Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 17, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 17, 1848 Page 1
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Vol. XXBB. WIol fto. ItVRIiliXOTOIV, FRIDAY nOEtXIXf.,, XOVKMnKK 17, BSIS. iciv Scries, Vol. 3 0 DuGiiicssj (Tarts. H AG AH & Al.TIlUlt, Jkul-rs in lliiriln-itre, lru?. lMInt Oils, llyrlts CORNER OF ClirnCI! AM) COLLEOE STREET.S f::7l (;aiai. II. unVAHUS, - - jrV nnntfvrl t.rt! St XT. t Till XII U. y r.tmi:sr.u.i:i: j statioxhu, t yJil II J JII'I'IOIJHIIHIi . ....... , Couia ,t!y lor -ile a cuoral anrtmcnt cii SCHOOL, CLASSICAL. AM);- ituous. The Cur.vr IVnt.icvTtos-s, Hunk Hooks, Sta- TH'NFRV, MtllKAI. li,KK. No. 1 Perks' Itulliima, Cnllr'rc.'.t, i i LIVERY STABLE, ELLIS AND CHURCH, Cull film I. A UGUGTUSHAVEN, IMroETLlis, ASn WHOI.LSVLr. rCAMK IN' Foreign mid Domes, ic Dry (ioods, Xos. 12 A- II l'ciirl !Sticel, w9m2 1II)ST), nconnrttr Uf5 1 1 1 JlilltJ , K AM WHO I. IIS A 1.1! M. 1 .11 V ( K ' I'kim r iv i "VB IV BIS AiB BiBH''5J5 Cigar. 1 rOlll'.ldX I' II I'. S I'. II 'i:S, ,J. Jin. I in iLilort) i Stici't, (On Ihc A,.rrt limes,,!,.., Ilmaitiraij,) A CV 1 orlv. I July H, '19. o's R. E WHITCOMB, TE.('I1 !:SJ OF I).NC1X(,', .MIDDM'. I'ltY, VT. ' good music ruiixisiir.n ran , i'otiSloii i'lirlir.. Arr. p.-pl. 11, ISIS. dlllll t wl'.'lf 1 I. SUIMMVOOI) & CO.'S AUCTIOX ASH COMMISSION STUHK, Vi.T Sun. Scp-Aiii;. Constantly on hand Cnlnint i'urnituir, Clnirs,!i iti (iliii's, r J. M. PVilUIXS, M. I). l!' i:r.iii riiv, Vt. CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, can in: tTiti:. II () OT .1 .V I) SIIOi: .V TO HI'., n. IJ.VTC HIM.IHMJ'S fhurt-li-tri-pt Xniv VnrL. Huitim. mul I-'aiwell's I.iulies nn I Gi'iitli'llieirs ISiwil mill SllO"-, ofeieryili-eripiionan,! siyle,eoiictaiii!y on hainl. ktnrr l.f ilnnr north nf l. ih In'.', ami ilnrcl'.ij -;i;,o-sitrl). Kcrii'i, ntar Unwind .1 .Starr, t Ari7i .V. M. G. RATH BUN CO. M i: 11 V 11 A S T T .1 . O I: S , Tit). i'reU'K Mod.. M O lis-riim-. .t Co. keep c ms'anlly on band Jin e.ii-nie mid fall aoriinciii i,l Cloths lor i-iery Jeseiipliuu ol Clotliinj: ; and 11 re prepared at all tunes to supply eveiy -utiele 111 the hue ol Geinleineu'b I'm iii.'ung Goods. ii.o eaiiirvv. c. r. WAKn. J. ci J. H. PECK e. CO. .'iioi.isi.i: 111.11 1 .. u 'liv's, on.s, a 1. ass, Xiil.y, Ilinils, I'oroiii unit Ameiiciin lion, Mtul, ris Iron, Coul, 7"ur, riilliiig C,.n, Plug mi CartmVuh To lurcu, I'Mll'lt, mul I'orrlsii mill Wrtern SALT. Ai;ents for the siie ol ruirbinkV Seale-. Ad 1111 Suurii's Uurr .Mill-Stones, Lorill'iid's Maeeoboy nnd . ., . Seotih Simir, Suiokin and Jons II. k. 1 C!i ewmS Tobaceo. Joiiv II I'eck, , , ., Casshs 1". 1'lck.J ();ic.Siiiij',Co.'.;c hook itt.Ji:u, I'Ai'iu: 1:11.1:11 AN I. BLANK HOOK MAK'CIi. hi the Fire J'ress Ihiil linn. Cvllrgc Stifrt. F. STA.E2'X5SS! Co. I DEM.r.r.six v ami srvri.L CAIM'in i.VG. INIS1I llilllin-.', ltus, 7-Voor Oil CVo'i, IViWmr .S'V,A s, 'ry,er unp lugs, l,iiiiin (il'ii" k, nl iill m;-.s. riowiiiu'mii''. I.islit lllii'' mul Vhil'! Gninili' W II I J also, L Inn-, and Gla-s Wnre. (llllKr.lllLS, I'l lis, BlTI AMI Itl.lll, &c. Church Stitrt. rt, v. w . Diur.v, Vpl Ciiaii: m (' i-ixr 1 AUxiTAfii'isnR, Two tioor-. South f'l.uuly 1 1 4tii.c, Ci., .eu ''T , llniuv, 1 11, Vt. All Kinds of work 1.1 the aboc hue made lo order on the i-lioit,--.i notice J. MITCHELL, ,1 ; a 11 a .v t t a 1 1, o n An Cenenil ItoiiJy-.Mude Clotbiui; Sloro. Church Street, Burhuj'loii, Vt. HMtci: piri'iiKso.v, iirAi.rn ix I) It Y GOODS, Crockery, Flour, Suit, Planter, H'i'h'W Sa3h,(llasi, Rbai.v .Mam. ( i.iiiiiim;. Together wiih a laree aritly of other articles. FIRST HOOK .NOKTll or 1 III: lOLI-.T llolSE. " Apolhecnrirs' Hull," GKOHGi: 13. 1IAKRIXGTOX, Proi'rielnr, wi i.e a mi r.ivr a 1 1. nr. 1.1 R i x DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Jliiiriuutaiin Uutliliug, (.or. Uiurch Ji Loilcsr-st. PACIFIC HOTEL, No.. II! in I .V I .".it i !C K B,. W B ' IB WT IS B3 UT, m:v oitK. linriril 91,2.-) per iluy, ,)( prr wryU, wlinO A. I LOW LU. Slronar, E)oolillle iV Co. I1LALI.S1.N UCAW AVI" Sill I.F jrf-jVi Cutlery. Nulillery, .ie- chaincs l oois.iiou-e i in i.lni at. N'tnls.Ghi.s.Win- ilow Pnh, Iron.Surl. Tin I'late, r-lu-ct Iron, Wire, I'A.vre, ., pi.orn, .saw, i-i.asti::, iriuil Moni , liry Gioi erie-. A r. General Agents and Cuniniissioii Merchants, A. T II O M I' SON, ., .. ,,, w. l. st roso , 1",slfc,i'ie Coint llouseSluare, a. u. iioolitti.e. ) ChmehuuilCjAlrgr-ilrn. JOHN BRADLEY fit CO., wjioi.l.m.i. in iv Knglithand Anierieau liar, Bull. Ilo.l, K'.it, Hoop and HANI) li.ON. rig Iron, Coal, Sheet lion, I in, Hilt and Sheet Covvtr NAILS, 01. ASS, I'HSTI R, Wet nnd Dry Groeerii s. l'luur, f alt, Burr M ill r-.ones, lloltii.!' Cloths, r-bi-etins. STCIlAGi: AND lOlt WA I! DING Cnntoni'ltoufe Agents and Coinmiathn Meiclmittt, JllllV llRAIUFV. 5 Sotitli Wliiili: NlTII I. A. TlVKEIt, f Tilo's. II. Cant ir.i.0. j lllHtl.lNGTOV. 05- BaOIKlOll B'orlci'. UST ItlKJKIVIM) n fn-sh stipply ofLon. J don forter in ami ''j','AftVt'iNOTON'S Apothecary Hall. rKVwtf ' jUuvlinglon iTcc )vtss. 1'ublMicd at Burlington, Vl., it y t). v . c. : i. a it it i: , Editor and Pinjuiclor, T c r m s i Tii VillTTr suhscriberswho receive the pancrbv .1 - c- .n 1 i 1 iM !iff I rn I'd fttli! tint-ap ulirt I fllil' 1 1 n t lllf I oiwW 2.9"1 II paid in advance, . i.ju ! At'nvivri-aME.vrs inertcil on the ciistcinary terms,. iCorrcspondince oi the Alia. Movri'r.ur.!!, (Vl.) Oct. 1, ISIS. 7',i lie lUilors o( ill,- Altai: I am ill no fit imod to give von a glowing description of the events of this.lav, which t!io " collected wis Join" of Vermont have cunecratcd by it legis lative frolic. Hut the occifioti ought not to piss without suitable mention, ami I improve ihe narlic.'t possible opportunity to fcihI you a brief recital of tho " movement, doing anil so on," of a railway excursion, whno memory no one who pirl icipaleJ in its scenes" will will ingly let ihe." On Tuesday last, 13x-Govornor P.UNn invitril. on behalf of the Board nl Direc tors of the Vermont Central Railroad Company. lof which he is the President, (iovernor Coo- I i.inr. ami suite, the Mont, (iovernor, the Speak- er of the Ilou-r. Secretary of State, Treasurer, (ie Senate and lloir-c of eireent Hive, Willi their otlicer, to take a trip over the Central JJiilroail, which ha lately been completed from We-tLcbinon. as far as Sortliliclil a distance 0f liltv-threo mile. Appreciating the genero- ,Meh prn,ptt,l Ml courtesy on the part of tli Prcidcnl of the Central Riilrmd Cimpiny, h,,th I lollies nl the (ieneral Assembly adjourned Ironi Iriiluy, l, -i . m ..moony morion!;, nun the view to uail tbemsches of the imitation thii" politely tendered. I III" lljlll. 