Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 29, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 29, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, September 29, 1848. 2? Tlic I'nlr anil Cnttlc Show. Owing to " the lioifo nnd confusion"' of poli tics, or to fomc other equally efficient "dUtuili lug cause," wo are obliged lo my t ho llx lilbitloti of tlio Agricultural Society of our Coun ty, to-day, lias notcomo iiiito up lo the mark of last year though it is, intrinsically, a good one. Chittenden County, however, can inale an Ag ricultural and doinestico-cconomical display fully equal, if not superior, to any County in the State; and it i- reasonably a nutter or regret that she should not do fo. Wait till c get a good Whig President, and a good Whig Protect ive Tariff, and our farmers and our firiner's wives and daughters will find and incentive and a pleasure, in proing the capacities of their farms, and the industry nnd ingenuity of their hands. Vc have barely I i mo to notice a pnitiou of the " beast", biidi and fishes'' that are exhibiting on the Camp Ground, and at the Town Itnoin, at tiie time wo go to piess. To-morrow, we sup oee we hall be able to lay before our readers the list of premiums awarded, which will cor rect any mis-judgment of ours. In the Tow n Room, the exhibition was very creditable, though not so full as that nl la't year. We noticed, in the Department of I'dnale Indus try, a good display of llosn, m'liiuf.icturrd hy Mrs. Ciiafin (Sillt, Cotton and Wool) ; .Miss Sauau 13. I.und (a pair of woolen hose, very toltand beautiful,) Mrs. .Moony of Knriington, (not quite equal to .Miss Lund's, but very nice) Mrs. Newell of Charlotte, Mrs. Itoon of Col chester, Mrs. i:. II. Wiieeli r. The usually fine display of silk manufactures by .Mrs. 1'if.rce, was not lo bv found. Very comfortable Mittens by H. Hecks, Miss DitADLcr of Huntington, and .Mrs. Tait of WillUtnn. Head Hags ami I'uiises. Mrs. Dow of I'ur injjton, Mis I.umi, Mrs. Newell of Clnrlotte, Miss C. W. Cci.vmjr of liurlinglun, and Mr. Kooi) of Colchester, exhibited very well wrought bead bags and purges. The reticule, purple and steel, lib Mrs. Dow, is a very neat affair. IYavsel. Wrv pood s imDles bv Mrs. Hoon of Colchester, and Mrs. Newell of Charlotte. 1 A verv pretty specimen of oil-cloth, was ex- hibitcd bv Miss .S. Perry of Wc-tlord. Some good Caiu'etim-., by Mis. L. Com-tock I of Slielburne. Mr. Woun and Mrs. line of Wcstford ; and a very line r-i.i .,r,. spun bv the Mioses Cm-!-, of Uine-burgh. I Coverlips. One by Miss J. Stanton of Es sex, a very neat and ingenious affair, composed of 5000 pieces : another, very beautifully da signed ami wrought, by Mrs. Win. HniN-MAin of Hurlington; another (linen, we judged) by Mrs. II. Woou of Westlord ; and still another, very handsome, by Mrs. Severance uf Hurling ton. Mrs. (I. W. Benedk r, Mrs. Root, and the Congregational Sewing Society offered line specimens of Runs. A Silk Qi ilt was exhibited by Mrs. S. E. Howahii, which is worthy of all prai- It is wrought of pieces of silk rejected s twins, by other manufacturers. Wo oiiinoi. do better than to copy the card attached to this very creditable piece of domestic manufacture, which is as follows: "'J his silk Quilt is composed of loUO pieces of silk, being the pieces considered useless and thrown away in Parasol r.ictones; from which pieces this tniilt was made by .Mrs. S. E. IIiiwahii." Mr. How inn inform us tint nothing is oaierth in to obtain these "refusu" piece, though rre un- dertake to sav that a good many things are easier than to combine them into so beautiful an article of domestic use as that wrought by jlrs. JI. ' A card of "Rerliti Work" (cruel), very hand- soMieU- .lone, was nvbibited bv Miss" Ei.iz v MtitTi.N of Ilurliii'rtdii. MisrKLi.v.N' --. Some pooil tpccimciu nfJoli Printing, Puiii Iiiilcls, Cards, cVc.&ic, w ere oxliibited i'roiiitliO Frit VfJ.t Office j anil wp feel bound, in coin-' limn modesty, to i-ity tint tliey are " ravtlier" Ml perior tn any tliiii"; in tlie linn lint can bu , " trotted nut!" Wlietlier tliey will lie jiremi-1 umtd or not, wo can't foretell ; but tint tliey mipht to lie, wc cannot indulge a doubt! I Mr, Aiim.ns exhibited homo s)eciinens of erv neat and siibsfintial IIodk-iumiim. f'i Ming liim to a preniiiun. Asm lUshF.TS, excellently ninde, by .Mr. A. HiiAiu.Ki of Williston, and Wiiitk Oh ones, a little better, by IN vi. Pikkmiv, of Shelliuriie. 'Jhe lt'isket." are of iinu-iuilly line workman - fchip, Mrong nnd Mili-tiiiitinl. Mepsrs. J. Mousi:, of Itiirlingtnn, and A. 1!. Mai .vtiiii, nf Hiclunond, exhibiteil very excel - lent (.pecimens of I. i:Tii.n. We nippo-o our frieml Mai an relies on the t-kill he has exhibiteil in " tamiiiig the hides " of hn oppo nents (in law and politics), to secure to him n premium for his excellence in Wn'i elTort. Ve shall see! Two very finely tanned and finished Hniii.s (whether hear, bull, or steer, wo could not de termine) were exhibited by C. Wim.hms, of Westford. Our enterprising friends, Mali oiiv and Wixu idTc'red tome line samples of their be.nitful Hat: The BuitLi.To Mill Covir.vxv presented their usual displ ty of beautiful f.tbrics broad- cloth and Casiinere which were universally admired. Some fine ppecimcs of warc, for domestic purposes, were exliibitid by Messrs UoirwicK vt Evarts a very convenient Foot liath a heat Register table ware &-c. &c. Mr. I. Dow, also presented beautifully mndo cample, enl'rely of Home Mnnvfnclurr, of Tin wake for Table uses stove pipe, .vc. cXic m i.m, riiAiiw fdntliiul tlio' Two very liandaome uiiaii.s, ijnuiii.; u( nefdle work uf which is very finely performed, were exhibited by Mr?. C. I'. Peck of Hurling. ton. Mr. Geo. Scott, of Hurlington, offered a fine Hat and Umbrella Stand, two Goihic Hall Chairs, and a beautifully linished French l!cd atead, from his own Manufactory. These arti- clcs were much and deservedly admired ' nicer. ,,r A well wrouybl of Rutlanil Co. marble, was exhibited by .Mr. C. II. Brow.v. A cliarming, tlio result of 10 weeks Uhorioiid work, was ireciiled by Mii-s I'krrv of NVeMford; and a Shawl, ury little Mils KouEKf, of Urn same place, only 12 years old. Mesers Smith, Wjlkins & LA.NDONdipIayod lino specimens of their (!las. A very excellently m.ulj and handsome Tra veling Trunk was exhibited by Mr. J. II. Walton- of Darlington. We luve rarely seen a but ter article. T1IH DAIRY &c &c. Noble samples of cheese were ex hibited by T. W. Itour.iH, II. Hfsitsr.t.t., Judge Mauii of llinesburgh, 1). Newell of Char lotte, M. P. Kick and Samuel Hick, ol West ford. Ill' rim, line quality, by N. Tw.eii, West ford,.!. It. Jewell. Holton, and II. Rood, Col chester. 