Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 15, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 15, 1848 Page 1
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y4 1 " - V . I I I L S Vol. XXII. Whole io. HOG. llVZUAWiTUX, VlUVAY MN1I, SEPTEMBER ltf, 1818. IVciv Tories, Vol. 8-..Ao, 1 1 ohij.i:y ami pancy l.treuleil nt the l'rp I'lionice WIT" CVRE AND I'U.NITUAI.ITV. fi c. w. uuinv, fW CltVttl AND CaIUNET MAMtFACTt'RKIt, Tivn !t'iic SmiMi rii'iiif c House, Ciicrci Sr , IIurmnotov, Vt. All kill Js or work in the above I fit- in ide to order on the shortest nonce. UVERYSTABLE.iM 1" ...l.... 1 4... ivif I "'"'"l'" ' wondered al, wh n we r j.iiitugtcin iuc j-'icds. n,,iii,..y i,m-w n.,ti,ii.L. ,.i t . rmin I' i m. li. I hi ll.irlingtiin. V' , II y I) . W . V. V, I. A It K 1 Ettt'ir and Proprietor. t f I it Tcrmn 'tjnbers who receive the pnpei by i.M Tt.Villi.r j the currier : If pud in ndvnuee . ,.. ,,iLHcr.De, an.! mose win. m ,,. ttllt,i1!f ,,., It mi I in advance, , AMERTniiJitNTMIiselletl cull i mm pmy Kins. Ill Mil V' Inline vwirV pun delight. Imt nitirain'il either J nt ii ' d h iily perished in the grave together,!! t'rit 1 no int. li ii.lortroiiirr ?uti4 inetainorphn.i. o-t iti iili nlity. ninl t mi I eoame I ) all intrnt- it il t r - . dut I. Ti.e story of Philip nf Maculm I f imilinr in IIIV ! Iinw ill I II 4 iiuh'ie. Iriiiitiiih. ti .l.t-. .tootl V !.. I ..I I , .!.'.. ... .... .... -- mi iiiiiii t tii-i .i iii i it I'll'' in ill ill'" -iir Remember. Pnilip, that 7. AND BliACKS.lllTII SHOP, By S. S. Sit IN NX. It, ALSO Sad.llo, H umes no I I r ink Jt I't'ifncturcr, Ent title Cuiit'hoiise Squnie tVo.n tlei lley's V is!ii.i,'tj i in I his G morals. Character of Putnam. Putnam waa brave and efficient commander, possessing groat sinking military q'l ilitic. Ill pernii In1 was stmt ind In rough weather-beaten lice indicated tin; px,i""'d ninl tmitcroH life he Iniil led. Ili riiiiru;o Wi prnicrhinl in tlir Hriny, Hud hi., fnrtitnilt! w.i tqual to hi rig Iron,Coal,SSeet lion. Tin. Bill and ShtctCopptr courage. Headlong a nil avalanche III III" ,NAti.i,o'.Av. 1'i.astlr, charge, In- wn ui-ivrtlii'lri" patii'tit ntidt-r ic- Mratnt. Ill- br;l Vfry wiinl Unit c1 :i v:i r:i ut kind like MutatV wliirh ni-ir allimt'd hup JOHN BRADLEY &. CO., WIIOI.ESAIE III A I.LT.f IN ' English and Americm IJnr. Unit. l!ud,S It, Hoop and ua u 11(1.' i Wrl ninl Drv t.r werii'l. Ftmir. Salt. n irr Mill Stone.. U iltiiiL' Clth. ."'Iipetinsn. STOUAOK AND F O K W A It DING Cutlom-litiiiit Agtntsttiid Cini Mirchunti, Joiim llRADir.v. ) .south Wlmrr, Natii l A. UcKEn. itinf i ivr-rrv LI Vt K Y STABLE, BV ELLIS AND CHURCH. tn ciiiint tin- fiirin, or m'i' iiIhIhi'Ii'k in his pith. Ilu would (jo aiijWi'ieri'. bravo any danyi'r. iT In' could only L'i't a iimii to lollmv him. At tin' s tine time l.e perfectly mil and red pi thou art a ! Aoil what i flVcl on tin iroinl kill: ilnl Hie ri-c i il t'-rl i i 1 1 of hi. murtilin prodnr.i l);il it li'cn hii ami ambition? Did it in.ik" him more M-riipnVr. ahoiit iiiv.n! i it tin1 nl other? l)id it rendnr him a liettrr kin'. or a In Iter man ? lli'torv an wer all theM" nutations lur ns, mi l ini'U'i'r- Ihem in tin' ni'L'atuc. lie tlioii;lit i I'di'iith ind"ed, Inn the eflert, if there wai any. . prolnhlv to in rreae hi ambition, and in ike him inxlnti. In I'liii-uniate Li conquest hel'ore he "lioiild hitn M'lf I in u helpless victim in the liaudd of a might ier eotiqiiprnr. ' CnrieJiem.' wa the m"xim of the Roman )hilosoiher, n well a the llinn iii hard. ' Cnrj t ilitm; rntrli the feetirj l'leanre of II c preient thy ; Wi ile the pnUeof health in heating. And the Mrrngtli know no ileeay.' Trnt not to.mir-o.v : let in eek pleinre pieaure imiiiki, or pleasure iiitellet-tnal. Hie r ii n STUDENT AND TUB BULLY : ntt thi: con-Aim UN;xASKi:n. n ime till tii(,'ht roinmnii at a luard of rinterM. do". not fcardii and polluted by thu lips of a dtnnkttrd and a i liutd nf hi bic rulli-in V ' Uv the lioms nf my fither.' ald M tv tone of deep mid ili'e anuer, ivhieli 'nil er T. Y T . S . F A V . im.illp. n.unv a "tout le'iirt, ' hv tin' Ii me of luiv fither. vour ilnnm it i-ealiil! Itj vnur Iliiv" mveir,' fill Krentzner ' v''ne..ed ' bl"'"1 "l'" vnur mvn head. Hut,' he,n!) I....I. . i.i.i .v., re nni . I.lnr,.iil.iri.. servniir the voiilh. ill-tend ol coweriti". lure ' ue'rallv -.piMklntr. a vnu moral Aineriian''. '"'I11' 'lllv , wUt , f" lM H 1 1" 't We ilu illv Mllelliee milter with a Kword. a ' J)rllll(' "' 1 ,,ie M",! .' me V-'i-tter m.'lhnd, by the way. mid more wnrlliy of l,,lt 'eatiiif, ami my Qnmc u not audi a i b I'llier.than vi"iri,nl'l,mu-d.roimpitii.finnt;. 'H11"1- Aiiv foltriK.ii tiMV pull a tnL'U'T, hut it require , He ailded thi with a wavering in inner aIiicIi th" fi m liatid i nd h a ly eicof a innnt i m mtgu I'1"' never before la-ru wt tvned in him. f r nv- I wi at .fun, tl'ev . er liolore Iml lie lieeu npimetl mi ealmiv and -o 'In ProjiJentiil Clair drvn to tin prc3:n'. hour. lie Ins liscviv ttntoitnl on tho srct fin' cill tntjistirci ol lli3 lnkjitnknl 7'rci? r ! ')f tint ays -,,11, it u rn'I Viofit lu wj ..- fltllT. nil i i.. r i.e-. iu r.-M' .1 tliM lal p. j chnivi teiti nc . iH fln'-nctil wnlo.i, -m, th'1 moi il'itt 3i ! tributa to Irs stitei n-ni'i'ip. j Is if trtitnr " on tin qttsJtion of'iec 7'r c an 1 unrc-triote 1 co n il n,;ro :, an 1 onpitt t nt In chi.e hi coiir-e of deb.iu.iii'rv and murder. 7 iirr., except M inoitHof r iHiitj rovontii r My cimi:inion, 1 1 re well ; shiiuld any one rf or on thoque.-.tlon of IiH'.ribiition .