Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 28, 1848, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 28, 1848 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 1848. Cheap Hook Stove. No. 1. IV.CK's Dflt.DiN3, nORUVOTOV, T. (Next Unnr to the Cnmmrrrlal Bank.) v BY 0. B. EDWARDS. THE Lniscst Stock of Miscplloneous. School' C(isslcal,& Mccticrd BrWt. & Stttirn cry O bo found in .-.iv on? St't? rciTiri cf jNen- i nr. at th; m"r. f-.snmWo prices ftr Cmh milv. Ciitor.c met strangers, ore respectfully invited to fitimin" our stock. S3-Orders by Mail or by the Drivers of the vanoua line of Staiy, to this phec, promptlv answered. June 17,1 S48. Cheshire Kailroritl. KLTi'aii. iz-i-ij rrjxzrs r.rT, :r-y OP EX TO Ml, till" Pn'sellger ' Tinin will pin l.i connrrtinn vwth the rilcliburi: Train, between Boston nii.l hectic, ns! Leave Hcton at T, A M..iinil l.W,l'. .1. Arrive at K'C.ic m 1I.OT, A. .M .Mil C V M. Leave .xccneai o ,.i i., -Arrive nt Boston nt la, M , nnd C 30, P M. At Kuril', Fuses "-vill connect '.villi nl! the train to mid Irom Wnlpole. Bellows Tails, Chester, Cnven ilili, Ludlow, to Iturl.i ml mill linilinatou ', D.ew?-ille,.l3tca.i,rinili-5lownHiii'i'ti"l'l. entliciklielil. Clireinonl, N"Wpo't, Windsor, Woodstock, mid Jlo'itptlier to Burlington. Jills line, in connection w nil in' i imu"u, nr road, and the btifn t" nti.l Iidmi Kecne, f.nn n di rect line of cnmuinuieatini's between Ibr-tnii n ml Northern Vi rinont and Noilhcrn New Hiiiups'uue mil lh shmlcst ii.ul vw.t Jiirrtlinr between South irn, Middle, iiml Western Vermont and Western New lhmpsliiic aiul Bos'on ; mul tdsn. inoonncttion with the Stairs Irani Wmchcmloii and 1'ilehl urg tn Worcester, nnj the Worcester nivl Providence Unl loi J, the miM direct line between these sections, ol Vernion' ami ,ew niinm-inn' ami n o-i i sicr imi ty ami the Stale rf liluule Nl'iinl an.l in connection twill Slap's Ironi I.ttlrloll, .Mass to Lowell, a dilccl I'onniiunicalion between the lain- noitionsof Nov llimpsluie iinl Vermont ami Lowell. Picight trains will nm d nly, In and lioni Boston, In connection with the regain I'ilchburg Trnui. T ,M KDttAUDS, Picsidciil. 1, TILTON, Cngiucir. Keene, May l.'i, ISIS. wllf Medical Ailvci'tEsvctit'Ui, All f the fMiiriiia in tides irhich lutic nlt'iined nu?ntnnh-tl fniinlaritv ttrr Ftihl hi AN v 1: 11 v a l 1. 1: o it 1: si v i) v , A)itt mi Alttittmtcjnr IS IN (iwi, lt For Colds ninl rL-urii'h firlins nml jnermt' id For Asilunn, Liver C'umplaint ninl ItulicjuFtif fertion. 31I-Vr I)iai1imIiiiHi:pt!onnntl hut of Appetite 4th For CncmrnrF" in tatn:i!r nml ninle. flili Fur Stoninrh iilll't'tidii", Dvspcp'-ia nml IMpp. The pirat I'nhit nit', it h nut Irul m ink-, tievcr givrs p'lin.nml iirrer Irtirrsurtr cwtirr ! ! Fur nil hvv tliiiiir- it i wnirantnl u:nijuilletl, nml nil who do not find it so may tetuni the buttle nml get their vinunj. Tiif tiicdirint' i fon$lry'ti "trot Western Indian Panacea. I'uller ilt'M-nplioii 111 1111 Alinuiinc fur gratis. Haiti Tonic To the Ilnld nnd (Irry If vnu wMi n. rirli, luxunent head 1 1 hair, lire lumi ilniiilinirand ftcurl, do not fail to procure tho urmuiii' Iblin ot ColinnUn. In cn.- (.( ti:ililiifit will nmrc tlinii reed vour rprci(itioiiH .Mnnv wlnt liavt to-t their hair for twenty rar ne vu it iPtortb to it oii pinal prifrciion liy the u-f ut thihn!in Ace, Miilc or condition npiit-riis lo lie no hstarle whlt'rr : it nKi cauaf th tiind to How with which Uk ihlicntc hair tuhc is tilled, bv which meant thoumd- (wIiom hair wa evy rnt tlic Asiatic cnylp; nc had iIHr hair restored to it in tut til cu'or liy ihrt ne ot ihi in valinlisp. Tn nil ra-.'.s ol ltvrr tl will hp (mind lln most pleasant w;t-!i tlint can Ip ii'-ed. t rw npp'icn liom only ore np('p-ity In Kerp th' Inir fmni tnUiur out It Mirtijiihi'in the root, it iii'mt fads to imparl n rich cln,y nnneanncc. nnd ny n tvi funic for th toilet it is un'nunl!t d ; it hold- thtep tinip" as inurh n other inHcnnnl Irnr iifHTMh. and i more ( ll-'elual TIip ucnuiiie niautuadun d only hy Comftoelv A'. Co. lil CuuitlamUt. New Vntlj. Co.i:i.'s Ma.icai, Taiv HxTKAfTon Tt i now coni'pded hy metliral tu-Mi tint ('oiinpfp nnicnl I'ain Kxtractt-r, niannfaelined hv Comtoek Ar Co.. '1 (,'ourtlandft. N Y.,iu the cieatpft wonder of the iy, rentury. If effect aie truly niitnculoua. All pain ore reiuiivpd fiuin htirn(Penld-, Ae and nil eiprnal Foreti, in n lew niiniiles mier Hnppliciition, liealinc the same on the innt UeljcatP s-kiii, leaving no n-jir It i equally hencficnl in all kindofinflimmntorv tli- penHcssnrh nssorc ipnpnnil l;ye : ntairs, IMieu iiati.u, While .SvM'Ihliir and Ulcers Itliea, lurn. Unllhtaiiifi Lij.ipeai, piles Tic D-iIorenii, &.c. We tnidit ndd ns in no I to nil we fa the tuiinea of inanv enunctit ji'iVMcims who n-e it in their practice, null hundred. of tlieelprnv who irnisil to iliir neoule. Kind pardit keep it eontnnily on hand, in eae; of neciuent ny me lip may ic lo.-t witfiut u, imt liy ii ue nil hums nte s dTi to itn ontrol.iiiih th ital tire destroyed. Cmitfun Iirnieinher and n-k fir Connefb Mafricnl I'jiiii II.(r.ictor, nnnnfaetnied h) Coniioek A- Co. N V nnd take no oilier. l)n.r.vis- i r.i v Dr. .McNaiks .f ot Tir. On.. Thoyt da (muh o A n;e nnd ftuiu piI.iim y ufien ie ceive iheir hf.nri'U m a rnn-t iniinetilun- inJiip'pr. by the .t of iIip oil. It linn t!i" 11 -el to reMine ll e ti-n. fion nnd hrins irtnike mini 1. 1 aetiutioj the part1- o as to te-stoietli? htH.i.5 wliev lo-t or inipniml. Thi will he donfi in lie-.- ni i --eni d i) ip-, nnd mm of lona st-indm N de i p :;( fhnuld u ihi-oM Com-toeli 'M'o 'il LVjrttaii f,j-t nic ihe wliJi ijI-'- Trice $1 per ll .-k l'jr.ES, io i. ii.c Tuf fJpM if. Hay ' I.tvivr-T' is nn nrtLle inure tntly f elthrit.d n a cure for the ;i!ioe,tliMi ipiy r al1 other-. Ii- e in- a.v rtmo-t innuinenih;. '.!. I it i-o:u nerr -ary to let th' who Know the tuiiei rn I u.-rd it n.eli trrml nipees, that it i to h l1'. I tiij" Mid (i nuine ot (onvu e't V Co lil Courtland t. New Voik.-ole propiieier Pit. Snio's Nik Hi m.ui.i. I'lm-dv. W hy will you Filter witli t'"it di-'i'--ii j rompl ni.t whut re tnedy ib nt Inn t tint wiij pnt tix nrr yon ( TIim temedy will i llirtirikv destroy :niv Jittaeli t f l.ejd sche, either rennti'-or 1 illious. It In cured cj-ps .f twenty wars ft-t -dpi .M'rjre.s Ui.i i" --I mimn I);-fovruv All xpe"tup t-i h-eoiii mothers nnd rnnton to noid th" Finn, I) trep5 nnd Dincer of Child nr i'lir.nre enriieiiy entieaieil to Cnlni tlien fear-, i.ilnv their n"rotiMie'?, nivl ootli tliIr way hy the tp; of. tint iii't-t ( xireonlmary Pi:etatle iirftduetion. l ho.f who will cn.i liJly ohetve i triurs, tnu3( nppioe tt it in ihr h-;m ; every kind nu I ntl'-cttrtnaie hm- l-aml will f-el it his most poIpiihi dutv to nlleviiite the distrPM his wif i xnu-d to. hy rt wile nnd ( pti'iin . tllfthod. whiell 1 the tl of thi mtliHr'K nioft. Pur. 1 ther pirticnlars iii pTinplilen intended tor the fpmale p,nre to he hoi Limtiswhete this humane eonhal in to he f.uml 'j'he Moth-r'- relief 3 prepnred.snd only, hy the now w,,(. pioprit-iet. CumsiucK c Co SICouttlandM .Ww YoJk Fort Wonns K'or mst"' k Vrrtvitrr.r will eradi rate and c ure childieii and ndulwwlio fnve worm Cn ut inn Ileware of rdl unN ili mine i f-i-'l'id 'Kolmstuk" ill lif Didi mute of the tmenier V'f'f 'p ,M l"r Zr' Iteannot injurp the Chilli should ileje he no woni:(l.nt it will do it geod lo T11F. HUT AM' I AM., ComMot: kV NeUe nnd lione I.uiuueiit and Indian eyelnhle r.lmr. is iU- inot efjt-i tiui i-iire for lih-nmaii-'iin onlraeied or imwles, nnd U unm-un-d tn i mc nnv can- of IMi-u-1 i" i"r ('"'" ''" above nitidis me huhl h i. I.. Iliiiiington, and A C Spejr, BuiluiL'ion. June 15, MS. v'lllud D.M.VAliNEY White vinitli. Culler iV (ii'ii n:i(h Rf.SI'KCTrL'M.Y aniiftmrestn the inhabitanls n llurhnglon nnd vicin'uy, llmi lie ,ns relumed tn this plnce mid ngaiu commenced I ii.n.. m il,,. old Hiiml.nii Col!, gr ht , foimerly oerupird by bun, wheieittietly applying!, imell tn bu.niess.mid doing vvotk when piounsed, he hones tn secure a portion ol mc iiiiiiuiinue re on. loruieriy nail. June Its. li IS. TIN. IlllASS, Cwvm AXl) Siikct Inr,x Ware.oi nil ilfwriri.oin.forMlraiilie Burling. ion Agncunuiui .mrei.ou.e. vety rlirnn for eash i'i r.itci:. DAVKY (, CO. Slirrp Mat kilt";, COPT II III) CHALK, or Marking, rrn -- finniiy lortjiie, in i.iitr .11 i-iniiu qiinnntiM, w, nu OMlillllini. 