Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 3, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 3, 1848 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FBXEU PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, November 3, 1848. FltlDAV. Oct. -St. Ssnati:. Tho Houso joint resolution fixing on . limo t cbnn-o ;. Hank Cnmmissioner, was tiltt'ii up and 1 .i ill on the (able. 'I'ho chair Knnnunctd tin' upKiintincnt of Mc-sri Stewart, Sweat, and ) lie com nnllec on Ifio part n the Sen ite relative to the coninb'tlon nf tlie C Jodtiififiil survey. Jfr.M ! inirtifl ttretl a bill reiiuiringtue statu tory nuttL-o before anting on applications lor di viding (owns an. I altering tn-'ir li n it- road twice an I n fern'. I tn Judiciary onniiittoo. Tlio Ilnu-e joint r"-cliit!i"i letating Id milting the fnioly p-v'pil law rcprtuifj l'rpsi Electors and Members of Congress, (v:ls conciirri'il in. ll-po'ls. J)y Mi" Went tVimi st led commit tee, in fivnr til" the bill In repeal the net annex ing pal l i f Hatcoi'k In ltnchetpr road -pcond time, und uf.'rred to JuJ. cum. II y Mr J I1 Kidder from Jin1, com, in favor ol bill to repeal the net of 1S-1G. irlalim to divorce passed to be cng'o-s ('. Hy .Mr Fox from committee on Kdtit u' ion, in fivor of I lie lull to provide f t til 1 in(f vacancies in -chnol district ollices read and pnssid to bi ei grissed. Hy Mr Kiinbill from coininilte on Ituads, in favor of the bill to in corporate the Danville It It 0 ., which aflerbe- in,' amended, on motion of Mr Mall, -o tli it the words and I'usuinpsii; shall lie insulted in the title and wherever it occurs passed to he en-gro--cd. The IfoiH" b II trilling to Iho rpenditurei of fines si a 1 1 I Turnpike corporations, and re lating to I I'n ii l'roliato Courts uere ta lien up and ic-p.-ciivcly The H ue bill in am 'ii.i'.n'tit of the R S, re lating 1 1 1 ircuse- n lid ol her cxhmiti.ins, vya- read ii ml rel.'i led to committee on I'm nice. The lluti-e I). II in iking countie- liable lor the defiull nf SherilH and II gh Hailifi"-, was read and re ferred to J idii i ir coininitiee. The lliiu-e bill in addi'lon In the uc lor theieliel of the Insane in the State Fiism roul and relerrcd to com mittee on F ui:.c T i" H i ise hill to repeal the act to a in x pir of Han uol to Rochester, was read '.U time and pa-scd. Mr Dean called up lh" bill In establish Co. work lioii-es, Hhii'h had been favorably reported j pecially it would h.'no a great elfet in prevent by -elect committee, and he opposed Hie further ing u.-ury, and tint it would bo a shorter way pi-ageol the lull, on t.'.u ground that there thin chancery fur men to obtain their jiM would be but few in our juls who would he j righis. proper siil-j.vt. that masters were to b appoint-! Mr Chandler retdied, and opposed the amend ed with -al iiies which would huideii the conn- j ment n well as the bill as a dangerops innova ties, and the piianpe of tbe-e niii-ler- with the lien, and uncalled for. hut prpfened th" bill as it c'i inge of Jiidne-uf the court appointing them, stood ; w lien alier Mr Wuite hid rejoined, the with thecon-upieiii change nl the k'ud ufbi-i- i ipu".lion of .iineiidiii0' was put, and lost yuaa U. ness to be carried on, would lead to Cull-tint IHS-.2I. tronWe and lo-es Ii l'ie eonntrv. Mesrs Swi.u, H ibbard, J 1 ICidder, nnd B 'em in supported .Mr Dean, and Messrs It".l- .. .1.1 I.....-., o. r p I HM.:... i... 1 tield, Kpvps, Stewart C d'jurn.iind White spoke iu favor ol the bill nu Hie ground that it might 1 e a beii'-tit to some eountips, and could not nun iiiose wno-e suu.uion urn not n quire it was leiiopiiunary iotne couniips to adopt me ; committee against pelilion relating tn repeal or eysteiu or not that it would op -rate humanely lcc).0 :uv . nUlt otititit or X. Capen, rela and Humbly in ol juvenile ollender.s nnd lin , ,u llL, nn, petitioners had leave to mid that the people of villages and the location above nam should have the privileges id the sysie n wncn moy inuug.u u.ey could uo Dene-, ,v cullim;t,co nf -.iy; alv Means, Senate bill filed by its inleptiou. iu'enrpoiatiu tlei Tiny and C.ui.iJi (irand June- V lien, alter some furiher opposition to the Uol, Telegraph C, , amended, and it was recom bill hy , er J 1' Kidder and French, the lor-; miUl. iiv Judiciary committee, bill in amend-,m-'r,,n 1,0 .r I'1 !'." Hie l"f,",' udopnon cfl ,ncM ,( vi. r, ch.ip.ij2 R S, (notice of intention r.o swcni iu me p. ue wouiu M outsell a Hi -.. e t impracticability or earmng -noli a system , into elKc'. the bill w.u laid oil the table. , lioCjC l'rayerby Rev K, .T.Scott. O.i molion of .Mr Whiiteinure, the reading of1 (- ine j-iurii.ii it. is ui pcnseu wiiu uunng ine li' inaiuder of tiie ses-ion. Ililis intn!nrcJ and rrrm'. 11 Mr t'ang boin, concerning imigrant pis-pnger lauding ut ports in the Statu ; to Judii iary cominitlpe. Jly Mr t'anghiiru. for rplief id lliirlinglou, Charlotte, Kno-hurg. and South Hero; to committee nfj Claims. Hy Mr Strceter, to pay Daniel t'lilnim ; to "tiii"" committee. I Jl'wlititm. lly Mi C inverse, directing Sec relary of Stale to lorw.inl copy of act on elcc-, ., d Frchleiitial Flccturs. &c. iuimediatelv to constables ; paSM,. . , , -,, f jiV..(1i. in. ... ... ..oi.iy, i.i , rr-litiug tn pxeini-iion fro-n attachment, and it was dismissed. II' Judiciary rommitt"p, bill relating to allpring tow u lines, and it was order ed to 3d rending ; ul-o again-t bill on authen tication oT -igi.alures or ju-tice-, and it ihs-mi-sed. U ( eoiuinittep, hill to pre-t-erve li-h iu I."iiionf,tir ; ordered to lid reading, lly coin, on 1) lue.itinn, a bill for changing n iineoi l.el did Kngli-h ("las. School, and it wa- ordered lo Hd lending. lly eiuniniltee on Itnads. bill cnn-tilutittg AHantic'und St Law rence It illin id Company u corporation of Ihi Stite; passed, lly Judiciary comniiltee, relat ing to foe- in actions ir.icC'iuut, and it was or dered lo lid reading ; ngain-t bill ill addition to act relilinji to trit-teo process, and it was dis-mi-s d. llira"'il Ililh. Making counties liable for i!et.iult- of ShcrilV and High llaillll's ; in addition In act for relief of insane p'-rsons in Hie I in ine Stale I'ri-on; rei ning tn Lppiits Iron, l'robile fjmrls; in iimptid'nent of chap. 101 II S, relat ing to cirru- and oilier exhibition-; directing HBsPbsniPiit of lines against turnpike corpoia-tinn- everally pis-id. The II msc re-umcd consideration of Iho bill exempting bonie-teads friiui ullncliirients, Ihe que-liou being upon the nintjon to di-tuiss ; mid the iIi-iiii-mI wa- supported by .Mes-rstseymuur nnd C iiiversi.,aud oppo-pd by Messrs, Xecdbaui, Diton, and H aid-ley. The following appuiutments were made in joint assembly ; n'tAxcu: r rrv. ArielHirnlr.ini, ) Assistant JuJgct of ihe George 1' ll.ldwin, Cinuli Court. Oram-I II Wat-on. Orangp, Skerilf. Ira Kild -r, W'i iM t'lnl.indi-r li-t rm. .V .'