Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 17, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 17, 1848 Page 3
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I1IUHLV I.TISOKTAXT Work. CHILD-BIRTH: i Puto-iMc Scientific Work, nmn the Svb'cd of , Gfjflfon r;m Child-With, by tt.AL irJA I $J2LH()rj' M. talc of Parts just pub ' tisnea in joa-, ,,! (ic stumor. riMIK WORK CONTAINS Ki:ci:xti,yhis. crneied inlortintlnti hmmn piihicctoflhe htyhest ! Importance to Miirried Vrons or thus? enntcmplin I ling ....rmr,e. it wi.i m lomnipi epeci il siin? oi tlvna whose menu, health or t her (MtciimMniice, do not permit them to incicn.e l i it? number ol ilirir latniiy, Tithont pteat meoineiiiencc,im.imi;,(ir per li.ipj rik of hie, A tiiftli jJ ol iintthiiix iln-Mf troublf nnJ danger, nt will, Ueceiitly dmouied by a cele brated Pretich Phyjfieun) is tully communicated in thw oik, so tint any person m ly avail himself ul it atoucot without puiclnifii'R nny insttuiiicnt, mcdi cine, or other nrlicle, lium the author. The iieoh ot prevention here set lotlh cot rompiirtituely no thnii, ami are within the leoehofnll The procewn id new, pale, jnl-illi'ile, ronwim-itt, Pimple, and ron not injure the health ol the most delicate. Nor does it curtail iii'itnmoui il privileges in the lertft MOlUll A VOXSMVMUl) The ubvt of this work can be shown to I c ol die Inchest utility, and fiMaiued by the roundest princi ples of pmdentr, polttunl ct-otMmy mid iilue. U thoM luv n phjsiolofj.tal tdleit m.iy by produred peint.lieally nud without injury to lh ron(itutioii, v Inch thou-ands attempt to nctoiiiolit-h by the ino-t unwise ami reprehensible mean, 'i'lie obiect is by no luenns new to the world, The wans will b esteem ed by all scientific, right-iuiuded and f-etwible. people as a diseuery tn phyiokiy ul the lushest cuiibe quence to public mora'ls and hippmeH Tin: lxstlwt or rruitn. Love, and the desire fur union betwetn the texe, will be indulged, tall; ot prudence as ue may. With 'out marriage, we have, in all countries, a dcln.einenl alone sex, und the criminal indulgence ol the other ; with mairhtfe, anJ the unrestrained indulgence ot the natural instinct, ery olten Hutleiing and nu-ery of the moot iVuriul character. Who, thmi, Miall deny to man, (a free nyrnt) the riht to marry and to regu late the instinct of nature f youxg Minnirj) n:opu:. Younn Married People, wlne furinue' are not yet established, will find m tin- work matter to inter-e-t them deeply, and jufotmutioii ol tlie hii!iet alue, v Inch they pimuld not on any account, be ignorant of. Hundreds ol .Married People, now adtnueed in hfe,hac assured the author that if they had i-ed pucha tleauie in early, it would haw sawd thejii mote than half the pullering and depriatiuu tluiy have since endured. Unhanuv Wucs, who feel that their nhvical con- dttioii and health totaby unfit th'-m to become the mothers of n numerous otNpnng, and who ren-onably t fear that earh period ot confinement will tenuiirile their etitenee, will hail the discovery of this rerlain ' means of relief with unbounded joy. ljt nil -urh unturtunale and uuhippy wi-m oe no tune in ob ( taium! tbsi important Mork. It will be to them a ptecjius itoon throuuli lite, and prevent man) an i t-aily and preunluie dnih iinin:un in r msn. isi:s. ; Sero:.i, , . .-auiplioi, Ji-i nty, Ap't'-'V. Di ppiie ol the Heart, an I ntln-r li-r I l cmp. il its ea pi file of l ra u!ii i"ii'.i tiotu , p iieut to child, a I'd ct ininy w)rtli p-opl v. ho ut the -nue imn'.aicas cap ibV ol enjojmg themieiv. m tue nnni iu"'tr.t'i ti their moie lortunite icllow bcin-js Shillmrh permuis retrain tiom iinrriii; on fns nci-uunt, or fhall they tinny and uive bnth to a lei-hle olVpinu, destined to a hie ol sallenni; or an eaily death ( The iiuwer to ftich serious qui t;iuiw will be iouud in the work here reconmnnded. Iirly Marrineo arc ?tronrrly adv-ed iy nil plulo v tplierx and writers upon teial and polilieil subject!; Karly Mairia's beotid all ipiestmn tend to pruniote vittye and happine-s ; and wjih the power id rej'iiti ni ii the procreame tum tuuit, made knowi in tins woik, may be lredy entered into without I'M r ul in curring H"ponsibilnn"S which cannot be sustained. omit PuPVisATiox or Tin: Over Population of the earth need be no loncrap prehended. The caletilation ol M'lltlms and the wild tenrsof Kobeit Uale Uwen.aie alike lenden-d li ss by the dM'owry heie touituimieated to tin world. "The contiol oi men owrlu- acci (fit-," in this iep'ct, nt lcat, is Inne esiahlMied. lb" wis um of exerciMti-; sucli control, none who iu- the bubject n monient's con-id. ritmn cut doubt. .yoxhstv or nn: IVOHK. I L. r.y Tbere is no deception or li nnbueiry of any kmi .ibout thia woik. It i pieci'ely what ii title nf il.cntes, u scientilii: publication, coutaium inlonnu tion ot nrent value to iiritried tieoiile, orthoe cou- teinplatiiia in.irn.ii!, eiuie-scd m plain lituuaie '"" , ,,r .iit in merely to j-wcll the number ol lis ,-ies 1 lie whole story is told, and the means of lieeoinphMiui!; i t he objects ol the woik imly and I ulhlully cueii, j that the reader may mail bmielf of it ome, wiiliout I iiurJia.iiii.'iinyiiiei heide, instiiiineut, or other uiticle, Ironi the iiutiior. i tie melius iii protection wmc i n , lecoiumemls, may nisi be relied upon, without bur cif d.s iipomliueitt or injury. J'HYSWI.IXS, I'llOl'HSSOHS, .1X1) CLHHCYAIHX, In all nvts of the country have iriven their testimo ny striuiiily in lavor of the objects ol tins w irk, nnd the n.ituie of the discovery. Wc iinncA a lew ol lllCie ICLolillileud.illolis Ntw Yor.K, 'i-pteiuber 13, 1 ti 13 Dr R. M. Wi 1-M.i.iim i 1, sir Sir 1 should have no q fation wliuiever tlinl the means recommended Hi vour woik no Cbild-ltiiih, would nccoiupiMi the obj-cts mteu.led, consideir d in relerence to tihjsiolo pieill (irlnclliles alone, but I have lil-n the happiness to know that it 1ms stood the test ot pructluil cspell inent. Yours, truly, R Id". DOYl'.-V. riofcssai uf Midie ijcuj, late oj l'uns. Nuv1 Yokic, Aii2u.t, lo!3. Dr K. M. Wtissti ii"i r Sir: The moiul eflect ciftuch iufi'tiuation a your woik coin mis, 1 hchi've In be decidedly salutaij The tt.'ht ol luaii to con trol lite aiiiuinl ins tucts cannot be rpioiioiicd. 