- or th2 icir vnu heteifter eh.iiirelo m 'et (iertrmle de Sa ile. , Mexkn'f or nsu option of Ktitu Debt? o il In I nobly lliinaw.iv a life which her ntix'nkrj'innn with slavery in Hl.iU;, or tin f il-ehood mule me ih-p'-e.' Ami now, recre- D'slr ;'7 of Co'.umVtt, or in Itrr'.tor'at whore it mil.1 lie -i i,l In a l!,.ree ihe. tiiriiin.. iwliltlltl ll H been Ci lb! nil" 1 llV Uv." ? No OHO ly to merit dentil. I have bui; one, and rei;,iru linn a mi a I -I ill the eneinv of thi' liutirin rare undo in a i (foil; a ihiniferoii ln'it; whrnnit will h" a vir then tue .id a m-rcv to dertruv, Mvon life I Av li'il wi ll tie rid ol, but would not linn it avit idly, when it lu tiny l mule - ' rvienl I the de-lmrtii n ol vice and the reliel of Iiiiiii im IV. Here, then, I vield inv breath ; and here loo, thi t r,'ii i'i! i ii y and -lirinkiiif; rraieti fIiiI the -leel. Ilimever. a I w i at J-ut, tl'ey . er neiore tun lie lieeu opioeii mi eaimiv ana -o " ny -nm m iu i,r , ny t -.,. .1.. . ' ' , . " i.;,. eall.,1 each ntlwr out a la-aux and Indie to a , Iv're Ay J and for a moment ll" quailed beneath torta'- .Vlentz. plant tliy pi-tn 1.1 my l.i'nin, . ih 11,, , .ui,i , v. rJr" lince. It wa hat tlie treadinsr on a to the liriKbinir of an ellmw, nay, an arcideiital Imik tint fell on them when they wi-hrd not ober v.itliui, and the next lnur. there wa the clah Inn of steel, and the fampiti(r of feet tipm the L'reen s varil, and the kindlini; and fla.ihini; nf fiery eye anil pluns." and patry, rut and thrii-t, till one or both lay Mretrhed at length ; the xknll clef) down. or h band off, and the blood hub! liiiL' and jTii-hin-i f .ttti like a rill of moun tain w iter. T.:ere w.i more than one of tho.e Iflbnv" levil, I tntit ay who when they the fiery (,'l ince dirled at him Iroin 0,1c wlioin lie Hiippo-i il invi ker t.'ian Mien ive, Uul asliain ed of his trau-i"iit lear, he added : ' Come to tne. poor child ! l!riii! with thee thy ijoblet bend at in v fool- quaff" it 1 I have aaid, and out of pity 1 spare thy yjeng head.' What was the a'tntii-htnent of the comr my, on bplinMing Arnold, n if elT'i tinilly awed by a mom iit's reflection, and the ferocious enmity of so celebrated and deadly a foe, actually 1I0 as lie was commanded, lie roe, tnoK tlie eup. as I will plant mine to thine. 1. -I in f the 1 entertained, an I lor 111 my ye im advocated itli company crv one, two, lhren.11.1d the third 11 tun ili-tin;'ui.hod ability, by .Martin an Huron, her will' be ihe signal to fire.' j iro tliu opinion 4 of the Aincricin donooricy. Willi inere.T-1'd paleneFs in bi rnutitenanre, For the -.itcce.-ii of most 0ftl13.11 tliay lave bit but with even more feroeitv and limine, Ar-itlod under bun tliroiijjli sunslmie and storm. nold threw offlm cap, dmplayin? his hili brow- ',p y,i (,t , COininBiitiiig on this ex- II AG A It ft AUT1IUK, Dealers in Ilnrdtrnre, Dru:, minl, Oils, nyetTi vc, oft;. con.itB or chcbcii avd coi.leoe street s CALVIN B. EDWARDS, B00KSLL1XK H STATIOXER, Cu.isiinttv fur stle 3 aeiiTnl (i.irtnirnt of SCHOOL, CLASSICAL. AND J1ISC i: 1. 1. A N fcOUN HOOKS. The CiiEir Pubucthin. Hunk Rhoks, Sta Tior.nv, SltuwAt. I!.iks. No. 1 efU-' lliii.iliii'.', Ctille:e-. or renreil. with who.o clriracter lliev were iinaeqiiainted. or whne courage they doubted, .. ...... , ..... i" "n"" ini.-iiri uini. 1 ue , woiiiu iiH-n lie iiiiii ci mere spun ; urun ins s.-s-wl 111 the li it, and ou!d -tiiid all alone llearli ,,.. was too corrupt, and the im linatiiin.. ,kirl. chiirue the otT-nce upon Inn, ilemind an ...u ...v .,., ,. ua,,.- u, , prnvellins, otteii 10 preter the latter. apnb'tfy loo linnible tor a hare. Iiuiprr. ion- 10 iii-iti 11. Whether lacing down an angry patherini' for the spring, or mmd III tlnini'H and suu ke belorca magazine uer, or lurry ng n, . ,0 ,.- o,-e., or W1 ro,1Mll mv , el.idelheir grasp. Compar. Rrter of head bnllv. He wa fuem-st in all his up the f.,,g. gna war cry from the lop ;Ui will, this effect which Bible , tor-trine ondevillrv Hi pi-tol was his broads ol Uunk. r Hill, he vv.1- alway the i-ame fearleas Uu point produce in the woild. we are led. by wrd cut like the sc',..r ol fate It wascurio.i and resolute man. Overcome by no hard-hip, I evidence which a tourd iinder.tandm.r r,.,,,,i 1 r.n e. ,.., .i 1 found among them some strange student, timid lnwlv approached the seat of Ins foe knelt and raised the run to Ins lip, iiliirmnrsol ' -name, shame, poltroon, coward !' came hot and thick from the group ol siectator, who had ari-en in the excitement of their curiosity, and -twal ea n- m oi-ii too grovelling, ..ll. ii to preter the latter. npnlngy loo titimble tor a hare, aid dimis him 'gerly beni If t I 1 Tni wi mmi how the mind. or ancient heathen 1 from the adienlnre onlv with ai opened shoul-1 on tiie obj wolt.atreauv were acted on by recollection ol their mortality: 1 di r or dav light thrniigh'his laidj. of savagi ding wrapped rli rellection but urged tbeui in in the pur. 'There wa among 11s a fellov named Mentz,1 Menlz, w azine 1.1 w.Pj, nf'tlixt ideal pleasure, which, pliant like, 1 who assumed and wore with itninu'ty the char-, laugh-- gerly bending forward, with every ep fixed up on tiie object of their contempt. A giim smile savage triumph distorted tne futures 01 who shouted with a hoarse and drunken ,1 , , ,.. , 1 . , , 1 ,1, Sff in,, ini.iw in,- -'lit . inn, Hin-Ci nil repelled by no duhenlties. and daunted by in. rp,iMi , acknowledge the superiority of Chris, bye to his antagonist. Hi- fricii'hip wa- dinger, lie uiovos lliro.igl, Ins eventful career ,iH1,ily) as a moral agent, over every human- edbyall; for to he bis enemv was to I like who bears a charmed lile. Living III lHiril ,y!1,0,n. The Cnri-lian regard death as ,dv grave. At length, grow'-u f arle in ,.,- -,,K. ,1P luevnaiiie limit 01 a nrntjitionarv n a-on. tn,r rull-d 1,1 an ue 1. I.,. 