Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 29 Eylül 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 29 Eylül 1848 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE. PRESS,F1RDaY MORNTNC, ScpteinW 89, 1.848. JTrcc 3vc IIUKI.INCTO.V, VI. Wiiif) iuii..SiJN. IV r Pie-idei t, ZACHARY TAYLOR, I'i r Vice President MILLARD FILLMORE, Fur r,livtiv, F.UATtTS I'Alltll.WKS. i .. .., Ti.uoriiV'T. 3 ('.".OUC,!', T. IIOD'II'.S. 1st DMslet. ANDItKW TK vCV.-Jd Di-nict. AL!)I'.I5 P I. ('ATMS-, :id Di-lrici. F.ld.lAII CI,i:Vi:i,AM), lib Dt-tiict. FltlDAV MOUNlMi, SLPT. !U, ISIS. lowing brief letter, addressed tn 111" editor of Larue, says " ihc gentleman hail not yd tlrn'.ii"' the. Richmond Lnqnirrr, Feb. '!, It. HI: I ,, tell them," whether lie would or not. The1 RRHRF-iHRRR Van Huron Co irier must trv again I ' hnrmrtnttt Testimony, Recorder IIamiwin of New Oilcnus is well known lo bo iih inlimatn a personal, Mi Kin:- I think ynitvrt l.itvlly for your fnondly leller. I utii: rr mi timk, m Vmi iir.pir.', iiriTiTi:n to mi hi:i i- ,.,u , imuiHi , unv in1 in. Tuitrr Ai -r or h'vt Sr.ssms, AS WPLLIN Itl'.SI'I.CTTO ns lio i-i a political, friend of (inn. Taylor. :t:l',.,:!H,N('l',''lLl,1:'' )SX, J'1' On tl.ooeoasion of (leu. TAVum's reccp- i wi 1 . ii .u, .ir. m ii.? iM.i ,ui... in "nod tunc von will line my vie.lii respect to tint mil oilier subjects lielor- tli.i paMic. In Iho moan Inn", believe me to ho, Very sincerely. Voiir oli vltriil sonant. MAKTIN VAN P.UIiF.N. mi: STATU PRISON. It is known tn most of our readers that the subject of changing the location of the Stale Prison, i'.omi Windsor lo Mine other point in the State, luu been agitated to a con-iiler.ihle extent within the past few years. Th" pro priety or expediency of such a step ha-i been suggested by the fact that the Prison has been, mid is, nu expen-o to the State; whereas, it i-i argued, m It Ii tinnier facililie.i for the profitable. Cical meeting In IIotou. Speech of Ex-Guv. Seward of N, Y. tion bv tlie iiiilliorities of New i Orleans, so.m alter bis return from Mcxi. employment of convict labor, it might bo nude co, Mr. HAl.mvtN was selected ns master j to produce a ruicntiu sufficient, at least, to dc of ceremonies, us well on account of his ' IVily ilH expenses. In both the economical high Mumling in Hint city, ns in consc. "d moral view-of tho question, it will not bo r i i i ri . li-l !, "emeu uini bucii a lesu t s tiosirunie. JOHN (iUINUV ADAMS'S OPINION OP (cnw of hi, long and confide mini Int. nn. () Unl , h Jl:lbitintrt VAN llOUKX'S COUllSK KS THii ajiw- I o; k" "io u Mo.yu.socu yui-M. . ()f Win.l-or regard the of the Stain TAD (' SP. , t""o.v ol such n man, therefore, in rei-a.,1 j,rismi hl iM( nJ PIintri,mtnry , lrir I'his older (to tikotho negro '-i) was on its to the view.s of Ocn. 'J'.wi.on, are entitled ls;llp ,,ro,0,;ty ;"ior if thev did, doo im- tiicn lvHitiic, HWepniiiL', uiroiHliiuuoii 11. .o . rS1(,,.j,, p -'lit and conlii enee. Mr. Uirinn il.m il., 1.1 ! r,,,.,,. ,,v l,i,.pti.. U,...!il...,i:,. .,C i,on. iui mine, cwn their 1 ......... ' ' . i . ..i' .1... tj... ..I.I. lt,Tlnllv nc u urn til fnl'mi'il III n tionlln "AT.THnlTCII 'l) I'Ol.i'l'lCI.W. IIAV. IN(i AIAVAVS MVSKId-' AI.OOP , I ROM I 111. U. AMOKS Ol' PAIi I 1 PO- i .... nr. limimera. nml nvnrso n nil nolil!,. ilicnlnvu nVM:1!!!'! K f KVt 1TI ! II ' Yf lVmVm'ul'!! w.mns 1urnoc1Mln.N1?' -rni: ()f ,imMJ,f ,,, )lU 0)portunities 'of opinion to tiii: puiNciPi.ns 01 THAT PAUTV." i xleinl il, ShoiilJ ( Taylor come in.WMu policy will preiait, and he will not exert hi." pourr to fo tlcte-l.ildc an '!ii rt. llavo wo any other b-mli-r Snmp anwer The Wldjs of R.iiton assembled in prcat! lint there ii a third altcrn.tlive pre-. nieJ in t!si nuiiiljtus on Piiday I'.voniiuf 1 t-t, at Trnnont ' lKr,ln" cf Miutln Van Hurr u o! Now York ; but Temple. lix-Cov. KIJWAIll) dolhered a noble ! il U ,," 'VhU K'Vf1-"'"'1'1, "mv nu-,rl' ' , . . . ... , 1 setentv-tbree years old, anil Ibere never wa, fpeceh, for the abstract or winch, b-low, wouio .! prnbibly never will bo a third p.irtv, which endebted to the ilistmt Alius. No Whig in the I cm peenre the control of ihe nation. (Cheers ) Union i-J better known, or more widely honored, i c"nnot be ! (Cheer--. It U not br-t that it in Vermont, for his c.,nsi,lenl and determined rW!ll ,''V' A great Repn'.lln bice ours mnt , .. in n-i i Jill, ..IUI IL3 liaillt.'3 llIH.U Ih i mat men are coiiicrvali.e in llieir nnlitlcnl .,.! ,.i n. ...... ' ...... I nembcr! nil tlie negroe-i, late ol tno np.uiiMi i ... unm.-.i .-iiiiu. Uchooner Amilad, in hi-" eu-itody, iiuiler pro-1 n)lin uow ;,, Uuiliugtoil who nccompanied ; ' Z K S1' Was ,!s' ouni.a1 '"v M' i' ' North, is of reserved .cu inv Tu.on. ' The Cninvntion a lopte l mo na it found mo v WIIIC DKCfDlII) but iwl ii'nr in my opiniom ; and I woulil bo without excino if I were to i-hlft the rolation-hlps which sub-ii-.ted nttbolin They took in"- with tha declara tion ol'principle I hid mblili".l to tliu world, mil I would be without defence if I were to siy or do any thin,; to imp ur the force of that dc chratiou." Tau.oii, Sept. I, lf?lrf. WliallS WITIIOCT MCV.MMI. 'v -'-,K hl.NUIlOM 11 I. ...... ..r.n.M Ullt'tll' 'I'tll- III I .-. IUI ll. I J i. I III. ..r.i.i". - , . , .... ,n, i mi.vsTi.iMi is tiii. w.inniM- or v. n;no.N? k.nowino the opinions of Oelicrnl I avi.oh, ! It ws im;. n tiik i.i.mi ok tiik on nil questions, have been of the best pos. I . .... . IX 'I'll 1 I 4 . II III' ... . ... Alio.-, oi ' ' . , n ,. inrar oi. M r. inc. I mrr. irn .rrnl. Till. .Sl'.l.l'-Kl llli:.T Hll Til. l.l.Ml or It id mi kn nv ii pMnn S vns! Pa mo v. or or cu win . ..v ; itr.rom: run nnnsmx or tiii: coritr, rr nnnx nit no ro rim, .1x0 111: nxr.crrni) it. hi: iiori.n turn st.I'i:i) xor uxi.r run i.irns orriin xncitons, iivt iiis 01rxnn.HK.1xi) of.v.wtix r.ixiiL'in:x. ritnsicxnit or Tim onnnit, crux run nn:xrr IT ified to see it stated by the Weil Chvstcr (P.i.) llcghtcr, where Mr. H.h.mvin now is. on a visit to hisnativc place," that lie is intimately acquainted with ( Sen. Taylor, and that lie (Mr. Uai.dwi.n) says that ho is sure tlint the (ienernl would not if Prcsi. dent, veto a hill containing the Wilmot Proviso. The Recorder is suro too, that to its removal, provided the step should be clearly jii"tilied by consideration-! of public good. We suppoe that no establishment of this character is likely to proie productive, in a pc cniiiaiy cne, where the convicts are employed in the various departments of mechanic labor, inrh of which demand.