Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 18, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 18, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY' MORNING, AUGUST 18, 1848. Iiiiict IVewi DY 'Villi MAILS TO-PA Y. from the Boston Atlas, of yeeteritny. New Yoiik, Alondiiy, August 1 "'h l 9 oVlurk 1". M. S CONGIU'SS. Tlio Oregon bill, precisely as it came, from the House, with the Wilmot Proviso, iinwil tin Senate yestcnlay, at 10 o'clock. The Govern or's veto amendment vm lost, and tlio "coinurti mlse" amendment rcccdeJ from by the follow ing vote. : Yeas Messrs-. Allen, H-iIilu in, llenlnn, Hrad bury. Hreesp, llrloht, Cameron, Clark, Corwin, D.iv'is of Mam J'.ivtnn, Dickiti'nn, Uix, lhnlon, Douglass, I'uJeli, 1'itzgerald. tirecne, Hale, Hamlin, Haimcgan, llunston. Miller, Xilcs, l'hclps, Spruance, Upliain, Waikcr, Wcbbtcr 211. i'iv Me?r AtcliNnn, ihilgor, llenlenjlnt ler, Calhoun, Davis of Mississippi, Downew, Funic, Hunter, John'on o( Alarykunl, Jolninn of (Jrorjiii, Johnson of Louisiana, Lewis, .Man gum, Maon, .Metralf, l'earce, Ku-k, Sebastian, Turnoy, Underwood, Wesoolt, Vulec 23. Messrs Atherton of New Hampshire, King of Alabama, paired oft". Mr. Clayton U detnincil at home, and Mr. Sturgeon left before the vote was taken. ITho names nf Messrs Hell, of Tonnessno. and llorland, of Arkansas, ilo not appear in the Oespatch, and as another account Kiys the vole stood i!U to tliey were probably present and voted in the negative, Mr. Webster made a great speech on Satur day night. Tin: luxcTioNs. North Cviiou.-..- A Telegraphic despatch from Haleigh on 1'riilay evening, chiiins the election of diaries Manly (Whig) as Governor, by .iliu majority, w mi n lug majority ol th o in joint ballot of the Legislature. As "the other side have no despatch, this is likclv to be true. If so, the Whigs have escaped det'eat "by the skinof their teeth," and will not again be caught opposing Constitutional Kelbrm very soon. Illinois. There is a report by "Telegraph, from Cincinnati, that J. Y. Scainmon, Whig, has beaten John Wentworth in the Chicago district by kuuh majority. We doubt it Tlio engagement of the Telegraph on Foreign news yesterday afternoon and evening prevented our verifying this report. Col. K. I), linker. Whig, is said to he elected in the Galena district by I.100 majority. Thus nt least four of the seven members elect from this State will ho Volunteers returned from the Mexican war, namely, lli-ell, ItiehanNon, Harris, (Locos,) and llaker, Whig. There is a report that another (Marshall, Whig) is chosen in the place ol McClernand, but it decidedly "wants confirmation." However, four out ol" the seven argues well for (Sen. Taylor's chance. .V. 1'. Trihunc, of . Hamlin. Wilis Jli't'liiijr." TOWS UEI'IIKSBNTATI Vi:. The Whig's of Rnrlingtnn are imtilieil to nicet on Kridiy Kveniug next, the lath instant, at 7 o'clock, AT TUB TOWN ItOO.lI, lo nominate a Candidate to represent the lawn of Burlington in the next l-ogisl.itnre. r li m MixriP'P-'P J. I I V.l, J. A, J 1., II. FKltULS, i ii urn K. C. LOO.MIS. Committee. Whig: Merlin; The Whips of the Town of Colchester, are requested to meet at C. l'LUTCIIKIt'S INN', in said Town, on SaturJuu, 1 0r ins., for the Diirposo of sclcctinir sotni; suitahle person to represent them in the legislature of this Slate the fall ensuing. A lunclual attendance is rc nucsled. U. II. IM'.NNIMAX, M. I). vVICKWARK, C. l'LLTCIJLK, Tmni ' Committee. N OTICE. By request of Teachers and Superintendents of Common Schools in Chittenden County, no tice is herchv circn that the patrons un l friends of Common Schools, and especially Tmehrr, lire requested to meet in Convent'ion at the Court House in HurlitiL'ton, on Tuesday, tlio JSHli inst., at !i o'clock, I'. .L, to consider the subject of a Triirher's Institute the coming au tumn ; and, if decided upon, to take active measures accordingly. I'.sprcinl utleivlimce of Suptrinttndtntt and Tmelan is mimshil. si.mko.v i'ah.mi:li:i:, f'u. Siiit. Common Sellout. August 10, ISIS. Tettimony nf the Tturlirtxn fnvur of H7sui' Hal nun nf Wild Cheriy. Lxter. Maine Seoi a ). IRIS. This certifies that 1 have reroilllllell led the Use of r XXTis,nr. tlatsjllil of XX'il.l f'l.cpr., f.i. .I;...nb..u Dr. XVistars liatsam ol v n,i L herrv or i i-eases ol the Lungs, lor two years past, niul mi ny bottles lo I my knowledge have been iwd by my patients, nil I wild beneficial results, la two cases, where it was thought confirmed consumption had taken p!ac. the Wild Cherry elferted a cure. K. BOYDllN, Phjsician at I'.vter Corner. wr. iirouioru ixunpii, oi u-rovvu t uint ix. V , in a letter dated August 3d, lst'i.says i ' In the course of. my practice in Ihis vicinity, I have tst,.i in some good ilegree the good qualities of UVlar's H.ilsain ol ll'ild Cherry in pulmonary complaints, nnd 1 now wish to I procure a supply of the medicine, Or A. H. Macnair, nl Tnrboro, North Carolina, writes us under date ol Feb. lt.lMT.tlnt he has used . Dr. il isinr s naisain oi n uu i.iieriy in ins pinetise the last eighteen months, and considers ittl el e-t pre. partition ol the kind he ever saw, and knows ol none so deserving the public patronage. Dr. Win A. Shaw, of Washington, N. C. writes, under date ol May 1, IMC, as follows , t have heard or many cases of decided beneficial effects from its use, especially in Asthma and chronic rough ol spasmodic characlrr. I have used the Wild I.. ,,...,i.. nn. I In ,.inrL...i t.n,i nam of Wild Cherry is nigenious niul juiliciuu.. Medicinj men are justly distrustful ol Patent Med-1 icincs in general, but candor must disciimiuate be tween outrageous humbugs and no-truiiis nnd those inedicims which have piovcd salutary, and in many well attested cases curative. Dr. Holfman, Huntingdon, Pa., cured n child of Asthma with it, alter he declared he could do no more with hi. medicine, und the child must die. Dr. Kreleigh, ol Snugcrtics, N Y., says he cured Liver Complaint of Kour years standing, that would not yieiu to me usual rrmeiiies. Abraham Skillman, M. 1)., of I!outi'brouk,N. J., ys it is the best medicine for consumption, m every stage, that he has ever known. We might refer you lo hundreds of cases, had we room that would con vineeeall ol its great virtue. For sale hyTnto. A. Pbck Curliugton Vt. JUcclmiilcs, Look nt 'Mils ! Nassau, Hens, Co., 1817. I)r. Herriek it Co. Thismoy cerlily that I, Charles How hind, am n car penter and house-joiner bv trade; that in the mouth of September last, I feel from ihe roof ol a biiiiditi two lories-high tailing on my shoulders and hips sinking on and among sloue uud umber 1 was car ried awny from Ihe scene ot my misfortune, a bruised and inansled being. 