- Attorney. Slpp'i n Th'-mis, Jailje of I'robate for the Pisli c f Levi 11 Vrii-, JaJjje of l'robile for the lit- trie! i'f Is ' ' 'i Am i- S II itch, Fliliu Xoitoii,L H. Gco'gp, Jail Co.)."' f f.f'TCY'CV COC.XTV. r.d-Mo I) .Masuii, .Mil t ii, Slurij)', J. W II. viip. Ihuli JSulif ' Win, 11 t'.-elich, .io. if I'robate. Jerome J ll anUlpy, St.i'i 'x A t rney. 1 l. llieliuitls.un, Siinuel II iiitiiigtun, Guy C Sampson, Jail I 'ommisti'nitrs, JiAMCIIiIJ: COl .Y7T. John Wi-t, I A'siilant Juilgesif Ihe John 11 II yint. C unttj (Jjurl. Geo. W. lUiley l.luiorp, .S'Vri', (ipnrge It.iyiiiond, High II utijl'. Wbitinon li Ferrin, Slate's Attorney. Arnnali W. CiIiIwpII, Jiulprof t'ra'iatr. O. A. Fit Divid Ciiiiji'All, Daniel Wi. wall, ..'a.f CoMinimwri. j:ssi:x corxrr. Paniii'l (!. Hiheiick, I Aaitlant Judges of the Hem in Airlinlt, inmnnj durt, Gen W G tcs, Luneiiburgh, lihrrijf'. Joel J F,ngli-h, ii IhitiJ. William tlevvvood jr., .icge of I'ro'nle. John Dudgp.'llpnry L. Walton, Horace I hit bard, .' ' 'niiitniniomri. GUASD lSI.n COVSTY. Wall.iic .Mull, Antrim t Judges of the David .Marvin, County Court. 11 id Land. .ii, hhtrif)'. Seneui II. I'ikp, ';'' It nltf. Giles Harrington, Stated Attorney. Selaud Wullney, ' I'n'tmle. Fliliu I'arks, Abner Ladd, William Itiisell 'bi' Coinviisshiiers. lU'TlsA.XI) COVSTY. Ilirvey il iltmi, Judge of I'robalefor the His trie' of lliillniid. Allium Wat ue, Judye of I'robate for te Dis tr'rlif I t i fit il 1 1 II. Joiiiia.stiolilv ailioiiriifd lo 3 p. in. 'I'lienhiv " "li o'clock, l' .M. Skxatk. Mr C landlcr olfercd a resolution rpscinduip the former one fixing on to-morrow, 10 A. M. to clioO'p Judges of Supremo C nirt, and fixing on this ,'ltnrniHin Ii ill' p.i-t 'J n'clock, fer purpose, which was passed. Wncn the House relumed the same with proposilto amend by liunn mi Tueil.iy next, at 1U A. M., which was concurred in. lttjorl:lj Mr(J i.mdler from .hid. commit tee ag.tiu-t the bill nuking counties liable lor ibfiults of Shi'iitis and High R .ilill-', laid on tlie table. Hy Mr Ficnch from conimillee on lOduc ttion, against tlieexp"diciii'y nf ehnlHiliig county !cliool Mip.Tintendants. Hy Mr Mead frnm .Iiulici.iry committee, in favor of the bill relating to appeals from I'robite Courts, and Iho name pifspd to a II I reading. 11 Mr .1. 1'. Kidder, fioui the came, in favor of the hill rela tive to applications tor dividing towns and al tering their limits, and the s une passed to a 3d reading. Mr French movpd that when the Senile ad journ it adjourn to 10 o'clock, A. M. mi Mouthy illuming carried. Mr White called up the bill tn provide for school district libraries, and moved to amend the same by striking nut the body ol Hie bill and in serliug a clau-e for appropriating f;;S for Ut vear, nmi y.i tier year tliereatler, tor purclia-e of maps, charts, and glnb"s, only which wa mppnrted by Me.-srs While, t'bindler and Ste wart, ami opposed by Messrs, French, and Walker. Tlie cuinmittie'.s amendments up ip then rejected, and the quo-lion of adopt ing M 1 1 million's amendment excluding m'C 1 in.iu hooks tin-1 1 coming up, 'he bill was agiin laid on tlu table, Mr Wnite's and Mflliunl tun's amendments pending Mr White e i lit d up the bill providing for lie admis-iou of pirlies to hints to te-til'y and pin-po-ed an ain.Midment limiting the provisions ol the hill to actions ol contract and for the lecov pry of Usury, ccc. u Inch he udvoc lied al Ipuglh. contending that in tbe-o cla-se- of suits there could he nmalid reason why men 'buiild not be couip'llej to disclose as in chancery Hi it it woiilil tend to inmnmli suits ami Iranus, am Mr. I. I'. Kidder then moved the hill ho indeii- nitely po-tpnned, which was carried veas nays 5 Adjourned to 10 o'clock M md.iy inornin, H il'su Rrpuris. lly Judiciary pnmrri'ltee, agiinst bill rplatiug to plpcliou of town repre- ollt,ivt,. , j, wa disini.-ed. Hy ( wilbdraw. It v -elect ronimillep, that no action is neccs-ary on the petition of Clark Wardner and Ul others, and they hid leave tn withdraw. 0f maiiiago niav be given by poking, or by cler- Lllll.ll III lull. Ill ONI MliiU UllUlt "I II - , ,, j. .. na r,i1,r,i L , i r.tln it.. eomlUll?0 0M nu,k.s, aguin-t bill to enlarge the cupiiti oi tiie ninii ol ot. Altnus, ami nu mo- tiunor.Mr U.'ard-ley it was laid on the hlo ; in favor or the bill to incorporate tho Vermont nanu, (, u .viouipeiier,; and on motion id Air of X it wa- laid on the t ihle ; ng iin-t bill to incorporate Franklin County Rink at St. Al bans, and on motion of .Mr lieafdsley it was laid on the table. Hevitttlinn. Fiom the Senate, postponing joint assembly to elect Judges- of Supreme Court. .Mr Dean of (,'. mined to li Tue-day next 10 a. At. as the lime; agreed to and tho resolution adupted. fly Mr lliovvn of (Irand I-le, as to V V .' .."....?. "' ' '"" ..Mil. ill- ..I 11,.. iii-n, . ,,l i.irt.i.1,. tn nirrmi, tor "ViVio.'i rem ,V.-Of Knos Cobb, to members 0 ijhittend-ii County. Uilli inlmhc U mul rcfcrml. Hy Mr Helton, , repealing all laws lor iiuilorin militia; to com j inilteo on Military Allairs, with petition ol" . i W. Iloyce and others on the subject, lly Mr Convt rsp, rppealiug art of IS 17, relating to road and bridge- ; to pomiiiilleu on limits, lly .Mr Merrill, iu amendment of ch ip. 8S U S ; to same coiiiuntlpc. , y.'ginsci Hills. Changing namp of l.eland and liiiglisli School to Leland Semi nary; pisspd. In amendment or act relating to the militia (member- of uniform cnuipinies to , draw :) uniiuilly I'ioiii the trea-ury ;) laid on the table. Tu net or 1817 lel.iling to school money, (re-lor'mg sec. 32 chap. 16 IIS;; supported by .M.'ssrs ftaUm and Ueuii ul u,, and pa.-sed. The lluu-e rpsumed coiisidor.itinn nf ill" lilt expuipting honiestpadsfrniii attachment. M 'srs u'Imi.,, ,., ..,i n.,. ,,r c i,ri..u a ii... lno.ion , dismi-s. and Mr" Collaiiier vvilbdrew flic- que. lion recurred on the motion of Mi Carpenter of X. lo limit the value of tho home stead lo !-i500, which was tulopti d. Mr C di nner proposed an additional section, providing that if any per.