-) no incomidcrablo out lay of expense for materials and tools. Tlie licit department of labor for convicts has been found to be that wherein the least expenditure for imihmtnh and mnltruiln, and the least amount of mtchamral skill, are required ; such for instance, as mining and quarrying. It will be remembered that the very intelli- Whigs of the country, the names nointeil bv ',ACIUIIV 1 JVI" and Mim.akii roltnnee of" Ihe encroachments of the SI ivo Power'' thin William II. Si.waiiii. The counsel ami advice of "iich undoubted and iiiiim- pearhed l'ree Soil Whigs ns he and Coiiw in, will bale their jii"t weight and inlluenco w'th the Whigs of Vermont. We commend Gov. Si.waiiu's f-pocch to their candid attention. The lion. Gct. J.f.Nr preided, ami made a brief and stirring speech. The Atlas says: Mr. l.iint concluded by introducing to the audience HvGovcrnor S.jw.ird, of New York, who was received us he catno forwanl with the most cntlnniatlic applui'-c. Alter the cheer ing had !-uhidrd, Air. Seward addressed the meeting substantially as follows: In the d.irke-t hour of the Roman Republic, when Ci-'ar, llu-dicd with victory, Fought to crutli tlie lioeities o (icrin my, I'ompey wa with other legions in Africa. Sotn" of Iho peo ple were in lavor of declaring forCicar other again for Pompey. Cicero said : " lie knew whom he might to avoid, hot had some hesita ion whom he ought to follow." Such is Ihe po-ilion or had been the position of some of the Wnlg, and stieli is the ipie-lion which they are called upon lo decide. The miiiueipnia (..onvenlinn had placed lielore the pi.:.. r ii. i - .. ' ..r t' i III VI'IPJI.ll pit.t.'Mor.i:. Vim lliiren's lncerlly Tor I'rccSoll, It will not be denied that if ai; body was tier linniintti d for Pr-ident on Ihr ground of his 1 Tree Soil " principles, and his oppo-iitiou Ii Slavery in all forms and combinations, it was John P. IIalc. Well, months after John P. Halo had been regularly nominated, and wbilo his name was at the bead of every " Liberty " paper In the Country, Martin Van llurcn, writ ing to the Utica Convention of llarnburner .o ci.fucos Juno i!0 1818, used the following expli cit language :- " I do therefore unhesitatingly approve tha courFB you propose lo pursue, in withholding your votes (mm Gov. Cass, and shall do so my self? If no nthrr amdidoks than those .vow BKIORR Tlir. COI'XTBV AKE IT.ESE.NTED, shall nut ntefur l'rciJcnl." That is to My: Martin Van Huren, with his soul sudJeuly overllowing wilh lovo for Vtei Soil, deliberately declared, three months ago, lint he WOL'M) NOT VOTT, FOR JOHN P. HAI.H. And why, gentle reader? Oh, because John P, Halo is in favor of the abolition of Slav ery in the District ol Columbia, and he, (Van uiVMons, and of Iho iininenc mass ol voters, comparatively few will join a third party. Though Ibis entiro amiirticc might be porsun dedtorwell the united corporal's guard? who hive deserted the two great political armies, your falhers, and brothers, and friends will stand fit and remain on the old Panctiil Hill plat form. 1 hold that we rnn-t make up our minds to elect Gen. T.ivloror Gen, (i" ifwe mean to elect Gen. Tailor, wo tun-.! vote for him Ifwe tnein lo elect (icn. Cn: the most elD cilve way is to abandon all principles and vote for him, or we can aid him by voting fir rome one eNe, which i in reality giving himjialf a vole. Hut why can wa not con-cienliou-dv vole for (ion. M, ...!.. ,111 I. .1.11 111 .. i.ivior. i iioy ieu ns nc is a o..ivr no i er. I rue, i- h ,,.,;,,. : , i . . i ii. , -1 I uurcni "remains in costixlld orrosixios to i t he s noinioatei as onr ciiididile we did ' .u . mu. net noinin He him. and the tiractical nuetion is. I T1,AT 'H-A-fiic ! Reason enough ! And now The Politic il'o Twin, Van Huron an 1 Ad mis, on lb" Mexican war: TUP. MP.MCAN WAR." IT IS DPR TO TIIK ITTt'RK PAMI'., AS WIH.I. AS Till'. PRRSIINT PROSPlllUTY OP THIS "I am not expected lo lay v iolenl binds inilis. eriuiinitely upon public, o'.licers, good or had, who in ij" clill'er in opn'.ou with me. I am Mir tAi'ECTKn to roiicr. ComiiiI'-s, in tiii: cor.n- C O.V OF TIIK 1 r.TO TO I'Ass I.VW s TO SI IT MK, ol I'vss mim:. This is ihit 1 mein bv nut hemgii pirty can.h.lile. AM) I l.MlhK- (-jiji'vi NA I ION, 'I HA P 1 1' III'.'IRIUM STAND THIS lO IIP, GOOD WHIG DOC- ,.IIAxnA- SUS i'AINKI).'-( Martin Ian HUM-..' Hun it. X.Tv,,,Sepl.l,16ie. .,.,. ,,UKSBNr WAll Wl I II MI'.X- ICO IS PNCONSI I UJ I IONAI. IN IIS' ORIGIN, UNMl Sf IN I ISCHARACI I'.R.l AND DP. ' ICS i Aill.i: IN 1 1 S O1II1.0 I S." I tliarha I', .hi inns.) nt..l ..":.. r....:i(r.n i. ti.w.ililn.T ,' . , . ' .. (immence npplaiMe,) and invited them to follow the Legislature m lel(. to examine int.. t ho , J,, pn,p()rtlt,cli 'T(, I!lltiln(,re Convention Uehnlt uuc-ition of altering the locution ol the 1 i,.,,l tmmitinipil l.n,,.! l.nvn .,nr the General would not veto n bill aholishiii'p st.itu Prison, Mes-srs. ('imp, Low mid Smii.ii: ' choice, ard we know whom we should avoid. slaverv in the District of Columbia. The ! uprr on-niiinniM in rernmmenilin.r n rbaiiTR ' t'v'-'11 thong I Snrne in iy he-ilate whom to fi Recorder himself is n I'rcu Soil man, ns'of location, and, fioin considerations ably set tiro hundreds and thousands nt the South" foilb in their Report, submitted in lfl,-in re wini sniu we uo now no is nomiimru I -r do I understand tlio roii'cienco vvliicli he'-itatcs between two things ; for one oftwo tilings mut bo preforablo tnthantlier. Tliore is an all-seeing eye that looks into the hearts of men, and for my own part, I am not afraid when it sees mo do what I think it best to do, under existing ciri'iuiistancrp. lint what is there in Ibis new third pirty at ill fe luclivc to us ? Why it adopts a