Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 10, 1848, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 10, 1848 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, November 10, J 848. Consumption Cured ! Iiwcia::'a 3u:i:;;u-2:m E2.s2s:un oi- S.ifiV. --.13 JOYFUL lXTELUCEXCE ! ANOTIIKH Life suteJ after llic DOCTORS cnnM tin lit) mon. Dr. TiniiWff Sir I Inltc tilenture iu civ-ins 5011 n ..r.n i.nn itniii nit...... ..i-it...i -.. ii.. - rnn Ilalpam on my ihnoihter, who hid been for ft I numtirr 01 mcleil xvi i a but coon 1. ham m Itie h.Ip, rnisinu blood, and nil tliue painn nud troubled wrtitn attend thai iiiiiIhiiis iheav, rO.VSU.MI' TION. I employed several ilMingtiislieil iilijsicimi tt grent epi-mc,vvlin. afienuimeious visits, anil man) experiments. finally .led. mil that Win (ni fit tin jii Mnrr! I wa then nilvieil by a friend to try llnchan's Hun pritui llntsntn. I did mi, and th' lest'ilt Ins been most nptonipbiim. lny danpliteris entirely cut oil ami is now attending to hrrnreiKomcd ibltii-s, I paid Two Hundred Dullats for i!i$su-ntis and Medicine, vvith Mitany soitol benefit, while Si dollars worth of Iluncirlan llnlsain bus lemoveit ih disease, restored the fctrength and linuiolil on a heahfiv nrtion. I am eratefnll) jours, JOHN YoLWO, .A-loni"liiii: rni os of COXSUM PTIOX. Two cases pronounced bcyonJ the leach of Medi cal aid. Aiicu-tn, Me., Mav27. ISI.'i. Dr. Fruitier Sir The IhNam has . ... ... . j. f, i t ii'i siiio ins i lieeo oiioe io"-i oio. mi-.. ii-i-iu on . lime ocen i cufeil ol nn nvlinii i tt hip l,unc . winch wn Ihoimht ic ue ol a few so reMolei to bottlr-s. O.n- ol mv children wnt nl hen hi. Ilft lcyml the ,eeh f Medical aul Thi nieilienie is now .hn'".1! un inroai onu tesoit m cases o( any Uiliicuity -.. . rp,vn. , .,,,,,., ' ours, truly, 1 liAMlr; J. l,hhh. Ht-!h-t..Me ..(un.'. is 13. TV. Vrndttc Sir Mr. CUik, ol I'ahuj rn( n Irieinl cliuine, takfii sick aboii I a jenr nio w ith a had couch, pint in the pi-Je, cenernl debility. Vc. lie con-iilted evern dortoM w ho proeri jhed llir him h Jt ivflli!iallyiold Hi: COULD NOT GUT WKLL. IK f-topjed takiiiy medicine, but continued tn ciovv wore" until he so weak li1 could scarce I vs-it un. He ?iw n lmtice ntthe Hmiaartan I(a!atn( procured a i-uiue ana coiiiiiiikmi 10 nine it ncoorumi; lo the direc lions nnd, Ftrnns'Mn' a few inonlh- he wnsa troii man. and n he belteed peiinaneiitlj cured. Viiuf, respecihillv, 11 G. O. WArillllUliN, IiooUelkr. HcVmbtc iUidcnre ' the IUhatftf iiccia ys ncxu uu " n iMam. Pi oin thf Chniim rreemnn J While we rcmiilnte n'iricLcri vp nn nu r.lcnt. fd to L'ie creilit lor thit winch i truly ulul, and to ' pne inlotnntion which liny hein-ht ctli-r A lew G'-ntlemt n UuderMindiiiff tlint vounre the Gen dnno a brother ol nui. Irotn Norway, .Me., cims rnl Airent lor llie sale f.t Dr I 'I'lruuV Vcctiible lulu our othcem comtot table henlth, whom we did not 1 Kiect'nry, Ur the cure of the l'tlr, I have dectued it xpcct toseeiiin on earth. Ve received a i-tn-m ' my duty t.i oiunt era rccomniemhitipn i-i belnif of im veeK -iMi-f.iroiu nnouier nnuner. res.iiehlmt i i hou"" withhini, that be wi.? conlhied to his beil and coul I nut pio'ubly continue hut a "hort tune Jude then ol our "urpn-e when we-nw bun rutfru'T or lie ln a -huht ronh rcinainmi:, as it wotihl e nat- utaltlnt h-vhniiM iiaw, until U?! h.'idluilher time ' lor iirniniiiurcith lit lun-. Ifut he h in c. tuiur- I to..k htiadicc,imd rejoice to say that Inmnotonlv trttto h'-ail!i Iti- toIUmin.' letter which in ddu-i. reherd, but, ir- 1 b'-n.-e. perfectly nurd 1 mo-'t e to th- neiiend Il.titu Auent lor the mt-die ine pnriH-wl r-cominend it to nil w bo may have the iiii v m-li hi- itiiei him o uumlfifully, will shuw f.itluue to bealllieted wnh that aiiiiojmaiid doiiL'er whnt meJiciiie lias been the niftiumeiii o the good j o.i? disease. Wry rtsiKttfuUy. vour (b'i ser't, Wu,k- t, t , j:ly .mooui:. noMon.IVliJfi.lSiT. t Dr.D P. Hrn !Ie,Fir: Ir.innot relramlroiii Nlw York. June II, ISIS, irg .t w.. d to jou in commendation o( " Uiu-hniVi Id-THivM .V IIi.niuw Orntlcmrn : it j-i.m '.ilimolttle." l!en-ia st tt.-n Thn certil..- tliai 1 lne br en verely nlllirtetl lor ( i nrta . : iti.m n rn.nnd it th" nie ofnny many ear w ith llie JMen. hut more p-iitteularly witli- fi i;nl 1 1 '.iu the sick to -ek tehel at ihcuuiie m the l.i-t nine months. II i mB iwd all ibe leuifdies (,-M'1 V' ' v'1 " I'in,',il. 1 pitseiili.-d by my phy cian, nlo Im mt; tnd otlier h" in It ikn v.f.eni col. I, which l--t a coouli f the .j -, . .. 4, .,,. i urn- yrni no nio-t v.rnjT k n l.niTouip-niicd h nseveieniiii ii ineien- re. i ! .nn e t nm income suleehle tlint , the uiitil idiniit loin iet-k1 " Durmir that - " " "u; 1 ""om-t hi Unit 1 tecetit'd the I"'-! inedicnl tittend'ince, nnd trtetl neatly nil ibe medicines which are recommended in such cn'-s, but could liud no relief, but rcw wor nnd for the bo-l thtee weeks wn contincd to my bed Two ol my phiciniw nvc tne up n pi-t n'(ot-iy. Ilutn. fortune would hive it, I henid ol the llnnyai'riti,nud immediately procured a bottle. 'Phis pte me iii'ftni leliel.and -ix bottles have hiilcn up my coul'Ii, nnd placed me m a situ mon to tt-bume with udvaiiciiij beulth, mv in-nl uccupation. Youis tttilv, PHuiirniLL conn JJy Snrchil Jpvntmei,t--iA'l) V URADLCP. fc SON.I'Jt Wii-.iinj-toii St , lloston, Ma-, Sole Afiit lor the United M ites nnd ItritHi IVovtuccs. Antt-rKnti price, 1 p-r buttle, wan lull dtuction. for the re-toratmn o haltli. Pamphlets, contnimn n ninwol KnsliMinnd Amer lean certltlcniex atld nlluT t ideiu e. Omwimr tin nn... quailed merits ot this ;reat lnylish Ueuiedy, may be bbtamt'dol the Aireni", 'inns None t;enuiue, witl.i-ut ibe written sisnaturc ofthe American Aini on a ijoiu and bronze label, to cuun terfeit which is. (ornery Auents, liuibiuhni I hen. A. Peck, St Alhnn K S Dtitcher, .Middlebiiry V. P Itu-II, VeriieniKS 1 . liuutinu'ton, .intpeiur N I L ullm-.autl by deal r iu medieitic nencially throughout New miland. FCjlt. 7,'IS. Wly ThU medicine was prepaied by a reculir phjsiciin, nnd is the result d niu xiein-ivo pinclice ol several earsina btlliour clmnie Thoe who haie ued it themsehesorseen it feilutary elli-cl upon others, iiet-d nolarthereiiilenceol itsyreat ahie, A small J reatixe on ibe " caue., treatment ami cure of lever mm iicue- and other dwaes of billions clhmtes," N'umeroiH ctrtifientes from men of the limhest re speclnhiliiy, testifying in the yrent ellicney d his med icine, may be obtained ruiis on application to the underpinned ngent lnlp wholesile nnd retiil by GP.O, K. II Alt. KING TON, sole nent fur Uurluijiton and vicinity, fcept.lS. wllinU To Ciinlry Mr r. lmnl., 1 tooli-. l l r nml nil Dealers lo Miitionrry una rniici (iuints. E"do you wish T.) nuv oootis enrjr nd ave a nAspsojir. riuiiiT 1 tr so, ov will call q.v A. B. Marvin, IMrOHTKR AM) WHOI.KSAI.i: 111.1'Air. 03 William. r,;7 ,e '.; ,7 ',, ynrl; W Iir.Ui: you can find ihr Cre,e.t varieiy ofcouds mued lo your trade, and u I, u,n ..... good prulit. r I'asct fJooOT. f'omlrtol every ariety, Ibii.hrs n( II deecnptions Buttons l'e,u,ery ; ,s,Vr r.Lu rueh as Heads rure and iliir .Mountings, .tr . s.l. r, riauMicd and llruannia Va,e fc ' ' " , u . rii . , , in nTATin.rB r,iiHiiii and Amenean Drawiiv. J apers nml lloiius; 1 ratiuj and 'IWue 1'apeis" l- rriicn a ml i.niisn M riiina, Letter and .Nme 1 .ipersj.-Musielaper j Gold and Silver I'anrv 1'aneis. 1 orttolios, li oik lioxes, loriable Desks, Dimmiir 7 ' i ... I i.oiu reus, nun irom vt aipoie, neiiows 1 alls, LiicsLT, I aei. Cutl. ry, !nkstaiuN,t.loli s, .Mntlie-mnti.