Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 27, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 27, 1848 Page 2
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BUR LI KG TON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, October 87, J848. Wi." ct' trs, nml Irn V. Danforlh nnd others, tn com-1 ml In- on banks: . J IScniiPlt mid ot iers. In .Tmlicinv r.mniilloo ; Hnt7.lhti I .i otlft.rt nti'l 2,V1 ol'ier, com 'iillfi' "II Rati.;'. T."e Uiil'M' d bill rol.iJinj to county Senv (i l' W.H 1ld, llnn'Miim. Hv Mr H !) nl-lry, instructing the Judiciary com n.tU'c t" enquire into iin ix-p-diency i f provisions In prewnl the landing (if foreign p'tnpe's in Ibis tntp Iiv inasttu ofves-sel-ruLd'1' Champ! tin : iide).!"!1. Rv Mr Dix on. in'liui'ling Jm'ieiaty commit'co In itiquirp Into expediency ef lpgi'il.itinn' lel.itive In sale cf propel lv rl1 csi'ditirll ! passed i'J'lio. bionale cum. in and the following ap pointment W.Ik made ! I'eres . Gen. lt Division, Rrig. Gen. Perer. 'lurwood, 111) C il.'Eratnns 1). Hi mum, 00 Adjourned to 3 p. tn. Wednesday next. Governor eonitntttiic'itpd th" 4th annual Teporlot the .Slum U'.logl't, nml 300 coplo Were nuierrd to I'1 rin'ril. The rimrIol tic Com nilnnpref lnanp wa reforrid li) the joint enmtiiitiee tituK-r i, It join! rule. Mr Carpenter of N. pIM up the joint renin lion living ii Ittiio in e1 -rt 1'. S. Sen .tor, and lit ( rl .1 deci-inn nl 111.' q lestmn. Mr Hmilll nl V. moved to lav tho resolution on lhe t ililp anil in ike it t'i" special ir.'r Iir Tuesday morning 10 o'clock j n (freed In. A-'j. C o'clock 1'. M. $ ;-AT-: Mr Cln'.iV. r o"'roil u rcsi.liitii n (' reettng til spare ml lit arm- lo i"ii-e the floors ef the lower rw,n i.i t'ie .State II .use to lj rnveied willi plank pispil. Mr Kimbill fur tap committee reported in fa lor of 111.' b II regnlaiins the hi inner ol electing Hgliwiiy Surveyor hy rcq niing Hip Select men In m t!" nut li" ''f nomiiiation for Sur veyors lo lo nct-.t li ly Ifie town meetings, in ste'aleflho prppnt mod.'. Messrs. Fere'irson nml .'. U. llniil T ipKi'il, nnd l' is W.illp. 1'iiiiiviii. French, M .!. .Inn", nml C ' li sup ported Hi? bill. AlrSvoiitt pr..posi.l tn tuiipnil Iv as-erting Civil atitmirity in-tcmt of Spli"-t nip'n, b'it tlif nin I'uiu.'iit w le lo.t anj Iho bill 1. id on tlie tuMc Iliimillnnorrmnl.lin.SVoiil ami Uccman paitl- citinluil, the bill liml it' tlivil ihm2p. JS'puns Hy Mr. (,'iirpeiitcr. fn m cnmmillpi on M iiiufic'iirtv. Ill fivnrof Iho bill t" incorpo rilpthp (IralloiiMiintifictiiriiiL' tintl by Mr. Ujhii, frtuiillir fiina committp. in fuvnr "fti'P Slpam M-iiiiificMHiil C i., whb ii were -ovcrtil-ly rcn.l ,niil pao(l tn be enaro""!''!. A lioiiincil to Moinkv. 10 o'clork. A . I. llnVir.-l'rnvcr bv H.-v. l'.'i Bil'o". On motion o! Mr I).'tic of C. t' o.ninOtP" of i:icf!ion bail liMve lo sit dnn g 'bo "sion nl Hie linitp. , ; luHnnt. ; Mr rrillrpili."1 "f P'. ' !"r e'ociinn ol t5tat" 'Siipprliili'iiilont of conimnii -i ho U, 10 p. ir. V.'iliicil iy ifM : i'"4- '' Mr I'l i(.-p. ii-, In lnrthcr loiilnlion on ilitrlbii tion ofMiliool mnnpv; mm''. 11 Mr Mav, i to p.xpilicncy rfurtliprl.iwsil?linlngtlic riplil orfrcenipn anil rcjjiil.iling elcctioiw ; adoplri!. 13 Mr l'.innborn,'ing a fflcct committee of the tn inquire whct!i"r nity lcifl llion U ncp wry ileRninj tho mode of return and riht f member ol lhi Moihp. to movent mtcli dillicnl- He- at hac occurred on tlie ory.mi.itiun ul llie Iip-ipii i-pFiiin ; ml i Ip I'r'imnt reWiv,!. Ol I'. A. V"ti;.lit nndotii- r-., fir a ivnv bin1: at Aloiitpelier. (ycslcrday.) tnciiunnttcp on ti'i!t: ol Uaar li-owo nml nth it?, for n railroa I in villcyol Connecliciit river, n cmnniillPC nil Knurt-:; ot ..iln'V iiuuen, io 'iencral cnmmiltfp ; of triitoc nl IXnntl Cl.iF--icnl Hnjjlirli ijohnol, lo committee on Kdticu- "is in.'rn ti I p- -r.'A U ' Mr Strnnj. iiitlimiziii and p-ovulmi: (or ilitnct school j -'ir ni's; to cuiniiiiltco on i'dac itioi'. li Mr ll iller, to -cc IS cln-. IS It S ; tn com niitlepou li Incitioi'. j Mr II itt in, nitentiK ii line of (Mullen l.iwrcnce Kim nil; tn d'enci il coin. : Mr tinuv of Salem, relating tn o. emet'nn' Ir'oin allncluncnl ; to (ienial coinnnl c .' Uj M Coll.i:n-r, inaddi'.i m to act for re in! of 'iii-Mi!'.' pcr-Joii' ii the state piison j to coinniillcc on Slate I'ri-nc. O i-imlion of MrCo!bunr,nrdered that wlicn the ilinip aili'inru, it adjourn to Monday nvjri in? In oV'ocI . '7v.'osw, Hi,', ('oncoming petitiom for non mid olhcr, ilmi t)n leg'ulnlimi on the r-iibiect mid integrity vliic;lioiii' inflcxiblo ndlier- -noiini h.' Iiail Ihn eKinn. ' . U U'l :.. ! I I - l ilt . !,! r,.r Inn. ''"CO 111 III! ' t 010 HI' I Oil III l."U il I II I I i'l jlHIIIUU !- " I'ltWie I' nml tlin noble ler of ntncmU In cie of Imnlunlirv trepii . Men of tlin Whirr I'miv 1m shnl 1111.111 mil- on Und. or Iniiirli's by iiiuiricieiicy of hlph-1 . ' w.iVS which wai read twice, and p.iscd to be tnte, lo tirgo you to tho PolH. uii(!roeii On motion nf Mr Kiev irt, Iho hill rcBnl.ttinj tin; in inner of elmn'inj; hlrj'uviy mirveynrs was rprnnsiilcred (lie iitiiPiidniPnt rcupeclliii; the pay of surveyor was wiibilr.uvn. nnl tit j ii'lh t'leri furlli T pmp,u i nf amendment by Mr Hamilton of I'r. le.nlnir it oalionnl Willi lowu tn nrder the mote, nf election pointed nut by tho bill or tint, wli.Cii wai lo-t tho bill lud its final pisnjre. A 1 loue joint resolution fivlnntt, 10 o'clock A. M. tn elect a (5'crotHiy of Kt.ilo and .Seryiint at Arinj, wh taken up and concur red in. M' Mead from .Tit 1. Com. rcporled in fivor nf the I Iniie bill rul.illn to n :w tri.ils an J the tsamo Ilk pimped. Tli" lloiHp liill to rep-il anacl annex'ti!; cer tain K'hool Hitric.ti In M n I m to Itutland and rel itinij lo divorce, wuro taken up icad and to ferrpd. IIji-se. tl'pirli nf Cnmmii'r-. Ky (.nm mitlee 0:1 (irand i.'st, bill r.'Mtm? tn uia lil nf I.incol'i, and it w.if ordered to a !tl re-nlinp. II,' the Coinmiitpp on Hlecliiin. atiaint House hill No. 4'). lelntinj.' to Ibe election of town RonresptiMivo", and it was di'mi-'cd lly Jiiiliciary Coinmitlee, nn fuilher iegi l.ilion is n?cc5-"jry relative lo tukin deposi tions. iVsWit.'iiiJts. lly Mr llinmm intrnetinpr t'io Coiiiinille on r.ilne'itinii to en'piirp into Iho expediency ol ilivldin? II. e echnol land.