Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 27, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 27, 1848 Page 1
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si Vol. II5I. Wliiilv Xo. J1JJ2. ' i "nm 13 uvlinglon iTec press. Publish'-d at lliirlinutnn, Vt , 11 y 1 . W. C. C I, .V It K i: , JZJitoi tui'l Pnijii ictor. Ttvmsi Tn Village subscribi rswliorci "ive thp jmpprhy tlie can n-r, . . . , yg ll -t ill in ndvauep 2 Mail siibcriheis titul those who take it at the Oliice II paid in advance, , Vdkykthk.mi.nts. Inserted on ilir customary t ME S SAC, e. IWttiv Cithrn ofth' K !', anl tf the Jlottre nf Urpr nittit'us , 'J, no 1,50 At mil- f.nti.riiin imnti flirt enff Inn nfllm Klnlo lor a new political term, it is ilue to llim from whom all good tilings proceed, wo grateful - ly ai-Uowlclge Ilia goojue.-s. mi lgnillv illus - tratod by the ample measure of bless - ings impirtcil to the people of this State, in tln-i year p:i-t. With Hie deepest rnnseiclilinti.nei, our fuller?, in am! in war, in prosperity of adver-Hv, in all their public council, recng - jilzod the 'Divine Providence: audit is a fict . . ....... i which keens inl'Mit tlie Hope wo ciicri-u lor me i tiermatiout well.iro 01 our couniry, tn.u ine rev- crpnt example the deputed commended to us lias net been, as yet, either forgotttn or li irlil fd. The praver'of the true patriot is, that it liny be lung b 'I ire liunnii pride ornviin phi to'npliv slia'l seduce 11-, a--a tiition, to deny our 'iep. iid 'lice on (!od, or m ik a-hauied to avow it. Anil now, while we a-e iiitcu'liinging con. gMtul.iliniis over the pliv-icil gifi b"ln',viil upon us, let ns not be unmiml'iil. that vvlntever of wisdom we have with which to conceive measures lor lh" gcnaral gnu I, spring- not Irom ourselves hat, enmeth down Irem above. The 1,1 . r 1 1 . ; II ll nllr.ii, I ,,,,r n,.i.,ti,,,l .l.illl,. nnlions u ill pliilr.n Ilio fcnlinir nf cnl f-cnnd. I deuce, ami. aiihng us in the exeicise of judgment us n I be p ve i nf liiitirmpot in de. iding, and of prudence in acting, will iiiile us the more surely in the path of doty. You will not expect that, in unking th's com munication, 1 array before you many topics. So simple is the form an 1 so easy the vvo' of our Stale government sotpnetlv do our civil ti uJ political institutions move on in their cour ses o seldom, in our com;"ir,i'ive spclit-ion. is the surface of cout'iit ru'llod lint u erystiin cut exigence for legis'ialive interpo. Fitiou rarely occurs. Our municipal polity still io. I, mainly, on iU first principles, and few am i ig I'.s, if is believed, me disposed to disturb tho fiund.ilion. Its theoiy is, that laws, irt la-Mi, govern, mid altboiigh tlie mix,m his been so often utlered as to b ive b'come a truism, wo . shall nevertheless h? profited by frni'ipntly recurring to the essential trntli it contains. In a i"lilie,il system bispd on th undoubted right ol all men to se!l'.governn.c!it, the maintenance of ciiil lib'ity depends up mi the siipicni'icy of the 1 1 iv. Thn pro if-, lint a government origin ated by and atlniini-teied for the puople is prac ticable, are thickly spiead on the iages ol our history: and we aie living witnesses to the em inent success of the experiment for the enlarge, mi nt of the hapiuos. ol the ric-", on which om in . ' - hizirded all they bad. 1'iti nisic illy. ItiJ laws hive no force. They cannot, wi to, oi'ecule their own coiinn incls. Jicinr; only the exponpnu of tiie resolutions of lb" rep-lp-i lit Hive body, th"v requne the will and the action o the people to energize them. 11. to, thcr fore, where no i ecutive exi-t-vvlni'li is not derivative Irom the legislative pow er, inoinl submission to a I iw is a positive con dition of its siiprem icy. The -I'titniipnt of rcv crenre ol it -hould beeaily cultivated. No one. v.'Ih iovmg ins children, loves al-n Ins couniri V. ill neglect to tesch ct his lire-si le the doc lmit of rip?tt and of obediencu to the 1 iw- . I he land. ltistiutli, hiving intimate conn 'clion with the idea above epre-'e., that the sen-e of ob ligation to honor the laws and enfoice their miic'ioiis is weakened by very frequent ching es in them. The first conccp'mn of a stab'.' j'overninent is that, in the nature of thing-, il iiilesof duty are to be con-taut, alterable, at un-t, only on imperative neccs-lty for conform ing with the miteri.ll changes that grow out ol the irogres- (if sooiety. ll i- to be kept in mil) I licivover, that no code can be m ule to Meet and t-'iti-fy at once ereiy eimrpiucy in the all'iii oflife. The leading irmi-ions of all stitutc are to be deemed, in ien' view ol them, mere jiiincipk-, in the adaption of which to ca-es a tbey arise, the tendencies and rll'-cts of those provisions will be elicited. Time and careful study are i in!is;en-ab'o to the duly ailliiij with the geneial lav.' a Iip.v stitute, lie-ides no habitual obser, or n the ditr -rent source.s ol controv.'r-ies inn hive fiiled to dUcvrn. that some ol iVmii owe their exi-tence to the linceit'iinty which veils the construction of some lecent act not jet judicially expotinled. Yield tug to the fjree ol tho coiuiderathms thus brief ly s'.'iled, and others o! much weight omitted. 1 submit the proposition, which, I think, should hive continuil pie-ence and uutlioiity in every law-making body, lint no en lctineiit'be t'i-s-'d until it shall have been cloarlv shown that the harmony of the general law of the main subject would not be ilureby broken. The iintiui'J ex perience of others su-taiis my c mfiilencp in tho opinion, that weie the rule inlinrited adhered to, conjectural emendations t the statutes would less frequently bo tried, and so our lejjil sy.