1'ine samples of Seed Cons were presented by Messrs. .1. N. Pumeuov, and II. I.oomis (very large) of Hurlington, 1!. Stantov, Essex, P. .S.iirrit and II. Pieissov, of Slielburn. Tho display of Omiins was " a caution" to Weatherslield ! They were from tlio gardens ofMcirs. I'unrcnnv and N". A. Tuckeii, of Hur lington, S. HiiAiir of Clurlotte, 1'naAii Mkecu of .Shelbiirne, anJ II. Stanton of Essex. Mr. Stanion's Unions were icry fin. Dr. IIeineiilk i, of tho far-famed "Huckle berry P.irin,'' exhibited noblo specimens of PlJli'M.vs Ul'ta Hauas (mnnstei!) amlTlR Mls ; pioving that enterprise and industry aic more than a match for a " huckleberry mil .' I-'ine large Pumkins were also presented by Messrs. Siunr of Charlotte, Stan ton of E-sex. and others. Hijua-iies. Mr. J. Potteii of Hurlington' carried oil" the banner on Squashes, exhibiting one that weighed a very little under a hiwdml jinuntls ! Itwasawfjil! Kmc Squashes were alo tillered by Messrs. Pouekov and 11. Looms of Hurlington, and Mr. L. 1'ii.l.moiie o( Shel biirne. EnoAit Meecii, and IT. Pieiison of Shelliuriie, C. T. lloi'hisof Hurlington, A. Porter of Col chester, had excellent laiietiesof Cakeots ; and .Messrs. N. A. Tli keii, 1 1. Loouw, A. (!. Pierce and T. Connor of liuilinytou, ptcentcd fine Hekts. The " new Krench variety" of Mr. Ciinm n were greatly admired. Uniisii illy lino samples of Ci.i.i rtv were ex- '"'l ' M'- ' U. I'eck ul llurlin ton, aml ''lwJAR Mr-l:c of Sheilmrne. l'"T" showing no ' potatoe rot," by Mr. 1 vli n ot e-tlnrd, anil .Mr. I.. .vlr.r.cir Jr., ol Shelburne. Tlio Utter were " seedlings" and very line. n'no 11,0 "t,.nrMiiS i omatoc we ever v, Li i; nuoi mo ".iiuc.i ... iii i.yu.'n? ui Huriingtoii. Mrs. J. H Keck ami Prof. TuR.-.v, of Hurling ton, sent in very line Egg Plant' a delicious vegetable not usually cultivated in this climate Those presented by Mrs., e-pccially, were very large and perfect. I'ivo Waterm eions wcio exhibited by Mr. I. Pir.a-n.N, of Slulburne, A. Taft of Willis ton and others. Mr, J. Rood of Colchester, exhibited a loaf nf Refined Maple Sugar that attiactcd tinker admiration; It was thaj-l like ordin iry loaf sugir, and in color and grain could sc. ireely bo di-tlngui-hcd from the best refined simples. Mr. Cr. WE-, of Jericho, also, oifeicd a nice -ample of Maple Sugar. 'I ho I'm rr Depirtniont was not as full as ii-uil, though very line specimens were cxliib itod of Arei.r.s, by Hmnr.M H. Smlli: (Pall Piiqiin, very largo iinil beautiful,) Prof. Tniiui.Y ( I he hmly Aei'i.r., justifying its nainu) Mr. tioonuicii and others. Pr.vns. Verv lanro. In- N. A. I i i m:k, va- m-'Hes by lJr.MiY I lis, aim nunieroiis nice specnueiH by Mcss.-s. SjMLI.Et. 1 rot. iniiE,, and others. (iitve . 'I lis Isabella and Catawba varie- ''' ',ri'r- T"tm:i, werovery line ; as were those olfercd by .Mr. (iooni.icii. .M('s-rS. ( . I. lllll'hl.NS, 1.. ssTV.NTON nf IN- sev, and II. llt'sM.s 1.1. presented boxes of u.s fine Hon u-. Vankeu liet- cm bo enticeil tn link.'. .Mr. IIow-tiiv's lieautifnl sliovv cae of I'ruit and rinwers attracti'd attention, its usual, 'llie ' PtniM.t's An.wn"' neglects no oppoituuity to uilin'mi-'ler to tli-j enjoyment of lm "loinfif- HfllM .'" A very boiutifiilly arranjied IlougcT, tlie ban-ily-vvork of Mr. Samuci. ". Mi usB was al-o tini vurs.tlly attractive, as it iie-erved to be. j The Animals on tho ('.imp (.round to-day. are more nmiioroiu tlnn usnil, tave in the nf hlieep and iswine. j 11. II. St.u v, of Hurlington, one ptir l'.it , (Jattle, f.iid to weigh tOOII lbs e.irli. j U. Cn vriv, of WillUtmi, lino Dnrliim and 1 Devon Stock; one uncommonly line Devon Call. 1 Among the working cittle vve noticed mine 1 very line yoke;- W. I! 'Tavt, Willie-ton, J, II. Jkxnwox, Hhelburii, and D. Pbuhv, llurliiigtnii, owners. 1.. A. A., Ilssex, somo very fine Steers from 1 to Ii ye.irs old. J. A. Dlixn, Shelbiirne, it very Urge 1 year o'.d Steer. Several line Colts, from ttalliotii of the cole hrattd horses lilacl; llaw'k and Sir Henry give evidence that our I rjoders of liurtes are determined to improie. Jlinr.Ai.L I.ani: ow ns one nf the mist snpo rior Colls vve havo ever neen. Tlio ('oils be hinging to Mr IIkowxei.i. of Villi.-tou, (lllack ll.tvvk ttock) are superior animals. I A span of nolle hordes from Peru, N. Y. (Sir Henry stock,) owned by S, P. Mooue, attracted much attention. m, Niiii, of Shelburn, odl-red a very fine 3 old sorrel colt. j lid diock iiiir-c:. ".American linylo, own. od by Judge HenncttoI" llurliiioloti, IlArnoniiV Morgan from Willlbtmi, U nnvovin's .Morcnii . . , . , ., frmn Kir-liiiiond, and tlio lliirlunk .Miiri'aii rom t;ii arlotte, callt'd Ton i remarks ol pra u-o ., , ' ,,w i. Tlio .Sliuep on the "round vvero few in mini. bur, uui were cre.lit.iulc to their owners, .Me-sru Penximai nf Colchi'-tcr, J, Maksii ol Mines. burj;h, and ',. Skiineu of Williston. Wo no tice, two patriarchal looking swine the names of owners wo were umble to learn. It ii mure t,,i.,,i . r.l .1 ru,v ma, Cui inviiiiv nn iiopeiiy ''fo'ir friend, I.kvv-is lliani:n, lliongli o( cunre t'A VTIO.X! The public aic particularly cautioned acainst nur. (li;ikiiiiiiitntioniiriicl.preteiidini; oiave IhesHine riun.ii. i;im.u . n.ii iin.1 mui 1111111110 inner". Never buy the fciranarilla nnd dandelion I'anacra, KiureiUe's Totuatn llitlers, or extract ul.Sarsnpniilli, 't'oniato. and Djiidehon. or anv other nrenaration. with the exnec talion of uettini? the rrenuluc Iiiotrn's biirwiritla unit Tomato llillcin w liith lire picp'ir r,'1 nl 1,13 MfJ'cine Klr.rc, No. H, Wti-liiiisltn sliccl, llnsloii. I hose Hitlers mc tlx- lirsl prcpnrnt'o.i ol the lulnl Mint wn cvor iM, nn.l tlir-v are Hie only L'fiiu inc nrlicle ol llic kiml uo.v In ihe tnnrlirt. Always s.