Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 6, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 6, 1848 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNINii, October , 1.848. wns their ilnlv to pi for liim ; anil so fir from I hcing disappointed or mortified, I should ll mid Iini IIil- 1 lestilt Willi joy. UihIit thogcneral autlnrity lints given tn thoo gentlemen, I shsll deem whatever stiiti went tlipy may have mule to lip right, mid pro per J anil confident of their integrity, and in the sincerity (it their friendship, I shall sii-iain them witlmiit qualification. I, thorcfnie, tiki) upon iny ow n shoulder the responsibility of the acts of the Loiii-ian.i delegation in the convention, ami am prepared lo stand hy the consequences. In llieir length anil breadth. I togiet exceed ingly that my fronds in Kiltimnic, whom yon represent, should thus misunderstand the course piirsueil by the Louisiana clolcjr ition in conven tion, and should .have imagined 1 had abitu!- onrd the po"iliun I held in my published kturs lit tho time. 1 hev took me witli tin; declara on this subject. tion of principle f hid published to the world, 1 feci hound to ieppct the opinion of thoo 1 mid I would be w ithoiit defence if 1 were to s ly who honestly differ from tor, and while I feel ! or do any thing to impair tho force of that de-eon-cinus of no chaii!je of feeling, or iuconis- claration." teiicy on my pirt, I cnnnt.t expect n' desire that ( any of my iiicnd, whom you repre-ent, -houlil do violence lo their own scn-c of right and wrong, by supporting my election, while they i believe I have ch.ingi d niy political v iews. i nK no in in, nu ho w nig or jj.miocr.u, or ,vi- live American, fur his vole. 1 lake every Auieil can citizen's interest in Ihe welfare of iiis conn try to he as pure and a deep as my own ; and have therefore no right, and certainly no desire to influence hisaclinu in Ihe exerci-e of Ihe im porlant duty of voting lorollircr of hit govern imnt. With due respect, .Vc. Y.. TAVI.OR. To Me.r. Cn. II. l'hilips Jno. W.Walk er, Tho. 11. Alexander, and others. HI'KI.INCTO.V, Vt. Wilis iV::iii;i(ioBtM. Kor President, ZACHARY TAYLOR, l'or Vice President MILLARD FILLMORE, J'i r 1 1 lector, ntASTVS r.IKIIAKS, ) , lr, TI.MUT1IV rol.l.iri'T. , 'Ul',r!!0 (SKOIK.'i: T. IIODiil'.S. l-t I)i-trict. ANDItHW TUACV.'Jd l)i-trict. AI,lli:i!T I.. CATI.IV, 3d l)i-trict. i:i,ijaii ci.i:vr.i...u, nh Oi-trict. I'or Coi'gus, geoik;h p. MAKSir. I'll I DAY MOltNlMi, OCTOlinil G, Is is. MAHTIN VAN IIUKIIN, DIt AWN 11V JOSHUA It. GIDDINfJS. d s n I nviv he led to confide in tho honor of a slavo-hidder; but a "SllltClU: DOl'dll I'.IC'li" U too destitute of th it article to obtain credit with me. .Mil. I'.I.V Itl'llllV ra p'lircJ the iritlinrc nf IIIS SIUII'I I.ITY mii rjricutmsly ujion tho record of our countiy. I lure il will remmn nihl he rurnnltil tin an r.XDUIllXC Mi:.W.r( of the iteiitnirucij "tiisr., tvki:.n vs v wiioi.i. ami rnoviTii.vT of llie AI.IX who filled our nubile stations. 1 M i'i:i.ri.r. niMi:i.r with tiii: 111: " Although a Northern man, it became the i' r KIXI.H TO ANYTHING hoastof ins ruir..Mi lint he posted '-South- Mil '1' OWN INTr.llK.S'f." C. I'. cm pntieiple, and ho soon give S. IT 1ST. I C- l'Ultl i:t lllli. I4 ot In devotion to tne interests of his employer (slave merchant-.) Indeed, had he been bred up in the business, he would scarcelv have discovered AlOllll .IT'I1CIIMi:.j' to Tin: I.YTJ'Jin.sTS of sutci: anoirniis and suiri: diul 1:11s. ' annuity run 'iin: suc cess of that" exierabtt roinwiricc" appears to ji.ivi: m:r,.' ci'itjimost ix iii.s .MIXl), and to h ive superseded . ILL OTUUIl M.lTTllltS of Slate tmliea. J. It. GIDDINCS. MAHTIN VAN IIUHIIN AC A INST THL TAHIKK OK IN PHINClPI.LANDDi: TAIL. Mr Van Hnren's views are found in llie fol lowing brief letter, addres-ed to the editor of the Hiclunond Lmpiirer, l'eh. 'Jr, l;'l.'!: Mv Sin : I thank you very kindly for your friendly letter. 1 nvvr. vt mi timi:, mir ami wm:nr.j iicstTVTr.n to r.xi'in: mv 111:11 111:11 in vi'i'imi! vtion or tiii: I nurr Ai r or 1. vst Sr.ssn.v, AS WIU.LIN ItnsiM'.CT TO tiii: pitiNciPLi: ri'o.v which it is KOUNDKI), AS TO ITS D11TAII.S. In good time von will hive my view.? in respect to tint nnd other subjects hei'ore" th? public. In llu mem tiiiie, believe tne to he, Very sincerely, Your obedient servant. MAItTIN VAN JIL'HLN. JOIINQUINCV ADAMS'S OPINION OI VAN HURILVS COUHSI! IN Till! AMIS TAD CASH. "This order (to take tho ii'o'ro';! was on its face positive, swoeping, iiiicoiislitutioii il. No specification of persons, noinmos, even their neinher; all tho negroe, lato of the Spini-!i schooner Amistad, in his ciisto ly, 1111 ler pro ces ii'nr f'tntiiit! before the Circuit Couit of the Cuite.l Statos. Was this uhi.cii ii i:n , l a coL'.vruv vviirin: miiiiT. or im:uson, .vnr. Wlllllls WITIIOLT HIHMMir Ix Tin: KIMHHIVI I or Dviiovn.v.- In Tin: nrcinv vvmwu: Tin:1 iiowsTiiiNU is Tin: WAintvvr or r.Vi ll'tiii.n ': It was tnvr.N i.n tiii: i.v.mi or Tin:, ation or iMir.rr.Mirxci: in tiii: i.v.mi nr tiii: SKi.r-r.v iiu:.nt tiii tii. it is mv i:x iiv a i Pk sin ,vr or in Km nu Sais! '' or cn1 itsi: xt'LL.ixn oun .iXD , nr.roiti: tiii: nucisiox or tiii: col'ht, it iui ni:i:x nr.Lir- KlilU) TO Tin: M. 1HSII.IL, .ixd 111: D.ii) i:.'i:(Tti:d it, m: irorij) n.iri: sT.ihr.i) xot oxly tiii: j.irr.s tii'Tin: xr.t;jioi:s, hi t iiis otr.v iii:.ii),.ixi Tii.iT or.H.iiiTix r.ix ni'itr.x, Tin: sh:xi:h or Tin: oiiurjt, rpux tiii: i:ri:.i" Tho Potitical Siuneso Twins, Van Huron nnd Adam, on the Mexican war: Till! MKNICAN WAIL "IT IS DIT, TO Till! I'UTKIll! KAMI!, AS WK.I.l. AS Till! PKi:si!NT l'UOSPKIUTY OK THIS (skua r na ' ion, 'i iia r 1 r hi: i kikm- 1'IIAN I LY SUS l'AINI!D." Martin Can Jlurt 11. " IIH! I'KKSI'.NI' WAK Willi MI'.X ICO IS UNCONS . 