Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 15, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 15, 1848 Page 3
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BUHI'TNGTON FR.EE PRESS. TO.1.1MY TUOHNJIVG, ojtcinbcr 15, y the I'rc.hlent. This they did, by irovi.!mS nn nn. eal, ill nil cases involving tins .jucstion. to ibe. Su preme Court. The result or the. whole mailer i., th-i the hill . eluded slavery Imiti the territories, so lar as the le-is-lative power could cllect it. Whether Ouii.'rcss pin ess"il the power to da so, was a question lelt where, the Constitution hid placed it. What more we rcml.l have done Ihave yet learn. .H i! Wilinot Trovio would not have been, In tny luilirmeiit, more ellieient. 'I'hat l'roviso would not have paved the feenate. lis very name had become ouiiius nt tlie south. It prolesses to proceed upon the . authority nf Lmicrem alone, wiihout regard to the Wishes ol the iieonle of the tenitori... 'I .i..., I loclrinHiasnlwajsbeeii that this subject .hoiild he lelt li them. I he lull of the Committee, while it se cured the object ol the North by excluding slavery, nt llie same tune con binned, in n iii"uuic, to .Southern views, us it adopted mid perpetuated the laws which tlie.people ol ihe territories had pi cviou-ly enacted, southern trout emeu roul.l ninm r.,, i , , other. For invself, considerim; the practical result to ' .r ,c ,,,. 11 ooiu cases, i ten ut liberty to adopt that form w inch promised success, rather tlmutlut ii mum ut,-)cui niis ccnain. Middlcbury, August 23th, ISIS. Our gallant friend, Cnptain Davis, and Ills gentlemanly assistants, IIaxter and Mr. O'Ghady, have galvanized "tlie Ladies'' of Whitehall into a poetic fervor that is rallier be yond the ordinary stylo of newspaper poetry They have, therefore, opened the "safely vahc." nnd the following escapes-. Ah! gentlemen, V Iiy don t you let the girls alono?" From the Whitehall Chronicle. Mr. KniTuii . lieing aware of your readiness, on all occasions, to sacrifice a small portion ol your columns to oblige your fair readers, we luvc presumed to solicit you to tind a corner for the followirg trilling effusion. Hy so doing you will much oblige several ladies of this vil lage: We nre up in the morning at early light, Ire the sun could be seen from the uinuul'n height, The bevy uf ladies who meant to take A journey ol pleasure adovvn the lake ; We had chosen (be boat United States, Anil we know that a steamer seldom waits j So for fear we'd be led a sail mishap, We had toMirieuiler our morning nap. Delightfully lair ihe day advanced, And llie sunbeams biightou the wateis danced, And Captain Dvvis, with many n 'mile, As he stayed and chatted with us the while lie was watching the comso ol Ins noble shii Cave charms anew to the pleasant trip, And caused us to bless our loltunale tates That we were on board the United Slates. To Capt. our thank" nre due For llie many attentions be rendered too ; And the sweetest of smiles Irom evei) lady, For the best of stewatds, obliging O'l.iudy. Tniln- ollieers all we me much in dibl, And hope they may nil be Captains jet j II a wi.h could do it, their foriune made j, I'or they've the good wishes ol all " Tut I, MIIUS." fcv"Tlio Charleston (S. C.) Mercury, tin gTcat organ of .Mr. Calhoun, tlcclnrcs on Mr. Calhnun's authority, thnt Gonenil Ttiy lor has committal himself cither in furor (if the Wit mot Proviso, or not In nrrcst it by X'cto if passed hy Congress. The Mercury support!, Cass & Hutler. BT We like Ocn. T.iyloi's views on the Free Soil question, as they are, we think truly exhib ited in Ihe following impromptu tiio olf-pting of rsiNcirix emanating from an hone-l mind; far belter than Mr. Van Huron's sudden piom ise, arising from tclfirdi I'oi.icy, w Inch cannot be considered otherwise than a 11111 far an olliee, m iking him a murletahlc commodity, and liable to be purchased again. inrno.Mi'TU ron Vamtes to commit to mcjioiiv. ZjrVa ntfmgftl to our coiiiuriins more soil that is free. And without it lie cannot extend Slavery, Any more than make cables from dry yellow sand, Or raise inters and yams without dry land. Gen. Taylor was opposed to the annexation of Texas; and says in Ids Allison letter, "lam opposed to wars of eonipie-t and dismemberment, and say with Washington, " Why should we leave our own, to tread on other's i,r mnd." Melancholy StnciiiE. Wo learn from n .'.nm'stioiiilunt, that Rev. Mr. Harris, for- hut minister of Windham, N. II. , hut of lato retired from the profession nn nccnuut of ago, commuted suicide ttt his house in Winilhiun, on Tuesday morning, the ."ilh instant, by throwing himself into a well, lie had hern unwell nnd very nitiuh de pressed lor some lime previous, and in pros peel of the possibility of such nn event, ho had been carefully watched hy his friends ; but nt length he succeeded in his desperate purpose. U01. 'J'rnv. At the opening of tho Kssox Railroad, from Salem lo Lawreuue, on the Itli, the Presidential preferences of tho party, wcto given ns follows : Taylor, '100 Van Huron, 01 Cass, 42 Doubtful, .Smith, 1 Taylor's majority, 203. 5CJl)oes Slavery eisi in Oregon or California Nu' Then in the nam ol nil thai is mtioiial, bow can it be introduced .nt'.ie c territories I Vet. J iee iVc.. We admit it is a pretty hard thing to do be cause it involves tho election of f.'iii. Cuss Just elect the great .Michigander, and the thing is done '. tilonous Old Aildisou. Speaking ol tho result or the late election in Addison County, the MiiUkhury (luhxy holds the following pleasant language. We commend to our excellent friends of the Van lluren Cour ier the ob-crvatinns below touching the repre sentatives elect from Monkton and HUrkfluro. Wo knew both gentlemen, last fall, at Montpe lier; ami no better ni- Van lluren Whigs were in Ihe Mouse. Wo recommend that a 41 free noil" letter ho immediately prepared for them, in the Courier office, or there is great doubt whether they ran I e relied upon for Mr. Sub Treasury, Free Trade, anti-ahulition-of.iSl.ivery-in-the-District-of-Columbia Van lluren ! The Treasurer must sec to it j iiu .i.iirtA ' ., . , . 