-teiu would obtain time for consolidation. Tho subject of Popular IMocitinn is one that must not jii's unnoticed. While I would not consciously invade tho produce of the accom plished State s'lpcrin'endeiit of common schools uho-e report, it is iissuin,.d, will boon be liid heforu you, I should tirtof my duty remained unperlormed if I omitted to pay my tri bute of re-pect to a canso so manife-lly de-erv-ing of high coii-ideratinn. In thi Slate, much to its honor, an ardent desire to wid m the scope and rnu'tiply the means of mental iiihlrncli n,lia-1 v in ced its resoluteness in persevering efl'iitn on the jrirt of the l.pgisl itive until mties for lln'itttiin meiit of tho-o objects ; and to these end-ivois tho tieople. moved by an iioouUu too di-'niter- cstcd for jealousy, Invo given a generous sii jiuri. won. 1., , .... 1 ,. this cauS3 no party victories miy be IMiicatinn fur all, is now ileimride.1. Inquis. i unking '-all iippiIIiiI rules and regulations io ilive men long since found out, that tliero is no' s-pec.ling tho trriitory" belonging to tho Unit-'d such thing as that which literary fops Ii ive call-1 State", may, and ought to, put an interdict upon ed tho "vulgar mind" dintiuct- Sln.'iy that, nllhoiigli they miy not legislate ions of the u,t aro yielding to tho cliimsof lor the intioductiou ol it, they m iy for its exclu common seno and common jurtiee, and it is Hon. If, viewed as a compound case of light foreshadowed tint, in our countiy, if not else-1 resorted, and of power exercised and in some where, mm is to take rank by the mpabiiio of degiee submitted to, it Ins como to b.- consider Jiis intellectinl ability and thu do'-rea ol his led ass 'tiled by construction, that in. moral worth. Coming un from all parts of our common, wealth, you liavo ainplo inform ilioii of the ope rations and auspices of tin system f common bchools, I h il it Is the h -t tint can ba deli Fed, is not yet demonstrated. It, ..suits in some. af its provisions, renriin to b jdovelopod. 'I'heso the recollection of all. Upon that defeat of u ascertained, may show th it it Ins intiiuslc de- deigu to extend slavery, and upon tho evidence feels. As It might Invo baou expected, tliero it -ali'irds ofa le'olutlon oflbo Irco States to re nro conllictilig opinions pronounced in rcap?ctof . stiict the inslitiiliou to its present limits, I heart its utility. Tliero aro thoso who in.Ut lint it is ily congratiiliilo you not in exultation as for a encumbered with too many officer', an I Is, soctioiial ucend nicy galnoJ, but in joy that hit therefore, distractedl administered. Otliera inanity Inn uchieved a victory thu joy not a urce. that it dooi not insure the reipiUUo couj- - . i . l.ll. .I.. petcney ol those, who aro to uccius opun um if iTtiT J""pmTTnrc7i niiiff 'qualifications of teachers! holding that, ns a I consequence, the stand ml oriiliioss to instruct , ii widely varied by different examiner'. Upon 1 these suggestions m.,l0 ,.,ummt.Mt, my view, however, there lests upon lis a weighty obligation to create and maintain a Ic-j'il tchcine for common Schools, which shall, in due time heenine peinviticnt. Tim honor oT tho .State mid the welfare of its people exact it. And if there Never rerpiiied .1 stout resistance to lie ipient radical intimations, it would seem to ho emphatically demanded in behalf of every gene I ml cliicaliotnl policy: Mich as one always ploiding, with cogent ieann, for time ns the mam cnterion of its merit'-'. If we lie ir in mind the fact, that the chaiaclcr of each generation is. substantially, formed by the one that precedes il, we shall i;i,t incoii'-iderately very the course or public action upon any of the leading me.i. 11 MIS I ll ll 1 1.1-1 I" till, ... I ll it rti.iMnln. I .. .t.l . i "Iff "CIU 101011 Chlir.l C t 0 C Illtlli , ulrl5' 'I1 !1",ont r'v'll1r.v pen ailtiifr nil depirtinents 1 "r "C"encp, art. and trading economy, we may ' "nt deal out scholastic knowledge to the youth 1 j" et portions. Nor will any aniount of human '"'"."'"'R ico for tlit-m, unless they are, aln, trained in the disciplinary exercises that cilueatc, wl" """fin the iniiul ; in which sense, ", is knowledge power. W'c shall not, I tr"1: MtiWio.1 witii any advance towa.ds the n print mi I ion nf 11 ditillif r... ..II ..1 ' , ,, , " . tl""l-i until we shall hive secured of Iul'Ii I'roiinil of Icx'.ilhtion for the intellectual character of the I mass of tho people Of this Slate, as they now .occupy oir lepuuiican viriuo. Vermont lias not m my of the recognised elements of politi- cal p ,vver. I.ut s ip has enough to vitisly t10 voice of an enlightened conscience, and labor real wants ol civilid life enough lor all de- vv hen, where and how, ,' bids them do so Hum sirabe lenmvn. Altuougli she has luxuries bly f.dlnw ill.', not runnitiir before, the imlieaiioos ol coinmpiceto send too'lier climes, slic !,., ol the de-igns of the lnlinite Mind herein, thev .ensures l,,r neb gill-. Those she has liberal-, may trustfully abide tho issue. ' ly be-towed being impoverished by it. i A copy of tho .Memorial of inhabitants of the .Many o her son-June gone foith, who-e well-! County of Missi-unoi, Caiuda, to the Covernor schooled minds linn morals, and enterprising j (?eeral of i!riti-l. Ninth America, upon the slants enabled, them, whensoever tliev alii'ht-! siibiect of nbsiropiimr ilm r.i. .... '''b galilcr all U fl'IIU linnio contribution to u 1 '" i"'-" common parent. W'c em all join to wish, th it tho chiracteristic in slilutions of this State ami of her Xc.v llugland -i-ters. might diU'u-e throughout our countiy the social lnppine-.s radiates its gentfj 1 light for in. How long Vermont -hall hold her p'ace in the union ns she now doe or how i soon lo turned oil' when mightier and prouder sovreignties sltall have arisen and ovcr-h ulowed j the broad West it is idle to enquire, lie that a1 it may. Ibis State has in hand her own hide-' p-ndent giiai.inlie.-, Whatever tiny he, in tho! fiituie, her relations to tho te-t ol the world,! -he will, we tru.-t, furuer leiniin the tame hnr citizens imlu-tiioiis an I, religious in setiliment and in life, sturdy in rejniblic ini-tn, 1 nub 'iiding in udiiorenco to the Unpretending, J .vet conseiviitive sj.