1 1 1J i IONAL IN IIS OltKSIN. UNJUSP IN IISCIIAKACILK. AND DI! I KS I AIIL1! IN 1 1 SOIIJLC 1 S." (Charles 1. .ldanis.) JOHN VAN WJKI!N'-S OPINIONOK (SI!N KKALTAYJ.olt. At the Utica ('onvi'iition of II irnhurners that mr-t in IVbrinrv 11st. the lollowing resolution wns reported by a couiniittec, of which John Van lluren was a member, and un'iiiiinoui'y ado til ul. 3 3 ? ? n ? ? ? it...,,. i . Tun- (Si.n. .ACIIAItY TAY- I.OK, HY IIIS MASTKKLY COKKLSPON- DLNCK. with Tin: Waiv Dki".hitmi:.nt, mi i.i:ss TH V.N 111" ms union- riiNin t-T AMI i.n- I MINI 11- It I.K llllll.NKS AMI ( III KVOi: IIN Till: rir.1.11 or iiattm:, in siiow.n musi:i.r tii iii; MiriiNi.i a nisri.Niii'isiii.n MiMTvnv rmr.r IAIN, nrr A MAN Ol Sltl!AT MI'.NTAL AND MOKAL I'OWUK, nii whiisi: i.iri: , nv iivi:.n r.vnir.Ni.T. nr A STKONO III1A1) IIO.NLST 1 1 LA It I , AMI A I! LI'I 'JII.I- CAN SIMl'LICl V OKCHAIIACTIIIt. "Al.Tllonc.lI NO POLITICIAN, IIAV IN(i AIAVAVS IICI.I) MYSI'.I.K AI.OOK KKOMTIll! CLAMOItS UK I'AHTV I'd- i lil I 1 1 jr. I .'i.ii . vv nm, .v.nh .mi.ii CAT. It 111'. DI'.VOTI'.D IN INMIVIPIAL Ol'INION TO Till'. l'lllNCU'LLS Ol' , JnAtrAKii.' '.vumii Tui.iiii. " The Convention adopted mo ns it found mo a WIIIO IlKCIIM!!) but not ultra in my opinion'! and I would be without excuse if I ore to shut tho rolutioti.-liiw winch suiiiicii 1 main, Sept. I, It-It-. "I mil not expected to lay violent hind indis-1 crimin llcly upon public ollicers, good or had, j vv ho liny differ in opinion with me. 1am .not .. Tvti.on, Sept. I, IMP. i:pr..-ir.ii tii rimci: i oniiiikss, in Tin: cor.ii-1 rioN or Tin: v i; i o to im" i.vws to st'iT .mi:, ok i-.vis mi.nt.. Tlin is whit I mean hv not being a partv canliihte. AND 1 UNIM'.K STANI) THIS lO 111! (iUOl) W1IKS l)OC- Tit in ., Sept. I, 181?. (Sen. Taylnr'n oiimon of Mr. HUmore. " Whig Convention met in Juno, mid selected mo a their candidate. I accepted the nouiimtioii with gratitude and with pride. I was proud of llie conlidenco of such a body of men, leprescnting such a constituency as the Whig party of the I'nited States, a manifesta tion the more grateful because it vim not cum bered withox-iction incompatible with thedig nilv of tho presidential office, and the respond, hihties id' its incumbent to the whole people of the nation. Ami 1 mvv Aim, tiivt thi;i: r.Motm.N'. w; im:iii: vsr.n in vssuci vti.mi mv .n vmi: w itii tii vt ok tiii: histinoi isiir.n j c iti'.i: v or Nr.w Voiih, w'iiiki: .v how , i:n Aiin.iTir. vmi soimi roi:it vtiv r. n i- mo.ns viiiiirr n vv i: ji'sri.v i:.ntiti.i:ii IIIM TO tiii: i iiivr ri.vci. ox tiii: Tiehr.r." j P.vsi.vcmri.v I.i;Tii:n, Sept. I, It? IH. (Sen. Tiivh Vievr. of the Charleston (S.CA ' democratic" nomination of himself. "No km: who joii:n i tiiosk mimi.n v tios cofi.ii nvvr. it ix nr.rr.iv i:n .c tii mv politic-u. vinvv I'lIOM the 1II'.(!INNIN(! tii.i, now i iiavi:!i:d jiv- SKI.I'TO IIIJA WIIKi ON AI.I. l'KOPKIt OCCASIONS. With thi distinct avow al pub lished to Ihe win Id, I did not think III it I hid a right to repel uomihitlon from political oppo nent any more tlun I h id a right to refuse the vote of a Democrat at tho poll-; and I pro claimed it abronl tint I should not reject the prolleri'd support of any body ofiny fellow ci tizen.' liKTTf.n, Sept. t, 1(?I8 D.v.Nfirnoi-s en vii verm or Van 1!l'ri;.n iikvw.v nr Cn nf.i:s Kuvxcis Amvms. I'm: l'niviri.r.s or Liiirirn nrefjyNLV- 1 JjIjTJ s no ix Tin: 11 vmis or .mi n who uihi: a tii vni: or n 111.11; .vrr.vins. Mil Vx IIl 1: 1: v .mi st hi: ji imr.n i:v ms i-iii.(.i:iu.Mi Aiiams's Pamphlet '1'oxa Jiago 1. "Ami iv coNsinr.iiixi whvt nvMir.ns .vi.'J MOST 'I'd llll APl'ltl'.ilLNDi:!), we have very riductantly roluctantlv, perhaps, becau-e in ir.'Ki he voted for him lor President, in pre ferencoto DanielWehsler,"! been driven to tho conclusion llut tho 1.. MOST IMMINENT. r. of thoni spring from llrj un1.11 ami thmpouis im. I'oi.icr or Mit. VAN HUllllN." Same Pamphlet, page '27. Clorious Whig Meeting in New VorU ! The Wilis NjtirH fairly up! ' Speoch of Ilorai-c (Jri-cly of llie Triliiinc. 'I'nur.i: immense Whig Halilicilion meetings were he'd in New York on Wednesday eve-1 llioo !. st 'I'liee ore reorekpolinl m. lull ini. outnumbered anv gatherii-g of the kind since 1810. 'l'he N. Y. y,'j7ircs"says 'Thousand ant Thousands nf Vhi"s 1 Three .Hidings .' Hearty unaniinily annum l'ie Wlims The spirit f'l I returned. 'I he Whig Hatilicalion Meeting last evening, at Vauxh ill li irden, was Ihe m i-t eiithu-i istic of the campaign ; 1111. 1 threw nil other meetings, whether Cus-. Vanburen, Clay or Taylor, into tho shade. The greal hall was lilled, beloie Ihe meeting was called loonier, or Ihe hall ligh ted up, and fiom half past siv to eight o'clock, there was .1 continued iiiund ition ofp.'ople. The seme lliiougbout was one oi the greatest euthu-sia-m and excitement." Tho Journal if Canmerce says : "At times, live different speaker were siinnl- , I laneoiisly holding foith to llieir excited audien ces. Clay Club, sick Wings, mid disalllclid : democrat', 11 irnburners and Old Hunkers, there j iiniled Ibeinselves in a solid phalanx Ihatwill I he agiin heard Iroin next November. Scaicelv a dissentient voice was heard." Uniui r. Ciiuellv was present and avowed ,,,, dt-le r.l nation lo support (Sen. Tayixk 11 names ol I avlok i!t 1 u.i.Monr. now roin the miisl. head of the Tribune'. We give bolovv.the report of Mr. (i'i:r.r.i.i.v's sneeeb. and a-k our I ree Nul friends to give it tlu-ir candid , iittenlion, It is the voicool i-rn Heal wisdom. and Ac doubt not will meet a response from ma ny hearts in Vermont. Mr. (ireely was called for, and the call being persisted In, he came forward and said: I iru-t, lellow i iluen., 1 shall never lie afraid nor ashamed to meet a Whig a-seiiihlaeu and expre-s my sentiun'tils on tho Political questions ol tho iliy. Ami although I have I11J 110 iuti in ition 1:11 now tint my presence heie was ex pected or de-ired, I am Ihu more ready lo answer your can unco 1 have heard intimation, even Irom ihis stand, that there vva some mystery in my coiir.-o to b cleared up some a-toiiuding revelation with regird to it to lie expected. And our eloquent Irieud from Kentucky even volun teered, in his remarks, to ere me personally nnd set me right. If there be indeed uuy mystery In the premises, I will do my b -si to dispel it. Hull have, in truth, nothing to reveal. I staled in aiinounciiiL' (leu. 