-o tl'it lb- ilin-rtim is sl-m 'd rUEI'i: 1CK" IIIIOUN, in bis .mo 1 i.t 1 1, 1 wrilina, II'lio ever henrdnl a man s rniimetfi iting n ,nd Imnk lintc, or niu- that wnitM not p issl .lust it is with medicine llii'V alwajscoiiiili-rli-it lint whidi sMls. Allni'ili'is Inr lUmi'iix KirsnnitUtii and Tnmntn Hitlers, liircitcl to l'ltEUI'.UICK IlltO It'N. the pinprieliT.Nn OS II iisluiimuii street, Huston, will be titlcinh'il In tuiiictually, Diners seemely paikeil lor siiipimu. N"!'1" neiniinp unless pyned I'llKllH KICK llKUII N, mi Hie wrapper. wl3wi Jxwniwixa sr. rr.Mr.xr lil"M TI1C I.ViriRR TATI.. , KliujIiTMlle, New Yoik, Aprils, 1317. Mr !s. V Tuwle Dear Sir A desile to benefit tlic nlllielcd Ins iiidiircd me to make the lollovviux statement ol laets. .My win, now seventeen ycais "t age, Ins been nlllieled, durum his whole life, Willi a constant conijli and p-iin in the chest, iircutnpaiiivd ..nil in-oi swenis aim nectic lever, wiueli proiluceii gieatcmacialioii and debility. During Ibis time he vvasntiended by many physician? ol the highest leputo, whose preseriptiousjrine but temporary rehi f. All our neighbors who n whim regarded him us one who was rapidly :i proaeluug an eailv and prennituie givve. I was prevailed upon by a fneiul to Irv Wis tar.s Halsatn ol Wild Cherry, lb: ruinuenceints use, and llie lit ft bollh; gave bun astonishing relief, nndnl ter Using four bttles, Ins tbseaso was ovetcomc. and he was lestoied to sound and permanent bealili, w.M. nrriTT. l'or sale by Tm.o. A. Pick, lluilington, and by Druggists guieially tlnoughout lite United Stales. HliKlHTON CATTLE MARKET Sept. ill. At market, 1000 Heef Cittle, !)no Stores, 13 pairs Working Oxen. 'JO Cows and Calves, liOOO Sheep and Lamh-, 10(10 Swine. Prices Href Cahle Eirstciuility, SG,50; 2d do, 81 i 3d do, r 75. Stores Yearlings from 7 to $0 ; 2 years old SI, "5 to 17 ; 3 years old 18 to .$23. Working Uxr.s Sales at .S7, !sS9 and Cows anii Calves S18, 22. 31 and S3!). Sheep and Limbs 8l,2fl, 1,37, 1,50; old Sheep 1,15 to 2 00, Swim: At whole-ale, 4jc; retail Safe iHavvicb. In llus village, September 20th, by Hev. .1 II Wor cestlr, Dr. ANDREW A. II AUItlNtJTON, o Whitehall, N. Y., to Mis. MARY 1'ANtiUORN, of Hurliugtun. In Colcliester, on th lStli iust., after an illu xscf three dajsol"sore throat, Hi .Niiv A. Til vvcr, young est son ol John Tlnjer, aged Tjears and i months. ''fill!' U.vnimsicxr.!) Hwixo Pcnnt S. the inlcret tl Vilas Noyee, will cnutlllue the bu-mess ol ihc Inriner firm in ail its branches under the name ane style ot MoriHo Noyes &, Co. Tlu y Iru-t by Initliiul attention mid hone I dealing to merit me eoulidenee ot old ru m . am I lope by in- creasi d labcities to add new uidiieeinenio to all wis!,. ing to purchase goods at wholesale p.ices. l'artnu lar attention paid to the litnusluug ol pediers. All busim i.. relatmgto Vilas .t Nuves will be sit llcd by M. Nojt!, ,V Co. mo r.u. r.o xorrs llolt.TlO A'. AYM7.S , Ji'jra .m. yoYi:s. lluilington, Sept 27, 'IS. Fuathcrs! Cj ELSE, Ileus and Turin y I", nthers tean anted 1 a Inst rate article kepi cnti-tantlv on haiei and 1 u tale I y M. Nl lYES , CD. Hicccs-ois to V lias ,t Noves. will New Goods. l I 'i' I .h ' , 1; r,'cent!y received their i .in .siolk oi noous, consiftuif, ol a threat a. rkjiv,anit purr:ritii at uie crv lnw-t price wdl enablf u to Hl at coinp'o.idini,' r.iti . M'T'-li'ints v Mnwz to repifiuMi tin ir t-lo.-I, goui-.' to rnrka will do uvh tocaii upon us. r-ept 'JT.'IS. vvliiell belore w-13 Stove Pipe. C'ANADA liiili-h and Kiiij, Sunn Pipc.n large llllfllt. aild fur Sllle Uluin I,.rm. . .Mcrihiiiii- can be Miniihed in u'jahties at advanta. ,'ccuis laus hy M. M S .t o. .Steccssois lu Vilas No) Sept. 'J7, 'IS. will Pins, &c. I Hfin American Tin, KM lbs. mixed do : I V M M oilii i Sew in.' Xecdies. M in. Yard do : ,.w iio iviuoi 11 uo. at .M. NOV IIS &. CO'k Sept. 37, 'II. I3 Threads. ft 11"" Cotton 'I'Ii-ohI. iH-orted Cnlnra. 20.) yjyJ llt. l.inell, do : l.'iMldo Siiool do, nt M. NoVr.s Cos. Hept. '.rr, MS. W13 Jjiittons. tflf)ti,'l'iw ',;lllt Hut'"''"- Lf t J Coal do. I'AiO do '.s(,do !() ilo. 11)1 HI do .Shin do. at .m. noyi:w c Sept. 'JT, 'H. vv-13 Camhrics. C i-cs Coliiroil Ciimbric-i. 'J do Silccitis Tor sale by ,M. NOV US it Co. s Sept. 127, IS. w!3 Prints. A Iart;e fcioik ofAmerican nml Ihu'lMi Prints for J m aieat c ieni rates tv tlic mere p'tek'i; onhi fit M. NOVKri V Cos w 1:1 Npt il7, IS, Cloths (5500 i i!i. (iniy Cloths. .1(1(10 do Satlinels. ljllll do I ns mutm l.llm do liroad Cloths, l'or sale nl icduced prices in ca change for wool or cash at M. NOYi:.S A- (Vs. Successors lo Vilas Al N'oves. ,-en. -i, ' wl3 - - Alpaeeas. 100 1'ioces liluul; Alpacuns, ."i() do l'laid do Til) do ."Madonna Checks at .M. NOYIIS .V Go's. Sept !27'M, wl3 .STA'I'i: OK VKIt.MONT Disrni'T of CiiiriKvnnv. s , I II i; Hon. the i i I IVobale Court tor the Djstrict ol Chutenik I o all persons con cerned in the estate ol Samuel II. liarnes late of Charloiie in said District, deceased, (!rceliii I WiiratAs Kra I loll nnd Siephen I. llernckAd. I iniiiisiralois ol ihe lnteof said deceased, prcpoK's , "lTM tli'ir urcuuut aium hh.I mai,. r exami. 1 iniioii and nllovvaneeat asrion nfihe Coiinol I'ro. bale, to Ik holden in the l'robnie olio-i n,,Vir . ,.,, u,. uivvuMi oi nieir iiu!iimisiratiou,aiui ' """) "fiouer nexi. I 1 iimnoiii;, ou are hereby noiifird to niwar he. (uieMioeour. ui me nine mul place atore.sjid, and 1 f."iuj-j. if nny jou have, why the account alore. (.'iveu iiuJer mv hand at Hurlington this Sfuli day of September, A. 1). UK ' wl3.v'J lIUADi'-OKDIilXFOIil), K,sitt, S'l'ATi: OF VIIU.MONT, 'ii hi: Hon. Ihe uisrimr or i. iiirn vhi.n, I'r.ibale t,.r il. l;.ir.,.i i.i el I,, .. i .,. .o lor the His net ot Llntte ndcii : To all iiersons con 1 i".i"i "i vimiriuiii; o nil iwrsons con , cerneu ui tne e.iaie ot .vieiora An lariii. hue o L1:l0,lP1" ' nXCm,XTlt, Ildniilli-'lrutioll. Ulld preM-nt ln-i nermoit neaioM Kind t si ne lor exainiiialioii anil ullowniKc nl n sewii.n of the Lourt ol I'roujte, to be holden nt the 1'robate ol lie ice in Hurlington ou the Hth dav ol October next. Tiirnrror.r. . on nre lieiehy notilied m nppear be. fore Mid conn at the lime and phuo nlotrtaid, nnd MO'W CIHW, 11 nil)' OU ll.'l V C, W ll V C IlCCOllllt 11 10,0 : t,nd shouldbe nllowtd. (liven under my hand at Ilurllnctoii this lGih day til i-Vtiteinhfr. A ll imm wlJiv III! A 1)1 'nl! w 1J.3 llllAUl'OKI) IMXrOKI) Jlegittcr. BOfiLlCS Ilvporion T'luiil ! The rt-nt-esl I'icserver and Heaiililier at the human Hair us yel known. At Wholesale and Retail by wI3 TIIEO. A. I'ECIv. nEASE'S enroll CANDY I Tho excellent X iiiedleihc is lui sale by ,,, . , vv-13 TIIEO. A. I'ECK. (Or- iivclicr'n Vuvimx.j) OKtlSONS SlTi i nitlXfl from Summer com 8. pl lints, Di.irihoca, Dysonteiy, ,r. e., ab-o allrrquir ing a light hirinaeeous lood will lind lids anicle lar snpei.or to Sago, T.ipioea, Arrowroot ,-,e, oce Di rections lor use on wrapper. Tor sale at Anlheca liesilail, w!3if I1A11UINC.T0.VS. JOJIX '. KEi.Luau. IVlrOKlDl AM' I'FAt.l.n I.V WINES AND LIQUORS, !J:t.