1 immediately procured n bottle of your Liniment, also a box ol Pills, which I took and applied according lo dir.'clions and to Ihe asion Wiment of myself nnd Irieuds, resumed my w oik on the same building in the short space ol live days. 1 m thoroughly convinced that your remedies are the best known, and only require lo be used lo ho npprc. en.i Nn mechanic should he without a bottle of vour Sciatic Liniment in his shop, that ail bruisa s. CUIBSiraiu., Qi-i;. mum ,r uir c t, j ........ . may have a prompt ami euicieni rem-oy ai miiiu. The price is so moderate that almost uny one may constantly keep il on hond, Yoms, respecllully X.1I411LLB UUSUflU. y Olden lo be directed to lleriicknud Co. I'l ii.- ei oaf Office. A bany. N . anu lor naie uy A. Si)eor,Geo. K, llarrinKton.Cnilmnntl bpenr, hurling ton, Vv. 11 Hatch Winooifki Falls, John Snnonds iiiid Khrlburn, Lyon and Alfiander, Charlotte, Wells, )lin-fcburgh, and also by Ufugjiittfr and Mticmuit in tvtiy town atid Village. jT.llost llxtmontiiiiiry Woik 1.3 TI1U TIAKKIi:i WOMAN'S I'JUVATIJ AIKDICAIi COMPANION. nV 1)11. A. M. MAUIitcr.AU, l'tnfcmir uf Uiseasta uf llumfa. Sixth Ldillun. lnio. pp. S.'K). Price SL 25,000 coriKs sold in tiikix .xiomiu ! Years orsiilleiing, of pbysicid niul mental anguish to many an allectionate wile, and pecuniary dilliiilties to the husband, might have becuspaied by a timely possession of this work. It is intended especially for the married, or those contemplating luatiiage, us it discloses important se crets which shouid be known to them patlicularly. Tiuly, kliuw ledge is power. It is health, happiness, ulllueiice. The levi latiotis contained in its pages have proved a blesing to thousau Is, tis the innutuerablc letters re ceived by the author will attest. Here, also, every fcmaiei can discover the causes, s)tnptoins, and Ine most ellicient remedies, niul ino?t certain moJe ot cine, in every complaint to which her sex is subject On the receipt of One Dollar, the "Married Wo man's Private .Medical Companion" will be sent mitilid fuc) to mix- jiart ol tlio United Slates. All letters must be adilnssed, postpaid, to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, lio.v 1'2'il, New Yolk City. l'uLlHiiiig Ollice, IS'J Liberty street, New York. tS" Travelling Agents are iulonned that a few distiicts 111 Massachusetts, mid two other LlMcru Sillies, are et unengaged, Applications leeeived post paid) as above. Itiu3 JD i c hf In Shelburn,ol hornorrliiigeof the lung, Homer .1. Read, nged lit) years. In this village, 011 the Oil, inst., ol Cankerrash, Isvtvn W., second son ot Stephen Whitney, aged li eais. Cooking, ollico and Parlor Stoves. FOR SALK KY piercj:, davey a co. Of W I Hlnkr's Ynnkec Notion Stoves. 5 bucs. 9JJ9 100 New j;nland Air I tin 50 Western, uo tlo 7 du 60 Qutncy, do du 3 d Ali'o.n Ume aorlincnt of IJox und Air Ticht Pnr- lor Moves, nil sicm iiiitl kit est una tuiM iipprot'tl pal terns. i , Weareiirrpared to fun.Wi Dealers with Stoves, at n all ml a nee Jrcm cot. j. s.riuun:, c. m.oavi:y J. u. iii.sin;i:. ugu-t Itj, MS. Ilovi'v'ts 1 1 ii v. Struw siml Corn i Slock 4:h !. 1 ,.m natntf mr,.l nt lit., .il.nv-.. XI fielnnnc Pi.m V stautlv lor sa e ut l ie lluilnigton Aeiieulluriil Waiehous;.. We could tell a long story idiout the imcliines, hut it is unnecessaiy. Tlieyhave heen longer hclore the riihhe ami moie generally apjiroved than any otiier, .uiil we pieiige ourselves to sitistv any man wiio win lake the noiihle to rail and Hxnuinr them that they have advantages over nnv oilier maelnni. in u?e. riLUL'i:, n.uT.Y .ten. August lfi,' is. wTtf I'lollll's. Of V" l'rouly ,- Mear's Celehraled Patent rcntre 0J I Draught, sell Shaipetiing, Hide Hill, und Sab syiil l'ioiyhs, Uugies Ninse and Mason's, N. sitraihurk st Son's and John .Moore's Premium Ploughs. Also. Aine Carrs Stones and Knurs Cast Steel and Plated Shovels and Spades ut wholes-ile and re tail by PILIiCL. DAVLY -V CO. August lo, IS. Will liCi (her. X A An LIIS. CLARK'S S0LB LEA- J " vf " ther, a superior article lor sale by rii.uui;, ijav i.i .v li). August If, ,'IS, vvTtl JllUIIAX'N.IIII.W.AItlArY ! ju-t rpilr.,1 n f....!. ..iimk l.i-ll,. I'mniUnr-. Amml w7 'i'lH'O A PIXlv , . i DUIJCCIST'S CLASS W lti: All kinds Tor sale by TIIl'.O. A. PLCIv. Wiliiaui ISoly llalt'. stvti: or VIMUIONT. i DlSTKlCT 01' ClltTTENIU.V, ss. The Piobute Cuillt fur the District afuietaiil : To nil jicimn intrre.tnt in the V.tute of Wn.u.vM Konv, lute uf Jtitiltnztun, ilerrusril, (,r.i r.n.xti : T " M ) I I Ih it at a s.s-iou of the J- Proliatc Court holdeii at Huihugioii ai'oresau,ou the Ifiili day ol Augu-t, A. I), lspj.rame William I.. Mrong, Aitininistraior ol the i,iateot Hie said v it- ham liohy, ileceased, a lion, in vvrititig.seitiii! iml lileil m sud Court Ins pen ,. r,,i, ,i. i,.t. : I liis life time, was under a contract, which was bind ing in law and eipuly. to convey lo Prudence L. .Ma son a reitniu piece of laud with the rippiiiteiiauces, situated in said llurhngtoii on the " New Koad," so tailed; and praiug ihe. said Court to grant him license to sell said land, to said .Mason, according to the terms of said contract Wmr.EU'OX the said Court as-igned the Cth day of September, A. 1). IMS, lor lieaiiug and deciding on said petition, at the Probate (llliee m said Iturhogloii, niul oidered lhat notice of the pendency of said p.-ti. lion, in said Court, he given to a!) persons interested, bv publishing this crder ihree weiks successively in ihe Itiiilmgton Piee Press, ii newspaer printed at said Itiirhngioii, the last of which publications to he previous to the day assigned usnfiresaid lor healing. Jay of A"nust, A. I) ls'ls Illl 1I,I.'IIIII luven tinner my iiaiiu. at saw iiurliugton, tins Itith vv-, 'Jt HUADKIIItl) Itl.XI'OKI), UtaUtri. V It v i Ii i i' Ol'KX v It :i i I r o a l , TO KHKXK. TIME A I.TEll Kl). ON nml lifter Saturday, July 1st, tho Passenger Truins will run, in connection with ihe Kitchburg 'Plains bctwten llostcn and Keene, ns follows ; nve lloMou nt 7, A. M., and 'J, P. M. Arriveat K'eene at 11, A. M.,nml ri,P. M. Leave Keeue at 7, A. .M , nml a, p M. Arrive nt llo,tou at 11, A. M .tiiidfi.P. .M. Stages will run in toimection with lite 'Prams, as follows ; Prom U'inchendon, f,.r Uiiulg.. nud Jallrey, on the urnvat of the morning Trains up, on Moud.ivs, Wfdnesdajs and Kridays.aud returning on opposite davs. 1 . . ' ro.'" " "TWIIIIHII, lor It llrliniolnl. Wllleliester. to connect with last 'Plain iluvvn ; l-ing the shortest und Staue lioute Irom II, .Hon i,, ihos,- pin- ecu. Also, Irom Kecne lu ( hesterhe il mil I'..,,,, I, horn, nil 8.ime ilays, on nrnval of aliernoon Train ii. mu no-ion iiji, iirriruig ai iirutnelioiosime vciuii"; niul returning on oppiiosite lnonnngs to irn 'PraTn cluwiLpass-engers Hill arrive tit lloslon nt II, A" M At Keene, r-tagea will (nimi-ct with all ihe uciiiih lu niul Irom Uulpole, lU lluvv, Tails, Chetter, Cuvi n. dif-ll, l.tldlow, to Itutlaml nml lluillliglon ; Diewn ville.Alstend.l'linrlestown. Snriiiirtiel.l. Clareinoiit, Newport, WiiuUor, Woodatock, om .iiuiuiHriiri in out uiiKioil. This line, in connection with ihe Titehburg l!ni. road, and llie .Stages