'I'nvloi's nomination, the day after it was undo, that I would snppirt it if I saw no other way to defeat the election of Lewis That pledge I luvo ever regard ed. I shall faithfully redeem it. And, since there is no chance remaining that any oilier than (Sen, Taylor or (Sen, Cam can bo elected, I shall hencrfirth suppoit the ticket nominated at Philadelphia, and do what 1 can for Its elec tion. llut I havo not changed my opinion of the noin illation of Cell. Tay lor. I believe it was unwise and unjust, Kor (Sen. Taylor personally, I hive ever sp ikeii with respect; bat I believe a can d dale could and should have been cbo-en, more deserving, more capible, more popular. 1 can. not pn tend to support him with enthusiasm, for I do not leel any. Yet vvhi'o I fiankly avow that I would do little merely lo inako (Sen. Taylor President, I caunoi forget that older stand or fall with dim; and that among them are Killiuore, and 1'ish, and Patterson, with whom I have o.ittled for the Wdig cause ever since I was entitled to vele, iilnl In whom f cannot Imvv ho unfaithful. I cannot fore-el tint if (Sen. Taylor ho elected we dnfi in nil prob.iliiiily have u Whig Congress; if (Sen, is elected, a Lncofoco Congress. W'lio can a-k me to tlirow awav all these, be cause of my n'ipclionto (Sen. Taylor? Ami then the question of l'reu Soil, what th ill bo Ihu late of tint t I iiresnino thrro are hero some Kroi. Soil men. " 1 es vim I I 'rue Soil !"J 1 mean those to whom the qucs- turn o extending or restricting Slavery nut- weigh nil other consideration. I ml: those whit hnpu thev hue of keeping Slavery out of California anil Now Mexico with (Sen. Cars lVident, and a Loeofoco Contrre ? I have none. And I appeal to every Kree Soil Whig to ii-k bini-clf (hi ipie-tioii " How would South Carolim nnd Tcxa wih yon to vote.''' fan von doubt thai your hitter tidversario wonhi rejoice to hear tint yon Ind rcolvcd to break oil1 from tho Whig p irty mid permit (Son. Cass to ho chosen President, with nil obedient Cnngre.? I cannot doubt it. And I cannot believe th it a w i.LMr wntthv enwre, w Inch my bitterest tidvcrs.trie. would gladly work out for me. Of (Sen. Taylor's soundness on th'H tiuor-ttoii, 1 icel no anranc and can "ive none, lint I believe him clearly pledged by hi letters to leave legi-latiou to'Congre-', and not atteinpt to control by hi veto the policy of the country. I believe n Whig Congre will not eononl lo elen 1 Slavery, and tint a Whig President will not go to war'with Congres and the general spirit of lii party. So believing, i shall support the Whig iiomi n ilions, with a v iew to the triumph of Kree Soil, trusting that tln-div is nut fir distant when an amendment ol the l ederal Constitution will give the appointment of Poslm ilers mid other local olicers lo the Peop'e, and strip Ihe President of the enorinou mid anti-republican patronage which now causes the whole political action ol the country to hinge uppon its Presidential l'.lec lion. Such are my views; such will he my course. 1 Iru-t it will no longer he pretended III it there is any mystery ah nit them. Vmi Huron nnil Texas. There is no point in tho life ot Martin Van llurc I on which his friends ring so many chang es of praise and adulation as that which relates to his alledged onno-ition to the Annexation of 'IV:l. ill 181 I. Vim llnren nnners. Van llll. ren Conventions, and Van Huron Itcsolution parade this fict heforo the people as though it vvcre triumphant and conclusive, and precluded ine necessity ui L-injuiriug any iiirincr as 10 llie principles and incisures, 011 which and for the success of vv Inch, Van lluren would conduct the Administration of the (lovernment, if ho should he elected. Independently of his vaunted op-Ipo-ilion to the Annexation of Texas in 1841, aim ins present anuigeu nosiiiity to 1110 jut titer extension of Slavery, no Whig, or Liberty man, could bo found so mad a to dream of aid-1 ing in the election nf Martin Van Hiinn! Now let us look at it a moment. Nobody will deny tint if Texas had not been annexed, there 1 would now be 110 tenilorv about which to rai-e this " vexed question"' of the extension of Slave ry. Ihe ipii-lion was at rest us respected cx I'enitory for no one supposes that the ' South had any real de.-ire to extend Slavery in to Orcgwi. American Slave labor would bo as much out of place, and useless, in Oregon, as it would ho in Kamchatka ! The scheme of Texas Annexation, it cannot Lie Homed, was a scheme ot certain ultra-Slave- j ry propagandists ol the booth, who, like .Mr. f critical pretender to superior zeal for Kieedom Cauioi-x, look upon the preservation, perpetua-1 frmn charging us with misstating or garbling his tion and extension of Slavery a indi-pens.iUe j scnlieIlU r NieHs. Ve imile toit t,c .,.,. to tho maintenance of the strength, power and ,iuM ofil Wnius, at any rate, who have t tiller inlliience of the South in tho Union. I cj t,plwl)V0i 10 t. ..educed inti(a belief that No fact is moro lii.lispioni-V - "i tu.- Martin Van ll trcn'i.i a man who-e lidelily lo lory than thi. Texas was annexed KOR Till! j avowed principle i superior to his )(nc 0f !ice 1'L'IM'OSI! of extending and strengthening the and its " spoils.' We ask them to look at the "institution'' of Slavery. It was nluioil ex- humiliating record below, ard form their own chtsirely a Southern " dcmochatic" project. We presume this will not be denied. The most prominent candid lies for nomina tion hy the two great puties in 1811, were Hi:-;-r.v Ci.av and .Martin Y in Hl'iikv. Doth de- dared thcu.