-al and Diaw. dihli, Ludlow, to Itutlaud and llurhnalon : Diew s iiig nienis, Sleel 1 ens yils, IVneils, libink ville,.M,tead,fharenown,Fpruii:lield, U'eatherhlield, doors oi eve y varieiy, c c an.l eery other nr. tictriu llie line ol stationery ore ollered prices sail! slactory lo puiiliawrs, by A II IIAIUIN, 03 IIMIiani Street, opposite I'lati, .New Yoik. Kept. 81, 'H. l5m2' IMl'UOVEI) AMIMtlCAN AIU-TIGI1T (Ollkillg Mill.'. TIIH above stove is offered to the public as an art. iele lor culliiaiy iursis.-s uurivaileil bv any other now in use. Its roiisir iiMioii, l" eiy ninple und coll. iefiuentlycan be iiinuaue.l with facility and cnee. 1'he oeu is l.ire and bakes riiluuinhly, ihe Dues l.ejli(!b.i ilirnn,'ed ns lo iliibVe nil ri..ililet;iee id heat iu all pnl"ol ii. A ery iwlul leature iu this stme is its siiniiii. r iirrniiiieiueut Aliah cousts ol n lurnace wliiihoiii be u-, with llie raine I icility and ino.r economy ih.iu the coiiimou p i table luruuur, Also Aeeii' il .s.o.i'iient ol I'liucy ll'ix and Air.i?ln stoves i. . e i . i -ivies, I'.iteut I'uinpi, lend pipe, Ann u l . . .J up H .'i.e. J I. 0 '. ... ii i k, !,! in tm, ci'i'iier ami Sliett.Jrun do'- ie lav. style i'i.I oil short notice. rf) costikick a ;;vakt.i. H3i H'oliniai' Vt'RolnljIcJKIi-c-luary. run nnsT Mnnicisr. ix mi: would i'iiii i'ii.i:s. IT i extensively ufciI in KnlunJ, France, Scot Inn.l, lioinnJ ninl ntlier Kuriipcnil entnitrirs, en. tirrlv Irnin its uneijtiatleil puccc-s in the United Suites anil lur which ilisense, until this medicine was pro. ilueid, there xxns no certain, speedy and (leniinneiit retm-ily ever iliwovereil, li hns also found in way in the West Indies, Mexico, and South Anietica, where it lin, with the p.'inie .ilutaty cll'-cls, established a name unequalled by any oilier medicine for the vcni: or pn.r.s, rcmtrr, Mi.rrnixu nn lli.ixn, I.VTinsAL or HxTtr. xai.S and lor all Disenses of the Stomach, llowels and i.Uer, such ns severe mid lialtttml Costiveness, Chronic Dysentery, I))PpiiMn, riilpitaliou of the Heart, I'ain in the ide, .Monhd mid llihnrv Condi tions of the Stomach, producing Sick Head iche ; and in all cases where u Cathartic or Restorative is re quited, Dr. Viduim'g VeetaUe r.leettniry J1 lound ."iiip.-nor to any other medicine ever of. 'vi." "'v i uuuu T 1! V IT! I'or it Ls the Drodiielinn of a eelolirnlpil nliesii-inn. (Dr. A. I'phatu of New York city,) and tbeexpeii-l ineiits upon liimself'in nn ni;i:ravrib-il cie of Piles, of i iitleen years standing, and n couhination oi the nboe disenn's which produce Piles, that lie effected n cure in his own cic, and thus asserts, witli the (jri-uttht confidence, that it is a clktai.v ANnsrrrDY nraitiv, In all Caics, and under all Cticumstances. Vrgrtnlttc Crrllfirntrs, mjmmucmiij: vrni: or pili:s TutRTv vnns sr.vntM. ! ! Mount II dshmaton, llerkhire Co. Miss ) November S'J, 1S17. Ars.t.. dents Tor thirlv venrs 1 lime been nfHieleil willi Piles, ceneral Debility, and liillamuntiou, cansiug tumors and ploIapsiH ol llie bow els, and winch had re- I . I ..o ti... I I - ki i !-i-oii nn nn.- iiii'uu-.ii iirniiiii-iii i.iinpman aim cthelsroit i o oe r he lnt tin,-., .-..ire .,1 il.m ih,. ,y MlVrin.h-fy th smplion 1 K,ie....i:,....l ,.. I....I ,--,,,. , :, mjsrir.a,,,! u( t given up bv my phy , . :.. .1 t. ' 1 J " '.. . '.. I health : in hoi. for n lime before I en. o, X ' i I'r.l'plnni-snieetuiry.lwasentirel M,ercl,les,and my Initial clothes weie made lint under the beneli I cent mercii s nl Pim idelice, and the li-c of Dr. Up- , haul's Dlecluarv, thoiich ma.v.1 have il.e nb-n. 'fitrenf Mating the fact lo the public tint my he;, ih is ; now- good, am, hope to hie Ly vears it 5,,"is od's will, to make known the wiiiicru! Or Tnli-mis VAvc tiiJirv, nnJ in (ccniiimcjid it to my ntllicH-J fi'llnw fM'Hurr It liehtpii ni? lirvntid the fiir( tiitiormiif 1 nil who knew my cnr( nn.l I can only f.v to others I that it iiin tnv tti'inmn the htst mriliriup in tlif uml.l fur I'llef, or nny oilier ilwoc nl tin Lmwrh ; nml it" they hnccoiilmg to thp (Jirectioiw, I wiil tnv- w.trintii a cute in t.'ery Yours with the utmuit cvprcsbion ot tluiiktiiilnr's the r.cramontt fink Co., Mats., Xov.W, 1UIT. 'I he above tnnlicnte tells a Minple and tiutldul story ofsultl-riut; nnd ndief.ol which, ns pbjsciuii and witness in the cae, I tliceifuhv rndore DU. CIIAr.MAN. Ili-it ina un . !ri' he tic I inn . n m h.J fr many enrM with the Tiles, nnd hae tiieil anou rc int'dns, but witli no bftieiieial eliect?. Iii.lenl, I b" K ri lo con-ider my caw hopcl . Hut, about the lirt id September iat, 1 wai urenileil unmi liv n Iriend to make a trial ot the nboc named mediune inaii' to iniieor no lahanta. I hefime ver liiui h niH'otira'f.t ami lejt a- thottirh I inti'.t sulfer at Uns ns i neu jtui j)i(.i,i.-!itri iv wns in ormeJ hv .Mr .Iott. IiiMrucior ot i IV be S h.t.l t Ulnn.i lit n j o u i ih- cureu ny jtur v-iluihlc rile uiectua- ty. iIiimi;conrideiice tn hi statement, I inunedia- iei) jirucureu some ot ? lie meuicine amj nrn very h.ippy to inlunn jou that 1 am now perfectly cured by the u-e of only one box. Very truly )our o!edient servant, anoKci: uoiiT. cno?s. N'oTicn. The eenuine UphnnA I'lectunrv liahi" written sinaturf thu'C TA. rplnm,.M. 1).) The hand i n-o done wild n pen I'nce, tl n box. noi.i.wnoieM-iie ant retail ny iilymiaw.v Kr.'inuM, 11 rult.ui ttitet, N Y. A.C Sn ut.and (Wo. A Harrinotov, Aeutfurllurliniton.nnd bv Dm ''i-ts enrally throunlmut the V, fcj. and Caindas. Hurliiiaton, July fi, HH, wlmG lii'atiirr. 5000 LHS- 'ARKTS S0LK LEA- UVvv ihcr, a ?u;'fi ir nrtiili' lur alp bv l'llIllCl), DAVIIY ,tto. Aiisus( IS.MS. I'lniitflis. QOfl Vf0"',1 'v,r:"''i C.IiliratcJ Tnti-nt centre ' ,r,""!,1"' -'lt'"i'l'i?. Fill.- Mill, nn.l Sub .ul ri.iii.i. i:iiii;l,.s .,., an, .M.t, y.s, . MMibuck &. riun-s nnJ Joliu .'Iuori-'s 1'ioiiii.itn riounhs. Al-ii, AnW fan's Ptonc's anil King's Cast Ptcol and rlntt'd Shovels anil Simles at wlinTi'i b an.l re tail ty rii;Kt;i;, oa 1;y & co. August Id, 41, v7tf (KrWecal Alliarlioiis. ! f1 F. STAXIFOIU) & (JO. are rTiv. L. ini; anil opening lliis eek,frnm Xtw Yurk and, ttie ctieiipcst assortment of Ciifhmcrtf, Mimtliii d'. wmrx, llrilish and American Calicner, Unmn and lllearhed Sheeting, 7'icAinq-. I'tunml, .Jr. i-c. ot olf red in this market. ni'.'?v.T.".l"r nJ,el,liun is f.'lieited In a clioire lot c.f I KI.N 1 M, nt . cents tlie jnnl, not imytrjeet nor in remnant, but in perti-it order and m iialtenis thai would dn honor to a Inily'H toilet him iiiore inrncular attention is requested tn the I sV'.'.'l'.'?. "t'nentnl I.AIXCS and CASH-1 i '....- inirrunsen in u,e i.rrnt Aueiion Kale i .New 1 ork. tit prices below any previous s lies. I nrelini.ers will itriin.ntu il,i. i... . ... i . mcompMrable bargains, by calling, eiaminins and liiirlinalon, Sept. 8, HIS. wlOil. Cheshire IS a i I roa l , OI'KX TO KUHN'H. TIME ALThllED. OX nml iiI'ilt .Saturday, July 1st, tlio Piiwiiger Trains will run," in cr.iinrciloii with the I'llcbbuig Trams between llusiuu and Keene, as tollows I.e,ne llosion al 7, A. M.,nnd 2, 1'. M Anie in K'cene in II, A, ,M ,nnd li, 1', M. l,cac Keene at 7, A. .M.,and 'J, P. .M. Arriic at lloston at 11, A. M ,tmd C, P. M. htnues will run in connection with the Trains, as lolluws ; i'roin Winchendon, .r Uuul.;e and Jallrey, on the tirnval ofihe nioriiinu'lViiinsup.on ,Mondat, Wednepdi) and l',and rtlurniiitr on opposite .l.'i) , I'roin I'ltzwilliam, for nitelunond, Winchester, and Urattleboio, on Tuesdays, Thursd.i)s, and uturdas, nn arrival l llie morning 'IVaius up, and rcturuiu2 Iroui ihoe pl.-uts on the opposite das, tit fittiirl unit In. I 'I'.nio .l.ivi . luim. ll.n Ll,nilu.( I '""l,m' a"t !'",!.e "M '.!" lu !'",?' "" "-s. Alwi.lroin Keene to Clienerbel.l and llrattle. boro, on suue das, on arrival ot alternooii '1'iain from lloston up, arrnine lit llrjllleboroniiueneiiin; i and returuina on oppposite inorniims lo first Tru in down. i,as,iiL.ei8 wll arrive at HoMon at 11. A Al Al Keene, Siases will connei t with all the trains to I taieinont, Newnorl. Windsor. Wood.