Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 15 Eylül 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 15 Eylül 1848 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE JPlSS, FRIDAY MORNING," September 15, 1848. 00, lIUItl.IMiTOX, Vt. Wilis IVomiiintioiisi. Tor 1'rcsidcnt, ZACHARY TAYLOR, For Vice l're.-i.lent MILLARD FILLMORE. Tor Fleeter.', ERASTUS FAIIUIAMiS, , TIMOTHY FOLLMT. ,u (ir.oiifii: t. uoi)(ii:s. wt District. ANDIIKW TRACV.2.1 District. ALISF.ItT I.. CATLIX. .HDUliict. Ul.UAll CLKVFI.AM), llli De-trici. IVom the livening l'ost.J " .Mr. Webster is a mender ol the Hutted Stales Senile i In" was a member of body when the bill tn which lie refers va under con sideration. The assertion that Mr. Van liinen gave his casting into in the Senile in favor nf such a I H iv as Mr. W, speak" nf, nnr loaders know, Im nut a part c1' ij truh in it; lie iliil tin more than int." lor allowing the bill tn prncpei! In another reading. Inning the responsibility nl pis-lug or rejecting it upon the So i.ite.ln which responsibility prnpuilv belonged. It is most lli'-tt .Mr. Webster should bring forwuid a charge which 1 1 m been again ami gain wholly relnleil till noire cxlraordinitv is it that lie f-lionltj refer to his imn recollection as supporting its truth. W'e feel a .veiie of shame to the cmiutrij 1 1 in c i uv h'long, u lien fe tie such it man ni Mr. Wvhster. high in the touncils if that c mntry its in his reputation fur Intent, tiring Jorunra Hale Herniations iJ mis hind, 1 the lie en oft o'erthrown,' -IT A .A "ll A raking ben. from tho sewers of the party press. . , , 1(i llt-illJi,1 . ,lcy ari) ,)t' prPp;irc,l , es, and Hinging thein at a political adver.-ary. iUv ttl0 ,nlimu( lli(me and principles of The Neiv York Kiening l'o-t,willi all its self- UVu'ss or to give their sanction to tho lluflalo claimed luve ofrreeil.ini, is the mo.-t ell'ective truuil. KjiringJiclilltrpiib. coadjutor of Slavery in t!ie v. hole confedeiacv, " - - and with all it. appaienl ram.'or for which it I Mi:. IlnMos's explanatory letter about the teems lo have gained Mime character, it is real- dl cl aCair, which was addressed to Uevcrdy ly the ino-t jesuitical press in the United Slates . Johnson, tho hearer of tho challenge to him, is Here is a cae in point. Mr. Van llurcn is said to civ.'r ten pages ot foolscap! His nb charged with haling, while President of the j-ctiou tn accepting the challenge, says the True Senate, given Ins caMing vote in favor ofa law 'Sll's correspondent, is temporary only. He mitl.oruing Southern postma'-tcrs to rille the will Hot light Ilutler t;ii7 be relieves his char-mail-, and to burn Midi matter as they should ! ad" from tiie imputation cat upon it by the deem incendiarv. Tlu U the cbaige made bv latter. Mr. Wub-ter, and whielii true. until ith-tauding the I'od' a everiiliou that it " has not one par ticle of truth in it." The fact i- that the ipie lion before tl.e Senate was " Shall the hill he rii;rri mill rcml n thiul time ?" Now every one at all acquainted with parliamentary pro ceedings, as the l'ot certainly is, know s that the question on engrossment of a bill, is the test question, to which a bill is not buffered to go unless it is doigncd to pas it. In fact the en grossment of a bill fettles the question as a gen- erai tiling, jiut the 1'o-t meanly endeavors to coicr up the importance of tho vote, and llieex- ceeding servility of its candidate for the I'resi- W j o ''' "o n more mail miu iui iiiiunin inu uui iu proceeu to auoiuer reading." It is in perfect keeninu with the Fost, we admit, to attempt to dcceiic its readers in this way. It has been guilty of such at-1 tempts for years ; but we had not before suepec- ted that its des'eralion was such as to drive it to tliis utterly contemptible affectation of '-shame for tho country," that Mr. Webster should be to great a liir. William Cnllen llrynnt ought to hj uboie such littleness as only worthy of , , , . the lowest cunning. ,, . , ., , ,, r 1 . ! mil tilt: 1 a-, jr;,!,. in wio M), 01 pif-nicm I hundred and forlv four, jut previous to the meeting of tho Locof.ico National Convention at Ilaltiinore, the Pn't came out uilh an article obviously intended to indicate to tint l.otivciition tlio cour-e which the ileinncra cy of the North intend.-d to pursue. The purpose of tho arliclo was to tlfect llio m ni' ;,.i:,. ,,(- iriiM v., ii,,, ...i , ,.,11 ,i, 1 South that it need not expect the Northern sec tion of the 1 arty .to uequitsce in an annexation raudidale; lor it could not and would not do it. The aitielc was an able one and attracted the attention of all parlies. It lias minly and truth ful, and worthy of the uiiihor of Tbatialop-i-. Hut the Convention mot, threw .Mr. Van llurcn iiierboard, and that too in 11 most in-ulling man ner and nominated Mr. Polk, solely on tl.e ground tluffhe was in fav.i of annexation, u bile Mr. Van liuren was opposed. Now, how t-uid :'ost 1 Did it stand bv the position which it , 1 . . ,. had voluntarily taken .' Did It tesent the insull which I he Coniention Ind Ihrnvvn at the fiiends of Mr. Van Huron 1 Did it boldiv re-.iliinn the truths which it had propounded, nnd which ill had pledged itself In in iintain ? None of the-e. It tamely and abjectly submitted. ' We advi-e ' nor friends'" was the sub-tance of its Ian-1 gunge, "to go fur .Mr. Polk, and we will turn ' our attention to the members of Congress, and ' ice that they arc right." lly this poor expedient 1 did it seek to cover its di-grnce. Hut did it see to the members ol ('.ingress ? Aye, with a ven-1 ge.tiicc. tlio vole 011 the annexation resolu tions, and the horde of Noilheru