Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 29, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 29, 1848 Page 1
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XXII. Whole 1108. BVKI.LKTO., FRIDAY jnOllXlXU, SEPTEMBER IS IS. IVenr Series, Vol. a---.o. so, n c. xv. iki:v, JW CltUlt AMI CabUKT MAM,'rAi"TIHtF.R, Two Honrs South County llmfc, Church Sr Hlt.i inhiuv. V'r ' Alt kinds uf walk ill th above lint- nude tu order on the shortest nonce. - . LIVERY ST AD LE.1 f!7W and j B I. AC1CS.U IT1I GIIOl'. j' i . -..' Dy S. S. SKINNER, 1 ALSO, Ilinirs iiii Irnnk M'ntiruc(itrcr. iut aide Ciurt'hotite Sqntite JOHN BRADLEY &. CO., wiini.E,ixt.rt.tntv English and Americm i'.nr, Holt, ItoJ.S it, Hoop and . , HAND IiU)N, Fit Iron.Coal, Sheet lion. Tin. fait nnd Sheet Cojptr Ntlt.s.OI.AVI, I'l.ASTrn, Wet nnil )ry (Irneerii", Flmir, Palt, D irr Mill Ston i, Holtinu CUuh, Sheeiinc. STt)llAi;i: ANll I'OI! WAR 1J1.NG Custom-home Agents and Commission Merchants, j.hv, 1 South Wharf, Tno's. ii, Casfield. I1IJICI.I.M. lU.t. LIVERY STABLE, ELLIS AND CHURCH, - A G A 11 & AHTIIUIl, Dealers in nrc, Irnz, I'nints, Oils, Dycffr ifr iVC. AC. corneh or ciiencu and college street s CAM IV H. r.nWARDS, BOOKSELLER H ST.MOXr.!:, Consrintlv for sale a n-npral at'oriiiuut of SCHOOL, CLASSICAL, AND MlSVUhL A.N LUb'S IIOOKS, Thi CHtAr l'"rt.tciTto. Til. ink Rooks, Sta Tio.Nrr.v, .Metk'al Hooks. N'o. 1 1'cci.s' Uuitilini;, Collcje-st. R. E. WHITCOMB, TEACHL'R OF DANCING, .iirnnr.i: mtv. vr. GOOD MUSIC r 'RX1SU1U) FOR colilluit 1 nvtiesf, Arc. Sept. II. Is-S, dltlitA, wlg(f i. siinitwooi) ro.'s AUCT10X AXD COM.VlSl()X STOKE, U t.r f i o K i(( .nr.. Constantly on hand Cabinet rurnilure, Chairs, Look ing (iiases, .c. j. ji. iis:i.:K?.X"- ... d. Itirnt.tN' . . CONSUMPTION A5TH"-, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, c a x n i: c t: i: i: u. It. II A TC II I. I.I) K It S v 11 o o r .1 .v i .v io 1: s tor u , ' tMto'-eet. Xew York, llo'ton, and Karwell's Ladies 11 11 I f;"iitlPia"ii's UcnN ami Shoes, of every itescrijiiion nnd style, eniitautiy on hand. Sture li doit north of I.uri . and dtiertly r,j,po tileD. Kern's, near lI'HcaiJ's Stole, Church Si. M. G. n ATH BUN 5t CO. m i: it r ii i xr t ii. un .s No. IVcfs lllo !;. 7.1 Ci ! '.Lo. In p cotisiani'y on hnnd c e.efji . ,id t'ri . .n-"ort,ueut of C'milis tor . i. ry oesrip o.i ioi ui"i . -oe i ' i ' 1 ' ,M" "Vervel been exemelilitd eince the iirL'ani.itinn line 01 srur- c r ! I'lCVl.Tl'HAIt ll Seed Store, i.VVl'.V .- (. ' niSlllllg I inn,,' -X. a liATIIIIl'X. iirui.ixarus au Wareh.MiM hjuI Seed Store, I II V I'lJIttt I.'. UAVl.V .: ( . ' , I g r- Con:antly)nllalllnlaeen..rt1TilL, e'.,p!e nnmin.ili'd Cell. '! i, r Inng before ment ol r.'iriinoj I'tet'sile. I. ir.leu t'l" sitting nl the I'l.ilnJelphi 1 Convention. The ir-criasi2, linplements, l ield, Uarden itiid ,,e,,,,. were beforehand with the politi. i ,11s in flower ALM, DEALE! IX STOVES, STOVE I'li'E, TlilMVIINl.-. ANU llnt.t.DVV'-VVAr.r Ciltl.l.E SIKH.T J. f. J . H . PECK 1 C O. V1.0LI.5ALL 1U 1LLIIS l-'i 1'MXTS. ut,.s, (ii.'.ss, MI, Drnds, I'orei'.u 11114 A meiiciiii Iron, Steel, Inn, Coal, Tar, Ii tiling Cloths, I'lvg and Cuiendish To-, lucrn 1 riiO'Tt, nn-l roretriiMnd W-nrn SALT, th it attention led to 1 1 1 1 j 1 y : an I w h .1 wa- the Ae-nts tor liie ue of Fiirh iitik' sjeales, A.h.iu r ..t ,, tnt immiiv .' Tnathe had b.'ctt all l.i Snuths U.irr .Mt.l-stones, Cotil lard's , ..coboy no, .,, , , - . , ..1.11, ,,,,,,0011. and in J'111. Pr.CX, Jolt. II. t'lCT, C'AslUi 1'. I'ut, tr'nti'll Mint, MuoKlllg and , Ci fw inj Tob.i. co, Onihc Suare, Ct'.lcgc s . S. AdltiiiM, cooa' i.sur.n. I'Ai-iUi nuu:n, RIsWK IIODK MAKi.Il. In the Fiee Tress ISui'.-Jing, College Stieet. C. P. STAXBFOKr. tfcCo. ncvi.r.R'tv Fmsev iu -.vrt.i fc,.-U .IMtliiig, llua-. I I' iieir Oil Cloth, Win hir S'mJi i, I'ajrr j lags. ,.s. 1,11.1 ye,,,fnll siz. s. Don-ins IItn, t.isht lllue nn I Whltr Crnnilc , IV A II I. also, L'lnna and Clas are. GiiocEttiLs, I'uits, iti-f kau. Holes, i-c. Church Street. E. E. tiYMXX. I DE.r.r.r ... EDzlUh, rrnrh, lieriinui iind American . , . DRY GOODS, "est India 'oo.t it ml (iu.eeric, Corner of Church a nd College. Sts, J. MITCHELL, x i: n c n a .v r r .i , o n INU Rlii'-i' Rendy-MiiJc Clotliiii-: Store. Church .i.i !, Uarluistou, Vt. L;uuey Barlov, WrvOOSKI FA EES, TO! ,L INVITI'. I'KIWONS IN want If ol iyheap lion is in cnu at Ins More, navine just returned Iron, .New Yoik. w th a lull Sup ilynl . i Un. I..UH. Iteri.des. (till liatins. lb.i'llsh I'm, lot. ci CUf np ((' I t tnll at In-. Siori, Imvmcn.vt LinmLusture Poulard riilk,. Silk I'rhiges.tjhawlsiQ, I stlI, 1 Koneneed Apply unless they int""d to earn their Board and ClutU" g. CHINA Tea Co,, nooski falls. 'iny's Agency at Darlow't H'i- A Havdnarc T rtRllUCKU rillUK) as I intend tn sellout jkd wVth7iy "uw bu"d""' arc Ju",,lh',,, M ACKl'.RF.I., N,i. t t t t iii.i ii , it iiLS.. il2,"l,k'a' -y 'be sineie ,od Also Hudsous Hay Sulmuii. Jane U.'-S . rj. j)i;vvi:y, wMI CIIOULI)I':it IHIAUBS ! Tin, ceel,ril. O ted Chest ejtpauder, constantly tor sale )V i, Joieii or eiualy, wSI by Tula. A I'm, AMOS C. SPEAR Apotliec.u'.v ami tS'-.tisi. DLALh!it i.v 1'atk.nt ., t' Med.cines, Cheinical' urgirnl nnd llentai 1... trunteu's. .Mineral Tciih. P.uls, Leeelun, 'I'ru-sis Minend Waters, Druggist's Class Ware, llnishes, Ferfji.irry. Soaps, Uye.Jiull',Caui(hcne,luk, Uluck ires, ic. i.c. Cbutch itrt, njrllngton, Vt Burlington fvcc )xtos. IVilnhed at Hurllncton, Vt., n y O . XV . C . C I. A II K I! i Editor and Proprietor. ,..... . , , epmsi , , ,Tu'. i!li;eti')scribers who receive the paperby W. , 5w.r0 V .It .' ,U0 iM'Nu'jJcnbcrs und thosr wlio take it at tlir ! till; 2. no 1,50 II pnl I i.i advance, AnvEBTist.Mi.XTs inerted on the ru'toinnry terms. M'liliCH Ol' II TV. 12 I! V V V, 12 ft A TB.i AT ISI WHIG STATE CONVENTION. tReported fur the Atlas, by Henry I'arkhursl. I rannot Riippne Mr. I'rpidpnt, nntwith slan lint! the itrtat and iivprwhelniiii!' kiinliM" nf this call, that it can rrlly he lliP wili nf the W'oinpntinil tn hear Iroin me. lit leilht iililtl lim lit the tut tire ol a teOI. i:Hl KTin, Cir 1 "in- niijiituniu'iii m liiu i.iir unci jjnoijiy r.rc-i Mt'H'tv irnm uriwfpii ini iiiiufnj it Tift wrnjju tainiv, Ihhv littlu we luvti U(u lnw imuli im- ''n" whicli wp Imve; fur t ho clonrinjj of river-, ' tuition, ohcrviiiLr lionorahU ponci nnd avotil tmrtHiit Im-i'i.'sjt r.2rn tin-t fop tin? C.mwjnlion to 1 H yo,,r rp-nlnlion t'Xin'.; for Hit ron-'riic- inir CMitaitclinjf nlliHnre- with nil. In all tin I t!o. ami cniiiilorin"". most of till, Uuw Hiiximi- von tnit-t all ii itiirullv he tn liett-n, rather than in m . thu.e nublii! M.ri.nts of our wlm luiiinr ti' with their iire-eiicp'ti'-dav.and whn tMit speak o in-trnclively upon tin- (real subjects, of the hnur ; I nt le.i'-t do not leel at libetlv to d t iin ou tit all. UKewherc, and at nthpr tnoiiieuts, ... . . . . other held' anu otner i may trv tn s cat terthe seeds of a f.