-tem of government under luey have hitherto louud peace and seen- 11 iv inn cein.'niLii in unity us a tree and hiL'hlv ediicatid veomanrv. Is it not due to tb cause ol popular educa tion, tint we consider whether instruction in political science should not be engrafted on the body of our schooling .' Under th constitution of this State, he who iifains to the prescribed age is thenceforth, tin on-ticatly, a politician : and whether qualified or not lo iict discreetly in the new character, he is now one of the consti tuents ol the government undo! i's laws-. They lint v.oii'd asceiliiu the liriui'ipal source ol the l : t l l i.i i .... i i ' i . i iitiii..ii i.tiiiu u-ugi. m vwhcii ine electors aro guided, will rluit o In iitu punui joiiiiiitis p i rati v idy. few study the science ol politic- to its wide-'t large few, indeed, have leisure to pursue ii lo its full extent. Yet, on it every free i.'ovei nmenl leans, and from it draws its ne cesMiy aliment. All may iindei-tand so much nf the science, as to h ive acquaint, nice with the forms, and coriccl iinder.-tandino' of the nature. of dilV'rent governments lo be I'ogni.eut of tho principles and the -pint of liw a- a nile of Ini mm conduct to know the distinctions in light and to have cleav compreh"ii-inn of ih Mr obligations as citizen--. A much more I'Xtentled indoctriii'it'on nf the louier men ol our countiy in political truth than they h ive v et i hid is, in my v lew, indicated as a precuiition by numerous " signs ol the times;'' and I am not now awaioof any mode in which the pioposcd ibject could si, ea-ily b-' accompli-hed as by m iking a text-book ol tho science lor Common Schools, lie who should apply tho energies of i disciplined mind to tho prepiration of such a vmk, and render it acceptable fur its complete ness, and accuracy, will hive confeued upon Ilia countrymen an invaluable fivor. Recent events, of vv Inch none i f us are igno- .nit, have placid in iiuusii ll prominence before the public eye a subject which it i- impo-sihie to touch without Stirling the si n-ibilitie.s of the whole Union. One ol th eU'ects of the war With Mexico, U the acqui-iti m ol 1 irge poitions of her domain, which aie no,v waiting lo he placed by the United Stiles under government. Of the diameter of that war, or the jiislne-s of that acqni-ition , I do not jirnpo-u hole to 'peak, being unbidden so lo do by the respect due unto the opinion? of others, and by the rules of olliei il decorum. Hut, the territory isllie common projietly of all the Slates, anil up on tho point of the di-ios,il, or of the in lingo. m 'nt ol it, erinont is in'.ukd to b heard, ami to act. ll is, therefore, a niatli r of doiii -stic in teres', and, as such, claims our atleutio i and vigilance, Tho countiy viebli'd hvoursi-ter republic being contiguous 1 1 tho slaveholding States, and much of it being siippoed to bo nat urally stiilid lo the libor ol the Mac!; in m. it is iu-isied that slave owners should bj allovvcJ to carry their si ive- into it and there hold them as I properly : lint Congress, in providing ii govern- limit for it, should expres.-ly legilizo silvery , tlie'i'iu. I do not understand that the stilesmeii n 1'ie .-lave States, rxcejit the few that a-cribe j 1. 1 slavery a divine uilg'ni, claim any nitiiral, or tiuqualifi 'd, light in one man to enslave another nor, allow nig the saui'.' exceptions, do they I hold that sliyery exists as un institution, it I was not established by the federal government, but tiilernled only : and this was a reluctant con- ces. ion to a Mipinsed necessity. Whether 1 Congre-s can, rightfully, by act o( legi-l itinn put slaveholding uud. r girirmty in any place 1 vv here it did nut ex.-t w hen the, constitution vv a formed, and its comiroinisps, so called, were a r 1 iiiLii-u, i ii' iiriipiu ni nils .-iiiii-, 1 .1 mil I'liL-ll I, u ,., ',,. .I,, , that b uly suc'i rii'ht. But. CoiiL'ress. in tiotnl legislation c tn bo properly exerci.-od in either wry; still, III h State, in confining her self to protests, has not burrendercd the juinci plo. The attempt to urocuro the allowance of slave- holding in Oregon, and its failure, are fresh in little enhanced hy the boliuf, tint, cro long, our t 1 .i . ll- Il-.l --!... , ouuuicni uretnren win u.uiuuie uivuuuives ami malic the world glad, by a voluntary removal nf I the blasting evil (rum their fiir fields, and then ' start avvaj- with unshackled limbs, to run the I race of national prosperity. I In relation to the point of .Slavery, tho posi tion of this State cannot be misunderstood. That , institution was interlaced with the fabric of the federal constitution, anil it miy not be violently extracted. Yet, as it injuriously affects our reii rcncnt'ititc rights, no further similar encroach.' tnent the reou will bo consented to. For a sufli-' ciem poiuicai leasou.iiien, tins State objects to the rxten-ion of Slavery. There l, however, n "profonndcr cause forlier itncmnproinUing opposition to it. The people of Vermont hive never needed lessons in hnumii. ly : nor have they j ct to learn how to distinguish between what they mvo to the Union and what to tbem-elvcs. Hostility to Slavery i, in them. .. ! .1 . .1 ,.J . .1 - ' ! .in iniiiic. j nun tne urn, tnoy have ever stood before the world and avowed tliuir ( inn to make, no other terms with it than those that now bind them. This roMilve Vermont lm, at all times to which it was appropriate, distinctly announced in clear consciousness of her main taining the right. She has proclaimed in her legi-Ntive assemblies and in tho national coun cils, by her own voice and the voices of her faith ful representatives, as is fully ntlested by her highest records, There is no ground for fear that she will pot continue steadfast therein. In performing their nut in the work of destrojing klavery, her people will not falter at that which they can rightfully do. They will not do evil (It'll rrrimt m -i u rr.i,w but ll.n Ill ..I .1.. tersofl.ike Ch liniilain. cmnniiinicatpd hv llm Charge d'All'iiis of her liritanic .Majesty to the Department nf Stito of tho United Stat, has been transmitted