Locofocos in the ntlirrn itive answer. .Mr. Wcb'tcr will hard ly s offer from the affected shame of such an un mistakable doughface as this. DT The Hunkers nf New York have nomina ted Chancellor Walworth for Governor and Chailes O'Connor for Lt. Governor Over tiiev no The Liberty (?) and Free Soil State Convention for .Massachusetts, met in llo-lon, on Wcdnc-d ly the (lib. The follow ing resolution was nnved and carried in tho Lib erty Convention: l'tmhetl. That nl twelve o'clock tn-iliy.thi.Cini-T-ntion will priN-pi-il in tlip Tieinoiit '1 i-nipp, nnd tin-re nieriie mid mingle ourx lvi-a ho), ihe $stni Con. leulionol ihe Ine Di inis iney, luiniing n Kiate r Rni7atiiin, and reeoniinnidina cnndidntis fur ihe r-iaie uiucers 10 gup-nm ine imiiaio pluiloriu. Some wry faces worn mado nnd some qucs. lions were asked; but Ihe honest ones worn im pertinent, and of course put down, as the F.ditnr of tlio G i.etle was at the nomination of Ad ims. lie, simple man, wished Mr Adams to explain a little on the subject of Abolition in the District Columbia. " Oh !" said tho Chairman, Mr. Hill, (a very gouJ mni, by the way, to put down ths "niggern") "Oil ! there is no need of tint. IIc'ii right." " Well" replied tiie amiablo Hdi tor, " have no doubt about it ; but I thought fome others might like to hear Mr. A, on that point." Whereupon, down sat the well dispos ed and kind hearted gentleman, with great grav ity and resignation. The knew ing ones laugh' (d, bjlhsdid'nt tee It. '1'itAT Vinn n.N the Niabaua. The vote on the Niagara from HulMn to Chicago, taken on the 30th nit., which wo published on Tlmr-day, was not K.ili-Uctory to a Cass tin linn board be cause!! wits taken iimiing the cabin passengers; whereupon a vote of the dec!, passengers was ' i .i im- t.. ,i.. ......I. iu .... r..l. i whereupon a vote or the ilcct. passengers wii' Inlieu. and the ilill'erciico in tho result if us fel lows: Cabin. Deck. Taylor, CO 8.1 V.i n llurcn, .')'J -11 Ca.", l'J 21 It is reported tint the C.t-s linn when the arrived at this city give up his through ticket tor Chicago, and look the central railroad across the counlrv. Cass in ido n clear gain of tim In thirty-six !' Will he " distract the party ?" Not muck. DHrnil Adv. Off with Titr.tit Heaps, Ilnnj. V. Butler, U. S. Uiitrict Attorney, of N'ew Vurl:,:tnd .Mar cus .Morton, Collcclorof l!olon, hive both been turned out of oliice. Died of " free soil." Can promises to "carry out'' the principle and prac tices of I'olkisin if elected. How dill'erent with (icii.Tavli n. " I have,' says he, " no friends to reward no enemies to punMi.-' A GiuniYtv: Sinw Wo observe with ple.iMirn that lion. James White, of Xortliliold, presided at a Whig meeting lately held in that town ami is ono of the delegates to the Wor cester Convention. S 1 1. Heed, H-r., of (Jrcen tield, llisb Sheriff of Franklin County, also nnneara to have taken part in a late Whig meeting at Greenfield, (or the choice of dele ".lies : and K. 15. 1'ielJ.. of (ireenlleld nreided at liie s une meeting. The two former of these gentlemen signed the call for the Worcester anti-Taylor Convention, and tho lat named attended and took part in the inas Contention, llull'ilo ("onieution All tli-fo gentlemen are amoiiL' the ino-t respectful ami influential citi 7.ein nl that eotintrv. It is very otnious that ...i.... I..... i. i.: ....!.. ,n Tltr. Yr.u.ow Fevi n A nn go to pres with this I'.dilion, the Hoard of Health Commit tee have not made their usual report to the May or. We are are informed, however, on equally re liable authority, that all ietigr. of the feier, ill tlii city, haio disappeared, and on Staten 1-l.ind the distemper ha as-unied a type so mild as to justify no tino.iMncss on the part of the public, here or elsewhere. The "panic" indeed, has wholly subsided. Hx Mr. Howard's has laid on our table the Hdin- ,m;,t j,nn,lml Quarterlv, and Westminister iles;cws fr jiv- Thev are full of interesting mMvTl ad we hope our'readers have mere time tllan ,ve ,,avo at prcsent , pcrie ,,,, 1ST Gex. Scott 11 as received bvthe cadets of West Point with great cordiality, on .Monday but, on hi return from Saratoga. TI.ey illu - minated their barracks, and then proceeding in a body to the General's head quarters at the ho- tel, made the wcikin ring with enthusiastic cheers. Gen. Scott responded by a feeling ad - dress. ' , . Ge Gideon- Pillow. It h staled tint there . , . .,. is a probibilitv of the declination of J lines 1 1 . , Thomas, of the lilh Congressioiul District of Tennessee, in f ivor of Mr. Polk's pet, Pillow. 1 !I J" The resignation of the Governor General of Canadi, (Hirl of Hlgin)i? announced in the 1 1 : j .minircai p ipt'i, hjiji ,i,-nu, uii ti.nciai iiiiiuori- , tv. lleielires 111 consequence oflbo conliniieil ( illness of his lady. 1 Ie h 1- been one of the most populir governors ever sent over to control the people of Can nl.i. ! 1J" Crittenden's majority in Kentucky is 8,- '5J1. 1 1 V 'Inpimn, of the Iiulidn-ipolis f'ertinel, calls the Whigs ' pir.iles," I le had good rea son upon ascertain occasion to regtrd une ol them us a fne-hnulcr. l.un. .lunr. 1 3V J- K- "S-oll po-itivclv declines a rc- election to Congro-s. 1 ,,',T 1 SiiiAivs Mr. l.ditor I he pissengers on j lf( k -,r.inri, Sitll. f C,:MD.laiil. ,. ., ilte lri rr(im St. ,lbns to Whitehall, took a voto for President wilh Ihe follow ing result : Cass 72, Clay 15, T.11 lor 25, Van llurcn!). Argn. We insist that the Argus takes back this vote. The SaltUs ha not in u'e a tiip this season ; and this mtu is clearly bogus. Hie. .lour. The Saltus is "hard up" in Siielbnrno II iv. The Argns mut go liitlhcr of)' next limo for its votes, and, while it is about it, manufacture steamboat and all. CIUTTLNDllN COUNTY F.UUCATIONAL CONVENTION. Agreeably to a call, a small number of Town Superintendents, Teachers, and friends of Edu cation, met iu the llaptist .Meetinghouse in Bur lington, nn tho 2!tlh day of August, 1818, and was called to order by Uev. Si.mi.on Famielee, County Superintendent, 1. On tnot'on of Rev. Mr. Hinesbiirgh, Rev. Mr. Pjnyr.t.Er. ivusapxiintcd Chairman, aud I'. A. FuLLcit, Secretary. 