for'tinn of our own creed on the point of slavery. They av that they are in favor of free -.oil, and fhat their candid ite has so changed his mind of l.ite, that if elected he will con-enl to abolish slavey in the District of Columbi i, provided a Congress cm bo lound who will pa-s a lull providing tor ,los0 ,vi.0 aru in tie mblt pc-rio J ic.i 1 ofak it i fifn niMii'il ifll..,.n'.ntri'il..t I 111 I nn. I ' " l.ibrrlij mm " are asked to vote for Mirlin Van llurcn ! ! J J" It really appears to a good miny seiiibli3 people in Vermont that the course of tlio N. V. Tribune is an anomaly. If that repectablo journal only u-uuld " fish, or cut bait," a great many of its yankee subscribers would think it more becoming the A'tie Hnland origin of its editor ! It seem, imir, to be only indulging an unaccountable propensity "to play the devil generally !" It is none of our business we sup pose ; only wo will be particularly obliged lo 3TWe tiiat " our excellent Hirn birner fiiend." P.. D. Hakiikh INq., in a recent fry public di-cus-ion, valiantly ( is bo always docs every llnuj ) isserien that J. v. nr.M.vju.s, i ,;,..pii ifwhig P.lector ol Louisiana, declared in his le-1 .Morgan, cent speech at Ililun Rouge, that Gen. Tajlor Newport, ..n..,i i .,:;,. , i, ,. r ii,n,,lim,ni'o ii n iiiiu',a ." ..... ,w - - Gen. Taylo.'s opinion of Mr. I'ilhnore. "'J'li2 Nation il Whig Convention met in .lull", and selected me as ih ur candidate, i accepted thu nominition with gratitude and with pride. I was proud of tlio confidence of Mich a bo ly of men, repre-enting such a con-'tituency ns'thc Whig pirty of the I'nited Stite.s, a ui'inil'e-ita-liou the more grateful bccaiH"1 it was not cum bered witliexietions incoinntilile with the dig nity uftli" presidential ollice, un.l thu ri'-poiHi-bihties of Us incumbent to tlio whole people of the nition. Ami I .mvv aiui, tiivt i::io ions i.m'ui: vsr.n ky assoi iatimi mv .n tin: wnu in ta or tiii: nisTiMiiiisiiLn riTi7.i:.t' ok Nuw Yoiik, wiiosk Ai hMnvi.nnu- 1.1) tllli.lTIUS AMI SOIM) CO.tsl'liV.VTIV i: O 1 MO.Nj MIUUT IIAVK JLSII.l I.MITl.UI) III.M TO TIIK 1IIIST I'l.ACE ox Tin: TICI.r.T.'' Pascvuoli.a I.KTir.a, Sejit. I, IrJlt?. Gen. Taylor's views of tlie Charleston (S. C.) " democratic.'' l.oininatioii ol' lumself. "Nl ONE Willi JOINED l THOSE NOMIN t TIO.NS COUMI HAVE II I .N 111.011 V Ell AS Til MV rui.iTic.ti. views. PROM the IIPGINNING TILL NOW I HAVi: DPCI.ARLD AIV SP.LPTO IIP. A WHKi ON ALL PROPLll OCCASIONS. Willi Ibi-di-tinctavinv al pub lished to tlie world, 1 diil not think tint I hid a right lo repel nomination-, lmm political oppo-; Orlenns Delta, a nsulral paper, dated Sept tote of. Democrat nt the pods; nnd 1 pro- (l""1 " f"rtl"1 S- ) wbuli gives a a nop cluimed it abroid thai I should not reject the sis of the speech of Mr. L-oiij mini, Mr. Lirue, prod'ered .-upport of any body of my fellow ci- (f.oco) ind others at lliton Rouge, on the oc- tliClls, Albany, llarton, llrownington, Coventry, Charleston, Craftsburv, Derby, Glover, Greon-dmro, Holland, Irasburgh, .lay, O u 1. 1: t . s C o ir . t v. (Senate Vote Oftlcial.) ll'if. lieilMtl. Snilt Trov, Westliehl, Westniore, :t." (il lio r-'l .'is llil (si II r.o 7 I yo r If :r. ; :n 17 J(l) III iVi !0 (!. 1 08 P'i Mi .V 10 t-7 :ir f- p r! yo Kir Hi ;i7 n l i i Scattering. commending Isle La Moll, in Grand Islo Coun ty, as the best spot for the new location. 'I he facts and reasoning of that Report were, wo belieio, very generally satisfactory. A bill was introduced at the last tcssion of the Legislature, in conformity w ilh the siigg'-stions and recom mendations of this Committee, and would hive passed both branches of that body, we doubt low. I hive drtennincd uivclf w leun I ought ere". Now is not this Whi" principle, and a to follovy, nnd have come bforc you lo express m,.ro -cileralion of what tlie u 'iig maintain ! very hritlly tlie reasjus which Inlluenco my j',,;.. free peech too who but the Wliig party choice. I fnj,it for it for years, under the guidance of the I have been a disciple of th" Wiiig doctrines ntL. John (iuiucy Ad uns ? In short, they prom proinulgateil by tho Whig of .M.i-.acliuetts. ! icC no more tlien wo Wliigs lave long prnmis and I feel proud to meet so many of them here 0,, and whit all partio- promi-e now-a-davs, for io iiigm. We must follow, I ay, somebody. We mnt have some leader; and it remains with the Wings to decide Irom among the candidate-! no ()! P,lrf Rcdfield's plurality lllli. (i!) ruinated, which one will be elee'ed. In tlie fust olice we must determine vvb it we want. not, but for the ili.-position, which is natural to tlieri we cm vote for Ihe candidate who will give a Legislative body constituted as ours is, not I ns wli it wo want. In the choice or 'election to make so important and deci-ive a movement ' "f candidate", every person's tt Hips cannot ho .., . ., .. , . . , , ... , I gratified ; all cannot le satisfied. We are without inquiry and deliberation. Jgr(.e,, i.vor, on omo things ; one thing we 'I he bill was pisied by, therefore, and a Com- ,,..irP j. the prnperily of the Republic ; an..tuer, mittee, Messrs. Wetvv outii, of Hollows that the people may bj made prosperous. Again. I." ,11 nil tli tin i'i. i. ,.f l.'nirfiiv aiinoiutPil lo 1 we Hi-sue a iiiuicioiis sy-iem ol mlernal itn 11 ..w......rt..i ii',., ing us "1 w's (ire ley .sow V if they will hcre aft.'r address their enquiries to tho I'rubate JiultC The last we beard of him he was "inn bad way." .Martin Van llurcn on the Tnrllt. Wo de-ire that in my recent journey ing", I have seen in-cnlied, j ".My opinions in rieard to Protective Duii eicn on the binners of the other party, "Cass, ?nd ihf his! source-" ol Ki-tcnue, were very fully given Iluller l'ree Soil " 1 m my letter to the Indmna Convention in 1813, which 'ii' , '. i i ii i was ejteusively pulilihd ; axd they ake the svmk he Liberty pirty has nits ays had my reject , snw , n Vcaiiim, Rate my rea,n"lor xe and sympathy, b it they have never had iny vote, natdini: the?vtem of taxation in fone in the Kiaies, for rea-ons now evident lo all. I saw them ' n-' a Dinner tax tro.v assessed rRwrnTV, ns