Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 10 Kasım 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 10 Kasım 1848 Page 2
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J BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, November 10, 1848. I'liliani, US 101 ICG L"ii 11 Vilt, 42 Jacob C ll imer, 5 fi SsV-ittcri'ig, 02 101 105 0.1 the 2J hill t, Mr Billy nf l'dmiiro ttmvcil to ii Jj mm, Alf. Kittredge nf rairhaven raised a uno'tinti of order whether the motion couhl be rntert.ilned u-hilr, ;i ioinl nnlor wis tietlilill'. ' 1 The Ch lir f Mr Converse) ruled tint tliU motion the is not In nnler, hut tint a motion in iip"inl for-1 thin tlur balhtiiiL' would he ontert lined. -Mr Beards- ley moved tn suspend until 3 p. m. to-morrow J ayes lot, noes loi. The Senate came in and the record of each House was roid.from which it appoued that HON. VM. UPI1AM liad been duly elected, nnd proclamitinn wa ! cd made accordingly. W hrn the bcnalo withdrew and the House' adjourned. W'r.nsEbBAY, Nov. 1. Sk.sate. The bill to p ovide for school Ji trict libraries was taken up, Mr White's" amenJ incut tn e librae school bunks for the children of the pior. still pending when Mr. Kidder moved to amend the amendment. Mr. II"onrin moved an'linitc postponement of the bill carried, jeas 1 1, nays 10. S this bill was in definitely postponed, Imports, llv Mr. Kimball, from committee on Roads, in iivor nf the llou-e bill directing tiie expenditure of lims Imposed on turnpike companies discussed by M ,sr- C i.indler, M 'id, S and White in opposition to the bill, and AI 'fts Daman I Kiinbill in f.nnr. and rejaMcd on 31 rcaling. Ily Mr. Dinforih, from cominittee on fninnc", In favor nf the hill ndj tinj tn firei'ii inuruuce compinie--, with si ti niiK-iiUirieiit, which was adopted, and the bill laid nn the table on motion of .Mr. Fox, and the Secretary directed to procure 3J3 copies print ed. Itv'Mr. Mead, from iudieiiry cmnnitlee, that no further legislation is necessary on the bill filing criminal j trial by jury bjfore jus tices. -Mr. Kimball called up the hill tn extend the tiine for winding up the enncerns nf the 11 ink nf Win, which, afi'-r further elicit ition cif fie!, and di-i'ii.iin by Mi-r Kiuihill, While, Hedliehl and C .andler" in oppo-ilion In th lull, nnd Mr. 1! email in it faior, the Mint was re jected, eas 1 ), nivs 13. .Mr. White c.iMi'd up the limine bill milling counties Mildc ler the ilefiult c.( tjicrill'i and High 1'iilifi's, when a debito arose. Mr. While .spoke in favor of the hill at some length, contendinir tint the s un- reasons e.i.t fir making counties liilde for their sheriffs, a towns lor their constables, as U already the law. Messrs Kimball, Mead and 11 :.Mna:i replied, and the bill was rejected. The Iloue resolnti n for a joint assembly on Thnr-ilay, 10 A. M., to c.hoo-e ail Auditor ill the Trea ury depirtnient, was taken up and couch! red in. .Mr Stewart called up the bill to establish C 1. wurl:-hoii-e, and propo-ed to amend the sainc by giving discretional)' powers to the masteis ti employ person in tiel 1 lab r, &c. which amend inent was epaicd by Mr. J. I'. Kidder, and suppntcd by the mover and rej-'cted ; 'heii the .bill, on motion of .Mr. Kidder, was lii-eiiinte!) postponed yea- 13, n iys II. Jlr Hall inlrndiiced 11 hili to authorize innm- h.'rs of '.he Lfei.-l itutc and its nflieer In vctc for electors and m.'inhjrs of Con gress in M iiitp -lie.- r-'ad twice and relerred to committee on eieelion. Mr. .S'.veatt nll'-red a resolution to appoint c luiui'ttee to inquire into the condition of the State tM'hool 1 1111 J passed, and Messrs bweatt Dinlorlh and ll.imiltonol ( Int. were appointee by the Chair as tint committee. AJjourncil. II iOc. l'r.ner by llev. Alono Webster, JIM intrwIuaJWt .Mr I) me nf O., relating to election of Presidential 1. lectors and M nn hers of C ingress, (Clerk of the llnuu to leceiu billuts uf loter.s at room Nn 7 in the Stati House Irom 12 M. tu 'J P. -M .Nov. "th)i ti Judiciary committee. Ucsnlulims. lit Mr Carpenter nf Mirctow 11 that both llousps meet 10 A. il. 1 liur-d.iy, ti elect Auditor nfAeroiints ; adopted. From I In Keiute, to elect It ml; Coniniis-inner 3 p ip. to day ; adopted, iiy .Mr Uedn ol t . 1 i-triicliti; delejiitiuu in Coie're.-s to t'o for uraiilin; mi f0:tion of the public lands to the ollicers en- riged in the M xiean war. M 'ssrs Deane C, .N'eedh'im, Carpenter nf N. and It 'anNle) biipporteu it on the L'roiind tint such "rant 1 now in ule to n in-couiniis-inned officers and pri valo. .Mr rutn.nn nl Albany moved to ad " all free persons nf color." S ipportcd by M Putnam of A , opposed by M '-srs Whittem m and B.sardslcv, ami rejected. Mrt'atlm innici that the grant be made from hinds acipiired fron Mexico, ij.iposeil hv .Mr. AecOli un, ami tli question inteirupted by special order . I'etilvinsrrlfrrci'. t )f Sumner A. Webber,! committee on binks; of Daniel Ueed and oth cr.s, to committee on agriculture. On resiimin ' the co iuler ition ol Mr Oeane resolution, .Mr II 'own nf (irand l-le 111 ived t tive tlie l.i"ds to widows or heirs of ollicers de ceased : adni ted. The C.'nir appointed Messrs. Whiltemorr Dcane of ('. and 11-itnn, committee on the bil tu incorporate tae National Life Insurance Con, piny The R'part of the State .Superintend mt 0 t.ommm heiiiois was relerieu to committee 11 der the &ih joint rule. Mr. Whittcinnro introduced n resolution i striictiii" the Judiciary cominittee to inquire in to the expediency of settling with Ihe heirs n i'eterll ulielu, who claim lands ill tark-bnro pass d. Adjourned. i! o'clock P M Sesats. IiVw. It. Dy Mr Juno, from ( 'mn mittee on Fiinuce, ngain-t the llou-e bill t amend the law in relation to the publication o intention of 111 irri.ige, Ihe