Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 6, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 6, 1848 Page 1
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1 Vol. XXII. Whole io. IIOO. I.IKI,I. TO, VRIVAY .UOIKVlKti, OCTOH1SK , ISIS. Svw Srric, Vol. ..---IVo. I I If 1H 0 W if If 1 1 Business Carts. I c. w. imiMV, Nl Cimri ami Ctnixi.T AlAsuTArTt.T.F.ii, ' " 1 Two Doom South County llnii.r, Church St , Hent.iNurov, Vt. All kinds of work in the above line made to order on the shortest notice. LIVERY STABLE,!V,k 11 I'll 11 11 1 till "Prf!4 1 1rrrt "nw ,no n"'j' "V'"K 'id").' that loved her ? No! I one, nhotit the new governess, Aliss Woodman?'! bad a littlo disagreement. Shu believed entire--...iiiiyii...i t. She knelt no Innger, but drew hetself up to her ! enquired tlin mother, ly in loyal sua'ion, 1 in Wo could not lull height, l ire Ihshod frnmher eve eon-1 ' Thai I don't like her, pnutingly replied the agree, so wo n'liuiatcd. tempt f at upon the curve of her arclted'lip, as in child. ' Sho talks so queenly. 1 told hor I , 'lam afraid I don't suit you, said Aliss low. measured tunc sho said hated to study, and sho said an education was , Woodman timidly. 1 Farewell, John Woodly. Wo part never to ; necessary to every one, as wo all flood on an ' Why vnu do, perhaps as well .13 any one meet again. M ty tny filher's money, now that ' equal looting in tin's country.' 'cm j but I've heen thinking no one understand. I shall not he hero to spend it. make'ynn a rich-1 ' What impertinence !' ejaculated AIr Hangs, the peculiar turn of my child's mind so well u er, a happier man. For the child's sake, I re- ' Yes, tin, and she said I might bo poor ami myt-clf. I don't think Aliss Thwackaway im nonncc all title to it. In ..Ik.', name, pond her I want to earn mv living hv leadline. I told hor derstnod it as I do. I begin to think that I had away soon, Do not warn her nature hv vour I did tint think there was any danger of that. 1 heller educate her myscll. It needs a mother s SO 1111 linxim.' Snn rnri .nil men il ir in'T " men I, "l "'J "V. e Published at iliirllngtnn, Vt. 11 v i. w. c. it it 1:, Cditor and Prnjn ictor. ami VJ II LACKS. HIT II SHOP, By S. S. SKINNEH, ALSO Saddle, Harness niul Trunk ?Inmiiiictiircr. iutl tiilr Com t-lmnsc Satiate. JOHN BRADLEY &. CO., VIIULLSt.E" IN KuslMi .and American liar, Ituil, riltt, Hoop and HAND llturs. Fig Ii on.Cotit, Sheet li on.Tin, Holt nnd Sited Cower Nvtt.s.n'.vss, 1', Wet nml Dry !roeeri'. Flour, Salt, Hurr Mill Stones, Uniting Clulh". Slu-elins-.. STtJIiAC 11 AND FO II WAK 1)1 NO ruttam-lttntp Agents nml Commission Merchant, J iii.v llrivm.i.v, ) .south AVIinrf, N ai h'i. A, nv.Tnv Tuo's. li Canhemi.) Hl'Itl.l.M.I OV m LIVERY STABLE, Tcrmsi To Village subscribers w ho reeci c the paper by the carrier, "-.'" If n ill in advance '1)0 AInll subscribers niul thne who take it at the Ollice 2,nn II paid in advance, . 1,50 Advcrtisejilxts inserted on the customary terms. From the N'oithcru Tribune. T II I M it T 21 K . Jir r.Et. t.i.uxAr.D. Then lajing her burning hand upon the fore head of the sleeping girl, and lifting hor eyes upwards, she said 'Hear me, oh heaven! while I make a sol. cmn vow by all tint is dear and precious unto woman, never, by word or deed, to disgrace tny child. Help me to earn my bread in any honor able calling, so that, in coming years, the men tion nf mo natno will not niak'n her ashamed : and if at any time it should intcrfeio with hi 1 . , j uorn peopio 01 il mv it distinctions in this country, as Count Kapen ' and I suppose that I hud better be looking fur KonosnfTsaid to me when wo were in llurope. 1 another situation.' ' Alad im,' said lie, ' 1 do not understand how on I ' Well, my dear, you need bo in no hurry, get along in your country without distinction 1 but I heard "of 0110 I think might suit you. Air of rank and birth, and I cannot but regret when-1 Osborne was left a widower last week, llo is ever I meet with any of your beautiliil country , the father of two sweet littlo girls and is in women, (and here lie bimed ten Join to mo!) search of a governess for them. I should think that they are all on a common level. I replied, you might suit them. His children are very 1 .are ptnroallv trvinT to hrinr everv i ils tironor "nhen 1 to their own level. Thero arc ureal ' It certainly die1, replied Aliss Woodman, ELLIS AN D CHURCH, Viillwe HI net. II AG AH & AH Til U 11, VA'J Dialers in Uiirdwiirc, Drus", I'nints, Oil", Djt" Ac. tVc. CORNER OF CIICr.CH AMI COI.t.EUE STREET. S CALVIN H. i:i)WAKI)S, r.ooKscLi.r.i: f st.itioxi:i:, Constantly for sale a cneral assortment v( SCHOOL, CLASSICAL, AD JIlSCIJIiltAMJOIJ.N HOOKS. The Cncr I'ciiucvtion", Hunk Hooks, Sta-, Me'U. It'JOK". Xo. 1 reeks' Iliiililiuu', R. E. WHITCOMB, TEACH VAX OK DAM! INK, .iiiddi. 1: i'iiv. vt. noon .vrsic rrnxisnr.n nm cotillo:. IV.rtii". Arc. Sept. II, ISIS. dllltl ,t wl2lf I. SH11KW001) & m.'s Al'CTWX COMMISVUX STOKE, Wr-r Suit; Sijru'.r.. Constantly on hand Cahinet Furniture, Chairs, I.uok 1112, c. That was a tedious forenoon that we spent in m.. i.:.i . 1 1 I .1... ' . tee meirread tho coinno'silions " Tiresinn it li,l'lint"'s mako myself Known to her, help that a traveler of any discernment would ahvay jdea'ant, but tin ir minds have nothing strikin was to those who had toiled and struggled for l,,u, 10 cocc'" ".1111, mat tlie may ha hap-. oiscover a brtta.l lino dividing llio upper ami ahoiit tliein. Tliopri.e,' and who know It would fall to only I py,, , 1 . . . ! '"ver c,i,rM;,,,f s"ne,y " ', AV' 'll0 I J m thankful th it tbe-c children arc not 'pc- one; and lUiihln tiresnmo to tho'cofus who! ,,,,,, ,ICr ?CV," 'n,Pnto1, ngain , , aritocrAttc Airs l!ing, hating delivered tin.-; culiar, thought AIIk, as the Qnak- knew our own inability too well to attempt to '? , , ".' 'i"T.i "1 1 '' , pl,cUl'r,clJ ,ll1er lrm" Nh, seemed to breathe caster. or honse-keeper introduced her into Air Us- strivo for the littlo gold medal tliat hung so, 1 '' I ' " ll,e, UU"' tint had heen to ' Alotlior,' said Adnlphu, a young bepefiil, as borne s parlor.' lemptinMy from its blue ribon, and therefore . 