1 tiunk the woik will be the means ot dom iiiucli good. Rev. II Y. CROWl.llY. No. H Stanley Park, New Yoik. Dr Wrissi-Lti . -Sir- Thepituciples olChemis try upplied to the Im.:- Iir reul itm the piocrentive juuctions, us stated your woik nil Child lliiilt, would ntily nnv ell lfonned prison the ob-ii-ct of ti'.ut iinbllcatlon ould be iitlauied vvnh the most peilectiase.ccrtJin.y and salcty Piofesaoriif Chemistry. Xctc Cinvcrbtty. Conic nf thi work will be sent, in a cIoc ente-Inps-.ntsiimle letter potut:e,lo any pjrl ot the Ciuutl State! fr &t,frent I'o-t paid, to lltix C7I0, AVio Yvih City. CopyriMit Fecured. M' llookwller allotted to sell tins woik" J'uMicatfon O&cc, j;ivndtcattSvw Yoik City. v.irnox! f TlVraoni who Wi the Genuine Work, by I)r. .r"v it...n ..ill, t.n'i.itr units added bf his ow 11 band, can obtain it only by soiUmy uin juy w mm, eis-iiu'Hi "tn f -r . oshe euiplos no ,i?eii .' '. - the woik at whoselale tberefole no Inrnk S''. J'edlar, rmt-musier r j.i....i.. .. .,.1. ilir I'l iiuine WOIK. uevvure, men our, 71 cot.iei.uiid imitations, ntcii may not omj o - ..... Vis, Vl dangerous ! All inlr.i.jjeineti.s of ihe copy. worth. lell aortuceu o, "" 'vr 's,.d cinai atiu uue uft - ' " U,11V to ,.UIe I nn nt fliT r.1 1 If IZtllUIIIC l.yinail a ahote ; u i ; V ' . '.. T)V mail with perfect safety. 1(. - Mnv H MS wu'w" Jiis.1 Itc'ttiveil A T TIIK STOKCS OF Till'. I'spcRsiasicn, A ' ' V fr .1.. si I.H Lu' r,.n .iioi'dv of lit jibhkV ft uAtt Coat- "'IW PdU ale xeanl .. 3cr a penalty of ,00 0 Doll u r s , .,ot to contain nnv inen ury or any mineral medicine Ml Blr. thioi.tthoul the "tld now exceed Our Ul ) 'J ; )inr K tlm,tt..m,'j Pun- )'' , nr.. .11 !' Ibe -r "tertlnii ""' ) ' 1 fLr mr Tlie lllllll SI I lltlllts liSlll C..-t. Ill .ill inanufaciuie. e urn ,.,.,,11, men pail. in. ' , , ,..y r,. your ii.iul.oius, .,1 the lltsl ' '" ' ''.. ,,.., i, . tl.rb-l .'mole mil evVrkmiwu should by tb. 1 HI tuei'l . - . ...H,,,, , considered bey oml a I '.ope. Il.ufi pill in beautifully .. 'i ... ...'Il and best puis now , , . ., , , ,.,, a mated w,,h puie .it e ; ; yv- ,., of 'a ler nuniber red for a d,,se fluin o I v olbenull kn.mi...lbeM ope a e ..r. isii.ihorouith.yet tuiiu, ii'", ' """" ... , I mi v .'" r i ii i nu infiii re i . ..' .1. iciunetid .be,,, ' :. :'::;" , ra. nnd yinnnl c sa '" m ,.aji Rtl,, Coj.ed i mi nave inaoc "",,v " i , j.iiti i "L,",r. I. vli.hoiit doubt t" y t 'l IterriCK s . . ....... nlult. MIIIUHl lie j I a-" ,t the princip.i .. H.. ty numiccs BURLINGTON FREE PRISSS, vRctM,if pHN, look nut fir fmnd, omc nf thwi im-ii nttirhtlio wniil lector to their imnnstu -.'He them the nimenrnnr. nl" tit.or-tnt.iliiiv Alwrn-R .k for IIlrruVs Si'uAn (Vuru Piu.snnd ct them r liolU', OurtiilU sell lur 'j cts. Kf-r lutv. wiih lull til- "r jnHu.rt, j Jncii me our as, i i iJMers if. l vl All oni'T. iiuii ' IlkttnicK V, Tn. Principal OlhVe iNn fi AIhmy,i. Y. Ihe following fieiitle A. C V. If nrrintrtivi 'Then. A IVrk. Cntlin & yp';nr(lltirliiii!tnu ; V II Unteh, iTinn.w. CIiuLh1,, m ii i ..l.i.': a . .....!, lhv,rdm - m. .Milton t H A. As-lilv Pud ; V. uv, j. HVi k, lx ; (Jen. U Tlr. IW Ci im r ; (Un. It. ),iW .ft-iicho : 11 J Oik. C.iilnhill i S. Herriek. Itinlnrntf i M V. IInhev A- T Pmith, Moiikton ; A P Hnrnl, New Haven; C. W Parimlee,lJritolj W. P Hussell. Middli bary. Oct. yis, w'JO Now Goods. PE)oiEbM1- liriN.fiint rrooivnl liis supply of Pall and Winter f.iood. cnnit iujx of the uual ariety of l)iy floods and Dry tlio reries. The wlnde bavini; been puri-hased With Ca-h and eare.wdl be sold, as low a at any other More in Town Proadelotiis ami Ca6iiuere, at lower prices than ever Ufure known. Kept lsis, di;iw3winwf. NEW GOODSr- EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IX DOMESTIC I)UV GOODS. C . J' STANIFOD &CO., RrAVH rccc'ivrd llio in.l week, n Inrpc Rl nnrtinent of I)oiiip,iIic l)iy (in(di, which nrc clu-npt-r th-iiMiuy cier oilercd in tins market. Wc ha i' lecrivctl b0uilyl()f hpnvy -1-1 brown Sheeting nt fij cents uurih S trim. 7l)y'da ilci nt 7 anil 8 cents, north'Jnnd to cla Itleiulieil I'linc nnil Slnrtitii: fqunlly i lienp. S.VHiyM, I'nnti m II worth liitfiit". s-cll nt 7i-m l?nn j'tMii-nutiflil Mvl''" 1'ock l'rinn nt J nnd 10 i-nt. worth 13 nml 1 1 ienl Ticks, Firipeil Shirtniii, Dwipern, Cnnton nnil Wool riiinnets. l'ln'rlv. niu I nil' khidj of I miotic (J001I4, tniiiiinlly chenp. We flnll receive the ln"l ol thii we'k,n lnrtjenv korlnient ol S'ew (iooJ, from New Vuiknnd lioton. Come niul M'f th 'in. liurlinstun, Oct. 1J, 1SH. d.Vwtf. "Roast Bcof." A T T 12 X T I 0 X It I P h K S ! DURING Till PAST fuw yenrs thu Democrats Inve taken un-at pleasure in tliruMini; ineir miners imo uie uieenini; sales ii us wmi;s, nml, with thuin'i on nun, siirniti.-antly impiirme about ' tJitjt loast beef? ol which Miiueihunj was said in ' lSln, ju-t as tbou'ih we wire expet'd tfi insure n:riitM the " Provi ieiie s o! tiod.nnd th KuiLj'f en I einii'S '! Sin h it fiiieiueiit ol nuelty fully jii-nln-s re- I t-ili-ition,nuil lor ou I can submit to it no louder,' 1 urn lenK to jiwny, and ptopoM lo-how oil' And 1 t r the purp"-c ol denmuliatmi: to the pub'jc the eh uarter tt th enteitiiiument we invited tlieut to, as w i, i i i li it- 1 1 ie iks ol tat " th it wmlt hitvr 1 1 1. it'd ;he eoniumii et unity, I prHp'e.-ut ihe s.ilieit iti'iu ot iiuinen in trieinls unions the hlnrp Im t i d Clnitend u 1jiiiii to put up my o;ne w ii ti . flfbtntt'd lu lot k " TipH'(.inoe," lor a taruet hitotini;, t n the Aioiulny pn ci dm thank1!! vine At a meeting id' tin bilheilioo I, convened lor the p'l'poM-, the trim- wi-ie auieed upon, and the lollow.iii: proirraium is submitted lor the considera tion ol thoM.' di-pued to patliC'pate 1 Siy lickcls (o ho sold at 3 t'urli. ! The liootin is restricted to rlti."li of Chittenden CViniy,nml no ietoii w.ll b allowed two ti'-kets ' vvh there aie I'lle npp'ieajit, but f-houldn nortiou reiinmiin-oldoii thJ5th int tlien the oiininal stock holders limy e.xlmust the balnnr by d-iplicatts, d th"V h e lit Th- lnddcr of each ticket wdl 1 entii'cd to a ytrine ol three flmi, by huuelt or hi prow ; but no person will le allowed toshout but two tn ket lor huus.dfor I oth'-r',e.cepi by uunnnnous consent o the tu'kt t nol l dels p.cfut. I 1) 1 S T A X C II 10 RODS. I'.'di inliidual w ill liirnKli his own inru-t , w Inch it is itvoin ended, hould be ol imp-ror jntrbo-iril,w itli the tnup of the ownei and the numb-1 o! bis tuket . M.Tne p-isun to attetid'lhe la reel, and aUo npptnut a cominuiee to nifiieiire in-"sniti' nu t report tue s.nue nt the conclusion. -So one i xcept thuf,. nniioin- ted that purpose w i.t b- perm. tie. 1 to il lilt- t ir ret.or llispicl tie' 'no's, until the li i- tnroiuh Them ach man's laiet will be tetiirutil to hiiu to p'.lk for ni-eil The nn und will be tint near the tnilioul einlnnk- ....,1 .... ll.U Ij. o ..I 1..1.M v p i ' .. . In w lio-e luiiiielii ys we are liliienieil lur me l.uor. A, y 0-cot k on the inornini. the dav.thettx in -m,,,,,,, with his illu-tiious lonipeer. ilr, -e,l lor ihe C..MQ , lim,anied by r. b.iu.l ot Aluslc, will ,. m.m.h , ,w cu,, i b,;ivf.t j lllm .Ht-n. tti.l then-my tu the .