'I ll.'l... - ' -----T, or, as fie eon-lintion lenn them, " llio-e must lintel for wisdom an I virtue," who where thus . imiied, a'l eniovcd a plea-ant drive this mor-' ninf, and at !) o'clock, weie ready lor a ride on a rail to Lebanon ! Ainoii'' the oiie-ts specially i nulled, were !ov. HoiiA' i. Katon, l'rof. (ii:u. V. I! .Nr.nii t, liAU-KEM r. IIkaisakh, ll-q , of St. Albin-vC.'p1. '' Ji-iii:a-it, the llnsineer of tho " Vermont and Canada Kailroad C 'inpany,' and m m v othT I l:i vi in' ariiied at c-t I."lnnon, thev were inn bv Hi Miv I! Cnnr.i.i., I'w.,innl very Iio-pit-ih'y enteilainul Willi a " rinigli anil reaily" champiiri.o enllalion. 'I'hl -, mid a capital ppeecli friMii"f)lil Whitey," as .Mr- Cimpbell i. familiarly railed, I replied lbe Joint As- Uembly bra dip; appreci.Uion of the splendid hriib"-. aero-- the Ctmnccliuiil unu Into 1 1 ver-, which .Mr. C. hasln'on con-trurtiiig. The common i-i-ntiment indiilg.'d by all who have examined the-e bridges i., that for rength, durability nnd he.iuty mey ate not surpassed by any yi t umll in thi' l"'-t d Thu scien- nliCfkill 111 mile-led in their con-tniclion, will juntilv the title b.-towed upon him in the 11c- comp-inj ing 'ong, " tho Horn ol tlio llrnlge-. On the leturn of tue " Joint A"eiiibly," a ci-, dinnei was given to the company at the Northlield llm-o by Cov. I'-tine. Adenine. ' re-pjrt had been paid to the ro.-t b'el' and plum pudding, not to ut the excellent cham- p tune of the pul.hc -pirilcd horl, several ap-p-opriato tin. romp' 11 to i-ls werii olloied, iioiong ' ' w.i cirwa- tin- foi'owiiig : ' Vr.iiMoM'. Ci v'. 1 1'itsr. am. nil". CnM'iiAi. Il..i:.r. jau llii; lirt 1 the nn.thcr f I he second, the m-coiuI the com mon .roperty of the lirt and the father ol the Iliirl, the I In 1 1 a M.urce of honor and pro-parity to ail! ! sii.'.-che-(which w -re w.irin Iv appl nii'i'd) were t,i nle by hi- Excellency Ci:u- (' iiii:'ii:, (Joveksu'i I'aim:, .H-lii--(' iwr.i.-i:, L-q. of Woo,-!ock, lli:v I!. C iv! !,.i.i V.. t int. I'll Aov Jluu.ut. Al., (i. Willi ih aonc, i:-q. ol Milton, C d. J. 1'. IiI.iuli:, ol U in lolpb, I'u.l. d. - llr.:.,. ' hut, and William Waunt.u, b ith of liurling ' lop. I The ro--t of ih- story told in the accompa nying iinp-omiiii s .ng, which was writ - I ten in Ihe c.irs liolwecn Nnrthfitld and ltjthel, I by (h n. 1). W. C. C ..iiiif.,lh; Secret irv of the Senate. It wu- leeched with unbounded an- plaiise and ordered to lu printed. Vours trulv, SCUM Cl'IQCi:. Tone" DcinnsT Mae." We look an eaily start today. And Imiied a rouh old tide, To teach the pi ice when- 1'aixe, they say, Wins piojite lo his side ; T!i- irou-hor-i' wa-. biealhui!! gas 111 ihe" se. testt-re.l vale," And iveryooe ambitious was 'lo ride upull u I ii it ! llurnh ! Hurrah' l'or Gnvernor I'aim:. the llail-.-r ! lie builds his road o'er roeks and hills, A..uo')..s ion GcNLr.u.TAYi.or.! Hurrah ! Hurrah ! H'iriah ! It it dou'l beat all uiitiir' ! To see lbe " wi-doiu mid ihe irluc" (H our Kreal L.-sishniir', A-ridiu ihiouh ihe lull and ales, I'rom Nuilblield lo the nu r, On Go.eriior Taine's iiew-.ljshioued rails! I ueu-r ! did juu ever I Hurrah ! Hurrah ! Vc. I tell you what it is, old bnjs. This ride we aienot imh in, C-pecially w hen we do ihc lliiug I'li-e gratis and for iioihui'! And wiieu, besides, the dinner comes ( .i pi.( such terms a-, tin , I'd lil.i: lo know who will not sin, lluriah fur Guu-ruor I'! Hurrah ! Hurrah ! &.c. I wi-h to iutriiiluee a bill I oil' r it quite humbly, And mow us n-s.i!e liirnuli these cars, lly Vie It 'j in Assembly: .Section 1, prm ides that 1'aive Hhall have the riht to co Willi his old Uaihoad where be will j He'll do it, whether or nil .' Hurrah ! Hurrah' &c. The "d section has a elnuset As sharp as any cat's, Thai wh ii old Hlllsm comes along, We'll rune our cnl.ou hats, iteiuni-e lie has a rou-h old way III 111 It old p.te, 'lis Mil, I, 01 ilnin'J ihiiiuswhen be lakes bold; Tliey (-.ill il "Kill Mi Alll.Vl.'" Hurrah! Hurrah! For III i.k.sAi', liiifhaiid low ! lie tine, ahead beeiiuse you tie, lie's ijot a head lo no i In section 8, it is declared, That dial i n- long in.-in, . Moore, Who siraddhs ibis old null hnrne, And brines us ibiuiijh si-cure, Shall be lie- Clue! old Ciignieer, lly sH-cial leni-lalioii, Oftbi 'ere J'int Asein!ily here, As . AI'll shall ut the nation! Hurrah ' Hurrah! Lei's make Ihe echoes roar ! Thoiih other roads are sale enough. The Central Itoad is Moore ! lu section I, it I-set down, Tluil 'nioiejr ihei.e iiioiintain ridge. The ua.ue ol CAiii-RrLL shall it-bound : Tin: llEiioor -hie Huiuoes! And thai the 111:111 to t-arry out (A pioiecl very mighty, AudkJiovv ihat " il is bound to eh," is that 'ere hi. in old "Old WinrEv!" Hurrah I Hurrah ! Iffl's keep the chorus hiunuiiiii! ! Tor word has pas-s?d uloii'; ihe hue Thai tame old " Campbell's cominj; !" As nn amendment to the bill h's inoird to ndd a si'clion. Which h is n tcihli-ncy to raiss A nilliersad rclleriiou: It i lint Covernor I'aine do si-ck (Why wh it's the man nhout l! To keep llii! lamily on earlh The laee must unt i tin oat 1 lluriah ! Hurrah ! I or I'aini: the bidi'dor .' 