Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 10, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 10, 1848 Page 3
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I3UJ1LI N GTON JFRE K PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, November 10,1848. From the Vt. Stale Agriculturist. I HBVIKW. An American Dictionauv or the Encii.isii Lan guage ( containing the whole cocnlmlary of the firtl edition in tiro volumes quarto ; the entire eorreetiont and improvements of the second edi tion in two volumes royal octavo, lly Noah Webster, L. L. D. One vol. quarto. Spring field, Mat:, 1848. The first thing that strikes us in this new edition of Webster's Dictionary is the decided improvement In the form in which It nppenrs. The problem of form in a work, to be so often consulted ns a stand nrd Dictionary of the English language, is obviously to bring the greatest possible quantity of matter within the smallest compass consistent with the oase of reference, nnd to comprise the whole in a (ingle volume. This has been done In a v cry satis factory manner in the volume before us; which we Undertake to "ay will for this, if there wele no bel ter reason, be fir more frequently consulted thin the unwieldy volumes of the first edition, or the scarcely less convenient ones of the second. We are Informed by the editor, Professor Oooil rich, of Ynle College, that we possess in this new and more convenient form, not only all the matter contained In the former editions, but other matter In addition, to the amount of three hundred pages. Thanks to the typographical art, which, by smaller tyK! and careful impression, can contribute so im portant a saving both to our pockets and our time. This new matter lias been derived fiom a great va riety of good and reliable sources. Unusual atten tion, as we learn from the editor's preface, has been bestowed on the technical words of the arts and sci ences now in a state of progress, and where accu racy is at once so important, and so diiTicult to be secured. Tor the praiseworthy diligence which, not satisfied with collating the bet written authorities on the subjects, applied also to the living sources of information, every reader, in these day, even of a newspaper, must feel thankful. We ate glad to bo informed, also, that the re--eaiehes of Piof. flood rich have extended to England J and that he has been enabled, by means of hi correspondents in the old country, to throw light upon the common no of many terms there employed in a peculiar or local I sense, with which vve Americans are less familiar. It tcarcelyneeds to be said, that all these statements , of the prpface to the revisrd edition are found amply 1 Vilified on a caieful c).aniination of the contents of the work. That this is a perfect Dict'onary of the English language, no one woud be so fool s'l ns to assert. That it is nearer perfection than any other we po-s-ss no American would wish to dt ny, especially when he finds Kugli.-h jealousy compelled to Con ft-M that it is even so. Hut a it i nut our urpoe ' to waslc wonH in general and idle encomium--, we will proceed to siatc, as lirieily n possible, wlint we consider to be the particular excellencies of litis Dictionary, and also its chkf defects. In the firt place, then, we hai no doubt it con tains the most complete ocabulary of our language extant. In this reeprct its gieat puptriority to the j works of Johnson, Walter, Ilichnrdon, and eeti : llailey, is apparent at a glance. We are told by 1 the new editor, that tome thuusanda of words hae been added in the couri-e of his reunion. We thank him for these we hope useful additions ; though we cannot but opproe that cxercic of disciiinination which led him to lca out uV thousand-, more hlch migl.t have been added without the least dif ficulty. While we hae no desire to tee in the vocabulary of our langmpe a Lucnllian ward. robe, out of which a thousand cloaks might be spared and not one misled, wc think there may be an erro also in the other extreme. For oup-eUcs, wc never mean to use a dictionary again, if we can help it, where the very words we hate occasion to look for nre the likeliest of all to be found wanting. Another advantage of this dictionary, for common Uf-e, is the full, clear nnd approved definitions it fur nishes of technical and scientific words. Perhaps more than half the use of a dictionary to the major ity who consult one is to explain such terms. In these dajs, fur instance, of the application of science to agriculture, how often must every intelligent far mer have felt the need of some Mich work of con venient reference vhere he might be sure to find every new and Btrangc term accurately defined! InJeed, as there never was an age when the scien ces generally were applied to so many of the useful arts an J practical occupations of life, so there was never an age in which a htandord general authoiity for the use of all scientific terms wasso indispensa ble to eery man of business who can read his na tive language. The account which the editor gives of his judicious course to secure the greatest possi ble accuracy in words of this cla.s makes us fetl that we can rely upon him here wilh the utmoi-st confidence. What constitutes another peculiar excellence of this dictionary is the pains bestowed on words ired in a local nnd proinviul sense. The puiity of the languige requires that such words should not be passed over, but first that they thould be clearly ascertained as to their true character, and then as carefully defined as any others. This gives us the double ndvantfge of being nblc to awdd them our wIvm. nnd to understand their meaning when used bv olbers. We are happy to find as the result of " ...... Prof. Goodrich's investigations, that Americanisms, those frightful bag-bears to the writers of pure l'lig lirh on this side the Atlantic, which make many almost afraid to call their mother language their own, ore less numerous than has been generally eupposcd. The incubus being thus removed, we hope to see more freedom of ihe American pen, and less of stilTand servile imitation of modem I.nqli-h writers who can by no higher claim to superior pu rity of language than that they leong to the otlie prong of the fork into which the lineal descent o ht Innmin-'c i" now rlivlled. In the author's preface, tlie rensons ore given hv he call, his work an American Dictionary, nnd why such 0 