-i ill Or-lein- cniintr ; ndopted. Hy Mr Dean that the II iue and Setnlp in"et in joint a"?em!i!y at 10 A. Al. Tliuril.iv, to elect SeereUrv of Slatp and Seri'Pant at Arm ; adopted. I'min the Sen- expects every Whig lo do his thily .' HARRY HRADIiI'.Y, roUTUH DAXI'llll, V.. I'. WALTOV, Jr. ItAM'MM'.N CUl'i'd, A. 1'. lA'MAN. October, 23d, 18 1?. Gtnuii i.'e. I r ..i.l.lln ,olr..Mnrrn nml r.ninH.1 clllm. u. ,..,.... .....w.. r.u,,u, ...... their zeal v.hicli h now ready to burst, v.ill be I'or the Daily Free l'io-t. "Tli"y who p'reeivo rlniger. nn.1 prepare for it, have inoiu tlian half war!cil il olf." Tho proiperity of every country depend-!, in n great ineiHure, upon (he principles on which its looi-dalion is foiiinloil. If these are consistent with Iho wanls of tho people, and nru practi cally carried out, abroad andasurcfoiitnhlion is laid on w hich lo build the Mipcn-tructurc nf j permanent wealth nnd mtioml clcvition. Take an instance. In tnon of the Ktntcs of lite L'ninn, on the death of nny one bin property is equally iliidr;,1, mnoiii all his ehildren. Hvory one mil see that Ihi-t U consistent with niture, nnd ita nhscrrnlion is whs', nil would expect, conducive to a prosperity. In J'nglnnd n iltlU'rrnt rule jirevaila, nn;l nn the death of a land-holder Iho whulo oitato descends lo the oldest son, find nil the other children nro left ilclilutr illation of iIiofo who are cppopcd '.o thete prin-! and bo fpent In the (jood cnue, and if profe.s clplcs, wo intit expect that the pressure that is , fions will answer they would swell the current now upon ns will conlinuo until the reop'c, 1 of patriotic inlliienco urlil it mctflows the goaded by tho intensity of r.iifl'crlno, w 111 at last j whole land, and Noah's ark may again be want innko n leiolulionaiy clrule (n put down cd lo save us from drownip;. liul wait a litllo their oppTcrs, In all conscience Iho rtalc of put thefo new zealols lo Iho left, let them bo things is had enough nnw, but what will it bo If 1 tried by bomclhtng bc.ide the cohesive Inllnence this shall contiiiuo for oioht years more ? Alia cry, it is said, loves company, ami if?0 tho pan pen r t P. imp?, a.s Ihey lanJ upon our shores, found ooinp; out at their linker's cnils. will find plen'y cf 11 ! I would indulge in no unkind remarks, but Ii?t us call to ininJ nflho leading Wiif; ibo apparent (Innyrr to Ibe country, resulting djctrlnos nf 1810 and fee if they have lost any from tho htrange combination of Whigs with ol their force. Wo contended fi,r a more ceo- men who lime always been opposed to n, who nntni'til ailminhtral'mn nfihc (lovernmcut is it have dons nil in Iheir power to subject the coun not as necc?nry now ? We resi-lcd the king- try to the grinding Inllnence of tho worst fea ly exercise of ihe ittn jvtver as being iinconsli- tines of Iiocofocoism, requires that wo should tulioiial and in opposition lo the settled practice , ho frank. Suppose for a mnnipiil ihnt the Tree of tho first iidministratiMis I What is tho stale ' Soil parly should Fuccced, what great public of Iho question now ? In use, or ralhcr tr'nuc ' ami national good is to be 'lK-ctcd by it ? Let shonlil raise tho cry of condemnation through. us sec. Is the industry of the country to re mit iho land. No crowned head in Kuropo ceivo nny new impulse ihcrefroni ? Is the far would (hue to do what American Presidents do j mer lo be benefitted to Ihe amount of one cent ? without hesitation to promote patty purposes. Is the condition of Iho nn'chinic, the maiiuf.ic A bill to nay thuo who have ju-t claims upon us J turer to be improved Nn one can expect it veined because Ihemenpy is wanted to carry on ( no Tree b'oil piiti-an w ill nserl it. How is Ibe a wicked war of ponquc-t. We advocated in- commerce ( f the natii n to be im;rowd ? Il i tcrnal improvements ! Does the multiplied com- an absurdity lo suppose it. Tree Trade, a Sub- I'lcasury, and a flat denial of all Internal Im provement, are not very invitng themes, and will bo littlo apt to create any stirring enthusiasm amontr those who live by the sweat ol iheir The consequences of such a princi-, 1...1 j.mnjcl,t, 1 y. ...n.,,,..,,,,,! it,,, rirciion ' brows. Our Wliiu friends of that rartv have. plo would seem lo be obvious, but the nocos-1 0r American indii,trv. Tl,i b-is been ull,.,l..,l 1 in Iheir zeal in the coed cause of bberlv. nut merce on our great lakes and mighty rivers re- j quiie le6s of iuiprn-.-ment now ? Or must the great west be left without a dollar while thou-1 sanJs arc squander d upon pirasites and polit- ' choe a I,nco-Focn Governor by 1,200 mijorily : An unexpectedly sharp cnntet in SofTli C.v noLIXA, which elects one decided Tailor Mem ber of Congress, and two others who at any rate are not for ;. The Legislature Is quit? likely to throw away or wilhholJ tho oto of tho Utatc. , , , Of Ihcse States, only Ohio voted rot t-lay In Mli 1'loridi was nut organized, but cams in l.oco-1'oco soon after, 'i'lie pnibabllity now W that a majority nflli"ir ngsregnte votes will bo cast fur Gc Taylor. 'J'hat will do for oni inonlb, seeing it is not quite Nmcmber. Wins Stnli! Contention. Ti,TnAV, Out. 17 Tho convention was called lo order at 12 l. M. by Hon. Solomon route, of Rutland county, and was organized by Ihe appointment of Hon. Cbs. I'.iine, of Washington cnnniv, for President, and II. D. Harris, of Windham county, as Secretary. A Counniltee of one from each county was raised to nominate a Slate Central C nrimittce for the year en-uing, nml nlo C unity C mimiltees for the several counties, as follow : licnningtun County, .Mr t. irp-'iuer, nullum, " Wind-or, Ailib-on, Orange, Chiltenden, Washington, C iledoina, l'ranklin, Orleans, Lamoille, K'spx, lirand I-Ip, C ow ley, llarrett, 1) ishnell, Ainrrlll, lioomi, Lyman, Kuuedge, I, Riles, Al ilthcws, May, It -own. nity of protecting the iir'ntocrnlic branch out- ile, House renliilinn aiii3in!eil so as to elect weighs till just cnnsiilratinn', ami 111 lino tnno S iprenu Court Judges tuouuirow ; concurred , Ihe nation groans under il.s drnadful oppression, j until poverty nnd star.'aliou drive its ehildren ; from Ihe homo of thelt fathers to seek an asy lum 111 tins our l.ivnreil Intnl. 