-elves opposed to the Anncxalioii ol 'l't,x:i'' previously to the meeting of the respect-, Conventions. II ith, therefore, stood ' upon the same ground before the people (for Mr. Cuav's Al ih mi l Letter" which was so ihehi repre-cnled as taking ground In lavor of An nexation, was vv ritten afti r his nomiualinu ) Mr. Ct.AV vva unanimously nominated by the Whig Convention, every Congressional l)i-trict oration of all the bigli-hlown prcteii'iom of thii in the Cnicii being represented, and every dele- Samson Agnnistes of "Kree Sjil" I! gite voting for him, Southern and Northern. We hope we slnll hear 110 mire about Mir- The Democratic. Convention met in May, a Van Hnren's having " sAcuini-En the Presi few days alter. And now we ask our readers dt-ncy to hi coioisCHf opposition to the pro-S!a-to notice what follow s, A DLCIDI'.D M A.IOU- very scheme of the annexation ol Texas." That 1'1'Y of that Convention was in favor of the nomination of Martin Van Hutch. If, there fore, this " democratic" (!) Convention, whose leaders are so con-taully pr.iliur about the "will of the majoiiii'V," who would have overturned the Constitutional (lovernment of UhoJe I-land in obedience to the " vv ill of the .majoiiitv ," and who are ever loud-mouthed in deference to the "vujorilyn the People" il this " democratic" Conveuliiiii, we s ly, h id bowed lo the ' will of I the majority," Martin Van lluren would have' been nonrinted on the first ballot ; for on tho first b il li 't he received a majority ol Ihe votes ! Look at it ! There were 2(30 votes cast ; 131 neccb s iry for a choice ; and Van lluren received oni: iil'Miuui ami roi!TV-ix, on the first billot, lo 81 for ( ,'iins, 2 1 for Johnson and !) scattering, or TIIIKTY .MAJOlll'l Y OVI!K ALL! Now let tho-o wjio so loudly claim tint Van lluren ' sccrificrd Ihe Presidency" to his opposition to the Annexation of Texa think of it a little. lie did uomc'i thing! Hi anti-Texas Letter was written to ... , LCI KC III lioiuiintion, and ac- cording to nil usage and propriety (except anion" . ... .... . . " moileril " llemarrttru" he VVA nom natei on I i first ballot. lie sacrificed io';ir ho never1 made a personal siciilice in . ... ., rns nit. It is llie idlest, f-lnntipst. ntnl liiiiiiliiup ni-n. l. tempted .0 be practised upon .ho pe.qde of , his country, to say that Van Hurcn lost the nomiiia- tion for Ihu Presidencv 1111 account of l,; ' 11,1.1 vum ior 1110 1 resiliency on account ol Ins Intel - ily to principle!!" lie lost it In the treachery of ti.. t;;.. I. ,.f 1 ,,.;.. ,i... i- : ' '' niu vomiiniou hy tho tieachery, or sen ility, or both, of S nh era Locofocos, nriny of whom are now foremost in the p'osent " Kree Soil" inuvemcnt. lie lost it because llie entire South andsixTV-oxu North em" doughlaces," in the Convention vcUd fur the rule requiring iwo-iiiinns nf the votes to make tho nomination. This is the simple fact ! Hut let in look a little farther into Ihe pro- cecdings of lhis"democratic"Conventioii. where Van Hurcn " sacrificed himself !" Wo copy from a contemporary account before n: " Alter Ihe 7th llollot, Mr. .Miller from Ohio, rosr, " ureal)-i-.M-iied, and 'iid he was the youuuest man "oilllul Hour thai he rrprrseiiird lo.doo democrats; " ilint he h-ol u nsoluliou 111 his baud of ovripuwtr " ina Inipoiijiiie Iciks of ' hand 11 10 llie chair I") "lb snid it wn? writti-n so bnilly lint nobndv could "lend It luil biiiisi-lf. (Cries ol "read it, tlu-ii ! lead, "liud!) lie read it: " licxnheiU That Mtiitiu Van llmen hnrinrr " crirrtl tir ritlr ttf tl Majority fif the Lhlivrntintl (in ' tirjiiitl Ittllnl, iictrrtttl tli tlir liumliue Jirr the of' "JiccuJVictndcntufthc United .States." " (Sreat confusion ensued, and such entries a these follow : ' Order, it down go on keep your Feats tl-uj. '. Jtallrr moved to adjourn Mr U tiler trial to teilm Miller an I MaUirij" &c. &.C. Now our readers will observe that tin . '. llutlrr, who figures so extensively in this Ihlli more Convention is the same mm who was most prominent in the late Ulica (Ihrnhurner) and HuH'iln (I'iro Soil) Convention". He was the author of the Itesolution adopted by all time of the Conventions the Ilaltimore, in Is II, and the Ulica and lliill'alo in IS 18. He was the warm personal friend ot Van lluren in tho Kaltiinore Convention of 181 1 and as such, was oyiyfjsci tu the scheme of Annexing Texas, and extending tho area of Slavery. Hut now mark: After Jamrs IC. l'oll,,lhcannexn!ioncan Jitl tie, was nominated and nominated rxrlw s'urlyun tkcgruitnJ lint he was in favor of "the l.M.MniJlATi: annexation of Texas" Ibis same II njitmin l llutlrr, the mil!-7 'exits mouthpiece of Martin Van lluren in the Convention, arose and, uftcr a few crocodile tears over the defeat of Van lluren, said : "in: was fujtu: nr. coiji.d itomisi: "m:vyoiik, hv ao.iioii majouity run " )'()I,h. lie nlsu sinii il he had a k-tler in his " pocket from Mr. Van Ilim-n, tolling bun towith ' draw his name if necessary or dusiruble." Hero evaporates the sublime devotion of Mar tin Van lluren and lieuj. K. Ilutler ag.iin-t the annexation of Texas ! .Martin Van Huron's or gan in the 1icnfnco Convention promises Mar tin Van liuren's State of New York to Polk, the annexation candidate, " ly .(),000 majority !'' Where was M r. Ihvj. V, llutlcr'o Keal fo: "Tree Soil" then! Hut this is not all. Mr Van lluren " sacrijic- Ctl" himself on account of his opposition to the j annexation of Texas and the consequent cxtcn-1 "ion of Slavery, say his friends! Ah, indeed ! Let 11 look a moment at this allegation of rn ig-' nanimily and devotion to Principle on the part of this immaculate 1'reo Soil man. Il probably will nut bo denied that IK Van liurcn was real ly, uprightly and honestly, opposed to the an nexation of Texa, in 1311, and was willing tu sacrifice the I'nU'hncy ral'n r than yield hisii'n- ion on this jmmt ho wouU have been about the ,llft nm j,, , ,;ni()n tn vot0 forj nr !lJvoc.ltC( ,-,i nf .;.,, ,- ikm ... i, ,t. inted solely to carry out that iiefuious scheme. HUT Hi: DID HOniM He not only voted for James K. Polk an! the annexation of Texa", but warmly urged his friends throughout the country to do the same ! We know that many Whig "Kree Soil" m.