-c n docs nut po.sess real est ito he may hold money or any other property at his option to iheninnunt uf $&')(). Mr Carforiter of X. in quired whether the gentlciiun frnm llirre iuti-u-lied lo vole (or the bill, i1' lluis ampiided. Mi C illamer replied thai be did not believe thi ll iitso intended lo pass Mich a bill it was go' up for lliiucumb, iu his opinion, and be would not vote for it. Mr Carpenter ol X. replied HrU lie, I ir tlio uin tn earnest, and iig.iiusi tin aiiieudinenl, which was evidently propo-.d foi ihe purpose of del'eiting the bill. Mr t'ollamei defended his amendment ; il it is right lo ex eiupt sjo'jl) worlh of real estate, ho thought it i itjjli! lo PM-inpt SS'JU in cash which uiighl b. wauled to buy a with. Messrs lieirds- ley and Couver-e spoke brieltv to tho million until was leiectcd, Mr Ilaikii'-ss w is willing In exempt real es'ate tn Hie valuo ot l-iliOU, bin Ihe chair ruled an ainpiidmeiit uf Ihat kind out oiil.n '1'he bill was ordered to a 3.1 reading, 0!i lo 01 Mr Whilleimre c tiled up Senile hill rnlarg ing tho capital of tho Hank of ISratlleboro'. uul II was sup'ioited by .Mr llcaton , an 1 pass ed. MrHibliell moved when the House ad jourii, il adjourn lo 10 o'clock Monday iiiiiiiiing next ; agreed to. 1 lie reinoti-lrance of Cropl (..liamberhin nnd miters, against the light of Jo-pph I Jo nl Water- lord lo a seal, was relerred lo Iho commillpc ul r.leclions. Adjourned. Si.saie Mr Dean ofi'eied a resolution for n loitil aiseinhly, fixing on I'. .VI to choo-u UUCP directors, chaplain and hu pei intend tut of state prison, and a cuiiiinis.siont'i of iniHiip ; i assrd. Mr French i-lt'-red a joint resolution fiir ad j 'iiriiuieul next M uul ly morning j laid on the table. l.njtrosstdbillr. Tn incorporate ihe Dinville md 1'ass.uniniir. II II coi inv. lend a ihird lime, amended, on motion of Mr Hall, and pas sed. 'I'n repeal an act relating Iu divorce, read a third limo and pa-ed. Helming In division ol low ns and counties, and altering their lim U read a third llmu uud piused. 'I'd provide I'm filling vacancies, in bch.ud districts re.ul a liiiul lime and passu1. The llniiao bills to icpeal the act of 131(1, rp latiug lo ihvurci', and to regulate appeal.-. Iron. I'rnhale Coutls were taken up, read a 3d tnni and pissed. Tho repnrt ollhe cnniinilleu riied under tin resolution of tho Legislature in relation In tin localiiiu nf the Srale Fri-ou, was icferred to conimillee raised on Ihe bill lo provide for Slate Prison in lain l,i M ilt, winch cnuiuultcu win aniioiinccd hy Ihe chair lo be Mt'-sls llct'iiun Kimball -uul H-dlittd Mr U-em in introduced a bill lor forming a town by the name of Hrooklvn, nut of parts of Fairfax, Fletcher and St. Albiti' read twice and relerred to select cunimlttee of three, who vvero nnpoinled by the clulr, consisting of Messrs II 'em in, II nnilton of Fr. and llnbliird. And the option of M irtin I'rindlo and 23') others nu tho same subject, was presented by M' II 'em in. and referred to Mine committer. Mr Kimball, from cnm. on Roads, reported in fivor ol Hie bill exempting hum d images frnm ilijlllies on bridges or 'ii-inned by loads over 10,000 pounds lead 2d time and p.i-s'd to be engrossed. .Adjourned. Ilotrsr.. Prayer bv Rev. Flillillou. 11 nlitlimn. lly Mr Itnscoe,toailourn with out day Monday morning Nov. II: Mr Smith of V. mnvi'd tn hy it on the table, which was supported by M-srs Smith of II. and Whittc mote ami opposed hy Mors Itmcoo and Heard sley ; carried, lly Mr Cirp"nter of N,, in structing General committee to iinpiire into the expediency of restoiing the law of IH 12. relating to capital punishment ; p.ised. I'y Mr Town of Somerset, instructing committee on lind Taxes tn impure into the expediency nf alter ing the law relating to 1 uul taxes ; adopted. 'I'ho IIoue resinned order, repeal ing 'ec IS ch ip. lii R S. and on tnolion of Mr lluhbell it was laid on the table and mule the stieeiil order for 3 o'clock to-morrow- afternoon. m7.1 o' Vitm-mU'rs. Hy Com. on Rnids, bill cli.irtviiiig Vermont Valley It-iilrnul C .in- nany, aiul it was laid on tho table. Uy coin notice on C lims, ng.timt bill to pay town of Xoriuui! and It vn ili-mis'.pil. I't'Uliim. Of Frederick Fletcher and otlion repealing law agiinst trotting horses ; read and refeired to cuminittee. Adjourned. 2 o'clock, r. it. Sinitr. Mr Slowart ofl'ered a resolution instructing the conimillee on Ro ids to inquire into the expediency of a law establishing a ISnard of r.iilroul commissioners, to decide on location nfdepuls where the public interest is involved pa-ed. H'irl'. Uy Mr Juno from committee on the pelilion for annexing part ol lieiiMin to Orwell, tint the prayer should nol be yr.mted petition ers had lei ve to withdraw. i'tc. 11. the same, in favor of the House bill for Iho lehef of the insane prisoners lean M tune and pi-spd. It v .Mr French, for thp committee on the Hon-e bill altering tho name of the l."land Classical , and Fni'li-h school to tiie I. "land Seminary, tint the same ought to piss read a thiid time i and pised. 'J l.e clerk nf the II Hi'" now appeared in the Senate and announced the pa-sage of re-olu-thin hy the Ilon-o iu relation to the recent death of Mr Carpenter, the number frnm l'ovv ; whereupon Mr Draper of II iininglon Co. ro-o, and alter -i fjvv appropii lie remarks on the 1 virtues ol the decca-ed, and his loss to his re 1 1-1 live, tovvnsnien and t le public, ottered resolu- I lions tendering t,0 -v.npitl.ies of Hie Sen He to l.U r.n.ili- r,,r ti-,.":iiin, thff nii il liid 'ps of Humming, and fur iidiourniir; to unilo with the llon-e toa'tenl his funeral at 1 o'clock Ibis alU-noon which resolutions were unanimous ly pi ed, and accordingly, the Senate was pro nounced adj" irued. of a Mi'.Mann. M' II iker of .d mche-ier ro-e and annoiinced the death of bis colic igue, Mr Jonathan X. Carpenter, the representative from the town of 1'u.l!:1'' t s ii i.- ' Where upon the following resolution was in-. trodi.ced by Mr Carpenter of X., and alter ap- propri He and alt'ectiug remarks by M -s-rs Car-: punier or X. and Converse, was unanimously adopted : deep sensibility, the announcement of Hie de eeise of Mr Jonitliau X. Carpenter, a ineiuber of this H.iiisp. fiom tho town ol' I'mvual, which took pl'ico at his lodinnijs In this ullage ut 20 minutes hefnre 12 o'clock. M., Ibis day. Mr Smith of Weston introduced re-oliitioii", which were al-o adopted, tint tho members and ullicers of tlie II msc wear the iisinl badge ol inoiirniii;; during the rim under of the ses-ion and attend the fmieril ol the dece.i-pd, at I p. , . i . i ..... l. . , I... "': ,ms n" 1 UIU l"v -?leaKer appoint a com iniltee uf arrangements thereupon. W'tii.r.iMiuin llin eli.iir n n-ioilitpil Vlpssrs Coll. I vor-P, Ilriick, Me, nit, Carpenter of Xurtlilield, I in 1 h of p-top. O.i motion of Mr lI;aton, the Clerk was di rected to inform the Senate of tiie decease of the ineiuber I'runi l'owini. O.i motion of Mr II ir.l-'ev, the Clerk was .,,,.1 ,., ..,.,,.,,,;,..,. ,i. ,,,.,...,ti,,..s ,.r tho II,,,.