1,1, It nnd, 10-ed to fiery var.eiy who-e well spent moments will secure him a suiting strangers, and eien women. Hi ap- all Inrin ol trial, I.I hlU-, of inconceivable intensity ud nndving di - was formidable; a gi-Mt marlv giant, x -con. )" i"' .', rat 1011; or whose deeds of evil will us -unh ph shaggv black hair, liugt whi-ke'r, and . lyixiiijj the I'M'ite-'cndcinu bis to a nii-ery. which as surely dietli, iirini mu-ta'ches three inches ling, twirled 11 it- Arnold, however, only raised the rim to his lips, and waiti d a moment's silence with an ex preeVioii so scornful and composed that the his. ( and exclamations were again q.ipneii I. SHRH WOOD no.'s AUCTION A.l COMMSSIOX STORE, W "-T wr. -lTlin. Constantly on hand ('nMnet Furniture, Clnirs, Look ina (Il.i.', iVc BURLINGTON MAUKCT, Jrfr at x, c. harrinoton, MUA i'.i, FISH, A l) VKur.TMiLKS, of every variety, T,i"n ri'.''i l'l!ltp, Ae. At fie Cirner of C'ntrch nnd CMtge treelt ar n. 11 YTC II I'l.l'IMt'S VjaTfeM 1,11 II"S -li of every Sfire l.f liteD K G F. 0 11 G E rwpriehir, WIIOI.tSAI.r. Aftl RF.TAII. PFAI.ER IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES, ff&rrington't Kuil'ting.Gir. Church ii E. & 12 . I,Y,A,, IlEtTER IN English, Fr-neS, (iiriiiiio nnd Americnn ,.. DRY GOODS, , est Indtrt rhint. Hrii '.toeeries. Crnero!iiirch ninl Cultege-Sti, J. MIJCHELL, .V E II C ll A .V ' T A IL OR lie in a , .1 - - fc-.-M.- " - iiiiiiiiiv !mie, .ii leniztii, liiiiwii ,'-in--- ji w u ii ..iI.iimT iirr.ns iuirii-il In s hi! 1 1..- siinmu &l r.j ,nr. .1 ! !.!. . i . i . ... . . -" i -I- r. ,ue iiieviiau mi 01 a pri.uiiionary m a-on, ing called to an aec t, hetiok pride in in ot peril, and sMijeited to itou tiaiiu- held out to III re il.n.t . ill m-itt bl ur Unit - ........ ... ...... ro ueinii I is 10 a ii -erv. w i c I ts s ureiv Ii eio. mil. i iwn nn inj I, tit. not. tewing it III tin-light, be n iturilly h.u- der his nose ! A sort of beauty he had. too : lens o to prep ire himself, that, his limit reach- m amilli:, the women heaven help us ed, he in ly cbi-e hi eye with the internal as- wherever llni-e mn-tacties showed themselves, siiranre of hiiiug stood linn, an I by the grace CVerv opponent abandoned the ground. It was of (Sod, won for t.iin-elf a celestial crown at la'-t really ilanL'eron to hate a sweetheart : I tin- lie do In eje in pee-e. Mr niltereiilly court-1 When every sound had ceased to a dead silence meiit ol battle, and at hume aund the rail I inufk-.try, he gallantly loiiL't his way up from captain ol a unlitia cunpiny to Major (icneral ol the Army ol me United Mate. A- coin. ' in.iuder, his tM'elli lice lay in the d iling of his I plan, and the ligor with whicn he pushed ! tlieiu. ' 111- tenacity of purpose ua aim -st nncon qnerab'e ; he would lint be beaten, and s rugg'ed with such tieicei.e.-s on the tlirerhold ol dileat, 'tint he would olten turn it into victor), lie I carried go al power with him, I'uriu'ii weie af.aid ol one who wasalui.d ol iiolhing. j j ,,. .;.., rp t,., M I'liey kne.v when he resolv.d mi a n mg, ll tin- ,PCUr cbaiin, litit.d a trotii the iiubetiever. wlioin. ala ! too often. d.-illi-bed, and that uluue, conviucei uf hi. fatal fallacy. The diri-liun posPcp, in eomtnnn with all h's s cies. that love of lile which a wise Prov idence has m ule a ten nit id Hie Iiiiiii hi brea' : l.ier-, il for out of pure bravado, Men'z would pu-h for ward, and mike love to a lady, frighten her swain, and either lerrilv tir fa-cin ite herself. and eln.y ringlet. Ills tins were clocd and linn ; and Ills eye, which glilened wi'h a dead ly glare, were iixed on Mentz. He then placed hini-elf in an attitude of firing, broadened hi pxnn-cil chet full before hi h e, and with a stamp of fury nnd impatience, raied his neap- po-ition, justly sajs : Now, this is the tnm whnin Mr. Sumner and Id-imitator would havethe peopln of this State believe had changed his principle-J aiid that therefore a Whig, without any charge of incon- on, J lie urow-ueaten bully attempted to tin t tie si-tency, couiu vote tor mm. It is a mere tritiu same; but his pistol, held loosely in hi gra-p, thus to m l, and llio-e engiyed in it should be whether by accident or intention, went oft b-lore a-h lined of it. tlie signil. lis contents piss,., through the Charles Sumner ay- at Faiieni! ItiM, Mr. girinent of Arnold, who, levelling the muzzle , Van Huron ha changed. Tlie Ho-ton llepub of his own, cried cahnlv. "On vonr knees, base , licati and the Worce-ter Spy -ays -o. On the slave! vile dog I Down, or you die !' i other side, the Ne v York Keening Piit, edited Unable any longer to snppoil his frame, the by the confidential friend id Van Huron, vt: he said : Never shall I refuse to drink to the el ry of a limn' I once lovu and honored Uertruile. lairest of the fiir! Hut,' he added, suddenly ! rising and drawing up his li lire with a dignity i that silenced every breath. ' for lliee. limn drunk-. en, bragging, foolish bea-t ! I spit upon I de- I fy thee ! and thu be punished thy urulal inso lence, and stupid presumption.' As he spoke, he di-hed the content of the ample goblet full in the face of Mentz ; and then, with all his strength he hurled the inasy goblet at the same mark. The giant reeled and stag gered u few paces hick ; and amid the lulling 1 mi ior on Ins drenched clothes aim dripping tea uninn-ked coward sunk on both knee, and pray ed with right earnest vele-inence. Again w ild shouts of applause and delight, and peals ol riot ous laughter stunned his ear. A he roe from hi humiliating posture. Arnold touched him contemptuously with hi foot. Groan and hi" s now began to be mingled with -everal missiles. Mentz covered his face with In baud and rush ed from the room. He never w.i seen sub-e-queiilly among u. A few wold will c!np mv "tory. Arnold bee line at once the I it'orile of all ; recanted hi vmv ; the fair tfvlrnde w i rec i icil-i1 uiJ er" a twelve mouth had passed, lid led Im lu the altar. 'Wf. df.fv vnt Softs. .n Consf.rvative to rotST OUT A SOI.ITAKV ITEM OF PltlvCin.E IV which Mr. Van Huuf.n ha- ciiaigf.d. -ince he WA TIIK Il'iSOlt FIIIESU OF GenF.F.AI. JaCKVJV. tT III. THF. FaTHKI: OF HIS Sl'D- 1'llEAaV- nv ? Is 1IF. NOT SOUND ON THE QUESTION OF Fl'.tr. Tit ADE ? Was iif. NOT SOUND ON THE .Mf.xicvn Wap. ? Is HK NOT SAIE UN TIIK qLEsTIOM ol stAVEP.V in the Di-ri.'icT uf Columbia, AS HE EVEit HAS I IE EN " This , s the t"-li:in:iy of hi old friends tlin'o who know hi'n. Thi'V knmv he '.t- oetrhans eiljan l all the ".S'Zs'' an I "Oon" are deli.