2. An address to the Throno of Grace by Rev. II. J. l'arker, llurlitigtnn. 3. The object of the call was then briefly laid before tho Convention by the Chair. 1. On motion of Mr. Forbes, of Hinesbiirgh, Vutetl, tu bold a Teacher' Institute this fall, and that it be huldeu at Jericho Center. 5. Appointed Rev. Messrs. Parmelec. Wheeler, and Mr.Forbes.Coinmiltee to procure a Tcucli er, and make other necessary arrangements for the Institute. 0. The following resolutions were presented by Mr, Forbes, nnd pised unanimously, liz : Kesoheil, That tho Town Superintendents of this County bo requested to use tiicir influence to obtain an appropriation from their respective Towns lor the purK)sP of defraying the expenses of a TcacherVt Institute the ensuing year. Jluohal, That the proceedings of this Con venlion bo presented to the Publishers of tho dil ferent Periodicals In this place w,, a r , for llieir publication, 7, Adjourned. SIMEON PARMKLER, Chairman. 1.. A, I l'li.ib, hecrctary. CONGRESSIONAL. We arc sorry to pay that Mr. Marali is prob. ably defeated in this District, as arc also Mr- Hack, of the -lib District, and Mr. llibbardorihc . . . . 2d District. .Mr. Henry of the 1st, L?, we are happy to fay, elected. Tli ore is no choice except In the first. We give below Mich additional returns as we haw for Governor, Senators and Representa tives. Wintlnor Co. Complete. .Senators, Whig (!). Ilepresentathcs, Whig' 10. Locofocos 3, Free Soil 8. Last year Whig 1 1, Locofocos 1, All. 1. Voir, nut Governor. O S V) H 3 W o - x - f Z d r - s v h j vi ; 5 " 2 g 1 P I ? I ? r "i (II 1.- 1 II 10 2 101 151 18 108 175 II 118 81 107 107 10.-i 81 vxr in ! w ii" 'i 18 :ii a i-i 18 :io 117 101 ir.l 100 18!) .Hi alU !K1 77 HS3 Cm 11 U 15 II'! l l'J I 1:H -' 150 17 111 1ffl :u l(Ti i',o i:n !) no no r,'i mi :t :i7 108 2) :t-2 Wi 80 Ti !'.) 81! 51 rat yo lat 10 88 i:i!) 57 ill 15: 71 loii 100 !17 -18 101 f.'J 10 55 107 -15 W l'J8 2-J soi s 170 aei in :u i000 00 00 (i!l 10 !2!ll ill 80 2!!) 114 !15 170 15 ioo 10 :tj ai (i7 4 !I0 111 'Jl 40 ,41!) '.10 71 :I8'J !7 48 3:100 1770 1074 Andoier lliltmiorc, llirn ird, Hethul Chester, Hartford, Hartland, J.iidlow Norw ich l'lyinoulli I'omfret, Kocliostrr I! oj niton Reading, Sharon, stockbrid; Windsor WeatlislV Weston, Ornngc Oo. Senators Loco (3), RoprccnativC9 4 Whigs, 5 Locofocos, 1 Free Soil, and 7 no choice. Vote ron Governor, (1C towns.) llradford lCW 15.1 lt!-J !fjfl 115 in 45 153 100 1'Jtl 58 ll'J 107 102 lie i!5 l'J'J 10!) 158 150 1-J8 101 151 'J15 1!I0 101 !I8 111 40 50 11 !)8 5!) 85 117 40 .10 14!) 40 ill 40 ill ao 45 105 115 1!)3 an !Ki 51 44 II!) 100 76 10'J 115 101 7!) Ill 145 lilJ Mi 15!) 110 laa 140 131 100 180 181 (i7 85 111 128 87 85 51 70 51 105 107 5!l 110 10'J 70 150 Newbury Orange Topshmi Williainst'ii liraintreo Ilrooklicld Chelsea Corrinth Randolph Strallord Tlicttbril Tollbridge Veihiro Washington West Fairlce 51 7a i 51 j 51 1 a-j I ion i:i8 ill 81 50 Windham Co. (Incomplete.) Senators Whigs (3) by a majority as large as last year, lleireicntatiics Whigs, 1G. licofo cos, 0 Free Soil 4. Somerset, Dover and Wcl ininglon to be heard from. Vorr. roti Governor. Athens llrattleboro 25 lill at 10 100 111 127 121 SKI 115 7!) 21 11 11 42 a! 'J8 12!) 140 1.18 Jtlll 87 lill !5 125 151 32 10 1 18 4 1!) 141 ao 7!) 07 7!) 41 107 01 10 01 ill! 78 21 78 00 71 42 111 SNi ill 17 (12 80 51 70 01 40 !.'! 1 llrookliuo )u7"norson , Grallon ! Guilford , Halifax ! ("'J'.nd'rv 1 Marlboro " ' la 33 5 1 cj ao 70 121 II 22 Ti 50 ill CI New -fa no Piitncv 118 107 115 CO 218 -2m (i 21 20 25 Itoekiugh'm.'J!!!) Somerset Stratum, II Tow-siend 118 Vernon 50 Wurdsborn 87 Wi-stiniiislcr II ;tri '- l'J!) 50 85 118 110 7!) 101 4!) M 85 ifj 151 !)." :to Whitinglinn 115 Wilmington W indham Aildl-on Co. Addison, 71) 11 31 lirijport i:t!i IS 21 llri-tol 0I G 11.") Cornwall 1 10 8;t 51 Hancock :u o :u Leicester, 0!) ! 5 .Middleburv, 2fi-J III 121 NeivlhvJu 13'i 2 70 P.inton 57 7 0 Kiplon 5:1 t 1 1 Salisbury !J 23 Hi Orwell, HiJ 20 II Slionhin, 17'l 17 0 Vergenues, 122 30 07 Wallbain 25 13 15 Win bridge, -15 hi Whiting, GJ 11 13 7S 52 13 1G3 119 rti 7 1 183 41 3 1)5 37 17 65 22 43 Cl 27 I, Coo. Dil. Shf. 123 0 70 138 40 1SGI 211 G5 31 125 11 123 81 O 118 72 13 I!) 5!) 3J 10 37 2 20 51 19 21 88 23 4!) 133 5 65 no vote. 113 32 110 50 12 42 no i otu. 210 4 03 321 40 113 42 52 20 48 01 45 no vote. 102 0 17 no vote. 41 4 -15; 71 0 42 RUTLAND CO. Iienson, Dickersnn, w. g. Ilr.iinloti, N". T. Spiague, f. s. C.n-tlctoii, J. W. Rice, w. C lillcn Jen, Harris, Clarendon, Spencer, f, s. 1) inby, Otis. vv. g, I'airhaven, W. C. Kiltrcdge, vv. 0 IS,i J 31 ; Hubbiirdtiin, 1'. Holmes, w. Ira, l'i-h, w. Mendon, llarkncss, iv. Middlelown, Morev, w. Ml. Holly, Crowley, w. Alt. Tabor, Urilton, P.iwlct, Ldgerli.n, vv. g. Pill. field, II itch, w. g. Piltslord, Hall, vv. Poiiltney, A Uailey, w. Rutland, Giiswold, w. Sheibiirne, Richardson, 1. Shrewsbury. 1). 