work ought to be substituted In the United Stale, for English dieiionaries. These rea .. . ..... t ., ons are stated there with equal truth and candor; lull we will give also our own. A living language ilevelopint! itself whh somewhat of the freshness of youth under an entirely new let of circumstances must necessarily evolve new powers nndynnliiics, and adapt itself lo new meanings and forms of phraseology. Instead of going lo l.iighnd, hence forlh, for a complete dictionary of the l.ngli.h lan guage, it is plain that I.hgland must come to us. All 'he richness nnd power of the language can no longer he understood by knowing merely how it is spoken in Kugland, even III l.ugland itself; how much less in this country, wheie ihe new words, forms and phrases have grown nut of our ow n orca fions and necessities. We may place il down then os a fourth excellence, of this wink ihat il is an American Dictionary of Ihe English langi-nge. Another jmint in which ihis dictionary claims n tuperiority 10 others is in the matter of orthography Here we have more doubts os to ihe alleged im provements. It is evident front the many nlleinpn which have teen made from time In time lo emend the orthography of our language, what o wide field is here opened for orhilrory proceedings. Iletter leove these things lo the silent process nnd natural woiltings of lime, os was done in ihe early history ef the Unguigr. It it not safe for any individual' or set of men, however wie and eminent, to under- take to prescribe alterations to the written language of a whole race of men. The orlhogrnphist, ns we think, has nothing else to do than simply to murk and fix those natural changes which (-row sponta neously out of general use. We consider it also as a defect, which this dic tionary shares, however, with every other which we ever had an opportunity to examine, that sufficient care nnd thought have not been bestowed on the definitions of the most common words, and the clas sification of their meanings by some reference to etymology, and to the history and analogy of their ue. It Is here evidently that the whole power of an original legicographcr should he shown, Hut Instead of this, vie find, too often, n mere copying of some previous nuthorlly, with little or no attempt to go to the bottom of the matter and ascertain the fundamental meaning of word", and tottacc the de viations, sometimes to the side of greater precision, sometimes of greater confusion, which matk the progress and decay of the language in the several departments of knowledge, liut we hove no time to enter Into this subject heie. The editor justly rematks, that the chief value of a dictionary consists in its definitions. May wc not add, that the mens ure of that volue, in any given ease, will depend in no small degree upon the eate and philosophical accuracy with whiih those terms are defined, which, without being striitly technical, murk the daily operations of thought, and being in mn-l common use, form the bone and stamina of our vernacular loiipue 1 We have examined this new edition of Webster's Dictionary to some extent, and should be glad to speak of other particulars besides those which have been noticed, which might be mentioned with nil qualified u probation. Iiut having already cxceeiKu l!.,. limit iit'n liu paper nonce, we w m n o"n; l. tiin.r no m.nprnl imnic-.-inn of the whole l ii,.t r...u;,t.rinrr ilin mi-I fuiantilv of mailer contained in it, the rnre nnd judpim nt with which t thia .n-iiir hnn h-eii broimhl t')-'et!ier, ihe Lreat I number of deirahln tpMiities in it good dictionary which it comhiiKS. Hie ronwntent anj even elf gant form in which it appears, nnd the rensonauhj priec nt which it is Mild, placing it within the icach of eery mm who needs such n work, wo conider tliis one of the grenu-i-t recent conirihu lions to our American literature. O. '1'. "Roast Beef." A T T n X T I 0 N It f F I E S ! Sl'IUXG THI; PAST few years tlie. if l)-i unociats lnve taken ureal nlfasuu" in thrustin' ineir miners imo Hie oieeuinr zuu 9t)l ll v tns, tum, I witli thum1) on nose suuih 'antly impnrinL uliout i" t'tat toast tee," ot vv Inch soin"ihini- vvas paiil in I lit 4u-l a llioull we wire expeined to insure a' mist th- " I'rov i 'eiicfs oMiod, ami the Kill"'., en i emies " Nieh n ol cruelty billy junli"S re I. illation, mid tor one 1 can submit to it no loner. t lain leady tfi ju--tily,and propi,se to sbow oil And IS tor tiv ourposr oi ,ieiitonirntiti!i to me puMie I ti, ( c" ,lfnt"1V m T , , l i"V " n iwclirn t.i ni.licnte til t-tie iks oDat tint icould tin c ,mled the common cruntry. 1 iropo.c nt the solicitation oi numerous 1 ritiN among the sharp i-hooters of Chittenden Count to put up my some what celebrated ItuMork M Tippecanoe for n target shooting, on the .Monday pnetdmg thank.vmc. At n meeting of the brother). ood, comcned lor the purpo-e, thf terms were ncued upon, nnd the following programme is submitted for the considera tion of thoe uVpou'd to participate. Sixty lickcls to be sold al 5 each. The shooting is rettri:ted to citins of Chittenden Cojnty ,nml no prrou w ill be nlbmed two tickets wh.le theie nre single applicants, but shoulda portion remain unsold on the Wth itM then the orimtin 1 stock bolileis nny exhau-t the balance by duplicates, it they see fit. The holder of each ticket will h entitled to a string of three '-hots, by him-elt or his proy ; but no person will be a Unwed to nhoot but two tieket. for himself or others, except by unanimous consent of the ticket hol ders present. 1) I S T A N C E 10 RODS. Kach individual will lurnish bis own tarnet. which. it is recotnended.should be ot paperor pasift,oard,vvith the mine ol the uwuer anil Hie numiji r ol lux ticket nuc" ,li"t,!,.T'..,l:".,.":l,!!!,,' I cotninitlee to measure the smiij-x " and report the Min- at Ihe conclusion. No one except those 'n-moin. ted for that purpose wi t,e per united to visit t he tar- ' : .i. . ......i .i... r. :.. .i -l. .' . "i -I,.;. ; .iw .. e V, J ,,. , ;. ..:;,;' i, - .... l'he irrouud will be that near the railroad embank ment, on the premises ol John N Pomeroy, Ksq to whose politeness we arc indebted tor ttie lavor. At 'J o'clock on the inorniiiKot the day, the Ox in question, with his illustrious louipccr, dressed lor ihe occasion, and accompanied by a band ol .Music, will he matched to the Court House S.juare, and from thence lend the parly to the sportim; ground. .Mr. Smith, whose similiter. hou-ei- nejr by, kind" ly olfers to drefs the animal, and he will according ly be slaughtered on ihe spot ut 1 o'clock P. .M, DisTJiuwrin.v. To the Shortest" Strins," Two Quarters. -2 " A biml (pialler. j v loie oiiurter. 