Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 1, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 1, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTMBER 1, 1848. 'he beginning of his carter, when in 1912 the tick sol dier rose from be J at the hour of midnight, and by his eohtl and Inspiring cotmcil saved the burning fort, and WaWhed the Inmates from the tomahawk of the nier eileas saVage ; and from thence follow him through n period of more than thirty years, we shall find the Mine unmistakable cvlilettfce tol the great soul .ml no ble heart, and of the same qualities that have won lor him more recently the universal admiration and love of his generous countrymen. Has he not shown himself eaual to every emergen cy, has he not discharged every ditty witb distin guished lioiiortoliinwIfandWsconntryt Whoshull now distrust the ability or ihe Vinoe of the man, when all who know him bear witness, by their love and res peel, to his eminent wisdom, and goodness ol heart t Now I ask, what but the very qualities, ascribed to Gen. Taylor by all, hod Washington to commend Aim when he was first called to preside over the nation at a most critical period in our history 1 Was he more .han Gen. Taylor, a man of political knowledge 1 Was not such a knowledge at that time more hide- spendable than at present 1 Dvt here is Washington's own language, "On the other hand, the magnitude and difficulty " ofVtie trnst to which the voice of my country called "me, Wing sufficient to anaken In the wisest and " most experienced of her citizens n distrustful ecrutl "ny into lili qualifications, could not but overwhelm " wilh despondence, one, who, inheriting interior en " dowments from nature, nnd unpractieed in the tu ' tiet of chil administration, ought to be peculiarly ' conscious of his own deflciences.'' Was Washington, though " unpracticed in the du ties of civil administration," ever found w auling J He that was first in war, soon became frst in peace, and is first in the hearts of his countrymen. The mind that ruled the whirlwind and storm ofwnr,shor.ewith increased splendor in the Cabinet, and hence ourprt sent hope, that an honest man, remarkable for his strong common tense, can administer ihe goicrn ment cfa free pter!e,tn ttie shame of mere f.olitica tricksters, te tlte admiration of all good men, and to the lasting prosperity and happinets of our common country. CIVIS NATUS. JDicb, On Thursday tlie 29th Inst., 11UIMOUOH CARIt ARTHUR, aged 5 years, son ol Lieut. BenHMIN I!. Anna-it, U. S. A. On board the steamer " Tngllonl," on the 7th inct., on her passage from New Orleans to Cincinnati LIenj. F. ICti.LV, aged 42 years. Formerly of Troy Vt. papers please copy, In Castleton Vt., on the l9lh ins!, .K'LIX Caro, only daughter oIStenien H.andNAScy C.PAnmiiKsr.ol this Village, aged five months. In Jericho, Aug. 21st, of Consumption, Ilr.NFtr Weiisteu, aged 6 1 years and 5 months. He has pa tiently endured sickness for sixteen years, and died happy in the love ol God. " Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord." Co. On Monday morning 21st Inst., Clinton A., son of J. W. and Mary A. Grander, of Milton, aged 1 year 0 months 27 days. At Winooskl Village, on the 23d inst., AsstUNA L.SiNCt.EAR, youngest daughter of Michael Sinclear, Es., aged 19 years. TUB BUST Ic'clinnicnl Paper IN Tit'". WOULD. tWW VOLUME Or TIIK SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. rTtlin Publishers of (he Scientific American re- I meet ullv give nonce that Hie IOUUTll YEAR LY VOLUME id their Journal will be cointneneeil on Satuidny.Scpt. tstil. This Jmlilicutioti diTleis en- tirrlv irom inc many ningariucs nnu papers which Late! IYcmh. liY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. New York, Aug. 23, 7 P. M. No nowj at all to night. 30th, 3 P. M. Arkansas returns of the election inJicatc the choice of Johnson (Dem.) to Congress. The Democrats have also elected 8 Senators and 22 tteprcscntutives and the Whigs 3 Senators and 12 Representatives. Twenty-four counties are heard from. Most ol them declare in favor of Mnj. Borland and Air. OWlutn for U. S. Sena ators. The Cumberland river is now in fair boating order. Mr. Phillips and wife were tastantly killed nn the Sjcingtieldaisil N. Haven Railroad jester thy. They were riding across the track in a waggon. A brig from Kingston, Jamaica, which sailed on the Mi inst., reports another insurrection. From 3 to 3000 blacks were killed. Caraccas papers of the 8th inst., are full of wars and ru mors, but nothing of real importance. P,iete was still at St. Thomas. A rumor sava his feet has appeared off Laguara probably faLe. Cincinnati, Tuesday, Aug. 29, 10 P, M. The banks here refuse to receive notes of the Sandusky or Norfolk Banks, both of which are reported broken. There are a few cases af Yellow Fever in Statca IsUikI. It has also appeared al Norfolk Va. MARKETS. There is still good demand for flnur and the supply remaining light. The market shows an advance of C to 12c per bbl. Good inquiry for the Ea't, and shippers nrs in m-irkct, but quota tion are ton liigli for the orders. Sales 5000 bbls, 6,5G a 5,C'J for common and good brands mostly. 5,02 for starid.trd parcel. Some lots but little better than common sold at 5,70. In cluded in the ules were GeilCseee from new wheat 5,75 a 5,87. 1000 Oswego at 5.50 lor export. The inquiry for fancy was good and 1000 bbls sold in lots at C.00aC,75. Meal is 3,12Ja3,25. The sales 2 or 300 bbls Jersey, and 150 bills Western at 300. Ilje Hour 397J n-1,00. Wheat is considerably inquiry and the market for shipping parcels is improting. There have been sales 25,000 bush. Genesee at 1.22J 300 do for teed at 1 ,25. 3000 inferior Western 65 a 95 for milling. TOOTH-ACHE! Cullen's Ano tlyne, the great remedy for sale by Tmo. A. Peck. DEAFNESS! Hits,,', Acoustic Oil for the relief and permanent cure ofOenlness lor sale by Titto. A. Peck. Polly ftcwcli'N IMafc. BE it rciiiL'niljcreil tltitt nt n session nfler Mobile Coillt for the llfetrlet nl riiiln.r,,la.ii en nt the Pi.ilmte ollice in Burlington , on the Slid ilny oi jiug. 1010,011 insir.iineiit jiurporlmg to he the last will nnd tcstinienl of Polly Newell, late of Charlotte, was filed in mid Court by Kara Scott, one of the exe cutors therein named, Kir probate. Whereupon, it was ordered that Friday the 'Jlh day of September, ISIS, at the Probate office lie assigned lor the probate thereof, innl that all persons Interested In said Estate he notified thereof by publication ill the Tree Press, three weeks successively, the last of which to be be fore the day set for the probate thereof. , C ADAMS, Judge. Aug. 22, ISIS. W8w3 Hurrah fbr the Extension ol OUT liusiuvas) ffltiKS i7lSVXiA?oEsT.: Wit hint an Provtsos! unleiin.-nr the Soulli Ytlinti, wnn line garuen in jjq IJOIIN I UY MNI.S Aid; HUT "SO 1 T llouri-hingeondiilon and choice Iruit. I No ..31.40" nccedcil In! i July 5. ISIS. SW" W-L-S1fl0J0- IKK namo our prices, to no1 .YTitM 3 11 A K l . wVo ,J , S "and the pVode are well P' 5' ?'!!? !!"