s irno b 'ing unnec-'f-sary bill rejected. Ily the .imo in Iivor o' the H iiisc! lei'ul.iiing fees in hvk acticn it, pasen! to a 3d reading. Ily Mr ('handle' f'om Jud. eri'iim'ttJe in fivorol t lie hill in iking insanity of 10 )cars coiiliuiniice a caiiso of di vorce in certain c:H'e, with aniendin lit whirl was adopted, and the hill, after an interesting debate b 'tween Mer. Stewart. Mead, Frenel nnd Miveatt, who decidedly opposed, and .Ml Chandler, who iugeniou-ly advocated il, wa laid nu the table. Mr IVrgu-nn introduced a bill rerprring tin appointment oflhe !tate Librarian by tlejiin ussemlily read twice and referred In the Sen Mo piition o' the comm.ttee on the State l.i brary. A communication was rent from the Secre tary of the Seuatn and the Clerk of ihe House flalili!! tint tliey had procured copies of the ail dress deliveied 011 the nee isinn c, h,. reiv plioii nrihe cannon taken at lS-iiniiiMtnn.anl that Ihe addresses were at the of the Wisla lure. Mr Juno from cominittee on I'iinnee, report ed Ihe House bill to lix the salary id the Anditoi of accounts of auiend'ing the same in as 10 11.x 111:11 salary ai 15 mu w I,-,, at.r u .,.,, U- lU il. in.i.rai.Uj ii .5 iwu ;iitr U lit (t(' inent of facts, on call ol .Mr J. P. Kidder, tho bill was laid on the table. ' I lout Ti.x- cnnio.illoe. bill Hradlev. :i.,-' , X. SB. lj'i ' s oiiim nice.. Ily Lin, obi, ed to 3d re.uliriL'. By General committee, bill rcnoiilitij; act ol 1814 relating to punishment of capital crime. ; I measure, and Messrs While and Kiinb ill in o 1 11,0 H,hiecl ' laid on the table. By JuJicnm' committee, i po.ltn,,,. Alu.r lid Jr j, iM ' . I Wheu AI- Redlield, with somo very appropri ngiinst bill relating to paupers ; and it vva din- Hit-hill on the table carried, veas I J n.,v, l uto rem uks on ihe occasion, and on Ihe Ch irac- ..,,,,. .i . i n ' 1 l'".l,'!ls iu-orporatu the Duivill'e and IV ler ol the deceased, oirercd tho custonnry re.o llesolution. Hy Mr Hiibbelf tha no bills or sumps,., U u co ,u u 'u"Vtt ' utio.,s, and that the Senile do now adjourn- pjtitions be introduced after next I rid ty inurii- and Canada Jun-.n,,., i'..i . , . ..n 1.1..1. ,..r.. M,.,,i,Jle ,loni..d. nnd iho ngtadopted. iJi'icednnd nferrrd. By Air t.ipen, laalfonTheCo tin of O ,u, y By Mr i ', U n "n rllS Inlni!, lienerai commiliie. Ily Mr Hates, lor an ill- inent o ii tie ilir irian 11 I.,, il... . i . e ...ii... to committee 011 iMucation. ... ...j ...s. jUi, u..i,..u,, , Tne H ,.,s resumed the 8peclal order being a tlllvrelatnig to the cleaiou nf town Rerre - scnlalives, the question being to amend tiy slrik-1 Imr nut tf in 5th s-oc.tinii nrovidiii'T for or an otoc- ui linn he ntnr.itllv nfiiT the 'J I . il was re- anil jcclcil, 102 to til, ami the bill was l.iiil on the ' table, i Air carpenter of Mirthueld called up the resn- ttil 1011 . tenderimr the thinks of the llousu to Toil. O uirlos P.iino. ft r the Invitation tn riil trie mi (Central Railroad and declining the Invlta-, ; tlio yeas and nays being taken on the mo- a lion tn aiiKiid Iiv accenting the invitation, roull-, as follows: Yeas i Nivs 80. 50 t was 1 0 ermined .o I nrcopuno invitation, jecti'il. s-JT . .1 - , . . ,1,1 .1 .1. The resolution was re-1 the I Pierpoint lsham, T.'ri., of Ilennlnctnii, was elected II ink Conimlssiuner in joint ballot on the 3 ballot : Isam 110, Homer Ii. Hubbell 111, scattering 3. The resolution for adjournment without day was uinen led hv lixing Tniirsday morning, Nov. 0, and laid on the table. Mr lleatnn railed up the bill to incorpo rate the Vermont It ink, and the amendments of the Committee were agreed tn, and the bill was mad j the special order for Friday morning next. The bill relating tn joint stock companies was ordered tn a 3d reading. ing the itiiititinn for an excursion over the Cen-1 .Mr ( oi.v.'rse presented a resnluti m accept. tral 11 inroad on a iturdiv next, winch on motion i;' , ' ' "" nf Mr. Hastings, was adopted as a substitute for . Mf Hnicroft moved that ivlirn the Senate ad the lesolution of Mr Mutton, 113 to 18. , j-tirii. it adjourn to 10 o clock Monday murning Adjourned. j and it was ordered. Adj. ... " 'OF.. Mr Strecter moved a rccon'idera 1 itl'iuiur, Nov. 2, A. M. tion ot vote taken nn Senate bill relating tn elec Scnatk. Prayer by the Chaplain. tion of State Librarian; agreed to, and bill com pile House bill regulating fees 01 parties in book arliom, wa' read a thiul time and pissed. le eiiyros-ed bill to appoint the State Libra rian by jo. nt nse.nb!y, was read a third time m.l a-s'd, yeas "IJ, najs 7. ,Mr l -yes called up the lull in addition to the irt exempting towns (mm d linages, ari.-lliR om iimiliieieney nf ro ids anil bridges, where oidscxceed 10,00J pound', and eonlininait to bridges when after some debate between Mr ies in lamr, and .Messrs C'er and .Mead ij.finst the bill, Ihe same was rejected. .Mr Ixnnli ill ottered a joint resolution lor puu hing (i'lO copies of the address of Messrs Uut- lor ami II uighton passed. A mes-.ige was rcceiied from the Governor, announcing the resignation ot (iny C. Sampson, is nil enininissioner lor Uiitlcndcn U). rcter- red to the Senators from that county. Adj. H il'sn. Prayer by llev. 11. J. Scott. i)itriil)-c.l mid rtferrcl. 11,.' Mr Slock- er, .'imeiuling an act relating to nupniindiiig an ils : to Judiciary committtuu, U' Mr Town of Summerset, in addition to chip 77 U S ; ol Judiciary coinmiltce. i Mr Catliu moved to reconsider the vote taken m the resolution relative to distribution of land I to ntiuers eii'"ieed ill the Mexican war, rejected i ayes 7 I, noes 111. I Mr Carlos Carpenter of Orange was elected 1 AtiJi'.or in the Treasury Department by the joint i-semoly. C irlo's C irpenter 127, S. II. Mattocks 81, cent ering II. The (! overnor notified Ihe House that Ouy C. I '.iinp-nn declines the nllice of j ill coiuniissinn- 1 r; r.'lerrcd to niemucrs ol Chittenden County. Adjourned. 