1 lie newspapers ceca-bun'il (n- ij,,, promotion of (lull ; 11 d ; pis'prl. Mr Abuil. for C im-niltee, repoiteil in T.t. v if of Ihe bill to render void the sale of person Mr.1 !'. Ki...r.'fl,.':-edare,uliiliinfir.ijiut ,r'l'"i P,'1 . ,. . ,. ii 1 1 . .1 ti !'. .i- llf.wrlr. I!.' iudicnry committee, ameiiuing r.fse,rbiy a' .7 .'lock, to plino.e a Tl,,g. t ,-n. ol , , -,. ,.r. ,. . ?,i,i , :! 1 r, !ltiin.,j: ls!U !-t llngi I" ol militia In III! the V u-in- ,, .," 1 1 j j. I'MLIIUII'y lllv . ." .- I horn or no'. Al-o Senate bill, iiilt toeleet- io'i of county Senators', pas-ei'. Tlio House li.ll on s one subject was reconsidered and rr- - . . ... 1 r.. ...I ...-ii ii'irr no. n irqi riHr iiikimi- Iii property on f xe-illion willioiil ciiailge ol oi- J -"" y "" - - ...II.!, :i.l. , eimli.iin.r it to .'V. R IllllllCtoll COIIIl'V, lltld It WMK lllsmlWl'. Hi' i cations mad,' on judgments rem! -red on con- ilieneral cnunn.ttee, b II ippcabng act annexing 1 ,-ien. T'.e amen linent as adopted ; when, ' P" 'f "?nA'm, '" 1 ''lU"J;r','-r "l ? n"V'' nf f tin bi'l had been ndvoc Hp.I, am! tlieevlli ; ord red to 3J readni-. Adjourned. nnl fraud which Ihe proposed law were intend- . , 1 ..! tn rptu.'dr, fwibU s,.t f.,rt, b M-s-rs ,. -l '''!1v f,1'' ; .'1 ' .'ler and Wuite, tl.e'.ame pa-s.-J to bd engross- f'rTr-'- 1 "7 r'' '". "PP' M t, Jler, Y.'nite and SV.ilk .'r as lb? C"in'niltee to ' ' , , , . , ., I hoin was lefpried that pnrt ol the (Jnv's. mes- The same f tni.'itlp- repo.ted n.ra.nt the , ( , sluVPry . clh-r bid ( n t'.e rubi.'ct as covering tiie same j Stewart oir-red a res ,!jl for ihe pub- , ..lid, and it was laid 0.1 the l.ihio. knUm , m!iri , M,, ,, ,r ,,, ! lie atmiial report i!,p Geological survey. I , ,,,, Ul0 ccaion ol the reception of .7110H1HI.H.I-II i.y Mil- ii'H' im.i, i.un 1 iu ,u ,. ,.. , ,,U ! I in till pi, Jllli 11111- wiiicli was passid. Mr II I'liilt in of Chit, prespnted lln petition of Hint 'bit ( 'n. Teacher Institute fur nn appro- ;," in'rn-'i c! timl r-frrr. lly Mr Went worl!i, to incorporate the Conueeiicul '.i!ley Rii'nal Co; to Cournittop on Ronl. l'mm llie S'mle. lo ineorpnrit tho G.-.ifton Mum ficluring (Aimpiny ; to Committee on Al.inu l.'dnres. V. lernssi-!? 'r7.s 1!"! iling lo divorce', pas.pd. ReHiliug act annexing part of Alendon to Ital ian I for lehool purpose- : pa.-e I. rcliiumi, tt'C -llemoii''tiance o r.ll. I limn I "I the nek stiitrj that :n the inonlli ol heptem-1 c, into c;a,t0i) ttllcrJ , rLnV) lhe n.',ltcr!ltic ner i.),.n. eimgrams irnvc.i ai ine sing.o pori class is txpccled In sustain the (.oveinment and nf New ok. This isonly one instance oftho givc it t(,no aIlll ,irectloni anj lt,rp lh lnll)v ('ITeets of ndliering to a lalso principle. Tho ar, 0 jeKe an j ,f)j, u lcr ,li0 pwlc cx.iinplp. might bo nnltiplied. Let il sullice ton nf inj.try cc.,.c, ,0 , , jj , , 10 -av mat every misu .riiiiip.ij .niniiiiii in iniv , ,. . ;, ir .,,,, 1.... ..,, i,,i ing ami ptr.imnunt object, it 11 tins viry pn.tcc lo before, but it cannot be too much enforced. i themselves in a false atlitude, and the sooner No nation ran llnive without it. In a republic tbey get out of it lhe bellcr. Rut, Air. V. Ii. i. where equality of lights prevail, labor must bo right on the great point, they say, and that is the ground work of all prosperity, and hence it enough. Tho great issue is on lhe slaie qnes should reciive llie cmi-tunt caro and protection lion, let us be light on that and all oilier ques of the (iuvcrument. Where the nation is divid- I lions will lake caro of themselves. Ii deed ! as. Joseph Dike, ami Riveras ( amp am! olh"rs, people in its legislative action must inevitably against annexi'ig .vi tniieM 10 .-now, 10 i.ninmu- , tee 011 that mil '"ct. Petition of Ruben Winn, fur the right to il 1 v 1 i'i N fir mill ptirpo-es to .1 lid. Com ; of A'i lud Ren! and others ol Calais, for a new bin!; at Al i.i'p 'lier, lo Cinniittce on RiiAs. J ... 4) e c 0 This is a bold assumption that becau-e a can didate is light on one point, all his other errors are lobe ovei looked, it is a sort of Indian creed. One truth lo tuo Iks is envugh fir poor In- ifrOt. Admitting Air, V. R to be right on the slave question, w hat then, w hat is lo be gained ? I lliero 'i Whir; in llie free Stales that is not enual- reap the wliirliuml. llie iloclnno lias a mom lil)t f vP,in2ton it was directly pointed out , ? IIaa "'Cre Leen a single vote in Ccn- lirect application to republics than to any other anj i,lsj4t(,j ni anj ainone- tl10 fust acls on lhe n'r0-"i fur twelve years on tho slave question that produce misery. They who sow tho wind will ti()1 , jIlti,Ml.y It ;,:Ce, during Ihoadniinislra- r: lerred to (J imniillee on Rducntioti. ir !) 'in iiitroiliii'i'd a bill to incorporate the (i'. i.'on M.iuuf ietnrin; Cuinrmny, whicli was f .1 twite and referred to Cumuiittse on Alanu-i-ti'-.r- . Aojni.rue 1. " 11 as Mi-Sr.icI-.-r r.rHi-tland was appoint- p ! p:i lb" C mi',olt?.'ol K! 'eti ms in place ol Air 1V.T2 of Wilr-.iiiyloii, d. 1 Mi' Moon of Nevvpoit was appointed on lhe i (.'.. nera' Committee in place of Air. (iillillan cx c.' el. I Hxdutlw. Hy Mr riac2 of Wilminglnn, instructing Ju iici uy CmnmHU'ii to enquire into 1 the expediency of liddi'ioii'il U'gi!nlion a' lo r eir als from J'robnto Cmrts; passed. Hy Mr Whittemore, rcfe. linj; so much of tho (Jnyern or's At"sage as relates lo Slavery tn a select Ci r.i'ur.tee of live; ndopted, and .Messrs Wliit tem ir. Hea'rd.ley, fJtrcetcr, Seymour and Kit Iridjjo of St. J. were appointed as lhe C- inmit-1 i h -1. ietrniiiee 'nil R -f.-rr-ul ll Mr Whif. I W'."', umnic. 