Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 3, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 3, 1848 Page 1
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r '4-i Vol. XXII Whole io. S 1 1 . ItllKlilXf.iTOX, JTBCIBJAY .TSOSCVIIYft, r VE.N KB-R ISIS. icw Si'i'ic, Vol. :i---IVo. 18 11 II I'l til ntrtll (rivi lllTf r Z lllllll yU'll flillt yiL.i.i. Published nt lliirlltiRton, Vt,, I). W. C. V I, A itiii:, Editor mid riui'iictvr. T c r m si To Village s.itncriberB who receive (he paper by 1 thc ijariier, . 92,'iO Mail wlHcribera anT OUiec. . . . 2 no . . . .. .. II 111!, I 111 n.l.min., . 1 ml 1 ' r ifnopti.riirvT. ln.nii.,1 H ii... .,...,.,,. . - Krom the Daily Advertiser. i (irCIll WllilT ilrclillir ill Fillltillil llilll i- i ,. , . , , . r, I Vaneinl Hi I was crowd-d yesterday nfler. noon to hear the pronn-ed .Spnocl, t,r .Mr. Ueb- etcr. The doors had not been open long when' tlio eallerics were thronged bv ladies and gen llemen anxious to hear the address of the great son of .M issachusctts, and long before the hour appointed for the address had arrived, ev ery part of the hall was so tilled, that it was w ith difficulty that room was made for the orator of the diy to arrive at his place upon the plalform. No space on tlio Hour nr in the galleries was un occupied, at the time appointed for the meet- in. ni',,..-l,r,fnVWL- nmiil cheers from tho floor and .'.-tilery. .Mr. eb-ter,allend ed by lion. Thomio II. 1'erkiiis, lion. Ituliis Cho.ite, and other disilo uilied gentleincii, en tered the hall. "Three cheer.- or Weh-ler" were given in tho most iinaniuioiis and sontn rian manner. After a few lemirks from Hzr.i j.inruln, Jr. I!-u , Clia!i.nan ol the llxecutivc Ciininntleeol the W l.ig ard and I oiinly (.on eill on, at wnue can too in eting ue u, too . .nsetin was oriMliizcJ bv tho T.i.animoiis so- ... .. ...i n ,i . iii . . lection of Hon. lll.TCS (.HOATi: as lre-ideiit. Messrs. Jo-eph Hell, James, Thomas Thalther, Hillings 11 iggs, John K. Thaver and William 11 ake, were chosen Vice 1'ie dents. M.i. T..I... II II.. i .. ...i in. l!l i Jw.tll l , k nil). .ill miu lllll, UMLl , Jr.. worn chosen .Spcret.uie-. i"? Air. Lho-ite took l he cha'r. and m a tew elo ,., ,i ,. i ' i,,,....! i . i , rV vv.,1. , ,, ... ,, ., ,, ,. , i .. loud andJutli.ish.-tic cheers. ' ,a Mr. Weh-ter heir m by s .vim-I Once again, friend and fellow citi.en, once again, and ipiile unexpectedly, I linJ myself in r.meuil Hall ; I feel all the recollections ol the past growing about me, and I hear a thousand voices now silciilon ci.rth, but still idoipieiit iidinoni-hing me and all of you present to-night, to perceive and perform the whole duty beloio us. I am hero to-day ill obedience to a call nf tho Whii of M is,u:liuselt-,to expre-s my opin ions here upon the existing position ol our intei- lia afTi rs. am the present sUte ol the liu.ine.., . of the country. - . 1 1 1 lo went on to -ay tint a l're-i.lenlial election antl one fir a new Cotigie-s ws nu.v before n-', 1 ami it was in vain lo ili-guf-e that the n lls of these elections weio highly uiipoit.nit loth (or !' s ' i; I r t Th"re vver" in fn'l but t'Vo cao'lijii f rtue I'.e-.'leiicv . '.km . l'aj I- r, (lliree eh ers were given f. r tiiuij and liee. t.'i-s lu--e. A- Inr lii.i oilier c indid.ite Ihe nclnei I .r iiliu vv I- o ily a Jinrbm. vv h.-HeT we took lb.1 military nr iho -ignilie.Hi io of Ihe won1. It vvai ei,her trick or a matler ol Hinnsei.ieni. Mr. Web-ler confined th" ipie-lion to the two points of tho ehcliounf Cer. Tailor or (Jen, C.i. Willi the laiter th" So! -Ti, a-uiy ami tho Tarill of li 1(1 were In bo m linlaincil, Willi the other theie might ho a relief from Iheni, II j then adverted to tho speech nl M', 11 mi, as a iinnly speech, ami ipmled the explo sion of thai geutlemin tint Cen. Taylor w ould bo a Whig President and c.ury nut Whig inea--. ure. ''1 agree," slid Mr. Web-ter, "tu all thai, and I believe that he will dn it," h"caue he Ind tru-t in the bniic.-ty a'nl snundne-.s of Whig men and Whig measure-'. As lurd'en, Ca-she believed that lint geullein in would cirryont the Democratic policy, and whatever Mr. l'olk had left undone, lieu. Ca-s would do. We had, therefore, only two course-to tike either to give our voles cordially and heartily to (Ion. Taylor, or tonerpctuite the exi-ting' mode ol government by electing Mr. C,t-s, Mr. Web-ter proceeded to review the present Elate of things. There i now a great 'canity ol money which bad lasted for an un.i.ual length of time; a greil depression of Im-incss and stagnation of industry; a suppre--ion of agri cultural labor and its rewards. Tho credit nl tliusu entitled to it showed that there was a scar city of money. Tho c.tpil ihsls of iho country, those who had money to lend, would sty thai good notes were to bo had at a -s -i t i -1 trtory price In fact, for a year ptst, the rich had bteu grow ing riciier, the aenvc and in lu-triotis cl i-s li id boen glowing more and more embarrassed, and tho poor had been growing poorer; and this Ftate of things mii-i go on as long as tho .Sub- Treasury and the 1 arili'of IS 10 rem lined in ex istence. Mr. Web-ter spoke nf tho Sub-Treasury as one ol uie uraiim-st deceptions and lea-tdelen tihlo public, frauds ever known. To lock up money in this way was unknown el-ewhero. It grew out of the controversy of fien. Jack-on with the United States It ink. Alter cru-hing that, he adopted what ho himself called an penment, in ihe lorin ol Ihe uepoito hanl;s tu lb..!)., m: van iiurcn netug riesuieni.t nose UL.,irii )uMVy taXi ia,r m) ,ro Ameri buika brr.KO up, and Mr. anlliren and his t,irill'; honest, intelligent Mb ir ; educa- cabinet brought up '.Ins ongnw project ol tl'" , tlIlJ, c,iJri..,, ; encouraging worship; this vva, but-lreasury locking up all the receipts of gov-, t,e lruc pr,)tocti..ii, anl this bid his entire Mm erinent until they should be called ..r by Iho ,utV an'l siipporl wants of the gov eminent. The had character, I Mr w'eb-ter drew another illustration from tho uselcssuess, the ini.chicvousiies, of this ,Ilu t;,mius hmi, twt the right of re-ex- measure, uru -;'iit mo nigs togctiier, aim turn rd .Mr. van Huron out ol ollice. No ipieMion Ind greater inipoit. cu in llio def. at of ,Mr. Van Huron ai.d t'.o t. cliou of Con. Hirri bon. We were now invited tot. 