11. Jones, vv. Sudbury, Meriitt, I. Tiiiinoulh.Gilbeit, iv. Walhuglnrd, Miliison, w. g. Wells, l'arker, vv. Wetthaveii, Howes, iv. SENATORS r.LnCTM). Whig. Loco. F. S. o 3 3 4 lleniiinglon, W indham, Rutland, Windsor, Addison, Orange, Chittenden, Washington, Caledonia, Franklin, Orleans, Lamuile, Essex, lint heard from. Grand Lie, 2 2 3 probably, 8 1 REl'RF.SF.NTATIVF.S ELECTED. CALFUOMA COUMV. liirnet, John lUney, w. ab. Huike, Daniel Ileckwilh, w. Cabot, T. Ia ford, 1. Danville. J.'A. Page, f. s. Groton, James Renfrew, w, ab. Ilardvviuk, David Frencii, f. s. Kirby, A. Leach, I, Lyndon, Stephen McGafTcy, I. Newark, II. Allard, iv. l'eacham, no rlioicc. Ityegatc, James McClnre. 1. Shellielil, James Roberts, I. ht. Jolinbiiry, iMoses Kiltrcdge, tv. Hiittnn. John l.idd, jr., w. gain. Waldon, S. Moulgomerv, w. ab. it-... r.- , , r . . 7 iiienoni, josepll itle. W. l-l l. ...I. r..rt ' ' ,i , it weeiwii, deiierson irce, i. or.I.KANS COU.NTT. Greenbornngh, J.ibez I'innoy, I. irasiiurgn, it. ,ii. Hates, w. Ilrownlngton, J. Hryiiut, w. Glover, I.. French, I. Derby, Aaron Hinmaii, iv. Holland, Micah Fcrrin, w. Silem, Calvin S. Grow, w. Newport, Win. Moore, jr. iv. Coventry, Isaac l'arker, iv. .Morgan, w. W e-tuiore, w. Cr.iftsbuty, II. Hastings, w. ub. Albany, lib. Jay, f. s. Lowell, f. s. Troy, no choice. Ii.irton, Jl. V. Robison, f. . Westlield, I. Chailcston, (rcjiorlcil) . LSSEX 10U.STV.. Concord, W. II. May, w. i.iincnuurgli, .Mitchell S.ltby, w. Loco Senators elected in Caledonia and Or leans Counties. Whig majority in Luncnburgli on State Tick. ct C5 ; Concord, 44. In the above tow ns there is a net gain of three Whigs. There is no doubt of an increased majority on joint ballot over last year, and a good fair work ing majority in both branches. LAMOILLK CO, Senator, F. Soil, 1 ; Representatives, Whigs a, Loco I, Free Soil It. Last year, Whig 1 Loco 5, Free Soil a. CTlIiaiiGAT: and Swantox, profiting by their last year's experience, have refused to be rep resented lliis v;ar. Two locofocos arc therefore for " fricght 01 charter" in those towns ! ELHCTION RETURNS. Without giving nny further details until the oflicia! ro urns, ivc shall o.ilv announce I what wo believe to be tho general result. , Thcro is 11c choice of Oovernor by the ' , , , . e e 1 people, and only one out of four members of Congress, is elected. Tho Senate will' he Whig by from 8 to 12 tnaiori'v , nnd . , , .. , ,, '. ' after a careful revision anil collation of the returns for Representatives the result .. i. i .,,.,:.. r 1 1 . seems to be, with the exception of 11 towns not ncarci irom, as ioiiows : N. Choice W. 6 1 L. 1 I 4 I 3 G 8 o 1 1 F. S. 8 3 9 5 5 1 5 5 r, 1 1 3 Gl Chittenden Grand Isle Franklin Lirrrailfe Orleans Caledonia Orango Rutland Co. 10 5 3 IS s 10 17 10 S 4 , Washington Addi-nn Vindham Windsor 1 Rennington ( Hscx 1 Hi 111 10 Wo have taken for Orancrr. tbn lowest esti. 1 mate for tl.e Whigs and tho highest for the Lo- 1 , , , . , , ? . , I cos and others. e think the democrats should 1 1)3 one le-s and the Whigs one greater. Somerset in Windham County and 10 towns I :.. l- in l,.n,, (rnr,-, 'l'l,n,. ctn,l l.-i 8 year 7 Locos to l Whigs. f ihe remaining towns stand come in us last vear the House will Whig Loco F S 115 10S 47 Gl Whig majority 7 We believe that the olliuiul returns will make it more rather than Ies". Our Congressional District. A good deal of anxiety is naturally felt to learn the true state of the vote in this Congress ional Di-trict. Wo are reluctantly compellul to admit our belief tint George P. fails ofan election, by a few lotes! We have no returns from Addison County, excepting for the towns of Shoreham and Orwell. In our own ' County, us nearly as ran be ascertained without i the oll'icial canvass, tho voto stands : ... M ir-h, IVck, Keycs, 1870 1G13 C5J 2200 120 Majority again't Marsh, In Franklin Countv, all bat 3 towns: Mirsh, ' 1370 Peck, 1135 Keycs, 710 1855 Majority against Marsh, 475 901 40 In Grand Ilo County, reported majority fur Marsh, 8G1 Leaving SGI majority to hss overcome by Ad dison County, from which we look for a major ity for Mr. Marsh of about 800. Mr. Marsh's plurality over Mr. Peck, his highest opponent, will not be less than twelve hundred. Tin; Popular Vole. In 175 towns the popular vote is as follows : Cmlhlgc 18.G2G. Dillingham 10,102. Shuf tcr 12,328. The most significant and cheering fact that the above vote discloses, is that Ihe parly Am maintained its integrity, while the Locoroco and Third parties havo aliout changed places. All the strong Whig Counties in the State, (notexceplingWiudsor.whichhas fallen olTin her representatives) haw given nn '''-''' Whig vote. The Inconsiderable falling oft from .1.. ...... -ri... -.. i.- i.-j I... inu iuie 01 iasi year lor ouv. 1, u., ftn, ill 1jcofoco Counties, where Harnburncrs and Liberty men have "astonished the natives " by their new-born Van liuren zeal for tlio preva lence of Freedom in the Territories. The Whig party in Vermont never stood fir mer, or more proudly, upon their Principles and their Men, than it does at this moment. The Harnburnon nnd Liberty men have succeeded in playing the game of the " Kilkenny Cats' with each other, while tho Whigs halo looked on and smiled at the curious mancsuver. With a majority In both branches of tins L"gisature, and with a popular voto but slightly diminished from last year, the hlgs can paraphraze the old song of 1810, and sing Oh, have you beard from old Vermoiit-mont-inont, All steadfast mid true ! Fifteen thousand U the tunc Fur GHNHKAIi X.ACK nn.l ni.l.AIOIti: too, Fur (JliNUIt Al ZACK and Fli.L.MOItF too I And with llicni we'll bi'tit any 111011,111311, man, Of the C AHri chin ! And with them we'll beat Utile Van ! Letter from Mr. .Seward. We Invite the attention of those Whigs who respect the opinion-, and admire the stcadfi-t and consistent anti-slavery