Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 6, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 6, 1848 Page 3
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BUliLlNGTOlV FKEK PliliSS, 1AIUDAY MOItiJiG, October , 1848. Ai-ricultitral kettle, ouo Largo Uldron kettle, by 11. Wheeler. Tho Committee, regret tliatlmt a very fe . tides comparatively wore ullere.1 for premium In their department. DANHM.l'ATIUCK, Com. "''"" ISAAC DOW. jwi'oirroxnuTTKii. The Commitfe tn ; whom Oh. WK ll.o most Important nr.ic o Ml J. c nnor f confided, are raliheJ not v ' j lo'f ,eir cs. tl,, tm-t, but also wit . o rc m , nmlMtlon. , 1", a v bo one of the well as wim ' dussticli,ile sliplo articles oi i """.'' . ,,.,, , S.00 I'oWIHI. the I. ... I nllniltlOII III minds very pirttcn . - , m . llf 1)Ut ter nnv be a-. various , , ,j W ' W ca r Tnis ittenllnn tbe mill attenllon ami ,M he-l, Samuel Kiee, of W'estfonl, tbo !lil iirntnilllll of 1 John ai.i.i'.x, V.. I). MASON, a. s. i)i:T,v, lliirlington, Sept. 'J7, 18 It?. Your cmninittco on Mania Suinr ami Honey nvv.ird as follows : On Maple Sugar the first premium tolllram lliiuil, of Colcheter. 63,00 JJ ilo to 1). (iravc, of Jcriclio. i!,00 The premium on Honey, to Hiram llu-li-lioll, of WiUUtmi. 3,00 (;i:o. im'thuson, for Committee. o.v liovsv.nou) maxitactviius TI.e committee nn Household Manufactures nttliefitli iinniial Slinvv and 1'air, of the (.'hit tenileii Countv. Agricultural Society, held nt uboiit to pull down tbo briJce tin: mail proceeded i the iuuricnta had attacked the in il iff station at (, cndnwcr. and one man hnd been killed liv the no lice .Jvvho I'ucd upon the nsniljuta. The little party of pulicc washuweverslill in ilaii'i-r. upon ihc appearance ol the troops ot Cnrrlck-on-Snir, the iii-urneuls ll"d to the hill". L't.o.N.MLt,, Kent. : 1 1 1 1 . A reai nbi'llion has come at last j the rehelstire posted in tihuost iini-essible po sitions nt New Inn, near Carrick-ou-Huir,uud Kiluiac Thomas mountains, Dohciiy cuimnnnds in Wnlerford. Last mailt there was u iencial riiii? "I tb" peas antry within about six miles nl Carruk. A large body iiiarcheil to uttai k the policy s Inlions. Cluxmli., Sept. 1 Ith. The out olliccs of Prntcs. tant eleiKyineii were liuiiicd, nud u I inner sliot lur rcfu-uni to (jive lip arms. The ltd llu Hi caiue lulo CliHiinrl to-d ly, and '.8 nl thrir men were linnd cull'ed lor shi.uimi; lur repeal. I'p to 10 n'clink on Wednesday iiijht, tins continued to blae on reiy lull in llie counties of ll'exliird, Tipperary, Kilkenny aiid Wntcifurd, mill according' to the Chronicle, the people are hilly nlive; ibeir leaders some of tin in well trained military men well know the value ul the forecsiit their cuiumnnd. 1 lie correspondent nl the Saunders News Letter . sain of Wild Cherry will cure any I nuzli or cold, no t inatlerol how Inne, miudini! 1 h it t he milder hum . ol l'oiii ninn iln-ll is ul-o lined by Ibis ISnlsaui That it n conceded he lu.iny lawyeis.c er.jymen an, physicians, that this 11 il-aiu nev. r U en eiei died lorrllicecy in all iilleclioiu ol llie Luns nud l.ier That sion s now lejoiee ill the pusfesMoll of Hood lunlih who, hut lor llm I) d-ani, would have been in their uraves h.-nint! been nuen mi to die hy their Irieiidsaiid phjsiei.ins. Above all, icmember that tins hmilualne in. ilieiiK- h is en miitiiled under va liousiinines.iiud that Dr. U iitir s (.eniiine ll;il;itji ol Wild Cherry can only be tehed upon tuOUltl.. It luis heeu wiirrantedlodiie AmIiiiiii in euiy Haee what no physician hasccracheied and Ins nev er ken kuoHii to Pill. 1 or delicate health in jnumt lennlcs it st.inds uutivalled as it does lor all disea-es of this clilliale. . t, , , Dl'or niIu hy Tm.o. A 11 tK, llurlmmon, nnd by Diuasjists generally tlnousliout the United .Stales. .i-v - - .-- .... I'll It'll Ul .!ri custom and propriety l.ave hi mi It u rli ti titon on W eiiuesd.iy, Sept. 'Jitli 13 18, writes lni niyht from Clonuiel, lhatboili Ouheny mid . ' I . 111.4, H Hlllillll IL- e would have iu-tilieil tho i . ..Mi. , . I i ----- - uoclatin" souio ol tnai i-e. wnu . and regulations ol tno nociety. other yes, . ., , ,.i ,i,t M'-i'?,a' .'',r:rw btfmCoinmif examination, beciuiMj uiej . ; 0n f .. Slni.;in!;S ,0 !t i,1Milful pair by l,ll, rem.te ill tllC I iMrs- UIU' 1 ""' ul 1 "l.e"urgu, u.o . ..ifnnss j NiiniiiL ii.- r..Ti.. .r, .w I. . a liv i in I i , .,1 o e v nrc w u i I if tnsii rir,.t . ine I nier ci in i- nv llf r..lllL' IIL i...- " . . . ... I IIIIM I tTUL'l llllll, III "II,. .3 imiui. ..... - . . j -- . . l.i i. ii . iii. tilled lie i .. . . r , !. , :.t. .i. .,1 lliev n.ive riw arueii in aecoio iiicu wiio mo i inc. teo In this taste. Tint good HitHcr vas n. nK ,. r - - ' tlrst premium. .0,75 rarly ages, is well liimwi. to tlie u " ' tJJ pl)illln for do. to Miss M. V. Cliapin ChHtenfcn Comity, ft.r ll "I them wo tr . .1 . m nl uvi.(nn, 7n readers of the. llible. '1 hey w ill . lor ,,e best 1U yds. ri.u.nel to Mrs. Hiram Haral. bad butter of so excellent a. ulit) I it R,oi) of Col-dlI,.tl.r o,0() Abraham entertainei eele-tial gt e.-ts w m i , aJ (h) u ,, ,, Xowoll Clicrlottc. 1,00 :md that the wife of llehi-r pri-e ue, o, u . ... a lordly dMi to the captain ol the no- so, .,.io,n. That this butter was of tbe first quality cannot l,e doubted, beciuo it was a voluntary intended to conciliate favor. That there has, in later d ,ys, W a si f. -ii,. ofTin the purity of this nr .cle, t ie -" '""' ee Z reluctantly3 couipelled to "'k""": for they have themselves sometimes ed vvitl. such us they would ..nt '' in their mouths, oven though souio beantilul S ,r nre"ented it. Some of our common . b s'dav al-o, the g . Mutation ot this article. When o wo. d i e tcr,be a shrew d man, we ...y ho - ''' .' Hide his bread js bulleied, and w uen we, . ,., , ,.e ,un. we -.IV that his bread always ..inifi-fd side .in. So the injunction is noon vniin: people to 'carry ... I.. ,l,uilillfS one I mil ill. i vfrv iiiiiiiii. A line niece, of ('aroeling, all wool, was ex liibitod hy MissCibbs of lline-biirgh, but being woven at n factory it was exclnded by the rules from premium. Three pieces of R ig Caipftitig were exhibited by Mrs. II, Woodol Westford.Mrs. S. S. Itiee U'estford, and Airs. 1,. Comtocl, Shelbiirnc, but as they were composed of rags and cotton yarn m ule in Factory, they were not entitled tu premiums. We uCvard however diplomas to each. For the host Hngg, Mrs. (.en. W. Ilenc- dirl, Ilnrlington, a splendid aiticle. 1,00 2d do Mrs. Warren Hoot, llinliiigtoti. (I For a blanket Iniss 1! iger of We.-tfotd (lor this no premium was ollered.) Diploma. For a cotton cure. let, Miss 11. cod of Wcstfurd. 