2 o'clock, P. M. Skvatt. ll'pnrls. Ily Mr Fox from com- uiltee. on 11.1. nn the several memorials for a aw for raising all school monies on the (Irand List, that no further legislation in this rcsi ect is expedient. .Mr .1. P. Kidder called up the hill relating to West il indolph Ac idcmy ; passed for cngross- nent yeas yi,, s ,1. U ni-e Lull to incorporate the ermont alley , llulroad Company was referred to committee ! 111 roans, .vuj. Housf.. The repoit of Otta Qnccrho Sav ings Hank was referred to committee on H inks. Kesohitiom. Uy Mr Mcrrilt, that the tlrink f tliiss Ilou-cho tendered to Gen. Taylor and ill tl.o ollicers engaged 111 the Lite war with Mexico ; adopted. From the S n.ite, that 000 opiesof the addioscs delivered by Messrs ISut .cr and Houghton he printed; adopted. Mr Ik'ardsley moved to direct tlio clerk to lrncitre the printing of 300 copies nf tlm repoit .rtho committee on moving State Prison, which vas rejected. ll'pm lif('ommiW-es. Uy committee of Claims, fill lor the relief of Burlington, Charlotte, linos, r-xeopt four names nhich had been added to iiirgh and South Hern; ordered to 3d reading, last year's! list. Agreed tn, when tho question Ily committee on B inks, against bill to incorpo- recurring oil tho four additional names, contir--ate the Central II ink at Noilblield, for waul of nntion was advocated by Air. Whittomore, and uitice and inasmuch as the committee hid re- the objection was withdrawn by Air. Ilolbrook, ortcd in favor uf a new bulk nt Montpelier ; mil the noiiiinitioii conlirini'd. ' ui motion of Mr Carpenter of N. the hill was Joint usjoinbly adjourned to Tuesday next, iid nn tli" table, 11 committee of Way ami 1() A. AI lean, Senate hill cl.aiteriug the Troy and, lltm'.ul'mn. By .Mr. Whittomore, authorizing 'an nil Junction Telegraph Compiny ; passed, tho Governor to appoint three commissioners to I'.'jgrossitl Hills. To charter Vermont Valley report a general railroad act to the next session ; I lilro id Co. ; passed. From the Senate in rc-1 p issed. r.ion to tho appointment of State Librarian ; j The hill in relation tu tho election of Tues 1 is-ej. , iy next (voting at tli3 State House,) vas pi.s- Mr. Whittomore moved to reconsider the vote sed. lisini-sing the bill annexing part of Wcstmore I Mr. Carpenter of X. moved to adjourn to o .NewaiK ; lain on tlie tiule. Tho following appointments were made in unit assembly SUPRF.MF, COURT. Stephen Rnyce, Chief Judge, unanimously Assistant Judges, Isiac F. Redlield, " .M In 1., D iniel Kellng unanimously. 11 lind Hall. On the iioiuin.itioii ol Judgn Bennett for 3d ui'ge, Senator Kidder nominated Hon. Daniel .xellogg Bennett 131, Kellogg 68, scattering On motion nf .Mr Parker of Coventry, tho c - rclinn of lifih nsst int Judge was postponed n 10 A. M. We Incsday next, as a bill is neiid - "i. " I "-"c,"ti "mi una uiui.t, ..nj., Nov. 3. Sf.vatf. Prayer py the C npluin. .Mr French introduced a bill to incorporate Ihe B .11!; of Wlnlo River at B thel, which was read twice and referred to cominittee on Hanks. J 00 lloti-o lulls living a tax nn Hradlev Vale rehilintr to tlie coti-ti uction of tlio bridge Irom South II 'rn tn Milton to a'lllmrizi cor ri'i-linn III Cr.n.l list I,,.. .,,,! , I.,. 1 I , ,. els, w ere severally read tvv ice and icfeired In ,1... r ;..,........ ...v. Ia, uwiiiiiii.iL-i .. Mr Ihll introduced a bill for the benefit of the Dinn'le Rocket Fire Co.-read twice and reieirui tojud. com. ; Tl0 rll,ir a,p,)in,e,l .Messrs .Stewart, Kim- 'I'he hill to enable, tho West Randolph Acad-' ball and Al'ad, the cominittee on tho bill to di ejny to receive its proportion of Ihu Counly ' vido .Montpelier. Grammar .School luuds was taken up. ''ho Uouso bills to authorize corrections on Ml Sucult replied to some statements of .Mr Gr. List, and In permit circuses and other exhi Kidder, when, alter explanation hy the hitler, bitioiis, wero severally read a third time and the niieslion was put and carrieJ. leas 21. navs ii ih.t-.nil. 1 e ll I'll I r ?. n . '" , 'i .1 . ., 1 ' " ,"' '" ;,'V,,"1' u"?J',r, ,v""llf-' !'P i xiivLiiin in ii it ii i nit in l k uiiiniir i it. i iii) 1 1 10 .,i-1 .i, .... v r. i v.;."'.'. ' ;,s .. "I'i r.ri .-r of 1 1... . ... I . 1 I l" . ... . . . ." " " " " MM 1 , , o '.""; .1" ""J""0?:"0. I Stewart iw.,1 k... . "' , , ., 6,'nt u"'KllJf'l'nJU.owithi,rr,,l,.kr,',. i'. incuts, which were severally conciin d in H ,- n n , A.ljnuriin'. i'lV0'?'?1' John W.-l ami ml,,.,. ,..!.... i... : '"'"i' tr . i I h 1 nioorpor.uiiM. (he Ihel , t-riimui iianii ; 10 coiinuilteo on Ilantcn . 1 1. ... .. "' I!,d., Sen.t.e bill t cnrpjial, J ZZ ,J Pas,psit. U(iru.tJ Comp.ny ;p,"fd . jjy Judiciary committee, bill relating to t'io election I'.iccnir.s lor rrcmucni nnu nit i usiuuui mm. members nf Congress for llio 2d, 3J and I'll . districts; oulered to 3J leading. By i-oiiunit-, toe of Wajs and Means, bill assessing u. lax for support n! government; ii!n nut mailing nn ap- iiriniriation for tho samel and authorizing the , Treasurer In borrow money for defraying llin expenses nf govnvcrnment ; severalty ordered to bill third reading. i t , 3 engrossed llili. An aci repeal militia law relating to imiforin coinpaiiies ; pscil. The House took un tlio r-peciiu order, iieing ,11 - I O I . 