-d to -hnw w.ierein be hi c.liuied. SATUUDAY EVENING, f-EPT. 8, 1818. DHATIl OF HON. A I!, ri l'HP.IENS. Wo arc piinsl to lmr of tha dcith of th'n Should the doomed lover offer resistance, he tines, a stream uf blood was observed to trickle had no more to do III, in to call a surgeon ; and dovvn hi- face. inppv eooiiyn up conimnu nun-en 11 ue e ivirnnmi- n- -i iumi i. .u n .,,,.,,, ,,, ,ilrt . '.i ...:.i. .1. . i . ... ii . I.1...1 1 I. .,!.. .... ......I 'I' i I r,i,.,;, to call attention to tlie tltlHU WHO I C ii-S I a lllll I OT nil eve. IB .ii'in, nnu ih-hihii uuiD-ii. in-, it i.iri-r had killed four men who hail neve' injiir. d him, vile.-t execrations flashed upon tlieiu witlithe 'I'iimv Ltiii.i. vt Iimii Iim ri.,.iik-. d till liu. I ii. .1 i.... .1 :, . .1 I ... . .... .. ni'iiii in r in-, i on, it it- t- , - ,M- ll ll i lit- u niiniiiii st't ntui'iin. uit.i r.ntiriii I vviitii v tiiit'i M. itiiiiit'iiiiiiu union t t'-s tit it "- n 11 if-iiiLr. .t " " i- '- inerg) loiui mi mm o. n ouiu u. rauiltow ill proini-p. ami woven a are il palh II,. once en eneed a whole e lull, who had out and irrenreihle burst ol applause moke i ,:.. ,i. ,,,;" mi.Iiiiin of I ir s-iteaeeii in t b s war. we w s h t i?v rl.., .1 II.. I ...II.... I.;.... I 1 ' ... ... . " . . ...... " . . ' ... . I - . , . . . ..,. . '" " "- lT I'" " - . v i ii . i ... if. in.. in-, nt.- ...ntM ..t. .. wiin Hie iinwer 01 virtue. II any one lias rea- , .ickba led him anonvinoiis y, am was paci i"d . tnun every up, I.ll ine nroati auu neavy raner , .., ,T,,.,,r it,., .,t ire,v ot- il.r,.! tilib ihos-leu nro nin-nt Nw ork. It ton, nil Harwell a ,.. . .. . ....... .. ...,,,, ,, des ened to i.:. i i.. ....t 1....1. ...1.1. . .... 1... 1 . ; 1. 1 .1 . . .1. .0 .1 ' l..i 1. i.LL.i. 1 .1... . r, Lit r tin an Huron on the I AiMtF. the Ai.otiru. 01," I witn tnosa lei- pro nin. nt ul 1. -in en i iiiio.s n 111 noe, . ,.,.,..!,,.., ... .....i,,,.,.,, t,.. .1..11..10 .... ..11 .1 i..r..i .1 i.!. 1. . ' .i"..i.. 1 -."1 .1.. .1.0 I .a .1 i 1, ...i . 1.1...1 " It il,. nr Surr.r.- in the District of Columuia, the thin .Mr. Stephen i. It will be I cripiuei anil sTvle,rnninitnv on naiiu. - i- 1 r 1 e 11 I "ii"' '" "' " n " isrs oiiiiiruiait;! it:Bt);iieu, auu tutr 1,1 uti was . ottr i-.i-M-ft a..., .ieiiiw...... ...... , , ... - . lo'ir imrth nf L-ir'!yi. nml iliie'fv "ppo- in nits ol ditto rem uodie.- ol mu. lie n q. trod 1(,rei ,1P (Jdri-lian ; yet he is taught by broken tip. jov and approbation soon ceased; for though Sud Tiieasup.V, the Distb.bution, &c, and it was Mr. b. who tnovod to lay tin rn'i.veir II iw infa Store, ChurrkSt. . 1 1 have every fiing he vni to do directly 1.11 ler whit is revealed him in Ins insnired nnd only .. a. i.. .1 ......1. !.... .1 : I this insnirttiip drami hid so nobly commenced, I ,i... .. il..... it-,!l I,.. .In. no away mi.n Hill on th3 tible. nnl who. w Apo.hccnries.W I L'li."-";; ...IV'fJ.lM.I 'fV.!..! .".."rjv.'n W,!. "'m,'" i'y-slender, quiei and bi.h king, with a I 1??!?' ".T., ' frmn Ihe Whig Parly, aii I the support nf (Jen. otlnr Whigs fro n tin South, votel E . HARRINGTON, , I ,.,..,, ..,.er.. . T,s was di.ubth ,v. ' r: . .. , -i.: '. i f j ' " ... handsome lace, thougl, somewhat pale. Ilia de- ''.'"" . .",,:. ,,,!, , ,; , TAvi.oittl,e houest. true and lYnhf.,1 .sm.'ANT No.-tlnm Whig4 agiinst tint pocn . . 1 . .-1.. in. 11. .. 1. .1 . ,..-.i lie-snor. 1 iiiiiii ri ireneriinv snv, was ipioii: nuu 1 ilaiy i iliiculu 11 titled Iiiiii only for speciiic war lire, and as a parliran tdlict r he Ins 110 supe rior. Ho had !r ariv d to conci trute hi energies on a -High point, and sii illy having but I, w mcii under hi- control, he ciiuiil hurl them in any di rection with a -111'di lines- and energy that suit- 'al tt-.dl hi. oii'ir-liiniis nature. Itut a larneur. -- -- -- f.eiliiritlltt slit. Ii.iiii-Ii them Willi the worldling, a- unwelcome ,e.,M.,.,. Ho hid b-cu buta sletrl time vi-pors ; 1, ,y, otteii when darkness, as It type, , , . lnnvever, belore lie was set down as r 'lint d- Iiiiii id that -oleum season, lie loves to .,.... r,iiv rrPi,ture. and i.tinie fMine for the pnuni-es looses signi ij,, i.rnii,. ,,.e , t,t. eAg f Mentz on it, and in il ol it trials. Tne-e meditations are fir from in- erelong hi aiubitioii.tir sharpening bis desire-; thev hurry him not lo unlawful pleasures, or to the painperirg ol ile-triiclive appetites. Nay, on the other hand, they lead him to additional my puzzled htm it wa nut flexible enough in watchful s, thoy hid iiim curb his internal en ins iiatiti, aoii no couiu nm wieio 11 wi ai oiuies, whieli he Hints more dangerous man I.,.. ...1,1 , I IV I,., ttislii.,1 "I. j"..".. .. " . h-en the result had his early AND fj-n-r-it Cliurch atrret, CIoI'i'kt Store. Uurhiiztou, 1 jr. .ii. pi:itiii.,iZ-i. CONSUMPTION ASTHMA, AS LWERpMrHAWT, C A N il l What wuuld have training been dif ferent, it i- im, tide to toll. Mi!! with all his ilelictencie, he wa a strong 111 hi in Initio. His tierv eoiiraee, headlong nn t-tn i-ilc, and -I11.1I1 im tin icily made him a d uigerou- f.e. Ills OACiloinent in a It. t eng igem nt wa per- f'ltlv (nghtlul. It compklely for I he tune, and un -eem 'd nn-essr Hence, when hi-men I tiled Iiiiii an i xidoMon M. G. RATH BUN &,C0. 1 alivav-follo.ved. undid wrath he I ad cm tor M 11 II t: II A V'' 'I'-ArlL I) It' S . . ( li il for lie' etii'iuy li ir-l on tlieiu. Low art' ice roil No. 2 I"ok"s Iroeh. ' rddn- indignant 11 beyond control, and he s ui,. M. R RvTiincs Jr. Co keep rmisisuty nn htrnl time- led liutii a toirehl ol invective on hi- an exifii-ive and full nss,,riui.-riT ul Ch tl.s lor ev. ry ,1 ,r,,i, descripti. 111 ol Cloibim ; nnd are prep-iri'd al nil imicf , ' ' ,1 ,. 1 1 1 1 ...... to -uiplyv-ry article 111 i!ie line tit Uenilcnicn-. Fur. ""P re-einbltd Innne more tiislinn; (oin.l ti ul any oilier gri at military leider lie hid M. o ' ratuuu.n. c. F. ward. aolilu llll 1 1 io-i y. i'Iii v .line. Im v , and t' iiaeily .... .. ..... ...... ....... . . .ViijUeiHi.