1 ar.ailiso, and sought to earn her living ' lie uur.-t into tho room, ' I vo been onoying melt Air ()-borne, a fine looking man, clad in ' 1 he fell lhafive had 110 part in the matter. ' ".' snc of tlio pnptilrxis cities of tho United : a treat. You know how slippery tho pivcincnts weeds n( woo,' sat between to little girN of The long hnurt of that bright summer's day h,?!.,t . ,, , , I are this morning ; well, as I was w liking up about the ages nf eight and ton. Their pretty had been spent, and then good Air Ale.iehani ' raided her head when she had finished , ropular street I met a bo with a great bundle j I ice" sh ided by long black curls and their announced that ho would read ' The prize' com- , , '"' '-''y father is kind to me,' said she, of books under 0110 arm, and a pail of milk in , mourning dresses mado them an object of inter position. How our hearts bounded at the words : ''mt 1 " ',lcVr f,,rJ-ri,t lliat lio has deprived mo I his other hand, .lust as wo met, his foot slip-1 e-l to the beholder. not that wo cared much to hear it, but uIkii ! a ln0"'er rt '"vo cnnlidencc. I can never pod, and down roiled tho books into the gutter ; Air O-h'irnc a" evidently pleaded with the thntc words were altered we knew that school "'!"vl "al oiprpsive loneliness winch 1 felt when lie turned lo we, a rr rtrttngcr, and governess, (,r ho immediately accepted ser crude of thy littlo one it '.vnuhl never uit t'tmi, and beidesi( vnu own 't'oining hero to this house! and "he'll be j me before llio world you are tlri'ppcd of 11 'ar me. Ferh ips I sh m't In al lo to get a look 1 wealth.' till the night ,,f tho parly. 1 1 ; -ee her lh;;n I Stripped of wealth 1 And arc you going to 1 wonder if sho knows that I m living 7 ( )! 1 ! I ,.:1st ,o rr,n , to find Imppine". in wealth my l.dith, tny nn ly child I and I must not, forj ) v ,, , ,r,,a. til0 ,, MVPPl(1!tt lp Ihiuc own sake, loll thoo so!' I f llcaven's making, to lorn, another? No, I Hour i after hour of that day pa"'ed away. I It, v Albert .Malcolm, but ho weds mo as wmr and l,olah fat 111 the same place, miitlcrirg the d uiphler, and on no thr condition.' same words. Shu had not sh" D iys ' Your nature l generous ami noble. Thank l'.i-eo, aim mio inane an enort 10 serve ner lloaven. in e lort lo nrvn her I In.. -i.o.t i, : : , , ( , ..... r : i 1 , - , ,, , ,MI ,ut. In v ,-IMt, mo. you vu not rc- lheso low I hind to train such growing goniU3 and lit it lor Iriends, but moved around tho house like a ilee.ted. 'I'he b.eakln" un of your heart's vounu l(c'rl-' ' dreams for ;ny s iko i too much.' .n mother, say not so; my heart bet, pur- Urrnge after carriage ro led up to the door t.. dream was to find ijnu ; now let mo livo in of Air. Malco in s man-imi laden with the gay 1 1, hcct reality.' ' And the girl clung closer tu ntid r.islnoiiil.lo,and the wix candles that 1 1 1 11 - her mother and looked into her eyes with that minuted the elegant parlors revealed many form ' fond expression that sremL.d to say, in the words and faces bulled in beauty. In that assembly, ,,f i,c. Aloabite", ' Whither thou "oe-t I will go; VV'.',r: "'l','0 .I"3 s-tj.n-pictiotiIy than ,ero ,, lod-cst I will lodge ; ll, people shall l.i ilh Woodly. Her dre-s was white crati, her be mi people, and thtCutl 11111 Cod'.' only ornament one vvhito mo-s ro-e-bnl. half! 'Where is IMitli :' ,aid (Jlara, as after tho concealed among the rich fold of her d irk h lir. .t s,1(..t d ,ie,, irtcd sho sou.-ht in every nook I. very eye looked upon her with admiration, but 1 ad corner for her friend. 'Com" father and no one gave her a more hrirt-ftlt gaze than Al-' Albert, come and bring lights while I look on berl .Malcolm. Ho already had a right to in-' the balcony. This id where I sent her but tho (lulgc high hopes, for ho h id whispered words of, js nnt liorc.' love into liercar during the previous week, and U'ni ,n ! ,r rnn, ? niL-e,t tlLort No. I've looked there. She can't bo in there.' inline woius vveru uuerun nnun m:oooi . i , ' , ., . r , " - l. ...I l..,t ,ll!. ,rnr,nml ,. I "Oil I WH S t Clll III (if fi V C VOilM O d. II 1 1 J 11 WOiO Ithcro came lo our inhllflual souls a vision of """""K "ve iiiem en mo tial my motli the diiinir, the iHicgiml dinner that once a year I was enjoyed by the upils of Airs Fidget's cel ebrated bo trding school, and then the lovce ill j the evening. J he pri.o composition to which we now all a.-ked me to books. I very mat uigiit tie was to receive ins answer. 'And yon vil netrr leavo u- V said he, as they promenided tho long hall. A year. Yon mu't rue mo one year before I can answer you,' replied Kdith. ' Why, a year is a great while.' ' I know it ; but you tnn-t give me time lo "eo if I have not nimlltfr friend whoso approval I 1 his jiiil while he picked up hi vices, ollering ber a larger salary than she had mu-t alc. In a word, Albert, I have a neither coollv told him tint I did not asked. iMi-i.. i iitii iceiiii sin nan us inn. v mi m 1 linnip. lo stmrp ill, ir.ll,nr l.nH ,..:, I " - in". 1. 1.1 iii ii ins .iiiu IIIIA- ietie, and lo feel her love nestling around vour 1 heart, warming and refreliini' it. I mi'to a ail i i . -, . , . " . . " . ; listened, as it came to our cars. ,l,.lk,.r,.,l in Mr I UM"1'. """ isiailil, to lie Waited and attended Mceclinm's most ,.,r,,,r ,, .1 "I"". ' '' Call it I.OMf . . .. -" i , .,,. , , ,.. piece sparkling with bright thoughts, and form er was gone avvny oil', and never would come j walk the streets to help every jwnr buy who j 1 Aly children are very wild,' he said, 'but I iii i, ui uown. I trust that you will bupiticnt witlilhcin, lorlliey That is tho true spirit of tho ll.irgs's !' aid ' are motherless.' The last words struck a chord in (lie heart ot the pale woman, as fancy carried her back to her ; Maud home. With unwearied patience and dilligence sho not where, but I mu-t lir-t tind thai glowed in the countenance of the daughter. .13. 