111 aini'iulinei.t i.j iu-l leliling lo llie fraud list ; to JuJiriitry Conuniitep. Hy Air Mitchell, in relation tn me grand lisl of Lincoln, to Committee on grand h't, with vaiioiis p ipris 11 l.tling therein. Ry Air Ilublieil, in amend tnontof probilelaw; to Jirlici iry Coniinitlee. lty Air II atoll, as tn c Misfnu'tioii of sec. -10 i,i. li it o ; ami nv .Mr lvi.tri me m .1 ItH. pii.ili'.n by tue Stale to eslabnsli Aoruril I-icliools which L ing read, was referred lo committee on Mutation. fi"'s. Ry Air June, requiring ag'iits of for eign In-iir.uu'e companies lo depo-tt vv i'h coun ties wlieietbey act annually a si atom 'lit of lhe condition of the coinpiuy under which' they el. feel insurances, as well as a certificate nf thpir autliiiiity read twice an I referred lo com. on Pin nice. Hy Air Slewait, to extend limits of jail yards all over the counties read twice and iifprroil In .lud. committee. The engrossed bill lo incorporate th" (Infton Manufacturing Co. was nnd .'I J time and p.i--id JlevOTli. lly Air Kiln'ull for Ronl, in favor nf bill making "Atlantic and St. Lawn nee Rail Road Co. an incorporation of this State witli certain amendment, which were adopted, to rn, nronoi-i'J bv tJuuiiJlci, .mil Hie bdl passed to be enifroSKid. AL- White called up the joint resolution np l pointing t'ie lime lor ebno-ing the judge- of the Supreme C nirt, when the sinie, after lb" time bid been lix d for TmvJ.ty -l:!i in.-t. 3 u'; P Ai was passed. M Slewail call, d up the 1,111 regiilaiing thp maii'ier ol ciinosing iiijiivvav siirvevors. aim tr.'jii.iNtJTo:,-, vi. I'or President, ZACHARY TAYLOR., I'or Yice Pie-ident MILLARD FILLMORE, I'or Rlertnrs, I'.UASTI'S I'AIRHWRS, ) .. , 'J'IMOTIIY I'OLLRTT. ( At ''nr"' nr.OlKiR T. IIODCRS, 1st District. ANDRI'AY TR ('Y.'J.l District. ALIIRRT L. CA'I'LIN, 3d Ri.-tri.jt. RLIJAH CLRVRLAND, 1th Ristricl. Tor Congress, r.Koiitii-: p. M.i.isn. FRIDAY AlORMNti, oCl'OHRR "T.isiS. Whigs cf Vermont ! (").i the 7lii of N.'V ember, yntt will be culled on li nid in f'.n: political clinr- governniPiits, from lhe act that tho people hav ing all legislative poror mediately or imme 1 diately in Iheir own bend, can establish such principles of public nclion as Ihey choose. If, then, any false principle is alloii-p.l to take root nuinng us, and become the groundwork of legis lative action, we must blanio ourselves for all Ihe evils resulting therefrom. I Look r.broail for a moment, an.l soo what i enacting on tb? eastern slioro of the Atlantic. Th? Kcencs are chinging with such rapidily the uplip'iving of tho people is so mighty, that we slanl aghast, and all power of paitieular izing is lost in lhe consciousness that tho jiuliti cal world is sbiken to its cenlre. 'i'ho roar of discontent booms across the Atlantic. Tho thunder of the cataract is unheard in th up turning of tlm whole ocean, lifted from iti deep ! foundations by the volcanic force of tho rising .1. I..u.l. O...I ... ... Ti... any 1 IfP r.oil man . nes nr.l nnnrm-n 'rl.fin ill these hitler da- it has been di-covered that ' W,IJ' Put ' jeopardy Ihe great interests pflbe nation by foisting a man into lhe chair of State, who has but a new-born zeal on an old ques tion. Wlien a candidate is urged upon the people it is right tint his r.l rims should be critically ex amined. We need something more thin a hire assent in a theoretical proposition, Wedemand the practice of his l.fe. bis iew--i of our thi reasonable demand ? Admitting the power ,,ii i, .,., . i, ,:.,, c . n . . ., the c.iu-e of lhe republic, and a stern, indexible coui.ige and firmne-s in surr nrt of its high in- (iovernmcnt was nut instituted for the vulgar purpose of protecting labor, but to carry our arms into other lauds tucxUr.d lhe area uj lilitrly. Tli j Whigs aUo demanded a safe and uniform currency as a necessary means of commercial enterprise nnd oidinary bu-inc. Wliat was ihe answer t f Air. Y. I!, nnd his adiicieuts lo of the (joverninent, ho pcr.erio.l ittn the mot visionary of all purposes, We asked lor a lUb and be gave ns a stone. We a-ked for a safe currency and he gave us a !iuli-'l'rraur' This inii!t to trie nation was resented and its author was driven from place and power. Rut the hum bug is again foisted on high, ami Air. Y. R. is once more lo I e inve-!ed with Rxccutivp power to nur.-e hi? ban. in snssio.v. The Corninitiee rai-ed lo nominate Stale an I County C nnmiltees, made the following report, which was adopted, viz : .9 r. ti: a MMirn:;:. Ilarrv Rradley. of Rirlineton. Ch'iirmsn ; Porlu Itixter, of Derby ; R. P. Walton Jr., of Alonlpelier ; Hampden Cittsof IlartUnd ; A. P. Lyman of R uninnioti. co i xty ( 'o.u vr vv: r.s. R.'nningtnn Co. . R (iardner, C'.. rus Hills Rhas R irlon. Windham Simuel L. Riling', James II. Phelps, H. I). Harris, David Arnold, Sanlord Plumb. Wiml--nr John Porter, Rormnzo Walker, J. I). Hatch, Ilvreti II nry, Isaac Rogers. Rutland J icob Rdgerton, D. R. Jones C leslcr Spencer. Addison D. S. C lurch, John Prout, I". H.

Wondbridge. Oinnge Carlos Cupentcr, Rlihu Ilydo, J. N. Stiles. C.iitlenden-C. V.. rollett, A R Alaynard, Roll i (ileason. Wa-hington Wm. T. Rirntnm, J. V. R! li. P. A. Wright. C ilei'nnia A. (3. C ladwick, J ick-on Yi'il- I. ird. D.iv id R ivntoii. Praiiklin Orlando Stevens, II. R. Royce, Jacob WceJ. Orleans Rlijah C eveland, John Kellum, AI. Man-field. Lamoille Norman Atwood, AI. .Mills, Alger Jones. Rs-ex John Devvev, Joiritlian R.-ooks Jr., II. R. Darling. (liand hie S. It. Gordon, J. II. Rice, Clis. tercsts. .dr. . P. has been long before the II. Claris. pub'i ', and in some things has been most sue - ""ring Ibe afternoon and f-vr-ning. elaborate r , ,r . .1 ... c I 1 '" i" "l'o oi euo . .---'-- nnr urn ' 'i I'll ill ovo.l- lii'. He has the reputation uf having nc-1 ,, i-,,,.,. ...i i, i n .. "m. ... --I i i ii.t.u .inn i iir.i.i-, iiiiu il Ml, .'t---ii. ol wnoie nations tn assert l'ieir claims tor pro- p j0 mj j lection again-'t oppejsio.L I u not u mzllUnd re6;,.. No one Btops to take note of litis or that ance lo the luithor exlemi n of llio slave now kingdom as it struggles to burst from its Ibral- i r, I i no country, an 1 In n 1 age I. is the cause dom. It is not, Prance, or Germany, or Aurlria, ,,f human liberty fmuJ '- ...i.v.n-, or i . ...