-n deny this. They can not cot c 'it e of such duplicity, and treacl.eiy to avowed principle. Hut we desiio to leave no room fur cavil cn such a point. A few davs af- ter the nomination of Polk a great Locofoco " Italilication .Meeting" was held in New York, to an invitation to attend which .Mr. Van lluren returned the reply below. We insert it cn- f j orilcr to prevent the friends o( this hypo opinion of the siNCEiurvof its author's loudly proclaimed hostility lo the annexation of Texa-! ! Let them remember that the Hiltiiuure Conven- lion, which cast aido M irlin Van lluren, as his Kree Soil friends take to much pains to sav, ' because of that hostility, and nominated .latms t A'. Pall, solely on account of hi known advo- , cacy of tho abominable scheme of annexation, ' was held on the 27th of May 1318, mid that the letter below, gi i'g ih the sum" Martin Van liu ren's adherence lo Ihe Poll, and Texas, was written on llie 3d of June billowing ,n'a- day being a sufiicient timo for tho entire cvap- lion's skin " is altogether loo small for the 'as!" There Is not a won nor a syllable of j truth or decency in the miserible prelence. , Van lluren and lii present " Kree Soil-' Htrn-I huriicrsquad of schemers went KOIt the nnnex-' ation of Texas and the Mvteiision of Slavery, in 1811, when they .miuiit, if llieir jinf-ssiun had ' ""t been as empty as the air, lave defeated both! 1 'l'he following is his letter. I.INHENUMLP, June 3d, 1311. (Sentitniev Iliad the honor tu receive by the hands ol .Mr. (iauesevooil .Mc ivitlc your loiuiiiiuui-a-tion requesting me, 111 tit-halt ot a convention ol dele i;:itcsliooi ihe several 11 ardsol llie City mid County ol New- Yolk, to prtsi.le at a Mas Meeiing ol the Dt-uiocrae) to be In-ld 011 the lib 111-1, to respond 10 the nominations ot the lliltmiore Couvtiitioii. Upon return;; from Ihe l'ri-idi-uey 1 ihoui;lit it would he-i comport with the ie-pecl which vmis dot to that lii;di station mid 10 those by whose 1 ivor 1 Ind lii-eii rus-d to it, to restrict my pailieip molts in ihe pohlle'il eoliti sis ol llie il ly to tin- IjiiIiIiiI evereise ol lie' lllil ol sutiiae, Willi iiiio-si-rvt'il evpre-tfious ol 111 v onitiinn uiioii 1 he loin u- u-ii-' opinion upon llie purine q-lfstioiis o tnose who dt-eincd ihe It-ller ol nilheieiit iiii.ortuuee 10 call lor llit-i.i. adoption ol un run-was lit tins nine pub. 1 f.ri suit.- ot-.-,, s.iuiiiioiou-i wi-iiiiii. .-uiisiiiiifoi ,.,,.,. 1,.,... ,,i .... ,,:M...i ,1,.. rii..i.- .,1 . i....- ,.. : 1 .1..-..1 1 s;..i III IV Illlliooiieeu tiy nil- m mv ooout itlllll no, illiu II IS init-il ami K.-riuaueiit ob-erv.inee. It is iln-n lure wiih 1 tinti-i'.iifil rt-or.-l I tun I I nul nit silf f-olltrlo.-,l lit- i-ir :...... ?.." . . ?. i.-:r ' V . . , .. : sard, lo deehiie iliere.ii.est 10 ..reside at a n.e.111,0 of ! a noriion ol mv lVllow Cnueii. than whom nu nien j jn.a kirouncr claims tu my ti-spcct, my coi.liJence Ullil lnv rstt-,-lll. !ii;htit decree iiiilut-nced hy tuhtiraiiniiess, mm u;ss "'""i-li-v iotiii: or nic xoviin.hios 10 1 wlmhn mho nurnose ol tlw-e von rrnrt-M-m 10 rc- fclkjnd. Pat ,ietvjat isthal Jium bring the line ttate "J 'f!'i. 1 have known .Messrs Polk and Dal- las lona mid uiluualc i-. nvu nd reuiienl tmoor. ionium or peisoiril oh-ervatioii ul their conduct in llie ilisfbarce ol hmh nnd respons.lile public dunes, llie latter has, hy my lipliollilincllt, leprcselllcd the ciniiiiry abroad with cicdii and u-clulness. 'Pin) rie

nom gi-nriemeii po-esseil n IusjIi 1 Inracti'i, ul un questioued llll. I uu.j'n stioliiilile putriotism Olid llllegrl ly, uble lodist'liarije ihediiliesolthe siaiiouS ler winch Ihey have been icsjieciivcly iiomninled with ailvau. taye lo ihe cuiinir)- Vid houur lo ilii-iust-lves. Con curring with Ihein in ihe main in llie political princi ples by wbuh Ibelr public hi 1 s have lieell hltlieilo ths. Iiiimiishfd. 1 A.M MNCi:Ui:i.Y DHSIIilDI'sl 1 OL TilLlll Sl'CCIISS. 1 uiu bv no means 011. hi- Ph!.tS ,,.,.'.'.';,'iH'l'um'lil','1! ,rr'"""'l' V1""!"'"'1, oui me imioii, who hmcliouorcd me by llieir coiitin- ucd uiid disinieri-sied Inendslnp. ri 1! ( 1 nln. I1"1)' sure ilut 1 can nlso rely on llieir past nil I'.rincn l . . Z",!,'" "i''1?' ''""'""y1";'' '" ". ing ptlliilpli s ol our political creed, Holt 11a I'ttmiiut ut fiirale Jcelins, ,,,! intiier lit tatctthhuld mir tni'imt fiom tioniitiatiinit. the iitcetts J xehich icauldltc roHduenctvIke iciiiiuittut uiletttttnl the rmintiy, 'Viimr. Tiitiitnini: vvuo tiiixk as I im, lint lis Inline well-ire is in a great ib-uree depi-ndent iipon the "iiceess ol tho-e i;r-:it priiicipi.- in the mlinuiis trntiiiii of ilia lVilerid (irivermtu-iit, winch we have bilhellii espuileil, and ill lie- respect lo which llie tw o great parlies ol llie country have fur jearshcen divid ed, i.vxxor, am mire, i vu, to .mi i-.ui: miwu mv- Mill KATIOVS, IV SIMI.I'.I. AMt I Mil-ill 11 If 1.1 1 nCTS In lT.o.Mou: riicstn-Lss 01 T1IL IAMIIIi.VILS 01 llll. Dl.M otRAne iwm. Ilaviut; now slid nil tint the occasion call fur in repaid lo the i; ihi-ct el lie- mr-etiii!. I imnt In- iiiiliilneil in a lew- piriiuu vv-nrds lo tin- lion-ln-ait-eil Dc-iuocmcy ol the City nnil County ul Sew Yolk. Never Iflurp Ins a public linn hei-n huiMired hy llie rupprt ol iriier.firiiH-r, or inure, ili-iuti-rc-itcd Iri'-iuN eearei-ly 'known where to find tln-m ; m adverity ! man tncy nave men lo me. In prosperity I Have i lliey h ive been wiih on- always. TlnoiiKh evil and lliroiiuli.ooil leporl, I have fijand llie in-isn-s of the New- York DcllHieraev llie s.itne iiiiiililrnie. lull iiiisliriiikhii; IneiiiN. ''he li:iiiR-t, l,y I ir llie hap pies( day m my whele pulitie-.l career was that mi which on my return Iruin Wnsliinirtim, thi-y in-'t me on the liaitery, m llie midst ol n sioriu of wind and ruin, which wuald have kept lair-wenthi r friend al Inline, nnd cAlcnded lo ine, a private like theiuseUes, iln-ir hard hand and opened their honett hearts in a welcome us eonh d as man ever ieeeied Ironi man. Th-y ni-ed no assurance to satiely them that 1 sli.ill be lorever thankhil for tle-ir iuiiirnsi-d devotion lo my wellare tlu-y know that 1 can never e'-ae lo chi-rish Mlli uratelLiI ncolleelioii the honor ed relation ol llepieseut.itives and Constitui-ut which Ins i.istt-J lifivMci! ih tnrs.j I0114. In such varied form and which i now forever closed, llnvfi the honor, eiitleiiif-n, to he very Itcspcctfully, vour Ineiid and uh d't serv't m van uuiii:n. EAii of E'rcuiitictis Altai tied hy Ihe Chittenden County Aarieiiltiual S'leiety, til the Annnril fair h'tldett at Hurling ton, un the i.'77i Seitrntbfr, 11. o.v uousr.s. The committee on Horses respectfully report, tint wo have examined, the several buries pre sented and report as lollovvs: iSVWons. To the Whitcomh Morgan, owned by Levi Wlntcomb of llichm md ") years old pa-t, we awarded the lir-l premium. To the Hapgonl .Morgan, owned by I,. 