to ami fioni Keene, forms a di rect line of coinmuuieations between llostou and Northern Vermont nml Northern New ll;mi,.liire and the shmtcst unit mint dii ret line between South, rrn, .Middle, nml Western Vermont nnd Western New llmmishire and llostou . uud nlso. in eonnei tbm Willi the r-iages Irom Wincheudon nud Tiuhhiirg lo 1 Worcester, nud the Worcester nnd Providence Hail. e Ita.l. ; nous ol, r L oun-I roan, llie nion iiuei i one iK-ivveeu niose seciions eriiioin nun iiev loioiiisiiuf mm t orccGier i. oun ly und Ihe Male ol uiio,le Island ; mid in coiiueetion with Htages Irom l.iitl.ton, Maw, lo Lowell, n diieci Hampshire uud Vermont nnd Lowell. Treight iraiiM will lun daily, lo nml from IIokioii, in connection vvilh ihe regular Tiuhhiirg Tiiims. T M. LDWAIillS, Ticidiui. I. TILTON, Liwineer. Keene, June '."J, I S IH. w.'i Stoves ami Mnrblr WaiT-Iluuse. S. r. TA V L O H , HAS on limit niul is rrcrivinir. nt liis II Store on Clinrrli Hi., lnrn Hlocks uf tin- laK mm most apinip,l paltrrus ol L.iMkin, iailor anil Box Klovr, Krnlm, llulluw Whip, ('lift iSiiiko. I'liiwrii, nml n mrii-ly ol other Cuslinijs, Hlote Pu', 'lin niul C'r-piMT Wine. mojlJle ot Wholesalr to Country ilialrrs, also Itetoil. lor grave btones, Monunit nt, r uiniliiir, Couii. If re, Mores and for Building purpoas.Cul, CortJ or Lettered in any ay to wit unrtlwura. . Huilington, Augu,i W, ii, v.Ctf .1. It M'H AH lS. fnilK colrlirnteil Inninti Doctor, formerly J from llio Nurdi Western Terrltoty. Wnuld us pcUlully Inlnrm the miln-nsul .Milion, mid nilinhilng towns, that he will bent Mr. I,. Ward's lluti'l, Milton, mi l'urs.l.iy llio I.MIi iiisi.,atid every third Tuesday, thrniiKhnul the i-iiMiing season, for all those who re ipulc Ins seivici-s, ButlinjIon, August 10, MS. vv("tf Itiii'liiigloii High School. 'Kill: next trim of the Burliimton llih Si hool will - commence mi Monday September, llli The second stmy of the building will be finished lor the accommodation ol yuuiig l.nlus. TIIACIIHRS. ' T; lh-nedict, Mathematics niul Natural History. J. V. Mnish, Latin nml Greek Laiisuouia. .1. II. Mills, limning. Miss A. M. Driiimade, Knujith and French. TL'ITIOX. French per Quarter. sn,5il IJrnwini!, " l,oo llnalh-h, including Beading, Spelling, Writing, Geography, (Sramninr niul Arithmetic. :i,5() Mnihciuiilics niul Natural Hi-lory, ineliuling, (iconictty, Trigonometry, surveying, Meneiiiation, Astimiotuy, natural Philosophy, Physiology, Chemistry, Botany and Geology. f),00 Latin niulGirck languages, History Hlietolic at, d l'hilo-ophy. .r,n0 MalheinaiirsanJ Languages. 7,00 No additional charge will lie unite for the Knglish xv lirn pursued with Mathematics and Language. The trustees nie coufiilenl llie ample nirnngc nieiits vvliieh have tieeu made tor the highet order of instruction, mid the plcnint location and excellent necoiiiiiioiliiiinus of the building will render the Bur lington High School a desirable result tor voting men titling for college ns well as for those wishing to ac nunc a good F.oglish, unit business eihicatioll Itoard can Is- had in the neighboihood ol the SJiool upon favorable tcrtns. Jlurliugton, August 1st, 1313. ill03rilf Hiirliii";(oii lVnialc Seminary. rnilH next term will coiiiinenee on the Ctli M. ol September and continue Ul weeks. Terms llulf mijnblc in utleancc. T if I T I O . . I'.nali-h Ilrnnclies and Latin, er Quarur &5.IH) 1'iano Muic, st.oo IVetich Language, a'so Hrawing mid painting in water colors, )io Painting in oil, f,) HOARD in the Sfmi.varv, including. Fuel, Lights, Washing, &c. vt (Quarter, aj.UO A few young Ladies Irom the village, (not otherw ise connected witbtlie Seminary,) who may wish toovnd I ineni'eives ol uie instructions ot .vlesrs. Malt, Hills and Hitehcoek. can he nilmiltpil to their I 'In... i. I Mr.... I,,.. I... l.-.....l. 1 . . . . ' ' .". 7 ' " ");. -vppiieii J ' '7 "," ".7. ; .r made s.iii..H. dlt-w.1t ivw I inn. rniin SUIiSCmilBliS HAVB rnininn a 1 lor.vUT.xir.siiif under the firui of IIAISLOW . 1 lor llie puipo-e ot keeping a ..TNLHAL .11 Alt It KT in the huu.iing lorinauy occunie.1 hy u.o. llarnng- ton. wliele will at nil times be louiid a lull si "." '' 'win a n i nines ue imiiui n lull mppiy Sult I'uik, 1'ni.h urk, Diinl llrrf, Ciirnrtl IlrrJ rieU nml Ciinicil Mttttuil, lucf Tullglics, j-iiuinij ui all hiiul.1, frlltnrni .i7fcAflef, J'whch't Tiipr, Smulirtt Hums. Sc., t -I J. SO VfM, Onion, Turnip, S'littishc., Culluiscs, Pur' nij, 'Sailufi, Vutttttir.1, Cilriy, together vi ith lit rria, incur., i.vr.n, numv, jvxn, vll ol lh best fpiahty the rnuutiy pioduces, and at the lowest prices for CASH. Tliey hope to meet with a liberal encouragement on the part of the citizens of IJurliugion as they will spare no pains to supply nil their wants in their line ot'buiness. J. r. IIAIM.OW, OTIS SMITH. Darlington, Aug. II, MS. dlllvvTlf IVciv .Irwrlry, Arc WHAPTIKrii Coral mid Turquois Cliif. 15 ter Pins, a large variety of Cameos, Clusters o: Puilliams ot all sizes nud new slv lis ; some t emit iful and licit patterns of Vi st, Pob and (.uaid Chains the attentions uf persons of lustc is respecilully invited lo ttieSellCW (..OOlls, lso tO OUT lleV StOCK ot Ultlgs. Hoops and Jewels, Uibbon Pins ,x:c.. Silver Loinlis ol various ii.ittcrns. new I, uitars ami toa gooil iis-orlmcnt ol lino Watches lor Ladies and (lenile men, Customers need not be ulrnid to look a I or bii i Cooils our Slock is eoustautlv lull and we are filling J up with eveiy thing Kiel: and Hare, good and ilieap i and a large amount given for a little money, it h the tbest time to tin y ever tiesented, call mid see it you , pltase to. dill IIiii.xsm mu A llimrni us. M i: T A 1. 1, 1 (' oit vci.camzi:i Rubber Bulling, steam IV'U'kiiifT ami llosr, .v. i .v . i cti 'i: I'M ii v tii i: nosT. i:ltin(. cojhmxy. tUANY OK THE IH:. li:sT lil'W.TS ill. in the Northern Slates, ore made ol the Vu'cn llled Kllbber.or .Mll'lllic Cum Colllpo-ilioll, (which cannot be nllected by heat or cold, and are in success ful operation, giving perfect sati-f iction. Tliee.xpe nenre ol the last thiee)ears Iris gained for them the confidence ol the cotisiiuieis ; this, together with llie fait ihil gtent miprovenienls have been made in llie quality, warrants the iiianuf.icturers m a-seiting it to be siis-rior lo leather lor all open Ilelts, (more espe. , chilly fjrheavy or main Hells,) lor the following lea- sons: 1 lis perfect equality of width nnd thickness, which 1 it will retain. No dnnger of bent under 300 1'arenheit injures it, and it remains lle.xible in iiuv degice of cold. I '.I It is ot great sliciigih and diiinbiiiiy, does not slip no the pulleys, ron-cipicmly a gain ol nower is i obtained, and when adjo-tcd to machinery, does not 1 rt quire alteration, ns is the case with leather. I I. In large Hilling ihe cost is much beluw lint ol calher. A large nssoriinent always on haul, and furnished of given lengths ut shollest notice. I P.ickiiiglorSteam Pollers and Steam Pipes, made ot ihe .Metallic Rubber, is now universally udooieil by the Kail I'oads nnd largest Steam Winks m New Diiglaiid, also, on board ihe Steam Hoatsol the Wes. ' tern lakes ; and when once tried, is sine lo supersede ' nil other nitieles lor this important purpose. An as sortment ot various thickness constantly on hand. , n o r. . 