1,00 For the best 10 yds Kerseymere, Ilurling- tou .Mill Couifuny. " ',0(( (,f 2.1 do do do 1,00 tic, I ill llif lllllliirni ul iffffi, nun fu! Iiilelhi;eiicf reachcirCloiiiiici that a l.irue bmly ol armed peasantry were aasetnliled in the vieunty ol Slii'veiiniuiiu, mid that in addition to u vast number nl armed men on loot, there vveie also some hundreds who were mounted and cariicd pistols. K'lt.Ki'.wv , Wednesday nifht. A battalion of the f.lli Hides, and a large Imdy nl the police , arrived hv tram Iriuii Diihlin. The insurgents h id a lirit'h with the police at I'urtl.iw; the firmer are slated to have been deleated, wilh two killed, and two police killed and wounded There is a camp on Aheny Hill, re ported to have liHHI men with llnee cannon. Three other camps are firmed at Newlnii.t'aimizhinure and I'liiuwn. The limine ol (iriinny l'erry,near Water fird, has heeuliluwu up. Tumps in firye iiiunhers are marching toward the scene of iliMiirhalu-e, nnd lar;;e hodles ol arined peas.intiy are p'ltrulhn liie coimlry. A ilespalch, dated Dublin, Thursday morning, says lliat order has Uen re-iorul. Ciis iiiiiI Taylor on Sluvcry IMenMoii. It has long been nid that it is right to learu I'lnin an (tihcrHiiy. We trust the Van llurcn !i 7 .'nvi'i- unit Actio liirdlv eonuuered ! Tliis has at length met with an opponent, beluie whicli it has to yield, in the Indii Cholugounc, pre p'l led by Chi ties Osgood, M 1. Till' gelltlelintl resided in an infected di-trlct of Miehlaau, making I'trtrmid Asuc, its cause, edict, and cure, his study, and Ironi the knowledge thus aniusred, lie cnnipoim dtd the above named nieihiine, wluili lius iincr yit brrn Itiiwii to fail. Niiineious eertilieates finm inen oflhe liiehesi re sieilaliilnv, testily ma to the great ellicaey ol his med icine, can In-seen on application tu llie agent at the Apothecaries Hall. 1 1 3w a i: w v i ic .12 . iticc. rillli: Uxdi:iisi((m:i) Havi.m; I'tmonsKi. T"1' ('Ol'MtTMniSIIII' lirrctoforn c.- the interest ir Villi' ,t No) es, will continue tl," I istiug belwccn the wihseiils'ts, under lh- ruin o haMiiessoftlie former I i ) tit mall its branches under , w heeler, ,Uy, : ( o , Is tins day by inula. 1 consent the name and slyle ol , dissolved 'I he neeimut. ol the lute liim, nln ol I,u- Morillo Noycs &, Co. They Irii't by liitlihil atleiitiou and honest dcnling i to tneiit the eotiti lenec ot old lihtiiN, and hope liy in- j creased hcilities to add new uuhti'i nients to all wish lnr to puichase coods at wholes-il,. pijces. Particu lar atti niioti paid to llie liirmsluug ot pi-dlers. All business relnliinrto ',t Xojes wili be set tled by M. Nov is iV Co. Mtiniu.n xovr.s jinUATin x snvr.s, jn.ivs m. xuvi:s. Ihirliiiglou, Sept. i!7, 'H. will Fcutlicrs ! ' lllISi:, liens mi, I Turkey I'eatliers rmiaittctl rale at fir sal. Sept '27, Consumption Cured ! IluchatiN llniiK-ii'iitii llalstain Oi' liill. vJ a fust ralearliele kept cuiistanily on baud and hv M.XOV iSACI). t-ucccssors to 'ilas V. Noyis wi:i M. Now Goods. iHavvicij-, In tins village, on the '.t I ni"l .by l!cv .1,11 Wor cester. I!ev. (,.o. W. AlbiiiNBti'bii, of I'.uiitietslnirg l'rederiik Co., Md , to .Mm .Mai.y 1... lli .iii.n, ol this ptnee. In Kichuiond, Sept. ' Key. T Drowning, Mr. Samcu, W. llAiiri.i.n, of Jericho, an I .Miss I'lwi:a A. I'lusoxs,oI .Sudlmry Vt. At Slielhurne, September XI, hy Ucv .1. 11. Wor cester, Cvms WniTXtv ol Mexico, U-vrego Co. N. Y., to Jam: Ki.utiii.rii, daughter nt .Mr. Sam uel lirowu of Slielhurne. In llunlin-ton, on llie 'J-uli int, by Jacoii K. lioou Ksi.,.Mr. Km Jfunx, to Miss l.ivow M. TAvi.oa, branch of KucofucoiMii will be sitisficd w ith ll.e both of Huntington. Al-o, by the Mime, Mr. I.f.oxac.i originated r .ii.i.'.r i.,i..r which was so liand'omi' iron, me iii-ii "i . W and nccontubly iw-pihcu in u. ln3nm-thW rt'fcioil to t!.c manner c.f premium but Irul there lcn it must li.ivo hvvn ... .i.,. ,.m..i r.inifiiii ni oi(i. i"i Hi'-iviin . ... ------ - - r......B. ni tin miiiitii i i ii tt: ut'ii t-tiu iiiiLU i uu vn 1,11 a - . ed to the lietfr trt of the crea- the preininins wete aw urded. ho say llie com- ?i . here w.-boreal prop, iity in the selection miltee. vvlm Ii ive bad long experience ,.. buy- uoii 111111 - 1 ,,",. 1, f .,11 .iuvI he ing. so ling, and wearing, of one member of this com. little (. 1 an ' p.7,i r,f..,.ii,. s:,. 7. t, ... .i.i. .... m.i ii ei to i einon-ir.iie ' " - ........ t .-...v.... .-,....-. Iiis uttarliment to the other sex by voluntar ily liecumiue one with them, am! tnereiore , lietter qualified to appreciate their ineiit. Not so appropriae was the appointment ot tlio , other two members of this eoiiiiniltee, lor wo' know tint bachelors are never "ni. homo with females: thev sometimes talk of their duties lint like MiiuM's of another ela-s they delay the jioiforinanci; until tb" door is shut. I There was wisdom in the remark ofu young farmer viho was looking for a compinion nf the other sex, " I inu-t have a forota-to of tl ic wile in thetistoof h"r butter her dairy inu-t bo sweet as wtdl as her temper:' This i, an age of iniiiroveinent, and ill the article wo uie con sidering us there was much to be done, so h is much been accomplished. The chinge is very j nppirent in our hoit-es of public eiitcitaiimiont which the groit incrua-e of travel his tended to produce. Tune was wb-u niori. thin one one was on duty at tin; table. The 110-0 pro-, noiiiieed sentenco before the mouth could have, n voice in tho matter. Hut a better day his daw ned upon us. Ifthe M-hoolnn-ter is iihrii nl in the art of L'ood lm-baiidrv, tbe selioolmi-tre--i not delicient in her ilop.irt'iient of good liou-ewiferv. He nm-t ho 11nx.1ll.1i1t as well as liniii-l vi lio sh ill deny to women their claim to iMiuilitv with man in- hen-lieial iinprovcuiont ; nnd when we are smacking our lips on tistnig their L'ood things, it sm icks of ill-11 itnru "ot to iillow their excellence. The Committee, will ni)t presume In imlruct in the process of iiril: ing butter thine who much better know the many requisites noeessiry to Ii ive it goo 1 ; tint' however pure thu heart, tliero inu-t be elein hands i that butter.i swell us horses should !. worked: tint though the niiiden 111 iv he llii'htv, her butter should Into solidity : tlut.a'- with wit, nil u-eless matter should be ex . In led; an 1 the silt is as c-.sential in giving a relish to tlio one as to the other. 'I'll- subject f butter verv naturally Ieids to 11 con-idera-ttcin of the useful aiiiumls whicli fiirn.