course, ol William II. Sf.warii, of New ork, to the following let ter from that gentleman, written in reply to nn invitation to attend a Whig Meeting in Orleans Co., N. Y., 011 tho 'Jfith ult. Wo bclieieno man in the nation has been more honorably dis tinguished for unwavering hostility to the en croachments of the Slave l'owcr, or more de voted to the, cause of true Freedom, than Gov. Seward. In this respect he has been a Ver mont Wine. ; will Vermont Whigs w ho are asked to support Martin Van llurcn, listen to his words 1 Aunur.x, Aug. 2lst, 1813. Dear Sir : I am piofoiindly graleful to the Central Committee of Orleans County for the expressions of respect and esteem with which they urge me to accept their invitation to the council they are to hold at Albion, for the pur poe of considering the Whig National nornina- I have sunk into piofesional enslavement so deeply that I scarcely retain an abiding place at home, and I am unable to observe punctuality in my correspondence. These circumstances must plead my apology, not only for my delay in answering the invitation, but also for my de clining to accept it. The patty which is now administering the Fed eral Government is a nartv of inaction in reeard to education, industry, internal improvement, melioration ami emancipation. It is their erecu that the danger of abuse of the powers of gov eminent i" greater than tho benefits of their na- tcrnal exercise that the constitutional capacity ,.,f tlic .c,m'f'!',nc,",t1 f"r j'1'1 ilcti".n ' r-v limited, and that tho most benign and salutary function of the Kxeeutivo is to defeat, and thus impair, the Legi-I.itiio authority. At the same time they are am bil'oiis of military renown, and j,, aggrandizement by Iraud and violence. , In my judgment the type of democracy should be peace, moderation, enfranchisement and be- nelicence. None is less pt to exaggeratu the merits ol the Whig party in regard 'o their prin- cin'cs than I, who so constantly endeavor to s,IlllUtc u t;, rtMcr M,toririe. lint after ' ebaroiii'f it with alt tbn unfaithfulness ol vvbii-l it can justly bo accu-ed. it still stands before the country and the world, tho American party, ('eminently" devoted to the great interests of hu- mainly No member of tho parly is accountable for the selection of its candidate--, f irlher than he may have acted or refrained from acting in their selection. When the selection has been nude, nil that remains is to decide whether the party still deserves his support in preference to its ad versary. We cannot withhold our support with out cnd.tngeiing tho present success and ihe ultim lie usefulness nf the Whig parly. If it be defeated, the policy of the present Ailmiui!ra tion will prevail, not only now, but for an in- . definite period. No Whig thinks for one moment of voting for I the candidates of the Ritlimore Convention; ! but wo are tempted to e-i't our siitl'iagcs fur the third party. lite ll.irJ jmrliimorr ; lire, or more tletotcil to human Ulierlii nmr, vmhr the ' '"' Hurra than it nn fnur trars ugn, umler Hi? Iiitnncr of .lime (,. Ilirnei ! , j fmfes, , lhM u is fnj-;ir , lfeiln , nmjr. j n.Von if Mr. liirneii iluitr.ilul t'ie niiiiue ami the enth'u-.Ui'i'c hem 'mhi r-of the l.iherly I .1 .1 . .. I . . . . ... I Js oc iiiiru piny mory iiheiv in sineeeu no.v than it was then .' see nn re turn In -rpiet that it ran rcci r" the clertur-i' lutein an tate in the I'liion, I honor Mr. Van llurcn a. id his :t-n. ciates for their secession from a party which is fil-e In fnedom. Hut I regret their eiror in filling into the-ranks of a third p irlv, who-e service in the cause of human fieeJom aie ciiitileiactrd and nearly balanced by their er ror of indirectly giving strength and power to lo the cieat slavery pirty of the riiuntrv. lUirij Whig tote ens' fur tl.e thinl yurlijis only it negittiir, a ;,roe, ugaiiifl Ihe slaierij pint. Ileal friends if em ti cpnt'tim t.iitst not he cnntail icilh protects. 'Vlicij mul c.c' act ic'neli ami rjficicnllij. For myself, I hull cast my sulTiage for Gen. Taylor and .Millard Fill.noie, freely and con scientiously, on prcd-ely the amo ground-, on which I h ive hitherto voted lor ii Ing candi dates, because thev are commended to me bv the Whig party, and their success is iieee-sary for its continued nnd increasing ii-efuliie-s. 1. In the namoand character of the latter we hive everv guaranty that a Whig can de-ire. In Oio moderation of tho other, and his desire in,. , minister the Government as tho President .. the w liolo people, not for mere p-irtism ends, I I recognize cl lims to public confidence which 1 have no fear will ever l disappointed. 1 am, very respectfully, Your obedient servant, WILLIAM IL SF.WARD. Lehuei, C. Paixk, Usq., Chairman, &c. The Clny movement in Neiv Yoili City. , The New York 7,'.rirr., speaking of the ' Clay and Fillmre" movement in New York, I savs : i 'The Henry Clay and Millard Fillmore movement among some of the old Clay Whigs , in this city, 0111-1 not alarm any of our distant readers, or be allowed to Lo so pervetted as to alarm them. It is a wrung, and in most re spects, an absurd movement, but it will result in good, as many of the gentlemen concerned in this movement went to llulfilo or aided and abetted iu the nomination of Mr. Van llurcn.. Of this wrong act they aro now repentin, and as an atonement, they have come hick to their lirst low, Henry May. I he May movement saves them from Locufocoisui : and upon this ; Clay movement, there can be no doubt, that Mr. May, us soon us lie pears ol it, iri put his xeto. When ho declines their kindness, they havo no elsewhere to go, but to come hick to tho busom of tho W ing Party, when all of us, notwithstand I Z i . .AKn They will mourn, and they will sing, " Here's to you, Harry Clay," &e., and they will shoul and they will weep, and they .