-toik. and at . .Mmitnelicr to ilurhn..ion , Tins line. in tuon willi llie ruchburi? Itail- toad, and ihe siianes to and lioni Keene. Inrins a di reel Hue nl eoiniuuiiieiitions betw.eii llosion and Aorlbern eriii.ioi nnd K'..r,l...r.. V-... ..1 and Ibe 'I'litttl und mutt dii eel line l-tweeli rioulli- rn. Middle ,,,,,1 ',.et,.IH Vermont and Win. iu ,1 . "'"J'"'""'?1"1 Ho'ton , and alMi.iu connection w ith the fcwtjcs from Wmtheudo id rnchl.iirn lo unesier mill rio nlenee Ita.l I Vcrmym and N. jlwiiiiwhiw and uiceHer Cuuif i.-iiit. nr ii ii i iiti iio i,..t.iu.... .1 ,j . mm t,,,, ... incur II .IIHI ; Ul in cnmiettion with t.igealrum I.itilelon, Mn tu Iowell nduect cnmmuiiitiitioil betwien hn 'Mine poiiiuiuuf New i(iiiiiriiiu- iiiiu . riliinin tiim l.CIWeil 1 leiht lr,ims will mn .Ijily. lonnd rnln llouon,, (.omiecuou with . he 'uUr Kiu-h huru T.a,,,.. ' 1 1 '.',.: V' 1 'd"t- I .. ...... :J 1L-'U. Luamcer. Kerne, June S9, 1810. EXCIIA.VCU mi LONDON, I,IVi;iirOOL, DUI1L1N and LDINUUKUIl, Ul sums 1091111 purctincerp, I U1I1 May, 1HI7. J. (( J. II. MCX H Co. " I b I J POPULAR OPINION. If iioi.i,lr oninbin Is nnv rril'-ri.m el Hie wimii ol aa srlirle, ue l-ii'lo llie In. millions In look "I "' 1st nf 'mines ISi'Kti'.S At. ol 1" rons V, In, Hive i" n i u in, v, t, i).ntmi:m'. . . . It is not Km l'i n-. tint t"is liniment H Ho ns ' trest pnl lieie nn.l risen tier. Hi" nrunn ill" ene Hint iTe flirvcl, which Mere Ml'icil to Is- nlcr cmne imle l,y Internal n mc ihe. ) leld hi once t tlic i er 1 i,r this Dintment. The principle nn wlnfh It ever lull, I ir"-!' rt"rnltr tf tt htti'iM' rrr?itriti, Is ' n.A'n.n., . rrr ..flls surrt . As aunt llc.les iirtsftinte In n common colit. Imlure.l h- clnln llie pores nn the mrfire. tt Pillows Hint If by n)' means th pores nil I.e. re niieneit. anil the Iturn.ilile I'ersl'lriition ri st-irnl. tlie 'lnnt.l mnrlnd limnors of tlic liudy will escnie, nnd no cause ol sirkness lemnln. Me M.ITCHV .M.l. ltl'.M.IN'tJ OINTMr.XT lias now tieen proveil lo l,e llie U.NLY prrpar.ilion known to cirtct this rtiilt. , , , , We woiud renprk lint "nme nf llie fillnwtnp fora plilnt hale Itii of l-nii! ftimtlnp eien twruly jears one rase of f.irfv jtir iiiany ortheia Die nml ten jeers. Sin-h reel ns the fti'k liei.l ith", fur Inst info, a compl lint i,','M,''r, , ji(.'m ontv lo Inier.'nl remeil rs'. Inio hien . - , - ,, ,, euri-cl ilircrtlv t also lineum until, i om un, i,pr i-nm- ,.1.1.1 r-.,,i linn Asilinis. nil lisrn'es of lie I het. (.1 lint N..r nn.l il.e ht.e. Ine In en rureil. wtitle olherii whonre inklnBSKrs,i.irilw.s l,,.nii,.,n Imle .iicr rnml;-, pills nnJ Jrnes. lire vet sufTerinJ. with llllte In. pes of reriiiery. We '. ''j!".!!:' "h"."l.riea.c tieln,-' l.v the.e thinco in Ihrre was no fuili-nic of p.o.1. What wilt nut a man cliefir tils life) We hire cie U.e iuiii-i onlynl the i-ersons curd anl llieir,t.-e,.es. This I l,ut a pirt ..r li .1 we , i.e. i,e.,i cs SVA. ;'sVl.?;: .,V 1;V;."T:.:; .A " V! im'i iv; ni.NTMIJN r within tlv tit x iiiontlin.wc en,It, envrr the w h(f l.r.t.dtl.ip of n mining lumt ulth tlu-lr nmnltrr. l it we knnw iiir Ini-ndt will tell It to tlt-ir nt they, tn ti.rn win wiii-rr it to Mifir-i an.l thiMtho ptolthiiiff willg't nntnd, wlitU Ihtu inure thnn twhe ipii thoiiiiinl lif.irt will letip for jy In the pxid rrre!cil I'min this Onitiiient. PnemN! rli-rr u nn H this L'.ir.d mrk, hy .pciklnitlie wlmle truth i-t nur neishlmn Sin! nnniiintinie. ni-'l let lh' treat rtnl cod mrHittnt Ut way Into rwry lu.u.e.auJ plaihltn the htutt of cwrj oiil in the t nit). W e h itr ri"m o-ily tipiw a nnlt ntimher rrnimei la New Vcrkiiml Hilt re, tmw In our iui"-nnn. Thoso frn-n PhilfKhh'hii. M t m runl other Jihue, we iro ublij; i -I ii l"tieniit cnt.rtlv. J.i'in Tr" cc 1" M- i' r t.. rheimntism Cti'ii.l Hell'" . CJ7 .'eveatitst. nitip. U'lllnm Terr). V'J H-twrry, Piminthc breast. U Tli'imii'-m ror. Hih Av & 50th tlo. I. II Mi iln ."- i:eknnn t., l'ite, O. II, Vulilrr, I'U jmriit, tHrntery. (Vther. M lvcr t . Ht tr r,ic. Jm.. II.H i.k v 4"T (irm.1 it., ItirT John lloijifr 27 llmUoii --t., Unii-cs. Thmii' I.ais 4' t ' r-.t'i t., I.ivtr cnmp!nlat. J-ininiil II .t)irt, Still. ik t, l!hiniutim. ; l.uT'n, U'-rlon oi U I'M un, Snlt I'lieum. Win. .U-Kte, 114 tlorr IP-nvy I'mish. Vn rrnt II II. Hei) ft, Athnn-ore tliTORt M. W. .c tt. 'h rrv Kheinn ittun. SUviuiMi t'. iM. 217 hdinry i-irk henlirhe, -10 J earl PJohndi r Y UU. r Vunmel t )ny rnhl. J'lhn H.Tnl'T :t.l Pike "t , llen.Uche ami erupting Chirle- P. Swam, H Hr.ilje st.,UnnMj n, Sre li'oitU P.. I. . Urow n, .Vi -il m n fl'i. J r sjj't U. II u i1 It, I'.-Irt irth. (r. i nt. I.. I., .re h itnl. .trili , Mu th 217 Hl mcy -t ,.1'am in the ule t' V II. (Mnidli r Sll 1'uliitn it ilo. Jhih- Morn. 7 I'.liri t , t'hnp;eil hind. nr.ih IMwiril!. ' Jl PiManty st , ii'rm m the new. A, Merctmnt. 11 OIImt xt . t: tit tun iiiMiii WillMtu tlnrif'l -J". Oik it. y Y Itenm t Witter t , II. I'm! '2f IV nl st t K A. milh. '217 I'cliwicv St.. 1 . Ibmf, ilkt st. J I. Hr,, Cluckeii p'iX. Heii ronl. ihrttit, Rhcnmitisa I'ain In M- tf ). do. Asue tn th' fnce Wih-N m lied breast i;iieiinrttijii '"', l.tcerktr si , Dr. Miti h I, r. IK .I.e. b...n lMSuntt.nsi, K 1 Itnot-i-l, tiiK flt, i!m I.rk treK) Itrnolnny, do V.. Wtllel, 1'e.ttl t. rrtipllnns W, It. r-hnrtllon t iJ Mrntil y, 'croIuU P.IIOfiKIA .V, M, Ii-iV, Mrt!e nrl .tvirkon sn.,Aene in the fice J. K IU Uif, ett I .'old (., lll.etiiifitisru in.iirl i lt 30Prlnret, Iletdtclm I.. N Ililin. M.rtlnin A. (odd ."ureejes .1 ii hiiuxiili Slit J.irkiin st , I'eafnesi )r- Proidt '2til Cnld fct. Citii", croup 1. 1'u-ej , i."J J ick.nn t 1( Inn ITUI.Ii IN ItM.TIMnKt:. . Drntii. liar re A. IhoiHnl kls.,Krttitimi and ileep sores . Wild. ,i, .. Sili.l.nri &ur ni awclliui. M Sl'er. e. I.'clit t Win J llnmilton. ilk it., It. font, ll.inli'ir-.l, II. K ti.ilt. I.'cht t , V. (lilt. I'.HM.Ien .t.. M. K. chalbirr, 11 inoer it It. Lent . ,.rlt t . I. . M Mil. 1.1 IT. II M , . Jnlj n. Vt triune alley, II. 'I'm. I. 1 1 1 1 1 fi . J. U lliriej-. I.ifht it. I. Sp.iire, llirrj St., I:. Itri.ler. II .n.ner, r.. 1'. Ibnsi.n. 11.11 K. ('. I'uiirr, Hill si. I .tin I'.tller, r-Yuu r.rt f'n , r Siiulli Line, tt. Suulir, l.ctlt t , s 1 roiiii.t. .(.. r(ri' v ei. Hi re e)e, I'sitn hi hrent, bh'Milcr "pntin. Pain in heitil. ItliMIIII'llKIII. I'.iin in Mil rind btck, IlhiMiiu iti'in. I' un hi hrc nt, Sure eei. I'nrni, (JiildinrM In the head. )'rn. ihroTt. I'.in in head. Pile. 'ltl IIe-.L I'ain III jiihltt. t.Tn. Hurt ley, I'.tr tif ihe Ppine. I'.iin in the kide. Sore fire. I mi In rhet and tide. i:iiiiiiiritiiii. Son1 tlir-mi. Ague r-ike III ide. I'iIi nml liini, P.nrn, liettd ii tie. Pun In l irk, lin in ihe hfM'd. Win. .Ni.ins, MiiMn rr .1 , J. Homer. I.l:lit .t.. MTulrhrn, II. .1 t , J. Ki l-er. 1 1 1 1 l . Mr. II ('.in, ti-n t , Mr., (..n.ell 11.11 -t . K. M.iKj-. J.,lml .ii n , IV. II '',jl,.r. M.u.l7'.niery t , J r, i Houili l'.,e'i l , I'll. is WilMtu. 'J.', 'llk St., I' ll.illtti-ili, l'l-l S. rhtUlei It., II. Kltir-l.'l l.'L'l.l m., f Ijisly. W1II1..111 .1.. Win. II. Witlimus, wl Henri. Uh J. I'.es. Ilk-l, .1.. H. H, Ib.lll'Ur, I'.irk !:..., J 1. Ii.iiile. liri:eniis) uittliid. I'inpi r l.irenittd by a nL f.heiuniiMii. Nn throtn nnd '.reee I nil tu ni'ithtn in the leg. Mr I'r lliiiiil.ursb it. I'.tut In tlie rliot. I M. llll. OnM's eil.l head. 1 K Hero. knn, do tl.ll .1., I'uiit ill ttie spn.c. u n. It Mr., s w i.e..,, m.i .1 I...K ., neoiieiie. ill ill, l.iillit It.. nlietiln'lliMn. lute. ..elleil Itren.t IbroftL Ml.s M. linen, .' (. Suelletl si is I. Holy M l.uttlii'ii, lrAMmr., I'i.ii. In side. J. II.....I'. rvw lied tliroit "r'.V n"n' lViie wimnd. riifiuii'iiisiiii. Chiibluiii'. I' tin tn llie hfivd. Mn i Hilt ttiifn. Hip rtmipl tint K i ell. I'.iin in dreiit. 