! miJE crlr-liriitetl liminti Doctor, formerly represented in the , t I JL lioin the INnrth Western lemiory. it ouiu res- C iir-r illHVII uun;a 11111111111 ) To Itcnl, I mm.' rritMnritntlM lin-miMi 1tm.:r I ,!lj I .. .'ili.lxil l.v Ih Widow tif (lie lute I pectl'nlly Inlorm ihe cltirens ot Milton, and adjoining wnpr(. fr at m.,. months, there has been a towns, that he will beat Mr. L. Word's HuM. Miltvn, great shaking otnon- Dennis ICootlN INtntr. PROBATE COURT, Nathan Lincoln Jr., LisrnicT or l-iiittenden. Executor ot the Es. (Hi Tuesdjy the 15th inst.,nnd every third Tuesday, throughout ttie ensuing season, tor an i.iose who re quite his seivices. Burlington, Augut 10, '49, wfiif hurlinffton Peuiilc Seminary. ...,,, .... .. Ml ,1." n.l. irgtlllj ne.M icrui vt 111 uuiiiihuiju uu mu uiu ' JL of September nnd continue 41 weeks. Terms, Hull payable in navunce. T U I T 1 O i . Eiiglili Branches and Inin, per Quarter Piano Muic, rrencn liingnage, C'HOL'LUER BRACES! Tho cekl.r . k J ted Chest expat.drr, coii'lsnily for eile by the dottn or singly, 61 by Thlo. A. Peck. lVolirt to PltVHirinns. TN cmise(ueiKe ot the ureal quantity of impure . Medirmes and (nrVri'ir Oriigs.of Intli fref,in and do nestio kinds oflercd lor sale, the sub-cnVrU spare unr no nains in o'.ittii.iiinr ilmep ,l ,.uif iV tit.r.fM n,,.l intriumc condmm. The iIhuIuhiuiw tu whieli unr I .r .1 . . .. ."rti'111 rf the work in 1 raclliloin rs have tieell lintjte, can nu', to ideiit , M-w Yorlt tor mnn- thin i'Xv. "1" ln n'c u,y , 2'hc 'hlon of Our Times. 1 ri'snS1TT' PHO-" Np'w VORK, wovtn vieinli!- IhW? lnt"tm tl"-people of Burlington and f. nn-r iuo'v1!"" Wmit owned and f Z ,VreXt, lJ-K- Pawbi.r.v as Cabinet lZZ l".ends carrying on Mr. P"3TT. from lono ... . , ... li.-ivnnr I,.-1 ThW'" ' " '"f P"ncipni ".".TI V"!'!'"''. I'vi"e rendered f ,rrV, w . n r. . 1 painting in water colors, Ins account o Ins sai, I aJniinilralion. It is ordered p., i,,.;,,!. moll ftbfiO M.00 4-,m m. - (l Al.1 '""pV"! 1'rjr!ntl" 'Jtb. day of September, 'mAiW ,, SEMixxnv, including, Fuel, Lights. Ihe IVobaleotlice beassigned lor the examin-1 iv.i,iii.r J., ivr CJnnttrr 2J0O otion tbereorniro that notice be given to all concerned , W Js !""" ic' 'l" T . ,1, 11, ,1 in said Krtitte by piil.licotion in the Free Press, three A lew yonnp Ladi.sitmmthe villa Se, (no to I erw. e weeks sncces.ively the last of which to be before the eonmcied wi hlhe Seminary,) who may jMh totijall day set Tor hearing. C. ADAMS. thcmvlvcs ol the inMruclioiis of Messrs. Malt, Hitrs Aug. !ii'l3 v8vv3 lihhe. 1 and Hitchcock, ran he udmitted 10 llieir Classes, m n 11 y a on i) s i Immense quantities of Dress Ootids have been sold ; L,, with accural and now, ns this bronch ofonr traJe is nearly over for ' w5V4m nie sensnn. we lurn our aiieiiiioii muic w u,r srum "f bTArLi. Oooos. Lawes' IIxciiange, CltfR'II Stiiekt. WILCOX fc NASH. Burlington, July 6, 1818. dSI&wl IIAMS onNUINn" ADHESIVE SAIi VE. benrlil.b'- removed. riieinloa's, Medicines.and lh liest Drugs fntni-hed to Physiciiins and .Merchants, and dispensed to fam ilies at reasonable advance Irnm ef.ft. rliiicians' rurniiibe, and laiiulyprescripiions put ryand proinplness. iiifo. a l eci iinriiingion vt Jedeilinh Ilnyntoii's Kstnte. WE TIIK SUBSCRIBERS, having Iwn nmioin. ted by the Honorable the Prolnte Court for the District of ChiLCndeit, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and d''ntnnd t all per sons, against the estate of Jedcdlnh noyutou, Lite of IliHesbnrgh in slid District, deceased, represented in solvent, and also nil clnini nnd demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months I10111 the day of the date tbereot, being allowed bysaid Court lor ilint pur- Hood the country. It is a H'ceMy Jounnl of Art, pose, we do thcrelore hereby give notice, that we wi, I 1 i.n. r... ... i' .. 1 .........I ... .1... 1 ... ..... :. k . .. cciencc unu .iietiiiiiiiio, ill inn w n meet 1 iter mi vniieeinent of the INTCRKoTS OF .MECHANICS, .MANUFACTURUKSand INVIINTORH. Ciirh nsinher is illusirnied with I10111 F1VK to TKN orig iml KNURAVINGS OF NKW MCCHANICAL INVUN'i'IONS, nearly all the best inieiitious which arc patented at B'lishi'ngton being illustrated 111 the fci ienlilic American. 11 niao contains u 11 eeaiy i.isi - . - - - - - - ol American Patents ; notices or the progressol all , COOKUM', OH1CC 1111(1 I'uriOr StOVCS. Meehunical and Scienlihc Iniproveuients : ptaclical 1 D' . . . directions on the construction, management nnd use , I' UK oAll'j III of all kinds of Machinery, Tools, &.C.; Kssnis upou , TTl,,T?f,T' ntirr,r C rr .Mechanics, Ulicinistry aim Arcnueciure i acccmnts 01 . luiiiyu, J.i r Jj 1 v I'lirL'itMi iii.triiuu is . uutiniu ii,.-i,iui9 ; iviiiiicuu ink.. . nn..p .nrinii invs intelligence, logeiner wun ovum niiiounioi omeriii- uti Itu xvew England Air Tight, do 4 do uteresimg, valunble and uselul inlorinalion. 1 lie 50 Western, do do 7 do SCIUNTll-IU AMi.KIUAiN is tile most Dollillar .Ml Omnev. An .1,. a .1.. journal of the kind ever pupjished, and ol more impor- Also, a large ossortnint of Box and Air 'IVht Par lance to tlie interests ol .Mt-IIA.MLB anil liM- i 0r Stoves.all sues and latest and most iiooroved oat- VEMORS than any thing they could possibly ob- I terns. tain ! It is printed with clear type on beautiful pajier. We ore prepared to furnish Dealers with Stoves, at and being adapted ro binding, the subscriber is pos- n small advance Irom cost. sesseu.aiineenuoniiejear.oia inrge volume oi j Si riE(fjE, C. M.DAVL'Y. J. II. BISDHn ruua llii.-lui.n AC alA k fAUClS. Illin-tratcd with upwards of Five Hundred Mkciianical Engravings, AND AN INDEX. I TCRMS: advance or desned, one dollar in advance, the remainder in su mourn: attend to the business ot our appoint'iinnl, nt the dwilliir; of Andrew Biirritlin llinesburg in said Dis trict, on the Ith, Fridays ot September and Decem ber next, at 1U o"clock, A. M. , on each of saidc'-iis. Dated, this S'.l.dav of July. A D. 1813. FRANCIS WILLSON, ) JOHN S. PATRICK. Gm;ii. August 113, '48. wif Hovcy's Hay, Straw and Cora Stock Culler. A Urge assortment of the above Machines Con i mii'ly lor sale at the liuilingiou TO CLUBS: D conies. S3: ten conies 915. Those who wish to subscnhc have onlv to enclose the amount in a letter, directed lu MUNN &. CO. Publishers of the i."eicntilic American, Noiv York. ALL LI5TTKRS must be TOST PAID. VOLUMI) THIRD bound. ?2.j. or in sheets. 82. are lor wle. Tliey may li bent salely to nny partoi the the country. Putenls secuied and Mechaniei Drawines executed at the chi'am'.st rules. lit the ollice of the bClUNTinO AMERICAN. Cutlery. Agricultural n rehouse. We could tell a long story about the machines, but it is iiuuec(s.sary. Tiiiy lrne b-eii longer before ihe Public nnd mole generally npproed than any oilier, aud we pledge ouiselts to sitisly any man who will take the lioiible to call and Lxnimne them that they have advantages over any other machine in ue. PlLltCK, DAVKY & CO. August 1G, '45. wTif PlOMlll. Of Pronly A. M ar's Celebrated Patent centre 0JJ Dinngbt, sill Sharpening, Side Hill, and Sub Soil Ploughs. Kuggles Nuise nnd Masou'Sj N. Sirnrbuck &. Son's and John Moore's Piiiniuin Ploughs. Also, Ames Carr's Stone's and King's Cast Meel At ... .I,, " l. id i . ' m-",iMii i.ntlB riionc n Hnu l.ilg s liiil irci Large nssortnientiil Kaxor.. Scissors, and Pocket ond Plated Shovels and SpHes at wholesale ai. Knives, from the best makers in hurope and Ihe ,nli i, PlkPi'P liil'I'V ( rn kSL ' V' HANlJALL'S '"'gus, 1C. '48. ' lh"0fc" 0A' C'v;7,. tions lor residence us the Seminary should be made sjom us but lew vacancies remain to be filled. August Itli. 18H. dlt-w3t fPHIS excellent Snlve ii now used nnd re- Dr. tL'pliatn'M Vegetable Mllec ttinry. THE fiEST MEDICINE tX TUT. WORLD yon r im:n. having Ihe to suit the w,tt,-'.V' li , 'i','7!,f'nt0, Orders will be receiv.d from .veiV'i. L ',' Z nf Furniture, in every variety of iv!e..