1 Metallic Cum Clastic Fire Ihigine and Factory I Hose. Suction Hose, of various sizes, which is found much moie perlectly are light and durable than leather, and at a lower price. i Coupling furnished nt ihe eu-loinary prices. STIiONO DOOLITTLi: ii. CO. Agents. July II, 'H. 'N7 v mat li xV li i i) i; ' s New York & Montreal Express, (ifflee .So. 1(1 Wall Strut, .. I. II. 1IIXIIV A CO. Wat SiJd Square, ttitrlingtnn, Vt. v ii i: a r. v A; vo.i s IIfon V .llonf real I'r'., Ojliee, Hail timid JUchiinm, Itinton. I. I. Itl.MIV A CO. M t .S'iWc Siunre, llurliutun. "J7.MICUANT I'AKSAC; CKUTITICATT.S, iiuiu i.iieiioi io rvew Voik nml lloslon. J oiuuax i:ciiAXcr., In rums lo t.uii ciiMuiners, on Dublin nt d Liverpool ,m II). 11IXHY & CO. Sidney Barlow, WIOOSItl I Al ls iroi'l.I) INVITU PHUSO.NS IN want d CliciipCooilstornii,,,!,,,,,. ,nlin , . returned Irom New oik, vvilh u lull Supply ol Jlus- - i reiurneu irom iew Voik. vvii h n lull bus, Lawns, lleragea, (iuigliams To . Ll, ivlm l.uu li I.usluie Toulaidrtilk,JsilkTiinge,Sli!ivvlA.c A 'lil4 W.-iiifcil. None neid Apply uiiIcbs ihey intend loearn llieir Hoard und Clothing. 1 CUIINA Ten Company's Agency ai Datum's ll'i ' uooski 1-u s. Hardware A T RIIiL'Ci;) PltlCllS- -asliutend to wlWmt r ninely before the larc Mort now buildiui: are filled with It, M I July "'ill U3ll3wSif To Kent. "Ill COMMODIOUS llonst. now iKcupii'U ny the nlo ol Die line ol I XV. 'm. Houv. rwneil hy IUnbv Mayo. Ksn .wi ' uale.l near llie Souili Wlmtl, Willi line uoiden in flountliing condilion and choice fiuil. . Apply lo W. I.. STKO.NC;. July 3 ISIS. d"l iTIonllily )ItillHiitIVo. 7. NOW is tlto Sfnson lor ytoiuarhand Dow el, Complnlul? j ntnl it i- ot nn-pe:ik:dile nnpoitnnce that the tiiuM relinMe;(c- tcntivrt ntnl rcmctitcs if mmniit t( publics notice in .wrv wrlioii nftlie roiui try Tin" Oinpnny onM ciill llie nttcnlum of nu-di- ml tin-tl, pniclit'', iniise, mid nil oilier", tu ilieir Children's Punnccn, n medicine which i unpaialleleil tor Is nower over till the suiiimrr disorders ol ehildrt n. whether ol the sto trach, the howeKthe kidneys, the skin, or the gene nil circulation. In Ciilrni Infinitum (summer com- laiut,) Dimiliirn, IhjmilriiJ, II ii'lii'S .UtayJ on lii eiirm. Tretinn;, ,"vr., tC, II is infallihle. iNo ranu ly should he a iiioineut w iihout it, as its timely ue will save hie, and carry the niol leehle iliililien through llie suiniiier. II in iticiimimnicdbij cmrfiil ami minute iliirrtiatli. The Dysentery Syrup ol this Company is an iul.ilhhle specific m this iilimn luing ihsordrr. It is wi unilril tu cure) and it it should not, tlie money will in all cases he refunded. Thousands ol lives hive heen saved hy ils use. No matter how extreme llie case, a cure is certain. Me llctil men niul nl otlier? t-lmiiM immediutehj ptonire I II flippiVt nnil IllUS CDIIMTil IIKU. Utl ifil-ll rc-iTetive patients, tainilie-, nud connnuiiiti' 9, The otlier iiu'diciuesol the (.n-feiihetK Cimipany are too well known to need mention tit Uih time. i?iilhce it to wiy that they are sought for with the ex niuplcil a idity, and are jierfonning the most abound iiiiT cures. I rrrrntul Aeur,Scnful(itConftittitiithnt HtUiott iVrrM, Sc. r.,aie eoin'iered h tln iu. The (t'lfirjctihrrf! barsttptirtllft f'nmittitid n taking the I'-ml ol all others, and cuiitams douMe the uiimhcr ot dawe ot any oilier. ACiCNTrf IN CHITTHNDIIN COUNTV. Ihiilituttitn A (' Spenr, 1 Sherwood, J. S. Mun son and (leo C llariuigtou, Driugisl. IIViiom; ' W. 11. Hatcli .V. Co. .1iVon, Ayers Ai'lark. Shrtiitrn, W. I) Tyler, lluntiiin-tnn,- Furguson, lTndrrhill,C L. Allen, f.7or lntte, L)ou .Alexander. Jcrirhn.-Field A. Ileacli. Jeiiuhu Centre, .1. Lvinali. Wcitlfnid, H. P. Wood. llinetlurgtW . II Viele, .Wx, .1. & .1. Tullle. llirhmnmlf 1!. II. Oiccn. Willi'ton, Hul bert Si. Hodges. August 1".!, 'IS. vvj Dry (ioods v.s Money. Ladies' Exchange Notice. IN consi'iinence of the departure ol onr Mr. Wnrren in the Caledonia lor Kiirupr, lor our Tall Stuck nf Oondit,we wish to turn our present stork into money ns fist ns possible, nud shall mailt-it an object lor all w ho have money to spend lo call on us. Our Ciituincrii litnie th it our stoik h lm larce to attempt a description in an advertisement, as, besides the lamest slot k of liOiig ami Square Shawl, stt.K ooons. VISITCS .l .IIANTILCTS, Dress Uoods and Fancy (loods ol nil Kinds, We hnve a lull wholesale nud retail stoik ol iioi si: rt iimsiiim; MtTici.ns; rovr, visr Ami l'niit MiilN, in Cient Vmiely. Laces, Linbroideries, Trinmniigs, nnd White Cisids. .li O U 1! X I .Y (I MiTlCL V. S , t if nr.scitirnox. i o n E'. T i v s , ni.r.vcitcu and nitow ii t) s 1 1: n v a v a i. a v i: s , And in lact every article in the D!IY C00DS hue, but pins, nrnlleSt'tapi i mid i ilifjont. Ladies in want ol a Dress cnu find every ihiug from a LONDON PltlNT,at C,Hcuts,lo the tiiu-l l ibrics imported SlIAWI.S, from one dollar lo hunJieds, und Ihe same wide range ol pi ices in nil oilur articles. In having so large nstoik lioui which to select, customers are saved many useless steps ; nud our in terest and object is to use nil our cu-ionicrs in a way thai will bring them otlen to the I. allies' Cxeliiingc ! 11) -i AVasliiiiyioti Slrrrt. CCO. W. WAUUCN.tCO. June SI, 1811. xv OSvv IdrJ 2,i wlw IMilRCK vS: Klil-I.OCG, 5. Itivcr-ssl., Ti'roy, UK iti:it:ivi(J nv kiiom 1 Culope, nnd direcl Irom the iiianulacliirers,n large and iKiiutiliil iisortuient of (loods in their hue, which they oiler on the most l.uorable Icnns. 1 r.r.xrit ami Cmimsii China liienklasi.dinner.tea, supper ami toilet sits Irini niidi-nhe oa-kcts, preserve shells, Compotier, plain white, harbeaii nml gold, tVr ClII.X V--VllS. s, inildleslll l,s, bouquet holdeis, cologne bottles, novcllits ill inkstands, mutch nud llower pots, c. FiAiwiN.i, ligured blue and Washington blue, ll dinner, tea, slid toilet sets. lir ass Ware, cut, piessed and plain centre bowls, celeries, wnter bottl, , d, canters, tumblers, wines, i liainpaglies.t'oblets, lemonades, jellies, dishes, lamps, Ac. e. I, ami's Patent solar and lard lamps, suitable for ho. !-!, churches and f.unilies, of new and beauiilul sij les, tloui the ci-kbiati d manufactory of Cornelius ec Lo. (tir.AXisil.Ls, candelabras, brack, ts, candlestii ks Oi inula, silver and,ol new and approved pat rcrns. IIai.i. Itich Ftained, painted and cut some vrrv ( hoiee and beautilul patterns, Hr.irA.xxiA Wakh Colli e pot-,tea pots.sngirsand creams, nnd castors of cverv deseripiion. Cvtirni n W vr.r. of siiH-nor stylis and qualities, in every vaii, ty ol color now m u-e. t nnal Koiil lilass vv ate, w iihs ami lauicros. "11 a Tkavs.iii setsor bcpanue some very choice nnd benutilul patterns. ('. vs FixTi tn.s.tiom Cornelius ,Co.,nl .New l ork nnd Pliiladelplua prices. Troy, May l.lslS. D'JsWlSft Uctluclion of Stock AT THE lAiinis i:xriiAivu. 