-w thoughts j but not now, At the s:nnp time fr Vrnm.Annt I f..n.. .1..... :' ......... :i i fi-i-iiuiiv u'-riino in niMiie ii specen, i auinil a verv . strong desire to pu- tnt myself for u few nionieiils to tins iiueiilif.ii, ( in ttie character of a wiir,ePs, and not nl tin advocate. Sir, I had the honor, Lythc fivnr of a portion of our common coi -titrpt y, to he a mrmbir of that I''lphia t 'orteminn ; per-nnally, pr h.ip', nnd teiiipiit.irii, a .nined and diviouii'iot. ed member; and j.ll rejie :tt in npporlunitv, here to-d tv, to tclifv and tn upon niv 1 1 ." - .1 . . ' J ver.ieity, nim tnv honor, that accnrilin.. In mv Itu-t kunwledf, and t ulniust l-'inwh'tle and iflief, tin tinmiu.itioti was ever tunre l.iirly made ( .p 1 in-.. ;; nn u'uiiiiiution 111c ever 111 td'e nturu exactly in :,.:cordtiiee with tl ngc' nl thp r"preentalive nf gn -it patties like this in mnihir C ui entio n as.-em'ile 1. Nn, ellov 'inyen lie th-.t seeks a prrlp.vt ' )r .'ibindnuiiig t. iriend-, his llag, and hi-! iinmin.itioti, must lim! another rraoii than Hie nieih in which 'hat liouiinalinn was m.ole ' There Is all that every gentleman ,1 1... , ... I HI., .1..,. I....... .1 .. . . I ,ti,.t ,i, t ITHC tiler' it) II1UIII( place, with a prelerence ol his owii. There i-I lool.l tl.-.r e.ere r.1.0 tiuli.. ...,,l I,!- ferenc" by his llrs-t vo'e. Some of ns ad.'iered , to that tirst vole ; ati. some nl u, a "ain. nimii ! more re:t 'Ciioii, and mote cnn-io'i r ituui, upon a wider view, exactly as w.iM-.vpecled, and ex actly a' was intend..! when wc were sent iherp, ex tctly iimi convention of wi-e, hniu-t, and honorable men i intended to do, rhauge.1 that ujle, and tallied upon the iioimualiou. Here is the result hef ire j..u to d..y. A f.iirrr nomination, in all repet S, "-ir, or a nomination re evtctly ill titrord nice w lib the u-,iges nf the pnty. uud the rush,,,,' ol tl,,; land, h nt'V- w,rmm,lti Sir. the truth nl this mat- 1 ter i-, that Ihev wh, criticise the ,,roee, ding, nf lint Convention, I. vl nne great thing, that 1 never shniild be fnrgoui,i ; and that is. that the I I'hiladelphi t CnnieTillou, v,M-,at I i-t, ps'i'titi 1 1- ,l.i ratil'vi.i'rnnveiil.on; ,,l that wa-all, sir. I'hiladelphii Ciiineniiou,v,M-,at li-i,e ,, .1 ratil'v 111 ' rnnvenl.on ; i. ,,l that vva- lien grt'iu noim.ij'itor. t.vppitu-e; ..1111 1 1 p 'nple ate -Irunger the t'l it 1 ci tt,'. (Ke jli'vveil cheering) The summer soldiers, uud niiu-hiiie ittris -hould r. tie mbcr th:.t. I And, sir, tl I-not quite just ce tn the popular I judgment I tin-, cnut.lry tn say Ibat long sue- mi,- nl triumphs, irom ; .iito to uesaci d 1 . I'aliu 1 and U.iena Vi were the rea-oni nt" his 1 id 111 i : lit i , 1 1 . Tho.-e 'le. nttr.i.' toe pulilie atl'Mitnu, to lien la. lor. Uiidouhleu'v hi private .111 i ' 'Ctal connection : bo had been " . , ... . 1 .. 1 a'! h.s ttl'e ho, if giving hi t,, his inanhni.,, and hi' approicliiitg age lo hi co ilitry, serving I ir y.ars in the cuiip, ,,,ode-lly, vet cnnpic,, a t-ly, uiirorruplible as I'.ihios or I'inciniiatii-, a 111 in nl string, d Pi snun.l com, 1:1m set,e, .,.l. u .,t...r I.....I u.l 11 I-., ill iiit.l .lr II re .t l.:.rl ol the I le i Iir'oelv and in i" 11. I.e.. v .' eve I,, llllll noon t 1 It . l.e.iiere. The f.. severv when- t.,k him up. Coti I pre ....i.i in Ihe Ire.: Stale, every wnere. hro 1 1 e'-A'.r,l. I'ob'ie sentiment b.-ao to r.,IK" in I,,, i, ; i ' 1 appeal to every in in here' pre, nt, il Ihe ..Puthere ol the run ideipnia 1.011 ven'ton weie ir.t surrounded, penetrated, bulled in a pubhr. ooiition, w Licit came, we knew not vvheiice, winch wo could not resi-t, v. nch no , man in the Convetituui, pirly, and no Slate I t . i cotild re, -I. Uui .- iirmonl and -lUine, to tlaV (IiiiiiiPii.-e cliOt'rin.) W. .ir. it w:t :i Inn !.v lim rxrnnV nnd it only remains now tube seen, vv hether , the people o! America are equal to th it great b"en suppose I to he qu.tlilied to designate their I Int. el. on v.' in-li :i reon i ie. oei.i, e li.iv.. ever uvvn Chief Magi-ttaie; and whether they are'1"'-' , P''-csse, m an txlrmrdinaiy degree able, after thev have siuni.ied their will, to have! '' b.!..f adniilii-trative talent nf ex tctly the It carric i-d nit . eir i t. l-it inu siy, lin n, Mr. President, in thn next nl nil couliiui g nivs'll to the Philadelphia ("ouveniioii, one vvnrd m iro of ils general char after, in replv In another nb-ervalTo I in if 'ard! tn it. Tuey avvvi.-hd not nut forth a nl.fl ,t . " Hint tvrry where urged n--.i iu-t He .letinn ofi ...r. itesiuem a tleinen repre-euting the Whigs of M i setts. I ak v'toi II t. u ....I.I ..... t i uu i-uiiieiitinii; and, Mr. President and gen ely uud Inoli-h for tis'to have '. '" ''''ie in have laid do n tune to have aid .!.,..., ,,-..., i iiy, .Mr. President, the g aud outline ot the platform and rreed nf thevvUgs, was as well known that day wn tisseu.blid in Philadelphia, a Hie Aleghativ n, , ,t,,ius, or the Missi-sippi river, or as the Lake Superior, to the people ol thi' country. ' liitcriu'ited by a r-.ll o go to the Common, a ll.ere were thousi ,d jm,ne who could not get in. As Mr. Chuite was In H,ch leeble lieaitu linn ue couid not auuress an audience the open a,r,lhel.on enl,ni, remained in the kill .. . . i . .A ...... .... ...... s i nt, anu iiir .jll.i-l.e ..rove, ueu ; ' I was h. vi.t r li.ehoni.i lo sav. Mr. lr. .M 1 that it vvnuld have been siinerllunus and i.iil,,,,.' to have ..resented a n. itlorul and creed nf ii I,;.. 'lies to Ihe people of A merica. bet at. th" ! grand outlines el that creed vveie giavpti already ' in the he, ns and in ,!,e mlndsnl ,e .a-op'e ta nir.wij gtio, - .m. .... it auiug ouinnes nl uat iilHlftrn. , ynu will, very fir bick indeed, in the nio-t splendid nnl gloriou yoci,. ot the hisiory ol nu.