-,. l Ihe t.i.nih- of Ihe dece-i-.-d. " 'I h committee unite rep ut of the necessary arrangement-for the funeral at 1 p. in. this day, to be attend -d hy all the olhVcr- nf Hi.; X.ition. ..I .... I -1..,.. .....i,r....,....lw ..........1 Ik, HI Til,. 1,1. li'iienJeut order ol 0 1 1 Fellow-; and as a fur ther in irk of re-pect fur the deceased, the House adjuiiri.pd. OFFICIAL, AX ACT i il . j' jl. . - . ! HI..!. ' V Ment and I 'lee I'nsalent of the Coiled Slnttx, and oj Mcmlnrs oj (undress Il is hereby enacted by t c general aseinbly of the" St ilo nf Vermont, as follow : Si.ctio 1. Section lilty-two of chapter one of the HevUoil Statutes shall be so amended lh it Iho time fur the election of Flectnrs of Fre sident and Vice I'rp.-ident of thp I'uiled Statps, is therein prov'ubd, shill herealter be on the 'I'uesd.iy next afler Hie first Monday in Novem ber of the jear in which they are to be cho-en. Sr.' , 'J. Section forty ol chapter one of the ltevised Statute-"ball be so amended, that the limo nl holding Ihe election- for member.- of C mgre-s iu ca-es therein provided, shall bo on the Tuesdiy next unci lue ntsl M mday iu Ao v ember. See. 3. S clion forty-two of chapter ono nf the Hevised Statutes shall Iu so amended that it shall be tho did) of the several clerks to whom the vutps shill be delivered, at Iho meet ing provided for iu said s,i-tiui, tn declare I lie persim having the grealc-t number of all the vote-, to b' duly elected to represent this State in Ilie. Cmigre! or the (huted Stales, and give notico thereof to tho Grvcinnr ol llii- Slate, Ailliin ono weik Inim the time appointed lor canvassing such vo'c St. , 1. C.inp'.er one nf Iho Hevieil Slatulps -hall be so iiuiended that in all places iii sald ehaplpr wherein occurlhu words 'second '1'iies I iv of November," Ihe saliio shall read, "Ihe Tuesday next afler iho lirst Monday iu No vember." Si.- 5. Seclion forty-four and foity.fivo ol chapter one cf Hie Itevistd S alules are hc-rub) repealed. S e. ii. S 'dlon fortvlwo cf clnpler one of tho ltevised S'atutes.'and section fourof an ict entitled "an act ud ittng lo the election ol members of C 'iigress," apprnved November IU lis fJ, shall bo so nineiidcil lhat Iho lime lor ll.e iiiet-ling of Iho Ciuiiity ("leiks iu Ihe suveral C ingres-iouul districts to cauv iss the votes for member ol Congress, shall bo mi Ihe Ihird, in lead ul tho seeuml 'I'uesd.iy succeeding Iho da) ol tho election ; and -t clion lilty-two ol chaptei hip id Iho lleu-ed S.atutes shall be so amen- ped lint the lime fiir setiug up the noliliciilion for tho election id F.h ctors of 1'resid 'lit and Vice Fresident, shali he at 1' a-t nda)s iu-lead id it least hi lie d ive b.-loro ihe day of Ihe clec iinii. .Suc.7. This act shall tal.o effect fiom its passage. Approved Oct' her 'JO, 1613. sTvt'i: ofTf.umoxi'. S-CiEtidV 111 SrAIK's, OlKK'E, ) Mon. p li-r, on. "7, 18 If. I, J, M i.M. S uiir.-, .S.-i'ieUry ol S ite Vpruiom. hi iiiiv ipiiifv lhat Hie Inreuoiug If iru i-iiiiv ul an act of the Gjneral A-eiiiuly ol the S ale, uppiovul October i!li, IS 18, of which ill persons will lake duo nonce mm gown themselves arcoidingly J M-.M. StIUTFi:. irrcc 3vc0 mfRMt:Toy, vt. Whig: AomiiKitioifs. For Fresident, ZACHARY TAYLOR., For Vice l'refiderit MILLARD FILLMORE, For Fdector.s, FKASTIT.S FAIIIIIANKS, ) timotiiv foi.i,i:tt. At J"irg0' r.COItOF, T. IIODF.F.S. 1st District. AXDltl'.W TRACV.'Jd DMrirt. Al.ltCRT I.. CATI.IN', 3d District. FI.IJAH CLMVKLAND, 1th District. For Congress, CJEOUGH P. MARSH. FRIDAV .MUltMNC, NUVHMUnit 3. 1813. (For the Daily Free l'lcss.) NtiMneii IV. The position of M . Van linrcn before the World is not very enviable. Men of high no tions of honor would nut bo willing to place Ihrmsehes iu such a ipie-tionablo position, lie h is voluntarily placed himself at the head of a fiction without eien a hope of attaining the professed object, and with the least possible chalice nf cniitiihutiug to any national benefit. What his actual ni.ilives are, may bo conjectur ed, but is not worth Ihc hbor of any enquiry. Smarting under the disgrace of being repudi ated by his political friends in 1811, ho may be actuated hy a spiiil of revenge. Hut whatever may bo bis motives or his object, he is filed to experience tho nio-t signal rebuke that ever awaited any doomed man to receive the curses uf ,U late oolitiral friends Hie reprobation of political opponent, and the scorn and iU'rion cl all. If there L a man in America that in dulges any hostile feeling toward him, they will soon bo mure than satiated. The hl-tory of Mr. V. II. is a sort of continued state trial, with uninterrupted convictions. I lis nomination as Minister to Fngland was rejecled , tll0 yenle lmder circumst:.ncc, and by such ' , . . . . , to a renders it a signal rebuko; R it, a intimated, the Democracy took linn up and madu him President in 1S3G. In tlie short space of four years he so far forfeited the confidence of the country, that in 1810, he was driven from power by a mnt a-tounding vote. This vote was not confined lo Whigs, but thniisands ol the Democracy joined to swell the verdict. In 1811 he was again brought forward by his frionds and partisans, but what was the result 1 He was rejected by the party, and a man put in . . ' -.