'to .Mr. Van Huron, .Sub-Trc.istiry and all, and vve.J urged to this by tome who had strongly oppost I bntli in IS 10 Some of Iho geiillt'inn vv ho t ins urged us, spoke oftlie questions of Taiiirand SuL-Treasury, ui bysgone and obsolete. Such sliilfiii"ii(s were unworthy und undignified, Tho i-siies wero now substantially vv hat Ihey were before, and those who cuuhl say thu all old tpii'stiom wero overlooked and done aw.iy vvitli in tho presence of mte idui, wero uiilil in hi, judgment to c,,.. ,L- lur the neotilo of M issaclui-niis. Tim I . Cl- II.. .1 . ., . testimony oi .ir, mu u.ui.ui mai inu is-uo " v. v. was betneon Ihose who would nipjiort the Ta- 'as urging her to c i-t it lor I ass and II. tiler. rilTof MO and thu Siib-Trca-ury system, and ii' "onld not now bo deceived, the result tlioso who " with sacriligious hand,''' vvoul l do might safely be left to Iho casting vote of Pcnii them away. I bylvaiiia, when she cast that vote herself. The tincitioiH of this election, like tho'e of Air. Weh-ler give at muiio length slalistlcs former eleclion. were helwcoii W'luqs and the vvhich showed the losses incurred by irou-m.ts-otioonenU of Whigs. Tho social, coininerciil ter in this country from Jho ell'ect of the recent and economical principlesofW bigs wero Knovvn1 and tl o'iuestion lay Rtween these aim ino-o of Iho existing; adminisiraiion, ..i . i".. ....... liaddelibeiateh' made this if. well 'UU ... ..... I I it. ,,.., 1. I.tllil that it was now fairly made. II ll.e issue is old, taid Air, W., it is not older llian I ain,aati i, tur nilrt till IIOI l AP-Cl in wmiii ,-- V. ;i,,li. was not rccog. , . tini'i. ii. ..1ed bv Ihe HilValo Conventiop. Iho plal- form ol 'thill Cuiivciilion v.u to coitsliuUed !''nt liilt it would not bear a very heavy hoa.1,1 :i Hi-taiticd tlie fux-liko footstep ol .Mr. ali Hit- Mr. Webster proceeded to examine thonpc-i 1815, as ho might have done, tint duty would whether the election slnll bo made at iho present ration of thu Sub-Treasury system. When have been about 15 a ton, but they were now , sos-inn or postponed to another year. The res iliency vns plenty, it vv as only a clumsy, useless reduced to .$'.). 'olutinn was ut lined by .Mr. Deanc of C. land ridiculous system. When from the expor- Air. Webster returned to tho reneral nronosi-1 Carnenler of X.. Whilteinore and Converse, who t.ition of specie or any other cause, money be-l came scarce, instead of beinil merely a ludicrous thiii!.', It became a screw and a lorturc, Ciilculat-( ed lo m ike the rich poor, and the poor, poorer, f n i . . ... ... .i i.... ,i.; .. i i Mr WiOi.tur H'mil nn In slum- I fit I IIS W as t ill 1 ... .... . .... i cilect ol tlie law, liv rcceiii statistics, J'he Secretary of the Treasury had found it ' ,,, I o,,r IVir tlin riirtuil. ' ,n,.i nn,, surv had caused, lie Ind let out by a t-ort of habeas corpus 8300.000 of specie from that i .. w.Mi e. i.. i treasury notes lo balance it. Mr Web-ter would not siy whether this was constitutional h l,0 prL-rnted the casC s one where , , Inorn nt j ,0 (.(nm,lni,y 10 lm. , , ,,,,i i, ,, ,., r. i,.i ... eo armed and doubly armed, because they did not know how soon an enemy might spring up ... I . . nil... ..I, . .. I .1 i lo ue-irov. i ou isuu was ii ucgreo tu iiuciiiit- lion iii uie ouiiiess in iiiu country iiiuie uiica- ampled in its recent history. Mr Webster proceeded to show how he dif. I'ered from Mr llu;li man, ipioliug from the re- ported Speech of th it gentleman, and replying to it sentence by sentence, and sliowing from it ( u,ni "l0 '-Miiocmlic pirty stm rely upon the Irinn. If, said .Mr . the c.omuiercial, agricul- rigid--, or lor annex ition, aggression, ami con- create a vacancy, within tho meaning of the, intniif.ictiiiing, and laboring population. ue-t by the cannon and tho biyouet. He Constitution; Iowa is now uiireptesenled, lie can see tint under this system, lliiclualions ( thought that the principles of the candidate of cau-o tho has fulcd to elect. Mr (' inverse hivu been pieveuti d and Iheir nianiifactiircs, ' our opponents- were of a d tngcroin tendency. ' s.iid that even if tho hiyernor could appoint, thu urn luce, ami iinnort ilions Ii ive h-on more in do- 1 ney hid buen shown ill tlie Oremin conlmver. 1 l,.ii,n.. ,,i il. t..i.,i ..,..i,. -,.,,i.i i... . ,. inand and more profitable than heretofore, I ' I jield to the argument, lint bo contented th it ' .1.. ,1.........:..- I.. I I .il... . uie iiiictiiauoos irni oee i vv il u toe i.isi nvu ., , , ., . , i ' "l" "i '". -. '' "'' "'9' '''."! 1 I b 'en ni.i!". ; tlie ,W,-7VMwiry. H j thought ' -lr liiichiinan ready tu svvallo.v camels liovv- vvun .ir. iiuchanan, that he is a W lug. 1 he ever laro. " i lieve that he will he elected by the Whigs. I l'lirtlicr, Three-fnuilhs of our foreign im-' believe, too, with .Mr. Iiuchanan, that if edectid nortaln are on foreign account, and thereforo 1 . il is in tin ' i . i 'i i , press our money market vvhenever he choo-es, by ockiiig up in the hub-1 reasury the money ' ! to ho lece.ved for duties ' i Mr Ueli-ter then took up the tariff nf ISsHi, I power tu no loreign imporinr u. tie- pres 1 1 .Mr Weu-ter then tool; hi as a measure wholly new in online. tl economy tar.irior revenu'., without specification, will ".'ll il l0'" P"tecliou In home indu-lry. In C ingress il was not defended except by Iho out cry lint " Iho tariff would defend itself;' and with perhaps, an accidental exception, it was carried liv a parly vote. 1 no hen ito was ihvi il.'il, and in that h casting vi to of the l'ennsvlvania. ; .. . , ,, ...iimj i ii, .. . '. i i ,- -dy it was earned by the dress t tho.-o present, and an appeal lor ico Pre-idenl, a c.tizon of, unity among tho Wings, and Ml down amidst , Whom bid tho tirifl' helped 1 Was it the Soiilh I There were men in tho Xorth who saw tlio Sun in Iho South, and thought they onld see all other light in the South. Hut in .. . r I, ... T ,'. i f tee nf the pinphecy th it by thi- tarill' tlio South ice oi an ooiiiiiern hopes aim preuictiuus, m vvould he enabled In sell its cotton at eleven cents a pound tho Unll" had only brought about micIi results that cotton wis selling al 51 , cents a i oiui'l. ,s much l.,r Soulh (.. iinliiu; let P,'oi.- iv.iiu i (lieie Lie Speiker was intei' ru,.' "I by an ironical laugh ) 'i nl foiin I th il tho burners which hore llie vvoids "Polk, Dtllas, .... I .t. . , ... .1' . . r i -j i . . r.l . ..hi .."in in i,i. im:iii i us. ui i-ii-in i-s, and I..J determined lo have the c.iso tried over again, as decided upon f tl-e evidence. If thi'ie is an election of Whig President itl.e-e luvs would proliihly b rep-alcd. If I theie i- an election of a Djni icralic President lliey will probibly remain. As we liko or d.