-rty and arranged iif our doctrine-; we did not put tort ii a J,,l'r!n ""I'1' ""'I strong quahlies of mind, nf lau enoriiions blunder, lias Imt itself to the ex rrud. That i an objecion, here, and inert"1 ihe old linger Snerinaii and Cenrge Washing 1 tension of slavery ill the South western territo U..,l i V r i i . . 1 . """ "iiice.vcivyueii nalle.! into great Mat nns, and delnnte form. I I retn"inber. about i'.p e o h-.v... ,. t ,....... r , .i? ......... 1 , ...... "i --j .,, tv ei.te .. stuipie lllscretioil, con- nt the, second ad.uinlstralin.i nl Ja.ue' Munrne ducted ll... .,ll',lrs.,f .icl1. vil, d,.tiug..lsl..'d e elected upon them tt. the Presidency nf the that remark in iJ-e tight parser th, four year.; United State, the elder .VI mi, il,.. latter Al- urn. Ill" I .AST AiI.iiih. ( rreincnduus mid re - petted cheer. ) O t that rreod w stood in 1828, 1833 ami 183(; ive t implied nn It in 18 10; we ilrservpd In Iriuiimh on it In 1811 : ami we mean In tri iimp'i mi It in 8I8. Six simply eni.ict"d lonnm hud proclaimed ,e principles of the ..t.t... ... .i M i !.. ... u-hlf.4 tit mm v tnntt. vmm ii ntnl oliihl In Ainnr. '''" "" I""'" '''"wit 111' m ahrreid as with liiu 'nnd nf a Irumtit't, from .M:uliiL'ili i tn the hilMtie, Irnm th- w.iIpm nf .New lork to the JspriTjs nf the .Mt"itpi, Wnv. ir, ciprv tnatt ktiPW our rrrnl tup i!av H'O I'hiladelp'iia Cnnventinn mel, well a the 11 .i .'f ... i .... . , it m thi' tir-t trr.-ind idea t that Urn will nf the ""' " "' ' ne.i.-M-ii ii iiue. ii uii: ic.ii.'iii wi it rd not the vein uf the I're.-idpti t, nut the shout nf a rabble (in the corner nf the t-treets. fimuld tnuKe the law. That is th iii t (jrand idea. n i.jim- ' '"iiiihiiwiiiiij ;.! m:e?ei in juif; ir", The proud nrand id 'i w.i, that this will nf i the people. tlm cnii'titutionrllv ex'presspil in the form nf a law of Congress, shmilil be dirpct- d, nnt to the Hccevinn of new territnrv. n heth- '"T ItVr'iiicn or Itir ri;i-p tu Miti(I iiitnti i tint tii Inr!)"; tor huiMiny up tlii now wnrl1 '"' ,Im' pabire or.-i i'oiiiiiimiiou and pultivatcii eorial lif . This va the spennd ur.ind idea. Thp third ;rrand idea was that as a fund.i. , miMilal ami r.rrtml truth, lie; inarkel of Ainert - ''.t belon,'j to the firmer and the rneclnnic of ' roinilry. (Apdan-p.) I V. I 1.. I i . I . Kverybnily knew tierfei lly wrll. also, that tlav. , ' 't in older to carry all mn, peace witlt all nation', ciitani'hnp 11- luince with none, was the permanent and s. tied tM.lie.y nf the Vhii pirly; peace with th rtnine;, peace with the weak; peace with Bug land, peace with Mexico. Every man knew that th it had been our creed from the start. And then, Mr. President, when in the progress of lime, the attention of the public mind began 10 ;ie uriwn a mile tiinro directly to the great .'object of human freedom and hum in sla.ery, 1 '''KS the true nattv nl natiooiil prnores', .il,....l.. I ...I .l ! ..!... t.. ilentlv inenrpotated atin'thc- L' doctrine in - tnnurcrced; and that wa to the end thai tlm! atea of slavery -hould not oe exlenikd ; that the agitiiung question ehnttlil n..t he introduced which would shako this glorious Union ) the ceni ; that we would no mor- lirritorv anyliow. On tint new creed, we rallied a-ii P;,r,y' "S ist ihe annex itinn of Texas, "ir' wh tl p trly Wa' it th it h.n gliuilicd ; Ye, and im inorlaltzed its-ell !iv ils r'si-tanee to tlie admis-! ""'i of Texas J Why, it wa- nur p trtv. sir. tlie W ""' "'"Hon. And wiio was it to. I in HID III 'I',".!,, il,.,. . I... fTi.t.... .... .,11 ..... ... ...- ...... ,.,v. v ., , nt, tin owl '- "' L,uen, who was it ? ,10, Jill 11 million of the ,1:11 IV nl' II- ,U.,.n..r ... "ie 'JC"' I't-'raotial fnuiids of .Martin Van Un-, ri'!- r-ir, i. iucv nan rainrn wnti us; n in. person- al trieods, tfio deinocr.tls nl .Maine 1 ew Ilamp-hire. had voted with the Wi.i g, ..f I.,.' i.,a i ;,n,IUTrgi.,,,li,vhyV hu-ine-s, I ti' t . ..y to inn, ir, would have been si.and us -inu men Mr. wnen lexis cam? in, and -New been an Honored member of the Uetnocratic Old Calif,. mi.. rf.,.tL. .iJimi.iU,tl....,li,;,n 'PI,o .n,.i,.,..u 1,-, 'Ii-'J I can't tt.r the life of ine learn their ' ,i, Mii t.o, .ii.u a ooti.uwe-iern ; rreatmo, cnir.ii,,. ,.r t enine, then we adopted 1 another, and the l.t-t article of the Whig creed, I ' henceforll. the will of the peop'e. , nneuii.arra-ed by any veto at all, shall declare "'"tlu'r slavery nr Ireedom -li.ill be the org inic. '''W 11111 lertitorv Ihu- acipiired ; knowing '" ".' '"a p'erfefi well, that if the will , of tl,.! people, coii'titutiiui illy e.-presed, m iy , but hive " free course and be glonlied," slaverj I '1 here are a good tinny thing' I like in th em no more exi-t in Ca'ilotiiia or Mexico, t! an . L) onocratic party. I like their n ilioi.ality and il can lake root to-day, on the everl.t-iing I tlieir spirit ol uiiion ulier all ; 1 like tue Am r Mi'iitinls ul the Lireill" .v.,..."t-iiii' of -r- i iratl leeling that pervades the masses; bull ninni. 1 I.vervb'ulv knew, perfectly well, our crje !, 01, tint div; mil there was no'tieed at all of any thing en ped intn; nr Mipeili.i, ; .im publishing'it tn Ihe world. We might ju-l as well eviieci Hut every time (ieorge Wa-hington brought up hi army in review, they sh nild not tire a inn-ket tin'il e octavo volinn, hid beet written nu ll,e righls , .f in in, Tuere wa tie Dec! .ration ot ludepeii.leniv, -.eile,) alreidy b. nur be-t h'o.' 1 npoiia thou-and li"ld- of glory all vveneed'd, therelore, vvn a little slitrjie. t biyonet ..tid " n little innre grace." .Now .Mr. lie-,dei,tt I beg to -av r. -ingh I word in thi- hurried .tint de-ultory mitiner. vilho'it t.rei.irai"il, mi a, , other topic, ami tilt - nn Ihe p"rn.:i' .( i illlir.iliini i.f '.,en. Zicli ary Taylnr far ntii. e to wh, en vvepn - I"'"1' ' rr' hot. 1 tt'.t It Illl'lllllbeUt II' "" " '"- i'"' ,.,ue. in . '"''jer' totlie b.-t nt'iny .ihihty I wi.l not sat rt-"" mm or iiierein.iniis, uui wiiu n,ei.e-i tight 'tmly that practical subject and I now avort "'J' ''-li.l, il sijtnlie not! ing, but I am pr: mv h.-!i. 'I, it sijiiilie not! ing, but I am tir.iiid tn unite with vou in the avowal nl'todt belief - i..i ... i i . i i. . .. ii i .. '" ui.