4 i . , o ...: li win ue seen mai ' vim ivuuisou m.,., ...lo an unbroken front. In Middlidiury, the fuctil jinint (if tho jrcat " l'rec Soil" fippraliiin, vvliure tho coalition was firM forinid, and vvhimi timaf llin yrcat lifiliU of 44 l-'ree Deinneracy " (beinc residents) liavu r.vf rlcd the full extent ol their 111111101100, llit-re i, it will ho seen, nn increase of the Willi; vote from list year, In Cornwall, where William Sl.ido mule a secial i-H'orl, just hefuro the election, there is 11 ejain oT 2i Wliifj votes. Hali-bury, wo undorst.inil, olccted its Representative with but one illssonllng vote! In Veroennei, on the Uciia-M'ntatho vote, a Whig tlit of 10 h reported. I'min the repurls resi-ectiiif; tho city, put in cireulation by our 14 Free .Soil" neiejliuors, wo had calculated on quite a different result. In Wliitinr; a Etaunrli Whig town, tho Chjs men luvc curried their Kcpresentativtf, tlirntiph division ill llie counrils f-f the Whigi. Tli'n i our ""'j' lnss' on ll10 Bcirc?enlalive ticket. Slioreliain, Uridporl, Ad- dison, 1'iitilnn, lVrrisljiircli, nnd Xmv Haven' have till n'tien nn excellent ncrnnnt of them selves. In I,eirclrr, a stcrlinji Whin; was elec ted nn the 2 lli ballot The " Free Soilcrs " claim the Hepresetilallve from Starkslnirn but if wo nro correctly Informed, Mr. Ferguson Is a sound Whig, and was run In opposition to llio 44 Free Soil " candidate ic.o had also hen a Whig, lfjliis lie true, we see not willi what pinprictv our nppuncnls claim him. Mr 1'. rep resented Statli-liom last year, and neted with the Whigs, The. Van lln renltn aNn el.iini Mr. Etonian, (lie ltepreenlalivo from Monktnn who represented that town lit J ear, unit was a straight-forward and con-istent W'liijr. e must have pnutl evidence In innhn us believe that either of tlu-e "ciitlcmcti will he found on tlip ide of Van lluren. Hub-Treasury, anil-1 a- rill' liciil'ncoisni. Uoslien is said lo li no rem a Nan Jlnren lint II tepou spcal;c oriectly, Mr. Capen has hitherto been a good Whin;, The Van liuivn f JnHrfrcntnes out, this morn ing, claiming the whole World, besides a few undiscovered I-lands in the l'arilic ! W'u sin cerely affirm that wo never rend a stalemeti more riilieuinusly erroncoui thin the Courier's in regard to the relative numbers and positions of parties in the next Legislature I It hardly hears any similituJe to correctness. These Van Huron new lights appear to have gone "clean daft" with the temporary fuss they have kicked up, and reach their arms into both the old parties and grab members without regaid cither to facts or probfihilUfcs eeu. Unavoidable absence, to-dny, will prevent our examining this political Munchausen, but we shall pay our respects to it tomorrow. We will only bay, now, as a piccious sample of the whole string of 44 bid say-age that the CmriT sils 1 town the .Senate : Whigs 20, Locos 8, Van llu- j ren 2 Whig majority 10 ; whereas it lncn; or ought to have known, that that body stands: Whigs '21, Locos 8, Van lluren 1 Wing ma- jority 12. Again, it claims O. (j. ItonctN.s b-.. . of Hancock, as a Van lluren mum! puts dow n j Mr. (iii.iii:i:t of 1 inuiotith (where there icier 1 hoi but one lacofoco, and him 44 Uille Clark " I mt more than fifty years ago ! and whcio La- ton received 108 vote last year agunst tie 'he fur all others !) as neither one thing nor the oilier! .Mr. (iiuir.KT will straiten that snail when he gets a chance at Vun llitrcnitm .' Again : It claims but let any admirer of the uiracioiis in politics look at its li-t and see what it Jurs'nl claim ! II Y ULLCTUIC TVLIUlllA I'll. Nr.w YoiiK, Sept. Ill, UJ I'. M. l.vipnnTv.vr i'iioji Tin: Wi:sr I.miiks. lljtton, Si pt. II). Farther accounts of tin hcadl'til hurricane at tli" West Indies have been received here frotii St. Kitts. It lasted about live hours, with three shocks of eirth ipiake, during which tin; barometer fell to V.S dog. II min. Through the whole island build ings are thrown down and the sugarcane com pletely prostrated. 'Ihe loss of life is very gloat. A vessel at Si. Martins was lost and 10 of her crow perished. The Legislature Im been called together at Anti.'in. Tho accounts nro intcritin;r. K-iglu llarlior and rulmoutli uro ncirly oertbniwn. I 'rutty much all tbc jilnntatioiH on tbc island nro injured. The in jury is renter tlrm the hurricane of or the earthquake of 18111. It U feared that uorse occoimU are vot to coie. iMAHKMTS. Flour is without change. Riles 1000 hbK half for exjiort at $Ct a (!.0ll fur eoinin. braml-, i.l!2J a (LIS for pure (icne.-ee. Com is heavy. SjIcs ItO.OOU bush, nt 11 a I'Mc for mixed, 70 a 7'lc for ilat yellow, 7(1 a 77e. for rouno. tS.iks oOOO litish. (ieneseo Wheit at (Jats are duller; 8000 biisli. sold at Ii7c. I'ork U very linn, '.7) a Pi.oO. ltecfij without change. Ist all n'o art ofjiirletl with AtU?na rod lie f V wring htu r !Ir. Fcih, XV, Cowle : Sir, II iinubi'cn alllid- d Pir more tb in tbuiy with ibe a-tlmi i, at tiuirs. pu S'eKly as to me ip n-iiale me from attendance to bn-ines,, nnd ln U tulupied ininv nu'du ines wiili. oat liny bat tempoiaiy relh't", I puicli t--fd, ubnut thu-e jears -siiK-e, of. Mr Clwnid Ala -on, jour aL'enl in tin city, s-era! boitles id UVl u- IS.iImiii o WjldCbt r rv , liniii ihe Hi! n ol ulncli I obiained more lebef tin u from nil tb'- medicine I bad ever laken tor tb it di-trcH-ni dionb-r. Ilnebyilie lepeaicd u-tf ot" our .ilu i ble IJaliini, ln-eii iii-ije lice ol pre.-uis for biealli, and oppre--ion on the bmi, lb in I bid an ticipated, mid indeed cniiechc myselt cuied uf ibn tnot dibe.irlnnu hi ilady. 1 tlo niD-l cheerfully ten br yo i tb s acknowlcibj. me it winch you will u3e as your jaJmcni ditiates, .orilnuiaiVio.Mo. C. 1). MAYNAHD. Cor Kile by Tulo. A. 1', lUirliaton, and by L)iUiJi;Uts4 geiieially tluoushuut llie Culled -Stale-.. At the Venrl r5! House, on the f.ili in-t ,by ll II. Iluikb y, lls'i , Mr- IIisrAcr. Iii.sso-i.ri' to .Mi-s l.u ha II. Dim:, of Iliistol. Iu Willi-ton, on Thiusdny eveninitlast. bv the Itev. .1. K. Converse, Mr. Noiim: T. Si.oi.m,uI ibis town, lo ,Mi Ma iu in 1'. HiiAiri.'cK.ol V. Iu this villnse, this inornin, by I'ev. .1. Worcester, Mr, DAVID 11IIUCI1, ol' l'l.iit.sbiireh, N. Y. to Mis-s MAKIA J. .MC I.ANIl.of this vi'dnce. R. E. WHITCOMB, TDM) 11 Kit OP D.CNCIMi, ..IIDDI.IIIII KV. VT. aooi) .music rciixisnrj) roit I'oaillon i'ariics, v. fsept 1 1, IBIS. dlllll.tvvIJlf C'l-ivsli Arrival, Ol' rAI.I.dODDS. NOW DI4i:.N'l,N'(3 AT MY Store coiupiisina m l-irse rich an Irleguutiin ns. soilinetil uh ever kept ill tlusiuaikti and ol the latest nud most liisiuonatiie paiierns. 'or l.ndiei Diessru; .Mcnnois.ri.iMiiiy, I.uv onese, Alpactas, Ciishmiri's, D. J-anw, nu I (iuihains t all J'nr f7ei llVnr : .Chubs, i:ui;bsh (Icnnau ;.md 1'rciah. las-iincres, 11.1 1 ) and d'ancy j A'elvi Is, lllk. and rancy : , prices. i"Uereu,i.o ,a in. 'estutes ot cyeiy variety ; .Siih kAe.