1 ... I'.... bill to incorporate tlio erinoiit at , ll .! I II I I ...o.l Montpelier. The question shall it be enurn-scd and read the 3d time was supported by Mr Ilea-1 ton and opposed by Messrs Anns and Carpenter j of Xorthlield. Adi. 2 o'clock P. M. Hi:vate. Il'porl. By Mr Keyes (rom com miltce on Hanks, in favor of the bill to Incorpo rate a hank at St. Allnns II ij', and adverse to the one at St. Allnns vill igo ti lth mule the or der nf the day for Monday morning next. Ily . Mr June, from committee on Finance, in fivor of the hill anthorizini correctness in the (Irani! ,!t pissed to a 3d reading. Uy Mr Danforth, from same, in favor nf the II ni-e bill authoriz ing s,.ect men to permit r.lroiiss(. and other ex hibitions for times not exceeding t! days at a time, and for sums not exceeding .$50 nor less 11'" 810-pnn-cd loa 3d reading Monday morn milled for amendment. message wis receiveJ from the (Jovernor informing Ihe House that Win, Hevwnod de clines the nll'ieo nl Judge nf probate in F.ssex County, which was referred to member of that j i county It'nltttinns. Uy Mr Smith of Panton. Car penter of N., llcardsley and Arms, opposed by Messrs Sprague, Parker of Coventry and ll.. .... , ..f ST. ST I. : . Pangborn, und on motion of Mr M itson dismi: sed. The following appointments were tnado in joint assembly: wixusort county. Walter Palmer, Assisttill Juthjrs nf Vie Tho's F. Ilurelt, County Court. (lilinau II Miry, Woodstock, Sluriff'. Joseph Churchill, I Ugh Ii lilifl. Sewall, Stale's A Uormy. Thomas F. Hammond, Jiule of l'robateforthc District of Windsor. J. II. D'uirorth, Jutle of Prolate for the Dis trict rf Hartford. Naliuin Hiskcll, Simeon Warner, F. M. Brown, .uI Commissioners. OIH.F.AS.S COUNTY, .las. A. Paddock, ) Assistant Julgei rf the John H irding, Count; Court. Hubbard II istings, Irasbiirgh, Sherijf. J.ilis reirs, iiailijl. Henry F. Prentiss, Sta'c's Attorney. Jacob Hates, Judge of I'robate. Thomas Jameson, Luke Spencer, Samuel Co nant, Jail C nnmissioners. CAt.r.I)0!A COt'NTY. Robert Hirvey, ) Assistant Judges rf the Jell'erson (Jree, C lunly C mrt.' Hiram Perkins, W.ihlcn, Sherif. Andrew M'AIillan, High llailiff. Bliss N. Davis, Utate's Attorney. Tneron Howard, .Indue if I'rolmte . John Kelsy, Nathaniel Diton, C las S Dana, Jail (,ommissioners. Mr Kittiedgo moved tn recommit the nomin ation ol Judge of probate ; lost. 1 12 tn 8 1. G. C Cahoon was then nominated Theron How ard 123, G C Cahoon CO. ciiiiTr.xiic.v roi'iiv tr. tv:n,. iAssittmit Judges rf the f"r fire occasioned by locomotive ; to commit ( Count 1 Court? I o" Roads. i.r,..., f Ilic'harjFon Isaac Dow, .Ai Commissioner in place of (lay C Sampson. IRANKMV COUXTY. Alvali Sabin, ) Assistant Judges if Ihe Joseph Soule, j County Court. Orson Carpenter, .S'lcr'. Richard A Slialtuck, High II ilif. John S Rovce, Stale's Attorney. .lo-eph U-adley, Judge if I'robate. Joseph 1 1 iiiain.ird, .1.1-per uu.tis, William N Smith, Jail Commissionirs. j A lmrllilntion for justices for Chelsea being presented, Mr. Ilolbrook objected, being in fa- . Vnr nf last year's list, nnd moved to confirm nil I Aloud iv morning next ! o'clock ; agreed to, .Monday, Nov. C. Sr.XATr. Journals of Friday read. The House resolutions lor empowering the Governor to appoint three suitable persons to prep ire and digest a general law regulating R R corporations, and to prov ide for the publishing and distributing the report of the St. snpt. of schools, were several read and concurred ip. Tue House hill regulating the election of Presidential electors and members of Congress, was read twice and referred to cominittee on elections. Air Stewart introduced a hill tn divide the . town nf Aluutpelier, which was read twice and , referred to a select committee of three, l ; 11,. r, 11 ,,;it i,., .mnmiiin, of claims tn whom was referred tho communi cation nf Henro Stevens rel iting to tr inpoiting the cannon at B '1111111211111 to Aluutpelier, a hill to pay said Stevens 8 1 G 1,53 as the ex pense nf such transportation read twice and pissed to be engrossed. Tlm 1.111 loiiieoriinnite the Franklin Ci. Bank at St. Albuis It iy made thonrder nl'lho d iy for lids time, was talien up, and tho fads staled by XI.. . O... I.'. I.rtl.a 1 1 , ,. I.- I V, ,, ,t len-lli, when the bill was laid on tin; table lor C " . .. I .. . I . - .. f, ., I .l. null. er cniisiuur.iiioii ill Mil- ..i.v-i.i'..,, iu mher bill for a 11 ink in the County, was order- ed to lie also for the same purpose. i ' Tho engrossed bill to pay H.'nry .Stevens for tran-porliiig cannon, was read a third lime and i 'i i"""-"- ThnClerkofil.a House appeared, announce. thedeathof Mr Fmerso,,, uiember nf Jay, nnd i communicated the resolutions of tho House un ' Senate accordingly Adioiinied. 1 llot-sE Praier bv Rev Mr Lord i, I l-oiilion of W. Tilden-.Messrs Cnllamer, . V. ; 'i. . ... r M. auu air iirecu 01 v iiiiiugouoi 111 jnui-u ui and Mr Green uf W'liilin 'haul in Ida jlmps, I'ttilion. Of Josiuh Wright, referred to Gen - cral committee. The Senate bill aelativc to West Randolph Academy was referred to commilteo on Lditca Hnarnunt House bills. IlelnlinL' to fiect- meiit - i; fur the relief nf Burlington, Charlotte, Liio-burgh nnd South Hero ; nnncxing part of anciuuriio to hi. (-corgo i altering names ofcer tain persons ', severally passed l.eportsif Commilties. By select committee, la)iiir tax nn county of Orleans j ordered to I rc.itluijr. Ily committee, on Ld. against the inn uius lor cuninion scnuoi noruries, anil uiey were dismissed ; one nl lliese bills simply an rized districts to purchase libraries, and was 1 supported In Messrs hmith of V., Allen of M. I re .....I 11. I I... II. 11... 1. I .1!.. I and Noedhain, oppn.ed by Mr Hancock and dis. missed, 73 to 55. Ily select committee, bill di- viding the town of .Montpelier ; read a second time, and on motion of Mr Hubbell laid on the table. Thebill to pay Ira Day wasagain recommit' ted to the committee of Claims. The hill to charter the Vermont Hank was sup ported by Messrs llankin, Parker of Coventry and Coll.uncr, and opposed by Messrs Carpenter of N. nnd Arms, and lau! on the table When the Speaker piescnted a communica tion announcing tlio death of Orrin Kmcrson,, ineinhcr lor the town of. lav, nnd on mo tion ol Mr I listings tlio customary resolutions were unanimously adopted. .Messrs Hastings, Parker of C, M ilhows, Arms and Spencer were appointed 11 cominittee to make arrangements lor the luneral, and the House adjourned. 