-.epers ., i ueueve ,nxc " gnaiautee nl an a.)iuinitration as honest, q-net and n Ukiiih! n' that vv melt his cast c"1''' " -""r)' "lH" unapproachable liaino ol .vsiliNi.tos. (Ai, .Sir,to say that lien. Ztc'iary Tavlorisa great id patriotic man Is to Lay nothing. .Martin V-J" H'lren might say llut of him, and helms - ng'.in uui o. .....i, in a resuiu- .011.11 . n.i.u in n.v ...ii,i"i. , ijcoete, o "" a" lllt" evidetice to which I hive hid acce-, K""1 "" Sl't"1' "ir rresidential talent I he- hove; !.,., all the evidence to which I hive I,., I ucce.s, that he is thorough and quick If. his ths cermneiit of men readim? character arc, irate '', candid y and instant inenifly. 1 believe thai " pos-fsses, m an extraordinary deeree, setfe, ..i i.i , . . . .1 ton model. I iiniler-tand l,imlob"n thnrntigh m m of Lit sine-s, in the Ik'si am! I.trge-I lerin idmiiiistering a l.irg.i estate and a great fort. ine with a much ability us a Florida or .Mexican cainpiign, AtMiu.'lmm his youth tip from tlie time he took up arms in the service ot hi country be has had an proof .,i ,t e...-iior, in nip cniuiuencc lie in- pires, and the pio'.iiinl deference he receive', wtlhout exacting it, Iroin every Intuitu being ' whu. lines within his rearh. And to that the' kindnestnf his lie.ut kind as NeUmV. kind as wnm. n'sa.,d that lolera.,tl,u,.,.'..,ilv. .dli. j es.y incorruptible, which ho who knnws him I would Hunk no morn ul'ass ..lino ..f ....l. ting Inn, -elf within Ihe rangpof all tlie billle .1... ,. .1 I....L. i 7 iieiil is M,v, ' ' I t........ . . . .. ... degree ' of rdilk-ai iUnNn'.th.ti 'in, pvnenr' o it. public rs S r I eiimiot l.eli. h ! ,'.. UtotiJ, nanus n I r. vidence. to lll.i.lri.teil.,. irotl. ..f that remark, uf tl, ,t 'great, Klmiin.l Iturkc I have miuy taken unlive, that n not professionally trained in Hi- dcl.ilsof ( nf llir nilmlnltratloi f Ocn. Ztclriry Tuvlor , All his life limp ho ha rrvil his country in e 1,1-pirtmertt of the (i-iicml finverntneni, onlarg Ing and elevating him nliovc the Influence nl mrn pulitii'o. Atlhi'lifo l"n? nmy, frntn lit' youth In somewhat past middle wpn. tln r'pi t tiim of n "nV lift, lie Ins h -en an nh-ervor ' , thi fortun", Ihn policy, mul the1 interests nf tlir - i r. All i.!.. i:e..'i t... i.. f!f.neml Hiiverntnent. All hix life'liinir he Im Icen an priin.l anriat ilh thn.e (rrpat srenp: ' in all hi intcnalsnl leisure, In ln wmtpr rvc - i nine', hi" furhniffh'. hn retiremeiiti. front Hip t-harprr crui'p nf th" ramp, he ha lipen an nlv Fi-ripr, n etudetit and a Ihinltpr iifoti Iip yreat I tiatinnal Intprp.f. nf thehiml. Me has leirned ,i. ,i. . t.,11,,, f',,i,,,,i.. .. ., i , i.e ni, r , , , ,.o ,, u, . ..,. ,vm u, , , the ramp. Knr all these rea-on., I oh'ervp in him rtart. I.. .1. . ..l.'.l! - . . r. nt. fli..:. u.e e.Mii.v ji a i.mi'-i i ... Mil .""it"" trate nf thp land, lie 1" nnt tnrnndiirt onrill- nlrtnatic rn'retinndeiicp with all thp world : he i not to spttle matter' nf ititprnational inri'pru. ... ... .l. iftin ha t. tn dv.pii u ft.fiili liiiinjualv uint 'teadily, the laws of the land, which Oinjre prr'P.ribe'. Hp is to appoint linnp't apu inror- . runtihlc inon t(t ptiblic ittlit'o e n to lioM a , miy bo jHTinittp-J to h iv hope without extra vatrance that I have thn honor to regard him fill day, in t:ompari'nn ith any (itiblic Amcr-, pre-pniinptilly qtialiheil lor the station to J wliirh wo call him. I at lea-t would rather pie thp lUf td my country Into the hmiU (if a man that carried it atnon; the lixini; and thp tlpad, up the ftepps ofMnnterev, and acaitist the Iremcndou. Myt 1 luena V tsta, than en- out that radiant "tatuUrd, and iaid it at tlic foot of the hugH'li throtie. (Iintnensc appl.iii'p.) 1 count nave wtslieJ In say smnethtnc more, 1 ... i . .1 .1- i!v. ..! 0 ... r. uui am n'llliliue.i ni ine luirui ni utile. 1 un on,'- from the audience.) I wi I say, then, two or three words more. I l.aie the honor, then, to hope, that there is no need of saying, and I tin I myself having Hie honor to concur J . . . ... ... ... .1 .. 1 with every one ot vou, with ieppct to the In! low oilmen" uuu ui inegre il Whig Organization of Mas'.icliusetts, that in ..I I.. .... , .. .. !........... 1 the wo ! hi-lory nf our courre, in all the time we I av. ..'led together as Whigs, there was one tooincnt wh?n it seemed to bo so P.. ' duty and t et tu adhere tu our 1:11110 an i oro'ininalion, .1 , u-dty. Why, sir, whither eNo can tlto Wines n t..':.ehos.'tts .oe,.u,.. .... V. here, hut in this creed of our, can they find the words ol tiolitical lifeand salvation ? How else, and where eke. but by adhcrini' f.i't to our I liaitif and Wliig". can we serve Massachusetts and the American people ? Stir I t:fn 1. .... ..........I .1... .. .. . . wu, , mtw it. tie tiitii. nil. tc i.iim'iL O'.-P over to tlie orgarnz itmn of the uo. icrats under I (Je.lep-.l f I '.iml.lue I 1 lit,. Il f, granted this is altogether out of the quetion, with etcry m ill of honor here or elsewhere ; I taKe it rather that we ure more likely to receive aid from -uch hone-t men os helt'im to that 'p - rtv. Welcmne, i,one-t cili.en fllere Mr.1 O-it. turned round -n ... Uavid r.nBm-...r i .ile n, one of the ice rreM jent'. who was seated behiiel him, i.nd who until lately has was heally and Inpg continued. to the sup- i""t ". woo soan sappori our nag, hi every hemi-pherc and on evea cna-t. 1 take it for granted, sir, tint we rannnl think nf going ou-r to such an organiz Ition as that ; on the contiary. I think we are lery likely to atlrtct hntie-t men fmni it. When I say llii', do not lt tne be under-tood In av tint the Il.tlli111.1re is less M be nppo-ed than the HutlMo org.mizi- tion. I should Mk" a to think that oter, only regret mote and more that Mini an tnnr- ornis quantity of . 'hall' should cover up so very .v graiin nl wheat, (applaie.) while the few tit it we can admire are bv nther coiisi lea i flie.1 aside and turned tn poison. I "jroe wit you in the general spirit ol the-e lC''Li!utit'iis, that the election of Cen. Cas lo- ..i.rro.O Wnnl,! rr.iin.l,. e.'ilu i n i. ni r.i li'.i .ltd ,i wiideri,.,, .rwoes Aororiea and man. Sir. nne w o,id b.