Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 3, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 3, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS," FRIDAY MORNING, "November 3, 1848. I'otcwnrncd, I'nretvnrncil t ! We yesterday received the following circular letter from a distinguished member of Congress. We publish it at once, believing tliat to be tlio surest metliod of putting the VVIilgsof tlie North on their guard ".gainst the detestable and unptiti cipled plot it discloses. Washington, Oct. 20, 1813. Information has leen received in this city from a respectable source in New Orleans that a suit has been rco ntly commenced in city against Urn. Taylor, fur the value of a sl.ive who was drowned, not lonj since, in the Missis sippi, when in the employ of his son asa mechan ic, on trial. It is believed tiiat the institution of this suit is a base plan to impose on the people of the nnn-slaveholding Slates, (by circulating the papers In the case on the eve of the election) the belief that lien. Taylor lias been in the 1avc market. I am well assured that he neither purchased, lured, leased, nor obtained the slnvr and that he was in fact an utter stranger to the transaction. In the first instance, (Jen. Tay lor supposed that the object was to extort mon ey from him by reason of the delicacy of his po sition, but our friends in New Orleans arc led to suspect, from the clrcunnt.iiico, that cn,!cs Uaie been recently tal.en of the papers, that a ilcep and detestable plot is on foot In dfcal, by the means here indicated, the election of General Taylor lu the Presidency, now so highly jimbablc. If such papers shall appear in your section of theeountry,you will please to instantly denounce tli 9 transaction as friudiilent and base, and by the agency of the pi bli: press, or in such other firm as you miy deem expedient, to provide an ciP-'Ctual remedy fir the michief. You may rely on the source communicating the in formation here, as ci.tit'e J to the fullest confi dence. I will orly add that tlic Whig pros of the country, and particularly of the free State, should, by repeated and earnest warnings guard the public mi nd against any and every statement which shall be nude at this late day, impugn ing our candidates, or in any way imparting dis advantage to ourciue. It is only by atrocious frauds that an unprincipled faction, which has brought so many calamities on our beloved coun try, can now escape a well-merited fate. Yours, &ic. Let every Whig be on his guard ! Keep it before the People. That John Van Iliirun declares the nonrnecs of tli3 ltilfilo Convention to be the Tnn: FniF.Misor tux Sjitii. The Southern lisped ortha Vnn Iliiren Crime John m It iren, who i pcrambiil iting the country it b.'half of his fur the Presidency, wrote a letter, a few days ago, to some of hi political friend in alahama, of w hicli the follow ing is the c.lo-ing paragraph. It needs nocoin inonUry ! M irtin Van Itiiren and liis Barnburn er ifricu'd have always been the "true friends'' of Ihe Slaveholders anil "sou Johnny"1 siys they will continue to be, if Slaveholders, will not "join" again-t the nominees of the IlufUlo f'onvention ! I1j is right about it J Read what he says: " The security of the rights of S'acrhihlers in Slan 'wldini; States teas confirmed by th- ur.ani. 7H u ioiVp if the ISufalo Conunlion ; ami Till. hOCTIl UnCLl) SACI.iriCE HU.I1! U "K IIUKMIS, TItUMCLVEs, AM) 'IHC UHOS, II' IJ A SlVttMlUl. CR'JSAUE AIIAINST Til" MIM1- mces or. prim it'LCi of hi it l'mt.kuiemeii AND COAIMAMIIMi JHt,t.)UIII.AGC OF tllEEMEK. Ite.ipectfully and trulv vnitrs. J. VAN JIUftUN. New York, Sept. I, 1818." OT' It is said that some benevolent individuals are getting up a subscription to make (!ov. Sladu a member of the Tree Soil Tarty lor Iif . U'urjJsli e'r Mt. Jlevvnre or I'raiiils. Let everv Whig bo on his guard. No eITi rts will be spared by Locofocos and Van IJureniles In eliake ihe confidence of the Whigs in their Candidates, at this late hour, by publishing falsehoods and circulating them far and a- fast as pos-iblc. The Courier and Knquirer lints exposes a base and unmanly fraud of the National Democratic Cjinmillee : "The fraud and bad lailh of the publishing cominitt'o of tlie locofoco party which lias Us head-quatters at Washington, and loads the mi's dow n with printed ih cutii'iits Muled tntl.i m'rulitin hi which tliev ae circulated, and there fore often in direct contr, di -tiou with each i thcr Iihs been hen t iforo commented upon in then- minimis on occas o i of the varving lUemf dni C'atJ.that lint Comuiittec liis put forth, pic.-ctr-ing him to 'he S. u h a ii (li).id of slavery, ai d iilid'o-d to veto ihe ilmot 1'roviso lo the North as triendlv tothat I'roviso, and leslricling tlie extoiilioii of slavery Wu have now before us Ivvo documents. The one meant for the South, purport to be tlie address of tlm National Democratic C iinuiitlee attempting to prove Mili.aiiii I-'illmoki; an abolition!!, and (ien. Tavi.oii as probably pledged to the Whigs of tho North in l.ivor i-l h U'ilnioi Proviso -.' the oilier designri for tlie North, and bearing this printed caution 1, rennsvlv.iniaiis,anddiciileal (lie Tolls, islhu ineribe.l ; ' (Jeneral Tavlor's Southern l'acc. It is made un ot all sorts of extracts and .' irblcd statements, and naked assertions from parlizin presses intruded to show that (Jen. Taylor is in favor of the cxlens.mii of slavery and opposed to the Wilmot Proviso. Vet this is the parly calling itself democratic which boasts its respect lor tlie people, nnd its confidence in Mittir intelligence. Precisely Jn proportion to their iutellif;en.-.