- ItlverSl net 'I'roy .V. V. W ILL KKL'l1 CONSTANTLY ON HANI) f i during tho present soason, n Lirsc supply of lorri'u AViiH , asad Bjiigsio&'s, oi vhHoih (!rcriptioii, pihih' - wliit-linip nis oirx iMPoiviwrHhW ll'ivim; made nrrtmf;ciiu-nt wili sovcral Distil Icrs, for hi pupphi 3 nf itosroy Ar.i a n oriinn domim 77 f: Liqvons, ho w ill at nil Hint" In enabled to funii"Ii Ins cuMoni er'Wiih Mich article" at the lowest pruts. fi'n)ytS(pt.t:rs IHH. dl.'ilufi Winter Clothing. Tiii;i'nI);m:i) would npcctfiiiiyiiirnrm tin. I'uMir; tint hf ha1 jii-t Completed In? Stock nf Winter Clnthinji, comprising Coat1, Overcoat, laiit,,ani! Vt'Mol all i!''criptum( uhuh he now ot ters rlieap lor Cofrli. All C'lotluiifj mailt 111 Town. Cloth's cleaned Iroiu l'aint, (ireac I'iIlIi .c, nitlmut (lanliuir them over with Dye StnfR Drcs in l'rtwin and Ilepairinij done in liiJ neatest man tier. He will also cut and make Clothes on Shortcut notice. Also, For Sale or Exchange. All kind" ofpecotul hand Clothing very Cheap. 1st door W'vf-i Pearl Street Hou CIIAUI.nS IJKNNS. nurlington, 2T,Scpt, MS. wlliwU fi'resEi Arrival, OrrAU,;ooi).s, noV(Um:mnc at my Strc comprising as largi; ridi tiinJelegintnn as MUtinent an eer kept tn thi maiket and ut the latent and niot fashionable patterns. Vur Is'idirn Dirsscs Var drills. II Vnr . Cloihs, llnghbli (iermau 'and IVem h. C'isimeref, I'lain and Fancy ; Velvet, Itlk. and Kancy ; Vesting of every variety ; Siu k,Scarn,!!,ati 1 llownns ; IIoMery of every kind and 'Superior to any Uforc ul ,hTed heie ; (!lou'3 and Mitts, of all AIerinofs,Saxiny, fiOjom mj, Alpaccas, Cashmere', ), Laui", nud (iinghtims at all prices. IlinhroiJprcd.Coliors do Tiuler flilkt. do Cntl and llilkfn tlo Mu-lm Uobes, " Cainlr IMiimgs " Mn-hii, ilo Linen aiull.ace. do kinds. A li. S O, St pie l)ry Oood-, (iroccre( T.ipfr Hancmc, and Looking (la-'t a. All of th nbiive and tniidi more, Willi very little money and le-s trouble, nny hi found at OAXIIil. KT.RVS. Sept. 1 1, wUuriJUIw3 '1 1'. STAXIFOI1I) CO. ni-c rocoiv J ing and openiiiL' thi- weck.lrom New York and Boston, the cht npes-t a-ottineiit of CtK-hm'rcSi Mnitslin d? Itttn?, Ilrithh nud American Calicurs, Itramt and lilcnchal Shr-elinid Ticking, Flannd tr, k'C. eer ofiercd m tins market. I'lrncular attention is o1icit'(I to a choice lot ol IMMNTS. nt 7 ci nts the ard, not tmjirtftct nor in remnants, but 111 perfect order and 111 pitttrns that would do honor to u lady' toilet. Stilt mote pirticular "attention Hiequited to th- un'-qualled nv-ortuient id DK UAINKS aii'l CASH MKlil'.S purchai-ed at the (Jp-at Auction Sale 111 New York, tit priep far beiow any pre urns s-des. l'urc!i-ers will promote their tutere!t and secure incoinpitable hutgani, by culling, ratinmng and purchif-ini;. lJurhniiton,Seit. S, HH, v 10tf. fiAMI I'AII) ro Wihut, Hitkwii'kit, I Itye, O.H", Coin, Tea-!, tlehvereil at the New .'.nil. Hui!ini;ton,Seit. 11, W. . w.r vn.i.v vvllvvO dl:i.l3 Crockoi'v. IFHITi: CliAMTi:. I.ifiin' liu-i:, Flow. tV iim Illue, and Miilh"rv Ware, (new Hvle) to qether wuh China and lifass Ware inr.y he bad in set-, or otherwise, also I.nnkini! (tla'-ve, all sizes at w lj C. STA.NU'OliD.x. CO. ':iE'M'lin. miinsiTiisrmin;iis have i.-at n.i. 1 ditiuns to their stuck ol Cnrpeiitujs, I'lnnr Oil Cloth Sir , beiint now hilly ecpnl in the wants uf the trade. Willi h they aie nli.-rin and selling to all the wishing tu I urcln-'e wlj C STANITOIII) i. CO. Asiirnecs Sale in I'ankrtipcv. I"Y VlltTl'i; of an ordi r iuml out of the i'liited Hiaies I) strict Lcmrt lor the district id Vermont, I v, ill .ell at l'ublic AiL-lion at the Atutiou Ifottiu ol laae Sherwood, in Itiirlututou, on S.iluula), October i, IHH, at II .relink . .M. " All the rlnim nl' Ilr.-inj ,. Pruslrr In a I'uim lyittt:, mul beiu.i in IliirUttstnn, irhich tiirn irns in. led by Aiimndil I'etwtte. iiudia o.vir llenni I'eus. lee tu her sun (nine tlreeaied) lUirmre Venslee " .NATHAN II HASWIXL. Anmiee. lluilington, .Sept i-f, 131$. vv III 3w ! New Goods. I f) EW)oli(19' i:iw.fu.t fcrcivc'il I t In- supply of l-'iill and U'inler (.'.ood, coni.t. ' inn ol the iihiiI variety of Dry (JoruN nud Dry (!ro. 1 eeries. 'I'll' whole hivilii; been pirch'i-ed vv th 1 Cn-h nud eare, will be hoi. I, as low a at any oilier 'store in Town. llrotiuVloths and Cnf.-imerts, at , lower prices tlnn cvt I belore known. 1 Hepl 'Jfl, hH, dl.'il3ivl3vfi Pfiitiou fo tH Si.'inil. STA'I'i: Ol' VKIMIONT,? At a 'W:i of the DiirntiT of CitiTTr.Mtx, . S 1'rol.aie Conn holden nt llurhiiion, vviihin, ami lor the Diiirict ofCluilen. dell, oil Ihe t'.ll d.iy ol r-eplelulier, A I). IMI-v,