-iilsolbirsu 1 .1., Uii.icrlldkfc. do Cults, niiillliikis ."souisi do .Muslin Kobes, lloiery of evety kind and 44 Cninb Kduui;s, Superior to any Udore ot 44 Mii-lin. do leied hue ; Linen and Line, do Clou s und .Alms, of nil klllili. A I, SO, Slanle Dry noods, flmierie?, Taper lloiminsf, and IK,kin Classes. All "I the uhoveand lunch mure, withvinyliltle ,uney and h., n,ble be Sept. ll.'IS. vvUvvf.iltlvv . IN'i-vv IIooK. WAIlXIXd TO WIVJX Hv Tin: Air lborol44'l'l,e Jill." " Amelin or n vonus I.ndy'a Vicissitudes bv AIlss Leslie. 25 rts. lllackwfiods .Mnenine lor August. The .N'orih llntisli llevievv tor do - wn c.iu:dwakps Opening Salo of FA LL DR Y GOO I)S. 1 H I H ! IE A IV . E iV Til Hi I. ! (iiiitA-r l'.ciri:.Mi:s r ! The (ii)i of (h Season ! IMOIIH i:.ClTUMK?fr vim. nn r.Mtsni) ltN thioiiihoiil lliiilinnton mil its vicitiitv, hv the iinginlici'iit display id Itich D.-y Couds. nn f Ihe ruinous puces, nt which llu y will be tun oir nt the JLariics a:.i:SaiUiJif, the cheapest Stoic in the State, than can be rais-d by all the political panics ol the day. Lietv one 1 nuisi ue n erv Iniiileil nliiouiit ol tiooils nnd ell,-ciu il icinedy lor ,-nnuniui, .ucicmun, aim have been imported fur the Fall Tiade of ISIS, and l.'titminmi Divnint .biiui'liee, linbg' -lion, desirable goods mu-t be very scarce Indole the. ' sn, Dillons l)iordes, l.iver Cuiiipt-iiiil, t.o-lllrni fs, snsou is ball over. Taking Ibis lor mauled Ihe Wcakniul Sore Stomach, Fleers ami lliinniug Soles, rropnetors ol lb" Lubes change, have been m III irket lor til - ll-t two W "ksJeum ' verv extell'.ive ly lloln the nnpoiti is and tb. y litter thcuis. lies tint their labor will prove not to have been in vain, when our liu.iieious pnrons (.hall know of the tic lueiidous Stoik of (loodsnow opening. I'loawc IVoftct'. Ilroche Shawls, Imui Merinos, 44 l'liid Alpacas. " $.:ii) to sao.nii. We " l,'i"i lSe. " M iu Oleics l, I.uster. 1 do, lalgesl sine Hob liny Loiu Shawls, lit a jiriees we dale not mention in nu adveitl-euiciit. Call and s,-c tlc'in. S!'l pieces liioadi'loths nnd Cas-ini"re, cbinpertban 1 lliey vvciccven seen in Uiir'iigton. Aspleiidedns-oit liieul ol eslu14s. In belling 11 clolll tor we pledge nuisi Ivc lo put up the liniuiiings ol the Ust quality for one dollar. t Drown Cuttons tit I els. per vnnl..A3 ijS?"Aln!.hii Ue I,aiii",ut l-JJ cis.t-3 lint we cannot pntictil.nie j it woebl take II news pa pets to meiitio'i all the St b s ol floods a nil the prices ot them, that aic just opening nt tliM luinous is tablislmieut. N. II. Wc rt sped hilly tender our wannest thanks lo our numerous liieii'U and cii-toineis, b.rtbeveiy hbeial pitruiiage behiuwcd on tw, lor the In-t s-. inouths ; or since the commencement of our Ijiisjirss in lluibngioii : and if we liavc used extia exei lions to s,,4-ure our Coods nt puces that we might uudeisell evciv oiner More 111 111c Maie ineieuy making it lor Ihe interest of -nil to pitrom.s ibis estabb-liineiit, iiutbiug shall be lacking on i,ur pan tu continue lo make the well known 1nbes I'acIi me..' The Head Quarters for Div (ioods. WILCOX .V .ASII. New Store next to Utiiisniaid .v. lliulbers, Chinch Slleet. Sept. 11, '13. vvll Consumption Cured ! ESiichaiiS IIiiiiKari:.!! HSalsaui ol' Biil'e. JOYl'l I, IXTEI.LWKXCK ! ANOTlIKIl I,ii' saved alter the DOC'l'OliS could do no more. Dr. Hi ailli r--Hi I take plensuip in givin von n saleliienl ol the beneli eH'ci-n, ot liuclriu's lluu.'i nan Ihlsam on my daughter, who had been lor n number ol je nsallbcied wuh a bad cough, pain in lb" side, nixing blood, nn.l nil tho-e pains and troubles wlmb intend thai insidious din-e, CONSI'MP TION. 1 eiuplovtil seveial illsliii-rtiisb,-.! ,.liir.i nu! ,n k" i-A',iio, unci iioiiierotis viMts,nuii many c.ielllneius, filially ded ncd that Thrtf Could do nn Mure! I was then adv 1 bya fiieud lo try Ilaebaii's Hun- garrili llal-am. 1 did so, and lie lesuli has been ino-t n-touisbing. in v daughter Is rittilllu rmrit fill. I now allen.lmg in hei iicciisioined dun. s. pud I'w,, "1111.111,1 D'.ii.os tor p hjsici 1.1s and .Medicine, with. oui.ioy s in i oellelit, Six do bus Worlbof Iliinrinaii liil-.un Ir.s lemovvd the ib-en-e, lestored me MieiiHUi miu nrouniit on a lienlihv nciiou. I inn cniiefiilly jouis, Juil.N YUl'.N'C'.. I Atiinisiinir ciih's nl' COXSUMPTIOX. , Two eases piollouueed beyond tbe leueb of I ctll aid. Aiisut.i, Me., Mny '47, ISIS I Dr. Ihiidirc Sir The llimiri.iu Ihl-nm has been id the mosi imi'iite service to m-. 1 btve been cured ot nn nlleetion ol lie- I.u'nrs, uldeh v it. thought to be inciir.ible by it!! my liien Is, by M. tiso u 7.w hollies, (lie ol my elmdleli wis ul-o restoled to benllh, idler beinir puuioillie"d hnjliol t'lr'i nf Mrilirut mi! 'I Ins luedli-uie h now my constant icBoiliu i.i-es ol any dillieully m the throat and l.UIIJiS. Yours, truly, I'liANCN .1. W'CCIv'.-s. Ilella-t, Me ,.lune, Idi.'). lh- lliuiHr- Sir Mr I'lmlt, id I'.ibm ia,u bieud olliune, was taken tick about n )eai no" wilh a bad finish, pain iu ihe id", Reiieuil debiiny, e. L. i consulted s.. vera I doel ns wbo rosen)i.'.l tor bun 'i it vvastiu.-illy told III! COI'LI) NOT (!i;T WKI.f,. lie slojipi il t Ulill liieiti aue, lial e nuuiil 'il to yiow vorse ii'iul be was hi weak be con. d .i tin . ly mi up. II.' kivv ii njl:e" of the II1111.4-111.1n Ii il'.'ini, pi-uaued u botdennd couliniiedii t ike il nee m din j to h '.hue Hon and, turnup" to snj , m a few luooth.s ue wiiaa ttronyiinn.anl as be b, h, ved peun inenilj tuied. Y.iurs, riMp.'.'ihillv , II II. 0 WA-sllIU'liN, lU.kseller. llt'huiilc l-'.i idt on it in' I'.yu a, 'if nf lll'CllAX'S IU'.(l.Ull l.V M..S.1.U. 11'ruui the Chrisli in I'lerumn I While we lepudiate ipiai keiy, we ale aw nj p pleas. 1 ed to mv e credil tin lh it w Inch h mdy us,.u and lo el eive intoiin'itioii vvbieli may benefit others. . dav.sne.1 a hiolher ol mils, tiorn Norway, Ale., etme into our olli.-e m lomloi table heallh.vvhoin we did not expect losfeaijini on earih We received n letnrn few weeks since, troin anoth.'i brother, resident ,,, . bouse wilh bun, thai he wns cotillned lolus h.-.l and could noi prob ibly i-ontiuuj b it a .sboit unie. .lnde I ben id our Hiipi,.,e when we. saw- hull ntli.-e. He li'is u slight cotuib remaiuui, us it would be int. oral tint lie .lioul.l I a.-e, until he lias had luiihi r tone toi ne.purin ktrtumii ot j.iuits. li u li" is iu coinlor lable li.-ullh. The lollowiiie b'tler vvbieli he nd.bess. is to ihe eiieial lioston .i:ent tor ihe meiiitiiie W'lllill has iCBtored him Hi vweidclfully, will show' whnt medicine lu3 been the instrument id llie good wot It. !...,. ... !'..!. ie ii" Dr I). IMlrudlcc.-t'i't-Ic-iuui.i'ieti.i'uillouiniy. ins u wind to you in coiuincu li.iiou ol " Ibniiau'i J 1 uu . irian ll.iUain ol hie." lieie i.ii pi t.u statciueut ol l.n Is in relation In ii y case, niul it ttiey me ol any s TV lee ill uutiii in1; nie sick 10 .'