-,-la, or the Italian Ut.tes, that fixes m.. more nun supporters thin among the Wh'gs. gaze. It is tin subliino inarch of whole na- While thev mhnitled the binding force of llie tinns as Ibey tile away before us, that fastens us to tba eaitb. Their cry U for their lost rights, nnd the voices of their millions rush up-1 on llie car like tl.? s-it".J of tniny waUii. Whence this cry ': end w-lnt is the d-mnnd that these thousand, of millions make? Simply quired a vast fortune, whil-t most other great and patriotic men have gone to their account noor. AI JelTersnn nnrt ?,l- Miidi.mi were fir and keep its deformity be- f,m lcWj, tMl ....j C(npnrf d to such men what ha- AI . Y. V. ever done ? Do the aim ils of our bi-loiy di-cinse any great principle hav ing its origin in bis mind ? Ho.v many tunes has AI . Clur pot lonoif ... t'.u Wen h, or bared his bo-om to ll.e storm, breaking llie force of threatening dinger ami risking reput-iinn to -ave his country? How piinlul to turn from such a high example to eer 'uto tiie mousing policy nf cunning selil-hnes ! Air Van Ruren was claimed as the fivorite compromises nf the constitution, and while ll.ey aJmitted the doctrine of iion inlcrferince wiik Stvte rights as already established, ihey resisted a'l further ex'e ision of the inliumm r... i tin r I o lull, n I tore.. l .lire niul vi t il nf ier I. 1, .in I.. l I .r,. i',.m..,iu l.'r,,.., ,i. 1 vovors nt 81,50 per Senile, relating to s ot, at law, to Judiciary lo a-iinil Hy llxmg meir p ay iii. I .) cis per Co.nui lleeicx,.' mil .re . f ,.cl eraos of high". 1 which la-t pmpo-nl amendment wa lo-t w ij - nml bridge ; to d inni.ttep on ro-uls. lly All Cue, in ...ij. ..mi cinip. 3.) It S ;io Judicia ry CiiiuiniiU'e. liy Air Bnilor, in iidinln.n to act of IS 17 in addituu to ci.ap. t'O R S ; lo Commit tee on Ri.itds. I'tlilhms refcm ' Of Morillo "ores and oili er, fur rnmovu! f sta't' prison, to CnmiiiUtce on rtaie ni-on. Ileinonrlr nice ol J. I.. Livuion l iiiov.'d loam.-nii u ny uxiiie-me pay oi me sur- . , r ., -.,,:.,, t s . I, ,,!;. irnii,,,, (;,,-1 nroteetioii lor Iheir industry. TiKv as!c no ev III. Ul. till tJM.-tlll iir.'.u mi i hour, and after the fir-t was supported by Air Siewarl, S.veat and a'ker, and opp ised by u s-r.s. C 'Iburn, llunilion (f l'r. levin. m, June, C uii'ller, anj il '.id, lhe b'.ll was laid on the t.ib'o a- tho order of the day for to-morrow uniruing. Adjourned. UnrsE Pnver hy Rev. Alonzn Welntcr. Mil iiilrml.imi rtii.l rrfrmi. Hv Air. Rut- long years to come. The period is r.rnr nl band; Ibe results it will determine are mighty. Tho great issue is between t TAYLOR and CASS. They nro politi 1 cally wide ns the julcs asunder. One of tboni must bo elected. Any oilier expec tation is too idle ibr serious eoiisiileraliun. ns you lmvo nlwa)s dune, the into Annni. r.l iw'.ini nil, nru ...,!,, .1 l .1 ii.ti.ilil lei. Ill I.OlPr.d llCt I nPliriWirilt 1 II'' H Ml I ll'lllirO 1111(1 1 to Stow, to selept C iininiilee on tiie subject. P,- j Pilchburgh Radro id Company ; loco iiinittce on Sustain ( !en. 'I'.wt.oit, nml you sustain, litmn of Jsmes Fuller tiiul others, tn annex part ' Uoids. liy .Mr. I. ice, leliling 10 a-seineni nf Somerset lo Stniton, tn Com'iiil'.ee on Ibe ' ol debt- due, &c. ; In cnmiiiillee on Gi.iml Li-t. nib.ect ; of Rui.i ! I lowe nnd olhprs, tn General I Hy Air. Phelps, in inenrporate N e-t I own- c.:; llKri'BLtCAN 1'oLleY ; let Gun. Cass frinitifi'- t 1. Ii T finv n ltd iitltpr-). In ('ntn. ! hotiil AI imilicturiii'' C. : to committee on i.rl'ceen l'.-i l. ' j AI uii-.f uluics. Ry Air. L-e, tn pay town of , be elected rind a Domestic nml I-'oreigu TbecbaTpresetitcdtlicrcportofcoinmi-sinn.!;''1''"1'.'. m. Uauus. I.y Mr r-r,,..-....i ... .w.i, ....... x. 1 1 Hire. incon'oralinL' Rullaud and lutehall nio ee. ies were or'-r 1 to be printed. Also j Railroad t: unpnny ; to com-nillee on Roads. . ,laiigeroils to tho perpetuity of tlio L'nion. lo" anivial lew.rt ol Iba Andiior or Accounts I .'roin the Senate, rei.deriog void llie sale of per- " referred to ffi L l . W. vs and Means! I oonal pmperly on Pxecutiou-, will, a change ol , wiy l.avo vcoeivc.l a suncttol. that will tm- The Oovtrnor m.fu;.l the Ifoesoifa K. I "wspssion ; ti Judiciary committee, i.y fi.r. in t!i 1-t Riignde 1st Riv.-inn by lhe Powers, altering nauieol O-c .r ,..wrv; to(ieue t rmnotion ( f Gen. IVreu HarwocHl. and lhe va-1 ' ' coinmiltee. Ry Mr. Rr.nv n of (.. I , in a.'- cancv wis filled by r lection i.i j mt e-'s.'in- "itiyi In chap. IS K. ., wi ucliooi ; to emptioii from labor, lint that they may ba prn- U 'ClrinC. SOU nf 1 .r. Kmnlrn ,.,, ., 1 ,1,. I:..... I - hn,i uiu il-lUil.ll Ul- liiey denounced Slavery as a -in, as an evil, as ganizition of hi, mind has given it an impulse a c irso lobe re-isled by all the piworof the na- which must Inns bo felt in its disorganized plan.- i.n. Hivelho D.'i.ioerats done the same ! f political warfare. 1 lis horn-bnok of political Has. Air. Y. II. heretofore admitted the bin line; Cut!, U oncmnh. re.! i.-i-!, tlm m.,,.,- ,..! .......i:... i... e....:.-. ,..'.i. ii.... 'in. l, .:;.. . .... " '-'i i lunni 111 me nun- ui nn..! .ii...... " -"-.'""'o . lurce in mis gre.ii principle oi unman nuvriy policy or P.urope for a thousiind years has been , nj acted upon it I Look lu the legi-1 ition ol on the principle that trrall'i m.i-t be proteclod.and ( Congress and see w ho have borne aloft the ban bonce the industry of the in is-e-has been crow- . r 0f liberty and who have endeavored to trail ded down In llie lo. vest point of po-ible jt ;,, t,e du-t. Tlio Whigs may be proud of their recorded action. Whenever the question could lu reached, they have b?en found strug- CjLL.imek and Pour. At 10' o'clock the C in vention dissolved with three rou-ing cheer- for Tavlor, Pillinor.-, nnd the Whigrau.