit Mi-picion ul llicir mit lmin !ffii bought. Hut tlitv wit' rca'ly luiirtirtil, lnmviT t-inilllli' price, nu. I p'tbi 1T Willi ni'iiit-y lira I nt tin IVople, wlnn'un baf 1I10 L'uuJ m t-Atluimc ltr im-1 oltlicir nir.-nt. IIOWAULM. IBI'm tho Mthsorilicis, liuviti hrcn np li' pniuteil bv t!ie llminrnlile the PiubiteCnmt tor the Di-ltict nf I'liillenden, eniiiniit.-i(Utfrh In reei-ie, e. iiiiliie ami :ntjti-l till elnnns nnd ilenifiiiiN ot till per etli illill-l llie e-Uile of .l.'.Dr. I'Af.nn hip' nt Uutl tintoii m 1 D.-litel. ileter-. d, lepie-vnlftl ii."'! etit, nnd a1- nil e!'inn nr.d tl'Mirmds e.bibiiid In nti-et Ibeietn : tiliil -l lr( .it the d iv ol th' d tt-' h-reol ht mi; nllowi -I by -11 ie d-) th 'ii t re htTi t I I 'f-irt Inr tli 't pur- lii-lire Ihnt ue Mill titl-'iid tn t.i" tni,i,t n 1. 11 .11 it niftni nt at llie 1 1 ill nt T J U'.md 111 til Kit. I D.-tl et. on the filh iU) ot l-pt''inber mid )veiu ei uc.t, 111 ln n'e.ork.A. .M .u.i i tu h l Mitl iu D.iP.lM.". ITlh dv nf.lime. A I) UK AM ( l!Pl-;NTi:i:, ICmmit. ?Ti, o suburibcr, lumm: U-u np. ?P pointed by the Hnnoi.,l!e llie Piobiite Coin! lor ihe l),tint id I'b.ttt itil.'il, rftillllifMi nei!- tn lereive, e.vitnme ntul mljut i!i ilntms nnd ih ninniN ol nil p"rnie JilJlltlM th" l i-l.lte ot I Il.M S W AM! lit UN, 1'ile ot Cnlilie.-ti-r 111 -Mid iJi-trit t. ih-ce'i-eil, it pn wilted mni I'lit, find nl -n nil rhniiit nthl deiirindt -bil iteii in ull-ei then tn ; nnd iix nn titlt troiu ihe tiny ol fie tl.ite hereof bein udnwed by 'inl L'nuit tr tliit pur pK", mo tin then tnie b"ieby iue in liee, ilmt ie nt tend tn Pie biHiti-"- o o ir npp"itiluu'iti tit the duel lmi o Alim h i W tihhutti in t'oli be.Mer, in ud I). ttiet, on ihe'liM Moud.-nsot S -pvinli'T nntl Ot'liiber next, nt IM oel.-cU. A .M.,ou ei.ili nt s.u-1 t'ajs. lulled ihw -tli ,'. v v, p-.l, ).ISH. wm, TO!:'kn';u,! Ofi;is: ;ih for R:.ion oi our StiaQar., Without nu tj Provisos! .o lioir.vuAitv :.i.::s ai:i:si:tto it No 'TjI, K" acct'ili'il tn! t?y Nimip (Mir piii'i's, nmcimhlo to no If hib priee cnnveiitiniiNt'. We ciuinU Inr the wtmle iraili't enmiuuniiy, nud the people nre well tepii & uted tit the Fsir-Famrd LndirV FvcIiikio, uh're, bir ibe last three numths, there 1ms bien n rieni slia kinr munii nn v a noma Iuimctfe q-nnlilH-s nf )r (inoiN Inve ben "idd ; nnd linn , i thi'' brnneh ol oitr ti" le is iieni 'y mi r fr the ie:tnn, mi turn our attent.nt utore tj the stlltli;; "t Statli: (lo un. VI!'0 vpc .NAH, niiilin-toti..lu1y fi, IflK iMUVwl ill. nre leremnn firres-ioti' tn tin ir fP-U nl tnu Wntebes, Jewelty.Cbx'Ks.nnd inni-tiill kiinls-of ood ihnl hey ceuernlly in, ttijftber mth eucli new kiiHlsn- luy ju.le their rnti)iuers will .Mi nr ; as uc nre reeetun (ttmtlst every week, ne inn b.ipply any nr'icle in our lipeor out o it wlucli tuny bewaui ed. We 'unite nn c.nminniion of our U'ntrbepby tliov who wili Rood thne-keepfri, know 1112 lint uc nre enabled to, ami desirnm of filing nil de-enp'iouHil MIHn,S nil ib'seriptiou;- ol WatebeHtioIow imauy New York or lU'pPut llniiHc.or nny Pedlnr e.nt or win, ik'U iliem. O ir tm-MU iood ot Cloek". Wat' li iq. (iold and Silver (! . Piniedntid Ifnianiin Mi-i- nt floods, IiuiS, 'Muie:tl 1 n-Munienl, Ht'l'iiin, e , i i,.r,lln,.r',.. ( ,:ir ('nscs. Stint) llntcs, Canes Plain - nir an, l'iii Head ll iiuls. Ihi;s, Purses nnd Po.