1-vulletl treat t. llt-niiHf lie. i:tifiiiuitlin. hcfrr liiirti, IhirMl knri'1. 1 u r r . t'lire rr Mm. M l,.ntr, 12 'utk it., Mrs. t. t'tihrr, Mr. tl.Ci.Utr, r. Chrv. M. nJ llsint.urcli it., M. Ilipr.n. niil 'lnii, It. WillnniV Mwliily J.trkn lluah l , Mr, MriiiK'. ('nfulli.e k , Mn. Hill irti- t.t. Mr I Ml, Win Pre i-fi, I'mtiw it, 4. Hnnilv. t.. Mr. t Iriy,. Mnnts-'ierrv t . llprlinnlnn.tlen. IMIfirrinutnn.'rlirn. A. IVrlt: Wil lifcinn, lluriliiti .V. Ilnilpn: Kicliinonil. j. M. Kmne dy, K. Lu., I.. II. I.rof n : .ilmiktun, M. . Kinlcv 1 1 ni."liirgli, Allen .V. Wlu'i-ler ; C'lnrlotic, ,oti i( Alcxniiili ; iiiiifstiuTi:!), .Harms nun; uiou.Kt II. Hatch. (..raiiJ l)i-ioi I II I'ulton til., r.iiis. w. N. Y. Salt niunini, Scrofula, I.cprocy, Krvsipilas (Jcc. &c. I'uctsare Stubbiirn 'I'hinnf. I kix is one among 11 1 if others. Newton, I,nir l'ulls, Mny,19l. Mr. Jones. Dear Sir, II inorr leMiuiuiiy is tiff, ili-d lit I'uor nl'jour valiinliU' Drops ami 1'iila for llii. Minis, you nuy mM mine tu the imiiibt.'r )ou ulrcaily hiUf. Ilavinz hfrn nlllictoil lor thirty yrnrs with the Ii. rocy or While Scurf, ami h uinj; trieil nil hiiisoI rem. edieb to no pur)ot.e,nnil haim: nrneil nt the ne ul lilty Iml KiM'ii up all hopes ol telief. Accidentally steini; jour drops udv ei tiwd, was induced lo trv them, w hen, to my utter surprise, I completely cured he lore I had taken one bottle. You are at liberty tu make nny use of this jou plca', Inr to tne ) our drops me imulujWi'. Itifpecilully Yours. WILLIAM CL'UTIS. Tor .ile in Ilurlin?!nn only hy TutotioRl. A 1'ick, nnd hy iiiany other Prujjyista iu this und the adjoining St.nes N II. Notlnni; is fro cheap, nud nothing else is so ellienciotls lor till disenses ct llie bklll. i ry it try it iiirittLi.i. try u s nir.ii.rrK. mjiv mi:at jiakkht, O.Y t ATIUI STHI'.nV. A.MAS I)IU;V has nrnsr.!) n ..HUT Jl It HUT. in hi Vate, Sir. el. .'pposite the Ltciianou Horn., where ,.,Vns In k'e,1, on hand.lor the -imply ol .he puh. he, nil kinds ul MU AT hull he w ill wll on ihe most rcasonaUe terms. Ills .Mnik. l will he open lor . us- llllICK l:L'IU)l.(i. JU'l . recte.1 S 1 cmers ul Il.e. tutinen knurt ot the day. fium . mm ning tu night, nud lie menus to provide for ilue who iinivpitriiuzc linn the l.e nrlicle iu li buncssihut can be obuuued in the wcinily ncFl nrncie in iu. lute o Cuth nald lor Poultry. Ilurhngton, Jul) 7, 11 (.IJiWlf) cv Tin Shop. crl Iron, lints and Copper ll'irf House. fPIUS Siiliscrilicm lmvo opened n Shop in I Churcli Street, opposite Chittenden Co. llouc, for the purpose of .Mauiifaeiuriiis and olleritii! lor SjIc eierynrtitlc that may be wanted in the above, line, which will be Innlc to order. 1'eddlais and Mer chants will be supplic on as reasonable terms ns ot any other shop in the country. , JAMl's A.SIIUDDi.CO. Ilutling'.nn, May Is 18, Cwly tloi-liiii. 3YI)S wido Ijocliinje also Oil Clotli for Tabic Coers, just received and for sale low by U. Jt C LYMAN. Comer Stoic, Oct. C,' 13. Evirliht'iilc's T.illei'ijills,? &2 It is wa ;.' I lllliri.'W 11 e 'T arrcnted lo be perfectly safe in nil case not hicnincnience the nninnil or injure him een if he hid nn then'-e; it i? Irotn I in tt times chenpT llian tnot nl the imitntimis whieh ore hein circulfilcd ; tlironulimitjhe cminlry, heme put up in hrier jnckn Kc.Miniett'tit to cure nn onhmry cne o Mcavt h, and , to ndinmister in n (io7en cnes cl cold, cntnrrh, Vc. At thisenson, while the Ilnr-e phedding hicont hi il-'il enerpy is much reduced, nnd he ii extremely nnnie in cinii, a r., mnny caes I incipient I If fives i nre contracted now hut, nre wipyn (.(! hy pneturc nr iriii ciiincr, un mey nrenK otu in inn mrcr in ttif lull, ThoiianmN fd lioioes can he sued from future , iiiHfiiiiidiifvx, if, wlun the lirt f)inptoins of cold or I wheeing U olibcrved, n few doMs ot the Tnltcri'nli'si I llcnve riiw'iler sliotild he ailtnimstered. Kiev wnrreuted tu whollj erodtcute recent heaves nt this caaun. c;iii:at simuxc: rrniririi. j The heme powder", siven iu small doce, will 1 . ftund inot-t U'-eluI til tin- "en son. Thev sthiiuhiic the ' t-Kin to cnt olfthe unertliiriu Imir nn-f iiroduce new : i they louden th1 hide, unc a uJossy appearance to llie coat, protect nunitM dieaie . they al-n from their fine nlternntte and rc-torntMc pnwrM, purify tlie hloml i nnd leiiovate the whole s)frteui( whiih liorsefl reipnte nt this season as much n nuy of the human race, who find n preparation of aripunlln iiselul tu cortect n itmted Ftale ol the fluid. Incident loth thaiige ol wiMther. which in the fptin nlictts of nil annual nwrll!i" all ctfrHnMe lite 'riii remedy ha ncquncd a Mnndinj; neer hefore nttimed hy nnv lnic medicine, and intact we know nu pnlcnt ineificine tint ha" receicd n much com- i mendation consul' ring the tune it has been eslah ihed in lhn countiy Mme than imt vethnl and ' written testimonials have olununaIly been tendered tlJ. I Aler-. A. II fioujh & Co Ic-rtify that I bought one tnckaije ' Kitkhndc'd T.m lleae , Powder", nnd u--eil on a horse ot mine that was troub led sectely with heaws and the "tugle pitkage rured him. The powders were rucii about two months ago, nnd 1 hau' s.xn any indications of tlie dictate biiice. II J, I.'fi Itrnomme.vt, , Mr. Ianc, President ot (he auixerties It ink.infurnn us that he bad a lior cured of heaves and bad couuli i by one p ickasre. Mr. .1 S Smilli, 1 1 rultoii--t cail i ed to tell im tint he cmed hi" horse ot n most annoy ing and troubles-onie coujli iu'eoiiipani d by ev ideuce

, ('I uuniH and 4.'meral latk cl coiu'uiou by the Till j terilU Ileae Powder1- I . tract from a Utter from a iih-h bant nt Clyde N V who hassold uu uiiiiieti.-e qi.:nitit cfthe lleae Powder ( "Ihacon!yll packies cf nil, would like to hav you scitif i unite more immediately I would j Hot like to be out a" every body ho hes to gel it t lo tiled y lor iheir hof-e-, want "'Taileisah'"," nihl will take not liittir -e." Vuur A.c. V.m. C. Kly. I Clde New Voik riiMii Already Piili'.Ulicd . Hesides ihe above we can n-er to the puhli-hed I cei u iirait S ol ,1 1 !. I. t 11.IUK". oiltll Atllli N J ; S Uobert". I- I ; IM Join", Clyde, N V. , .Mr. I'ldime.-an. Mnldb hurv. Vt : I Put C. I.o.l. J. (iale and olheis of thi" t liv, winch proves conclu. I p.vei) ii ! llie bet renieJv which can be cmn I j tn horses troublt d wim hciiw. Vc. worms li-tul.i or . lhi-lle. incipient I uiudr, glander-i, and gelieial want j ot condition. Am, !e dirt ctioii" tor its u"-e in all these ui-.r-n-1's accouipaiiy cacu pa K ige. i r par.i.i nun j sold wholesale and letail hv A II. (im Ml A Co. 1 VJ i 1 ulton-.