-li the material from winch it is produced: but this h is been a-iL'ned to a Co'iunittee competent to do it ample iustu:e. AllhoiiL'h the speei ineiH of butter exhibited n pro few or m lumber til in the Committed anticip lied, yet they were all of excellent quality. The committee award tbe following premium. Tlio "letle-l quintiiy of llutler. in proportion lo tho number olCmvs 111 ul in the month ol June, from anv diirv of en or more cows. To Clu-ler lllinn, ol Slielhurne, Mollis, from 12 cows the cumtnittoo award the sum of . '00 For tho be-t 25 lbs. of llutter mide pre t s to the lir-t of July, to N0.1I1 Tyler, U'.-tford. the uin of 0 .VI 50 0 2d llirim Itood. (if (' jlclio-ler, 3,00 Sc. t. JOHN AI.I.KX, 1M MASON, A. S. DI'WKV, 18 IS. C' nv.i'ouT ox Tho committee on cheese report : Tbut tbe ill-en arge 01 uie uiiius uevievioj; upon them h i been very much in accordance with their own ta-te. 1 he specimens r xhibitul u,.,.i such art not only to gratify the palate nit furnish additioiul evidence of the skill, neatness mid good liou'ewiliry which has ever d st.ngul.od tho fair of our L-unty -Cheese, although .ml reckoned among tbo solids l iken luar" tmik uiieoiH ' . tldewd s luxuries. Our county 1. 1' be, n ,,(. 1 for its pruliiclioiis ofcbeese.but .1 is evident .l it very evvgivolb.t altenl.ot, to it, uianufac ! , . which itsTinporlance dem -md. 1 oere nio Me exceptions, of which !0CVf.' W . exhibited this day give ample 11,0 -I ; . . imnortant t 11. I, Mud, llurliiii'toii 2d do Mrs, K. H. Wheeler, f'liarlotte, For the best Woollen Socks, Mrs. 11. Itood, Colchester. 2d do Mrs. F.. II. Wheeler, Char lotte. For the best Worsted Stocking', Mrs. II., Colchester. 2d do Mrs. A. Moody, Iliirlingtou. Fur the het Worsted Socl,s,'.Mrs. II. Koud, Colchester. For llie he-t Wouliii Miltcn.Mi-s C.llcers, Clin lotto. 2d do Miss U. llradley, Hunting ton. Fortbebe't Linen Slocliing', Ml. John Church lluilington, a most splendid pair. For the best Cotton Stockings, Mi- Mary W. Ch ipin, Williston. For the be-t Hag-Work, with crewel-, Mrs. S. 11. Llllll, liilllillLitnu. 21 do Mis. Fi mcis 1) nv, do 2.0 lles'de' the iiiticb'S on which pieiniuin.- are awarded, tl.ere wore numerou others beautiful and splendid and worthy of premium-; but tbe Society not h iving oll'eied any, the com'iiiltee could not of course uw aid lliem. They cannot Inwever let slip tin; opportunity of giving in lliMr testimony to the ta-tu and ingenuity ex hibited by tho'.es of C'liitleiiden County, whose handiwork would vie in appearance w ith any wrought hv fiiry linger.-. Such articles I fur instance as Quilts of every design, hue and I thrie. with a great v.iiicty of specimens ol F.incv Shell, and Worsted work aie worthy ol high ' c.ninincndution, imd tend to thow that there is in the (inen Mountain Slate, tin indus Irious.tasteful, and highly intelliejcnt coiuiliuuity of I idies. The commillee take tbo re-por.sibilily of con struing the constitution of llie Suciely as they would w isli tu iitider-l.iui! i', and awaid diploiuas to sundry per-011, on the fdlow ing ailic'es v iz. Fur 11 Head 111";, to Mrs. S F. Luu l. Ibirliugton. do do Mrs. II liood, Colche-ter. do Ibiid l'ur-e Miss C.irolino W. Conner, 1 liurliiigton. do Talilo Oiled-Cloths, Mrs. 11. Walsvvotth, West ford. do Worsted vvoik, Miss Flizt Martin, Ilur- liugloii. For Worsted work, Mi-s .Mary W. Kidder, liurliiigton. do do Mrs. F. Stanton, F.s.-cx. do Calico I.'od Quilt, do do do do Mr. Win. ISiinsmaid, liur liiigton. do Woolen Finbruidcred Shawl, Miss Uogers Westfuil. do Splendid Stiaw Hound, Miss Ccuti Fer ry, We-lford. do Siil; Quill, Mrs. S. 11. Howard, liurliiig ton du Splendid shell nut, Mrs. llradley, do For inagnilicent specimeiis of Ciowcl work in tho seats and lucks ol twu chairs, to Mis (us. ios 1'. i'eck. of lliirliiiL'lon. There were several pr miiinis in the li.t oil" red by tbo Sucietj which were not competed for. As a closing scene lo this inlere-iing exiiiniiiou there vv.i" handed tliiough the Window like 11 vision a robeol many skins, winoelit hv tho skillful lini'crs of a lady of this village, for whose comfortable protection us ho face the storms that sveop through the passes nl uur mountain dnuut not but lier le loved John will giutcfully iicllliowlidgo the zealous ministry to Church wants, it Inch characli'ii'.eslhe laithfiil lur in lliirlirglou. All winch is respectfully submitted. i:iii. iioWAim, 1 VV W.' V I'l! '. following lostimnny; certainly tlio f itt brancli aio lureclosed from objecting to its competency. The lat Watiint-lim 1'iiiim, the great central organ of Lewis Cuss, nud the gieat pro-Slavery organ of tbo country, contains an article from which we cut the following paragraphs. They show that (Jon. T.vvt.oit is opposed, at tlio Smith, on tlio very ground that should unite tlio whole Fiit.c .N'oijtm in his favor. Wo invito especial atlenlion lo the very significant deelaiation of tho irK'iingoH I'nimi that il is ru argiimriil .'; c 1 1 . T.VVM 11 " wnhei'tlee.vtciihiiiii i.S'iic ry'' ,,!( nc " hi Ih't ill 11 Mile Sink." Wo lmo endeavored to impress tho same fict, by argument and illustration, upon our lea" iler, ever since the It overdid politic! in, Mr. I'ierp iint, of Troy. a--erled llie contrary. We have once disproved Mr. I'ierpeint's state ment hy tho authority of his warm rein, tl.o Van lt'iion ('mirier, in liurliiigton, and we now disprove it by the authority of his warm anuri, tlio Washington I'liiun. Concurrent testimony from liulli iitkf, oiioht lo luakoour ca-o tolerably strong 1 The following is what the I'liinn say: " There can be no doulit almul (ten pposerl to tlie exlen-loll ol Maverj II. Seoul 1. 11, of Nine S.miiu of llimtintun. ill, to .Mi-s Ant 11.11. I.. Mass. p.ipeis aleiise copy. D i c i , In Colchester, Sept. 'J, at iho ristdeiiee of II. A1.1.1.X IN.,. FANNY CffjilMAN. aged IT yeais. " -s - S te.'fcs. ii' lis! E'l Wi,'iivv,. fMiiJi 1 1 1 1 1 ? Bsnrffiflusr" -"v'a&XrSfi S'rftirs II " f fFTrT T'T rTsT 'Ji ". " " " ' ' fV' e-sl rvu'llilli!i " ji.iJii:ii-,'i itAiiiiiiiiij.-Vdl 1 NOYKri A. Co, have recently received their Fall rftotk of (Iiinds. coiisMiiiir ol a eieiit v i- rieiy, iiinl parehased nt the veiy lowest pncis, wluili vv ill enable us to sell at cm respond lug rates. .Merchants wishing u, replenish their spA-k before going to nnrket will do well to call upuii us. Mpt '.7, 'IS. wlil ins S.iudersuii A. Co., will be adjusted by Lucius Sam dersou. .1. W. MAY. i.ticii'ssANnr.itsoN, juiiN i). wiiri:i.i:u (horgia, Sept. -jr, 18H. ,1 151 Itwlll.'tt c Jj O t ii ijva AT ttUINCr HALL $ I 5 0,0 O O XV O It T II Of f,OTII i now rmdy for examination nt thin M.rr, OVIIK THi: QIMNOY MAUKIIT, hrrt- (iiirnirutaol pery i!piTittinii,malf of l'oremu . 