1'.. llapgood ot Wilh-to'n oveais old, we awarded the i!d premium. ' .1,00 To the Abdonili owned hy .Stephen Slurp ol Colchester 5 years old, we awarded the 3J premium. 3,00 Tit o year id I S'aUion's. H. lliishnell of Williston, the 1st pre I mi 11 in . , To Jas. S. lilinn of Sliclbnrne, the 'Jd do, jjqq I,'.,,. " u I Mares icilh s".g Colls. ' 1st llest .1. Walker of Williston. tifll I 2d " Noble Root of Uhirlolle. .'i.llO 3d " 1. Sliattuck ol ll.irlington. L'.UU 'I'lmc year old Colts. l-t " To Smith Picrson of Shelbiirno 3 year old gelding Colt. .1,0.) 2d " O. K. Ilulihird of Sliclbnrne, do 2,00 3.1 " V. Adams of Milton 3 year old mare colt. 1,00 Wo y ir old V ill. 1st llest 11. Chiniii of Williston horse Colt. 3,00 2d " John Hirstowof Hiiilington, do 2,0J 3 I " S. K. Piersoiis S'lelburne mire Celt. 1,00 Vfuii'.'ig C'oi'fs. i.te it II. S. M ir.-e of Shelbume. Win. Weston of llurlington. 2,0) 2d w.m. o. ii.i!Ki:i:, ) LKONAHl) liOD-illS, JOHN SI.MONDS 2J, ) Contmillee o;i hursei. et.. . , . , , rctary of Clntten l--n County .3r1culr1rnl To the : r-oelely. Tho following premium hive boon awardeJ by the Committee 011 Cattle, vi. : l'or the b--t Devonshire H ill, 2 year old and upward,, to l.v man liiiiij-. ,f r.- t-v-A. 1,00 ' be-t D-jvoiishiro Hull William P. llriggs of Kicluuond. -1,00 " " best Grade Hull-Ceo. S.ixton,Shel. biirne. 1,00 " " best Devonshire Cow II. Chinin. VV iUlslOU. ' " best Durham Cow .'nii . 2,00 -Jas. S. Uliiin, ohelburiie. 3.00 ' " be-t Grade Cow Ceorge S.ixton, Shelburne. 3,00 " " best Milch Cow Lyman Halt, .Niolburi.e. 3,00 " becond do Caseins Djuglass, I!s- sex, 2,00 " be-t 2 year ol.l heifer William 11. Nash, Shelburne. 3,00 " second do ilzra Meech Jr. 2,00 " be-t y earling heifer Orv ille Sh iw, Jericho. ' 11 00 " second do ('hosier lilinn, Shol- hiirne. 2,00 " best pair of 3 yr. old steers ('iroki ) O. K. Hohtbird ol S.'ielburno. 1,00 " second do m llixbv. l!--ex, 3,00 " third do D'. Head, Cofchester. 2,00 " be-t piirof 2 vear old steers II, Morse, Shelburne. " 3,00 " second do J.I! t'hase,We,tlord. 2,00 " be-t j air uf yearling steers Ceo. Snxton, Shelhiirne'. 2,00 ' second do A-a Hrighaui, l!--ex. 1,00 , ' be-t pair ot lat oxen II. 11. Stacy, Hiirliiigton. -1,00 ' tecond do Nathan Lockvvood, St. (Seorge. 3,00 " best fat Cow Lvmau Ilixby, I! te.v. ' 3,00 , " second do S. S. Skinner, llur lington. 2,00 4 no i.oinunttee t.iKo piea-ure ill siyiug 111.11 , neues 01 cnoice irun, prociirnl in Hurlim'ton many annuals that came tinder their ex iinuia- New York and H .-ton, with special piin, u,ex' tiuu, other Hum those on which premium havu elude eveiything worthies', 'l'he tree- in thi bcen awarded, are of superior excellence, and m ' nursery are 111 1 lem irkably thriving condition severil in-tauccs it has b en quite difficult to some of the shoot having m ide ( or 7 feet da- determine, which were in fict the be-t: 1 or in stance the Hulls pre-ented hy II. Ilr.nlley l!-q., and Hon. Win. P. Hrigg-, were so much alike 111 every point, that ll,e cotuiuittce were quite un deteiiiiiued which was enlitled lo the premium. U11I when the ages of the two :1111m lis were brought into the account (.the former being three nnd the I liter tveo years old) the committee vveie inclined In the opinion, Hi it the I itter was rather superior in size, ami not inferior in anv 1 any how'- of the points exhibited. Tho committee .,,....,, , ui .1.,, j,in tli it tin clas , . ., . , ., , ,, nun auis are as iiro u.ioie ior l ie s 1 1 nuie. or , , I , - for vvorkiiiL' oxen, or milker, as the finer sort. 1 And we take pude in noticing tint a pi'rof I . I ... . I r .1 I.... .., I 14i aoo ioiirnu oxen, tu uiu laner ci its, nu-ei !" r own County, ny II. .Morse l.-q. of Shel- hiirne, drew llie lirsl premium at tu ast Ma, sachiisctls Stale Aglicultura tin rat Kair. A two vear old animal of Hits class, exhibited bv .Mr. S,i. ton, has liner limbs, hips, and shoulders, thin either of tho above aniiii lis exhibited by Messrs isr.wiey aim nriggs, nut Doing much inlenor in size, was not, 111 tho opinion of the commit. lep.entiicii in it premium over them. the noble pair ol Lit nen, exhibited by Mr. "Wy'. 1 l aumiration, and it 111 iy well be said, the wonder of all beholders, 1110.-1 clearly show- ,d III.IV be done when the Lo.irl i uillnur. such secimens ol uncooked beef slake, are 1 would bear the highett price in llosioii -and .New rare in this or any oilier country and would York, are scarcely abund mt enough for dome vvi-H snlliee fur a meal for J0I111 Hull diuiself. consumption. Wu tliink llie farmers ought to I'poii the whole, the committee are "ratified "ive more attention to this subiect. Willi me idea, that there is an evident improve ment uf tho neat stock nf our county. NuthiiiL' is more useful nr impoitant to the Karmer, than that Ihis improvement should goon, '.No conn- " U better ad ipttd to the raising of good stock i " T"lu "ciinm me nines, imu inueooaru sun fir behind, ill our approach toward tho enjoy- 1 incut of those naturul advantages in lids ren- 1 peel vvdicli, may he seemed by ordinary caro , , ... . ' ' ' ' ' """ 1 '"overauce. ' l. KLAI) fur Committee. 1 Sc'teuiler 27. 18 IB. OX WOUKIXU O.V.'.V. The committee on Working Oxen, report ai ioiiovv t l'or the het pair to l'zr.i Mecch, Jr. of .1. .i ' ' .. - nneiuiirno. Sfl.QO do 'M do C. lilinn. do 1.0!) do do do .'ll I !i S. II. .leiiuison, do 3,01) , 'nest spots in town, ami vvlncl. ought to he pro JI., of llurlington, "OU -'Cted, slipllered, and sliided by the Urgest and ii w-n rtViV o' C tommif' J . ft y N. II. The lir.-t nrtrin1 lllii w.ift !i'.v:irilt'il tiv tllf t'll l.Lxi fll'Mtl'lftr I.C in r.i.iin !... M .McpcIi declining to give miv oninion on tl, subject. Tin is staled to prevent luisa-preson tation. Mi:i:io .s7:.7 ic.s Iwo yr. rs uhl and iijiintri's. l-t. Ilest Ilirdspv Ncr.-ell, Chirlotte, 'Jd. " N. 1!. Miles. Iliiipehurgh, 3d. " Skinner, Williston, Merino llnrkstme yearvlJt. 