-ci. iciu i in lite s mice lioui whenci' 1 obiained it 1 fhnll be tlnnlilnl. .My Mbidcweis Norway, Ale Tluie )eatp n-o last I. ill, I took a V lutein cold, which h It a , mi;h of Ihe lno.1 agiavnluu hind.nccdinp.iuicil b n sevi re punt in llieli It side, l.ibljuuel had become so leible llril I was obliged lo nun all vvoik, uud was conliutd lo the ho.i-e until about lour weeks .-.mce, D inn., tb it lime 1 received ihe be.t iiiedicial aitend.inee, nud tll d lieaily nil llie iiiedicllivs whu h are let oiuinen led 111 sll.'ll t-uses, bill mold lilld llo lehi I. but levv worse and for the last thiee vvei ks was coidiued lo my bed. I wo ot my ilivsict ms itave me up ns past lei oveiy Hut us fol tulle would have It, J heard ol the llim.llltiu II il.iiii, ami iiumediateiy tirocuud a boiile. This yave me iit-lanl iclict.and si boitles have hit. ken up my lutieb, und placed me iu a situ itiou to uauuie, wilh udiunuii hvuhli, my u-ud oicupaliou, Yuui., tiulv, ciiriirini,, rnnii ,' SiirriiilAlimlatmnit DAVID I' llliADldll; .-v.. SON, IU" U .is.iinaton St., Ilosiou, .Mass , Sole Ayelll lor the tjlllled Sillies and lllltlsh I'toviliees, Aui.'Ikmu prii'e, -Jl ..-rboiile, wnn lull direiliotis for ihe icsloialloll ot health. rauii.bleis.coutaiiun a innsst.t Imejj-hnud Auter kali Leiliiieales and i.lhv r t videlice, sbovvm the line, ip! died merits ol tins (ileal Kiiyhsh licinedy, limy be obtained ol the Ayenls, yinlis, .None (icnuuie, without llie w riilcii finalaie nl ihe Aiiierieau A .-iit on a uold uud broiue label, lo coun tellell whu II is lnl;:ey. Atellls. Iluibllillon Then. A. 1'eik, St. Alhllis S S Daieher, Middlcbury W. I". Itua-WI, Veri;eniu I', 1 1, .Monipeher S. T Collins, niul bydtnl ets in niedieine 4eneiully lluouhout JS'evv Kunlatul. Sent 7,'H. , vv ly j. S. Dewey nAf on hand n good nssonuient ol Tickles, Tep. . per Sauce, Sall.ld oil, Walnut Catsup, (itouild .Mil inul iNe Al-oa levvjirs Tiesmvedtiinijer. MIACKHUHIf. No- 1 & " i Unit .11 ll'.ls Uu irtet,Ki!!hths,aud by the Hiinlepoiiiid Also iludeolis I lay Salnion, a.h. di.ui;y JunoS. 'IS H K ileh's a nnnMlNAL SUPPOHTERS w 50 CtllOUIiUKIl HltACIW, InliiiliiiKTiilos, ll rdw Iilch Lectures nu ine u-ti in me i.uncs, Law. ol;eviiy, for "If- nl reduced by Au"ul TJ'l, J and vv Jin A. C. SfcR. Vitrii:-T te i-yr.v, fitlii S6t'WSIJ'd. r (1ST. on Wpiltie-slny.Sppt l.'ih.biUvppn nier- l i i i n... mi ic aire nnn.n l;ui i Skin WiuVt, coiitainiiig Sl.TSin Hank Hills togelbi r w.tb inhnble papeis lo the owner, riwind will be of tin' nbolc on leaving it with in d or l ie n the Siibn'iibcr tit Willistoii.or with C Hiinlinnton, Uielllllolld. Villi-lon,Heit. I). Jl. llKKitiS - DR. WAKflEN'S Strsii).vil!it, Tomiilo owl Wild Cherry Es3j Vhicn II ESi. f I'B'M, At .",n Cenls per JSott'e. O AUSAl'Allll.l-A, Tomato ash Wit.t. Cur.r.r.v i I ic fi slum Tli In i li'llie. univei illy improved by .li)-iti-,lis as n safe, sm cily. Knelling ol llie lambs, Pain it' Hip l.oues, i nmors m the Throat, h(ii,nitie .Ml. eiiou. r iu iiiieuui. i.iv sipelas.bad I Illinois, F,ritpli"".'ti the 1 nee or llod v, Cnnceions Sore, King's ( broine t atiinh, Languor, I) bilitv,llead.iclie,l)i..iness. s-dlow Coin p!eion,nn.l nil tho-e dion!-in whu h time horn 1 be nbiise ol Mereuiv, or IVoni nn hnpuirtamt m Ihe blood, no 111. liter how nei lircd. The cMtact here pn-s-nled is prepaied alier direc liiins "iven by the eel. binted Dr. arren, wbo-e name it bents, nnd will be f mud f nperior to any pre pamlion ol'tlie kind now in n'. It u' highly coneen tinted' cuiirely vegetable, -mil veiy haely llivoied lo the taste. The change wlluli itpioihipes m ihe con- btion and tendency ol llie siitem is ryraiij miu prr- timnnii As n ,.,,,, Medic lie tr tllin l 1112 t IP I not! MienTibcmu" the stonndi mid body an I clieiknig nil loiisimipiivohabils the Susanirilla, Tomato and Wild I'hcny llilc'is me cntiH'ly umiialled. l'lepaicd and sold bv DAVID F. III! ADIiF.I. &. SON, i:to Wasl.inglon sneit. llolon. Agantsliirlingiou, Then A 1'eck, Mont."lier, S. K Collins, and by D'.ak'is in Medicine Ihrongliout New llnglnn 1. pt 7, IS. w-Hyl Svvil Whvni. T' IIF best white Oiues-ee, winter Wheat, can be had for sicd ut the .Mill, . . H. W.CATI.I.V. August 31, 18IS. illSOtllwOin 9 W. EiiIV ifc Do. have this moni B lug, oiene.l some new p itlerns of ri:h Mantilla Ftinges and tilUlps. Thursday, August 31, 1SI3. dltf'J '.flost j:tinoiiliiiiiiy Wink J?2 Tin: MARRIED WOMAN'S V It IV. IT V. ME DIC A L CO Ml' AX 10 X. jiy im. a. m. m vuiitcr.vr, Professor of Diseases of Woman, Sixth IMitiou. ISino. pp'-'.'il). 1'iitc Wlcls. .-.0,000 Copies MH.I) IN SIX JIO.NTIIS I Years of niflering, of phv-ical and nimtnl niiguish to many an aff-ctiouate wife, nnd pecuiiarv dillicul ties lo ihe husband might have been tared ! Iliou studs now poor would have enjoved 'ouip. tence ; Ihousrtnds now broken iu health would Imve cujojed it ; bun. beds now iu Ibcirtrnivis been st 11 alive, bya timely possession ot the wink. It is intended e-peci illy lor llie married, or I hose couteniplainig mariiage, as it diselosts important se en Is which. should be known to Ibein p i menially. Truly, knowledge i-power. It is health, happiness alll'ience. The revelations r ontaine.l in its pages have pioved a blessing lo thousands, as the imuuneLiblc letters iccetve.l by the author will nitest. Here, als-o. every lein.ile the wie.tbe ntother, the one ejiber biiiblmg into womanhood, or the one iu the det line nt vears ill whom nature eoiitenip'ntes nu in ipoi in ill ch inge can discover the, mp loins, and the ino-t i tlicielit leinedies. and most cer tain mode ol cure, ill every i oiiipl.imt to which her sev: is subiect. It Imjmrtanrr to the Married may be iiaiheicd horn the lact, that Tiurellin? Agents make Irom 'I'ltirr In I'iic 1) ilium a dai ! j from lis sal,-, hundreiUof active, i aqents nre necuinit'.ilini; u Utile coaijenence lloiu the liberal discount allowed, nud lie' eleal ilemaud lor it. Or dersare rcij uic.l to he accompanied with payment. Copies udl be .cut hy the mail free nf poitttfie to the f.urc'uifr. Over twenty thousand copies have been sent by mad vviibm three iu inllu with peifcet s.ikiy uud cer- ' "(I'll lb.' receipt of One Dollar, the " Married Wo. loan's Piivnle Medical Coiupai i" will be tent iiiiuihil Jire) to any part ol llie United Stales. All letters nud npplic-ilious bom tho-e ilc-uini; lo hi collie neliH mien Ii i ii-l-paid (cvepl tho-e contailliu"; n remittance) nud nil. Ires-ed to !)' A. M. Mnnriecnil, l'o New-York City. rii'..h-li.ii,; Odice, 1'J Lib. ily -I. New Yolk. . Toe 4 M.nri"il W'.i'ii ill's 1'iivnie Medical Conipn nion' is soM Iiy II. n kselleis ihroulu.iii tb.' United Stan s. So.d ill nurline.ton Vi .by S II NIC 10!.!