1 " 'l'he 'I'.nlow. 3 " The Hide. ! The Tickets are for sale at P. U.ird s II iok Store. Those whu design to take secoil 1 tickets, sliould it become uecessary.are refpiesied sntos.i) sum the out 1 set, tint it may be known, to whom to ns-in them. Shoulil the hale ofTickels not v arrant the in itch. due notice will be niveti throuii the papers, and the money refunded on return ol the Tickets. N. II. A lew Tuikies will b- pin up at the same time, for the purpuse ol enabling the company to ' eight their rilles. II II KTtr.V Hurliimton, Nov. 7, IS J-3. ' ' (S7 JtlSIHMI IIUAKU-UAN'S UsrATI UJ'. the sulxcribers having lcen nj))oitit ed bv the Honorable Probate Court for the Dis trict oi t.iauii isie, commissioners tr, receive, exam- ine and adjust the chums and demands of all nelsons nuaiuvl the llstale ol JOSUPII IIOAUD.M AN, late ol South Heio m said district, deceased, n-piesented insolvent, ami also all claims and demands exhibited m oils,-! thereto, ami six montiis Irian ihe date heieof bein allowed by said Court lor that purpose, vve do I tier,, iv imp tinliee lliat vve w ill alien, t ,., ,1.- Idi.m-L. hereby yive notice that we will attend 10 the business of our uppoiutiueiii at the dvvelliu. house id Jamls. .vIutt, in r-outli Hero, in saut Uisinct, on the second Monday ol Oece mber next, at ten o'clock, A. .M., on said day. Dated this 19ih day of Octols-r. A I). 1319. AIIM.I. II. l.AMKIN, Ol'.OUOi; l.AMKIN, wI9 3t CALVIN l' CIIKll, Commt. "A word to the wine" V It o ii 1 B r o v li n ft Ii u s . UTrriiouT I'lnisujii'Tiox 0 conn. ( ( dently belcive we have given some tare bargains nt the l.wii:s nxciLLvan n iimneni rnivvis, as me evwrience 01 vcr; mmy - " ' - ' f) ' M " 1 ' " ' Z VI , . j 11 . ' - - most larorable circiini-ianci r I ugihtt 1 "I, " .1" l ,.u : ' 'J s viei'nity. Our a..,,-, ;;'; rrior Silk and Wool Shawls. consists 01 present id etiperior Silk and Wool Shawls, .vieuium ana 1.0111111011 bilk and wool do Wool and Cotinn. Iu White, Drab, fllack, nine, Scarlet, Centres of every grade, from superior Wool down to the most rominon, all of which will be offered ut the most templing prices, livery shawl we sell fiom the " Ladies Exchange" will be warranted, ...VO IIighland Mantle an I square, in any quantity, nt the Ladits Exchange." WILCOX & NASH. West door 10 llnnsniaid nnd llioiher. Church Street lluilingion, (Kt .SI' 13. New Milch Cow. I I'll CALVI.S hv Tiii.ut suns Wanted by JOHN KIMBALL. wlStl Itiiruiuiuii, Nov 1st 1SI8. iMillinciy nnd Dress Making. & FALL FAs1Ti7)XSlH. 3 .Mllrt. MEItlUTT lunju-t returned Irom New Yoik Willi u large ossoriineiil o MIUJXWtY .1X1) coons. among which nre llonneuof all descriptions nnd la test styles; Allificjal I'lnvveis, a great vnriely : A large nnd very ihoico nssortiiiciit of KibUnns, ol the newest styles and most elegnm patterns ; A large and extensive assortment of Dress Goods, and all oriicles usually found in such establishments. Hurlinglon.Oct W, 181?, dwl7i Great nnd Important Discovers'. Chemiesil CHEMICAL COM11IXATIOX 1'llOM Till'. VFGLTAI1LL' KIXGDOM TO KliPKL IHSHASES. Dr.GUYSQjrS . or THIS 'stBACT IS Whilst it '"sOICATtS sarsaparilu istiir it via-wMi' JHt iooY. The most successful Medicine in the World! The result of n prricfi of Chemical ExpTitnriiH, this Compound Extinct of Yellow Dock nnd Siirsiip (it ilia f with other nlmnt en,u:d!y poweriul ej:eli.lle uht:ime, U one of the ire;Ue---t iIihch cries of the ntjt' ; mid U the first find nn'y hiMfincc to which these Knot! sci loii t? in ur hv the faculty hae been uni ted into n Compound pn-.aei-.'-.jn n Itic proportion of tii'' peculiar virtues mm powers ni men. Its (Mii-ccss is n-Moiifciimct having performed over fifiM'iuhoiissJihl cures bincu its dicoery -Icm than two yenrs' Its unrivalled power over diene, nnd ureat superi ority oer till Simple Sorsipot Wti Syrups ,urty he nt tri hu ted to the (act that it is composed put civ of vece lahle su!i-.tnnces(encii one hiving direct retTience to some iniernal organ ; consequently the whole system is heneiilted. It is wmost hishhj conrentratedFyTupm ne nnd Irt'inc in Quint Hollies nt one dollar per bmtlt, it is iii'-o ine cncnpei, u punne-. mid enriclief-i t tie tiiomi, in isorntes tip Itody,nnd cotwtpiently expel nen ous disease troni the sjstctn, mure etVctually thanuiiy medicim known. It is p!eaint to the rii.te.occn-dons neither ".ekness liorpain in its oppemtion, ran lie taken renarlle-.s ot busiii'.ss.ordiet. and by tlieai:eil and miaul with eoual rflicnev. In nil CHUOXIC DISEASES thin Compound the (HiEATEsT ULESSlXG ever potsfssrd (, man. "This extract of Yellow Dock nnd Parsopanlla n a pnmve, speedy and permanent cure lor Cniaumilion, Srrnfuta, Hriiiirlns, Hheumi l!n, (lout, hivir C'omiuinft, Spinnl - If ftctioni, Ulcers; Sijihitia, Dropsy, .hilt mn. Piles, Sciin!i, .Iflirtions nf the ll'.mhhr and Kidntis, Mercurial ills easis, Corrupt Humors, Hush nf ll'.aod tu the Haul, 1'cver nnd .Iquc, Female VompVh, (Sen iml Dtliilitr,, l)itpcp.sia, Isi'S of .Ippetite,' (.'olds, llntilachc, Coiticcncsb; dritli l..'ihl ,V( nfs, to'ir, Organic fictions, J'tilpitalion of the Heart, 1'ttins in the tilde. Chest, Il.srk, Limits, tyc. i-c. I X F A I. L I B L E In all diseases nrrSin fiom an impure state of the Itlood, or irremilar actum of the svstem. IX Till: VP.Cr.TAUI.i: UlXanOM an All Wise Heiuhas dt posited plants and heibs congenial to our constitutions, and adapte.i to ihe cure ot dis ease ; and to the Vegetable Kingdom tloes the reason of man, as well as the instinct ol niiniuials, turn lor umipodes to pain. 1 tier-prim is a scieiitiluc Compound ott lie most val- uab'e Plants in .Nniure, entui'ly ritiLlioiu dehtetious and enervutini Mineral sulisiames, ami as it evpeis disease Irom the sy-tem, imparts stren-rilt andvior m u corresponuin ueyiee. oi'imo.vs or iMivsiriANS. 