1st. lbst '.. Skinii'r, Williston, Jd. " W. I. Talt, do llut two bucks one year old. II leu Merino Dices. lt. lie-t Skinner, Wiliiston, 'Jd. " .lo-eph M irsli, llinerhiirgh, 3d. " II. i I. Newell, Charlotte, liet ten Merino hninln. 1st. llest '. Skinner, Williston, i!d. " Joseph Marsh, Williston, llut two lots shown. . TJOjU-J . .if, 1 on 3,00 1.00 3,00 1,00 3,00 1,00 3.00 .sm.vo xv a. xi) (ni.i)t: siri:i:i. The Commiitee on Sixony Sheep and their tirades, wili to siihniit lurid y the re sult of their-examiintion, reserving llie privilege ol presenting hereafter, the ground of their de cision, accompanied with some thoughts con nected with tiie rearing of this particular class of sheep. The Committee would also remark, lint they deem it a initter of much regret, lint so limited " "mlt', weietohe found .1 number ol sheep ol this cl 1 on tii j ground. And while the pen that vva shown them, was in every respect mo-t satisfac tory, yet they feel a degree of disappointment which Ihey cannot well refiaiu from exnre-ni" i . ' V . r ., , """" " ; "J"'1" 1 ...... of sheep. . . ' - i - -'-- Your Committee lure awarded to lion. U. II. lVuniiinn, Ihe lir-t premium of 5 on the best 1 S ixonv Illicit. I " l' w'li 1 ei i .if ...-. 1 , 1 1 .1 ioo.i 1 sttuirni lit. 1 our committee on Clock and Wool report 1 as lollow's, viz : On best ll irk of 53 V,.e, first premium, no com petition. II. Nevvo'l, 9.1.00 ! On h-st II ,ck of 25 tlucp, II. II. Newell. -1.00 On 21 b'-t ' " V, Skinner. O.i 31 be-t " " .1. M irsh. I).i best ll-cl; of 2.1 limbs, 11. Newell. On 2 1 he.-t " " ..Skinner. I On 31 h-t " " J .Mar.-h. On b-st .1 Ibcce- Wool. U. II. Penni.n 3.00 J.on 5,00 1.00 3,00 .1.00 1,00 3,00 On ! 1 h.'-t I hist II. II. Newell. " 11. Newell. On MOHTON COLI!, ) It. Cl.l'.ASO.V, Com. o. k. holahiud, swim:. 'l'he Cninmittee on Swine. r.":-ectfullv renort 1,U3 lint only two hog were presented to their no 1 '10., .1 . L . 1 .... .- .. iiui-. 1 ,u-y aw not- i ill" preuiliril Ol -s , ,) h-'-l Ifiir hog 10 .1. S. PI itt, Colc.he-ter. 'l'he , 21 best ol ijJ to C. W. Hrowopll, of Williston. I ilKNJAMIN IlLKIiS, l'or Caiitnittee. at;; .;::;- rnrir a.xd rtmasT tii 1:1: s. The Committee on Vur-niie, Kruit and Kor est Trees in Chittenden County, beg Itmo to ro- vv limn our h'itv leug", 110 extensive ntirserv com uning aM the varieties ol desiriblo fruit which mi,'ht b sucee-sfully eultivtted in our l.ititu le. exist- in tro, C ointv tln.i,..ti il...... lie no d mbt. we think, that such an establish- j incut would be a o.ibhe hutiolit. and a -ourco ol prollt to the I my trees are imported I i very ye ir iro.n in. ..orin an-j the :Muuth, which would .succeed h 'Iter, if the stock were rai-ed in our own sil an I dim He. Of eir stuck-, in ptrtieul tr. thnugli a tree as h irdy in this di trict as t ie apple, there is a gre it deficiency The-e mig'.t ba riisid with hllle diilic.iillv or trouble, except in collecting seeds, an I m'lny cultivators would greitly preler slocks thus rai-ed on which they could en.'r.ilt their o,rn Iruit, to the b'st trues impurteJ from abroad I We would eiriielly recommend Ihe cultivation I of stocks, e.peci illy p? ir, plum an 1 cherry, to such as have sp ire I md and lime to attend to it. I Sucker- are vvorllile-s compiled to good stock lui-ed from the -eed. The cultivation of unr-erie- ind fruit .-tuck-, however, Uj- not been altiweiher neglected in the County. .Mi.. ', idock Thoinp-on, of Hur 1 linet in, rai-ed from the seed a largo number ol thrilly young apple trees, several of which are engralteil with superior fruit. (!eo. II. Shiw, l!-q , bis .1 niir-ery coii-isting of some thitis-ind apple trees, m my of which are cngi.ilted with the b.-t lruit, both in this low 11 and Irom abroad. Hi collection contain-, al-o, quite a variety of thrif y grape-vines, among which we noticed M liei'.- 11 irgundy, IsauolU and S.veel-w.iler ; ill uf which, with 4 -light proteclion in winter, ripen their wood and Iruit peifectly well in this di-trict of Vermont. Divid 11 -ad, l!-q , of Co!cho-ter, has e-t.tb-li-hed ill hi garden a plant ition of 10,000 apple trees; 8U00ot which ,i-e eni'rafled with 17 v-.i. ling the pre-eut sea-on. .vum of the graft- in tho collections above-mentioned are m ire Hi 111 two year old. Of other niir-eries your Coin miilce c innot speak from wanto! knowled 'e. Ol oreh ird nnd stand ird fruit trees, we can -iy Utile in addition to whit Ins alreidy liecn sain HI lorm -r years, .-.everil ind v 1I11 liurlingloii and the vicinity have I ikeii p.ii with their fruit. A iring thoio wel Im..i-o il- in lin 1 in.nlion Mr. Sm illey, whoso girden wis vi-ilud by one of your Committee during the pi,t fl.u. io His he.iiiiilul ground- are .locki! wnl, , line variety of fruit-, and we ivv on hi- premis es several varieties of the Aprieut of consider able sue, which stood tli j winter without pro teclion. Though this is the best cliniito for apples in tne worm, imo uueuiiuii com pi nil vvitli the 1 value of Ihe fruit, both to the f unilv and the in ir. , ket, seems to he piid to their cultivation. e 1 dear of no extensive, thrilly young orchirdsin this vicinity. The lirst settlers, vv ho reclaimed , the soil, lound time to spare lor planting or chird-, though an untried experiment. Their posterity, who hare wiliies-ed its sticce-s, seem satisfied to enjoy the fruit uf their labors, and leave the liilurn to lake care ol ittell, .Mean time, railroads and steam, are every voar briii" no. llin oeirhet nearer ! and our aimle vi-liiel. As to i oiel trees, aucnipi, nunc et mem successful, sumo iilsirtive, h ive been made to oru iineiit the public roads and squares, with the d squares with the istr.ct. uh tho lesii.its. v,o know trees ul our own tt.uo and nisi I .. f .... I .. i-xcepiioo. o. iU, u h,,ow of 110 ornamental trees danted in the public roads of a foreign species. And wo know of no iccent pl.inlilion ot our own furost tree, so woll chosen as to the kinds and with reference to the pots where they are planted, so carefully set, and so extensive, as to merit virticular notice. We we in many places, however, particularly in the town of Darlington the m irk, ol prai.e- I worthy efforts to decorato the roads and streets ' Willi shade and ornamental Irccs. Wo feel r,,n. strained lo say, th it there is still much room for mprovemjiu. mo public sou ires, If wo miy lin ullmi-nil Irnn U Innvnrn.. in., minj I .... I. .1- '-"i"'-" uis- rlcull,ll ( Ho. bittery. ono of tlnj I In trcct phntln, thoro i ono short row of IW4. iinnr I t.i rl ilt.ft ..m wliinli wn fan - I . i .. " .ii nf. . . ...... ... . . . ' more beiutiful trees are not to lie found in this town, 'lhcre vvcre set out by Mr. Ilrstow, four years ago, under tho special direction of Mr. Cole, Cashier of the bank. Let any ono look at those trees, and judge for himself, wheth er a b.'tter specie could be choen for such a locality, l or the avenues to the town, wo I think trees of a I irger 11 1tur.1I growth would bj ,,rnf,r.ililii. 