$, at the I'u'ihcation l)eint, Wiek.v ue liullduig. Sept S, IS II. vvlOil jni'i'Ai.idr o it v f.v a.viv: i: n Kubhcr IJcdlin, sir:i5ic D'r.fliaisi;' ais.l ua4f, .1 .t.i-i Tfitr.D n v nn: BOSTON IJ!L'i'INU 1'O.MiMNV. MANY OF Till liWWIK.ST lil'.l.T.S xa in ihe -Noitneru Siai s. are m ule ol the Yu'.-i-ni.'il I'lili'ter, or Metallic (iiun Comp ..-ition, (which i annot be nlT'cled by lent or cold, I and aie l'i siieci-s. till opi'rniiou, eivniL' p-iiect siiii-I.iciioii. Tbee..e- II, i i ibe I i-i lluee)ear.s lia. gained for tlieui the couiihiu I the coiisn-uersj this, loctiier vv lib llie tact tb it .'real improvements inve b.-eii made m the iualiiy, vv iirann the m.iniilacmiers in nsscrtm it m Uliellnr lo Icailiel lor ail open urns, oiivi .--(.. ll tor heavy or limn Hell-,) lor Ihe lulluvvitig rc.i- .0n.. I. Its p-'rfeitciiunhty of width nnd ihickiuts, which it will retain. . . . Z. No danu'er of h.'iit under oil I'lireiibeit injuies it, nnd It lemains eible in .'HIV desiree ot cold. II. It ii ol uie-.t i rouudi nnd duiiduhty, docs not si 1 11 oil the t'llle'V s, i oll.e.lie:IIIV II (.'nil HI power If obiained I when ndU.led lo Hint lillKTV ilo u.piue iiln r'liion, us e, lb" ease wiin icaiuer.

I In lare Helling llie cu-t IS lliu.-ll below ol ealh.-r. . Ahr,;e nssortment always ou hanJ, nnd lurtn.-hcil of . oven lengths at shoitcsi noiice. . ('.ichiuIorieain llo.lers and riliniu 1'iji's, made ' of the .Metallic liiibber, is now uuiicii-.illy adopted by i the lidll Holds and larvtest s-'lealii Wuiks m New i dm' iinl, also, on board ihe Hii-ani Hints ol ihe cs. ......... l ... . ,.,.l..l i I. is .urc to u loeis.'de i.tii li.k.'. ; Il id vv belt llllee tiled. IS slin' to H Ipets.'O i nil other am. 'in Inr this iinpoitant .urpo-j. An as ' t-oilinenl ol vauotis tin. Km -seonsuuily on lumU. ! H O S K . Aleinllie (luui Tile LuKine and Tuctory Sat lion Hose, of vaiioiis, which i. Ibiiu.l niueli more perfcoily uie tiglit nud durable lli.ui leather, uud ut a lower, j Coiinbii.'Piiiiishe.l nl lh ciiuounry prices. .S I'KO.Ni; DOOl.lTTl.i: .t CD. Agrul. 1 Ju'yll.'H. dr.7 Dry Ladies' ; vs Mom-v. Exchnngo Notice. t V ,.,.n ...or-., nf tbe denailure ol our Air Warren I in llie C.iltiliiniti Inr Luvil'e, lor our ', Stneh uf Cimi . vv,. w s i to tain our neseiu sum. imo iiiouc us fast ns poss bb id shall iu ule it an object lor li. SIH'I (lur fmlumnn hitfie that our mock is jot unarm allciupt a description in tin adu'ilU'iucnl, ns, besides il,.. ,.. .0,, L of litui and Shawls, MI.K I..HIIIS, VI SIT IIS AND .UA.VTII.1JTS, Dre.s Hood" nnd Taney V.tnU of nil kinds, V have a lull wholesale and rciiul stock ol not si: rnii.isiii(i Aiinci.r.s! I OAT, V1J.P And 1'iiiit Stiiit-, iu t.utit aiiot)-. I -ices l-.iiibroideries.Trinunins''. nnd While (iiH.ds, 1 Moimxixn Airriri.r.s, or i.vliiv 1 i n n stids, 1'l.t.vr iil'-n anu I'.now'N i II l! I. II V I' V O SIl.l i . . ,.,,,., ,' And in farlomynrlicle ' ' " '"'. .-..f ,4, iimu,lm yt y.a news pa,-, buj '.'m'w-'im 'f n 1 " s can limi every .bimj from I'"'"4-''4 l Itur.iiiBloii. beloie ihe tun- lited lor luar a LONDON TinNT.ull'.iieulM , Mme ""i'i''v U'l si fm, one dollar to buudreds, nnd the ' " Wl. nt the mne nnd pine wild, th-u and MIAULS, lium o ,.rru,.,.s' Iheie, to make objection it nny the said Sline vv.teiuui;e i.lilli's . . ... I lune ol p IV mem Ik-iiii; lilllliei i-vlriided nslil. i l.t lu luv.iiK si. lara " "J' ,tUro .' I Civ-n uod.-r mv haml at llnrhmston this 31, day nl cnsuiiin : .. . .. i . .j t.i n,t 11 u out cimi "liters in u wi ihutvv.ll lliem vdttit tJ tl--; Liulies ,i'liuno I G1.0 WAUIIT.X & CO. Jun.SI,18ti. vvSiwldWJawlw (iiTni itnd l'opulnr Triiilc. rtt'Cll nn- the renoireiiiuis id the l'i ople ihe rnin- n m,,,!, ihhhimiiii i. t m lli,,.,., l. ,.. i h.... usiiut.i keep the ib -lied mpplv ol foods, . i.,.,.,....! OS' t!ii' HJdfstp Kiwi', las iii-t returned from New Voik wilh his ..inib (Tloi ksim e Ituli April, nnd is prepared lo do all Sioie lilisiil.'-- 111 Mini lici iiruiio. e who uie nemo 01 u Apnl, whu Ii wns lo Sell Quii k mid ('leap lor t'a-h and no Iiupiisonuient for ilt bt. The People on their pait have nobly Fir mined the es'ab (--liiiii'iit and aboil-lied iuipriFonuicnt i therelore, to neeoid wi'b llieir llllvaneed knowledge ol tin- benelils nl'ibe en-li system, it is well lo link" still lurtbi r concessions I y Furiei'deiing on the nio-t bb.'ial leiuis inlu their i. session such goods us they may wishnl the stoic ..I the Peoples Agent. HOWARD. Jul -St, MS. d'J'J a Vi. i, ivi! .,',! ' ' SSjTTS A MASA Dlil'.W HAS 01'I:NI:I) SMVtt " JIAUKIIT, in his -ii.iL HIIICIC HUIJ.DIMj, just erected ion Wntpr Slirpt. opposite tbc F i itlNor. I loTi t where he means to keep on hand, lor the supplv ol the pub- licnllkindsofMFATwb.ehhcwillM-llouiheinost reasonable lei ms. Ilis Mnikct will be np.ui lor cos ouieis ttt atl thf LuAintmt limn oj thr tiny, Jrwn . trim'inua tu i i iipi, nud be means to ptoyide lor lbo-e itrouiye him the best nrt.cle in his hue o ivlio lone ifitrooive llilll the business that can be obtained in the vicinity. l!uihngtoii,.Iuly 7, ISIS. (d&vvlf) M. OSTI1EIM, IJIPOHTKIt AND WHO MIS AH: t'l VU'R IV iv a ;v 3': m a i Sj i ti v a it s , f o it k tax ! iu: s '; it v i: s , r . No. 1 Hi l.ilieily Strict, (Oh the Aorili finer mVp of llroadway,) Now York. July 1 1,'H. d.twlyS' tYAA))YAI, MllttPIIIXi:, AcrniiDKO.V ec , itJ oilier insiiiiinental Hooks i-i received, bv ill I'd HinssvtAtu lli:oiiu.r,s. !i:)V lilltl) CUiUS, & Seed & Water illl'.i ' Ilr.i--iAin fa nr.nniEK'4. "PHIRCK & KI'.I-I.OCG, eSiriTl., Troy, inn iii:ci:ivixti nv r,rt: Aiimvti.s kho.m il Fuioie,middiie(.t Irom the inanulac!uiets,a large and beaiitiliil asMutmeiit ot (toods iu their hue,vviiKh they ollrr on the most t.ivomble terms. ri;i.Ncn am(;.njMvhCiiina Itu-nM:i'-t,tliiili(r,(t'n. i snpR't niul toilet M'ls; hint nnd ciikc ba'-kft, preserve hiK ConiiotKr, plmii MiiU,t iwi iifin aiui ijmu, iVtv OnAMi vihi Ciuw Vhm , (.'andb'ticki houiiii't Imldi-rx, cologne bull ley, uo clli'-s in inks-lund-, inaicb mid llow.-r poi?, r. J'i.oinu IIi.L'i,, fumed blue niul Wn&liiiu'tun b!urt, n ilimuT, tM, bie.ikl.i'-l snd imlfl wi. (if.As W'AP.t,, cut preyed und pl.lin reiilre IhiwIc, celeries, wilr botile-a, deemiler-, tumblers, iin, Iimiti;ii;ne!,i'(Iilel', b'lnoli.ide! Jellies, dislifH, lannn, &-:.M!, li.Mrs Patent solnr nnd lard lmiip,Htirihle for bo lt !,(-btir bewnnd I tiiiilif,(il in-w and bi-aulilnl ls, hoi ii (he eet bialt-d ninnuim lory of Cornelius ', Co. (ilUAMMiM'j, raiidflabias, biackel, ranII',-.iek OriniilaiUer and biuiiidtol hew and appiued pat- ILtllS. il ALT. fiSMHRNS ftu-Ji sfiined, paiiilcd mid cut f-onie eiy i lion ami bemililnl pnttrriH. 