(. will the peo Jn reiect and despise a party which resorts lo eucli degrading means to ad ai:c pcrEOiial and ., .A -,i party calculations. The Uoston Daily Atlas fpoakt of the same .fcarc-ficed fraud in these terms: "Thcsa two documents are made up by the jame icen men who arc leaders in the locofoco party Senators and llepresentativci in Cun- . . MM..... -I I ... nfTiei. nnd r !..! i... .1 . , i ... .i. ,..,;,,., if ro , ,..o UMi .i.i k the Unlon, by she same men, the sole purpose ut which i vo uemii: anu iiciuuu lou fit voters ol tins country. We could not tic- lieve, had we not evidence before our eyes, that men ptutendiiij; lo nave a regard lor their re ...,! , nnld bo iniille ..f la, t,i. in e,oa. K .. i.:l. .1 ..I I ..r . i.t l.l I couipa- thimble - r son with mcii ilo cueauni' ot li"ger at a couuiry uiueicr is us moral pumy itself. We ask tho Iionest voters of the Democratic parly whether they will nny longer support a, party whose candidate look for succe.s hy means so vilo as thiswhether they will in t rather vote for honest OU .AGIIAIIV TAV LOR, the man whoso whole life has been di voted lo the service of his rouiilry, and vvhoto Integrity and fairness of character no one hucb tioiii." j;ii ( tion ol II. N. .Seuulor. Hen. Wm. UriUM of Monlpelicr, wanyestcr. day rcc) i! U. S. Sciotor fur the term of tlx year from Much nel. I'-Very Vote lor Vim lltilrn Is n Vote lor ltcad the following from Webster's last speech on the IMtli of Oct. 1 know that confidence Is to bo placed bv man in man. I feel the comiclion that I iiiiiM repose trust ill somebody's hands to stand at Ihe icud ol the nation, to uphold our essential in terests, and to preserve: the honor nnd penco of the country. I luivo m.iilu up my mind ami I give tl at trust to tho Whig nomination to Wen. TAYt.UK. (Three cheers.) I think he is bound upand wound up In hi own piiticlplesniid in his own declinations, I think u itli .Mr. Iln citatum, tnat he is a Whig, and I think lie will bo elected by the Whigs. (Applause.) I think lie will surround himself, u Mr. liiiclianan says, with a Whig Cabinet, and I belicip he will hon estly and faithfully adopt pursue Whig prin ciples and Whig measure11. Now 1 think that on a certain other topic, great fcarsare Inspired elsewhere, as well iisin this Slate, to nffect the election. 1 know that In a most respectable society in New Jcr'ey mid I'enii'-jlvania, und containing numbers in other Slates measures h ue been taken to iiilliiencp llieni to give their voles, ritlicr for ihe l'ree Soil I'.tity. or for (icneral ('a-. I mean the Socie ty of rriends. In thirty years ol public lile, I have formed a pretty genera! nciiiaitil.inee in those Stales which I have nicotic tied ; und I have, the honor to know n great nuny men of this Society, tlie Soi i 'ly of l'ru'iids. I hae nlwajs entertained u great icspect for their pub lic conduct us well as their pillule chuinctcr. I may not venlure lo spcal; lo nil of them, be cause, personally. I have no acquaintance Willi them all. t Hut, I have acquaintance with some, friendship for some, great personal rcg.ud for some, unci to them I may venture to speak. And I would say lo Ihem in the first place, thai whatever cl-o tiny ho uscrted before them, ev ery vole given for .Mr. Van Ituren is u vote lor t!cn. Cass ; and the friends of .Mr. Cass, 1 think, will line! that out. Why, gentlemen, I was in New York la-t week, and w bile there, one iron tleman of the Cas party said to a Whig. ' we shall elect (Jen. ('iss; there is no doubt ol thai " ' II it how ?" "Why. the Liberty party, four ears ngn, helped into elect Mr. I'.ilk'agiiii't'llic Whig candidate, and the Tree Soil party willdojiisl the same thine; now." Ami, thciefore, 1 say to llioe to whom I would now 'peak, whom I know lo be urged in vry vatiotv of f r n,to vote wilh that parly! V.i.i: votk tiii.y oiw: in thai iiii'.ictios cons nit: t!i;. Ca-s. T.ii1 question is. ilo they preler (Jen. Cass lo Cen. T.ij lor, as a mm ol peace ae, a an .iiti-r iivery man. I say to tlieui, us I say to you ; and they do not suppose me, I trust, to he a pro luvriy mini. 1 suy to tl.ein and to win, ii i n my lienor ai d con science, that I believe un 'er the present circiim--tames of the country, we ur far nmie secure again! tlie lurll er prnres ol Slavery and the .'-lave power under Ihe administration of (Jen. Taylor, than wenre under the iiniini-tration ol tipn. C.i-s. (Applaii'-e.) 1 will say lhat here. Let it be recorded, and h t the result bring to the tcstthcjii5tnesof the roliecy." STATU OP Vi:i!.MO"T. To the I'leemen of the Tliitil Coimii'ssinnnl District. Whereas the Committi e, appointed liy the General Assembly to receive und canva- the Mites gien on ihe l'ir-t Tuesday of September, A. 1). IS IS, in the third Congie-'-ioti il ili-tiirt, for a Kepreseiitalixe lo repre-ent this Slate in the Congrcs-, of toe United States have given notice to the undersigned, (lovcrntir of the -aid State, lint no per-nn has a majority of all the votes given in said Di-tiict, and have fi rwardeil to me a statement of the number of volca given for each person, ui folluws, tu wit : (leorge P. Mar-h, A-alul Peck, . ' - lU'Jl ltSSI 1 J. S. Adam'. 1 Stephen S. Keyes, II. l.-nvenworlli, W Keyes hn 1'ierpoint, Lawrence lirnincrd, Wvll) l.vman, It.'U'. I'.aton, U L. Tiiller, James Ilarknes", J) ivid 'ergiisini. and 'i'lmothv rollet, 1 Kulii- Wal-ton, llarvev (Joodricii, 1 II. I,. Kims Carlos Coolidge, llosea Willatd, N(W, TIllllir.I'OHK, in con-ideration of the prenii-e.-, you are n quired to meet in the low n III saiu ui-irici, on un- r-i u.m m hay of NoVEMlif.K ne.t, at I o'clock in the the -aine place wliere Hie meeting was l.i-t liehl for the election of a lii present-i-live to Congress, to elect a person to lepresenl this Slate ill the Congiess ol the Tinted States; which meetings are to be conducted in nil things according to tlie provi-ion- of the statute, ill such case made and provide,'. (liven under mv hand nnd the Seal ofsaid State, at .M intpi-lier, this IHilh day of October, in the year id our Lmd one thousand i-ipht hundred ami lorty-cight, nnd of tlie Independ ence of Ihe United Slates the seventy third. C It LOS COOLIlHil'. I'y Ihe (lovemor, Geiuiiif. I'. Hoiic.ilioN, Sic'i: HUKiMTON C.VITI.i; .MAUKKT-Ocl. 20 Uepnrti'd lor iln) J'r:icl!e At nmikct 13:)i) It.-ff Catl e. 1 ;. Stntc. 1 1 inn ll'tiikmL' Oxen, '7 Cow d niul Calve-. IW'I ,-heep and ' ni'd l.ninbs, :(itw. Suine. IVirt Ueel Cattle Cxtra ?o j iirst ipnlity ?',.' .!ddoV; :U do $l,7.". Slorei year uld ftli to Ct ; ? year nld ?1M to ii3 irotkin (Hen S-iW at St. '.'7, and ltH, Cuwsand Cnlie? jtt.:il,:'t. nnd 'M Sb-ep mid UumV-SUT, I,:i7, 1 .V) nnd jV hie New Vnik I li!. advaiu edl mil lul wet k ; we piutc Uibc j Uliio 'Jla'.ltc : tit hj le. Itemed)' lor llrniif tiitK llostnn, Mayitlth, HIT. Mr Setii 'I' l'ovvle, I) nrHir; 'I here are so iniiiij quack medicines nl tin- pri-M-nl tune, and each one has more or less ceriiticaiet- from u-at or nu luinaiv imliviihi'ils, thai I hive lor mine tune bad doubts' of tin- iirnorieiv of irmiii: unv ti j-iiiiMiv in Invor ot your medicine, liul lem tisured tint I have been I oi'iirinieo oy us use, nun leelin s.iii-oi-o 111.11 ii) infill my testiiuony in regard to it imdiiiiril qn-il-ities, I inny, )K-iluiis, be ibe menus ol savmu; Mime one sumlaily nllliucil, I llieief-1- clueilully add my tesiinuiny in favor ol lha medicine tint I l.non has done me ureat yood. 1 have b-in nlllii led wild the llroiicbitis for a number of year.