-iiorimi; lirmmd. ,, s.nnh.w hoe sl iuebtei.b.iu-1, near bv. kind- Iv olU'r) to clioa liu aintnnl. .nd lie will uridrdm 1) by fclaulllt'lfil nil tltr i-pul at 1 o'clock 1'. M. DISTMHVVIOX. Tu the Sin. rust" btiniL'," Two Qimirrs. " i A luiul niter. " -3 ,( A tim (j-nrtef. " 1 Tii" T.i 1 1 oa. 5 " 'IV !IH- Th? T.ckn nrt for m!? at II l.v ird h li)kS:nr.. Tnos uli'i iK'aijn ti t ik- si'mid tickflH !muUI H 1(1X0.11.' iieaa i ry art ri- i-!.! m to i) si in tl.i ciut set, th it it nny "be known, M v. horn lo a-"in ihftn. hh'iuld the -.ile o TitkrH not w inani iht in iich, iIu1 notice will be pivi-n ihrou'i th p ipjr-, ant, the money U'inndfd on it'turn ol tiieTuktU iN. 1 A lew 'J'uikn-fi will be put ii,i at ihe ptiiic time, lur the purpose ol iiiablm ihe iw.iipuiy lu si 'ht their nllca. II. II. STACY. Uurlnmtoii, Xov 7, 1SH. dlaT josi:imi no.vuDU.iws i:simti:. IJl) tho tilj-cribcrs litivin I.ceti appoint. II cdhv the Honorable Proline Court for the Dis. trict ot Cinud I-le, Couillll.s oners to leceive, exam , in.' hiiu niiji- in" l'i.-miii' , , , , ' ,i , ! ,,,U,I,T,VU I'r1'11 ine nnd ml iti- 1 1 nuainst tin- Ignite of JD.-lll'll HOAUIJ.M A.N, lale ol tsoillll Hern 111 Slhl ilistrict, deceased, Icpresi'iilcil inii vent, ami u'-o nil 1 bums mid ileiuauiN exhibited 111 off-el lie ri to, and six mouth-. Irom the date lleleof lieini; allowed by said Couit tor that puipo-e, we do hereby mve notice that vve will intend to the business of nur nppniutmi ut nt ihe ilvvlhm;.ioue of .Iamis Morr, 111 South Hero, in slid iiitrier, 011 the fcem! Mnii.lay of Hcctnibvr next, at ten o'clodi, A. 011 ..aid d.iv. Dated this IO1I1 .hv of O.-lober. A 1). Ibl9. AIINHIi II I,ANI)ll..i (JllOlitii: I.ANDDS, Cmms. xvioat calvin n.i:rcni;u,i it V word to llio wise"' A 1 o 11 1 IS v ! Ii :i W li a w I . ti;iTH()I'T I'ltLSnil'TlON c confi. H den dentlv beleite we lute inteiisomerjie barcams ut the I I is, mws nsvth ixat: I in ltroacln SlnwU, ns the rxpeuener (if tcrv imny i i it uu (ll em 1f. can testify We arc pn-p.iied still mote liiuwav Our shatt !s aie hounht under the m u ,nsi lunt hivorahte ( ircumtnicei , Mid we are able and willing in our humble opinion, to s"U ihun lets than tfiritrun Le luiisht in this licinifv. Our a-snrtmeiil coii-in ut pit sent di iijit-rior MIK ami Wool Niatt N, Medium mid Commoit Hilk and Wool do Wool and Colinn. In White, Drnb, Ulnck, Ulue, Scarlet, Centres of . . nru .1 I r, .1 D, .... .... .1 .1.... .. ... . . h'"w' -(" " ' "r coniuiou, uu oi wuicu wm oe uuwu in me most I Kvtry thawl we pellfrom the " Ladies Exchange" ' will be ttairatited. i JKOI Iliirhlmd Mantlenml Huaie, in any quantity, at the " Ladies Kxchanue." WILCOX A- NWSII. West door to UriiiMii'tid and Itrotliers. Church Ftrert. Uiirlitlon, Oct. l,'lM'i. Now iNIilcli Cow. V? I I'll CALVKS hv riimit smrs i? Wanted b) JOHN KIMIIAI.I,. wliJif Nov 1st 1H, .Miiliiicrv ami Dress Making. Vh. FASHIONS 50 SlllS. MIII'liTIT liasju-t returned from New Yoik with a lame ass irllneul ol Mihi.ixnttY .ixd diii'.ss conns I,i. ) ii n. Itoiiflt Unf nil (teenotloilH It II il la i..fcif.ule: Ailil'n iul I'lotteiH. a uirnt taiiett A jrne uml teiy i hoice nwutnient ot Kibhon, ol ihe .....I ... I...... ,...,,.. ri.s. Al,.p.. ni.l newest si) ics ii i in on ! ' ........ , ... exletisive nsstti intent of )rei.s (,'imhIs, and all atticles usually fiiutid in such e.tnbhshmciits. lIurltnKton.Ocl -JH, HIS. dawlTSlf Bl'C HAN'S Jlll.VCAItlA.V IIAI.SA.II Ijnsi iccened a ftcsli supply by ihe I'topneior's Aiienl, w7 THIH). A. PLCk. UANTni)! rteeti' ax.Srtll lbs. bj V wis 7JL0. A. rt'CK 9 It illusion Great ami Tiiitinrt mil Cliriiiir nl 1 ,,l,u 1,1111 v 111 milm Discovery. CHEMICAL COM11IXATIOX MOM TIM'Aiu.i: kixcuom to ur.vui. Dr.GUYSOTT'S . THIS 'tlBACT Itf , WHILST IT '""OtCATtS "ISCASC IT '"vicor.Mt1 Jl EOOV. Vc 7104 successful Medicine the World! Ill The refult of n series of Chemieal Kxprimeiil, thi Comimuntl Kxlitut of Yrlhio Dork nail Sitstji nrilUt, with olher ullllii't eiii;il'y nnetlul ve(.eliihlf 5ult.Tlicep, is one of llie i;ren:et ilicnveriei of the nj;e ; nntl h th" fnt nntl on'y ininnce to which thec Kooi nliin in ne by the faculty line been nui teil into n CoiniwitHtt poeni2 n tlue proportion of the peculiar 1rt11es niul poweisof each. lm success is ii.tonishin, hav urtx performed over fifteen thousand cures since its discmery less than two Jems ! ltsiinrivjillei! power over, and nrent superi ority owr nil Stnijilr Sin snpiiriUa .ty'Wiff.lnny be nt triiiuted to tie bid lint it is (otupiwil pinclv'ol vene table subsnn.e,Micli one Invirnj direct 11 fDrenee to sumo luiernalorani ; consequently the whole system is beiielitted. It is theninif hiahhj miirf nlrri((i Pyrup in ue nnd UMI12 in (Jiinit liottles nt one dnllir per H iiImi the clienpe't. It puril'u nnd enriihe the Uluod, in v morales th 1 llnde.niid eoiwvipi,.iiiy I'vprlsiiptvons iIi.-iih- Iroiu the fulfill, n.oic illcctu.illy tli.innny iiii'ilieiue known. It is pleni-itil to the taste, nccnion neither sickness nor p 1111 in lis oiperiitniu,can betaken regardless ol business ordiet, an J by thonged and uilaiitnitlt equjl by mint. 'I'his extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla U a insitie, spiM'dy nnd peruiTiuent cure Inr Voiminijiliim, Scrofula, r.njnfieUis, Ilhcuma lism, (lout, l.kcr Vomplmnh, Spinal .? fictions, Ulcers; Syphilis, Dropsy, .Istli ma, J'ilcs, Scum;, .lffittians' if the JHaitiltr anil Kidneys, Ahrcuriul ilis, easts, Corrupt Humors, Hush of H'.uod to the lhad, trir and t'lif, Imit!e Compl'ls, Gui irat Dibilitr,, Dyspepsia, Jmss of .IpjMtiti, Colds, lhfiiliuhc, Costivimss, (lraeil,."i;ht Sweats, Co.'ir, Organic .1 fictions, P.i'ii'.tatitm of the Heart, Hilis, J'ains in the Side, 'Clust,, Limbs, 1 f,T. SfC. I T 1 S I X ' A L L I li L E In nil diseases nrri-iui; from an iinpuic state of the li.oo.l,or irreul ir aeiion of the s-i.'m. 1 ix Tin: 'i:gi:tai;li: kixvdom an ah Vie Hems has depo-ned plants nnd IiciIh congenial to our constitution;., nnd n.lapteil to lie' cure ot dis-ct-c , nnd In the Vegetable Kmdoiu does the reaso-i of linn, us well as the inMincl ol miiiimals, turn lor autipo b s to pain. Tue Siirup i a scientifiic Compound ol the mo-t til- liable rl.iuts m Nature, entirely hui. Ironi deliterinus and en-rvatini; Mineral subslnlice.