- 1 pit,.J if t'.oy do not all coino hick and wte for , Fillmore, and in voting for him, of course voto 1 'l'.,l,.- i, ....... 1... . ...... ...1 .,,., 1, ,1,,- uv ,.,i, iiiiit-s,, per.Kips, llut apart from tiicir course, we think we may 1.1... ".....1. 1 ... .1 . ... : tp.. 0" Ito lr ,c here hi tl.dtyure, us a very large majority. Tho Whig majority here must be larg-r than It ever has been, from that circumstance alone." I "H'l salety say, tint this city, which so often ', "" " r""s. ie , ,., ro. 110110,,, wludi we e 10 fui unV,ii 11 I give, from 2500 to 3000 majority to tho L.eofo-, ""tnts. Judge Pl.ep'H,If?flmf ,1 for the Com- ".T,"1'01" fomroversy n, leU to ths'ul I co ticket, will in November give over that ni.i- promise Hill is unanswerable, lt willboobsen- was redupp'i , w"M,,lp. beeouse the comrovmy jori.y . the Whig Ueke.,not ,1, ,. the U'higs 0.1 that ho ocenpies orccUtlu the .n,1 i ' I Mr Ch,SS i hn 'e r"'':1, 'H'A One week later t'vom Etaroue. Anniv.rJToi' tup: sti:,.iis 11 1 1 III 11 1: it .v 1 a The Royal Mail Steamer Hibernla, Cant. Shannon, arrived lit Huston, on Friday. Ill' lids arriial wo have Intelligence Irum Hngland one week later. The nolilleal news is not of great interc-t. I lie loss ny lire ni me pacnei so Ocean Mon ircli, full particulars of which wo give ",m lll"Su 1'HLLi'S and Judgc.McLiM:, wo lielow, pre-cuts one of the ino-t appalling ' ec- J nave only to say that wo so immeasurably pru taclcs we ever read of. ( for tlio pradicul and simple measure of moiii- Tl.crc appears to bo some apprehension ofan-1 mTI0ilIl,t ,le COII,illlloto.lWiku the Comoro other outbreak 111 r ranee. 1 . . . . , , , J'ho potatoe crop In Ireland, it is beleived, 1 111130 1!l"- -I'1-" precisely tho now we haio will bo a failure, in cnh-oipicnci! of which the taken of tho subject, whilu at no timo have wa the prices of grain h ue advanced 11 little. hesitated to my, 11s w o say now, that neither The Cotton market has iinproicd, though p:i- ollr rt,Hpt.ct f1)r,iiorour confidence in, tho entire cc have not advanced. fidelity or Judgo to his own principle; Tho Chirtist m-clings in l.ngland occupy ? . , ' 1 somewhat the attention of the police. ""'1 ''R principles of the State, involved 111 tho Tin- state trials in Ireland are progressing, topic, Ins in any way decreased. John Martin has been cnnvicteil ol lelony aim sentenced to ten years bini-hment. The ju ry are unable to agree in the case of Mr.O'Do h'eity. Tiie money market in consequence of the had weather in the early pait ol the week, was somewhat depressed. On Friday, howeier the day before the steamer sailed, a 'London paper says : The money market is buoyant to-day, although there is much anxiety felt lor the financial ex planations of the Cha'ncellor of the Hxchcquer, opinions being conflicting as to his probable wants. We ucluiic lint the Government itself is not yet in a position to t.ile what may he re quired for Ireland, but each day nf lino weather subtracts from the amount, ami it might happily result that 110 supply whatever would be needed. Loss or the " Ocean .lloiinrcli." Tho Hibirniit, arrived at I!o-ton on Friday morning. hho brings the following account ol an mm fill e.atatronliothehurnini'of tho Ocean - . . .... . . .Monarch, and loss o one UumlrcJ nn.l lJl,j lues ! We have not time to give any other news to - day. Oflicinl Statement The Ocean Monarch, 130J tons burthen, left the Mer.-ey earlv on I'll,,-,!.,,. tn. .,1,,,,, .ion .!., ..,,," l hi rsdai, with about .ISO souls on bo id, in- eluding crew and passengers. a discharged the pilot about 8 o clock. No incident worthv of note occurred until we arrived oil' tho Onns head, at which tune it was nearly 12 o clock. Orders were given to tack ship, and while haul ing tho main yard, it was stated that one of the steerage passengers had m ule a tire in one of the ventilators will-out nlleetion. I immedia tely sent Hie steward and another man to extin ..... 1. ,1,. i:-, .ti- .1 1 m . 1 tic-i opponeuis, ov inosp who niivocnn-ti aim tnose- gui-h the lire and bring up the delinquent w ho , wh ', wJ bill. An epitome will be civen. had made it. Immediately alter this one of the , The hill, although a lona one, contained but two cabin pisscugers came on deck and stated th it allusions 10 lie- subject ot Slavery. The first was a the cabin was full of smoke, which was coin- prohibition to the territorial legislature to fi"" any loir mm l.,m. law on iIip siibii el. I he second gave an npppaltroiu in in motion tlic territorial jiiJiciary, to lb- Supreme Court ot the On heating this I ran dawn to ascertain tie yllhni -...,.;,,, all rases wh.-re a question ol Slavery position ol all'air.s, and found that tlio ship was , was introduced. The objectionable leatures of the actually on lire. 1 then Lurried back to the bill, it they ei-t at all, must be louud in one or both deck and give orders to hive water poured 'I"""- provisions iipon it, and directed that the ship sho'uld he nJxZZ ke t belore the wind ill order to les-en the dtalt, )r )y ,,irprot Cuerrera. while Dictnror, in but the 11 lines with a ru-h, almo-t as in-tanta-1 the ear l.sJ'J. This wn done in the couise rf a rev neoiisas lightning, burst forth, and in le-s than ohition.nud inigbt pprhapa be considered abrogated 11- 1 ,1 1. ..1.. . ..1 ,1... .1.: bv a ponuier revolution. ui 1111 i.iios, iiiu ,in'iv sil'iii ,' i il- sii 11 .is . , , ' , 1 ,1 p , '., coin iiletiu 1 oovi'litni'il in tin oprv olniiii'iil. I, completely enieloped in the fiery element 1 1 j 1 , ' then gave orders to haie the ship brought In (hew toil, All was now a scene ol the utmost Irom the D.