'I'his is to certify ib-it vve, the undersigned rhjsi ci.nis of ihe city of New Voik, have in a very ureal many cases priM-ribed Dr Ginsntt's l.vtract ol yel low Joek and S:nipanlla, and are lully assured that it Iris no efua! amour: the yined S)iups and Sats-ipanlla preparations that have ever been sold. John I' Stebbius.M )., San'IT. WVIU, M ) , V S .Mayuard. .M. I) , 1' 1! Tnonias, M. I). J. P.. Morgan. M i) , S. M, Johiisjii, .M. U. New Yuik Oct III, '16. pi: s riMo x y. The followiii!; letter indicates its salutary effect in cases ol Dysi'l.PSIA, OENUUAF. UUIIILITY, &c. Watertown.JelIi.rson co . Nov. i. M7 , ! ""J""-1 I am at a loss to express VslL'L1. IWT". r?''li ';r5i.?i Jm"' i . n V , , , wy . "",e,"i"'" All whohave hid the nleasureofusuic it. sneak ofi's marvelous einci in re.nov inj disease, vv ill. s much ,fehn and heartfelt satisfaction, tint I am confident now tint no medinne in can boac t ot its xmMTior ipialitits. .Many who !ne been eomplainiug for yenrs dyppep-tia gtfiieial debility, los of appetite, chills.night sweat", talt rheum, porotula in faa nil th' tlieri"es that we in tin- climate are heir to, find in the Yellow Dock and Simp.lnlla all that is requisite to nnke them wlnt they were in the tfn s o health, A:c. Wv find that we haelnd f'jiw twelve dozen hot tlei in three months, nnd we nre nearly out. You please send an equal number, mul oblige tourc, ilOYT t UIU:(50UY. ,.r il.;l,r -,.,,.,,.0 ( .-pepslil CUlCtl Ol thirty JOaiS stiiiulinu ! St Johnsville, .MoniKoinpry eo , Jan 3, 1-tlS. S P lleuueii l)ar Sir Sinn-lour weeks since I was induced to try voir Yellow l)ck and S-irsipar-llla for l)y-'isia ; "had been allbeteil about It l years, most part ot the time in ible to eat any ilium without Milleiui intensely fiom its i If el. 1 have used now only one botiie of your iiiviilu.ible medicine, ami con-ider tuv M-if entirely cured solely by its use. Can now eat a hearty meal, without the lihtr.t incon venieuce. ANTHONY M.EK.MAN. The best Female Medicine known. The nuld altematiie propcrtiesof Dr. Ouiott's V.x tratt id Yellow Dock and Sarsapanlla, render it pe culiarly applicable to the slender and ilelielae consti tution ot il.e lemale. II is unrivalled m itselleels up- on such di-eases as Inspiraut Cousumotioii. Il.irren. ness, l.uecorrlioea ll'lules, Irreijuhr Men-trunaiiou, IncoutiiuiKe ol Urine, and ueneral Protration ol the system. It immediately counteracts that disires-in" nervousness an, i las-uude so eoiumou to DieleiiMle i Irauie, and imparls an energy anJ buoicncy as sup ' orisioirns lliev are i.raletul. umionn-i thev nre urntelnl. I IV Im ve evidence on file, which indue mi strongly io recommeiul this ineuH-ine to mnrrieu people who have not been b e-d w ith o 1-prnm. t. t-uiioui ui luni-r, r.iimii juiiiiniriu uuy ex tent iu the above ol i-oinp!aiitt-,biit give ihe foI 1 lowniijextrnct ot a letter lecently received an some indication ot the extn ordmary vutueol (his medicine ' os remedy fur the ili-eu-eH leferieil to. I Newtnk, Jan 23ih, 13H Mr.Itettnrtt WV take pleaMire in Mating that your I Yellow Dock and'in irill'i irivrn i?re.u i'tt.f;ic. lion in every cate. He bliall try and wild you tome 1 J certificates. i i A very repc!r.bV genileinm informed us that his daughter wasiroi.bledvvit!id.lliculimeiMrualiou,nnd 'ut, i ,ii- .is.-s ici;iiiiiir mj i,( r sr. en' nun inn n iu ' her in-'iisiiiiiil dn-clrirptR for a long litre : l.nt liy Ihe ue ol Dr (niysoit's eilow DotU mul Miiian . ""'.. tMf cure.l. . M.,,1 u,l Tovvnsend V n a til .era . Wllioni r, eetvimr I he . i o(e.t lit-in. it I ' '""I " -Im-Sluer die Irom ihe tame cause, J - "SJff'W wr- "'iwolulli )o vours. E-TUlPPEitCO. FF.MM.i: HFAFTY. . . , , , I.idieswhose completions nre not as clear ns Ihey could w ish, instead id lesoiiing to those poisonous preparations in the loriuol Cosmetics, Jtr .should u-e Dr. ( In) h. it's Couis,uiiil of Yellow Disk anil Snrsa. parilln. lly purilmig ihe Hlood and enlivening the circulation, it gives clearness to the coinpleclion, brightness lo the etc, nnd elasticity to the Hep ' leaving that beautiful which Hill was so, And unking ihal whuh was nut " Vexaiinuseru) iioiisou iheface te nltiug from want of exercise or sluggi-h circulation ol the lllood, in onte disappear under ils inlliience, leaving a rich bloom ol henlih, that nn cosmetie can impart. La dies who have tried II cxpre's, themselves surprised nnd delighted. Great Popularity. The following is ihe commencement of on interest mjs letter jum icu ived Ills but one ol ihe many instances we nre daily receiving of ihe unpreceden ted popularity of this medicine in tveiy pint oMie Union : Columbus, fleo, JulyXll, 18H. The Yellow Dock and Sarsanarillt gives unbounded salishciion.and 1 lliink will, m n shoit tune, sujH'ie le nil ihe other preparnliousol Sar so pari I la in ihe inniket. Very lespecifully, It. CAUTEll. Caution Extraordinary ! Ths grist rrputalion of llni mrdicinn Jiai induced numerous rounlrtf.'itors nnd imitntora to tike field IJewnre how von buy medu ine put up in ffjunie ipinit Iiottles. He very siire nnd a-k tor l)r. (Inisott'w Compound Ilxtrnct ol Yellow lluck nnd Satsnpar illn,benriii!i the written siininre of S. 1, Kninett. onench onfide wnrppT. wriilcn with Mnck itik , nnd do not, on nny account be induced to buy any other ar ticle as it is tin- prepfi ration only that is perlorniinc such marvelous and nslonishiuir cures. Take no man's word ; ns persons having the couiiterleit med icine nnd not the genuine, nre of course desirous of inrikiniT their ;roicoueo(iienily ou nrc liable to buy w-urthlem trash, unles-i you examine ior your selves. It is well in nil (v-es to cut out this caution nnd put into vour poelel-bonk and compare with medicine, Z i Ueiiiemhcr, Dr. OPysoTTd YL1LLOW DOCK and saissaiwium.a, rrepiredntri, K HIINNUTT'ri Laboratory, Lit tle Talis, Ileikim-T ('otiniy, N. Y.nnd sold by liHU. IIAIIKINOTON Hurhnglon Vt. JJurlinton Oct. ll.ldlS. FIRE FIRE! The S7. Lawrence Mutual Fire hi' surancc Company. CtgriciiNlHii'K'li Xvw York. AT the solicitation of several respectable Gentle men in NorthcM Vermont has nouointed trn flling Agents for the County of Cbilinden, to nf furd toitsrarmeis n cheap mul reliable insurance n;iinst Imps or damage by rue. This Company tflubh'-hed an agency little morp than one )ear since in the County of I rniikliu, and it has now nearly one th"uiTid hazards ilieiefroin showing Us estimation where known. Its insurance" muouiit to nhout n tpiarter of n million of dullais monthly, nnd its extent, character of linardn mid economv render it sin li, that the actual cost to i'nrm ers on 1'olieies nf Meveral years standing hub been but the first payment nnd let limn Eight cents the 100 per year! The Company P.xcr.fnrs from