Charles i; Midler, Adinini'lralor ol the INtale o Ul.sln Miller.late ol Willi-ton, lu slid dlilcl, de ceased, tiled in said ('o.Iri lui pennon iii vv riling, set ting torth that the s.lld deceased died seledotn tract ol I Hid llls.ud Wilhstoii ofone liundred and lilly si acres in one body, Ijill ou the Soillh side ol the lUltipikc.ail boil, I. led oil the vve.l, by land owned I and occupied bv William .Miller, on the Snub by I land owned and occup.cil by Joy llradl.'y.aud Oeoree , N Wak.'li.'hl. anil on the Hast be land owned and occupied hy Ous and IMuuu'! Wluliiey, ami also thai the said deceased owned at the tune ol his death ! certain real i;-nte in the lirsl Coii!!ie"aiional nice. tins house, in said HHii-lon, thai i to say ihe one; foul th part ot the slip called number fourteen, the one Inlfol a slip called number siv, and the one tvvelth of it slip called number five and llie one half ol a stall in ihe shed attached to said ineetini; hoiire.aud that the above js all the real Delate ol which llie said Khha .Miller died seied,aml lint II would be beneticial lo those interested in said have all the said real Kstate sold, lor the reason that some of the heirs to said llMale rende out of the Slate, tho' ihe sale of uie same in not necessary to pay trie news aiiam-i ,sud Kstate or the expeiws ol llie ndmiuNlr.itiou thereof, and further showing to said Court that nil the heirs to said Kstate living within this Slate have liiven their consent and appro'nliou in writing, to ; the sale of said real Hstate of the sii.l deceased, nud ' prayinK the said Probate Conn to gram lino license i t sell the slid laud and real Kstate ol said deceased, aubicct to the widows riiiht ol dower in the same. Whereupon ihe said I'rnh.ite Court assigned ihe 7th day ol Ow-tober, A. I). HH, lor hearing and deciding on s-lld petiuou. III the olliee of Ihe said Prub.'llo Court, in lliirhuj;ioii in said district, ami, doth order ah persons interested, be notified iherrof, by pub lication ol this older llirco weeks succes.ively in the 'Hurlington Tree 1'ress, n newspaH'r punted at Hur- lingtnii, m the county of Chittenden, the last of vvliichpublicniioiiiobepreviomtotheiliyn.ii-ned nt inorea in lor Hearing aim neciooi. on i .in p. i t on, - , ,. ,uP , ini n, il, l!,.,.i,iei ,.n;... i. i.i n, . .!., .,. lo.t. .1 .... ,,l s..,,i,i..., a i 'Ink ttlS"3 nKAI.roi:.. Kixmu.,. 7,',,,. AUGUSTUS HAVEN, WITH IAH0ii:i:t a. o. 1.11'oiiii.r.b, ami u u.l. ntll.l.r.s iv I'ortisn and Doniolic Dry (Jooils, ... Vt .V II IVnrl Sheet, fo.sro.v, v9in3 IVof ice. mi IK COPAItTNKUSim' lirroloforn r. A i-lniB hctwien the snhcrih"i!", umler iht linn ol heeler, iMnv, & t'o , i this ilny l.y inntunl eoiwent ilineJ. The ueeounlol lli" Lite'o ol l.ii-r:ir- l-'atiileis'iii Sc. Co., will lie hy Luciu? Snn- ,U,rk""' .IWMVV. l.rCII'SSANDr.llSON, JUIIN II. WHIT.U'.I! lieoiRin, Sept. 2t'i IHH. ill.'il It will lit 'C Ij o thing AT ttUINCV HALL $1,70,0 o O W ) It T ia 01 CM)TI(IN(. i' now rcioly for pxnnilnfithm nt ti.i sioie, uvi:i: Tin: (H'incv maukiit, wheretJ.iinientsorextrvileftriptioii.nnileol Poreiiin im,l Ho,.,,, l' nn.l'ent III III" l.VI'I.ST I'ASII. I ION, tan he. had at about OMi IIAI.I' the uhiiiI to-t. t'Ol'NTIt VMIIX A.N'D CnTl'.NS allure in Mleil here. The (ioo.l will he f-Iiown hy honest Clerks, authoiin'J to ath lor llietn I OrVU FJSBI'S'i .liV ! WHICH IS Till: .UII7;.V7',aiiJ w ithnut nnlue- tion. 1 CAUMI'.N'TS MADi: TO OllDIUt. al-o, ami ol a 1'it out! q nlity uiiHtnpnfe(l. BOYS' (J LOT HIM; Yerv eheop.nml of new pattern". Itf' IIOI,i:s M,i: Oil W,i:HS aie paitia nlarly requested -o look at tins ast Stotk ol Cl.dTIIS I I.OTIIS. VKSTISflS, &.-., ready lor I'.ill ami Winter Irinle, and ollereil on e.xlieincly low terms. JOHN SHIMON'S ft. CO . OVCli QtiyilY MMIKI.T. SOVTll MM!- ki:t sTiuj-.r, ijostox. Sept. IC.'IB. wl5:iin Til Country Mrirlinntv HiifiLvllprs mill nil IH'iilurs lu .Still ionciy nud l'lincy (iomts. Z.ffm ov no iii-v nunus iiicap and save a HAMi-oJir. I'uour 1 ir so, ov wn.t. call on A. 13. IMarvin, IMI'nilTKK AM) W 11(11. l.AI.K. llt.TAII. n.i Wllhnm, oiosif I'liltl .St., .ew Ynrl.. f Hi:iti:yoiiean find the urea test aripty of poods MtileU to jour tune, auu wintn win pay you n irooii orotit. 1'txrv fJoorw. CoiiiIh ol every tnrietv, l!ru-he nf all deseripiion. Iliittons rerfutnery ; Steel tood, such as Heads, l'ure and It iu Mountings, &c ; Sil ver, I'lanihcd nud llritnnnia Ware. In S rATioM.ttv nnirlish anil American Drawing Papers nud Hoards: Tracinit and 'IVmic Pniers , Trench and Kulih Writing, Letter nnd Note I'apers ; Mute. Taper ; Gold and Silver Taney Tapers; Tortfoliiw, IToik lloves, Tortnhle I)eks, IJr. ?-.nii; Caes, Cold and Silver Teiieil Caes, (Jo'd Tens, Cuihry, lnhtands, (iloh s, Matheinaiieal aiul l)ravv iiii Instruments, Steel Tens, Quills, Tencils, lllank Hooks ol every variety, iVe. c. nnd every oilier ar ticle in the line, ot St-ilionety which are olleied at puces salislactory to puiehasers, hy A II MARVIN. 91 ITilliam Street, opposite Tl.itt, New Votk. Sept a I, 'IS. wljiu'i Opeiiinyr Salt; of FALL DRY (1 O O D S 1 S-lls ! f.l If w "V B B.'. ' T. II Ci'.nvr l!xi;rri:vii:. r ! The FirM (i-.m ol' the Season ! jUOKi: KXCITKMKXI' wim, iik cu'sini ifl. ihroiihrmt Uurlmtiton mul it-t icinity, bv tin tincnittcfiu ili-pl.'iv t liich Pry (Iotl. mf I lie milium price,;! l which they will be run oil" at the the rhpnp',vt Sture in th .State, than can be r'lit-tl hy nil the pnltticil patiitvs ut thf day. Kvcrvon mu1-! be aware (lint a t-ry Imiitcii amnunt of (JoihI baebpcu iiiipoitfJ i.r th" Tall Tindeut nml that dtMruh.c tjouJ- mu-t be try scarce l-lure th ".'a miii i- ball nwr Tiikiiiir tin- mr cranicd the I'nuiri'-tnrx ot the I.n!it' Ixthaiiei. hac bfen in I mirl.t't turthe ia-t twiieeIv,buiiueryetL,n'ie- ly lnmi th mipnrtcrb and the) Ihller thenit-Ueb their labor wilt prove not tu !nve k-en in vam, wluiiotir nu ncroun puron shall know uf the tre iiifiidous fctucii ol (Juods now opening. Hrochn Shawl-, tiom $-,.'- to $30.U. l'laid A!pnca " ISc ' C0 10 pure I.islr LiMfr. 1 do laruf-t sie lint) Roy I, on; ?Invl(t, nt n priced ve d ne not mention m nnudveitiMmcnt. Call mul HMheui. 'HiHeecrb j)rnadrl(th nnd C.T-hnere, rlienpiT than they were even seen m Ibirli niton. A -pleiub da-sort- ment f tMmg-. In m-IImi a cloth nr a cnat we pledge ours Ive to pot up tin1 irimmmp? ot the btst quality lur one doll ir. Homo ioiions ni l cis. per jam., j I x? .Mu-lni De I. nu-, ai t'Ji els .,1 Itut we cannot p iiliculari.e ; ll would take It newspapers to lie'iiuo lull the Slvh s of I looilsand the pines"! tie lil.that ale ju-t opeini, at this latnousc. ta! '..'liui'Mi. N It. We n specifullv tender our wiunie,.! thank', lo our liuinerous tiiendsiiud culotners, lot ihe very liberal patronage ti stowed on iw, lor the Inst i inoiiths ; or since the oiiinieiiceuieni ot our luiiues in lluilington ; and ll vve havcucd c.tra evertious lo set lire our Ooods at prices ihal vve nuj;l.t uudeisell eveiy other Siore in ihe Stale thereby inakiuu il loi llie inteicst of all to intromit this e-tabhshiuent, luthiu shall be liukii'izon our put to continue lo make the well known 1,-uhet. lAchaliee The (ileal Head Oiarteis lor Drv (ioods. W II.COX NASH. New Store iie.M to linnsuiaid . llrotheis, Church Strn t. Sei 1 1. -IS f. jMlust t:truoiitiiiui) lVurl w 1 1 1 ll t MARRIED WOMAN'S .' 