mon; with respect and symvithv urging the two great -'l'"l and -rquitnble than a fjstem of duties on im n, rtics onward to their avowed olj.ct-but they Zmmaltln" ""r"" Wato lost mv respect una my syinpainv, wnen i saw U.yetig.itethcsulOect.a,;.l,er, to examine tho - mTnZZ them sacrificing the very principle which won them fime immediate emancipation. And where is tliir cheri-bed gospel now ? cut down lo almost nothing. Matthew, Mark, Luke. Julm, nnl so on to Revelations nothing re in lins but a few resolutions prepared f..r them wire-working magic, in of Kindorhook. Now. l'reemenof Vermont, look at, and study Mirlin Van furoi's sub-titnte foral'u ite. tivb TAmrr! He would have Pntr. Tiiauf., which would ab-olutely r.vis your great 'tuple interest". Wool growing, and would impose a "Dir.EcT tax", (levied in conformity with "the system Messrs. We mho mi i nnd IlrniiKi.i. will be found to coincide with those of .Messrs. Cvmi". Low nnd nnd that the necessary legi r Tlio verdict of the Jury of Inquest, held iMV0 itc.H uji thereupon be taken to carry out dons. 'I lie location nt "Pisk's looting .Mr. Van Huron ? there of such importance that they should lor-1 ,axC(j , rnic ,-al;e their lormer proles uons .- Does bo hnng ...,... .,. , ' a life devoted to tho sicre.l cause of human "L,-'"'''" I HOUfs. dirty work is as follows : Phis snini Air lllectnr Tajlor IVnyuuiu alerts nmliln-u.iuMieii-hnt lUtan lliuzr ir,',.re 7v- 'agoou s ..roccry, was "inaiuie saiu jonn .,.,,,,,,,. ,,. ,,, ,.nm.:,,u ,!... ..1,11,. it ,v,.u1,l hi tires, iidtliM lie mi dmil.t tlint Tnylur Cr.illv came lo bis death by means of a blow on i... !... . i: .1.1., ... .i. ..!.:.:.. .. u ... would It clecleil. Vi; ill nnv lliuia lenl.iinHl!! tin ' ., . , . - , , , i ii ii-'-s iia ui iiimi-i uuii t.iK'iii.'i nvu oi ill iuunui'U) oi cumiruM; liijiinoii-iy vvitn n i now Ire.' ther. We sav that si ivery should be opposed in every form consistent with our duty to the Con-Ultutl ill. To act cfiVtirillv on all thcs-e great .subi 'ds, we inii.-t follow some leader ; we nrist decide frecdoiii vvhoin we shall support for Pre-ident, General , vor, before his lat plot, to be founl recorded? iy!or or Lewis La-s. .now, em we lullnvv Does h" hring a great hum ol elector-..- .No: C.i-s Why ho i- for war, we are for peace. Th" M.igiei m ba lost his wand, and th" nirtv lie i for swallowing tlio whole i r Mexico, we which once enabled him to aecompli-h his ob- lus now lell him it is now Mr. an llu P.vseiooi'i, t Li-.tteh, Sept. I, ldJA I)r.F.r.ofs ruvntiTEii or Van llriic.v nnt. w.n nv Cu tni.Es I'iivncis Apvms. 'The Piinciri.ES or Lim.iiTi arefJNP.V KUU sjfe in the iiv.misoi tir.s h no m im; A TUAIli: or 1TI1I.IC .trr tins. Mh. Vi.n llc- RE.N MIST 111. jrmiKIl III Ills I'ltr.eElUMi COUHSr, TAKEN ISAWIIOI.E IMI I IIOM Til tT i.Er.MiMtNnEi.i ni: iiimsei.i vhtii tiii: m: eiei. Tiit r nr. i, PLVill) TO ANYTHING HUT HIS OWN INTP.RIkST." C. P.'s Pamphlet Texas jiigo 1. 'Ami in coNsuir.niMi wit it hv.nuers .vnu MOST 'J'T IIP. APPI!1:I1I:ND1:D, we hive very reluct inily rehiotnnt'v, p-rhips, heciuse in lr:i i lis lot -d for hi n lor President, in pre-feren.-et ) Dini '1 Webs' t, been driven tn the ro.icliHion thu tlio u .MOST IMMINENT r ot uie n springs iro'iilli ciii.ii ivn tempokis i.nii I'oi.icv or Mil. VAN 1IURLN." Same Pamphlet, page U7 . JOHN VAN HHRKN'S OPINION OPGP.N- RRAL TAYLOR. At th" I'tira Convention of I'irnhurners that met iu I'ebrinry l ist, the following resolution wis reported by a eom nittee, of which John Van Huren was a member, an 1 tin.tni;nnuitij ftdnpteJ. Rr.soi.iKii. Tu it Gi.n. .AGHAIl V TAY I.'IK. HY HIS .MASTPHLY COKRKSPON ,l)i;VCl'' . -..-.t... IV. f ),,,.. i- ,,, tlli'i In 'll v.r nidi', I'lVi" ft (.'i.n-'.v ai-p- lo Ill cunl, pnii.-i t tijtttn-1 0 - is ii . til 1 1 in -ii i,,i . im, rtterilllUVe tltid 1 1 --. u.i 1 . 1 1' I ' ' Is, pt.tlh lie ..II "if s)bii-lt. Wit I ! l.ul.-S IIIJIIIII' '87 (or the Wilmot Proviso) to tlie Territories. , We presume this Inld a-seilion is tlie first edi tion, or the p irenl, of the following point blank ' and brazen-faced fal-ehood, which we fmd in tlie. Van lliirru Cmrirrof this week. The Van I Huron Locefocos publish their misrepre-cn a I lin- i.i Hit rootos. anil Van It iren (Janrin'S ic- ' i .... e .... ..!.. n. nr i t... ..-.. t... . . . . tail them in print ! The C'oio ii.'j part ol the : -'""") " ! their recommcndati .,. u".., I., inn iif.ii iui; i nrticr u. n,larrv -' 01, isip ,iitt. it seems to u-, is the .uaiuano ttaicroireeis, huh uirccny opposite ,...,. ,,p., ,,, ,.,,, sck,cteil i thj State. id John I ., !, t ,i . ,t .:,. ,i,. ., t,,i :, ,..,,i,i am for t illing no put of her. Wir i- the bano , i f Repitbiic-. it converts them into a despo- nnic intere-.Ls, would be u.oru i lien iv: want a syuem oi iianoiiii iniiuiry. This is necessary to our vvelfaie. Ifwe would bj a great peep'e we must b a commercial peo ple, and in order lo ho a commercial people we mu-t have our work-hops at home in-leid of That Iho body marble itself to be of Ilia finest nu ililv, and very abroad. Now Lewis ( n-s is not wilh n-on 1C .,, ,,,0," , easily ' worked."' It is iinmeiliatel'v upon th- "ns question be is for Tree Trade. Ilei-i.l Lake shore, whence it can bo shipped, without me pirty vvmcli tiecrecs tint dome-nc iiiuusiry mmi'ii in ri vwkd for Ihe Delia to Ihe purport , , " ' , . " hreaking liulk, ' to tlie Atlantic markets where -union oe ui- ouragi. i.i .voiv iwkiiiiu hi jmHi nytiiijm, ui jor lie ueia io ine purpori ,mt hlood was seen some G feet up the bank on i ,,,st in do, ml. I'or ll,lit.,r ,,,lr,.,. Ma-s t-hu-etls we feel and we know that inter- tlie North side of the ditch where the body was 1 m-ntal purposes, this marble is of a very mpe- 11 il improvement-- are b.