'l ,'l,i u", "nn .ntl'lM.MA, nv JONA'llIAN P. 1IAI.L Jk rn Apr-10, ly- No I, fnion Mint, Homon Chtitliic SSail ISoail. ?-&m &2 tSTQj gffrger '.-.T'rTrT vc-rt-f ON and alter October 13th, Tinins will lun over this Uond ns f i'Iow.i Passenger Trnins will be 11111 in Winehenden in connection with the Pitchbur" Tiaiiu, which leave thnrleetown nt A .11. ana 1 r. ill. From Wiiuheiidon at U 15 A. ,M. und tl 10 P M romiecthig will the second mid the hiM filchburg trains In iiostnn. Htngeii from Wotern and Northern New llninp' thire.and the Stale of Veimoiu. will deliver and re. ceive piiwnger, nt Winchciidoii in connection with all tne anove j ruiim. A freight Train will b run djily eneh way in eon JieCIIOIl W illi nie U5U H 1 hi uuuiE f iei"ni 1 rem.. T. M. liDWAKlV-i. FrcHdent Oadi 13J7. Iti POPULAR OPINION. If pn)i!il t npittl 111 r nnv rnt"rl"n I lUf win Hi nf AH k nt tit" f'llmMnS it iT tl Oil'"- OI IK f-tt'" M H-m T-miiim ut .mhui iVmiTiJMi:.MNM.iviiiNr. .... )t , ,t i M'tv lt't tins Mintmepl l iloinjl mm t'"d Iwf rml r'-enli"r'. 'I'he uirmiu ih .ivpi t ut re cire.J. wl.Mi ""ie 'uppn-cit t - I- nirr m.iponlv hvl.iieriiilrem ' V.' l,,c ,,,,rt.,r tltW ( o:t.i"if The p-n;ie on nlii.h It cerintti, vi nrailnnl r tnttrn "f''e lvntMe l'rrriritton, U Iheareit vcre it It- m.civ.-. A nuMihtew tll .-..l.t liMhiced tv rutins tin- pure u.ion the u.fue. it rillir tint if 1"' ''J i.cnt the p..n-.c-jn -e iiPiirtt, una the inei-i "l",n"."" ur.d m-rlml Imiu t of the li.-J) w .11 tiu.ipe. mill n i c,MMM-mrVAtj;n oivrMr.NT in, w Vf ii protnl io he thcliMA rt'iur itmn miow n 10 ciic tht rciilt. . wnll il r'"MTK lllll ttua tn inr iiimm.i.. i..,n ).. ni fint Mttiiciltis ni'ii twr'iiy W'iir ne i i-r "f Viwj'f ir iiiHiij t Ihnn (tie mul fii jpim. Jllftl r 11" 111 U-e "l" K lie I 1 'Clin, mr lll-liin 'mim ''t ;iiei1 lo jiPlil OlllV M l!)OriHt M-nieiM", now mvn lil.iint, ,tiniii'rilion. .snnii t, mi iie:tei in me .'nri"' I'tot tin1 l.'te IiopIi t'ticiiriil w InV oilier whotirp Pikntjiri'MMrili 1 1 hil-ntm. little -.115 ir mini; . pllli unil Jnif!, wre et iiiiri)r. with tilth li'.peof riroerj-. U .IMIiC-"' lioiif m 'Mint ' we h-el nml knov tint lif.Ulli nml in-; rf iir-ir 10 every one. lVrotti fjmitM (CUM uein:; ihiioii'm n iner iiiny'"' lutij a tliere wn no niilt'iicc of good. U'hil willnt u tn 111 Hive I t hH nu 1 r In TP ClVe HIP It tin 11111 j in inr I'TMin un-i m their ill c i-i. Tim I hiH a pirl ofw Ii itwi- Imp. he!i!ci lull Vriitie it' now tit our pni-cjiion. .Nae, If we tint the li.inirM of ill hotiHvetiefii henelltl d orf iiri'd li ttie Mil HI. U.IVt! ittNl'MKNT w Ihin I tit li-tVix month-i c rniilil ron r thn w hole hrmd-iili of 11 tn -pting houe with their 1 utn'iiT. tt it v kito, niir Iricnilt will lell It in iln-if frifii'l. Htiil lliy. In n.rn will whlpcr It to tliPirn mid linn Ho C'io.1 tliiui: wilt j-'o roiiiul, w lolo Hum inure III 01 twite ten lhi'll-oiil lienri w ill lenp (or joy' in the (.'ooit r reiveil I rum tin tmtiuent. IVn ml rtierr 111 on tn lint gn1.1l wink. h fM ikmi! I tit' w hole truth to jour neiijliltors ami imiuiinUnie. inol let lliii preat nn I pood tnntin'tif and ttt wii into every Imu-e, nml pliitlilon the tic.nt nt i-vrrv "-nill III Hie I il it Wl- h iv r roiim o ily ti pive n iinu minilier oni-unci In New Vi.rkionl It iliiuiore, now In our pit.eiion. '1 hose trotn I'luli'lplphii. U-etnn nnd othi r phtrci, wc re ohlis 4 il to te it unlit enttrulv. Jn'in PrP ir, I- He tcr t. Itl nmitisin Utillhl Mllerk. 237 Se Oil 111 M. I 'roll p. Willi mi Ti rrj.t'U Idwir , P.mi in the hreat. W, 'I hntiti on. rur Mh v tt -.'h ilo. I . tt. Mv.iln. .13 lit 1 kin in st., Pi!?, I), It Vi ihli r. PM Untrmi t , Ih -entire, J.ihil Wter II Hovers, Mill tieil. Jtiu kit" " l.roti t.. Ilitrii. John Ihi'i'ir .'7 tlu.l.on M., Ilrtil-c. 1 1 1 ,mv I, -tn I- i-r th t.. l.ivcr r.iuip'iiint. imnl Uolierts l2 r-nii.l t , llle'inii ite-m. C. l.t!T.nt. Her km in till tin S dt ttlicii 11. Win. Al'ite. tit It-nvtiy MetiW rou-ih. Vimeitl Kill. I.'t Mteil l. AMhim-nue thmtlt. M. XV, I put:, I'm t'ln rry t , Ithcmii it if 111. it!i r.ln.inl. 31 li'-lii.ry rk u he. lOjrnri. V.M.h. 5 S.Mi.i'iiel t lit: ivy 1 old. J.ihn tl. Tivl-T :tl t . He lihrlie unit prnj'ilon (h trie P. Sw 1111, 31 1 llrnlse tt It rook I) n, Snre leniils ll. I.. IIrov.11, .VI mi -t.. do. I.rjsliieltii. tlivnilt P.lvirl- iir.-nt, !,. I . S.-e h it .h. fJirnh Mn ill '317 111 or t . r.on in the M.In r V II (Mnmirr '3,i:i I ulton t lo tnrni 7- Clin t . I'lnnni'tl liied. Ninth UliviirU. Jli 1'il-iMV it , Iti.'.m-N lu thf held. A Mcrr'tiHit. '.) tl'ivr r t 1:1 imi'ii in1 Willi uu ll'irvf I -3'i tl ik t , S W lletinet '3 W.itt r t., II. Krot. t!V I'e.irl t., B , Snetli. l3)7 1 1. t nnv it., . Ilwe, .Vi Willi til. t. r. ipmiiv. Kit i UmMi. '337 HleeokiT I ir. Mm hi I. 13. 1. J .n h on m HUvnt.m kt rhii-ki'ii po, lktvy S rc ilirmt. i:iicuir,atis.-a l'.iitl in S Lic it,), do, Asrtii- in thr furo Wiiu'ii mii I h a hreait Khi iim-vtWiii U T. ttu-H I. nk M. iln Murk trc!ii., liru uiway, i'i, l With t, 1'eiol f Kruplions V, I,. Sli inhiiw, Jii' Pronlwny, Si roluht linoDKI.V.V. M. Ii Mvrtte nnd .T irk-nii it.. Lue in itjr f .re J. K. ttellowK. '311 Cold M Kheiiui iti m -tin-iel Mnl, :i;i Prliin-fl , Jlfiid uh'i I...N Ilil.lwm. .MVrt'n.V fcfJolit .ll.Jl1 J. Am l.mooilv. V3I .1 kcwi t., i. ulitr-ot Mr. Unroll 3.!t o.M r, t'orii. frottp P. I'tl'PJ, .M-'.l II t'Olt I'I., 1 Inn rmi i.n itniMn:r:. , (icnni, II irre K II iwhoI !., I.rnptioii and deep sorci .. iv u.i nu. MhMiry st.. .-nres ion) swelllnsi. 1 Si'rrrp. I.'rht t .ore eve. Sore im P tin in brei't. Sn iiiht'T pr tin. l'.-i'i in h ad. iti,, ten tiftit. P n-i in Mite nml hick, K'lt nm 'tiin. I'nn In tircijt, J-orf i i ni". i;!Minii lit the liffid. I 'ori. h rn thr nt. r.i in in i.tHit. I iV. f-wi IV) I'.rr-ot. I' 'If in j ni t. ('urn. Tore h'j. te isp nt'tlie PjPiP. I'.ou in li.n mi Surp f u i. Pun In ehPM a.l mlfl IMifl.tlMtl-IO. t-"i re ihront. Allt p r ikr in li'e. I'i i nnd l-U-iK. P.tirn, he ul 'the. P on it. 1 ti k I '.i in in llir hrtitl. Win .1. II 'tuition, Wilk t.t It Ilun'eira-t, II. P Pott, .iht t., ,, tiiii r.ini. leu (., . I., trch itlio-r. II iiiovrr St., K. I-i'io'V ork t., I. . M iin'hl Prill Dt., .'oln. liiiiin diry. II. Trim Hill t. J V. It.rvi v. l.i;) t t. P. Htieni e. II rr t., I!, Pri'i r, II iiiio r, P. P !-imn II P -I., i:. i;. p..her. ii u i . Ptttl'T, -i uirrvi t Co , r Minth Ar.n-P d I u.-, It. it.itli. . 'nt -t . , I.tCOIHpt. I,'lit t Wei. .Nurilr, 'tiliurr) t, J. It' mrr. t . M'l'uti In u. Ilol l , J. l-.i-.r lli'l M . Mf, lii, t iitivii ii -I , Vr . ll ui t. t-. N'nklv. J.ih!ifii l , W. tl T.r i r. Mm tj iin.-ry t , J J.dino'i. .13 .'iitli P.r i t , I llm Wiii. o'l Vork !., r. ti'.tr'inti. ii s. t n ru. t.. II. In.clev Unlit t., "J". I.iv'i. Wi I in ill M . IVifpermn wi'ithd iii. II. V, tilt in, ,( Htt rli tin, Tn fcr l-iteniti il hy a J. t Iftjli i. I 1 1 mii-.i1 m, H. H. Ilnllmer, Talk IJnu., here tl.r n't m it tow eje J to 1' Ii.llni iiiiilnn in the Ux. M. n it, Mr, ii.m i nr;li tt. l'.nn ci ii.p i-t. ri,i.r frihl brnl. "nri v f" I -I; I'mii lu Hie , pit.e. Viitl, .1.. llenihi he. Win. K.i f-in.ii l,i"lil .1 I'tiiiiiieiil-iii. r'-M-lleil liiel U throM r'm tint Itm.I. i '.i ll 111 .nl,'. Mr.. P. While. Mi., M. l.i, in. I.'iri'lui' .Mm. fiinH M'l'ul, Inn. ICS Hturv .'