Irom that department to this; and it, with sundry communications! from o' States and public bodies, will shortly be submit ted to j uu. 0 VII LOS COOLIDUK. llxEct-Tivr Ciu'iiinii, ) Oct. in, 1SI. ( WciiNrsBAV, Oct. 18. Hf.satc. Mr Chandler, for tho committee on the subject, made repoit of Joint Rules for the session, which weie adopted, Mr Kevc introduced a bill to incorporate the NewburySte.ini .M.inuf.ictiirin" Cumpanv.which Was re-ii t Ce and leferreH to pominiii.. n., I .Manufactures .Mr JWd called up tho bill relating to the tclerlioii of 1're-identril Electors and members , of C ingress, which jia-scd for engrossment. I .Mr .Mattocks was excused from serving on Ibo committeo on Hanks, and Mr Kevca was 'elected to supply his place. I A ie-olotion from lb lliuse appointing Thursday M o'i lock P. .M. for holding county , conventions, and 1'iiday It) o'clock A. .M. fo'r meeiing in joint asscmiily to loilirm Hie noun. nalioiis, was taken up and concurred in. M r J 1,1 ,,r Jlliliei.irv rnttitntlli.p ...oil., n I l-,im , ,i ., .. .. I . . ih Hi on iimliii ii.'.rci.', w Inch report a'ftef ''if VS l iintinn of the ti-ov isious of the biil and the neces-ity ol its pissagc by Mr Chandler, was accepted ; and the bilk on motion of Mr White was laid on the table- for amendment respecting notice. Mr Kidder for the rame committee, reported in favor of the nis.igu of the bill altering the name of M uion Bliss, which pissed to bj en grossed. Mr Chandler for tho same coni'nitlee, repoit- ed in fivor of the hill rel itiug to Ihe election of . county Sen itors when the bill. ( vhie.h repeals the act ol I i-t ses-ion lequiring the return of voles in four diys alter electiouj alter being ad vocated by .Mr White, passed to be engro ed. Weiixe-pw, 'Jet. 17. IIofsE. Prayer by Rev. KM Billon. Tlie Chair announced tho following STANDING CO.M.MITTLLS. or WAV- AMI .MLAXs. Mr Went worth of Rockingli un, Catlin ol" Orwell, Heaton of M intpelier, B Mid-ley of St. Allnns, Seymour of Vergennes. o Miiir-viiv AirAtus, Mr Huntley of l.ridpoit, ilinm in of Derby, M -rritt ol Sudbury, Capon of i'i-hi'ii, Dadgo of Weybridge.'.Y LO'niiTrnn. Mr t.'onverse of Woodstock, Whittemoie of Milton, llubbdl of Fairfix, N.' of Biistol, Carpenter of Norlhtield, OX CEAIMs. Mr Phelps of Townsheiid, Ro-coe ol New Haven; Jones of Shrewsbury, Parker of Wallhaui, Hall id M jrristown. ON llOAIls. Mr Sprigue of Ilrandon, Killrcdge of St, Johiisbury, Smith of Weston, Arnold of Londonderry, Carpenter of Pownal. (IS l'.AXkS. .Mr Porter of Haitlord, I' iihitner of II irre, (iieen nf Sheldon, Bites cf Irashnrgh, llminerson of .lay. ON MAMTAi Tl'ltl'si. Mr Newman ol liiatlleboro', Brock of lliuiniiigton, Smith of Pautiin, M 'Loud of Cilais, Dodge of Johnson. (IN AriKllTLTimr. Mr Tilden of Cjrnwall, C lumbal tin of Weathorsfield, Reed of Wind-or, MeLuie of Rvegilo, Rubin- Ml of Ilaiton. ON I.ANII TAES. .Mr .Mitlhews of KJen, 1 1 udiug of Lowell, Itii'h of M lid-lime, Darkness of M union, .Mitchell of Lincoln. ON EIHTAllOX-. Mr S ibin of Georgia, Parkor of Coventry, Struetcr of Birn ird, Rico of ( ' i-lli'lon, Arms of Watorbury, TO MAUE t r Tltr. filtAMl LIST. R'r. Raymond of llridgewatcr and Whito of .Springfield, Xr, C'urtis of Dorset and II -iiighton of Sluftsbuiy, BUERIifflVfiJ'B'OIV, VKIMY IHOICJVIiVG, Mr. Scott ol Halifax and i-'lagg of Wilmington, Mr. 11 ill oN'ittsloru and Dickinson of llonson, Mr. Strong of Addion and Ketchiim of Whiting, Mr. Wright of Bradford and Tcniiey of Corinth. Mr. I) iy ol Jericho and I'innco of llolton, Mr. Andrews of Berlin and Reed of Wait-field, Mr. Beckwith of Burke and Liflonl of Gihot, Mr. ('arpenterof llichford and King of riekbei, Mr. Town of Slow and Crane ol C utibridge, Mr. Moore of Newport and Trench of Clover, Mr. Powers of List linen and llolhrook of Plainfield, Mr. Brown of (irand Me and Cjoper of laid l.a Mott. UKXEHAI, COMMITTEE. Mr. Pront of Salisbury, Baker of M inchcter, Town of Souifrct, M tn-nn of Wallinfonl, M ior of Sharon, To'ter ol Tollbridge, ('lrponter nf.M irctnvvn, Cree of Wheclocl, Richard-on of Coc.hc.-tcr, King of rietcher, l'nvvers of Iielvidere, (iillillan of Westtiorc, M iy of (Concord, -Mjtt of South He-n. 1117 BinuTIXO COMMITTEE. Mr. Ldgerton nf Pawlrt, Siyre of Sandgatf, Ijichardson ol Putney, 1'ollctt nf Pomfret, A I wood of Itijiton, Nichols of Br,iintrce, Sutton of St. Ccorgc, f'orse of Diixburv, Allard of Newark, Sonic of l'airlield, Titus ol Wolcott. 1'errin of II dlind, Hill of Victory, llirvey of North Hen). OX THE sr.VTE l'lHsox. Mr. Cowley er Mount Holly, Pangborn ol llurlington, Bircbard of Sliorpliam, Dein of Iluosbiirgh, .M;Ca(!'ey of Lyndon. ON REVIVIO.V. Mr. Bea-dsley of.St. Allnns, Stcckcr if Ilirtland, Otis of Danby. ir.ixj)i.v; co.v.MiTTi:as. ox lULt.S. M'. Slreetcr of Barnard, III r t . . I if the 7(U ii nines in iiiiuuanllnn, V.S'llCl: THE I11TII J0I1T 1IULE. Mr. Albee of Westminster, ) iiiisvvo.u ot Itulland, iif the House. 1 orgiisoh of Starksboro' ) OX THE UllKAHV. M 1 1 mi t n n'T,?' i , "j1,1.! I f t?f , J the House. lleaidsleyofSt Albans, ) 7iis filroihtccil itn! rcerrel. By Mr. Whilteiuore, reliting lothe elections of electors for President cud Vice President, and members of Cangress ; to Judici.try committcp. By Mr. C illamer, tn jiav Ira Day; to committee on Claims. By Mr. C irpenter of N., to incorporate the Noithiield .M inufacturiii'r C unn-inv : to committee on Manufactures; al-o. to exeiunt tlio homestead from attachment to thu amount of ijsSofJ ; lo the (i.Mieral committee, liy Mr. Dean ol C ivend;h. to inenrnorate Blick River .Mirble Cjinpinv; tn the committee on M inu - lictures. lly Mr. B-'iirdsley, to incorp irate IVankliu C iiinty B ink ; to committee on I! inks. By Mr. Union, to incoriionto the Vermont Is ml; at At mtpelier, and by .IP, 11 Mrd-!ey, to incorporate Pianklm I'i. Bink, (second bill;) to the committee on II inks, together with peti tions then for. II AI - Wuiitemore, to repeal an act relating lo comity S mi iters; to the Jii diiiiry committee. B'Mr Rice, -altering the name of AJis Aim Newton; to the General coinniillce. I'elitinni ref rreJ Of Joshua Andrews and other--, for a lav on ll-.idlejvade, to Liud 'fax committee; id' Win. IJ. Keeler and others, Is iac 11.11 and others. James Kinney and others, to the committee on Bulks ; of Win. ll.iH,ne-s and other-, to the Geural committee ; ol .1 lines Piatt and others and lleunn Allen and others to committee on Bulks; of II. S. B-own and others and Anion Hitchcock and others, to Gen eral committee. ,YMr7s.