12':3535XW, 33. it. Ilrni.tMiTof. Vr. CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, c a x h i: c r i: t). VKV"lmM) CAfiliS, vv Socil & Water ll Gliejat received, by dll'J l!r.iMAin nr.oTiirns. at&i it. ii a to ji i:M::ns Psl n o o r a v ; n a i: s ro n i: , Rk Church-street. Vew York. It, Moti. and Furwell's T.ndies uu I (JentlPiiien's Hoots and Shops, of everydeseription and siyie.ennstantlv on liatid. Store lsi ilr null nf bicrlii'.i, ami dn ertly nj';io f iteV. Kt rn's, near line n di Store, Church St. " M. G. RATHBUN fit. CO. M r: n c n. y r t a 1 1, o n a, No. Ii I'eck's Utocli. M (' RvTiimv fc Co. keep cnastanlly on hand .n'.H.n.nrnnl I'.ill afsiiitineiii r,l t'lnths tor every dcseriptinii of Clutluus ; and are prepared at nil times tn supply every article in tin; line ui ueuileineu i nr. uislinu lion, Is. a K.vTiim .v c r. ward. ing a great contrast to the iniiontvoftlioseiue- i vioisy read, and which eonsi-ted of inuiimera- , hie sonnets to Love, Hope and Faith, tnsiy I nothing cf the sermons upon the grand cardinal virtues, and the pages devoted to silling forth tho limine" and durability of earth'y friend-hip, aim us oriii uiuiu miiv.uigiis inmuuinj alio Jii'lJi ai s. ' How do jam like it V I asked, turning to my left band neighbor, a staid sober looking girl. I ' A great deal of sunnd and nut much irense,', -ho replied tarllv. ' It certainly de-erve" great praise on one ac-i count, it is sosjiort, 1 peisistpd. I saw that I had said something mv companion made lie answer, except a llu-li of llio cheek and tossol the head ; hut mv fri Do you know that vour mother is livlne- ?' I 1 I - a - - asheu, living ; I know her, hnnir her, and, if -ho l,ive me, never leave her without her enn-cnt. If I thimlJ find her. it would make a difference in the position winch we now hold towards each oilier.' 'Have vnu any clue by which to find iicr !' asked Albeit. ' None; but I mean to try every means, to ad Inv ing her hand on the knob of the door leadin" rioin tln balcony. 'I'll look,' and "lie (lung tho door open, whilo her lather and Albert held tho lights high above her hind. There sitthe two as when they first met; the rays of moonlight revealing the spiritual beauty nt tho mother, and the pissjnnate lovo the mother proudly, as her licait swelled with a sense of its own importance. She would probibly have bluhed to remem ber at that moment that it had been spoken to her praise, when she was a girl. and a the hon est Tallow chandler's ilalli, bier livpil :ivv:,v ilnivn ' tliein unit Invnl llinm nn, I llmv in tni-ii Ineeit lipr discover her. ' 1 asked my father Ibis morning, and begged at tho foot of a very utilasliluirible street, that I with an ever ,rinvin atlMehnient. I ' I c miiot but honor your nirit: but I am so of him to let mo lint seo her before returning no one could dip candles faster or givo them a ' You are a goodand as pretty as our own sorry that I must wail so lung A year, and home. He refused me, although ho owned that more comely liui.-h than herself. mamma.' Ibov nftpn cald to her durioT tho ban- 1 llien you give Hp the search ?' nau , i.aur.i nopiirotna, said -lie, turning to her ; py year ho spent with Ihem. i I win not proini-o i ncrrr can say I uaiigmer, pre-crve the spirit you have j .Mr. ()-borno must have thought tiie same as give ner up, until I tinil tier, commenced with your governess, and if "ho his children, for one morning at the clo-e id' the Thero was a pale fiee peering over the balus- thwarts jour wishes sho shall have her walking year, he reipicted to see 'The children's fnend. trade and gazing into the ftco of the girl as she ticket.' . as he called her, alone in the parlor. tliti" talked vv ith .V bert .Malcolm, but her ear did Aliss Woodman, said h", '1 entreatof you to not hoar the words s,e uttered ; her evo only .Mie is my mother!' said l.lith rising. -Tho iiuilher, Albert, tint 1 told you I would seek, and I've found her !' l'ritle is a "(range quility. People tell of pride of t tlent. pride of birth and pride of wealth, anil yet oiientnnes a single loring, generous ac- t- II... I I ,!..! .. I.... .1:1 I le iiini ihiiil u iii sieei l, lie i, ii.ii uin yoii say , . -. ,.. ... J.. i .' ...i.i... i. ...... lor my mother. in ..ii-- o.i uiiii? i j ie,L.iieu lou iusl iiailivil rem irk. c knew wnero she was ; but he said sho changed her name. ' Do you remember how she looked !' ' I have jmta l.iiut lecollection ofa face that always smiled upon of a pair of dirk, lus trums eves, rull of tenderne.-s; but it is more like a dream than a remembrance. 1 lovo my father, but how much more should I love him, if he would even let mo tpinK with all'ection of mv earliest friend. Tho servants havu told me much about her: tlievnlt h,vi.,t l,nr ..,,.! en. t...., wrong, Ion, ,,. r.,,,.,'. .. , . , ,, .' . "f. . '" i. ...j ....iil-i o i. .uu i.iu leu u-. i cue noi 111, I, i, ... ... I..., i i .1.... i I I i . 1 1 n, .mil ii uiil i i,nuv iirvL i Nvouiii ur.avc nd t,t. ... I . ... ,. , , , , ,iu inn,-, in, uii iiuii, in nun ner aim ov n nor ' You have mortally offended her, fur he it ' was who coveted six page? of foolscap with that I moral e-say, w herein she proved bejoiid a doubt that 'Virtue is the true road to happiness.' She confidently i peels tho prize; but fe, there goes lMitlt Woodly to the desk, tsho l.ikea llio medal.' , Never could a s.-le ol bo more uiiivcrsally suited than was ours when we saw uho it was that Air Alecch.iin Melighted to honor.' With the exception ofa few like my cross lielgtlbm, ll.llltl Vvit- ii i,wr.l r,,,i,tl,i ftlte was a n itive of the West Indie". Talented, beautiful and wealthy, why thintldn't she ho a I iiontp, particularly 'wlr n sho was so kind to till ; even to All-.