-M,t,rKs,, latest Parisian, Gothic, and niiMbethian S, Oeiitlemcns Libraries fitti d up in any -iyt- V..i,'j' and in a minnjr f elegsnci; not surpass,,i United Spites. Coimnoii fiirminre nnd- In n suurli' manner and sold as low as a good articlu can ht made. Ladies nnd (.entlemen are desired to call and x amine ;iecinifi.s at hi. Waie Room on lb" Last tide of Catlin's Iitip, a fi-w doors from College Street and opposite S. Nichols Cnbi'i. t Shop. Burlington, July SS, '41. w3tn3 I i-niniiipnttrtt tv manvof the ficsT PiiVicians t. and for which disease, rmfil this medicine was urn- the Col'vtrv, f"r tlrci'Klhcning Vlntler: Darns, j duced. there was no certnl'i,sieedy and permanent Brnfsfj, i'rrA H'oands He. Price only 17 cts. per r-nidy ever discovered. Ii has also found ils way in TT is extensively used in Encland, Frnnce, Sent . mii'i, ireianu, ana omer r.uro pesii cminines.rn. ntlIlr, , .,..,..,,, , llrely Irom Its unequalled success in the United Slater i It H h I KA 1 OF VALKIUAN! JL This eelehrated stanlly on hand by linll. Just give it a trial and If not satisfied with its utility, return it, and the agents ill every case are authorized to refund the money. . L. C HALL. Sold in Burlington, ny A. C. Spear i Winooski the West lndies, Mexico, and Seuih America, where it has, wilh the same snlutary elite's, established a name unequalled ny any oiher medicine lor the I CURE OF PILES, Cmtrn Btitnrvn er. Burto, IrtrRint. oa Kzti.k Falls. W. It. Hatch.' and by regularly uppoinled , f At.; anil Tor all Disuses nl the Stomacli, Uowels Agents thrr,ighout the State. , niid I.iver, such as seu't" anJ habitual Cnsiiveness, July !iU,'4H. w3m5 July 0, '48. w3 FRF.SH CONGRESS WTAER, in doie'n boxes, at Apothecaries Hall, Aug 23, 1849. HARRINGTON. i.v mrs. I BUCIIAN'S HUNGARIAN IIAI.SA.M ! jut received a fresh supply by the Proprietor's Aeenl, jv7 THKO. A I'ECK. DIHIGCISTS CLANS 1VA II K All kinds for sale by THLO. A. PECK. ! AVilliam Koly'M KxlalcT 1 STATU or,) District or CiitTTENiiEs .bs. The rrolate Coitit for the Jlistrirt aforesaid : To nil 'rrmi i,ii r ruin, it inr i.i'iir ui n iui.i... Roiiv, lite of Burlington, deceased, Greeting : BE IT REMEMIIERED that nt a session of the Probate ourt holden at Burliuglon aforesaid, nn Ihe Kith day of August, A. D. 18IS,camr William L. Strong, Adinini"irntor of the Estate of the said Wil linm Itnliv. deceased, and tiled ill said Court his peti tion, in willing, sfltnig forth that the suid ilnby, in his life time, was under a contract, which was bind ing ill law and equity, lo convey lo PiuJence L. Ma son a certain piece oi lanu wnn me nppiiricnanr siln.ilHil in said Itiirlinulini on ihe "New Road." called; and praying the said Court to grant him liceie in sell said laud, to said Mason, according to tlie terms ol snid contract t WnrKr.uioN the s-'tid Court assigned the Gth day of September, A. l. 1511, lor tii-n ring on l necuung on said pi' th lVobateOtlieein slid Iturhiiuton, ami ordeied lint notice ol the pendency ol said pen. nnu. iii Miid Conn. Ii lrivfii lo all nersons interested ..." V " ....". .. . In niiblishiiiz this rnler three weeks successively in r.riTCH'S rruws, Inhaling ' lubes, Shoul- ,i., trlni!Tton Free Pres.". a newinoer nrinted at rDracesund" Lectures on tit- 1 retention and snj, Huilnigton, the Inn ot which pollinations to be T ONDOR PORTER, 1-J Kasaxh,,nn. Ainericru Pure juice Wine. Luhin's Ext. of Patchouly. Jenny Lin I Veibetia &c. Fine Ahuoiul Seap. Gerinail Cologne. Bay Rum. Cut ell's Cordial, Inr Summer complaint. Flower Vases. Fors-ilebv GEO. E.HARRINGTON. Aug 23, '49. Apothecaries Hall. AUGUSTUS HAVEN, - WITH liAliniOKT X. CO. IMrOBTEItS, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IX Foreign and Domestic Dry (Joods, No. V-i II I'ciirl Street, w0m2 IIOSTOX, BEAR GREASE! For stiniulaiing the growth ol and beautifying the Hair, of wananted purity For sale by Tiieo. A Pick. TAOCT J der Braces Cure ofConsinnption." A large sorply just received piptious lo the day assigned as uliireMiid lor hearing, P0PULAR0PINI0Nb If ptiiiiilr nplninn W nv f nir-ri'in i Hit wiith iT wtirlc. Mr t-.u He Idc ImnilnlMm Mlimk nt tiV follnuknt lt nf n nut' if itmbu w ht hf lTfitUMl li .McAl JSTKirS AM. in:!.INCI tHNTMKNT. It is nnt tnn nurh t "V. th it tills Ointwcnt l d.tln creitt pre. unil eiwuhrre. The rimii il." p(isci ttnt iri! oiri'ii, hlih v,ert iKwt l 1 vrr cnnif nnlv I'V l'itTtl r-iii'l , ifM Hitmce t the ,mrr nf tills Oiti tint nt. The irinciric whirl! It tvur nru. vU , rt radtrat re l'-ralicn tt tntenfiSlf rtrtpirtlttvn. ere it f-crr nf tt urrt . At tiin-t'Jiet nncln itt In 11 ciiniiion mhl, Imlure I by clming the "ln lh virf.ire. It (.illnut ih-t if by nny iMfiiii th 'Kir"ic'iri e rp-i.lM'iif.i. nml Hit- In-.ciiiible Termini. mi rcnoreil. the Vu m.A in'Tl't'l limnnra nl" the ImuJj will eictjie, hrni nn Ciinpul .irk'ns iFiiiftiu. Mr.I.ISTi:it'S AM. III.M.INt: OINTMENT his now hi'eti ntcd tu he the O.M.Y jireiuMtum kiinsn lo viYtcl till n-otlt. We wirttul rfm!-! lint nne nf .h rnrnwlng eum til',lnt In1 Iwen nf bum ttinhufT vwn iwriity -; rit nf fariu j,cirj iuin nt iIkm tUe in"l ten wm. Hnth ciw Iih ti.t.nck healtchc, fi-r lint tnc. ;t cmii'luint supjtmpd tn yielil onlv It htt-rint rw tl cs. Iium brn cun-iNlirMri'j; uNi lfh"iiiu itisiii, ril.J rt'ft. IMi 'cm i.l iltil, fnnMiinitt.nn, Atlnn", nil Pi-etM-s nf the first, Mirp innl the Ilk-, U e Uf en eun-il, u hltc ith"M u hu lire 1 1 kin i.irsitMrilln.n bHlsiu, htile mgiri-ittnly, pllU nrl driip. hto yt-t itfTin, with little hnp:-f n-cvery. !.. k thew thins irt-tre in imrmwtlun In -f ft, becntMe e er nnil knuvv thnl hfwllh nn.l l-fd itre Jcif lit ery one. n p l.f-hn' bllmleil hv thee thitifl in Inn; ui thrre wm tv evidvnee if Cnon. Whal!il m iinn cic fr his life t e tiefe f ive ine nimoniyoi inr rtst-ns umu . thr r iti-.ics. ThW l hut it t.irt of u h it we h i e. ljjblo fn i Ortilic ites nnw in mir itnscislnn. .Nny, ll we Ma the -ni .11 u it.. htiifh-fn iH-ncfntprl or ruffrthv th A i.l IIKM.IM; OINTMKNT w thm th! llU iiiuii1lit.e " . t t.... ..I.I.I. . rt.illM s. it ll ...M,ti-.r It K kiKiw tiur'trirndi will id. t : vr . ....i ,,,. i..i..r.. m tt t.. mrif lllfir irirnu-., in Jt ,..,! t lillfl thin liinrn r cene.l from IhiHlinlmenl. Frlemli! cl.eer lis "n ' till c " w..rk. by iiamn Hi. whole irmli 1-V-ir neiBlilsirs t.... .. ,1 11 ilit. rretit nnd coed mriiitlnt liml lu way Into ti"!' Imu-c, mid glajilca the heail ol eii-rv mul "I It1 I ,n'l- .. t i . hue riMim o'dy lopiie a iinll numlifr ornsnii.. in Vui. V..rk.inil I, 1111 III. IIP. Illll. HI ""I I"'. ' from PlnlsiUll'hm, II M .