. niMiir. Mm, Miir; 1,'nin. c riih rim . Vl. M. I U York .t., Sir-, I nii.f. y.i ii. ii in,, r. n.ry. .M. I'i .ill. (VI II nnl. nrj'h l., M. ll.n-i.n, lilit Ti.wn, II tVllliomi' Mill ill .1 irk.un Mush t . Mr., mtii U'r. I '.irnllne .1 , Hn i ll' it llinnt Porn, Srv rre w oiinit. Itliriiinilltm. (h.ihtHin-, P.i in in the henil. Si'iioil nrlpi inn. Ilip ro)iipl.iint Ktnii't ev il, I'.tin in hrpHt. b el Inl, II-iiiiii h. lttitfinnnli-ini. Kevin I urn. tliirrnl nnrrti. riirn. !I li.u I .i Win. I're.ien. I'!i,uti t i. II h il. -..e ,i., Mr. UI. Stn,il;.'iiirrj' it Mr., tin I t Beilinglnn.lleo. Il llarringlonrheo. A. Peck : Wib iploll . I tilrllml A, Ii irliliimiil . .1 M. kellllc h.ti Co.. I! B (ireen ; Monkton. M. W. KuiMey i-rriKburgti, Allen ,v. Heeler i t narlotie, i.jon ej Alexouder ; IlmeFburgh, Mnrcui Hull; Vinoiihki ill. v 11. Hatch, (irand Depot III 1 ulton St., CLAKK, FISK & CO. aasi eui.TON NTHiniT.vr.vrroitK. HAVn on hand, nad offer lor sule n choice t-epc-lion of 1'ieih Teas liom the late nrnvals, com- prisms c 43'J 100 sT.'l TS 3T 2T5 80 5T 314 Young 11 soil , Old Hvson, Twankay, Gunpowder, Imperial, Plnwery Peccn, Pouchoug Niiigvnna, Oiange Pecco, cho 431 Cniltlie. nl minil(i,.u Atco "ft lYI packages Tobacco, rompiisini! various brand and oj'ialiui's j l'ii,. nnd Segnrs; Macenboy and Scoich onullj .New- Orleans, Poitn Kieo, St. Croiv and Iln- v ' . ri cl usneil , Loal ami I'owdereil riugars; Hltfu S., .'prt.v 'I'.i... ''If.M.uHrl I'.. I f ' , "tvj 1 UI llie, an.; louuc.;;ulr w . rT' erel,.Sal.,ioiT, SUd il. V ' !.?ii" 1 V' ' ' '-'V and a full and ,,' i ". ...j y" weotli-r lorsnleni .T. i urocenes, vviucii .. i.i.i. . ' "r r,y lowest innikel prices, and 10 wincii we inviie me iiifimr,.. ,.f : chant. i , r. out f'l.AI.I.- 1..,- V 4 N II. Liberal advance inde ,, t,iK,lllwlllt White and Itlnt k l aim. WE have a fine nMorlment of Ivory, Bone Ebony and 11 ood 1 tins, plain and fincv stylcs.nlso i lew realh.i, Pottcboaid nnd Paper Fan,, lor rale cheap Pjmmmiid A. PronitPS. Jul; ., I'lv ,la'i "lo do tin do do do In Ho do do do do do do do do do Ho do do i, l.i ..I;,' '.. . i ico, ,Mi"iv en, di wroix, inn- PKAUI.IU BAMS, Knims W'-fc , ; llal lloxe. B,,x and Keg j si.i.tted and wcll'pi and Java Lolle.. . i.... IV. . - V-.7. arue e,unii wou u ri rim I The q'testion ii now fettled with rciririltn the real value and practical ctlicicv of the Pl.t TOhA L , ' SYJttT. in iemovin COVGllS and all other ilia- eases nnd ohstmctions ol the I'ft.MOi.'ir.v Onax'. ) Its supeiiority oer cwry other inedieme, for this cns I ..I 1 I.. t.- i.. 1 U.. I...n.l.n.ta In I "I L uiiii:iiiMs, l.ui 1IIICMCU i'J iiuiiuivu-. in I town who hive ns-d it with the happiest rculu; Borne oi w nose names nave nirenuy m mn pip'-r, end innie dt them will be seen very soon flieii' i no longer any doubt about it the fact i , tvitain. that t I D;t. roniVK PIU TORAI. SYKI'P. 1 Uolleis, l'ot itoe, Hon and Hreakln2-up IIoe. Drali, is tlu created remedy of the age ; it i jmt the thlnj IVirp, Txe.xm nnd Mailer Chains, Onrden I rojyels I that ln lonsr been hoped for.midi-oimht for, but never i and 1 oiks, Onulen Syrince., Kee'"" and Lines, 1 til founJ tdl now! vi?.. u ined.tine that should be;ir- I iiinB Knivei. Shear" and Sei'nrB, l'riinin Mwntitii I anttotric-qtihUtt effieaehus hen token ; safe in Unvls.Oardeiiarid IIeJ?c ; Shear?, l.rnss llookiam i!3 operation, nnd that it should require iiolhinu alter- tick es. Hill Itnijk., nnd Letter Slamp", I lot nml , w.iri!-" in the shape of i.hysie, or oilier medicine to Cattie C ards nnd Brushes. Ot V okes.liowsand 1 ins, I carry il out ol the stein. - ' ""tier S.mnps.Ox Halls, &e. He. It should he miiiiilarlv observed by the render. I Agents lor the Sale ot Moml!' premium Patent 1 that this i YltUP is not a lenn-Jy for dirensr. of nil , I parts of the hodv, but only for the UIIKST and Ll'XGS.nnA tor KOTIIlN: Kl.SIJt Hut for all PVT.MOXMiV DIFPlrVt.TlOi er eiit the most niUaneeil "tnces ol C')?Sl.rMPTin4, it H mi lxtAl.T.tni.K Kemi nv 11m n in the early Mages ol tint malady, il ha. rescued many in their don wind proarc", and restored them tn health, nnd to the ucme buiii ami eninymenls ol hie. '1'ry It, then. il ou haen C00'0'll,n" Jou will Lot be Jis aiipoiuled. f Vrlldii'iiti'S Home, March 1.1, 131 j. Dii. l'onti. Dear Sir: 1 vety cheerlidly cue my certilieate lur onr 1'ectornl Syrup, thiuuph lour Aueiii" in Home, Me.i:' IJ.i lley o I'eek. .My wile ha, been troubled with a seveie couzh tor some cai. nnd in the lucatiliine has tried wittous tneilieines ot repute. l,atlill her cough iuereacd and I felt wry much alarmed nlnjul her. I wn induced to try our Syrup, and inn happy to s.iy, tint two bottles en liiflv cured her and imnroed h'T ueneral hi'iilili I would recommend it to all ns a medicine of great wolth imit.vcr. x. nn.i., ub. mid Piiut. of Konriu Citizen. From Kpv. Zeelnriah Fnddoek, I) I). Dear Hir: Having ued, pensoiially, nnd in my fa mily, two or three hut lies ol yuur Pectoral Hjrup, I feel myself aiithoiized, indeed, hound in ihity,U)hpeak in hiuh terms of ihe article. For hoarseness which ' with mc, a" n imhlic speaker, has heen a iuo!tfoimiJ.i hie tlillicnlty, I have neyer found nnythins like it. In diseases 'o! the Jtiuo,tiud other pa its ot the oea , nronn. it t fiecls nre ninst yrntetul nnd Military. Its ' rematkahle palal'ihlene heinr very little more of. IctUMVc than pme honey, I consider one of it Hiiallcsl leeomuienil.itions. Inn word, I nm persuaded that were itsMitiie.s and its coincidences known to the' would hae nu extensive snle. . Veiy rep.TtfuIlv, 'A. PADDOCK. Forfalt'hy THIIODOKH A. PHCIC, t I irw-Jui Wholctale Diugdst. i I To Ulrccrici of Hordes. ' TIItiTiinitnrcii Hunn Housk. Sn: Hkmiv, vull ia ml this sea aon.endniii in. Sept t the stahle nl S. Ward,. Milt on Fnll,Vt. Hi rich pedimte, emhia 1 ciul' as it does within the tomtit ih-nree Mich horvs as lie in y, Sir Atrut imp. Ve.Mrt,ff,nutl ling. AViap, hi ncknnwledgei'f superiority u form nnd reniaiknhle I power ol transmitting its prominent points, ldlih ' lepiitation in New Vork, where many of his coll' aie now keiil as flock horse., nnd where he thiec recrived the fun premium of the New York State 1 Amicullmnl St ckty, tirM when a eo!t, at Albany, in aijai'i at poushkcf p"ie, in HI 1, nnd ana in, over fifiy-tlirce eompetilors, niter eleven eais of service in the html of Himwr.n, 11-ij ,ol Caniijride.N. V., nnd after hi stock Ind hecome thoroughly known throuohoiit the State, nt Auhuiu, in ISH', ninl fitnlly his h'oek.soinc of which we h-ive made nrranfj-nicnts 1 to hive in our pasture fur the iiv-pceiinn of iho-e 1 who nny wih to decide fioni their nun nhs'Trntiou, wariant u in .savins that he h one of the best Ii'jIS' ' t ... .... 1 I ...... . I. .... - 11 .1. I ! rver on i on nun nun mint:, n i l niimnecs oj compnent judg, may he lelied on he is the hest l,ore, - nsn letter of MM, endr.rinir and hold gom load.teis ' now otjeieil to the hreeUers ot cimont. fcueh wc l- lipvehmitohe. lIeieeeivpdtI.L.f.rtimMnniiofthP Chittenden County Soci-tv. held nt liar- ltugtou.hM Septeinlief.w heiehi coli wereeAhihiied tor l he lir-t time m the State, o one of which the jrt ' p-emium was awarded, i he Lunimitiee rematk, in' their report, "the improvement in sucking colts is wo'lhv et not ire." Sir. Hr.uv will stand nt Iflthe srasnn. lusuiance tigteed oil. IliMiniliee will he elnimed on Dimes di. poed ofliefiiie ihe time of foaling, (ioud pistiinie t will le prttvided for in.ites from a thiUanee, hut the I pioprietoM will iMi he rei-pniiMhle fiir ncehlents nr es capes. I.FF1MS SANDUUSUN . CO. tieorgia, Mnrtti 'J?. Irtiy. HUf. liiiEultci V;u'(l. SI MAI) & CO. offi-r for sale, m nil AY. vjt their piaic. oti Peail Street, neariv every desrrip tion ot nasMie-d l.t MhlJt O-i the opening of ( Nnvig ition, they wnl li-ne lor sale a htrge supply of Siiii.Lt, nn I intent) Ut k- cp on iiand, to supply ' the c'liiiiuumiy dun die s i-,t u, all kind.s of inrirhet- nh!e huinher. dUtt. 1 I'or Sale. 