- i i ii .,.; nomination comparitively unknown. Having had the election but for ono term, it was urged by his particular friends that ho was entitled to a rc.uinliial!on, but Ilie party was inexorable and lie was thrust aside. What the actual reasons arc that caused his rejection may never be certainly known, and I probably hut few will take tho trouble to en ' quire. It may have been an exemplification of i the remark of Lord Mansfield, that cunning is l the silliest thing in the world, and the peculiar j quality so geneially concided to him, may have I become odious to his political associates. Cold, I calculating, and sidlish, without any of that I .....1. ..r il. .t !i.ln...l. . Mtr..cts. it is not ondc"fiil that his adherents had become tick or his service and were wil ling lo be relea-ed. It is now in-isted by some of his present ad herents, lint his rejection in 1SH vai occasion- ed by Ills ho-tiiily oil the slave ipieslioli There never wasagreiter mistake. When had lie omitted anvthing that the South could a-k of " nlitlin!, nnuhing. he had .... become ultra in his devotion unlit tho very mall bags were subjected In Iheir police, lly his j known subserviency he h id acquired the equivo cal cpunuincn uf the northern man vvilh southern leeling-, and seemed proud of the distinction. , He admitted thai Congress had the cnn-tilu , ,l""a' P" M'-U " ",! Jls.1 ICt C.ilnnibia. but nroclaiuied that ho would veto any bill enacting its abolishment. What power lull he to veto such a bill, except on the ground ... , ,. I!i,. J ll would 1,-nn limn III lis uui;oii-uiiii...i.iii.j i violation of his dntv. His hoslililv to the slave power could not bo great if he was vvil - ling tu violate the con ittltlOll to SUStaIn It. Il is understood that Mr. V. II lent hi- inme and inllueneo, and probably his vole, tu aid iu the plccliun uf Mr. Folk. This is Inconsistent with the idea or any settled hostility lo slavery, or slave inllueuce. While Fresident he rejected the overtures of Texas for adim-sion, but the rejection had n ilhiiig to do vvilh slavery. It vv as on the ground lhat war vv as then existing be tween Texas and M xico, and that Hie L'nited Slates were al peace with Mexico, and his sub- sequent letters show, that the war being at an end, he was uol uulavoraUc to tho admission of Texas to the Union. His present hostility to slavery is assumed for the occasion, and is a pretext got up to create a patty, or rather lo draw around an old ptily, Iho fanatics of the liberty party. If his object is to create a Jivi rion in ono or Iho other of thu leading par - ties, he may succeed ; but lhat he can have the least hope of gaining anything like a respecta ble vote, is Impossible. He may possibly obtain Ilie vole of some one State, and thus bring his name before Congress, but tint is doubtful. Hut supposing ho gets the vote ol one State can that satl-fy the ambition of an honorable man who has no sinister views, and seeks only lo advance his country s good f ll ' s ho lias become insensible tu thu ignominy ol such a posilinii, his friends should have mercy on him and forbid tho immolation. There is something til cajtaudum iu the name now assumed by the FieeSoil parly. Hut in ils origin, the puty had nothing to do vvilh tlie slave question, fine soil, nor any such grayp nailer. The free soil i-, but a reproduclioii of 1, 1 .- 1 1 . :il.n..i r.-il,.iw 11 inu-jniiri, one 01 iniisu nyiiiii-. winch sprung into existence iu the ;mi7 stale for the purpose ol siiatcliuig Hum Old llunkei d ui a shvro at least nr the plumhr. The two f-u lions both appeared at lliltiuiure, and vvero arrayed as antagonists before the Democratic Convention, but not a lisp did we hear of free soil, of slavery, or of any stall piufound qurs. lion. The Hiuggle was for power.each claim- ing lo bo tho representative nf the pure demo ?rese.a.lvPs of the pure demo - tilllieHar.iburncrshavingleer. eratie pirlv worsted ill tho ffght, returned to nurse IheirT Reunite il That ilie NiirllMiavc a Mini interest in" wrath, and the better to forward their cause, eeT,W frrewed out from Mr. V. II., his famous letter, I Take nwny prnteclimi nmi jou sinkc down the disclosing to the world for the time, his settled Tc A prrnoj "L tiXt hostility to slavery in sill its forms. ,n menus ol nniimnlprie-pmty. Wc domainl itnsthe It Is a great pity his pent up hatred of Slave- ?& SSS' "M ry was not let loose before. If Mr. V. II. was Jletalrrd, Thai lie; ductrinrs of Iree trad.', nre.iuihe ,i i ,.i , ,i ... .: rm . .i prcsilit slalcof our forciuu coinnierie, enl rely I ilia really hostile lo the aniipxallon of Texas, lo the .j,,,,,, ,,cy nre but amumiMin in ihm..- ti hrius pxteiisiuu of and the war with Mexico, 1 down Ilie tree labor ol the North to tli- li-U'l id ilie lie had it in his power to have prcxentcd Iheso i ...poorra t . lt.n.. i n t.. I ...1 1. 1 1... I T I P. ', ,. ii.ii , Ins inllucuce could not liavo done much. Rut ho kept silent, or rather encoiiriged the aggres sion, and on the principle that he who has pow er lo prevent an evil and fiils to prevent it, Is responsible therefor, Mr. V, li. will bo hold chargeable by Iho enlightened world, and his late array of hostility to Slavery will avail nothing against the sentence of condemnation. Xl'MUEB V. When our Government was cstablished.Slave ry pxislpd iu most of the States, but it was con sidered an evil and no one then thought of con tinuing it as a principle of National policy. The gieat dilliculty was to know how to get rid of it. Some States had many Slaves, and limp was required to introduce any new plan, and each btato must be 1c It lo lunn and carrv out its own plans. Hence tlie constitution was a compromise, each State was left to manago its own allairn, but the action of Congress, it was suppuscd, would bo directed toward tho removal of the evil. To prevent any precipitancy it was agreed and became a part of the constitution, thai the importation of Slaves should not be pro hibitcd hy Congress before the year 1808, but they might impose a tax of ten dollars a head before that lime. Tho eaily history of the Government shows that Congress kc(t the subject constantly iu view and took eUcclual measures to remove the evil as f ist as practicable, and to prevent Hie possibility of its spreading. Tho idea that Con gress has no powerto legislate on that subject, is an alter llnught entertained by a section of i the Democratic party only, for no Whig can en tertain the !ca-t doubt. Al the formation or tho ennstitution, the Uni ted Stales, as such, possessed no domain, but as we know, va-t tracts were soon ceeded to them in trust for the Union, and Congress immediately legislated on tho subject. The celebrated Or dinance of 173" was formed for tho purpose of bringing the po.vcr of Hie nation lo bear on the question uf Slavery, and most cllcctmilly was il dune. This great measure wns adopted by an act of Congress at its lirst sesion under the constitution, and the legislation of that body has been constant and uniform from that time to the rejection ol the Compromise 11.11 at the last ses sion. The language of the Ordinance is that" there "shall be neither Slavery nor involuntary ser vitude in said territory, otherwise than in pun "ishmcnt for crimes whereof the party shall bo "duly