-e. Cli R1.PS PAINR, I'rcnilnt. IJ. IJ. II r i-, Nrmlary. Wt Alt OS THE f.VF. or l Fr;rl'0 Kt rrrio.v, il"d the twine of (.ppo-inn c indi.lriU'S 'ir ' Imiiiliur won! ; Out not moir to lae peopli.' 11,011 have us nn. rivalled success and n in,rnp aali-s renetfreJ Da (iuvsrrr's Co-ir .i.vd i:TBAi.r or Y11 luw 1).k and SAaAPBlLI.A. The extensive nse ol nnrnpn. nlla i:imrt lies made i!ip vinue uf tiint invnlunl.e rout web known; nnd ly llie 0.IJ111011 of Tciote Duckro long m u I y il.i! Diculty m d.s. tt-vs m.K injj Irom nn impure -i n.- el lhe litoud, mid i!rrnj. il neiioii nf the sy-temwe Inv n combuiatioD ol t. : besi ciirniive sulttinces known. Tils purleet success ot tins compound in cnr- r'f ...linn, 1 u.iiioiinry jMUTilons, I'.riKHions, and ti. V listre-i.ll Dt'hiMlv sa nrevalnr nl n... . . .. , ihe eniire n'.senieoi ul! inuicrul subsunces.comiii. aj II IU UK- ,IUII1C. See nilvt-rtisetnent in mtntlmr fc.l - 11 , uiiu van u,iiii ...v -r..., ....u nmititr .111 nece-sary iMivilu.ns. lence. e have heie apmctirol illustration c( tiie principle of free Ira'le and it will be well 'or us if we take warning in lime and by our firm ind patriolic action ward off the; evil. Tlio protection of the industry of tho country has been a fixed policy from the moment our government w as e-tablUhcd to the present hour. ments of ability, f lithfiilne-s to the country, and devotion to the constitution. His creed i multum in pirmXn ti0 victors belong the spoils. II; hi, don" more than .my other living man lo let down the Stand ird of Republican Rxccllence, and bring in the barg lining system, louiueii on 1113 lowest and worst na oris nl tiling manfully, and if, at any tune, they have hum 111 nature, anJ excited forward bv hone-of 1 1 ...1 1 . .... I . 1 j Policy, destructive of the prosperity nml I . i f C J, KiUc.aisO. fiAiiMM, by a unanimous vo'p. T. Washbc"", fq. wan elected Re porter of Dccimoih ol the buprcmo Court by a i.i .mi'noii vole. Tlipjuinl an-embly lo elect nndiior of ac.-nunl s,aiu-t the itate and bank commissioner adjourn ed to Id i.y Thiifdaj 11. x. Tne Judiciary C .irniiitt. e reported a bill lei Blue to new trials ( -orrcctlng nn emu in lhe Let of h,tyetr,) am, it was oiilerid lo 3d read ing. Adjourned. f'ATfiinAV, Oct. 21. Si-.'.tf. ns-o'u,!nn Ry Mr. S veal I, in ftrncting Ibe ei inn.itleo 011 Rl.icaliou lo en q lire llilo to? ex 'edif-ney ol ho allprmg lhe scliool Itw thai it sli.i'j not be obligatory on lo.vns to choose loAn ftiiperiuiendiiuts ; amenl id and pis-e.! Hy My Colbirn, instructing rouiinillee of I'limni o to enquire 11110 I he expe diency (fa law ev'empliiig gram, hay and wool 111 llie ueere iroin taxation ; pissed. lly Air. Hamilton of Cullenden, u lerriug so much ol (ioveriu.i'K iiie'tage us relules to leaching political si'ieiice 111 common sel o I, to III? coin iniltee gn Lducat:on ;aniJ by Mr Cl. indier, red r I pg so much as ' liih'.iverj, loastleit tommillep of three, were severiiil) pa-sed. Mils iiilmdurnl anil refm I Ry Mr. Atea.l. in amendment of the school I ivv, so that in c.a-c ofa vacancy in the office of any di-trict lhe same may be filled by lhe sideclinen till ure chosen; read twice and r f rred I.i l ounnil lee on RJiic vlion. Ry Mr. White, In lebiliu lo judgment by confess! hi ; read twice and re ti.rred tn Judiciary couimiUce. The (iovernor communicated lb? proposition rf C ipt. Roberts of U. S. A. to pre-enl llie Man with three Mexican lances ; rib rred to commit tee no S'h joint rule. A rcsnlutlon from the Homo fixing on next 3 p. m. loclmoso hlalu superm tendant of schools was concurio 1 in. Tholluuio bill in ril'ilun to tiiiw trials, &c was taken np, read and pi- A. 'I'beengiossed b II to rein'er void lhe sale o. rersonil property on ovecuiion.i-sued 011 judg incuts I.y conffssi in, withuut change of posKj. ,on, was taken up, anJ nlier .1 tn'.lion ol recoil .i,i..rf.ilnn. which was lost, and a ditciis iun il iMcLMersis, HauiillonolClillIcnden, While mer.Kcly nggtavnle its evils. SuMniii Gen. 'J'ayi.oi!, mid you aid ' in giving to tho cause of Pbumjom ami Amer ica?; Inucstrv, at the Lead of llie Senate of the United fJlnles, llie nuthor and pawcrfitl defender of tlio American Tariff of IS 10, Gen. Cass bo elected, and the cauo of Pentium referred. Of Henry Y.'. 'bri.lgp and otiiPrs, to coinmitlee on IS ink-; of Filch J Hilck iiiek and oll.eis, to com niite" on Roads. The clnir iinnounce.l Ihe following s lect comniillee on the subjocl of tho rf tn t n of mem bers fleet to tills House, Ac; .Messrs 0 irpenler of .W, Mav. Ciee, Hut ler of .Inn 1ie.11.nd Holmes. ltemhillim. 5'Vom the Senate. reniie-tiiiL' co. pies of lhe addresses of Rev. Air. Rutler and' Slaver) liilcnsion nnd JVf Trade will be tji'o. I . Houghton, r.-q ; ennrurieu in, r's. Ry eomniittee on Roads, Senate b.'l 011 lines for repair nf highway, and it wa-' ii.diiel li 31 reiding; again-t bill allowing! Aslinelot tiadioad C uiipnnv lo be i-xteinbd in to this Ship, ami it was di-uii.-sed. Ry c in- 1 mitlee on Rleclioii. a-king a rpsolution decla- i.itory ol seclions ml ami id of chapter I R S , ,f not reduced to lhe conduio.1 of oiirstruggbng brethren on the other side of tl.e great waters. The man that cannot discern the force of the principle lucks iulel'ijence, and if perceiving It, his political action is in opposition to it, he lack--omelblng inere. One of the great point on w ich the Wni and the Djmocr.ils have dl vided fortkeh-t twelve year has been litis very nrincinle ( f the protection of industry. In MittAiiii 1'ii.LMor.i:, of New Yorl; ; let ,5 10 Uo VU-V,t tMkli i jU .u-.pori, and Mr. lulled it if b:c.;U30 others have proved recto ant. Wh'.e'i of the principles heretofore advocated by the Wings are we now w illing should b.