-nelicial. We know found, were facts satisfnetorilv ...lahli.lied in nor ilosxriptlon, and we entertain no iloultt 111 It, ' '" uiiii iiiiprinc a n v. inn .. . . i iniiler iudieious mairu'eiiient Isiich. for itistnnee. unite u-111 clo-er I'onds of union. Il:e Jtirv. tioil orei I lltleil litem Irom I'on.iiin' to n tt t . J . -- , .... . ... ..i.. ' 1 " - as lint lie.stov.etl, miner existing unlinrraii- other conclusion than Hut C rally came to bis ' M,(lN hy Co) Huii.ow, the pre-,ont ellicient djntli by viidence. l'.irllter than tliis, however, j an 1 faitliful Siiierintendent ) the labor of the no evidence coi.ld he oblained : nod afier n m. I otalo convicts miL'lit lie employed m a ICherrs Per my own put. neither .Mr. Van nF taxation in ronrf. n the -everall.STATF.s,'") Huren, oranv o'.hcr siatesm m who has, through-1 , .,f .., ,. - . , Btute rnsons oi outer ni-uus, mm io lepon, the people. Aod there is still another great I , . I,, l.n ..iinin& i,i I in iirnniKn n ir in i millrr ii-lur I U'l, i he, ,. nn,l ic teitlm. it .1 .... i.i. .i. I mis v , -w.-, .. , .... . , nuren or nnv omcr ciw in woo u.ts , uirougi.- i ,. ,..,i,,t ,,f ;.: ,i, ...-.. r ,j r,. thev sh.iubl arrive. ' verv is curling an iulluence l.o.-t',!e to ! nut uu i,f(., ,-,pp,Mnl ,, cause of humanily.shall , ! 3 thc '"d "f ra,,,.g the neces-nry funds for Wo b-ive very little doubt th it the views of r ' , ' " ' r l'VP".: m "V. ""' llv "'" ;l I'1 l,.for!n,f"r l,!r"at "Pl-lanse 1 ( -"IT - """'" "T. ' j.'-..iii.ii,i, i. .in- mil wini ins ine tuirtl partv gnneu nv so- oorses, came, vva.cues, cairrige-, .vc. etc. etc. Int tloes he hring i the oninion of Martin Van Huren. should bo (nnt le-s than HVK AND DOLLARS AN- unmen.-e sum rrtpured lo ' principle uf the ll'll.MOl' PKOVISO, !" Now wo have before its a copy of the New ci-ion referred to by the Ctiuriir. Time is nut a iuUlnni sillidik in the sjineh of .Mr lit li the right sido of the head inflicted by some per son or persons unknown to tho Jury." A large number of witnesses, chiefly Iho in mates of the bouse occupied by M'Linghlin, (where lite deceased was l ist spon) were exam ined, but without eliciting any facts that war ranted the arrest of any person. was irmmed some -JO feel Irom the spot where it first fell afler iccciv ing Iho fital blow, and Where is his first breath iu its f,i- NL'AI.I.Y) of the carry on the National Government, while "urciffti orodiiclions an.! fabrics, tit it come in direct and destructive competition wilh vor. productions and fibres, s'lould be admitted free'. Liok at i'i and reflect upon it'! nilit ot tlie inec directly profit ildc to tlie State, iu inilermlly , reducing, if not wholly preventing, Ihe present dram upon tli" ruinie. i re.isiiry tor its nuniL'e nient. 'Iho .Marble (linrrv known as " Pisk's Unarrv," is stated to be inexh ui-lililr, nnd the or ell'ect staled by Hie I'an lliutn Couriir above. Mr. Hemamis s .in xo s.o ii tiiino as iiErr.E- sEXTLii. Tlie Courier mu-t gather its J'nili from more reliable sourci s ! Rut, in reply to Hie speech of "Mr Taylor P.lector H.'iij iinin," made "a fortnight ago," lite Delia ci n ains an ab-tract of tlie speech of t Mr. Loio'ojoCa s-ai.d-llutler y.'rnp, lo no extract or two Irom which we beg leave lo cill the a'.lenti hi of Ihe Van llur n Couriir Sjieaking of tlie Whig, he say s , . " Tliey go iulo lite pohth'.'il coulee! with n p'.alfumi ol llnee ptiiieiples One is n hutinh tor Old ick ' lite i. llu r is ihe ll'ilmul I'rousu, and lite thud i s 1 " luU'tual Intpiovt uictils. j Now vvliin we consider that Mr. I.aruo wn I talking in iinuicihale reply lo Mr llenjaiiiin, nwl in his presence , tho above is beautifully consist ent with the Courier humbug that Mr Heniiiiiin It id ju-t declared Hut Gen. Tay lor " would veto any thing contrary lo lite Wilmot Proviso!' Hut read a few further extracts Irom .Mr. Larue' " Hut lirfit,tts to (Jen. Cas opinions on the H'lhimt " Proviso, what wete they 1 ll'liy, they wen ttiven " eleatlv. dlsittn-lv , illlil lilili-selvedly 111 his letter lo Air NiilioUuii, There wiisno atu'iiguity iu ihe lient anil protracted invesligation of some 9 or 10 hours, the Jury separated on rendering the verdict we have specified above. We presume Ihe authorities will not feel il compatible wilh llieir duty lo let the matter rc.-t bete, however. Hi "The Van It iren Cuirier enquires : "How much did the Winooski Taylorites sein belting on Iho strength of the statement can tell onr amiablo friends, however, of a man who did'nt lose a bet, a few tliys ago, anil that is one of llieir own frec-soil-sclvcs ! The 'jun ior" in the Van Huren concern, not many days since, with a .sublime lorgetliiluess of hi-lory, niJimer to render tlie St ile Prison a sotnee of revenue, histoid ol" expense, to the State. Upon this ('u-lrry. wo iiudeisland it lo he Hie I'ltey tn.ik us realize that we aio brethren. Now l.'wis C.iss, although he h is f imid lime to w rite a volume in pi ile of the late Prenc.'i lung, yet wu n lovit. tl lo alien I a Urge and re-pectialne Couvcntio.i at Cltic.igo, w limit assembled to de vise inea-iires for I Im improvement of our rivers aiidhirbors could only liud lnn. to write in loot- reu alone. lie c nitiot linng the electoral vote of New York, nor can he even conjur? up a re bpectublu vote th're, for tworeisms: Tiin is, tint ino-t of his old followers deserted bun when he espoused th" cause of freedom; and the second is, tbil if they hid all ailhoreJ. the 11 nigs ouiii'uuner mem. (i livers.) es, l.nriy ; dividing tho State of New Yorli. there is a Whig nujo.-itv there, mil if the Whigs will but avoid false i-sues, the St ite is theirs. What then have the third pirty got? Why they hive sold their principles and gained a candidate! This rominls me of nil anecdote told of a Saxon Hishop in th" olden time, who-e smctity was great, as lie was suppo-oil to pos sess heiling powers. Unfortuil itely h" fell into the Inn Is ofth" Siracen-, and they ilninJe a- his runum loO piunds of s H-,' l.")f '- ' , 1-10 eittl", and l.'ll slave.