1 I It 1 I . .... I i. I 'L'I'U'I I.' C 1 1 . 1 uiiu i nunc i imnci uiim (.ni in ni' 1 1 ' 1 1 a.-.i- ....., f.t, 1 .,. r, ,, 1 ir . r i i 1 1 ION, can be had at about U.N IIAI.l' the usual r;-.'; , . , 1 V -i".i.u- Cl,et ' riati llalsnin 011 my daughter, who had been for a i COL'NTI! Y.MKN AND CITIZKNS-nllnre in-1 ".'"" r of ycarsallheted with n Imd eoiiEh, i..iu in the Uitedherr. The Coods will I,- "hown by honest '".'!" "''-Jf' "!'," ""T ,m'm rlJi'u. Cleiks,,iulhrise,lii,.k lor them Pf-in v "'i ' . 1 I dis(nsP, CO.NhU.Ml- ' va IKI.N. I eiiiiloved several ih"liiicuished phjsicinm I', Q'Iil;l' w.llil . WHICH IS Till: 1.0 IFi-'AT, and without reduc tion. 1 CAIiMKNTrf MADK TO ORDI'll, also, and of: a r it and quality misiirp isseu. JOYI-TL LXTIiUJClKXCE ! A.OTIIi:it Afr Kit-J after the DOCTORS cotiM do tio inor. Dr. Jiunllrr Sir- I tnkr pl.'nnrp in divine you a Stove Pipo. fANADA, KnutMi anil Htnw Iiw n liirse J fi (rini''nl niiil for wiln npoit t.i tjriiUt" tt'rnis. Alert tinntt mil he tupiici in iii.inliti( s tit atlvatita ijt'uii.H lalt-s l.y M. NoVlIri Co. hueiThSins lo litis fcV- o)fa. 11 t 1 ft n t rn ft 1 t 11 nil 1 v.-1 j f 1 Vrry rlH'iip.mnl of iipw ptittrrnj. nt irrnt rxp'nM',wlntt nfifrniuiiprous visits, and tunny Aff ( uhht do mi Mure; I vnuVii ruM'fl livnfnpnd totrv Hurlmn's Hun- K-nrinn lI-iNniii. 1 did jm( nnd W result has been inol iloni-hmu my dfjuhtiT i tuthrly cured and is now rutindni!to Iit fimito!Ti,Ml dutip-s. I puid Two illinium uuunrs ior ptijHiciaiH aim .ipiiicimc, wun- tTJ IIOI.l SAIii: III;.! IjIJICS ore itnrtic- out nnv .rt c Wiif lit. u nk Kit i n nra worth ot nlnilv ri'Htt';l('ii o look nt tlm ust Htmk of lluiiiinriaii lt:i.iui hns renioved th di-eow, restored Hcpl 'JT, MS. I if I "III I Ml. Jt'Hlll! Pins, &c. Viiicrii'.'Hi I'm", Hmilt'i.inivrddo 4ji)u (!iiim Kmttfi do. at Kcpt.rH. " Thread 100 Needles, Sil in. Yam do ; .M. N0YK.S ,t CO s. will 300 lbs Ciitlnu Tlllend, ns-i,rled Colors. His. I, II, .11. do: I.V.IO do. Soiml do. lit M. NOVKS .c Co"s. i, 'IS. wl.'l lurt do. nt Sept. n, Jt. JillttOllSs. Cross Flint llnllotis. .ri(Ml ilo. Coat du. OtW do IUIKI du .M. NOYKS ,fc &. vvKI 3 Cuniljrics. Cisesi Cnlnrcil ('iililbiic. 'J ilo For sde l.v .M. NOYKS ,t Co. pi 'JT, Mi. Witt Prints. A Taylor ln-uu Mil ItlliT- M icn. (I.iintsniid otliciH aic i.ronli.t iliHlnct. 7 ' Ac lift: in a 'ivc otitic is im rimitiat'iii thai nt r8n in can uthJ ex nmiv f; i.f rjtnisi'n 1 touvttn'ls ot the rttiictis u) the ,v, Lriirrc Xiarciytu fr iciutig lit ticig asj'ict in ichich it van ic rmctd " A;r nn : " At nil erni", wf :iro Irippy to undi'r-tand hy pri- ) nw ifiier uiai t kmi. 1 a-s iiriniy --oimo hjimii nn uromi.l wli it'll Ik hi t'lken ItfltijJ iipplu'il to loltll hy a unit or twin if tit- Wilniot -tiiuip, h dfrinrt'd uimi"iitiiuiiiiy lit it h iitlheied to hi" Nichol-on lrtur nnd tin- italtiiiiore plait mil and th it il rlet'U-d l'f!. i lent, ML w H't.O vi-tothk W n.vor l'Ki)VIv." FALL AND WINTER CLOTH p i:ti, i:jii:n vi uuu; the v I lis TlT It is currently iiiulersiood that the l' It mil Courier his it in tontempl.ition to make sa-sa'e meal" of Horace (.reeley or, as it called him a few diys ago, "thuoreat Horace." Somebody ouojit toi-yni.'i "the "real Horace" on tlie subject, so that, by boin prepand, be miy receive llie blow with le'Comm;; forlilud". Tho-e who are bet aeipi.iinted with the rcut explosive power ol the .is that is eiieratcl ni the l"ii llweit Whig ilepaitment of the I'mi riirotliie, are tal,iii2 out their window-, vvc mi-der-t.uid, tu Mice ol.i-s. estiiiii''1)'' ,.'0 is important to Iho improve- J. V. W'll.W i:u, l.OVl'I.Y. C in, Arrival ol' (In- Aiiici'icn. ., r this rmiridernl 'arlicle, the best Fu!s'ob cheese i, .s7;i':.Y JIAVS LATKl! JUd.M JU'lluiT.. nvirUetatJli) aim riiu uoin .v i I flu... I. .11,1.' Isl-uii; in IIIMIIIIll, Collision liflwot'ii tin Trooj ami lVniilt'. Yankee I ,.. 'elm rn.ner.ll ru e 01 too year, v .. tur tho penny iuick," thrift n ebel tvt. ICMJvJr,1(.ru and to ee" V.'" i" ... Thi rule i.s likely ,.t monev, but .erha is lint ... ili. i beet chcetc. Neatuen. Tho Triliutie, at tho c lo-e 1 1' another Ion;: article, thus emphatically answers the inter ro'itorv, " U'ii not Myyirt Mtrtin Van Hit-1 ITH.'" ' I ' Simply beeaii'e we believe we should there by be piMi'i dill"; the triumph of L'a-s, ami with j him thill of one of the deadliest and mo-l I'lirini- 1 ible enemies ol fieedoiu. Let il bo piocl.iimed to-morrow that vveand tho-e who iiL'ree Willi u- in seutiiu"iit mid in f.-eline; on this suliject, h id taken oround l'r Van llurcn, nud w ho vvoiild iiiiist tejoie.e mer il l Who would catch up .md -peed tiie luliii;;- Hum river to liver ami village tovillii;e? It vvoiild be llie l'o-tm isters, tin lidc-w.uters, the uiiiiions nf I'olt. uiid the fervi tors of the heir apparent tlie men who hope It cm-lithe Fiee Soil movement and fatten Ihroimli cumin"; ve ir.s of Hunker and Slavery ascend ancvim the poiUol their divided and prostrate uhei.-iiries. Ve flull not plav their (janie for ibeiu.1' J rNu Wilis C1" v,,,e '"r M.irlin Van llurcn w-itiiout at the s.iiih tim", vnliiiH for Free Trade Direct T ixition, the Sub-Treu-uty, ujiaiust the Distribution of tlie Proceeds of the -ales ol ll.e 1'iiblic Kinds, and iiliiiut the iiliohlion of Sla very ill the Dil-trict of L'oluinhia ! ! W.iut vvhio will doit! Van llurcn declare-, in bis lel'ei

accentim' the Hull'ilo nunim ition, that he re mains in" e ntinmJ oj'iis :ion" to the abolilion ofSlaverv in tho Di-tnet, m livnrui uir.c Taxation and ai-aiu-t a TarilVfur l'lolecliou Does he not, .Mr. Courur! IlKKiUTll.N MAUIv'KT Sr.iTi.Miua i-t, I Sit Ai Market 1 1 13 Hiel Cattle, '.'ij Stores, I inn Sheep, i;,-tlrrt V.,ttlr-r.m 6 M : itv mi. , r, nud quality f 5 .''i' a .." ; third I J' u ., . . Viorn-YearlinessS u sill , two ear old 611 a .- . ..ll -l .17 ' ltl,i,t.O-S'alesut ito .-M. T.-, Si3, nnd SUn ot invited the lamest Htuik ol FASHIONABLE MADE Fall iiml Winter CI o I hint;-. which cui he loiiiul in llie c:ly, coii-i-linir ol eveiy viiiietynl (iiiiineiu niii.te u;i in a superior nriuner mill wall he sold nt prices, ns l.iw il, any esinhh-h-iiient in the I'mmi. We have a i un haiid a gene ral iiH?oriine..i ot Yintlhi (nit! (.tltildrcn's Clothing maiiiifictulctl ni in-ty sidles. Call curly ill Hrown Linvi'Piire iSj Slicloicy's Nos, 0. T, !), 1 1 am! VZ, old state: isorss:. i'ruuliitg Stale Sired, Oct. :i, ISIS. vvllyl ItOSTOV. Annual .Mci'tinv, ol" tho Vermont .fSt'dival iscii'ly. rrHi; Auniril Mi .