1'. i ti: Mi:i)it i. com i'.yuy ii v nn. v. m. vi m nifi: l. t-roicssor oi uiscasts ol N Oman, Sivlh Kdiiiou Hmo. pp'J.',0 I'nce .''Ucts. I .-o,n:! cupios M)i.D i. six jio.v i'iis i 1 Years of nifll'ring, of phv'sical and mental nuu'ui-h ! lo m my an ulleclioinle vv He, nud pecuniary dillieul-1 lies to the husband iiuaht have be.-n -paied ili.m-! sands now poor would have enjoyed competence t Ihou-ands now broken ill htallll would have enjoved i it ; humlreils now in their graves Uen still alive, by a timely po-s. A-ioii ol the work. It is intended e-neciallv lor the litirnti(. nr rim. conlempl.itina mnrriii'ie, n- it ili-cUw nnpnrtnnt m crcN which .should In- kihivvu to them puriicubrly. Truly, knowledge pontr. It U health, h:ipp'mess niuenci I The roehii.'iH contained in its paes have proved a Ile.s-ini to th)ii'nniN, n- th. iniuimeraMe letlerhi rcceivcil hy the niithur will attest Here, also, every I 'ina''t!ie wif", tho motht-r, the ; one cither leidJini; into woiinnlmod, or the one tn the decline of m whom n Mure contemplates nn important ch.imje nn discover the cauv-P, symp toiiw, and the most ctlicicnt temedie, and ino-i cer l.iin modi1 ot titre, in every complaint to which her sex is suhject. 7.v Iniynrtance ta the Married mny he cnthered front the (act, that Trureilinp Agent make from Three to Vir l)d!ttrs it d vj I from it1 si!, hundreds of active, cnterprizins ncent-i are accumul.itiiu a liitle rciuntonoe tnni the lihernl discount allitwcd, nnd th" great deiiuind for it Or dersnre required to ho aceonipauicd with payment. Copies will be wit lj the until fun if intage to the jmrchasrr. Over twenty thousand copies haeheensent hy mail within three mouths with pctK'Ct safety and cer tainty. ln the receipt of One Dollar, the " .Married Wu man's I'rivate Medical Companion" wilt be sent .nuih-l Jttc) to any p'irt ol the I'nited Htatis. AH letters and applications from thoe defirm lo hecome ni'ents must he no-t.i.aid (eeeot lliose contaiuim: a remittance) and addre.ed to Dr. A. M .Manricean, Ho .Ncvv- oik Cay. ruuhnhiiiji Ulnce, TJ I-iherty si. New York. The .'Married Wonian'ii I'rivnte Medical Conina la so!d "J l.M-k.-Ik-m Uiroutiout llie I unco Hold ill Ihirltui'loii t bv H. Il.NK'HOI.ri.nt the rubhcatioii Depot, Wickvvare lluilding, S-pl H.lSls. vvlnf M. OST1IEIM, OIlMMtTIIU AM) Y Jl ( I, i:s A f. I: W I . K S A Sli li I H VO KN, l'l;nrs., ' o H i; i a v . ; .s- : n v i: s , .( ? I 111 l.ilicrty Street, (O.i Ihe .Vw.'i liner tide IlroitJutiy,) New York. ' July 1 1, '18. odivvljij. Coristuiiplion Cured ! Ittu Ii.'iiB's SSnniiristii fiSal.asu " 1 - . - .d. w.. n rj V'K--izs JOYFVL IXTElsLWEXUH ! Mr.' hand alur tht- DOCIOIIS 5 coiiiti do no moii' .. ft. .. 7f. tj... t ,.,!,, I .,,. '. -i I like plea-i re in i.ivinayou n snUMne l7u e ;! so II, "S " rinu Unlnuii on mv d-tuhter, who lunl ,rrn for a number of joni a lilicted with a bail cotih, puin in the Mde, raiin blmul, and all tho"- pnms nnd trouble, winch attend that in-idioiis di-uf-e, CONsl'MI'. I TION. 1 employed M-ern1 di'tinum-de'd plitci.ins at ureat e.pfne,who, alter numeroiH ij tr aiul many niu. mi. iiiiuii) nei luieu in.ii lit t ( titihl fin ni Mnrp ! I wns then advised bv a friend to trv lltifliim' 1 Inn. girian liaKain. I did o,and iIk- icmiU has been mot ntoniliini;. my daughter is tuthrlif micd nnd is now nttemlui'f to her arciistnined duti.-s. I puid o Hundred Dollars for physicians and Medicine, with out nny ynrtot benefit, while Siv dollars worth ol 1 1 (11111 1 in ii Hal-win In removed tin di-inw, restored the tleni;ih and brought on a healthy action. I am cntefull) your", JOHN VtJL'Nti. C OX SUMPTION. 'Two cii'-es prollouilc-etl beyund the leach of Medi cal aid, AuEu-ta, Me , MnyiiV, ISIS Dr. HtmllrriilT 'The lliitiinriau 'llilsam has been ol llie nio-t iiilnnte service to nie. 1 have been I cured of nil atlecllon ot the ,uu;x, which was thouulit lo he iniur.ihle hy nil tuy friends, ,y the u-e of a few hottles. One ol my children was aNo restored to henllh, nller lieinui pronounceil tinlind the iwl nf Mrdirnl md. this medirine is no.v my constant icon in caes ol any dilluti.ty in the Ihroat and liiitiiM Yours, truly, I'liVNTIS .1. WI'I'KS Ihdt.i-t, Me., June, iHI.'i. f)r lh-(tfl!rc Sir Mr. Clnik. r I Piihnvrn.n tru-inl ol mni', wms taken itk ab(ut a jear nan with a bad coui;!i, pun in the title, eiiTal dtbinty, iVc. lie. r"""',cjJ erai .loci rs wimprosrnheii 1 ir him Sut wavlinally t-ld Hi; t'()LM,l) NOT (1KT Wi;!.!, lie tnpp'-d taking mcdu ine,tmt rontinueil hi rjrow 1 wnr'-e until lie was so weak he could scare I) sit up. He --aw a notice of the IItmianm Hakim, pro urnl u bottle ami coniinned to take it according tn the direr- j tion? ami, strange to pay, in a tew imuith- he wnsu ' strong inn n, and he believed pcim inetitly cured. i our-, rej.ii-viiiiiiy, II 0 t). WASIinntN, HooWlier HelutUle ICt utf iff ff tut tunicary tf m:vii v.v nvsa.uu S n lsam. I'rrun tli'.1 Chri'-tian rrcrman i While we rt uittiate iju.m keiy, c are always t)tn ed to uive credit Kr that whu h - truly ue(ul, and tn i mve mtoinntion which may benefit t!ier. A tew davs nut i a brotlier ot our", trnm Nn way, Me , came i into our otlice ut couiiut table heaitti.whimi we did not expect toMeatfani on earth. We received a letter a 1 few week- s.uce.trom another brother, re-iuent in tie1 I houe with him, tint he wmconlhied tu hid bed ami I coul 1 not pro') dly rontiiiiu- tml a shnit time .lu.le then of our surpn-e when we.nw him enter our olbee lie Ins n Mmht couh remaumiir. in it would bJ int that he should have, until Iil has It. id limber tune tor an mi rim strtnctli ot Uiiii-. I hit he js hi ctmiir- table health. Th- tnliowmu letter which he aJdre?s- ta lo the general M.imoii ALeut lur the medicine I which In ii!tiretl hint so wundeiUilly. will sh-iw I whnt nicdicnn: has bten the ui-tiunieiit ot the nod ' worn. Norton, leb. Ifi,H17 Ur 1J r llratiiee, rr:-le miiot letrainliom s.iy- I in a woid to ou in cumtiicidatKiii id ' Mut-haiVi I Hungarian I!.tl-:un of tile." Here i a pia.n -t-itement serueeuinid;.cmlheckoeLrelu.ttli the Fuur.'e. I from whence I obiamed it 1 shall be thankful , t':"as 1 nbnrco, couiprwnL vanou (.ratnl and My rcM.lencew Nuiway, Me Three )tar- -o 1 j 1 ip-and .ard ; Mne?boy and rfcotch lat faltj look a v loient enld.w Inch h-tfi tnwjU of the I Slu,li ;Ho Kico, ft Cron nnd Ha- mopia-uravatnmkind.accon.p-mied a s,.w-ie paid n:i A f,,tk ST"" v- n,"! 