-, which they nnite I should be piid at ouee, as the old linn's heilth was feeble, nnd ho might die. The vi-t sum was collected bv th T-TTIip following is the rc-nll of a Presiden tial vote taken on hoard the car- going West yesterday morning nt St. John-v ille : Taylor 100, Ca.s "i. van Huren 2i, Calhoun 1. .1 "i. ,onr. -I.I . Ij Can the Van Unren Courier spare litno from its Herculean labors on more important t)pi-s lo .in-wer ns one tpie-lion : Did, or did not. Mi'lin Van Unrei, in Irs letter accepting the HuMMo nomination, aim uince his " CON TlM"i:i) OPPOSITION " to ilu- Abolition of Slavery in the D'-tricl of i 'oliun'iia 7 ..liiiUEl) postounctl. We find the following significant record in Saxons, but before it was the l ist New York papers. Henry Clay can't o,,in on of Camp, Lnv and that "'ply a letter rf six lines, j which be said, Hut ' bollv paid tlie Hishop breithed Ins last: yet lK, seduced into occupying the high position ... . ... . ... .i .. ,..,1 l l., ,. i.. .. . now lllllifp to lose s,i ii n t eh w e ilth. lite . iracetis ... . . . . . . vu were lei I Hint titoilnr periods nl lits hie lie had " held other nnd dilleruit opunuiis. II el), what il lie "! ' He Iftdttol ii ilotiMlmt ihe Rentletnen thenisc'.Vra "(Missis. IVyion, Pruiiiss, and ll"v,jiuut) had iu ' ihe cotiise ul llieir live-,, ui.nrjrd iheir opmiotis in " lel.illoii to in my puhlic ii'iesttotts, lint on what "pro.! does tliisilnitee of (imiou on the pari of Mr. " Pnss iet, assuming llnlheever held opiuioiison the suti.i'Lt ! ss laviirulile In llu South ihuu lltosu enter .' UllJed hv hiin now I .c. .to. ii... Priom should li.. l.,,l Wo " circiiiiisiauces would iui perinit m.u io ai h ive tho fullest conlilence in tho sounil iiulg- , 'end. nient of Ihe-e genllenien, and will underlake to j Now, as regards slavery, we are opp..-cd, n guiranty thai their opinion was formed on an I said before, Io extending it over territory now honest "and intellijt nt cou-ijeralion of the free. Gov. Seward referred to a people who whole tpie.-tion. As we luve intiuiateil above, were slaves, th it h id appealed lo lite Pope for we doubt not .Me-srs. Wkxtvvoktu and Huu-' llieir freidom. Ho answered them by saying HCI.L will bo found lo have arrived at the same . that they should he rendeied free " from bon- of the Pnr.E, Hint .Mr. .M.viisii was elect- conclusions. The ipiestion is one the determi- dago u- soon as a gracious Providence will etl by 800 majority ?" irilion of which should have exclusive refeienre permit.'' Wo hope somebody vv ill tell that knows. We I '" "ie mlere-ts ol V,r .nw, and tlie nest man- e believed in Hie force of moral power, and ii -i in ciiijieijiii. in ii.n.ii.1 i.ii.ui. ...ii- ue ueneved tiiat lite lime wntiiii come, an i nut vict hbor should bo so directed as, to interl'eie j ,js ,1Vi h,, tR. frce people would free the least wilh the intere-ls ofne labor, wo presume jv.s iii'tliis counlrv. Tliis is to ho acrem will not bo di piled. Ta employ it iu ipiarry- ,,.,CJ l,y moral force. It was to be done ing marble, while it appears to r.-quire the i wilhnut iiijuslice; it was to be done by piying stnillest expendiltire on the put of tho State, la f, rfiiiiinrrntion for so great a blessing, fur iiitir;itiin.lfceV,aiiilto promise the most ,mVi ,Hi, ,t! iCwis Ca's i in favor oCcxteii profitable rettiin, will, wo are confident, encniin. jjmi, t.,VCry over Imdsnow free. No Whig leruo objection from tho.-o of our citizens who can"lhereforo support him. Whom then shall are engageu in toe s im nepaiiiiu-iiiui uiisnioss. in other section! of the State. We sincerely hope, therefore, and believe, that Hie next Legislature will pi-s a hill local iiiiwiiniie; iu ioso so nuieu u win, me o iraceus t . ,. n .lensd hi er,, Ii, I , s ,e..r,l, . '.1 ,W ,,,l 0) "' '''"'""' ' WI. seating him on a cluir, bore him to the Saxon lu Dmincratic Whig Clay Rxcculive ) S line. 'Ihe delighted Sixons kn"It before their Cominiltce s until- adviser, be.-eeelung Ins lilessmg, hut lo, i, in.Ko.l :, ,nn.; it t c. h" was dead ! So it is wi h the third party Frid.v evenin ."M iiutmt t v i,".ii'it..i. iii....... i ... p . . siiouiu iv postpuneu uniu mruicr notice. I.i urjtit tj'e tioihin,' to mislead 111 the style Oh lliitt rlullcligcd a bet of that Texas icai annexed lo 1'iis rimntrtj nv Tiieatv (!) The bet was promplly Inken by a Virginia gentleman who was a surprised auditor of the challenge, and the money deposited and Ihe decision of the after giving -o much they hive got a candidate, but he is virtually defunct. (Continued cheer ing) Such, gentlemsn, are my rei'ons fir choos ing as my leader Ihe nominee of the. Plulailel phi i convention, and I h ive en le.ivored to dis-cu-s th" claims of tlie candidates on parly mer its. I -hall vote for the c inJidale of tlie' Whig convention, such a candidate as was presented to the people ol the Un.t d Mates m ,eu n ir. ily order. Wll.l, IS HALL, Chainmn. N. Cahkoll, Secretary. Correspondence of the Huston Alias. MAINIl P.I.LCTION. THE RU.SPI.T Hii.i.nv.ET.T.jgept. SO, 151 fiFXTi.i3U.x: Nevei in the history of this istatr. matter It-It , as Hie gentleman remarked ' tn any ing the State Prison, as recuinincndcd, on Isle body w'm had reid ihe papers; but before the ' k'1 Mott. stranger (tho was merely a traveler through our villagt ) could get off in Hie stage, our very i v.,.;,, i Mr I. .!... Ue. into ., .lefeue,. ..fe,.,, C.-iss views ".iiiaiu siooeni oi History auu poiuic.s prepos. n liius-n-iii us inuni ii, ,,,y 1,11 hiio.aii mee, who 'hiiii ihe suhjeii el il e HMinni l'lov . t, its expressed iu eJ lo withdraw tho bet ; which was com toons rui.l a p.i.opti..o nl -tiisi.:,i..i ii,.., t i-i,. i,M-i ti i , his L iter tj.Mr. Niehulsuii. tlnl he look .. ., promplly acceded to by tlie str.iii"er. vv ho nliJ II n Cite the Plod, fiei.ti It.. !!: Ine spun i,l 'ils ut i ll.itl; il 1 lllilUltll lllir'e.l Mill. ol lite wtniher, which in ts well n till vee-ln'ip. h Tlnsrnu dyltis m tiu 1 1 F -indai retrr heOue nun, tied by titli huts i.i ! i,n,i nurU no intent mediciii. llt.u ,is iti l ns tniiL-h i-oot- ifieii.lili.iiuonsiil-ruig the i.u ,. it ( i, esiiii, is'.wd ii ill's eoitniry. Jlme lin.n ;,,) veilnl .itnl wmieii ( 6lt!iioni:ii3 have vi.unt,irritiy been tendeud u A!estr. A. II rir.itjh ",. -'.-rlti'v that I honjht one tnkiig- ol It :. s 'I'ait. ,,s,u.s lie.,-,,-1'i.wd-is, and nv I on ti ol .inn,- u,,t w ,s t onl,. letl tfti-ivly vv'uh s nu-i tne siiaie uokti.;.' tilled llilll. Tiie pnw.teis were u'ven nhoiil two inonlhsneo.inii I have tu-vera cnanv iiiuiimiioiis . l!i? disease sitiee. ' I II .1 ('nti.Ds, 1.1" IlriiMtiii. .t I Mr. Iips,Pr"idfiiliililie ni!.itieliiik.inlorin' I u licit he had a ll i's- cured el h-mea mid lial c.ti.h by one pickaxe. Mr. .1 S, 1 1 1'uhoti'St cu:. I rd lo let! us tit it lie run-it tits noise . in,,. t iiiimj.. ing Olid irouSlibUlie l-oiuil iii.tu.ii" lioe.l .y i, nletiei ot Aoiins nnd genciiil mtk uleoailii 'iii by the Tm terS'tllrS Heave I'jwilers. 