-By .Mr Whittctnore, the Joint Rule--of I i-t year, vvilli an amendment providing tint where probite di-tru-t- cannot agree in the nom iu itinn of judges, I ho County Convention shall nominate. Mr Collaiii'T objected to this amend ment, and Mr Whittcmoio sustained it. The rules, as amended, were adopted. By Mr Con-ver-e, the Rules of tho House for the last ses sion, v ilh an amendment, requiring the third re nling only nf, public bills to bo lived on a day certain ; adopted, Mr Siraguo moved on amend ment to the rules, excluding motions to posipnm, to the next se-sion ; but the ch lir ruled that such was the elFect nf the rules as ihey stand, and the motion w is with Irnv n. Messrs Pago of 1) inville and Puller of Mont gnmcy had leave of absenco for Ihe rein tinder of the session. On motion of Mr C irpenter of Morotown, tho House proceeded to tho election of Clerk, when l'Ef.r.AMi I'. Mekkiu., L-q , of Mont pclier, was elected by a unanimous vote, and was sworn. Mr Carpenter of N. called up tho resolution for tho appointment i f County ollicers ; amend ed so a lo fix 3 r, Ji. to-morrow for the County Conventions and 10 a, .m. 1'riJay, for joint as sembly, and passed, Mr Dean of C. called up tho resolution for the election of State ollicers ; and laid on the table again on motion of Mr Ilubl ell. Air Cree called up the resolution admitting Mr Roberts of Sheffield toa scat, tho motion bo ing to refer it to Ibo Committee on Elections. Supported by Mr ICiltredgo of St. J., opposed by M issrs Cree and Needliun, and hist ; aves 1 0(5, noes 10S. Mr Cirpentcr of N, moved to'di-miss, with a view to open the merits of the case for discussion, and suppoited his motion, and Mr Hastings replied, when the chair ruled that thu only in .Iter siiuject to ueuaie, is as tu the valid ity of tho certificate nn which a prima faciei to enter on his duties whereupon Ibo l.t. Gov. ' money to children who do not attend school, right toa seat is claimd. After further debate i vv is inducted by the committee, look tho oath by Mr Carpenter of Moretowo, instructing liy Messrs lleard'Iey, Cotiver-e, Needlnm, Whit-1 of oliice, and after a pertinent address, took the , judiei try committee lo inquire into tho expo, temore, licit in, Sprngue, Carpenter ol N, audi chair. Mr. I. P.Kidder Irom the committee to dieney of altering the law as to book actions Smith of Weston, tlie question was put ayes , wait on tho Gi v announced tint they had per-' pissed. By Mr Carpenter of N. instructing IDS, iio.'s 1 10. Mr He lton proposed to qualify formed that service. Mr Chandler ollered a re-, General committPti to inquire into the expo the resolution hy adding tho words "until olutiou appointing Tucsdiy next 10 o'clock, A. J dieney of as-essing all persons a attorney otherwise ordered;" agreed to. Mr Wliitteuiore M. for both II jucs to pro.-ced lespeclivoly to : w ho sh ill practica in tho cuqrls uf llmStite; iiiovi-u an iiujuuiiiiiii in u. j untunes pisi i j ; In-l M'Iip re-obitlon us nualirp.t u-.i .. .......I ion to 103. ' " s n riu In! ... ini i Adjourned. OCTOBER S7, 18J8. " o ct.oi k, r. .v. Senate Tho engrossed hill altering tin name of Mirion Bliss lo Mirion Gould wao read this third time and pis'ed. The engrossed bill repealing the law of last session requiring the return ol votes lor County Senators within fourdiys after the election, was taken up, an I, alter a opinio between M;ssrs Chandler, Beemanaii.l I lamillon of Pranklm, in favor, and .M:'srs J. P. Kidder, Keves. Swuilt and Stewart against tho passage or the bill, the al,n,'intcd and made to consist of Messrs June, same was laid on the table. ! Walker and White. The bill relating to surscls on audita ,ur. ! J'!'e c!';';r ll"n"d the following appoint rehi, was taken up ; when the amendment pro. ',ni,llii i -i i jio.ed hv M- While for ensuring notice t ,,. '.'"I0" .,),,'' DVnr:1I'f,P"f' opposiU- inrtv. and another proposed by M', I'1'0!". 1 l,lIc"' Assistant do. Rndfield relating to reconnizinee. were sove. , ., Vie cl'1!r "''""""eed a communication from rally adopted and tho bill passed to be engross- P( w Tho IIouo c returned the resolution appointing going into joint assembly tichoost l.t. Umernor and Treastlrcr, with a the time for a Governor, proposal so to ut.i.:n,l as to lix tnat time at 3 o clock this afternoon. Tho amendment was con curred in, and the Senate retired lo join the Houso accordingly. Mr l'ergu-ou culled no tho bill relating lo Presidential Llectors and M unbers of Congress, which was lead ami vis-ed. On motion of Mr Dean, M-ssrs Dan and Sueatt were aptoiiited a committee to wait on the l ion. Robert Picrpoint and inlorm him of his election as Ll. Covernor, and invite him tu take the chair. On motion of Mr J. P. Kidder, M 'ssrs J. P. Kidder and Mead were appointed a committee to wait on the Hon. Cirlos C'jolidgo to inform him of his election and appri-e him of the read iness of the Senile to receive any communica t - I . .. I . .. t . i . .f ....ii ., , nay oe ,e .sen w m 1,0 ineiii. in line caiieu up wit: oin 10 repeal ine act wine h was readanJ hud on the table KohertbOl hhetTield appeared in the H)Uo vv-as sw,,,,,, and look Ins sear Air K, irnouler of is. asked e.uv to withdraw from the hies of la-t year Hutisc bdl 3sJ ....... I'elilinm rrf-rrcti. To annex part of Benson lo Orwell, to select committee of three, co'i-i-t-ing of M -r C ill'imer, Cirpentcr of M ire- town, and Town of Slow ; of citizens of C .aren ilmi lor a I! ink at lir.indon, to committee, in bulks; and others, and N. P.' Ch'k and others to sani" cent nittee. The ro-1 porter is not able to -pecily the ohj m'I of peti tions alu-iy, as their object is not iilivus stat ed. S line of the above ii'lition-, he infers, arc for n It nils: at St. Albuis Biy.j .vir ol .1 iy was appointed on the UU II IIIILL'!.. Oil 11 1 IvS. I 1 I II 1 I I II ' I '.I irp - , i , , i ,. . r 7. . . .. yiii's niiruiifin in i retrre.t. t, .11. iianneil. concerning petitions b,r new tiiaK .0 jndiciiry conimiuce ov m 11 'aru-iey. altering l ie name r 1. 