its hazards, luildinc in Idoch, Cuttan nnd Slnrch fnrtnrie,t JAmy Stable, Hill Alleys, Hlnck Smith n shops. Vurnnees, iuiqrtt, Asherirs, ftntdtr Mills, Ihetteries. Mceha utcn shop, xcit h Machiuny impelled hf Water or lenm, mm Virata situs, oy which runners ami those iusurinrr isolau-tl nroneiiv nre not made to nar ucipiie m ijtra uazaruou-t insurance uui snare witn haiaid.s like their oh ii. j JSaJiv.. l'ann property unexposed taken for 5 ytrs nt 1 3.4 p'-r cent ot the sum insured ; the insured lor $Gut I Rivmi; u note ol Sttl.5'1 a yirt ot vvhieli he paj s down, j and only mi tumlwif ihe balance of the note is called lor durum the 1'ive jears, as to pay actual loss I Storci nnd Merchant!! from "1 per cent upwaids I depending on the coDstrurti n ami material ol the Ibuildmir ; and external 1'xposuies. No tico f7mi clime in its polici1 ; whole amount insured paid, if lost j members can w.thdrnw, and eannl if ihirnus. I Ageim hive eerlifieales from the Secretary and if ! policy be not received 111 due nine, Notice to the Company is requested. Jlr'crs to the following Members. j I'hltdurgh, X. I". ' cCimpiain, X. Y. I A C. Moore, IPIiny .Moore, A; a Trit-tc. I'res. church Tho's J. U hilesule, Sain'l Couch, St Allans, Vt. 1 riHti-o vi I, Cliureh, .ll&n. r lirovvii. Palmer, Hew ut .V Co. ha wiener Mjern, H'llliston. Vt. tClrineey V Hrownell, Hmhgale. Vt A. W .V ri S. Keyes, l.u.'ius (Jreen. Directors I) .ll.MnN, P.ltASTUS Vir.AS, KOVAI. VII.AS, 1). CUICIITON, II PIIII.I.II'P, J V. KP.N'P, wai.ti:u WH.I.S0N, An"lits Wanted, for S PAUTP.IDGP,, AMOS ItACOS. Prei't ,IUA WIII'.III.OCK V.l i: N l'AIUClIII.U, '(i W KI.L'CI'.i:. illon J (! HOPKINS, ,11 CU'OOTI., Secty. aeh Town. Aildrcss A.

Skeels. Jr.. General Aeent.Hmhirate. Vt II.O.KOOTI Oct lf.,18)4!. vvlCm'J WINOOSKI FANCY GOODS. 3AZARR ! ! COHEN & M 1AiH EIM HA VIS jut opened ut Winooki Fulls llio mo-t pplendiil as--ortinnnt of (Iood to be found this ciile of New Vork, which they nre now rendv to hell at the chenpept prices. They flitter themselves that from a long ninl intimate aniuaiunnec w ith their busineM nnd with the nieans ut purchasing the b-s good nt the low f ft prices in themaiket.tliey ore nhle to ?ell goods of all descriptions nnd (piahtied on the most f.ivorable and ndantaueotm teims. People Irom llurliugton, Colchester or any seel ion of lb--country wishing t' purchase nre requebted to can ui our XEW xtokr and examine uur lot just receucd. consisting in part DRESS GOODS and cloak stuffs of nil kink", llenioni Stripes, Ca inehon Stripe-., Changeable Cobourt:, Trench twdt. of all kind. I Hack Queens cloth, lhmibazinc, p'.aid raw iilk, Cassimere de Cose, Muslin de Lanes. FKKXCII TIIIUKTS of all I'uahtiesaud colors, Silks, Changeable nnd -" keil, mack plninanu Itlack satmsiripe. AI-o, a rl,tM aisortineni of Shawls, I all Wool nnd Silk. I'.imhe, llroche long Shawls, fin ished ipiahly, Silk Slnvvls, plain and flciiled, Thib. ts do. il all kinds, n splendid as-orinient ol long and su ue I.ama and Kiby, a splendid assortment of Dnglish and French Ilroadclotlis, Black Cassimerestiudtloe skins, mid lancydo. ' ot all kinds a great variety of Ktiuli-U and French ' Piints, and Domestic Ooods, also I.ace (oods,nee ' die work, had kls, collars, tlowersnnd Iwnnet stutli, ' mulls, ice., sV:c.,ol the veiy newest style. wlCtl COIIUN .t .MANNHKIM. Wli the Subscribers .havinrt lieen appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court lur the District ol Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and udjiist the claims and demands ol all persons, agaiu-i the estate ol'lienoni Thompson, lale ol Richmond in said District, deceased, tepre"uted insolvent, nnd ulsn all claim and demands exhibited m oll'set thereto ; and six tiiomlis Irom the day of the djte hereol, being ullowed hv sai.l Couit for the luirims . we do there. (ore hereby give notice, thai we will attend to the j liusiness o! our appointment, ai toe ourum;!)! Menrli 'I lioimiKin, in Kuliinnnil 111 Ml.t DiMrict, on ti.e fc-rnml 'Mnmhiva I ut HI o'clock, A. .M , on each of Kiid days. ,,, nrwnmri n .... ,i.ilu iii.i, Dated. tins lfitli J nf Seiiienilier, A D. n ii (iRi:i:x, i . 11-13. lidl.l.v. t;i,i;.s,i), cmnii, JOrflil'll A. HAI.L. ) vvlBw3 WANTill) ! llear's Urease of nicest uualily by wis tiii.o. a. ri:ch: Clieshiu Kail ICoad. fL1!"-rj flf.trrf fTiio fZj -AZj Lj, -CS! ON nnd alter Octoher 13ili, Trains will run over this lload ns follows rrien"er Trams will he run to Winehenden in CrUUCCllOU 1UI Hie I 1-.I" ikmiid, ituc CImrlesiowii ni 7 A. M. nun 1 P. M Trom Wniclieiidon nt 'J 13 A. M and 3 40 P M connecting with the second nnd the lost Titclibcr'j trains to ltoston. Slaves from Western and Northern New Ilaipp. shire, and the Slnte of Vermont, will deliver nnd rr t ceive in , nj , n,ove Tiuins, ceive pnssengeis at WiiKheudon in connection with Tram will Ik run daily each wav iu c:n- neclion wilh the usual Titchbiirg I reight 'Prams. T. M. EDWAKDri, Piesid.n.. iioS,1SI7. l'Jtl The largest, licsl and chea pest DICTIONARY, in the I'. igllsh Language is, eonlessedly, tlir eniire wi- . unahndi'ed, in 1 u Crown Quarto, 1 1V .... wil pp., wit n portrait l ine nnuior liei-.t uy Piof'.sor (ioo.linh, ol Vnleloll. Pi lee ,1,-1- r-J. - ... ..... 1 1lMHH 1 ft .,,,. a...,....., "TU mini i viriiTE. AcernuE, nail Dav , and Olivn Anne Djy.hnvingliledapetition Hat Dictionary of the Language, is the iccent tesiiinony , jn'hn. n, Vnr,s nte seied of three parcel, ol Inud given lo this woik by in iiiy I resulenis ol Colleges ,,,"j;t j.part id ill" Eslnle ol" ihe lale Divid Diy, and other dislltiiui.hcd literal)- men throughout the i,nlr , which was . ft to them ns heirs of said Dnvid couuliy . i l).iy, ilint sanl hndsnre unproductive, and that il vv.ll Containing three lines the amount ofnntlcrof any (iu (m.i,. , t Wards that ihe land be sold, tn I oilier English Diclinnny compiled in ihis ruuimy, or ,M. ,riwm, phoed ot luu rest and prajmg ihal he uny Abridgment ol tins woik, jet may lie nulboiued In sell the same. ' lis deli litmus nte piodelsol roiien7(oii nnd;u. , j, jH ordered by Ihe Prnb.ite Court, that Saturday, iffy, 'l'he ins complete woik ol Ihe kind that nny 1P i;r,fmh ,1 ,y ot November, IJH, nt the Probate iinlion can boast ol." llan.Um h. Laihaun. Oilice in lluihiigloii, be nteigiied lur hearing the said ' We rejoue thai il "'ls fair lo become ihe standard ,Vtion, nnd nil persons interesied therein le nn. Diclionniy to be used by the iiuineious millions of j.i.j thoreol.hy pitlili.lnng the subsiaiue rl slid P. li people who nie to inhnhit Ihe t tilled State.' Sign-1 , uj this older in the 'iee PrtM,' thiee wecs ed ly lot Members of Congress. i,ic,cc-ivoly, Ihe lost ol which Ip be bcl'ur wld d-iy , Published by G. Ai C. MT.UR1AM, Springfield, xt lor hearing. , , Mou,ndlor slebyUPooiiMllfi. C. ADAMP.JuJje. I October 1S19. vl6m; Oct 21, I. !. w? , EW G Geo. W. Warron Sl Co. loa Wahiiif;tm Slrccl, run FALL SALES. 