2 o'cluck P. M. Sexatf. Itepov's. Ily Mr Mead from Jud. committee, against the bill for tho benefit of the Danville llocket Fire Co. as unnecessary bill rejected. Ily Mf Crawford from committee nf Flections in lavor of the bill to enable the mem bers uf the Legislature and ollicers of hotli Hou ses to ballot for Presidential Fleclors and mem bers of Congress to be elected at the State House 111 Montpelier village, with amendment to meet thc Representative Hall, which was adopted together with an amendment proposed by Mr Chandler, tondinit all per-ons necessarily on at- lenuance on me legislature committee s am rndment reconsidered and bill passed a third .. reading. The House bill in addition to chap. 35, revised statutes, in rclati in tn ejectment for the relief ol Ihe towns ot Jlurhngton, Charlotte, r.nns. burgh and South Hero lor the alterarionof the names of certain persons therein named for annexing part of Shelbiirn to St. (ieorge, were severally rend twice and appropriately referred. MrChindler introduced a bill to incorporate the Vermont and Boston Telegraph C)., read twice und referred to cnm. on roads. A resolution was received from the House ap pointing a cominittee of three from each House Infix on a day for adjournment was passed, ard Messrs Kimball, Keyes nnd Hubbard were ap pointed the committee on the pait of the Senate. 1 louse Li 1 1 1 to borrow a certain sum, anil m as sess a tax for the support of (Internment, to lay a tax on OrlcMis county, were severally read twice and relerred, the two former to com. on Fin nice, and the latter to Hi; Sen Uor of Orleans county. The House bill to incorporate the Vt. Valley It. It. Company with the amendment proposed by Mr Colhurii pending, was called up the amendment was rejectej and the till was pass id. Adj. Hook. Ilcjmrh oC immitlec. Uy commit tee on Flections, Ihe facts in the Kirhy case, on the leading point, declaring the judgment of the committee to be that no vote should have been rrieiied after the box was turned, and tint Claries II. Graves is entitled to a scat in the House fur the town of Kirby ; which resolution was adopted. Uy select committee, bill to com plete the geologic il siiney of Vermont, j Hills iiilmliiccJ. Ily Mr Powers, in relation to railroads, (miking railroad companies liable llesolutiom. By Air Merrill, for a joint com miltce to lix iiponadiy for adjournment ; pas sed, and AI 'ssrs G .inverse, Alerritt and Ives were appnintul nn the putt nl the House. Alessrs Scott of Halifax. Carpenter of Gran- l- ,,,! 11.11 r I,M. 1. I,-,. 1 1..-,,.. r..l,nrn Hngrossed bills. .Making an appropriation and la)ing a tax for thesupport nf government; authorizing tlio Treasurer to borrow tho sum therein mentioned ; taxing Orleans County; sev erally passed. Air Brown of Grand Islecalled up the bill in addition to ch. 18 R, S relating to tho location uf school houses, (lands 111 iy he taken by the district;) supported by .Messrs Brown of G. L, Smith nl W., opposed by Air Converse, and or dered to 3.1 reading. The Senato returned the House bill relative to the election on Tuesd iy with an amendment permitting any legil voters in vnte at the Slate II iiisc. which was concurred in. The II iti-o resumed consideration of the bill to charter the Vermont Bank, which was sup ported by Messr, Uinrnrk, Seymour and Si. bill. The bill was ordered to a 3 1 reading, 102 to 72. Senate bill tn payll.'nfy Stevens; rcfciredto committee of Claims, Air Sprague called up the bill tn incorporate a haul; at Biaiiden, and it was ordered to a 3J reading. Air Needham called up the bill to divide the tuw 11 of Aluutpelier. AI' Pinnco moved a Pro

viso that the act shall not lake effect until the tow 11 accepts the act. Opposed by AIesr C in verse and .Needham and rejeclid, and the bill was ordered tu a 3J reading. AI' Carpenter of .Moretuvv 11 called tip tlio bill relating to the appointment of State Librarian ; amended on this motion, so as to fix the term nl Librarian atone )car, commencing 1st Dec, and passed. Tho petitions of Aimer Morse and K. J. Scott und others, were referred to the cominittee on Fducalioii, Air Crce called up the hill in addition to chap. 95 R. S. (agiint taking in waters which aro private properly;) ordered to 3 1 reading, a ino'ion to dismiss being lejected, HO to 3ii. Air Newman introduced a bill incorporating the Bellow Falls Water Co. ; referred to Judi ciary committee. Adjourn.-d. Son- Stum: Giihiiii.ks. This is tlio season for buckwheat cakes, mid we think wo do our readers a favor by informing them where an iinieie can uu procurcn uiiii mn pie (jrai ..- ,. i. i .i.. . saisiciloil in liuu-eiine.- in uiu j'ii-jmiuuuii 01 i ", m;,l"mlemV. O tllS CltV. fRlltUlO, I . Air. A. . Johnson, , Ins on hand a j , ,i - . :in,, ..I .i I t. nl binp stone griddles, which ho has J"'t introduced in t us maruei, anil must eventually supersede tho common iron griddle in tlie baking of the cakes. No grease is used with the soap stone griddle, and us a matter nf course the baking process is not uocninpanie.l with that unpleasant smell which attends bak ing nn tho iron griddle. Tho cakes aro as Miinoth us glass when baked, and to tho eye and palate are more acceptable than the old process. Coi.cur.sTtn. In Colchester yesterday the vote of Mr. .Marsh iri 120csirim Septan her! This will account in part fur tho increase of the Whig vote in Burlington Sentinel, The vote jotcrday in Colchester, fur Mr. KtYi s ims 57 I ss than in September! Does that account for the di crease of the vote for the same gentleman in Burlington ? Cur CiKr.. Tno cups of pulverized sugar, -Ii 1 1 ! .i.riir-I It (Mlll-S fif tlillir half a cim of butter, li eggs, l cups of llour, I half u tea-sponnful of saleratus, and hall a cup ! Rt'SK.