'I'll., ohm nror flip irrminils nf C!.mf. I .- H - - - 1 '''""' 011 college street, we think a judicious so- lection. And wo recommend, as a matter of taste, tint in all cases, the whole line of trees on both sides of the entire length of the satno street, should consist of the same kind of trees. We award tho highest prizo for nurseries to David Head . ol Colchpter, J.TOIiUCY for Committee vnacTAiu.r.s, rui iTs ami n.ow 1:11s. Import of C unmitteo 011 vegetables, fruit and flivvers. Your committee award. To Sun'l C. Moore for best bo'piet of flow ers, 50 Al'l'l.KS. J. It, Jewell, Hilton, for largest variety, 25 different sorts, 2.00 Prof. Jos. Torrey for greatest variety of fruit grown hy one individual, 2 00 Snne for b-st ti sorts 1'all Pears, 1,00 I Sum " " Winter" 1,00 Too Comm'tteo regret to state tint the exhi ! bilioti of apples wis verv smill, none hav'ng been presented hut bv a few fruit growers of tho i( t,,cir Ju, 6aV) ,low. ever, tint specimens were pre-ented bv Profes sor Torrey. J. N. Poinerny, 1). A. Smalley, and C. (ioodnch, L-urs., of some valuable arieiies, 1 aiiiiougu 1101 01 a sufiicient number to entitle them lo a premium. On the whole the exlubi- tion of fruits was decidedly inferior to that of 1SI7. Of plums and peaches there were nono -both tho-e fruits having entirely failed through out the C unity. Wo award on Crape To S.I!. Iljward, for greatest variety, 8 kind, ' 1,00 VrAlLTAlU.LS. To K.zr.v Meech, Jr., Shelhiirne, for best peck ol seedling Potatoes, 1,00 loMephen Sharpe, Colchester, tor,best ( Pumpkins, To A. J. C!i ise, WestforJ. for be-t C-iprish 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 'l'o Henry l.ionii neck Tom ltoe. llurlington, for best 'l'o Llijth Stanton, l!sscx, for best peck O.iinn, To I lomer Porter, Colcheslcr, for best peck Carrots, 'l'o Tristram Connor, llurlington, for best peck Heets, l'o 1! Igir Meech, Shelburne, for be.-t peck Pal-snips l'o II. J. Ileineberg, Colchester, for best peck Turnip-, 50 Kine speciui'iH of Celery, white an I red, vv era pre-ented by IMgir Meech and J. II. Peck, to J ,v hich the Comm. ttee would gladly hive award led premiums if those article Ind ln-pn provid ed lor 10 the li-t of premium-. Tn -n- wa ' also an exceedingly line exhibit. 1 n of 1 ic fruit uf the L.'g-plmi pre-ented bv Mrs. J II Pel; and Prolessor '1'orrey. which Were also unpro vide.l for in the list ol premium-. A very 1 irge Winter Squash, of w !,t v ariety the Committee vv as not iiilorui'.-d, wa-' pr -1 iteil ! " J- 1 ,lu'r' l.-', wlueh U-ing a -ing.- pia-1, co,nu w ithui the list uf prcniiii .1 -'1- ces. C.i'.O. II. SHAW, ) LAVATLKS. WIIIT1!. ,, MKS. OKSO (iOODKlCH. 1 MHS. J. S. PIL!l!Ci:, s a. O.X I'AUMI.Xa impli: MlUXTS. Your Committee 011 Karming I'liplements re, pectlully report that thev have awarded Ihu lir-t premium on green-sward plows to .Milton Kurd ol Jericho, 3. Th" first premium on slubh'e plows they avvirdeJ to Horace Wheeler ot Hurlm-ton. fo r n grass hoi'it r i'lmc. S.3. l'he grass hoppr vlmc is recommenJed by them a being more eliicient for plow.ii" 111 stubble, buckwheat, corn-tubs or any thin" . able to choke the plow, than anv other nnple inenttliey are acquainted with, " The p!..-v s of Mr. Kord are made in a sub-tan-tial ami thorough tu inner. Your Committee regret very much that the implements exhibited hv Me-sr Hostw ick and Lvarts of the- Chittenden County Agricultural W are House, were excluded bv the rules frum any action 0 plrt. .r,R,ir J( iU (f green-, ward, stubble, and stib-ml plow. ; straw cutters, harrows root sheer-, seed so.vers, and other hjol formed one of the n.jst attractive fea Hires of the exhibition. The displ iy of impleinent.!-lirt sicH1.n,i. Ihe shovv nient. , " " " I'laiwu uicir expect Uion. imr o. .o.oii-r years, in that depirt- Ml which i, respectfully submitted. JS. PATUICK, 1 1!. C OCAM'UV Commit.'". MI'.CHA A ICAL MA.Xl l'A ("IT It DS. The Committee.,1. Mechanical Manufactures. , , .... 0,i article mlered 1 in exhibition at the ainiuil fair, Sept. 27. 1S-1S r.-s..eelto lv iil-,,;. ,1... r o . 1 1 -"s, mi.- onion 111 report I'or 11 'st Kur Hat, Mallorv .t Weed, (no Cutlloetitinn V ' v Single tdated Harness J II 1,00 ton, (no competition ) 00 'i ."l'l,flr ''-'--tlier, Joel Mor-e, V,00 " -alf.s-ki, (ij j() ', 00 Secontl ,i..t Mde ef upper Leather. A. li .Mavnard, , " Calfskins. 30 It.-sl Hinr-.s leather, Mr. Maynird 1,00 2 Sneeiineii. .,r lt,,lt... i . 1 ham "CalS 1'l'aU'er c'"'iry ViI ......-a ..i.iiioiaciurcil 1,00 nesi specimen of tin ware l'iac Dow. 1 tin Kv.irts. -" Ull llO ll.lsltt tl-L- " . " lllackstnith work SpriiiL's. (;,., piri.i.m CO 1 fcett elliptic 1,00 t.fsi e.t .ingle pleasure Wagon, Spaulding & Second best Wag,,,,, C. & S. Shaw. 'qq Host Wmdow llass, Smith and Wilkin, ' (no competition ) "iihtiu, "'srm''"' i"i-.... " .ji,,;r'""" iiii.-. ci..,ic."' Snecitnons . . (no compel t on. , The above specimen of Cabinet work conji.i. j "f two Krench Hedste ids nrnamenlod w iih lofh ic ligure, 2 Anlique Hall chairs and 1 11 t ,d ' ".I HI o. iigure, . .vtiiiniie u.ui chairs and 1 llat,l Linbrella stand. All of which exhibit b U Rood, taste in architecture and skill in Median 1 icism. " 'vv'""' ' A very ingenious specimen of M irblo Sculpture was exhibited by C. II ilrown nnd entitled to premium ' ' on Best Stoves and Hollow ware consi.tiu.. 0 f - Cook Stoves with ware to match one