-tiiia id ih- Venninit Suite Midi- I Clll Sue. ell, w ill he holdi II III Mo'.tpeher, oil Thursday the ITili ol Oi l 'J oii.el., 1' M n.ldie-ses :ire evjiecte.l Irmii J K t 1 ti.iti.t tt-r. "VI 1) and others ill lid-llllou to those lo he de.iveo'd m course, hy lip pollillllelil The mi, rest i,f the s,,, ,Piy tleiniiud nud it i hoped th'il the iiieiiuatinii ol'ihe uot. ,ti set ure a nu merous attendance. ,M (iOKD.sMlTll.See't O.t. I, HIS. wllwll l.nrixe sum k of America n nud Kuidisli I'rints fur .sale at chi'.in rules hv the niece nnd leu knee unli at ' .M. NOVKri .V. Cos Sept ,7, MS. w!3 Cloths. rAA vik Cr.iv (Mollis. r.Olll) do i y 'Ji .r j SintiniMs. I.Mhi do,eri.. l.'.K do Cloths I'ur s-iie m mtnrtil prices in ev clune nr wool or en!i in M NOYKS C.,-s. Suciessurs to Vilns A: Noves S.-pi JT,,S. win Alpiicciis. es i.iuck .Mpaecns. J.ili ilo dj O'J do .Ma.lnllll I Checks nt .M. NOYKri . CuV. vvi:i 100 Sept .7, MS. STATU OF Villi .MONT. rn II i: II,,,, th. Disrr.ii r in Clin ikmilv, sa I Crohue Court tor llie Disiriei ol Chiiteu I-m : To all per-ons eon eerned in llie estate ot Sainu.'l II. Haines lale of Churl, ilte m sml 1), strict, iltrca-ed, (ireelim;. Wm in. as Kra I loll nnd Stephen ,. Ilerruk Ad liiiinsitators , I the K-tale nl said deceased, pn pos,-s lo tell ler an an account of their ndin.nislriitiou, and preseni their iiccoiiut n'iiiist siid estate h r evnni nainiii and allow ance at a s.. j(,n til the Cuuri of I'ro bile. to l- hiildeu nl the Probate ollice in lhuhutou mi die isthday iifOeiolier nevt. TinRFioiii', You are hen hy uutitied to apt-ear be fiies,n ciiurt nl the tune and pl ice Mure-. ml, and shew cms , il any um have, v.h) tlie ticcuunl nlore said shnnld not lie lillnwed (liven under mi hand at liurlinjjtun this Sfiih day ol September, A I) His wi:U3 IlliADroltl) lOXFOKl), .Vgivrr, nrima. j) cloths rurrns. t'j.v7AV;. . ready lor 1 .ill and Winter trade, and ollered on extremely low terms. JOHN SIMMONS A. CO . OVlUl QVIXISV MAh'Xf.T, SOl'TIt MAH-i KI.T ST1UA.T, IIOSTON. Sept. If,, MS. wISIIill I'll (dunti y Men-hunt. Ilooksi llcrs nnd nil Di oleis lo Mutionery unit rnncy tiooils '''"ivi'i' wish io iiiv i, onus uicvr am, sail IIA.Miyl.Mr. 1 KOI II 1 II so, VOL VV II.:. CAl.LO.N A. IJ. Marvin, IMl'llllTltll IMI W llot.r.s Vl.l: HKTVII. n William, oi.o.iVe I'latl N' .Ycie VorL f 1 1Kb' K on can lind llie t;iente-t variety ot noi.ils su. ted tu vour trails, and wluili will pnv vuu :i yood profit. Cam v tliKins. Cniiilisnl eveiv vnrieiv. Itruslies ol all descriptions. Ilultous I'elhiuii-I) ; Sleel Omuls, Midi as Heads, 1'urse mid ll.u: .Mnuiiliues, vtc ; Sil ver, rlaiiishetl and llrilnuiiii W are. I.N SrviloM.r.v Kimhsh mil American Dtawini; Papers mid It.ialds; Traeliii; nud Ti-sue I'apets , 1'ieiich and Kin;h-h Wrilni, I . tn-r and Note I'npers ; Mu-ie I'.tper ; Ooldnnd Silver Fnucv l'nTs; i'litttohos, IFoik IJnxes, I'.irtahle Desks, lre-smn Casi-s, (;,,!, mid Silver I'elllll Cl-es, (InM Pens, Culiery, Inkstands,! Ilnhes, .Maihemalieal and I ). mi; Instruments Steel Pens, (Jiulls, Pencils, Plank Il.inks n every varn-iv, ,c. .v. c and every oilier ar ticle in the hue ol St'ilionery which are ollered nl pt ices s-iuslactory to purchasers hy A 11 MARVIN. U.I ll'illiam Slreel.oppn.iie Plait, New Yoik. Sept. SI, IS. w Ijaii Opt'llillg Sltll! of FALL DH V COODS. ' i s- a s ! ; ' i) i:.t ii s: t: : (Jin: vt F.ti i r.vtr. r ! Tlie FiiM (.nn !' llie Si-uson ! 110IM: HXCITKAIKXr wiu. m: ci-si: i'ii. ihrmuhoiit IJuiIiiiL'ti"! "Mil its it-miiy, hf the lu.iuuituviit tli-play nf HilIi Dry (J.khK niuf l he ruiiiuns prico.iit wh u'h tin y will he um oil" ut the th" f!i')in-t tiin in thf Htntf-than i-an ho rnivil : I iv 111! tin- 1iiuc:i1 Ptirtii'S nt tin- ilav. Km'IVoih i iiul-t he uwiiie lint n i-ry limited nmonnt nl (.uikI hauhrcn nniuirtftl lor ihf lull TniJo it HI, ntni 1 tliat t!'""irnh!p gu(J- nnt-t be wty -'ari-e hi'turt the -i-oii h li'ilt ter Taking this i'ur cr11"!! 'he l'rntnii hirs i,t the I.nihs Iac Imuge, have been in I in uk'-t hir tli'' last twu wet-k, buying i-rj rMeii-if llie fctrFiititli iiml hritiiL'ht on a hcallliv nction. I um trait fully jour-, JOHN YOUNG. .(iiiiliiiis ritrc of coy SUMPTION. Two can's proriouncfd bt-jund the reuch of Medi cal aid. Anmiln,Me ,Iny27, 1315. th IlrntUrc Sir The Iluninaii Hitaiui ha hrt-u nf the nnt mliiiite wrvice to me, I have been cured ot an allW lion t the Iiin:", which was thought to lw ineurahle by all tny Iriends, by the u-e ot a tew liuttl-s One nl my children was also restored tu h-'allh, alter bennj pruiHuuiCfd Injtmd the reach nf Medical aid This nifdicine is now tny constant h -ml in tu-et ul an) dilHcully m the throat on! Vours.truly, TUANCIS J WKHKrf.;t,.le.,June( 1315. V. Vnadlir Sir Mr, Clatk.of I'almyrn.n Iriend d iiihm', was t ikeii itk about a year withabad I'liiiirh, .iin in the Fide, general debility, &c. Ho con-ulifil -ern dnctor who proscribed (or hnn but wasfnall icld 1 III ( OL LD NOT (SKT WKhh. He stonned takiiiL' inedieine, but continued to grow wor-e until he wa h we.ik he could hcarcly sit up. Ib'iw-a notif e olthe lluu'irian llaUain, procured a hoilli and loulinned to tuk it according to the direc tions and, traiii" lo f-ny,in a lw inonth he was u f-tronj; man, and as he l'heed iterinaneiitly cured. Your-, rep.cttullv, il i;. O. WASIlitL'UN, Ilookseller. Hvlttitdv lUUU'no' ''i the fUHait'tj " ItCCJIA Y'.N lirUAIU V MA.SM.V. I'ioiii the (hri-tian rrerman While we r.'puihate .pnekery, we are alwais plead ed to irie credit t'-r which is truly useful, and to L'iU' inttirinntion which nny hfiit-tit other". A tew dm tign a brotht-r oi our-, troui Norway, Me., ctiiic into our olVice in coinioitahh hralth.w honi we did not e.pfct to ce njjam on earth. e receiveil a letter a U' week Mncetrom another hrothf r, resident in thj hull-" with Inm, that he w.m onilhifd to his bed and could not probably continue but a bhort tune. Judi;e I h-ii ol our Mirpne when wesiw him eiiterour ollice, lie ha a -huht cotiuh reiininin, as it would be nat ural that he rdiould hae, until Ii- das had further liiiiJ tor accj urin rcniith d luujs, Jtm he i in comfor t.dtle le-alth. The tolluumi; Utter which he address t lo the t-n-'ral IJ.i-toii Aeiit for the medicine whnh In" riptore.l htm so woiideilully, will how wliat ineditiiie has been the in-lruineiil ol the yood WOlk, Ilo-ton, IVb. lfi, IS IT. lr 1) F. Uradlee,-i: I cannot rclrnin from say ing a word to on in commendation ol " liiH'han' H linear i.iu ItaNani ol Ulc." Here s:i plain statement nt 'at ts in ri 1'ition to my ca'.aihl if they are of any ''r ice ni inducing 'he nek to seek relief at the feourco trout wlirnee I ubtanird it I shall he tbanklul. My re-ideticc is Norway, Me. Three years ouo la! bill. I toot, a intent cold, winch tell a