-, nnd by tlie use ot n COUiIe ul bullies nl ll'if.n'a llalmm of Wild Clirny, 1 am Inpl-y to say I tint 1 nm nlinooi free from ibe above Itoublesfime dl-euse, 11 tins fchouhl be lie- means of snv ins cvtn one ol my lellow beings from that inosi iroublestune nnd painful disease, (Kroiu huisj t-,n be luliy paid lor mv trouble in writing the nhove coniiiiiniicnlioii ltcspectlully yours, II COVCKT, Voenli-t. I'iiiu ot Covert V Dodje. Wr Ant. ov the or as IIxcitino llu ciio,nnd llie nnines of opposing rnndltlales nre familiar words ; I I, nl ool more to the oeople Hull have Us I n , ni, jmlPilw-e,,,.H m,drre, Dn , '-v Covirocvo IIxtbact. of Yi i imw Do, k ami s-Ar.svl'ARii.i.v. I lie ejiieo-ive use oi ars-jpa r,a ;xtrnct lias man tlie virlue of that luviilnahte root well known find bv Ihe nddltloll ol rtlmc I Dork . so O0 111 use oy ine laenny in in-i-awi, alls- I 'i .' "." " ' V" . . "! , :" T ." . ncio ,1,,. ysiein- -we have n c oinbinatioii ul the 1 1. ., siihsiniiees known. Tl K-ilecl mccess ol Ibis compound in cases of Mantilla, I'llliuoiiary iiikii . dniressui" Debilily so pr. vulnu nt tbn sensou, nnd the enure nbseiiceul all mineral wibsijiices.coiunieiid :. .,. ..,.1.1,.. .See advertisement in number column nnd rail upon tlie neent, who will inve nil necessary uirectiuns I'or sale by (leo. II. Harrington, liurlinghui nnd by Ihe Druggists generally inrougiioiu me . inieo .-iiiu- vvlTvv 1 To llirovv oll'ilisease requires a iouuiUnnrotis eff.ut ol every part ut the huiuan frysu-in. It is pertectly usclci-s tu stimulale out-organ to thro wotT its outroc tious. unless all tlie oilier organs nie siunulated to n corresponding activity. In older to cany nlou, nud rniunletclv- remove these iinnuiities, the henit. hums liver, kidneys, stuuiuih. ikui. ,Vc. iuut nil net lit unison nud linrmouy. In billovv'9 that this slate oflhe - i. i,. i i c unjiin i. inn.., ur .i i.u... . . ....j .jii...., Jxiraci, cud that a compound, is needed, funiuu ol the various vrcrt.ihle sub-tniiccs whieli operate upon these seveial organs ami not only lint it he a am pound of Kitrh saVlnm es, bill that tlie substances he compound in sue, vi own lion will produce a har monious uetinu. l-ii'li a cnuuiontid is Dr. tiiiyoU's icleblllled i:lllldol Yellow mill Salsap.irilln seiciililicallyeiaiipuuiiili'il,nii(l ietrd hy ihe happy expel mice ol lliuusiiliils. r'Le advi'lliseluellt in nnnlh er column. wITvvl Tor sale l,y (leu, ',. llariiimioii.llurliiiiilnn.iiiid by tlie Drui-ts p in-roily tlirnuhout lh- Unileil Slates Dr. Osgood's Iittlltt ('liuhiiingiie. t.'Alrio ll h,H lltCOMI- lieecKllly lo UOlli'ill llio pulilic iiiont the many -.punnm aiticli s wlreh have ol lale made iheir nppearanee iiialei llu asiiiui-d inine ol Chulumane. due man hollies up a miMure wliii h lie calls hitlmii CUamnjuc niioile-r, Imltiin Cliolimniiiie run ii I ii r, Aincnean I Imlnnnsnr ail oilier. (') llitln Chlthltimut .Uliilhc-r f hnUmn giir I'llh, nu. I so on. S,int copy Inilil the envelnie ol the i;i-iiiinii- wluili- Mi-iiienees, vvilb a enare imita tion nl its si) le nml Inriii. One fellow tells tlie public that his urticle was prepaied seveinl jears lielore miller iinntlirr inniir. It i an old nick ol 1 lie- ro;!iie tp steal a kuciiI name when a bid rhaincter liaspocd tin- old one. lie particular to enquiu- Dr. th gumfs Indian Vuiiiosiie. wIGwII li.ith, Elaine, .May '.H. Mr 1' Drown -Dear Pirllaviiu lesied ihe val ue of your siirsipanlh nml Timiuto llilteis. 1 lake plea-uie in ui nig to vnn ihe t lets ol my case lor vim r own sili-laillon nnd the benilil ofolliers. 1 have been "idiemn Willi the I humor in my side, eau-mx my hand ami urui'to swell very iiiueli,tiiid lo be the ame tinie mid for some lime pit VI on have been tumbled wnli a wc.ik stniii'icli: itiol ut my toorl lias hurt nu-.niiil theie has In ell a siniiu -lar hiuine-is ni ihe stiimndi which has hern increas ing nod c nil ii mi- much dillieully. Alter 1 com menced mUni! vour llilteis t eoiild pi-icrle u iniilu al mil limuidiate leilef, nnd VMiuld leeouuneud It vvub muib lonlidence to tlm'i; who an- troabli-il with such complaints. Yours truly, wITti W .M. DAMUIJLIi. 1'iirsile by Tnr.0. A. i'tcK lliiihimtiui, and by l)iuf!i;ists Benerall) throughout the t'luied Stuns. iUavvicb, In Si. Paul's (.'lunch on Thiid.iy Uveii'ny. the Mill ult.Jiy the lit Itev .1.11 II ipkms, l.i mci.i. S. Dr.tvv, lo .Mi l.octsA Atw-A'I lu, boili ol tins town. WU ibe Snb-viribeis.leiviiijT iK.t.n appmnted by the Honorable lie- Pii.b.iti- Court i'lrtlie Ihstui-tnf Cliittciiili'ii , eiiiiiini-ioner- to riceive, e. iiuiue iiiul ndjii-t I Ik- i latins and demands ol rill persons anuu-t ihe estate tit Itenoni 'I'liouip-iMI, bile ot llu-humml in S'll-I l)trirt, ilecea-ed, leple-r-uted ne-nU t-lll. nnd ill- all Ci.'iiui and tlemaiuls e.lohited m oh'-ei tlieri to ; mid six m-uiilis Irom the day of ihe d lie hen-el, bem nllowed by s.od Conn fur the pnrpo-, we do there file lieieby eie, that we wi'l allen-l to the liu-inc nl nppoiutinent, nl ihe dvelhni; ol .Meaeb Tlioiup-oll, m KkIiiiioiiiI m s'lnl Di-lritl. on the sectuid Mondavs ot IVieinher nml Mauli next, lit 111 o'eloek, A M .oil eat ll ol ll I d.ivs Dated, this liilb d iv- nl Si piemln-r, A. 1). I'll. i: it (ii!i;i;N, 1 1(1)1.1. li.i:M)N, Cuwiwii. vvl"w3 JOSLPII A. IIAI.I.. ) Now7Milch Cow, ITII CALVl'.S iiYTiinitsmrj? 1 r ... ... ;r"nii "!lll'u ")' Ihnhnlon, D-uset St. Nov. Nl 13H. wlwl w ANTI'.l) I'ear's (Ircnse nf nicest nu. ilny by J'UliO. A. 1T.CK. wis 1 l l.w ; Ilees' Was, '.'00 11,-. bv tiii:o. A. IT.CIC. w ll "EEfj :ttii;i VTstre. flM'.A POTS, Coill-e 1'ots 8ue-ir I!owl. firnni and Molas-s CupsHpiiti -. I'ltehcis, 'I'uin. bb-r-, .-inip l,ail!i s. Tt a and Table Spoons Lamp-., (.'andlestu ks mid every iluni; in the liiittnum i Liul Plated Ware line, fur sale ibenp. .Nov. 1, 'H. llr.-v-M V! lli:orur.r.s. WORTH Or (MODS sr.Li.iM! orr ni C!(J nil si ESclsiiv Co(, ul lb(. store Intel) oecupii-d b N. Lovely, on Church H-eit 1 SMIIJ Sale v ill be ke l open but for n sliort lime, X and ail pelsiiiH wis-Uniir lo purihiiM.- any ib-senp-lion ol (ill-ids rlirapir than w.ll be ulU-red ugiui per haps lor eais, must mil si-on1 VV . I,V VI ( Tmtlre I. 1). KASS JN.i O.