- S.'ruggins she never failed to give her 'tloul morning' and a pleasant smile. I A murmur i.f h-ail-lelt appl in-e went thro' ! that circle of admiring school-m ites, as the lov 1 hank von for i-tenim' to mv story ; it doc tho heart good sometimes to relieve itself of its secret sorrow.' In till", moment the doir was hastily opened and Clara .Malcolm entered, arrayed" for the party. Come, girls, the rooms arc filling fist. Why, Ilel, how slow you are. You must know, IMitli, lint my un-emiK-al-xlilr brother Albeit i very de-irons of an introduction to tho writer of tho pri.a composition, .Now I never heard him express the lea-t interest before in any uf us, 1 and butter inis-es,' as bo tjrms'us ; and 1 am highly pleased that fur one- ho is go taught the children, read to them, played with vertise anu to go to any trouble and expense tn ti w ill in ike prido as powerless as the frai uuiru-ii swept hy ocean tide". O.d .Mr .Malcolm, on the following morning, sat in hi- high-tucked chiir bjfure his desk in the breakf i-t-roo n. ' Here Albert,' said he, h inding him a paper, 'here i-a dei d of kind build a pretty cottage on the spnt there mentioned, and take those two people (pointing lo IMitli and her mother) to I've vvitli yon.' Hut sir,' said F.dith respectfully, 'you forget tint I've nothing to bring. I am no longer rich.' ' You are rich rich enough, girl. Confound it how till room smoke",' "aid boas he rubbed his hind over his eyes to keep the -moke from blinding them, lip'said. W.t" it the smoke, kmdlipurtcd old mm, that made thy haughty lips quiver so strangely i ' lint,' stid .Mrs Woodlv,(for wo mut now give Iter her lawful namr ) ' 1 cannot live in a state of fice turned towtrds mid no longer the po-itiou that on now occupy saw her earnest, luvitt; in my family. I wi-h j oil now to bo its head, , him. and my counsellor and advier.' ! ' She cares for nothing but him' she murmur- ' Oh ! name it not, I beg of you !' exclaimed cd. I II nut ti II the truth, I'll remenib'r the Miss Wouihnan tremblingly. vow I to"k by her bed-id-' the li"t lime I saw ' The spitit of my sainted' wife,' continued Air ber. Oh! 'tis i era bard. .Vie is beautiliil Osborne, pointing to her portrait, my own love and he i" good; why need come like a and the love of my children entreat you to be- black cloud and spuil tho sunshine of their hap piness ! 1 lie pile laco was gone. Father lead mo It had been nnno- The child felt note that the rein' were in Iter own hands. In vain Ali-s Woodman tried to win her lovo by kind treatment or awe her into good behavior by linn discipline. ' I.aura,' said she one d ty, ' jolt must rc-vvrilo this exercise ; it is blotted very badly.' ' Indeed, inarm, I shall do no such thing ; I am not going lo bo ordered so by any one.' Without in ikini' any answer. Aliss Woodman soiiL'ht I be liar or. AI r.s ll.nnrs was Ivimr. us come their mother. usual, upon the sofa, and attempted to throw a lO never it cannot he great cxpre IHscs CO, ty of a but the lp:i"t lipfnri. I business without hesitation. street. She pull the bell vvitli nervous haste, gentleman who talked so long with you when I for me, I've not received a liberal education from ' 1 come, madam,' she said, 'to tell vnu that I Ihola-t had been a Laid trial. sent Allien lo attend lo lliose other gue-t". is mv fr,i,or t0 pit down in idleness, dependent up- cannot bear such disrespectful language from I Airs .Malcolm, a polished lady in her manners, coming tins way again ; ou ihdimt look beiore , cm his bounty. No,' and he placed his hand yourdaughter. Shomakesno improvement in her received hor kindly. 'You saw our advertise- at all interested in his conver-ation.' on his broad,' white forehead, ' the brain shall studies, and unless her conduct cluii"es I must , ment, I suppo-o she commenced. I was porn exceedingly, replied l.dith ; 'lie plan, the hand shall execute. Independence Yes, rerhetl lol.ih. i iuikou oi iinining oui ; now nign u was tu fhM b nur m0. except so far as we are de- Are you willing to take charge of six harum the ni irkot this week, how low it wis , and pendent upon each other for the the wealth of ion ot injured dignity in tier mo. , ""i i"1" lemptauoii ; uursi irum inc wiiuo tips iliu j liw.,.-. ,.,, ., il livl-u ,'iito dependence upon your tiounly. ured eyes, at the unparalleled ainlaci-, ul lMC governe-s ns sue nurrieu nom uic room, mm: i,.nu i in- uim.nm .,,., ,, uxmti . .xn,( vo iU.lU 110t oxcl.ttmpd voting Mai- goicntcvs entering the parlor uninvited : I An hour afterwards, and the slight, veiled fig- ol the deep, hitter struggle that was endured in colm ri-ing. ' You "hall not, neither will I. It eye of her visitor did not iiu.iil in tho uro of l,n)ah Woi ilmin stood on the marble , their midst by its owner. will not bo dependence for you to live at my lir.r irl,ni Inn lIi,. ,,.!.. I.-,,,,,,.,, t,nr stcns of Air. Ala co in s residence on C hestiiit 1 ' l.dith, said l-lara, late in the evening, 'that linnie n,l l,r,l mntn nnr l'.dith linnv. And leive.' ' Come to me vvitli complaints: against I'ptiiie I.aura Isoti iroinu : iJnl erer anv ILu miLi.v my one iiritiiixarox Adinrnrri: i. 1Varrh!Hi JJiicl .-ifc-c! Wlorc vv.inv.v.y davi:v l.a,.-..r s; .w..sf). ix srnvKs. STOVE 1'H'E, TUntHIM.s AMI I101.LOW -W .vr.c. cot.i.tur. sri'.Ei:r. lv We-t 1 1 1 1 i in bent her head, graceful as a I water lily, while Air .Meecham baiiglingly plac- led around her neck the medal. I"ini it was aniinuticeii mat me exercises were ciojCii, aiu J. &. C O. r.iunil the room enveloped in the same dignity and .-tilt purple satin which she had worn at c.ichannuil exhibition for the lj-t ten c.irs. .Mr. .Meecham mule Ins same annual speech, accompanied by his impres-he ge-tures. The speech amounted to this, ' that Air-. Fidget'j. sein was like a garden of cicr fading, errr ,.i,.,,,,.;,,., il,... ,.r- i,i .i, , 1,1 .,,,,,,, ed t.i arrange I.ihths lt.ur for the parly. beauty.' ' Aloro like a sun- e were alone, and I was vv in mig her sable lllirir , sUoM xUm w bi.H,r,l Jeannie, as locks r. tind a brow as bcautiitl a, a poet o er -(,r ln,r,,., in r cvc .tcli ,, (,0 cn(,rinol,. dieanipdof.or noveli-t wor-liippcd. I yellow tuibtit which always graced Hie head of ' How happy nu mu-t be ! bu.ko from my , f)U ,rcn, u, ,lt.o occ.i-ioih. I thought over her .publications for hap-, .i.,, .,.. L.,v;.r. nd where was that .mv i plncss, ... , .,, throng! Spa rated f.evcr to meet ugvin, an I',.... , ,,!. ,, .,r,,,. n.cnrt- 1 ',,, it,,. I);,,,,. ,. mem ul I'litming t'leiisils Cardeii .j.,.lt !,, aJ a "pecial favor, I was pcrmitt ."11 "; " nio Cinii... UJiii,. ), wiitling lor us. I hear the liki, ! i no lovce pa'ej on as such nm"s usually , lnj, t0 j' do. Clara .Malcolm's liuid-ome but reserved I ,n, ,oo well,' replied tho governess, ' and brother was very attentive to IMitli, and gate ' hate nov only to a-k the porliuu of salary ow ns sonn thing to till; about. Alts. 1'idgct sailed j in., me to be inid and my dismi-sion given im- ! mediately.' It is not my custom to pay tiny silary unless a governe-s stays a whole ipj irler.' ' Wmt is that you are sijuig.'- said her hus