3011 HOOD hurritiCNT ki:.mi. it Si has 1 n deemed nroner on our patt to llituw Ihe baljllee of our entile slock of sit .ii .ii i:u coons, upon ihe cr.n rnicr.s. Ily so doing we would not infer lhat we nre coin-in-lled to do it or that we do tsi lo gnitity tin- leehngs of uny particular individual b.i-1 tu tun our own con. veniaiice, and tlie public good. II n i. slionl.t le.. .hsnosed t.l niiestion our benevo. lence ill this matter let them examine our goods and i puces nt ihe New Store, licit :o lirmsmaiii v iiru- ,e,s,v.,,uic!..-s.,cc,. )n Cox & NASH riiiliiigtou,.Iuiie '.".yi vv.W 'I'ownspiiil'ri Snrsapiirilln, tSl'IM'LV Ol' THIS INutlmi jiiinaiM: conslniillyon baud, nud for sale by .Mnyll.isk d:il.i.vvi( AMOS C. Sl'KAIt. rpllT, lldltLINOTON .MILL Co. will pay cash I lor Wool. June SO, "IS d and w Jin is M. OSTUKIM, MIlMHITIIlt AM) V II O I, IIS A 1. 1'. l.ULI tt IS W 1 3 K S A A l li I l V OUK, Clgnrh, rtnti:n; it r. s i: n v r. s, ,j-c. Nil llli Lilicrly SlriTl, (tin the .Sortli liiur Wc if llroaitiruv,) Now York. July U.'IS. iKVw1m. Ntrayctl, 17HO.M llie Suhseriber, on Sunday evenini:, the 2d ' ml.,a lartie sued Imlil lied vvitlm larce Ini! and dark eolored tentM, Ind a binfn knob on her , right horn. Anyom' who will inlorm me where the , ia.l will&atUly lor so dom. ,,,,.,,.,.,. I 1.. 11 1(111 I.ii. IiurliiiRton(Julyr,,iyK dl&wltf HACKMItKLt 1 As y iu IlhN, Half ll ltM. n.nrterd.P.iiiblhsaiidbv the fchmle pound. Also HudMins Hay almou, . n. itvv t,i . I June H.'H W ; GOLD ri'NH. Irun SI.-'1 m f l,.ni ' J- V.KANDAI.IS. 1 July 2'),' IS. 3 I'i:V .11 HAT ,1IAItlil'T, i t n vrr.n sTttr.r.T. I ,4 M SA IIUICW has oiT.xcn ii .11 DVT .11 . It It' 111- in bis' MUCK M'llMIXn, just ercctul on , Water Street, opposite the bxuuviE llorEi., where , he means lo keep on hand, lor ihe supply ol ihe pub lic, all kllld ul MCAT which he will sell on ihe most reasonable terms. Ilis.Maikel will he open lor cus miners ur all me ' won uj u,e uay.jioin muruina I,. ,.!(. nud lie inions t nrovide lor those ho,n.yiuilrUuil.iint!!'H.iticle in Ins line businehi, thai cn he obtained in the vicinity. munition, July i, inxwti j Hurrah for flic 12.lciiion ol our HiiriiiUMM, Without any l'rovtsonf NO UOU.MUItY I.I.MW AltlJ SIJT TO IT No "51.10" ncccdcd to! 11 E tintno our prices, iiluciuililo to no high price convcntioinsis. xvn canvass lor the whole trading community, nud the people are well p lepieccltleil in llie Far-Famed Lnilics' Kvcliiinirr, wheie, for llie last time months, thete has heen Q gleul shaking among 1) II Y (I () O I) S ! Immense quantities of OressOoods have keen sold ; and now, as I his drain h of our trade is nearly over tor the season, we turn our attention more to the selling "I SrAfi.i: (loons. L.unt'.s,' LxcttAxoi:, ( nrm tt Krnr.t.T. WILCOX &. NASH. Huiliiiston.July 0,1813. dSl.Vvvl iiai.i.'s ,:i:.m)i.m: A II 12 S I V I. S A Ii ' V. . riMII.S I'xcellent Salvo is now tiseil niul to. I commended hy many of the iiest I'iivsicuns i Tin: Curvrttr, fur utrrnetlirniim l'tit'ttm, Hutu, Ihiiisci, 1'ieth H'uiimls (vc. Trice only 17 its. per Koll. Just give ita trial and il not satisii.-ii with its utility, return it, and the nuts in every caw ore authorized . t rpfumi tliemom-v. L. C II M,L. Sold ill llurlingtnn, by A. 0 Spear j Wmonski Fulls. W. II. Hitch, and by icgul.uiy appointed Agents throughout ihe Slate. July seil.'ls. wSmS i'lie;ii 1'iiblical ions jusl roc'il ill " S:liv:n.l' Itooktsforc." nAUUOI.Dthe last of the Saxon King", by Sir V. L Hnlwer.y parts price fnc Aline, an old Friend's Story price V-V' Tfie 'For Hill. by Horace Smith price 37c. Iirotliersiind Sisters; A Taleol Domestic, Life bv Fiederika llremer price 3c. The llaronet's Daughter and Harry Monk, hy Mrs. dry price 2Sc. Angela, " A Novel" hy the author of Emilia Wvnilhain. 2 inrls nriee uc. Louglejlow's Poems ; cheap edition price Coilev's Ladies' Hook lor August price ftDc. July -"Hi. i). jj." vjc;g ins, y b. It o I a ii i c V li v s i c i a n AND SURG RON, Vlnoo-Ui I'aIN, Vt. Oilier over H W, Weaver vt Hon's Stmt.'. D yi: sTcn S J All kinds for sale bv TIIKO. A.TECK. D.i:iii:ititi:oTVi'i: appahatlsi-a complete case, comprising every thing necessary for immediate' operation, lor pale low bv wj TIIl'.O A.rccic f 0ND0N rORTKIt", 1'iJIMK just" ni 1 i reived at Apotlrr.uu s Hall., im dlO-i HAUIUNCTOX. TVolirr. WUKIIKAS my Son IH.iov, lin Ult nn with out the ea-t eii-e or uri'Vocaliou. tin i- to no tify the puhlie lhat I hall nut p'iy nny ot his debts or rlniin any ot cam 11111- trom tfii miu'. sA.Mum. i:-ex,Vt.,July ;U,1SH. w5:i' The Vasiiioii oFOiuatT" A IK- SCOTT. Vm MJW VOUK, woutf J L n-iifctlullv niforni I heneoiile ot liuilinnion ii ieiniiy, tint he has len'd the pre n lift" owned nnd ft eilv (eeiiiv hv I). K r.N(iniinv a-n (.nhinel J'lirnitiire Mnnulactuiy, where lie intend; carrym-; on llie nhoe t'Uinefi-i. .Mr. Stnrr. from Ion'! experience in the nritieiinl Ctlie., nnd havmc ind Hie direction ot the work in mi.-i.f ihe tno-A I'M-nionidde Shoin in the ("itv ot New York tor tnore tlnn ln enr-, feeU conli.lent ot h:itmi ihe nhilitv tonu-the i-liesot the i'lihlie. Orders will j.-- received troiu every i!e-cii'tmu of Kuiniture.iiievery variety ol ctvle, eintirncin mi tlie l.itrst, Cotliie. nnd Llizahetliiau pattern, tienileiiieiH lmrHrien lilted up in any Myie iicsiieii ami in n manner nf eki:inee tint Mirp'ift) in the I'niU'il Stilei. omnion lurniiuie tntnle m n superior manner nud boM as low n a good at lick can te iiim!i- Lailiei niul Oenllenien are il"ired to call niul ex- nininp ppeeimetis nt Iih Ware Itoom on the Kasi -ide ot Cnihn Lnne, n few donr troni L-olleue Street and opposite r, ieh(l( nluuet Miop. ilurhiuton, July ' IS. vv3.n3 LUl'U) KX'I'RA I This cehdiraied n r OF VALKRIAN 1 i le for Nervoii'sne-.', con ftantly on hand by il'.H '1 HEO A. I UK. PACIFIC HOTEL, No. in mi .v ii KGE. I il II NT K i: UT, KKW YORK. Honrd 81.23 per ilitr, f,K per wi-rlf. vvlmf.' A Kl.nwr.l! Soil I "Will, AT VI X DUSK I 1'A M.S. TIIK Si;ipniiiii:it ins at his smiiH large asMirunent of aluiosi everv kind ol (Ion mtrehaseil enlirelv for Clh. bill llol being as well us some ol his neighbors, iiaj lo borrow pail ami miisi niul will i-eti to pay tti it ami lo purchase more, picas! c-lllllllil cc, llie best nml clieaiieH ever ollere.l III llli' County, SIP.M'Y 1IAKI.DW Winoo-ki Tails, May 11, ISIS. Ml cinon.nuii HUACKS! 