-t. l'J, d!71lGw3 MilliiiTV and Drops Milking. MKri. Mi:i!l!IT r hasju-l relumed fioiu New York VMtii a laie n llluelit ol!Y .ix) m:i:ss noons nmonir whieli nre llnnn-'isnf all ihwriptinm and la-le-i styles; Artificial riowers, a meat van-ty ' A hri;e nnd veiy eliniie n "ttioent el Itibb-uis. ol the lu-wesi -ly',.. and most elee-ini p-.iic ni ; A lare nu I etensie n-snriment of I Jn-s ( Inods. and nil ar tick s n:nllv I mud m sin ii i -tahlislmuuls. liailmai"ii,(Vt SO, IsH. d-iwlTJil .U2 5iSiB.3-:t!SV. .11 VIlKllAH, .( ?'ti, Milliner, lias returned lioin . s-J. New Yolk, nnd lias now .V( ) leailv for mIi a "oo.l :.',.i?f 1 -'ij leculv lor silc a -iou.1 n-- y"Ur f-oitmi-nt ni llunni't'-.Cap-, H iu V?; to n .'l the Uand IJov .me EVItr. V:tlrcl. CASH A XI) fiO(H) ptiL-cs will be paid fur v ool sums i')- W.ll HATCH. viuoo-i,i r.iiis. (It -.'I sv 17 1. 1, liiivin' tiiisrtlli il tioc-oiiiits with tlio undersigned will have the Hoodness to cull ami ix-itlc tidier b) note or oibervi-e by Ihe Iim day ol .lainiaiv oeM, or idler iliut dale will 111 nl ihem III ihe imi.a-su ii. '"'--1VI.V7i!ovi:!:iJ rn. Jlurliiitftnti, Oct. 20.ISIS. wlTlf STItAV CATThl'.. intu tho i nilostti'f ol" tlio sttliscri- fVMK V ber all aboiit iln- liii-t ofSepteinber bin. four one year old t'alll' one li Uiivv Ued nnd two llr.ndb- . beilt-is. ISAAC C ASI . HVsiford, October M.HK w i r,-w :i fvrrr.i!S'At,i;s l'on'Di: ! I 1 Jll.t leceived 11 i-llpply ol tin- cenuuic lirtile, ot wholesale nud retail, by ,.. . ..,. Oct. l'J, '11. TIII.O. A. l'l.Clv. fil!i:.UI 01' I AIU All ! A I'i'iii: Ainin.i: Ji bam Is. nnd miall ickai;es im f.uinly i ookuij;. for sale by TIICO A. IT.Ch. Ocl. l'J, 'IS I'ctltion Iii -ell l.nnil. STATU OI" VI'.K.MOXT. ) Abuuo Stevens, District or CmriiliitN, ss Cuaidi-in of David S Day, nnd On via A line D.iy.luvm tiled 11 pent ion Mat- 111! thai his Winds Ille M-led nt linee oulteUoi laud 111 , nail ol the l:tnte of I be lale Divid Div. juni., which wn b it to llieni ns heirs of said lljvid uiy, nun sain inn, nine iiiipiniiiiciivc ,nu,i tint 11 win be hem to his Wards tint the 1-iiid he sold, and ibe proceeds pliieed nt inn rest mid praying lhat be may oe nuiinmcii 10 sen tl:-- same Ills ordered bv the I'rohnle Cmrt. tbnt Salurdiv. the i:ievenlh day of No,-iiiher. HIS, nt the 1'ioliale I Idice 111 llurhiiifiou, Iv assigned I ir benrmi! the said peiiitoo, nud that all persons interested then in In' 110 tifi, d thoreol, h putilislnnir the uh-iiiu, e ol said Pen inm nud llu- ',1 1 .11 lie "In,- I'o-wi,' lhrte weiks sueeewinely, ti laol ul w In. Ii lobe Ufue bind day set lor In nunj. U. ADAAI-S.Jiidue. O.t.21. 'H. vvl7w-3 HAT, CAP, AfJD FUR sfoiST" Strong' lluilduii; A. V.. t'onitr of the Ciwi House S poire, '. A SI'.Y.IIOt'K oITer. lo the l.ndns and (Jrii- tlelliell ol ibis place and Vlelllllv, till- rul,et llsMirl incut ot l'urs ever brought to this Cuusiinig 31 HITS, VlfTOKIIIlNS AM1IIOAS. y,'.i7r-i Olhr, Minkntt. Nial, Xulrin, Sill, l'luh, Molutir, unit Cloth C',iy, ,,' (tattle, men, and ltoys,aho Till: FALL FASHION 01' HATS. The !.u, I icb nre iuvited lo t-Aiiiiiiiiv the mighty und prices u ine iiuovc mum. liurlinslon Oct. 13, 'M, w (.rait nnd Jniportiint Clicmiciil Discovery. nmuir.u. counts' vrtos moM nu: VV.r.l'.TAV,IX kisodou to nni'Ki. mm; sr.s. Dr.GUYSOTT'S itTRArrne I Cm. atllll cirti9i" . or this t-tHACTI!'', Whilst it iSARSAPABILU '"WlCITtS oisrisr it "ivimrMI' Jic Boor The moil successful Medicine in I he World! The result of a series of Chemical llxperimenn, this Oimpmiiid '.strati f Yelbne Dork nml .Surn'iv milla, Willi oilier iilmosi equally povveiliil veceinbh-sub-lances, U one of the eieatest discoveries of tlie aee ; and is the first nnd ou'y instance to winch these lliiois m I'ni; in use hy the fieiiliy hav e been imi ted into a Ctiitiimiiiitl possessor n due proportion of the peculiar virtues and powers ol each. Its success h ntoiisuti2, having performed over lift- en thousand cures since its discovery less than two Jeals' llsiuirivalb-d power over disease, nnd great superi ority over all Similr Simiipiirillii Syrup, imy be nt lllbiited lo tie-1 let that it is eouipo-ed piuelvol'ei;e table Mih-liiiees,en h mie Iriv m cllli-f t leir-renee to so, ue iiiiernalorio ; i-oii-eipicntly the whole, system IS liellclilled. It is th'1 intuit hisldy ratimttrated Syrup in use and beuiir in (iua'l Hollies at ene dollar per is also the cheapest. It purifies and enrnlus the lilood, inviiiorntes 111? Mod v. nod conseipietitly exp'-ls nervous disease Irom ihe sjstini, more elieclu.illy than any medicine know ii. it is pleasant to tlie taste, occasions neitiiersieknrs iiorp-iiii in its oiiperaiiuii, can lie taken rejiardless ef hu-iuess orihet, an I by thonged and iiilaut vvilb equal i tlicaey. In all ClinnXIC IIISF.Asr.S lliii Omimiml is thr Cl!i:.'n:yr HI.KSSI.XG tier jnismscd ly num. This extract of Yellow- Dock nnd Sarsnp-irilla is a positive, speedy and permanent cure Inr Oiiitiiniffiurl, SrrnJ'it'n, llnisijitlas, lllieuma ('?, (lout, Itirir Cmnjilainh, Spinal .! jUliont, L'Uax; Sijdiilin, Drvjiyi, .hth ma, I'Hm, Scurre'i, .IjTictians of the Jt'.ti'ldtr nml Kiilniijs, Mirrtiriitl (i.s iiiws, Corrupt I tumors, i'ihi of li'ool lo the (in, Dvcr and jtit, i'lina'e Compl'l.t, (!n iral Debilitr., nijtptpshi, J,osi of .Ippitile, Colds, Jlradarhc, CorlirnHfiS', llraci l.."zht Sin ah, Co!ir, Organic . Iifirthni, Palpitation of the Ihail, Jlitts, Pains in lla Side, Chest, IS tel;, Limbs, fyc.S-r. T I S I X ' A L L I U L K Iii nil tiVenMM nrriin fruin an iuijMirp f tte of tin iJlunil, or irrt'-julnr aclimt of tli Hyt'm IS Till: VttGKTMlhi: klXimnM nn All Vi.. mi'j hi-i tl- ii'i-tiii-tl nl. nils niitl lit'il)Mfni; tu inir cniT-tilutioTi.,niiil jiil'ipiL'il to lh' nut- nt ttn-rn-f ; iiinl tu llu Wt-ytaUe Kinir.lotn do- lh'- nt m m, ih well :is t!ie iiMim t oi' luimmtil, turn iur .mt 1 1 n.t a In pmn. 'rhfSptiip inn t-cicnt t fur rnmpoiunlullli tiif-l nl u'llilc l'l uit hi Nu urc, nn in ly tnn: inmi ih-lituritnis mitl lii'TMitnii' .Vinwtt Milit;iMfi , mid it it f.)i"h tn-t. ic irnni iiic - -inn, imp ins mkiiiu anu viui in a curiehptMitiiti di-gn-f, oimmoxs or rrrvsici.Yxs. This i tin rtify tint c, the uiHU'r-iiniicil 1'lij'M ci iih nf the city nt Nw York, have m a wiy irn-at m.iiiv -ft pn rnl)cil )r. (iintidi's llMnut nl V1 lnv li'k S its.! pan lift, it tit 1 :ip fully n sin-il tint it h-i5 no i'iii;i atnuiiii tin" xntinl f;rnp'3 ami .ntti-tparilla pn i.iuiiioii-s that haw t rrl in wihl, Jnhii T Sirhlait-.M I)., Sin'lT. UMI-..M I)., 1' S Mayuir.l. M I) , I' II Tinm. is, M 1. J. M. M t , S. M. Juliuin(M. U. Ntjsv YuiUht loli,, r i: s mi o .v r. rl'lir full.i.viiij4 letter iiiihcoitcs rt si'utiry cIFcct In L'ilMH ( 1 uyhimipsia, (:i;ni:iiai. Diimi.iTY, &.r. Watrrmwn, Jrllt'rsmi co , No. 1, M7 Mr. S I'. IIcniH'tt Sir I mu nt a Inss to rAprc-s (with Mri!) wlnt Un hcrti Paul in pni-' nl jnur ("(.iiipoimil llMiat t nl Yfllnw Puck ami S'ir-.iiiarilla, All wlmliaiM Inil th" pltviMiie nf it ii?nk nfni iintNfhuH fllt'rt- in icinm iiii ill- nr, w nil much tfflmi; niul h'-tirtf-'It g.ititactiou, tint I iim cmili Ifiit linw that im niftlu'iiif tu ut u:m hoa-t nf it1- -up'Tinr quaiitif. .Many Iu Uiw Ui-vn cuinplniniit-j lot ears w itli ii tin in t!i suh . Inn inn ' an 1 nun in tin chi'M. ily-spi-p-.a yeneial tlcli htyjo-n nl nppeiili, cliilN.niiiht swrai-i, --lit rli'iitn,t'nliila in (a t all lh tlt-a-f- that f in this Umnti an heir tti, lin-J in th' Ycllnv. DjLkaiul S usipanlla all tint is rfjui?itt to makf thfin wlntthi'y wt-rt in th. thiy.s nl hvalih.iVc.