couh of tho most atiraaimj' kind.aceonip.inied by a iecre pam in thelH -ide. Lict June I had become ?o teeble that I wns obliged to i(uit nil work, nnd was confined t ihe hou-e until alionl four wet k f-ince. During that tune 1 rceieil tlie bf-t methciai aiteiuiance, ana ly In in ihe iinptHteis and they thtter thenipelves tried n.'arl all llie medicines w Mich are recommended E)l!liS()XS Sittkrixc IVom Sum 1 pi iiita. H.arrhoci, yMMilerv,.Ve.,al mi' a li ht -innar'uu f nip nor t i-nro, Tap'oca, reciioiis (or iw on wuppi lie Hall, w lliif alln-miir- I w i'l fnd tin- article -ir Aimwrotit ,V , Ve Ih . Pur -ale at Apotln-ca-llAHKINdTOVS .' ....nlrpadvpurcliuscrF. in nrnducctho uvH as likely iP V ,llis arlicit. u Ua t.P.ei.tihl in tho mnnuMu..." no ciiAMii: in imi:Ai)STiTrrs, Ntw- Yon, Friday Fveniiii!. Tlii'ieninslnp Anieiitii utrived ln-re litis Fteninu fr..!.. I.tterootil ! wllllll tiorlslie I. I, nn ,l. l,'..l. ..,t as in bu.l!crni, ipo have, pleasure in rtnttiiK that i Her u.lviees, wlueli im; one w,,K later. me ol unex w,.r ("oiuinilieo iwm 1 ,,w... niierebt. i-Miena Iv tlie news in teL-.m lo. Ir... r ,i. ,liirie. as l-ir "nir oo-erv..i,. - minV I.. r. i,.w . f...,..,,ded. iiro nio-sl cxeiii...j ' ' ii""'" " ... i il.ia mutter nrereni ne.iuiiiiii ..n..i,,ess: aim ' ...leln of domestic. men'. I hero are ,01"..L.,.r t,, tliU coininend.ition: in exception, u""- . ., lu believo tliero U"y veUn mSlei.riveexl,ulutio..Svvi.l. pigftve.vvltl a'" cMreinu tiise, ,o J'.'ry.ri,"; uld mUtako their where if Pt a,"d ,.o Into tl.o next door they ow n apartment anu uiM t,i(J, would never u . ins,ai.pS ru . . .1 !.. -Sales at $W,jJ3,.J.i, S'Jj, "'L'T'r.'iJolSr.lEM) m IKIO .ij-j (.nirn Hint ( iit'fn and SI- .... , . - .S'Arrj.-.nlent 1 7.'. 1 HI. -J,S I JJ. nml ' .S'lriur 1'ut Un, Iriuii null. e i Simula to ped dle, I 5-Mc, Iw o iluriN ll.irrow ; ptiuie lom. le lor Sow ,r,e lur Harrows one enure nl lt nud 1 icj o.d oKIIIoki le. At retail liom I) to IV. I' A I' 7' O X! The pulihe nre i.nitieuliirl)' etiiiimned aniut pur- rhtf America has made her tup in a little more ilian ' ell'-ei io, lliown'a Sar.iiniilW nn,r 'l'uii.iio lliiiem. 3 Iiih. i Never luiyllie Sits.ipinlii nnd dandelion I'anirea, 1 lie vveniuer in .u,;i,ii' i,..u wii,i..ui-u latutuuic ' , 1 ,.. w ere orucn" - , few and farbeivveen... . .... ,t,cJ wll tho munber oi i - ... forljear fur,!,er T'" declare, the rcull of nre not incliidid in """ .rnroeeedt.. ileclaro JVu-tftii'ientintliouvvari.. II. .(." 'I. , .. , , ,., l lH.otcliec!e..o . " i;-v- ,,,0 .,a .0(l r..r ...i,l...riii, the eroliH, The pruviMon niaihets do uol trcin to have undtr. gone any nlteialion. n,,.,.,, Tlnre has heeu some rinliliUKiu Ireland. Aecountj r.eeivedlroin theHouili of Ireland, wivrillie l.iiro un rnilen, lend us to lulieve uiai toe ieiiiiu.,uvi ut Carrur. and llie whole lUlucl ol ill- huir are nl nu niiranan iiature. The movement, M) the Dulilm n.. .,' I. ... .iit.l Im elllled n rlMII!. W.U ll rimui! ol puverly und mil a nianifesialiuii ot political discou- '"l-Vveral nlTrays have laken place with lite police, nud some nerwius oil liolll fides Itnvu U-ell kllleil. Ceil MeDoualdlillJtheMd llulfi with a colupanv ol lite H3d. lell Dublin to pal down tlie outbreak. Il is sjid that a body ol urnieil nisursenla uinde un aliack uiion the ikmiiumi ol the .Mariinsul ut Curralunoie. vvilh n view n. obtain ptovMon ol tlie pieces of niullcry vvilh which il was recently for. t'bc.1.1 ... r I , ..).. .I.ani llldue This medicine vv.i- iirenared bv n ri Lahr ptivui.'i 'ii and i llie result ol nu rvieu-ive pra tin1 ol .vv, al enrsi!i a billiour eiiuiTite Tlio-e w-ii.i Invented u tlelleve-or M'en us filntaiy etleels upon utile s. i d no 1'irih'T ev idenee ol il-ieai value A i-unll Tiffitist on the " eau-e. tieatineiit and cure oft -ver ! and ai;ue nud olli.-r dl-ea-ies ,,t bdllniN elllu-lte " I NllllleroiH eirtilieales fmiu ll.-ll nl llie hliiliest re- ' ieeiabdity .te-tdv mi; to llirt!irni ellieney ol bis med leuie, nny be obtnintd gratis nu applicatiou to the I Ulhlel. lulled luiellt I'ur -lie wboles.le and mail by lilK) I',. II U I'lNI'TO.V, Mile nHdit for lluilington nnd v leinuv Sejlt lis, 'IM w llmJ ?IIANI)IIN! Vintntie H mill 1'-! nf'vur. U rauted puiiij ,i r .uie by Tm.o. A. I'uk. SISI'ISII Cmnplieiii ! Tlio nttii'lL, vvliieli S dicvv the pti iiiuuu.jii-t opened by T. A, I'l K. !-TA'lT Ol VI'.UMONT, J ll II llmi., the DniRiiroi Cmiri-MiiA. . ( ' ri.lnte Ltuii for tbe Pi-lriet ol Chittenden To "'I -roin 11,11 eellled III llie c-l lte ol Melor.i Ann II IMH. I.lte ol rliailolte ill said lll-lrn I, deceased, tlieeliiu' Whereas, V.trix Mult Adiiiuu-irator ol Ihe l.sialc nl s-iid deei-ar-'il, prnposi'S to niider nu account ol his ,i, ministration. 1111,1 lUe-em ui; 101,1 s.011 e-tate lor eviuuil llioll and allowauee at a sei-nun 11 il,.. four! ol Probate, lo be hidden al llie 1'iobale ol lice in liiirhiiKlon on llie litli day ol o.'lnber net. Tin RM oKi-. Vuu aie heieby uulilied to appear he. foresaid ciniil at the time und place nlorcsaid, and 1 shew caiw, it any you have, why the account uloic. said shnilld not he allowed. I li.veii under my hand at lliiilinslou tins ICih day ol Sci'ieinbcr, A l '"',,,,.,.,...., vviSiwj iii!Ai)nii:i)i!iMoi:i).'w. BOUU'i'S I lyierii)ii I'luiil ! Thu ri'iit. .st Preserver and lienuulier ai llie human Hair Vl vv l oier-uii-- ,.. .....ii. .1) tiu:o a puck. as yet known. w u The. excellent PUCK. 11 i,i.s cii.m'ixi: Kutrediie's Tnui ilo Ilitteis. or extract ol SarMiardla, 1 111111111., u.. ,1 niui mm, nr 11. ty oilier preparation, wuli the expee t.itioii nl Ki lling llie genuine Jruir,,', .MM,;.iiiii,i,iin( 7iiii l.ttteit wluili are ptepir- ioin ci I'lill CAN'l.V ed at ins .Medicine Slure. N K. Wnsl,,,, ....... .1 !. ... iJl.Anl : llosi,,,,. These lluiersarcil,,. lirst preparStum olihe , x "'"cue wrsai. u iv 1 1111 iiiiii iini' Minn, uiid 1 iiv nrw i ,iu itih. 1 uie ariicle ol thf kind now- in the market Alwai - iiiv ii n ML'iitrti rtii.ui. 11 i . . . . . - ... IKIIU'N, in his tiwu baud vvntini; H'lu. ever A J U B " ' E' luaidnl a niin's couiueibiiiiiK a bad bank nine, or ,,,nio . u , ij I, nnvv n-,..l ,,,,,1 r,. oneiliaiwi,iildnnii,.,ss Jut so it is wuli niedium-: i'.frllellt halv e Is HOW ll-cl mill re. they always rnuutrlleit lliat vvbich sells. 