--like the iiieastiit's, -n we must judge of the men who are In represent them. To allude to the oilier candidate. If Mr Van Huron is elected, he cannot repudiate his own Sub-'I're isiiry, and unless he repudiates Inin-cll', h" cannot give up Ihe t trill'iil 1 S in. The i I'.-ol ution s of the Hull Mo Convention, and the letter of Al Van Huron tin the xiibj'-ct in IS 13, show his opinions on the subject of pro tection. Hut the ipie.-tion was not with tlio Presi lency. Tho resolutions nf Ihe llaltiinoro Con vention showed that the faith nl the democratic uirty was pinned upon tho Sub Tieastiry. Mr Webster read one of tho-o resolutions tu show i.:.- 'ii. .... . I ,,.. ii.i. ,,. i ii,, with ihe asi-taiico ol . ... .. -.. Iho tarill' of 1810. The experience of the coun try vvui.ll show how tine tins was, and every,!".1"!, ...... .1 i.i I,,,,.- n,o. i. ...i i ' trials Sic. vv fin ced upon ii-', Whigs had pa-sod the tarill' of '-ll', anil Wluirs from South and Ninth had op posed thai of MO, and, even tho-o Whigs who iiuvv fell away from tho cau-e, said that they J nl not mean to oppose tho ruult, against which Iheir votes were directly thrown. .Mr W ouster went i n lo spea eneci oi tue existing i.triii. in inni; wool .1. . . .1 .. , .! . . . '., 11 . . '. . . ' for an in-lanco. In Iho .Middlesex Al II at l.o-' well. ,t had beenmo necessary to di.chame VJ.) . , .i ., i. ..ii I..., " . . and tho price ol wool had decrea-ed one third. I .. ' . . , - r li ' nil mis. 1 1 i.i ivii,ii.-s ll in uni.-n iiiivi.ri il 'll ni'r i.'in. . , geiilloinau nan iniormeu nun that tu vvoiien , mills In New F.nglaud, which ho knew, had been obliged to cltiso, and by this means 3001) hands had been thrown out ol employ. Indeed, Iho duly ol 30 percent, was leducod to about Hi, by tho export bounty paid hy France. lloiup and the manufactures ol hemp furnished another instance. The uianiif ictnred article is not taxed as h,gh as tho law material. The la bor is allowed to c.iiuo cheap, but the untcrial ., w,-1(., American Ulior might bo exercised p irtalion of li-h, was no compensation to our tisheuni'ii for tlio reduction nf ihe duly on lii.'i brought into Ibis country by loreigners! Tim gtoat Iron interest wasanotliei iii'tnico. W o were bound to consider in our v., es the; great nilere-U of Peun-ylvami. e had he ird , W o were hound to consider in our voles the " , ,. , " I those anvils ; we should hear more, llofore the eleclion nl Polk Iiiu imii'iiongers and ironwork ers of Pennsylvania hid been deceived by the K1.10 letter into tho supposition that her rights and hor interests wero lo bo supported, The fa-ting volo again-l thoso rights and interests had h't'ii given hy her own son, tho Vice Presi dent, vv hoiii she had herself elected. Now she wij.ild throw her own casting volo, Shn had tho .ol ,1. ll. I,r i.u .. I.ill.l. ..,,,1 II ...I. ,,, ... lartll, arguing Ihat protection uui.t ho given lo ineso inanulactiircs, because, thu increase of , i".i-u goes tu ino laturer. Uiir laborer depends upon Inghor wages than his foreign rival, be-'to 11 II .ill I, I.., , , c iusC. n0 maintains a bettor po.itiou and idti- ta n im launly, and to support linn and toedu- . j v Hon, ought to to thu vv . I. am ell irt of i,s ,11 uaic ins lairniy, which is thu end of this proiec- llo ll.eii went on lu show ihat further injury ,H.w bvvn dvmo tg our manulacturvMby (ha Mll'i lire ofthc Secretary ofthc Treasury to ii'e liis discretion with regard in the application of tlie ' iluty of Iron, If he had adopted the i n oicc of is it I, I.. ..., .1... .1.. 1.1 tion, that protection wits necessary for our la- argued that the Constitution required the Ii"jris- hor, and tli it to take it away involved the des- ; laluro to elect ; that this is tlie time to elect. tructioii of tho whole country. To collect the according to imineniorial usage; that ( an estimated revenue for this vear of $3J,0U0,UU(), election is not inaile, there will he a vacaucv it ...... .1.1 i. , i . ... .i..'. .i .. .. ... ! .. .i It Kill I in npeMs.irv III iinmirl iron, s III Mill . . X i t i T. , .amuuni 01 oio;i.uuu,uuu. uniier uie larm 01 , 12, on ylO 1,000.000 there w n received ijJI,- IHIO.nOO. Hi., lor ll,,, fa rill' nf ' 1(5 llmrn ii-.i s ,i n The export of specie commenced in October , i.i-i. .inn ivin iiu nu'iiik ii iiiiiiiuii?, .iiiu our uu- mostic exports about 1(11 inillions. llcsidos this .... ...:n ... ..i.n..i 1 1 . .1.. we nave tlie export ol tireaiistulls to an cxtraor-1 dinary amount, and a largo exportation of cotton ! lliougli at low rales--out yet we cannot meet iiiiiiii-ii-u iu,',,im,.,ii in ,,, Tiuiiiuii-, wniiu i unn I -....l .. I . .1.- , i-in-iif uiii-i kiiuiniHiiii iu.ivu me country, and the huh-Treasiiry locks up what reniaii.s. IKi the huh-1 rcasury locks up what remaii.s. D.i yon Know, said Jlr. W ., twenty men who do ... I. I. il... O..!..'!.-....,..... ... , . , i ijh iihj ?n,i- K initij iioyw lieiu lllll Whore his, uuuu khhh .uiv iiiieiugrui mecimiic. farmer, agriculturist, who does not wish that the tariU'of ' Hi had never been born ? it was not a matter ol slight interest to n. 'uire whether the hinds to whom we are ahuut to dispose tho interests of tho nation are for peace or lor war; whether Ihey are lor con-, servaine, iininy, upright on of our sv and on the Xorth V, istoru 11 iiiiidary oucstion. I (Hero Mr. W. was interrupted by cheers.) ' IT., -I I I i I.. 11, ,., ,.l ,:. i ,i r in . . . 1 ' ' i 11.'1 Mr" )') e ' nm-i u'- in iueu in siniiuooi v. iii u l nave for lieneral 'I ivlor for the Presidency. I think, lshlor it ho will ho "'rounded I by a cabinet " -"A p ,,e-, o tt toeeuori am. en t r I.; ...I...:..: i....: . ...:ii i . . m, is dm,,, -tral.on vill ho In carry not . lug ' ' 'V - I"-- ntonce, Mr. W eh - , V T -ir. W o.i-ter then alltid.'d to those who were .,ri,;,w. in .. , r . M- v i ii i , m- ' 7 ,1 " I Tu ;,I,'",",1,m u ,"t' - .. y . ' "laV0 P",M,r W'?S hu 1 .. .mv.i. ...i lie, iu iiiiinueucu Ol ticetl in General lav lor than in Cas Mr. Web-ter clused bv an eloouent farewell many cneers. 1 'I', it,.,.. n i i -vi .i . i . I Uti&Z'-AiS ., ,,,,...;,. .1. .. .i i .n i i i another i """'"si '"-'. "-" 'nn o inr , . .' . .o i . . , ellli" al i.i I in-! ll , i .-,..- I .. n . i . .1 the cr.nvd vvilhiliew slmvly, many lingering In I mi m. 1.11.-1.