convicted." T.iis principle has been af firmed constantly as new States' have been form d out of this territory, and not only so, but iu every instance where new territory has been acquired, C ingress has legislated in relation to this very matter of Slavery, and it is too late fur any sound statesman to doubt the ;u:ccr ul Congress. If we vvero to point to the prominent measures of Whig policy, hnslllilij In Slaiery would be among the lirst. Thev have never ceased tu ll'-v"c'lt0 H'O largest liberty-they have never ceased to protest against theexten-ion of Slave- ey. The action or our Stale Legislature has been uniform, the Wuig votes iu Congress have been as truo as the needle to the polo, and sh ill we now bo told that tho Whig party is not fa vorable to Ihu cause of liberty that tho non party, called hy way ol' eminence tho Liberty parly, are the only oincere ojmosers of Slave ry. In June 11.1, we hill a largo convention of Whigs for nominating a member of Congress, at which .Mr. Marsh was nominated. It will bo recollected by many, tint on tint occasion res olutions were p.i.-.-eil expressive of Whig poli cy, mid among them strong resolutions reproba ting Slavery and its inllueneo on our iu-titu-tions. I ask tint they uny he re-published, lhat all tiny see tint hostility to Slavery is not , " ""r "if"'. 1 1 lesu resolutions weru 110(1111 These resolutions I . .i, , , , i Kn0,m '" Mr- -:lr1'. ""J iey who were pres. 1 ,'"t 111111 excellent speech will not need iuh.iiu'.ii nun in.- iniiuigu it.miii tavor of tho largest liberty consistent with the constitution. Mr. Marsh was (Am oppo-cd to the extension of Slavery, nnd every voto lie has ever given in Congress has been again-t it. He i- again-t Slavery now, body, heart and soul, und if the district deiiniul a stronger man, they will bo troubled to find him. Hut to the reso lutions. Free I'rcss, June 1C, IS 13. Uevilred Thai freedom is man's natural birth- right, Ihe gill ol llod lo nil Ins crt-utiires, ut which no , man e in be depiivt-d excepi lor viiil iiiunsol ihoselaws which secure the wt-ll-U-iug of the community. JlcMiilied That civil (ievermufiit has us foiuidn liou iu Ihe duty of nil to proteel each nnd ever) uu. in the perfect enjoyment of his rights ol person nnd prip'-rt),an.l when this object is not attained, either the cou-liiutioii is detective or ihe laws me currupl. Jlesohcd Thai so far ns the evils of Slavery nre countenanced b the Cun-iiiiitiou it is our duty to cuh- 1 pruvido a reined) uiil, uuiii, ut a ana constitutional way we can I . Sofarasaii) ol ihe Ptatesof this I'ninn have sane claim no rigid lo inietlere Hut while we render to others all ihe rights to which ihev are entitled bv the constitutit n. we Hum ihe saiiu- liien-urt' of riL'hts lor mi I w ill not Kith. i nut to any deprivations ol ihcm, cuinu when tht-y , .,,. . oumuy thing iocxi'enu.u,. or lustilyii.subiectuig ihe 1 weak to ihe oppression of the strung, and corrupting . ,. . , ,, ",. '. , .,, , i As ll l ies we I es re lhat tieedoin should h seenre.t j to ,-veiy being wuhiu the protection ol the (iovern- ' IllPIlt . nllil tllttt,--l llir-nnl ll.inrr n...l ..i-.ti ll. ... thai lends lo mciinsi- the burdens which by ihe com promise. 01 ine ctiusiiiuiiou are casi upon uur race. llesoh ed That we depiecaie ihe extension of po lineal power, resting 011 the bn-is uf a Slave nopiila 11011,11s an act ut hostility to the North, destructive uf naiiuiini irosn-riiy, ini-nn-i-iein with lint equalliy o rights which should mil between the ddleit-ut niein-U-tol the Union and sulking uul the security lor the continuance ul uur republican in-iituiioiu. 1 """""' 1 inn " e leg.iru lue propnseii auuitssion .-.. 1.... 1 -I i.. .. 1 .1 . . - . . 1 1 ol lexus inio our 1,'mou us a diricl violaliuu ollhe ughis ul die people ul the Ircc States us now seeuud I... l.u 1 1 .!....:.... "" -',,?lllUllUII. 1 1 is the miroiluclion of a power into the Coustilii Hut) ill opiuMtloli lolhepowels vesled UlliU'r III Slid luay well he 1 cga riled us a pracitcul dissolution uf the bund ol tlie union that binds us together We will neither barter uur lights us freemen nor 1 consent to be depiive.l of ihent, nud will hold them us I enemies who make iheuiteiupt iVro'iri'-r-ThM the protcciion of industry is one of' the fust duties oftiuvellliueiit-'onei't Ihe leadn, it 1,1,. I tecls for rt-nubhean institutions. That nrou-cu?,.. . W oniM mil mhea can be no peimancut prostrity ' 'ivy who nre willing to ndojit theni richly merit the PHOT. l.HlOtlS I II' V DrUlIlK'P Jlemlrnl, That hi order lo si-curc the fullest mea- lf,ireol t,ri,tection, lie- nation ri'ipiitcsa tinil'so ndiust- 1 ed that the Hulies may be ciuil lo Ilie current i-xprn-Iks ill the (lovcrnmcnl, nnd so nrniiiEH by discrim- Ill.ltlllllU, IU Kl. ,.IMl...nv ... n.uiiv'-t iu mi .in- cle.s of our own prow lb find mmulactitrc. lirsolren, I hat a licaiiiiitu stale nl our domestic, nllairs rrquirf s that lh1 measures nl proti-ctiou should be prepared with such linnin-ss that all may conlidc in their conlinuana1. There can b.- but hub; activity in business inilil the iiepil- can have cuulidi-nce iu Ilie steadiness of public imnsurn. Editorial Correspondence of the Daily Free I'rcss. Muntpelicr, (Jet. 30, MS, Monday F.vening. Two unusual and widely differing scenes have been enacted in Hie Rpprescnlatives' Hall, to-day, belli designed as testimonials or respect , i , ... ..i for the memory ol the JtaJ, but awakening al most opposite feeling iu the minds and hearts ul the living ; the one reminding us of tho " shat tered gods " of the household hearth, the sud den and mysterious sundering of the closets, and most endearing ties of social and domestic life ; and the other, though as directly in honor of the dead, associated with the ever desolating, hut ever atlractive, glory of War and Carnage, the ' soriied ranks " of contending armies, nnd the cclal of individual heroism nnd gallantry. I re fer to tlie funeral ceremonies which have follow ed the death of Mr. J. N'.Caiu'F.mek, the repre sentative nf the town of I'ownal, in II 'nniiieton County; and tlie presentation or the suont, di rected at the last Session or the Legislature to be procured Air tho son of Colonel 1!a5sov, of the Ninth Regiment ; the farmer, a tribute in which the feeling or pride was more than conn tcrbalanccd by that of sincere sorrow and pri- vale sympathy; tho latter more manifestly a memorial of the public approbation which al- . ways follows the gallant soldier who falls in the service of his country " With his baik to ihc field, and his feet to the loe '' At twenty minutes before twelve, this morn ing, .Mr. J. i. Carpenter, the representative " I'ovvn&l, iu the Legislature, afler a most painful and distressing illness of but a week's duration, expired at his lodgings, at the I'.ivilion. Mr. Carpenter was universally estepincd for the unobtrusive but marked excellencies of his character; and the violence of his illness arous ed a sympathy which its sudden and fatal ter mination greatly heightened , i.i immediate!) on the assembling of Iho two Houses, this after noon, his death was announced in feeling and , appropriate terms, bv Mr.. IIvkei:, of Manchef- " ', , ,, ' , , r tor, who was followed by .Mil. CAIIlT.XTni;, oH Xorlhlield, and Mi:. Comtrse, of Woodstock, ! I ..,!... l.,.,t ,! ,l,! i-nm-ir!.