'rgMlUKi; f.ivMis fir two of thorn in I the tow u of "Milto'i sinnird near th" Milage ut ! .Milton FiiiK Oue ot tliPin contains 7."i dure- ot land with a good I nit );tl:ard, Houe lhrn, at.d nm huil- YV:i!i'5!. IMMi:i)IATIiY. AN AC'I'lVi: VOrati.M.W B .fH or 19 y.ari.,1 ag-, a-an npp-cntiee to the Sndillui!' huUHs, All kinds of rinddlers woik con stanily on h md and for s e cfienp-T thrm cverbctore in this County Hmcshurg Vermotu T w. rnnn.A- co. Mnyflth, ISiS. vvlf-tf LA TE PECK V SPEAU, APOTHECARY AND 1 Vh ofrnafr Druggist, nnu.iNCToN, ", is. i'ontami.v Ki:ci:ivf.r. ,',mi:iiicav,, innni. ami imjia DBl'CS: N'ew Cheniiealf: Leeches: Puraleal Iiitritmeiils : Mineral Teeth a ml Dntalaiiices ; Saline or .Mineral Waters ; (.eiuiine Patent (iinJ Tltouisonian Medi cines ; Pure I.irj'i'irs and 'ni"s ; Soda Fountains mid Svrniis: Brush, , Perlunies, Soaps. Inks, Blackings, 1'nncy and Domestic urlivles; I'oreigti .V. Domestic t.'igais, Crniind SiiCs, tJlass-Ware ; D)t-Slnll, (.amphenc, Ilinl, I lehi, 1 lower an t tinmen i-ceiis, , e. ill line, eveiv Iirillie llireciiv or lllUirecliy COII- I meted null llus biiiues cteit vviih ihis tai-mes., I'roin the ndvantnge of receiving .Mineral waters, ii':"-' iV.'.. I it:?nl: vi VI?,?.. '.I' i,"',: N'ac mihi- publication lo cmnm-.ale all the .h-easus I)r. (;,.,., i:Mrct f Vdlow Dock and Sirv,. .1, 'i'.. ,, . i iv .v.r.r I ,' , i.m;,, i-. i nr I rT . "'lr'''1 '')' l'u.i.t i .Mt' I'ain I.XTRACioR ; lut it pnrilli, containing other vegetable pr.idueiious th it act i n a I ..... , "L i ' ,' H l;lu, ;L m j; ' "":V 'V,re ;"""' Y"l,h- ' ';' '" l" " 'erm.,1 delican eoi-ntution ol the temale, ' r . , V , ;, ,f , t. , "'"""""!' liheumathm, In.Hnmul and H,,e Kijcs, ; ' ihe mildiievM.I an alter.ilne.and still showing I for papuieut, tor farther AppU to the ; Ihns, CnilUah.s, Cum.-, lS,l,s,Sus and I7r., u.,y pa,v it- laluable pmpertas, in such ca-es a. I ' ' Mi 1 1 on M av It) ' 4 1 ITin2 WYM N AUSTIN". I lns,l""'' ."l,,ui"c paiifol anv kind. 'I'he U- nre incideiii to ton-uiu.tion, Inrriiim"", leucoiihn a, Campheiie, Leeches, tcr ,peitodicaliy, puichaseis can post paid. relv upon iheit freshness. i Jlnuh 10, 1SH. 37yl liidividuiiu. wishing Tru-e?, Leeches, AVe., will al-1 Tnui. A. Pick, Apothecary and dealer in burgi wavs find a person in attendance to apply them. cal instrument. Agent for Burlington and vicinity. .Medicines din used m nil horns ol nielit. X3T 'I'he in nnt inn ol Diuggi-is, Plijsieinn,Mer-' chant, and MnmitactlneiH i sohciled, with ihe ns- ' surnnee, tint ihey can be supplied Irnni tin i ttatilish. , menl ns as at the city iiintkets. d , llytlrnuiic Ram. IV. tV 1. Douglas' I'alf ill. ' A ts'rfeclly umple and ctlective Machine lor fore mg a poition of a brook or spiiug loany required I distance or elevation, wheie a propoinouate fall run lie applied. The various uses of the Kam nre r.t once ouviiius, viz - i or ine purposes oi trrigaung Linus, I and supplying Dwellings,!. aniens. Piiciones. Village-, , i r.ouines. iiiiiiionu riauous, ,c n f j ; . '.v.v J.v t. watp.i;. Por sale hv I'Kinei:. DAVIiV fi CO. llurliai'ton Al'. Varthume. ' ? ". 1 " 1 . . . I nit, is o t.irllly, 1 hat.l have pure hasci nml put in use one ol Mevrs, vv. , ii. w hulas nn iioveu in- on mv I unu. and nm peilec v eaN-il Willi Ihe opemiion ;. the conimeiiu in mc, 10 an who water trom any spring or other rt. Uff i m Hream on or about iheir nremiees. The! 1 ,n,w"lt" 1 bave applied the Kam, is lily roils liouiiuv House, ninl bev elliy'Ill e leel oeiow a level 01 . the point wlieie I disihnrge the water in my dwelling. The size ol the , hiiH iiiii, iiiiiilicil In mv If nm. is unc i - . r - ' :v ' r" ' , " - aui and a qiaiier inch calibre, and lorty feet long, and has a lull, in running liom spring to Unni,nl ten lect. The discharge pipe, (lending Irom Ham lo home) i, half an inch cnlthie and titty ro Is in length, and runs up an elevation Irom the same, j u of H5 bet, nnd the water discharges in my house, a a-ifeCl y steady and K IKir handsome stream, j wouifl invne Biiw iowijii ioD-come ncqunin. led wiih Iln, new and truly useful invention, to call at mv hnilie. in Durham, nml 111I11.M ,1. nnerntinn. riiiili.m.Ci r.,ni .! , RAMttr; i.d TiiiriA! s , use uiie ii .,esi I nvriuxarox auuivvi.tviim, 1 Warehouse and Seed Store. , PKIRIJK, lArWY A: CO. niiuits ix rROUTV An mnr.' Celclrttctl Potent Centre Drcvisht, Self Shntrenii.i; istac-hUI,r.nd Sab-soil rwvsiit, nam ie. I Cuttitntort, Strait CiHtcrs,lie. Atw.ilcnler" ii cvorv varietv of Ajjrii T00I3 mid Machine?, mi aie : vouesc Slircl. uuriinsion. in 1 rjjriciiliiiral nnd lilllOllg WlltCll 1 In:s? t'nwrrs. Vecetable Cutters. Com and Cob Cracker., Snpir Mill?, Grindstone", Horse and Han I It.... II. l' .. . ' .. . .,' II liny ccyitici1, iSiams. lilue1", imu tltmiff. r.listie liny mid Manir Forks. nE, Shovelsand liine9, anil rMoms i nlilef. Ti,.., m,.i rimr S."innpr.. Avca. !liteh ( ia, and IninnieH. IVU and Iron Bars, Axe, JYirk, Hue and Shovel itamiles, Sheep Shenn and I'rnit (iathereis. rini-il, n Mnrrlnf... linrn-door ami Prietioi Scales, ami deilcra in Meehamcs looH. compri-ms unt? I,c

est cxtia ('net Steel chopphiffn nd Brond axes, tlui'iil. nvn l'liMri, Ktnnnlimr. T.ilhill. tllld Claw llnlehets nnd Ailze.nll warrantid ; Bread, Butcher, lluntini:, .latk mid l'mket Kniies', Hand, Butcher, Cross Cut, Circular nml Wood Saw, SIiiincm nut! us tie: Aho, dciih'M in Mr. ClnikV Sole l.-alhcr, Douglas' I'ntent rmnps Wheeler mid Downs I'unips, Lead Pipe. Chums, Cheese Pi esses, Baskets, Tubs Pails &.c, fee. ... We hue an nssntlinenl of Biwits on Agriculture, j Itui nnd tloneulluic : also a complete n- sotnncnt of field, (;nrd"ii mid Mower Seeds, wliini aie wananted (jood, nnd true to the name. Being ncenistorall the Vnrein hi the vicinity of Burling ton, Boton, New Yoik nnd Albany, we nre piepaiid to execute nny ottlers for Ornamental and Fiuit Titen, Shuih. Stiaicleriy Plants, JleiLaciuus and (Irerithrinie 1'laals, ,'c. Sc. Wc nre prepnied nlo to lurnih nt vholesalc and retail Dougln' Iinpiovcd l'lcnnnm llydrnulic Knm. A perfectly iniple and nllectie machine for for cinir ti portion ot a nroc ; orsnnni! to anv renuired (lis taneeor elevation whcie n proportionate lull can be applied. The arions ues ol the Ham are obviou", iz: for the purposes of itrigiting land, and suply ing delhui:a, gaiden., factories, villages, cngims, rnilroad nations, ece. tic. With Running Water. Fnrmen especially are united to call nnd examine our Stock. .?. s rumen, c. m. davky, j. n. nisnnn. .Alayrjj, 191. 4 SPRING AND SUMMR STHAN(-11IJS vMiing ihe city nie rcHpectfnlly invited lo call mid examine the largest block ol FsiiioAin.n SPItlXG AXl) SUMMER CL0T1IIXG, t . . , r , . . . . . . 1 1 l,:if'mV,r ' 1 ) A T "" ' tlt ntf' Vt H 'R.'1.- 'V.. . A " ' of Cahtni ceneral iisortmeiit ot nil Mini" ot taruieiit mailt ot (aruieiit made mi in a mi Pr n.anner, nn.i w u be so o n prices mat cannot 11,1 M m"UMI, '- '"'nriy ot HKOWA, LA Willi X CI I V STICKMiV'S, No1 0. 7,'J, 1 1, nnd 12, STATE HOUSE li'ittun l-'ioiitinz State bticct .lOnifi D ALLEY'S .MAUI C A I. 1' A I N E X T It A OT O It j A J 11.1,, within live minutes from its t IV niiive the iiam lioni the heeiei-l liuins, Scalds,! llli'irif, Hurl-, Jmnbs or Cm, uud will certainly cuic (lout. Piles, Inllaininatorv Kheumati'-ui, Snres nr I Swelling", ur anyilnng that h inllamed, mch as I VI-1 ion, Himriiuuo-, ,ve. in cist". t,i ncio, n nppneii innneiiiai' iy, u w lret-orve hte,ipnniterhow'Sffre nii!i4 ti v it ill ln I ni ri tod 1 1 vi iti nny be the injury Hum- i, r Wounds, Tlcersilnny Kind, without Mar It neutrali7es and tlpstrovs poison from phimp, ' reptiles, ins( ch or nihil uutiuuts. It will wheiever nppiit-d, prevent Mnrtifirathn, nnd in old wounds, j w hen modification In commenced, it vtiII nrrett the ! 