'I'll.' o. li lira VJ leil Chest ex iloen or Miigly, i w.M by Tmci. A. I'n lare nxsorlm'-nt of spectacles, nt every kind j. v ArXt ii iies an. I i.vf rion-cto, nt JulyJOK J. V. liANDACI.' IIOOPKUS ISINCryS, ami Irish Moss J id meet q i ilily, tor sile by Iiif.o. A- Pi- Salt Ulicuin, Serolulii, I ,croev I'irvsipiliiri eve. Arc. iWtsarc Stubborn 'I'liwi;. Iljre is mtcamnr'T tt mti-a o'oZicr-f, NivvroN, littwcr Kills InyJhH Mr Joms Dear Sir, 11 more les-tumuiy is nco detl in 1 ivor ot our valuable Drops and Pills for liu morsjoit may ad t mine to the number you nltcady have 1 lav int! been atllicted for thirty ) ears w ith the I,ep. roey or While Sent f, mid hi vim; tm-d all ol rem nlifH to no purpose, and hn villi! arrived at the- aye ot filty h ul (.oven up all hojMh ol relief Accidc ntnlly w emKlouriintp" novel iiieii, w.i nijiirei to trv tin in, wh n, to my utter surpris I was completely mred Ih- ftire 1 hud taken one bottle. You nre nt liberty to make any u-e of this ou ptenj-e, fur to me )our drops me invaluable. Ucspt'ciiullv Yours. I wiu.iam ciwrns. For s lie in Uuilinton only by 'PinoiNiny. A Ph k, 1 nnd by nrmy oilier Dmi-ls in this and ibendjoinm4 I St 'lies N. H, Xoibini; i wj chnp, nnd noihiu cNc i pi j cllicatioiw for all dienwn ot llie kin. Tr) it trv it MiniH'u.Y try it a- itiitcrrrn, wSyl Vrritioul t'iilral Uailroacl I -t'ompaiiy. 'IIIII Annual .Meeting ol ili SliM-kholders of tin ) -1 Company will be hidden at the Depot in I Nortlilielil on Weduesdiy, Aui;u-t Itihh, at 10 a vi , , tor the choice of oll'icer and the trqnsactiou ot an) I otli-r lni i new which tuny come before thcin. l!y older ot the Hoard of Directors I K 1'. WALTON, Jr., Clerk. JulvirH. :t Mi l'li'itiiii;;' SpImmI. tioxt term of Mts I'lpininp's st-hool J will commence the ttr-.t Mmidiy in September. A few vacancies mount to he lined, to complete tier limiicd number ol pupils, ' H"ilmaton, Auul e. w 10M, SEA SON ED I. UMH Eli. pl.Ni: I I..VNK, 1 l-l incli. iln- ltuiriN. do. i InpliojriW. rJpturel'Iniik.Sinili. du. do. I l-l ini li tin. do. 11-1 da. Bunrd. do L'l.ipbonrdi. Hemlock Boards. do. Joi'l. do. Wall Btrip. I.mhe. Binlinglnn, June IT, planeil and grooved J.Ac J. II. l'KCIv it CO. '13. - l1r'Sil CAMl'HKXK ! just received from i - .. M.n,,fHriiire lorsalehv '! ' "'e "s"umc ,,lre' "le n , J'ltto. A. l'ECK. of r7. nDiim,M A frp,l. ..nlv nf ll... 'iC1 ,-.-.. ... 4tlile,jusl icceived hy Into. A Puk jllil'(! lo I'll vmit'imiw. i TN toi,.e,p,eCe of the treat .piaut.ty ol ,,. L Alediemes mid interior Dings, id Isith tonn-ii I 1 iioiuestio kinds olP'ied lor sale, the siihscti!icriss)iare. , ing no nailis ill olilalliiltL' Iliose ol lniitit r imri'rumi.l iniriiivtr ciiniiuem. i lie insiiiivnuiage to vv rncli our i i a i ii loners nave need liatjie can now, to evuleiit i henelit, l. r. i.iove.1. , CI ,.!. Me.l.ein... n ...I ,l.e t.esl l)m. ,IJ,e,l 1 to I'h) Menus und .Merchants, mid dispensed lo t un iiles III r.-.'isontitile niK'alw fri.o, r-tisl. ... lln-Rians' oiiiiii!.!-, mid laiuil' presenptions put uj. i.ii illllljill y UIMI piUOIOIIIVPS. Illl" .1.1,I. w.VJ liu Diulimgton Vt , SAI.AII OIL! 'i'lio nicosit uittolo fur tahle ,,.e, for sale l.yca-.-or Mile ,,t IHLO. A ITXIxH Ik.. ..!..... .5- V..r,.,.l.ln l.'.li.j.. ' Inary. vv; unsr mi:diclh ix run wont.t) roit i'ii,i:s. IT N i,tfii"ivi,ly u-ed in ICtiqliuul, Kraiic', Scnt-l-'in-l, Iielnnd, iiiid oilier i;iinKan cotmtne-", en tirely lifiiu its iiieiii;ili'i Ftiere-stn tlie t'ltiteil Stnlef niul tor ulnrh diene, until lliN lui'tlieiii'' pro diict'il, there .ns no ei,tt-Mn,iBp',edy nnd pfrmnnent letnedy ever dienveted. It In- nl-n found its v;iy in tlif Vel Indies. ."MexietMiiid Scutli Aniene.i, when it tins, with he Kiine ;iiitfiiy elli'ct,'d a name unequalUd hy any other tnedieine for the mu: or piliis, ttlTIIFR lilFtPIMl itR llll.NU, I.NTHtXAI. (IR I.XTF.H' NAT.: niul lor II I Di-cil-cH ot ttlt Stnuiltili, litiWrW f ii it I Litr. ir mti1 nml hnhitunl Ci'-iivfneH, rlirnnic Dv-Hitrty, Uj"ep-in. I'iilpiititimi nt tnt Ilfiirt, r.'ini in llie fide, Mulhl niul liili.iry Cmxli ttoiis of the iStoiii;Kh,irtitliifiu Sick Head ictic ; and in nil rjiscs wlitTf n Ciitlmrtic or ltf$Hnalive is iu quired, l)r l.jt't'im I fSfttiMr I,l?rttiriry will ) fnund HiipTior to nny other incdicinc ever ot It'it'd to tlif Public. THY IT t Knr it w tlie tirodurtinn uf a crlhralfd tli i-innf (Dr. A. tTph:im ot New York f itv.) nnd lln t'xpri mt'iits upon him-flliii nn njr;nntfi c.i-t." of lMi s ot (ifleeti enra standing, ntid a conliinaiion of ihe tlie:ies wlneli )roHll I iipp, Hint lit etl-'( led ;i cure inliHOHii uae. nnd lliu iifseiis. with ihe Lrreutett confidence, tluit it is u tEr.rAiv ami vfttnv nrMr.nv, ( all Ctisct, dint itnifrt all Circttmxtanccn, iir.MMiKMtr.t: cnu: or i'ihi:s: Tinnrv tAK stvnpImi ' ! Mount II ushinlon, llerk.hnp Co. Mnw ij NovenilHT 'Z'J, 17 Mr$t. Cents Knr thirtv vear I hnve been nfllicled vv Hh Tiles ufiiernl Deluhiy. mid Int!.iiitiritioii, cnuing ' ft Itouks Cnrds Knrs Svi--ts Knives, mid Oil ul tumori nnd niolniiw ol the bowels and which li'id re- I nm-t ftidlt v;m-tv id l-incv nrtiLVs -"iMed a 1 the medical ttentinent Ur. Clinptrrin nnd1 other?-could jiive. The .i-t three jcats ot that utm my Kiilteriuilely ili'M'nplioii l wacoiilinci to iml miahle to !iru inv'H'If. mid nt lat uiveii tin bv mv lhv- Hi-inns nnd fii'-nd in d"piir ot evi r naming my lienltli i in tact, tor a lime i.-re i cmnmeweti u-mu lr. I uihnm's Lfectiniv. I tt.ii entirely M-rclile-,atid my Initial Holla- weie made. lint under tie- beiifli rent m icid oi ito nietice, aihi in' ne oi nr p- IriinV lllt-ctuirv. tluiUL'li imou' mn. I have the t-lea Mire ol Matini; w uci to tne iiuluic tint my neiiiin i now cooiL a mt liope tn live many ear. tl it n iioii 1 w ill, to make known the v ttliu-h ol Dr I 'p''-in I , tu.irv. and to recoinmen.i it tn my nlllieud tiiiiw teiiturc. it helped me beyond the e.pfct:ilion o all who knew my en"', and 1 can only ly to otlu-r? thai it i-in my opinion tlie In M inedtciiic in the win Id for Piles or nny other dienM of the bowel ; and if tbt y vvilliw it according to the dircttions 1 wnl mv ndt warrant a cuie iu evry cawi'. Yours with lli uliito-l ol iliJlikMul i ! r reiaitintif, Vrtl Cc, Mis , .Xtir. 2'.', laIT. Ihe above eititk.ile. lell- a i triple and truthful iiorv of utli-nnu and iehet,ot winch, a pliVMcinu and witiKb m the cin-e, I ihecitullv erdoise. UK. UIIAr.MA.. Centlemcn I'nderMandiuir that yon ate the (.en rnl .i,nl" for tin- wile fd Dr Cph iiu's Vei luhle l lAclu.iry, tor the cure ot the 1 lies 1 have ttetincil it tny 4iiily to volunteer a rcconimen.i.iiiiin in neiiait oi i lint invaluable medicine. 