- It is now the ia.ll; ing cry of the Whigs. It is , stricken out of our creed Lei an) candid free a leading point to which we would diiecl alien-1 ?j V.'liig answei ! if Ihey were sincere in lion. Itis 0110 or the great principles that must isiO.tbey ciunotgivc up one of them nu.v ! be seennd in the coming election of President, tj )W (ie.', can any -uch advocile the election or the nation is thrown In '; f half a century, 0f x v.iti R iren .' Thev cannot and be eon-is- tent. Whig doctrines have lint changed. AlrYan Ruren has 11 t changed and yet Whigs, patriotic and trtto in IS 10, are nuw singing the raises of plunder. We all know with what skill he con trived to take advantage of llie strong prejudice of Gen. Jack-on, and to turn them all to his own advantage. There was more than mere gallan try in his public notice of the famous Air-. Ri ton, and he had his reward. He evinced the suno groti ling mind w bile Minister at Si. Junes, in his famous attempt to cnuit the bad paion- of the Rngh-h Cabinet, and to c.i-t di-hnnor upon his own Government. So grns wa- this allempt that the Senate of the L'nitcd States refilled In ratify his appointment, and be 1- to the point whether deiw-itions in boh ill ol 1: member whoso sent is contested, taken less than six diys beloro the incling of lb legUla line, can be admitted by Iho rmnmUtPe ; Air Dean of C. moved tn refer tn Judiciary coinmit lee, which is directed to report by re-olulion or othervvi-e opposed by Air lleiton, supported uy Air 1 Jean 01 1 . .mil agreed to. nv select lioniuiillee, bill ilu idinir liie town ol Windsor. m l con tiiuting a new town by the name ol Wt Windsor, and it was ordered In 3 I read- lug. Hy comm ttee on Rleclions, bill in altera tion 1 f e. 1 R S., relating to eleption (no billot lor representative to be commenced after 1'J o'clock at night): laid on the I ible, and made iho special uider lur Thursday morning, 10 o'clock. The Governor nnl ified the House of the re signitioii o General O.villu S law, 3d brigade. Air Iluiigblnu of Shnltabury bid leave ol ub senco afier Wednesday next, Adjourned. Sexate, AFTr.nxoov. iiiirt, ly Air 1'ov, for committee on R inks, 1111 petition ol ,'i Root no 1 other., report ed a lull to extend iho ch trier, and mere iso the c.ipital o Iho 11 ink of llialtleboro' which wis r...ul Iwicu and pissed to bo engrossed, Mr Chandler from Judiciary c.ominilleu icpotled against lhe bill extending j ul limit-, over li e vvholo coiinly, whicli afler some remarks of Air Stewart again. I tho tepoit, and Air Chaudlei sustaining il, tlie bill was laid on lhe table, lly Mr Al 'ad, lor Senators pi uulliain county lo iv bom whs referred Ibe petition ot 1' W Rddy furnished, in llie snmo exnite.l nml rcspon. sible Million, with n vigilant and poweiful n.lvocatp in Ym. O. Ili'Tixi:, of ICenluiky. Geli. TaYI.oii is n sound, nolde-benrtcd, consorvntivo Wine, ; Gen. Cass is tho em bodiment of the worst fentures of mcxlern " democracy," The former " lias no enp. mies to. punisii, nothing to .servo but his Country " ; tho littler lias mi friends but partisans, nothing to servo but bis patty. C'!ieoG ve ! Your Klectoral Ticket is hefiiro you. Il is composed of men who never abused your confidence, "bo nro incapable of enmpro. mi-iiig tho true interests of the .Slulo nnd llie Country. You can elect them by 11 majority novur surpassed in Vunnont, Yili. voir no it Whigs of Vermont ! Your Slato Com initlee do not wisli to disguise- tho deop in teieM tbey feel in tho result of votui nclioii on tlio great issue presented. They nro im pelled 110 less by their ularm nt tlio oonso itieiii'cs tlmt miobt follow 11 neglect of )our duty, us Freemen nl tho lliillot llux, than by the'jitst renown for political stability V 111 Ruren wis driven (mm power becau-e of his known bo-tilily to tins great American Prin ciple. 11 it it seems the battle is to be fought again. Air Yau n lien is again in lhe field, and we must gird up ourlriini the s. niggle and become, victorious or be crushed beneath the wpitrht ol l.'.s in igic iulbienc;. G 1 gives 111 wisdom lo perceive our d merer. Gad give strength fur successful resistance. mo very man u.ey men as uosuie 10 returned home, not in discace with hi- party American interests: Consistency thou a.t a bllt , be ta,ifI p ,,y .,,,, BiJ cc4acJ (o ewc!l! Presidential Chair. And what say the same It is painful to contemplate such instances of men of him now ? Their language' of condem- human infirmity. Did lhe principles of I S 10 iiatiun is only limited hy their power over words, h.ingso luo-e upon tbcm tint tliey can bo thrown i off as a government, or were tiiey in-incore " - then? Neither cm be admitted tl.e only so- IMinnr.l.niii r-i;s. lutiou of tiie a'j-ur.bly - that in their zeal We leant that, about tlnee weeks since, the agiinst slavery of the blacks they are wilbn;; workmen employed incxeavating the summit cut to sacrifice all the gre it interests uf the nation, of the Rutland Railroad, AI unit Holley, dice. and thus make naves of Ihe whites. It must be vercd a I o-sil Tooth of great size, anl in a fine either this, or the love of o.lice h is becouu state of preservation, R lay in a muck pit .1 luliug passion, and that In gralily it they are three or Tour lect below Ihe surface of the willing to squander the money of tlie poep'e, ground which at that point underlies ll.e muck. bring Ihe administration uf the government to a Tlio Tooth is about right Inches long on its It no man underrate tiie power of Air Van dead halt, and reckless of consequences, a- far face, and four or broul, ami weighs, as an lliren. He has ever bad lhe tepulalmn of a ns tliey h ive the power, strike down the arm uf inlormint thinks, seven or eight pounds. The shrewd, subtlo man. Ha is eminently so, nnd probably beyond any man in the nillon. Hois moro so nnw than ever before, from tho fact that den gusts that occasionally break upon tlie edge of the pit, a Fossil Horn was taken out Government. Tlie Free Soil movement is one of those slid- he. has had the address Inappropriate In himself the patronage of one of tho leading whig doc trines, his'ililt totUnery, and under its influence lo dtaw In his sunnort manv ardent men, who stem to have forgotten his hostility to many of ihe leading principles of National safely. That Air. Van Huron should bo suppnrlol by Democrats is not surprising, but that be should be by any nno calling himself a Whig is pissing strange It involves an inconsistency or a want of principle, Wo are bound lo suppoM lb it all wboadvocatod Whig doctrines in IS 10 were sin. cere and patriotic, an 1 that they then resisted Air. V, P. 011 tho ground of his known hostility to those leading American principles which we all thou believed to lie indispensable to our pros perity. Thine principles have not changed Ihey aro lhe tame great and glorious princi Its now. If wp cannot arrest the downward ten dency of our political affairs-,if Ibe nation will not put foilh its streiietl, t0 shake olf the d.un. color is a dark lead. The tooth was taken from the South side of the cut, near the brink. a c.. .I.,,., n. .!. . ,v J ' si. ivv, ,iig eaiuu puilll, HI 1110 For sale by Geo II Ihrnneton. P.urlini.trn nn,l ... th; DniRL'i-is "cneiallv throuniiout til,' tTIO.ll Hi,.!. . . wITwt To throw oirili-eo-e rerpires a simiiltau.