1 it ., .1 . 1 .. 1 of C.rirles II Deittb, lo genera comiivt ee; by r- i in . 1 . r . t .- 1 .Mr Dome ol C to repc ll act of 1 3 17 111 amend- men, 0. sec. 3 ohap.'lS, R. S. lelative tosdmol ' uioneys, it Mr Heaton, directing li, a-sesed agiint turnpike rnriintilii.n. I,. I,. n....l .,! 1,. ,-i . , , " l.amoiiie county to Uie r.vqM a' vmijiwyi iv mi n, , r n un J 1 ' n iipmnrr. ' I. t;.ii.,iiii w..,,,..,. -.. ,n, iU jiorato bank at committee on bank". il-ntlutbms. By lie' ii,'ht of both tlie to vole ; adopted. I striicting committee , Ihe right of Air Robeits of ..ii'iiiLMU 10 ;i sr;tt lllli:H.t.HJ. II ' .Ul MIU'l'l', UIllUUIlH'' IUUI- i ciary co.nmiltee to inquire into the expediency ol unking coiintips - 11. inn- 1-11 uu- U llllllll Ul Hint . sheriffs ; adopted. 11 M r 1 1 ill of Pittford, strucling same committee as to fees on trial by 1 i uiy of ciiminals b 'fore ii-tices ; ad ip'ed. By 'M 11 itlcr, as to i xpediency of abolishing oliice of county superintendents ol common schools; adojiti d. .nr. .vui.uir (-alien up the joint resolution rol itivo to the election of St ito ollicer-, and on mutton of Mr. Hastings, it was amended no us to provide for a joint assembly at !1 this after- noon, and adopted. I in Siiill lie ('limp ill mill tin. lnnit nc-oinlilf ' proceeded to ballot : lor (wvtrnur. Carlos Coolidgc, O.sear L. Sh iner, Paul Dillingh im, Luke P. I'o! in I, William M. Shifter. I','.! tr, r.i l i Whereupon CARLOS COOLIDGIl was do' elarod to be elected Governor for the year on suing. 'or Iiicul. (lovcrnor. Robert l'ierpoint, Luko I'. Pol m l, John S. Rohiii.sou, 131 i'Ci .-.:! Whereupon ROBKRT PILI! POINT was declared to bo electel Lieutenant Governor for tho year onsuing. lor Trertsuicr. George I low (is, P.. A. Staiisbury, Jeremiah T. Marston 1-A'l ti.i r.:i Whereupin GlXRUii: IliAVLS, was de dared to be elected Treasurer lor the vear en. suing. The Senate withdrew. On motion ol Mr. D.miio of C, resolved that a comuiitli'O ot two mcmb.'rs be appointed to wait upon the Governor and inform him of the io idines of th" H jii-o to receive any commit location lie may choo-e to make ; and M !-s, Deane of C. and lLardsly were appointed as inu uiii.iio.Lu .vujourucu. TllLUSllAV, A. M.. Oct. 10, Henatt. li(s introtlureil. lly Mr. Hublnnl, to Incorporate the l'ranklin Co, Bank, at St. Albins Biv read twice and referred to committee-cm Banks. By Mr. Craw ford, to cons, lituto the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Rail road Co. an incorporation of the. State read twice and referred to committee-on rouls. lly Mr. Walker in addition to the School law empower ing districts to raise Uio amount of jJ-JO for the first year, ami $10 for succeeding jcars to pin chaso libraries read twice and referred to comniitlteo on education. Mr. Dean from the committee to wait on M' l'ierpoint to iiifm m him of his election Cs-c. un- nounced that the eommUtre h id performed that Mr I'lertnii nl vi n s iti in nlim.w mo flection, ol all u. . .-senator, ami lor iiiect - 1,.l.. .1,,..,. , ft,,, l,. . .1 . l.t.. . . nil; im.iii. mi.,.1.1 , tiiv i n .hi. i in iniu, .issi-uiutv in , , .i. ..i .t i ,.i . J I IcompU'lo the election-whicl. was passed. Mr I'U'nch was excused Irom terving on the relating to the lime of returning voles for conn-1 fiN', 0 ,o'" v, "' I " " .,e" penaic and he House of Hepre. Iv Senators; when after be'm' sunnorted bv 7! ,cl(,cl,,t." dj' 10 ,al' tbo oath of -entative. on tne history of Yermoat, on Friday M'ss'r" Cdburn and Cart 'Ln ill e" gioamd ,V a' Zll n: 'i'e'"UOn toT '"U ",,e ''1 ' 'J1" ad"1,Cd" the unconstitutioinli.y of the act of last year, H. 1 V. ! , i a U , ' , "'I ' rfrml 1 T the Se0 the hill was oas-ed. Adiourned I i t ' . " a resnllllln" instruct-, relating to supercedes on audita querela, .... y , , ., , r ., ., ing Jud. com. to inquire into the expediency ol judiciary comtnilee ; to repeal the act tela, II n.,t 1 he b'leakor la; 1 before he House a law exempting boursteads from attachment in 'i'' I" the electing of county senators, t0 ,h n ni.irit iiinii inv.- . nui e- v iL-i hi LlJUlllzuill.. r.tllllflirrii. '.item im ini im no.,,.., ii.... t....lil .Mrll'.'irdsley, sn.ppi,,!,,,.. ,. . ,.,,.,.... ,if ,,. ..... ', finance. By Mr. U lute, to retmned nvmbers of Kuhv TO,, ,,a rf.,r.,,.i t i ,.,. . r n . ' i Ii''4 i" the several towrs at e ! M- Cirpentcr of N. in- ,.,i i.rr.. . ,.illr i. n . r n . relates to county senators ; of elections tn inquire into , ',i, r,,. ., .i,,.i.i,. ..i w.'.. i... : ... . i ferred to committee of Llection com. on banks, and Mr l'ox was elected to sup ply his place. IV. .1 r sr.. t'i. i n . . . . . Ing committee on II ul wo iiioiiini oi .or iviiuiwn to appoint a stand the chair annnuoppd the appointment nr.Mjasn Kimball, J. P. Kid oer, and Chandler. Mr l ox iirescnled the petition of Seth Smith, and others for the annexation of part ol Benson i,.fi. ti ...i.i.t. ... p .. I ferrcd toa select committee ofthree, who were uiwiivl'ii, which on uinuou ol .vir J-ox was re . . ". '" u,'!,!,"rs ,pc',l'illaling a ieoln noil o'-oiar-iiorv oi mi uiicoii.tiiiiiiouality of the 1 L- V,;ar r''T'lrlnH, fet'm. of Hie voles I ' j. . 'n' !' .',"r 'l,,J "p' r(;c'"mt,"lJ' !"