-M. New.Votk. A. C Spear and Ceo. liar rinjiton aent"for liurlinston. Sheep Marking. COI'T IU; CM blC, or unr MAr3i?."s.pon ' O siantly tor sale, in large or small quantities, with nn assoitmuit of Dm t;v and Mpiliis, bv JONATHAN P HALL & CO. i Vrsvists, I Apr. If), I v. No. I.Tnioii treet, Uutrn Hydraulic Rum. w. cV ht. E)!Miiriat; natciu. A perfectly fimple nndelleciive Marlnne ior fore- ing a piutton of a brook or -prmg to any reipured ditance or elevation, where n proportionate I ill can be npphed, The varum" u-es of ihe Rain are nt once obvious, v!' I'or the purjioes of ungating lnnd", nnd "iipplving Ihvelhu,( ardeii", Vhi lories, Villaires, I '.iij-ine-, " Station?, vVc. 11777 tlLW'XtXG VATi:U. lorsalehv l'Hinci;, DAvr.v&co. llurlinton Ag. Warehouse. rr.KTiKicATi:. ThNI" to Certify, Tint I have purcln-ed and put in ue one ot .!e--i", W, 1. J) tfuLAs Iinproveil 1 1 V DKATMC KAAIS, on my 1'arru, nnd mn perteel) f-itMied and well pleated with the operation of the tuticle, nnd would recommend us u-e, to all who nte deirous of raising water tiom any spring or other running stream on or nbout their prelum. The spring lo whicli I have npphed the Kain, is till rods Irom my bou"e, and swentv-live tect below n level of the point wheic 1 tii'-ciiarge me wattr in my il welling 1 he sii nf thp iliivt nine nim lot In mi- llnni. is mu be sue ol the diive nipe npphed to my K run, is nnd n nnnrtrr ineli ralihre. nn.i lorn h i i loin, midlias ! n fill, in runniti'i Irom fpnu tn liuni, d ten feet Tlie diM-diarce nine, (leatiuiji tt out Knrii tu lum-e) i luilf an melt cnlihre ami tilty rods in length, and runs up an rjctation of t5 Ket, nnd the water di-iluires from the s.iuie 111 mf liou-e, a pi-ih cily fteady nnd ImuUonie ftreatn, uitlmtit iutermptiuu huteer And 1 would iuite rll who wUh to become acquain ted wnh this new and iruly Useful intention, to call at mv Ihjiw. in Diirlnm. and Witness lis oiieinilou Uurhjiii.Ct. Sepi.rih. riA.MUKLC. TlltliALS. i The coiiipoiinil Clicinical WHALE OIL SOAP. Itosc-bims, Lcif-lke, Slugs, ami eicnj nlhir de icrijtutn of ;irc'. liifl.s, drape- lines, I'ea-U, .pl? and other Trers, Shrubbery, drats plots, Turnips, CiMauct, .(f. tl-c, iv. I'UIt.lI.V.MI.VTI.V Ult.l)l(UTi:i. milN ......... .,.ms- 1 1 1 c i.rrii.i-r. innv. ..... ...... ..i, ....... .... inses.ncrnuj other lutiiertu tirouc "-'.'' it not only destrojs nil llie erniin parasitic upon u-l'. ctaoies, out niso contributes to trie leiiiuiyaiui cieauu. tiess ot llie plants, balks aad roots of the irets. Il may be considered infillible in its applications ; nud, on nccouut of its cheapness, ery acces.ibte lo any.-Mi-nt, to lloiticulturists, Agriculturists, Tanners nud l'ljim rs. Dlici-lions for I'se. A teaoup full dieoIed iu one gallon nnd u pint ol ruin writer Hoi sufficient sticu;th to spiiukie ou-r the plouls und shiiibtiery, inuriuui; and c eiiuiir. until nil uwcis have diHap- penreii. i inch nud otlf-r imcj may - moisteneii oy means of a lare pjriue, and nt the s-iine lime llie batk ol the trees may be sponged w ith the luund. rrcpari d liy Dr Lewis 1 cLiinw AVGtii.No , H all Slicel, N. Y., and lor sale nl Apoihecarus' I bill. ,m-j. i ii 1 1 im v. i-i'i . r Corner Church und College Sts. Viojiiittar. S TOTE S . SnnW'AKirS Ytui!co Notion. JJJ jou NrwUngUnd.A T. 1 ) sizes. UK) Western. do .'.0 Qumcy, " " ',0 lmnir. 'la 1 ' l'n iiiiuin, do J " Six Tiaie, llu K l'micnis. ,, M-iiniiiuth, dufurchuiihcaani! l ublic Houses. luu t'linlon nnd Washinulon I'nncy, do 101) I'.irlor nnd Cotl.ue mou lted, do All the aboe hlovs ulc ol the best uud Ian 51 in. t terns nud are oll.-i... In mile verv low 'Uui, ..fuir t ije, llo.low und Un wnieollcrcu at rt-du.t-d puces. l'LIKCi:, DAYUY .t CO. Sept. SC, 1919. dISltl I.iiiiiImt Vai'il. 1"1RAY, .MKAI) & (.'(). oiler for snip, nt Jt their place, on IVnrl, iienrlyecry descrip tion. cl nusoued LI.'MHIIH. Oil llie opeliuii; ul Navigation, they will hau for na!e n lnrue stippl of SntNuLrs, nnd intend to keep on hand, tntupp!-, the community duriniMhr enf-on, all kinds of inaike ! nb.eLuinbtr 40if 5.V Knw tSoniN j T V . II A X I A Ii L IFAS JUST UKTLMtXKFJ from Xnw RI York with a large nnrtmrut of Vnlches..lew ilry nnd Pnncy nriicles. lie has tmw the largct nnd best norlmeut ol Wiitdies nnd Jewelry that haiever ..('.. .,.1 i...ML : il... u i ( ii ih-i-ii 1'iniui mm r.ilir iii un- iji.iir sri fl NIOUI t ailll lie will kI1 gQod- luwcMhaiMhey can be bought in . Montreal, notion, or iicw i orn, oi mc same qiiility. IlehisGold nnd Silver Watches of nil kinds, (Sold liockets nf everv Pattern. tJnld (luard and I'nh rlinlnw. (told Pens in (iold caeg for Indies or Gentlemen, (old Senls nud Keys of every Pattern, nnd a aricty ol Cornl Cameo I,ovn Stnne nnd cluter Pins, line (jold Pins with nud l(o Setinic lor Miiiea ture, two do?en dilUtent Paterns of Bracelets nnd Hn-p, (!uld Thimbles, Head", nud Chain Slides, (ol; mug" oi every neiipiion.rnccs jroni ajuts to ci'i.j.oi) liar Hoops, large or snnll, Plain or eluded : liar Drop", with Cornl nnd Slone S-MlitiL', It- ad lh( Pearl and .Shell Card cases, Ivory Tablets, Steel Head", Hitigsand Tiies Piute Silk,,c, A.c. Iturliugton, June IC, 'IS, vv51 ITErclira! Ailverl icnicnl. All nf the fnU'iivimx itrfirlrs irhirk hnvr uhtnimd nuhmivdrd po)dnrihl rtrr sold hif a v x i: ti v a ii it i: i, Awl mi Almanac for 18 IH (inttis. It! Cor Colds and Pevcrisli feelings nnd prevent' ins IVers. yd 1'or Asthma, Iivcr Comp'aintand Ilulious af fection". 3 1 or Diarhm, Indigetion nnd Ijmiaf Appetite. uu i or v o.iiveiiess in leinaies nun males, full I'or Stomach ntleetioiis. I)v'iieiwin nnd Piles, The great I'ltinti are, it ts not bad io take, ne rcr gives pain, nml nrrer Irures one cnstire ! ; lr nil tlifse ihuiL's il i" warranted unentialled. nnd nil who do not find it so may rclmu the bottle and get their money. The-niedieine is Lonslrv'tt creat Western Indian Vanacca. Puller dccripliuii in an Almanac lor 1313, grau It Am Tonic To the Hald nnd O rey Tf you wih a rich, luxuricnt head ( f hair, free Irom ilandrnlfand eurl, do not fail io prueure tlie genuine Halm of Columbia. In crtsr (d bnldnesslt will more than e. ceed jour rvpectaiioti". Manv who have lot their hair for twenty ears have had it reloreb to on umnl perlectioti by the u. o tin" balm Ace, state or condition appears to he no obstacle whatever ; it nUi catws the llmd to llowwith which the delicate hair tube is tilled, bv which mean" thousands 'who-e hair was grey as tlie Asiatic raalej have Ind llieir hair testored lo its natural cittor by the ue ol tins in valuable In all ca"es ol fever it will be found the hum pleasant was!i that can be tieeil. A few applica tions only nre necesary to keep the hair from falling out It Miengihens ihe root", tt never tails to impatt a rich glosy nppenianee, and ns n perfume for the toilet U i" uneqinlled u hold" three tune" as much n" other miscalled hair restoratives and is more effectual 'I'h' genuine tun 1 only by Comt-tock Co J1 C'fittlatid st New Yotk,'s MAnicAt. lvtv IIvmACTon It i" now coii-ed d by meilteal men tint Counel magicnl Pam Kxtraetor, nnnnlactured by Comtock Co., i!l Coiutlnud t N V., iu the mt:ate-.t wond'T of the VJ, century. Il" etVects ate truly tnirnculoU'. Ad pani" nie ret'noved tioin hum", fce,itd", ..t c am! all et rn il S'tn-s. in a lew minuted nfier it, apphe.ition. lu-iiiu the same on the iii"-t delicate -ki , h-nv in' no star Il i" equally bem tienjl in all km i"ol mil immatorv ili sea (., viirli a sore Nipples a mi fiyt s f SpraiP". llheii. iuatiiii. White Swelling and I'Uer" llrui-e-. Itinti". Cluilbtam- llrv-ijM-la-, pi It Tie I).ior an, Ve We unht add a" piool to nil w e "ny. the names of man eminent pliVMunn who ii'-e it in their and billltlied" ol theceri;v who ! Uli"' it lo their people Kind parent ktep it con-ianilv oi hanil. in cnee of ncc.detit by lire hie may be lo-t without ,t. but hy it" u-e nil burns nre s iSjeet to it" control, mdee" ihe vitals are desiroved. Caution Uctnember and ask tot Conne.s Magical Pain l)trictor, iinnuUctutcd b Coin-lock Co. N V and t ik no oth r. Dlvi Ccklp Dn .McNaii Amootit Ou ThoM- deaf houi old age and Irom ml.iiiev olien te- iheu lie.mni in a mo-t miraculous m inner, by tlu no ol th oil. It ha" the el I! ct to re-toie the ten sio.i nnd bring intothe uaiurl'i action ot the patt.s so as Ut restore ihe heanug whev lo-t or impaiied Thi" will he done in all ca-es ot recent deaf ties", and many o lontf siaiuhng. All th af person- should iw this oil i oni-ioi k v i o i uourtiaiiti, si are tne ttiiou sueis. Priee ?! tier hk Vtl.FS, SORF", A.C TlIC CifNL'lNE IIvV LlVIMr.VT is an atticle more jutly celebrate J a" n cure lor th1 nhovc.than nuy oral! other". Its cures nreatruo"t innumerable, nnd it h only