band as ho opened the ibmr. You never had a governess slay withjoua ic'wc iutirlcr in yoTir life. You It id b.-lter send 1iur.i to a pub iin school; that is wheio 1 got all my learning. Here, Aliss vvoodinan, take vour piy. .My wile .don't know how to get along vvitli genteel peo ple. During tho hysteric lit wlneli, nf cmw, billowed this speoch, the goveiues left the i i scartim children, with pretty good pay tor me men ueui no 10 e.piiiuo on mo v.isi ipiamuies HVP) 1!k. pricclcs" riches ot human kindness.' '"'finp-s,;' 01 ii'ii coii-umeu in tin" cny. jim Woodly s bequest was now noised abroad ' "J'is a hani'task to"imp .-e upon iinyouo. p.W'" jn l,is JinP '"' b,!5i"r,"'L ..r.f "lied and ho was held up as a pattern for all men to .My oldest, a bov.i- away at school ; next to him and imagines every one el-o tifbe. W,. .loo" Ins Ilul there Is a;M,;f,n,n race conic- Clara, a 'perfect boyden.but 1 hope intwo , be-t to be Hut you begin to look frf,n Fhiladelpui where three loving hearts ye.rsto send her awav'; then there is four tiled and want to escape bun ; -o wi.l give you make it a 1' tradiso, w hero 1 he mo her never younger ones of which vou'll have the charge, a respite of a quarterof an hour o run on on the wcaryle.-s of gazing into the eye-.of her daught- to -av" notliin.'of the w ee pet ' in tho nursery.' , Northern balcony, and meanw bile 1 II make your Cr, so deep and dark with soulful tenderness, ' Hut I m iv not suit j nil so long. i . quick sob vva lCr an-wcr. ' Hap-, unbru-kctl b.,nJ. ' J. H. PECK Sl w tint i-sai r iicvi.Lr.siv I'MXTS. OILS. (.', l.N.S. AM Ilrnus, ruicisn n.m .jmeue.... ....... ,, fa, rc.ieated, ' when I have no mother lo Coal, Tar, Uolting CU,th, Plug and Caccudith To- love and teoice with mo '' barrn, ... i 1 ""l your mothet died vvlicn you was a child, J'l.fM II, Mini I tiuti riiT.i s.i.h. didn t she J boil' She hid noticeJ an advertisem?nt in the morning s ptP'T, neauci, vv auau, a govern. f,ir llie s-il,. nl I imll-mVs Seille-. Ailam SmiUi's llurr Alill-i-luiies, l.iinliard's .Maeeuliuy and , . si,.nl,.ij SitulV, Siiiukin;; nnd Joi'liK, C. evvms Tobacco. j Cassios 1'. I'tcK,) O.i 1'it Sh aie.CnUege V. W. ( hook, i:i'i:it' urr.r.i:, liLANK HUUK, In the 1'iee 1'ien Ihnhling, Qdlege Sliect. "C. F. STA.VaFSEli V 4'o. HEAI.I.RS l 1AMV Axn ST.Vrl.E CAItl'liTlXO. IM'SII .llnltiiiK. Una, Vour Oil Cloth, Window Shnd'S, I'll. r iiiej- ijf.TK. ,.), inir (ilasses, ol'nll si.t . FlowliiiMII"''. I.ialit Dine 'l Wlilln tiriinile WAK I'. al-". China an 1 lila-s Ware. Gnocuittr.s, Flt.s, Urn aim Itoiius, &c. Church Street. IICAI.ERS IN r-n-lisli. rreiicli, tieriimn nml Ainencnn tB" ' DRY GOODS, . West Initio Ootids Mini . merries, Coi ner of Church and Cullrgr-SH Stole. ItarhiiKion, Vt. J. MITCHELL, M i: li c ii a a r r a i 1. o n It no nil HcnJy-.ila.te Clothin Church .Street, (;i:oit;i: i'i:ti:iinon, IiEAl LE IX OgERP DRY (JOODS, Crockery. Hour, Sitt.l'laUer, Window Sash, Giant, Kr.A.iv AlAtir. Ci-orniMi. ToTClher vvtlh a lare variety of other articles. FIRST POOR NORTH 01' TIIE lutT.r ll'lfst. Ao. II sue nan died I could near n; tun m know tint she is ulive and I cannot go to her an 1 speak tb it word, ' Moth t,' so full of melo dy. Oh, 'tis lo much !' and IMitli hid her face in her hand-, and as the twilight deepened, told me her sad story. ' I'll not give it as sho told il, for it vvn too much bioken by n ts-inn ito sobs and exclaim- thins, at.d the whole truth bid not been told her, a- it was in later years. I Her lather. John Woodly, was a native of It bode Island, a cool, calculating in m, uho lived there a bicbclor till between the age of thiilj and forty, and then went to the West Indies, iii : the hope t,f making money fi,tor. As the fates would h ive it, an old p'an'.er, by the n line of 1 l.eroy, took a l iitcy to him, invited him to l.i-. , , house and introduced him to his highly educated , d inghti r Idi. The spirit of gain whispered to I Woodly, 'The old man is lich, he cannot live i' long, hi- daughter is his sole lieires-, do your liest.' True. John Woodly could not throw much expres-ion . f laic, or indeed any thing except meanness into his bald features, but hi in itinors llio improved for the ore is'mn, and he was so kind to young Ida, so scrupulously attentive to ner father's wants. ibai.shc soon wasted upon him all the wealth ofa loving heatt. Her lather lived hmg en mg'i to s"! them married, make hi w ill, and to die. On his death ess,' and sho turned her step, toward-the street on which the house was situated. She rang the bell and was u-liered Into .1 plainly silling room, where a lady sat leading. Hooks, books seemed to constitute the I'urin.ure ul the 'IVo yeus had rolled away. 'T was a sul try evening in Jtn.o. The night wind came in at the open window of a planter's mansion, auJ tunned the temples nl the dying. room Yes, John Woodly was dj tug. lly cunning called In en pure about that advertisement,' and scheming he had ami-sod much money ; L (id .Mi- Woodman vv hen the first intrwl.ictioti but while ill the lull enjoyment ol his po-fOs. was over. I sum-, vvitli the llu-li of he il'.h upon Ins cheek,, I am doli,Thteil.' renlied Airs Anson, 'our a sitilden disease had sttickeu hint, and Death, governess loll jesterday morning, and m willi icy lingers, was waiting to gr.i-p his daughter's studies havo been interrupted a whole heart-strings, , , tw1 a circum-t.iticu that uru rarely happens. I Hv In bed-ide sat the notary, drawing up the I lump von will suit me. althuiigh I am thought in'. His d (lighter knelt vv ith herlteu buried rather iiitlioult. Whit are your .publication-; in the coveiiui, wiiue stivo soitiv t raver-ed " Apothecaries' Hull," GEO It OK U. IIAUIUNCITON, 7Ve;itVor, WHOirSAl.E A.M. RETAIL HEALER IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES Harrington' t liuilding.Cor. Church ,N College-tL MACKUKHL, No. 1 & '.2 in 151.1s, Hull lllils. Qitarlers.Fighlhs.niid ly the ini;le pmind. Also IluJ-ons Hay iSalniun. A. b. 1)1. IA . June H, 'IS "-,0 tlJOULDHIl llltAUb.S! J ho uclehra. ' sate tiy ttic iilo. A. l'u K. II tj led Chest expander, constantly Jgiftior stnuly, 51 "y 11 the apaitinent, obwing th.' cir.iuuan Is of the I head nurse. I IMitli felt that -he was soon tn b? alnno and de-ol tte. 