-putiuicnl ol ihe etite, and has been pub confusion, noise and disorder. My orders could .h-hed in the various uespapers ol the cvuniry. It not be heard. D,-nair hid seizd almo-t even everv soul on uo tril. I he scene winch pre lited l- self was most awlul to comtemiilale, much less to look upon. At length the foremast went overboard, snap ping the Listening of the jibboon, with Us hu man beings dropped into the water amid the most heart lending, b )th of those on bo.ud ami those vvno were filling into Ihe water. Some of the pour creature.- were enabled again to reach the vessel, others floated away on spars, but many met with a watery grave. Tho flames were burning with immense furv from the stem and centre of the vessel. So gloat was the heat in tlii- put- that the pi-en-gers, men, women and clnldieii, crowded to the foreputof the ve-.-el. Their piercing, heart rending shrieks Li.' aid, were carried by the breeze acioss Ihe dark blue waves. In "their inadencd despair, women jumped o.erboard with their olf-piing in their arm-, and sunk to iiPe no moie. Men follow ed their wives iu Irenm and were lo-t. Groups of men, women, and children also precipit Ued theui-elves into tie water iu the vain hope of self pie.-erv.s'.ioti, hut the vvati r closed over many of them forever, ami fearfully re ttisfil the impirci! tleei tralmn thai ' in Ihe nud-t of life we are in death." In vain did I entriat and beg of the pasjs-ugors. to be composed. The Queen of the Ocean varht wa, tla-fir-l to eoiiiij to our assi, -e. " Her owner, Mr Thonri- l.ittle.l.ile, wilh whom were Sir Tlmina' llesKelli, .Mr. lobin, .Mr. Polk, and Liifrere.or lered tin- lin..t ti, L.. I., ..,-..! I .. .i,. .. alacrity and ze .1. aid-d bv the .-enllen,.,,, named and crew of hi- crull, to pit- t, niel.- , , ii.-.i,i.. ....... in nieir reacil. The Ilr.iziliin fteam friirate Ail'o.isn il, Prince of Wales, cot-iing steamer, ami the New Yoik packe.-ship New- Wrld..fter ome tun.;, came up and rendered effective serv ice. 1 he lineeii of the Ocean teiii uned ulon-'side lill three o'clock. At that tiuu the vessel was b,.;tnearto the water's edge, and J.ere were only a lew o the ,, issengers ,, board, sev eral boats being 11lo.1g.1de endeavoiing to take them oll; ., "i "iu origin 01 me lire I cannot at present say. .My iniiul i,s not vet been so fully com. posed as to enahbd 1110 to investigate with nc curacy of Ihe probibility of the various conjee, turos. which are afloat. "At present I am inch. lied to say that it umse from some ufib. na.. rs smoking in the .,oS,rL ear,wn;';!i!',::rr::l.!!?,l.i: , si , .....v.., ,..,-,uL-i win me passenger-money, anioiinte.l to ulmiit .L-JG00. JAMES MFRDOLH. Ciunmatulcr of the Ocean Monarch. The vessel went down at 1,15 on Friday morning. Tho cargo consisted of 200 biles and caes ol line goods, 221) (.P.,tes of earlhenw are, 00 tons salt, and about tiOO tons iron and dead weight. Wo haw' slated the number of souls on board the O.-ein Monarch lohave been 330 out of which we can reckon, fim f()urccs 220 saved, thus leaving 151 to h ue perished. ihe ship had 011 buaul when she left the Mersey, 307 passengers in the stecrar-e; 0 in the hr.t cabin j 10 in the second do, bo.Mdes the er;n)',.'l;rl.','-".",nl,Vr; mM"S, Willi the captain, a total of 371! souls, ' 1 The w hole of Iho cabin passengers have been saved; but we believe that a .Mr. and .Mra. Graham, from Manchester, or tl.e neighborhood, whncaino on hitrd late on the nn-ht before sailing, are missing, fV? U'n !,. 1 ., ' " XZ," freemen of Vermont," which we subjoin. It , very clearly explains the .'round on which ho favm-ed tlio "Compromise Rill" W'o am ,,. "' ' f " 0,1 ,,ln c"tiro honesty of our distinguished and able Senator, in the course l.n ,r,..i 1 . .... that Hill, nor his unfaltering faithfulness to tho t"w ' niu LTounj- m ro- J J j .Territories, that Judge cLr.- laid down in his recent Ohio let - ter. "Our oMreti.m to ihTtni l,..... ni 1. 1. riorv t.i n.i.l 1 ' 1'iuuau v irrfw nut ..r.l .. . i - moied, or removable by argument. Wo preofr Jiomtne jiruUllllorij legislation i'iu;i k.ntimu the introduction of Slaiery into tho Territories. Wo wont tho principle of tho Ordinance of '87 applied to all the Territories of this Union ; which would foreclose ull .ucsfioiu on tho sub ject. Admitting, therefore, as 110 certainly do, the tontlusirtmss of the nrgumcnt.s nnd posi- ro Tin: FiinnMF.x of vhrmont. IIol'lin! myself rrppoiisihlp to my ronsiitijpncy for y official conduct, 1 ileem an explanation ol my iiiv course 011 a recent orcasiou ihip both to that co sti lueney ami i!i),., .Mii'-li p.t'Hi.niPntsieuis ii, haie npi-nrri'd in illation to the tall fur iIip establishinpnt ol (foieriiuieiit in lln npwly rteiitnred territory, (com 1 loonly enlli-d tlii." " Comproinis" bil!t" irportptl by the ' Si'lcrt Coiiiioiltep ol iIip Heii'ite, f,( wiik-h Coiiiiiutlt a I was a nieniljer ; nnil some siriiltires, not lery laior I able, have to-en innde in the public prlnK, npnn my eonni Moil w ilh that ni"asiire. I hale ncipr duuliteil that 1 vindicate my conduct, 011 that o,ras,p,n, in the jii'leiiiPiH of nil iutfllicpnt mid impartial inpn. .My lcasiuis lor conenrrinc in that bill 111 the Coiiumt. tie, and siist.iiiiiuj; it 111 the .Senate, were tally riu-u on lie- Iluur ol the SpiiiiIp, but tiulortunatply my - luniks wetp so inipprlfclly and inaccurately reported to the public, as to pive no intelligible reiu-cspmawm of my views. Circuintiticrs have ili-lijnl