-, mi l as it expels diseav fiom the sy-tein, imparls slrentli and Mur in a cortespondin deeree. OI'IMO.VSOI' ITIVSICI j This i to certify tint we, the ini.b r-uneil l'hysi cians ol the city of Nw York, hue in u very ureut many cases puscribcd Dr liuisott's llMrnci ol Yel low Dock and rfar-apartlla, and are fully nsS,ncil that it has no equal iiinonii the varied siviup- nod .Salsipnillln piep ilnlioii- that liave i ler been sold. John !' Sitbbuis. M 1)., Hin'lT. WrlU.M D., 1' S .Maynird. M. D , l1 U Tnoiuis. 1 D. J. II. .Mnr.'iu. ,I i). t!. .M. JjIiii-oii, M. D. New oik t)it III, "0. , ti: sTi vox v. j The fillowiii" letter indicates its salutary effect in cas.-s of DYiSPCPrilA, GU.Vi:iiAI, Dllllll.ITY itc, Vateltnwli,.Ii'IIcisoil cn , Nov. I, 'I Mr. S. P. Henneit Sir : I mn nt n lus. to eAtuess ..I I.. I. I II !.. . C. (willi word-) what ha- been fild in tuaUo uf iiur Compound Kxlnict ot Yellow Puck and rar;npniilh. All wholrm Ind the plei-ure ol n-iin il.ppeak ofi:s mauflotH Ili-cts in removing dia!'. with mm-lt leelini nn I h-arll-'lt s ttilnetitin, tint I am ronti b nt now tlmt no iiii'ihi'ine in u-i' cm b.jriM ol n-t Mipi'ii-tr 1 iiialin'. Many w ho have Im-n coniplamini! Im ifurs w ith piu.t in tlie ml, burmui; cm I pun u th- ch-'-t, dj(-pep.i 'eitirnl dehilnv, u id rppfhte, i',ii1,&,m,:1it vMMiii,hTlt theimi, - Toluifi in fart all ihe iIisim ts that wr 'm thi- (.' nn ln-ir to, liud m tin Yellow !!)'knnd S i isip'ii ill t nil i- rej uite tu make them wlnt ttVy wt-re in th d.iys ot h .illh, ie. j W'v lind f have Ind sjine twelve (b.xn Imt ilcs in three inoutli", mid ,e nn iifailj out. You pleaH&end nn nmiib'-r, nml ubhiri ours j iHATv:(.ni:i;o;n'. jjyrfpopsKi curoci ol iinrty yours stnndinr Ft .Tnlinsvilli- , Montgomery . Jan H, IIS. S P. Ilen ietll) ar feir .o;u f nr weeks since I was induced to try juir Yellow Did. and Ilia tor m-pep-ia j II nl hecil allhcted nbout U.I venM. hum pan ol th - tun- 11 i.ible to cat any tbiuj; wiihuut Mlllerillllllell-ely Iroiu Its 1 ff'ets. 1 have ll-ed now onlv o le bottle of iiivaludile medicine, and t'on-uler nivseif entirely cured solelj hv us u. I'm now eutal.eaity meal, without the tltshtept incon venience. 1 ANTHONY BLXk'MAN. 7 Im first r mmlr t'U firinr Pnmru The mild alternative propertieof Dr. tuintt'si . trarl of Veilow Dock and S.impftrill.1, render it pe culiaily applicable to the slender and conti. union ut the female. It is uniivalled in KsHlert up on such ili-e.i-ei ns Inpirani onmnpiion, Jkirreii-u-, liiieCorihiH;. U'lnle-, Irreyuhr AIenstiuinti(ii, lncoiitiiitiHe ol Ihlne.and u'iHial I'lo-tratiou ol the sy-lein. It iuuiiedinti;y counter.ictH that th-lie?-mi' iicrtou-ne1" and lnilude mi iMiimioitlo the female frame, and iiiipatH auciiery find buocncy as tur pri"tnas thev are grateful. HV h iteevideme on It e, which indurrs us fctronuly to ri'Commciid this uieihrme to mairitd people who hate not h.eti b'tM'd with oll'-ptui. , MV c.iunot ot course, e.xibil t ettitiieales tn any ex tent m the abut clas o coiiiplnjnu, but give the fo. lotting f.Mrncl of n Utter ncuitly reteited n-i Mime indication of the exireordmary t niue ot thid medicine a-a reuledy lor th disease- leleried to. .Newuik, Jim 23th, IS 19 rIr.Ieiui''lt We take pleasure instating that mr Yellow 1) n-k and .imp-iriU'i Kives ;reiit s-itisliio I Hon in every cae lie bhaU try and tend jou kuiic . certificates. A tery iepeclabV (jentl"i!nn infitrmed itlrithis ilmij-Jiter wn. tumbled with dillirult inen-trualion.nnd iher disea'cs peculnr to her sex She had not had Inr rejiular iiieii-trual disiharges for u Joiif time ; but by the u-e ot Dr. Cuysotfs Yellow Dock and .Sar3p. i iirilln. uhh rnili.-nlli- .-nr,.,! Ho, I I 'P..,. ...... .. , . ,,, ,', Had used liiwiiscnds, nnd others, without receitin-i the slightest benefit! II. 1.1 . 1 . , "au nti;mer tue irom tue bame cause. riease K-nU lis on additional supply Very resjiecliiillv vours. j.i:.TitiiTi:ico. VMM,; ItHM'TY. I lieswhosf roinplekirttis are not ns clear ns they could wish, instead of resortiu. in those poisonous oirpiKiiiiiuiH in mr loruioi i osineltcs, .vc ,slioiilil ue Dr. liiijsott's CoiiiKiuud ol Yellow Doi k and Snrsa- pirilla. Itv inililiilii. the llloinl and enlivrllilli. Ibn i ireiil.iiion, it (jives i'rirnrM tu ihe coniplectiou, biihtuei.sio the eve, and elnntciiy to the Hep ' Leaum: ihit beautiful which still was so, And iii.iUiint that which was not " ; Vexaiiouseriiptioiisoii the fire lesnltinn vvnnt nf exercise or Mu"i-h iircul.itioii ol the lllood, at ome iii-ippenr im.ier its tnlliieiice, Irnvnit; a rich blooui ol health, that uu corun tic tan impart. l.n. die who have tried it express ibciuselvcs surprised ami delighted. Grcnt Popularity. The follow ing is the coinineiicemrnt ofau interest. ini! letter ju-l tueivid. It is but nne ol the iiiiiuy iuinuieawe nre d.iily lece iviltt; ot the uuprecedeii- tel populaiiiy ol this medicine in etery pait o the llllllllll - i Cohiiiibus.fien. July St, ISIS -The Yellow Hoik and Sarsntiarilll cives uiihouudeil sati-t inion, mid I think will. sbott time, siiiietse le nil the other prepa rations ol Har saparilla in the niaikel. Veiyiesclfully, It. CAKTUIl. Caution Extraordinary ! TfJ sre at reputitjon of thji ri)dicin h'n indutd FRIDAY MORNING, November 17, 1848. numerous roiiuterfeitors nnd imitators tn tnke fiekl. Dewalehow von buy medicine put up in Hiune ipiait buttles Ife eiy sure nnd n.k lur l)r (iui-ill's Cnuipouuil llMrnet ol- Yellow Dock nnd Sais-ipar- illn, beainiL' the written sniU'iture ol S V H'Mineit, onenclioiilsnle Haipper,iitteii wllli blnek ink ', sunt 1 do not, on nny ncc iiuntbe nidiieed to buy nny other in ticti ns II is this pl'l pallllloll inilij tlinl Is petlntmillLf sui li iii,irilous nnd niiiniliinii cures. Tike tiu mail's word ; ns peisons h it mc the tonntellelt lileil icme nnd not the genuine, lire ol couii ile.iroiH of nrikini! their ;'riieoni.eiiiienlly )ou nrc bab'e to buy woithkbs trush, unless ou cMiiiiiue fur )our selres, It is well m nit cases to cut out ibis rnution njul imt into vour pocket. book nnd compare with medicine. fir II ember, Dr. tiL'YSOTTri YIXI.OW Dllolv AND SIISAI'Alill,l,A. 1'repiri'dntS !' IIIINNUTTd l.ibontory, Lit tle dills, lleikimer Coiiuly, N. Y. nnd told by GLIO. II llAKUINtiTON HurhiiKtou Vt. Jlurlmt'lou Oct 11,1313. FIRE FIRE ! The St. Lawrence Mttltud Fire In surance CoinjHtny. 