-.. let Putnam have been p'aei d Her "'"""I' Atl il' i li I if 11 I '.I I .tvl ,Ttt..lf, ..I fi.l , termed themselves. Tie cov youth shunned all the ii. its anil revels of the uuiver-ity insulted! tin on" ; and ifhis minile brushed against that of another apologized soini'nediatt ly. so grace fully, and so gently, th.,t the devil bun-elf cou'lil not have fixed a quirrel upon him. Now it apik"ired,tui, that Gertrud, the lo.ply diiigh- tor of the II iron d 1 Stile, the tin. t of all the country, unmi whom the most ot us had L'iz -il cmptton aa oll om .tJiiuir ipiite ah ive us 1 -non app'ar t ml tltt. 1 tlirt tiirl Ini-fil Ilu, t'otitlifiil utr.tiiirpr Now Mentz had -ing'ed (ierirude out for linn-.-oil, and avmved his preference publicly. Ar- .,..1.1 f..F lllll. tt-us tin. vnioor .lllltl. Ill VlllMll ut.t. a-teitil him needed a prool ol its divine origin, we think it rHri.v jf,. V1.r. tempted ti r fea-t- hut 011c ion 01 a turv.. w-oj.J bo alt irded 111 tin-speaking coutr.i-t. , M unexpectedly nn a ca-uil iiivita tlio-o that ni"ct him Iroin abro id ; they cnnstriiu I . i tit 10 bo ever wakeful. Ic-t ie- nay have reicheil lint Let on J which CIIUI.'lll II "t. Iln.v iliirTonl i- thi picture of the Clir'-'ti in, froui 1 lit scene, lo which our eves were turut-tl a moment si-ce, II me lleiiginn 01 inrisi ilte came unexiiectedly on a ca-uil iiiyitation I To tie great -urpri-e and ili-gu-t of the emu ia Size AND Ass OF Tkf.ks I'm triveller nv, Mepir. hiiu-e!f wa there, an ! -e.iied In 11 A hn 111-011 tli-e.overeil in Imli 1 a nop id Irt'e, to M-f, unibi!ie I atthetible. Iliuugh an unhid which the largest oik- would bj 111 're tidings. .1 mi guest. The ftr.n.o-t curio-ity at unci and the sieiu o w Inch mea-ureil Iroin 8 Ho I'JO urose In witue.-'S th" result; fur Mentz hai 'or 1.1 1 f "'t in girth, A thev could te I cut a ,vorn Hint ho Vnoul J c impel Arnold, on Ihei. Ireedii.vti everv tiui" they wi-hml to a-cerlain tirst meeting, to beg pirdmi on hi kne for tie 1 its 11 tie, thi'V tueisiirod it, and thus formed 1111 audtcitv ol having addressed his mistress. I ljThe following article was intruded fur in sertion night liefore last, but was crowded out distitinisln l Whig Represent itivo fro n Geor by the election returns. We look occasion in ph. In an ntVriy with Julgo Koom, nt Atlin another article, as our readers miy have seep, tic, (it., tha pirticuhrs of wlrch we hive not ejttr-iet from Mr. J'.rw yetleirnnl, In was stibbo 1 live tt.noj witli 1 lluren's nrffiin. the N. Y. cuing i''. We dirk, nnJ died almost immediif.'ly. do so again. E-t Vermont Whig take parlir- It th3 people of Gcorifia null to kill ofltlmr could ba nnl inoful recollected tint Co npro- itil S3V3H with tin lhrly South- with shame, griel, a-toni-hment i.ud drniikeness of the Constitution, v?lio ha pledged hiuts'-lf crn nmsii.-e, at tin rii't of their snts in tin hid thrown him. several voices, utter the obire- t,M4f the deci-iuti of all thee great queslions Home. Mr. Steplran hid, we balieve, bl?n rK-rous calls f..r silence u-ual on -;!' PXCiVely, and without interference, to tlie uninbiouilv re-no:ninitol, a fict winch con- addressed to youth, who-toi-d cool and erect, I . ... , , , , . ...i.i. f..l.l..,l ,. uttsiilnii... rui.rse of evenis.iRF.paF.snsTATlvi.s of tiie rEorLE f..r the pur- silorni tin stml In lndtiken, . . ... . . . r . ... . . 1 1 , . i- v- 1 .. . .r i .. 1. .: 1.1:.. 1 , . ....... . t. 1 . . i -.t. 1 llravo. Arnold ! Motile Arnold : A gtnani 1 pose 01 auuiig atw n 1, i.-.oeico- in ti.touiii uriy gruuyinj 10 111s irieun 01 .-votui, -hi deed ! Tin) blood of a true goiitleman 111 his vein- ! ' Hut cant lltou fight ?' cried one. ' I am only a simple student, and an artist by profession. I h ive devoted tnyaelf to the pencil not the sword.' 'lint thou cin-t use it a little canst not ?' ask"d ani'lher. ' 11 it iii.huvrently,' answered the youth. ' Anil liuvy art thou with a pistol ' demanded 1 third. Mv hind is unpractised,' replied Arnold. ' I have no -kill in shedding Intuitu bltHitl.' For Heaven! then, ru-h hoy, what has etn'.ied tl to thi- extn in it v ? the fortunes of a discarded favorite ! p-irticulurly creditable tu tin Whis of hU dis trict. The nrnnil or the Plot ! j Let Whigs irm are aiding and aliening ihe eke Vim of Marlin Van linren hA helm ! We called the attention of Vermont Wlegs, a few days ili;o, to (he fart that the leading or of the Van Huron party ill tin country, the New York lliening I'ml, i- an oiit-atnl-oiit I'p.EE-Tn vde.Sub-'I hasUp.v.Pp.o.Slavekv in- THE DlsinXT-OF-CoLVVlEIA, Eocoloco piper. The Free-Soilors siyhe Ins 'changed.' We A CuuJiJ Opinion. The following fs.iy- the Peteburgli Intelli. gencer.) f-om the pen of the E liter of the Union, in May. IS Hi. before Gen. Ttylor wit thought of for ihe Pre-tdencv. will -how the roil ouinio-i of Father Ritchie, and bow little reli nice i to hi pi iced npnn ell'irt- from tlie s tuie quarter India parage the old hero : "The Pes Wonniv or the Sword." Nothing cm be more Inppv, apprnpri i'e, nnd. ... 1 . , i..... .1 .," . . .'.. ' -!. ' " . " 1. ..t-n.t ,,i,t in tt-liiir 11 e-t. vet df.e.ili.H . t 1 in I I ilo-n itche-Iro 11 If -m. rather 1 . . . '. i.. t... mi.., ...,i. ,.r it.u ,n ... 1 ..r the occa-iou which hi- ciiledlheui lorth. We w. . . . . .. . . . ari'IltllMV l'l -lOi es tr'iip-.aiidlold.ociereelhec. ntie. I theenetuy, Ilk IMJilU't;, 1 Y .V O. anil lie vvouM have 111 tde mif ol iho.e. xhihitiou. CniKinnily mi h-111 1 a hrc-;.( w, comuioii in Uouaparte's nilcued bit- tics. Pi'.tnain vvasan iii'lu-trotis otlicer. and the iii-iii nt l-'itriiuuit Utensil-. ti mien luicUiiieuis, Field, Garden slid Flower f ALSO, DEALER IX STOVES, STOVE 1'11'E, TKIVI'intis AMI HOLLO if-VVARI. CtU.I.IXiE STEFET appr.ixiinite gne-s. I hey thus came to tho h nl not ai)ii'ared that Ariio'd knew anvlhing o' eiinclii.iou p.iopads exi-t.'d for lite thousand ,M n z's chiructer, fur he sat cboer'ully atv ve.irs. The celebrated cvpre-s of Mexico wi naily at the hoard, with o uiiicll t'11 un ' trs 11. at least a old. ifn a older than the.. It uiii-l h'oii burn geiitlemin tint every one ndunttei be ti 111 nked that the deluge did lint destroy n once his g io luess, hi. grace, and his b-aiily . Ihe-e tree-, since the dove brought In Noah a and regretted the ahy-soillhe brink of which hriticltol the living olive tree. Records still u iineouciou-lv sIishJ. in ii.m .1 Mdnii. tit wiiieli il wis, .ll'o.i I. . ' .1 l..n itli Viiiiteil Mentz. as the Im .meiit he wi- pic.d over any s a -it i H.