their pjbbeation in a more mttliPiitic atul satisfactory furin; 1 11 it tie')' will bp laid belore the public in a very lew dais, n piitiliolicd undi-nuy inppction. In the mean time, 1 mail mjsplf of the earliest Jpisure niter hpiug rpcn-ed trom a most nidnous ami lallliuinjl session, 10 asi a su-ieii5iuii 01 ojiuuun un- 1 til tin- cruuiulsol my anion can bp understood. At I nn,o ii uillniitlui tinnriitii'l tn mrrm t Mm - . , n irHaileaj 1 n,i',in ,,.,,, .,,,,,. ti,. i,iiiun m dip muvi ! irrns;i erossly misrepresent! d, nncl.ef course, um-sly ini-un- 1 derstond : and, to a ery great e.vtPiit, wascohdem- iip.I beture its inpor and elfect were known. I iiited lor that lull with n spttb-d conviction,. that its(r(rt-tt would t.o the tmtr nnd aL-s-olntt- exclusion of Hlnvery Irom all those territories. The. sincerity of tint rninietioo. and of 1111 ournos.. to ellct tint ex clusion, 1 venture 10 sty, 110 inemoer 01 iop senate, 01 any party, doulits. mat sncii wouui naie tx-eu Ilie llprt of ilie hill, bad it bi-eonie a aw, so far as the p!i.-inlion ol Congress can ellect that .object, 1 main tain now'. And I do s(, by a courspof argument iid in vindication of mycoursp hilorp iIip 8pnaie, which no member ofthat body ventured to controvert. Its soundness was ndinilte'd hy political Irieiids and poli- '.in .... . . rlc,i -Hy. Ily the (.on-tiliiliiui of 1S31. n.r . i . .1 s, s.,- .ui). iy a operep 01 hip v-onrissoi uie Stb ol Aoril. IsllT. This decree has been obtained 1 " V.7i""V ... V."'t" '. S .L.i ...... tn-ntv with threat lirieiin. not toallovv laverv in anv of the territories ol the Republic; which ol courna prohibii- its ri-storntion. . Siu-h was the I iw-ol New MVxico nnd Califoriua wlu-n lie- its ion to the L'nited States took place, lly tie- law ol nations and of the civild vvoild .tbelaws of a eoiiiji-ri-d or coiled t.'rritory, so tar nt all events as i),.y n-iatp to ruin ol propprty nod privnte rights, ri-unin m tort-p until .-uM-spile,l l.y il.p legislation of llKrnc.yiiniiP.powcr.'or,!!! other words, tillthat wv--er enacts ik-w- laws. II i.ulhorily is dun nidpd lor this pus. iron, it may he found in the late di-eision of the Supreme t'oiir't ot ihe United Hmtcs, in rne case of Ib-n .li-wm vs l'umdevter, lilh lViei.s' I!.-h'h TLp dpi ri e ol the .Mexican Cong-iss ot the Sih Apr. lio,, .bi-relure iu force wiicii ih,- tail ,,l tli-. Coininiit.-e was ieioii.-il to the S-nai-, r vet. What then did the Coiumiiii-e'd Hill propi p It did nut then propo-e lo repeal i iw ol l .. se pruv inees, hut, on the pomrary,-pr-,bib.ted to. li-gis, nun-Irom it. Tn.s proln1 it . in il.-d wnh me 1 ttan'lhe fist it, an- il: I hi inlh ii riiio ta prrprttiute the rxulim line nf th'i-ie jiiunnfes tehteli iitihi'nl Slar-iy. J.itt.p ui.i f, at lint inciineut, llut I w-nsi pnsn.g ,nj-.t' to the eh irge of inisrepn-i 11I1114 my consiuuencv- or ailv.K-ntlijg in,- extension ol Slavery. llut fiyv- is nimilipr principle w-linh if.nvbe n.-ticnl here fciTveiy is a local ii.siiiuiion. , siiog m iv l,v i wiiiie law li cannot be transit rred lun j.ilisUirlin.i where no sil -h Kw exists The coii-p,i'.,.n, ,- s rh t ',- V.i- iuuisui,ipi.-r 11110 a i-iee Man-tipfi mi s liep. 1 lie i"i-nnl Im ti.p same wnh a fnsitire slave, were it not tor the provis.ou lor his rairr, n", r 1.1 iIip (isi-iuiition of Ihe limied Siutes, whu-h wns m iro'.iPpd into that lnsiriwoeiit L--i-ausv, wuhoui n, the relation ol in isler nil, I Slave wo..,.) nt hf reen-uupil in n li.-e Suite The result is ,ni sinve talaai into one ol,. terril.irles. would beeooie Ir. P 1,1 he Ltd ll.p.i would exclude slnit i) oselli tua..yns 1. 1- le.-isiiiuon 1,1 1 onifiisri t-in 1 0 11 l. is lull as it- Z '"1 . " "1 '"Wr " '"'.'"s V'-" -The . r .1. " ' "' ' "'. 1 "Iin" et Le ....... u iiii-c u-riiiorie inaroi thy bill iaveiv is now- lirohtb.te,! llipre be l.iw- . H.1 shall not be altentd. lei mat law remain. ! J ,1 ,,' ,' " rfl;sentpd as sotilnignnth.n.;. All this i.'i.iy'bp s,d, f Jl '7,; ae ZllwlJuTif ' tetnUniei n kept out'i-nny iToue as 1 1'1'" llu' prevum, hvv s,uietion.'d iave'rv" M&rjW , .li,edeby'r'e,,e,,,',',cp11,o, s 1 t , , !.s S'Vh, h " ' "peraie. It ,s alt.iiprlnni o" k,'o v w m ! 'V. raT J ''" 11 V K' h"8'd. II it exe.ude si.iir ana 1. eoniinneU nnd s.-rp. tinted bv tht bill u .fi.stion.hovv ,,, t,e said'th,, the bill au the evteiiMon ofs!Jire 1 llwcan slavery " m. di ced there loi,-,-,;,i,,Iy tlnsLiill Andhowcnii be charged h abauJoning ,hr principle, r ,ms! repr. s,-ni,g the seutim, nt ot my cunsuturnts .Mioiiier cgiegioiis error in regird to ilos bill is iIip idea, lhat Congres,, nleavorcdmihr .w ir I'l ! , ., I..., i-; . ' 7 .""i on-nuon or nuuee J" that L'ou.i eiccpt as .1 provides lor nn np, Ir mi iribu-ial prop,,s.-J tg v r,ir,t,tist;.-tt ,n tho .. !"'.'' , . "I'renie Court It uitrnints IO Colls eii.p.nv,.7e,i ,..i.'.Y.' as .1 uave . :i.. " "",vuu". 1 lam, .,. . 1 ' l"i'P"---u 10 evert Hie ul rtris Lt "I Congress t the exclusion of slavery. UK IllMlltlL' lUltl Isfrty-ltnt,,,,- tl ' 1 ! i- r-o .viiiiiiueit,iH in-neaa ol Mhotil l Mr Calboun, Hit the Cm.,,, ' ir" I 1, t liu I i t . . v "-."111 HUH I,, i.Vr. . V. 1 UH I.r l""l rly 111 slnrwy, sli.,.: , . V 1 - . " "nilories with i heir si, aves,ihe guarantee wisild protect t in property Uiete. Ibeyol course insist thai, as tlw Uonsiiiu, ,? iMauii,rirr'i',"i',iuire,vrri,uri''" ai .1 annul. Ihe local law-m,l further, tint l.n-res us no power t.i inierl,rr with lbi properly Vn ike ertitorit. or ,t th,Uom-i .at The yi?ln,c tyr,"',laCS,ra b Cit. would be uncon nil' ei'inlty ,0 " ' UrJlluJce ut Is lionZ i.fn'.-'"l! 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