-k- iM 1u s;, ;,,..,( l's. bl-tck. while au. limy . i',,,,., IVnther and Piisieboanl l'.ius, c .Ml- ter Spoons, Pinks, Colling Plates, luttir and Print Itnit cs, cllliarcn s ciiier r os mm, ,iii nu r.n cr (lot-sis nt all times on hind in larae, nhiiit anv uitu'e in Hold or S.lver uride in ourshoo nm-tiiittero tlesircif Watches. Clocks nnd Jew, I ry eh ii'icd mi l repaired by niiifclicsiind etperieiiced joiincyiucn. , buiint'ss. ' " ' ' i ,. ...I Is t sell iil, itn,1. s.l , .1.. ii- i. ii- ' I.... .....,.! 1.. ...... ......I' mil woik nn I liuirje mcb prices as will be penna netitly satislncloty to citoiucrs. DACLTlltUHO TY I'll COOI).-!. Inn.l i I lle (icr,iin ami AtneiK-an Uamernsand a arger an I in.ue'tis.te niKsuttint'lit of i very nitt- tie uted in the hue lec. n u ' and will be kepi nu baud anaiiii.aleattoivwYi.ilaiidU.wtutiiiriiw.S... tllis,!. Whit,and rrench HI Pliteniu larce tpinn - it U HKINS.MAll)es.lll.OniDl P. 'IVolico lo . f N lonseipieiice i.f the gieal nnmt.u- ol impure! I .Medii'iiii's mid inlerior Drugs, ol boili foti Ign nnd iiic!mtio ' ." " i u'''','''r, kinds olicrcd lor sale, the ?ulictilicr ivspats- His in ohtainill'J those ol pKi'l'f r pill lf,nnd rimili.rn. The dl'adl aataue to whliboa- rriictiiiotii rs bate been liable, can now, lo ctideiil tcneiit. he n tuorcit I (heimeals. Mdbciiies.nt il the best Drilgsfiirnl-hed I" 1 Iisici ins mid .Meiclian s, and dispelled to lam- j lues nt rcasoiiaiiie auv inee irom cost. : in, ;.,..:., i. .,',., ,. ,n ,,.,..:,..;. tip with neeniacj' in. d ptoiup ik'si. 'I hi o. A. I'rct:. w.'ii Im llurlhuglon Vi I,AI OIL! Tlio nicest niliul n i IjI table ihc, for s-,e I y caee or boitle nt .InneVI'J wW TIICO. A I'l.CKS , 1 " I Ss::i!-y. nn: iwst Mr.maxn IX run world roit f i f.r.s. TT Is cttensin'Iy u',l ill ll'll'luid, I'ltmee, Scot land. Ireland, mid oihcr lairopcan eointrie.. cn-tin-lv hoin its nneqiialled success J, i ihc Uintesl Si-itei and lor winch disease, until this tried u-ini was pro duced, llicie was no ceitain, speedy and p'-ninuc-nt r'-t i"dy ever discoveri d. li has also fi mid its way m til - West Indies. Mexico, unit Senlb A lllei-iea. w li'-te il h-i", witli the s-inie military elects e.talihhed u n.n ne unci'iallcd by any other moda-ipe fi r the ; ct'IU; OF PIU-2S, K THLR Uiirnr'H 01 1'mno, IsTrr.NAr, on UxTrn 1 NAt, : mill br nli Dim-hmh ot tin Stnnnu-h, lmrl I find I.iwr. Midi ii- wtric ntni liflbitiml ('o-.titnce,, ' ( liKiuir lH'ctit.'fv, Ihp'iit IVIpiiiiii-n if ib llffiit. I'niu 111 tlu -it!c. Mitnlul .m-l Milinrv (.iimli I inn. of tin-; Sick lluml ii'bf ; njnl 11 till wk'h while a ritnnit.c ur Kuhinraiire is re piireJ, Dr t'jt'tdm'tt VrzrttiUc KUrtuaiij ill hi' loirtil si'ii-tinr In nuv oilier nieJiLiite ever rf- Icroi! to lb" l'u'Jic. Tt! V IT ! I'nr it i liu' proilurlinn rfa r-!