-1111 . ,ts luiui my inijoiirueu. aie many uiiL'eri, g in , msl.ed orator ol iho sh iko the hand of tho distill evenin Ea-s j3:ii!re oi Vci'iiioul. TfllsllAT, Oct. lit. Sen-aik. U'lls intrmlitcrJ Hv Mr Ch iii- ii . . ... in it d.,cr' '.l":orl'Vri,.,.,! tl,u '.' Canada June. lion Telegraph Co., read twice and referred to , suit-; nOer which Ihe bill was rejected, 11 to 1.1 Committe nf Finance. '' 'l0 " '"'l resolution appointing to-morrow, Sundry resolutions from other Slates reh-1 " ;l " l" clin"-e :l ' t ' ' t-T- ,;cn- ol 3.1 Hug. 1-t ting In "Sliverv, Whitney's Kailioad project, ' livi-ion of militia, to supply Ihe place ol Cen. Sic, were coiiimuiiicsted by the Covernnr . nv- 'e-igned, w is concurred in. and referred to Joint Committee on 5th Joint i Ho bill lo divuh the t.nvn of Wind- Jtn!0. 1 sor was read twice and refered to a -elect com- Mr Kimball oli'ercd a resolution in-tructin" ' "',,,e "( 'rci'i "H'l Messrs Kimball, While and C mimittee of IMueati.ui to emp.ire inlolho ex- 1 itifortli were appointed tho cominiltce by the pediency of repealing so much of sec. IS chap, i chiir. IS of It'S as relates lo raising money for schools -Mr .1 P Kidder called Ihe resolution living on apor imed to theuuinber ol scholars who shall 11 tM choose an l'. S. Senator, and inoved attend pis-eil. ' '" al" ')' iu-erling instead ol the dav there- Mr Kimball called up Ihe hill making At- ' named. Oct. 117lh, 10 o'clock, a. in."; when Untie and St. 1,-iwrencn I!. It Co. nn incur-1 Chandler moved lo I iy Ihe re-oliilinn on the poration ol this Slate, the ohect hoiii" to grant j tab'e lo-t, 13 to 1 1, Mr Dean pmpo-ed tlie Ihe right of way lo the Porll ui.l It. It. lo Cm- '-'il1'' "h'tch - di-cu-ed, when Mr .1 P Kid ad i, lo pa-s through a part of I'-so.x county ; ,,ll,r proposing the :3th, Mr D'an moved to lav when Ihe same was read Iho third time and laid 1 "''-' resolution and motion on the table, which on the table. "'' carried, 1!J to 7. Adjourned. The I'li-ro-sed bills In ox I llm .-barter S.-K. lloi'sr. HU!- iu r kIiic'iIhh I r )(,. l'rnm ill inn ii.nn i.i i it. it, tr,, 11, i-iotm-iii. in " ,. ' " - - " amend the law concerning petitions 'for new ma er oi c toos iir n " nwav siuvevors in wero severally read a third time and p-ls.-eu, .Mr I l-utii llmi of I'r. fiiuii t." in, mine,, nn I'.lee. limis, ,!e report again-t the bill provnhti" i po-itmus ; to Judiciary committee. 1-mm the for check lists at election of County Sointors-, ' t'fiiain, I'xlemlins' charier ( I bink nl llr.itlle and tho same afler being advncuteil bv .Mr , born' and enlarging tho capital stuck ; In coin- While at some length, was, on motion of Mr Ki'''lH. laid on tho table for coiiteinn'ated ! I 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 llllilll ."'V"'- )' -r -Mead Iron. Jti.l.ciary C ..n - ni " "'" H bill to auiond .he act rela - I nir In , enreo re.i, n I nil. ill,, or, ere. in a w ' -- Jd reading to-morrow morning. Hy .Mr lla.nil Inn i.f f ill ll. flr-l -.mill a r.,n..rl ,.l I I.u It ll I llmiloii S.nIni'K 11. ink. '.. " v. Adjourned. lltifsK. Prayer by Uev. Alonzn Webster. Jlfmrls if Committets.Uy Judiciary Com mittee, bill to incorporate tho annual conlerenco of the Vt. Al 'Ihodist Fpiscopal Society ; laid on tlio table. Hy committee under IheVilh joint rule, that no a'ction is rc'iured on iho repnit of Ihe cnuimissinner of the iiis.uie. Hy Judiciary C iininillee, asking lo be discharged from Ihe resolution of yesterday relative to testimony be fore tho C iinmltleo of Fdecllons ; refused. 11 (lenoral Cjuunittee, bill exempting home steads from attachment; laid on the tablo and undo Ihe special order for Thursday, Hv Ju d.ciary Cominillee, hill relative lo election of Klecluis of President and .Members of Con- gross action 8ii-peiidod by Iho special or- der. Piiiiini.i rrfirnd Of A. 1!,, 1,1, ins and nib. ers, lo Ceneral Comiuiitee. Ol Clark Wardncr and others, relating In tho appointment ol jus- ce, iu jtra,lii,J-,7.. Iho members of Windsor c 1U, oniMiry llannum and others, to so. led commilleo on annexing irtof IMnby to Alt 1 alinr, llesnluliim lly Air I'angbnrn lo elect a Hrig. General in place of Cen. Shaw resigned, 10 A. si. to-iuorioiv ; passed. Mr I'angbnrn presented Iho report of tho l!ur lingtoii Savings Hank ; laid on tho table. Tho (iovornor transmitted a memorial from tho National Aledical Society, which was referr ed to thu commilleo on education ; alsti the 3d annual report of tho Vermont Central Itillroid Co.; also a communication fruin the I'. S, Secre- ary ol rtlale, containing a leuioiistrauce Irom C.iuaih l.a.t agiinstobslrucliugtliB navigation ol l.iko Lbamplain. i:i.i:ctio. of u. s. sfvatou. The 1 1 iitso considered Ihe spi'cial order, being iho resolution to proceed to ballot for U, S. Sen alor 3 p. M. rue-day next Mrl". ttverse moved substitute Tliursd iy for Tuesday; agreed to. . .. .. I ., ., Mr Heard-ley inoved lo lav Iho resolution on Ihe table and miku it Iho special order fur tho tith Nov, next al 1(1 a. m. Oppo-ed hy Air Converse, i,i,iintiiiiii...,i, i, , ,,,-vu ) ' w"ii.iri'i , i i... u.. ' u .t.i.. , I !.. ton, hut Ihe chair unosled Ilia deb He on lb.. inerilt of tho .uclion on this motion, when Air lleardsley withdrew hU motion fnr tlio purpose of allowing tlio ipie-tion to be put direct upon Hie pissago of the resolution In other words ...i. '.i .1. i -i 11 t I ... .1 .'. I nl llin i.vlf iiinlin i ro ux.'inn i,f ll,,. S!..inl .. ... . .. . ' . ... ... 1110 mini .March next, ami Vermont and tree i .States will not hawi their full representation in 1 ll... .1 ., I ..f tl,.. I abinet for the as disornini.iii" in its tendency, mid a nclect 1 I of a duly required by the laws and expected by ' j the people, and a a;i tulic ition of u puiposo to ' m iko this high oliii'.e tne sport of a coalition of as di-org in its tendency, and a nclect 1 . r i - i t... .i. I . . i . . m i ;o tins ne-1 o ni'.e tnu snort discordant politicians. On the other hind, .Messrs Necdhaui and lloarilsley argued Ihat no law renin reu an election at tins pinion ir time : .. . f . . n . . '. M mat oilier stales had lined to elect on various occasions; that an election could n it now be m ulo satisfactory to a tu i irit v oftheieonli . . .. J . J 3 . . '. 1 . inasmuch as the ilouiiu Hit p irtv in the lJi'i lature is a minority in the popular vote ; that it is heller to bo unrepresented than misrepresent ed ; and, indeed, tint tho slate would not in fact ho unrepresented, as a t'lilure to elect would leave lacancv which tho Covemor , would fill. The la-t point was denied by Mr Whiltenvire, who iillirme.l tint Iho V. S. K, imte L !..c-;.l,l rl.