Wf liihl thai wi miiiu lurlvi ilorii hot tl's in ihn-v ninntlw, nnJ vt nie nearly nut Ynu pk'aM'uciul an t h'mI imuihiT, nml uMi nurs. iiuyt v.v.i;iiin;oiiY. Pyspcpsia cured of thirty slninlin ! years ?t .bibtisxille, Miiiitgoinery eo.,.Ian. 3, IsH. S I'. Iti-uueii l) Sir Siini--1 mr weeks smce 1 was induced to try yo-ir Yellow D.u-k and Sirs-ip ir ilia for Dy-pi p-ia ; had le-i-u allbeted abnut tt I yearc, in, i-l put ol the tine- irnble to eat any tiling w iihout sulleriiiei iieii-ely Irom us ell'-eis I have u-ed now only one bottle of your invaluible ineihenie, and coli.-lder lov-'ll eutlfely cured solely bv its u-e. C'an now- a IkuiI)' meat, without the slightest jneun veiiienec. an nio.w iii:i:ic.iAX. The liesl Female Medicine known. The mild alternative properlicsof Dr. tlui-ott's IJx Iran of Yellow 1) iek and staisaparilla, remler it p---Clllrilly applicable lo ihe sienjer and cou-li. llltlon ol the lelll.lle. Il is iniliv.'llled lu IHelleeli. ni. on such di.-eiises n lu-pnniil Con-uinpiioii, iiairen-n.-fs, l.ueeorrhiiea. iriule-, Irregular .Meii-mnniioii. liieunimenee ol I'line.uii.l general i ro-irationoi the system. 11 miliieilinlely enullleraeis llial iiisiin-iug nervousness an, l la.nuue so coioinon io me u-niaie iraine, niul imparls an energy and buoycucy as sur prising ns they are gratel il. ,1 e II l, e . in, -live .'ii ii..-, nn.iiMmiiviJacii.iii;(j to recommend llus medicine lo mairi'-d people who Inve not been b!ei.,-,l w it tt oH-priug. II e cannot ol ciiuis.-,e.ililte--rlulieatesto any ex tent in the nhove eln-s ol complaints, hut give the lol iowiug evtraet of n letter reieiitly itceived ns sitine indlealiou ol the evln urdilliiiy Vllllte ol llita medicine as a rcmctly (or the disenseiui f-ned to. .ewuih,jaii ,.iin, nn, Ml, Dennett We lake pleasjre in Mining th-Jtynur Yellow Dock nnJ ri-irs-ip-irill i gives gieai i.ati-fae- Inm in every case. II e sit ill try nud semi you syme ,-cliilieJles. A veiy icspectable genilenian iuli'iined us that bis l.niiditcr was iroiibtetl with ihtiieiilt iiieu-iruatiun,aud oilier d.s,-n.M.s peculiar to berse. r-lie bad not hid her tegular meii-trua! du-cln;-;s lor n long time j Inn he ihe ii. i.l Or 1 Itivsotl's Yellow Doik and ,arsaii. iiiiII.i.wiis ladlcallv cured. Had used Tuw lid's, and oilier', without lece,iini; the sllhlesl belietit. He bad on iliu jl.ii-r die liom Hie Mine cause. Please M-nd lis an supply. Very rcfpeutully joins. ' .i.i;.Tnippi:co, Ft:uLi7Tu:M"n I n lie w hose coinplevious nre not as clenr ns tbey could wish, iiiFicnd ol rt-itiiii to tln-e pinsuiious piep.uations 111 till- loriliol I o-i iene..e .Hluilkl 11-e l)r (JnvMiit's Compound of 1 How Dock and Saisa parill.i Hy puiifioi Ibe Wood nnd enhvemnii the r-i r- ulo 1 10:1 . 11 kuis clearness to the. compleetion, lillhtlless 10 tilt- CJe.llllU ew.lli l,) m nie Mi, " l.eavma 'lint beaulil'ul which still was sj, And making thai whieli wa. not." VevaliiHHcriipliousou the lace rvnliing from want nl exercise or slu'H-sli cm ul.ition ol ihe lilood, 111 once dlappenl innler Its lllllilence, leiivm n rub bloom ol health, that no cosinetw can inip irt. I.n dies who have tried It cvprt-ss themselves surprised nud delighted. Groat Popularity. The follow inn is the commencement ofnn inlrrrst ,IW letter jii-l Itceived Ills but one ot the many ui.tauiT we nre daily icceivini! of the iinprecedeu. led p-ipiikiiiiy oi this medicine ill eiery nt ol thr Uiiiun ; . Columbus, to. July 31, HH '1'Im, Yellow Dock nud SirsniinnlU uivesiiiilu.imded s.itilociion,iind I iliink will, 111 n klturt nine, siipeise ie nil .ipuulki in Ihe mnrket. Very rerpect fully, It. CAll 1 1. It. Caution Exlraordiuarti ! Th jicit ifpuuuon of this medicine has induced nmnroni munterffilnr nnd hnititon to tak" lifld llt'ttiui how ynu liny Mifdif in put tip jiitiau quart hntlle- Ife vcrv Hin' ami nk for I)r. fitmtiir.i ('nmpiMind llxtriutnf Yellow Dork nnd SiM-iptr-ilia, hcnrlim tin written iii;n:ilurc nl S. p lt"iiu lt, nu rarli ntitiJc waippcr, w-nttrn with Mack ink j and do not, nti tiny acrouut hr imliiC'fd to huy tiny nthrrnr tide 1 it i tint tiri'iiaratinit on hi tint i iifilniiintur such tinrvfloui nnd ntiuiiM!nnij; euro. TalvL n i man a word J ns Ht?u hsmny; thf rmmti'ili'it nifd icittf niiil not tin U'nuiins nie nt courn iliiroti uf uiakuu tlnir T'if con-fnitcutly jou an h:dU' to huv wnrthlrjj tra.-li, utile ynu Lwumiiir f.r vour- ptlrcs. It n wrll in all r.Tri to rut nut thi raulion and put into vmir ptukct-hook nnd rnmpan' wilh tiinhriiM- t ir iirin-ii.hf r, Dr. (iL'YSOTT'rf YLIJ.OW I)Uld AM) SAKSAPAlill.l.A PrepTrcd ntS V. UVtSXWVVti lihoratory, Lit tle Fall, lU-rkiuifr (bounty N. Y.nnd fold hy lil'O. U HAUKINCTON IliirlhiKton Vt. Iturlmt-lnn Oit. MttHH. I.yiniiii Doricln's IMule. JV. Till: .SUHSCItllinilS.liaviiiijbnnppoin. leil I l.v th.! I IfXinralilr? the Piolialf ('our I lor thr ' Diftrict of ChittiMiuen, cnmnii4)ioncis to rcrfii( , nmine und ndjust the ilmni nnd (Uninndj nf all pr-' pnn, against the I'stntc nf ljman Durwin, lali nf Iluiesburnii, in s.iid Ditrn t, bun .. n prffiitnl in- ilvent nnd also all rlaiui nnd iifinanMs v- hibited in ollsc! tbcroto : nnd six months from the date hereof, beiuc allowed by snd Court Iur that purpose, we do beleby ijive notice, tint wi- will nttc nd to the husines-uifierrnppoioiiueiit.nt the dwel liiil! of Noble I'nrtdi, in Hun lutrjili, in s-niil District, on tlie first Vedues(lavs ol Noveiuiier and .March uet nt 1 1 o'eliick A. M on em b ot snid days. Dated tins tuh dav ol siepiembi r, A 1). lsH. JOSIII'll MAliSII. ) S I'lil'llIlN IIYINliTOX.f Cummlstimins. JOHN S. rATKlClv. ) vvlGi3 .tool l.niur JNtulr. I 17" I'. Till: HI'IISC!! I llllltts, l.avinebe. ii appoint- ed hy ill-; lion, the I'robate C'ouil for the l)i triet i-l Chittenden. com inissiooers to receive .examine and adjust the elaiuis and ib-matnls ot nil perMUis, against ihe estate of Joel l.uiid late ot Hiirlililon, in said District, deceased, reprcsentnl insolvent, und ul.