1 tn(,17,,,J tow?" I uilhel.llMde. h.iMJiineII,iUhpcoiHeHit!,tT() 1 was obliged to quit all work, nud was cuiitiued to 1' .' nnd t aba ; Hall IW-, Hox and Ke the hoiie until about tour u k Mnm. Djiumtbat K"'"' )ouiin,,( Uiba. KioJ,?2uira, Sumatra tmiel received the bt -t medici-.t attendance, and 'I1,'"' 'a-i Collee ; I inieiuo, 1 epper, ( iiimer, Nutmeg, tried nearly ail the median, s uliHi are recomm 'i.dol - V; ir'V,C-a u1 anc'nJul lidr )wtP in such ca'es, hut could liud no relief, hut -rew w-u-e n" N ',ltl tn,Vl11''"' mt'Tun. mmer Oil". -Mack-ami lor the la-tthiee week wa-conti.ieil tn mv bed. I vTv r f,1!!,0!1'. HiaJ- 0,1,1 Two ofmv phvsician- tave me up a paM recov.'-iy I ill n ..rtiniH Uiiii ii i!tli It I lli'llfil ivl llv.. IKitKiiri'iM . I Hilx-im. and linliirtlialciv iprocur.'d u liollli1 Tins r'ivi' inc ni.t'int rrlli'l, and ljotlli have broken up iny couuli, and pi iced me in a siimtiun to resume, with advancing hcahh, my umhI occupatinii. Vour tuilv, ' Clit'lICinLIi COIHl ?w $jrail Anointinriit DAVIHI' lll!A UJJII! & MN, IJW) W .?.iniuti'ii Hi , iJutoii, Ma-rf , Hob- Aiieiittor the l mteil Mate- and lmti-h riitvnuv AimTican price, 91 per buttle, witn lull diiictiolis. fnrthe Trituration ot health. raniphlet.contamiii a ma-, ol I'lmlMinid Aim r ican certilic.ilCK aiul other c idenee, showing the une (iirilled merits nf tin- Oreat liulwh licmed , may be obtained ol the Azents, crati-. NiHie uenmiie, without llic w rilten 'ifrunture of th' American A'-nt on a uid und bioiize Ubt i, to iguii i terfeit which i-i form rv. I Aizeni-, lurhiiiiirni Tlno. A. IVik, St. Alhans 'S S D.itch'T, IiddIhurr W ' liu-H-il, Veruenn-'s I. lluutiiiiiioii, .Monrpelier S 1' I nllm.-, and hj deal .ersin m-'dicin' fieneuillv throuhmit New KimhtiJ Sept 7,'K vvly rxrn:i static or ami;ki a.; lour.-mnt 1 Vfrmont Disrnn r, n wit I ton Warnnt iued cut ! the tlonornhle li.-tnei C'iirt of the Tinted St ite, tor tho Vermont Di-irn-t I do I ht'ichy mve pii'thr nolire. th it an IuJirnnt."ii lor the viol'llion ot the lleveiliie Laws nfthe I 'it. ted Stiles, 1 lu-if hi en Iil' d in said Co lit. h f'nrlrs I,iu-.ev . 11-q 1 I) luvl Altnniev lur the V ni.-J Stat- lur - id D. I trtct, rii'ai -i the lullow iiil' df-crilvtl m- r h nnlhe, to i wit One iiun.ltt d and ti'ty eight halt Ch"-tsn Tea, ISeietlat Iur!mu'i"n. in said D.irui, iu tlie II I -I l.i of July A. D ; and tnal will In- hnd on the ' merchaudiH' at-ireyaid. and the Mine widbe coil I demie'il nsreeaMv to the priyer ol the si d Inluima- lioii, at the m M s-tateil trims 1 1 stid )i-tm t ( ourt, 1 to beiu ,l. ii nt Ntitlaii'l. w tin ami tut sh,i ji -tricl, oil lheseeiilll d.ty ot O toher, liest en- liritf, mill's a claim j-hall be nlerpu-ed on rr bi-t r ini dav, ut whu hull per-ons mtfrfi-til will tak1; tine notice, ml iTovern Ihfins lv.'s ncrorduiL'iy linen under mv hand, at W'eiU Uiver, infill IiSi t ict llus ISlh diy ut September A. 1) lH JACOli KI:NT,.Ii; Mit'w!. S-pt ill I3a3 STATU OF VKUMONT, J The Honorable the Dmri't ir Cmrri M't n. cs S Probate Court with in ami tor the Di-tnct oi thitttndeti To ihe credi to's and oth'Ts coticeimil m the si.iie ot Saimul Hurllmt late ot Clnrloite, in said Di-tricl, deceio-ed Whereas die Adiium-tiaiiuii ol iheiftaieul slid deceased, ha made application to tins Comt, to ev tend the time hmitel lor imikm pav incut of the ib-hi- na'm-t tlie INnie ot -aid deceased, om vear fioin the 1 1 til dav ot tt. -toher. A I CTlh ilnv dl SiMiti'inbcr next, beimr aseh'upil (ur a liearim? ' m the preiniiv, at the Piohate (Mint in ihirlmyttm, audit lnvin bt-en ordeied that notice thereol l-e publishing tins decree tliree weeks succes. sively ui the Mirlmlon Free PreKs, a newspaper printed at Kur.mjtun, before the time h'vd for hear imr. I herebre. vou are hereby uotitro', to nppear hctnre paid Conn, at th. lime and place atoit -aid, then nnd theie, to make obi. eiion il nny you I. ve, to the paid tune ol pi) incut bein: turther extended as n!nrcj.l tiiven under my hand nt Ilurlinjtuii tin-. 31, day of August A. 1). ISH vvlni3 llllAIirOUl) niXroKD.KcKi-'Icr. Salt Rliouin, Scroftilit. I.eprocy, I'.rvsipiliis vrc. .:(. IWlsitre Stulliitrn Thinsn, II rrinic among a ir tiltwr. Xmviov, I.ovmt lallr, May.l'.l. Mr Jo.l.v Oiar lir. It more testimony m e. ded in I ivor of ) our valu ibte Drop1 and l'nN for Hu mors, )ou tn iy add mine to the number )ou already have. Having been nlliictcd lor lliirly years vvuh llie Ip. rocy or White Scurf, nnd having Inednll sorisol rein ediiH to no purpo..,nud having artived at the ne ol fitly had uiv.'ii op nil Impel ot rebel. AccidenTnlly sccinujour drnpudveiti-i'd, wa induced to trv tlieni, vvlieii,tiitny utter fiirirw, I vva-.couipletely cured W. fore 1 had taken one bottle. You are nt librrty to make nu) u-e ol llu )oii pit an, lor in me jour diop arc iiivulu ible, Ucnei ihiliv Youis, ,. , . ,. Wll.l.lA.M Cl'KTIrt. I or sue ui Il.irlinlon only by Thiuiukl A 1'ti K. nnd bv mail)' other Diujjjji.ts in ilusand Iheadjoiuini; lates, N. II Noihini; U mi cheap, ond nothluK el.e i. o t-iucacioiiY tor nu ui'um's ol llie tKin. 4 n ll ir) n I MIlll l 1.1,1 ll) 1( AS Pllilirt.1), SlU'flaflCX. A large nsrorluient ol riir.Hlt.lcJ, ol fvcry kind. ANo, Co-lt-ti ond I'.ye i'rotecloi', "I JulyVO,', v.a J. V. KANPAU..S ESiilhiiiri ISiirlinlon tCtiil ISoail. MlWO ASSKriS.MKNTfJOl-' FIVH DO!,- I In is ciu li, have heeii nnl'-ri'il hy the Directors oil eat Ii Shine o the ( Stockot ihe Itutland nud llurliuiion I'ofd Coiiijiiiny ; one pavnlileun tho lift, and the oilii r on tin- l.illi dav ol ( ). h .l--r next. Taymeut ririy he made to the Tanks of IturlniL'ton, ert'eime". Mtdill. Imry, Hunk Itivrr, H Mows Kalis, Che-hue limit. Kei ii' . N II II 0. l'erkina, at tlm Kail It.intl i.liict', Kull.iud, T.dvvard Tiekernii;. Oil Siale Sue. t, Huston, oi to the TieiiMirci at hisotlico 111 .Middiehiiry. SM SWIl'T, Tinitmrr. Mlddlehiuy, August '., HIS w lUvvT, tV:iiit.