--hlrt1ril i.! (Dr A Ppliniiiitt New Vmk ritv.wmd tli; experi nu'iil npnn biniu--!t in mi 'tl ne nf 1'iIm, nf (i.teen yi fin i:itilno; .miI 11 rnnlMiintiun nf the tihme ll'HT w lnrh phcliKt' ril-. Mitt h' elh-eien n nre in ln mitt c.i-e. miil thu- iis-ni--, 11th llie ureiite-t nitih lfiie', Mint il i 11 MKIA1J AND SPI UiV m.Mr.DV. In till Ctisrjt, ami iiwlrr all Circumntiiiiccs. YvzvUiUU l i'i lilii atr. iu:MAUh'Atuj: vr:a: or nu:s! TIIIKTY r.AKS VfASt'IN'' ' ' i liitntt H'lis'iinyiun, )'rkhi e Cn ln. ) I NdU'iuUri-i'J, S I Jlrvit.i. ' (;,.,le pnr tliirty .ir I hue been nfihctr.l with Piles, ueiP'tiil lVb'miy, mul IntbiiiiiiitiMon. r.iiiMiig tuinnrs timl pinliipn- ol th" hmitK nul i iiii b hml re '?utl fi'l tli" iii'di"l tr'fitmMit l)r Clinpni:iu nixl nthcrfenulii i:ie. Th'' h-t llin-e vnr nt ihnt liin tny Milfi'tinib'lv 1- riplion I wn-ennti'ieil t" l'l iinuliie to help ni"'ll. uinl fit liM uiwn up by tny pity MeiiiH nml Ineii.l-t 111 iep'ur nt eurc-nniun' tny lipji'tti : in 1'iel. t.r .1 liui b-f re I enmnietireil ir-inj; jr. lTph:uir ICnrtinry. Iwimcitt rel Hiieeelih ?,inul my burial rlnthe were trmle l!ut nmler th" b"inli eenl iii reic? n Prniid'-ite". find lb" ii" nl l)r lTp hfinrs lllfclivirv, tlmuh n ni.D mv. I have the pb-ii-.iire nt Miilnii! ttie I net tn th" public tint tny brtilih h iinw ijntiil, mul h"H" tn live itiiniy e'ir it it ) (JihI'p iniike knuvMi th"iitu.nt'l)r ritlntu'. KIrt tiinrv, mill tn rf eniitinrjitl it tn iti nlHi.-t"'! t"Ilnw eiwiliirt'. It helped til" beyiMhl ill" e.p 'fttltl'li t nil who knew my eie, tiinl I etui only iy tu nlle-rs thtit it - in my npini"ii tb" b. t inheine in tb" unibl Inr Pl'e-", nr nil)' I'tlier illfci nl the bnie! ; mul if th-)" wiIIum- it ihtoIiIii. tn the .Itm-tintis I will inV .Il ii'iiiniil 11 cnie 111 "i 'ty Yours iiith the utmost e.prii-.-iui! ol thiiik-!!ni" roHNKMUriSPLMl. Vsuinioni, Veil. t'n.. ?ln?s , Xor.iJ P-u. 'Ihe liliote ccllillcnle nils a nu,le and u. -llllll story of HitPiiug mid r la I'.ol wbi -h,ns bj-c 1.11 ,nid Wltucs m the inn-, I clu I'll tillv eildols,'. l)!f. CIIAPM N'. ' i:,l I'.l..,.,n,l!nll,al vminr, ll. ft. II. end Agents fr the .i!e ol l)r. I''haui's Vegetable r.l.-clii iry, for ihe cute cl tue Piles, I h ue deciin-il i' nn-iluly to volunteer a rcciiuunenil.ilion in neii.ui ot thlt invnlmhle nu'dici'ie I have hi en ntllicteil toi many u-nrs with the Pit- s nnd hare fled various rt lucdiis, but with no benelieial cti'-cts. Indeed, I be gan 10 consider luv case bop-'less. Hut, iibotit the hist of S. pii nilii r' last, I prctailed upon h) a tneiiil to 111 !v n tied of tlic aboie tnliled ined tine ; I look htsnilvice nu I rijoice lo say that laniuotoiily telieecd. Ian. as I ti, fieve, per.eclly rureil I most carta siiy 1 ouiieod 11 to nil wlio m-iy liave the mis. foitunc iu i.e .i.i.s.i.