1 hue l-en hIIIicUm! for, nrniy jcai" with the Pile, nnd Inve tiled v:tri"ii re- inediea, but with no U'lidicial ellccl- luleed, I be- , in to con-ider tuv cae honel"., Hut, nhotit the i'ubl ol tv'ptember lnt. 1 w.ts pn-vailed upon hy a tneiid to make a irrd oi the alovc niind med.eine ; 1 look liisailvice.aiut reance to viy that inuinotoniv rebrv nil . hut. ns I lieht'W. nerli rllv rttred- I must eariiotly recoinui'nd it to all who may hnve the mi fonuiie io ne Jiiiueieo hi in wi.ii -iiino-y nivalin iian'r-oa- de.iM Vtty re(K'ctfuIly, vour ol i mtv'i. Niv. Yotih.June U.ism. . .MnssRs Kuimvm , IIin-hwv. Grntlrtnrn ; Pins certilic thai 1 hive been severely nllluledfor in ihf lai-t ninemniiths Mav mu 'Wl all the reineihefi prc-cii!rel hy my phys enn, ai-o having ttieu other means to little or no ndvanne, I b-'eunie very much diacomiit'd and t'diac tliouli 1 mu-t -ulirr a-lon a 1 hvt'd ll'U piovhleuti-illv 1 w is iiil-irmed bv Mr .Mott, Itftrncior ot (he Public S -hoot at Siaicti I -In ml, lhat 1 would be cured by our v.ilu ible 1M lllectiri- 1 iy, ll'iv mi; euitlidence in hi sfttetnent, I immedia tely proeuii'd M'liu- ot tbf niilicine and am very li-ippy lo iulorni oti that 1 am now pcifcclly cuied bj ihe u-e ot only one ho. erv truly vour obedient rvnnt. ' ' (iLOlUJK KOIJT.CKOSS. Norm The cenuine Cph'tin's V,U Ltunty ha hi- writit n sijiiviture, llm-r A Cph nu. AI. D.) The h md is nl-o dent- with a pn Price, -jl ,i U Suld.wludesile and reiml hy HtNMivvv.v Ki icawi, I'l rulton hlieei.N Y. A C SrLVlt.and titn I llAKli.iN'.TO.N, .-r ni' lor inn uiLton. ami ny iiru ii-ts gfii'tallv ihrouhiHit the L S and Canada-). ltu hntoii, July f, vvlnili It irill'il-P 'I'allrrall' (v A r-v I . 1 1 7 1. i'l i W I, 1 It t l t-. It I u irienled ct be perfectly -nfe in all cae-, wnl not iueoiivt mem the animal or injure him even it he had no th-ea-f it i lioui I to S' nme.i cheaper than mo-t tif the munitions whidi are hem. circuhtrd lluouhoiit ih con itrv, Is'iuj pm up m larm r picka jjex, MilUcietit lo cine an old in irv ca-e ot Heaves, and to udmiui-0'r in a tio7eti ra-e cold, cntirth, Jto. A I this M-riNin, while the Hote is -lieddmji bisct'at In vital energy i- much ifducvd, and he i-. extreme) haldi! to mid. Ac , many ciKc-td incipient llcnv! aie cnnl rai led now but, ore snpjn d f.y pi-iu.c or warm wtalher. till thfy break out in full force m the tall. 1 hoiH'imU id hoiwi can te n-ived troiu tutuie untuiidnc--, it, wlien the tii-t Miimtmu l cold or wheciinr is observed, n tew tlovs ot ihe T.-tieuaU's lleave lowuers sstioiitu Im- ahinmsiered. Ihey are wairentcd to wholly eindicate icccnl heave at tin cas.'i). ;hi:t spkim; irinrii:it. Th lijavt-' ptiwder, iven in nail doccs will le mo-t u-n'hil at this m;imiii. 'Phey f-iimulate the ekiu to cat olHIie Hip-TlluoiH hitr nn I province new , 1 1 1 y oo-ei) the hide, mvc a j;ltiHy npp-.iramv to the coal, proiei airiinA tli-eriMCj they alo tnm iheir line aliciualivc and retonilive p.nvei. purilv ihe blood nnd it novate the whole fjhlem; which horj-es n-quire I at liu 3t':iiii tt initrli nn nnv i'l liu hni.imi r ice. lio f'riil n pu pnriilioti i.f Kirvipnrilh uelul lo correct a vitiated nme ot ih- tlnuK iitrnleiH lo the ch iii.' ol weather, which m the Hiring (illVcu of nil animal at well a- all M'grtnhlc hie. Tin remedy has ai-rpiued a Haiidin neier h. fore . fpmal coliinin, Ihaii any oilier mirumcni eerpie. nllaimd hy any hoise iiieihcine, nnd in net we know ' ente.l to ihe .iililic. no p nent medicme lint lint icceued as niu.'li com- . A Inrge amount olleFlinioiim's nncht W- pirsented tlU'lldlllollcon-idrlillij the tune it Inn. heen tt ill- . ol " eseelleliein niul .11. i ts. l lie lollownii. ate .1 n!ied m tins country Mote limn .MM and lew ol thocc wiolne gucnceriilic.ilcsrccommenda written testimonials lwculunt.iii:illy been IcnJ.nd lorv , any one ol whom inn he nieticd to. niul nny ll4 ,ii. ftioiii a.ked, 111 rtlalion to its lists, and m wlul Messr. A II. Ooiijh .V f'o -Icitify llm I Imiislil ' cu-es il i apphcnbl-, onii iiicknoe ot Kukhride's '1'vtti ihai.i.'s Heme )r. J C. llhss and .1 P. Heard, of rscw oik. l'owdi'r",aiid ued on a horfe o mine that wax troub-1 Dis A Clon.J K l,oilci,an.l J C I'll, imihjii, led severely with heaves and the single puk.iae , S irei iH lo the N. V City llopital .Molt, I'rol. lined hmi. The powil-n weie yivcii iilnuit two Snip , X Y I'nueis.iv, V I'aikir. I'm Sum , Col months ii 'o, and I have never -cn any inJicjiionsol leae m l'hj . Sure V Drs. W. II Van Deunni, the ill-case since. , A 1. l ov, J S I Jlneion. i; C .Mail , nnd J h. II .1 Ciiii.ds, lafi Chilton, N V Drs T C Brinsnuide, and I . v . Mr Uac. l'reiJeiil oflhe Sium'tties liiuk.inlorins II uinae, Tmv . C C Covel, M D .Siamloid, ii ilial he ha'd a hoiseiured ol heuves and had coliiih bv one nickii:- Mr J. S S.ii.iIi. 1 1 IVillniiM call e.l to P'll us Hi it he ciue.d Ins horse ol a tuot anno) inj and iroiihlesoiiie counh aeiomp lined by evidence ol woiins and general lack ol condition h Ihe Tui ti rs.ill,s Heave Tortileis. l-Atract lium a teller from a merchant nt Clvde N. V wlio hussold auiinmciiseipiimiiy olthc Heave I'owders. "I have only 11 packages left and w.iokl like lo have on send 1 i;ioce more iuimediatei 1 would not like to be oat a every tusly vv ho wities to pet a lemedy for llieir hots, s, want " I'allrrsuliV," ami will lake " llolhuu slse " Yours ,tc. V.M. C 1't.V. I Clyde l ink. I'ioi.I Alirudy IMililislird. ( Besides the above we can refer lo the published loMtificaieaol Messis. U A Hanks, South Amboy. 1 N J ; S Itubeii. h. I i i;,l Junes. Clyde,. N. . .Mr., Mnldlehury, Vt ; U I'mz. C lid, 1 J. Uale and oiliers ol tins cnv. winch move coiiclu. ' sively that it is the best remedy wlncli can ! uiveii p noises trouuied vv.m liejye...vf. . mm . s. tin-ties mupient (oun, ler, K'"'''!;''. 8 ql condition Ample dmi lion lor lis use in all lucse . 0,,"""L, .? i,Vie . 1 3l Z, iVr ared and - . '"" -".r v ci V-..-.. i- r... ut) ,llwh0KlV",V! 'i"'1 H Oofail ti Co. Iiy Spear aud'Ceo. liar ruunn-si .vrw- lii .- ringtvii aKe"',0t Buthngton. .. cl..... II , ' 'V J' ' r , I. I AVOIILI) ITolicct frill V Mlloilli HIV Uu-wU, I llie iii!.li.:gi'iiriiillylli'il I have t peosil it Shop, 1 Illl lesi.lenei on Vml Strut, lor Ihe rrp-we oi 'riiisitiiiti;. t'lillitiu nml .lii?lns n .;., r. i , ?" ' J, "f" ?"' ""7 i udow(.l '"r ".lh r 1 lellire 1 railS S-kept COllSl iss. nlso f !las ..nutni.iiw i.ii 1,,'Hiii .., . .... . lll.KVr.1 HUItNLTT. vvlSif iniiiuigioii, .xtiiii n. lsis ' ... . r l.ndisl f I' A Ii Ii a o O I S Ami mim-i i vt) flrt. vl-r. VtlW IS TIIH TI.MK TO COMB AND 1 -Imy while the ( ! are N, w;l Cleap Tho-e J'"' "'C'ved II is dillieitll lo kuowjiuwliuhlo mark tn pn vent ."ii'picioii oh llfir not h.ivmu; heii lnKnhl. IU tney won ten'iv innnii, inwevt'r .iittill the prue, nnd pud ffi w.ih ino'nev o the IV opt-, who cm hnvc (lie if"'d in e.t.h.iiij' tor rn-h ot tltir a.Mit. !10VAI!I)S June I ft, 'H. 0I I.MlMtOVi;i AMKItlCAN AIU TIGHT tUnUiu Strni'. 11112 idiove "Live is ojr-itdto the pu!llc as nil nrt. icle tor culm ny purp-v uiinviilled hy nny oiIm r now in u-e. It uyii-tni' lion i very Minple nnd con .(eijiieml) enn UMii'Minned With ticil.ty nnd tn-e The oven if l.irne nnd hiik'"t uduuruMy, the lint IkMiiif! i nrnin 'ed u to dillii' tin i-iJimI dciriet- o heiit i in nil p nts of ill A veiy u-i lul lenlure in tin- More n . it- Miiiiuier niiiinueiiient Mliicti tons1.