'Tishtrd to lo-e sight of a l.uuihar I ice, to feel that it is to go furrier, that we shall never agiin vv tines, its c. indicting emotions, or rejoice in the light of its smile ; and as Kdith thought of this, she wept convulsively. ' IMitli,' said the living man, "grant me mv Ust reipiest. Promise mo never to seek her,' ' I can not,' was the reply. ' Kelu-o llio prater of the dying, and you are accursed !' The maiden undo no answer. ' Air. Drown,' said Woodly, turning to the notary, ' what is done must be done iptickly. Write what I dictate : ' To my d uighter, IMitli, I give tind beqaeath I all my elate, real and personal, ererpt she seehs Hut I miv not suit vnu so Ion Oil I am determined not to keep changing. I never had a governess before, and 1 intend lo be suited vvitli the Jirst one, it ills a po ible thing. We all hive our Units and tnn-t lool; each nthei'.-. Shall I show vol to the chnobroom ! Now children.' s ib ibeir moth er, alter shu had presented .Mi-s vv an lo them its their governess, " rem mliri, no running to rie w ith complaint-. who does it, .VU-s vv ooi: IMitli thankfully accepted the leave of ab sence. Slio slipped out uiinerceived and hur ried on to the bilcony. No one was tln-p', and she walked to the other and more retired end. for in imtginalion she heard -tops, and the vis ion of the man ol" li-h was following her. She reached the other corner unmolested. All was still, save the mingled sounds of I'll punish tho lir-t one mirth and inu-ic that came to her ear from the lin in i- vour nu-tre-s tlir. tig she had de-crted. I no moon was -ai tog deare-t earthly Irieuds with tlu wild llowcrs ol love, the roses of filial afT'Clinn. ebiml hour., and win arc tt nunlahle to her throiiL'h the heavens in silent m iie-ty. tloodin for uonr lichmii.r.' the city with its pure effulgence, and throwing ... ... .... , , , i . i - .1... i...:i.i. .... ..i Sow lioi Hi was al la-i semen, anil nerc sue a -I range, origin ueuiiv mrt mv i"':' remained tor in my yeir-. t'lar.i.tho ' hoyd 'H,' white ntaible. A- tint maiden, so courted, tl tt- ts her mother called her, w is the same Clin lered an I admired, stood admiring tin- scene of who afterwards figured at .Mi's Figet's school, ipcenly loveliness, a c iroles li 'holder would mil Adah's situation w.i- rendeied pleasant by hneaid, ' Wlut wants sho more she has v-'l ira's never varying kind treatment. friends and fortune, an I a soul that cut turn Tr.te, they all had their finlts. Air. .Malcolm from plei-ure and worship n it lire ami nature - ui'd his sou 'wore proud and re-erved towards (;,!.' Hat a re-tles, uneasy heart vv a-hidden inferiors. Clara itiheriti.l her mother's easy , n-ath th it smiling exterior. brightest rood nature. Still, though I.0I.1I1 was often link in tho chain of earthly fiiend-bip bad been .1, nt,. to fee her mIii 1I1011 iva, a ow V one. sue rmte'v sti tpneti oy iiuuiiu 11.11111 1 n- ....... The following admirablo letter ot (len.TAT 1.0,1 was written tu the " Independent Taylor Party" of Alarjlaud, soon after the late Whig National 0 invention. It proves him every way worthy the entire confidence and support of tho Whig Party ; for il shows iiim to have advised his friend- tn go into the Convention pledged 'heart and soul'' to t!i2 support of its nomi nees. The Al'itfvj llienixite Journal, speaking of t'tis loiter, says : "We -nv the letter which lien. T.vvLoa adJre ed to Alessi- Winchester, and S vi'Mir.tts. lu contents are f tittifully re cited in tho (lencral's I, Iter to the Hiltluioro People. And now that the Whigs of the Union know with what pure and lofty patriotism (ien. was.pnle hippy in the love of Airs. Malcolm'- ofa mother's love, tint is placed to the hp- of 1 T.vlok has acted, we feel as-urcd that lie is to Mi U'liodmm mentioned History, nnlo-o idiy, .Mathematics and several languages, lie eluding (Jeriiian. ' I .erin III how "kid I am my din studied theto other laiigu .ges and I .tin very de sirous she shun d commence lienn in. 'How old is vuur daughter ' asked .Mi-s Woodman. Only lilleen,' was the reply. 'Sho is tar advanced lor her age, I should think.' 4 It'. nor,. T ....urn ITlt! cM ! fl ITintt VOT. ' ci. I...... ...(iTPfiii (.;, f f 1 ri lit Sl'lf ".llllU "L'lllli. tl.IV limit ...... .,..,,. - - . f 1 I liavoli id her head examined by seven l'nreitol. I ' I've ju-t received a letter from a dear friend ...m...,,,,,! niev :,il iioreu that she his .1 most le. of mine, mailed at 1 1 nan 1, trom which place rosy, iind-c.ip children. The ' wee pet' Marii, mortals with their hr-t brcith, and whic 1 nner was now old enough In go to -chool, if she ever fails, never stagnates, hot is tasled in childhood, was going, her uiii'.h.'r slid, am! although she 1 eagerly drank in youth and (f e.h m-t.b e) i.,....i ... ...r. ...iii, 1.1,1 ih sin. inid her th tt she ' would be deaiii'd in minhood that cap hid hit not feel it necessary to keep her any longer liter haslt'iau until the following autumn, and in a few months l.nlah Hin-tleive the pi ice sue nan so long rilled honi",and seel; now scenes of action and endure new trials. ' l.dih,' said Clara, as -be entered her room ono -pting morning, 'I've ju-t begged a rorl ni"bt s vacation for Maria, neither lor your sake nor hir's, but for the benefit of toy oirn impor- oeu lie pane vv oouiy a mi in 1 join nanus once , (r) ()-olf(. )K,r-.