(.,.r..1.1 tint a cviins. tvhic'h grows in tint evenui hut a Intl. advanced, and Ihe wine be- lahoui tl. ndiig it in everv way tint I nn en- j Pxi.uc',. in the im of Julius Co;- .,,! , m i. A toast ! Cmn drink il 1 1 ; and f .v " "'Z 'y ,'"""1 "'"'' "i' hid al-o' ' vH ,, ,.,. i. or, leet ineir ifer.'t.c. a laiequ lily id character which never Vflds .i,,. ,.i,.. ,,... was I-20 feet. There nii.irn.i ,r..hl..i till to the brim to the healtl todi-. oiiragetii. iil. II never itllowi d Jiiin-i If : ,j iijx HI Ihe cn-tituti f tree at pres-mt j mppiu-s ot ( d. Stale, the lairest tndospnnd. and cnld no I lie diiven In despair, , , in , ..revenl their living on to the end of . ,ir! Woo sal he kipovs ,t lairer i a lime, whether tn "astired by hundreds ur thou-1 hi tek liar, and I will w rite tlie word on his fore s mils ol ve.irs. T.iere hasheen ex' sec-, 1PHd with a rod hot brand.' Hon of the largest branch of a yew tree which i Every goblet wi- etu,tietl but one, which grew at irth l.nil'tn, liloiieesteritiir.. It J. & J, H. PECK Si CO. WIlOLCsALE IICALCIIS I.N MV''.S. im. V til. l.vv, iVIItS Ornds. Fore I in mil American lion, steel I'i r Ir Coal, Tar, Bolting Clot'in, I'lug awl Ciiceiidish To bicro, FI.OIIR.nnt Fnrrl'ii nil I Ve'erii SI.T. A'4'nts fur the snle of Fiirh ink's Scales, A I un r giditv I cliaiactor vvhic.i s.'t 1113 .it t.i.ui( Smith s llurr Jlill-aioiifs. i. iriu iru s tiniiomiy una Bvi,ut,,.. i'., . r 1 .'' K "" g-n' tous to a fiuli, frank an I con. ho vviiit relu-es is a poltroon an. I a cowatd. I even by a slow torture. An iron iiiiii, tie nev erlheless h id as kind a he.nt a-ever b"t in bu rn in ll 1.0111. Hi ri-ckle-s itt.d inly litlimu 1 le neier hardened hi- I eling.. or produced th it 'lit tni- JOBX PtCI, Jou.n II. Peck, Cauics P. I'tcic, . F. NT,llFOUI tVCo. DEVLERS I.N FA.NCV AND -tT-VFLE d-sr5Vr-'rr CAiii'iriNti. ni'sii tri-- Miltllnir. Ilnt. F Jr OH Clnih, Window .So,i-, ri,tr nang- i'.MT, l.m't'nr' (' lr.if 'II ''.'". rioirlMilrti . T.iht ll'ne nnl Ville (.rniiils W tlllJilso, China and Glass Wure. G.tOOEKIEs, C'L'II-. IIIIIFALU KollEs, 4c. Church Street. AMOS C. SPEAR, tnotiiucarv a nil riigsisl, i DKVLKil i.v V tk.nt sn Tiiowso.-yitN! Meliein-x. Chemicals, Surgical uud Uental In-, triiments. M neral Teeth. Foil, Ls-.lie., lru-e. Mineral Waters. D uteifa (ilasa Ware. Perfauiery. S mpa. Dye-Stulf.Caiiiphene, Inks, Black ne. Sec. kc. Churell 'rel, n iO'ili"!. V I 1; ; u...i . f ni.i.o.iii ini,.,ititti VV'oi. un (,i I 'it .'. ire. C)'.Uct ltl ittii I -i V. -(.--m 'us oanire vvi.'sincere and firm. Hob v. d liv all vvho knew linn, faitlifnl to ' every cuarge, a devoted atnot. and a liravo and luilile iitati, lie net oil to till up toe in M-ure ut hi. cm ilry's glory, and receive the lib s-inys nl I a . r.teltil people. He liv. d si veil ve.irs after the d 'cl iration f P'ace.aiul tiualy died of an iufl tniiu lorv di ea-e. ;n llnsikhno, Coniieciit'iii, May. ITJ I, at tie old age of seventy-two. Tin old vvurrioi 1 was Isirti' with inirtial honors lo tne tomb, nnd Ins ftino coiuiuitled lo the keeping of the cuuu , try ho helped to d 'fend. From "The Literary American." Thought! 01' Death. EV JOEL HAY, AI. P. Wis nni.' inc.lie.s in iliameior. vet gs peit.'Ci an nn liuct ring could Is, counted in it. Dveand.i I -r Iruin un 1 Auminnlinn ol 11 nuinber of )ew trees, ii-cerlained that the avenge ainoiint of its growth literally wa three Iwellihs of an inch in a year. The c rt'innlerence ol tlie whole tree wis Iwuity -even feet, anil hence its ago would he 137') v a . Lo- I inn in i l Hit tl le f the S.ix.tii-; and we have not the le.i-tdouM mat there are vow still in exi-t.iiiee winch lie- gin to grow long Is tore the Rom ins mirched over Hritain. Al Forlingal. a village among tue (ir ti.pi.tti, in Sell ind. there i- a yew tr.-e tin age of which inut be more than 2 5'JOypar. It i evident that, as the vitality exi-l Hi the lil'er, ihe trie can go en con-lanlly pushing forth its green rings of wood, when t .e con' it 14 dead: the vital principle is still! rueui as il it could go nn forever. .11 its forms ninl ;i wil li nitlleSs to die han in submit to iiiult.' he h is changed. lie rem u lis in cantmmd op- Die 1 hen thou shall! and lint ere to-morrow's ' jHt'tinn" to the abolition of SI ivory in the Di-- iin-et I' thundered Menf. -tuning up in phren- nct 0f rj. ,,;,, (a ,e declares' in his letter .y, and vvilh and broken voice that in ule I ,. ,, ,, . . ;.,:. , . 1 ,, ., . ' , r .1 1 tit t . .1 accepting the Uutlilo iiotninttioii),and Ilu was he heart of the hearers s un der. a at Ihe 1 - lowlofadogor demon. ' 1 challenge thee to the great U'spaviental oi.isoi mini rany nortal combat ' And I accept the challenge.' 'll i for thee lo name time, place nnd wcap m ; but as thou love-t me, let it not be longer ban to-morrow nigjiti or I shall burst with rage ind impatience.' ' I love thee not, base dog !' repled Arnold, but thou shall not die so inglorious a death. 1 will fi.'ht with thee, therefore lo-nigbt.' eanizition! He remains nnchinged, wo have dared, on all other i-sue that hive herein- lb. .roughly agree with the ciunphiii"ut lint ll.e New Orb in Courier piy- to the general nrd T oftieu. Taylor, " giving thanks to hi- troop- lot their bravery and very goyil eritijuct." The Am "'!. in ro.i I.t will r -k with 1 .IDC. atnl ploi-uro, liif -tr.i.iii'' ctvi'r.i-t it iwliil.o- to the tedious, ex' inr, lain-g'orus produc- fore divided the Whig and Lncu'oco pirtic- ! lions of the .Mexican General. 