-it , I'.iiinr,. in,l,.M ,l,,,.s . nleted hf,ire he muld rneeive ulliri il noiiee nl' tho vacancy and fill it. ( Two unsucces-liil mntiniis to adjourn were made, and at the conclusion of tlie", Mr lleard-lev moved to pn-tpnno the resolution In 13 A. M. Tliursd ty, next. Ayes 105. noes 10;! ; so tho mution prevailed. Adjourned. ' v Mr VllK frm ," c,. canon, in i ivnr oi iioti-eoni lepe-iinig uie aci , f M , ,, , j , ., , , ti,11L. ,lnX ,od. lly Mr CI. tndler, from Ju.IL Uia.y coin, in lavor of.hehill , roviding lor ten- ,ir r .,ln,u ; en.,i ,-,J -nl...,..n.l. , r , ii i,.n ,n.,i,Ml. ,! ocr oi -.iineniis in certain ea-es, vvun ainui'Miu- to be eugrnsscd. lly Mr J P Kidd 'r frnn same comniittoe, against the lull tel. ling to ,d ,,,,, l. i,fl,, .,,! I, .,. 1,1,1 .... il... 'Jlv Mr .,,;, , cmn ..j,, y;. ,""VI,M "r" '"' " 11 u,nel mo .-sorge.ini-ai-.vriiis in iy p iiik l ors i n i he ,, ro,m , , j.,,- ' , , n!s,,imi v., ,ij , , .,, .. , . : , . . .. ,. , d.ciary com. reported ug.iiu-t Ihe pt.-s.ige ol the i'1 ,,m r1,"iiH" or ,Mr,i,,s L t " ,c?- tify in cerlain ctso.- sticn as pernnlling one . . .,...,. .,, ,11,(1.e .r,.. ,, ,,, I. - . . .. ' linn In le-lile iM'.. vi'Iien huu lo le-my ccc, when a siuriled ili-ciis-ion siuritc.l 1 ..,... l ..r- 1.'..,..,.l. , While, mul ('nlbiirn. ad- m,.lM , nf ,,. . , ,, ,, it ,,,,, , .tte,",,,,.,. ,,e ends nf justice . and tint it would tend In les-en the uuui'ier nf suit- brought, &e., and .M.'s-rs Mead, Chandler and Ileum in npjo-ing tho bill on thogrnunl that it would bo n jre Hand ierh ips .1 mgcroii inunvalion on a 1 ' ntlled rule o( I ivy, and that it would lea. to a teiUitalion lo pel in y , -to., vvlulo it could have no tondeucy to leen nit- oeu ue, regiii.tuog too in inner oi .'ipiioiiii "t --'.".. - m u'ni.... - , . iu "n i Holds, lly Mr Cree, in amendment of sec. ,1 l'll ll'' ! relative lo publishment or I marriages ; lo Judiciary committee. lly Mr 1 lagg, relating tn fees nl I'l-lices lor taking de- . "Meo on banks, lly .Mr Aeivmin, rel'ling In joint stocu conipinies; to seicci cuuiu.iucu oi . i, ,. ...... i !.... i.:ii :.. .i 1 1 1 I , ''V"'"'- " ;"'"'"" ' " ' " - , " ;",' t !"P- 0;' h, It pre-er ol.-l, n , d, 1 VVIIICII are irivai.j pro iCI.y ', IIIU nil h are privalo propcily; laid on Ihe table. . . Hy committee of Ways and Moms, lull regnl i- ting salary of auditor of accounts (!-,;5')0 in lull for all services ;) supported and explained by , .Messrs Heaton and Sevnioiir, and oidere.l toil 3d reading. Hy Ceneral cominillee, Senile 'bill altering n lino of M irinn Hli ; pa-s,d bill to alter mines of O.-car l.owr,v, Cehnda Ad nils, and ntheis ; recommilli d to pill all the names in otto tall, lly eoinuiillee on Km.!.-, lull to amend act to incorpoialo llraltleboro' and Ftlchbiirg It tilmad Company, auj it was order ed In a 3 I reading. Hy li'eneral comniillee, bill repealing act annexing ptrt of Hancock to Hochester, and it was niderod to 3 1 readn g. l!nt;ri,ss(d Hills, To divide Ihe town of Windsor; in rel ition to ihe granl li-t of ll.e town nf l.iiieo'tt; pa-s'd, Senal" b.ll expli 11 Uory of see. 2a chip. 21 It S, of repiirs of highways; Jj icadin tg reconsidered, and llu lull was recnmuiilte ' Tho bill relalive tu th" election nl t lectors of President, iVc, was recommitted lo tha J. idl ciary committee. I'elitnms rijrrral. Ol Joseph A W ing and others of I'l.iiulicld.and J A S While and others of .Vorlhlield, for a new b ink at Mont elier ; In committee mi II. inks. Of Azel Spalding and 307 others for a division of the town of Alnnlpe-1 lier ; tu a select couiuiilteo nl live, consisting of Al-s-rs Converse, H.ud.-!oy, Ncedhiui, Calliu, and Slreeler. Thtt joint asfcmhly for Iho election of Judges of Iho Supremo Court adjourned lo Saturday liexl. Ill a. m in.. ... ' Itestiliihims. lly Mr Ilrovvn of Grand Me, instrucling the Jiuliciiry committee to impure in In the expediency ol a law providing tit tl all ,uid couuly i al',lt.r Veur in c.i illicers shall hold over until ise the legisiituro nils in up- j.'rm ,,L. Senile, nrdeiiug i ; .01 fo,, , i,e in ,IL. hiseiuenl roouis of Iho Stale llotiso ; relerred to thu Com- ral c.uninnllee, llv MrTidden iiislriicliugcnm luilteo on IMucation Iu i.i'pino as lo l ei uoces- sily ol provision for building wood hou-es for schools ; pissed. Adjourned. . Senate. . Wednesday, Oct. "5. 1 AlrJuitii hid leave lo withdraw f.o.n lile of, last scssiun Scnalo Hill, Nn2, providing lor ll.e 1 .''lahlishuieut of llu Sulo Prison on Ulo l.a '.i.,iiiit-IU "I I.IU 71HIU . ll.UII ."' ... ' l..u Air Kiuibill presented tho petition of .1 P Fuuuanko and uthcr fiienda of Fducation pr.iy - in" an act foe raittm all monies for the support nfcninmnn schools on the Grand List read and referred to the coinuiillco on Education. Uqmrlu lly Mr Junr, from Finance, in fa-i vor of the hill inrorporatinir the Troy and Ci- nad.i Junction Telegraph 0 ., read twice and hinged to he on"ro-scd. Hy tho fame, from i . " ...i I .l . l... !..... . i same coin. In lavnr 01 me uni relating 10 ia. on I.tiioiiln suml :iml laid on the table, Hv Mr k'lii.tiill. fnim 1 Im com. on thu bill to divide the i town of Windsor, tint the Mine ought to pins til Oil 1 10 t.ll. .'. I it, u ir...i t...i..., i.i ..:.,.. -r owou urn-. en m -ii.ih..i ..v.... , Judiciary committee to itupiiru into the expd-1 "lency ol a l.nv gi'ing mio jurisuuiion ui 'J he vote on the bill admitting tlie IcMimony "f p iilies to suit- was reconsidered, on motion of Mr lleeimn, and the hill hid on the table. ( 'J'I'C ensros-cil hills to m il,o the Atl inlic and 'J'he vote on the bill admitting the leslimony ' l-iwrenco ll I! C . an incorporation of this Male and m relation to tender ol auicnu", vVc 11 " " '" ""cu. It'll. I I I Hills inlrmlnrul. lly Mr Sweal. restricting dauiiges lor accidents Iroin insufficiency of budges to load- less than 10,000 pounds reail twice and Iiy .Mr .1 1 lelerreil to coniuilllee on Load- Kulder, a lull lo incorporate mo We-t Randolph II ink read twice and referred to the coihiinllee on Hanks, lly the .same, re-1 deleiidilit i '." process read twice and relerred to J the llouso hill extending the provisions ol our law on divorce to imn.ilur.ili.l persons i i ii.., ....i.., , ..I- ...... .. .. ...i. , i and read a third linn", when the piago was , opposed by Mr Chandler at some length, on tlio ground ol impolicy, as inn law was more lib"-1 il in this in titer than thai ol other Males and coiinlries, and could nut lu exlendid a- prni I'd w ilhoiit causing trouhlo from iiiimerous ap plications nl those who could not nblatn tlivur ces in Stales itc. where lh"y righlfully b-dong-' ed, itc. , .Mr J 1 Kidder replied to Mr C ; thought ho cried respecting the law sought to h" amen did, as well as respecting thu effect of the pro posed law which ho believed judicious and right, and should be pi-.