-o all claim and deiirindsevhihilcd mnti'sct then to ; niul six months fioin the l1.iv ol the date heteof, bem nllowcil by said Cutirt for that purpose, we ilo lliere fure hereby l-ivc iMtiee.lhal we will intend ti the bu siness fifoiirappoiulment, nt tlieilvvelhu ot .Mis. Sa rah IJ. ilurhiiL'lou in said ili-iriet, nn the second WedmsJavs of No ember nml IVbruary next it Hi o'clock A on each ol s-ii.l ilavs. Dated this llllli dnv ol Dctuts-r, A D. 1SH. P?uiDU.TINtVroN. ( Cmliic. FIRE F RE! The Si, Lawrence Mutual Fire In surance Company, 0lciit!iii'h IVcu Vork. T the ?ohittinn of s veral reppertnh!.' flrntle. men in Nnrthfru Wnnoiit po appointed tra rllint; Aiyuti for the Couuiy d Chitt-udn( to af tord to iti Tanners a (.limn and reliable insurance ngmmt lo-i or ilnmaire bv I'm. This I'ompauy tfibli'ln d nn agftirv little more thin one i ar-ince in the Count) nf rrankliti, and it hi-, now nearly one ihou-and hazards thrrcfroin thowiu itsf.ttitnntion wlnre known. Its in-unnLT nmouht to about a q'larkT nf n million iluUni monthUj, and iti extent, rharartr nt Iii7ird mid tcoiiomy render it urli.tlnt thfactual rn-t to 'arm Wi on Poliuri nl several enrs Mainline btcu but thefiM painentaud Imi than Mi 'M cents 1 ho $100 )vv yvv The Company Kvn.tTLS fmm its Itanrd, huilrfhis in UorLv, Ctittun ami .SMur'n Jit -l inc,t Limy Slnblrt, litill .l!yi, lUnrh Smith' I'urnurr, I'urri, ,shcurftt I'otctlrr Mill, liirtrtrt'. Mirhn niri s'wp.inth Mnrhmnij imWn tv Water ur Steam, niul Steam Jlill, by whirb I'armers and tho" iu-urinc i-.nhted property arc not made to p'ir-licip-if in l.ura haardnu- iu-,uiauce but il.are with Itazatds like their own. Tarrn nrontrtv uneiopd taken fori vrns at I jmt cent nt thf nm inuietl ; tin in-ured (or fHl niMtii: a note ol Ninn a iai t nt w Im-h he tia down, and only s-o nni lw.f the btlanct' nf the note is called i-r ilurui the I'm1 ear-. n to pay actual !, Store and Mereliandie (nun 'Jj per cent umetnls ilfpfinim nn iii" coutirurli u aim material ol tijc buittliiii' : and f.ti'rnnl I)p"-urr-s. io dr thud I'Mtfi1 in it I'nlicifs : whole amount itwired tmid, it lott ; ineiiibeis tan w .thdraw, nud I-.IIKll it I ft"-11(1111. Au"iit Unr cr rtiliratfi Irom the prcretary and u policy in mu receivfii in uue ume, .ouce o in Company is mpies tetl. Refers to the fallowing J embers VlnUurah, X. Y. ' Chnmidain, X 1. A. C., Pliny .Mo. -re, tt a- Tiutee Pres. chureh Tho .!. Whiteside, Sam'l. Couch, St Albnnt, 17. Tiu-tce M I!. Church, ,IIou. S S Mrown. I liner, II"witt Co. II illiston, I t. Lawrence Myers, Cusluvus. Y. Cdvvards. '.'Inneey W. lironuell, Wshzale. Vt. Y sV ri ri Kcvcs, Lucius Creen. Directors i) .h'dsox. i'.kastus, ItOYAI. VII, S, I) CKICMTON, II I'MII.I.IIT, .1 V KI'.NT, VAin:u wii.i.son, Aireiits Wnnied, for s r i:ti:ii)iii:. AMOS HACOX. 'its'. ii!. viii:i:i.oc'k i' v. i: x r.ii:ciiii.i), li V KltCCIMi. .Hon .1 O IIOI'KIXS, II O I'OOTK, Sert y. neb Town. AdJress A. Skeels, Jr , A sent Oct ir,,lS13. Hi"ll)J1le, Vi. ii. o. rooTi:, w ll'nn'4 To Count rv iMiTcIiaiils. INDIA RUBBER OVER-SHOES. ILI.IS, TO.Ml'lv'IN.S ,V Co., Ii.-ni-opi noil Bi ul Xo !it .Inlin slnit i-vv Vml.'. 11 Si on- f,ir the sale ot every description of Iinlt 1 llnhSer Over Shoes, l,y die ease or doeu panR. As their Agency is lint eiiutint'd to that III Ilia one tii-iiinf i.-lnu-r. tinil llu-ir -loeK enioraces tliti-e inaile liy Hie anii'iliiek Co.. 1'old vV Co. ., li e Nevvaik Co , Xew- Haven ev. l'rovl,lelleet'o..aiid ill l lel llio-i- i,f all llic ht't ii.:iii:!3hctiii'(T of the Coiiutiy Dealeiswtll be able lo make llieir seleetioll ol lllose ihey t approve, nud line be ns snrednl obtaunu tbemiil die very lowest prices. The Vara or common llnbber, Plain, nml, I'ltrml nnd Lined, Seb-cteJ directly from tlie st,,, k f I the Importer nf this vim's ill. pintail, m, w ill be loiind lully iiual to mi) in the inaikel and at verv low' prieen. Ilaviu jn-t opened.ourSloek Isf lllirelv new and well worlllV Ihe nlteiltlon id havers I Irders evenled w ith div patL-li. IM.l.lS, TOMl'KIXS . CO. Xew India Uubb. r W'nrehnus.', Ll) Joiis Si i.ri T. Xew York, Auk 10, ISH, vvlil wG WINOOSKI FANCY GOODS. COHEN & i.i .1 LII HIM HA VIC jut ohpiumI nt Vitio.iIxi FalK tin J , , I . ... , .11- . I ttllsl l.ti llf tU.' N' uliull lhrV'!lti IKlVl i-timfv tl ' srll lit tlie chenpen prices 1 in tlitter tlieins-rivrs that fioin a lone nud intimate ucipiaint-inee wnli ili--ir hu'llless nud Willi the llieans ol pinehismg Ihe best l-ond nt the lowel puces 111 the inniket, they nre nble to sell i;o,iils ol nil descriptions nud ipialities oil the most livorable nud ndviiutai;eons leiins. Pton e rout Hurhuiitoti. C olchester or nnv seclioii ol the couuiry wishing I" purchase uie rcpieHcd to cull ut our xv.xv isToin; and fainine out lot jtm rectritdt cunsisting in pnrt of DRESS GOODS nml cloak stutrs ol all kinks. Herman Stripes, fn mehoti Stripes, Cbanueulile Cobouru, l','ii, li tw ill of llll kinds, Itlack Olleelis llntll, ilombatne, plaid raw silk, Cnssiiuere de Cose. Mustm ,fe l.anes FltKXCH tiiiiii:ts of nl1 tuihlieinndon!oi8, Silks, Changeable nud Cbeike.l.Ulack plain nud IHnik wilinstiiie. Also, a pleudid atriiiient ol Shawls, nil Wool nnd Silk, liriKhr, Itrot la long Shawl., fin iihed qinihiy.hl.ick Silk Nm.ii, pluin muj fUurnl, 'I'luhr Ihdn u all knils,ii hj tit-tid id ii!rtnn'i)l ut loiiij iiihlisspi;iM- I nina and Kihy.u i-lfiidid UMtortnu'tit ul Knhsh and I'lfiich BKi4iadrlolIis, Illack CnwiineionunddiK' ktiw, und tancydo. nt nil kindi n crrnt nriitv ot KnulMi niit Trench 1'iinti, und liiiiutic (.(HiiU, aUo Lice (loud, iicp die uotk,hud'kts,fol!nrR, tlower niul hnnm-t fctulU, iimtN, c.j iVo ,ot the vrry newest style G i.vii'oitriiK itv Geo. W. Warren &L Oo. iii'Ji W;i-liiiElu .Struct) mil llt:ill FALL SALES. A 1,1. ol which wi!l be ,.ir-r.