1 diseaK nnd cute the wounds, even when lh Mi In ni- ready dropped awny, nml will restore the part lo its natuial Mate v lien tiie bowels me pamiui, it w ni if welt rubbed on, ntiurd iu-tant relut ami catie inoxenient ; een when I'nMor t)d, Jalap and all other luedieires hae tailed. In u-e is perlecliy Me in a. I eive. It neer can ilo harm. It will not rontlici mim-tl an 11111 med llie ie-t inediciue now ollered to ihe publii But reader, on nmst be catelul when p!iiihifcmg, nrjow,t be imposed upon. Thet is so ileMrvedly popular lhaiuke, genuine i.xtnieior il men it. J lu-re are, peitiaps twinty iniieicnt hiuus 01 counterlelt. r-ome nave uciiry iv.-iuey pruncu 1111 1111 wrapper, to imitate writing, lint the genuine has on it w ritlcn a pen unu iniv, n. ivi i.r.v ; ami nie w riling is always m a inherent coioreu iiik liom wnai the wr.iiiner i pimli il with, forsale by 11. DAI. 1,11V (,'()., No Si W Broadvvav,.New 1 oik. Miln A. Iloleom'o, Agent l'"r New I'.ngland, Tariff ville.l't.; T111H). A PI'.CK, Burlinglon.nnd by al nu -t ev.-rv nierchant ill New llnglaiid. -Mnrcli "Iti. 1SH. STyl I.WA MM IIM'. FAMILY COMPANION. j C1X l.eclinc" on Cmi'i", Prevention and Cure ol I O l'onuinptinii,.'-iliuin. lWatn ot the lleatt. ami nil female l)ieafi. .at page, as engr.iviugi. i Paper A'.ict.; bound 75 els. Mail to nnj part poM- , ngeU I .Sett. ' Shoulder Braces and ChcM l.vpanders, 63. Mail In mil' inn. fill rts. Inhaling Tubes, liver, &U, by mill, letter po-tnge. Abdomuial Snpporteis, peifect, Sj:t in isl(i,iir all Kupiiircs, railing ol the I low els nml vv onili, aiul vv cm. liacK ami I nest ; sent iy l.xpreKs I'verywlie.e. lor Braces rn r-uppoiiers, or Biiptuie Siijioiltrs, give height from head to loot, ami cucuml"ieuce ol person next tne tuiiaee, just , lioovi! llie lips, niipiui. , llicilliuu wuiiimu.. Agents wnnieu tor me sine ot tne anove goiuts. ,i- ! ihess Dr. S. ,S. 1TTC1I, TUT Broadway, New Yoik, ClllTTi:Sl)i: COl'XTY Agricultural Warehouse AND STOVE STORE. Iloslwit'K' Air Ilvarls :,I,i;ilS i AciiK riri'ii vi, ami Horti- cuiti'iui. linplenienis, Mat limes and Seeds ihe I'm vi it,iiL' '..i, .i ci.. ii.n i 1 OIlNl'lNIl liAlil.K, Sell shaipeiimg, Side lllll mid . Sub soil PLOWS. ll I' . 1. ...... ........ n. I.Nourse.V . , ui- inline ill IllllKeilirillB ,,1111 l,il;uivr, Mason. miil oilier m.ikeis. tn be coniani V sl,nied on the ,si i.o,i,i ,' will, .. full sin l i;.i ,,ll .1 u. if. i ..'1.....1 ,1 1'i.nt and Ornnnie. inl T...e,luiiiishe,l toorder.from .11111 nines, 01 ine Pest ami In et llunrovril Minis. i ,,. N :n, NurScn,.. ,vis .1. t: ...i .. ... I i. . " : 1 t.i , 11.0..... u-'. ,' ' m"",- i; ' M y " "..' h ; Lend Pi,.. .(.c ' I' HnrK........ v. ) a.,. ,'.',; ' "7" ! i ' "" 11 Iwiac lVarnpi' IIASj on liiinil a full nssorlmcnt of wot ii and dry firoreile.. fitnnmr whiill ure Su'-nrs. 'I'ens Collee ChrKoli e,Spices,Ioliis.s, s,Cod!isiraii,i . S,on Coge. Brandy, Holland Gin, Ht. Croi, ,,m ta? !' .... d N w.Huni, 11. V ill w arra'n't i spirit, i ,e ue . . ,!, those hawkid about th rr,,,,,,..' 1 1 ... vC.l . i 'r.. ...jai... I If- 1 ..I. J 'f s,n .. '. ,v l'ilueis ir " 'ew 'l l"t " ' iithuton, June 3's. ...,l,i,,. ...... ,..i. I:.L . ,, ,iil, ,,!!, XV.. ''A. IT.,,, l'..,tU 11. , .,,., 1 . NlWSsTlfPfrsSSJT:!1 I (Jrrnt nml Imnorlnnl Clivmliiln DKcovfiy i Clicmieal CumUiiat urn from the VesclMc Kingdom to Jit net Ultra Iv.. 1 (',,.,,...,.. .. r? -.-,. Ika.i.lf M... ..11.. t 1'IIUl, WOIK iV Mlt'S.-lliai'lIlilt i'ii, 'i. " v..-,, i,u,iu uAi 1AL1 111 1 mllK rrr.r.nil ATRH miTPOrVn. Willi 'r - 1 Vegetahle production?; is one of the most imporLatitdcmcr.esffthenKe It is far superior to ed. It has perfoiined more thin 15,mo cures since the .nij mioiii- rr-.ipniiiui n"i iii.m iuii r-i imi i i- lit discover wn made, which is only nhout vi months Inhitual Lostiveiu", i low ot liiood to Hie head, Diz The controlling power over dt-ape which tin Syrup ' 7.mes , and for the relict of.Monied Women. pos.e?es nny Ik nttrihutetl to the fjet that it U com- ' I think it imi-t appear obvious to all who give nny jms-cd purely of Vegetable eMrnets, each article in it attention to the suhject, that u radical cure ol this com having n direct reference to some intcnnl oruau, cou plaint can he efP-cted only hy means given internally, scntipiilly the whole pystem receives their henelLMal and tint e.uernal npplicaiiaus can do no mote than influence, which occasions neither sickness nor pain ! merely ntlurd tempornry relief, nnd that tdtentimes in their opcrat.ons, nml can In taken nt all times nnd they ore actually injurious, aggravating thp complaint, under nil ciicumnnnecs without regard to diet or lm- This hlcctuary hema nn internal remedy, composed siness. is tertamlv a desideratum in the hiiorv of med. ieine. This rniiipouml llvtrart is put up in (Jmrt Bottles, and olfered at the low price ol One Dollar per bottle. The object being lo give the patient an oppor tunity hv the purchase of one liottle to tet the valu able '.Medical properties nnd the power it has over dis ease. It can be taken by the aged and the infant with equal efficacy. This extract ol Yellow Dock and S'iisipiiill.1 i- a sure, positive and permanint cure for t;onimiption, Scrofula or King's i;vil,lliyipel.i",Salt Ithenin, Pimples on the face, Chronic, Acme nnd In tlntnniiturv It liemnatism. (ioilt. ceueral DebilitV. Dvs- i peps.a, iieivous Iliad. nhe, Liver Complaint, Spinal all -etions, letnalc Complaint., Ulcer-, llmnois Svpo ilis in iis worst form, iillectiousol the Bladder and Kid- I ni j s, Billions Cholie and serious I,ooscin., Biles, Cos tivelies., Colds, Coughs, coirupt Hnmois, Aslluin, l)ropy, enlargement of the Bouea, I'ever und Ague, f iiildines", (Iravel, lleadiehes olivery kind, inward I'evtr-, Impure Blood, Jaundice, Los- of Appetite, Leprosy, Meicurial Di-eaees, Night Sweats, NcrNims dehiliiy, Netvous cninpl.iiuts ol all klnd, Neutalgia, Organic alfeclions, Palpitaliim ol the lleatt, Painter's Colic, Piles, This Cumpouii I is an iulalhble cure for Pilis, Kiii of Blood to the Mead, Side, Chest, Rack, I.iml.d li.inls ninl Op.ttiw. Slenrvev. swcllinrra. Silk iieadache. Silliness ol "the joints, llvposure, and lm-1 ipiiideiiceol Lif'. Tins newly discovered Chemical I Conipoimd extracts Neivous diseases from the system, i cleanses the blood and invigorntrs the body more et feetinlly Ihaii nnv oilier article that Ins been sold. In i the Vegetable Kingdom, on All-Wi-e Being has de posited such plants and herbs ns arc congenial to our . eonstitiiliuns. and adapted to the cure ot ull urable ' fliio.isps tn u Inch linntnn nitule w incident. And this Compound Syrup is composed of all those valuable nlnnts. sninn of which hive latelv been dscovered and used, ami fonii.i to contain speclics for thousands of ilucases that tielore m lien nv nest oi nieuicai skiu , . . - , . :-t in,...: 1 1ns ts to certify, that we, he imdersigneii 1 Iiv si- cians of the city ol New'- otk, have m a vcrv gtent i i ni n i mis hi I'll sic inns. innv case, prcscriudi . r. v.ujso,,- m. ..i . . it lias no crj'ial among all the vaneii &iiips onu oar sapanlla preparations nnt iiave evens en sum. John P. Stebbins. M I). iS.nn'lT V,1I. M. I) 1". K .Nliivoiinl. .NI. 1) I'. It., .NI. I) , S. .M. Johnson, M. D. Jmnes Moigau, ,M 1) , New Yolk, Oct. I.'., IS 111. Jloucl llir Trstiinnny. Opinion ri a Physician rcguding the combination of Yell ovv UvJtli with rarsapirilla 1 , T .Montcomery, .nines, I3ii. ' Air. Ilennctt Dear Ptr In thin ace of patent med icine excitement, it affords me crcat jilraMirc to pee, i niiiimrr ili, i tt nn tiiemlili K'lt vniinri'.li nrcnnrntintis. one enmpound th.u i-itki ly to nam! the tcM id" tune i our srup, ctHiibuiniL; as it does the two bet roots now known, w ill most assuredly intct with universal npprohaltou. I or the Ja-t filit t n ytar.s I have ht en m the hnhr of using, moie oi less, jillow ilocU toot in i-yiup and ointment n p nations m my practice, and have no hesnationiu t-jjuiy that it u tli.