7V ii-ron O ir ancient HVn' friends in tlie Fiee-Soil ranks may have di-truste.l our repre-ent.ttinns of the po-ition of Mr. Van Huron will they trust I the representations if the great organ of Marlin theslitl'' is admir ihh not a ward .towe'i r 1 the irrmtg tcc in Jine hefang u'it'it'iee ierj'l and id'i.M'iii irilh irhic'i his military ujieriluuit are conducted. Semi. HV7.y Union, M.ij 30, Iblti. MURDEROUS ASSAULT. The Editor of the Liberty'." rrnpilt itr 1 in hell a coin. I c"r'"'' ,,""li"l,,l,n f V.111 U iron, is that 11C f,,l(iwine unprovrked and uuscrujiuluua as , which' I mean "" ' vory l'ihk r "iiclnnging cosistf.ncv. SdnIt upon hi mother tongee. ' It the letter put- Mr. Van H iren in the ui:oi(G; I'liriiiwoN, liEALlR IN The Halle irnas-i in who spoke with the lip id the M11-1-, and nearly nventv-'liree centurie- ago sent f irth to the world, Its lir-t coimei ieu fti R OrrTrFirlll IIRV GOODS. ' uninspired hi-torv, in de-cribing the habits id ""rH ; nu.i.r H'lu'lou, Sath Glatt. the ancient Egyptiou, tells ii of a curiuus cus Crockery, Flonr. ba t, I a'ttr. l ' '' w. . -J , ,eir feH,,. Alter haviiirj lurni-heil their enteriainmpin, l e t,..' il AIIF. t Lul Mi, Toeethf r wii'h Inrge variety of oilier articles. rtRsT door .Noam uf the court hope. C. S. Atlkins, BOOK IilSDLU. fM'tru RLLER, Aill. -to unl.t-ted untouched ilu perc.mviiig 1111 the riiiliiii leaned forwtrd, tixetl Ins eye oil the cup, -truck hi biawuy hand down I'lTcolyoti III- table, which returned inuuiiering 01 t-iiiiuu rattle, and then repeated, in a voice husky with rage ' There i a cup full; by St. Anthony, I will 111 ike tin owner swallow its measure of molten leal, if il rem liu nne iu-tant longer! I) ink il, Arnold drink it, law; keep thy ha id out ot ii-ele-s broils ;' whisiairod a student near him, r itner advauc. d in age. Diink Iriend, muttered another. dryly, 'or he will not bu aloiv in doing his threat, I pruinLe thee.' Empty Ine cup, man ! cried a third ; nev ' H; heaven boy!" cried Mentz. more and more H'tren! 11 them read, and rellert npnn iirpri-eil' -thou ait in ha-le to -up in hell ! uud the following, rite pride and comfort of the tin- riillitn lowered bis voice. 'An thou mad f lic.foco Barnburners in Nev York, who pro. Ill mat hi' ciiance, answerf.i .-t'tioti; -1 shall nt lie hkelv to meet even union .0 brutal as null sh ill he the case, tluiii liesr me coiniuiiv.' .The first article in John Van Hureu' isilitical To liitfut Ihen la' it,' s,id Mentz; though to-1 ,.reed is lint (.'( Wh'f'S mi( be defeated'.'' van guard of the greito-t, and .to Slavery.) ll.e night my Inn I i- not -leady ; for wine and un- 1 ,UT ie fllrlllr ,.xn4lon of vprv ,,,., n.o-t fi'arliil novemei.t fiir lVjaloin at. 1 the ger are ll'i irionti 10 ion iiiTtt-s. 1 Distthou refuse me, th 11?' demanded ta. ' pr"veineu, a -no wire puitors voiit'u vvilh a sn -er. I would persuade Vermont Whigs I lly the m iss, no ; but tisnight is dark, the billowing extract from the X. Y. lUtniag '. moon wiin lath BLANK BOUK MAKER. e Free Treu Building, College Si Street. and when they were almut to ti-e from the table, an attendant entered the apir'nieiit, la'.iripy in his h inds a coflin from ono to two f.'el in length 111 which was a erfecl representation of a UkIv: this miniature corpse was habited in the ce-e-incuts of tin grave, mid wa- pre-eiHeil to the i no nearer, as eacn ac- Virtue. The creation of the sculptor may moulder in the dnt the wreath of the bird in iv wither the throne of the conqueror may Is shivered by an opposing power into atom the fame of the warrior may In no longer iiiiminl hv t e recording minstrel; but virtue, which hallows tho Colt tee and shod a glurv around the palace, shall neverdociiv. I' i-eel-ebraled by the angel of (ind it is written on the pillars'of heaven and lopealed down tn earth. The rock breaker whn a.s-ccs it is more 110. hie than tho intriguing statesman. I would rather lie in hi place I would rather hive the inward (lory with which Ihe poor man is crown ed, than overshadow the wii'ld with unrlial 0111. tiers. I would not exchange hi lot tor the rep. illation ol a In r.ui mo eloquence id a ,11 ir in Vermont ' Look at the 1 y lur 10 is-, ,10 , lint, iiiiiiii 1- u.ini i nt- lollow lllg 0X1 raCI iroin HIP . 1. ..f.'O'ti, . t"i , is dow n, the star are clouded, and the WHKiS . Vermont, vnu who have K vert been s go by in heavy puffs and gnts; hoar tt, .... . ... i., '.,' ' 1 " I'arill inoii. anii-Suh-1 rea-urv ui' ii. and opm- evell now 'Therefore,' said the vnnlh, appirenlly mire coldly coinpo-ed as hi tierce rival grew more perceptibly agitited, 'therefore will we lay down our lives fieri, ill this hall, on this spot, on thl in-tant, even a- thou standost now, 'Tiiero is no one here who will b mv fiiend ' said Mentz. so evidently sobered and subdued bv i.uipty inr r.ttiF, iti in . i iitrti iiiiiii , im- -- , . erfrowu aiidtiir.ip.le.orthv vnunB head will .H.'P singular and self....e:ion ol .. . ... ' n . I 1.1 .....,-t ll,., -ill (iresattt liutil lilin 111 (-oil. Ill itiini;'iiiipt, ton no .itoi "... tempt, and no one stirred. ' No miller,' cried Arnold, ' I will myself fore go the same privilege.' ' And yo'ir weapon. ?' said Mentz. ' Are here,' replied Arnold, drawing them trom hi bo un; a surer pair never drew blood Tho c.tioireis yours.' Thpconiiinv now began lo finc.v that Ar- ptlor, hut evidently linn' nobl hid equivta-aled in disclaiming skill a a fear, came over his liands.une f 'alnros J and his duellist, and, from his invincible cnmi-un. yes dilated with emotion, rested full und tirm , tho i girt hiin a, in ire ' nn-lerof the weaS'ti He lower man my leei, ere io-iiiorruw a sun set.' ' It is Mentz, the duellist,' stvid a fourth. 