1 colnlnellded by mUl)' ol llie r.Lsr IIIVMiiaxsin 'nr trciA'iacn ' on,,,., juunn. uuntls 2vc l lice only 1, els. lur proprietor, No. Gs IPasluumnu biretl, llostuu, vvillbe . Itoll. sccimly paekeii tr ' jiimuivc it n trial aim u noi sao-m u on us tuioi) . lieil t lit. lit;- iviuiu il, aim llie acllis in eveiy eose uie uuiiiuiieit IJ,,J to n laud tbe money. ' i e ,i o i , , v t , t i t Winter Clot hi n-. -r inn Ni)i:i.'sifiNi:i would i:e-p,.etf,iiiv inform the I'llbbe that be basjil-t Cnmpleled III" Htoek ol Winter ( 'Intlillnx. euinpri-uir; ('mils, OteienaH, P.iuH.niid Ve-Mol nil ileeriitiou, w bit li be now of. lels eheap lor Ca-!l All Clnlliui made ni Town. rliilli.s eleaued ironi Piniil. (Irea-e. Pitch e., w itlmill danlmix lliem i.verwitll Die Sltlll-. Dre-s-mil l're.'siuji mid Itep.iirius dune in tli. neatest man lier lie will al-o cut and make ('lollies on Shortest lli'tiee Also, For Sale or Fxelmnge. ll kinds ill" eoiid band Clnlliin very Cheap. 1-t dour Wesl Peail Slltct lhill-e CIlAltl.KS III'.XXS. ll'irlinnm, -4T, Sept. 'Is. vvKlu'l ':i5'':clintr. mili:SnWKIIIi:ilS Imv.. unnle r..nt nil- ditiolis to their Mm Iv ol Carp 'lings, i'lonr Oil I loth e beiii;, now bnly ciu il tu the wants of the trade vv bi. Ii t iey nre ulleiing and s,-lliuj tu all tho.-e wi-hitii; to ptirclia-e w-15 C STAXlPOltl) C(). Asiiini'i'S Sale in Ii iiiknijicy. I) Y VII'TI 11 nl all order lu"d out of the i'lllled Slates II -iriet I otllt r tin' ,b-lriet nl Vermont, 1 1 will sell lit Pilblie Allot lull nt the Auction I'oiill! ol ' l-'iae Slier wimd. lu lliirhliiilon, on Saturday, Oetnber . B-. IIa.iii II i.Vloik A. M. " All thr claim ul tleiiui , Prater to a faun ' Uliuti, iiml Irmj in llai tlnatiiii, whirlt taim irat irtt ' , tl lot Anoititla I Vinrc, una In r uj M'int lleittij 'e,i4- irc f, hrr sio ' 'nr arrr turn llnrrarr I uix'ir ,.v l i I A II IIASVi:i.l,, Aiiunec. llurluuloii, Sept 'js, HIS. will "tw PcliltoiJ lo r.rl! Hi.-. ml. STATU Dl' VCI! Ml INT. ( l a se.,in ,,f the lllsrui'Tot ClUl ll M'L, S Pinb'Ue Cinilt Imldell at llurhnii'ii, w ohm, and tor the Pi-tnci nl Cluin u deu, nu llie I'.'ili day nl September, A. I) Isli, Ch-iilis K Miller, Ailiuuii-iruior nt the Ksi.ite ot i:i,shi Miller, lull ol Wliii-lnll, ill slid dl-lllel, tle-eell-ed. Illl'lt III s.lld Coillt lll petition III wrillll.M't llllg l.itlll that llie Slid ileeeajs-d died sel.ednl .l liael ot I'linl lUMid Willi-tou o one liiiudri'il an 1 tilty six aeles 111 one body, 1)11115 oil the South side nl the turnpike, ail 1 bounded oil the werl. hi land owned and oicuiiied bv William .Miller, on the South bv 1 I hud owntd audni-eup.ed by Joy lli.idley .audi iiorue ' X Vnkeli, Id, nnd nu the 11 1-1 bv land ow lied and ' occbpied by Ous und IMmitiid Whitmy, and also thai the said deceased owned at the nine nt In-death certain real i. slate in the lirst Couie.tiioual mee iiiij bou-e, ill snd IPiliistou, that is it, say the one toultll pait ot llie flip railed lullidier lolllti ell, the one hall nt a slio en lied liiilllber siv, and the one lwelihnt a slip called Handier live nud Ibu one ball ol a stall iti Ihe shed ntl'lihed In said llifellll!! luiilie.iiud that llie above is all llie real Celine nl wluili tin-said I'li-lri Miller died seled, and lb It ll would be lo llu.-e uileristed Ul Mid llstale.tu have all llie said real l)-tate Mild, tor the reason that some of the heirs iobjiJ i:-tatc leside out ol llie Stale, tbo' ihe s,l nt tlie Mine in uol necis-ary lo pay ihe ileitis ajaiu-l slid j'-l.'lte or llie e.vpeni ol Ihe aihuuuslration tlu renf, and lurlber slmwuu to said I nail thai all Ihe bens n, sud ll-t He livma within this Stale hive i-iveu lln ir cuiis. nl nnJ apiiro'iiiion in wilting, in llie site ol said real I'.-tate ol the said deeens..,!, nud pravunr llie s.n.1 Proline I'nurt n.iirani him license to sell the Slid laud and real ll-tnte ol slid deceased, u nei l to the vvbbiw. imnini miner .11 .lie Mine tint iheir labor will move not lo have been m vam wheiiniir mi.iieiotK pitrons shntl know of llie Ire Itleudolls Stoek ol (,'oiuls now' iipelilll. E'lfu-st Aoticc. lliodio Shawl-, Irom ji,Hi to 6.3(1,011. .Menu..-, " Wc " l.'.'i I'lnid Alpn-ns. " ISc " du HI l.leci- l.i-lc I.ll-ler. 1 doi larjeft sie linb liny l.niif Shawls, nt a piici" we d.ire not inculion in uiiadvciti-eineui. Call nud ,e ih, 10. -'0ileeres lllo'ldi'loths nnd I'll uuere, cheaper ilian llie) weleetell seen III llillll intull A -plellded II 1 rt- meiit nt Ve.-tiug-i. Ill sellmi; 11 i-lnth lor a coal we oli'due ouiselve 10 nut un the triiuuunus nl ihe he-t 1 i(ualil) lor one dollar. i ''Urnvvn Cotton- at I ct- ht vard. 5 "2 1 ; r.' M11-I111 lie l.ini.'.at Hi el- v4 1 I Hut vie e.uuinl p'titictil.irue ; it vuwi.i take 11 new- pi pei- 10 in. nitouah the Styh-of I iiHid-aud the ' inee-ot lln ui.lhatalejil.-topenniat llu- laiuuu.o j tabbshmeiit. I .N. II. We rcsH'pt!iil!y tender our warnie-l thanks ' I to our numerous fiieudjand cu-touier-, b.rthcver) idieral patioiinge bestowed on u-, lor the la-i ix 1 lllotllll-; or sunt' the timillietli-ellielll of our business 1 ill Hmliiie.11111 ; and it we have used extra exertion- lo . j senile our Hoods ulprios ihul we luiht uuder-ell ' ev ci)" oilier Stole in the Stale liieieby loiikmg it lor 1 the llilelest ot nil to pitromJ this e-tabll-tlllienl, 11. .lllinn shall be luikiu nu our iart to continue lu ' make lb" well known I.'idies llxchatiee The Ureal Head Qiurteis lor l)rv llnnds. ll.COX ,v XASll. New Slure next to lliiusinaid .V llrothei-, Church Sin ,t. J-ept. II, 'IS. wll J'.'losl Dxlluoiiliiiiiry Work lu2 T II K MARRIED WOMAN'S I'lll V. iV'l M til) I OA I. COM I'AX I O X. 111 1,11. v. vt. vtvi nu 1:11 in -ucii can's, bin could tind no rcliet, but e,rew worse nnd lor the lat three weiks was confined 10 my bed. Two ot my phv-ician pave me up n-pa-t recovery. llu! as loriuue would have it, I heard nl the Hungarian ilil-iun. and immediately prncured a buttle. This cave me in-taut lehel.aiid -i.x bottles have bit ken up my couh, and placed me in a siiiuiioii to reautuc, vv ith advancing liialih, my u-ual occupation. Yours, tiuiv, ciiL'iiciiii.i, conn. .V Sr'ri,ilAl'liiitinnit-).WW F. illiADI.KH .-dX.K'o W n-.unslon St , Bu-ton, Ma- , Solo Ap in for the United Stall", and llnli-li Provinces. American price, "S-l r bottle, wiiafull directions for the rtstoratioo ol lienldi. l'aiuphlet'i.cnutainiii a inassnl llni:li-linnd Atner lean lertilieates nnd nther 1 vidt uee, show 1111; the tine. prilM menu nf tin- lireat l)ni;l-h Keinedy, may bu ol. Milled ut the Asinl-, oralis. Xone j-emmie, vviihout the written signature of the American Aneiu 011 a ijold and broiue label, to couu itrteit which is turnery Aui'iit", lliiihutoii Then A. Peck, St. Albans S S D.ileher, .Middlebury W P Uu-.