4 1.1. ol which will be ohvrcd !v tlv I'AUKAtil. tV oral Ki;TAII.,at QUIUK I'illL'liS. MOKB THAN 100 PACKAGES 'or IjOii& ami Square Shawl, SILK GOODS AND SATIXS. Silk IVref.hlick and colors! 1'aiii Cloilci, Vi sitts, Mmililliii, Scarfs, Mantles. Hhaxrl, Velccts, Miriios,'l'itiet Cloths, Lyotuse Cloths, Merino and j utlier I'laids . , . ... I r,i,ffierc. MniiKeline lie Laine, Emlroidcred ' )rrsr. lush and Ciench Poplins, t I H'tiLaiy Satins, f.utflish and 1'iench Immliixinrs, Alepinet, Alparcas, Gapes, and all other artichs lur Maariii,(tinchsms, J'rints, Cloth, '.'assimtics, 7iVj,and all stuffs for Chil dren's Wear, A'lU'i" and Cashmere Shawl Patterns, tor Violet Ve Chamlte. I. NEN G OODS OK ALL KINDS. 1'mWoidcries, Laces, Edging, and all kinds of Tiimmings. WHITE GOODS or am. ii:sckii,tio-n. lUaiikets I Quilts; Flannels; Glutei; lloiieryl Paris I'erfumeiu; Piano and Table Cloths; Furni ture Patches ; liinbioideied Curtains and a kicjI many other things beside. also, OO IlaliH and Cases DOMESTIC GOODS' Our flock i nltospther too lnruj, for n description here; we inite all toexaimin- it lur ihcniMwca. Our Clouds will hf freely nnd politely shown , mid ns ice altmiji name the luicest puce Jtift, and Xlll'IU! vity Jiom tt, our cu-tomei w in nor run ine iik oi P-miitf ilouM- the ihie ot ailic!', nor be rudely urged to buy those ichicli do not suit them. Original ami (Jcnuino, ONE PRICE ONLY. G'co . Warren iV Co., ItADIES' EXCIIAMiE. Opposite the Marlboro Hotel, BOSTON. wlSv.6 Bees' Wux.ann lbs. by tw:o. a. vi:ck. Vvlt XVanieii. CASH AM) (.001) prices, Will be paid lor ool skins I.)' W I! HATCH Winooski Pulls w-17 To the vounjr men of the United States. AN APPEAL. TfIIH.l- you are young men prepare yourselves t tor luiure liappuiess, useluiness und respectuui litv. l'or a small amount of monev snved from some nrclitless rneliditiire oiu e a month, vou inav in a lew months be put in pn-sesion of a wiuk Irom which jou nny derive intereet and protit f r the time, which wiljserve for a study throui'li )otir life, and wluthynu mav hand ilown to the next ieneiatlon as a treasuie woitliy the nije iu which yon lived and worthy their e.'iretul.sindv. 'l'he Suiiseriber will publish about the middle nf t Jclober the tir-i nutnoer ot a l orULAK, i.llua.nt and lixt.srnvTED Ld.tios; ol UNIVERSAL HISTORY i novt the Ocalion ol'llu; World, BV Tilt: LATE Hun. Alexander Frascr Tytlcr Senator of the College of Justice, and liord Com .......' . r.. -,... t... j, i i missiotier or usiieian in ,ioiituiu, mm former firofismr of Civil History, and Creek nwl Kom'in .Intlquitics in the University of Kdcntiuri;h. The work will be published iu niomhlv numbers, a "iU cents each, and will be completed in ten or eleven nionibs H will make two handsome volumes of about 1 tl0 panes. The Study ol Historv is the most entertaining and uselul of all studies, iher, fore the selection ol an author is of the first imoottauee. The historv bv Tv- n.t.a has been throujh more than One HcMinnn llntTlo.Ns iu Ihiglaud, is u-ed in Ihe Universities ol that country and this, and takes the first lank among litciary works, lie pirticubir therefore to empiire lor TYTI.I.If.S I'NIVIIUSAI, IIISTOItY. Iteiiieinber that ' K.NOWI.IIDOP. IS l'OU'llll; nnd it you have more knowledge than your neighbor, on have a power over him which he cannot success lully resist. Published, by T. WIMIV, Jr., SO State SmtCT, Boston, and sold by Cheap Pub lication Dealers ihrouL'huut the United States. Agents wanted to obtain subscribers, who will be paid a very liberal cnmun-siou IVllxammc the fust number, C. II. IMwards, Agent lor liurl.ngton. Oct. 10, vvlSinC Removal. A. AUNOU) i5c CO., I.MPOUTKUS, J0Ill!i:itS & HKTAII.ERS, Have liemored In their Sew Store, No. 50, Canal Street. I 0;ic Door East of Ihe Stand they have so iiing occupied. aiiticipnlion of ihis rcinovnl nil otcn. 1 f IV five snvk nf Hint AND FASIIlONAIll.n ttOtru.'rj, sunntiic to itis.'nsiri, have iK-rii Helrct.-.! in . IhimiM bv a iKirtnrr ol' ill House, a lamp iorlinn vt 1 liicd n.A ... .,. no.l ...l.n.u m ... .1 l. ..!. '. SlI.F.s. Siiierb Vans Pi)lr. in nil the new ilesitrns of ihe a.,,,,, j. nli (.4 r,niii:eill-? and blaek S-ann de L llllr. rlUII:rnbt lilOU il KCVW 3-1 nil.) 4.4 elianeiililt) Toult de Soie, 3. 1 ami -M bhekwjtered silks Pou.nadore and oih. r ri. h .ivleslbr even,,,-.-.n.l soirees, .Murtelmes, Satins, and Millinery Silks. .' , , ... .... s. " AhSIJ, Trench ami British Ca-hineres and Dehincs, in small, medium and hold designs, Plain, Plnid.and Sinned .Medoimas, Kaw Silk, Aragf,Onh,nnd oth er Plaids. Victoria. Cashmeres, Meiiuos, Thibels. 1 Cloakiugs, Trench uud English Punts, Trench and 1 Scotch (jiiighauis. I ALSO. t Trench rnlunfre Iioif and S-jjuirf Phiwls, Hob 1 Rov (Clan tnitern-.. loii-r. Min.ire. nnd .Mi.ies hies rich I'rioted Tukira S!nvl( lnhrnidered C lshmcre ' Itohes, Vivl-'s, .Mnutilws, it ml Clonki of the newest 1'arh chape., colored nuj black Whets, frcm lialt'a jmu u iw t wiua ".in. ALSO. Ladies', f.entlenien's and Children's Hosiery rrev ery description ; Cotton, Merino ami Lamhuwool I'n duvest and Pants; Wclsn.unshrinknblcnud domes lie l'lonncls; llalh and Whiting Ibankeis ; colored tn -,,,,1 j,,,,,.,, Sherlings, )iiik-is and Damask Table nnd white Lnunterpmes nnd vvii!ts; 11 I, mens. Cop Imru. Nnpkmtnnd i)olie'I'i.rt llin-i, together with a cenerat aisortmeitt ol housekeeping article-, j ALSO. I Jnces nmbroiderie-, Iaee Veils, dlovo, I'mhro.d ered Crape. Kohes, Evening Drrts (looda and 1'uncy I Autcles. I H, J. rmily Mourning of every description cou. tlamly on hmd, for which a eepamte department has hern provided, j Nu nh.iteiuent made in this l!,5iahhihnient from the ' price ni-ked, Petition In sell Lund, STVTE OT VERMONT, ( AIoiim Stevens. DlsTKlCT 01' ( HIITIM'IN, n S uardnit id David r) Oct. 10, Oct. SI. H ''BMII. Uxnmtsmsr.ii Ihvi.Nti I'ucciiasi.'d ft the int'-rcst of Vila1. Noes, will eoiitinup th'1 busiui'sj of lb,, former linn In all in branche.i undei the name tin J ttjlc t.f JMorillo Noycs & Co. They trust by faithful all-ntion and honest denllng to merit the eonlidenee ol nlil fiunds, nnd hope by in creased f-inlilics to aild new indueementa to all wish on 10 purrnase coom at wtioii-ale prices, furticu lar ftltentioii naid to the furnisbinif ot i.piller.s. All business rchtini:to Vilas Noves will bo set tled by M, Nov cm .1-, Co. MOUIl.t.O XU'KS JIOHATIO A'. XOVLS, JULIUS M. XUVKS. Durllnuiou, Sept. Sii.'IS. 13 Feathers ! tIH.St-, liens and Tuikey l'eat!!prs irartanted v- a lust rntenrticli kept onstantly on Irimi and forsale bv M NOYKS I f). Successors to Vilas it No)is Sept. S7, '13. v, l" Stove; Pipe. ri ANAOA, Knirlish and Kuss,,, Slove l'ip",n lar,;e y j assortment, nnd lor sale upon tavoinble t-rms ...v .... v curl , M.,v v3 ui uu.uii..