-d by tin- CAUKAUi: oral l!I.T.ll.,i,t Ul'ICIv l'ltR'KS. MVA) THAN 700 IMt'KAtJKS o I Bitiis :tnd Stuart Wi.itwls, SILK (500DS AM) SATINS. NIL cltct, hi irk nml color's: Vm fViJtt, ti itrt Mantt'tan, Star), Manure, S.'mirl, Vrlret, Minimi, Tntti Cloth, Lyoncse Cloths, Ma ino and ollw-r I'hiitti ' itshmtirx. Mt,urlinr l)r Ldittr. V.mU tiittii cd J'lrsits, insi ami irmh J'rphHS. li'itbmy Satin., lUtslmh nnd Vtmrh Ihmhtizin, Jlrftnrs, Alpacai, Chiiks, untl all ttliT nitiflca tor Manitiiin(liiistt8in, I'nntt ( iuihv 'tummn r r inula nno nu Mini" mr i nil dicn's V ear. lliinim and Caiimeic bnnrl I'titteins, lor laibca lie (.nnliihi c. J, 1 X il X C 0 0 J) s or a ix Kixns. IhnUoidtiicf, Ltccit, Ldqnii;, and nil kim! of Ttwimtngs. WHITE GOODS or a ii i i:sr it i pt i ( ,vs . llhitiLets ; Qtiittf ilnttttcl ; (ilvvrt,; lluitj; I'niiH t'n Uimriy ; i'ut.n, nud I mic t'inthti I'tiim tnrr Pu tr fu a ; Lm'ititdrrcd Cttrtmna .Hid a zx.ul many other ihin U nde. tu DOMESTIC GOODS- Our strti k is iiltogetlier ino l-irj- , Inr a d"s.-npiinii ili-re ; we invite all lo e.-ouitie it ,,r te 'in-, vs. O ir Con I will he Ireely and p-tiit-'ly show n nndnsiee tilirniji inline tlie loirri jnrr just, una . . 1 l.l, my liom it, our customers w id not tun the nsk of pajnu; , limine ine inine oi articles, n,,r uc rnticiij nmcit to tiny thoie il'lttrlt ibi n'lt suit l.'iem. Oriunt-il illlll (.Ic'lltlillC, ONERICE ONLY. (t'o- V. WaiTcii A. Co.. i, a i i e: ' a: x c n x i: . Opposite ihe Mttrlhiro' Hotel, JiOSTOX. Oct. 10, 1311. vvlOwf, To tlio younir men of tho United States. AN APPEAL. lor future happim u-t tiitntfc-a and ic.jK'ctutii- litv. . Yur n email annmnt of iih:iov anj frurn ennn; i rditli-s Mirnditiirt. mi i a month, vim may in a h w mmih"- W put in pn---.-inn of a witrk tnun aIiii'Ii jou may dtnr mt'Tc-t and pmhi f,r tin tiiii,,hu'h il!-'rt' fur a Mn ly thmnh v-'ir Iif, nn-l w hifh thi liny hand thiMt tu th n t ircnt ratmn a- n trrairp woitliv th' ay in whi'-li jin liid and wujthy th-ir ran-lul siudv. The ?-Mih'-wrih'ir wdl inMi-li a'.iont tin middle of (VtntKT th tn-t nmnhrr d a r-'i-i.i.M;, LuvjANT and Ilustkatfo ljttn-v o UN1VCRGAL HISTORY i itmi Tin: ;rcatsn oj'JSio World, uv Tin: i,Ti: Hon. Alrxantlcr Frier Tyllcr. fsrntttnr nflhr CuHrc nf Justice and Lord Con vus.i'uiur nf Ju.sttattnf in SaUlim!, and' Jhrimr I'niftssor of ( Vn7 History, awl (itf'Liind limnfUt intiou'ttiis in the I'nivcr.hhj of Udtnhvrh. Thr oik nill ho imblu-ln-d nt inuiithlv ntimln'r, a Jj cum card , nnd w ill he fi njip't-tctl in tin or vv ni monthv 1 1 will nnkc two hau'I-unn.' olunn. of ahmit 1 1 no pnirr-i Th" Study id' Ilt-tory i the ino.t rntprtainimr and uWiil ot all srndics, ihrr. Inrc th" j-fctiin at an author is nt lid tir-t iiiiimttano. I he Intorv hy I v; Ins hiTii thrniiiih lieire than I Ie r.l'IIION-. Ill i In uln il l , i used ill tin- ll.nverMlies ,.f couotrv and this, nud lakes the Iirst rank among lileiary works. He pirtieiil ir therefore to enquire for Tvn.::it'N r.MMiitsAi. msrouv. Ileineinb.r lint ' KM)Wl.i:i)(!i: IS roUT.Ii,' and il you hav mure knowied.!,- than mir ueieh'ior, o,i have a power over lino which lie cannot cces. lully tei-i-t. I'll lili-ln il tiy T. Wll.r.V.Jr , :o 5tvtc fsrnri.T, IS ision, and !d bv Cheap l'ub- iicanon weai.-i-. intoujnoiii in-- i iim.1 r-nt,- .4e11ls wauled lonbi.i.ii Mtbscribeis, who will be i.iid n verv iiheial eomini-.hiun t Ti'Minme Ibe Iiinl number. C. IS. fUvvards, I Aj-enl tor liuilili'loll. Oct. Ill, HIS. vviri.ili Removal. A. Aitxnu") & CO., i.Mi'oin'i:its, ,ioi!i!i:its &, Hare Itrmnred In their I'cir Store, No. oO, Canal Street. One Door Kits! of the Stand they have so lung occupied. niitiulpntion nf ilii-s rcmnvnl nti rMrti- sive rfoek ol III AXD I AS IO.NA II, ' "!'.--. Miiiaine 10 me sensim, na,- ue.-u seiecleii m I.uiooe hy n pailnei ol the House, n l-nge poition nf which nie now m stoic, and oiheis arc dailv uriivui; M.A'.s. Puperb l'.iris Files in nil ihe new dc-iens of i,e sea-ou. 3-1 nnd 1-1 cblliee.ible and black Salm de Clime, I-l i li indelible (iless d'lVvpte. 3 I rin.l 1. 1 cliane.-ible l'oultde Sine, 31 and I I I I lek-wnteied silks, romp-idore und other rah M vie, fur eveiiin-r and soirits.Martelmes, S.nms, and .Milli.ierv Silks. ALSO. Trench nud Itriiisb Cashmeres nnd Delaines, in siimII, medium nud bold designs, riiin, Plaid, nnd Snip, d Medomias, Kaw- Silks, Ar.ieo, ti ill and 01 h. er Pl.iuls, Victoria, Cibmeies, M'-ijuns, Tlnhets, Clonkmcs, I'leneh and linli.-h Pr.nis 1'iemli and Scotch Oiiihams. ALSO. Crt-ii.-1! Casbin-'e l,,in and S,pnre Slnwls, Knl, Uoy (Clan iriti.-ins. lon, s, nre, and Mis-is sie-. rich Pinned Tuk.ira .-h ivl-, KmbriMilered Caslnnete Itobes, Visetes, .Maulilns, and Cloaks it the newest Paris hhapes, e,,,,rd and black Vilveis, Ircm ball u yaid to twoynrds wide A LSI), I.-idies. fienlleu-en's and Children's Hosiery of v- 1 eiy ,b--eripito'i ; toltou, Meiiuo an I lj-iiu!'vn.l fn I dervi is and Pauls : ei-n. unsiirinkahlenud ,l,,ui. s ,,L'i VT""'? ; i;;,t,'nmi xh;V"?t Iti;il,krN ' "!;'.r,,tl I iiinl ulni l on'itiTinnrs and (J'ultt : I-1 lasnchs.t (.(. ton and Linn Siicnn---. I jm p-r ; u J 1) iinn-k T.ih f I V ... I I I t .. I .. 1 II .1 .. .1 . a oiii"r-il nsM.rtiiiriii ot h..i...keiM.miT nrtirii-h Jncri I'n.Hroidi'rir-i, Lie rd-, fJloyrn. I'mhroid-t-rcil Crapif, lioln-, Kiiiii Dffss (loiids and Aitirlt". N. II. rnnidv Alournm1; of every deoription con ftantl) nn hand, Ux vhuh u Mpitatt di'jaiiiiK'iit in hepn prt idM .No nlKifinmi mud in thU tlstahlihment from the price a-k d. Win. t IZyv. Ci:i:i) UVi; "( tlio li,-t inmlitv, fir saK j nt the llnihiiL'iiin Ajricniiurnl Wine Ibmse PlilKl i: DAVUY . CO. llurrhututi, Oct. Ill, IsH. will l.nis Ilullb ill's Cslale. IJi'stll, ('astle. eve, utorof the eslnteoH.ois Miittbi t hiviuij pitHwed to lender nu uecnunt ol Ins nd-olMil-lrntlou. it is ordered by the Piobate Coutl lor the I is ri.i of Chiiieiideii thai Salurdu) ihe lourili duj ol .November, HI?, Is-iiisined tt the. e.iiuiinaii,i:i nf said nei ount, and ih'lt nil pels-ins niteitled. 111 said etiile.l,t-lltlltii-d Ibeleol by pulilieallull ,1 ihi- nrdel III the IVee I'll', three weeks l -.-i-iit ly, the lusl ol whieli lo l- before the daj net ,ir tile exaiiumiliou ol Midneenunt 0 A DA .MS, Juih , O-t. Is HH. wlC-w3 Vim .lills. 7)X CKAXT'S I'ii n Mill, t Mft. J 15 lliaiVa, do I'or .alt- nt ike lliirlimion Asiicultiiinl Wine.- lionse. l,!ct.4, ISH. I l.tlitl,, DAl. i. CO rl! 