-One pint of milk, scalded and then ' ... .r.V .....1 I.I 1 , ,,r 1 11 sun uatiur. 11 11111 v'i. n-".-,,, ,...... , Inielteil butler and I tea-spoonful of Kaleratus 1 dissolved in sour rream. Then let it rise again, ' lll,,lr ullieicnt to roll, put them in the turn to risen tliird lime, bake ipiick. $xtt 3tcs0, JUmMNCTON, VI. FRIDAY MORNINfl, NOVK.MDKR 10,1818 Wo give the returns, as far as received, by Telegraph nnd from other sources, tip to tlio hour of going to press. The probability is that Taylor is elected. Hon. (Jcorco I. Marsh is - elected by a lariro tiliiralitv. if not majority. ...' P1 J1 J york ci, j Taylor between 7 u ,0,,,.,, . , , , n"(1 e000 ''l!,JOTlt'- Majorities for the C 7 und Old Hero como in from every quarter of New York in the vicinity of telegraph offices. ELECTION. The partial returns below, from ten of the different States, are all recived by Telegraph up to C o'clock this evoning. Ohio has gone for Cass, probably. 7G0 gain in seven townships over Ford. New York has all gone for Taylor, of course. It looks as if Cass would lead Van lluren in the State. In Massachusetts, no choice of electors by the people. A choice requires a majority vote. In Virginia no particular change in the strength of tho two parties in Richmond city and Alex andria, Vermont. Tay'r Cass V. D. AI. 218 118 51 218 311 221 41 K. 1 Orwell, 217 128 18 201 20 3 5 70 t!7 11 17 10 Cornwall, Weybridge St. Albans, 55 G7 1 13 127 53 11 59 i 70 G5 101 Aliddlebury, 312 Milton, Colchester, -10 Vcrgenncs, n3 Panton, 1!) Waltham, 17 Fcrrishnrgh, 1 1 1 58 3t. 10 12G 57 CS cr, in 13 7 0 151 73 15 29 2G Gl CG 82 5S 238 7 f8 (1 107 25 13 no -17 G3 G5 7G 1 1'J Povvnal, Pitsfurd, Bridport, Shorehatn, Arlington, Castlelon, Rutland, .Manchester, Dorset, Bennington, Woedfoid, 113 141 181 223 1(12 271 311 170 CO 117 185 217 17 1 30 9 tnaj. New Hivcn, 129 129 2 70 2G0 21 51 G3 20 25 183 9 130 13 57 GG 3G 67 19 1G9 G3 111 G3 52 157 75 32 175 81 G S7 90 1 91 89 135 107 130 1 13 11 121 128 8 121 89 41 103 93 9 132 102 10G 5G 103 10G 53 139 12 G3 150 5 70 .13 23 118 -15 2G 113 39 7 20 3G 0 20 90 G 80 94 2 80 S3 4 12 83 0 12 SI 1G 27 33 2 21 35 3 23 191 57 179 77 31 42 403 333 219 Gt 70 40 GO 93 91 C ivcndi-h, AI Mldoll, Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Stanford, Paw let, Underbill, Shelburnc, Wcstford, llincsburg, F.ssex, S-vanton, Bristol, Monkton, Hancock, Starksboro', Ripton, Whiting, Granville, Brandon, Aliddlcton, .Montpelier, Middlesex, Watcibury, 3d Congressional District vote at the State House : Alirsh, 40 A. .Hake way Peck, 2G S. S. Keyes, G far Addison Co. Taylor. Cas. Van lluren. 2513 313 9G7 Taylor's maj. ever all 1333. CONGRESS. The following is tho vote, 2 or 3 towns ex cepted : .Marsh lias 1200 majority over all, a gain of GOO on Sept. vole. IWw York. New York Citv. 1st Ward 271 majority for Taylor; 2d Ward 200 do; 3d 1129; 7th 750; Blh 551 ; 9lh G55; 10th -I'JO; 12th StO; 15ih5j; 17tht5l. Ciss majorities 4lh ISO; 0th -1 12. Williamsbiirgh, Tailor's maj. 250. From G towns in Dutchess co., maj. for Tay lor 12SG. BilTalo city, Tailor's maj. 1372; nnj. over both 518. Wostport Taylor 23", Ciss 12G Van B. 25. Albany W lug majority about oJO. Troy Taylor', majority in the city over Van Burcn, 000. Van Buren is probably ahead ol Ciss in City and C unity. The independent Whig candidate for Congress is probably elect ed by G to tOO. N'ew York, Hi o'clock, P. AI. Tammany Hall gives up to Tailor by a maj. of over 7000. C irrect returns giies first Ward . a( laylor by a maj ol 271; 2d, do. 213; 3d. 102; 4th, Ciss 421 ; ."i.h, Taylor, GOG; Gth,442 for Cass ; 7lh 825 for Taylor ; 8th, 999 do ; 9lh, 1 140 do; 10 b, 475 do; 1 Kit. UOdo; 12lh, :00 do ; 13th, 250 do ; 1 Ith, 100 do ; 15 h, 1S2S do ldli, tOd do ; 17th, 80. Putnam Co. Wo have returns from all the towns except Philip. Theso give Taylor G33, Cass COO, Van B iren 3C0. Orange cp., Now burgh, Taylor G33 ; Cass, 2 10, V. B. USD; New Windsor, Taylor, 151, V. B. 47, Ciss 4 1. Columbia Co. Hudson, with G towns and two districts in two oilier towns, foot up Tajlor U5I, Ciss 1051, V. 11. 789. Kinderhook.Tuy lor 27r, V. 11.21 1, Cass 1G9. Schenectady, Further returns say that tho counly will give about 500 majority. In the city the vote stands Tav lor 713, Cass 412, Van lluren 1GI. Rotterdam Taylor 23G,Cass 17S Van Buren G, usually democratic, other towns not heard from in full. yxe towns in Herkimer County are Congress 1 81 maj. for Nell... j Mo con ffom , , ,200 for A,. A.LnderVobably elected. Alexander, whig fnr Congress, 71 majority over all in two districts. Ily this Morning's Hmd, Pluttsburgli, Cass, It: maj, ; Schuyler Falls, !l do ; Beckniantow n, fi'Jdoi Chany, 15 do; Peru, l.V? for Taylor; Saranac, 7."i do; Champlain, ISO do; Aitsablc, 10H pi. over Cass, 10 pi. over V. Huron ; Ches terfield, 100 pi. over Cass, l.'O pi. over V. II.; Jay, V. II. (ill ; Hlack Ilrook, V. II. U.1 ; Moriali, Taylor 3? I, Cass 77, V. II. 'ii ; Ticondcroga, Taylor ailtf, Cass 75, V. Huron fiO. Iasnclnisii;ll(. Boston Taylor' majority 31'JO, being 181 gain over the voto of 181fi. The returns Irom 55 towns in .Massachusetts around Boston indicate no election by tho peo ple in that state. Generally Van Burcn runs considerably ahead of Cass. Returns aro received from 231 towns. I ay- lor 57.1C0, Cjss 33,120, Van lluren 30,701 There Is probably no election by the people. Delaware. Christina co., Taylor's majority 192. New' castle, do. 100. New Castle 180 maj. for Taylor; W higgain. Brandywine 103 do do do ! .tlaryland. Havre do Grace, mijority for Taylor. 