-enoiigh, as in th; case nf !n! absent vv itnes. is dead, h it there are u-t f.nir fatal, damning le.i'ons for nhieetin . to .ie of (ien. C. hrst ot.e is thit i ' r . , le'per.ite, in-at.o pissio,, for territorial con iict and foreign war. In-t -id of recngt-zing tint nur i o intry is already large enough for a jn.ry such a' me world Has never seen, in-teoii t staving at home to decorate and adorn it, to ,n .in, , !u t i. ,,',..1, , .,'. iiwn i, ..,i,i, itlcmpt to set It up as it ere. t tn iucl of broihet- I.....I, peace, pi. "gross, .mi. lite true'iir iitnms, I gather from his whole public life, nnd imin every one of his speeches I have had Ihe nistortutte to read, and which I hope I shall ,i"Ver be o'lbged to read over again, that with a circle of We-le'n moil around him and behind aim. and stmn;r than lie, I gather that he i-t eaten up by an in- inu avarice for in ire area, lo be obtained by more t,ar. In his inn N, under his administration, I si. out. I evee.'t to see tin' he idtiftll Itenublio lies- cettd to the lollies of Kings. 1 should exiie-t, ... . . i ., . I . r 1 . .i . . I XIJP"t I . tt I ni. me ni appr. ue..-,..,, ... i i should ever live to see bun President at all, th it he would oppose the best interos s of tin Im- uuu species, the true e'ory and true progre-s i race ; all vvotlhl Is la'rilcd, sir, to I t . i .. i n . . the end that a lew thousand i.ders may get to Ln. tiuclo Sun s dragoon', and a lew small ,i- ticiatf in IV L'row to bp great men, Tl at is the M-t damning objeel.t... to the polilic of (Jen. Ci 'I'l.e next is. tint that nrtv. hv a most exlra i fdinarv nver-ight, a blunder, a great deal mure ,,.n it is a crime, hula stupendous crime, an . . . . Ye', sir, Gen. Cass standi pledged "to-day to veto Ihe law ofFipedom. Tne Democratic Ue view, their ablest journal, allows directly, that philosophically and r .v il is a right and good titinir. i'rresnective of all party consiileratioti', in intend slavery so far ns our llig shall be I . (Jeneral Cass, lo make ike masters y ;e lor him, will agree to Keep om BiMies anu se.l new one', in inliitile generations. That is the second diliieulty with the C.f platforui. I The third i. tint in all periods ..I ils history, and piruculirly in the latter periods, th u party has lent "' " iii.ol'idenUriremeiitol the e-eeutivv power.' frtt ....... ,i...... . histruioemuliiv nt' checks n..' hn'liior under nur system 'I'lltlK ( ei.nNVll.Nr is t rucMitu ,V1 AJ0r.1T l and j : a 1'i.i.m, m ,1. crot nereiore clueily ll is 'i1'"1' t'Cftiai:i anil nrmy uTHfUfs, nuw uud turt-vt-r,' v ;"j' ' n'Vtcei?!!;; eTlMr,;:! 1 .. .... ..l... .i .... ....... !.,..... "" U bT !'' r'i' 1,1 : '!" I "' ""' '"'.'.''f u!r'"M' T "'nha mused by ES V,,-i,V:i;,i:,ir tV.'i.. I u Ine). cries out lo the people, " rs ty ye, lule ye " but '.'".ar's iheir will. and lrmi their cuustitmiou.-l -V- f".Trtl is brielly, The direct hostility ! nniiit-st atiaiiul the prolecliiui ol the free laktr 1 titierica. They repelled Ihe ti.mll ot 'aiand.l i.i ide the tarrill of M6 ; nd it is no tlim.U- lo them il the ne or hammer is ever wielded lieuj.ter by an Atnetieatiiiriri.oranAmcncaiiwolWop. That ii '''VXgeiitlim-'n'.'.hill lake tb cart ind frl1 low the music to llnfTiln. find rnnie nut under Mar tin Van liuten I Whv should we, gc, tieinen, nnd representative nl the H'hig Massachusetts I Why should we I who is Mmtut Van llureii if I liny be o bol.l I 1 tin not a!i hi II I were about persnii'itlv tonnswer, winch wnnl I carry w.tlt it no wemht, but necnrdtng tn the judgment ttf M'UK'husell and Ani-Tica pissed upon nim eiphtvenn ago who i Martin Vim liuren I Why the lint 1 1 ,cr heard il that itenil", nan waainlSlu", when he w taken up md tried by the whole noiiyottne penp;e o nisco.rt' I 'ry-i'l'nn a c'mw "f hlah primes mid 1 ,. . ,'" , ; ,r,,. n.iii. , , nmlon. but thai is no busn I mm. , The last time, I "iy ir, that we l.nw antlr iu ''"' "J'."1'1 nlTr""',l'li s, ',"'r',' .."f.n , wleii hi' sinod te'line the Inr ill Aiiierici on a ,.nr4 ,i,,l, urlM.., ritnl till' l-lneallure as a pllliiie nun. Here he was cUimniz I" be I rcident. '1 hey I "! -'."! .'""".'')" l""1 by'?"i' i,,,,Kt"'J I anil nil peauii'U llllll nl IllJll rniues aii'l uil'ueiiienii'ir'. iiB'thi-i H,i. Constitut.uii iiiiil LiuJ. Sir, such a trail, 1 h thl the world never siw heloie. Huch a culprit as ' that the world never ctw beture. Siii h a sentence I 'is fiver pniniiuiicedbi fore in the hejtiua of re-pen- a..... f'l.n.l... I alill.i 1(1.. ill. firiill.Mil r,"' men. Ltiar es 1. "tiiiiihiie he ore the arou'eii Comnio'is of thtiglauJ wms play upon the "tage in coiupirisoii wnh it. I remember Mr President, see The rSoslnii Ilrnss Hind was heard playing out side. Hence the allusion. insyuuiu that trial. I recollect he made nnailmirn hie delence. Hi' counsel said he was a most f ur spo ken person A (eiitlenrtu bred and born, undoubted ly he is He suieezed more men's hands, urirnued more caucuses, talked mole of deinocrai y, and ser ved Io ikt in the Demoiratio ranks lb in any man within the tiieuinry ot the ulde&t iiihabilant The People as I remember, did not deny n word of all this. Hut what said the people I what said ou I what said your lathers nnd lumbers ( They looked iliroajli the whole olbislou hfeandsnnl till ibis waspemctly , true, but they saw iimbim; in him. horn b.'i;niniiv' to .j. J,- "ni net " '.'tone oni-e,.uiseolsrliiMmessiiriie only ana r tutiinisell. 1 hey aul thitiilthoimh be ImJ net- andspek.'iinBrentd. almp.jblicble.lir.tanll.-i. they bad never been Me to truce to hi" hps on- L'rent I thotnjht, one grand n-iiinneiit, cue wu luiineiii.eiie wnij.tLi won., or 1 1 ... """ "; ii".'j mowiim.. men man. .ulinuasa m-i,. 1. -.1 t :. . ... of the ineichnnt'io th.'lojj'cnl'ili of M1cb1n.u1, III - 1101s, or the frontier feit'n.ic ,i. Hut when tlity wanted to Hud Inn, nl! they could we was the mo - !"J" l"1" . ''i"l '.'l". -" the-y lound him , 011 the ten ol 11 nv raoiiil . .Iii'. knw In. I wht'lher Iiimihw itn '!' '. ' e .'in no, 1111 hnw .101 w ntMoer m-uewuo W1,i ',;. .,,.,!,,, ,;. i,,i ,1, . ,,. ..... . .u,,,.. .r. tuous a'sent. ' O.i th n new of hisiile, on it all, on that lon sn!i lervielii'V fit the .Sf.nili no thn. r,.n..l 01 tt'J tit till: viency to the rfouih, on tliat relu'd in HI'J to take .' , ' "' '"'!''"' 8f "'"J T, S L,!',",.M which autnorized the Southern ti,nsier..l theN.ivrij put Ins hand on the letter ol au.ercantile eo.-rcpo"- 'I'1" 'h'- .Norlh, and open it j on Ins pled;" m h 1 tnes-iee. ihut be would vole n bill lor the f """""" ,l" " m me u.sinc ot column Ins sl.n-h stibserttency le tteneriii JacKsou,nud Ins cnorinou'. b'-ie'ii'S in regard ts Atiierican I.l,or,tbey wiole itiou 111' torehead find hlween Ins sljoindcTs. l.ollllir.RV .11 LN WITH fcOLTULRV rBINktriAS. 