-ous e iTort l every pnrt 01 the human sj,im. It 1- n.-rl. ct iisccss 10 -tiinii nte oncoriran tu thiaiw oir.tsobstrii -. lions, unless all the uiher or2nns ore -ihiiulaied 1 . a rurre.rHin.linv! activity, lu order to corrv alone m I completely remove thr-e unpuriue., theVartVh e hver, kidney-, siomacb, skin, Ac, lousl al an ,1 um-or , and harmony. folloi'vstlmul , , l ol t" ' orgnns cannot be produced by any s,,ie 5ril,, , .,l thai 1, rom,wt'd ,i'ntx.dJj, fofmJ. of he various veuMaWt- -uhsi.inces w Inch oirra t, ,. (liese H'yrrnl .,( no: only ,hi ,t be I "i ,,. ,muml ot s. subsmuecs, bul ihnt I .ibswuc. " compound ,,,, ns will prX" a n ,-nioiuou- ae-tion. hVl, a eompom, I i'l?Uat,i 1 celebrate. I xlrnn y,.p.A fixk ld 'u ' eielintienlly compounded, and ..,, , Ir EI """"a"d- d,.,se,oe,, llli Drru"e,Kl'yr,:,'n Vu M'"'ri"?,on'nurl'"C,".snVd llie Drustfist, Beiirruliy llirou Jmul the L ulled tjnil ' Dr. Osgood's India Vliolagoguc. Piibhe VrainTi'll'e . btm" ""cey tou?.on i! a ;S if,- 'r S,'UnOU- '' ''s' f V". l l lr """araiice in, , r the as.un , .1 ' im.milumi Some copv li oni Ille,.ni,. . , .. underh0a(ri!.'',,l. MkLT UU A fienileman from Vermnni wriies as follows ir cj , ,1,C"i",Jr,'J'!,''V,'rmol".',,n,e Is, IkI,; Mr Pell, W. lo.vl,.-IVar h..l'u,,n.l,,-r, ii'i.isunl Bood lienlih has b. en eccasii.11- v interrupted b) sp -lis ul ecu 'IUI14 prmiureii by co'iia a Sear nun la-i wuiler I was brouuhi lo the verte tit1 the prave by n very severe cough, accompani-d u!i seveie pains in both sides, U-lweeu (lie-shoulders .Vc , w Inch, w ith long continued night sweats, am1 oile r alarming symptoms, recti. -nl rue so low that n.y Irieu.l. ,leired ol my recovery. 1 consulted phvsl. clans, mid tried the various remedies ol ihe day , 'bat none "f them cured me. Ai last 1 procured Dr. Wis. tar's lhls.nn of Wild Cherry, and it saved my iuv , I have tint cnjnvrd heller health lor many tears, there fore 1 can ree'otuuiend others who urej it to irv it SAAR'UL llll.NTLV. For sale by T1IP.0 A I'lX'Iv'. Iturhngton, nnd by Uiugwts crnriall) tliroiiuliout llie Fluted ttates- Alr. T Rrow-n .... . I I.... ......... II, ,1.. l.l . . .1 r r.. 1 . . i s worm, aiiu 11.1110 -j.i-ui ,n ,iiuu uoisi, jia--i-. more 111.111 lour ii-ci long, ami lour incites in I ff and is never beard of Il is like ihe diameter. The color is darker than the tooth, j rlouil mat rises in ei me neatuuui nay iiijunc, and both cml. arc uccaycu anil gone. The ue of)our Sursapnuila and Touini.T limns, 1 uke bringing with it Iho whirlwind, exciting alarm i surface is bird and lough, and feels like horn. ! K?jlirii"tawnKnii j Vlir 'u-'"1 ' lny Cny lor"ur for n inoiiient and then all is eiuict. Il is ininos. ' The rilh is brittle, easily crushed between th.. , !-... uiiE.r.n.r uoiI'.'kJ p !"!" "'he's 1 have . ,. '. . - i . --- - - - - ...... .... nmaor ible in the nature ol tilings, that such a Irac- lingers, and unctions to tue touch. It is highly . R ub, Al line , .May ! -Lisnr Sir Ujvui. ie.ted the vl. my .ni.l nr......'... IT. '".'" ,,'uc I ':'' -M,ie and .or,:;;"Sr V. 111. n .... .1 . . . lion of a party can succeed. It has none of the nrobab e that more uf these lemains will be on. have been ir.mi.ui ,.i. . .. . Hl 1 e . ...... .... u nt-SK. stu.ii.lcri iii.i., elemciiUof a gieat pattv-, at.d its dissolution will ' found at or near the simt bens sudden ns its rohesinn. There ate in all " pi ppTinv ' coinniunilies, a few restles-, uneasy, fanatical .LI'.C 1 IL Aft. spirits who liml their jreper element in some Tlio October Kleclions oio over. Whig new and exciting outbreak, but the sober, think- ( Governors lmvo been chosen in Ohio, ing and linn suppoiteis ol good order and good IViiu-y lyitnin, nnd Florida, and vv big he- government are rarely with them. A new pir-1 ..Matures j each nf tbeso States. There ol niv lood has h,. " r,. ""tt acn lar .aiumes, , the stomaclTw'S 'LVs KS"ZSI: ! iqirst .fiuuXeonfflenJe1,, such complaints. Yours truly ,""u,leu " ' I H,'ls W.M I or sale by Theo. wrugui-is ty always has attractiens for lhe reckless and .idycnturotis, fur those who nro ready lo jump on to any thing that lu Ids out the promise of office and distinction. We are surprised lor Ibe moment, to Ibid such hosts of patriots, such num bers who are so devoted lo tlie public that their zeal knows no bounds. They arc ready In spend HAAHU'Llj. Theo. A. IVk lluilingtou, and by tally throughout tin. I'lim-a Smit,. will, however, probably bo trouble in Ohio . ,:'iiat Su iis We hear it olien asserted infnet .i i i . ! u bs become a subect ol cominon rcmaik That Ilr ill organizing tho Legislature. roou I) ri elegant ky m i' is dom!, " o!,Ue,s m this Whig U.S. Senators, in pluco of heco LXr'dui.hV.""! c'l''-t irs..s. ... , , ' ',, , . ull,l other ililtieullies ul ihe l'ulinonaiy and Vocal Or- l'oe'os, will bo chosen from I ennsjivnnia, ca"3' 'i hosjusi laid a boiile ol it on our table, and l.'i .t i i . . i i i r ru I" " f" elcgiim loukuig oiuelei and we should nut I' loriila, nnd probably from Ohio. wonder if it inertis nil the re.wuiiUin it has aciuurd. A drawn battle In GcotmiA, which last vear ' n"m' r"y ,","""") i""8,rd u'" m