--nil trthn ilncei, we re tilih! c.l In le tie out cnurui)-. Juhn I'Mne, lle-lrr it.. r.heiinntism liotllil tielleck. ifl .i-viillisl. ;'r..ili. (Villi nn T rrj, 1U limn n , ' " the l'"'l, W. Th.iiii(iM'ii. r'T. ?lh Al. At ijtn du. 1,11 M.nlii, ii Pti 1.1 nn t.. Piles, tl. II., WI laurcui t., H'iniery. j.,hn rnuiKis II ii.iurt., emrncrs. Jiii.i. ll.i.UU-). t"llr.nj .1., lliini.. J.ilin lliiii"-r 'J7 IIiiiImiii t., Ilrui-es. Tlmiiin 1"I. Ill I nr.Jlh t.. Mer iiii'ii'lnl. S.niiilil MihiTl'. llJMiltiUl, llluliiimtniii. Ii l.iiir..i.i. lu-ckiinn i- till uu. r'-ill UIh'Iiiii. tt'm..sir, 114 li.iw.ry ll.-nj l'..u:h. I.VIMlin.t. A.lim.-..m- llinisl .1 ll lu..t I 111 11.. m .1 . I. lii'lllll Itl.lll. i'l'tvnii.l's tVI .innl". ilt lleln-rv - i k li-nilillie, 111.11 ....I. r . V. 1.1. M ...Pl.t llfltl'l c.ilil. J..I111 11 Tii'-ir. 31 I'iko t . Ilenl itV iinH eniptlmi Clnrl I1. rSni.i'i.Mll llr.iU'e n., -re liiiinl. 11. 1.. lr..ii..'Hi All nn !.. ' l.r)illi. tl iv l.i II. Klii.inl.. "r.i'iit. I., t.. "s'i" Iliad'. S.imh Minlh 2IT ll-liiirv t.. I'.uti l the !o i. v it ii.i. I. r .'.I.l I nil. hi .1 tin. I l1lM.ll IIHIIII-"- 1). U. VR.(.iXy, M.D., R n ( n n i c Physician AND S una EON, M liiooskl I'nIN, Vt. Ollice over J. W. Weaver .V. Son's Store. PACIFIC HOTEL, ,is. 10 till A liiil atKRrs wif:n stkekt, NEW YORK. flnrtrd $1,25 per dny, QVflO per week, wlnif' A. FLOWF.R. " Well I Will, AT WINOOSKI FA M.S. tTllE SunscmnRii n.s at nrs store A large assortment of almost evert' kind of Goods, purchased entirely lor Cash, but not lieing as well off assume oflia neighbors, had to borrow iart and must and will sell to oav that and to tintchase more, nlease call and sec, the best and cheapest ever offered in this county. niu.r.r uakiajw tt inoosKi rails, .tiny u, loio. nnd fur sale at reduced prices. Ily 1 iieo. A Peck. (liven under my hand, nt said llurlinglou, this K'uli 1 tr.ih r..nN. -JIT IK Inn y t, li." i '" hetd. Aieots and I'livsieians sunnlled at lluet. l'neh's nl Aiirusl. A. 1). 18H. A Jlorclinnt. u iiiliir i i . i . . ' ' o. ti i, . i h'i ill i nivivinti ' Clironie Dysentery, Oyspepsint ralpitalion ol the lieaii, I'am ill nie siue, Aioruio anu Ullinry ioiiiu llolTsnfthe Ftninaeti.tirn.lnTing Sitk Headache i and in all cast's wliere R Cntlnrtic or Restorative is re quired, Vr LphtnCs egeiwe Electuary ill he found Minerior to nv oilier medicine et er of fered to tlie l'ubtic. TR Y IT ! For it is the production nf a eelehrated nhyMCian.l ihe summer disoitleif nl cdildten. whiiier of the sto tllr. A. I Tnlifi ill ol New York eilv.t mid iheexneri inents uin himself in an aggravated case of Piles, ol fifteen years standing, nnd n conhinnliou nl the above diseases which proouee i lies, mat ne enecieti a cure in his own ease, ana mus asrris, confidence, that It is a er.KTAIN AMD SPEIDV RUMCDV, la all Cases, and nndtr all CircHinttanccl. 34 Spectacle. A large assortment ot Spectielrs , ol every kind it Also, tjogles and l,yc July 20, 'Id. w3 ! Protertois. nt J. V. IIAMUALISS. flOOPRRS ISINGLASS, nml Irish Moss, J ol nicest quality, for sile by I iieo A. rtCK Suit Klicum, Scrufuln, Lcprocy, l'ji'vsipiliis &rc. ixc. Pacta are Stulibiirn 7'ii!,'s. Here is one atnoni: a ma il nlltrr1.. Nifrns, Lower Falls, May, 1318. Mr. Just s Dear Sir. If more testimony is nee d in Invor of vour tnlit.ltile lroiisatiil Fills for Hu- ........ ...... ...- ii. 11 i..iii ,.i t!in ninnlii.r vim nl.pnili iJ v hate. Iliivini? been nfilicled (ortWrtv years with the I,en rocy or White Scutf, mid having tried all sorts ot rem rilirs lo no ouroose.nnd having arrived nt the auc ol til t V ll'io given up ail nones oi rruei. ACCiueniany seeing) our drops advertised, was induced to trv them my uuer surprise, i wasconipieieiy curea oe ore 1 had taken one ootue. uu ore ai iioeriy n make any use ol this lou pleat', Inr m me yoururops i 1-1.1- 1,.. .1.. .. s.r-... are uivaiuoie. jvcpiietiiun, iuui, WILLIAM LU TIH For sale in Durlinston onlv bv TlltonnRE A. PtCK and by many other Druggists in' this and Ihe adjoining .simps. ?s'. II. Nnlhini? is so eliesn. and nothlltff else is so ellieiicioos Inr ill in-s-aM's oi ine tKiu. j ry it iry ii rAiTiiii.i.i.t uy m ..mi-.ti.. Vci'iiaoiit Ceiili'nl ICailronil oii)nnr. 'I'lIB Annual Meeting ot the r-tockholjers of this Company will lie liolden at the Depot in Xorllineld on tt ed i-suay, August jam, at lu a. m., tor the choice of olii;ers and the transaction ol any oilier tniiness which inav come belnre them. l!y order ot the Hoard ot Directors, tt. I'. WALTON, Jr., Clerk. July II MS. tt3 9w i"71ii I'leiniiis't School. flAHK next lurm ofMiis Klfiininp's school I will coninience the fust Mondsy in September. A lew tiicniicies remain lo tie lilieo, tn complete ne limited number ol nunils. Diirlmgton. A itgnsi . w I OS I f . I it le tor Nervousness, con. dJJ Tnto A. 1'r.iK. Ilntletin io. 7. VOW is iIki Scusrin ltl lor and Bow el. Couip'eims ; and it is ol unvrK-ukahie liiinortancc ih&t the most reliable pre ceittiies nnd remedies be i-ought lo public t.otiec in everv seetmn of the coun try This Company ttmil-1 call Ihe ntteniion of medi cal hi'ii, parents, nuisei, and all others, to their hildrcn's Panacea, which i unpirrd'elcd for its power over all I I I Hon I hl irach, thi tioivels.iln. kidneys, the skin.or the gun?, rnl eireulfiiion. lu Colnit Infantum (summer emu plaint,, Piirrheea, I))iciittTy. Wasting Aicuy, Cot l.efiiest. 7r(Aiif. (tr.. . it isinfallihlp. Nufuni- with the grestesl ly f hould In- u moment without it, us ils timely use will save lile, rind enrtj the most leehie children through ill.- eillilliipr. is accompanied Ic crtreful anil minute tlirrcliont. Vegetable Ccrlilii-nlcs. REMARKAHLE VVRE OF PILES! THIMY YEARS STANHINTi ' ! Mount IFaehington, Herkshiie Co.. Mass November i!'J. 1847. t Messrs. (ieuls Forthirtv tears 1 hate been nlTlicled with Piles, general Debility, and Iiitlniitnation, causing tumoraand prolapsus ot the bowels, and which had re sisted all Ihe medical treatment Or. Chapman nnd others could gite. 1 he last three years ol Ihat lime The Dvsentery Syrup ol tins Company is un infallible specific in ihis alarm ining disorder. It is wunanted to cure ; nnd irit should in t. the money will mall cases be refunded. Thousands of lives have been saved by ils site. No instier how extreme the case, a cure is certain, Me dicnl men and all ulhrs should immediately procure, tt supply, and th-is router a grnt blessing ou their refjiective pntiems, families, nnd communities. The other medicines ol the (I relenbeig Company are too well known to need mention nt lliis tims. r-ullice it to sny that they are sought for wilh the ex- my siwTeringsdefy description. I wasconli-icd to lied j ntnpled avidity, and are performing the most astound unable to heln rut self, and at lastmven unbv mvnliy- inff ernes liter and Atne.Seinfiila.Consumntinn. siciaus and friends in despair ot ever gaining my ISilliout Pel e rs, V He .are ennqurred by them. The health : in tact, tor a time n-ture I eomincnceii lisina Grcfeiiiicrg nrxtrpnlla Isimpouna is taking th' Dr. Opium's Electuary, I waseul rely speechless, and leed ot all oihcrs, and contains double the number of my burial dollies were made. Hut under th" tenefi dases of nny other. cent mercies ol Protidence, and tlie use ol Dr. Up-' AGENTS IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY.