0!';itcsilui'-h rVew York. AT the solieitnlion til fevernl lespectable (Jentie men in Norther i Vermont has appointed tra tclling Ac'nts lor the County of Chittenden, tn nf lord tu its 1'nruici.s n chenu nnd reliable insurance nifiinst loss or ilnninpe by fire. This Company c-tiihli-hrd nn nijencv little more tlinn one yenreince in the County of I'rankhu, and it has now nearly one thountd'hazards theiefroin shoviurrilse(.tiinutioti where known. Its insurnuccs amount to nbout n quarter of n milium ol ilollats m.ji,llihj, nml Its extent, clrirncter ol haards and etoiioiuv tender it siii-h,that llienctiul cost to Tann ers on 1'iihcies ol several years standing bus bteli but the first payment nnd less than cents llic 100 per jciu! The Company I'.xi I.unrs fiom its haarils, luildins in hinds, (,i,lttut unit Slitidt fartnte, J.tviry Stulilrs, Jl'itt Alltys, llUtch Smith' simps, rurimccs, VmsfSiAs'icius, Cowihr Mills, liuirtrirs. Miclm nics slap,cith Maelintiy impelled It W'ulcr nr Steam, and Stenm Mills, by winch 1 .iriuers and thus,, iiisuniig iznlattil ptoperty nte not made to par ticipate in Hum (minions insurance but share with K:Us. I'arm properly unexposed taken fir 5 years nt 1 3.1 per cent ot me sum tusiireil ; the neoued for ln)u Civilian note ot S1U.1U n (i(ol which he pns down, and only so tnucliof the balance of the Hole is culied for dm inn the I'ive )ears, ns to pay nctinl loss, Stores and Merchandize from 21 per cent upwaids depending on the cniistruri jon nnd material ol the buildint j nml r.Meruul KipoMircs. No two (iinct.-insc in its Policies ; whole ninount insured paid, jl lost members con w.tlidraw. ami cannl if df-hous. At! ills have certificates from the Sec rrtiry nnd if policy ne not receiveit tu due time, .otu.e to tlie ! Company is requested. Refers to the following Members. l'laltslureh. X. 1'. ' Chamnlain. X. Y. .. o., il llliy .Vlnore, ns Tiu-ice I'res. church Thus. J. W'bitesid r.ilu I Lunch Tiu-tee 1 I l'.ilmer, Hew St. Allians. Vt. Church, Co. Ion. S S. Ihown. ti'illiiton, Vt. iCbancev V. Hrowuell, Hizhsute. Vt. S. W iV ri. Kecsf I.uciui Green. rence ,h ts, Liutuvu3 V. Edwards, Director.' D .lt'Dn.N IlIlArJTl'S VIDAS, KOYAI. Vll.AS, D CIIICIITON, H I'llH.I.IlT, .1 V KIINT, WAI.TKIl WII.I.SON, S PATlTRincn, A MOS IIACON, I'rrs't ira wiii:i:i,ock r. r. i: n r.iRciiii,D, it; w Ki;ut.i:R. 'lion .1 C HOPKINS, ii. o roori:, Agent Wanted, for elich lowli. Addle.s A. Kkeds, Jr., Cicnera A"ent.lIi"o:ate. Vt ii. c rooTi:. Oct. 10, ISIS. w I fli n'J WINOOSKI FANCY GOODS. BAZA3&R ! ! COHEN & ItUXXHEIM IIA VH j i i -t opcnotl at Vliioki Fulls llio Pet mo-t siileiidul nsoitmont ol timid, to be found this fble of New Yoik, which they .lie now readv to sell ut the chenp-st irms. They flitter themselves mat irom ii lontr ami imiuiaie ncq.iaintau"e vvitu lle'ir i bu-ine..s nnd with tb tneaus of )iarc-li i-iii4 the Iiet j oo'I- at the lowest prices jn the maiket,tiiev are nhle i ......Il 1 ..I ..II .i.. 1 ....I I..... t.. ' Ut ?'ll iroo.I ut rill (J"acrii)ti(Hs ami (mnlitu on the most (tornlilt nn. I adviiiitiifons ictuis. lVot!t trmn llurlintnii, Colrh'-stcr or nny oi nit rnuuuy fall ul our wi-hmsw purchnsenre it-quested to riwi' wont: mi'l cxamiin; our lut just rwiu-J, coniting in ntl DRESS GOODS im.l cloak MulTi "I nil kinks Hmnm S'ripr,Ca lileliuii trtiipt', Cn.inf.ibif Cohttui, Flinch tv.i.l. nf ell UiikJ-. r'-i( k Q.iet-iH rl'tth, IJfiinltnzine, pin id raw Mlk, Casinific il Cos. .Mu-lin tic Lanes. rni:xcn tiiii!i:ts of nl' q'nlilH ilk.CiianfaliVnnd C'hct kftl. lii.u k pi nn oud Injuw-.iini Aio, a : Fplt-iitiid aiorliiunt . I nil Wiiol nnd Silk. I'utIic, IJih. Ik l.inf; PhawW, fin-i-lied q'l.ilijy, lln k .S.k triw.s, plain invl tijured, . Tlulit hiln ul ml kind-, n ko.c ndhl n-niiitit'iii it Imij , mill f-tjiriu' I in i.i and Katy, a ?j 'Undid a.-ui tuicnt d Kn,;iU and Frt-ncti lllack Cassimen,(i nnd dui itkni-, ttiul tancy do. nt nil kind- n crmt nrn'tv ot" UiiuIimi nnd I"rrti-h I'lint-. nn.l llini..,lto 11. nlvi I .-.... l.'.,n,U i ' Ule Ul,rt lml KN. tollni", tUisM-i.-ninl buiiiu t ttulN, mull- tec. Vc..ot ll.e tPit nett?t sti le wlCtf COliliN .V, MANNIIi:iM. Tl J"' uh-enber Jiat inn been npp untrd by the Honorable the l'mbate Court for the Di-trirtoi Chittenden, ccumni-'iouctH to recejte, e.aiuini' nnd ml in -I l!tf I'liiiii.. mi.! id mn nil till nil itHiMii nirinui tho t-htatt of itciioni IhoiiipMm, hte o liichmoml m Mid l.trnt, deceased. lepreM-nted in-oiteiit. nnd ul-ii all claim and demand exhibited in olVet thereto ; ami si inontu irom nn nay oi tne uaie iiereoif hem allowed by siiil Couit fr the iurptw, tte do there. 1 fore heicby nito, tliat tte will attend to the , bumis of our apj.o.utmeiit, at the dv.elhiiij d ' Mi-iH'h Tlmmpfoii, m Klciiuiund i'lsiid Di-trict, n the second Mondays ol December ami Murth nc.t, at 10 itVhtrk, A. y ,on each of sn I iln Dated. tfn Kith div of m plem'jer, A. D. 115. i: it oiii:i;. j KOI.LX OLi: '0N. Commit. w!Su3 JOSKrjI A II ALL. ) hcN!ii CJail Stoat!, fS ml 'iher Ouober 13th, Trains will tun oter this oml tu follown. ,.i-cii.i , ii. .re it.., ,ti , t mi iitriKirn I,, mnnectniii with the rnchburK Trains, vvliich leave l....u 'i v.. .... m i.- ..... , r... :.. ciianestovvn at , , n. nun i r. .vi. rroiu Wiuchendon nt U I i A. M. and 3 in P. M., coiinectiiiii will, the second and the lust ltchher trains tu llostou. Stnttes Irom Western nnd Northern New Ifairp. thin-, niul the .Stale of Vermont, will deliver and rr ceive pusM'titrers nt Wiucliendoii in cuunectioii v.idi all the above Trains. A 1'reiiiht Train will lie run daily each wny in c;n nection vvttb the usual KiulihurL! Kieiiilu Trams, 'I1. M. UDWAUDS, Presi,-n.. nil'.'i.ISIT. l'JU The lar,rr.s(, lies! ami chcaiicst DICTIONARY, in the ilniish Imijiinge i. coufe-edly, V II )i '!' k it ' s , ihe entire v -,, iinabridi;ed, in I vol Crown Quarto, llVjpp., vv i a piirinnl of the author Kevi-ed hy Professor (ii idiich, id Yale College. Puce f. " The most ourMTE. acciiutf, uud kli.i vnt c Ih'etumaiy of the Lai gunge," is the recent ic.iiiuony civell In tills woik by many Plesldenls o( Colleges ""'I "lf' distinguished lilcitity men throughout the i conntty other llnitbsh Dielionuiy compiled lit ibis country, or nny Abtnlirment ol llus work, jet " ItSlll lUllllollS nteiuoueisoi ruilireilMllonaill im. ,i,y. Thei..o.lj.n1,.l;ieudjk)li nation can boast ol -lion II m li. Calhoun. Us ileliiilllolls ate luoiieisol contlensation andiir ' W e rejoice that it bulsliir lolMcoinet u nam ird Die ia,y lo be use I by Hie ,..,s l,on, of p.,.i,!e wlfn ,,re to the United SlJtc.."