-m ot a In nine? uIikIicjiii he ned with the wine t.icility nnd mote economy thin llie. common pmtnuleluni.ictT, - A150- A irenernl n-fjorltiitit ol l'iincv l'nx nnd Air-liijlit stcivi-M td Ihe iii!l !l's, rntcnt 1 unips, JenJ jut-', nririi!tijiiil Iiiiplriin-iiw A.C. .lull woik ol nil kind" in till, copper nnd Shect-lioii d nu in lh' I.j lest iivlf niVf on ,oi( hoi ice. iv.VJtt, li().STinCK & KVAKTS. ii:ssns kieins.m aim .v lutorin.ris 11 nre reofivni'j iieceMsiotiH to tht-ir Mock ot tin Wnlches Jewelry, Clocks nnd iikM nil kind ot goods licit tli' -inMiilly dml Wi toother with puth new kinds u? th )' judc their ciisiunieis will wish lor ; nn we nn receiving ( ioo 14 every week, we can .-upply nny ni'ick' lit our line 01 uiit ot it winch may be wuiu- vVe invite nil enmiintion of our Wnt hfby tho-ae who wi-di ptnd tnne-kti p'-is kiiowmj thiit we oie eiifihltd lo, and dfMroiiof Hiding all descnp'loiii ol -elhnunll de.ctipliiins of Wntcle. n& low nsimy New Votk or lt'i-toii Muu-,or any IVdlar run or wiu i-eil them, t ur ne-oitment Hiiuud ot Cl"iks, Wdicli Cnl.l and Silver CuuJi, t'lated and Uniniiinu Mi l- ul (iouds 1inips Mh-sicjiI IntrumMit-, Htniu-S ii'., I'eihnnerv, Cijar Ci f, .Snutl Itoxes Canes rlnin ILnr and Curls Men. I tUmls II.ius l uruiiil t otK- Cold and t?ilend 1 mis bl.u k, w hiti nnd fancy colon-d Fnn. IVjlher and r.i-lhuaid J'nns5i',-;rtil- tr spoons 1 oik, i-oiiri i iaus unuer .uu i rui Knives eliddr- n't Silver 1'oik" nud Cups nnd nllSil- v r (in jd nl nil times on hind in hii ii iiititu a aluiot nnv ailie-e in hum or uver in io- iu i ur muv to nnv li litem de-ncd. ntcle s ' lotks atnt Jewii- r ci aned and ltpmcd b oinsnlvesund t'vpciientel joirnejmcn. We ciimlov no npprentitcp in any dep-iilincnt ot uur im-in' t ! r ami and dcire ii to Ml "tlth I too.- mat to ilo our woik and chaif such ptic a ns will be penna l.uilly fr.ili-t icloiy lo tu-toin-TS DACCKUUiiOTYn; COODS and J K.nte (ieiiinn nnd Aiueiicau C-nncrni and n larger mid moie e.teu-ive n.v-orli,vnt ot ctry -nli-i ued m the hn tfC'-ivjii and will be kept in hand nnd tor cile nl low New Yoil; and Dosiou pneep, fVo vuls 1. While-, and 1'iem h to I'i ih-s in nuati HMtf. 11IM.NSMA1I) .V HliOnlCliS. 10BALT Oil PM'-rOISOX ! 100 just nceivedhy COS Into. A. rt'K. ini;sn cmANcir; and ijuion.s, th.s day received ; AKo, One ltM. Smoked lt t f (lams ni Mid order. A DliW hY. tsvw'is olvi Jr. Folate. mwi: .SLMJSCKIIIKUS IIAVIXU bkkn 1 appomtcil by the Hon. Piopate Couit, for (lie iJMriet oi (Iraud I-le, CN'iiinii-sioiicrs to receive tx h mine and adiu-t all chum nnd demands ot iillpeisuiis aiinuM the ,tnte ot Ii'-wi- mkjr , Uw of AI Iturh in wild decens-ed, and all cl-nin-j and demands exhibited in uti-iet ilierehi, du heieby jiv.' notice ihnt b-nd lUtme i rcpre-enied iuolwiu , and the term ol months Irom the tenth day ol July A L. LSI?,!- allowed by said Court lo ihe creditoi-j ot u.iid dt-cead to e.vlubit an J prove ih n le-peciive claiiii? Ik lore us and thai we will attend to the dutith of our tip(oHil menl at the dwelling hou--e ol 1,'tlefi'i Sum lea in Al burjili, in Mid l)itriit, on the second Monday ol Sep teuibiT lit t, troiu nine o'clork in the tumiuuu until nn roLiwh, u iiit-,-rii.M.. . wimu nny, Dated at Ailmruh, July Hih, A 1), 1SH. July '.V,' 14. w3:i I) It . i:. cuAi I . ' s PVTI NT Spino-A IxNuiiiiial Kapportrr, thmiilued fm 11 Kims u( Sidmtaitf Habit, Stmpitti ittuti, Httnnd .Vi.(ei s Veik and Jimr Harkt, rathi.? uj t'w Wnmh, Cutratuie tij thr e, Jitimc Muiittich, Lame tdr, and all Auac 'i'fiunaifl A"-ih"V Tiuu'd- und Tainn that am Jium a Weak L't.tditum f the iV.'i ic- and Aliiltnntual llegams, ' MIS ts an In-truinent lhat has but rctenilv bten 1 peitettetl and hioiuhl bciMe the I uhhe It has inever. heen veiv unneicnt v nonit.vei am recoin mtiidt-il b ihniwitids who have U'coui acrpi-nnted w'.tli it'' ecllencie s. ll took the premium over all , mher nrtiticnl Fiippo-tsal the Pair ot ihe American In-tnuie. lor HHshi ihe cii nt New York j and has i ru eivett the t (umnenii.iuon oi paj stcnin. w n-nrvt r il has iH't-n pre-'iiled tor thfir e.iininalnn, orbctn iwd b llii'H p.itit'llls A nielli vailel) ut lu-(iu-int ni ir artih' I il -u,Mirt have been pit-emed to the p'llihc within a tw jenis all ot w bit h have t-on).- e-cellencie- ; but hrc we haw a i oiuMuatioii l(f I lie v lutle --nniple and OHy : ch-Hp, jtt invaluable ; un -in- trfe moii'Ui lucvery puit vei Hiun naiurnl and fiact-tul Mippoit vbrievertl i- rctpned. A lare put of the piini ami wenkm-w in th' Mde, prim in itie ten k. Ih tweeii the trhoiildeis lluouli the laps ni the pit o tbt1 "loin ich heat nt; down wiititi:i,C(,live-nf-a. white. A, c , e., an-' from wrakne m tbc-.e nirls lhat nit'dicine, ph'tts vvaslir.s. Imintnts &. ' c , will ive hut pirn uu rep, but wbfii lliu Siiprirt-r toucne ia- i-poi cmiiii). hh iiui nt. ' uiiu-hmi; how luunedi He an I woiulcitul is liu? rebel uiven. In vuti-ij pi-ople, IhH weiiKne-- olten causes Ilit'in inflow outoi pe ni- -piue iieccniey ciiiVftt, the shoulder tdailf ri-e ami protrude, the " stomm li liouc' 1- priced in or out, and a nrrat variety ot oilier conioMhin appear, that ciuh' pfriiianenl detur mity 1 tut by the timely dm vt I hi- liiPtiuuictH, all lhe-e evil, cau lie prevented ; or, if uhr.idy exiitmir, tji.-y cm be arreled , or, it nut too Inr advanced, can betompttltl) cmcd. The advantages ot this lu-truiiient over nil others, a l e , , , , , 1 l int it ! simple, ami nt lutae to r-'I out oi m.lHri?lieuti. it t It i, M lm did, it will not rut or soil the ! cIoiIuk 3 It n adapted lo u arenler variety of complaint, .iud nlliuiK more aciiial Hipport lo ihe abdomen, and 1' II Vceklmnl, l I).. Ulicn, N i C U. i o I'lot ol Oo.tetitcs.nnd Jus Wchsier, l'rol. Anato iii). in (ieneva .Mnl Cnllcjic J B tlwood, M D . Hoclnsicr,.N Y Dis. i: B Hurelow. and 11 l.o-bm.-on, Aiibinn, N Y. Dis .ri.linii Ar ""'" Ceil. v.l. N Y A riv.t.helj.M D.Ke.o,e. ,N 11. K P. fh, 'us l'r.d M'U Mid, H.iitmouih toilette. N II B If I'.ihoer.rii l Sura slid Anal., l .1I. .I Col . Vi.o.lloi.K B IV eooei. .ii..ii.f........ .. ... M Cobb, M. D . I ii ....i .' il .llll"tli'M. V I violin, ..l. l. i;. C Toirey, .M. D., U iiidsor I t ICI I','.,'. . Vt 1! A Sevetanie, .11 v . .-''u" .".' ' .; m ii si.kldati . N A. a. Pnkin. .M. n . Med Col , Ca.-ileon Vt Dis. T Chamb. ilin C. Mill II. ilntih, -M riw.uu. D I -ii 1 1 . and J. . huie'i) , Bii'hoa'ou, Vt J H llronk, L'th a. N V. A llisiiee, fi'rii.tielil. t, und Hull. J. 1. lams woiih, Mancnister, I. Any amount moie of nanus, as references, might b.-iiveu, lion, physicians, and Irom those who hnve woiu the lusiiuuieul i hutlhis is loiwdered uiuu'lca sary. A Inal ol tin! cases to which il is adap , ; , .j OM Mt lnih 0iK.v.fl, , iiijuig .he numu r ol inches to Ihe agent, , u , u, .V ,.,.. v ,,, Instrument. 1 y " '"V " "ciinilelv fining Instrument, rortaicny tor talc b; MRP. C. MK.KRIT Buihnitcii.Julv 1( l?l. vvlml

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