?,! w" 1 ? r"r,' IP ....I ...I- lain in, mi. laoie, me ien- alo having anticipatpil tlw action recommendod. Hills. By Mr Piench. an net rpbiiim, inmli. at law twicu and reared to judiciary I com, By Mr Hall, explanatory of sec. 33 chap. iil R. S. read twice and referred to committee i i roads. rtinitr.lltnn 7, , . , .... lPOrlS Of Committers, lit- tml r-nm ir.n..Bl , i . , - , , .....i. iiii-i. the bill to reieal an act rel ilingto'I'iu-iees pro- ...y ...... .uu r.iiui.. mi, rejpitiu nv the same in fivor or the bill relating to stiitsat law, with certain amendments', which were made and the bill pa-sed to its "I reading. Mr Keyes ollcred a preamble and resolution communicating the outlining nf the cannon ta ken at the Initio of llfiiningtoii, and for a meet- ug n in. ivcpre-eutatives' Hall at (i o'clock I'. M. I riday eveninL' for a nublip rerpniiim ..I ; 5aij rdll:inc. oico uas reau anil iisseil. , Mr .Mad oil'-red a resolution instructing the com. on rinaucu to enquire what alteration may , b, iiece-sary in the l,st,g Uv. Passed. " Mr .1 K' , ,.r .... i.T , . iiiiimi a,, iioiii me iocs oi last session Sena e i Bill No. 211. Semi'or Mattocks asked anil obtained leave of abence for tho remainder of the ?e-uon. Chiir appointed the following Joint Commit tees, -, ; On I'm lAhr.utj Messrs Sweat! and Dean. O.i HUh. Mes-rs I'ergu-nn and I'rench. On r,'h Joint link. Messrs Chandler, Red held mid Stewart. Hoi-se. Prajer by Rev. S. Cliamberliu ol Crnlt-hiiry. The S, eaker laid before the House a commu nication iron the l'res dent of Hip C,,i.;i .,f 1 , . . I i-'-Uiors.enclo-iuii' a lepoit and rc-olution olthe ' !, ,,..i .1....1 . .1 ' , ,: . . j 'J ' ' ' Tl'Z .' !? ,, ,. .,,,, 1 ,1,.., ,1 , ... ' 011 ine groiiiiii that the con- iition itself fiv-s ,i. .1 , ,, , ,, , """lu" 11 " "x-' , l"e oav el election and the day of returmii'r the 1 mi,.- I!..-,, I .,,,,1 r..r. 1 . .1 1 v"."""- , n ' 1 r 1 '!, r l. o ip r f f, n m I'll!,' Ti",..;1 1'. , " , :r I ' " Y. , . . 1 ' u''oa" "". " nc.1 1 . 'I'"""! "".HI II" UIUVICU 10 d 11, ITU rC3U- I'llitionsufrrcl. Of f Sabin and others, to r",e 11 "'ch amendment, after being opposed by ".le-iiiaaiVilb-.i', HeMmr ! Messrs Mead, Stew art and Walker and support inttoo;,,! N. Capen jr. i "'" "MM" ' "- -- quiring fences four leet " H"! -Mr. Swealt, in amendment of tha tctwnit"!iu'c I'Mivsr.r names, to (icneial committee j,,,) others, lor a law requiring and high read and referred to General committee ; ,.( (.......nil,,,,. r '.,,.-.,... (!' ain. tiir 1 toil llrlttnrd In Cninni! ...,; i .,ri r .Sbelbiinip i.. Si (:..,... i,. ,.,u, .In I h ltPlll I'lll Chittenden county re-uling south of Onion river; of.lolin Hall and other-, and Win. Bin-ierund otherj. lo the committee on 11 inks ; of L, 11 Del- Green and others. S,, II isci,,s and other-, and Ira B Soiile and others, to commiltee on Banks; i tti.niv. r i'm-,i ,..i .,ti.r . . .. .,.. i.i.. ..i - good ch iracter may act as coiitis-l or attorn"y m any court in this state, read and referred to O.-ue'ial committee ; of llobeit l'ierpiinl and others, for a railroad from Rutl inJ tu Whitehall, i to co'iunitlee on roids. i7s iitlro-lwej. Prom the Senate, for elec tion of electors of Prc-i.lent and meinb rs ol Congress on the second trial, on the 'I'o ally! succeeding the lift Mondiy in Nniemher, anil 1 the election to be determined by pluiality; ie-1 ferred to judiciary committee. Ily Mr Deaneofl C. altiring chip. 1 R S. ol elections, no billot! I ir reprj-entative ti be comni Miced alter I at j night; to judiciary commiltee. By Mr Tow n, to idler n in. u of 0 ns. . llirnett; to generil committee. By Mr Butler, to incorporate B ill M uintaiii Manufacturing Couiiauy ; to commit-' too on ui'iiitifieturos. By MrDeiueof C. in' addition to act ol '13 relat'in ; t,, fees in trustees I proce-s ; to judiciary com nittee, By Mr Tow ll in ad.htio-i to c. 'JO It S.; lo committee on rinds, lly Mr B.iyntnn, -altering the name of Ann Lliza ' Joups alias It mo; to general committtco. By1 i!r bittemore, laying u i,i- on the county of Bennington ; laid on tho tilde. By .Mr. Rob bins, icpealing act annexing pirt of llincock to Rochester; referred lo a select committee. By Mr Cree, to repetl act of IS I" in addition to chap, .0 R S. ; to committee on r.f uls. By Mr Phelps, altering time of Windham county court ('o L'J Tuesliy of Apii! and lib Tiie-ilay of September;) to members of coauty of Wind ham, The House proceeded to I ho election of Kn grossing Clerk with Ibo following result: lit .Mien l:,rrPII ll Hit ill lu.rc In nrn.nvi .1 ll.l. .. 3d. 101!. 't Norm in Diirant, ,. M. Dickey ), j. Wiii'ht !'.. A. Knnbill Win. A. Newman 3 "0 "1 Scattering -1 On tlie second ballot, Mr, Heaton muni nted Win, A. Nevvmin, and .Mr. Beaul-ley second ed him, rem irking that ho had Hillered severe ly in the Mexican War. A little gnoj natured spirring ensued all hinds quitting even. On the 3d billot, therefore, Nokman Duhant l.s J. was elected, an i was sworn 1-t billot. 2.1. !IS 10J Ci 31 3S 1 3 3 70 Tho Governor informed the House tint hel,,.ri Bill referred to committee on Banks. By wool I take the oath of ollico at - this d iy, and transmit tho annual message at half pist 'J p m an I al-o that bo had appointed Gro, j'. inv, Is, ol St. Albans, as Secretary ol Ciul and Military AH'urs. Jieintiiiioiis. liy Mr tlutm.'ii, to elect Judges : of the Supreme Court at 3 p. m. I'riday ; admit ed. Bv Mr DlXOIl. ItL'.linst dirt nblltinrr sphno! i passt'u. Aftf.iiojn. Senate A rcsolutim from the Hou.e ap- pointing to-morrow 3 o'clock P, M, for clctting IVcw .Scries, Vol. a-;Vo. IT - 1 a Reporter of Decisions of the Supreme CoUrl , was taken up ami concurred in, I . .. 