'Dot ih.ui not know his wondrous skill ? He will kill the as if thou wort a deer, if thou oppose him in his wine. He i no in ire merciless than a wild b sir. Drink man, drink !' , During Ibis interesting scone, the youth hud. rein lined motionless, csil and -ilent. A slight rii'ht. which lint vile and guilty institution has ever tieen called to encounter." The only thing in the sentence to which "that vile and guilty institution" cannot refer, is tha word "Slavery" f ir that wurd is parenthetical nml ol course mi 'lit be omitted without impair. ed to Ihe continued evisten-'e of Slavery ill the ()f vU((t rpniilin- T,c NU)rJj Capital of Ihe Nation! See whit the Locofoco 'ftUm nwltha llU,niit.j to apply to " freedom narnbiirners, whom you have helped, to "'' I , j ,lt, ,-, ,lt" ; but it seems more na'ural, if extent, to send lo a Vermont L'gi-1 iture, hold , , lnort, jjramnutlcal, to refer Ibeni to ".Mr. lo be Mr. Vin Huron's po-ilioil, and do not bet yaJ jjurcn," deceived. We tell vnu th it the election of Van I For Sale. ime. is in -nccessiou. 1 no la'ariTi . . . . . . . 1 III. cording to cii'toiu gazd on ll,, i a-i , . ( (e ltt t-1 lr-1 of a Hacon. I in.iv bodes. vonr tne. mi Ibis ll'lirp: alter llealll. toll your- . i , .,, i ,yiMd. :, th,,,, I .i.,o . - i -r .1 :., " .- ,.. . 1 1 ...... i.:.. i. .1 ..,,,1 im l.iinoi. ' I . . . . ' . .. .... .. THREE farms lor SHIP. lo tn mr sen will re-omuio u ; uiiitn". . .. ..-... Hu,ve .m all, wlieu me giiinv snail irem'iie in Ibe inwii of Mill'i'i situated near the vi Inge nt Sncti was the m iral thai lhee uncient beilhens (i(ljr lU(.(,4 H tl),y ,tl0 llKt.u, Milton Falls u le i.i ineiii iu m- --'- .;.- urew iroin ueain ; soon, ii -i .i-n- - ro together as a scrull. with a g.l fr"i OntlwrJ. Iluu '"' 'j ' 1 j M inve ,o leave this world, and all the p eas. dr,g.,il.fuiher..l.ut i n urea which we have here enjoyed ; let n there-' - IIoue Untn.and out buildni. . Aif'. '" , ,, ... ,., , ' ., . i..a. . v(0 Rnmo of our fishmnah he Town id. VVcsiford contui. ii.g " .'" m .... " ."' , , k !,., ,1 of course Ihe most privileged, are 'Tint Gi Urn.andout bu.M.ngsw,i.c . . ..... . ,."., iu. ,. .-iSer1.!. m r ; " ;;;T, " 1 sis 'S a; ? u nuzr w m-h cu, m i v u , i. . coward. e u. ; .hoUSh he Some of our fishionahlel dies, and llmse the 11,0 i Mentz. ' lly the inas, gentlemen!' In said at length, 1 am a stranger h- re. and ignorant id the in in ner? prevalent in universities ; but if yonder per son la sans, and this no joke' Joke ! foundered Mentz foaming at the lips. ' I mint tell vnu that I came from tort ol me country where we neither give nor take such j.ikos. or such insults. thin the bully hinnelf. The latter alu partook of his opinion. ' Young mm,' said Mentz, in a voic clouded and low ; but he stnpped and said no farther. ' Your choice !' said Arnold, presenting the pistol. .M-ntz seized one desperately, and said, ' Now mm your distance.' 1 IJIood. thirsty woll I' said Arnold, there shall bo no distance.' Ho then turnvd and addres.-ei! II it thou taken leavp of thv friends 7' said Mentz. partly hushed hva.tonisliment; 'mid art. ",e company. th a. tired o life, tint thnti hurriest n i so blind- Geni lemon,' said he. 'deem ine iwt either ly to abl.Hslv pillow? Hoy! drink a have savage or', that I sicrificeiuyell nnd Un told thee. In liertrudo the fairest of lite fair!' and brutal wretch thus b-lnre your eye, and to cer- his hiij-e. r id eyes opened like those of a bull, tain and intnt destruction. For in', Iconics. upon Ids dniiiL' victim. 1 have no value in life. Her wlioin I loved, I Huron, if that were a!e event, would o i Iv reduce the country tn the domination of the worst form nf lairnfoi-m. and nothing el-e, If you will not believe m, leliovo Mr. Van Hu ron's o'en organ in New York, and peciue! The 'ot savs ; " .Martin Van Hurcn'.4 reputation is tin propr ty of tin do nocrjcy. His truncen lent nbtli. ties, his Siolen integrity, his e niirnt public irvien. un 1 hi4 unilinchin d'votion to tin principle of democracy, through iut n hm; life dojicitel to hn country, Inve enk'tred ht.n to cHy tmo deinoerat. Ve nd uiro linn a i s'ltet inn ; w lovo an I vetnrito hi n as a mm, ....I II .1 ...... I.e.. no .....nni.ti itf fm ti fin. nf ! 1 s 1 toliii lei Is. attaciti of Fo the ns- Henry W. CnJiinn, of!on, -cm siu'ts of Fod.-ril Whigs. no mint -d as tin c.nlilue for Lt. ""f In Softs in 1 01,1 Hunker polititioin ire fun 1 Ch tries G. Gloom, of Hoi on. nn , ''') ' ofik.4igtnting.Mr. Van Huron as tin "arch Chilli, of I IMWlel . 1 ''J.?";!t ' ' 't'slmk triitor," ''iiiHntito," .Ve. Inrc is nothing Urge, ani Jauna Checver, Elector lor WatlolK very rcnurkablo, porh ips, in this, for they are district. pud lor It, Alirun van Huron is a inner to whit ? i o tlie greit principles which are tin lile nnl soul ot tlie ilctiincritic pirtv.' v o do ' Loco Foco Convention vt Wouccster. Tin M iss iciimetts Loco Foco Convention for tin iiomin ition of c in lid ites for Governor an 1 Lieut. Governor, was held at Worcester, yes 1 terd iv. 1 letiiy Crocker, of H iiton, is oleito I President. Tlnre wore thirtc.-n Vicj Preii dent, an I .i Stsretines. ' The Convention balloted for Governor wl-i the following result : Wholo liu ii'ier of votej, 117 I Neeisiuv for a clioic? HU' Caleb Cnsliiiig Fredurie'v Ro'i.tnon sVO Si Cen-ial Ca'e'i Cti.tltin-. of Xewliii'vp-w, 'utti'iii tin L.oroco candidate for Governor Wo iindorstanl that Diniel Kinibill. Eq., of llii.tiill, ha lop,d hi Wisdell Mills ill I'hcIn) 1 amill ill I - . "i I t.iootri in it.itiiit-1 Gerlrudu de S.tale la fair and lovely.' have sworn to forget, audit I existed a thousand 1.1 . 1 i t . i I . 1L.. ' 1 I.I k.U..nA,..,,.mln This saiu too voutit ri.nirr. - luav iiul oe ueuieu dv iub. vears snuuiu utuuauiv in',1.1 t Milwn. May W. el7m! ETHAN AUSTIN- their 'mind, by thought of death ; m ea . i r Ii " .1 .' I I. .r.f Ull ly ooiisan. uouterv. iv, lm an ."'; r"' v r soon will bo pped III Anduver cunmns nplnJii at pervert .3 1 ,,JfMi hu M. ..'..'ted that ti.toen tmth,.to poin 0.1 single aohtiry lUtn of prin- -ndjuy btei. discharged from th, ctplo .n which Mr. Van Uuren W clnnged, J"J" Works near Tmy( N. V., and a. 111a. fron Un tuno when as n fivorito son ot .e - .,n hive t0 fo)iOWi o,m a. tne prtt. York and tho bosom friend of G?"",; 1 nJ "coitra If arc .illeJ.-W.' Courier, he was elevated by tho niUoml democra'-y to ivm

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