1 - L ''.T.y. V"". r'" .r'1. "".J?. ? ,,tl. .".JJ",1-4'i . ,'.' .". f " 1 hey cotideumed liuii, and adjudej bun ti.reter I L1111V.' .Suites. Tothat verdict Mn'saachu.-its con' i l! ' II . srniru ipj' iwnnj .iniu '''i. it y. ...' nun t.ina upon us to mtjure thai name under winch we hate filed nur country Iroin our mother's rill' t creed winch distinguishes and honors us uud torwurd hun to the ll'hite IIuii.m-. Il'hy.sir, I " Can these thine be, And overcome us like a bjiiituer'sc'oud (" Have we " eaten of the insme root," which takes Eft not lh, KlJI 11 h 1,1. Th.i r.n. i.,tv ,.i tr,,,,-!,,, doctrines, that unmasked mid detected eu-r of ,','u '"s ne unproveu in n s.ueie ju i.i.iiiaui He siy. be h n not. Has lie I'-. me sounder m re- w,th reuatdh. ''"free soil" lubor I ".i'.iy he s ud ia'st weK, mat in Ins poor judgment an, I pur enough it wjs Jirecl time, was the best m.-tl.od ol rui-mg money lor the -.ipportol t;.,tennne,it. J'JJll'l. "Jtuic"l oia! ra'j Im'y be permitted m predict and deplore 1,1 ndt.-eV-e. 1h.1t uli.its.-,er els- h- -i, .11 mie us, 11 will be the most suterertient.E-.nvi-h.nudsi.iutlieiii aduuuistrat.on that lllT,"V,"r' rr ,..,,. .,.i ,,., , lint .Mr. Van lt.ireil sivs tint he will not veto a liw of Congress To ejcieud slavery into the newly acq nred terntoiy. Veiy unicbolilied loiiu.i, ind.ed. tiy the w.iv, flow d. we know iln: I "Con- hlenie," said the eloquent Chithiiiu, "is,, plant ot r;, ,f ,, I i T i ,u " , i ,'r V ' i M If'ls sue eot n.l ol the sh .runts nlul streiivti, of lliu -rguiuems ol Is 10 i He is very s.uceie t,...l.,y, I have no doubt llul suppo e, eciitieiin n, instead otbein eleettd by me p-op.e, ns we know he will llol be, hes'.i'.'Jld come into the House ot liepresinu. tives, who can uudtrtake to say how tie w..i culuc uui or it I Tl.attswlnt I want to know, ll'ith what new (.leJiJi s, lie t i.",,k-w ,,'tlels, ,li W oejei ts lu III- po litic.. hnrioll , new ..ssts'l .tioli, w'l't he eoine out I J",'1 '.'i' f ."'"rV '!'"!' n'!J. "',"! hui mat no m in ku....sauy inoie how lie wiiUi'm out in ui the u:i-.,,, mulcted person, who never siw a gift null, could n il how pei k ol c .rn which be !""' Iml !hl U." hopper, would come out. w hether ia-ty pudJiiii., diy mcjhor ait doug.u. (uicat lau ' ' r!'f 1 siy notion,. for myself, but ns a great K i;!ih de - hater unrrsnd, and 1 am sorry 1 am so ne,,ri ub'e to ' ""'. "'. ' ,m i se- n. no ii .vim i u , i it u o.i. una siow . a I. spi . . 01 !"-',,,J'!;!.i;'?V',1,lwl'1'v1,' j !1, ""i'i'r J'"' ,,w ol 'otu". prol,ib,'ii2 slivety in lb vv,' ter- n..i.ej: .nLiiulu wn.i. Ucx. T.vvuir v,.j seen i "-iw. tJ.i lots ground, therelore, we wii. do m-e i lor lrerd..i with linn t., wnh M.rn Van I. ; wa ie wnii n )"il nur iriur, , .or, q u. t,.ii I Ihe who! - vast boJ, o ICiug ijctiine, I .to bar.e'M. I 0m'.iki,,, Ci vvjir.D, Cx, tLsior., Hidiiii, III .iilk is Tin. Coctitt. liesjuiuj u we no, ,vir. rrestiieni, iiptn ine sea coist, allow me to draw an illuir..uo:i, wh.cti m iy not be so iittelujihie lo all present 1 have ohen thought, in looking over the three alie intives, what . a very d llerent . 'tig this ereat nniiotul lupot ritnte .tHii.'uv ..un oiet ..os,n-( i.e. tu. . , n stiit sh.iul.l i.ltl uitn ill., .-ti. ti, ,,,.1 nt nl.,' ot ths .1,1 i-e . . i.... i . i .,. .. . , . i Under li -tier:.! Uass.sbe would be over ihe s-a lrsnksau,l s.lver, I''this tort, lirmg into that il.ig, and n.iki is; le-rseit ihe i. r.uroltl.e O.eau under Mar- tin V .m liaieii. there would be a general row and ni'inui fore iiu.l ult, tiruu hoin the ii i liter deck upon lh, f,v.,.r ,., hui main deck ihe ( ,h, hes into the bold an I. iieconiiiig ls one or the oih.-r is in command, iruisiiig to watih lor '. the shall svtell away beluie eve.y lavoiiog I. eeze uiiott her errand nt t hilauthtei,l,v. humauitv and ci vihzatiun ; every propn.ous ga.e sl'wll wall her on her . ,lV.r.V','"l f .l."?u"a "cmm-""n , u un i .,'v.i r ., our u u .nr.. u. . . cons,' nu. sen. Ihelloii. geutlcuiuu heie look husejl amid applaue long and loud.i A Cat Stoky. A good mnny dog sto ries liavo been going the rounds of lute, but we do not remember having met with ti good cat story until the following, which appeared in tlm Admits, (Mass.) Tiuhs. script, nnd vvhicli, in justice to a niir ierous, ami soitieltmcs llllinli llpoltct' . ( I isi, tner j(s a euruj uircillat! ill. " Lift Sabbath m()tfu,ri.. ,,,1 , .. belon.'iii" In ono of our a nwtlttrij om c.11, I lIoi);,iii In one ol our citizens Iclt lier Ilttln IuriI 111 (tllt't n. p,)SC, wltllo sho went Until III smirch of something to eat. Ot. reluming, sIk , ..,.,.1 them (iiiurreliii.r. alio then verv dtdil.n. r.ttelv took the ono most engorlv ongnged . . , ,, r , . mt. .o,....,.t .... ...v .... . ... . .. ...v, .. ... uol seuiny any uoiiveiiit'iit pluuti neur liv lu what she considered salutary V'C, went to tl ticiglilior's WoodlloUse, where she found n tub ot wnler. up.ill the .IB of which she rais-d her fell, nnd ilrotillei It 10 Kitten III tlie Water. Mio re hi!lU.u M n,empts nt rscapo, and nflcr re. prntedly sousing it into tlto witter till stllli- otoiltl V P'lllflied, ,.. ' ' i.r,.tl, ' t' , "s "-' nl she took it again bv thn nnd i" led it back tigain, doubtless tl thorough repentant for the wr0nglt had done. There has ben m contention in tho fumily ninco," l'min Peterson's Magazine, Bread Upon the Water. nv t. s. Ar.ttifp.. A lad was tnilinrr up u hill, neir the ritv. in r the wpitrlit nt' n hpuvy h.ilcpt, nn the after ii'intt nf ii suliry diy in A'i"net. H' ImJ Iven . . . , "i " , , . , ""n r ' ' ' , , 'n?, V ivpiI a "hurt fli'tunee in the r.n n rv. I he line il.. ... i.t. I,..u ..... ,.,.! i i nl! ItPvntiJ liii Mreniftli. Many time he ilmvn " 'C:',1""' ' 'ln ' 1 n ' u "rnicu u no wimimi tifvrr rpicn inn Minmm., titne he li.ted the hasked, it felt heavier ui.t ij ore. , . 1 !m liriv u.i fthritit Inlf wav nn tlio lull with I hit KukeV when a centlL.m'.in overtook nnd I i u . i i ' . ry-- ""' - "" ' " l""e-, ivlinn ttr -Ifinn ..I .m.t liirninM .nun,) tn tlx, ti.l ' Mid "imiiv- I ,.i . . i ,, i ,' m- h i?' in" y 7 I A I the Brnt!ennn took the basket, nnd ear- riPd r to the top nf the hill. I re. D.. ..,. think yon c,n Ref alonff now? said he, with h sun e, u he set the bi-1 i.i r i ii i ." .... r ,, ket n .n. Or s ha III carry it a iitt e fnrilier V .... .i i. . . . , ... . no. inanKjn.j,slr reii.rneui.ieooy, witn a r" .v nl pratitude on hi voting Uco 'I rn c try it now very well; an'd I am very much '. died to j on.' ' V'nu are rijht welrnm", my little man,' said 'he pcntlcinm. and pa-ed on, I wenty years trom thattinie, a careworn man 1 well advanced in life, tn itionle's in an old ...... ...1,1. ,. fi.,i ntl,n.itf ,., ... ' . ,, -v .......... P1'","'. 