(,f (o in(ipri f (0 fUR ino-e, mat inns uu iingni lj,l iiiem. v ouuiv ., .1. 1 1,1,'. 1 1 ,. ....... ..,.,.'.,1 11 ' Cllllt. UU! III- '.IH I- lllll.l l.l.l. tllu mull- and owns Id 1 Woodly for her mother, llio rasp , ..... -i....:,..,.! 1 .!. bp .rive to hi- immpv hii'.s. nnd w ben the old 1 ' ... ... . n .. i- matt ill .a trembling voice said, 1 Ho kind to my poor child, sho has but you,' his eye wnudered over the noli pi mtalions covered with sugar cane, of which ho should soon bo owner, and he replied, in a lone deep and ArurM'elt, ' I will.' The old man died happy in the thought. Six years hid passed, and Idi Woodly knelt to her husband by tho bed-ide of her sleeping child, and with streaming eyes and clasped hands praved him but to love her. ' Your cold, careless treatment is eating out my heart,' sho said, wildly. ' For tho sake of, my father, who luyed us both for the sake ol our daughter, on, uo not no so cruci : ' You are too cxtravag int,' was his solo re nlv. ..i. . .... . .in , I ll lie less so. 1 never miuw 1111 1 snw you gioiis societies, a list ol which 3 on will find in my 1 iirnal. ' IMilh, will you promise now! There was 110 reply. Silence reigned through out tho room, unbroken savo by the hum of mosquitoes, the ipiick scratch of tho notary's pen, and the h trd breathing of tho si ivcs as tliey listened to the betpiost of their matter. Hut noic a sound draws all towards the bed side. I he intr ipvi'i oy mirkable head, Couiuand let meinlioduceyou , lo my Soplii 1. I would like to h ive jour laturs commence as soon as possible. .My child is 111 the tchoolioot.i now di i.blloss ; tint is her favor , ite pUee uf re-ort. S,to is truly icmai kab'e !' Aliss Woodunn might have thought dill'erent- le uhen she was iiiti.iduced to the Pile, round- 11. 1 -..I .. i... .. ... .t i.i ..r SHOlllueiLU l;iii, ,ii,i-l; i,il,u .nas sii'iu "i i . r . .. , , 1 T I interest as itie Latin Cra.timar over which slio 1 la .voul! fnond name ? asKcd ,o I was coring. Il she thought so. she did not siy ' sbe examined the spid.-r-web texture of j it, but immcdi itely turned her whole attention ' towards cducaliiig this truly reiuarkaliio ciulU. The found that sho had pretended to study almost every thing, but had no particular liking she ha ornb iblv sailed before this time. She i coming here lo -pend the summer Willi me, and I've coaxed my fither into letting mo give a great ptrly in honor of her arrival. Sol win! you to help us ; and first, hole is some lace with which you can trim my ilre-s,if you'll li? so .'ood.' and she tus-eJ the little handle into her fir any one branch of knowledge. She had dip ned into history. Ancient and .Modern, langu.i. ges, living and dead, Alithcm ilics, oral and of revenge and petty in death, and the lips contracted feirfully, tho r0lne study, but the girl seemed to have no brow scow led fiercely, as John Woodly breathed , ambition further than lo skim thruiigh a great tin tasi, I quantity of boons. An obituary of length shortly after ap-, )lle evening, after she had been thero about peareai nt nie new spipers siaung ins immense .e illli, nil am una by his patient iihhsim, and tho meaning of that word, for my father never I setting forth his ixcmidary caractir and' Unci i),Voii think mv Sophia is makin ' good i r. i .1. . .'.n.t . I, nl I'll mi,! i .. iiii.l I i... .. ill. .. 1.. r.. l.:.. ' . . f . . " left a wish of initio uugrati "cd ; but I'll try and ..1 i.. tl.i. r.,,ni, ' . Vni.MU.Kil1 our child bv vour foolish notions. iroAni family and servants in particular. iTorsho was well nigh discouraged. will not. 'I he Al ilcolui s are a proud rate and m m M f O a W A t . t.r.1 lit' r I . . . . C . . . . I si . 1 . 1 f I ,.(.. 1 1. r I ....-.... I . t. i . . I I 1.. l.rsr.L- il It Willi III I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 "HI HIV U""l i- A M US W W i . . I VVtJll Ml UO Mi iH'lll'i IUr l' '--III ru ni.t vt u uu i M'Viai it III! U.iru Kit' iW IIICPU H1U U1IIJ uut'ft. uu uiu UUIIIIJ' HIV """ ... , ,. I. . .,, , AnofllCl'itrV nltll Il,Hfs'S''ls husband, with unmoved countenance. fortunes of .me member of his 'W,-W.oi .1 ly ?' asked tho lady as sho pointed to a pilol h t h at ot tlio vv es 1 1 ... m.i ' " I 111......... eviti i ir ... . i i i it t j . : I .. t I... i . i i. .. ..I i .i .. i. a i'iiliiLiiliiiiTMTi,rnllniMriJlJiLrii.3Jt n I'' IV 1 TH.NT A.M. I III. .1 1 mi,' . v., i ' I'art and leavo my cmiu I luiiiuy, , HiH vvas lilgu cuoiign uuu uroau enniign in n ... -- M..iieinsa riien'iiciils. Surgical and Denial lit- t'c .. w,i le iu soon, for I intend tu ; To do so, we'll step at once Into the pulor of frighten any ono but u regularly Initiated mem. I ' .S7ie would'nt thank mo for telling her the Mruineuts. .Muiernl Tc ih, I'oi s, leeches, 1 Hisses , & tu ()i0 , Lo cjucatcj, .Mrs ( j Philadelphi i. 'llio mistress of her of the ' Literati.' i truth. Perhaps she will remember my I ice. .Mineral Waters, Druuist's (.lass are. ""'"""'ji wlal wi yo dothcii.'' the mansion, a course looking Winn in, reclines 'Why, Sophia's former governess. Miss Do I look as I iMlhtti!' and she giricil intn the rerfuinery, Soaps, l))x-s,tull,tvainpiieiie,iun ,. Thero was a struggle. Prido vvas rushing In titioii the sofa, whilo her daughter, I.aura So- Thwackaway, u-ed a great many mere books opposite mirroi. 'Ah, no! I.0I.1I1 tint face nits.Ltc. 4.0. I),,,,,,,,, vt. and curdling tho lovo that had flowed so Ireely phronia, a girl of twelve, is on the hearth rug than you do and went through with them faster. ' upon w hich is engraved lines ofciire and thought, - T"Vr from her hcail. Mhould slio nay aim navo nur leasing tier tap uog. IRD-SF.I'.Dnnd tjlas, Cnttie-r in 1 child taught to despise Iter, tho child whovvas, 'What vvas that you wcro sajing, lohnre, and wound tip vvitli a lament for hi. loss to tho community in general and his heart broken family and servants iu particular. It us go btck several tears and traro the fortunes of one member of his 'henrt-broKcn family lice. IMilh Woodly. 