-i,,(. Published hv O. & C. MCRII1AM Snrlnnfirl.l Mats , and for sale by all Dooksellns. Octotef JSJS, ritm i.Mi'onri:i) itv CTT l2S7. fit IT U'CO. Vif . VU SIWCJX 4 vLO. tux lVaslsi:" Jon yirccl, -IOK THMi; FALL SALES Al.I.olwlin h will be oir'te 1 by the VACKACI1 orat Ui;TAIIat(Jt'ICIC I'KICIW. MOHM THAN 700 IMCK.1GI.S IiOiii,r am! Sjiii:on hnwlst, SILK GOODS AXI) SATINS. SUk Vttcet. bhek and rolors : '.rit (Htnln, Vi xitrst Miihti'lfta, Srtirfs, Mtintlm, Sftfitilt Prrc, Mn iuot. Velvet Cloths, Lyumsc Cloths, Merino and olb'T f'Uiiti L'rtmnfS. Mnufsclittf Ve Taint , KmbmiJcictt V rwr s, IitH'i and l'ici.rJi '"jVjs. Jlmlanj 'itins, lit plt.h and Pienrh Tlomhttzinta. Atrjtiws, Alt'iicni, Cmirt nnd all other ortulis U r JM'itunin. (iiuiihtinit, I'miti C'otfi, 'Jiismmcns, 1 all slufT for Chil il ririi'j ear, Hints,!! and Cushnuic Shuicl i'uttttns, lor J2o!cs Dc Ch'imbtc, LINEN (! OODS OP AM. KINDS. JlmlrnidnUs, Tummwzs. Laces, Eilging, and all kinds of WHITE GOODS or a i, i. i)i:stiirTio.s;. Ulaiikels i Quilts; Ttannels ; Olocrs ; Hosiery I l'uns I'trfitmiiy ; 1'iatto and Table Cloths; Furni ture l'ntcltes ; J.uilrnidiied Curtains and a great many other things beside A'.sn, JJ!M ISnles and (.'nscs or DOMESTIC GOODS- Our stock ts nltotiether a lie, for n description 1 here ; we invite nil toe e it lor t leinse.ies. Our ! (loo. Is will be freilynn politely hnw i, und ns ic iiurivt uaine the lowest prue Jn,t, and XTA'Lll rut lium it, oar custoiuets wnl not run the n-k ot i i mtj double the value ol articles, nur be rudely urged to buy those which da not suit them. Original and Ci amino, ONE PRICE ONLY. Geo- , Warren & Co., LADIES' I2XCIIAZYGE. Opposite the Marlboro"1 Hotel, BOSTON, Oct. 10, 1819. wliwG EVUk Wanted. -, CASH AND GOOD prices will f-ir be paid for Wool Skins by V II II TCII Oct.SI.J3. wI7 niooski 1'nlls To thcyounif men of the United Stiitus. AN APPEAL. XIIII,i; jou are vounirmii irenre joursclves lor lutuie happiness, usclulmss and lespectabi- litv. l'or n small amount of tnonev saved fro'm some uofit'ess expenditure oni e a tuoinh, vou inay in a It w muiiths be put ill pot'sir.n ot ;i vvorl, trout which j mi may derive interest und ptolii for the time, which w il,s.. ve tor u study tbroui:h ) our lit-, mm w huh )ou may hand down to the next eeiieiiiiinu lis a trcauie ' lu"t'iy Ibe ngem which jou lived mid worthy their The Subviibi-r will puMi-'i about the iimldle of October lie- lii-t uuinber ol u PofCLAf., ULLOAsr and Il.U.sTr.ATEII Illilllii.N ol UNIVERSAL HISTORY movt TIIK Crc.itiuii l'll: 1VuiI, 11 V 'I UK I.ATU Hon. AJcxiuiiIt'r Fraer Tyllcr. Stnutor nf the CoHtt:- nf Justice, ant 1,ml Cum rn'miomr of" Justianrtf in SnitfanJ, und furnur Praftssor nf'civit History, and Orifk and Jlom'tn tntittitit$ in the I Suiters it if nf lUUnburxh, The work will hp puhii-hed in tmmlhly number, nt J.' cent e.ich,nnd wi'l W c'lmpletd in ten or eleven I jj j,,,, 1,.,!" tiandome oluim;. ot I to- ciwlv ot Ili-torv is the nmt eniertainin nnd m-elul ol nil Mtuhe, thinelore tl, (.cleaion ol nn ntilhor m n il. lii-t if tui The hi-iorv , Tv- I'li.m hi breii ihmivh m re tl, ui Cr. lIt'Mi;iD t Mil 111 IjiVlHiJ, ir I in t be U uversities ol country mid llus, and Like- the hi rank anionir hie ar vvoiiw,. l,e para .. ir t e-refore to eiiijiuie for i " T:,::tfs v:;i r.itwi. iiivnmv. I T,..'iiniU. - 1... 1 1 wi i"i t 1 1 11,-iiiM.n 1 I ' 1 ' 'ii n hki i,iii"ii ir- 1 ti (U, I'liWislil l,y WIM'.V.Jr. r,t. ., , .,, ... ' ', t; . n' V Vi"' "7r'JK-"",l 'V I'""!' rub- I - "."""S """ IO-- Linii-il .-Hills. .Agents vvnnteii inohtam subscribers, w ho will be paid 11 very liberal comiiu.-m.n E JTIiv mime the Inst number. C. 11. IMwards, Apent for It t.luiijion. Oct ID. IBIS. xvlJmfi A. AliN'oTf) & CO., IMrOHTJIIiS, jokki:rs k kltulers. lluvf ttrrwvcd to .(-r Xvir .torc, No. 50, Canal Street, One Door A'ka of tar Stand they have so oti,' occupied. IX nntiuipnlioii of this removal an oxtf-n. jjOO)3, suiinhle to the sea-oii, Inte been selected Europe by a pnrllier of the Honse.a laryr pottmn of ...iiviiu,.- u in Mure.iiuu oineisnre uany arnvin Sit. US. Superb P; irisSijtes in all the new designs nf the H-a-on. y-1 and I I changeable ami black tfniin de i Liiuir, ... in inrnoie t,los it l.ltvpte, j. ( and 1.4 chnniteaWe Poult de .Soie, ll.laud I A bhek-watertd si.ks, Pouipadore mid other rich stv les for evcniue and soirees, Murieline... b.iiius, and .Millinery .Silks. I , I ..NO. Trench and Ilruish Ca-liuieres and Delaines, in 1 finall, lui-ihuin and bold design. Plain, Plaid, nnd Ktri d Medonntis, Uaw ..Ik", Ar.itr oth er Plaids, Victoria, Clishineies, .Metuios, Thlbel". I CloiUii":s, I'iriicli and Kiiglitu l'liuis, I lemh mid icotcli Giuliaius. 1 , ALSO. Trench Cashmere I.on and Squire Shswls, Itob Koy (Clan initetns.Moiic.sipiir, nnd sues rich Printed 'I ukara Sh iws, Ciubroideied Cislnnrrr Holies, Visiles, .MhuiiIms, nnd Cloaks ol the newest P.i'is shaies, coloiid and black Vilvets, licm lulfa ) ard tu tw u ards vv ide I ALSO. I I.idies', Cientlemen's and Children's Hosiery of ev ery description ; Cotton, .Mrrniu and l.-iiuh-tvunl t'n deivests and Pauls ; Welsu.unjlirinkablennd domes. i tic rionni lsi 11.1th and Wlntiui; lli.lllkets ; colored . nnd white Coiiuterpinesaiid y tilts; I.l I.niens.Cot. , ton mid I, men Sheeting., IIiiikth and Dtmask T.ible I.inen, N'npl.insnnd Do) lie Timelliuirs, together with a general assortment ol hou-ekeepin articles. ALSO. I l.aees Kinbroideries, I,aee Veils, flloves, nmbroid- ered Crape, Holies, Lvdiing Dres& (foods and I ancy " I Atticles. I JN. II. 1 nimlv Mournmsof every description con stantly nn tniiu,lur vvtiKii u sepatate ileiiattiueiil lias fieri! provideil. No abatement made in this lUablishmenifrom t'n i price asked. I'etitinn to sell l.nml STATU OP VIIIt.MONT, Dtsrr.irr ok Cmriisnuv. ss Aloinn PtevHis, S Ounr.lmiiuf Davidrj niSliledaiKiitionnal. li.iy.niul i mv n .Mine way, nav ni" tiled a iH lition slat lllii that bis Wards are seized ot ihrro nnrcrl. nl I.., ..I in i:-si.pntt ol the l.statc of the late .Ditid Die, juur , which was 1,-n o tlieut ns hcjra of said D.nid Diy.lhat slid lands nre itnprodiictiv'e, mid that it will l- in bis Wnrds thai the laud lw s'jd.ami the pioceeds pbus-d at inn nn and pr.i)inj; that he Ins iirdrrnl hv the I'... I, ,1.. . .. .1.. a . I Oificrni lt,,,l.,.i,. , lu. . .....I . . i ironite li.ij ,.r ,,uiiii i.rt, ,i srii iri- Kline. i iinmn mi, I ihst nil J.TTj . . . i B . 