'l'he wonder ijrinvelh ctery day, What he's umuairied for! Amendment 3d is propped : It is lo make provision That fli-ill our llrniks lu CAvriiEl.t, show, With mil ttirp preeiioii. lie has a head that's ureal to plan, A w ill that never Ihm hes ; We wi-h joa'd find a biircer man Tli.iu CMrnr.i.r, ol his mehci, Hurrah 1 Hurrah ! Tor " ll'hilev." brne nnd true 1 His heart ioes tilly with his head So siy f what say you I Now, if die I'resident will riec And put the tliiiiu to vole, I'd like lo know your sentiments Upon this hill l'e wrote; And ,ii, to end theimttcr well, Hi-fun we lake a 'lass, I hope you nil will answer," Ail!" And'lel the old lull p-is. Hurrah! Hurrah! riene put llns'uile nunin ; All you who ale nllirmative, lluriah lor Governor I'aine ! I think I may declare the vote, I'll do it if you will, And now- announce to lids J'iut House, The pasnije ol ihe lull ; It i lielure the (lowmor Wei-are for no Vrtu If Governor I'aine won't siin the act, Our Coomhii: will, we know! Hurrah! Hurrah! &c. It now is moved that we adjourn, And in the u-,iril way ; 1'or plain it is, at this luie hour, We hleak up " without day." And when we reach our homes again, We'll u-ll the wondrous tale. How l'i.h ha rode tins J'int Aiseiubly on a rail 1 Hurrah ! Hurrah ! &.C As fur the title of our bill, It is decreed to he : " An, I net lo lighten public cares, t And aid les-nv uy." So now, ("new ell lo Governor 1'aif, To llti.KMAi', Cami-iii.i.i., .MonilL,! ! Tliis ,1'uit As-emli'y is disMihed : 'Tvwis li'itturJicdUvtorc ! I'arewell ! rarewcll ! The following was off-red by .Mr Kidder of tbr Senate, winch we do not finJ in the Alias' rrpuit. ' (ieneral Cilinn Allen and General S. V. Itelknno ihe ti.ruier by his prowen' secured 10 Winium'.-i local h dilution tuida name," ihe laiterhy his moral iutie-, pi, lay an, I lullexdile purpu.-i- the Central Kail Kind, ine sure sinraniy 01 us iutu.e grow 11. and pro-peruy Written for the JuunnUV. Caste. O Hi I) A M . In tno quiet little Till.ii'e of 0..innn. which 1 lies on the bulks of llio nnjestie '."c, is a dee;., rocky glen, which runs through the he irt of the villi.'e. Al my have been tho tales 1 mid ol this quiet I it lo nook, and mmy the .- opiui ins, d -livn red Willi solemn countenances 1 N, ... r , , . ahious,!, uingsof the henLro-i-ctiys their iruiu. inn as inev rem 1111 1111c0111r.ini jie.iiiere 1 can .... longer he a reason .hie douh'. I hope, if in Ihe c...r-e ol tin- ale I ..hould do .nju-tice to , !,., go-,, geople ..I O.niinon that ,t may be at- I , " 1 "v 1 LO.-ir to wrong l.iem. ; 1 here tinee lived in tho afore.aid villaire a , peculiar chiracler, whu was kt.o.Tii amoiu the , Mil.neri oy iu- coiiooi in oi viil o nil. in ih.t ai inner he nli'tined tliis appell ;tion un ! known by tho "oldest inh ibitant." Whether it 1 was liecaii-o of hi. neirre-emlil.iiice to Ihe "old one," or because ol his own antiquity, 1 cannot po-itlvely allinn, but it wis mo.t probably (lie hitler. Old Sun had lived nearly all hi life-limo in a rather antiqu ited building, which evidently had not pos-e-'-ed Mich things as doors and win ' dows, and the like iucumbiaiicc-, for years. Tue siding and shingles, like their in iter, despised lull regular sy-toin and appeared to view each ' with the other ill occupying a siluitioii antago nistic to its neighbor. () .1 hats and rags sup. plied llio place of w uid .a s, and a (or ll mer-, Old Sun thought tint a few Mriggling hoards or even mother earth, was .tillicieiit for him. ,, , , , . , , ... 1- wouiu nave consiuerei ,1 as nun nge neni 01 n,s niuieiiuer y, ,, .,. w,,,,,. , e pr.uei ni.i.seii, 1 1 iv after d iv and week iflcr week tho Bood p ! ie !,So"js" , his wav tovirdsier icerv where was kei t what ' he ex ires-ivoly I " C .'ueyeoinbe " with a bl ick junk bottle, winch in-inyeonjectu'r-' ed was of greyer an.iquily Ihan hiiiiself, in one ' hand, both b-'ing Miugly en-con-eJ in bis huge ' pe.i-cost pocket lie never returned wilh hi. b itlle empty. This was a great e-cntial of Old I SamV lilt. On occasions, like these, and in- n-i deed, al .11 time, lor nothing disturbed hi equa-1 niinity, he would walk leisurely along, obviously il,l,,l.-',,,,. tl,.l t,t i-piitm ,il irr.iv te ii.e l..,,l r,. ,1 bis com .ten nice .,-., I ii i managed to live, as be wa hardly ever observed to do any work, but would at mil for hours gaz ing with a lived, Ihouglillul eye across the .High ly waters, upon the blue bills which roso up in lbe distance, as though bo delighted to refresh his imiginilion with a view of" nature's grand operations." At such tiui"s ho would stand with his hat. Is cl iped before him and resting upon some inner p in, ins ueau inrow-ii u-ick, ins lips protruding, and his eyes as if debating, the properly of closing themselves altogether. But Old Sam gloried in his manner of living, lie .vouid broil an i m. I or a usii upon a Jul ot ill stove pipe, and chuckle over them as an epicure aiiiliu u-JUHl u lu-iQl iiiinej ui .1 uisn vi mi lie soup. And thus tune wore on. ihe monotony ol ( lid S un' life was not disturbed by a single l:ree.3. .No conjugal knocks on llio head with the p. curtain lectures mined his domes tic peace, lor O.d hani was u bachelor I Ay, a bachelor! Ho looked upon al of the fair sex as in ilacious little angels and ho dared not ap .......v. . u.u.....,.i,.,. .,.... iluci him into tho Sllkoil net of llvinnn. am as l .i rii bo was an anion lover of liberty, , audi a , eitua- lion would h.vobeet. fatal to bis fondly cherish- cd doctrines. About this time the good people of tho village was ari-'ed Irnm their lullierln iindiBturbed tran quility by rather u strange, occurence, which set nil lho gos.ips nf the village to taking, Tho men were cnne-regaiei. .11 Minis, en-, LML'cd in earnest conversation, and if wo might .res- n - l is entire ali-f iction with I i n ell a d ' l"e,r e) .,' "'7 KlZ7 "'P