- i ijeous rates by M Nf)V',S,tCi. Successors to Vilas Noves. 13 ept.27, '13. Pins, &c. I flflO ''"el" American Pius, 100 lbs mixed do j 1 UUU 'Juoin. Sewing Needles, jj iu. Yum do ; !U0 Uross Kmtti.ig do. at -M. NOYCS 4. CO s. wl3 Sept. 27, -n. I'lirnit'r V .Mirhnnie's It lnk ) liullinglon.Oet 1, 1st). frIT. Stockholders ofilus Bank, are liereby notified 1 that n call Ins been made of 1'ive dolhrs. on each share of ihe Capital Stnek, payable on or bifure the :ii January, 1313. I!y miter . t iioaru, wlltf C.F. lt'AUNL:i:,C'o'iicr. Cool-chin, ofiiee and Parlor Stoves. FOn SALE HY PIERCE, DA VE Y $ CO. 'I WI ltl'ike'& Yunkee Notion Stoves. 5 uzes MM 1WJ New Cnijland Air 4 iU 5'.) Western, do do T do 10 Quipcy, do do 3 dj Also, a hrce assortment of Bi x and Air Tiiilit 1'nr- lor .Stovts,all nuts and latest and most nppiovcd pat urn. Wenrc prepared to furnish Dealers with Stoxs. at n mnall ndance trom cost. j. s.ncuci:, C. M.DAVCY Auyut 16. '-IS. J. C. s7tf Extru Super Fine Flour. 4 S. DcU'cy lias a oiisimmetit ofn il omnll Im til r.xtra Super 1 me Flour, to hich be unites the intention of thobe wishing fuoh an r.r- U Oct. 1, W. lo Cold Winter h vominx take cure nf . 1(0Ur toCS I I rr ' A r U r cv r u -vTT.c. i.,r - ;-.v.t C. .m9Ju3i.,t.,M,u,.v,, HJ .New oik GOO Subs New York Sole Leather. 500 IU Oak Sole Leather. I'pticr. Ihrnes1' nnd li'ind lathr, (nHkin, &.c. Aimi. kid, M-iraceo' Kindm; Currier's Tool of nil kind- nnd Shoe Mnkei Kit, Tun iters Oil by the bbl ir yal Ln-P-nnd Itoi.t Tre w c Thenboe nrtieU-, or nny t!nr. in hi- line ol bu Hues;, will he soli ih clicap tor catlt ni can be had tin- bide of New Yolk Hurhnglou, Oct. 10, 191. dlC3t2wl3v3 ZfMoi i:tniouliiiary WorKlJ MARRIED WOMAN'S miV AT MEDICAL COM P AS 10 A. Ill UK. A, M. AIAUUICLAU, Professor of Oisuajjcs of Woman, Hith IMilion lm. rp"50 Trice 50ct flO,OlM Copii. SOL!) I. MX .MONTHS! Years of iitlerhiir,td physical nnd mental nnms-h to many nn nt'Ctiotmte wife,uud pecuniary dillicul ties to "the husband minbt hne btreu j'paicd ; tlmu iiuU now poor would hae enjoypj competence ; thou-ands now broken m health would liae enjow d it ; huudied-t now in their yrnves been still alive, by a timely posc-ion of the work. It is intended tetially lor the married, or those contemiilatim: marrini;e, ns it disc!os . imporiant e cretswhicliMiouldbe known to tbem patticularly. Truly-, knovilede is power. It is health, happiness atlluence The revelations contained in its tmces have proved a blcs-im; to thou;inds, ns the innumerable letters recrived by thenuthur will nite-t. Here.nlso.every feninU the wife, the mother, the one eitlier budding into wouianhno I, or tlie one m II ie lit l line ll ) us in nii"iu u-MUir i wunriitjJ'U irs tut imnmtiot eli.m'Te em iliti'0 ir ihe rliu-wi s run. loin, nnd the mo-t ellicient remedies, nnd most cer- tun mode ol cure, ill every coinnUnit to winch her sex IS bubj.'Ct lis lmportanct to the Married may be (lathered Irom the tact, that Turelliitg Agents inakelroin Wine to File Dollars n dm ! from its sale, hundreds nf active, entcrpiiiini; neents ore acrumulalini a litlle coiniH'tenee Irom ihe liberal discount nllo-ved, and the ureut ilonriiid fur it. Or ders ore required to be accompanied v. ith payment ; Copies will be sent by the mail free of postage to the jnreliaycr, 1 Over twenty lliou-and copies hnve been vent by mad within three months with perfect safely and cer- lainty. I On the receipt of One Dollar, the " Married o mnn's Private Medical Companion' will be tent (imiiifil icejtoniiy part ol the L'nited States. All letters and applications horn thn-e desiring lobecoine agents mu-t be post-paiil (except those cont'iinini! a remittance) and nddrehse,! to Dr. A. Al. Maunceau, llox !l, New-Vork Cily. Tubb-diing Ollice, 1S I.ilierty si. New York, The ' Man led Woman's 1'rivatc Meihcnl Compa nion' is sold by llooksellers ihrouliout the Hutted 1; tales. Sold in Builmaton Vi ,hy S. 11 NICHOLS, nt the Publication Depot, Wickw ore liuddiiiz. Kept. , 1SI. vvlOtf PAKKEU'S UXKIVALKI) DAGUERREOTYPES IIAKKN Daily nt his, I.ooiik, Colla-o I Street, where he hns produced ihousands within ihe In. t j cur, looms will be k pi oi-n 11 lew ik, ulint. Minniiir,.- .',,1 Ite bn.l HI a less (H ICC if ir I b ' 'me quaniy) man ot uuy oiuer e: stauIisliiiuiH 111 tins 1, art ol Hie eounlrv Koomsln' lor persons tocallan.l examine speci rneiH. Burlington. Oct. 13, 1913, wltS Threads. f.t on Tlueod, assorted Co!t. !0 100 lbs. Lir.:n, do ; lSJndoz. pool do. nt .vt, ,uiLa x cos. Sept. J7, '13. wl Buttons. iono ross ram itiiuoiis. .'im iu Coat do. COO do Vest, do. low) do F"md0''" M. NOYES A. Co's Fept, ST, " Cambrics. 3 Cases Colori'd Cnnibrics. 2 Jo Silecias Tor sale by M. NOYES & Co. Sept. 57, '48. , 13 Prints. A Large Hock of American an! Enjlish Trims for silent cheap Mies b the pie. nnd package on at M NOM.a c Cos tfept ST.'ll. '3 Cloths. fi vils, Gmv Clnllis. .lOIKI i!o lJvlU r-nttinets. 1SH0 do Cnssinerrs iao do Hronil Clotlu. Tor sale ut reduced pnecs in e. change lor wool or cash at .,., , . .vl. NOV L ,v Co s Successois lo Vilas -V Noyes. Sept. 17,'IS. vvl3 Alpaccas. - fif I'irrrs liluvk Alpncpns. 