- !-.!...! the impressive solemnity of tho occasion. Mr. Carpenter, nf Xorthfield, and Mr. Smith, of Weston, presented resolutions expressive of the incero grief or the II ui-e for the bus c,ra val ued member, and directing the Speaker to ap point a Committee to superintend the arrange ments fiir the funeral, -,v Inch, owing to the earnest desire or I ho relations and friend of tlie deceas ed lor ins speedy removal to nu native town, . . , ... I I ri.i took place at -I o clock. 1 ho ) roccs.-ir,n was a very numerous one. The large I tall or thp llouse rf Heprpspnlatives was crowded; and : prt'iiuueni mining hip oujecis oi iniere-i in ironi or the Speaker's desk, though hilf hidden hv the ; "l.nnd imbhc -..rvice laithlully performed and that sable pall that c.vercd the cnllin or her dead un.lS'S,,l!;,!"'','''nl wlT; "''I"1'"" they w will i tiiiotisiooil nnu appreciated has received Ihe hl'-ll hiisland, sat the young M'uW, whose fir.-t , reward of public approbation and pub.ic prai great allliction had fallen upon her when she ' blvol Un"vo rifl"et ol ihe (ieneral A-eni- P ii ,r i- i i .ii ,,.. .' a,or 'he ineuiory'otjoiir Father "to had but few friends upon whom she dared lo i perpetunie th,- iii,-iimry the dertn-.-d, and most ef. lean, iu the very focus nf Iho busy and iolmli ',1M,"'",o ''! lhl' bosom el the son tho-e .enii , - nil ii . ' r, t v Iitl niidleiieni (salrii'tisin, lor Inch the scheming world, and vvliere she duuutless felt I t"jr was so pr, -eiiunentl) disiuiui-lied," 1 pres. ni lhat Ihe lire-side all', climis are r.irgi.ilen in the i m,',,,,' swi.ri'j"'' f"!1-nu'J d'e cenmonyof prr- icsucss unu icvi-iisii ixciiemeni oi political' pointed for the burial f the dead, in a very so Icmn and impre-sive in inncr. He was sue- ceeiled by tin, Hev. Mk Ilvhuiu, with a prayer vv Inch, I will not hesitate to say, must have in - Hided a keener torture on the nllhcled Widow upon whom ils relentless sympathy and kind- ness were pr.,r,i-ely poured, than she could s,le-ed from the pain which, a few oriei oours ueiore, sue had been conit idled lo ..... ..... 1 1 .... 1, . , . iouuii;. 1 i,mu never n-ienru 10 a more in genious enumeration nf provocations for rebel lion against the in-criitable decrees of Fiovt deuce ; and lioweveroiir-- may have fell during this extraordinary and cruel harangue In Ihe great Gim ' who doelh all things well,' I can only say that it left m; vv t'l a double sympathy for the sufferingi ol the bereaved woman in whose presence il was pronunnced ! I am sorry to say Ibis; but I am writing vvilh the freshnp-, Jf lirst impressions, and under a seltled conviction that, while " Grief for the dead not virtue may reprove," it is Ihe lirst office nf the " ambissadurs or hca ven," on mic'i an occa-ion, when the eternal destiny or the dead is Hvett, to " Co,frt the widow," and to bind up the bleeding wounds or the living. Hut let ine turn lo a !Cs, painful topic. 'n,is ovcm.ig.theSwo.dordeted by the U"i.lal.,re in honor of Col. IUx-ov,, .., .,. , . . son, Hiciivrd In n, , ofa very brilliant crowded auditnee in the iiepre.eniaiives Chamber. I lm ... .. the house so densely fillcJ. v,v ... rt,rp mony of presentation commenced, the Hall pro sillied a '-cup ,l'oe,t" of tho ,,,.-t aurar iv character ! l.alliries, lobbies, und the seal, of' niembf rs were densely crnvvded, and in all three the pioporlion or Wim, as hpectators or the in lerening scene, was quite sullicient tu remind thosi who are curious in such nutters of the ifil iin'fiy that shapes our end-." Col. J, 1. Km. her, a Senator from Orange Oiunty, had been selected by Gov. Katun, to present Ihe sword on behnir of tho Slate, and as tho readers of the Free Fress will see below, ho performed the uuiy coiuiniueil lo hun. In an annrouriain graceful intnuer. 1 am hippy lo ha able to send his address, together with the brief ,,i.,.. and appropriate rep y of Cadet Kan-h. I ... . 1 ' . ' ; . . , ,lJCl u4XsoM. I am " u,tJ n,t Lu lloreting to our readers. i"Vernor Cohliilje and a iKirlion of his Stall' l.lnul n. 11 , ' i' . ' im.-wim, (.v-tinvernor Ka- nnd Mr. SafiEr. the Secretary of Su.e were sealed on -he ! land left of C 1 -' . A'"' stratagem and political ambition. I horo never ii ,;., J Ju il-.. i '",on yT '""e ch'"'"' '' ' . i i , . . 1 I ,, 1 'be history ol your native t-iate to look upon such a scene again ! , l'vc- that her citizens have always lwe for.-mo-t The Hev. Mk. Scott, nflhe Methodist Fpis- &$X&' "S" enpal Church, read the beautiful service ar-l I'l't " remind ou ol the noble virtues ihe rem-. m:it, during the cereinuny, thus giving ths high sanction of Ollicial authority to the cm mmmation of tho order of a previous Legisla ture ; while the presence of the members of both Houses, in their accustomed scats, together with Senator UriiAM, -Mr. Treasurer Howf.?, Mr. Auditor and other dignitaries, ren dered the occasion one of especial Inter' st and gratification, and was no les honorable to the uiemory of Col. Ravsom, than It must have been galeful to the son of that gallant officer who was thus honorably cm-titutcd the inheritor of tho approbation of his native State, and vvliosu mod est deportment won all hearts. The following is tho substance or Col. Kid ncn's address : Mv VoiMi The Hreutic or this Slate has .entrusted ine with n commission to you tit once, melancholy and Brnu lnl ;nn-l,mrhily lint Us perform mice is eecn-iolK-d by the o-.s of a distinguished citi zen ul the hlate, nnd ur iielnl ihnt it is intruded to manifest ri-pect lor Ins character, and recognition ol Ins services in Ins country. To tny-elf nseinted during his life with your la mented 1 .illier, nol only in pnvaii- im.