V" . " " ,llillc''' !'',ill5t 1,111 lii.iUatio.. r ac pres-ing . is uniiru an n ,ii o win nseu anu tter0 (..uhered around with a vacant stare, not ... ..7 a..aint nelition of It ll,.,.Ki. f,.r the world generally, fur Old Sun had not yet ' f irvT.m , ., t,ev were not then in ' i ",' PUI""" 01 it. llo.kin, for leirued thai nhilnsonhv which induces i sn.s.' ., 7 , ,l T, . C men u keeping Ules uf newsp iper. and llio vetitioners leiruiu unu puuoi-o ui) u iimui.ii is p s. fjrram, It it they soon recovered i,,,i i ",. , ..;itir ... n.. ,i, -! esor to pronounce their analheiiija the I t,ir P(,n.e3 anJ . followed question alter i r ? r vv i V . V ,"""tee,' world in -enral and society ill particular ,- . ' , , l" . "., 1 , " 11 A"Lr bill for rebel of eberb lilden; ordered to a 3. worm in i suuiLiy in pariiLiiiar. question, birely leaving ibein tune to answer. r,,,:,, n, -,,.iiiiep n,. -tiai., I,l i.tnr.. The .mod neonle often wondered how Od S.un ni ...... i o .. .h ...ii.i. reading, riy comuiillec on aiale Prison, bill for judge by their solemn coiinleniiices, a in liter of 'through lho glen with a noiseless, airy lre.ul, some moment va ui hand. Thu boys ran home the wind seeming to moan mournfully, und tl.o in brcalbleaa Insle, and no oonir wa their sto- limbs of lho trees cracking as they walvo to und ry told, than tho whole household vveru gathered fro, as if bewailing bis endless together, and tho old granduiolher would take1 her pipe from mouth, and wilh a Hago look j JllarVlilllil. would "ivo her opinion upon llio subject, accoiu I , ,,, . . , 1. ' i7. v..eno,,,n. whicl.l Worcester county, gives i!U0 majority for a stranwr would be at a loss to understand. i "What Isli do matter ?" aaked an old dutch ninn, coming up to n party who were discussing Ibis slranca topic. "Why, the cloven footed gentleman appnared to one of our villagers last nlslit, and told iiim that llicro was a I irge chest of gold buried In llio Indian cave in tho plen, ilcseribiiiir In him ex actly where it lay, and that II nny person would ,. ' ... ,r,i -in,l III,, il muni, lintieoeo lni.l .....I ...1.1. ....... ....... ,. 11,..- inj miiiRs apporlioncJ to mo sciioiar uill re- nlirht, it Sho,.ld bothrirs iifonlh,-contr.iry, i.f. "tcil ,)y Alr from select commit ter they hid undertaken it, ho could surceed in 1,.- i.. f.,.' llf .il0 u Bnc.xinB part of Shel- uivuriiu-T uicm irnm ineir uojeoi, inemseivos should belon.r to Iiim." ' "1 rtuyval, exc , limed tho diitclmnn, and. he pulled away harder and filler on his pipe, nn, i- .ili.i. !i an , Ja.i. uki.,.lH . i on phi .. vii nil iiiii,iiui-i uin i, v. til y, to ,i ifi.i il- i nor wlncti might be Hiipposed to ennrey to an a perilous enterprise. No one could be found who dare mike tho at tempt, until some happy genius thought of Old nun. lint lie was not to be turned Iroin llicen- viable tranquility of his existence by the hope of! gam, and it was not until aome one hinted Ihat fear wa- the causu of Ins refusal, (hit he c . i,i oe inuuceo to emertain .no p oposition. T,0 i, rc,uluton fcnl frnm 10 n0.c, fix lis indomitable spirit took lire at tho Idea of , m rri,i . ,,,, al ,cU)cM fr . laving Ins courage called in question, and this ; m)t of ,e fuUime, being tho time recom rendered it noces-ary for Inm to vindicate Ins , me1,,cJ (lJf tiej;iin, C0,n,nit,Ce appointed for the reputation. ... . . nurnose. was taken tin and unanimoiislv nassed. A l.ongii ,e uinlertaken lu enterprise, aam "." '" luisgiv.ngs ot 1,1s own ; courage, winch he endeavored lo lode by assu.n-, Ing an appearance ofgrca boldness. About the close of the afternoon, Old Sam, accompanied by a crowd of villagers, set out upon his ghost- ,y rxpeimion. 1 n.c , inu vai.iat.10 iva ne ao- Mr Prenr,, caeJ bi ivl a ,. -vice given him by the old women, relative to of Uricans c. (Jram.nar school funds to the, the last mode of procedure. Strict silence was 1 .....1 11..1... ...i.i 1 .. 11 enjoined upon linn, and as the Kvil Una would ... . .' . ..... . . strive hard to break it, his bottle must acco-mpa-;' Mr French introduced a bill respecting ac ' Peler 'eport.! that .the same .light to pn.- the Kxeculi.e U authored to lorn the instru ny Inm. Meanwhile, tl.o young were whisper- ,, 0, rt w,lich was read rc. and on the call of M issrs key.s .nd Chandler ents of the Sur.eyor Oeneral ; passed By mg amoiiir themselvs, and seemed to he r. i ... 1..1 1 made a staVement ol fcts ; ha, on nvtticn o f Mr elrt Librarian 10 a. m.TIium afraid to speak aloud ticir thou hts, while the old men btuod by and iiaiutained a solemn si lence. The sun sank sliiwlv down, and Old Sam walked on with a linn itcp on his errand. Oc , casionally isionally he would loin bk with longing eyes, 1 i if debating the propriety ofg'ning up. But I be would not be called a coward o taking a h r y sw Ig from out the black junk bottle, he len the m wdg,,,,,, by Mr acemin al Hol'se.-A a bill Irom thu Senate, making 1 It.rls. By coinmillee on grand li.t, against walked 1111. But his manner was altered. He t.,r,b and opposed by AI ssrs Stewart and J furtlicr provision for the management of Stale alteration of law citberas toschool taxes or de asumed an erect attit ide; his lips, which were j. K,jor when th" bill w'as reiected veas 0 ' finances, was referred to committee of Wuvs dilutions for debt in ihe grand list ; and the bill wont to stick out 111 eay good-natured in inner, I n ti ' 11 ' and Aleans. " w jsdi-uiiscd. Uy judiciary coinmillee, Senate were now clasped Irmly together ; his h ind I ' Mr" KedficM as committee on the II .use bill The House rcumed tho special order, being I" as to tender of n.nends ; pa.ed ; also Senato grasped tig.iler bis ' pocket-pistol," as he fa-' . '.'r ', 0 ".i"" Tl. . .'!..."!.' hill for joint stuck corooratio i s. and it was oas.- 1 '"H relating to divorce, amended -o a. lo repeal inili-irly termed the ahiresaid junk bottle, until , he ilf ippoarcd from view, quietly returned lo their 1 hen tho villagers lomes, and during 1