'S k w i' i ii n . tpilV, U.vm:iismxi:i ll.tvi.vo I'oiiciiaskp I Ibeiiilerci ol'Vilns ,,-, .S'oyes, will eoutinup th hosinrs. ,j ihe fotuier linn in all its brandies under lb-name i n I sljle ol Mori Ilo Noyus & Co. They tiust b f.iilhhil ntientinn nml ImneHt denims to merit the confidence nl old Irn lids, and hope by in creased facilities tn add Iif w lll'lueeinents to nil wi-h-inj; to parch ise loiiiiIs t wbolesal- priies. Particu lar ntt-'iition paid to tlie larnis'iliifr iirpnllers All biisuies. rel-iimirlo Vilas A. .Voes will b --v-tled by .M.Noves A- Co Moiur.r.o xnvrs jioii rriti -Y xiv:s; jtn.irs m. xoviis. IhirliiiKlon, Hept. tt",'!-). wt3 ' Feathers ! i l VA'.V., liens nud Turkey IVatlKrs warranted v a fiist rate.-irlicle kepi coiistnullv on hsnrt nnd fur sale by M NOYKrfstCO. Successors to Vilas &. Noycs .Sept. avid. I3 Stove Pipe. ("'AN'ADA, English nnd liussia Hlove riie, lsrg J iissoitiiieiit.nnd for sale npou lavorntilr terms. .Meri hauls e.-iu be supplied in (juaiititic. .1 ndvatilu-if- ous rules bv M. .MlYIJts A. to. Succcisors to Vitus Xoycs. Sept. 27, 'II. w-13 Pins, &c. I (( Packs American Pins, I llin lbs. mixed do i I )) gun m Sewing .N'eedlts, M lu aril do ; 5lluOro Kmltilgdo, at .M. NOYUS t COs. Sept. ,'H. vl3 J'niioer .V .lleelinoic's Honk ) I)Ullini;li-ii, 0.1 4, ISH. ( 111 Stockliobleis ol tins II mk.nrs hereby nutirlsd tbnt n cull has been made of 1'ive dollars, on cnih slnre til the Capital Sto, k, payable on ur bcfbla in- i I .) jiiiurv, 1313. ny orii--r ni t.oiiii, vvlltf ' 0. T. ll'AUNLlt.CWiier. Cooking, olHce anil Parlor Sloves. FOR SALi: ItY PIERCE, DAYEY $ CO. Iffl! I li'.ke's Yanl utlotl Stoves, b feizt. tnt ion .New Lngland Air Tight, do 4 do Till Western, do do 7 do 50 (Jiniicy, Jo do 3 do A 'so, u la rue ussortment of Hoi nud Air Tmht l'nr- lor Stoves, all sues nud biles I nud mut approved pat terns, e nre orennied to furni-Ii Ucalvrs with a sunt! advance lionl co-t. j. s. i'ii:i!ci:. c. .m.d.vvly, j.u. uisnuK. Angu-t 111, '13. Will Extni Supor Fine Flour. I E)i'Vt'' lias u untisiijtiiiieiit of n il s;n,,l lot nl A'jm Sinn r i'iue l-'lour, to vvbieh be invites the altentiun of tbosc vvi-lung such nn ar-lieb- J)ct.Ji, I'll. wlfi Cold W'itlcr is coming tucc cure of iotir Iocs ! LEATHER. !7I SI. gjOOIiiis), tins j Hal rcicivcd front Si. .N'e. Yuik. 0:10 Sub Nc York S de Leather. .wi l,s Oak Siil' 1,-iiher. IVui r. liariiris and lisnd l.satber, Calf-kins, .Vc. AUj. Kids, Muifcceo' Kiudirv Currier's Tools l all kinds and Shoe Makrs Kit. Tauners Oil b th-j bbl or ual. l.sslajiJ li.iot Trci .Vc. T'neabt.x- nnielis, or ny iLi i his line of bii. -.ine-,. will be sold as cbeap tor iih a can be had lhi -ide of New York llurliustou, Oct. 1U, 1SH. illMt2wl5w3 jg.Most Ilxtruordiuiiry Vrk!3 Til Z MARRIED WOMAN'S rnii'ATi: mi:dical ,"o.iM.vo.Y. 111 nn. a. a. HAVK1CKAC, Pi ofessor of Diseases ol Woman, Sixth IMition l?mo. pnS0 Frif SOtis .'O.OiXI 'i.pie. SOLI IN SIX .HO.ITHSI Veats orsuU-nu-rt ut physical an t mental suL-ui-h to many un ntf -ctiomite wdV, aud pecuiuarv dirlicul ues to ihe husbitid uu bt hair brra au-vrcd : tliou- I sands now poor would base enjoyed conit--tenee , ibon.inds no, brikcu 111 heslla truuM hass enjoyed 11 ; litmdrrds now in iiieirurusea beeu tiiu alive, oy a timely pns-ess.nn of Ihe work. his intruded esji-'eiilly lor ihs msrried, or tho. eouteuipliiiiiic umrriniie, fc it duvwlova ioipnrtani se crets which should lie known to llitui p&iticuhrly. Truly, kuovIeJ4e is power, it i health, happ'inesj ntllii'-uce. The revelati.ilis eolitniued in its paj-es have proved a liles-hii; 10 thousands, as the inuuiueuble letters received by tbeuuthor will niiest. Mere, also, every female the wife, ihe mother, th one either biiddiui into vvoorinliood, or the one m ibe decline of jears iii whom nature coniemplates nu lniporiant ehjiii!e can diseover the emit., sjn.p- 1 iam mode ol cine, ' scx 13 subieet. I ' " lis I11111 lonis, nn,i ine inosi emcient renieines, niiil must eer- 111 every cump,aiut to which her inirtaii'ctn the Married mny be gathered Irom tlic bici, tint Travelling Aleuts make Irom 'Vine to Vie Dollars a day .' from its -nle, hundreds of active, ciuerpriziuz agents are ncc,i!iiu!.ilui4 n Utile coniVH-ti-tict- Mum the liberal di-eimnt allowed, nnd the reat demand for it. Or ders are rcpured 1,1 be aecoinpauied w llll payment. Copwi ictll be ir,, hy the mail Jrce nj postage ta the purc'iatrr. Over twenty thmisauJ copies bnve been sent by mad within three tunulhs with pel feci alety nud cet lainty On the receipt of One Dollar, the " larried Wo nnn's Private .Medical Coinpauion" will be sent mnilcd Jiee) lo any mrl ol the United Slates. All leitcrs and applications Irom iho-e drsiruif to become neents iitut he po-t.piid (except tho.-e coniainiiij; n, reniiti.ince) and addressed to Dr. A.M. .Vauriceau. Ilox lii I, Xew-Yoil City PublibiUE Oll'iee, Hi) Liberty St. Xew Yolk. The' .Married Woman's Private Medical Coi;v;vi nion' is sjld by llo,.kellers thruughuut tin- liuited States. Snid in lliirliu;ton Vt ,by S H XICIIOIS, nt ill Publicnlnn Depot, WicUwsre Uuildiii". Sepl il, HH. wlOif 1'AKKFIJS L'XHIVALKl) DAGUERREOTYPES m.KHN Daily at liis IIooiih, ColU'f! I Street, vviiere lie bn produced thonssnds within tin-last m nr. rooms will be kepi optii u tew-weeks, vi here Almiiturt--. can be hud ut n les-, price (1-ir the sainc i nut) ilinu nl any other cl.ibh,luueiii in this pail ot in, country Kooms tree fur persona to cll and examine speci men lhirlniSton Oct IS. HH, wia 'J'lirctuls. I HO "', rS"n Thrend, assorted Co'ors ini) 1 V7V hj l.ii.ii, ilu; IWOdox SpiK)l do. nt M. X0Yi:d X Cos Sept 'If- w!3 liuttonst. 100O(t Iruss I'nnt jltittiin. r00 iln. Coat CM do 't,t,do. IU0O do M. XOYKS .t Co'. wI3 -hut di nt Sept S' IS, Cambrics. Ciscs Cnlnril Ciiuiljrir.s. 2 it, Sileciii Tors-ile by M XOYIlS.vC.o. 3 Sept. IT, 'H. 13 Prints. Al.srce stock of Americnii nml 1'netisii Print for s-i.eiii cheap r-les bv ihe piece nnd patim--) onln l ' .M. XOYKS A: Co', ts-pl '.T.'H. 3 loths. ( r"S( Ci v,ls- (5rri' ('-l1t1t. iii yJ'Jyiyr Snttmeis. l.'sit) do Cnslmere I.vo do llroid Cloths I'or silent le lueed prices in ex-clmij-e for wool orca.lioi .M XOYI'.S .t Co's. Fuccessois lo Vila it Xovcs. Sept -7, '19. ' W;, Alpaccas. .IJ piulJ du ju t Umn Checks nl M-NOYUdsVCuV PcpuSs'ts. j iNew Goods, AT iy. 'o. have recenlly received tbeir Hit 1 -ill MOCK Ol lilHld. l-lllisilln., nf n ..rn, iu. riety, and pmilia..-d nl the very Uiwcti privv. wliii K w ,'l emilile i, ,.. ....II ,....... I ' i wi'l enable us to scllni I orresiMiliilnm rut.... -.1 l. ;i: . ' . . . -. . . .iieiiiiuio wisiinu; iu rs p-enii their tank tc-tur k'o'n; tuPLiiVl will do well to call ui'oii us, ipt. .V;.

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