hams Llecluary,tnoi)4ii anoui Mt.v.l nave the plea- . , sure of stating the tnct lo the public that my heiillh is now good, mid hope to lite tinny j ears, it it is timl's wi . in imike known llie viftnes ol jt unuaiiis r, c- tuary, and to recoinniend it to my ntllicted fellow son and Cleo. V. Ilnrnnnton. Dniiii--: H'iiicojAi rHa V 15 Hatch it Co. .Villein. Ayvrs it Clark Selr, w D Tyler. Huntiig- It helped me be)otnl the expectations of ";,.'-AIr.'"'""':lV kWerAilf.-C B Allen. Char- Jerioho (Viifie, .1 Lyman W'estfotd, H P. Wood. Yiirslutir. W. 1! Viele, Essex, -J- ,t J Tuitle. Ktrknondr B. 1). Ureen. Il'i.'nston, Hul berl it Hodges. August IS, MS. tvi Glaziers Shop ! ! I WOULD respectfully inlorni my frietul.i, nnj the public generally that I have opened a Shop, near mv residence on Pearl Slreet, for the purpose of Filinhhing. Cutting nnd Klnzing all of plain and lancy Window Glass, a'so G1ai lor Hash or Picture Frames kept constantly on hand at Manufacturers prices. HERVEY BURNETT. April 20, 1KH. wl3tl all who knew my case, and I can only sny to others liml H is in mv niiiliinn the best medicine 111 the tvolltl lor Piles, or nny other disease nl the bowels; and if tilt v will use it nccordmg lo tlie diieciions, I will my self warrant a cure in etery case. Yuurs with the utmost e.tpieMou of tlunWoWs l-Ull.S lililUiS CI C Ui r.erumont. Perk Co-. )hf .Xor 29.1347. The iihnte certitieaie tells a simple and truthful siory ofNifiering and relief, ol which, as physician and witness in the case, I cheerfully endorse DR. CHAPMAN. Messrs , Gentlemen Understanding that you are the t.en eral Agents lor the tale of Dr Upham's Vegetable Elecluiry, for the cure of the Piles, 1 have deemed it my duly to volunteer u recommendation in behalf of Burlington, that invaluable medicine. I hive hern afflicted fur - many years with the Piles, and have tiled various re- llleilies. but wnn no belieticlal ellecls llnleeil, 1 oe. gu'l to cmsider niy case hopeless. Jlul, noutit tne Otis disease. IMPROVE!) AMERICAN AIR-TIUUT Cfokliti: Ktovc. lirst ol September last, I was pret ailed upon by a I e-p-above a:ove is olfertdlo the public as an art- friend to make n trial ot the above named medicine i X icle Inr culinary purposes unrit ailed by any other I took Ins advice, and rejoice lo say that I am not only novv j,, u,e- j19 construction is very simple nnd con relieved, Uiu, lis I believe, perfectly cured. I moat SCqiieiiily can he managed with faciliiy und ease, earnestly recommend it to all who may have the nils. ''he oven is large and hakes admirably, the fines lortune lo Dcatincien trim mat annoying anu naiiger- being wi arranged as to dillus.- nn equal degree ol heat in all pails ol it. A very uselul teaiure lu this stove is Its summer nrraneeineiu which consists t,f n tuinace which cm be usril with the same facllllv and mora New York, June 11,1813. economv than the cutumoii portable Inmate. Mfctsss Ketciiam .v. HtssiiAW. Gentlemen i ' ti4 This ceiltlies that I hate been severely afflicted for . A general assortment ol Fancy Bnv and Air-tight inanv yearswiliithc Piles, but more particularly with- moves of the laiesl styles. Patent Pumps, lead pipe, in the last nine months. Having used all the remedies Agricultural Implements i e. prescribed by my phys'cian, also having tried other Job notk of nil kinds in tin, cupper and Sheet-Iron means I - lutle or no advantage, i became very mucn done in the latest si)le nn.l on snort notice, iliscoiiragedandleltasihoughliniistsulleraslongns (w52tf.) lHMTHICK st IJVART3. I ived. liut prut i.ieuiiaiiy I was nuormeu oy .iir, 'trv resnectluliv. vour oh't seiv't. ELY .MOORE. Mo From the Doston Evening Trateller,Jon. 6, 1517. It is pej bars but an act id justice to tlie proprietors of tvistnrs iiaisnin oi mm merry lor us towiy, mat tair personal experience in the use ol this article has iintiressed us most Invorably, One of the proprietors of the Traveller was entirely cured of a severe cough oftuur mouths ihe use ot this Uilsaiu ; and severnj of our Iriends nnd acquaintance, tv.iohave tried the article, have louud it ot great service in re lieving them ol severe coughs and shortness ol brenih ing, with which they had been afflicted. Mr. Selh V. Fotvle, No. 13s VVabhingloii street, is the gtneral gent. He not deceived, remember that spurious iuiitalioiis ami other preparations of Will Cherrv abound throughout the laud, but it is Dr. Vistars Ihat has wholesale terms. CLARK, FISK & CO. I S2N ruiTos sTiir. i:tx i:w yokk. HAVE on hand, aad offer for sale a choice seec tion of Fresh '1'ias Irom the late arrivals, coin-nns-itiff iv i cnestj nnu pan C,esib Iijsnn t-kin, 7 31 100 473 7a 37 275 V6 f7 do do lu lo do do do do do do do do lu do do do do do tlo do Young llvson. Old 111 son, Twunkny, Gunpowder, Imperial, Flowery 1'ecCo, Pouchong Niiigvong, Oinnge Pecco, MOilcllOtig, 431 caddies ol various ou-iiities. AUn. en.nnn pneknges 'J'obncco, comprising various brands and uciiuimru UIUUB.IUU nuiiiiriiui luir,, ni'v- (piiiiiliei. : I ipes nnu peii.HM ; .viaeenuoy and r5COteh fore buy no ot'ierbut the genuine, original Balsam of. Snull ; New Orleans, Porlo Rico, Si, Croix and Ha Wild Cherry, signed 1 Bulls on llie wiapper. vann Cotfee, cru-lied ; Loaf and Powdered Sugars; For sale by Tiico. A. Pdck, llurlington Vt. and by ( New Orleans, l'mtn Rico, Nneivetns, ft Croix, Trin Druggists generally throughout the United Stales. i idad and Cuba Molasns: Hull lloxes. Box and Keg Riilsius: hi, Dunilii'ii. Ciib-i.Rin. Lii2iiirn. Siinialn, t3T .Host Kxtrliorilintiry Work I THE IARRIt:i WOMAN'S PRIVATE JWKDICAL COMPANION. nv nr.. a. M. .MAt'iiicr.AV, Trofessor of Diseases of Humeri. Sixih Edition. ISmo. pp. 2J0. Price 31. 25,000 cnnr.s sold is tiiiiix jiomiii ! Years of suflerins, of physical and mental anguish to many an affectionate wife, t.ud pecuniary didiulties to the husband, might have been spared by a timely possession of this work, - J It is intended especially for the married, or those contemplating marriage, as It discloses important se crets which shouid be known to them particularly. Truly, knowledge is potter. It is health, happiness. affluence, The revelations contained In ils page have proved a blesing to thousands, as the innumerable letters re ceived by the author will attest. Here. also, everv fetnaie can discover the causes. symptoms, and Ine moot efficient remedies, and most certain mode of cure, in every complaint to which her sex IS subject. ln the rere intof One Do! ar. the "Married Wo mall's Private Medical Companion" will be sent (mailed free) to any part of the United Stales. All letters must be addressed, post-paid, to Dr. A. M. Mnuriceau, Ilox 1331, New York City. Publishing Office, 12!) Liberty street, New York. Trnvellini. Aicnts are informed that a few districrs in Massachusetts, and two other Ehstern States, are yet unengaged. Applications receivro post paid) as above. m. Jain Collet- I'lineum, PepiK-r.l.ineer.N'ilniegs, Itailroad end Staire Knuic troui Huston in those pin ,es, .Mustard, CnKsi t, Famy and liar Snap.Siierni ces. Also. Irom Keene to Cheslei field nn.l llrnule 1 nn. C....IL. Vl'....n. ..I. s! I 1.1. . ... .... i . ... ..... 