that long ricning toll! strange stories of ghosts mul bo!vro!i!ins. nnd rf dii-.-ra u-hieli his ...i ...ln .....;..... I . 1 I .1 l.l. ' Satanic inaie-ty l ad b-en P eacd to bestow no-, .. .,. .,. . i 1 1 . . .... I on ll.eir neigliuorlinul, Thu neigiiuoninuj, iho loiing people I drew stili closer around tho wide lire-nlace where blazed and cracked the huge logs, and with wonderment profound listened to t icse fri'.hlful t.llns. until tlint tinnirinn,! v-..ri. emu., I I thev heard was a oho-Land eery dark snot might screen a goblin. And when at last bed lime came, they would steal witli fearful, cau tious steps, along the pi"age, until perchance a mouse would st irt up before them, they would o'-' ' drop the light and retreat with the utmost pre es : ;,..,. ,.,, 1.1 11 1 . n .,i,i. . ui'. i.wi.,u .,1, , !; ill vrii.i.iii ii-,ii lh'B (Varfu ,,.)0t UIt.JS acc-olnbplllicd by lather or mier Tle nonn ,ia, . aj ra Mr,ltfsliK ,, ,, ,l0 (,.,.k cmd thrpv ;l biol" n ,lt ,0 ,;, vi, ,,,,, ils inhabilnnts, v. itl. the exception ol a little bind or watchers, w-crj snnoiiuit away in quiet, dreamingof gho.-ts j olhl.r ,., i, 1 which haunted their U,U.,Y sUiJ mai,niinn. Grouped tooether under the limbs of a loftv , aim wiue-onrtMuinir oait inroneii ine liiuri.ini 1 ....1 ...:l. I . i . . ... . - lohage of which the beuns ut the moon could scarcely make their way, was a small party of young men. I hey were conversing in low win. pers. and ever and anon would cast stealthy, ' inea-ured glances around them as if they were eariui in neing ui-coverou uy a turning to;.- 1 uy wouit siurt 111 mo sligiile-t sound ; a rus. tleof the leaves; a in 'ailing of the wind, or the dism.l hoot of the scraoeh owl, would Iill th'-m with a v.igue, indrm,ible terror, ami they would huddle together Hill clo-er. Anon they would gizu long and earnestly in the direction of the Indian cave, the cene of O'd Sun's adventures, with a hope to catch a glimpc of his portly form. But ho c tine not, nnd llio dim irrav of 1 -nii'i; "a i,,. nielli Mil. .i.Hivi ,111- .in. van 1.....;..,. ........... ii...... ..:ti 1... i ,.in..i. lay saw them still under tri.,,. )rim.;ille M 4,t nVercomo their fo ir ,,,, aft(,r .utinU..t dropped until every one of lhln were snoring avvay ui mo-t uninuical i"""1"1""' I' d ol, w ill. Ins red, round lace peepr 'r"V!!:ZJ tioonZi'-'an;,"' '"tU "ZYii ' I ! morpheus arms. Ihe good ll- '"7' wl, wo"lk" r,catl' at l''l;!',.v' !' ,c" f ,',l"'V !,i 1 1",, .,;,,' I & 1 , r & "K lo ml " - ' ' .... i - . w.tliin tho circle ol thu encli inlineut ,luc'i r.llllti, ... IlirOfVO Ulei llieill. lb with ulm. ist incredulous eyes tint they at last I.A....1.I .i... 1...1 ;.i u ,. KfwJm watchers', could scarcely I ,- ,,,- ,, ,;.;11- ,,.,:. 1 I . 7 . '" '. " . . henil vvhero they vvrr', but ya tening and rubbing i.iiwiw ,ii r,ui7iiui ..iiiniv v uuni ten. llv , j nu, ,een tjCe ,,e ,, way ,l(J ni(fl, before. Then followed tho dreadful alternative, ir I . r ll . ., i .i ...... i. ,. ,.. ....,. , o me power ... i0 , wuo , Hot hp mil. I tint hn .rll-ei. lit. u'lllimit n sp.-.rel. .i i.. i i ,. , ' . ,., ' hoi gbt they.and accordingly a parly of the more hold and advei.lnrous, set out, w. Ii the hope of I jlia ( ltCi .... .. fa wuU w .Hill, ill le.l. lo lllul Kit. lip elm. I,. laic. .. , , ...,. i,K m me ,..,. c.n.-, ,,ey cio.ciy .i.oei .,, ,,,,,,,,,i; n u i,,,u ,i(, , .u.u then entered he cave. hit a sight I rag- n' ..l." la 1 lri ,i,,i !,., i,nil,n p.nt. Ti.n,. ,t.u I ai,eove OI,, ,s.lm's oW coat. torn and tattereil ucreii w orst, ,.: ,i oeioie. .1 ,,a. u, ue, , , uerce. trugg e had taken place. But wlnlo they stood , muto vvondermei t and terror, .hero camo swooping past v it i a rus I ng .. oaniug sound a something which b .re Ihe semblance of a hu ..,. r. .-ir.;l,p,l In thp iblel- ,,i, .1 t e I I. . I . r ( 1(, otb(,r tM1(1 of lho cav0i T,cy slo0l anJ ,zeJ i wjtli jjutod iye and oiiencd inoutlii toward tlm I t w)l0ro Hpparition waa teen to vanish, m,t daring to advance or roiroat. They soon re. . l .i. ....... covurcii, nowuiei,uou inm up mo jjieu, ciain- borin over ,,0 rock., dodging the trees, and .1,,, rroek that lav i their hcidliing lbeirrun, as il Pluto's whole artillery were behind. They reached tho village ga-ping . n n,l nppehps. and so.op i i i no ..l.i boforo tho villagers could ascertain the causo of their fright. I vprafler-tbo V bli'Ora a lr.ll. 11 o after mm. st the rhostof Old S.un might be seen rushiii" Taylor, making his majority in tho State ".bout 33-JJ. fiCgiNlnfui'c of Vci'inoiil. Turuav, Nov. 7. SriNATn. t'ravcr by the Chaplain. Ilci'nrts. lly Mr French from com. on lMu cation ap.iinst the bill ami resolution of enquiry r.. i ,.r .i. . ..., l il, U, r. r,to. I"l 1IV,II 111 UIH ll.llfc wi "iv. .. IUI l,n- . I 1 . .1 11 .... iecled. lly Air Fer"iion from select commit- it,,.,;.,,ni,. Kill ,ri r M1...1. )lrn tl, -L (Jf,,r,jppised to 3d readin". lly l" " conunioii, mm rccoiiimeiiuiiirf ioe Mr M unilton of Chit, from eommiltre ol Cl-iimi' P',8e,"f r"'lutiuil which, on motion, was , , f.1V()r nf the II .ui bill for the relief ol IJ ir- H'C tiblf. , .. , ' nBtn, C iarlotte. Knosbur.-li and Houtli Hero , -"f -weatt oHercd a resolution autliorizing the " . ' . . ..... . 'Illln n lli U f1...,...,l i I.i.Uiii.,1,1 I,. ed. 11 .Mr White from com. to whom was r..-L.rred tie sl,ject of coinptolln be subject of complelin the Geohv'i-,,",,'V cal survey a bill which was laid on the table. '",r J."ne "'-'rou rBaitaunn", rescininni: tne roliel ol Webber Tilden to committee on Fi lly Mr June, from committee on Finance in fa- I'0 """I1 ,0 ai,J,",rn 0,1 I' riJ iy. ati.l Uxm , ti.mne. vor of the two appropriation bills sent from the I " Cl,n0.cliy next week, for that purpose lirst 1'ho engrossed bills dividing the Grammar Ilotnc yesterday, which were severally read 3 " .i,... ..n,i ,,.lv.,i By Mr Kimball, from com- . . . mhlce ori Ju'rf ,10 bill 'to Incorpo- me Vt. and Iloalon Tjlegraph Co.