52. Baltimore gives Cass 5C0 maj. Washington co. gives Taylor 2GG maj. Virginia. Richmond, Taylor's majority 713. Alexan dria co. do. 310. Henry co. Court II nisc 217. Majorities by counties as far as heard from Taylor 2C03, Cass 217 Taylor's clear major! Iy 1791. Wheeling, Taylor G59, Ciss 331, an Huron Alexandria, Tajlor ISO, Ciss 202, Ohio. Cleveland 1GG majority for Ciss; 7 townships Cass 190 majority Ford's majority in same towns 570. Atassilnn 70 for Cass ; l.ower Sin- dusky 20 for Ciss ; Toledo 45 forCas; Paines- ville21 for Cass; Sandusky city 155 for Tay lor ; Sandusky, Taylor 322, Cass 14G, Van Bu rcn 21 1. Ashtabula township 113 for Taylor, Cass 01, Van lluren 171. Conneaut, Taylor 238, 59 Van Buren 183. Kingsville, Taylor 9G, Cass 4G. Van lluren 12G. Clarke co 7 townshin Taylor 1 139. Summit cr. 50 majority for Tav- i l'le uilll.lul lpiS of His commandments, lor. Columbian co. 900 for Cass. ' j ! tUrmnS f"1 Unt ,CSt""" C ilumbiis returns show Whig gain in every ' While we ry fully recount blessings letow quarter. Franklin Ci. gives 15 giin thus far , ed, let us, with the heart, commit ourselves, our for Taylor. Returns from 3 towns in Musk. cl'i'Jren, our country, all interests most precious co. show a gain of 53 fur Taylor, compared with I'f'W"1 a" m '"r' U"t0 "'e Go uf , ,, " ... , ,,,,! . , our 1 athers: that, under His favor, ue may b a vote for lord. In bteubcimlle, Whig gain of p!.01,e exallcil in righteousness, seeking 'peace 113. I and rejoicing in it, loin!j mercy and doiiif ius- In Alassalon, 33 majority for Cas. Jackson city 1 13 for Cass ; AIiumceG3 for j Tajlor; Detroit has gone for Cass by 200 maj, Taylor's majority in the city of Monroe 11. Calhoun co. 8 towns, Cas 111 inij. Jack son co. 5 towns, Cass G57, Tailor 271, V. B. 302 ; Wayne co. probably for C iss 900 ; De troit for Cass 150. I'eiuisj Ivanir.. Fricboro, Taylor's majority ICG gain 25, Mill Creek township 12G majority for Taylor; loss 2; 9 wards of Pittsburgh 313 gain over Johnston. Alleghany ce. 3500 majority for Taylor. Phil city Wards as far as heard from. Tuylo-. Cass. B. 112 3G19 ISIS 1 150 maj. 500 " Dauphin Vork, Co. liucks " 221 Ijbanon " 1100 Franklin " 620 Adams " 81G Cumberland " 100 Pntt.svilc.Schuylerville cc.G77 Covcrnor vote 105. " Whig g. since ,, , , , ,,,, . . 1 1 towns, Lancaster ce. 10, W big gain over Johnstons vote. i - i i v ,t . . -n , , 11 irrisburgh, :vorth Ward, gives Taylor 15 over Cass. 3 over Van Barer. South Wlrd gives Taylor 29 maj. S vatara Box, 1 12 Whig gain 123. Cumber land co. 31 majority for T.ijlur; Lon-lreth 7S Wli'fT S3'" 112. Returns frum adjoining towns indicate Whig gains. As goes Cumberland co. so goes the S ale. Philadelphia ce. e. The Northern Liberties pR-c ass 3095 Van Buren 113-W. Taylor 3330, Ca gain on Gov. vote 4G1 S null .Mirk 15G0 majority -Whig gain GOO. Philadelphia city Tav lor 5213 m.ij, Philadelphia city proper, Taylor 10G5I, Cass S5 V. II 300. i. n. .iu.). Pliiladelphia city and ce. 8000 majority for Taylor, IUitioi-. Singatnon county, Taylor's majority 500. Chicago, Van Buren 1513, Taylor 1211, Cass 103G. TSvw JcrNi-y. Sussex County, Cass majority, Hunterdon, cctnplele, do Alercer, Taylor' mijority 533 Clay's majority was .(J3 Trenton, Taylor's majority 103 ."YEH-sO.-i-i. St. Louis gives Cass 5 majority. lYorth (.'aro I in a. 22S3 1030 Returns from ten precints show 150 over the Whig" majority at the Guberna - a gun torlal election. . Burcn. 3U7 II!) 52 Idiotic lilaiid. Iavlor. Cass. Providence 3037 747 090 2512 450 303 Washington Co, Kent Co. AIAI.VF. York Co. 10 towns, Taylor S0S1, Cass 30D0. Whig gain since Sept. 100. Cumberland Co., 111 limns, 1 ayior -.'BiP, l -r.HiP. -is towns heard from bhow a Whig gain of PJtO. CON.NLCTICl'T. New London Co. (ill pi. for Taylor; Wind, him Co. 18 pi. for T.iy.'or, Hartford Co. com. plete, Taylor 0001, Cass .',817, Van Buren 7lH. BndgeHrt, 1 nylor (? I, Cass l.'lll Whio- -rain 100. I'liirtiehl. Tavlor.'l.M C:,s-- 1 Letter from Con'n., II low as, Tavlr nheai, M0 ; Whig gain -Ml. ' NUW iiamp.shiri:. Returns from Alanehcster, Dover and other low ns indicate tho State has gone for Cass IKjssjbly no choice by the people. STATE OF VERMONT. UY CAitiiOs coomim;i;. OOVERNOR. The custom that calls the people of our Com mon wealth to render at this season of thejsur, public thanks to God lor his goodness and' mercy, is admirable in itself, beneficent in its influences, consonant with right reason, and commended by the pious example of a vener ated ancestry. The ample fruits of a new harvgt the count less blessings of another year all things by which we are surrounded remind us of the fitness of special thanksgiving unto the Giver of every good and perfect gilt. I do, throrore, hereby appoint THURSDAY. Till'. 