1 was a,one anu appeare, o be in a state of great ultraction. In a little ...I -1 . I , wuiie, nnwever, wie- uoor 01 me room openeu, at.dtheligh.t form of a youn-r and lovely girl glided in. 1 ' I'.tpi,' said low, weet voter, and a hand wa very gently I ml nn the old man's arm. 1 U it vou dear .'' he returned with a si'-!i .y ,s f,.,.,., a, ,e v vln ,ir neil , in , . . .' . .... C . . .. i.i .i 1 11 . .. .1 him, and parted her linger the into g,ey iocks umiaytn u.suruor auout , ., . . , i wooiu ithe it. oe ;one inis e.-e-iin'. c i rence,' said the old mm. ' I h-i.e a good de 'I to tfiiitk aliout, and expect a person on tin.' At..! lie kised her tenderly ; yet sighed as he pre.-sed bis hps tn her'. Ml .-. I f.. . .1 , I. I . . ..a cm iia-e , r m inn room a, ooiseie-.y . she Ind enlered. I he old man l,.i .-en calm, ht.fnre her coming ,n, hut the moment she retir- . o, oe I re line a.ia.eo anu arno-eii, iioi. i aii.i'u toe trior une tsiiv, ue cnininueu to pine toanu fro. for I., trlv !,.., an hour, w hen he stopped suddenly, and li-tened. The 1 I, l fi.m. 1 ,. .. II. . I,. ...I. It.. r street door bell tt'ti. t utt. In a little while a man entered the room. ' Mr. Mann,' he slid, with a slightly pefcep tible eitiParrassinent. p .,tiharrass,ei,t. Mr. rage, returned the nld mm, with a lee- , . ii i . . . . i i i tile, rtoii'klv ...ill. ,T .mi n '(.iiiifl iniirninrf . : ml he nllered hi hand. ft . l.,..,r .,r.c.l .l,o nt.l ,,.,'. I, , .l ..J .1" 1. :. ,T. . ' eii'imk 1, 11 joiiiv. uuuiic.c v.i.3 iiu jie.tuiu , 1 rt-'inrn. , 1 Sit down, Mr Page.' ,.i, . , w, . 11, , - 1 ',2 man took a chair, and Mr Mason sat t , t,n o 0. 'ttl 0101 You protni-pil an an'wer tn mv proposal to- night," .' tid tlie former alter a paue. I dt'l,' returned the old tn.ii ; but lam as little prepated In give it as I was yp-teru iy. In (art, I have nnt found an opp"r'iinily tu say any ih'ng tn rinrencn on the st.frt.' The roonteti uicp of the vi-itnr fell an I some thing like a frmvti darkened upon hi-. bro.v. There wa-an ein'iirr.ising silenee nf om' minutes. After vvi.,,.;. the 111.111 Called I'.ig", s ud ' ' P1""" .Mr Mi-on, I !nw mule an Innor'.!,' po,i f,,r yniir .1 inghter'- I, ind. l'ur weeks ynu hive evaded, and do Mill evade an an-vver. ' , i , . .. ..... 1 ,ls "'''.''' " liKt:illing,tbit I begin to Ic'l if ii ju-t c me for nlle-ce existed ' I ' None is i , tended I .1 . a-siire nu,' replied Mr M.fnn. with s ih.n.r deoreeatner ... hf tone. Mint vou iiiust renieiniier, Mr Page, III it (in lt"ver -might lo will tlie vnung girl' nT'a1: tinri. and, as a ('oiise.yiep.c the olTer nf niirriige which ynu wi-li tn her, will be receive.! with siiiprie. and it may be di-apprnv al. 1 wish to appro. ch l.wt tin tiiis suieect, vv ith proper discretion, To be too precipitate, ni tv , startle her into instant repugnance against voitr vvi.Iips.' ' Sli.-!ovp you, d,.e slie not ?' inquired Page j with a ill irked significance of in inner. ; ' A child never loved a parent more tenderly,' ret. .,. V r V ' '-,v her, then, an und'i'gui.ed history nf .'"ur einbirri.'m.r't. Jj. ,.v lier bn.v yui.r fnr- tunes a'o trembling on the brinl of ruin, and tl, it vou hive i" nne hop' nl r.'lief an 1 if. i. -1,.. "-tlt- , ,v sn , ,,.0 ,,. ,nv .wfu v an. re'. ; f. .... ... , . a ... . ., , ,u, fr l " X'- U ''" ll" th,'- . I I oe old tn did not reply. He wa) lost et i deep revetie. It i doubted vv hethcr I.i ujd l.t. ud ' all th it the in tn had said. d I age, and with ' Will you do this ' replh eeine.uipa.ience, .ns nne. ,' .M.isnti aroused bun-elf as fmm a tVim and answered wilh greit tirmnes and iltmty. '.Mr Page, Ihe sirneele in mv mind f over, I itn prepare.! fw." the vvur-t. i hive im idea that Florence will fivor jour si. I., stl'l I "ill not ue a single urguin.'tit to influence her. In that in liter she must rem tin perfectly free. A proicli her as r. mm, and win h'r if ynu lia.e til n vvr In do so. It is vnur t.tilv liope.' V il iiug by a serpent, Pago started fr.n Ids .'hair ' Ynu v .1 repent thi, -ir,' he angrily retort- and I '.out it bitten v. I cune to veil wiin honorable rnposils for'vnur daiigliter1, hind, voi, liste, d .! them, gave me -nM..nK.,.. anj p- .,sed mo in answer to night, .tow you t' .--t tne with insult: alr: mu win ie - per- hf : . Mij.,., ..n...r,l nn rente toll merelv bo d'in token of his willingness to meet and bear all con.eniiences that tnieht come. rnralnngtm,', after this angry visitor hid retired, did -Mr M.i'nn crn'sthe H.vir witn meas. tiled step'. At last lie rang the bell, and direct ed the servant who came, to say to Florence lie wished to see her ... .o i -I. When Florenco came, she was surprised to see that her f ither was strongly ngit vted. Sitdnvvn dear1, e.iulln a, rembling 'I hive snincthliig tu " to you Hut must be not long concealed. Florence looked wnmleringly into her fatlier'. , . .. . i 7, i. face, while lier liearl begin to sink. Just then a servant opened the door and lish - . . i i .., , :.. . er.-u ,,, ., ..range . ... .- , . , , nut ,..os.,t. young iiiiii. lift in the prime m t.t. r.meui'e luickly retired, hut not u.More Ihe stringer live ! Ins eyes upon her face, and marked its tv eel ilDessioii ' ' ImlliR intrn'inn, sir,' lu said, as soon as tho young girl I a I left tlie room, ' but Uct thoi test nnd inost direct llucWiv.em rtouib that I hive learned this evening MU, prompted"1'!'''. )r'f'" . " ',"'"' 1'ui mu lo rail upon you witlmut a moment s delay "'J,.',,, , , Wuulietid,.:. anil K.tchburg to .vty name l ureer, ui the linn ut Itreer, .Hiller ii' . i Mr Mason bowed, and said ' I know your house very well, and now rc member to l.ave met you mure than once in hu, sine.s Iransactioiu.' Yes, you hivs borijht one or two billt of u,' replied liic vi'ilnr. 'J'heu after a moment's pau9 he s'tlH in a chunked tune ' Air M is.iii, I learned In- iicht, frnm . nureo Iimvpo no rnniii In douht the Iru'li of the stJlemi lit, tint ynnr nlTiirs l ao bppn e Fpri t in -1 v em'iirr.ii-ed. ThU you nr. i:i fact, on thn vpry vpryent H n,'i u(.lry. 