-ell, Verijennes I' Huuimgtou, Moiupelier S P Collinsand by-dealer-in nieilicme ni'iiirally ihruuhoui Xcw lhu:!and. I Sept 7, 'is. vvly .1l:ii"li:il' .olico. I XITIID S l'ATIlS JP A.Mlllil A,) Iursuanl Vir.M '.xr Disrnu r, i" wit t lo a Warrant i--ued nut ul ih" Hoii'r.ihli' lbstrlct Court n die I'liittd Slates, Inr the Veiiniint l)i-inci. 1 do benb) nue inibhe noiice that an I11f0r111nti1.11 Inr the violation ol tbe Revenue Law- nt tile t'lllted Slates, has I ecu tiled 111 -ai I Court, l.v Clntles, Kvp I ..strict Attnruev lor the I'niied Slates, lor snd Dis trict, a'.ai.-l llie' lollowun; d.-ctllicd nierrliandlre, to wit I Ine hundred an I lilt) eljjhl hall Chests nl Ten, Seued al liiirliuuion. ill s ud l)..-irict, 011 llie 3li dav ul July A. 1) MS; and mil will Ik' had im llw inerchandiM' aluresaid, and the same will be con demned njrieably 10 Ihe pra)ei ol ihe said liilurnia- lion, ill llie next -uneil arms 01 lyisiiiiiy Prnl' ,l' Mi.,. si ,.1' Wniiein 1 to I..' huldell at Killland, with and tor said Di-lnct, 1 lOIU.-.oOl OI 1 JIM'.ll-t'i. Ol Ollt, til, ,ie.Velltll day of October, nevl elisuiu.'. unliss 11 claim -ball be ulleipo-ed 1,11 or b. lore s.11.1 nay, ui winch nil 'r-ons miercsieJ will take duo notice, and U'lvemiheiiis'lies uisorduiL'ly . Iliven under my hand, nt ells Itiver, 111 snd D.slllcl tills 1Mb dav nl Septeuils'r A. 1). lllS. JACOll KHXT, Jr.. Manlial. Se(it SO, '11. dllt''ilwl33 Sixth Kiliiii.ii lHuin. ppijii. Price M) cis. ,-.(),0:() Copies NOI, II IX six Jio.vriis! Vcars ol'sulli-riuir, ol phvsical nud mental nmroi-h 1 to in my nu nll'-etiouate wite, and pecuniary tlitheul ties to ihe liii-buud nuiihl have been -pired ; thou-1 sind-now poor would have enjiived enlupeti'tice t llioii-ail'l- now ori'S-eii ill ne.iiiit , ninn nine iiij..j,.i , . , if, liun.lieils now 111 iheiraiaves been sidl alive, b) a fsjalt Kht'tllll, ..'I'Ollllil, I.CJ.l'OCy, llloely Mis,'--ion nl the work. I,',.,- .1, ,1., - v.., 'g. his intended e-pccully lor the inariied, or iho-,- I .1 Pllll,l VVL. X.VC. 1 leinpl.iinu; niainase, ns it ih-elns, uiipniiiut se- I'atfsare Stulikirii 'Vim.'s. Ilrrthmcamong en is wlueli si Id Is' known to lliem p irlieulnily. () ,,., ,,il,,-rs Truly, kuowlede isimwcr. 1 1 is health, happiness NuwTx, Lower Tall-, May, IBIS, nllbience .... , , xtr l,,.,s I .-:ir Sir. If more tisllini.uv is nee- I'.., !l;".u ul ns ,1!:. ' h, miVu M Wis ' d . i avor nl jour Drops and Pills for 11... I . f: I ', ,,h ,11 , .-I I nuns, ) on n..iy add muie 10 the number ) ou already Here, nlo. verv lemale llie wlie.ine uiniiicr, me . one ,'ilber buddiiitf into woinanlinod, or the one in I the decline nl vcar- ill whom nature coulenip.ate- in,, ii.iirdrnii-advetli-iit.w'.isllidliccil to Itv liiem, when, 10 my utter . I was completely cured lw luie 1 h id taken one bottle. Yuu aie at hts-rly to make any 11-e nl this ) 011 please, Inr .' me ) our drops ,e,va,uabe. K.soe,',,,, I'ur -ale m llurlituton only by Tiiiuuore ,. l'u'K, und bv iiiauyuihcr Dhmiss .11 this and Ibcajjouiiuu it.- I! Nolhimi is -o cheap, and nothiiii; cl-e is so llieaeioiis lur all di-cascs ol ihe skin. Try it try it IAITUH 1 i-v h vs will ru. -vi a I In.. llavuii; ls'en nlll.cicd lor thirty years with the Ix-p-rney or White Scurf, and h iviiii: tried all soils ol rem- !"M K "S"S. Iffta "n1..: all Wt Vcidemali; tain nt cure, in 1 very complaint lo which her .ex is subject Allordeis l.,r lliuirn'u Smaiiaiilla 11111 Tininitti inr. Coimiiv, A lattir, diieeicd to Hi UU'A ICK llltl) ll'N , the liruiscs, Viesli II l,, M.. I'.S . ,. !... l,nH allellded lu puncliijlly,- llillers scci slupiiiu Nitiiu licmuue. unless 1 KICK llltDll'X, oil the wrapper. '.c'i lo he lUmnnbirtil, I lini v.oniiimplinii 11 nlinot always .rralurr.l bv a His. 01 ciieeso, ".I-, f . ,,, .1,1 1 o,c rtr,roii inai was tteppeu mm uium , ...-..-.".,.,..,.,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,.,.,,,. ','il bcM, -M. 1'; Uico, of Wlforil, 'e ,J W I bull "oih ddlivuliy with the people, who weir , co.d lhatmiKht tuiil) te cured. Thai W i.tai't 1UI Sold in, l,y A 0 S'ar ; Wmoorki 1 alls, W. II. I lurch, and hy rruulnrl) nppouited AReiimthrnuEhoul the Slate. July SO,' is., ,,34iiJ Whereuiuin llie su.d Prnli.ileCiiiirtn..siKiied llie 7ih day o(l.t..ber, A D HIS. lor heariiw ai.,1 docidiui! 011 said petition, nt the nil.; e nf the said Prubaie C.ourl.iu lliiiliniiiiin in s-ud di-tnct, and, d.uli order thai nil persons interested, U- ui'libeil iliereol.tiypul,. Iication if this order three weeks sueces-ively 111 ihe llinlinaton I'lcc Press, n uew-p.iicr pruned nl llur liiieiuo, 111 Ihe county ol I lulu mini, the last ul wlueli pilhlli'llliolis to be prev lulls lo the d.i) assigned j ns al.iler.lid lur lieallllt! and dl cldllli; ou said pi tlllou. l.iven und, r luy baud ut the Iteisteis ollice 111 Mi, I ihw I'.'ihdav nfSepi, inber A H HIS. wlJivJ HliADI'OKD 'IrOlil AV.-ulu ;; orinn , to the Marriul I nny he pnliercd Ironi the bici, ihat V'mrcfiMfr AlieiitK III ike floni ''in I'iie D illar a ilaij ! Ironi lis sa, hundreds ul nctive. fiiterpruuii! aneuis aie neriuimlitiiM u hllle couipi lelice liom the liberal discounl allowed, and the steal demand for 11 Or ders arc len'ined to be n.vounianied w ith pa) nu ul. ( '.0111 j in ii' .v at laj lie mail free o' In the jnucliat-rr. liter twenty thousand copies havebeen c.u by mail vv illiiu three mouths xx ill) perlects.ibiy nndcer- "'t'l'i the i. ccipt of One Dollar, the " Married Wo man's Pnvale .Medical Companion" will be w-nt m.nlrd Jite) lo any pill nl llie I'lllled Slates. All ii Hers nud applications limn thus,, de-inn; lo become iijienls must U' jiost-pald levecpl llios,. colli... 111111; u r.iuittaniei nud niblresM'd to Dr. A. M Manriceau, li.iv 1S-JI. Xevv-Voik Cuy. Publi.-hiui; Ollice, I ill l,il iiy si. .New Voil.. 'I'lie ' .Married Woman's Private Medical Compa moii' is sold by Uock-ellus ihioujjhmit the I'uited Stales Sold in Iliithuslon Vt .by S It NICIIDl.S.ul ihc Piibhcatiiiii Depot, Wickwate IlioUhng Sept S. IMS. ll'lf IM. OSTIIE1M, I.M I'O It 'l l: IC AND II O I, IIS A I. II I'l Al I K IN W I A i: S A A It UIl'OltS 11 1: 1 1. n 'us ): It V 1: S , .J' ! Nn. I 111 l.ilieiO Stii'i'l, (On I'n Xntli Uiiu- m',. , ms.ii',ij',) Now lork. uiv 11 li " -.vwlji Jsiju'i'laflos. lar"e a-sotlmeiii nl S'claclcs, ol every kind. .M-... lioijtes and i:e I'ro' Jal) iU, Is. v3 J UAXDAtiliS. I T I 'I'l 111 St' ItSC 11 1 111 IKS, l,avini:ls;en nppoiiil IV , by he I .1 1," Probate CnilltMr Ihe Din. lore hereby pv "'V, Liihedwdlui'' nl Comelu r-'iVll".SSrrl..,. ln lh.detli,n,mr,d D,s. I. Alanine .j". (K'tolsr and 1st lues, ya'iVra'u!. mi!,a .0 o'clock, A. M..e,, vaihof "'pdttbis.iih.lav.a- U.u.tA I). ISIS. Crockery. UMIi n: (JIIAXI'IT., Kiuiit lli.t'K, I'"lw. 1111; lllue, and Mulb. iv Ware, (new nyle) to. a, iher vvilh Cbin.i and Class Waie insv t- lud 111 premium ci