-passed . i OI1ro.,.c, .ft m f ... ',,,., of Sl, Librarian , joilt nsselnbiy w;ls fcnl jark from ,10 House b amendmon( wllIc, wa, cncred in. A bi from he ml5(J ,naki a,pr()priations fnrle su tof rjnvernment, was read twice ,, rcfer (Q cnm on Flnalcc. Jllxllll'lll. ML lUIOV. ,111,1 L.1U B.llllO 11.1 lll.J. ill.L. ,,i i. ,i I ferrcd to Jud. com The engrossed bill making further provisions for tho management of the Slate finances, was read a third tunc ami passed The Fniropil bill to inrnrnnrate the Krink. . ' "f " C! "".'.y "'c.fP"lC tllC iranH- . jr'y.j0. "i'lip bill lo 't SI. Albans Uiy was cal cd up , ;.id on the table. I l'he bill to establish a town in Franklin Co. 1 t .1 f I. i.i -j- . . t . ... -..-.f o,, X, allli ':,; ! The , . n pv(em, ;h(. ljn() for wini).' th(j ,.t n .nk,,r i!l- , ,. when tho same was advocated bvM.wCd- ourn ii u ikcin cut, in .ir,',iioi-oi in L-ousiuerauiL- . .. . i i r. , .i en,' h. and omn.-cd bv Al Ciand rr. w hen the I l,.. .1.1-1 I !- . ... ! I .1.1 ..,!. .. ,.r .. ,i. i..n r... . . was put yeas 1 J, nays 1 1. bo the bill was re- lector. The bill to incorporate the Franklin co. Bink al St. Albans II ly, having been cngrorii, was taken up for the third reading; when Air lied fluid muved to commit the same to a member to be amended by striking out the words St. Al- luns B,y, iiiiiii.sertinj Franklin C ,. and mak- ing it the duty of the Supreme Curt to appoint 8 iu.ucl own in tl. it enoolv -is Ihev sli-.!l see fit ill I .at con ii as tne) snail see lit. Tl.o .notion was upraised by Air White at ie paoiL. i,i a iiiunioei lu i K-.,,, .,e..,l. ,o , in. pcuuiuj; u.o o.-ll- ate adjourned. Housr. Pray by Rev, Alonio Webster. j:nitn)el Hill. Bill making appropriation for the support of government ; passed. llilli iiilruiluced and referred. By Mr Xced- hain, providing for the public itinu of decisions of S ipreme Court ; to committee of Ways and i S.'iiate, bill for the relief of , Al '.ins. From the u ,.,.., . i,. ,ti. i p.. Mr c mvcr.c designatii.L' the place for canvas, ,in V(lU.s in t,. pecj C .,,gresi,ul district ; a rclatiii; to ses-ions ol Supreme Court in ,;.,ex a,, (;,,, ,, . Mr Whittemore, a- melljinjf H.ap. 1(13 11 S. Bv Air Grow, in ad- ,jm. t0 cltl), .,s u, . all ,0 Judir.iurv cum- in.ltee The report of the Wind-nr Siving Built was referred locouiiuitlee on 11 inks. Le.vii of absence was given to Mr Richard ion of Putney, Air Pigeof 11,-depark, and Air May of Concord, for the remainder of tho aes iiii. llesiilntinn. Bv Al" Smith of W., for commit tee to in ike up debentures ; paised. For deben ture to widow- of the I ite member from; lly .Mr MiImui, for evening session-, ut , "o'clock; laid on the tabic. Air W'liilteinore c;lU.j u , restion tnr nlauk Ib-irs in the bj8Clll,.llt . ..imoll.M ,y ueces-ari i"'"04 '" aC"'S ' t,,U du,nf ' lw' ,Vmi fc iminitleo. B. committee on 13d-1 "-. '"'I i icorporate (ireen Al .unt .in Lib. "'' 5 "r'k,rC'1 ."! :l:iJ tm' V UT. .- i.iiooiiiii-e. .!-uti-i uin iuneiiuio to p. i J. ,S,, coiiceining bridges, and it was hiuifSjd, 11 con.inilteo on IlJuc uion, amending ch in. 13 i It S., reliting lo di-tribulion of school u.oiiie. I .id on the ladle. B; joint committee raised to . r. . . . .. .. . ia .. . nine in aoji urume n, res . uiion uiai both II uises i Mini w il.ioiit day on 1- riday next al G o'clock A appointing comiui. sinners to examine and en quire into lh expediency of removing tho Stale 1 ...on , i I'risou ; onlereil to lu printed, lly Judiciary Coiiiuiiltee. bill to amend .ee. 5 eh.ipler 1-1 RS ; . . .. . .... .' oruercri lo JJ reading; aguiist bill in amend- ,, cfdia --, u g u w (IUlllicd .. -,,.....,,'.. A,.ric..!l..r,..a,..i,.,t renp.,!!.,,. ..- . - . " . . '. . . " ,lie Uvr ,r airricultiirl societies, and petition era had leave to withdraw. By committee on Sections,,t bill relating to election of ,inv represrtativ cs plurality to elect on 3d ,, ,, bi , , M , h (,f w d laidon'thotaL By Limral committee, a- "'ul-- "j i"-ii touiiuuu-e, ' K".'5.1 ti"'n"f J',a ' ':" ""l0!"' llu .1,.... i i i :ai,.i ii.. i.. I . ...... , tm I HIM ICrtlV " lllimiimii l Utllk-ltl COIN , , t bi, (p, , , . 'sll,lr,ed by Mr Pangboru and Howes, ;etS M;s,ri, Whittemore, HutUley and ,iubb(;. af,j di,mUwdi ' ,, , , ,, , 1 bo joint assembly made tho fo lowinsr elec- lion : fifD i-fcE iomtv. Thonns I). Fletcher, South Hero, .SVri'. 1 Thos I) Fletcher 1 1 1. Charles II. Clark 100 i l nns. w, i .tuner 1 1 ii, vy.aia luu, scatter hi" 1. ... -" . n t- a . , . ...T1"J.J"'- .r.bly adjourned to 10 A M, 1 ,l,lr6'1'1)' ,uNt'. I 1 1" bill relating to joint slock compunes was f urtl.or opioicd liy .Meisrs Dean of C. and Car Pt'iitcr ol N., und siipported by Messrs Hubbell, Needham, Smith of Punton and Whittemore, 1 mejauir, Adjourncfl. . " o'clock, P. Al. Sexath. Mr Bancroft introduced a bill to incnriMirate tho Bink. which was read twice mid refeired to llio Coinmiiteo on Bank. Air Colburn introduced u bill nrovidiii, that nil suits ve..di..g in favor ol lho assignees of tho 11 ink of Wind-or, may bo prosecuted tn final judgment notwithstanding the expiration ol" the ... u. ... ...,,,...,,, , (.(.. . Mill. !(, I 111- 1,1,1 .charier read twico and referred to cummillco oriBink. Itcpnrh. lly MrJ, in favor of liie House bill relatinp: lo-rni.tructioii of the I ridge from South H iroTtWlilton read the third lime andpas'ed. lly Air June, in f ivor nl the ll iuso bill inikingnprirnprivftin for the support nl (iov- ernnnnt re.tJ the thiim-! and ptsted. lly L:-"1' V'. ' "-' ihlionnftho Stale school fund, a statement set- V.'" ',", wbhbiui a ....uuiih.ii.,. .u . . .... 