1 - .. ... .. - 1 'n motion ot .Mr Chandler, the vote passlnif I a resolution fix-loir on TiipsiIav nnvl r...unil.. - Un U.S. Hemlor, was reconsidered, ni tho , resolution laid on the table. I The engrossed bill in relation to nonsuits af- tor entering review, wis read a third time and pisspll. Mr Kimball for committee to whom was rt ferred the bill explanatory pf the act reUtlngtn tho repiirsof highways and bridges, reported that tho same ought lo jiass passed to be en grossed. His Excellency the fiovcrnor communicated by Mr f Jen. P. Houghton, his Secretary, his aniiui! messago wliic.l was road, and on motion of Mr Dean, the snme was laid on thn tablo. t nd the .Secretary ordered to procure 300 coDies ,o uu- pniiieq ;or uie use oi ine oenato. On motion of Mr. Colburn the Senile now adourned. Hot E. The .Speaker appointed the follow ing seloct committee on the petition o Dyar Story: Messrs Porter, Heaton, Catlin, Arnold of Londonderry mid Buck. Jlcsnlulioiii. By Mr. Convcrso, that the Sen- tlltO H 111 1 llllllkP n I l! nii..ionnt.ilt..n . . . i - -.. in 'iiciiiiuinu uii'irk iti-ijiiir- row at 3 1. M tn eb.Pi -n r a.:.i... . -------- M i.uiil I 111 ulTUtailHIl llf Killirptnr. I'.nist. anP.....l 11.. f- f i-.v.... Uw...., nuiiHcn. iiv air (drpcn ter ol N. instructing the judiciary committee to i.M.uit; wiiL-uiur iiiriner iicuoii is nccssary as to t iking depositions ; adopted. By Jr. Con vcr-e, iljit the House proceed to ballot for Sen ator at .'1 p. m on Tucdv next ; on motion of Mr llubbell laid on the table, llv Mr j ter of N. that the Senate and Hou-e meet at 3 p. in. on I'riday (tn morrow) to elect Auditor I Accounts and Bml: inspector; adopted, I'rom the Senate. Ibat Mr Itmlornr VV..II. Di.. I er "no .vjr. iiougnton o .-t. Alhans, be inv ted 1 " MIm, t" the General committee ; by Mr, "f We-ton, to annex a part of Danby to Mount Tabor, to select commHec ; by Mr B ick, n..:.i n n . . .'. 3 . 1 to Commtllrt un ci.iim ; nv .vir r-ermniir, to amend nn act rela ting to divorce, to judiciary committee ; by Mr. I. Igertnn, declaring certain rivers lo be high ways, to committee on roads ; by Mr Carjienter of to incorporate the Vermont Mcthodiat So ciety, In the judiciary committee. I'ttitinrs referred. Of A. Peterson and nth-or-- lo aune a pari of Mansfield (o Stowe, and of Jmiii M KMiby and other- to set oll'a part of the town of Westmore to the town of Newark, lo select committee. Mr. Whiltemnro called up Ihe hill relating tn levying a tax on the county of JLnnington, and it' was referred to a select committee. The annual message of tho Gov. : crnor wa receiicd and read, when Mr Tilden movcii to lay the same on the table and order 5t)J cojiies to be printed passed. 1'kiiiav, Oct. 20. Senate A resolution from the House, ap pointing to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, for choosing an Auditor nf Accounts and Bank in spector, was taken up and concurred in. Ilfjmrls liy committee on Rules, rules of last year, with proposals of amendment nf ll.t ac.' rcut,10" innkeepers and retailers of fiiiu-, letiii isiti- hhii reierrt-o io cominnie oi provide for check lections, so far ai read twice and re- lly Mr. Bar- num, io iiicorporaie me r ranuin u mnty IfanK J i rum iwice auu reierreu m comuiiuee on tianKS. Mr. Mead pre-ented the petition nf P. V. I'.ddy and twenty others to annex part of Som erset to Dover, which was referred to the Sena- I tors ol nidhaiu county. Mr. Into olljred a resolution instructing I uie, J""":l'l;' committee In inquire into the e. I I'odicncy of a law authorizing tenders of dam- 1 ACv's in c.i-e of involuntary trespass, and iniu- ins oucaMiineu uy iiisuuiciency oi ingnwavs ; pis.-eil, Mr. Hill tillered a mini rcoltiliun for tiia met ling of both Houses at ten o'clock tbi fore noon to elect a Major General of 1st Division of .Militia in place ol Gen. McDmiels, whose re signation lias just been announced iiiacoinmu motion from the Governor; pisspj. Tlie llngros-ed hill, explanatory of the high, wry act, and authorising courts assessing finea to assi-s addition il lines when the first is found in-utli.-ient, was taken up and passed. Adouriied. I lofsE. Prayer liy P.. J, Scolt. The Speaker announced tho following com mittees : On tho bill to annex part of Dinby to Mt. Ta bor : Messrs Tilden, Streeter, Boy nton, Anns an I II iwes. O.i petition of Amander Peterson: Messrs Smith of We-ton, Cnllainer, Riymund, Heaton, Carpenter nf Poivnal. On pitilion of J. M, Kibbpy and others: .Me-srs Pang hoi n, Hulbruuk of Orange, Spen cer. Mr I'lagg of Wilmington in place of Mr Page, o.i the committee of Klec'ions, li'.'s i'l'.rinluceil aihl ref rrej. By M C lam-b-rliu, a.tering name ot Philander Adams ; to committee with petition therefor. By Mi Tdden, relating to salary of auditor f ac counts agiinst the state; to committee of Waya and Maus, By Mr Cirpentcr of N , authoriz ing A-hue!ot Rulroad Cimptny to extend into Vermont ; to committee on Rosds, with petition tl.crelor. lly Mr Hancock, relating to election of town representatives, (may adjourn without day after three billotings ;j to commiltee of K lections. 11 Mr Parker, repealing act of 1346 relating to Judiciary; to Judiciary comnittee. By Mr I'lagg, making Caroline Bills heir of Da vid Hills; to General commiltee. By Mr Cir pentcr of N.. lo incorporate lh) Central Bulk at Xnrthfield : Mr Heaton inquired whether legal notice hid been given: Mr Cirpentcr thought want of notice nn objection to reference o( the bill if an objection at all, it would be consid ered bv the commiltee. Tie clmr decided th reception and relerence in order, but that any action such as a first leading would not bo in or. .Mr Deane of C, relating to actions ol account.; to Judicial)' committee. By Mr Killrcdge il St J., repealing sec. 'J, 13 and 1 1 of act of 1913 rela'iti" to grind li-t , lo Judiciary commiltee. lly M.-CirpuhterofPmiual, l' incorporate the S.'iiitnern Vermont Railroad Company; to com. mitlce on Roads, with etilion for the fame. By Mr Anns, in addition to chip. -13 K S. ; tu Ju. dtciary cnnimitlee. Hy Mr Bates, relating to, lii-tices ol tb" peace; anJ by Mr Parker, - 1 ,, lining sec. (13 chap 2 Ii M. '. uotii lo juuicia ' I. .,.. in,..-, llv .Mr Ililbrook of Oranna. in, amenduiiMit of2IOlb sec of art of '8 Iti in rela tion to the union. and repealing lllh sec.of act of 1MI3 ; to coiiimiltco en M I tiry Aflairs, The Governor (joltlied the II m-e of tha rcslgt nitlmi of M vj G' 1-iac a res olution from the Senate to supply liiu vacancy was concurred in, t'etithmt Ttfennl Of Marshal S, poly, irvd

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