150 do -i Plaid do 50 do Madonin Checks nt M- NOYES tc Cu's. Sept 87, 'II. " Now Goods. M NOYES it Co, have recently received te. J ail Hutrk f lio'x's.cons.sliug ol n grmt vi riety, ninl pipclinsed at ihe veiy lowest prices, winch will enable us Iu sellnt cottesiiiidin(; rims. Merchmis wishing to replenish their neck Wore going lo market will do well tocsllureii u. Oponing Sale of FA LI, J)lt Y GOOD .V, l.M ! ii kt A S li 4 T K 12 12 ! ( r.xctrr.ME-i t The First (Jim of the Season I jMUIlB BXCITiatnSP w.i,L nn cacicu ilil throughout nnd in viclnilv, by th inn-jiiilieenl display of ljich Dry C.ood, Olid lh ruinous pricis.nt which they will be run off at ttu Iililirn S2chaiii', th cheapest Store in tie Stat-, than enn m rnived by nil the political patties of the day. Kveryotw. must be nware that n very hunted amount of Uood have been imported for the 1 nil Trade ol lSlJ,n.t that desiiable tood must be very seari-e More th season is ball' ov r TukluK this lor icranfJ th-i l'ropnetors ol the Iubes r.eban;e, have been in in irket lor the list two weeks, buviui very extensive. IV Ir tint iv irom me imtioiters runt li.ey natter tnemseites their labor will p:uve not to have been in vain. when our tin nerous nitrons shall know of the tre. tueiidous Stock of Cuods now opening. "Opieeces Ihoidetntlts and Cassuuere, chespir than ,l,u.. ........ .. 11... I A u,.t. ,,.l...l h..rl. ., 0 Vesltnes. In selling a cloth ior coat wo pledge ouiselve to put up the trunminiJH of the bs iiiiiijir v i.,r one dollar. i S". nrowit cottons ni l cts. rsr yaro. l y.Musli'i De I,aui",ut 1SJ cis Hut we cannot pitticnlnne ; it would take news papers to mention all lie Style, of Ooods and lhj prices ol iliepi, that aie just openu. gat liiis lauiouses. ublisbtiieiit. " AUttc rloirn of Henry L Peastee to a turn lytits, tni't lew? in lliitlwtitnn, which farm teas wtl, led Lj Aiitiiathl Pimlie, mi.thtr ut said lliniy '. tee (j her sua n'iw de -eised, lluiraee Ptaslte.'' r 1 y of t .1 i' i , i b-. m 1 1 i imtlv pin n;i, t v ii -i-' t to t ilte t nliil en'itjiiiij by n viy -Uui .t i " .i i.n'.uoii. nil tbo lii'M impoifint nte !n- -us tint i,ie iv r i:-mI for C.tUuiM.nnd ntr-ttioixM tie- Cm.T and l.t:GS nnd yet llny lime ben mi pu tli'dnii.l (irniijjed nstu depne th'-l.l :i linn-1 elillle,) ot lh It mi) leu- -nt t-"te, so tiifit Children the mo-t Jftittdiuui nnv uillotien lake tlna IhUAVfL i;M;vr, not cniy with out cuiuplaint.but ceti with pietivjie. Hut it- great exi-ellence coii-hp in tlie promt t relief it ollonts to n Ccigu, nnd the with v. 1 1 ten ii e n.iblca ons to nti-e nnd tlnow i 0 tbe phlegm tint obrtruct-i tre brentbin; nnd nls-o in removma puirt nnd MireiK'irf Irom the bend, bnck or limbs, and in itsiorinz te viee o ns to enab!1' one to 6jeak Willi more cU-iirneg-i und en-e. .No remedy ol tbe a;e Hpqual to the PECTORAL SYRUP br reheMiii; Hdvkflne'-'! an I Wkaknem oftbe Iaso n id i r eii C --u iti peri n t nil ncis nn 1 con Uilioiit in i..e. Oi.e rv.dent-2 ol this i-t -t-n in ths init ii o I 1 vr nrAit... U n .ti for it in nil iirirLs of til e.mimywi.eieitibee.i ined a cp'" ron; l tic-i m wrmnlurn fnV.i supply ol the, i" Yoar valunV.e Chugh ytup l- w Hint: c ifrnpidly; I J'hrrtf tiothj IJkcs it ' end almost eery VoJv wants it . fcwiid me morcln hud.auiy.' Certificate? Vrom the Uev. Mr. Cleveland. r-ivftteulle, (Onon. Co,1 Apnl 'JD, Pfak Mr 'l'he bottle r,f tjrup which you wa ' no km I a to s'ud me, nt the iin-timee nnd by thy hind ot on- brother, Ucicon .Muiiaon, wrought like a chnrm, and fill i-tnntially tutcd my obstinate coub. and weakness ot luni:s wiihm ubout n wefk. J hue spoken ot it l.ivorab'j to a numlt r of my tu uhlior-, and enJ iht-stnormns. m bt-hnlt ot (one ot our oldt -t nod mn-l r !pectab!e citi"i-t;, Dav.d Cc-liin, ' Sr. K-q., tor a bottle lor hts u-e. lie t- much atlhcl ed witn poicni us ol luns, and pccnll ot the throtit, bein,; liable to pulinon ny nt tacks Very tiulv and jjrnteltillv, o tr. K1CMAI1U T. CLLYi.LAND. Irom Rev. Zithanah I'addock, li D. Cazeimvia, June li, 1311. Dt.ut Slit Having used, peisonnlly, mid m my faimlv , two or three bottle ot vour 1'ictornl tfrup, I fed mseH nuthoii.ed, indeed, bound in duty, tocpeak in high terms ol the nrtick. lVr hoiirst-hcs-which with me, ns a public Fpeakt r. hn U'en n moM foimi d.ible difncnlly, I l.nve neer found nn tlmm like it, Iu dis-en--s of ihe luius, nnd other parts ol the votal oru-ni", lib i ti d nie nut grateful and ;-.)lutary. Iti temarNable pal.uabieiicpt Umj ery little more oN leiisive than pute hune -l coiif-ider one ot it smnt lct lecoiuiiiend.itions. In a woid.Iam persuaded ilint t.i.ri it, virtut t nnd lti CON VCNIF Ct, Known vi tin rmMi.?. it wouhl have nn evtensive sale, Very resctfully, Oct -5, '13. w ITm'i Z. Paddock KUIl 1 GRA GRANT'S fan .Mills, -1 Sues. , wJ 15 Uince', do l'or ale at the Unrlinaton Ariculinral Waio house. 1'UlUCi;, DAVUi i. CO. Oct 55. DOCT riTCirSTrne, Inhaling Tubes, Sl oul d, r llraeesaiifl " l.eclnreson the j'reveiinoii nnd Cure of CoiiMinipiiou " A large nil (lj" JU"t received nnd ("r sale ut icdnenl prices lly lino A IVk Agents and Physicians supplied at DoU. t'ltch's whul, sile terms HAT, CAP, AND FuFsTORE. Strong's lluilJing .V. F.. Cormr if the Ccu-I Inline Siiuire. C. A. SV.XMOVH offers to the Ladle, and Gen tlemen of this place and viciintv , the richest os-ort-inentofFurs ever brought to tliis town Cons sting of .uurrs, vic;toui:i:ns axi hoas. I .'j:(ri Oiler, Mu'hrat, Seal, Xiitria, Silk 1 Viiti, .'.o'kiiV, and Cloth Caps for Uentlo I men, and Hoyt.aho Till FALL FASHION OF HATS. The Ladies ore invited to examine ihe quality and prices ol ilie nlvove niults. liuriington uci. 1, i ft il(".r''r-x'-(-lrA,b.l,-ffl KALL Mn'J G l: I I.I'M r, vi lll ig the i IV. in want ol I 1'ir-t It-ilu liillnii., nie iiieitlully nulled lo call iinJ I'Vimme ihe Sunk ot FASHIONABLE MADE Full :iik! Whiter 1 1 n ( Ii 1 n , which can l-found in ihe civ, coiisi-Iiiu i1' eveiy variety ot (iarmeut made up in n so;.eiivr iinun, r. nnd will be si id nt prices, as ,'W nbu establish nient ill the I moil. We have also, tn b..iud a feae. ral nssoiiineui of Youths and Children's Clothing tnanuficluted in ta.t) njles. Cnil catlynt l.rovvii I.immtir'o iS." Slickiiey'd Niis. li, T, !l, 1 1 nti.l l'J. Hi li W T .1 'V E-. !S O I' S t. . Fronting Slute Street, Oct. 3, ISIS. Vllyl HOSTON. Wtnler SSye. CJl'.r.I) liYt: of the ln ,mH; f, r .nU )3 nt the lluilmgtuu Agrieullurnl Ware House. I'UtiCE 1).VEY v. CO. Hurrlnglon, Oct. t, ISIS. wlC 'T'n;its.i.i;s m:vn p o w n i: it Jl Jutt rctvued a supply ut the ceimine, wholrsiie nnd Iflail. by IK. Ill iu Wi.. 1 ' IT TI1EO. A. PECK. BVCIl.V.VS IIir.(;.VHIAN IIALS.V.1I--ini received a fieih supply by ihe l'icpitctor's Agent, w? '' TUT,0. A. TECK. I S n re l ..... -a r.i vyf fii r,&L.