nececary to let tho"- who know- the article nnd uced it with fcuch great suece"-, tint it is to he bad irtie nnd trenume ol Cometock iV. Co. 21 Courtlnnd t. New Vork,o!e proprietor". Dr. nios .kk Hevim iu. Ui vrnv. Why vvdl you sillier witli that tl i- r i g complaint when n ie luedy i" at hand lint will not t ill lo cure jou ' This remedy wnl clleettial'y de-troy nnv nil u k ( f head arhe, either nervoti" or billion'. Il has cured caes ol twenty t ar.' standing. .) inihni llr.MLF I .vntAN Discovery All expecting to become mo-thorp and anxious to avoid ihe p.ims, I)i-tre-" nud Dingers ol Child bear ing, are enrueMly entreated to Calm iheir iears, allay their uervotis!K, anil sooih llieir vvav by tlie u.e of this nio-ie.treordnnry vegetable production. Th"ee who will candidly ob-eive it" virtues, mu-t nppruvc of it iu their henrt" ; every kind nnd nlTectionate hii band will feel it In-most solemn duty to alleviate the distress his wife? isp.poscd to, by n fife nnd certain method, which i" tlie u-e of this mother's rlieet. Pur ther partienl us in pamphlet" intendtd for the female ce,nre to he had gratis where ilns hum ine cordial m lo he 1'iimd. The Mother's relief i" prepared, ind only, hy the now s(,c propueteis, Comstock Co. JI lomtlandst. New Yoik. Pok Wokms Koi.mstlk ks Vrr.Minv.E w ill eradi cate and cure children nud adult" w bo have worm. Caution I lew-are of all un!e-s the name is spelled " Kolmstock," the old Duch name of the iuventer. Price ,'" cts. per bottle. Z c" ! fnuiiot injure the child pliourd theie he no woini",but it will do it good. To Tin iiu.t An kvm:, Cotn-totk's Nerve nnd Hone l.inimeut and Indian Vegetable Kliir, is the niiwt efli'ctu ir t lire lor Khetmiat!Mn, oturacteil conl vr tntwles'. nnd is wnrreuted m t ure tiny ( iw ol I! lieu imtiMii 4r limit AH the nln,e artiele nre -uUI by C L. lhnut"tun, und A C "near, llurunnton. June I.VH v51ni ESiitlt-liii io. 7. VOW ii the fSmenn 1 lur Hlrnnncli nml lluw 1 1, Ci)liitlninls ; unit it is nl il!fnk.'iliU' luiportnice thai ilii- 1110-t ri'linl'li-rif- ecntives nml lemrdies la iruulll tn inilili." Ilntli'i' in .vr'rvspt'imu ol'tli.1 cnuii' try Tin Culiipaiiy wnulil mil the ntti'tltlun of infill, tnl niPii. inrcnts, imro, un J nil others, tu their liildren's Pnnnccn, In medicine which is uupnnillcled for its turner over nil the snumier d.sorders ot children, wheilier ol the Ft,.- irnc i. llie howe s.t he kidueis. the n.m,or the L'en?- ral circulation. In Colern Infinitum (Minuner cntn- plaint,) Diiiuhien, Hiisenteiy, II undue Airay, Cos tieenexl. Teething, Sr , V , it is infallible. No I ilni- ly should be n i nent without il, as its timely use will p'ie life, nnd carry llie most le.hle children llnouah the fiinimer. It ii uccomjhtmcd ty nneful and minute diieetifiiti. The Dysentery Syrup ol tins Company is nu ml illible specific iu tin-, a'arm lnim. disorder. Il is icmtailted to cute , nud it it should not, the iiiuu-y will mall canes be refunded Thous-iuds ol lues hae U'cn s ied by its u-e. No m.i tier lum eMreine the case, n cure is certain. Ale. IiciiI men and nil others shou'.d immediately procure a sup ly, and thus cooler n cnat bles-m ou their respeLiie patients, tauuli.s. and comiiiuuities, The other medicines ol the (ireli ubert; l.'oinpnny are too well known tu need mention nl this time Suffice it to say llnl ihey nie souhl for wnh llie -. ntooleil niditv.niiil me iieilormin-rthc mot astound. iuecures. l'ererund Asue,ciofuUi,Ciinsitinjitinn Hillhus I'ereis.Sc. .Scute cououercd by them. The (irttefenlieig ntiiuitlu Comi'iiuul is taking the lend ol all others, und contains dcu jle the number ot ilasis of any other. Aoi:NT.-i i.n ciiitti:.ndi:n' COL'.NTY. Durlinetnni C. Spear, 1. Sherwood, J, S, Mun son nud (!eo. i:. llariiugion, Dtusist. ll'iiiuoUi FulU W. II Hitch .V. Co. .1i'iMn, Ajers -. Clink Steliirn, W. 1) Tyler. Iluiitiui; ton. A Tuiipi-on, L'mleil.ill.C L All. u, Clmr lulle, I.) on iVAIexander. Jtuclm. 1'ieid o. Ilea.h Jeiioh'l 1'eidtie. .1 Lvuinn l'et)jid. -II. V Wood. 7irifnlins.W'. 1! Viele, .rx.-J. & J Tuitle IlirhiiMndiV.. II. Orccn. H'i,'is(uii, Hub belt ll.j.t.-- August Vi, 'H. w.'. ii vi.i.-s ;i:m i.m: I D3 .'4 U V S A I V V. . fjMIlS ct II, -nl S.iht' i mm- u-i-il nml re 1 louimeudfd b) mill) of the ur-T l'livsn l(s i the Collt;v, fur itlieiigtlieuiin; PUlUem. Iiiiiiih lliuitet, I'ltnh ll'uuiid ie. 1'rirc only IT i-t pel Uoll. JuM cive it n trial nud if nolsnlislied uilh its iilihly reiuin ii, nnd llie iieni. nmciy case nu- uuthorueil 1 1 rctund ihd money. -,,, I..C II ALL. Sold in loirliiiKtou, by A. C S nr ; 1'iills, W. II. Iliteh, nud by regularly nppointc.i AKt iiuilinnijjoom the State. 2000 Appltj 'J'roosr- )i:il(('K I)AV1:Y & Co. lmvo this .lay I received in Sioie n Inrse lot of Seedling Apfe Tiers of hriie.nje, ami very ihrilty. Kor sale at AM 50 per hundred Oct. 4.i. 'IS J17r,f 1 Imi w ( 7 7'7':n di:x cocat y Agricultuml Warchotisc AND STOVE STORE. IlOolW'ivIs' sV I'iV.'lI'lH I UiALKKS i Ar.mcuLTViiAL axd Hoiiti- I rtirTi-nAT. Imtileiiieiits. .Machines and Seeds the CUNl'lNi: IIACJLU, Self-sliarpeiiint', Side Hill and Snli-soil 1'1nVS. II. .v I., have made arrangements Willi Hitirnles, Noiirsi. X. Mnsnti. and other tinkers, to le constantly supplied on the most iavoralile terms, with n full sup"- . I. . l ..II .1 I.I.. IV.... n...l .n..lnn I... nn ilv ot all tlesirablu Partn nud (Jnrden Iiupleineiusnnt1 ndune", ol the tiest mm latest improved hinus. Piuit nnd Ornamental Trees furni"hed to order, from tlic bf st New Ilngland .N urines. Alo, dealers in Moves, Stove 1 ijtc nnd I rimming", Hollow Ware Potash nnd Caldron Kettles, Pumps, head Pine. Arc. Chuicht . Hurlin'iton. Vt.. April Vi, IHItt 4i ttVM.ISUTUS AUniCVLTVHAL Warcliousc and Seed Store, VmilVH, 1IVHV A: CO. i.rvi.Ens is ir.otrv and meau Celelrated 1'atent Centre Draught t Self Sharpening, Stdc-hifl,and Subsoil J'fausha, hit lows, Cuttitatnis,Stiaic Cuttets, r. Colletr Struct, lltnliimton, Vt. Attn drnlnra hi r vrrv vn He t v of Airriculturnl nnd Horticultural 'I'ools nnd Machines, among which IIor"e powers. Vegetable Cutter", Corn nnd Cob Ciatkers, Sugar liils, OrmdMoneg, Hors' and Hand Hay Hake", Scjthe, Snath", Hide", and Stone", Hh:ic liny and Alannre Pork", Hoes, Shovels and Spade", Dirt, Tree, anil Ploor Scraper". Axe, Ilatch 1 1", and hammers. Picks and Iron liars, Axe, Pork, Hoe and Shovel Handles, Sheep Shears nnd Print (iatherers, (iniden Kngmes, nnd friction Itollei". Potatoe, Hoc nud llrenking-up Hoe". Drnlt, 'Price, 'Pieun and Hnller Cham", (Jarden Trowel" nml Poiks, (larden Syringe, Keels and hines, Pru niuti Knives, Shears and Sci-nrs, Pruning Snwsnnd Cbi-el", (lardeti and Hedge Shears, Ura'-s Hook"itntl Sickles, Hill Hook, nm! Letter Stamp", Hoisenud Cuttle Card and llinshe.0 Vt.kes, Uuws and Pins, Ihtlter S aum.Os Balls, e .e. Agents lor tlie Saie ol MotnlN premium Patent Scili . and de iler m Meeh mu s T.iol", romprifiing II tints U'sl cvii.i I a-t Met 1 chopping -it id I bond ax- , It oad, n.e I'.ittein. ii!i.niir, I.itlunj and t. i tvv H'Uehets and Adz .id w imiuti d ; I tr ad, U'ltclu r, Hunti-ij. Jai k und Picket Knives, Hsu. I, Ihitt-hcr, Cross Cut. CivhI u :m I Who I S '", 'e ai'ii i" e. Ai". m Mt v'lnks .,e I,-.itlier, Diuil-i- Pitent P.i up" U heel rami D w ns' Pump", L-ud Pipe, Churiif, Cheese l're.-.-e", llasl.ets, Tus P.II-Vc U,!'. We h iv an n""trtmeiU of HooK-i on 'cricu'ture, Iliirtitu.tiirnl, and riorieulture ; alo u ci'iunh le "oMiiient ot JVUI. (J.irdeiiaml Piower Seed, w h tb are w.irr.tnted c"od, and tine to the name lU-utg agents ,r all ihe Nut.-etu - in the vic.mtv ol P.urhng ton, Ilu-ton,New Yoik mid AUnuv , we are prep-iied to execute any oitlers for (fi mimci'tut and Dntt Tiff, Shrubs, Stiairbcny Plants, lleilaccous and Gitfiifijiisc liaiits.r c. We nre nret.ared al-.ii to furni-h at v.holesale and . retail Dou-ln' Imti.