-.l won that nmioviogaiiililauer o,s di-case. Vtie re-pect felly, t t.tir oh 1 ferv't. 13I.Y .M00U13. Nu YnnK June 1 1, IriiS. Mrns ICrmiiM !i IIkviiiv. (7rnflrmrn : Thi-) certifies th-it I Inie been severely nllbiinl tr many wars w nli the P,Ii. hut iinie pntiu-ulaily i i th in the inM nine nvuith-1. I him;; tid nil tie- remrdie prtf-eribed by my ett. nl". Iiariu tii'd i.ther tiifnii's to hti'i-or'tin itdi'int'iif', I Iwentii"; lery tnueh ih'oiinu-'d it nd u It us though I uium uti.'rnsl"ii;f us I liietl Ihit piuvi Irnti.nlv I wis j.iformed bv Air b tt, IiiMmetnr oi the Pi. Vie bool at Sum u Im.iiuI, I iioui 1 b e re. I by ymir i tluihle I'd. lllti-tut- I ll"M" ! ' "mi leiiee m hi' -t (menl, I uuni"vli:i- "'' I r 'emeu une oi ric iue.ii' me anti uiu leiy irippy in niionn nu ut.u l run now penecuy cureu oy the iiM- ot onli o.ic bu. Veri iruli lour obedient servant. (IKtnt .S IHJliT. CUOdH, Xotii v.-Tli1 senuiiie lTplnms V,U etunre basins Minn u fn:ii.nuie, tluis ( rr A I'pb mi, .M. 1) ) The t iiNn do'ie ivuli n inui. Pi lee. il a bnx. S :d,ii;ioit'si!i an I rt f nl hy I'rvMi-iw lu.tciuit; j l'Jl piltmi M'eet.X.Y. A (' k. and ( li o. A. I Harrinuton, Ajji'iits for I hi ih ij-tnn, and by I.utits ; jji'ii.-inlly lbreiijliotit lb- tT. S. mid CnnaJit. Ilu,hiit4in,.lul fi, IMs, win. ft - iiEAvi-: ron:i;i) n;?-. It i.s w.irreiiteii tit i,c p.-rieeiiy pnie ri nil i-im-, win lint iiL'oim ibe tiuimnl (ir uifure tnot t ''ii il he ud no ili-tM-e . ,t itrotii t tn ti t.nn j ihi'fiper than most ol' the nniinioiip ivlat h ate bfina eireuhled thlt' mhi'itt tlie emtutri , hi'ini put ep tn taryer pn kn L'es, "uflien'iit toeurenn oubnn ea-e ot Ileal , and to fi.luiinii.ter in a ii'7eii en-i- t enld. eamnli, Xr. At thin i-e.iwni, irln'e (be Ibu-" i? sie'tiUiu 1iim nut his in il en riy ii uiueh n-dm fd, ami lie t-t etreuey b.ible to eohK e , in.n.y ot tneipieiil lle.ives me cnutrieteil nmv but, are d bv piMure or ii'iiui iiealher, till thy bienk out in Itnl fort e in the till. Thoit-atnli ot huren enn be saivd tiout luntie uiiMHindnef-, il, when the lim .j ttiptnuis ot eoid or wlieezntj isiibM-iird, a lew ibi tit the T.itler'iUV Ileaie Ptwilers shmild be adnnuiMeri'd. They tire wnneuietl in wholly enuhente ri'itnt henves nt this ea.Htin. c:ki: vt siMti.xr; iM The heave powders, .ien in miuiII duecs, will be fdimd uinM Um'IuI nt this ne ,mu. They (tuuul.ile ibe km to e;il olfllie ciip'Tilnoii- hair nu I prnduee new ; they (oommi the hide, i!ie a nlo---y tippfnniiee to the t eoal, pron-ft nyam-t di'nse they also frmit ili'ir line nheiii.itiie nud re-.toiatne p.mers, purily llie hlnod , nntl reiiointe the whole Mftfin. lioinh letyntr nt tin- sen-foti ni uiueh ns any ot ih? buunii nee, who li. id ii prep nation ot arj- ip.mll i u-.lulto firr-ei n vitiated Kinte ol the tbi.ds, incident to the ehnij;e ot wentber, whuh in the piiu,; nlhrels ot nil nmuml n well:!