1 bin a.m - Wari Collee pu.te.i pols, su-jarsntiil crratiH, and ra-luisnt fny de.-rnptioii. l!lttillN Vm. n s'ipeiior t-XyUs and qualities, m tveiy a.i'ty tij t-olor now in n-'e. Canal Ula.--. Waif, wiekn and lantern. 'Vlk Thus, in i-Htsor bftaiuie oiiie ery choice nnd beautiful paiierni. tiAs i iru;t.s,tioni itnnclius N-.Co.,r;t New i oik and I'lnl. id. iln.i prices. Tin), Maj 1.18W. 'OOTII-A(.'III': ! the yreat leinedy lor Cltllcll's AnnilvtlC, lie by Turn. A. 1'rcK. Jnsi'jili (.'usiitiiutf INtati'. T, Till: SL'll-JCUIIinilS.baviiii; been nppoiii- T led bv the Honorable the I'lohalc Court lortbe Dl-tlict ol Chlllctl'len, Cotlllllt-i.ilier.s lo leieive, t.. aiinne an I adjii3t the i I.iiiiis nud dem itid. ol nil per' sousiuuiust the estale ot .lo-eph Cnsevant ol Wiltord in f-aul Di-trifl, il.'te.-ineil, reiin-fenUMl in solvent, and uImi all cbiiius nud demand, exhibited m oll-el tbeii to; and si inonih- Irom the dayot llie dale hereot, hem:; nllowed by s.nd Court for that purpose, we do iheieloe herein' ive notice, that we vyill ut- tend to I h' bu-iuess ol Oil r II ppoilltllle lit , Ut tile dw I'll iuirol Widow- l.ebeeca iu Wesllonl III said District, on ihe last Ioudaysof September nu. I Oito bel next, nt I'J o'clock, A I , on cinli of said da).s. lytleu.lliis nu nay 1 1 rseplenilier, A. II. ISIS. V l"l'!.MI V J V I I I'V 1 AIITKM S AI.UIN, ( r. AMOS IlOHAItT. -" .iiiniuiniiaittrr. vv W-?.v 51"5e!su2J. 'I'llh in-iaitnr'riliii linrrtolori4 rMMini; S under ih" iiaine and linn of STONH .'c I!.'N- II AM IS tll.a d IV dusolvtd by llllllll-ll tollM'llt. N D STONi:, W II. llKMlAM. .M.lion, An- 1RH, will l'i' 1 )mi ! low l,y uf lilbt qtttilit y, I. r sn!r j'i j i :; " a. m u. jNliKiO! tlu4 A and ivlail, bv jmrc tulii-1.', tit v. TllCl). A. I'lXK. STATi: OI-' Vr.ll.MONT. 'I' n probate co Dkii.j. r in (Iiiami Isi.i.. f-s. i iiold.-ii at tli.'in.l Ile, vvillt.ii nud tor .aid Di.sliiet on llie UOih d iv ol Aiin'ifi, A. D I tils. Au Mil puiportiii to be llie -is will nnd testaln, lit ol Joseph fto-ilibiciu, I'lte ol Soiitli 1 lero, in H-ild D.lncl deci ,isi-d, bein ple Mil. d lo ihe Coiul lieie bv .1,11111 s Molt, one ol the 1 L, clllois tbm In iinmcd tor probate it is o.-d.-red bysii I Coiul that all pcoti. coni-cruci uiercin tie notui.-.l to nppeiir nl u o mi.J b- hoaleii in the i).'llini; Iioii.e, ol -hibv l.'id.l, in Cnm.l I-!.-, in i-nd Di-trict on the I'Jih dav ol 1 1 -lob, r iievt, nnd i-bovv eiu-e it liny lliey nny have im.iln-l llie Trobale ol said will l.a vvbieli piiipo.e it is luriher ordeied ibat.i copy o I llusoril.-r lie plllii.ieil llllee W. I ks ..llcccs.-ivelv lite Tlie Tle-s. a oatier i.iiiited at lluibimtoii ill llie tvoiiuiy ol Chitt'-'iiden, n soon ns nmv be. wbJfd ..l-MIIiZ I, DD, Judge. DlCI'f.(:ihT'.S Ul.Aft.N W lCi: AllkiiuUfur sale by 'J'lILO. A. Ti:ck. sjrrr jTlAMI'. inlo tin- cm Insure of tlie Y-l-tyn -l' s.lbs cu Suit.! iv the 'Jlld lll.t , n 4X& lliiliwilhn siirili his 1 ice. supposed lobe iwo velils old Tin owner lsie.jtl. sled loptoie ptopeily .av ibaiesaud take bun nwuv. CIIAS "STDT.IIS. Ilillhneloli. A ns. 31, IHH. w III llw Sidney Ealov, w d i"V .-- iiTa s-' a ii ii .- , IBUI' IX I'l'K PKKSH.NS IX want IrV ol Cheap tiood. to call nt Ins Store, !uvineusl ii turned houi .N'.-vv Yolk, with a lull Supply ol .Mo., litis, I.ivvus, llcitioi.s, ttineliani., Iji.1i.i Topliii, Linen l.u-lure l'oulard Silk, Silk Tiiiws,Shawls.4v.c. A vl Sei-Vaai.ecl. None need Aplv unless tlie) intend to earn their ll.uld and Cluihui. "'IIIN A Tea Company's A; ency at Harlow's ITi. uuoskt Tails. a. , .,,, A, , . , and n ninnim Irom ilm-e pia. . on the opposite ,1 n., T RKill't I.D TlilCI.-- ns I intend tn sell out 1 , ,.,., 11I1 lust Titun down ; heme, llie slum, si entirely lulore the laie stoim now btuldiiis ale j- uril, nml Slat"' Uoiit.' troiu llo-t m to ibose pl.i lilled wilh It Also, tloul Keene to Cheslellield au I Ibntlle- July lliib.'H. iBIillA vv'Jtf j J.oro, ou s.uue da) s, 011 .imval ol iilieiuooii Tt nu O'P vi'i- Ml' V'l'll Ml IN.-I' 1 'l'i... II I l- ,1... Duriiu r or Cum i:i.uv. ss Tiob.ll.- Ciiiiii w lib I in and lor the Di-tncl ol Ch.tiindeii : 'To ihecredi. I lots and others couceriud in ihe istale ol Samuel llurlbut late ot I hutloiic, insiid Disirnl, decens-tl Wheietis the Adiuiiusiiniion ol the estate ol said deceased, has in.ide application to this Comt, to t-. lend Ihe time limited lor making pavmeiit of the debts n-'Uinst the listale ol said decensi'd, one venr horn the llih.liyoHk'tober.A D ISIS, and ihe 'J7ih d.l) ol Sepll tuber liejl, belli a-li',ned lor a healing iu ibe premise, ut the Trobaie IMIiee in lliiihueiou. audit havmi; h. en ordeicl tint notice thereot t , i,,,,-,, l,,, ouiu.slone llu decree three weekssueces- llltADTOIU) KIXI OIU), I!. (jister. lllOLILDKIv MIAOUS! Tito culobr.i. I, ted Chen r.vpandfr, n-nfiaiuly fol L) the doiut ur N'ljily, vv5J by TnpJ. A. TtCK. iATiii:i:i:us, A NKW tinil useful nttiole, t'nr salu nl llie lllirllllglull Ai-'lbnlliltnl Warehouse. Kept ui, isis. l'umci:. Dvi:v co. "birisycti, SiPn f.MvO.M tho stllisciihcr, tihotll Vi-i-ji h Ihe middle r.f .lulr last, n Iblbt ml .AWJ-w C( IW. Ol lllldll.lllL'.'.l' Willi low biifllk mill "ii nl bead Whoever will rel u.i said cow or love inloim-itioii to AvIiiiiom. Aiumii:, or to llie Ml'.scribi I, when i-he tony I"' ton id, .lull b, hbeinlly lonii'i iisan d NT1IN IIAIICOL'lv. Iliiil.ngt..u. Aug ), ls,s. vv In :!i CiuJ 5:uncl :ts.i! BSuvStng'.oiia ::!. -tuvt) AssisAii'A'iviii' i'ivf, nor,. I S b'"4 eai h, have been ordered l,v llie l)e, lor. on 1 ,.,,-hSh. I lh' Capital Slock of the Itiill.iud nod lluilingliei Ilail lioad Coiiijianv ; nne pniablenn the lir-t.nn I lit- other on the J.iih dai ol (I, p.bcr next. Payment nnv be m i le to the limksol liuilingion, j Vergennes, .Mid llelmry, lll.ii k liiver. pellows l'.ills, Cb - shue Hank. Iv'eene', N II II O. I'erkiti", nttbe I Iiml 1,'oa.l olliee, Km'au.l, IMward l'i lieiing. Ilil i ile tu; t. Ib.sion, oi to the I len-urer at bis olbce III .MlddleLtllV. SM SWIFT, Titaiurcr. Midillebnry, August Sfi, sS. vv lowti V:s3j!'s3, pnir.DIATLV. . ACTVi: oPN - tnnNi' a of lH or P.) Vears ot age, nn appreutiee to Ihe Saddling business. All kinds ol Saddiers work ion slanilj ou hand and lor sale cbeapi rlbnu ever In luie iu tins Ci unly lliivi-biirg Vermont. . w. tiiun.vt co May Hih, 1319. w lull Hht'lhai'si Mll'J fill term of this Institution will 1 coiunieiiee on llie Gib mst , fue.vt vvednes,biy,j tiinlerlhe cue ol the loinier 'leather Ira Divoll. eooitii lent and e.vnel llllell I Teaeber nl I leneii, nii.l Dr.n'ing vvii lie innne.inleiy oi.iaineil II"" '""'I' " .'"