-uved l'reiiiiiini j Hydraulic 11am. ,V perfectly "iniple and nfi'ective machine for for-! cini: n portion ot n brook or sprint: to any required ills-1 tance or cievutii n where a proportionate bill cnll be . npphed. The vnrious u-es ot tiie Ham nre obvious, tu lor the purposes nl irri-niini land-, and suppl-t uiir ttweioiij-'. (jsrUens. ijiuiics, mjr;s, engines, railroad titionst.vr. Ac. Witli Running Water. Tanners especially are invil.d to call and examine our Sioek i s i'liikm:, c m DAvr.Y, j i!.iiism.i:. MljSS.lslS 4S INVAI.I'-iIll.i: " i FAMILY COMPANION. ' SIX Kecturei on rniice., I'unentUMi nml Curenl 'onuiiiptiun, Atluna, Difren-e- ot the Ilenrt.nnd nil lVmnle l)u-ene, '2'M ia encrraviu. I.nper ) c. bund 73 ct. .Mail to any patt post ne Vt ct. ihnulder Ilrarei on I Chest Ipand'rt, Si. Mnil tonny jurt, cf. jHt-tne Inhaling Tuhes ilcr, SH. hi mail, h-iter tiu-taue Ahdouutml Sumvirters. irket.S-l irH, lur nil llupture, Tallin ul the llowels nnd Womli.nnd Weak Hack nud Chet : ent hy llpre-s eerjwhere. I'or I (races or Supporter", 1 nr Rupture Suppnrler", jrive height from head to loot, nnd eireuinfreiice ol peron next the surface, jut nhne the hip" If Kupture, mention which side. A cent wanted Inr the hale ot the uhoe cood. Ad-dre-i Dr rf. 6. 1'lTCH, 707 IIruad.ay. New- York, piM paid. i .March H, HIS. 37yl Tinxi, A. Pft-K. Anotheearv nnd denier in :nrci- ent iiiMruuient. Airent tor tiuilinctin and wenmv ; D ALLEY'S MAGICAL I'AIN L XT It ACT OH 1 UAi, within five tmnutei Irotn it iune the iain from the wwre? I 'urns, Seald, llliters. Hurt-, .hiuM or L'ut-, nnd will certainly cure ( lout, I'lles luthminiitory lvheuunti,m, Sore or Swellinci.or anthinjj thai i inlhmed, f-uch ns 1 V J -Ion, Uuumuuds Oce. lncasid Kt'K.N-, ifnpphed liniuedmiety, it will preserve lite, no muter how K:ere inaj he the injury, un!e a vital he hurned It will heal Hum or Wound, fleers vi uny kind, without sear. It neutruhcs and de.tro poison from plants, reptilo.itwi-ts or nhid nnuunls. It will wherer, applied, preynt Mot tijieatton, and hi oM wound,' when inortitieation ha couuneured, it will nrrtl the diM-aM' and cure the wounds, een when rleeh has nl 1 ready dropped nway, nml will re-lore ihe jmtt lo it natural tint'. When the bowel. are pamlul, it will, it wellruhhed on, ull'urd in-tant reh-t and cnuM? a movement ; even whii l'utor hi, Jalap nnd all other medieitit' have lailed. Its u-e is tvrlertly snle in nil ca'S. It neer can do harm It will "not conlhct with nny medicine tnkeu internally. - hae not ' Pp'ice in this puliliention to enumerate nil the disens.-s cured hy I)li.ev's .Mauicai. Taiv l.Tiumon : hut it ' will ceriatnly cure Uttum, Srald, iVhim, Piles, . j Jlammutori I!ticnmattm, Inflamed and Sore Lues, lellons. Chilblain, Cunt, Pdle, S-ne and Vlcer.,) nnd in-tiiutly alleviate pains ot nuv kind. The Ex tractor ha ined nu unprecedented reimtntion and i esteemed the hest medicine now olFered lo the puhlic. Itut render, ou inut he cnrelul when purchnsmjj, or you wdl he impoM-d upon The centime lAtraclor 1 iho desenedly popular tint wicked men eounterUit it. 'I here nie, perhap. w ntv ddii rent kinds of I'ounterleit. tuiie lne lleury Duley jirintfd on the wrapper, to imitate w ntnu nut the t." mune has on itwntteii with n pea nud ink, II Dut tY ; and the wniinc i nlw.iys m n ddl'ereut coloud ink from what ihe wr.ipit-r is prniod with. I'or wile hy II. DAhLUV CO., .No Vth Itrojdway.Ntw loik, .Milo A. Iloleomh, Asent for Itew Kii"land,Tarifl-' ille,Ct.; TIIIIU, A I'lUTC. IluriniLMon.and l.v nl- ( uioi every merctntu in New -land. ! .Marth 10. ISl. " 3TvI ! iHE:oioE:c: a. imwk. LATE PECK SPEAU, APOTHECARY ANU if I Viohsah Drtfrrsfiat, III'IU.IXUTOX, VT.V IS CO.WTAMLV RCi-KIVINQ AMEIJICAS, ESGU6H, 1 HEM II, At) IMUA 1)1! Ul. ,5 ; NVw riii-miL-als; l,.-rt.; st,,,,.,,) Instnimi-nis : Mnu-ral l.-.tliund l iit.ilarticlis. H.ilmr or .'Mineral Uau-r, ll.iimue I'ntent and 'riiotns,inian .Mrdi i iiii-s ; 1'nr.. , and Vm--s ; g0j i roiiiuaiiisntv,l S)ruis; llruMi.-s, IVirumi-s, Suaps, ns. III irknn;. I ancy and D.iini ftu- urn. lo; I'oinyii . O.un. nn I'lirs, (Iroiind Soii.-s, (;ias-S'an-; Dji-Stnll', iuiiiilienf , i iir.l , I i.-ld, I'lnvvrr and tiarditi .-i-ods, .li- In tins, . v.-i y intii-lr dlrritly or ntJirrctl) ton- .ll-i'lrd w Ittl Ilns til.i'-r-s t I'ioio t!i- rt-ppiv-iii Mnu-ral wnu-rs, 'iiiiii!i-iif. I. In s ,c .in.iiodtcaHy,iurthust-i. tan t-l i....ii iln-irli.-4in.-HK. In. In i.Iii;. I- ,-Iiiiil' Trnssn.. 1,1-rrlim, c , will o. iav Imd n i in iitli-iidam-r lnaijily tlirm. .M.-dn-iiu-sdi-(i.-nM-d mull In uikol niht. t if 'I''" Hiti-niion o( Diiunw., I'liysn innn, yUr li.nils, and ,il.inil!iu-tnu-r is mlli-iti-d, Willi llu- ns-iiram-i-, iliat llicy .-an bo Mipilu-.l lioni ilns . MuUisli. in-lit a adv:intaRi-oi.-ly a. at tlio cttj iiuiket. C .1. IS I .' il A It li S . 'IMIH cclolirnti-il limiaii Doctor, formorlv I Irom the North Wrsii-m Territory. Would tel. poillully inlorni ihe rituem ol .MiUkh, nnd iidiomiin. tow iw. thai ,e w j be tu Mr. I,. Ward', I lotel. Milton, on lii"d.iy the 15th in8l.,nnd everv ihiid Tuesday llirouihoui the nisuinc waaon, for nil ihow who ie. inte hmpervices. lutlni;tnn, Aheusi 10, 't ..pill in:. TOVisKn'f L'OMI'OUNtl KXTIUCT F SARSAPARILLA"; T.n$ V.ttraet tt put vp in Quart tJottttn it ii tix timti rkettp$h j Irtonuttr. nnd trarranttd $uptnor to nsy told. Ii turn t'tiraft intftout ramtting, purging, rifkfntttp or ttfhditntiitr the Patitnl. The prnt brautv nnd pnprTiorilv "f tin Sarapnri!la rer 4; tVr iiH'de tn i tliat wluh- U eriidiMitff III1 diemr it .nloriil tin1 1ki.1v It mie of the rr nt Sprin-r anil Slimmer mfdicin ry er liimw n , it not mdy piinfi1 tlie fil yslfiii and trciifftlit tin jMT'itn, luit it rret- iipu, pure nnd rn li hl'md a powfr pi. -i d tn no nl'i'-r nicdirinf. And hi ttiis lies the pr-tnd rerl lU won h rful -u- ' e. It liii performed tt li i n thn lat two jenrt nore tlnn .Vl'l)') rure of i-ere ciiei nf ihenBe nt Iefit POOC nere i o-Mderrd ineu-nlde. It hn mini the hes of more tha "i UfK) lIuMk-ii the pat ntaoii In the Ctt of No York elont. Horn Ui. i n Curt ci'ff of riirmuc Rhcuiiiatisin J (Ml I ( drn nf (h jiejf.h A (l'l-l riis- s t.f lif ner il llt-hihty nnd nont of T.ntTgf t i it 'ti e i' ol' th ihiTrreiit compluhitij tiU,n) r-ni s i if i rofnl.1 , I ,"i"i itii f the I.urr ('iimpViinti 'J.'itll r;ei ttf Ili-r.T'ei of the KiJnej i nd IropitT Ullfii) i iim-1 of tlie (irii.el t 1 (Hit) i ni-i of the cllov. Jaundice 1 "i 10 f i ofthe Dropsy t- iii' I of ('onMiiiipt mn, nd t' " md- of cxr-n of dleaei of the Mood, Ller. Ery iji-li- stt lllienm. Pimples on tti" I'aee, hcald Head. Tetur, nrul.'i i. .Ve Ac together willi immeroiu rae nf Sick lle4 c'ie l'.ihi in tl ite nnil fht Sjdinl AlTeetton. Ac. 4.C. T n i if t'u-m) in-ccfnl ni'-dicine known in tlncai of tht Ki.'.n is nil 1 Drnjuy. and ull AdVrtirm nf the t'rin.iry Orfani. "ev.mi Hixtpntid en lute been reported at cured when al 'il'i. r r m 'dim lur filled. Mn i 'red- nt cue ol I'm nnd Nervom ni"n,e, ori?inntin? la Hfhihtv. liiitr l.en entire! v mred. and thounftdi of rasmt f l'sen t.