1 suppose I never happened to mention her nime to yon, Sho has been ill mourning for fither the li-ttivo ears. This summer she puis oil' her black. I am so glad she is coming j I have'nt seen her fur four vears: and Albert seems delighted, You'll do s. ... .. . I I I I , ?ttie-I, won l you, sue auueu, n ine- ing out of the room, humming the last new She would not havo sung so lightly, if sho had seen her li-tencr'x arm fill nerveles-ly to her side, and her cheek blanch to the whiteness of tlio lace -ho held in her trembling lingers. 'IMitli Woodly coming here!' she muttered. ' F ilth's father j, ad! been dead these two years!' pro-re. in ber studies,' He inquired, Uhosiid, 1 wonder now sue iooks. one, jiti. iiss in . 11 ' , Ki ii,i .a le her so I will 110 1 1 lliirsne is n"i, ..(.nv.. , , uL,Miii.tu, , , - , , , receive their cordial and harmonious support. (Int. Tnjlor's Lrtter to the Inilepetiilrnt Taylor Patty of Jlarj land. H.vton lioniE, I, v., June 1 U, IS IS. (lEVTLFAir.s: I hive the honor to acknowl edge the receiptor vour polite communication of the PJth in-t . calling my attntition tn certain s iipui'-iit- relating to m v pn-i'ion lief, ,re the cnun trv as a candid ite fir tin) pre-idencj , which are represented to have b.'rn undo in the Whig N i timwl Comrntion, he'd at Philadelphi 1, pend ing the action of tint body, by Judge Satin. lers, ol l.iui-iini, in the name of ibcdelegition from closed' it iiniiio.ii itely, had not her attention been th it State, and requesting to be informed wheth- arrestcd by the ti"itre of a worn in kneeling in ,.r M,ct 5t.tomeut- were m ule by my authority. the moonlight, her long hi tek bur filling over nifnriii you, In reply, th it on their vv.ivtothat convention, Judges ol the l.ousi m i tie b?en d ihed from IMith's hp- by ai'n r's h 111.U; and vvitli that tho't there c itne wretrhe.Itie- 'Oh tint I might tind her,' Ac rclaimed 111 the fulness of her heart. ' 11 irk 1 I hear steps! I'll step in at this door that scem to lead into the entry, and go round tint way to the supper room, and my abence will be unnoticed.' She quickly opeti"d a door that led from the luteiiiiv. hut to ber surmise it oiieued into a plainly furnished chamber. She would hive her sltuiilders. tin 1 her hinds raisod in a siippn eating 111 inner to Heaven, 'Help me. oh my Father!' she rjicuhted, ' help me to keep my tow ; for her sake, aid me to keep the secret.' 1 1 1 1 ton 1 isi re u-eu nv pr.iver ; sue 1 n Winchester and Saunders ation, who hive been for years my per-onal friends and neighbors, wrote, requesting my views, before t'ie meeting nf the convention, n" to the course I desired my friends to pursue 111 in ih it ti'idy. In two eonvnnnica- r..).. I 'l'l, r.,11,,,' cirit " .l. 1.1. o ...... ....!.. f C III U VOUr prCIIlO-l, Willi I Villi, -f, - "s h Willi. II, lllj till LI ..III... .....i-L .,. . - j. , ,.,., 1I1M malice vvas strong even tho ' Ohi"ies.' She tried to interest her mind in six- months, .Mrs Anson came into tho school- room. f Nipll s,' the repliei ' for sho was well nigh discouraged. as her eve rested on IMilh. ' ' I cannot help it . tloti- addres-cd to the.n in reply. 1 informed them vnu ,. my child mv own and o aly one : and "slu" clasped her to her U.-om and wet her brow with (r.irs, the first she had shed for many a 1 I've done wrong oh ! whal havo I done ?' .,.l , li nl he I.aused the long in siin-iance. nut al my di-tance irom me scene, it .von'd be impos-iMe fur in, tn give any Hcial intiiition upon tho subject; that many questions or rouiingenries might arise during the action of the eonvontion, the character of winch I cutilj nut fnretrll, and that thrv must ' . . . i. .. .1... .i......r..... o ,. ii... -.:i. . in.. ..f r... pent up fount lin ol a iiiugiitfrs mm iu n " , . --..-.i . ..l....k .... deep and stroii" from her heart, and e nued tint t me; tint I frit my honor and interest safe in heirt to li.'.vt vv'ith a now gladne-s It had never , their hands; tint what whatever they should known "00 ''' '" ' w""''' ln"' cordially approve. I ' Mv" mother,' mil IMitli wound her arms siib-tantiallv inf 'rmed them, further, that unlest aroiind her neck and in her low musical voice they should discover an evident disposition to rep.'ited the word etch time she kis5ed tli3teir- ' treat me unfairly, which I hid no reason for drop fiom the cheek of herpirent. supposing w..u!,'l be the case, 1 thought my r hero lltey mi :iiiu pi. uu" .-ui. ..uni im r,,,,,u s m ic ,,, . ear the story of the pa-l vv ith its trials and temp-' had been selected by their fellow-citizen fortius t,,ttiins. pttrpo.e, but th it h ivmg once entered it, they ' I low did vour father leave hU property 1' at wore of course bound, it I w ere not nominated, leif'th inumred the mother. to sustain and support tho nominee, whoever he IMitli hesltited, might be j and 1 Imped they would do so, heart ' Tell me, I wl-h to know.' and soul. That I was a c.itiJidate for tho prcs- As "ently as she could, IMitli told her of the idrney only so fir as my friends had lo exception in the will in casosho found her iiuth. nuke me ; but luv ing been placeJ in my presen B1 ' I . . ..... .... . " .. .,... . 1 . i .. 1.1 ,1..., ...I,. ...l.lnli. in Iti,. lir-l AH! .Miss I nwacKaway was iiiosi excellent uiohs ii.ii nine n.i- .. ..i....... y sweet teacher. 1 wish she bad etaid longer; but vvc Illicit of voimg matronly beauty, bent over tho ! i, m iirds subierl without any agen- Tho blue veins swelled almost to bursting In cy or act of my own, directly or indirectly, did tho forehead of th it sorely tried woman, as she ' not feel liberty, by any such act, to heard of tho last cruel act of her husband. w .thdraw myself; that my friends, in vvhose ' Yon love young inquiringly. ho at the IV lUHi i am I""! -i y " " . , ,.i, i, mother. The Malcolms ate a proud race and same nine ... - Albert .Malcolm f said die hinds Iliad ever been, could do so whenever they should sec lit; and linilly, if they could A 1.1...1 as her onlv answer. siiccee.lnu riecinig i" nnai "J - " '- .v ... i.... i ni., ,o,.r nullified fonts duty tn tn I was, aim wn j-ur sale njr