!' eiuerni d then ileinaud for ins. trtictiou iu tho' brnncbes. 'I'uiliou Irom wStdtu '.l.ou. 1 Shelburn Vt., Sept 1st. 1SH vvOtl Ml. Mlniiss' r.-luto, nrnii:rnsrriutniis. invito hminn.nint. nl bv lb" Ilniutnlile llu l'ruli'iic Court tr lh" District nf CliittPiiib-ii, CoiiiMiH-u)ii'rs t rrc-eiM, r nmin' nntl ndju-t t!i' cIimiiihjiiiiI dc uriiitl ttt nil (fi--iiti ilu-cMnhM.t Mrs rfu-.'in Siruiig. bite nl Miuliur tuii, in -'iiil J)i-Iijf t, (lrccTf(I, rcinc'cnlpd histiUfiit, niul nUn nil 11 liiiH niul tlcin unit -!iiliiifil m oU.-r tln-iclo ; iiml hi mniitlHrrtnii llie tiny oi llu- ilnir lnre- "t, liii-4 nlhiwed by mu! Cuurt lor tint purf lo thercloie hertbv irive notice, that we .will ntten.l io the business ol uur uppoiutiueni.nt the olliee of Win. Weston, in liuilnmioii, in sii.l Disitict, on the la. vloiidaysol i'iti'iuher and D.'fcinb. r next, nt It) o'cloi k, A M . on ench ot snip dnvs. Dated, this'j-ilh d-iv ol .lnlv A D '811. rini.ii Diioi.t t l i.i 1). A. S.MAI. I.IIY, Ctiiiimisniiin'i h. wllivH CLANK, FISK & CO. f22H ri;rro s vn i;i;t. inv vouk, HAVC on lnnd, aad idH-r (or sile o choice -e-c-liuu ut Cicsh 'lVah horn die lite amal-. com. priMtuf iv i ch- Is and halftbe'-t'. Hj--on Skin, l-i'.t I (to do do do Voiiiil' Nvi-on. do do do do do do do do do Old JI.-un, Twanuay, (nnpowder, lnip'-rinl, I'lnweiy Pecco, I'r'iirhohij XlllLrOIU, ( ).aiii:H lVcco, :ir 3aJ do Nmehotiij, I!iJ catldit'i o( ar:on- nmntie-i Al-o. 2D.nijn paekairi- Toliaeco, i-iniipii-m j varioin brand- and iiinliii'" ; I'ip-i and S''ir-; .Mncobov nnd Scotch Muitl ; i'v Drlean-, l oito Uico, M. Crm and III ana t olb-e, ini-h'd ; Coaf and Cowdeii'd Sotrnr ; Nev ( JrleniiM, I'orto Kico, Xn-"ietn-, St Cioiv, Trin idad and Cuba .Molas-s; Halt lo.e-, !o and Ke- Uaf-m; St lmiinjjo, Cuba, Win, lmuirn, Sumatra and Java CoHee ; Pimento, pepper, (thyer, Nutmegs Clove-, Mn-tard, Ca-Ma, Taney nnd 1 ir Soap, Soenn and .Mould Caiulie.i, Winter a lid Stimmt-r l)ds, Alai k eicl, S.ilnif'n, Sbad, Ilerrm-j, Piekleil niul Dry Cod, ami a lull and U'-neral a-oitm,nt ot (Irocenc, w hi h eoliIr toi 'ile at the very lowest nnrket price-., and tit which we inite the attention of the country mer chant CJ-AUK', i'lSK -. CO. X. M. Liberal advances maile upon loii-ijiinient, A Ijire TJorlmeut fd UaiS.n, SciiC!orat nnd Pocket V K'tiwis, lium the best linkers in 1'iiiop" ami the l"t-t qmbiv. J. V. KAXJAI,1S. 1 yx'T rrrcirs I 1 der llrnei'snud ' Tru- lnhilina Tube.-.Mioid-' Leelun un tlx Pk tfitnoii nnd Cuie oj Con-umi lion " A I'irye -iiiinlv ju-t received and oi -aler nthuttl inhtj. l!y J in.o A Puk Ajmus ami Pby?iciaii5 enpplUd til Djct. rttc!in whuie.-ale teims. li'Jp .11, ill Sinyntim. Ilsin'i1. i7i:tiii: I'll -Clll II fill's, ha v. H2 been iippoin. led I hv lh- II. iioiiib'.. llie I'm' t l.,r tbe D.siriei ot Chiite.iden.iouimi.4i,, , to n . ,-ivo. . -v. iiitnue and udiiist ihe 1 1 .mi. and d, iniiiul. ol all m r- . in-, n.fiillst the c.MIe ol Jedediah II ivnlol. late ot llioe-bliril III slid Di-llli 1, ileeei.e.l.rep-eel!ted ill- I . litem, nud also a. I el nni and .!. nnnds . bibilrd i l I ollsct therein ; and s inoiubs fnun tli. dav of ihe ' bit t hereot, le-in.; allowed bv s nd Conn tor ' pur- j pos', we ilo llierelore liereliy notiee, tb it we w id I menu lo ttie Imsim-.. ol our appointment, at tlie j ilvv ll .uj. ol udlew llnrrilt III Ilinesbiin. in said Di t.ul. on the lib. I n.l ivs ol S i.teni1., r and D- ceiu- berui'M. HI IU o'clock, M , nn i m il ol s.nddavs. Dated, this '.".',, l.n n July. D I 1 11 .Nv IS WIM.siO.N. ) Jdll.N S. TATUlCJv. , OiniHlin. B B tu 3, OAf) Trou Vv ,t M.-ni's Cclchrated Tateul centre i ll Diatii'ht, svlt .-.harpi'tuiiir, Sale Hid, nud Sub Sod Tlouhs IIu.'l. . .Nni.' and Ma-un's, N. 1 Siinrbiick .V Son's and John .Moore'!. Tuiiiuru IWIh. Al-o, Anus' Cnrr'n Stone's nnd Kai''C'nsi Steel nud Tl.-ited S.ioveis und Sp.'.le. i.t w hoie.iile nud te t.ulby TU-.ltCi:, DAt:V .Vtl) .uj-u-i 10, 'H. wTif jn 11 iv- hvm: ia it ; ju-t lJ nceivcd a frvsh supplv by the Proprietors 1re11t, " " TIIIX). A. TIICIC C Si c f Ii i v e BS :t a ! r a l , Ol'HX TO KKKXI.. te-czL- fttrsi t-s-fis.' -riin, T1MI- A I. T l: 11 IU). iY!S niul nl'ter Suitirilav, July 1st, tlo 1 P ,..,.iior Truins ..ill loo. ill l-OllllITt loll W ilh III,.. I -...-1.1 , 'I'm ,n. I , v. , ,o ll.,.!, Ml IOI, I k' l.V IIS tolloW S Leave llosion nl 7, A. M . nnd 1 T. "M. Anne at Keene 111 II, A. M . and li, T. M. Leave Kei nt 7. V M . and 'J. I4 M Atrive nl Ilo.ton at II. A M.. and t'.. T. M. Sn..... will inn io i i wilh Ibe Train., ns ; I',..,,, Vl,edou,lor Umdee ami ..nlbey. on the .iirivnl of the inoriuni;Trninsui,on Mmulais, Wcdnesd,i) and I ndiys, and rclannu 011 opposiie davs i'roui Til.wiiliam. fur U.iebniond, Win.he.ter, llui.s.lale and lliatlb bom, ou Tu-sdivs, Tburili)s, an I Miliiru.ijs, 011 aiiivni 01 nie uioruiii 1 r.nns up. lloiu lio-loll lip.airiviuzai 111 io. ...m,.-voo II Ml 11 llo-l.ill up, in 11 V niz a i io iiiK-iii,ii.Miii,-. M i.iiii nnd reiurniii(r ou oppiio-ne iii.tiiiuss Io titst 'Train dowu.iii.sseimeis will niriveat ll isloli at 11, A' ll. At IvVcnc, Sniei s vv til comic, t wilh till Ihe tiains to audi i Uulpole, llellows Tails, Chester, Caveii. dl.ll, Ludlow. tn Italhlld and llillhlltou : Dlew s. I We-ilheisliel.l. i Clarcinont, .Nevvoit, WinJ.-or, Woodstoik, nud j .Monipeher to lturliu,!ii-u. , ' 'This line, in co iiieelion with the Titchbmy Kail-, road, and the Stages to ju.l tiom Keeue, tortus a di- , reel line ot voiiiuiuuieatlons b'-twyell II islon and , Noitie III Vennunt nnd .Ni.ilheiu New liaiupsluri' ; and the aiio tent ami in nl itnrtt liuen tweru Sou,.i- em, Middle, and Westctu ern.'.iit and W's'.itu New 11 inpsbire nud lioston ; and il-o. uiis-ayi s ,um w tli ihe Sin jes from W'nu Ii ud.-n nud I it. lihuie; in , Wi.iei iter. ami the Wornsi. i und Tiovideii.-e Uul ro'id, llu-luosl dlli-i t line t-elweell thow s.'. ll-ms ol Vetuioni nnd New U'ltiui.hiri.' and mcester Comv Iv mid the Si-ile of lMuuie l.t iud , and ui enniieciion with Stages troul L Itb-lon, Mut. Iu Luwetl.ll diiill eolllluuiiuatioil lielvvccn the s.iuie l.olttollsof Ni-vV ltaiiiishiu .lid Vermont mid Ivovvcll l-'iCidht tiains v, ilt inn dill,', lo and Irom Uosioo, in coniieiiiuii with the leoalar Tiiehbiiri; 'Tiains -T M. IIDU'AUDS, Tiiidilil. L TlLT.N'fHniiinffr. Kit no. June ,3, lab. - . I'ookinij, oflico nnd I'nrlor Stovcrf. ron sali: nv Vir.lU.'K, DAVKY 4- CO. 