-- nil lettable lite 'Phis rem 'dy Ins ncq-tbed a stnndln neer befi n nltaineil by any lion. medicine, nnd in lact we know no parent luedietne th'it hns reeeived r ni.tcli eotn- mend iii'i'i rniwd.'tihg th-' line it has been ishcd in ties ctiuntrv. Mule linn rrt Kl and written testinioiiiiils hate toliiiii.irinlly been ten len d Messrs. A 11 CouhA Co -leriily that Ibouj'it on" tiiuknjjf of Iviikhnlc'i. Ttrrri-vi t s lleuic Powders, and iisi'd tut a horpe el lllttie th It was troub led N'teiely with h-'ivcs and the tinijle pickam cured him. 'I'll' (wwders were given about two i uhs lion, nnd f have never s.'cn nny indications ol the disease since. II. J ( nil Ds. I. ei llroomine-sl Mr Isies.President otihe Siiijeiiicf Itnik.i'itoiins us that he hid a Iror.- ure.l t.l heilV' s mi I bid cuiljh Ii one p i.-kiije. tli e I to t. .1 us nut he i J S S ii. ill, 1 1 l-'ultnii-H ca.l i -.1 h's ii ol u ilio.t Hiinoy lie oiii,n:oeJ bv elide ie. an 1 iron iit-so.itc i , ol woims nud geufi.,1 lufk ol loiidition l.y thi nri.iu,s leave l'owtl-i I'MiacI liom a litter fioin a nu'relnint nt ( 'id.' V w Im tittssiild uu i.oiili lle o l.ltltlll ol the Hi ate row-UCIS . , .... I i,-,..t,l II mrLtioes eft and wood hke tn Ii.iie ton wiiil I enx'e liitire ntlllleitliltetv I woiutl not like to lie out n cvci) lmy who wf i .. to jet a lemcily lor then hms, s, " Tntiei-sdi's, mid wil, Hike -: iis.itiui sl-e." Yours o.e. Wst. C Lt.t - t'lide New Yoik I l'nuit Alrrndy rnblifheil. Ib sidi-.s the uhote we can rt-t, r to the puMislrd N JTS K l, I ;V.'I JontCl ;ie;N: ti, ii. .,... tl . i.ti.-h.,..- V, I '. I'm! (' I .mil. - ,-. ..I l. ....... I- I 11... .1 u s:,,,., , i.,tv. - ' .1 dale nnd others ol iluseiiy. winch pievcs e I ' - Isitt-ly lhalilistlie be-t remedy wlucn can he ei" I" bmsi-r trouldi d wnti hen v. . -e ''"'j 'an, " ,i 1 U ! ' outlituui Auipl, 'ir f '','" " null ' ',''"'; I'eco.npuny .ach pack . . , ,., ll ' L, -inJ Co. Ha. 1 I ulton-n New-'i ork tnviotiosfiii-lorlluilu'eien' I I Nfitv Onmls .1 . V . EE A X B A ffi li IffAS JUST RI'VrtrftNtJM Fit-.M XrAV Yn'k with n large a"5rlmctit of Wnlrl es, titv; i-lrynitil I aWy nrtieU,. e hns now the larcest and oest iimhh,.,: n, -i i ,.. ,1.-, i., rt ... IT , I- ' HO JO S llllll JOl I I' ) limUHli'n .. ri tor f "'d f"f '.ale h, i!,c Htntc of ermntif , nrrl be V1' . tlh !(er than they can be bought in I r T !' I"""1,' nr ,rw Vork, ol the saint quality. I i , T '",'M, , 'dver Watch-, f ,, kindi, (iof.i I,.K.k.'.olcV1-,yr,t,.tn,(i,,,,lt.,,nr, , j,, i (jold reus 111 I, old i.,s. I,., i .... ...,i .. , , , . ,,' ' "'"Mr rirw ork, ol the saint ipiahty. - --.-'""' ouver wnteitf-soi nn ainus, ,oia (!old Senk tm.l Key, l every Pattern, nnd n prent yaticly ol utal 1 i.u , l,v1 Suw nnd cluster 1'ius, nnc i.". i i n wim i-s'V ix s,.nor Mincn. liiM'i. Iw-n ilojcn ltt jit loiftTi (ir..., .,,,1 i a-ps. (iold lluuililis i,i lots, nn Chain Slides. Gol; Kings of ft cry ihs.