-ed, , .Mr C it'i'.iiied and nninlained his position. I Al s-us M ad and While supported the bill on the ground tint no ili-linctioti should he undo between our own citu-us and olheii when on i lotion ol Mr I'reuch Iho hill was laid I on Ihe table. , The II 'ii-e H lis r.ii.-ing Ihe Stale Auditor's salaiy lo ijOO, and the bill amending Ihe act ' iiienipor.iliiig ll.e llratlleboio' 11 It C '. were re t'l twice and reflectively relerred lo the ap propriate coins. The House Hill to repeal the act annexing part of II incock to Hochester was read and le I'errcd lo a select coin, of three, and M-s-rs Al ad, Walker, and French were appointed thu rum. Adjourned. H irsi: Pr.iver by the l'.ev. I'.li Hillnu, Tho Spe.iker aiinoiinced Ihe following com inillci' on the lull relative to joint stock compa nies M -,,srs lliihbel, Phelps, J'l igg, ol Wil mington. '. lithmi rrfrrrnl. OfThoinisK Hracc and others, c Hunt and others, an I Svlv iiius A I mis and olh'Ms to eoinmillee on I'o.ids; of Porter Perriu and others ol H'rlm, lor Hinli at Alenlpeher, lo coniuilllee on 11 inks. ' Miliilh'ii. llv Mr Necdhain, for a diges ted index ol all laws since tho levision ; refer red In Jud cniu. Oil nintnm of Mr ll'irdsley, Iho report of Ihe fi'iiunissioners on stale prison was refer red lo Ihe com. on Ihe stale pii-on. Tho coiiiiunuic illon lioin Iho Secret iry nf Stall, vvitli a reinoiisirance ol the People ol Ca - n id t ag mist i ili.t ntriing the navigation nl Mis - SISCII It was relerr. d lo a coinnulti e of live. A rnpie-t i, I the President of New .ler-ey Histoid-il S.icieiv for Politic ll,'cuinentsvas re l.ired In ciiiumill.'e nn l.iliriry; and a siinil ir reipp'st frmn S.iti I.ilir.m in ol hull tu i, ind nl M M lloliiusoii nl New Oilcans, to tlio same comuullee. Ii,ii,,rts Hv Judiciary cn, nniillee. lo be ill-- , r n i ii i ehirged Iro.nbdl rel.iling to gr ,d b-l ; agreed ll, I. ,11 C I .. F... I I.. ................. .... ,1... 1 to, and lull releired to eoinuiillee nn tli rand It-t. liv aint' again-t legl-l.tlinn relative tu """"si 'I" .1'" ") ."' oxi'ciiinui ; hi I i.'l.tliug in ,iiH'ti iiiuii pnini-e cniiis1 HtM n u i-ur-lb red to 3 I te nling ; li.ll linking cnniiiies li ible fur shenll's, and it wi ordered In a 3 I reading; agiinst bill i.i epl,in ilion of see. 0.1 chip. li S. and it was ilismij-eil ; bill In anieii'l act reiaiiiigioiiii'Circus ..n.l..lhere.vhihiliniis,anl ,ut , ..inrehcn-ion might uri-e among the it vv is o.ilered lo a 3 I leading, lly coumnllee ,,enle,as proclam ilions bad already been issued on Stale Pn-on, bill milling lo insane pn-oners, (r L. )oe , , ,,e , ,lf Nu.eiiilior ; and and il was iird red lo ..I reading, lly Judiciary t.v :1,u (,l,jecled to a chango a. re-p-cts tho couiinittee, hill relalinglo s imposed mi turn-1 pi,,,!,, v ,-tem. Messrs Converse, 11 'alon piko corpuralinn-, and it was onleied tn 3 I read-1 ulu H'l'iillen.ore oppo-ed the amendment, argu nig. lly t.e.ieral eoinuiillee, lint Artemis ,,,;; i1Hl 0 m.tiee, other than tho tioveruor's Lewis and oilier- and l i.iliu.l'r Perriu and ,,r,. ,tion, i, required a, to Congressional nilier-, h ue leive In withdraw their petitions, t.!t.Cliot ; that one day's time would bo -aved 0essary relalive lo pr.,il,-ing allnmeys, and pe- - ivilhdraw. " s . i.H.i.i. ii , m i. ii.. 1..1. . ,iv tilioners on tint stil.j 'cl I. ..I loive In Hii'j inlrnlurid nnd nhrnd. llv .Mr tolla- tner, to let out the labir of convicls of si lie piisou; In commilteo on stile prison, lly Air llirclnrd, to pie.-crvo li-h in i.emonfiir ; to members of Addison county, lly Al 11 iller of Jaiiiuci, to iiiii'iid chip. 3 ll S ; to Judiciary n iii.iii, tin.. Ilj Ms Sii.lie. In iiineii I see.. II c' 1 111 It S: to .1 id ciarv coiiiuiilleo. 11 Air 1 .Men, lo annex put nl llridpoit lying e.,-t of I .ft.inml.ttr fit ( (irmv.tll ! tit s.tli(!t t'oiimi if I iP. with a iielitiun on tho sanio subject, II. AIri ..'...-... . - , . , White, lo a' ol.sli gambling', to comm'.llec on Flections, Fioiii tho Sen. tie. constituting the Atlantic and Si. l,awr nco It ii'mad Comptnv .. ci.rntir.ittoii nf this state : to committee on Itiads Col. J.iscit lUT'il, was app.i,,!ed Cene- nil 31 bn.ade K-t divi.-.on, bftt . ole. l.igrufsed Hilh.l ixingsaluy of auditor of accouuls agtin-t tin. state ; to amend act incur - por.itiug and l itchburg ll.ulroad Co. ; In rep- al act annexing pari ol ll incock to liochesler soveially pa-scd, Air Ctrp. nter of X. called up (ho bill incor - noialing the Vt. Annual Conference of the Al jthudist F.piscopal Church ; 1 tid on the table. 2 o'clock, P. Al Sen vtf Mr J. I', Kidder tillered a resolu tion instrucling Juiht'i iry commilleo to enquire into tho expediency of a law giving criminals ' tho light ol trial hy jury at coiirls ol examina- 1 tion b lore julic"s of tho peace; tnseil. I M'l... II. I. .11 i-..t.itiii.. I., ll... ... .... Clio llo.i-u lull relating In (lie grand list of I l.liieulo was read 3 I lime and passed. .Mr Forgii-on called up the bill lor dividing tho lo .vn id' Wnul-or, when nllera slaleinenlol fids and leiuarks in fivor nf the bill bv .Messrs Fergti-nn, Collmrn and While, tho bill was or tlertd to a 3J reading Ibis atlernonn. Tho llnii-e bill relating In divorco was called up by Mr KiuibiP, who moved an atneiiliuenl that no iliv ireo he granted for causes accruing out ol Iho I iiiti-il M iles, iVe. winch vvasnppo. sed by Air C rindler and lost, and alter desultory between Mr. Sweat in l..vor and .n ).-....-. i iiiiiiirii aim rstewari ag.uusi uie Ihill, it vviu laid on Iho tablo on motion of Mr Itelliell. Tim hill In il. vide Wimlsnr uss read third lime and passed. tnuu .,., .iinu, ' s;,ir,.' ;...ii,.. rr il. I : ,vn.i,r were leceivisj aul rtle.-ied lo coiiiniilleo under ' 5th joint i ulo. A Ijoiiincd. Hotsn. The chair announced the follow in? select committees : On roinnnslraneo from Canada aguint oh- strticling Iiko (,'hainplaln Messrs lliihdell. llrnck, Necdhain, langborn, llutler of Alburgh On hill annexing partof Hridport to Coronal .Messrs Allen, ki tehiim, Strong. 