't, t Make's Yni.kee .Notion Slnvis. fl si.'. ; !" Nt'w Liyland Air Tight, do do ,';t) W.-i.-m, , Jo 7 do 50 (Juiiicy, ( , ;i d,, Also, a large ntxortmpiitnriiiui iiml Air Tight I'nr- lor Sloves.ullsiMsiiiid latest und inoa .ipinoved pal- teliis. We are prepared to furnish Deters with Stoves, nl u smajl advance froiuco-t. J. S. IMI'liCF., Augu-t it;, 'is. C M DAVI'.Y, J. is. nisncn. wTif Ifovev's liny, Rtrfiw and Corn large nssortment of the above Machines Cort- i..- . .... .., t... it... i.... v ' I wariiioi,.;'. " , vv ecouiii n il n long story atiotit tbc tmcliines, tni il is iinnei ef.aiy. Tiiey tiave been longer before ihe Public nud in. tie gei..,ijy appiovcd lh in any other, nu 1 we pledge ouiselves to sitisjy any man who will t ike the tumble lo call and tlieni that they have iidvant.ig' s over nrv oilier mai lune in us". l'lLliOL, DAVF.Y .' CO. August IC.'H. wTlf Vi'csjioisi tj'e.jl r.s8 i:a:9i'oal 5 'oast jr.'sssy. 'IIIIl Annual Mretmg ol ihe Stockholders of this Coiopaiiv will be bolileii at the Depot in .Nollllll 'In on V e.loes.l iy, .lilgu-t ;.llli, nt IO A. M i - 'f ", rboicf id olli.'ers and the trnrnrtioii n any olli.'l buini-- which inn v come bf fore them, ordi-r ot tbc IJo.ird ol" I)in-r-inr-, U. I'. WA1.TOX. Jr.. Oik. iiy July 1 1 'B. :1W' Salt lllirum, Scrofulu, JiOprncy, JCrysipilns &c. 6crJt I'lrrtsjrc Stuhtitivn 'J'hntw. H'-rc Is onzamnvg tf nut"- of' tifltr', Xiwrov, Lower K.itk InyJBlS. Mr. .Tnvr! l)nr Sir, It rmre tcstiinony i n-"?-di d in I ior ol your valirible lJiop- and PiiN" tor Hu mors, yon nny add nini'j to the number ou already bne. II ivinsr been allbrtrd lor ib'niy yenro with thf Ip roey or While Si-ml, nud b iv inn tried all ori ol rem eilies to no ptirpoi, nnd h i vim; arrived nl tbe nye of fitly Ind ni en up nil bop'11 ot tebel. Af culentally -'(! n n oar ih op- adwiti-ed, wa" ludii-cd to Irv lhMu, w li' my titter Kurpri!', 1 vvmeompb'tely cured be fore I bid taken one bottl. Yon are nt liberty tn make nny ne of tins jou please, inr to in joururops me m.ilinbl'. Ueiieettully Viiii. WILLIAM CURTIS. Kor p in Ibirliuton only by Tiuohoue A. Plck, and bv nuiij other Diul'jji-I" in ttiisaml ilieaiijoinms St He. N. It. Xotluns is o ch-nn, nnd notlunir -Ne is o i beieion lir nil disease of ibe -kin. Try it try it t UTimji.t.v try u as hhixti.d. wJyi AUGUSTUS HAVEN, W ITIt I.AlBSgS'JST cV CO. lMror.TFUS, AND Will ILLS ll.e. r.F.ALI.RS l.V Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, o. I'- A II Ponrl Stiett, vv0m2 IIOSTOX, oi:.u (.ur.Asi:1 I'or siiniulntiiii! the iirovvth JJ ol nnd b.'iiiitilviu the Hair, ol warranted .unty. I'orsileby Tuto. A. 1'fir. I tl.N'DOIl rt)lfrr,lt, t. mr-i. -l-i Klls.ix Snlip Aiii-'riern l'n ri mice Wine. I.ubui's r,t. ot I'ntcbotily, .lellliy I. Ill I Velll'Mlll .Vc. I'llie Alllioud Seitp. Herman Cologne. It.iy Uuiii. t 'ov ell's ( ', for Hummer complaint. I'lovver ' 1'orsilebv tii;o. i; iiAiiiu.N'ti ro. An,' 'J9, 'IS. Ai'itlircinin Hall. v b i; i Si & is i ; r: 's New York & Montreal Express. Office Xo. IU ll7 Street, X. 1'. 1. 1). IJI.YHV .V CO. Wst .Side .Sfwirr, Darlington, 17. C EI 1 K VA: CO.'S E3o-loii tV I7S(si1ica! Slxpre.xM, Office, Hail llmiil tU'chune, Hot-ton. I. I. i!IX!JV .V CO. Wnl Side Sijw ee, Ilurlinlun. i?Mr.n t r.srfAf:;:, n:i;Tii'icATi:s, -i trum Liverpool io New Vorlv nnd Uosion. ro in: la x i:xc n. i xui:. In sums to soji cutuiuers, on Dublin nud I.iveriooI. d'.M I D, 1I1XIIY .t L'U. i Wi'll B U ila, I AT VI OOSKI CA I.I. S. lllllj Snisruiniiiv has at his sTnr.r. .v k l.ari:e nssortnient tif iibiu tt eveiv kind of Itoo.l.s. I piiich:i-d enui.-lv lor Cash, but not betu as vv, li oti' J .ii line ot his i,, !ihbors. had to borrow part nu. I liuisl . nn I will s,-l to p iv tb it .iu.1 :.i p'tu 'ci-' inois., p'ease i eil' and mc, the be.-l nnd cheap -M ever oil -red in llni County. I D.N 1. 1 DAUI.OU . Winoo-ki Tnl's, Miy 11, lsts. 31 H;i'i'l!.ek"ii. Inre n.-ut. ii ut ol Sp-c'acles, of every kind. .Mso.ti .'lesand Cve Troteelois, lit A July Sil.'lJ. 3 J. V. UANDALI.-ri. I), u. "Ra;i..s, .m. i)., E5 o (ana e. V !i y s i c i a 11 axp s r n g'k on, A'iuiM-!.i I'lilN, Vt. Ollre over .1 V. Weaver ec Son's Stole, PACIFIC HOTIiL, Nn.. it; nit .v k.i; ii tl !'.S':. WW 53 rT2i. VF, Uiinid 9IJ3 iier duy. t? ,'' for vvook'. vvtuii',- A i'LOWCIl. ES'.tfltiEfy.ts:: ESsii Mi-hool. 'IIU ii"Jt term ot ihe l!mbns.'ion Iliyh Sihool wi' coimiienee on "llond iy S. ptelll'ier. Itll 'Tho second sloiy of the buil.lliu will be unshed lor tl.e, nicoltltllodatloll ot j. ui-i; I. oh. . ti:a'1i 1: us. .1 T. fl-nt'diil. Matheunli' nn.l .N'.ittirnl History. .1 W. .Marsh. Latin and llreik Laneuats. .1. II. llilS. Duiwiiii;. .Miss A. .M. liiui-tnade, Kuijlii nnd Trench. I TU I VHX. Trench per Qunrt.-r. f.,50 Dnivvin,', ' frl.l'O Lnalt-b, including T.ea.lins, Spelling, Wtiling, t leoyraj.liv, I Irnmni'ir and Arilbtnetie. i .Maibem nu s ami N'atmtil lli-toty, itieludiui; I .Mijelira, tleonietry, Tnoiioiuetiy, surveying, I Men.uritiiou, Asiioiioioy, nntur if ThiU-.ophy, Tbvsioio.'v, Cheiui-irv , I'totany and tieoioy. 5,00 I L il 111 audi k langu i:;e., instuiv lilietciicati.I A.tKl . I'lub'sophy ' ' "' - WU . lien HHMiil wiili M.i tlit iiuilu n mui I.nuuae, 'I'Ih iMMtri" :in- i-niiti ti-nt tli t lh" mi.i arrniuc litfiits uhu'ii lnttK''n inrult tr tin hulat orJor tl lustriielioll, nnd tlie,ut loenl.on nnd eAcelleul neconunii bilious ol ibe building wn! render tbe llur linston Hih Selt. .in a d, s. ruble icsu-t tor vouui; men tinitiL' lor coileo,. ns well as lor ilio-e vv isuuie io ac il'tlle a i;.o I I''i, and i-dtic.tllon 11,-nrd onu Is- hud in the neiUbothuod ol llie SJioul upon Invomble i. ruts. liuillliioil, Ansusl Isl, 1SH. d!035lf ( lu-liie SCail SSo.'uK .ffigg 'OxM g&&i ON and alt i O.tolsi Kith, Tiaiuswillruu over llni Uuld as kdlovvs t Tnssei.... r, w.ll be 4-uii to U imhenden in i-oiincctmii -.villi Ibe t iuhbiiv Trains, which leuve Cbiilesiowiiai 7 M aa.i l I V- ., l-'roiu 'imb.ii.l..u ,n '.' 13 ,M and 3 1 .J con tin-.' vvul ibe M'umd and die last llt.-hbi-ra trains to ll.ti.n v.i...n v... n.m. Slant's Irom vvesirrn u-oi ...'. ... "-s- shire.nndllH'.-tileol eriiionl, . .11 .l..lf,0. n.,.1 I l lie r-t lie oi leriio'.i, .viijieis ill Wmirheiidoii in counectioii with, ll-IH- p isvn i 1 i..i,.hi -l-raiiiwillbetuu dailveach way inc:n- ucclioi, Wltl. the JjJ''.'1 Tr,t. Uil5,lSI7. l?lf I'amiiiiit-iie. 51; IMC fresh Cauuilteue lor saleni HnRirs-sox-, Ol 141 CIS 4r eitlOU 04 ...IIU H U.I1II , mm atotiiucakv uauu

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