1 iui,. Hh'ire" bv niil 1 lhin"1l n ! 'bereiit be ne.- . ! jni,l ij!.V si. 1 1.. I . lf 8 "'I I'ell- sut.coMVtflv tbelosiiil win. I, i..l . I I T,n LmuH ea,,,',.. ' W Mo"! MJ set lur lieu i in; C. ADA.MS.Jadge. J7w3 Oet.Jl, M? i ESiitlnml nml ISui'lingfoii Kail lioad. BjOt II A S.SKS.SM UN Trf l )!' I'lVH l)OI. I lars each, have been order d by the Directors on i ich Share of lb" Capital Stock of the Kutl ml n tn' lliirhinjliiu liuil Idm.l Conipniiy i twuol winch tue made pajnble on the I jth d iy ol Deceiulier l eM, one on the 1st, and one on the ljih duy ol i'cluuarv ne.t. rnymenl nny be made tn the lhnk- of llurlimrlon. er'eunes, iddlebury, Rutland, llhik liiver, Mel lows Culls, Cheshiie, Keene.N, II , II. i). IVr. kins, Rutland, the Ai.-t'ml '1'ieasurer at Ins olhee in .Middlebury, or to the Treii'iner nt Ins olliru in Hjs- , SA.M'l. llliN'sfllAW.Trcn.urtr. November 1,1811, wl'J.iiw. Cold Winter is coming tukc care oj your toes ! LEATHER. 4'. liOUttllM, Imb jiiit received from V.NewYoik. tint) Hides ,cw Yotk Sn'e Leather, .'.no lb. 0.ik sole leather I'mier, lliriu ss nnd U.nid l,i-aihr, CnU-kins, He. AUo, Kids, .Moracco' Kinditts Currier's Tools til nil kinds nnd Shoe .MnLei kit, Tunuers Oil b) the bbl or tral Lasts and ll.iot Trees Xc The above nriicles. or nnv thmt! in his line ol bu. sines will be sold us cheap lur ensh ns can be had inis sine oi ,ew iorK. Ilurhn 'ton, Oct. ID, IS1. illAIttwISwS Ilrillaiiia Ware flIA I'OTS, CofP-e Pols Sutjir Howls, ProKtn I a blets. yuup Ladles, Tea and Tnbi Sli'i'iris, I,'iutii Cnndlesiii ks, nnd every tlnna m tlie llimanuia nnd Plated Ware line, for sale cheap, (IV. I , '13. Ur.l.V.Ml!D ct Hr.OTIItRS. WORTH OF GOOD ki:i,i,!(! m nt ('ost anil ISvIoir Cost, at tbt store lately occupied by N I.'ively. on Church s,ieet. fMIH Pale willbekeit open but for n short time, M. nod nil pcisiin9 wi.ium; to purchase nuyd'sciip tion of Goods cheaper than wdl he offered njjin per haps lor )ears, niu.t call soon V. 1.YMAN, ) rj . . r l ITASisi'iV I Trustees Oct. 10, ISIS. 1 1 'dlTllCw3 A, . . ' , LLi Imvin ttnsrttlcd accounts lilt tlie undersigned will have the goodness (n call and settle either by note or otherwise by the first day ot January next, or niter mat tiate will tiud ttiem in tne handset' II. I.eaveiivvorih. lor colleetion T. W. LOVULl. vt CO. Uurlingrlon, Oct. CO, His. w 1 ill i' k w v 1 1: ji . Till U.M)!:i!si;m:d Hwixo l'ntnnsn)' the interest of Vilas .V Nnyes. w,;i continue ihM business of the former tiriu in ull us lransiies under the name an I style of Morillo Noycs &, Co. They trust by faitliful attention and honest dealing to merit the couti lence ol old frntiils nnd hope by in-ereasi-d licihtus to add new inducements to nil wish inn to purchase coods at wholesale prices. Particu lar attention paid to the lurnishmir ol pedlers All bnmess relalumto Vilas tc Noves will be set tled by M.Nov cs & Co, Munii.r.n xovrs. imt: tio x xiivi:. Jl,!, M XOYLS. Ilurhnslon, Sept JT.'-H. wl3 Til I. MARRIED WOMAN'S rniVATi: medical com m.yo.y. l;V Ull. A. -M. MAW MICE A (7, Professor of I leases ot Woman, SiAth Lditiou. Hino. i.pCDt) rncp50cl r,rt.o!n cop'i- solo in si .months Yean of-ulV'nn.ot phicalnnd mental miirui'-h to tinny nn ntlectionate wif, uud pecuninrv dithcul tii1. to the liu-hand lniht ha beii spared ; ttioii pmd imw pgor would hue enjoyed competence ; tliouwiiitl- now broken ill hcalili vould Inve enjoyed It ; luiudieds now in their i s been tll nlite, b) ;t timely pow.inn ot Ihe vt)ili. Ill- intended especially fr the nnrried, or tho-e rntemplatimr, ns it ilielos,n iiitpnriant t-e-crei- which should be known lo them p irticnlnriv'. Truly, knowledge i potter. It i heallh, h.ippniess ailiuetice. The reteati..n conlained in h. nae Inve nroted n lileniir t thmi'-amt, a ih iiuiumerublc letters rceeited by the author will ntieft Here.iiNo.etery temile the ttito.the mother, ihe? one eiiher Imddtha into wotii-mhoo I, or the one m I the decline ol enrs in whom u iture eo:Uemp'nt tf r.u important rlwiiije cm i!icovt-r the cnue -ymp. tnni'. nnd the mo-t ctlicietit r medic, mid ini i-cf. i inin iniiilc nl cure, in itt r compljiut to ttinch her , bi K U fcilh'i t. fnpnrfan,,t M the M,tmt! that Ircvclhrz ', . Y" " ( "? D"' " J'"' ! . from its sale, hnndreiUof active, eiiterpriin. mv aecumul.itui,' a htile n.mHtenee Hum lii agents liberal ilivoulllu 11 dwoitnt uliittted. and ihe trreit demmi I lor it. Or- di-rsftte iti) nrtd to be iiccoinpam.'d v ah puymeut. Li;;ies wnl Oe tent 'j tht wait Jret nt j I' e purcha' r. Over twenty ihouind enpie. hatfbeen sv-it bv with. n three months with perfect safety uriJctr l.unty. Uu the receipt of One Dollar, the " Married Wo man 1'rivate .Med icnt Companion" wnl be sent ' m-itle I fne to any p irt ol the United Mates. Alt letters nnd application- horn thov dtsinitc; ij become tiSf l tuut be po-t-patd e.vept tno-.v cmainm a rtiinlt.iitce nnd nddies-ed to Di- A. U. .Mnunciau. lto 1J-M, New-orkCity IVjlishmg niRc?, UU Lihi jty ti New Yoik T'ie ' Mtrr.ed Woman I'ritate Me(hcal Compt nior n sj.d by lloi-kellers throughout the Cuited Sfltes :Jo!d irt nurlinston Vt ,by S 11 NICHOLS, at the ruMieatiun Depot, Wickwaie Iluudmi; rpt --.IMS. viJOff I'AHKER'S I'MIIVAI.KI) DAGUERREOTVPES m.KH Dnilv nt his Koonts. Colk-o S Street, where be has produced thou, mils within ikelost veiir.ioonis will be Kept onen n tew weeks, where M'ltiiitures can le1 hud in a lrs price Jur Hie same ij lahty) than ut any other establishment m this part ol Ibe country Itooms free lor persons to call and examine speci men. Uarlmc cn. Oct. 19. 12 13, vv Ifl Thrcndf . 100 Cm Tlnead, nfsorte.l Colots Li .-"il. dot 15JOdo7 Spool do. nt Jl. NOYKS Co's. MS. wl Sept. S7 Buttons. dross I'niil Kuttnn. t l(f dross I'niil Uuttnn!. 0(1(1 in. X3 lJ Coat do. OCX) do Ve.l, do, I0W da siurt Sept. 27, Jt. N0Yti v Co's. vv-13 Cambrioa. 3 Cases Colorotl Ciitnbiio, 2 do Silecins For sale bv l. NOYKSiCn. Sew. 57, MS. ' wl3l Prints. A Large stock of American and Hurli-h Prints for .v sale at cheap rates uy tne piece ami package t onv nl , Sept. ST. 'H. .11. .svi t ja cc yo s w 13 Clothfs. (lff Vils. (irav Cloths. 5000 tlol 9.3ww st. isisv .1.. i.. mn,, n Uroail Cloths, tor sale at ledueed puces in ei - change lor wool or cash at Jl NOYI'.S .V (Vs. Successors lo Vilas t Noves Sept. 27, MS. )3 Alpnccns. i "1 fif I'lfpcs lllnck Alpacca. MO tlo I'lutd dq 10 do Madonna Checks m I Jl N'OYUi .t CuV. Sejit. 