- mos't valua- uie rout now kdovvii I have hten rresnhiii2 vour ctnct .ncc I firtsavv it, and it is i qua I to tny expel tntioiw. Viry respectfu'.lv, vours. If. T. K. SMITH, M. D. tinai co of uune, or involjiit'ny thsclnige therctd", nnd (nrihe p'tteinl protiatioii td the rv-tttn, nn matier whether the rewi.t ol inh tent i-au-e or cmies produc i ti hy iiH'i'.nhii.iv', illni.--.stii It h t.toiii-li-iu to -ee the invioialion ellet ! it has upon the hu lii-iii Inline. iVr-oiis, hi) weaknehs. nnd I.i itude I fr(. inking it, nt onee In come nneig, robu-t and lull ,, cneigy miller lis mlluenee It nuiueii.ateiy eoiiu teracls the iiervoiiMicss ot llie lemale vvlneli ithe gri at , cans,, of Iiarieiim-s It w 111 not be I sUed ot llie to ex Inbit ccTiilieaies nl pel formed 111 Cll-es , so del ieate a nature, but I can a-siire the nllhcted that wc i have reeeivi'i! a cient luanv celtllicates of wolidelful I cures, much hejoiid our own cxpeet.uions. Seveial cases wheie fanuhes luve been without thddicn, nml , alter i.suig n I itle or two ol this invaluable medicine, have htcn blessed Willi h allll) oll'spilllg. .More tesiimony in lavor of the niierinriiy of Dr. Omsuirs lixtrnct ol Yellow Dock nnd S ussparilli , overall oilier similar reini'dies. inxtrnciaol letters 1 receivi'd Read ! Bend ! I Wateilown, Jclleroii Co N Y.Nov 1, 1 S 13. Mr. S, I". Bentiett Sir I am at a loss nep'cs (Willi OIIISI W 11.11 IIIIS I If, '11 S HU 111 IHIliN- ,'l , toll S I All 1 pouml l.vliuct ot i chow ouh ami Mii.ipaiiu.i who have h id the pleasme ol u-mg it, speak of ns marvelous ( fleets in removing disease, w.tii so luiiih teelmg ami neat lit it kiiisiikiioii, uiai i am eomiiieut now that no medicine in use can huast ot its supenor I qu dines. Many vvhohavebiencoinplniiiiug loryears i with pam in llie sine, miming ami pain in ine cnest, uvsiK'psi.ienriiiiuri'iiiitin-roi nfpcuir,, iiiistiiiKui sweats, silt theuin, scrotula in tact all Ihe licenses tint vve in this climate are heir to, Iiml lu the Yellow Dock and Sarsapanlla all that is tequisiie to make them what they were in their dajs of health, A.C. Ve Iiml wcliave h id some twelve dozen bottles hi three months, and ate nenrly out. You will please fend an equal number, and ohhge j ours, ' I10YT ti C.KUGOKY. Consiiinptlnii fined. Victor. Oihans Cn..N Y .July 15, 1817. Mr. Bennett, Little Calls Dear Sir oil the receipt of this send me at hast four dozen bottlis Uxtiact Yel low Doik and Harsiparilla. It is giving entire satis t.iet.on here One case, that ol a voung man liom Miihiguii, neatly gone with coninnption. He com ' mrnccd taking the medicine when unable to sit up, and belorc using tne wnole ol the nm twne was so much heller n to be able to walktoilieiieighbois, and it is now rertnin that he will get well speedily. He was also veiy deal, and that alo i nearly cured There are oilier coses wheie il has been ued with good success. Youis, trulv. A. P DICKINSON. ept.fith Just received n letter Irom lleikuner. ! Heiknner Co. which stales that the Syrup cured a geiilleiuati ol ronsuniplioii that wn suppo-ed to be I lievonil hone now roinviui, t'ooil hi nil 1 1 ictor, July s, 117 Air llenue ine . . , - . J.. r. ... mm meilleine sent not eome lo blind vet. I nm entire lyoiit.vviiheiillsollrouifilo 1U buttle a per day. Send seine hv express iuililediately In haste, vuurs, A P DICKINSON', llilliiiiiillillol y Itlieiiinntisin ( unit Seneca Palls, July 10, ISIT. Mr. lh mint Dear Sir I am eiinri ly out ol vour Extract of Yellow Dock mid Saisaiaiilla,mnl will be much obliged if jou will K'lid me some four doen or mure Inttiles as scroll as possible. 1 do not like to ! out of the medicine. So tar It has hold well and given entire satisfjciiou, One Li'Uleuf lh" Yellow Duck mul S.iijiaii!h,nud one ool lie ol Uhcuiiiaue Liiiiiuent. soM ull llie loin nay oi Jlille.lins iM'iloiiiied a mditnleniH 1 inllaininatorv lllieuniatiin,ol lung tlanding, upon agentleinan who win only able In move almut ihe liou'e on crutclii" He vvn in our village to-day, some six or seven miles horn lioiue.wllhout irutches oi cane. He wi.hed me lotendei in you hi. uiifsie'ied thinks for being icstur rd to health, and ulievnl lini rain and siillering by ihe tolc nt ofjour nivjliiiiblenirdicoie J Ii BIlOW.N funutii nml Cold.. I.alinyrn, June 3, 1SI. Mr. B-nnett Dwir Sir . i iinu iim your xeuow unck am ninl Snrbfinnrilln tttyf. finely. I want you to kend me four iloen hollies '"ore. iiiiiiiiwiwiiiiniieiheplaceo ' 'ownseni '.Sai- sapaiilln altogether. Ucml nie itninediatcly.a.i 1 have . .. ..... . . - ..... oui one tonic leit out 01 nx dozen in two months. Yours, Sic, J. R. SUXTON. r.ooli Out Tor Imposition. Beware how yoi buy ineiheine put up hi Frpinre. 1 1, mniii . , J ' inline 10 in imposed llliou. 11" Mire, and ask lor Dr. Cinysott's Compound lixtrnct ol fcirsaparilla, hearing the written signature ol S. K. Beiui'tt on each outside wrapper, written with black ink, an J buy noihingelie, ns it I. this preparation on 'Iy that Ii perlonniiig such mnrvellou- nnd ntonihing cure-. Iteniember Yellow Doek and Sntmparilta Prepared nt S. 1-. Benuetrs Liboratory.Liltlc falls, Hotkiiner County, New York, mid boldly 11. II. IWXriXGTOX.Ptnn Yan, I by one agent in every village in the State, by the prin cipal druggists and inerchmin throughout the United Stites, est Indies and Canada. None genuine iinlc-i put up In large square bottles, containing a quart, with the name ol the Syrup blown hi tjie gla-s, with Ihe written signature of H. f. BKN NUTT on each out side wrapper. Crcnt C'oiintnll(iii to the Aflltrtrtl. nn. i). ji'ixTOsn's Italian vrGKTAiiLE PILE ELECTUARY, The milt Celebrated Hcmrity for Pilrtt ever discover rilin any Age of the U'tntd! I"U MclNTOSH'S VAA CTUAItVH a certnin cure for the PIIIS, whether Rlecdins, JHind, Intersil or External. Tins FleUtinry is n sure, pos itive, "peedy nnd peiuinnent cure. It is nu internal leniid, not on exteririldpphcfttion.nnd will cure nny case of I'jles, cither Weeding or Wind, Internal or Fx teinnl, nnd is probably the only thmg that will. It is a positive cure,aud no mistake, permanent ami f-pee-fly. It is also a very pleasant m'dicme to take, nnd nnprov'-s the general healih in tin atonisiiiiigiii'iunur. It is aUo a certain cure for all tho dispiif.-s which nre frequently found in loiijutiction with the 1'iJes sitfh ns inn mitnaiiou 01 tnu isowcis, ivnnieys, nml tHatkler. 1 luiiammutioii unu tnrenes 01 me ciom.itu,imrimma tl.ui nl tlift ,.r fill.) Sliili.ti (till .,,,, I,,,.. n.,,l im - il liln-ooiftlicm. Ih.r-imm ..I il- i.,f,.tim.. T,.r. por or imctivity of the Liver, Impurity of the Jtluod jiid Jiiicrnnl . Humors .ullauimation nn.f, of mil mini ilion nnd iteliinir in tin Intestines, severe and -i t T tt T 1 ' tiurelv ot Velielable J.xtracts. is oilcred tn ihnse ntllm ted Willi tin dMresMiig complaint, as n sure and pos itive cute. It is peilcclly sale, pleasant to lake, mild and easy in its operation, and allords immediate relief. Opinions of l'liy-icininl New York, .May a, IS 17. This is to certify, that wc, the undersigned, 1'liysicians of the citv of New Yoik, have in hundred ol cat", preetibel"Or. .Mcin tosh's Italian Bile Iilectuary with unexampled success, and give it as our opinion that it is the very btst pre paration lor cae ot Piles ever otfered to the public. II ti. Vat"on,M U. T. It. Cheeny, Jl I). 1 1". A. Sangerloid, M. 1)., A. S. 1-YiHow, .M. I). 