1 noro, on siuie unys, on arrival oi. uueruo'in iiaiiii nnd Jntn Coll. Cote and .Mould Caudles. Winter and Summer Oils. Murk. erel, Salmon, Shad, Ibrrnig, Pickled and Dry Cod, from Boston up, moving at llriitilelioiostimeeteniiiiri und a lull unit general nsi-niimeiit ol Groceries, which nuil returning mi "opposite inoriiings to lii-t Tiiim , , e-nr ' ins luwrei ni.iiKri prices, nun UOWILimssrllgers Will airite 01 llosloll III 11, ,t lo umcii we luviie llie niiennon M the couniry iner- Al Keene, Slm'es w Wnnfcd, IMMRDIATLY, AN ACTIVK voungm.w 1 of 18 or 19 yeaisof age, ns an apprentice to the u..i.ii.n knai,i All kinds nf Saddlers work coll- ftaiitlyim hand anil for sale cheaper than ever before in this uounty inneeourg vennooi. . I . , GI pp, st. CO. May fcih, IHs ifl C ll e a Ii i r v Kail r o a ri , opun to ki:i:ni:. ; TIME ALTERED. j ON nnd after Sntiinlay, July 1st, the , Pnssengrr Trains will run, in connection with ' the Fitchbutg Trains betwicn Boston and Keene, as 1 1 follows : i , l.ente Boston at 7, A. .M.,nnd 2. P. M. I I Atrite nt Keene al 11, A. M.,and fi, P. M. Leatc Keene nt 7, A. M., and 2.P. M. I Arrite at Uo-lon nt 11, A. M.,nndt5,P. M. Slagis will run in connection with ihe Trains, ns Minus j I'rom Wuuhendon, Inr Kludge and Ja'lrey, ' on Ihe arrival of the liHirpingTiainsup.on Mmlaa, . Wediiesdajs and Finlays, and returning ou o ,.n'e ilnts. I I'liuii ritrtvilliant, for Riiiliuioiid, Winchester,' Hinsdale- and Druttlthoro, on Tues.da), Thumdaya, ontl Saturdays, on arrival ol the morning Tinins up, ! uild reluruillir frnlii llinse olnces nn the niiim-ile tints. I to connect wilh last Train down i being the shout st i tVilliaiii llurte'l i" Oik l. t'.. t lleimi t '.'- W'.iltT .1., II, I'ru.t -J-S IV itl H, fit . Mil. III. '.'I llellinev .! 1.117. Miuilh. slnliiiiiil St., I.. Il.'lisikrr. Ill I'lierry'U lllien Chicken s.. lit ii fm.l. ,s .re tlirnil. Illicllliislii-n Pnlii Is -Lie Il.jiche,5n I urns IV. M. .tiulteii.. 3.1 I'n.eiiile t. Iltn..krn rninsic, rrmip I'-l.-l'. Cellin-, I'ltuioiilli Il.mkljn l.lierciiiiipUinl. Win ll.iiiil '.h.Ns.siiii st.ltnukltn. Biuitioai. I'sii'iim t. I -H I hs l.M.n it , d''- II. links SJI .1., Aithrau II. IV Mii.i-.iii.ssnviiiertl., IVnriiH. Altto la tsnsil Jrtliie. II. IVllklns. 4JI tilrltentti. IMe. .iiiliew IVlikui. da. lll,Hiiiitliil J. Xijhllncle. ila H tl.liin l , I'sln '" l"rk IVi.i. M. IIXi tlelk .1.. el llhuiii , II. fnitrr. V-o rnl ,ch.iiierl'uill. Ilhniintim J. J. tin Hiil,;' Wi.ll .1., '.,ln.,cuuiiieau.eruilo June. I'rutl. IU William t, n.irr left Tliiiiieisl'iirliilii .wriiiireh l..iotnal J.r. I'lmm i. r. Illlli ,t , Kel-m J. II. Turner, till tfnler t., I'll" ci. tv.'ri rrm t'liii.tiiiiiiri fntn Aliifil Mftilinnl. i ililtrr t , I'liiulire llnun.. 1IT eel (mil .1 I'arni Vnuiie.'.m tinijen line. W.'l'i, 11 Allen !., II II. i, nkin. I'liii-iiit lunlt. I. 11. Il)ile. Ill M.i.Vrr) l , clinnt. N. 11 L LARK. K SK X- C(l Libera advances made upon consignment, v i n i ii cV it i i: s New York & Montreal Express, cice .Mi. 10 Huff Street, A. I . I II, IllXItV A CO. iVtft Side Square, llurlington, 17. iihivI':y& co.'s ai. . ill eiiini....! si-lll. till tin. Irnm. l.i and Irom Wnlpide, Bellows Falls, t'iiestcr, Cnven- ilish, i,'iuiotv. tu Ituliami nml linrliui'loii : im ws. vllle,,t'Jrilli'strwn, Springlii-I.l, Wenllieislield, I tareiiioni, Newport, IVindsor, Woodsiock, oud Mninptlier to Burlington. J This hue, in connection with the Fiichburg Rail road, and the Stages to and Irom Keene, forms a di rect line of eomuiuiiif ations between Boeion and Noiihem Veriiiiuit and Northern New Hampshire; and the thtnteet and matt direct ine between South ern, Middle, and Western Vermont and Western New Hampshire and Boston ; ami aim, in connection wilh Ihe Stages from Wiiieliindon and Fitchburg to 1 -,.. A- ii I l.'v ... mm i tt oreesier, anu the 11 ortester and ProvnIf,..e Rail- 1IONIOII 4V iTIUIIIIl .il I'.XprCSN, Iroad.llieinnHdireit line b-tween those sections of (Wice, Rnl RikiiI Exchange, Huston. I Vermont and New llnnimhire and Worcester Coun ty ami the Male ol Khode Island ; and in conneclion wilh Stages Irom Luileton, Mass. to Low ell, a direct communication lietween the same poitions of New jiiuiipnoirr ouu termoiil anu Lowell. , Freight trains will run daily, to nnd from Boston, Itl conneclion wilh ihe regular Furht.urg Trains 7 M.KDWAI(IS, President. I.- TILTON, Ungineer. Keene, June 29, 1818. w5 'SYATF. OFVKRMONT. ) A T ',i. .V: DlSTBiiT or (-HiTrESDv.v, m fV Court hidden at I llurlington, within and lor the District alorrsaiil on thelMuiday ot August A. 1). WIS, an Instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Beiioiit'lliompsuu, late of Rii lunond, in said District deceased, was presented to the CoUit lieie lor I'm. bale, by Micah Thompson llie Uxeclor, therein , limned. TnriiCFom it is ordered by said CtOtl, that public , nonce Ik- giten to all pi rsons iniercsled then in lo a p. ' l.u, i. ...... im s,...., ,, .1, u pri-siuii invreoi to lie nolil I uniiirof the eie. , l:riiill"is "n 'nce ., Ilrnil.cail 10 ean Uite nf n insil ileg t-nre eje. Pslt rlirmn tlilin.y, innthsrhs Uum.y f.ire ejes Liter cmiiliUlnt I'riel "110' 111 tiptlonS 1'ilrl Wi.i. Ii'7 M Mnrki I'lsceUiuiis, frnslej feet ,r,iu in ur.i.i lilieliiii.iti.iii hi liend 4'niiiiiiiiitliin IVlil in llie biesit si.iit rliLllm Iiesdirlie li.tlsliitlnliiiil la cbe.t A. Slufliey.tiOH llli si ll Kli'i'. '-''". I t'slilin, v.'l llrmuiie st. 1. I1. '!) Inr. 11'' rir.)tli it., 11. U IVik, ll-n . It, 1,. Maui;, li-e .iIhiIiiiii t i;. lirnlmiu, .si .-i mien fi. II .1 f. It. Ur, l.-i. ii"' Holler) i tnieii. i-t i n t si.'ii. II. Jmlil, Isi7 U'uier. II.'ii.iiii. el Ijiiplit t. I 11. Ilyiie. t' Hume Pel. J, hi.ler l. i. ii ...i :ih lliul.'in ,i . Mn..r. I'iiicj i. Hi "I liepruie, r- ill rliiuul IViii I', kins, ,en. 1 'thus, .tlri.lier. i:il!llli !., I', Mnn. Olnls' Hi. n I, ft, II ill;. .11. j .Ma n !.. I'snkl 11'i.t. Wllhiim at. r. fraud,. y-J lliiiier'', 11. Ilelllll. 313 1V.lllf .1.. ai.. st.n.1. Ij.ul. rl ktilrlilee al..t Mi.. I' l.el.. 93 l.uilluiv al., 1' limit 1'tln In ftiil liiiltire here ejta e .re ejea llesfneaa ('iiina aiti, pnin ln breast In hi auto PKfKCK & KRLLOGG, tf5 Rivcr-t., Troy, ARK nixniviixo bv iatk AitniVAW irom Ilurj, nml dirrrt fit'in tlie mnnui.clurcr?,n larfre nii'l liTutit'iil n-sortinent nt (Inoili in their line, winch th'y olK-r en the uut fnorahf tf rnn. 1- r.f.Li! Ujm-h China llrei.klnit,tliuinr, ten, Mippei nnd tuilrt fits : l'niit nml vakv !t.i(vt t!,prrservf sh lf, Gctnpoiier, plnm white, batheiin anj gnlj, fee lIR.N'IMLVrtn II IN A nillillf-IK k, tK'llfj'K'i hiihlers. t'olnynp luiti.t, iKeltit-M in nikstniids, match anil ttowir noH, A I i.owiN Hut, hnieit h'nc an-l A asliinrtr n LIui'. ii dinner. hM, hre;i!