1 - " ''"". "iier vpiniru una ir, was passe.,, "lucr latJ on 1110 table, leaving me lime iri,t'!l,,,lllirillne,Mll - .ltnlanllli1 .... - -J -; ji. ... o r. ...iu. -Mr Iveycs introduced a bill to incorporate an Academy at Chel-ea rcaJ twice and referred. to com. on l.iiucation. Atr Deemm from the select com. to whom was referred the bill for building a State Prison on "iu i. .won, reporieu in laror oi me same uy ; was laid on the table. making scleral important amendments, such as 1 Mr Kejcs introduced a bill relating to the an. to change the title to an aet reUtinir to the Slate pointment of receivers tocorporiilions-rcad twice Prison to insert the names r S. II. Jenni-un, and referred to Jud. com. Lawrence I) aimrd anJ John Bradley as com- Mr Bancroft presented petitions ftoin sundry missioners, who are to decide on th..exK;dieu- i inhabitant of Woodbury and Wailslield for a, cy of removing the State l'rijon from iudsor, I Bank ut M intpelier.and the same were referred and if decided to move at all, to contract for the to com. on II ink. building, &c. &r.; amendments adopted and tha The Select Committee on the bill to di bill laid on the table. . ide Alontpelier reported that the iam ought to ,ur oiewari irom oeiect commiuce 10 wnoin . ... ..... was relerreu tne bill t ilivide the townoi .-ioni Mr Keyes, the bill was laid on the Uble. Atr Beeman, from the committed on Military I Affairs, begged leave to return 'lie House kill in I . f .1.- I !.l """' lonumiaw w iirnioi Kiing -ny -; il,,,,,.,,,,,, ...I.t-l. .I.,,,, vv-rn a)lo , ' " ' ,,e w". l-i i t . "V , 1 '' s . IlllTlll Ui lilt.' lilUlft. IICII IIIC Of llillU ilii )IU ilUU. cd. 8!) lo .09. ,. fly .Mr Merrill, that the roso - lutinn for udioiimment 011 Friday bo ri.cinded ; laid on the table. Also, fur adjournment on Wedncsdav morning of ncM week ; laid on the table, , iiUMit ol act nl isl., relative to the apportion- ltepnrl. By Judiciary committee, bill incor-1 nf expend of roads among towns ; ordered pn-atin" the National Life Insurance Cumpany : 1 1,1 3 ' reading. By judiciary coinunllce, bill in ordered lo3d reading. relation lo guardians and wards ; ordered to 3d 3-igrowJ Hills. To ineorporalo tiie Bank , reading, nf Brandon; a motion of Mr Cupenler of X. to "y majority of committee on Road, bill to in liy on the table was lost, (i I to 45; the consider.!- corporate Kutlaud and Whiti-hill railroad com tionof the bill wa. interruM.d bv the funeral .er- laiiy, with an amendinent, fixiriir tho eastern . " . " . . .... Vlcci til0 wmb'T rroni Jay.and tho House adjourned. Welnpsdat, Nov. 8. Sevats -l'raverbv the Clm.lain 7. , i. , "1i"J"1, . Ileum Is. By .Mr Slewmt, from committee oil B ink, against tho bill to incorporate the White lltJ fr 1J .Ilk. Mr Kimball ollered a resolution that no bill ; ,,; fur iaving!. .ls refcrrcj tncommitlce on or petition be introduced after Ibis morning, ' D-n,!,, which being amended, on motion of .Mr J. P. j ;,;'rns,; ,(,;, Vnt ,Mr ,lf WMr TiU Kidder, so as to substituto this ajlerm.on pas- Je1 . tu divi.Ic- the town of Montpelier ; to in ''Cd. cnrnorale Xalional Lift Insnranep Co - lo incur. Mr Walker offered a resolution directing Sec. f State to purchase, for, and low j tie Slate, a copy of in. oi-iriuuieio eacn Binurd's School house Architecture referred lo commitlco on F.ducation. Mr June introduced a bill to incorporate the Brandon Bulk read twice and referred to com. on B inks. The resolution directing Ihe Sergeant at Arms lo lay a plank floor in Ihe bi-ement rooms of the Slate House was returned, with proposals to amend tho same by embracing in the order a llight uf winding stairs to the top of the dome, w lien was roucurreu in. The House bill to regulate joint stock com panies was read three times and pised. The bill from the II nise to repe il all laws an thorizing the raising of uniform eoinpaniei in the militia, was taken up; the bill was laid on the table. A communication was received from the Gov ernor anmiiiucin' the resignation of Joseph Soule as assistanl judge of F ankliu county, and - & lUn 1 Vf d'" nil county, and the sunt was referred to tho re. speclive senators of those counties. , T1B o,.so bill to annex put of Shelbiirn to I 'St' (J "P-q-i-wd by M.-ssr- Mh.i.-.irt ttii.l nip. an, I n iii.nrtp.l lie .Vlesr.-. Beeinui and Ferguson, and pas-ed The bill to incernorite the Fr.uik'in co. " U'T . " the appointment ol commissioner bv Supremo was taken up Air Redlieid's amendment for ,, . , ,. ,. .... .-- ,, i nnn(., i.v m,.,,.. Wbit,. K'evTu rr.meh. nil supported by Messrs Rrdtield and ILeman when the Senate, tho i.iesliou still pending, Adjourned. House. Praperby Uev. 13. J. Scott. Ilesnlittinm. Ilv .Mr Cooper instructing com mittee on rnids to inquire into the expediency of chartering a railroad from the Northern ter minus of the Rutland road to caiuua uoe, in tersecting the Vermont and Canada roads ; pis- cd. Itennris nf Cnmmitlee. II v Co.nnntlco on Claim, bill' to pay Henry Steven ; paed. llv general rninmittee, against petition for repeal of licen-e laws : and the petiti . ners bad leave in withdraw. 11 comm. Iter tn manuiictures, i Mr. Juno calleil up the bill living the Audi against bill for inci.rpor-.Ung lbe Nortotield tor's s.lary, when, on Ins motion, tho ivmend in uiufirturing Company; the bill was support- incut tiling the salarv at rfltl) instead of ff'.ifO td by Messrs Carpenter of N., Whittemore and a. in the bill origin ilfy, vras rejected, and tho needham, and opjaiseu oy miiiiiiu-i i uiutu-u , a 3J reading. By judieiary coinu.ittee, aguinst bill to incorporate lho B'llows Fall water com- pany; dismissed, By judiciary coinmitlee, a- giin-t bill defining certain duties of Secretary of Stale ; against bill for altering the time i f holding court in I3sex and Orleani coiintii s ; both bills dismissed, lly coin nitlee on Libriry against petition from liiilsiana. By committee oil Ways and .ueaiia, aaiui "oi no i,iuii- il.,. .!e,'i.!on of the Supreme Curt ; dismissed. 11 general committee, again-t bill relaliog to tno grand list; dismissed, lly committee ,u ii". i , .T . ., Clilin. bill lor paying . ..,,.,,..,..," 'Lt r..dillir. Hi ts i'.ili-o,iicr, mm" referred. By Air Beck, with, to alter an act relating lu common schoo's; lo general committee. 