-cl, jAriii'inei'r.v tv actici1 ,nnvno , (ir , y,..u,, ni!,.( as nn appieutu'c tn thn 10111.114 nilsiiii .s , II 1. 1 llrlt- o Mlii'ns Wolhl'oll. .,,,. ,7 ,,. ,, ,r k, ....,.,..,. . i, ,, '".'"' cl.-ai-.-Hta.. in this County Iluuthuru Vt rinotil .W (i I III),. V CO. Ma) htli, ldlS. w Ifiil CJo!iiiLr, olHcc iiiitl Parlor Stoves. FOR SAI.n HY PIERCE, DAVEY A CO. Of XI IllnkeV Yankee Notion Stove- MCH. ICO New liim'and Air Ti ' I do j'J Ve(em( do do 7 do f ('iiucy, do do II do A'?o,a arn' nortment of IJox and Air Ticlit Piir lor Stot ,u iues and latent and niot aprued p.u teriH. Weare ptcpired to furni'h Dealers with Stoca,at a mull adam.e Iroin ct.'-t J. S. I'lIIUCi:. C. .M. UAVKY, J. ii. HlrfllKi:. August Hi, 'IS. w7tf llovuy's I In v, Stmw and Corn SSock C uttrivs. ir;Tf. nortment of the above M.icliinc Con stantly tor ?ule at the ItuiUuglon Agricultural Wnn hou-i. We could tell a Umtt ttory about the machine, hut ii. , i. . . .. i ..'.,.;.! ..... ,ii .. ..... ..... i i?,. . ... .1. . 11 1 linnet e--arv. 1 tit-v ime tieen intiyer ovtore the ' i ' ... ,j i . r.,i,.' :. ...Lr.. ....... ' .. V .if take the ttoui.Ie to call auu l.xniuiiie them that they have advantages over npv other urn hine in ue. Tiiiuci;, uavi;v ,t co. Aliquot 10, IS, w7tt D. 15. WIGGINS, M. D., E2 u ( a 19 i v ! h y i c i a n . AJSD SUIlu'liUX, rails, Vt. Office over .1 W. Weaver fc Sou's Store. PACIFIC HOTEL, .os. in liti .V l.-.i; U K 2:. W IC'II K KT, .XKW YORK. Ilnuril ijilJj lur .lit), S.tK) nrr wnck. vvluiO' A I'LOWKH. CLAHK, FISK &"c6." Ma rriro.v sr it i: i:t.m:w yokk. UAVK on hniiil, nnj oIHt lur "il' a choife ?err tiou of 1'rt'sli 'lVas lioin the late ornvaU, cum priin.f JJi ciiftsaini naiiclirfts llvecn Min, l.'J I nil t;:i Hi Mi T.'i or, 57 Jo do Yo III.I llvsoll. do do do do do do do Old llv.n, Tuanl.ny, I lunjiovv Itr, Itiipenal. I'lowcry l'tcco, J'ou.Iioii4 Nniii)oiiir, Oranje I'ecco, do il. do ,1m ilo do do .lo do do rouclioiiir, . 1111 ddie of nrtou- quamu AWo, VOWH) nntl nuV ailt,1l,t'r:'1 ""'"V'11-'"1 'fs-rtes wnicij - -- .......-.. v -, . to which wc imite the attention ot the cuuutrv mr chant. CI.AliK, TISK .V CO. N. II. Lilieral advances maiie upon coii-inmeiit. Vutlvvy. Alir;' aortmeutol Iia.urs, ei--oitnnd Pocket Knives, Iroiu the bet makers m Ijiirope and tht: heft iiu.ihiv J. V. HANDALL'S. Jul -Jd'lS. Ns:i DOCT FITCH'S Truces, Inhaling Tubes, c-houl-der Uracesatid " Lectures on the I'reventinn and Cure of CotiMimptiou " A larje Minplyjut received and tor a !e uf i nlncr l piim My I nut, A I'lck. Ail'Mits and Piivsiciaiia supplied at Doct, Fitch'i whoie-ale terms .fi-(l".!i;i!i l() ntnti'o lt'IH'. VH 'rHK.CMSCIiniLlIS.InviiiL'heen nppoiu. ted by th' iJouoiab'e th Protnte (ourt lor the Di-lrn t of Chittenden, roimm loner- to receive, e. nuimeaud ad,ut the tl.iiins nnd demands ot alt pT--on-, ajamt th -tare ot Jtileiliah Hoynton, latr of lluiei-buinh in siul D.-tncl, deeea-ed,repre-ented in j itvent, ami nlu all ci tun ami dt-m-inds exhibit d m ntlVl t!u u to i and s. months hum ile day o the d.ltn tit, p'i I, hems allowed by said Couit tor lhat put -po-e, we do ill Telore hereby jive notice, tint we W ill attend to the bu-mes ot nur appoiiitui'nt, nt tlu dwil mn ol Andiew I) irrttt in Him'-b.iri; id mm! Dis. tntt, mi ihf 1th. Friday-ot eptemberand I c-ni-ber lit t, at I"o-lock.' ,A , on each ot said dai. Dated, tins CJ, d iv of .lulv . A l bH. Fii VNC1S U ILLON. n JOHN S PATU1CK. c!"'- Prouly McnV IrJebrated Pat ut cm tre OV' Di'tiijht, fell Miarpemitj; Mite Hill, and Sub Siul Ploughs liitjiile Nnrs' and Ma-son's, N. Sirarbutk V Soitri and John ."Moore's Premium Plounh- A!-o, Ames' Cair'i Stone'?, and Kius Ca-t ?tel mid Plated Slioveis and Sp-'dcs at wlmlesTle nnI re tadbv FILlit H,DAi: .VCO Au.ust lo, 'H v7it V Ii i Ii i r v 15 a N road , F0 KKKNK. aTGTI, TIME ALTEl!i;i), nml nl'tcr S.itiir.lay, Sy 1st, tl o 01 (i.ti-niier Irabu ill run, in connection with the I'm libura Trains between lloslon anJ Kerne, aa lolloTVa In-aie Ilniton at 7, A. M., and 2, 1'. M. Arrive at Keene at 1 1, A. M . and Ii. 1'. M. I.eavc Keene at 7, A M., and 2, 1'. M. Arrive at Uo'lon at 11, A. .M ,and C, 1 M. Sta.'es will run in connection with ihe lVain. nt fol'ow ; 1'rotn Wimiiendo'i, tor Itiii.Itre nnd jalbey, on the nrrivnl of the inoriniij 'l'ran up, on .Mondavi., W'ednesdavs and I'rid.ivs.aiid reiumum on ooiHiMta .lavs. 1'rom l'lUwillhm, fjr Riirlimcinl, Winchester, lluld..Ie and lhnttUlioro, ou 'I'ueMtijs, 'I'hursdn)s, nn I Nnturdavs. ou arrival ol the nioriim Trains no. J and retilMiini Iroin tiios. place? on the oppot:e da)., J to coiiuei t w nli la! 'rriim down ; beiiiiJ the ghortet i Itailron I and SflL'e limit- Iroin liost.ul lo those pl.i. ce.. Al-J, Iroin Keeue lo t'he.'terliel I nn I Hrnttle. boroi ou same d.i)S, ai arrival ol atiernoon 'l'r'itu I from llo.toit up, arrivnii! nt llrattleborosameevenini;; j and reluming on oppno-.ite morning', to tiil 'I'raiu dowu.Juwllueii. will itrnvcut lloslonnl II, .V M. ' At heene. Slaves will connect with nil the tiamsto audi i WalpoTe. IMIovts I'ai's, Cliistcr. ( aven- dish, Uutland nnd llurliiiiiion : Vtr ville.Msiead.l'h irl. ,iow n..prinsliel.l. N enihen-tield. I Claicinoiit,, Wmd-or, Woodstock, nuJ Monliielier lo l!,irlinuloti. .. I rt,i3 line, in roillifrliou with llie I itchhurR Kail- road, and the Planes to nnd lrui Kef rre, forms di. i I' ?. , noons betwtrn lloslon ninl Nortbern Verinoni nud .Northern he llnuipshire ; nud the thiHtesI nnd must direct line between !ouih. eru. Middle, and W.Meru erinont and Western New I iMiiu.slihf and llosion ; nnd a No, ui connection w ilh Ihe Maces Iroin Wlliiheudon nud IltchburR tn Worce.ier.nud the Worcester nnd 1'rovidence iuil. road, ihe most duecl line between those secnoin of Vennonl nud New laiup.-hire nud Worcesler Conn iy anil the rilate of lihode ls'nud ; nnd in connection, Willi Stages troiu l.iltleluu,, to Lowell, a direct communication lietweeu the same noitioivsot New lliinpMiire and ernioiit and I,owe I'lcitthl trains wilt run daili, lo nud fioin llorton, in touiicctiou with the regular I'ltchhura i'nim. T. M. i:i)WAItl)ri,rresideut. I..TII.TON, Knsiiifer. Krone, JimeW, ISIS, VTS