-,t ist snd tciilft ttP, (U.a- Wahf, cut, pitted nnd pli in centre bowls, rekTie, water rmti, drcnnteie, tumblers, w:nes( i l)(iinpni-,golilets, lemMiodes.jellif?, dicht:-, lamps, .Vc. tec, IjAMP". Pit tent olar nnd Inrd Inmn. suitable frli- lely,cliuri-I.iKnnd t.iimlies.ot new nml Iteautltul tlea, Irnm Ihe celeuralrd mnmiMrtnry iirc)rneliiis A. Lo. (, candelnbrn-t, bracket", rnml!'"ttk,k Ormulu,friler and brutued.ot new ami approved pal rt rn?. Ham. LA?tTtK'i-nicli f-tained, painted and cut some ery rhoire ami beautiful patterns. HiilTA.NNtA Warl Cotlre iiut!.iin imts, sncars and t-reams,Dnd eaetnniiil every derriptmn. l.vKriitn va(.eui itupf unr vtyus anu qusnurs, in eveiy vain ty oi cmor nun in uk. (!nnnl (ilatta Ware. wirLn nnd lanterns. Tea Tkavsjii r ior fceparaif mhiiv very choice omt (K-nntuui paTierm. Gi Fix nias, Irom Coirieliui. t Co., at New York Hud fhil.iJclprna prices. Troy. Mny 1, IrtiH, IW3V45ft Hurlintrtuii Eiitli School. 'MIK neM terni nf' v Huilin'toi. Ili'h School will I ffinwtiraii.s.i nn 'iinit.j.iv Hr-ntcnibf r. 4th. Tlie tecnnd story of tlie I. tiding Vw alt lv fimshed forth accommosjauun pi jountf i.mi-fl. TKAUII i: RS. J T. Il-tiedicl. .Matlietnntieii and Naturnl History J V .Msrah, l.ntlu and Grtek Lansunges. J II. Mills, Drnttini; .Miss A. M, llriiisiunde, lln-;li h nnd trench. TP I 7'0. . French )ier Quarter. 9-10 Urnwitic, " Knalish, iniluding Kendin:, r-iellni, tl ritiugi I, II. 1IIX1IV .v to. West Side Sijunre, llurlington. ITitallJRAVr l'ASSAfifi CEIITIFICATKS, lA Irom Liverpool lo New York nnd Boston. l-OlilUGX EXCHANGE. In sums to suit customers, on Dublin and Liverpool. dJO 1. V. DIXUV &. CO. ChcNhic Kail Kond. Wy--iry-TgWaW-lrTOrT--'aW ON and alter October 13th, Trains will run over this liond as follows: Panseiiger Trains will lie run lo Winchemlen in connection with the Filchburu Trains, which leave Chnilestottn nt ? A. M. nnu 1 r. .M. 1V... U'lii, lie, ..l,, nt J 15 A. M. nnd 3 40 IV M.. conneciini; wilL the tecond and llie last r lu-hbrrj; ' en ni iiuri.usioiitiii me luiu uay ol iSepieunVr, A 1) iriiins lo Huston. I", " nuileat the proUiie ol roid ll'itl, mid it is Btnjjts Irtnii WeHem nnd JVoithern Itrw llnir.p- . luiiuer oruereu uini uiu otuer oe published lrrr II. Karr, Kll', I.Mlel J. M'liee, IM II eti at, ltr.hln, f i minis. Imp. MoM HI. .. 1-rtia. Hemline II. Miller. IVJ llivlsion, l'.iln In head I. Knnpl' UU .Ni.rl'.ill.. .".!!'"'' "?h N, t!. II Tliiuiisa. 7irhnlm Arch N , llnnnali, W llns nie .1., Himilned m.kle Mra. Iltiruli, 8K1 lir.iii.l at, Uials f. llauaiiian.Vll ll)ar.l at,, Klii iiinnllinl 11 Hummer, l.'l llitlaiim at.. Bill rlirinn K. 1'iini.iiy, lliiiiisl fuica l'nurl.lliiriia P. 8. Titus. "re e) ea Al'tam Ii. 1 nimipsnn. ITI tt ..u imuiii 111) aljietua ila vtortt futn l lira l.iter rnnipUInt litirriirlitl rtiuuinaliain Ibirr.d anrra Itheuiniiii.m, very tad tliaiied hanila rcroiul.1 shire, and the Flnle ol Vrriiu.nt, will deliver nnd re teite pauieugers at Wmclieiiuoii in conneclion with all the above Trains, A Height Train tt ill be run daily each wny in c.-n-netlion with the usual Fiichbur" Freiaht Trains. T. M, KUAKPS, Freniden:. Octob?ra.l''n. I9i J.ihll I'lltae, ISt Healer ll full! n. lcy, rt. V, itntilnaiin, TO K.acl at, J. CliaiMiiap, "VJ llitlaiim at , IV. C'riickt'll, lle.broa.ea al., I. Tiimra. .tlonriie at., II. IV, I'hfk. Ill Ci'lil al., A. Km", HI Liliril l., tt'm. I',re,l. 4.1.1 llrmillvi aV. Hamilton Illinium, M LalsKlat. I'4ln In llie limit r.luitrr.V Uina. Ilheiluiatlalll J. I'ufver, 1'JI blanti'ii, Itlieumutiani IV, W. IVhij, tur. Kln k M'lWal. anre e)r W.J (Inn L'ruabyal, l.iuliuna F. It Ie, IUi. I'ln In Ihe Meait III, J. liiicl, I.S triilllv.n at , A(ls la Ufa Un J.Umk, Planum al, iuiiiini Mia, M. A. Klnt, liaillliirl at, Itiirna J.lluiJ, 17 lUl.ill.l al. Kill rlirum 11. Kipp, i75 p'iriiiiil at , Mure llirint I. Mililie. 1'J Men 1 1 al, fill Ihrlllu ll. Thulu. 11.1 Nurfiilk at, fine tin I bv . lnstrueior of the Public School nt Allien Island, ihat 1 would bo cured by your valujlue l'lle Kleclin ry. llatiii?eonfiJence in his aineinent, I ininiedia- e(y procuteu son.e in ine mruis-mc unu uiu eiy liappy lo inlorni you lliai I am now perfectly cured by ihe u.e ot only one box. Vtiv truly your n'wiient 'rvnnt, cKoiuu: uoiit. cnoss. Notice. The eenniiie L'l'linni'i Klectuary ha? his wrillen A. I'pham, M. D) Ihe hanJ lis nl-so done wilh a pen. I'rice.'JIn box. Hol.l.wholeeile aim retail n iistaiiAtt rturiiAv, I'jl Fnliiiii stiret. N. V. A. C SriAR. nnd fito. A HiBoixnTos-. Arrent. Iiirllilrlill'ltoti. and lit Drui'iriMi geuernlly iliruuuhoui ihe V. rf. and Canadaa. Iiurlinntoti, JUiy o, 15", wuu-j Kirkhi'iilv'i uu. i:. r ii a l X s I'lTENT Spiiio-Afxloiuiiinl Supporscr, Designed for rtrsvus of Si'drntaiy llabiti, Stoopini; I'i.sIuics, lluuiid iihould'is. Weak ant Lame Barks, pallnis oj t'te Womb, nrr iture of the Siiiue, Luine stomach, l.ume Side, unit alt those. Thousand Xumeless TrunbUs and Vii Mar arise from a Weak Conaittouof the i'.nV and Abdominal, nMlM i" an Instrument thu hnr bill t'teo'ly been JL perlected and brought befoie the I'nhlic. Il has, however, been very utmefaily oppioieij nu. tei.tun niendtd by niousauds tihn hnve become ni iju.iuiled v.,ih us excellenciefa. ll tnek the ptetnnnii oier nil supiort in the Fair or the Ain-riinn luMitutf, lor 1816, in llie city ol New Yoik , and has reeeited the roiniiu iidntion ol phyMeinii-'. iilieneier it has been ptesenied lor llieir exniiiiiiiitinii, or been used b llieir patienis. A (.-rent tnriet) ol Insnu menis lor nrliti;inlsii) pori hate been pripenis-d lo the public within a lew tears, all ol which liHtet.i' ( telleneiis but lore we li.ite a eeiehlnQtion 1 1 iba whole simple anil easy ; chejp, jel intnlueLle : jr. in liee iii'Ul'iii lo etery pntl, Jel jjia in(i a ll.Hu.":.. and Kracelul fuppnil wheieterit i leq ihed. A Jarue part of the pain nnd w -nknevi in Ih- ude, pain ri the bni k, belli cell the houldes, iiirough ihe lupe, al the pit of the i-tonii'i.h, bearing down sen-jtion. enalne. ntM, whiles, .Vo, ite., nnw Irom wedlinei-i in these mrn. ihat r.iediciu-, nln-ter.i. wnnlirs, liniments, sVc, iVe will cive bo: any reliet. but whenilm Supporter t-'uelie- the spot e.tacily, il i itul ii inni'liini; huwiuiinediatennd wonderful is Ihe relief enell In vouna people, ihia weakness olK-ll causes a. '. ..I.i.u. ihe uriiiln lu... nine, enrve.l . Iheni logiov. i'ui .i e,,..,- - ... e.. - - pruuuiie, ine mhukiiii- bone' ! pre.sed in or our, tinu a gient variety oi nilur coiilntiiLiis np.iear. thai eiuae permanent detnr unit' Hut by the timely use ul'llii- IiKliuineiil, all iheie etil, cm b- preteiued; or, il already exutinii, they can ui arrested; or, il nut too lar adlanceJ, can he iiimplelely riircd. The adtautastek of this Instrument oter nil others, are . , , . , t 1, That it is simple, nnd not liable to jet out of order ch-ap,elilurnlile. i 11 IS Su MlieiUl'll, llllll lli.llinwi iuji ui bvii in. 1 leiiurniilii-. Cr.iiiiuinr mid Antlllnetie. 