57, MS. wlJ New Goods. MNOYLS Co, have lecently received t- I'.tll Slock of (loods, COUSI.llUiJ of a Kris! v.t nei), a in pi eilins,.i ji inr vity towist pneu, vv ,ih , ""l'i' "II t crres,;.uduii rules. IMerchaittti wikliini; iu replenish their (to. k bcorr going to market will dp sell tn colt upon u. A V AND H'INTEIi CLOTH IXtt, G'i:'ri,II.1II'.V v.-itm? the civ, in want i.l l'frl l!itlf t loiliiii'.'. are reiiectfully invited to end nn I cxainun tj.f inrirest ritoeK of FASHIONABLE MADE Pali ii nil Win I it I'lolliintr, whUhcsn le louml in the c.ty, consi-tui of eveif variety r.f (iaiiueni- tntule up m n sunerior iininn r ind will be sold nt prieen ns low as nnv etnbli-hT ment in the Union, We have aUu on h'-ind a geiat Ml assoitmetii of Youth's nnd Ghildrcit's Clothing mniiufictured in tasty styles. Call earlyat lirowi) l.awronco ik Slickney'q Nn.. rt, T, . 1 1 nnd 12, O L I T A T E'J JS it BJ S E . Fronting State Street', Oct. 3.19H. wltyl JIOSTOV. S T 'PUIS dav received iiotber I Hi J. ill that Extra, I qi ilny St CroU Molasses. Cct. 1.', Hi I A. S DEWEY. IN co'iseqiKiic- of the ir'eat fjpnttv of hir-ur .Medicuifs and inlenor I) uj ofbotii fo-i-iiii i,iil ibm--tic kinds ntl-red Inr stil- th.. ..uVc'iVi is sps.c, iut! no pain, in obtaiiiini tbo.e of p;.itie- purity nn I intiiosie gondueis The ilisadvaulii. to wl,, Piactiiiouets have lueii liable, tan now, to evtleiij benefit, be removed Clieuiicnl, .Medicines, and thi-hcfct Dni2s fifni-hej, to Phvsieians ntitJ .Merchants, nn 1 disiii'ttsed to lam lues nt reiisnuanic nuvauce iroiu crsi Phi'icians' Formula;, and Inniilv preseriptions pj( up wjjh accuracy and promptness. Turn A Prctt. u!i"J Im Ititrllniat.n Vt - rr. rr. IS n r'-nvdy ot u n eift-it v unrivn '0 beai'tv ami exe'iei)ct oe. put up, rt 1 t y pieii'-'ini to liik ; anu . ' i ! lij u trv -An tin i mmiMijon a,i xut mo-t itnpi" nut niedicima thnt are eter ti-d for s.anij allVctior.sol il.el ut-.i nnd and yt t they hate been i pii'iltcd and nrranueil nr tu depnte t hem a'mot enti.el oj their um-leaMiit taste, vi that Children and the mo-t fintulwui per-oiii wiliotMi t.ike tin lltiAMic srjli, not tidy ytith out enmpl:ii::t,l'ul vwn villi p'ensjre. Uut it-t:r. i. evrhenee con-i-ts in ihe prompt relief It nllords lo . Cofoil. run! the ease with umrn it enables one to rww and throw oil ihe phiejjm til it nbst-urtuhe brenlhnii; ; nnd nl-o in rinot mii pan and SviieiRj-s fiom the lund. hntk "r limbs, mid v t .tUirw tf.r vi'ice mi ns to ciuble oije to ptiiU wua more ri'inm mid ea-e Mm remedy ot the aye ts cqjil to the PECTORAL SYRUP for rUttim: IlinRfilAFva nil I W FAIEs ot'lhe Lr.NOI nnd for cunn ' Lot'oii' m ("r-un- oi nil oes nnd con- Unions 111 h'e. Otte dpiicc nt tllH if t"en 111 th pieat nnd NLnciiNivii Ucma.nd font in all nut: of th country Uifte il has been tned A cinlenrm troni Utica in wrrinijliirn tre.t supply u th nrnc)e...yf " Your talunhie Cou'i .yrvp w hlliua i rTtnp'dly : Event Jijitu Lilccs , nml nimoM ctery uouy wauti u , medti'ly Send mv more im Crrtit'etifcs, From the Rev .Mr. Cleveland, rutelU'MitV, (Chili. Vl Prl1 5--Deirmk: The butlic of rjtnm oa rns I u km I m to MMid me, at the instance uud bv tin IntiJ ot 011" bioiher. Deacon w'u.iij'.t lik cliaiiu, ut J fciil -nnti.illy curi d my o' snnaie coujb, und wenkue-s 1 1 lungs, v.,ihni nlmut 11 v-rk 1 have spnKcu of iltiiv.uiibiy lo a number cf my. tleildiuts, Mid sen 1 tins ui.irnuc tu f ol oil" 1 f our i'(i b'sl .'10 J I ."-l I. -peclub.e citizen, U.IVIU C- .'i t- K-q., lor a bottle tor ins use. Hef-iuucti ed Willi torete .-s ol liin. mid 1 -peuadv o! t!,c li,n.t, bi',.r babic to ul, iii.n.i at tu. K Vctv ;m v a ul ii'eiullv, v 01", ' Kk'llAHDP. CL,i;Vi.t.AND, Trom Utv icharinh Paddock. D D. L uenot in, June it, HI. Dr.tK Sin linn 112 ued , peiMinid'y, and in in fr.umv. two or three h tHi i. tour l'i'tToral yrup, I fed myself miileTied, mJeed, t"uii(t m duty, tospen't. in iii 'h ten ui ol the nniele. 1-Vr honr'-cti. s-whiclt Jffl, PALL iiny M-ts r. it rK e. . . s r HWiirToi tJge to with me, nt u j u hc -penker, has been n most torm. o.ib'e difiicu it, I l. ate i.eter loimd until. l ij like In d'n-ei d t'ie hiii, and othei p.Mtb ol the ..( 1 ori; tu, u ei -c'i- aie inust grateful .ind ftnluiary. l'i retnatkuh.e pintiibitn- beintery ht'..e ini'M oi' feu-ite tl.-iu pure honej I con-ufer one ot its mi.s le-t refommeii i.itiou. In n wotd.l aii p-i-n.i h I that tM'ie i:- wrim-i and it co.nvumlsh1 knotvii tu the pj!ju it vtuaid hate an ( :iie. Very r Tict.uliy, O.H53, MS wlTm'J 'I I'Apttrcx ;PIIArS I'MXTUAKY ! Tn,; nu- L bratfid remedv (or Piles, at w bob :l,e nml leiml by TIICU A. PKCK November t, U 13. v. 19 ! HAT, CAP, AND FUR STORE. i String' lluildiifj .V. J Corner ! tht C'.ti ( , llr.ii.M S mitre, J V. Si:YM(irU nlT rs t the Indies and C.en, I tlrinen of llus place nn. I vicmilv, tlie richest li-oti. ,' " --''-V" , itlMTS. VICTORKUXS AJ IDA. .. f, .j;,,.i,.,7, sj. u;i. Rilk I'lus'i, .in'iuir, ri. (jloth Cups for (ien'.h I ftett, und 11- ns. aiso I Till '."ALL FASM0X OF HATS. I The Ladies are mvi.o I tu examine the quality nnd , prices of the ribnvc njujTi. 1 Putitiigton i, 15 vv ' Cookiit'f, oflico antl Parlor !tovc3, j ' Fort sai.j: r.Y I PIFHCE, DAY FY v CO. 'f II I ii"Ke s T.inl.-e ntni ! UK) New Lnaland A.r 1'i'l.t. i t I J.l Western, d 6il Q'liuo, dn II i Aln,a .ire atsoriitifntrif Ibn and Ai ' t i' r- lor Stoves.all sue and latest and most ajv oved pit- terns. I We are preparei) to furnish 1 .ilei, with Siovrs,a J a small ndviincv from cost, J. s. pinitci:. c ji iuvey, j. dhispku. I Autit Hi, MS. w7t Fonthcrs ! Gnnsn, Hens nod Tiukey Peatli a titsi rate article kept cni,iao trirrrilnffij article kent cot.iaotl. on hum anJ for sale bv M. N'OVIIS CO. Successors lo 'il Noyt, Sept. C7, Mi U Stove Pipo. ( CANADA, Liijtli-h and l!u-sia Stove Pipe,alirg " n-sortiueiit. an 1 lor sale uimii livuiutee terms. 1 U"M" "" " "n'iu 'iuiiniiucs m hukhu , euus tatcs by c Jl -NO l. A Po. Succvusjts to tlas .V .N.i.,r. Sept 2T.M9. vvl3 Pins, ito. I III Wi t1'"!' Anieiican Pins, lui lbs. mixed do j IOIIV si k I in .-sewing Needl. s, 5J in. Yarn do : .u. ..loss V lllltl.l UO Ul JI. NOYUS .V Cp's Sept. S7 ,MS. ts 13 I'm met .V Jlochunin's llapk. f Itutlington.Oel 4, ISIi. HTi Stockholders nlthi. lianli.are hen by nirf 1 in ii n mn lid. nccii tnsje ol m-"uZi r.r islinir nflh.- r,,iil L . J. on of KWr t n call ,a. b,-. i, tnsde ol Vn' biioii iheWJana,,,, 1. cy'h

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