1'i.ti.ici from ti lelter from n merclriui nt f'lvil. N. V. who bttsbold uu i'niiteiiteijuauiny olihe lleim Puvv.lers. , " I nave only 11 paeknges left nnl would Itke o l:nve yon scud j iimce mote inuiied ..teiy Ivvnid rot like lo le inn 'as eveiv Im Iv who w Isln e 10 (J," Ii rrni'ily lor Ihe.r lioises, vu in " Taiie!bil.'s,"nn I wih IJli.e " lliilhllij sis ." Veins lV . W M C. Li.v C.yJe New Yotk. l'mol' '.Irently I'tili'Ulteil. Besides the nlxne we can lefvr lo the pu'ili-hed ectlific'itrsi.i Ak.3rs. 1! A Hanks. South Autb y K. J : S. Hi.berls. 1.. 1. Je ie. Clvde. S . Mr. riiiui"-np. ti. in ' Mii.t lAnnil lohavohupen,otletl.v. (IJ JUTTKitN oj .Slate iittlit y. J.' It. (."IDDIN'fiS . n.. I ll,..l I... v, !,s llie lust l.i OlLe llie Irtle s;millli.ll - I I.U u..l . . !.,.. I.,. .. .,u I,, n.l. .,.... ,...,.. Q I i.i In. ill.Pllt ll-'lllt t lei I, 11 ll llllllif.irinn.l mil,1. Whereupon, the Pirn ll iren Cjurhr oOiOUUU no iiiii iiiej,-i i : lien lie ill uui .nil.. s.ii ul isouih Caroliiia, .Vc. .Ve. money .1 SI- I .1 n.t .. -i - ... .!. ., t.t., r,f s.l'a'ss'''. lo ilht-iraie mil luriher ihe soumlness of 'nan vvrnl on his way rejoicing !" lieu, I'll-.' optiuoii on the Mavery iiteslion j it was tioiti hts blue lite, too, he slid, he lead, Speaking of belting, can the IMitors of the I'ki ll iren Ciiiricr, ix either of them, inform us I !toW conies on Hint l.el t'jn Itiirno nill enr. I IS vUtllOllsly iy New Vol I; ! Once more; the Cmir'ur asserts that Mr. ' Menjatniu declared that (Jen. Taylor would crto ,'i- Wttuiit l'rot '.- i, Now let our readers c,l- Venn, that Ihe Speech of Mr. Larue, Iron, which , Wci.alm()t rt,fml fnm inv!tIn ,1P nttrlltioll ;ve are ipioling, was in direct reply to Mr Hen- , of our ..j, t0 ,,. I!lake a(,vcr,i,eJ o'liniu's speech, anil made as toon as that gen- hj. Vosrs j,KKCE ,AVKT & Co- Wc Jo nn, lemaii had concluded. Says Mr Larue: Mkyc any morc bl,ilMllul allJ fillisllcj ca,tiR, ',' " Hut now, sini'o they becmeil to bo dissatis- w ere ever made. We know somcthini. too. of vuui tieu. tnss opinion in it-taiiiiii ' fie.1 ,ass opinion in reunion loinoi ii,,,1,-iii,.r ii.i, r., ,. i,:i. ,i,.. , ..,,,! Wilmot Proviso, he should like 1 1 know wh it . . ' ' . . . ' . .. II- were (ion. 'Inylor's ojiinions on the ipiestion, 11 ls lr""1 - ' urwn lieinalito ore, iu Kut if it were only to havo the opportunity of com- land County, which is so justly celebrated for prring them. TIIK (il'.N'TLL.MA.N' HAD the tenacity and softness of. product, m. SO i- VHP DLKiN'P.D IO '1 Kl.L 'iHP,M. Hut wlut we deem specially vvorlhy of praise no Oh, ho! Hut tho Ptw Huren Courier, awwy in the Stoves offered by Mr. Ulakc, U the ox p here In Vermont "deigns lo tell them "with- cccding beauty and completeness of Hie castings tit'any hesitation, and attributes its trashy talk j themselves. They are fit for a lady's boudoir; i " Mr Taylor Llector Ilenjamiit! !" and wo arc sure nothing but the nicest care, and -ei Now ju.t look at ll.e above, from the Van llu. iho most Indefatigable attention to details, could jjSi Cm t impudent assertion up, and tell us j produce such work. who is most likely to know what Mr. llenji. Mr. IIi.aku's Stoves aro manufacltircd mill said iu bis speech at Hitou Rouge " n fort- j llrandon. niglil ago, me nirw aim .nr. Ii trier iu Vermont, or Mr, Larue, who was siieaKiiii; on the mine stage and in the uclual presence and In ri-on ; be was called the available c.mdidjle, Insn political piny Uvu so n-iounded and so mor and such ar.iil.ible candidates will ever receive , x'"" " a'e ,x' Deniecrniic pariv, tso called my support. (Jen. l.,r, like Clcn. Harri-on, !r 1 'c -IV"1?" fK"'0," ' ,l'as sa c?n1 . '. ,, . -,, r i , r u., "II ill Maine. Ihe vuteol ibis Stale was pleileej Is in all respects a win thy candidate for big' at II iltuimre lor "tin Tiiousixn" majority for Ci-s, Sllllraoes. lie is :i t'ltriot. till llOnP-t lli:itl nii.l .! nil rif I.h r..lmni,in nF.!,.. sL.t we sup, nit. and 1 7ovelo seethe American people select an Ijw to be elided by nt kast that maj inly There Is general Tnvlor; from the rircum- honest nun for the Chief Magi-tr.u-v. 1 am (iufrnorl . Maine ' stances of the case wiMireeillier to take hhn, or ,no-t emph-.Hcally a m m of pence; I , hopo to iS"' .Mr. Lass. 1 s iy, Irom Hie force of circiiuist in- see, and at no very ib-tant period, ai' Moody tho S-iutr, arc dcfeaied in Cumberland, Vork, cos, and circuin-tances are a potent element in combats done awiiv with, all wars broug ,t to ii Pranklin, and, I presume, PeiK-l-scot. The Whig politics, for they prevented Mr. Cass going to closs. Hut in Ihe present condition of the world, vote haseveryvvhtrt-lareely increased. Thc Wln-i Chicago the uuss of tlie Aineiic,,, people thinkdiireren,- TdttVr. Disguise it as we may, there are in reality Iy, and I do not atlem t to stem the current. I nnj I'mnklm disincis. Julm 11 Mcfiate bos but Iwo candid lies. There i no third choice, honor the soldier as I honor tho civili iu, nor can met wuli an uniwheliuinij ilele.