3.50 Malhelmlics nnd Natural IIMory, iiieludinR Algehia, Cieometry, Triijononietry. nirve) ing, Mensdralion, Aslronomv, natural I'liilreniphy, l'hysioloiy, Chemistry . Uotauy and Geology. 5,00 Latin nndtireek languages, History Rhetoric and I'hiloiophy. 5.00 Mniheniniicsand Languages. ".ll0 No additional clinrue will be made for the Lnghsli when pursued wilh Mathematics and Language. Tli.. ini.iee. ni, eiiiili.leiii ilint the aiiiole arrnli2e. inenls which have been ninde lor the highest order of instruction, and the pleaaanl loealion ami excellent accommodations ol the building will render the llur lington High School a desirable retort for young men filling for college as well as fur ihose wishing to ne mure n good English, ami business education. Hoard call be had in the neighborhood of the School upon favorable terms, llurlington, August Ist, 1813. iH03iv5lf Itutlaiid anil lliirliiiglon Itail Koail. Tnttcrwill' IlEA VE VO U'EUD S-iy 'it i. isnrrented In be nerfeetlf aafe ill all cis.?. will nm inconvenience the animal or injure hnti even ll he had no disease it ii trom 4 in 8 times cheaper than moat of the imitations whieh are being cirruhted throughout the country, being put up in larger packa ges, sullicienl in cure nn ouliuary ca.-e of llenti s, mid lo aitnnniiter in a itor-n cases ol cold.rnlnrili, .1-c. At this reason, while Ihe Horse is shedding his coat his vital energy is much reduced, and he i extremely liable lo colds, ifcc, many cases ol incipient llenves are coiiirni ied now but, are supurewed by puiure or tvarin wealher, till ihey break out in full torce in the tall. Thousands ot hotses can lie sivd from fuiure unsoundness, it, when the firat stmplums of cold or wlieezinei is observed, a few duses ot the TmierwiH's (leave l'owdrs shomd be administered. They are thp ,,uf,P,..!niles nre and pruirude, llie w arreuieu lo w iiuiij riuuii.1111: irccoi ik-u... ... - eason. tan: vr si'iux; iMiiuriKn. The lieate powders, giten m small duces, will he fimud most useful nl this season. They rlimul ite Ihe akin lu cut oil' the s.ipertluoui hair and produce new i they louseii the bide, gite n glossy appenrnnce m Ihe cont, protect ncninst disense , ihey also Irom their line alternative and reaiornlue powers, purily Ihe I'lisnl and ti novate the whole a)sieiu, which horses require .I,;- .e.ini nv liiiiih ns nnv of the human race, who lind a preparation of snrsapiirllla uselul to eoirecl a. c,7,lt.Si weXr which n Z- so ring" a&c of all a'inni'ai 3 ll is adap.ed lo a greater of complain.. H..n -Is a I ve etable life a"J nin.r.l more actual sitnitt to the abdomen, and as well as all v ..etat.le lilc ,.,, c,,im,m, ,), any oih.r Insiruiiieni eterpie- Th s remedy has ncquiied a tielore , , , attained by any horse medicine, and in tact we Know niiii.uiil of terihnnniuls might be presented no pnent mediein- that has recejted as much loin- oftj ,xel,ellc, , , leC,s. T. l.l'o-.ting ate a meiiiLilioii considering the nine 11 has Wen esiai -w uflKlv. tt n0 hn. R,vpn ceriltie"tsrecc v 't- ishedin this rountry. .'"'.''V i .. ,',, i.",ed lory : nny one ol whom can be releiied to. ai.ii any wriltintctlimoiiialsliatetoluiilariailytMcn tenJiicu ,,,',' j relation tu ns uses, and in what UMe,srs.A.H laonghsVCo-Ic-rtifylliailljou,!,. ""j"-, J. S. Ilenr.l, of New Vo.k. one package of KitkbriJes I AmRstLi.s lleite . ,, , j K t,Mgers,nnd J (' Chfuenian, 1'owde.s, and used on a horse ol .nine . burgeons to the N Y Hospital V Mull, I'rot. led seterely with heaves and the single pekaj,' N y u.llv a,kr. Tr. I urg ,Co. cured him. The powders were given aboi ita . . ' K. s;u N Y ,)Rk VV. II Vuu Seuraii, i. i,i. iih. nzo.and 1 have never seen uu, lum , .. , s ,.,, i c 1 nut . anilJ K. the disease since. m ii.,i Clulliin, 1 I't" eum, I.. U .HUIC), mm j ii. 1' C llrinsmade, and l 11 . Mr. I.CT, IVsiJent ol. he rinuRe .ie. U., L'lica, N Y C I C",e....y. us that h- had a horse cured ol heave. . bad eo.lgh obsleliic J Jan. Webster, I ml ol Aa ' by one pickage. Mr. J S Snnih, 14 Fu '"U-sl cM Mri 0i e , K WJ 11. U , led to tell us tint Secured Ins horse tit a most anno). Ja N y u K jj .,., and II. ho mVand iroublesoiiie cough aeeon.panied by et.deiice "Vbnm. N Y Dr.. (.Pr..ha,,. st r"' I ol' and general ol condition by the I at-, ". TM;rtt M p , Keei.e, N H. I'j.fact from n letter from a , "i v U l'( I'.ihner. fr.l r-ura m1 Ant; ij.ii- IKUlITIi i - ' - . . . . N Y who hu. sold an inimeu-e quantity of the He Jte 11 11 1 .... 1 i- I.U. weeks successively in ilurlhigiou Flee 1'ress, a news llerlinglon.tleo. F. Harrington, Then. A. Perk ! V1 paper priiinii in iiuiuiiiuii, an mis i-iuie, me laal ot , lisli.n, iiuillmi A, Hodges; Iticiimonu. J. .tl. Iteniie whu h shall be previous to the day assigned, as afure. . Co., K. II. Green ; Mooklon. M. W. Kmatryl; said lor hearing 1 1-eiriaburgh, Allen it Wheeler ; Charlotte, Lyou It fiiven under my hand al the Begisier'. Office, ihis Aleionder ; Hmesburgh, Marcus Hull ; Winooskl 21th day of August A. I). ISIS Fall., tV. I), Hitch, lirand Depot 111 Fulton St , wBwS liRAPIOiil) lUXFOr.U JiVitrr. N. Y. ti ii . .s-iirinei em. . i. . awT-siv... . , . .ji .i, i,i. .,. usi.i, . t . . .. m ii. tt inawir "I hive nnlV II pICRages Itll mi l uinv. IVierhoro N ll !" l. lunrj, ' v, i h.vrjouscnift gloeemore iinmediatelv. woo'd , KS'Srwant. M ' t V" A S F ,km W no like to be out as every body who wi-fics lo gel K J( )( M,,,! N 1. & J W remedy for llieir hors.-., want I atiersai r,a , yM Col , Casileloii 1 1 VVV? VJL ll l t- J ; . . . v'.lr :; . VI J . 11. ' MjAWJHH&.mfr W 4,c"I.;o.,,:Airr.lrJ'ttblifhed. , V' I.S ormgiield. Vt. and Hon.J. r. l-.rn.- rnVO ASSUSS.MUNT 01' PIVK DO... Ile.ide. the nbote we can .gtt'.i 'tZZZmVof names... refereiKes. might 1 lars rai l., have been ordered bv the Director, on re, t.tK-Mr. y Mce - L. A. U. ks, 6,0, h 1 . Al , a , ou t ,, 1um (host ho haie each Share ol the Capital Slock of the Uulland and N J ! '"Ji,! ii'i.' !.' . Kiiii. C Lo)J'i won iZ lu.irui.ieiil ; bul lhi t. ronadered unneo-., Iluiling.oi, Hail Ko.d'conipany ; one pnjableon the ''"" '",'. ol l 1. v wiurli prove, eonciu-1 otiLinlhc- Cfa to which It isadap. 7.A .1.- .... i l,e 15. i a.- r neat. J. dale and others ol l Hi ill) , 1 . !.' oiveh I ' ,,. nine, ii above nrice. Bt'drawiiisa I'.vm.iii nine l,e nnde lo the llanks nt llurlinirlon. that It i the ben reuie.i) wn r i . , r e . ,n ,he bodv. one half inch abote fli. I mij ani-f .. . . .. . 11 ... I...., iri.nii ..i uinn np.vt a. ivi.. -..... - .,.., Vergenites. .llnliiieiiury, tnacK itiver, lieliow. rail". "' i"""- r.,,j,.ri and genetai " i h.:,s .1.... ii,..i. U....J K ll n rt i..i,.n- ., il.. then e. iiic.uif ill liiunder, glanut ", '"' a. . lh,.K nips, , Kail Kond otlice. Rutland, l-Mward Ficker.'ng. 60 of condition Ample J. JpareJ an Htaie rlireet, Boiton, or to the Treasurer at hi. office di.a.e. acepmpa ny racn f-sj- . Co. II' in Middlebury. eMd whole-ale and tUU JV . d (;r0. .r- ,.l,ddl.Duy PAM. SWIFT, Treasurer TU. X"-"&,. Mld'llebury, June II, 11. w53 Puilingten ! number ol inches to the agent, hois. SHU aenuini, ni-- yu can have un accurately luting Instrument. ' For sale lit MRS. C. MFiRP Iurhnsioii,Jiily It I''. RR1T 1R1