-'i iiU'rlm trntnSSrtntn W Car ll'iois, l trj.s in - ind, I'lain nr rhnsnl Knr Drops, with Coial mid r-ione Seitituf, Itr-n j IJnys, l'".nl and Shell ( i.rd rnv s. Ivory Tnb!-t, H.tcci ii-ois. i.ingsaiiii i 'i - -is t-urse .-siu,,vc. cc. Ihiill'igtiiu, .lime 1",. 'IS w5l KSudiuaii :t;5il 3ti3'Ihi.on Mull llwul. mWO ASSi'.SSMKNT ol' PIVU 1)01,. U htiscach have been ordeii-il tiy the l)iu clors oit cai b tiha.c ol m- ( npiln! So- Is of the Holland ntni PiUrliugiou Hail lloadt I'lnpuiy , one tha first, nn I the otlcr on the lath dnj of August next. Paj ment nnv he in ide lo the Hanks ol Hnrlingtoii, Vcrg'-nues, Mid. Ilebnr . Hint k liner, Ibdlows I'nlh, Ch -siiire Ilml. . ICeiMie, N II. II 0. Pcikais, nt the Hail lload oll'n".-, Hiitland, K-lward Pickering. f)D State Street, Ho-tou, or to the Ticasurcr nl bis tllitc in Mnldlebury. SM SWIFT. Treasurer. Middicbury, June Ul, lHlrt. w 53wfi milR SAit.SAl'A f HII.t.A COMPOUND of this Conipany is almost literally a sitlpltnte ol Snr- .apnrilln o lilgtuv con cntratcd is it tliat the il"te , the half of a rerij itnilll trnrjitittii Uil. while ih" doc 1 1 that whidi is sold ut large bottles is nenr Iv n irine gbss full I In ntblil.on to Safsnparilla it contai'-.s n powerful con llurdoik. Ou'-en's Delight. i centrntiouot .oanilrake I'.lder, Yellow I) k k, Guiacuui and other important medico ms which uic not lound m nny otlurprcp- iiinlion The (Jru-s's Di t.innr whieb (urms nn fsemial in -gredutit in the Ginefent.iig Snrsaparilia Compound, is probatily stipej ior to S irs tp irill.i itsi-lf. Prole-ssor l'rost o Chatfe.ton.S t' ,sieals ot it ns follows in tlic Siiiidiern Journal of .Medicine nnd Phntmaey : " few tcget.-ibleproduttionscxbibit more power ttpon he hiiuiau stsioni gcniallv. So powetlelly is its ne lion eerted'iipnn the c.ipiMarv and secreting vessels, in 'tnuyiug Pu ir st.m s or i ondiltoi and dis posing them to a iie, henhliv action, it is greatly to ii prcleired. .i- ,c " llel-irilicr tidds. Hint it is in chronic diseas. s nnd chrome uillaininntions, nnd n!s 111 Ihe long Ir on ol coii-eiiiu iices that follow sephllU, that its cllicacy Is best exhibited " The superiority ot the (rncleubcrg Sarsoparil'a Coiiipinmd nny be thus smtn! : 1-t It is coiupow ' ol n iminbcrof the most elTicn eioilf vegetables in ihe whoie riugeof the .Materia Mcihoa iiindJilion to rfarsiianlla. 2nil, 'l'liese are o highlv concentrated that there are tinny iirire dos's in the hutllc than in any ol the ,'ty largest hollies adverliscd. lid. Tins coiisentiatioii lenders it to Nnr-spinli what tini'iine Is to Peruvian ll-uk. The t.uire debited pieparntions are no belter than orditiait tootbejr; snuring on the siomach and spoiling in the hollies. Tu i"i- ii wens, infusnm of Snisapanlla w'.i n a sul pilcth ol the anient may be had, is like tal.iiig bark ul sie-ul of tjiimine.orlike trau-Hing in a scow agam-t n siiong ciirreui insiead of m n wilt rientner. 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