-rcmirie but in public Kiation, Invina been a member ot his military lamily, II is peculiarly pleasinc lh it by the eonsidera- tionol Ihc I hie! Mngi-trnte of tlie Mtate, I have the honor ol pi-ilorming this duty ; nmi hilc 1 do so with inexpresib!i. h-i-hiijs nf the sincercst reixret fur the, loss of n friend. I am nevertheless nroud that hv this ceremony it is sought to do honor lo his memury, and to perpetuate i he remembrance ot Ins name and his servic s. Mien, lal year, during the session of the I,ecl Intur', ihc news was ollinnlly communicated by his Dxecilency lo the (ieneral Assembly, that the callnnt leader ul the X'ew-Rughnd Regiment in Mexico, had lallen, as nil knew he would tail, if such were to be Ins late, " nobly leading forward his splendid lie gimrnt,' t will remember, nnd many who now hear me, "ill runeinber, the profound sensatiun that per vaded both branches of iho Legislature, and how ii ihe slillne-s, tint follows the announcement of a great calamity, vrc felt like men who-.- hearts had U-en lric ken by a li arful blow We knew he had tiled as he would have chosen lo die we knew that he had died l.rau'ly.and el all this -cemed to weigh little against in tu-s. At tint time, while tin- gallantry and personal worth ol the deceased were IrcsU in our henri", Ihe honor which this ceremony was interned to do linn was voted by the Cenernl Assembly. 'I hc privnte nnd pubhchle of the lale Col. Han som uriloowell known to n, ed reiieiition here. A native of Ihe Smte, he wns honored by Ins fel low citizens with their conliJence, and though his niiiid wns ofa strong martini cast, vet lie was bv his nincnilyand manliness lilted lor the .Stations ol Civil Ilie. He was always atom f the reputation ofhis na tive ijuie, nnd loved nnd spok- of her lo the List. J,1''', i"""P"'ile.'"--- while m Mexico,, shows that i Human lie in a fort-urn country, his heart wns w lis in a foreign country, his heart wns still here, nnd it is fit thin nl last tin.- trimly form and , the noble heart have been united ngam, in ihe only place ot nil the earth where liiev could have ls-rii I united, on the banks of the no'ile river who-v waters are iver rolling ihiotigh a portion of our c mintrv eini i nenlly consecrated, by struggle nnd bv sacrifice, to ine can-..- ul label ty, and in the bosom ol lusuwii na me Slate. lVciiharly fitted by nature nnd by education lor tho dimes and relations uf social life, mid comninn ling in an i-mment degree the respect and love ol nil who knew him as a private citizen ; being in his disposi tion, frank, Ineudly and social j a most engaging and .agreeable companion ; in all respects the lunshed genileinm : living iu nil ihe ca-e and contentment thai make .loan she life dtsirable, like a true man lie nn-wered the call ot his couture, .in.l miri-lip.! tn il.- 1 . . ""'"' """ ii'-r ri-p'uauoii were iu De contended lor, and alter being ncuvely engaged in 1 f.i,l.l U'l.i.r.. I...P 1 1 I..-- . . l . the unparalled Ijitths uf Lrrro-tiordo. Coiitreras Ml on ihe 13, ol September 1317, on the heigHis of Cbi;"h' pec,ns on ihe same dnj-'to jears belwe fell ''ll'-uii Ihe heights Abrnhaiu. le-n a nation sufC-rs any thing but the IJir of '';.r deleinL-rs to be buried, her own burial is not tar lilt. 1 1 fit ii n lifitK.ii i. , . f .1 r aii-.vmoillo. Lliuriibil-eo. nm llo ino.l).- I.Vi- . .' .1.1 . .11 ". '""" see- her sous hke ) our gallant Fiithi-r.lorgoe the quie tude ol home, personal conifuris, and private holies nnd ambitions, nnJ periling iheir lives, kill in her but tles, the people ri-e up and s--ek by monuments, l public ceremonies, lo perpetuate their names, nnd make exntnplrs ul their patriotic devo. Hon. And ibis should be v. ft should ! o, not only National ju-tm-, bill thatthuf who, niter iheui may he called upon lo do serines of a like ih-irarier.mayknow-, that however and wher-t-ver I he body may he buried, tor the lame ot the pa tnoi there is no grave. 1 o muse, w 10 nke i-nnrptr i.,np,. ;n .i. t. r . i ,,. , ' , i '"'" rucu icsiiuioinnisns ttusirre .. I...., - . - IIIOUV 111 r I.. il i . - ""."."""11-01111111,1110) serin 1 r coniVn,ti ; j,.t tu tli.-ir comiuoii humanity ' f rc"arJ ul bravery and patriotism must be graie- And ihe v-'fishnrss ol piiiate grief mu-t vieull.i the proud sati-i .enon of know mg mat by one ot liu-ir owtihlooda oi.hh. ,., i., "1 .. i " . ' , "',""" a honoiably disclnrg- "-vine u niu treasure it ! I know-you will ami j one, wlfo, ,," n ,1. 'j'ueveriorgu" ini win- nieniory, as a cm.-,, and a soldier the iJ a teE fc'&S&Kt 1 " u ' be drawn ,-Aeepi , ,iR. ea,,- of rudu and m-. iMninnphii't" ' " lw t,KI,lM 1111 ""t cau-i ' '',lk' ."7""'1 m-e with it the high tru-i that ihc j lionoM,, '.one of UT,L,r T' )""-';"-her.-hihe ''Jwf Xu'l: honor.iind il e ho n, 1 ,,V i ,K lla""'' "ur I ,.r ... , i"" - " iinner ui tiie ,--iaie. iuung Hax-ovi, under an euilurras-meni tint wa- no Ic, .v,llrj, M) jt nat lwcoii)i n the following reply : ''eimgii .inJw,,i;ii,,l,vs"' " Mwnv's're , f, n . ' -.'"ff 0,,m' luumr '" 5"011 Male n .. ,1 "'V "bligniiens to my native on 'lus 'of "ed o, J!'"' K,"r"US ""'""'"i' id my father s,. 1 1 ' '," b"U'"ab:e reitirni'.ranr 1 11 lion s 1 11 me Si 1 V.' 5 "Ur,k',ul alul "I'l""!"" 'hnu iute ,l. 'hei-inpl.inciitol ilus splendid In- "er ice am ihnl. ' W,1,le ,lln;,'1 ''is CMitilry-s nu, II f I , ' "?'' ,"U.,l, """ k xw I'e-I'le ol some I F!"' 0I" 10 ' ''"" 1 hope 1 shall has b.-e 1;," r "r. .vr,r ne I" l ,r,,,.l. il" ." " "I""' '"" ""O ""I IS-I K HI lo tarnish th.r i.... ' ' ..' .' " V" " ",,i,,. , '""", i 1'iove 10 nave istn name ,, Z,u 'l'rl " ,he bm vi Ve man W name it will lomniriiioiat.. ' Ull- hoss Oliin i Avviikc. The follow ing from the Cleveland I'!,,,,, D a' rr.r. bitter Is'cofeco paper, givt-s ll8 atsura;c; TIIK Mine's OF Onto AltU AWAKE. , "f " vote .1, (.loe.ore.aW,u MAJIlm; member that a ,ai.l vot ! v ' Uv' m-m. ..1 il- ii-i- ''"isi'ir " V " '-f 'lcAf(. Verm jut expects wry man to, to his duty. Tnvlnr VV'l.r - ry part .-f the U&,tyu!Z ' V' V ,n cvc nly, will, a little, bla, k U ,"1 "n-'-neor .o lets' names and i ,,, L, , l,'",lt 'olvn vo ls doiti'. hero i, . i'n K U'm H"1"- What State!!'l"? '," hroug,,aut tho n;;;o,n,arybwic ol-U" f.evnrv'derloh,1'''''''''- or Democralic ranks, ad make ,,n ?. u;w. voir. (..- 'i'....i . ' ... "liK0 ,llni' "i rem make an a... 1 ."1 i. 'J""" "chlown vv 1 lol I ''T'" 0,,U b' h' V'bJn .ye n VT l'' B,t'. IVI" ",ake B,,'" (.flWir ( !' 'nl"'i;h!" insure the S''eUr j'Hr r'

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