-r innrrii'i-a anu summer i.oniplaint. rroliabiv there nvpf f'oiiMimption. m t'ut Itrlfjin-e mid Hrenjlhem the tetn, na3 ijipe.oi tu henl !! iiheri on the nii, and the putients rruduail? rente.iy t'eit hai been uereiful in desperate rates ,4 rrain iit'ir ihuji iieanii an.l strennti. Curious case of Consumption. Tl ere is kearcely a diy patet but thero are a numher of Caiit of Consumption reported ni cured h the me of Dr. TowiiseaJ Sar'np-mlla Tlie fullow m; recently received. Kit ToF(rD Il-nr Mr Tor the l,w three jesm t hntebeea ilHi'ted with funeral llehilit aiiil erotu Cnn'suniption of tit lit-ti.e. mil did not rtprct to re;'aui mv health at nil. After join thrnti dl 11 ronrte of Ineilienie under the enre of some of tilt hi i-i tii'ttii.ui-'ie 1 r pillar ph h 11ns nnd i.ieinhers of the ItoarJ it' II "I't 1 in e York nn I ele here an I pernlmr the niot 4 in. ca-11 n im nttem'itin t.i re;ttn mv li"jdt'i, and nrtcr realinfi i ! p itii-r of j oar u i in. 1 1 1 revolted to try it, A.ier uui; n hil'l I foil Ml 1)11 i" ine cool n-ld I C.iHed tu kee J'on al toiruli Wit 1 on nilit" I k pt on. mil do mo-t hem til t.i It on ?t,r 11- a ir I perf-re 111 I ikin.' the iripftril" lit 'lave h( 11 iihle M Iiltend tu my uu il tahor for the I it 1- 1 1 I I hdjie. hv 1 1 Id -s-iit of (J.i 1 nit I ojr S ir.npnnll io c nit.iiu mi h j't 1. It htlped me houd tie tip'-cutiuiu 0 .iii 1 1 t 1 iti 1 i.ue CH MlI.LS QUI. MCY, Ordrge. Co., X, J, .ft', 2, IrlT. nvo! , j'M-. i:t Co., tt, rimnns 1iimbv, hmr dulv orn neronlinj to hw, pi . ujt 1 tot'i t ml 1 10 forearm.' Multmcut u true, wcordiu to tfc licti of in kuuA ltd3'c and hi-hcf, ciiari.cs (U'iMnr Snorn and tulncri'jeJ to bsfuro nie, at Oran.'r. Pie 2 1 of Au;uw Is.T. CYUUi itAt.nwi.v, J uiUcc of the I'e-c. Spitting Blood! P.-sl t!.c rvllywiiij, mU uy Con.umpncn ii incura'.Ic, n .V.if I'er'.. Atil 23, 1517. 1R. Tnwv,nn I verity l.eli-s o tliitjuur ar..ii-aulls lu. 'lio mi- ill. llin.u.Ii l'ri..Hlii-p, ol' snln my life. I liu.e t'ar .verj .triir. Ii ul a lu.i Ciui.-li. It Im-c nap v.m',1. and or'e. At la.l I rjoi-J larre lantm.. ol ttl.s..!, , ,J nnjlit sn rati, nn.l w a, resll. 'iStn.-il an.l ri. Iuie.t. an.l 'li.l net rsii. t toli.e. I lu.e otil. u.-t )'.ui ar.a)iri:la lilt a .tto'l torn an 1 llii-r. Int. a wonj.rfulcnau. lift-u un.-'it in no-. 1 am nn uliln to walk alt over llie city. I r.u.r- no I.I.m.iI, an 1 ny cou,-i lias left mo. uu c-o tll iiii.jn.. that I am thai.l.lul fur tti-si. result!. uir wbcimi.1 .ervar.t, .osi:u, ec Crmrc. .t liOst tier rijicccii. The orn4iJ (Vriieaf tcili a rinipta atij truthful itory ot laiTaP injr nn! nlif TJior? nr thousinJi of timilir c,.i!t in lim chf iml p,rriikt ii. mi. I yet tli-rf r lliouiin. of parent lt therr chiHrtru tlio, (ir (tar of being humbued, it lusavy a fvw hil in.. Prcflllun, Frj-t 23. I6-17. Dr Tov-vnND I tak p!e.iure in t.itm, for tW bertt of t'nior win) ni ii ma cufirt ru. lliat ni) daulitir, two eir nnil m iiinttiY nil, w ii milium) witli fifiirral Ibilit nn-1 low ofuperch. S!ip tritni up a pat rt'i nerj, bv our lu'milv Diipiciiii but liiriiniit ly I rertimmemlfiUiy i fricn.l t tr our ir(.apiril!n, IVfnre H it in? tii! oiif I tut tie, jf ri-rMpn-l hVf eer,i, an.1 bi en ilt'f I to w tlk attiitt. tu tU itini,uiieiit oi all wi rre ciuair Rl u it!i III circiiiiit(inrr. Mif i mm quit'" ell, fttnl In muen oc tor lie J til tl.i.n lic tija bcu for eighteen mtvitlio niil jor.rir twi.oj?. l'Jd orU U Itrooklyn. TWO CHILDREN SAVED! Vrr'f.. fimilif iiiilced in fVt u c tni imt lirard f n lint n-rj Dr. Tijii'MiI' .irsRi'anll.i in tim", Ini an ciiil.lrfii t!i I-it MimtilT. wlillo tlm-f Unit tllil nut, U kctii'.l a l'i. I ill.'il, 1 ii i-eriifit-itf f pililiMi iln U ruiirlnMo v iilr m of in riu, an-1 i unit umttliT liiitaiirc nf u .iln,' t!if litf n of c utlr--n. Dm Tow nifm" Dear Jir- I Imlluo rliiMren rnr l.v rc-if irjj intlj ul' l'n. Miimurr romjil tint ami ih eiitry ; one wi lf. ti-ril iiiotitlii ol.l. ihkI t'.if otlirr 3 i"tr! 'i'lirv were er mil 'i rnliUT.I, nml r cititol t!ir wutibl ihe. thev ere mVen up . to niM t ible p'ntirnn. Wlirn tin Dm tor nifc nucj 111 that ne nuet Ii-p tliom o rfMih -d t try tmir ill-i r h.i 1 tirunl Mt mtii ti nf Imt li i.l but little rniiti.trtirp, there b-invr mticii Mtuf mil Thvil tint io rtlie( but we arc icr ttutikfi.I I'nit .soil t.i, fur it, mi oil i he lit t n ( butli, t rite tjjit t'ut other uny be mUuccJ to ue it, oun, rfnrrlfulli', JOHN WIL.SO.N, Jr. MurtU Jitnut. EreoMyn. Srp.lZ, 117, Lunatic Aayliini. Jain- riiiiiniiiiiri, one of tin a'tutaiils in the Lunatic A-- I ii in, Iliac). nil UUuJ, i ilic ft iit'.iiiuaii iiu.u of ui tlie fuUoif Inter khih.iiatisti. TluMonl nn- of imtre thiui four tli'MiMiml of Rheum. tilil III it Dr. ToMiien l' Mr ip.irilli has curml. T'ie mnt ever nn.l chrome casi- are ttceUly cruJicuti J b iu txtraorJiiar) nr ;ut lUdfWtlVs I$Utnd, Stpt it. i?n Dn. Towvirvr Dcnr Sir. 1 hue miIT.tM tcrnblt for mn je.irit Willi t'n- Hlu'Uiuatliil , -ntiti.tcr.tble ot the tune I coul I not eit, lerji or walk. I h.ul ihe iu.t t!.treiu; pain, and my limbo vt.ri' ternlilv kwolb-n. I hue iio,., funr bottb t of tour riijtjrim, an.l tliet Into uVne me iuore llnnone ttioiuaiiil itnllan worth of tfoo-l. ! am t imicli In Iter iiulrnl, nm i iitircly rebe. eil. oii are at lil-criy tu use tint fttf tli wtiUffit of the oflhetej. tiuro, rteci.U'ullv, JVMi:S CU.MMINUS. To the Ladies, Dr. ToamrnJ-i farispatlll. I. a favorite of tlie I.ajie. It r-ll.-l.-. tlien, f rreal amouill of .inr.rur an.tene, lliem fi ,e eon fleiiou, and bu.jaiit.junu. .Mm. I'.rkir lia.Viii.llv.eiil u. Hi. IuIIohiii: t . Siiut Iroollim, .tne 1" Is." I. roi-Mr.vr Sir II sue. nie l.-aure lo le.tifv la lh 1-ein fi titeifert. I luv e psj.crii-111-e I from tlie ii.e.. vour rilla. Mv )tein..averv h rutiiee.l l. and ten. nl iM.iliij, and null a variety el frnial.-eooilaiiil. Ircjdji.jr H.verli..-!ii.-ut, au.l Wat liiilm-ej lutr) IH. etfi , t of vour rei -.ay Il re.tori-il ma l.i a li.-tl.-r" of luvilHi I'nil I Ulnir. .l' Ic.l .ev.r.l v.-ars i.revnoi. I., I ikmc it. an.l I .Iu mo-t . li ,u'v r. corameiij il a. a valu.l.le ine.lic iiie 1,1 all lioar.' .till, 1. il s. I ha.v I'"". IK., Tsltic .1, Soutl, r.rooktv tu LADY SAVED! Tin f-'lMwinj i irum a tery rcprctablc farmer rrti.has a lleitiplr-id . Dk. Tou siFND Dar Pir- Mytttfe hat been irTVrinp 10 . teirlj from the Dj rjla ami general demnfe ment of the i tetn, w kiipp. ti m-t die The plit triatii coultl Dh renr tlio tllteakR, 11 nJ Ij Wuubl Ii4te thifil lfujii .UMa lvahd ?ti file n brrjoi.r aranrtlU- It ti t-t-J hr ble eitntulv. i-Sm la almot rntt-flj nii'teil. auJ 1 galum; ftrrittU auj'bealtU. felie ttlll C0U111.JC tlic ue of tu Voun, rcirttetfu'lv, L. ADRAL DYSPEPSIA. .VafluiJ or .n tm ever Wii tliovered whirl. a nearly re.iulil-s Ins ira.luc Juice or taliva, in dee.un)m!ue an4 .Irrinl'ifiiinj the or .-an. of dl.liou. il.i, preoaraliou or l-ar.a l.irill. Ili..itncl cur.-icveryc.eof llj.i.enn.T, lioCier mm or ..'uroiiie. . ltlNK IlrpiRTMrvT .t'lm, .Vfy 111 I5. lla. loMvrvrll-nr Sir I have luen aitlidi-.l for .e.ersl .ear. . II . 11..J...I..U in ii, w fn, .j,,,,, ...j ,, ,our.WO .0. 1. I.... ot appetite, extn me le arllinrii. and a lire it a. r.ioa o aU kiu.l. ol l.s.l. tiii.l o. tr kfc I ,oull . it,. I lial. ' ' uusHf to retuii bill a .null p.. i lion ou my l iu.ll. I iritvl tie iuii.1 reiue tie. it t..( but lltlb-or in. eir.-.t in re. uioiiiu I ii-I -..i t i I w i. i.i Im -.1, ubul i.o ii i 1. trv vour l.xtr.rt of Mrujurlll I. n I I mil l . i i I a il .tvj.e bwl u;W uiy uearl.v Uu U-tlb., I 'oiiu.l i V aj.H-titr- rs. 'o i',l , anil v.oul.1 rario-.lly rei-o.iini..i. t'ie u.r ol It lo taoc sbfl lavo Wou aUtaleJ a. 1 lia.cle.iL .. W VAN" 7.VSDT PRINCIPAL OFPICE, 126 FULTON STREET, M N 111 n.lU.MJ, X. . Theo.lore rcrU, .iMlheearv anil Drn-ti!, rmrlinrton, Vtt llr.l lnii A Co h Man .In t ll.imi Dtotl A Son. 31'J North Second Kfeet, tstli.b Ipiiin n , lUtiee. Diufit, Ittltimore. Duial Jt To Uiehiiiou.l T M t"li .1 t 'wrl. n.m V(ijtit Co. 131 Char tre MretL New (rlenna 1(15 houlh I'earl 1iert. Albany R llj.kuk. it.r.ol Itroatatft Mark. I ureet, Newnrk.N J aadbyat llie or 1 nt-1 pnl Dtuv'' tl'x'' b'"t"hint criiera!!) throughout la UuiU'tl Mate. Wel InJtf ait luti Catiailo nrcir xs iiiKf;.ni 4.vnALsAM i jnii Urritf! 1 freh mpply tt.?r;,r,l0n,, 7 1HEO. A, I KL