'I'he most .Hill vitloii" Cures nn Itccoril. .Maiiheiiii, April, HIT. Mr. S. r. Bennett Dear Sir I hive been allhcted with Ihe Piles lor neaily six yen, have .nlP'ied the luoi exerutiating pain Iron its ..fleets, and have, o i n-ual, Irie.l nil the ointment prepirations I could heir of. 1 hive been under the care ot several respectable physician", all to no purpose, sjuinetiine m .vlurtli 1 had a tuoi-t violent attack and was confined to my bed,siiHering intensely; I hrnrd of the medicine you are selling, and wa inlvi-ed to try it, winch I did, as soon as I was uhle t gel out, and hv u-iug halt a box wasentiielyciired. WILLIAM I,IM)-;I.UV It U uniiecciwny to hybeloie the pubhe the many leiters ti eeived similar to the nbove. I will barelv ex liaet a few lnnies, wiih plaiesol icsidenee: si V. Snuih, New York city ; Hidden U. Jaques, Is.ilihbiiry, lleikimer County : .Mrs Adjhih Walrath, Danube, do.; .Mr. Shaver, do.; Jacob P. Woh-ver, .Manheim do The astonishing avidity with which the afllicted public have sought thisconiphte remedy, may be judg ed ol by one of hundreds ut extracts which might be given from Agent's Lctteis. U'atertown Nov. 1. HIT. Mr. Rennet Dear Sir On the receipt of this please .... i ..... i,, i.. . i.. i ,,,'.,., : . senu us .Mi'iiiitisu s iriii.iii i ue i.ieciuary. uv finJ ,,nt h mJW tilpijK. f,hn ,mirP Kni.f;,,, nlJ in nmnv mte) .KrjIK., wmi,ieri cur,.s. Ucspecindly yours, 1IOVT .V OUCCOIIY rrepiretl at d 1. I'eunctt's h.i;ioiatory, lattle Fall, Ilerhnner County, New York, nnl ihe deneia! Agent fur the ta!e of lii nhove lo t' -'nte td Vermont, iii;t)U(iL n. UAKiUNtrroN, Cor. Church iV. Colleije m llnrlinyiuu, Vermont. Apotlnt itiiiv Jim), and one npnt in every vul ih m the s-nte, and hv the principal Wnumsts throughout the United states, West ? oth are uenuin" without the written si"iii lll'IU 'lllll t. .III. HI I tim. tl s y IillNMJTT, on each onts-le wrapper. le surf thai n is oinrkt'.l .-isn!i.v.. .,r .. i...i.i.. ... tt. mipoM'tl upon. yjiy " ' America Ka; " ----- ............ .I"V.. lil IIWn.TO f-L--2 "ill he found tfie present --a-ou nt the fta Went lie Ixchanze Ilutel,o ihe So'iih Whut.lljr mizlou. ('onnoi?aeuic of ptod Ikus.'si are itiviied to examine hmi. SA.MCHL liUHI). w-i.'uf IJurlington, May , Ht?, fjojins, ivohv. iturr.n.o & noitx. J A ar.'e assortment at Tnco. A Pres. Apnl atli, IslS. nji ii;iirLTAIi;s, Nutst ami nitmx.iKY aii- 1 tide at reduced p.ices by Tnro. A. Pi ck. April 5ih, 1SH. The ('oinpoml hcmiciil WHALE OIL SOAP., ,f.l-e. Slugs, and eitm i.l'iir ,!e. terijtmn if fineeti ufiin Hash, i," drape tines, Deceit, Apple and oilier Tree, Shrubbery, (Irass pl.s, Turnips, Calduire.-, te. ,)r. eim.iiANKvri.v i:n.vmcATi:n. ""jllllS l'RBPAUATIO.V HIS DKCIDKD .IDV.W- 1 tages over any other hitherto brought mt t,P) it not only dosliojsnll llie vermin parasitic upon vc eiable, ,ut also contributes to the lertiluyanj cleanii ness of the plants, bmks and root, of the trees. It may be considcicd mfillible in us applications ; and, on account of its cheapness, very accessible to anv extent, m lluilicultuii.-ls, Agricuhiinsis, I'ariueis and Pljuti rs. DlirrliuiK (or t'st'.-A tiacupfull dkoliedin one gnlloii and n pint of luiu vvnter h ol sullicieiit stiengili tu sprinkle over the i.lonts ami :,r..i.i,..r,. I """""'S ""'I evenuig, until ml insects have dr-jp.' , , ,u,lt tlu oioc, uiea may lie inoisteneU ov nt (.CO. Il IIAKKINGTON, Corner Church nnj College Sts. Pivmirtor. pOKllBTT'S SAP.SAPAIIILLA. Head the v- lOI.UlWIMl ( eiitificvtls r "Mes rs I'.ilwiird Bnnley Ai Co Genllemen. With a bottle of ' Coiliett's Compound Extract ol Sarapa rilla' 1 received a copy d his formula lur pirpanug ll. Prom testing ihe Sytup, the lact ol the existence in it oi nie active suiistances naineii was asei rtaineil, and the irenernl cood niinlittei ol ihe PrrnVniinn iiilerrod 'Vi . 1 H . ..Vf,!-, J! ,i , . L i rfpTralion ii (erred. Ilie lormulacxluhit the union o some ot the bert vi nm iiiiiitr iiii-uii uiai noois unu riani, witn suu- slaneesol ihe nuiiiUT rtpule ti remedial ageiiis.nnd noes .not contain any metallic compnuml, l or the cures in which the medicinal virtues ol Sgreapnrilla me sought, his Preparation should have a preference, in consequence ol the care and skill in compounding it. Bespectlully, Arc. A. 1Iavi, M I). March 10, HIS ,,( .luiyr." Proni Mary Nl. NrsniTii wife of the Hon. George 'V. Xftiiiith, Pieiident uf the Xoithirn Hailioad. "'Plus may certify that I wasnlll.cieil with Klicuin lor moie than liltecn vears, prior to 18 IT I tried dil lerent retnedu without pertnanent relief In the spnugol the venr IS 17. I was induced to test llie rlli cacv i'f Dr Corbelt's Compound Sjrup of Saisapa lilla.' During the space of three mouths I used nbout a quart ol tins medicine, 1 Iiml nijsell lully relieved lroms.iid disease, and can therelore cheerlidly recoin mend lo others who may lie nllhcted in like manner lo liy tins cheap nnd valuable .Medicine, M vrv M NrsMtTti." None genuine but with Dr. Cornell's signature, and for sale by llie Proprietor. LDW'AKD BUIN1.K.Y .t CO. Ikston. Anns C Si'EAK, sole agent for Builuigtou. Uuiliugloii, April 5lh, ISIS. IlinHis New Tin Shop. means 01 a large swinge, and at the Sllnc lime the I I""'llrMl eiien. I nairrvperienrni irom mc ii'fin our j-ir.ap.-link ot the trees ii, 'it- l.. sM.,i,.....l .,1. ,1 r , rilla. Mi .i.t.i.iviu.irri i-mr'i r-itucej l.i iicrinu.iir.i unit ffene. IV nr-dbi'Dr lM l ' '1'1"1"' '""' '"' '"' el female co-iii.l ul.. IrrvJjour I hv Dr.LLWIsl LlclirvVA.atl!,.o Wall l,r,t,.,.,e,,l, nnl t,.lu,e,l lolrvtlm raVt of. eur rsniVilr Mlii t,.N. 1 ., and lor sale at Apothecaries' nil. . n ....i... ,. ,., . i ,,,., e ,,,. , ,.. , .,,,. i f. dayof Shcct irotu Iir(tss mtl CoW Wrc House. natory'rUli iSulscribcrs have opened a Shop in j. v.nurcn Mieet. opposite Cluiunden Co. Ilnife I for the purpose of Manufacturing and ollering lor Sale' , every article tint inqy be wanted ill the nbove hue which will be msde to older. Peddlars anj .Nlcr.' 'chants will be. supplied on as reuional.le tetms "as nt ' any other shop in ihe country, JAMES A SIIEPD ,V CP i Pnithi'I'Mi, Nicy lSi( r,y liiiiiil SlVfll sillil.lJJJBJSI lilt. TOWTfKli.Vn'S CO.'tfOlNl) r.XTKAt'T (If ARSAPARILLA Thli tUtract tl put up in Quart llottttt; it is fit timti rhteper fUananttr, vnd tearrtnttd tnptnor to nny told. It turn tlutnet irithout romttmif, purging, ticltning or thbtUtattng ht Valunt. Th" trr-nt t"i,itv iiti.t rup-'lnritv nf I'll Sarsapiri'lt ovr all oilier tnniln iimt I-. t'nt wlni' it rni'licitp tle tliP!ip. it lnvu"ratet lie- lmlj. I U (.ir of tin- vrryhi'st Kpiini and Suiimiht re-Jiclni-i -r Know ii ; It not imlj pu-iiies t'i w hut trm uinl r-tr,n!tli'iii h pt'hi, Imt it i renioii nc, purp ami r'iri Mon-tj n jorrpov tf (! y tut iiitir r-in in. Ami in I'd" I pi t'm ernwd irrrt of it nmi Irrfat mi PL's. It ha perfnnn I wit'iin fin U-t to o-in, more I noi M.imn t ut if ivrrp nes of ilicne , ot Icol 90) nrrp i n-i hl 'ifd Innir-ild". It liat ivpd fio live uf more llian "iO(o i iiihtri ti t'i )jt flcii-on hi t!i" Citv of .New Vork aloaj. Mor 'U.iii t'.0 l:t.e. nf ftrn'iir Uiptimatim j imu i a-P" of II. spop'-n : 4 OUT ra-e t.f tji-ner il It dit.ty nnd wont of Hoerf j 7 0 fl i ,ti n,' t'i- ihfl' TPtit PpiiLilc cninpl iinl '30 Kl ri"s tif r-nfuh ; 1 ,VHI t ! ol t!tc l.irrr Coiilitiint i 2 "0 i .ln ti I hie of tlio Kl.lilCVII Mid Drops 1 yoon ri'e- oft'i! firnel, I ikiO r:ir of ili" .Ito ,t uindicc J I.,i to 1,1-k ni i'if Iropv mi 1 1 . ifint'oii. , tii.n-onl nf ot iiiea or lu1 bioo'i, r. , li em Lry .lurii. u lih nu, Pimpi' s mi mo i dcp, caM ncvi, j pttrr, V,.,,, ,1 .1 . .( ,. X t,. ..I', ..P ulO, Mi.mnrmt. Mm, nf SieV IU-,,1. ir', - V'tii hi tt Site tin.! CtiPH. yninil.V:r-(.tioi. .Vc.ic ' 'J'"!; ft!rinnr' ctiT.nVor " .J" JnTiy V VthSJii otlicr rriil-ili"i line fiil"il. Iln iilreili nl ci l 1M nnl Xcrvmn Di"". onitnvtnj 1.1 IMnhtv h iv hi: neiitirrlyttirc.I, mi I ('ton, o.