7111 DAY OF DFCFMBFR MAT, tn be observed throughout Ibis State, as a day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise to Almighty God. I do earnestly recommend to the People of this State, to abstain, on that day, from all un necessary lalor, and from all amusements unbe coming the chastened enjoyments of a Christian, val. And I invito the people to convene in- their respective places of religious worship tn rejoice together before the Lord, in His sanctuaries to remember, and talk of all His goodness, in the domct c circle to bles and honor him. in all the delightful services appropriate to the joyful occasion. specially it It meet to offer praio unto God fur his brn gnant smiles upon our State and Na tion, in the protecting of our civil and religious institutions, in the return of peace, in the gene ral prevalence of law and order, and in Ihe hop, fill stability of our own government while tlnj thrones of the Old World are rapidly crumbling into the dust. Particularly is it fit, to give thanks unto the Lord for Ihe grant of an abundant harvest for tho liea'th, and iigor,and happiness of the peo ple of this Commonwealth fur the signal pros perity that has attended their labors, in all the useful arts and the various pursuits in w hich they have been engaged for new educational and commercial impulses and for the growth and well-being of the State. Above all, let the people praise tho Lord, for the benign influences of " the glorious Gospel of the blessed God" upon our free institutions, which have their strength and security only in Us light and power. Let us accompany prai'e with hearty con fession of our manifold sins, humbly seeking forgiveness through our Iird Jesus C'lrist, and imploring the Divine aid to strcnuthen us ticc, thiiikful for the past, trii'tlul for the future, relying always solely on the Lord, w hose ' ten der mercies are overall hiswnrks." tti'rcn undir mil hand rind the sent of said Stale thin shth day of .YovtmWr, in the ;ear oj our Lord one thousand eight Itundnd nnd forty-eight, nnd of the In dependence of the 'United Stutcs.the serin-ly-lhird. CARLOS COOLIDGF. the Governor, Gnor.GE F. Hovghtox-, .S'rc'y. W n .inn ox- the m or ax- Fxciti.xo Flection, mid the iiniiirs uf opposing canjidaics are laminar words ; but not more to the people than hme us un rivalled sticctss nnd inimritse sales rrndrred Dr. Itevscrr's Co.Mroi'.xn Lxtract ok Yu.tow Dckk ixd r-ARsinniLi.A. Tli extrniie u-e ut tfiirsapi-. nlla extract his made the nrlue of that im nlutbla root well known; and l.y llie nddiiiun If Yellow J)ock,o Ion jin u-e by tlie ficnlly in diseases nns iiisr Irom an impure slate of the Blood, nnd deranged nctiun of ihe sv-tem we have a combination of tho best curative substances known. The p-'tl'eci success ot ibis compound in cases of Sciidula, Pulmoimy Atfectiuns, Eruptions, and thai distressing Debility so prevalent nt this season, nnj the entire alweuce ol all mineral substances, commend it to the public. Hee admli-rment ill another column and call upon the ai'cnt, who will cue nil necessary directions. For s-ile by Geo.F. Hnrrineton, Hurlinston nnd by the Dru-sisU generally throughout the L'nited Mates. w 17 wl To throw- eime-cn- reoiires a simultaneous f flirt ol every patt of the human s)sieui. It is perfectly ' '", ,',"",- "'K.m ,u lliniwilll USODstruc- lions, unless nil the other orcmis nre stimulated to a ! correspondim; neiivily. In order to carry nlon2. nnd 'fn'"l'l,;'r yr''e'be.s-iinpUrities, the heart, lung., liver, kidneys, stomach, skin, &c., mu-t nil act in "'"uow-siiiatilus state of the ..-, luumi, ur in"uiis-eu uy any dimwe fiyruti, or Ltract,nnd that a compound is nreded, lonned of I be various leiictahle substances which operate upon these several oru'in and not only that it be a com pound ol jiiei siil'stancts, but thai the sul -ancr s be compound in nri pmportimis ns will produce a bar inoiuous action, i-ucri a eoiupound is Or Ciuiuti'j celebrated I.Uract ol Yellow iL-ck nnd r-.iisapiniu scientifically compounded, and tested by ihr ham y experience ol thousands. See advertisement inmii ih. er column, ' i mnn. .. . "Un I Geo. F. Ihrriii-toii,rurinetnn,nnd hy neutrally throughout the United States. I, iy Dt 'i'-T1'", 1Ci?'""'tM - -monc the dr-lll 2U shed IlldlV'ldun Is u in m. .....1 .1.. , remedy ami recommended it lo the conti.lnice of tho public, are Hon. Win L Ahrcy, Srrreiary of War" 'm l11' .W.:od',riJ2eJ, 'I""- Ro-e Wilkius, an lion Urn A I letcher.i.rthe sjatt. o( m,ci.. , , cms Aboil, At I), and Rev. Charles Kei-hly V .. j , .. . . .ui, ,v iiii-iiiiiuu : j i Kathttone ! lis., . Ulica. N. Y ; lion Join. A. Rockwell, o Ton.' neoncul I paniculnr and inn-iire for Ih Osgood, t India Lholagosuc, and take no oilier. wli.2 ,. pJKcur-sTrK, Alan. .June 15. Dr. I. hrovvn :Iar tf,,. j, alljrJ,' pleasure tobe able t? bear lestimony to the mluab'e propertie.ol jour s-arpar,i,a nm'Tomto a probably know the situation 1 waSi,"n ' the ellects ot a terrible humor ,s nlnio-t I kJJ, ' it cm ered my chest and nrnis, breaking out at tunes 1, " ' f"r-s. Medieine after niedaine did I Iry wuhout the least relul, and I Up ever einect 11J ; ,11; ; ::, : . . ur a .as. "'' "n 1 evinti.a'liv'f'.ut'1 Tlh "M -'"-.' lh'nkin , evi niually till iu relieve me, as u.l nber ineCiciiies 1 had done l ot how have 1 been vl, ,Z,n "d" It has entirely cured ine. '.uihin, that Ill-Xrl . me more pleasure lhaii recoiiiniendins jour Um"i .fi persons Sinn arly atllcied, and I do 11 iVt eanie.t y re' connneud all to try them U lore tlm,- Rlle up ' f nR there is ? llt.t. 1 ,,o value tuetii sohi.'hiv I , naWffilS my fai!iiryas I 11111.I1 , s... " -,'1,,,s luil .uor bile without k.inBtl e "jlum , or bemi; obliged to change vour diet 'J-wm.or I Alter showing this, to any one. if thev sr - feetly sat.sfed. ask then, to'call on tnenud I -iI , . am my caw more lully. which ll will afford iae'j-t ; Pleure 10 do. Yours resKctlulh'" I , UAMEL PLl'MMCU 1 VU'l "MU r U-l 111 llSt. I.nim ll.n .1, . ..... 1 ... un ia,"si .uor 1 n t u town. on,. v... i... ... I.T,. .- ,7 ' jiii.iisoim. MiTiLP, of Levi A. I"J,cll--, l)asl,,rr 0, wasa devoted memuer ,lf Congreexiio.U-.urch. nd departed tins hfc i ,lr Ufwj ,, of inheritance into .hat rest prepared for .he Uuldrcn of l;od. Her death has beteaved a husband nnd three en drenof a dear and nITeciionnte wife and mother ".. oer p-rent ol a niosi lovdy child, t-he wns 1 VJ"'1 .' ","''"-J ".- '"l-ud by all her acquaintance I ' M '.!'" snm: Ni precious a (lem for I'nrth," ...... .,,-, luuunsell. WWW '-LKCTlW! Tins CKLK- - iiniTui ur i i at u.,i-.....i i 1,1 ..!. TIIHO.A PPCK v. It