'I'ell ties, wlte'iicr thi" i- itideed sn j I nk from tin i !; i ciirin'ilv, nor frnm a cnnpeil. ii'iui mi r., i ciirni'iiv, n C1 !,i,,i',"r mmivp.L.ittn thi end that I tiny . . .... ' prevent the threatened disaster, it it is in tn power tn do i-n. ' MWclc-l -IvcUralinn. lie ,n iJ two nr threa Mr M.isnh was dumb uitn surnrne at n un -,ii,-.B i., t.t i. , ,...i i P f " .-.iT-'Vi;;" th iw.n;.' .fr'art 'me m von w nhl trnt your own brotlu-r, nnd J . . . . . . ! '.T?".!?. ' y..U'. r','" " '" .en inv, un-u, i u i irii; -tiu j 1 It is,' was all that the merchant coulJ uLer. 1 How much will live von ? Mention th ",ui if u,,Mn r1'3 of abili'-,n raise, von shall Imc it in band to-morrow. Will lw"nti t,,"","d d"1UM ruliuVC '"U fro,n J(,ur P''fnbarrassmei.t ? . h ) Jf Tlm, lfn Ju ,,,, T(Wn, rmw , ' 1 ' . in , i.,fi I will see yn i. (id id evening ? And the n- :, i i i i- r , , sitor arn-e and wa cuie behire us bewi dnrcd ,...,.:,.,,,. roc.mprr, ..., know what tn thin ( or say. In the morning, trno to Ins promise, Mr. Greer called upon M M.isnn, tendered him a check of ton thousand (hilars, with his nota of laud for thirty d.i)s for ten thousand mure, which was aim t the same as money. ' ., " "" i Whllethe rherk and note lay before him upon me aesi;, anu ere 1 he hail touched them, Mr. iu. (Jked earnestly at the man who had suildenly taken the character nf a disinterested, . .tr ,..,i:,,i r.ian.l n.....:t ' . Jw de,ir , ' ..,.,., Are you laboring under some error V ' Oh no. You once did me a service that I am now only seeking tn rcniv. It is mv first upp'irtutnty, anu 1 embrace it eagerly.' ice ! When ' ' Hid vou a service I 'Twenty years ago,' replied th mm. " I was a . ,-r hov, and nu were n m in nf we .Ith 1 One hot dav I w is sen' long c! -.tatie.p with a 'e'ivy bi'liet. While toiling ttpi. hill, witli the 's ,t ti'ioii "i , and altuo-t m"'co:np with ii. , ynt " , . ' '- ,'u, i e e"'y s ke to ,a hinJly, In took mv !"'- '- ntd it to the top ot the hill. Ah, sir. . ,,, kmv ;)W w t,,a ,.,, , . j , k ,, hnrt HndVloged tor the opportunity , ,'v (, Hc )f fc , , . you by some act ot kindness how grate tJ j.j. lint none came. Often afterward I in "t you on the street, a'! looked into your with p'easure. llut you .hd not remember m;. Kter since I have rrgtrd-dynu with ditTr'tit ' "iiiigs from tho'e I hive entertained for others ; and the " has been notime I would not have put myself out t,. surve you. lit night I I heard nf vo'ur e.ubHrr.u-ments, and imme.Juieiy .. .n.i ' m ' vi. t i.'t,,i ,,,i. . ,ic ir.i .tin iti.iitv. ,-.- . . ti. t .". UJ..,..:. ,..t ... ... . . j. j ni 1 . ... .i,,i 11 .9 a.iuuiancu .1 ,u iiraiigf ft uc ' ' .. Pi' the fact to which I refer I' t ( kjr 1 . t, i,,.,i r,,i.i .. , 1 - ...... mum tiwu, it, tt-iu. ..i.'o.oiy . ii :..,!.. . 1... . .i 1: u. nun , ut inn, niui II1U' UUU L' L I (h 11 la , ii.,.:... ...,-.!. r... n.. ..... iriuiinii,,,, , iiic I.LI. U'H II mi a lll'lf mil 'er, and not entitled tu the importance you hava given it.' ' To me it was nnt a little milter, ir,' return ed Mr. Greer. 'I wis a weak 'j ,y, j'ft sink ing tite'er a burthen tb-it wa too heavy, when ynu put forth your haul and parried it for me. I could nnt forget it. And now b - irn at th.- first opportunity, the favor,hy car , your burden for you, which has become too heave, until Hie hill i a-c.mded, and vou are ab'u l'j hear it nnvvard again in ji.ur own strength. .Mr jl i-on w a deeply moved. Words fail e l hi n in his eli'orls to expre-s Iii true ferlingj. I he bread c,it upon the water had returned to hun s tier m tnv and he githcred it with vvnrd' and tlmn'f'iltiess. The merchant was saved fmm ruin. N'T was tins all. Tim glimpse which Mr. Creer had received of the lovely daughter of Mr. M.fnn, releiveda cl'-'ricter of beauty that im ire-s,-u hen deeply, and he euihraced the nr-t npporluui.y to make her acquaintance. A year aflervvtrds he led Iter to the altar. A kind act is never lost, even though done ta a child. , c r. .. A Slave IltiofGttr IIacs. A negrj "" tlie roii-rty ot Mrs. hitziiitiiiuiH, , secTeted liiinull' un board the shi;i Saino. set, dpt. I'uukcr, wh i s.iili'tl from tl its ; poti tor i.tverpix.i on Sunday last, and 'vas ttot discovered until Tuistiuy v.' rKo ship v.-as several iiuiulred . -.i. .Nolwitlf landing ti.o rv .eltty nnd in convenience it tti . -sarily ctn-oil tlit ship, , the Captain inn. .. itely b.jre away for this port, ami pl.tcetl llin riinawny ip.stir.ljy Hurtling on baar.l the I'ilut H.nt No. Ii, :i I low miles Irom the bar, which vessel Jn,r;ht hint tu the cilv List ovening. Tho fellow appMrc! to have prey . , '", , .. , ', . ctl himself with a gnd supply of clolhini.'. as !:c ImJ mi excellent cavort bag well fnl, ii, a clot.k or, fo dltl ti-,t notice wlucli. lllirt' over his arm, ami some money, the amount f vvhicli wo !;,! not iiscertniu. Churlc' ton Courier. iiir,. t u ivi.r,ir,. , " 3 "jra-fl ip' TIME AKTRRED. ' , r .. , . "I'',', .' ""' ,.s1' 1 '? lifter Saturday, July , rjosion at ., A. M., nnd 2, p. M. r at ivccne at 1 1, A. .11 , ninl t.. r. M, 1 Krone lit 7. A M..nildg.l' M. "" J.' 1, A. M.,and C, P. M, ' '."'.!!' S'nn.ocl"!'' "'.''. Ihe Train., a. (ZZlTZZ'W Jaj ai j nd.ijs.aud returning on opiH.iio I "f'lhim. fjr l.iichmond, Winchester, "," J '"'"V " , l"es.l.vs. Thursdajs, "'hi)s.ouiirttv,i on bemorn ng Trains up r,iig tfr,,n those plan s the .,,.Bei,;e dajsl it w ill i:t Train down ; U-iiiK the shotte-i e. I.,),. i, ntriva nlternoon Trim st ui up, nrnviuunt llrnitleburosuuieeveuun.',- "" "ITI""i'o nioriiings to lirtt Tram asscneeis will nrriveut llo.-teii al II, A- .M. rnc, riiaees will conne. t wnh nil the tijinsiu l, II, llov.s Ka,'.', Cluster, I'lHen- l.llow. to a. al Iturhllitloll : Ltrews- ,('lntl . '. Sn.llltfliel.1, Weatherslield, , 'v w.n.iLT. Woodsiock. and .er t lt.,.i,o..ti,n. line, in runnertion with the ritcl.burgl.ail d the fyaget to and li"i" Kef tie, forms a dt ... o.. ,,,,,.n.,,i.ri lu'tweru Itoslnn ninl Veriuoni and .Noiiherii .New Hniunshite : Hcaitliful is the love ol a sister, tho kiss ttut lnth uo guile and nu piion j (ho touch is pit ritv and bringeth peace, sa.titf-ic-tii.n to (he heart, an' I " i fever t" 'he pulse. the lova of a siiter I it is moiiiligl.t to our path it hm Ilik'ht, but no heat ; it is of Ueavsn, and thssjtitr rfe on e-"'"'

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