11.11-.,.. 1. . I .... I ... i I II.. st-- uius iinrmiueiu unit rijermi. -iiy ur worss. toniv the town of Duxbitrv: to committee ol Claim.-), llv .Mr Whittctnoro. ntnondini' act re. lating to bridgo aero:- the tand bur from Mil- "'II , III CIIII1CI) lltTC Oil ',,;,. ... ;.,-....; nr i r:.,.n , K ...... ... , faoers, .corpor.uors oi me l my aim iireeniieiu imumuu viuiijuuij; inr n;iimi way uiruugo He loiiowing appointments wero maile. j Hoiiaue Kahiv, ..State Supt. of Common .Schools, iim:iiimoii iJy. iiewimitdx i ol-xtv. 1 he following appointments wero made. Ilenj. I'. Morgan, I Ai'i'lnnt Jmlitv rflhc M ajor 1 1 tvvley, V ntnlij V mrl. Jasper Viall, Dorset, .SVri'. Airnn Denio, llijli lliilij)'. Win. S. Soiilhttorth, Slate's Attnrny. Hlacknian II. Ilrovvnell, Judge if I'r'uliiitrfnr ,. i;...,v, -n,;,,. Chimin I.. Al .tier. .Wire nt VruUlc fur Ihe );,;, ,, 1,,,,.;,.., , Alexander Hilling, John lv, Jn-1 Volentine, ,, ,, ,,,,;..; . ,,i'i, ,'.,.;, rj,',. ;. j,,),,, (, twts n.lrw j Andriis. M. I). Itioedwin, l .'mwiissivmrs if the jnil ul M'lii- chtstcr. VIHIIM t'H'XTV. Thomas Miller, ) ..-istait .littles nf thv IMitd Arnold, ( County Cmrt. ''' thv Hall, N'nri'. A bucr 1 . Jnliii-oii, lliih lUhff. l.dward Knkl.ind, .SV ii'a .Uturiinj. : Itoval Ivlor, Judge if Vo(e fur the District " Waitoro'. Divid C iiindler, Judge of I'rubnttfor the . '"i'.."o 'l''"'"ilrr- illiaiu Ad mis, Henjamin Ormsbec, Nahuin Iliger, Jii7 UummUiifiitrs. r.l ri. i mi cni-.TV. Cordon Newell, ,si'ait Judges if the Ki-ha Allen, dually Cuurl, Jacob IMgcrlon Kiill.iii'l. S'uriiK Moes ll.avks, IligK IhliiK Win. C. Kittitdge", Stutd's Altnru-'j. llirvey Hullon. Judc if I'rnlfili: lMwin I'el.'eilon. Martin C. Fvotls. Cinrlei Hurl, Jiiil Cuiniiiibimmrs. AlllllsOt Ctll'XTV. ( Cenrg" Chipnnn, ) Judges rf thi Klias Holluni, j' Cmuity Cmirl. , I) nid S. C lurch. .Middleburv, .V.cii. Aa Chapman, IIUjl ll'ilif.' ' John Proul, Sl.itrs Atlnnuij. ' N'ahum Parker, Calvin Hill. Justus Cebb, Jail , Ciimminioiicrrfnr Jail nl .MiiUklmn. John Pierpoiut, Samuel Morgan, Flliott Sher rill, . nl ( 'innmitiiiinersfnr Jail nl Yemenites. Horatio Seymour, Judge if 1'robute for the Dhtrirt if .tt lisnn. llirvey .Mun-ill, Jwlgnf 1'rubate fur the Dis trict if Sew JJaicn. WASHINGTON' COf.NTV. ' Hnderick Hie hirdson, Assistant Jndgtsnf lliioeh IJ, I'litiiam, ij the Cnuiitij Colic. Ira Al I, oud, Woodbury, Sitrijf. K.ra Kidder, yA ll.iliff. ' Charles Iteed, Sale's Allnrnty. Hem in Carpenter, Judge if I'mhnle. A.el Spalding, C urlos Lyman, Win S.Clark, Jail Cvinniitsiiineis. j Senator Ferguson moved to adjourn to Friday next, HI a vi. Ayes i.u;, noes 103. .'i-ihII-- III, lienor-,! i ',,,, iltnn .mm.l 1 rr.t , , for plank floor in Iho hi-omenl moms ' r ti,., si ,t.. 1 1 . . , , .,,i ,, .., i ,1,1 ., ,i... ,..i.i.. I ii.. .,,,., ,.,' n..i.i ii,'lrvl.... n n .it I Somerset to Sltallon, (for waul of notice,) and 1 Ihe peliliouers had leave to withdraw, lly Ju 1 du-i iry ( 'ouuuillee, lull on eleiiimi nf F.leclors ol Pie-tdenl, .Vc and .Members ol Congress, pro viding for the elections nn tho 7th of November .i I,..,..., ii, 'I',,..., I i ..i... ,.i;.,.. i P.,,. '"'.'. i. . ..i...,...i .... ""- v.. .1,1;,.- nil. m- fit liiii in ,0 second trial hv plurality. Mr 1 liibhull inov . . . '. .... i ,., .iiticml by striking mil all relating to inein- 1 ,0 f ( 'nmriess. leavin.' Ihe.e elrrlinns to 1. j ,,eii n,0 o, Tm.May N'nvcuiber ( I lib.) . and reipiiri ng a niHjorily of all the vntes tu elect ! Amendment siippnrlnl hv .Messrs lluu'icll .Needh.iui and lieard-l. nd I eard-ley, who objected that Ihe short lo nolHy the people of a change respecliugn.emlK'rsol (.ingress, and, tune is loo in Iho I ivy re as 111 I iree-ourtlis nl I ho reetnen 1 1 tho hlale hv '. " " : '. ," . u ill a nh.t it w s . 1 , ?u ' ' h ". ,otu,r , eerl llrai,v ,iu. ,., trial, in- ...m,., ... ,, r-,i1...f,i .n ,,l .-..II I nnes , out all Ihe Ireemon. Tne aineii.hnent was re jected, 1 17 too si, and the hdl was imsseh. Adjourned. Tiifiisiivv A. .M.Oct. 2d. c, ... I'.' . .1"..: ... ! .. - "l,."". 1 Mmse o jn iru j,,,,, ,,e expediency of prose- ' , i . . i T-1 .: r -".,.. - .. I' r in. 1 nri nv -ii'tn!1!). Mils inlr,,luc,,l.- ly .Mr White, regaling 1 uie act tu ia in, relating to uivur.-e, reau .win- 'and referred .0 Judiciary eoinuiillee. Hy Mr 1 t' 1 I . ... ... I . . . I r -. iV'T: V.: vi i ., ' 'Z , ' : I ! , X m, , , , 4,11h mil,., selmnl lllv :ls rt..ttrB t Mi-ing uionev apportioned lo , the llllml,er u( scholars iu dtsiricls read and ,'errflj , 0Ilim,Ul-o on Fdticalion. Hv Mr Stewart, an ad toi'slahltsh county work j re;u llnj referred lo a commilleo of one Si- , n.tor Ir.uu each counly, who were announced ' by the eh tir In cons. -t of Al 'ssrs Stewart, Kid der of 11 Ml. .Mead, Fox, Collmrn, Keyes, il.unil. ton of Chit. Carpenter, I lubb ird, 1 1 ill, lledlield, White, (.'awford and Davis. I Tho bill from ll.e I louse relating to President i Fleeter- and .M 'inbers ol Congro-s was taken 1 ItnmtMcids tn general coumiille.'. OI com I up, anl the amendment proposed by the House ltlll(,0 r tl0 roriHiratiou of Moi.lp lif ' vill-igf, I vva- coiiciiricd III. I thel.'et coiini.illeo on Ihe inlilion for tditi.lon Tho Gov. lrans.nille.1 tho report ol H mry Stevens, in relation to Ihe prnctiriug certain due - tuiienls and clnrlers involving titles of lands in Vermont, under rt'snliilions of Iho legislature lor Ihat n..r,Ti-e, iVe, and rel iling also to M ,- Stevens, collection, with III." repottof Ihe coinuiillci' on iho la-t iriiued subject read and referred to the committee on Finance. Tho Judicii'y coinmiltee were dishirgeil .mm con-ider ilion of (he resolution relalive lo .vill'' jurisdiction of roads and timbres In led in. n. Hid Ihe lesoliilitm, on uioiion of .Mr J. P. Kidder, was referred lo commute on ro ids, HcjurU lly Mr Mead from, agiinst the bill relating In Ihe service ol Trus tee pmccs, and ihe hill reject.'.'. Hy Mr hm" m. . . , i . ..... v nn in n n. . . , - - I i:.r r,n,,leiini. the l.alllolKiru u-tll, Irinn couiuiiUee on iin-ius, in in. I and FiU'hburjh R K read and ped lo D: en. . 'grossed. 