11 Mr ( onverae, in anuiiHin 10 cnap. . , . - w v.. j..- diciary. Tho Joint Assembly made choice nf Lukf. P Poland, ol Alorristown, mi tlie 3 1 ballot tiflh asiistaut JuJe of the Supremo Court. 1st. 2d. 3d. 87 Hlf 113 82 77 7i Sf) 20 7 7 11 13 3 1 2 Luke P. Poland, Charles Dili, Win. Hey wood, Jr, II. II. Siuilley, Scattering, Tne Governor notillcd Ihat Oas, S. Dana and Joseph Sonic dei line olVioe to which they hid been elcctd. lliignmctl Hill. To Incnrporato Urnndoil 'Hank: nipporled by .Mr Sprague and opjxjsed ' Air C irpnntcr of N. Adj. o o'clock, 1'. M. fc'cMATn TJie IIouo resolulion 'fixinVon Thursday In a. m. to c!inne a State Librarian was taken up and roneurreil in. The (lillnwin? Itouo bills were taken up and oipnscu ol as ..iiow: relitin-fto divorce with amendments laid on ih ilil. in iliti,l iI.a lown ol .Montpelior lo select commitlco : to i . corporate tl.o National Life In-iiranoe Ci. to committee on Finance ; reliliug to the location of school lioii.e-'o committee on IMucalion. . .1 It . . m in corporate ine .Miriii-em .Mann luctnring U i to rommiiicp nn .M inufictiires ', and h.r tlw scnnoi in Urle.ine co.lsfiung Derby acd- emy one third.) nnd to incorporate the Vt. and 11..!.. ..'M..I l.r - .1 nl f " 'i"n iciiyra; ii i j. were reau nine aim pi-owd. The Senato then went into commille of tho whole, on the bill relalimr lit ri.ri.lm. ini,inn-n companies, rotrictini' their a umls. .te. nnd re. commended mindry amendment, when the bill pas. House. Uesolutinnt, From the Senstu tht iday ; pissed. By Mr Kolwrts, as to the expo- 'diencv of now rc-ruUtions as to debts in tha grand lists ; pased. By Mr Walston. as to tho T l; - . I ... ... rxp.niency m reoncing peUiIler tax; passed. 1 llv Mr Itrnu,,, ,., I..II I . l.l r 1, ' ; V , i'"'"""' " ' ter In day ; passed By Mr French of Ilard- , '1 h- rucng ueieganon in U jnr-resj on I Mil t'ry lilHI tin LUC III DIP. -,'l prou-oofact of 1SIR, insteadof tho 1 "bole act-p-.s-ed. lly general commille, bill, tn incorporate Chittenden C unity Inhrmary and toallar the name of Lucy I'n.ctor ; rr lered to 3d fading, lly cimimitlee un road-, bill in amend- . i e . i . i ... .i . .., . ' " roau ai ...i-iieion. anil inowe-leim ) at I -"rbaven, and provu Ung th.t tin eompa- j y '"jy with .be I n land and Br inp-N 1 V n"' r'C, 'V."1 1"'d I on the lahle. By Selr-ct committee, lull annex- i . . Jr, f ij . ,oul . 'iabor- liidon tl,n t"l'. Tl.n rennrl ,,f ll.. Win.lh.n. Pmti.l.n. , ,.. v1,rlil(iu,p;n r,, , ; ..,i, , -,.,n ,s It s ri .,i,, , .....,; r I .iln.i i,.s. ....ii ,?.,i , rale II ink at Brandon ; supported by Messrs Hasting, S.irigiie, Panzborn and Potter, oppos ed by Mr lleard-ley and pi'red, 131 to 2.1 To incorporate the Vermont Bank at Montpelier; .Mr carpenter ol A. moved to commit lor amend inent by reducing the capital from $100,000 to S5J,0U0 supported by Air Carpenter of N., op posed by Mr Heatoi and lo-t, G!) to 51; Air Arms moved to I iv llio bill on the table for imcu.hnciit by striking out Al intpelier.and an 'hnrUing eight commissioners to lix the location supported by Mr Arms and Carpenter ol N., ippo-ed by Al 's-rs Heaton and Seymour and lot; Mr Carpenter of N. moved to ili-mis the bill lot, ayes 3'), noes CJH ; the bill wa iheu pa?ed. I'm incorporate Green .Mountain Liberal Insti tute ; ps..c.J, AL' Tilden called up the bill annexing part of Undport to Cornwall, the que-tion being upon recoiis.ilering the amendment siibjei ting the bill lo the approval of the town interested. Suppoit d by .Me--rs Tilden and Needham, oppi sed l,y M Hiinllev and lo-t,7G to 10. Tho bill w is i.r Jered lo a 3J reading. Various vac mcics in commiltica were filled nid the lloiisu Omission in Senate .rociciiiiigso'.Nof. r, ', .If, Tliu hill to incorporate the Fran' tin County ! ' , " . " . ' ' , RedlieldVs iLiueiidiueiit to provide lor thu ap Bink at St. Albans Bay, t iken up, Air. ! ;..;., i, Snure, ,. I '.,. i l.., it. tha 11 ink still neudiiiL' when tlie amendinent was ably and earnestly support- I nl by .Messrs. Ilee.nin, .Moil. Uedl.eld, J. P. I Kidder, and Colburn, and oppasud by Alessrs. J White, Kimball, and Sivoatt; when the ques , tion nt' iiinending was put and lost yeas 1, , nay. IS and tho bill was .assod, yeas lrf, iia'vs V. ' ' Tuuii'pvv, Nov, 1, A. Al. ' Sk.vitk. Praver bv the Ch iplain. Tho lloii-o bills to incorporate Hanks at Mont- nolier and Brandon, wero read twice and refer red to Com. on B ink'. The engrossed bill to incorporate lho Chol- uea Ar-ideulv' w as read !ld time and pissed. u pissju n un uiu salary ui mo sum iron named. UtpoHt, lly .Mr Stewart from com on Banks in favor of the Bill lor a Bink at West Rm dolph,. and by j P Kidder from Jud. cmnniitttra in favor of ol the bill relating to private enrpo- rations both ordered to lie. By Mr Hubbard from from L, tax com., in favor of lh House bill to lay u Ian on Bradlcv Vale read 3d timo anil pa-eu. The House bill to divide tha (awn of Mont- '" poller was now taken up; when, on Ihe call of Oil vl. I 1, t o. . I 1." : t ll a i iviuuer, ..lessra oiewnii aou ivioioaii, (llr tne comi 0j rcrcrgcr,t atale.l lbe l.icta Ihat appeared before them. The nuotiou was then put, and tlie bill, by yeas 10 nay '., passed tho second lime and then was taken up, and had ,s (ltn Adjourned. Hor,E Prayer by Rev, 1311 lhlloii, Seatilii'itins, By .Mr Hastings, that the deben ture of the lata Winner from Jay be paid to Thoni is Reed, lo bo appropriated In the expen ses of his sickness and and erection of suitable tomh stones: oised. Bv Mr llnvnton as to expediency of alter ition of law relative to Hills In amendment of tho act relative to i irdiin and wards ; bill incorporating Ciit ideii County liilinniry ; in addition lo chap. .,q j Ta.i(.j I ing to highway, and bridges ; all

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