-.t in the Comet Wu niiut choose between Taylor and Cass. tint he Is equally commended to fivor Di-inci," (o called,) which comings more lH-nf.vcn Providence has peruntled the people io b, div ,-, on Ine.!,, as well as to ,ho favor of his fellow aJn t.ed into only two great parlies, not into a b ill'1 men. ,. . , ,, The Whigs In the last House o'f I!., e-mativts dozen. Now some nuy say Hi it it won't adi-anT 1 ' have no objeclion then In den. 1 ay lor ; and had but Ii members, nnd now they will c. rc within our principles to elect (iencralT.iylor. I s.iy'vvlut objection then ran any of vou have? a tew of haunt; a maiotuy that it vv ill. lu all controversies, there is an al". ! Some tell us that he avo.v- bim-t li' a Whig, but " ls conceded by all the candid Democrats m our firnia.ive and a uega.ivo position. Now parly not an iillra Whig; but who would wish to see ft m uuTihZ: divisions are not mere ai bilrary divisions. Th-y an ultra lug elected I'resident; lterall the the U'hiss Intend io push on anJnnke victorvcer- do nut couio by chance. There is a great cau-' ultra opinions of your Whig friends, nnd then tain. "Kemehu." for them. The party which has ever protrasled t tell me if vou do not prefer a Dt.i mr.D Wui.i to - thing but a H'n'g, but we suppose he will con. . the north to tho south, is the present d iniin- an ultra Whig. (Cries of aye, aye, with loud Ixcoroco Dn tioiaky. "Clear and unques sider bini-elf Invited to attend this J free" de- '"it P'irly To quote fiinii Mr Jell'eison, Tno i cheering ) Ve, gent'emen, if we desire to Unliable." That tv Inch is iu dispute .xoiinern wemocracy are ine natural allies ol the I nave a vv nig aimum-irauon, vv.iu us ivnoie- " rne vviiole or none. A nine more man Jj'In the lat Ptm It, iren Courier, Ik I). Ihrher, W. P. Itussell.U. L. Puller,.!. C. Has. well, S. II. Price, L. II. Chittenden, and O. W. Hntler (ill .oco.n) cill a "Stale .M.i-s Con. volition of Ihe l'ree I) mocracy," nt Monlpelier on the I'illi of October. Not a word is said about the l'ree Whigs or Tree Liberty-men whom Ihe H irnburning " democracy have swal lowed. Oar friend of tha I'if.'i llurcn durier Inilignant at b'ing called any- m,.lt Oil. 1. in-.. . Hint," I li'ivn liPl-pr l.-orili'li it iit.ieri. ten ll Messrs. ihtber & Co. (who sign Ihem-elves j ,.ls ittays heen so. One parly las its found i "State Commit! co") request "thc friends of 1 tiou in South Carolina, and Iho other iu the Uock l'ree Soil" to bestir themselves and make this , of I'lymoiitli. JUAKTliN VAIN HUUr.lN AliAIAWT Till; ,., ,;r ,.,,; hitn.Hlf Ami vol ll,. U!. IV I'Hl.M' I'l.K AN'H llt.' " j-. .............. . j w TAKHT OP M. Vm, I. TAIL.! in Hi" fnl former lell us that Mr. llenjamin declared that Cut T.h'oi A"tilfl vein Hie Proviso, nnd Mr. Keep il lielore Ihr I'eople, That 'aciiaiiv Tavw r is the oma- om: or tiik l'lirsuJEsriAi. Camjidates who was oitoskii io the Anxexatiox ok Texas axd the Ml.XIC.ts; Waii. Mass meeting of "Democrats," "one of the most numerous and imposing assemblage" ever witnessed. How " numerous" it will be, we cannot, of course, foresee; but we are safe in predicting that in the way of" imposition" it will bo without a parallel. If tho Freemen of Vermont can bo wwo imposed upon than by being invited to (import Martin Van llurcn as Iho leader of an anti-finery movement (!) we should like to see the thing it is lo bo done wilh! The Nim: Pins Pai.i.ino. The Courier says: "Mr. Kdward (irillith, who was nominated at Vauxhall Harden one of the Coininiltee o Nine,' has declined pot-itivcly to serve iu that cupacily, disapproving entirely of Hie movement iu favor of Mr. Clav. Ho will vote Ihe "Tavi.oi; ami Pili.mokk,1' electoral ticket, ns will others whoso names were used without aulhorily at that meeting,' There arc now but seven pins left. Who f ills nevl .'i;,r,. The Whigs go everywhere for improvement for education, for the diffusion of intelligence, which are calculated directly to make men free. The policy of tho other, is lo unko men slaves. I should prefer at nil times, a Northern man for tlie Presidency, or rather a man who is not a holder of slaves. I vvi-h tho public vvereofmy views; but they are not. They do not agree wilh me. So I am content to agree wilh them I do no,t however, ugrco that a Northern dough face is equal, or lo bo trusted like a Southern Whig. Is there no dillerence between Henrv half. soinj results, we must take such a Whi" as we can triumphantly elect, in preference to the ' " Pil'ly-four forty, or fight." Forty-nine and candidates of the opposition. We are bound to flunk. give to the candidate of the Whig party a geu- "A bloodless achievement." The sacrifice erous support, il we desire the ultimate security of 30,000 lives. of our pirty, and the successful operations of its j "Indemnity for tlie past," losing 160,000, principles. (Cheers ) 000 more. When I have been remonstrated wilh in I ' Aid and comfort." Oiling the Mexicans times p ist by members of the Liberty pirty for , General. not joining them, I ever replied: "If you had I ' liovernment economy." j32,GG8,0 19 per not deserted Ihe Whig party, but Ind remained' year. faitliful to its principles, and imprinted on them j " No National Debt." Advertising for loans, more strongly your ilc-ires, it would have been , "Hard money," Treasury notes, a noble, generous pirtv Indeed. It is your " Will of the people." Veto and ditto, fault if it is not so now." Let then this third "Revenue tariiV," Protection to Uiitish Man pirty driw otT.tll the advocates of Liberty, and ufacttires. we shall have lelt the two great pirties, ready Clay, a Southern Whig, ami James K. Polk, or i , ' Mi-t-ciuey ol llie ?ou.l.. UwisCass. H.,l we circled the former in 'k iocs any one suppose that wo shou i nvo bail lVutir l ll's t ,.rit..r ;,. tlm MtU, For ihe Dai'y l'ree Press. Who nre Hie IVdernliU f Texas annexed, or that wo should hate become iiiiuovii 111 i war wnu .viexiio, anil inatnewi., ., , , ,, , ,. . , ' territory would have been gamed, over which to ,,ia "-' "'d nt like to luve lit wife called oul Courier Is out against fcmile M. D's. Hesavs extend slavery Hut Congress will settle this question of slavery extension. Should Mr. Cuss come in, wo shall bavo slavery 'extendeM. lio will use 'b patronage mid power of the government to in iho night to tisit another man. 1 A big snag in Hie Ohio Hiier, at Hitch low n, has a 11 ig r.iisd upon it, Inscribed Hurrah for Polk and Cass, They protect vs. The Fcderahst.,at the adoption of the constitution, were for riv.iis the- Prcsidon! more now er. and lb people less. Now the Locos n.lvocale the kmaly Veto power exercised by the President, while l'i. Taylor nJ ihe w l.ij arc opposed lo il ; innns thc will of Ihe people shall be heard threush iheir rep representative, in Congress. Who ltderalisl. w ho IVmocrai. I Wi" t Uepubhcan ner I

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