1 Tho cngros"d hill to incorpnrata the Troy and Cin ida Junction Telegraph Cj. was read s. third lime and p.isct'. Mr White called up Ihe bill relating to jtidg. ments Iiy confession etc. reported against by Jud. Com. and moved lo amend the bill, when after remirks by Air W. in favor of his motion, Ihe hill and amendinunt on motion of Air Kim ball, were laid on tho table, Adjourned. Hol'sk. Prayer by tho Rev. Alonzo Web ster. Itcwlitthns lly Mr Whittemnre, instruct ing tho Judidiary com milt, o to inquire as to re cords of official acts ; adopted. 11 Mr S.'y mour, raising a noted committee ol three to exa mine proceedings nf auditor nl accounts igainst the Stale , adopted. Air Divis of lliliimoro had leave of abscnr.o for Ihe remainder of the session. Ileiorls nf C immitl'V!. Uy Judiciary com mittee, that no legislation is required relating tu honk aclinus ; again-t resolution for disfiMcd in dex ; and it was dismissed, lly coinniitteo on military affairs, bill relating to the militia, and it was ordered to 3d reading, lly committee on It.uik Senile bill extending the charier and in creasing tlie of the llink of Hrattlelmro ; laid on tlie table, lly committee on Kdncation, agjint bill relating tu raising money for schools, also against bill repealing act of last year rula live to disbursein "lit nf chool money ; both dis-tui-sti'. lly Judiciary committee, again-t h,ll relating to lees of justices in t iking depositions, and it was rejected; anainst Senate bill ma king void sites of pcr-onal properly in certain rusps. umi It v.s l.ilil mi ll.u l-ii.l.,, ...cjlixl Senate bill relating lo suits at law, and it was rejected. I'ditinns rtfcrrcit. Various peliliom on thn subject of removal of lb" Slate Prison were re- ferred to couiuiilteo on stale pri-on ; of Amos Hurgess, to Judiciary conmillee ; i.f lloraca t c eru, to cmnniillee" of Ways and Al -ans ; of Uenj. V. Haskell, and Marcus O. Potior and others, lo select committee on annexing part of llridpoit In (.'ornvvull. , Hills intrmluced and rrfcrrnl.U Mr Cm. verse, amending chap. 05 It S on guardians; lo Judiciary committee. Fnun the Senate, rela ting to tender ol amends ; lo Judiciary commit tee. The following flections wero made in joint as-eiiibly : J. .McM. SiiAiTEn, cf Burlington, Secretary of.s'tate. 1st Inllnt. 117 01 0J 1 21. 1:20 01 53 1 J. McM. Shatter, II. It Il'urdslev, S. 11. Colby, Homer K. Kovce, Win. P. Hadg'r, l.CTHEit Cross, of .Montpelier, Sirg; I.ulhcr Cross, 121. Win. P. Bulger 51, ltufus It. Itikor i'J.Scat tcring I. II. HoDr.js, of Uiitltnd, Auditor cf Accounts against the Slate. Silas II. Hodges 120, Stephen Smith 62, Itoval Hatch 15, Silas lingers I. The joint aembly dissolved. Fi.r.cno.N of i". s. sf.xatop.. The II him resumed the special order, beinj the resolution to proceed to elect Senator this afternoon. Mr Ileaton inoved to lay it on th" ta ble and in ike lithe speci il order for day next ; supported hriellv by AIer Xeedham and Heardsley, and opposed by Air Cjnverse. Ayes, 108, noes, 101. The next special order was considered, being bill in alteration of ch. 1 K S, providing tint nn h illot for town representative shall be commen ced after 12 o'c.l ck at night. The bill was supported by Mes-i s Dean ol C , and Il?ard ley, and npKi-ed by Messrs Hubbell and Hist ings, when .Mr Whitemore moved to lay Ihe bill on the table with a v iew to amendment screed to. Tlie next special order, being the bill to ex empt homestead- (mm attachment was taken up. Mr Carpenter of X. moved lo strike out S5"0 as the limited value of homesteads and insert S500. Mr C ill.nner moved lo d.-miss the bill. This motion was opposed by Al -ssrs Hear.lley and Cirpenter of N',, and siipimrted by Messrs C1 Minor and Hastings. Adj. 2 ti clock, p m. Seiate. .Mr Ferguson ollVred a resolution instructing Iho committee on IMtiCKtion lo in- ,lir0 jlt(, ,,, ,.vp0lllcncv f abolishing com !clmo, M1)crill,0IM .m'pe,!. s B Mf uJ(ll.M ff01n ,.,,; county commilteo mi JMiicitinn iii favor of the hill to provido schnnl di-trict libraries, by amending it so as lo include m ips and charts, and give Ihe selection nl honks In prudential committees imendmciits adopted, i4t i the lull, afler bjing further amend ed, on motion of .Mr II uniltou ol C ill. so as In exclude books favoring religious seels, and po litic il parties, was ordered lo he on Ihe table. lly Mr ltedlield from sdect eoinuiillee, in favor of Iho bill to establish county work houses ill ' "' ,l,u bl" '" c:l,u"1 c""'y ;"r,k .""" cnn.iectioi, will, juls-read and Mid on f .' 1 tho Tho engrossed hill lo extenJ ihe time for completing llralllelmro' and Fitchhiirgh Rail mad, was read thud lime and pa-scd. Air Ftrgusoii, from cominillee 011 bills, re ported that said cominillee hid presented In i the (inventor Inr approval and signature, sundry , wl.lcl, ho enumerated, after which the M ale Adj. Horse liri"rts rf Commuter. Hy select pnmmi let', on u noli Mini n J M iviljbv. ir 1 '.1 - 1 , .,.,lnrP , .Nl..,.rk.'' b!1. lilt . - , - . ,.u. 1... 1.. i.. -. ... ; ; - ' dn-lruhig' ,0 ch 1 'il h was la nl 011 the Utile. lO'llIK" l l"l ll IU. J V l HUH. Ill) IU II lllll i- 'tee, lint des..itiotn nnv bo under som" cir- admire by the cmntuitter of ! f ";. "'J'1 "''" '""-;'"J " u P'rlicar ca-e belure the cnmuilee of elections, Iho cominitteu gave no opimeii it all ; lam on the tattle. solutions. From the Senate, that a com niiltee of three from each lloit-e be apimiiitcd In iiiipiire into iho ixped.cncy of prosccli.. the (i. 'illogical survey ; c.iucn'rriil in. lly Mr Tilden, for election of Hank Cotnuiissiouer, ID a.m. to-niorrnw ; passed, litmus r-ferre.l. Of llolden Pelnain, Hiid others ; lo eoinuiillee on Hanks, Of J S Jones, relilive In military law : to comiuiltie mi nub t.lry air.iirs. Ol'Vi It June, fur exemption cf , ( ,10 (m ,l( ,npelier. 1 r l'fenrh of II. moved lo reconsider Iho vot. ,h, mi. sing the bill repelling sec, IS chap. j,sj s. uiKin" v hich a spirited dehale arose, , ,...r. il ..linjs, ll. ane ol C , Dixon, Smilh of i' Cnu'iilcr ol N , and ..illi-more- nipisirl- ln.. th uioiion to reconsider, and Al '.rs Sabiu, i lj!irdsley, Allen of.M., Parker of C., and Xeed. , ,:1M, opposing it. The llietion preiailid, and he lull w is laid on the table, , llilh tiilrmli c d uud referred, lly Mr C III. ,ner, regulating courts; In Jii.!,Ci.iry cominillee. i rom the fsenale, incorp ualing Troy and Can.ula Juuclioti Telegraphic Co, ; to cominillee of ways and means. Select committees appointed: On resolution relating to uuditor of account Al-'s-rs Tilden, Hiibbcl, and Ruscoc. On Geological htirv?v Alctsrt Sseimaur iinev, Ivichardton il 1'iilnev. Adj.

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