(s ofr.1"! nfl'j'ia Itv, tlnrrlnri nitil Siiiiiiiit ('initphuiit. " rrut.hly tln-rc itfrff ut u reiiinlv frit Ink hfin nn kik rrfnl in dpier(it rufi tt Coiitiniptioti" ii- thi. ltctfiiifs nml ttrenzthiMis the iytciii, an 1 nppeir. to ljl l'ic ulcrr on the lutis, mtJ I lie patients (.'raJually rct'niti tli-ir nuil lienlth nnj strength. Curious case of Consumption. ThiT" is scarcely n diy pnes hut there are a nttmher of Cafl of Conitiinptioii rpportnl ih curpd hy the uc of Dr. TowmciJ'i SarapirjlIo. Th" fullo'vln? vvns rfcently rpfeived. Iln TnwviFND tir ir i Tor the lut thrre jpirs I Imvrbfpn amutcil with (tfjit-rul lli'lnlit) mul .Vrrvutt t'oniiiiiptioii of tli li-t H i?f. unit ill.! not expect In rejuin niv hcittli nt nil. Aftrr com t'irouih u roure of wilione umlir the rnrpof fomu of tliq iiin( ili-tin.Mii-hril ri-L'til r pliMium ami niftnttprn of tli" Hoard of 1 1 ell tli in .Nc ork nml eNrwlnre, und t-pi-inlinj the lnnt o( iny rjriim " in 'ittPtnptni f tn reimn niv In'nllli, ami nflcr rralinz in rniie jt ipir of v n'tr Mr-Tiitrillii. I N'miLvpiI lotry tt. Artrr nni in liutth'n, I 1111 it il ilmie in LTPul (fmni, mul I cutlet! to Pe on at jmirollii'p. Wit't jtitir uilvn-p I kipt nn, .out tin nio. heartily t'latik J on fur Jti- a Ivite. 1 prrifVPre in taking tlm SdrFnpurilli, 'itnl !iiiv I n .idle to utliiil to nty ii'iidl 1 nl -on for tin lat four nn. ii ('l" -lii.l I hope, hv the h!oMii ol (! itliJ voiir Sarsarmrilt.i, toeontmii" nn hctlt'i. It ht'lieJ me bfuiiil tltu expel tatiom o ill tint Kntt mv rue. cn Mii.r.s ql'Imuv. Orangt V.-trz Co., -V, Jug. 2, 1 IT. PtitenfX'M .!rY, i;e t'o, n. ClI.viiLKS Clt'IMBV, heinz tlnly sworn npronlinj to l.iw on lot oath Kul't, the forptronir itjteinetit l true, m rnrdiiis tn tht let of his kliovkUti tin J liflii f. rn ui.iw aPiMnv Sworn nnd uteirribpJ to hi fore me, at Onm" thf lM of Aujutt, I & 17. C IIP HM.liWI.V, Jn-tuc cf the IVaca. Spitting Blood! Ilpii't the Mlownij, tniil that Coiisumpttou ii jncuraMi. ii jou cm. .Vrir PrA. Jpnl n. 1 " IT. Ur. Townstmv I vordv hplcif t'rnt vo'ir "'ars.ip.inll.i lia Iff-o the mpin, llirtm.'h Proviile'ii'-f, of mv inr mj hf". I hive lor neril ar It'll a 1-tI (oii,'1i. It hi'C.iniP worp ami nr"C At 1hi I rji-pil hireeq imtilir. of I..k.I, Ii'k) nnr'it t!! nnd os sr'iitl il" liitltittl un 1 re tm'Pil. and 'thl not rxpfi t to live. I have oiilv Uic 1 vrnir S.irn ip irtila hut a ithort tune, nml llierp ln n wo.vlei fui r mno breti ureiuht in ni". I nm mm uhle lo uulk nil nv r t!ie itv 1 , tin hlootl, and tny rou.'li hit h-lt tne. oucan fffll ima.'iii ' 1 am thankful for Ili"-f ri-sulii. "i our obedicnl km v. int. WM. HPScr.LL, C6 Carmm . fiosl lipr Spppph. The nntieted Crrttficatr tcIN n f-implennd truthful ftory of "tuTT' Inir mid relirf. There arc lliouati I f umilir rn-i In tHn city und Itruoklyn. jit therp nre thotminN ofp.irpt lt-t tlfrr cluIJrcii tliu, fr finr of biwg h Jtnbii jyed, or Inmln a f tu tin.'. j;rn "tpt si pi: Ur. TnwsjEvn 1 tike plPTOiire in t.ilin.' for the b itct.t of Pio-e tliori it nnv rntitrrn. tint tnv lati?hter ml HI month ol I, .tt idl'.nlnl ut'i (mit"aI Hehihtv nn.t Ii t ' mh. !ie wn pnen up nt p ot refovrv hv our tv I'hv'Mi iiii 1 ut fo t.liut d I was rrronnnen h'dhy n friemtto tr voiir -drjpuriHA. 1 lleforn It iv uxi u-r mic Itntlle, lie ret ovtre'l her an dl fii.ihh d to walk uhnie, (o t'ie a to'mliltient all n w e a i iln el wit'itht cirLiiiU'tam-e She i l.ow quite II. to d in n ui - u tcr lieallli tlm hc Las hern for ugliti pn mo it if n-wl I joi:imi rumi I I,?loik' l!r k; i. J TVO CHILDREN GAVIID ! Wrf few ftmi'tefc I IK ( . .! 111 f.ll t t liaveitoMii nd of O le (tut ii-id P- Tie nf ud' . r .p.inll.i in, lo-i nny ..I r n tit pot ti'iinir, while t'li'M that tlid pot nn-k n i i t di T.i ' eritf cite e puSlili helow o i-fi.i. luive tin' nr of if vnlu, and i null pitolhrr iti-tst re of i- ioij th n' i lis T-iNO'M) Il r r ir- I livJ tn -liM-.e u ' ntir ir ip irill i of the summer i ompl nut ,m I il'id i i f I tf n itiinilii" old. nml tiie oth' r .1 v -i". Tii v - v h re!iieid. nu.I we cp-cled thrv n iM die t. i f . , h". n (i repei t tide nict ill. W'lf n fir I n t ir i - n n 1 .t ' we imi-t lor I'lein, we re-olvpil in trv .our - ir-..i i , J Iir.l - iu'kIi of, Imt hat Imt l.ttl- oniit'e i ' i o 1 mm h ftu'f i tverti-'d l t w.,'t'.l lutf n- ii v, 1 t'uit wedid, fur it un lo thteilli n il Tie l.v.'n ot i' h I thttut'Kn UU hi. induced to u-e it. our, repi t Vi1 ' i JdliN WII.PON Jr. ! Myrt!t Arenur. Hroo'tlyn, Srp.W ( Lunatic Asylum. ' Jatni f i.iinmij". . , on of the awtant in iie ,n Un A'y lum, llUrliui'll Inland, i t'ie peniliiii.ii) -poketi of in the follow u2 tl'tl'T . I!!IS;i!S ATSMJI. Tie. i oitv i.iie .f iiuire tlian four tHeu-aii.I ra'ri ol tlint llr. "I'iiwii-imi t ir.ap .rill i tm eiirni. I 11. inii-t trier, .mil clirouli ca.el arc cckl) erali-tttt lij lis eUrucriWnar nr . lite. Wurlifi-'.-i 7,',.W t,ri ll, is tin. TrvvM 'r ll"r ir- 1 Line nilii-reit lernl.t fur mu ) w it the llliemiiuti.iii : rnii-ulenilile ot tiie tunc I rouli net leep or vi 'Iti. 1 1..1.I the nii.l di-lre in; pm.i., nnj mv tun1'. e-r t-Tl,ly .mtlleii. I !ii li.e 1 four litlll' I f V ur .ll. ,p ir.I1 l an-J tl.ry linve done me more tli.,noiie tliouIli il itoll in nort t .nil .o luu. Ii li.'ller itiife..,). I inn entire , rtu'l. nt. Vim nre nt litierli a u-c tll.i for llie tieuefa of t i. nil ti X i . fiir., re-pertnillv, JUli: CVM.MI.NGS. To the Ladies. ' Dr. Tow liken J j: irapan)lr. 14 a favorite of Ihe KaJi Il r tl-v t'jr.u of n ,' amount tit" uT"iin and rn tlie it fin roil , plevi.iii and h'io ant -pint ir Parker lia kindly lent ui the lullnwiui Situth RrflolUn, 17, t-47 t Pn Toivvrvn cin It civp Me plcimre to tuO t th l ruin. ever-1 v ar previum tn liMnj it mid I do r . r fitllv r rontmeii a a V win tide niediriti to nil n lio re tttJicicd u I hai , ltd ii. Mi(. r.UlM.Il. lUltici-t, Smith Prookljn. t LADY SAVED! Tlie fiillfiw inc ii I'roi.i u very repectalIc tnner re'tJinj U iifiiipt(ja i Hit. Tow MFND Pear Sir: My iff lm liern mTeriiiff o ie verrlv from llif D1tpen1.11 mi trcnTul deranjrntciit ofllie iiitfm. Dial t tuppoMtl 1hj intit die. Th pli ic:mia iould not rrnt I ""' ''. "d he would have itte.l In'vond ituuM, ifweh ? i,crour ar.ap3ri!t4. !thMvr.l Iter life rerUndr . ntniuM VmireU niievrd mid . pauiin; Mrenrtb aud I caininff ktrftisili aud Lealili. tjlie otill (.unuiuir tin. u-c of iu Your, rcpfctfutlv. DYSPEPSIA. No fltii.l er meitiriiie lm. err hern rii-mifrril re.pmli', . Ihe fra.tnc J'lire nr .liio, in e,.oaipo.itif fmni, .n4 Hrrnsllienin the iir.'tui. i,r,lle.ti.i, n. till, prrpar.tion of .in. parilla llpo.impli rureic.rryrii.pof ltpep.ta, liosrvrr pelrrt ur Clirumc. Hiss llrrAtTnCNT. .Vh.nv. Vey 10. 1JI5. Dr. Tovcwt np ll, ar ( ,H,e j,p,n (l(tt(,,.,i for .fifrtl jeir. with lli.iwp.i-i in . nr,t furin.. Httemleil mill lournr.i ei .toimirli, lo.. f n,...tilt.. eilrruif. Iieat lliuril, iiml n pu-.l, to nil klllil. of f.nil, nu.I ncW, iwlint I r-ml.l enl, I h.i. Iieeti unnlile in lull n .null is'itiiiii rn my .tumarli. I trieil IV- e-iut rem an" Iml tlu v luu I it lutl- or iui eir'ct in re nioiinr llie t'oiii,,l nut I w u. In.lui i'.i. uhout ti, ii until, .aire, t.) tr )nur llvlra. t of (,rilUt .uj I must ni una lulls ronlV ilrnre l.ut fttVr uill-ir lie.irly tso liottle. I finiuil rnv spprtlte r iloieil. nn.t 1 u uul I em in. -h rei'diiiiiieii-l ttie n of u lo llu who uve hern atilo le.l u I luoe Upen. imi'., Ar VV W VIN 7.AM1T PRINCIPAL OPFICB, 126 FULTON STREET, MX III-lt.;ilM.'i N.V. Tli.njorf A reek, ApotVr.m sn.1 lru vi.l, llnrliuflun. Vl Rrililui, A r.. estulf.lreit llo-lun. lutl A Son., Ur.' Aorl ri on.l siren, r'llla lrlUu S s. Il.nrr, llnmi.L 11 illnanrr, Hui.1 A ro,Hi,.iiiinml I'.M Coin n Cliiri.'.lou . rum A l'.i.l5l l Ire. llrert,Nr lrlsn.. IHN Suillli I'eiirl .lirrt, Vlh.nj K, V.. Il i.tilrU. cor of .ml M irksl .Inn. Nsnsrk.N.J .n.l ) llie prni.ll llrili.l. Kiul Vlrnhanl. leurnll) lliruiirlwul la lli.iniil state.. X c.l loilii'. uiiJ 111 l.' ftOLI) A Nl' SU.VUU, STRRI. A Nil Tinted and German Silver, Spec lablesand plate! Gogg'e,, a fine aisorlnirnt jusl receive n wj'j Bri.s.maui iv, Broiuekx e Had rot

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